Kids Nation Magazine - Edition 14 November/December 2016

Page 9

photo: nikki bush

“Teach your kids to make money grow.� — nikki bush


hen it comes to money and kids there is one fundamental lesson most of us fail to teach our children, and that is how to make money grow which, in turn, creates wealth. Money saved and invested over a long period of time will attract compound interest versus money that is just stored in a piggy bank or a basic savings account. The magic of compounding should be taught at home and at school at the same time as children are learning how to make plants grow. Compound interest is interest that grows on itself. There is magic in this and we need to ensure our children are touched by this magic if they are to learn the fundamental lesson of wealth creation from an early age. Helping our children to learn how to save, invest and grow their money will not only build their self-worth but ultimately their net worth, laying the foundations for creating their own financial freedom one day. This is another way to future-proof our children. Start now!

nikki bush south africa creative parenting expert, speaker & author