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KidzEra girl submitted by: Keca love




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Flowers submitted by: Eura S., Age 9, McBrayer School, Morehead, Kentucky Throwing star girl submitted by: Angela T., Age 13, Thomas Russell Middle School, Milpitas, California

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I’m ? submitted by: Noahark


8, Gladesville Public Schoo Flowers submitted by: Delwyn K., Age s Gladesville, New South Wale






First, I wanna say that this site really gives me the impulse to continue drawing because in the past I never showed my work to anyone. My elder sister is the most talented person in drawing. She always gets first prize in professional art competitions (in many countries too). People love her art so it’s normal that no one really notices my skill even though it’s not that great but I still love what I do. When I almost gave up, I found this website! :D Thank you to the staff of KidzEra, you guys are the best!!!! It’s been three years and I’m now 17. I need to focus on studying since this year I might enter the college in BBA (just maybe) but I will keep updating my art. <3


! ! ! G N I V


KidzEra submitted by: Alexa Q., Age 10, Guggenheim Elementary School, Port Washington, New York



View from an Airplane submitted by: yinyang

Turnips submitted by: Choua T., Age 14, Highland Park Junior High School, St. Paul, Minnesota





What will you be doing more of this summerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; traveling or gardening?

How to Draw


Happy Cupcake Friends

+ = = + + =

Submitted by: Marilyn A., Age 12, Our Lady of Grace School, North Bergen, New Jersey

Draw half a circle with puffs. Then a square at the bottom.


Draw sprinkles, cherries and puffly flowers. Be creative!


Draw a face! Draw two ovals then two little circles inside. Then draw a smiley mouth.


Finally, add arms to your cupcake and color it like a rainbow. Draw more! Upload your cupcakes to and show them off to all your friends!




Penguin and Pup submitted by: twinkeeeter

Horse submitted by: horseluvr4ever

Click a Pic of something..

Click a Pic

Wolf submitted by: enilorak

. . . f o c i p a Click e

t i r o v a f r you ! d n e i r f y furr

Smiling pup submitted by: Dogzrule106

Cat silhouette submitted by: Katrey_kappa

8 10

Piggy submitted by: Yxrulz

Golden Retriever submitted by: SailorJupiter

Dog in Sunnies submitted by: tuditudi123

Goat submitted by: yinyang

Hamster Friends submitted by: Andrieta



Beauty is everywhere in the wild. It is where treetops glimmer with snow, where the wind whistles and where trees bow down to the ground. Beauty is a vast stretching desert of golden grains of sand under a sun setting below the horizon. Beauty is the natural world. Imagine somewhere peaceful without pollution. A waterfall with water rushing over the clean rocks, glistening in the sunlight, sending fresh spray into the air. At the bottom, water bubbles continuously with excitement. The bubbles fizz and pop, leaving a scent of pure, fresh water. The water flows into a river in which fish swim, their multicolored scales flashing in the sunlight. Their tails brush water around the clear river, shining in beams of light. Birds chirp in the trees along the riverbank, sounding like a tinkling melody fluttering throughout Flower fairy submitted by: the trees. Kirameki

Over the damp hills a rainbow hangs overhead. Clouds drift, circling around the curved ribbon in the sky. Vivid colors flash on the deep purple mountains. Powdery snow caps the peaks of these majestic landforms like frosting on a cupcake. Rays of sunlight fill the scene with a warm glow.





Occasionally they swoop down to land on the moist grassy fields. The trees are filled with ripe, red apples hanging from the branches, casting fragile shadows over the swaying strands of grass. A lively breeze dances over the clearing. Behind the rows of apple trees, gently rolling hills dotted with colorful flowers flow tenderly in front of rocky, snow-covered mountains.

Submit your stories!


As day turns into night, the rivers drift downstream into the sea. Water mixes with the shore of a sandy beach. Shells poke out of the cool sand everywhere. A full moon looks down on the calm night. Shafts of silvery moonlight allow the shells to be seen clearly, poking up out of the sand. Each is unique in it’s own special way. Some shells instantly draw the sound of waves colliding against each other into one’s ear. Others are so pointy that it hurts to pick them up. Scattered shells lead underwater. Little traces of silver filter through the chemical-free water. Water ripples and splatters against underwater plants. Tangled strands of seaweed make a bed for a lonely crab. Fish are hiding from predators in the healthy coral reef. Deeper in the water there live other amazing creatures. Light is barely able to peek beneath the layers of the sea that lay like a blue-green blanket on the Earth. Jellyfish look like umbrellas with beads of water hanging from their sides. Squid and octopi roam this layer of the ocean as well. Deepest in the sea live gruesome creatures in the frigid black water. It is as dark as midnight at the bottom of the ocean where some fish have lights dangling from their heads. They are like miniature flashlights underwater. Life in the ocean seems tranquil and serene without oil spills or leaking chemicals. Beauty is nature unharmed and beauty is the magic of life in nature. Help the earth by preserving the wild. Recycle to save scarce resources. Even one person can make a difference.

How much time will you spend in nature this summer?

Story submitted by: Rebecca C., Age 10, Carver Elementary School, San Marino, California



Landscape painting submitted by: Hannah S., Age 12, John S. Baker Middle School, Tacoma, Washington


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Top Voted Advice: 12





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Some people start making art by staying inside the lines, but I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do that. Just draw or paint what you feel is the best way. -wolf474Z


w e i v r te


KE: What do you want to be when you grow up? W: When I grow up I want to be an artist.

KE: Describe yourself in three words. W: Funny, Smart and Creative.

KE: What’s your favorite snack, favorite candy and favorite color? W: Beef jerky, starburst and blue. KE: What’s your favorite movie? W: My favorite movie is chipwrecked because it’s funny how they get stuck on the island and that crazy lady wants them to get her gold.

KE: Who’s your favorite artist? W: To be honest, my favorite artist is because I believe I can make greater art.


KE: Favorite things to do on weekends? W: My favorite things to do on the weekends drawing and playing video games.


KE: Tell us why you think art is important to the world. W: Art is a way to express yourself and art holds secrets into the past. KE: Anything else you want to say to KidzEra readers? Tips or tricks for making art? W: Some people start making art by staying inside the lines, but I don’t do that. Just draw or paint what you feel is the best way.

W Top Artist 2013

Wolf474z 15

Friends submitted by: Diane Z., Age 13, Avon Middle School, Avon, Connecticut


Share YOUr ART!

FRIENDS {how do I explain}

They are


You can tell them anything and they will always be there.


Portrait submitted by: Dipti P., Age 5, International School of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Life must be lived as play. - Plato 17


met, e w t n e m way, a e l i The mo m a g from n i m o t her. c u r o e b h a l l es. e a i m e i c f t e d p s a b g n e i I could h nd in t someth a e s b e d l m i u t o d re w he goo t n i , e I knew the m r fo out. e s r k e l a h t w n e e s e l body e ways b l y r a e s v a e h n e e h h S ks in w l a w t a art. h p t a e y n a t o s e r h e t an nev She is c e w t u b etimes m o s t h g fi We e, m s d e e n e and sh r e h d e me. e n o t I r e t s i s a true s i e h s y h Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s w

S R E T S I R S E V E R FO x Lane 12, Fo


e R., Ag enise D y d a by: L e 11, itted L., Ag y Subm , New York ll a S rd by: Bedfo itted k subm k, New Yor s d n Yor frie Fairy chool, New S PS IM




I have read the Hunger Games book for the first time and I know why people love the series so much now...because it is SO AWESOME! This book is recommended to everybody who loves a story with mixed emotions. :) I’m busy with my studies. I know I haven’t been submitting things lately here (sorry!) but I’ll be back on business after my exams. ;) I’m practicing my piano for graduation! Read the Dead Tossed Waves. It’s AWESOME! XD You guys should read it. It’s about love, zombies and death. I had mixed emotions reading it but I LOVE IT!


[EDITOR’S NOTE: This book might be a little bit scary and intense, so you might want to avoid it if you don’t like that kind of thing!]



Submitted by: little-ms-diva


Submitted by: Tarisha S.

Drinking chilled lemonade on my porch and soaking up some Vitamin D!

Submitted by: Supergirl

Picking a dress for graduation! Should I go with Old Hollywood elegance, girly romantic or edgy elegance?

Submitted by: Dooshies


Practicing my instrument for my school’s symphonic band!

It’s almost summer! Two months of no school is so close, yet so far away. I’ve still got two projects to complete and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though they’re going to be done anytime soon...

What’s Up!


R E E L B M M M A U S RD SCR WO _ _ _ _ _ _ 10, n, Age


by: S


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aka, ka, Dh



S N _ _ _ _ _ O _ H T N UF _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I O N A _ A _ C T _ V AL _ _ F A IM



_ _ C_


OLN Honda drawing submitted by: Chris A., Age 14, Thomas Starr King Middle School, Los Angeles, California

_ _ _ __

_ _ _ __

Word Scramble Answers: Summer, Beach, Fun, Sun, Vacation, Hot, Family, Play, No School








_ _ U_


rd S er Wo


_ _ _ E_

Why do toadstools her? grow so close toget Because they don’t ta mushroom!

ke up


Submitted by: friendz

eton Why didn’t the skel jump off the cliff?

Because he had no GUTS! ergirl

Submitted by: Sup

Me:Knock knock! Bob: Who’s there? Me: To Bob: To who? Me: To WHOM. R! CORRECT GRAMMA Bob: -_s-diva

Submitted by: little-m

What’s a snake’s favorite subject?

e 14, itted by: Zach H., Ag Face drawing subm do lora Co ool, Boulder, Manhattan Middle Sch

HISStory! g

Submitted by: yinyan




This is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen done with grpah paper.



w? ever kno ow e w d l u n wo hen we k ictionary, d w e r e h t d r a in ed te h is misspell uttons in the remo d r o w a eb 1. If e press th w o d y h ? 2. W oes it go is dead? d y r bottle? e r e e t e t h h t a f w b , o e d r h m t o wo the bott e erase a o w t n k e c h i ? t W s . 3 the glue es closed y ’t e n s r e u o o d th 4. Why neeze wi s e w ’t n a 5. Why c r ativegirleve

d by: cre




KidzEra 2013 Vol 3  

Art, writing, games and AWESOME.

KidzEra 2013 Vol 3  

Art, writing, games and AWESOME.