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201/2 Easy Ways to make money from home, online


Internet Security Tips Save your information from scammers, spammers and viruses.

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The art of Vexeling, Cappuccino girl shows us how to vexel, tips, tricks and much more...

MANTREPRENEUR Our Entrepreneur of the month is a seasoned advertising guru and he’s willing to share some keys to WINDOWS HACKED Change the look and feel of your windows OS. Learn how to make windows XP look like a Vista. DECEMBER 2009


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Intro WELCOME... ... to the experimental launch issue of IT PLUS MAGAZINE. This is your one-stop resource for all things Information, Technology and Business. Every issue features technology news, cutting-edge, in-depth features, reviews on software, hardware, books, movies, games etc. As well as expert-led tutorials, also available for download online.

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We here at IT PLUS will show you how to handle any technical problem, build better website, also, become qualified IT and business people, with our dedicated sections in the magazine written by the industry’s leading specialists and developers. We are more than just a magazine, just visit and you’ll find past articles, software downloads, links to recommended sites.

IT Plus guarantees: In depth reviews

We want to help you get more from the IT and Business industry, and we want to make it enjoyable, But what would you like to see In the magazine? Send your ideas to

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Copyright IT Plus Publication may not be reproduced without our written permission. We therefore assume that all letters sent by fax, email, or post - are for publication unless otherwise stated and we reserve the right to edit all contributions for space and clarity of purpose. All contributions to ITP automatically becomes the organization’s property , unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in writing in advance. All contributions made to ITP are submitted and accepted on the basis of a non-exclusive worldwide licensing to publish or licensing others to do so unless otherwise agreed in advance, in writing and not just verbally. We will not be held accountable for errors or misprints. ITP recognizes all copyrights in this issue, where necessary, if for any reason, we have failed to credit all copyrights, please contact us, and we will correct the oversight.

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P.37 Browser Review Browser’s go on head to head find out which browser is best for easy breezy surfing online and why we chose ‘em





Hacking or tweaking, we’re only here to show you how to make the most of your Windows Vista Operating system.

Learn how to write an ebook, and make money from writing an ebook, sites that help you publish your ebook.


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Check out this month’s website, and get information on sites to watch out for and where to go.

Solutions It’s no news that almost everyone above the age of ten has a laptop to themselves, that’s why we want to teach you how to prolong the battery life of your laptop, so you can get the best performance out of it.


Icon Suite Meet this month’s icon, we couldn’t think of a better person for our first edition launch. He’s been making waves in the business industry, not here in the states, but all the way in Nigeria.


Aiptek Digital Camcorder $99 Worth to be won, to see how you can win, go to

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Microsoft Enters Unified messaging with Vista

Steve Ballmer said in Tokyo that MS will include a unified messaging solution into Windows Vista. As usual led to quite some sarcasm among the not so few Microsoft haters. (See e.g Heise Online comments) This announcement was not news, though, but had been published a year ago with Microsoft’s acquisition of a VoIP company from Switzerland: MediaStreams. The Company founders are ex-Siemens PBX people from Switzerland who had enough of big company politics and started their own venture, worked very hard for many years, struggled to stay alive but always found some more money from investors and then were super happy to be bought by Microsoft another small company... Well, I don’t want to be too sarcastic now, also because we saw the product about two years ago and were quite impressed with the integration into MS Outlook and MS Exchange, the overall perfomance and in particular the useability. Not sure what they have done now since end of last year since the product was completely finished. At least their pay checks will come on time.

Windows XP Users Slow To Migrate While Windows Vista users are switching to Windows 7 in droves, XP users remain holdouts. Windows Vista users are flocking to Windows 7, but a considerable number of holdouts are resistant to upgrading from Windows XP, according to an InfoWorld survey that was taken over the past several weeks. The survey found that, Windows 7 now has approximately 4 percent market share among 20,000 systems that it monitors through the exo-performance network. The network is administered by Devil Mountain Software, and tracks users who have chosen to opt in. The new Windows users don’t seem to be Windows XP defectors - that Os’s share is holding steady at 64 percent. And almost Three years after Windows Vista’s release, its market share as Windows 7 increases in popularity. However, I'm hesitant to accept whether there is any actual correlation without having seen the data.

Microsoft offered significant pre-sale discounts for Windows 7. There has also been pent up demand for upgrades because many businesses eschewed Windows Vista. Windows 7 had long beta cycle, and has received generally good reviews. In fact, i have not heard any real horror stories since it launched last month. That could be in part because there is no direct up grade from Windows XP to Windows 7; XP users must perform a clean install to upgrade to Windows 7, and i suspect many still have machines that are too wimpy for Windows 7, and will therefore get the new OS only when they buy new Pcs. David Worthington, Technologizer

Another recent survey by NPD Group reaffirms Windows 7’s popularity over its oft-criticized predecessor. It found that Windows 7’s initial boxed upgrades were up 234 percent over Windows Vista.

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Inbox L

Inbox | Solutions | Reviews | Feature

YOUR LETTERS, YOUR WEB SITES AND YOUR DISPUTES - LETS KNOW WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND THIS MONTH. There’s enough to chew from this mont’s issue perhaps most importantly the issue of Windows is driving us nutsy here, but we’re here to answer your every questions and to know your expectations of us.

GET IN TOUCH We are always happy to hear from you, here at IT Plus, because we love you (Honestly), there are three ways of contacting us, write in through email or post or call us, so you have no excuse whatsoever not to write in. We’d love to hear from you. PHONE: + 919-220-0521 + 919-452-2301 EMAIL:

LETTERS: 1305 Leon Street, Apt H. NC 27705 Durham North Carolina


Can’t See Through Another Window Topic: Open Source From: MJ Garvin

Can’t Copy data from Blackberry to Sim Topic: Open Source From: Ricky Jones

Of recent I switched from Windows XP to Unix, but switched back again (Though my Linux is still installed). Why? Because i couldn’t run games or use my hardware Mp3 player. Don’t get me wrong, Linux is a nice system, lots of alternatives like star office and open office and a good community. The real problem surfaces whenever i want to play games, and I'm a game freak, so, it then makes the situation horrible for me. Rarely will i see Linux supported on a PC Game box. A real shame I must say. I believe Linux is an excellent vision, but i don’t think it will move into the mainstream until game companies and hardware vendors take it seriously and stop eating off Microsoft pay checks.

Hi, i have a flip and an 8700g, but the data is stored onto my old 8700g, now i want to copy the information onto my sim car, so i can use it in my Flip. Is there’s also a computer program that i can use to back up data from my address book in the 8700g?

Response: if you are a chronic game player, then you sure are right, you will probably need a copy of Windows somewhere, someplace. But then, there have been lots of games that have been ported into Linux - Soldier of fortune and Quake 3: Arena, Unreal Tournament etc. You could look up some more online. Or send us a mail and we’ll hook you up with some sites.

Submit your site If you’d like your site to be featured on these pages and online, simply get in touch with us,: and tell us the name of your site, its url and what its all about. Please and please, use the subject ‘Here’s my Site’

Response: All you need to do is to thether your 8700 to your memory using the USB cable that came with the blackberry. Install the Blackberry Desktop Manager, if you don’t already have it and perform a backup of your 8700. You can then perform a restore onto the new Flip. Or you can choose the option in Desktop Manager for Switch Device, which will wasily allow...

Let us know what you think about our magazine, and we will help serve you better.

Your Magazine is cool, I must say you Finally, it has arrived, well even though did a very nice Job, while I was you said you will come out with a enjoying all the online tutorials and sample, please let me know when the stuff I was waiting for the real deal, real deal is, and can I have a copy of the also, if I sent some materials by post, sample, you said it was free! will you get it on time for publication?. . Jane Mirikwe | Kenya Brian Norfolk | Virginia

I told my friend about your magazine and they’ve been waiting for it, please let us know how to get the sample you talked about on your site. Please can I get the matrix effect tutorial? Jo Jo | Raleigh, NC ISSUE 001 006

Pluspects L

News | Interview | Reviews | Interview

Unveiling IT prospects Celebrating young minds who have gone a step further in building the IT and business world Please introduce yourself, and maybe your background too? Who are some of your artistic influences? What is it about their work that inspires you? How would you describe your style of work? Could you tell us about your creative process? What are your favourite design tools? What accomplishments are you most proud of? Where do your ideas come from? What are your favourite websites and what latest technology are you using? Your company in 5 years or secret projects in 2009? What do you think about our magazine? Could you share a trick or tip with us? Is there any new work or projects coming up?

Please tell us the history behind “”. How did you get into motion design? Do you have any motto for creativity? Have you ever had a bad experience in a job?

What can we expect from you in the future?

Do you sell your work to clients in the distance and how do you achieve that?

What would your advise to young designers be?

Would you recommend a book to us?

You really care about light and colours, setting Could King and Country’s philosophy be a particular mood that is outstanding. German described in a few words? and film noir semm to feed your creativity. Is that right? And who do you admire the most? Please tell us, how you manage a project from beginning to final delivery? Your work incluudes a lot of music videos. Is it something that you rather do than commercial Which aspect of motion graphics do you think is the most interesting? projects? What types of project excite you the most these days?

Is there an ultimate goal you would reach? Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming projects and people involved?

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| Reviews | Hackman

Where problem solving is no problem ASTA-LA-VISTA BABY Windows Vista Unveiled We have undressed windows vista this month, some shortcuts to tweaking your Vista for good.

Just like us humans have our needs, so do computers, only that, with the computer, it is slightly technological rather than emotional. We as humans get tired after a tedious day’s job and all we just want to do is REST, REST, and more REST! I believe the machines too deserve some rest after a long day’s job of tapping the keypads of a keyboard, driving the machine’s processor crazy and making it extremely Hot even when it’s the winter period. Over doing everything on any machine shortens the life span of that thing, that is why, this month, we are going to teach you how to take real good care of your laptop, just as you take real good care of yourself (for those who do). Also, we will not be using the door this month, because we have a Window to pass through (hope you know what i mean?). We will be taking a crash course on the Windows vista world, most of us just don’t know how the windows works, what makes it tick, how to make the most of your vista, this month’s crash course is simply going to be VISTA-LICIOUS! Also we will be doing some graphics, even for those who are graphics dummies, this is your month to become that design guru, you will be learning how to design your very own iPod (Since you can’t afford to buy one), also, on the next issue we will have you send us your very own iPod design, the best man, or designer, wins an iPod, who knows, it could be you! There is a software in town, and I heard that it could help you recover lost or deleted files on your computer, do you know the name of the software? I don’t know too, but i bet the Gimme 5 crew have a clue to the name of the software and they are about to tell you on the next few pages. It's a packed up, hacked up, backed up issue this month on our solutions section, plus we have answers to your IT needs on our Magazine Intelligence Unit (M.I Unit). Hope you learn something.

INSIDE OUT Inside the world of a laptop, lies a world of chaos and trauma that deserves some rest and taking care of. Learn how to treat your laptop right. M.I UNIT The Magazine Intelligence Unit, is here to answer your every question, ranging from software, hardware, IT-ware, Business ware etc. We are here to answer your questions. SEARCH AND RESCUE Recover lost and deleted files with this month’s software recovery program - The PC Inspector. Search and Rescue couldn’t just got easier. JUST -DO -IT NOW! Stop imagining that some day you’ll get yourself an iPod when it is just so easy to own your very own, no really, i mean it, its as easy as Photoshop-ing one. Learn how to design your very own iPod, you could make one for someone too this New year!

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s n io

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Save the Battery Life of your Laptop


Don't get caught short in the middle of a very important report! Let’s show you how to get the most of your laptop battery.

The manufacturer’s specifications for your laptop will often indicate how long your battery should last. While the print may read between two and two and-a-half hours, the in reality, it could be a great deal less. There’s nothing more frustrating than being part-way through a task when the Battery indicator flashes and there’s no mains electricity connection in sight. If your battery lifetime appears to be significantly less

would have your manufacturer believe. It’s due to a number of different factors. Obviously, the more tasks that you’re attempting to carry out on your laptop. The more resources your system is going to use. For example, multi-tasking will place a heavy load on your CPU, memory and hard disk, which in turn will use up valuable battery power. Furthermore, there are several best practice techniques you can employ which will combine to help extend the life span of your battery Longer Lasting Battery When you’re using your laptop from a mains power supply you should always try to remove the laptop battery if you’re not charging constantly which in turn will result in a reduction of its life span. It will be capable of a finite number of charging cycles so only connect it to your laptop when absolutely necessary.

Complete a task in the knowledge that all the time your battery power is gradually diminishing. The icon in your system tray serves to reinforce the fact that only a limited amount of time remains. Fortunately, there are techniques that you can use to extend the life of the battery and ensure you make the most of its power. This can be achieved through Power Options in control Panel. Under Power Schemes there will be two different settings, one for when your computer is plugged in and the other For when it’s running on Batteries. There are a number of pre-defined Power schemes that can be used for different situations. Click the drop-down box and you’ll be able to choose from schemes such as Portable Laptop, minimal power management and max battery. Each one enables you to apply a Different group of settings to correspond to different situations.

Alternatively, you can choose the settings you’d like to use instead. For example, if you’re running on battery power you can make your own charges to the time after which the monitor should be turned off or the hard disks powered down. It’s also possible to preserve the changes you make

In addition, remember that you should run battery down as low as you can before charging it up each time. If you ‘re working with a new battery pack then it’ll need to be fully charged and discharged before it works to capacity.

First and foremost you should optimize the power management fFeatures of your laptop. And create your own power schemes for use in the nearest future. Once you have your preferred settings in place click Save As and give your new power scheme a name. Top Tips

Usage Tips When you’re on the road you’re going to be wholly reliant on your battery powering the laptop. You can certainly feel the pressure when you’re attempting to

1. Graphic-intensive applications, such as games, or even watching DVD movies on your laptop, will place significant strain on your battery. Avoid these pursuits until you’re able to hook it back up to a mains power supply.

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2. Your laptop will sound a warning, when your battery starts running low on power. You can adjust the point at which the alarm sounds using the settings under the Alarms tab in Power Options. There are two settings you can activate. Low battery alarm and critical battery alarm. Once you’ve selected your options you can choose what type of alarm action is used, such as an audible alarm and/or a message.

Allocate more system resources to a running application. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] to launch Windows Task Manager and select Processes tab. Right click the program you want to speed up, then choose Set Priority and select Above Normal.

3. Some laptops come with settings or a builtin utility to change the display brightness. The LCD screen is one of the biggest users of battery power so any reductions you can make here will help extend battery life. When you switch your PC on again your system will boot upward go back to its original 4. You can use Hardware Profiles to disable state with those same items on screen. It specific devices that may not be required for a depends on how much data has been saved particular session. For example, by your hard disk, but you generally find that You may not need your CD/DVD drive, so you starting your PC from hibernation is much can create a profile to exclude it and save quicker than performing a normal boot. power. When it comes to choosin between the two main power saving options. Standby is probably better if you’re going to be leaving your PC unattended for a couple of hours or so. This will send your sytem into a reducedpower mode with the benefit of a fast resume time for when you want to start working again. If you wish to put a hold on your work 6. Take a look at the Advanced Tab of Power activity for a longer period of time, say Options and you can choose what action overnight for example, then Hibernate is takes place when you close the lid of your probably going to be your best bet. laptop or when you press the power button. 5. Another way of ensuring maximum performance from your battery is to disconnect all unnecessary peripherals from your laptop. For example, if there are USB devices that you’re not using then unplug them.

7. If you’re storing your battery and not using it, try and keep at 40% charge rather than running it down. 8. Don’t keep too many program windows open at any one time. Close those that aren’t required and you won’t use as much CPU and memory power.


9. Add more RAM to your system. If possible, because this will reduce the amount of strain that’s placed on the hard disk. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STANDBY AND HIBERNATE? When you’re not using your laptop and want to power it down without turning it off completely. You have two options at your disposal Standby and Hibernate. Hibernation works by creating an image on your hard drive and memorizing the files, folders and applications that are open at the time you choose to Hibernate.


This is achieved by changing the way details are displayed. If your view settings show thumbnails or all possible information it’ll be slower to load. Speed things up by opening a folder, then clicking on View > List to see a minimal detail instead. The indexing service can slow your system down. Using the System Configuration Utility, select the Services tab. You’ll see what’s set to run at startup. Check ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’ to see if there are any unnecessary items among what’s left. And again... Speed up copying by adding more options to the right-click Send To menu. Use My Computer to browse to C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Send To. Create shortcuts within this folder to folder or even disk drives that will appear in turn on the menu. Internet Explorer launches faster without a homepage or the blank.htm included in Windows. Right-click your IE Shortcut, choose Properties. The command line in target should read C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORER.EXE - nohome. A desktop shortcut can enable you to turn your PC off in an instant. Create a normal shortcut and give it the command line C:\Windows\System32\Shutdo wn.exe -s. The -s switch, shuts your PC down. Replace this with -r if you want to restart

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INTELLIGENCE INSTALLATION ISWAPPING DRIVES Currently, I have 2 hard drives: one 80Gb,and the other 120Gb, of the low price I paid for the 120Gb drive and purchased one more 120Gb. But I have Windows XP running on the smaller 80Gb drive and just 2 Hard Drive slots, both of which are occupied. Would I be able to just move Windows to the bigger one?, Or would I have to format, reinstall.....blah blah blah, yada yada yada??? Collins J, Virginia Blah, blah, blah and more blah, look here bro, tell you what, lets do this the native way, no more blahs, if you know what i mean. Now, you could use a software such as Norton Ghost to take an image of your 80Gb drive and restore it to the 120Gb but it’s hardly worth it for just one drive. Take the old 120Gb drive out and swap it for the new one. Set the BIOS to boost from this one, format the drive and install a clean copy of Windows XP. Now switch the BIOS back and boot from the 80Gb drive, and use the file and settings transfer wizard to move all your programs, data and Registry entries over the new drive. Then finally, take the 80Gb drive out, put the old 120Gb drive back in, and set the BIOS to boot from the new one once again. HARD DISKS FUNNY FREE SPACE Windows 2000 is screwing up my hard drives. I have two drives in five partitions, and they all report the wrong amount of free space. It’s not the drives because the recovery console and Windows 98 are reporting the correct amount - it’s Windows 2000. It comes up with random amounts of free space, but its always less than the real amount [which I've checked by selecting all files and folders-Viewing Properties] Indexing service is disabled, What’s Happening?


CONNECTIONS MODEMS AND CONNECTIONS S-L-L-L-O W CONNECTION I have a very very slow internet connection. When I try to download something in KaZaA, it don’t start downloading. If i were to leave my PC connected all through the night, by the next morning, it still wouldn’t download anything. Same thing goes for web pages. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes just to open up Google home page. I use Windows 98 and a Conexant PCI modem with ISP, i don’t know if this is important but my phone cord is 25metres long. Tina Walker, Cross Creek

Twenty five metres of what? For shizzle?, Listen up, line noise will most def keep your connection speed down, because, Google’s home page is only about 3.5kilobytes, so your modem is downloading less than 240bits per second. That speed is the speed of modems from the early 60s. It would be quicker for Google crew to dictate the HTML code down the phone to you and have you type it. In fact, your band width is so low that all of my expert advice for tweaking the performance of dial-up connections feels superficial and trite. Well, assuming your PC performs acceptably at everything else, start by plugging the modem directly into the master phone socket where the line connects to the house. Then replace the modem. And please kindly get broadband (Time Warner Roadrunner is highly recommended).

amount of Space available to you, which surely is the only measure that actually affects your life. If the Free space reported really is There is a difference between random, then clearly The total capacity of Something more your drive minus Reader’s mysterious is at work the total size of all Tips , but my guess is your files and the Terrence Rogers that it is total amount of Consistently free space. One is Xp’s backup utility doesn’t let reports the the total theoretical you backup directly to a CD-R, but if disk space space and the you make sure your backup files as lower by a other is the total Deterministic useable space. are small enough to fit on a CD, amount that The filing system you can back up to a file first, depends solely is always allocated then copy the file on the number somewhat more to CD. of files on the space than it actually partition and the needs because, hard disks filing system you are are only addressable down to the using. It’s just life, deal with it and move cluster, not to the individual byte. It’s on. rather like measuring the total area of all the pages in a book and the total amount of ink used, and then wondering why there aren’t more blank pages at the end. Windows 2000 is reporting the Sammy, England

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In this monnth’s tutorial section we have 4 easy but interesting tutorials




In this month’s issue, our classroom has advanced topics for beginners and IT specialists

ISSUE 001 013



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News | Solutions | Reviews | Tutorial

Learn how to make an iPod player in Photoshop. Good for your music website or just for some illustrations. First let’s make a new document. 300x400 should be good. Now select the Rounded Rectangular Tool. Set the radius to 10 and make the shape of the iPod. Don’t make it the same height and width of the document. Leave some empty space. Color should be black (or probably white...depending on the iPod model you p r e f e r ) .

Go to Blending Options and add an inner glow

Now make another black circle in the middle of this one. Make it smaller. So far so Good. Lets add some more beautiful a n d i P o d - l i k e e f f e c t s . To the big circle add a gradient from #484848 to #060606 and choose -45 as to the angle. Also, add an inner glow to it. Color is #1C1C1C and size 1. Now let’s add the text to the controller. I guess any one has seen an iPod, at least in a photo. Get the text tool and type: MENU. Color should be white and font Arial, Bold, size 10. Place it at the top of the big circle. Now, let’s make the next and previous buttons. Make an arrow button, color white for the arrow. This can be easy made by selecting the Custom Shape tool, get the Arrow 9, draw the arrow and using the Direct Selection Tool select the last 2 points and drag them until you have this shape: Now duplicate it and move it to the right, until the head of the first connects to the rear of the second one. Also, add a rectangle the same height as the arrows. The shape should look like this now :

Scale it down and place it to the right of the big circle. Now duplicate it and rotate it to 180 degrees. Move it to the left of the circle. Using the same technique make the Now let’s make the controller. Get the p l a y / p a u s e ellipse tool and make a perfect circle. For button. Now you should have something the color choose #2C2C2C. Make it look like this: just like in the image above.

Starting to look good right? Okay, lets continue Let’s add the screen,. Make a rectangle and place it the top part of the iPod. Color should be light blue. Something like #ecf9ff, remember to use a photo as a reference. This way you know exactly where to place the items. Lets make a rectangle at the top part, the same width as the screen and about 16px height. Place it at the top of the screen. Add this gradient to it:

Using the same technique as for the play buttons make another arrow and place it on the left top corner of the screen, add the color #446bea to it. Now let us make the battery indicator. Make a rectangle and using the anchor points and direct selection tool make this shape ( you can clearly see the anchor point there)

ISSUE 001 014

News | Solutions | Reviews |Tutorial

Add this gradient to it (and also a black 1px stroke):

Type: “Now Playing” with a black colour, Arial font and size 10. Race it in the middle at the top of the screen. Below, on the left side write the number of the track, for example: 6 of 24, Now let’s add the track/album thumbnail of an album on the internet. Scale it and place it under the text that you have just written. Next to it write the Song Title, Artist and Album name: It should look something like this beautiful ipod:

Once you have this pattern created go to: Edit --> Define Pattern. Give it a name and click OK; Now at the original iPod image: Create a 10px height rectangle that is almost the same with as the screen and center it. Add the following gradient:

Over it makes another rectangle but don’t make it so long. Leave it about 2/3 of the length of the other rectangle. Add the pattern that we just created and also the following gradient

Add the standard gradient to it but change the angle to 135. After that lower the opacity to the layer to about 55%. Check this: At this point I realized I also have to change the inner glow to the black case to only 4. It looks better now. To create a better effect, here’s what you should do. Merge all the layers. Add a white (or black) background. Duplicate the iPod and scale it until it is upside-down. Add a layer mask to it. Select the gradient tool and choose the black to transparent gradient. Make the gradient from the bottom of the document to where the “reflection” ends.

Remember to set the overlay for the gradient to Screen. Otherwise the pattern won’t be visible. Now add the time: on the left write total time 3:45 for example and on the right remaining time... Let’s say -1:08. Now we really like how it turned out ... But it can be better. Here is what we do. Duplicate the iPod layer (the black rounded rectangle one); Remove all effects from the Blending Options. All what is left to do is create the progress bar. To do this first we have to create a new pattern. Here is the pattern (made for a 10px height progress bar):

---------> Zoom at 1600% -------->

Change the colour to white: Get the Direct Selection Tool and select the left buttom dots and press delete. After that select the most left to do it from the top and also delete it. You should now have something like this:

That’s it! We’re done!, How do you like my iPod.

ISSUE 001 015

Internet Conferencing



We hate to see organizations play tricks on Clients Believe us, when we say we’ve been there. We never hoped we could be played tricks on, but it was inevitable I guess. That’s why we developed this Internet Conferencing tool, now you can see what your clients are up to. No more tricks! Learn more about us, visit:

News | Solutions | Reviews | Windows

It’s never too late to recover your lost files ! Oh my! You just deleted that important file by accident, not to worry, Mike Young shows you how to turn back the hands of time with the PC Inspector. COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS

Next Month Discover How to Speed up your Web Browser, whether you have an Old disfunctional PC or a new, outta space PC!

Gimme 5 :: Gimme 5 :: Gimme 5

98 ME 2K XP VISTA PC Inspector is able to recover deleted or lost files from any Windows drive. It helps to understand how files are stored on your hard drive. Every hard drive carries one or more partitions. These partitions on the ‘physical’ drive contain one or more ‘logical’ drives to which Windows assigns a drive letter. When a file is deleted, Windows marks the space as being available for reuse, but the data remains in place. Under certain circumstances, this enables data to be recovered.

If a virus or power surge has damaged the partition table itself, you may need to search for logical drives, but once found, you can recover files in exactly the same way. Any files you recover should be saved to a separate drive to ensure that no deleted data is disturbed in the process. This could be a different logical drive, a Zip disk or a USB thumb drive. Why not use PC Inspector straight away to recover some files you’ve recently deleted? . That way, you’ll know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.

Digging Deeper into the Recovery Process

Mini-Backup Option

How you set about recovering data depends on what damage has been done. If you’ve deleted some files by accident, pointing PC Inspector at the right logical drive and choosing the files to recover will most often work. The longer you wait, the less, the less chance you will have that the files can be recovered, as Windows may have overwritten them with new data. The Condition column indicates the chances of a clean recovery: ‘good’ means that you will almost certainly get all of the data back, but even ‘poor’ may recover some of the text of a word processed document.

You don’t have to do a full backup to save vital data There is nothing quite like the sheer terror of deleting several months work by accident. While PC inspector can recover a remarkable amount of files, it’s no real substitute for a backup. Given the size of modern hard drives, a fill backup is a daunting prospect, but you’ll probably find that your vital data - accounts, letters to the bank and so on - will fit comfortably on to a CD-RW or a USB thumb drive. Get into the habit before it’s too late.

If a logical drive has vanished, search for it by giving PC Inspector a start and finish point. Just Do IT! If you intend to use PC Inspector in the future, install it straight away. If you wait until you need it, installing the new software may overwrite the data you’re trying to recover.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE RECOVER YOUR DELETED FILES THE SIMPLE WAY If you’ve deleted a file recently, knowingly or unknowingly, PC inspector can recover it quickly and simply

Choose Drive... From the Object menu and select the Logical drive tab. Highlight the drive that contains your deleted files and click OK. You’ll be presented with an Explorer-style view of recoverable files.


2 Explore the Deleted branch to find recoverable files. Alternatively, choose Find from the object menu and type a fragment of the filename you want to restore. The results will be displayed in the Searched branch.

Highlight any files you want to 3 recover holding down [Ctrl] to select more than one. Now choose Save to... From the Object menu and redirect them to a different drive. Well done..your work is done!

ISSUE 001 017

a e F

e r u t Easy, not

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature It is no news that everybody you come across just wants to make some huge money, nobody wants to work anymore, seems like the harder you work, the more taxes you pay, the more bills you can’t even pay and the more debt you can’t cancel or beg your way out of. So everyone starts to look around for that shortcut to fast money (GAMBLING-LOTTERIES), I know am right, because I’ve been there before.

too b

re ez

made me go on a quest for a solution to easy money y, Thismaking ventures that is real and practical, you can start off M


with little or no money down. In the next few pages, I will give you the 20 easiest and guaranteed ways of making money from home or on the internet.



k in g

Another thing that bugs the minds of our dear PC users is how they can also handle some things in a fast and easy way. It is no news that Windows has a lot of functionality in it, and those functionalities are unending, but most of us don’t even know some shortcuts to certain things, and in searching for stuff on our computer, we mess up the whole system and then we look for a Geek Squad to help us out of our misfortune.

G u id e s : : D i s c

You see, I personally can’t help see a PC User in distress, that’s why we give out solutions to your PC problems every Month. In the next 4 pages, you will be reading about the fast and quick tasks in Windows. How to get around your Windows environment in the fastest and surest way.

ov e r

You will also see some quick tips and tweaks in between the pages of this magazine. Often

Q u i

Welcome to the revolving world of money making!


in sks Ta

This Month:


20 ½ Ways to make money from the Net Ignore the ‘get rich or die trying’ fuss, Brittany Bradsher shows you 20 ½ ways you can stay indoors and make easy breezy take it easy cash, it works!

Quick Tasks in Windows You’ve been asking so many questions, looking for solutions, so here it is now. We have 20 Fast Tasks in Windows environment, all these tips help you to go through your Windows a lot faster.

ISSUE 001 018

20½ Ways To Make Money on the Net Top Five Places To Gimme 5 BUY A VERY GOOD COMPUTER BEST BUY ELECTRONICS WWW.BESTBUY.COM “You have a million dollars waiting to be picked up, just click”... Am sure most of us have seen that message in our inbox , and out of curiosity, we click, and BAM!..a million pop up boxes associated with viruses, all in the bid to make some money, don't act like you don't know what am talking about, its happened to me too. Okay, okay, maybe you already know it's a scam, but whether or not you choose to believe it, it is indeed very possible to make that much, well, maybe not immediately, you could even make more from the internet or around you (seriously, am not kidding you), you could really make a living just by spending some time online, or just knowing the right business to do. This drove us on an Ultimate Search to the world wide web to compile this detailed guide(maybe not completely detailed, but it's a sure start) to making huge profit from just whiling your time away on your computer. But of course it sounds too easy, thats why i said, for those who know about computers, internet is not just known for its bad sides, though it is well known for its bad sides and thats because people don’t bother to look for the good spots on the internet, or rather, they don’t know where to look for the good spots on the net. Thats why we are going to show you that the internet can indeed offer a whole lot of good than harm, there is money online, but you have to know what to do to get that money, plus you don’t have to be a computer geek to know how to get that money out, trust me. You can also make money without the internet, its your choice and its all about knowing what to do.

At Best buy, not only can you find affordable computers to suit your need, but they have excellent customer service. They are always ready to help a customer out, the moment you walk into a Best Buy Store. They have great bundle deals on computers you wouldn’t want to miss.

................................................................. OFFICE DEPOT WWW.OFFICEDEPOT.COM At the Office Depot, you could find not only cheap and affordable computers, but huge discounts and rebates too. I basically recommend Office Depot, because i enjoy their weekly deals on computers.

................................................................. COMPUSA WWW.COMPUSA.COM Compusa has a wide variety of Gadgets and Computers, their computers are also affordable, they have new and refurbished computers and services such as deliveries to your doorstep are available.

................................................................. ITPLUS WWW.ITPLUSCORP.COM The main thing that sets IT Plus aside from the lot is the ability to help a customer build the computer of your choice, and what is highly affordable! Also, they have exchange policies available on some of their computers for students and workers.


We’ll show you how to get that money and maybe tell you how to keep it, but one promise we’re making to you is:


I. - This is not an email scam and; If it doesn’t work for you, try something else outside these suggestions, it might be that all of these suggestions are not meant for you, or you could call us for consultancy purposes and we’ll try to help you out.

Newegg is another wonderful online computer store, their computers are affordable and they have easy check out online. They have refurbished and new computers for sale here, and i tell you its great value for your wallet.


ISSUE 001 019

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature SELL YOUR VERY OWN BRANDED PRODUCTS Have you ever thought for a second about selling your very own stuff with your name or company name on? Hmmmnn... Can you? You bet you can. Now any firm or individual can sell their very own product via This site is so diversified that it just doesn’t handle selling the goods online, it also manufactures, sources and distributes products such as; Mugs, mouse- pads, Tshirts, face caps to which you can then add your own design. Another site worthy of note is, T-shirt studio ( creates an avenue where you can sell T-shirts created using graphics uploaded from your computer. Guess what? You can also add your very own text witticism. GO FREELANCE ! LOOSE YOUR HOLD.... It's a brand new year and sometimes you’d wish you weren’t tied to your Boss’ desk (excuse me!), So loose that hold before the night starts drawing nigh again, (Please, i dint say quit your JOB O! ). But work when you want to or when its raining and bask in your freelance euphoria the rest of the time. If you’re too mush, then you can go wireless and work in your garden (if you have one, if you don’t, a farm is ok!) . You could seek some advice, such as the one at or, there definitely will be sites where you can advertise your services. For example, (you could contact IT Plus for consultancy on more links) WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE STOCK MARKET?... GET INVOLVED IN IT THEN. Its quite shocking to reveal just how many non-tech savvy people got online just to manage their portfolio at sites like w w w . e t r a d e . c o . u k a n d It is ridiculously simple to do, and most sites worth their salt offer you the chance to practice online trading (Forex) before risking your hard-earned money (Yeah right!)., For real, sadly, trading on the market is hardly the way to make quick buckaroos, you’ve got to be the patient dog...invest for the long haul, and watch out for forex money stealers, you could loose all your investment.

THERE’S BIG BUCKS HERE...BECOME A HOSTING RESELLER This is so easy and did i say cheap?...set up a reseller account with one of the hundreds and thousands of hosts both home and abroad who offer them and sell the space, just take a look at, you’ll be able to be a virtual web host, offering the space to clients at a profit. What’s more, it’s so easy to set up. Many hosts offer webbased management of all the domains and space you’ve bought but be aware that it's a competitive market out there and margins are really tight. (Though in Nigeria here, its still coming up ). Dedicated servers are also now becoming more popular as prices nosedive. Also consider

YOU COULD BE A PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION ENTRANT The web is so littered with thousands of competitions anyone can enter. And what’s more, there are even dedicated portals to direct you to the best prizes around. You can even be sent emails in the newest competitions on ground, These offer everything from the chance to win a car to a year’s supply of cat/dog food. The and are a couple oof the biggest uk based sites, but there’s also,, and Get yourself a form-filling application such as a Roboform ( and you’ll be able to fill in entries with minimal effort. It’s wise to set up a special email address, so your normal account won’t be filled with huge amounts of spam.

YOU COULD ALSO SET UP YOUR OWN SHOP ON EBAY An ever-increasing popular way of making a bit of cash on the side, ebay ( offers you the means to sell products online at little cost to you. It’s housewives, who can just get through the day by dabbling in auctions and dispatching goods to purchasers in between feeding the kids. EBay even spoon feeds you with all the technical know-how you’ll be needing to start selling. You know what? You don’t even have to ASSOCIATE YOURSELF ... BECOME AN auction your goods-you can give items a AFFILIATE “Buy It Now” status, meaning you can sell online continuously. You can also visit the One of the coolest ways to make some N i g e r i a n T r a d i n g S i t e easy bucks is to become an affiliate. The ( major pre-requisite to this method is that you’ll need to have some traffic of your HMM...HOW ABOUT CREATING A own. Then, if your visitors move on - and VIRTUAL ISP buy from a site you’re affiliated company would have told you about. Many of the Why perching on the tree of a hosting popular seller-sites have affiliate schemes. reseller, why not soar higher to become a Arguably, the best known being Amazon virtual ISP ei? Yes, so it means you’ll be (, you could check with known as a VISP, but at least you’re in Google Ads, it is undeniably incredible. charge. A VISP’s functions are similar to Instead of being called an affiliate, you will that of a hosting reseller, a large ISP be addressed as an associate (sounds provides you with the frame work to better ei?). The income generated is provide your own branded ISP service. incredibly splendid, especially if your You’ll even be visitors click through to Amazon and go on Able to do all your administration through to buy several items, you can even a web-based interface, so you won’t have incorporate Amazon content into your to buy any expensive software or own website if you’re too lazy to do hardware. If you have a VSAT for your anything of your own (oops... Did i just say cyber cafe or business, you could connect that)’s true. (To learn more about other people to your network and make affiliation, just check out our next edition extra bucks. and we’ll show you how and who to hook up ISSUE 001 020 with and make that money!).

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature IF YOU’RE CREATIVE..THEN COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL IDEA The era of multi-million Naira start-ups may have be blown away, but if you can tap into an unexploited market, then you can still make a fortune. You can even come up with a matchmaking site, its making serious bucks, check out sites like Or, you too can have yours here in Nigeria and make your millions. It’s just one of the ideas, expand your view, the knack is, knowing what sells, how it sells and when to sell. (ITP can supply you with more ideas on what you would love to do to make some money and how to go about it).

MIDDLEMAN...MIDDLEWOMAN, WHATEVER This is almost like option 17, but slightly different, because you can still achieve this with or without an internet connection. All you just have to do is be the middle person between two or more people who need what you have access to. IF YOU THINK YOU’RE SMART, READ SOMETHING ONLINE AND ORGANIZE A SEMINAR This is like one of the easiest thing to do, but if you don’t have the nerves for public speaking, then DO NOT venture into this option. All you have to do is read up some Hot topic online, read it over and over again, come up with some extra ideas and add it to yours, if you can get a professional speaker in that field, you can invite them to your seminar, but make sure you know some research first. I know you don’t want what you’re talking about. You’ll be to end up with a Formica table that nobody surprised how much people will pay for Wants. information.

CONSIDER THIS: HAVE AN ONLINE CAR BOOT SALE. Well... On the other side, you might just want to clean out your home. So you can have a car boot sale at It costs 5pouns for a year’s membership and for 50 items at a time (well, its mainly for those in the UK, but also an idea for other DO YOUR NORMAL JOB FROM HOME countries who do not have such facilities). It is very lucrative. I hear you want to keep your job, but you don’t intend going to work? Tired of getting up in the morning and facing traffic each day, BEG POLITELY...I MEAN SPONGE then you can have the best of both worlds. DONATIONS Relax, stay at home all day and do the same work as you do in the office. Now What’s the aim of working to make that Africa is going broadband, ends meet ei? Just remain lazy and beg (thanks to Starcomms for cash instead. Or, why not just create Nigeria and co.),there’s a good site which people can visit for no reason not to work from free and then beg well? home. Check out the For instance, you could have a site Business Plus Section where you offer free tutorials, e-books, of the Magazine you could even put recipe’s for making (How to get yourself Nigerian dishes, then ask for people’s equipped to work from donations. home), there are ways asked for donations in return for their of preparing yourself incisive commentary on the war in Iraq. For working from home. Not to worry, you don’t have to go through such great lengths. SUPPLIES...SURPRISE1 Well, my fellow Africans, you can get into YOU LOVE ART? ... HOW ABOUT exports, if your country has the BUYING AND SELLING ANTIQUE resources, all you need to do is go online and register with some companies, for This is real art inclined..well, its mainly instance, companies such as for those who love arts, that is what i ( that mean. There are sites that enable you need your resources, then discuss the t o s e l l y o u r a n t i q u e s . Terms and start supplying. Its very enables you to lucrative. A friend of mine exports crayfish a d v e r t i s e a n t i q u e s a n d o t h e r to other African countries, try it and thank collectable for $8.99, until they sell. me later! if you don’t know anything about antiques, we’ll recommend that you do

SET UP AN ADVERTISING SITE...LET PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO STUFF THROUGH YOU Car advertising is also a very good idea, make your site available, so people can get to buy cars through, all you have to do, is get in touch with some car companies, they would give you a particular percentage for this service, and all you do is advertise various cars, you know they have with (of course) the price of the car plus your profit on the car, and that does not include the little money the car dealers will give to you, every time people buy their cars through you. You could come up with some more stuff. AN ONLINE BANK IS COOL, YOU CAN GET MORE FROM THEM Well, it is on a long term basis ..yes...i know, but, overtime it will still yield you some kind of return for a good ol’ drink with your good ol’ pals, all you have do is dump your high street bank and do some

ISSUE 001 021

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature

online banking. Banks such as Bank of America ( and Wachovia ( offer a keep the change transfer of funds from your checking to your savings. Also, you’ll find some high interest rates waiting for you. You can also get cheaper credit car loans and mortgages.


19. Stock Photography Honestly, there’s a lot of money in photography, and am not asking you to become a photographer, no way, people are constantly in need of stock photography for websites, presentations, brochures, flyers, posters and much more, and they’re willing to pay some good money for the right image. All you need is the right camera, the right images e.g business, baby etc. You could get started with sites like iStockphoto, Fotolia and Dreamstime. Just upload the photo and let people find you.

ISSUE 001 022

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature


Ebay-ing secrets How to effectively and efficiently use ebay to generate funds for your business.

This month’s top website, and the emerging winner. Send us your website, you could be our winner

Just discover step-bystep instructions on how to accomplish 20 quick ways using WinXP.

W PHOTOSHOP KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Photoshop is quite an interesting tool to use, and more interesting when you know the shortcuts that saves you time and puts that smile and confidence on your client’s face when they see you navigating the job like it was too easy! There are huge amounts of keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, but i believe in listing the most important and worthy ones. Notes: We will be using ‘+’ sign to show two or more keyboard combinations. For example: CTRL + ALT + TAB etc. This article was written using Windows as example, so if you’re using Macintosh: CONTROL = COMMAND and ALT = OPTION

Worldwide Keyboard Shortcuts 1. You can check all your preferences pressing CTRL + K and learn more. 2. Press TAB to show/hide tool panels; 3. Press SHIFT + TAB to show/hide only your palette; 4. Press F repeatedly to cycle screen modes; 5. Press CTRL + TAB to switch to your next document; 6. Press CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to switch to your previous document; 7. Press CTRL + T to enter free transform mode;. Tip: You can scale proportionally from center. You transform by pressing and holding ALT + SHIFT, when you’re dragging. 8. Press ALT + DEL to fill the layer with foreground colour or SHIFT + DEL to fill with background cololur; Tip: You can also use ALT + BACKSPACE or SHIFT + BACKSPACE to fill non-transparent pixels.

hether you have been using Windows XP for a while now or are just starting out with the operating system, you might like some help performing some common procedures. Just discover step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish 20 quick ways using WinXP.

Fix The Clock: making sure windows has the correct time is a lot easier than fixing that blinking 12:00 on your VCR. If you doubleclick the time in the lower right corner of your screen, you can fix the time manually or sync up your time with the atomic clocks in Washington. To fix the time manually, simple click the box below the analog clock in the Date and Time Properties box, type the new time and click OK. To make sure you have truly accurate time, first connect to the internet (for those of you who are connected to it), that’s where you’re going to get the true time from. Once you’re connected, double-click the time in the lowerright corner of your screen. Take a look at the calendar which appears and make sure the date is set correctly. If it isn’t, click the current date in the calendar of the Date and Time Properties box. Now click the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time Properties box. From the list above the map choose your time zone. You’re finally ready to connect your clock to the big boys. Click the Internet Time tab in the Date and Time Properties box. Check the Automatically Synchronize With An Internet Time Server box. Click the arrow next to the box marked time and select Click the Update Now button, and click OK at the bottom of the Date and Time Properties box. Your clock will now be synchronized with the government’s atomic clocks at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This is the most accurate time available anywhere. If you have a high-speed connection to the internet, your clock will now automatically check up with NIST weekly. If you’re a dial-up internet user, you’ll have to perform this routine by hand when you want to make sure you have the right time.

Take A Screen Shot. Can’t believe your eyes? Want a record of an amazing Windows moment? Windows has a built-in “camera” to let you take pictures of the screen and save them in graphics files. It doesn’t always work, many games will shut down Windows’ camera, but it’s free and built in. Here’s how to immortalize your electronic triumphs. To copy the whole screen, press PRINT SCREEN. To copy just the active window, press ALT-PRINT SCREEN. (If your keyboard has function keys running across the top, the PRINT SCREEN key should be to the right of the F12 key: otherwise just search your keyboard, if you don’t have a PRINT SCREEN key, F13 might work!). If you have a favorite graphics program, you can now open it up, start a blank document and press CTRL-V for Paste. Your screen shot will appear, and you’re done! If you don’t own a graphics program, go to the Start menu, choose All Programs, then Accessories, and then choose Pain , press CTRL-V to make your screen shot appear, you can now print or save it to email to a friend. Customize Your Start Menu. Ideally, your Start Menu should be a quick way to get to your favorite programs, but most Windows machines come with Start menus that are either too spare or loaded with useless guff. To start creating a start menu that fits your lifestyle, click Control Panel on the (existing) Start menu, click Appearance and Themes, then Taskbar and Start menu. Then click

ISSUE 001 024

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature Then choose Control Panel, then Desktop. Now look in the right hand panel and scroll down to find a line starting with MenuShowDelay. Double-click it, in Value Data, type 0. Finally, close the Registry Editor and restart Windows. Your menus should appear faster. Get Free Updates and Software From Microsoft.

Start Menu tab in the window that appears. Now, you have to make a choice, if you’d like a Start Menu featuring your most recently used programs in a continually changing list, choose the top Start menu button and click Customize. If you want to have the same programs in the Start menu at all times, click Classic Start menu and Customize. In the New Start menu Customize box, you can shrink the Icons on the menu (and thus the size of the menu): change the number of programs the Start menu remembers, and by selecting the Advanced tab tool, just add a list of your most recently used documents to the menu, as well. The Classic Start Menu Customize box, lets you add or remove programs or files from anywhere on your computer to the Start menu. The programs you add will remain on the start menu until you remove them with this Control Panel. To make a truly compact and usable Start menu, click the Show Small Icons in the Start Menu box in the Advanced Start menu options area of the panel (you’ll have to scroll Advanced Start menu options down a little to see it.) Making Windows XP look like 98. If you just upgraded from Windows 98 to XP and all the changes are a bit of a shock, there’s a way to make things easier for you, you can give WinXP a bit of a retro look. It’ll still keep the stability and features of WinXP. It’ll just look more familiar. All of these changes are in control panels on the Start menu, click Control Panel. Then, do one of the following: To make your Control Panel appear in the familiar Windows 98 format, go to the upper-left corner of the Control Panel windows and click Switch To Classic View.

To restore the Start menu to its past glory, double click Display. Click the Themes tab and choose Windows Classic from the Theme pop-up menu. Click the Appearance tab and choose Windows Classic from the Color Scheme pop-up menu, Click OK. To get the volume icon back onto the bottom of the screen where it belongs, double-click Sounds and Audio Devices. Click the Place Volume icon in The Taskbar box. Click OK To restore the look of folder windows, double-click Folder Options. Click the Use Windows Classic Folders button. Click OK. Then go to the View menu in your folder window. Choose Toolbars, then Address Bar, Go back to the View menu. Choose Status Bar. You now have a Windows system that looks considerably more like Win98. Remember, if you decide to come back to the 21st century, you can reverse any or all of those changes easily. Speed Up The Appearance Of The Menus. There is an annoying little delay in WinXP when you’re popping down menus or popping up the Start menu. With a tiny, easy Registry tweak, you can get rid of that delay and have a snappier Windows experience. (Readers who aren’t familiar with the Registry should back up their systems first. Use caution whenever you tweak your Registry because any mistakes you make may cause problems or even prevent your system from booting up). Open the Registry Editor by going to the Start menu, choosing Run, typing regedit, and pressing ENTER. Once the registry editor opens, click the Little plus sign (+) next to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Keeping Windows updated with regular patches from Microsoft is a key part of protecting your computer from malicious hackers and nasty software bugs. But, the Windows Update feature built into WinXP is more than just a way to keep Windows fresh and bug-free. Microsoft uses Windows Update to distribute exciting and powerful free software, such as: Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Movie Maker 2 Windows has probably been bugging you to turn on its automatic-update function, which detects when you are online and can download important updates without bothering you. To activate that feature, double-click the globe with the Windows icon down in the lower-right corner of the screen near the time. You’ll open the Automatic Updates Setup Wizard. Pick the Notify Me Before Downloading Any Updates and Notify Me Again Before Installing Them On My Computer option Wizard. That way, Windows will detect when updates are available and give you the option to download them. Big updates can really bog down a dial-up connection, so this method lets you download updates at your convenience. There’s a more manual and more intelligent way to choose your updates: Go to Windows Update on your Start menu. You’ll be presented with a Web Page detailing all the update. Updates fall into three categories. Critical Updates and Service Packs are important security or stability updatesyou should always install these. WinXP Updates are extra fun stuff, such as Windows Media Player 9. Go through the list and see what you like. Driver Updates improve the performance of your computer’s hardware and are usually all OK to install. Finally, Click on review and Install Updates and click Install Now, and you’ll have a fresh new Windows experience.

ISSUE 001 025

News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature If you disable the Automatic Update process and decide to update manually, get in the habit of (idly) checking for updates every week or so. You don’t want to miss a critical security update. Customize What Runs At Startup. Did your computer come with some irritating little program that runs at start up? (MSN Messenger is one particularly annoying example for some people-that is, for those who bought new systems). You can get rid of those-and add your own start up items, such as your favorite joke program or internet connection. One caveat it may be difficult to tell which program is which when you’re trying to remove them, (MSN Messenger, for instance, appears as “msmsgs”) Remove programs from the startup list with caution. (On the other hand, you can add new startup programs willy-nilly.) The major problem with getting rid of startup items is that they can be in four different places on your PC. First, go to All Programs on your start menu, then choose Start Up, if you still haven’t found the little bugger, It’s time to check your Registry. Open the Registry Editor by going to the Start menu, choosing Run, typing regedit and pressing ENTER. (For novices: As we mentioned earlier, use caution whenever you edit your registry.) Now click the little plus sign (+) next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Scroll down and click Software, then Microsoft, then Windows, then Current Version, then Run. Scroll through the panel on the right. One line should show the file name of the offending program. Scroll back to the left, click the beginning of the line and press Delete. Still looking? There;s one more place to check. Go up to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then choose Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, and Run. That;’s the last place a startup program might be hiding (if you’ve got anymore hidden places, please inform Microsoft about it).

Put A Volume Control In Your Taskbar. Previous versions of Windows let you adjust your computer’s volume quickly by double clicking a Taskbar Icon at the lower-right corner of your screen. You can do this in WinXP too, you just have to change one setting: Start by clicking Control Panel on the Start menu. Click Sounds, Speech, And Audio Devices. Then click Sounds And Audio Devices. Finally, check the place Volume icon in the Taskbar box. Click OK. The volume icon should wink happily at the bottom right corner of your screen. If it’s not there, click the little arrow down there to make it appear. Create Your Own Desktop Image. Ah, creativity, the green fields of the default WinXP Desktop may be soothing, but you can give your Desktop a personal touch by using your own pictures in the background. First make sure you have Windows XP Service 1, which is available through Windows Update (see the #6 task “Get Free Updates & Software From Microsoft”). The service pack fixes a major bug involving the use of JPEG images, such as the images from most digital cameras, as desktop backgrounds. To change your Desktop background, go to your Control Panel, Click Appearance and Themes and then Display. Click the Desktop Properties tab in the Display Panel. Click the Browse button and find your image. It should be either, JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format (most digital cameras use this file type) or BMP format. Click Open. On the Position drop-down menu, choose Stretch, if you want to stretch the image to fill the screen, Center, if you simply want to centralize the image, or Tile, if it’s a small image you’d like to repeat across the screen. Create Your Own Screen Saver Image.

Finally, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer. The program will no longer run at startup. Adding new startup items is much easier than removing mysterious ones. Just go to All Programs on your Start menu and choose Startup. Make a shortcut to the program you want to run at startup and drop it into the Startup folder window that appears. In the future, it will run when you log in, if you don’t want it to run at startup, remove it from the folder.

You can make a screen saver out of the pictures in your my Pictures folder or any picture on your hard drive. First, make sure you have WinXP Sp1 (See “Create Your Own Desktop Image” above) If you don’t want the screen saver to just cycle through your ‘My Pictures’ folder, create a new folder called Screen Saver in your ‘My Documents’ folder. Put your screen saver pictures in there.

Now go to your Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then Display. Click the Screen Saver tab in the Display panel. If you just want the screen saver to cycle through the ‘My Pictures’ folder, click the drop-down menu under Screen Saver and choose My Pictures Slideshow. You’re done. Otherwise, click the Settings button, under Use Pictures in this folder, click Browse. Click the Screen Saver folder under My Documents. Click OK, and then OK again, Now you’re done. 11. Change Which Programs Open Files. Some windows programs are greedy. They like to “steal” files, for instance, when you install Windows Media Player, if you don’t pay much attention, you’ll probably tell it that it’s the right program. To open Mp3 files, a big bummer if you have another Mp3 player that you prefer. Fortunately, such things are easily fixable. Find one of the offending files and right-click it. Choose Opera With and then click the Choose Program icon. Select the program you’d like to use to open the file. (If you don’t see the name of the program, click the Browse button and find the program on your hard drive). Click the Always Use The Selected Program checkbox. Then click OK and you’re set! 12. Protect Yourself Against Malicious Hackers. If you have a high-speed internet connection, you’re at risk for malicious hackers exploiting security flaws in Windows to tap into your data or take over your computer. Keeping Windows updated with the latest fixes (see the #6 task - Get Free Updates & Software From Microsoft) is one way to foil wrongdoers. Another is to turn on WinXP’s built-in firewall, which keeps suspicious transmissions from reaching your computer. WinXP’s firewall called the Internet Connection Firewall, is pretty basic as these things go; commercial firewalls such as ZoneAlarm and Norton Persnoal Firewall 2002 are more flexible and configurable. But it’s a good first step towards internet safety. To turn it on, go to Network and Internet Connection in your Control Panel. Click Network Connections. Right-click the network connection you’d like to protect. Choose Properties. Click the Advanced tab and turn the Internet Connection Firewall checkbox on. Click OK.

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News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature The internet Connection Firewall will prevent many popular internet programs, such as AOL instant Messenger and Kazaa, from functioning. (It sees them as suspicious) Email and the Web will work just fine. You can custom configure the firewall to let your internet programs through, for more details, see the article “Internet Connection Firewall” on the October 2002 issue of Smart Computing. 13. Turn Off CD AutoPlay. Like an overager puppy. WinXP has a tendency to try to anticipate what will please you and then barrel ahead. This can get annoying, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of picture Cds and Windows keeps asking you what program you want to open the picture files with. If you’re sick of Windows trying to second-guess what you want to do with your Cds and DVDs, you can disable the CD AutoPlay function. Go to My Computer, right-click the icon for your CD drive, and choose Properties, click the Autoplay tab, using the drop-down menu marked Music CD, you can charge what Windows does when it encounters a range of different CD types. To disable AutoPlay for music Cds, click the Select An Action To Perform button and then click the big, red, Take No Action Icon. To disable AutoPlay for other types of Cds, pop down the Music CD menu, change the type of CD on the menu, and click the Take No Action icon again. Finally, click OK. AutoPlay is now dead and buried. 14. Run Old Software. Software companies want you to upgrade , but that doesn’t mean you must WinXP provides a way to breathe life into older Windows applications tahat may be choking or crashing under the new OS, the program Compatibility Wizard. .The Program Compatibility Wizard can help resurrect old games, educational programs and applications that were built for Windows 2000, Win 98 or Win 95. Never use it to run old antivirus programs, hard drive utilities, or other system tools, as those programs could corrupt your WinXP system. Before running the wizard, go to your software manufacturer’s Web site and look on the Downloads or Support page. The manufacturer may have a patch of free update which will make the application Windows XP compatible, using such a patch is preferable to running the Compatibility Wizard. To run the wizard, go to the Start menu and choose, All Programs, Accessories, and Program Compatibility

Wizard. Click Next. You’ll be presented with three options of how to locate your program, the easiest one is to choose the program from a list of software installed on your PC. On the list, pick the name of your program and click Next. Now you can pick a compatibility mode for your program. Choose the Windows version the program previously worked with and click Next. Some old games can’t handle newfangled graphics hardware, so you’ll now be presented with a list of possible display settings for your program. Go get the box and manual for the software and see if either 256 colors or 640x480 Resolution are mentioned in the system requirements on the side of the software box. If either is mentioned, check that option and the Disable themes option. Then click Next. Finally, the program will launch if it runs fine, close the program. Windows will ask you whether the program worked correctly, click the radio button marked Yes, Set This Program To Always Use These Compatibility Settings. Your program will now be living in the past, forever more. 15. Let a Savvy Friend Take Control. Who needs professional tech support? With WinXP’s Remote Assistance feature, you can have a savvy friend peer over your shoulder while you try to fix PC problems, or even pitch in and take over your computer. To use Remote Assistance, both you and your friend need to be connected to the internet. You also both need to start up Windows Messenger and be on each others’ contact lists. On Windows Messenger’s Actions menu, choose Ask for Remote Assistance and then the name of your friend. Your screen should appear in a window on your friend’s computer. In general, “taking over” your computer only works, if both of you have broadband internet connections. But if you’re on dialup, your friend can still overview what you do with your PC while making suggestions through Windows Messenger. Keep a nimble finger over the ESC key, though that key cancels the Remote Assistance session if you see your friend doing anything naughty. 16. Customize Startup & Shutdown Sounds. Windows’ default sounds are dignified, but you may want your computer to start the day with Homer Simpson’s “‘D’oh! Or end its sessions with the “wah-wah-wah” of a dying Pac-Man game.

To start, you’ll need music files in WAV format. You can find these on the internet or make WAV files from your own Cds by using popular free programs such as RealOne Player ( or M u s i c M a t c h J u k e b o x (, (Windows Media Player doesn’t make WAV files). To make your PC play your new sound, go to Control Panel on the Start menu, click Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices, then Sounds and Audio Devices, click the Sounds tab in the Program Events box, find either Start Windows (for startup) or Exit Windows (for shutdown). Click the Browse button. Find your custom WAV file on your hard drive, click it and click OK. Finally, leave the Sounds panel by clicking OK. Your custom sound will now play on startup or shutdown. 17. Control A Child’s Computer Use. Although Windows Xp’s built in user controls don’t hold a candle to professional parental monitoring and access control programs. It’s possible to use Windows XP to lock certain files away from other usersso Davey can’t read Jenny’s diary, and so Willy can’t play Britney’s violent video game. First make sure your hard drive is in the new NTFS format. To check, choose My Computer on your Start menu, then right click the icon for your hard drive and choose properties. If you see “File system, NTFS” you’re good to go. If you see “File System FAT32” you’ll need to reformat your hard drive to take advantage of the access control powers of WinXP. If you’ve got Windows XP Home, you can do two tricks to restrict access. First, uninstall any questionnable programs and reinstall them in the Documents and Settings folder of the person quailified to use it.yes, we’re telling you install a program in a Document folder, fear not! Then choose Control Panel on your Start menu. Click User Account, then click the name of the user whose powers you want to Restrict. Click Change The Account Type, then the Limited radio button, then the Change Account Type button. Limited accounts can’t peer into other people’s Documents and Settings folders (which may be full of names of violent video games) and they can’t change their own account type. They can install software though, so keep that video game box away from Willy. If you have Windows XP Pro, though, your powers are much greater, in fact, access control is one of the major reasons to get Win XP Pro.

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News | Solutions | Reviews | Feature With WinXP Pro, you can control every user’s access to every file on your computer, individually, start by going to the Tools menu, in your ‘My Computer’ window. Choose Folder Options and pick the View tab scroll to the buttom of the Advanced Settings box and turn off Use Advanced Settings box and turn off Use Simple File Sharing. Now you can alter permissions on your PC, file by file, find the file in My Computer, rightclick it and select Properties, then choose the Security tab, you want to lock Jenny out of AOL? Find AOL.exe, go to Properties, click Britney’s name and uncheck the Read & Execute box, (make sure Britney is a limited account, though, so she can't change it back) Now that’s what i call Power!

Now, when your first computer is connected to the internet, your second one. Now, when your first computer is connected to the internet, your second one will be too.

18. Share An Internet Connection. Two computers, one modem, what in the world is a household to do? Set up a cheap home network and share the internet connection of course. To use WinXP’s Internet Connection Sharing feature, you first need to connect your computers. If you only have two Pcs, you can use an Ethernet crossover cable, available at any computer store. Plug it into the network parts of both Pcs, they look like big phone jacks. Then, on your Internet Connection PC, choose Control Panel from the Start menu. Pick Network and Internet Connections, then Network Connection. One of your connections will be called something like Dial-Up, or the name of your ISP (Internet Service Providers). Right-click that name and choose Properties. Click the Advanced Tab, then check Allow Other Network Users To Connect Through This Computer’s Internet Connection. If you want the second computer to be able to connect and disconnect the internet connection, check Allow Other Network Users To Control Or Disable The Shared Internet Connection.

19. Share A Printer. One printer, two Pcs, yet another household tragedy. Fortunately, if you have a simple home network (see task #18 “Share An Internet Connection”) and both computers are running WinXP, it needn’t be a problem. On the computer actually connected to the printer, go to the Control Panel, choose Printers and Other Hardware, then Printers and Faxes. Right-click the printer you want to share and pick sharing, in the Sharing window, click the Share This Printer button and then type a name for the printer, anything you want , click OK. Then, on your second computer, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, then Printers and Faxes. Click the Add A Printer Ink on the left side of the screen. On the first screen that appears, click Next, click the ‘A Network Printer’ radio button and click Next. Click Find A Printer in the Directory and click Next. Click Find Now. A list of printers will appear. Choose the printer you want to connect to, and click OK.

Now go to your second computer. Choose Control Panel from the Start menu. Pick Network and Internet Connections, then click Set Up A Home Or Small Office Network on the left hand side of the screen, which will start the Network Setup Wizard. Tell the Wizard This Computer Connects To The Internet Through Another Computer and click Next. Step through the rest of the Wizard’s steps. At the screen marked, You’re Almost Done, choose Just Finish The Wizard and lick Next. On the final screen that appears, click finish.

You can now use the first computer’s printer on the second computer. 20. Record A Music CD. WinXP’s CD-burning functions aren't just for making CDs act like big floppies. Using Xp’s built-in tools. It’s possible to make Cds that play for as many as 10 hours in special audio CD players or ordinary audio CDs that will play in any CD player. To create a music CD, first find out what file formats your CD player can handle.

. Many newer, shelf-top stereo systems can play Mp3 and/or WMA format songs, as can some portable CD players. Then assemble your music collection. Windows Media player can turn your existing CDs into WMA format files. For Mp3s, you’ll need to download free software like MusicMatch Jukebox or Real One Player. When you’re ready to make your CD, pop a blank CD into you CD writer (any disc will do, it doesn’t have to be one of those audio Cds they sell at computer stores). When the Autoplay dialog box pops up, choose Open writable CD Folder and click OK. If you’ve turned AutoPlay off, go to My Computer and double-click your CD drive. Now you’ll have a folder window just like any other. Go back to my computer on the start menu and find your music files. Drag the music you want to copy into the new CD folder window. When you’re done, click Write These Files To CD on the left side of the folder window. Give your CD a name and click Next. It’s time to choose what sort of CD you’re making. Remember, audio Cds can play in any CD player, but they can only hold 74 or 80minutes of music. Data Cds can play in music CD players that can handle MP#/WMA, depending on what kind of files you’re using and a data CD can hold 10 hours of music or more. If you dicked Audio CD and pressed Next, you’ll be booted itno the Windows Media Player. Click the red Copy button at the upper-right corner of the Media Player window, and you’ll have your CD. If you dicked Data CD, which doesn’t mean data, remember, it means music files that can be played on many newer CD players, an clicked Next, Windows will write your disc, then and there. Enjoy the music.

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E-baying 101 How to be a Great eBay Seller and Improve Your eBay Business. Anthony J33 Selling on eBay can be a great way to earn extra money. For those dedicated and driven enough to expand an eBay business. EBay has the potential to be quite lucrative. Whether you have an ebay store, are a part-time seller, or are simply thinking about experimenting with selling on eBay, one thing is necessary to build success on eBay; great customer service. Read on to learn how you can become a great eBay seller and improve your business

2.(Http:// o/Articles/4714005/ebayquestionspic_ Full.jpg) Answer eBay Questions Promptly - Many potential bidders will send e-mails to you(the seller)asking additonal questions about an auction item. Make it a point to answer these e-mails as quickly and as accurately as possible. This lets a potential bidder know that you are an on-the-ball seller who takes his auctions seriously.

3.( o/Articles/4714005/ebaypackagepic_F ull.jpg) Package and Ship w/ Care - Selling an item is not the only goal. Completing an actual eBay transaction, which Includes the packaging and shipping (#) out of a sold item, smoothly and quickly is the goal of any serious eBay seller. All sold Ebay auction items should be wrapped and packaged with care, the shipping boxes should be addressed as neatly as possible, and the actual item should be shipped out sooner 1.(Http:// rather than later. Articles/4714005/ebayauctionphoto_Full.jpg ) Write Detailed, Accurate Auctions - Take 4.( special care to go into great detail about any o/Articles/4714005/ebayemails_Full.jpg item that you list at auction ) on eBay. What condition is it in? Does it have any Send Confirmation E-mails - Be a good sport imperfections? What is it made of? How much and send out e-mails to auction winners does it weigh? letting them know These are just some of the detailed questions a when their packages (#) have been shipped potential eBay bidder may have for a given out. This is just good policy; it lets people auction item. Taking know that you are a care to include as much pertinent information dedicated eBay seller who covers all bases, into every one of your auction listings will and it gives anxious auction winners and idea encourage more bids and a as to when their items will arrive. ... To be higher selling price. continued. Take Quality Photos - eBay auctions that have poor quality photos, or no photos at all, almost never do as well as those auctions that have qood quality photos. Even the cheapest digital cameras can take great photos. Photograph all of your auction items in areas that have good light, a solid background(white, black or red), and make sure that no outside objects protrude into your pictures. An auction photo that has a cat's tail, a foot, or a chair or sofa poking into the picture loses some of its professionalism and luster.

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Staying safe online and offline: IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION In this day and age where information is fast becoming a part of our everyday lives, and numerous websites storing your personal data, sometimes its pretty hard to remember or even know where your information has been. Not to worry, we’ll give you 30 ways you can protect your information over the internet and off the internet. 1. Encryption: This involves transormation of information using an algorithm (cipher) to make it readable to anyone except those processing special knowledge often known as key. You can use cryptography if you want your information protected offline and online. 2. Stop Using Credit Cards: It is one of the easiest ways anyone can be tracked, your personal data is out there, which makes it extremely easy for anyone to have your detail.

6. Use a Private ISP When you sign up for an Internet Service Provider, they have a way of tapping into your browsing history, it is no secret, so be careful what you do online too. 7. You Must Not Accept Cookies: I know they sound yummy and in fact they do taste great, not until you realize the kind of cookies am talking about are data miners, that store your browsing history and data in the computer you use. So set your browser to never accept cookies. BE WARNED!

3. Try Not To Use Your Name When Making Donations: Anonymity is the best way to make donations, try not to leave your name whenever you make donations, we all know you’ve got loads of cash. 4. Minimize Your Usage of ATM ATM machines out there are either bugged these days or there’s a Peeping Tom whose eyes could see right through you when you’re typing in your Pin number. A little bit of that information could ruin you.

8. Clear Your Browser History. You can cancel your browser history or clear it from the computer after each use. People could keep tabs on websites you visited.

9. Make Use of a Laptop At least your laptop is your privacy, so 5. Always Use a Different Password you control your information to a for Every Website. certain extent. It is no news that if a person finds out one password, its as good as having 10. Blog Without Your Actual Name: the key to unlocking your information, Try to use a nickname or company so try to interchange and mix ‘em up name, do not use real names to blog. with different characters,

11. Do not Leave Photographs Online. It is so easy for people to use your picture for scams, they could steal your identity easily by posing as you, so do not leave your picture on social networking sites, if you don’t want to keep your identity safe.

12. Turn Your Javascript Off. By doing this, you ward off sites with javascript that track your information. Some even install malware on your PC. 13. Spyware Beware. Be very observant by keeping spyware completely off your computer because these types of programs record most if not all of your computer’s activities. 14. Always Clear Your Browser’s Cache. Make sure you clear your browser’s cache in order to avoid storing photos and other files on the computer you’re using..... To be continued

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WEBhunter WEB MA KER Sites for Sore EYES

Brick and Click Stores This month’s site is all These are sites that not just about the do business designed for beauty or money website. This site genration, but for functionality, contains several business ease of ideas. use and clarity. Sites that

are beautiful inside and out, sites that make the web a better place, thats why we call them WEBMAKERS

Am sure this will not come yo most people It’sanoshocker, news that theyou websee is flooded with as when the Zenith different kinds of information, some Bank Site, as our site for this month. peopleiscalldefinitely it a world not of its my own,fault, there’syou That literally nothing you’re looking for online Nigerians voted Zenith Bank as the site of that you can’t find, i guess thats why it is the month. given the unique name “World Wide My curiosity overtook my eyes, as i Web”, but deeper what makes the website, web whatand it i wandered into this is, aside from the back-end work behind can tell you, it has the functionality of any it, is the front-end world-class site. one, known as websites. are the doors we go There areThey so many things we that put into through to getwhen into the home of everyon consideration doing a Review individual’s company sites, each information, month. portfolios, Things like;businesses, forums, the list on. -goes Accessibility: Zenith Bank website is Each monthinwe goyou online to you accessible that canto dobring virtually various websites done an to anything, ranging that fromhave online banking, outstanding job in delivering the checking of account balance,what transferring people wantto toanother see the account, minute they click your money surely, that button. That is world class.

- Download Time: This is also a very important feature in site delivery, most sites come with high jpeg images that it takes light years before viewing the homepages of some of these sites, but our dear Bank site, showed us who’s Boss. Search Engine Optimization: This factor is also highly important, for me and maybe you, am the type that loves researching stuff online, and by the time i find myself in a particular site, i want to jump to a part of that same sight, and am not willing to wait for too long, all i do is search for shorter ways of achieving this aim, and Zenith Bank has just the right search engine tool, detailed, fast and reliable, well...except there’s a power surge. Last but definitely not the final tool this possesses, is: Transaction History: This wonderful site, has detailed, up to the second information on your transactions, whether online or offline (and by that, i men going to the bank or ATM-ing, excuse my french). I tell you, this site is packed with the right tools and ready to browse. Tsake a quick run through.

There were loads and loads of site What then makes a site what it is, everything I say, A website has to

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HACKMAN Ripping the Computer Apart

ASTA - LA - VISTA BABY! Windows Vista Unveiled. Get to experience more of windows vista, its interesting, exciting and somewhat - risk- free! Like i said, “somewhat�. Life is all about risks right??

On hackman this month, we will be showing you how to tweak your windows XP screen, also we will be undressing Windows Vista. Before you flip through the next 10 interesting pages of hackman tips, tricks and tweaks, please read the disclaimer below. Most of us, have laptops with windows vista operating system, and most of us are just OK with what we see, but there really is a lot more to windows vista than just the side bar, the beautiful icons and the exciting and interesting looking programs menu arrangement. Windows vista has a whole lot more to offer, find out how to navigate and learn so much about windows vista in the next few pages. Next, learn how to make windows 2000 look like windows XP, various tips, tweaks, links to free and easy downloads.

Disclaimer IT Plus Magazine will not be held responsible for any problems you encounter during the course of implementing the processes listed in the pages. Also, all hacks in these pages are written not for false or illegal use, but for information purposes, we will not be held liable for any illegal use of these hacks.

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Windows Vista

There’s just way too much buzz about the Windows Vista. Personally, I really like it, but, there was just this dissatisfaction, because I wasn’t getting the VISTA EXPERIENCE i truly desired, so i went on a search to quench this yearn and decided to share this experience with you. There’s really more to Windows Vista that meets the Operating System. We will show you firstly, how you can monitor what your children are doing on the computer and how to set some limit to what they do and sites they visit. Control And Monitor Your Child's Activities With Parental Controls The Parental Controls in Windows Vista lets you easily control what your child can or cannot do, and monitor his/her activites using the built-in reports.

Step 1: Create A User Account For Your Child Parental controls work by placing restrictions on a user account. Creating an account for your child so you can apply controls to his/her account without restricting yours: 1. Click on the Start Button and select Control Panel. 2. Click Add or Remove User Accounts under the User Accounts and Family Safety area. 3. Select Create a New Account.

4. Create an account for your child and ensure that Standard user button is selected. 5. The new account will now appear in the User Accounts window.

Step 2: Setting Up Parental Controls Next, enable parental controls for the account you just created: 1. Click on the Start Button and select Control Panel. 2. Under the User Accounts and Family Safety option, click Set Up Parental Controls. 3. Select your child's user account to set up the controls. 4. Clicking the On radio button to enable parental controls. <continue below for options> Step 3: Configuring The Options Configure the options to control what your child can and cannot do: a) Windows Web Filter 1. Click the Windows Vista Web Filter option. 2. Check that blocking is enabled (turned on by default). 3. Edit the Allow or block list and enter the websites that are accessible to your child. 4. Click the "Only allow Web sites which are on the allow list" check box. Block Web Content Automatically

You can apply automatic restrictions for your child here - a High or Medium level works best. Click on the radio buttons for a summary of what is blocked. If you'd opted to allow only websites that are on the Allow list above, this entire section is unavailable because site access is completely controlled by the Allow list. Block File Downloads This control restricts your child from downloading files from the Internet. For younger children, this is a good setting to enable because it prevents the possible download of information you may not want to them to have. b) Time Limits Selecting this option brings up a calendar where you can control when your child is allowed to use the computer. Simply click and drag to turn the desired hours and days blue in order to block these times.


Add “My Computer” to Your Vista Taskbar

I like to have the quickest access possible to folders on my desktop, which usually means putting something onto the taskbar if possible. You can add the Computer menu as a folder on the taskbar for the easiest access to your drives, you could also use this tip for any other folder you want.


To add a folder to the taskbar, just right click on the taskbar and choose the Toolbars menu, and then click on New Toolbar.

3 Now you can see the Computer folder right there on the taskbar. If you click the little arrows, it will pop up and let you browse through all your drives.

Just find the folder that you want... In this instance, we’ll select the Computer icon and then click on Select Folder.

All set! I always add the Desktop to the tollbar as well.


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News | Solutions | Reviews | Hackman c) Games Your Child Play Select the Games option in the Parental Controls window to allow or disallow game playing by setting game ratings and allowing/blocking specific games on the computer. d) Programs You can allow or block specific programs on your computer, i.e. you have programs installed that you do not want your child to use. Choose this option in parental controls, and then click the radio button that appears to allow your child to only access programs that you have selected. You'll see a listing of all the programs installed on your computer - check the boxes of the programs that are accessible by your child. Step 3: View Your Child's Activities If you open parental controls for your child's account, you'll find an option to view his/her activities. This feature lets you review what your child's activities on the Internet, system changes that have been made, applications used, games played, e-mails that have been sent/received, instant messaging activities and many more. Click the report option, then use the categories on the left side of the window to see your child's activity. Vista Registry - Vista Registry - Deleting the Recycle Bin Problem If you are facing Vista's Deleted Recycle Bin problem, then you are not alone. It is a common mistake to lose the recycle bin, fortunately there is a quick solution, 'Personalize' the desktop. I also have a more permanent solution, which is to remove 'Delete' from the Recycle Bin's properties; however, this requires a registry tweak. Why People Delete the Recycle Bin An understanding of why people delete their recycle bin will help us prevent further occurrences of this problem. It seems to me that Microsoft have tried to provide extra features for Vista in general, and for the Recycle Bin in particular. Unfortunately, in the case of the Recycle Bin they underestimated users' ability to read and understand the menus. Confusion is caused by the two options, 'Delete' or 'Empty Recycle Bin'. When people decide to empty their rubbish, their brain is already thinking 'delete'. So when they see the word 'Delete' on the bin's shortcut menu, they click on that instead of looking for the option to 'Empty Recycle Bin'. As a result of making the wrong choice, the user is surprised when the Recycle Bin disappears from the desktop!

4) Edit the 'Default' REG_SZ, as this is just a string value for display you could set to anything you like, for example 'YourName's Indestructible Bin'. Conclusion What you have done is replace a working function called 'Delete', with a cosmetic label called Xyz's Indestructible Bin. The sole purpose is to prevent users pressing 'Delete' and thus losing their Recycle Bin. Screenshot of the Delete Recycle Bin Registry Setting Incidentally, the reason this deleted Key Points recycle bin problem has suddenly surfaced, is that in XP you cannot delete Is Vista's CLSID a folder in HKCU** or HKLM? the Recycle Bin in the manner Answer: Neither, it is in HKCR described above. The overall message (Classes_Root) is: more features mean more chances Do you have to add a value, modify or of making a mistake. delete? Quick Instructions to Find the Lost Answer: Add two Keys, then modify the Recycle Bin Default value Is it a String Value or a 1) Right click the Vista Desktop DWORD? 2) Click on Personalize Answer: Add a Key and also add a 3) Select: 'Change desktop icons' 4) At the Desktop Icon Settings, place a String Value. Do you need to Restart or merely Log tick next to: 'Recycle Bin'. Incidentally, Off / On? my friend 'Mad' Mick has a novel Answer: Neither, just refresh the suggestion. Instead of worrying about Windows Desktop ** HKLM is an the deleted bin, just delete the User! If abbreviation of only life were this simple. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and HKCU is Step-by-Step Instructions to Find a shorthand for HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Deleted Vista Recycle Bin Registry Tweak to Effect a Permanent These acronyms are so well known that you can even use them in .reg files, Cure Vista will understand and obey the Example 1: registry instruction. Remove Delete from the Recycle Bin Registry Tweak - To Re-program the Properties Recycle Bin Properties Here is an ideal solution for when you have an incompetent user, who keep on This example builds on the previous registry tweak and adds extra deleting their Recycle Bin, and then capabilities to the Recycle Bin menu. pesters you to cure their clumsiness. My mission is to edit the registry and re- The above example 1 has the limitation that if you click on the label called: program the Recycle Bin's short cut 'Guy's Indestructible Bin', then you get menu. 1) Launch regedit (See more details on an error message. Whereas the example below wires up the 'Search..' starting regedit) capability to the shortcut menu. If you 2) In Regedit, navigate to the following remember, the original problem key: was that users saw 'Delete' on the HKCR\CLSID\{645FF040-5081menu and clicked it; the result was 101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} instead of emptying the trash, they 3) To create a new registry Key called removed the Recycle Bin from their 'Shell', click on the Edit Menu, New, desktop. Example 2 below creates a select: Key and name it 'Shell'. You new menu item called 'Search...'. should now have: Example 2 .Reg file to Replace 'Delete' HKCR\CLSID\{645FF040-5081with 'Guy's Search'. 101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\Shell If you have lots of machines to 3) Under Shell create a new (Sub) Key configure, then a .reg file will save time called 'Delete'. Click on the Edit Menu, merging the data into the registry. New, select: Key. You should now have: Instructions for using creating the .reg HKCR\CLSID\{645FF040-5081file. 101B-9F0800AA002F954E}\Shell\Delete

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News | Solutions | Reviews | Hackman By Joel Durham 1. If you hate the look of Aero, click Start/Control Panel/Themes and you can choose a non-Aero theme, such as Windows Classic. 2. Windows Vista's installer can detect serial-ATA (SATA) drives without the need to provide a driver diskette. Don't bother creating a diskette for your SATA drives before you install Vista. 3. If, for some reason, the Vista installation gets interrupted due to an unintentional shutdown or reboot, start the computer without booting the Vista DVD. Windows Vista's installer should pick up where it left off. If it does-n't, then restart the installation over from scratch. 4. When you perform a search with Vista's new, instant search feature, you can save the search in a special folder. This powerful feature allows you to create a virtual folder which, by default, is saved in your \\Searches\ folder. Every time you open such a folder, the search results are updated. 5. In Windows Vista, you can add additional clocks to the system tray. Click the clock, and then click Date and Time Settings. Click the Additional Clocks tab. You can add one or two additional clocks to the tray and select their time zones. 6. You can save your progress in most of the games included with Windows Vista–even the carry-overs from earlier versions of Windows. 7. You can create XML documents, which are more secure than regular text files or even word processor docs. Just create a document in a word processor, print it via the options menu, and select the XPS printer. 8. If you upgrade your graphics card in preparation for Windows Vista, be sure to get a new card with as much local memory as possible. Since Windows Vista renders everything–even the desktop and windows themselves– as 3D surfaces, local 3D memory greatly improves performance...sometimes even more than a more powerful GPU. 9. Windows Vista games deposit their saves into a special directory, called Saved Games, in your personal folder. In theory, that will make upgrading to a new system much easier for gamers, who like to migrate their game saves. 10. When using the Help system, it's usually advantageous to include Microsoft's online database in your search. The online/offline status of your search is located on the bottom right of the Help window. You can click it to toggle.

11. The Games folder is a powerful repository of all things gaming. From within, you launch games, update games with the latest patches, enable parental controls to protect younger users from harmful content, and more. Invoke it by clicking Start/Games. 12. Several applications are available to help you tweak Windows Vista for maximum performance. They include TweakVI (, TweakVista (, and VistaBootPRO ( And don't forget about Windows ReadyBoost, which lets you use a removable flash memory drive to boost system memory. 13. Do you use the icon in the upper left corner of system and application windows? A quick double-click closes the window (instead of a single click on the X at the upper right). Though Microsoft left the icon out in Vista, the function remains.–Sarah Pike 14. In Microsoft Windows Explorer, you can use column headers (Name, Size, and so on) to sort files. Savvy users may right-click on a column head to remove items or add some–say, Dimensions for images. There are around 45 such columns available in Windows XP. Windows Vista has well over 250, covering a multitude of metadata.–Sarah Pike 15. If you've become used to surfing your Program Menu to get to applications, you'll be in for a shock when you first use Microsoft Windows Vista. The new Program Menu shows you only recently used applications and requires extra clicks to navigate to submenus. This can be very frustrating but, thankfully, the Search box Microsoft has added to the Start menu is a great replacement–as long as you're an accurate typist. As quickly as you can type, it returns intelligent results in apps, files, even e-mail messages.–Dave Cardinal, freelance Writer Customize the Windows Vista Send To Menu You've seen the SendTo folder in action any time you right-click a file and select the Send To folder from the context menu. What you might be unaware of is that you can customize the items in this menu.

Go ahead, right click a file. You should see something that looks like this:

To get to the SendTo folder, you'll need to open up an Explorer window, and then paste in the following to the address bar. %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Se ndTo %APPDATA% is an environment variable that actually maps to something like :\users\<username>\AppData\Roami ng. You should now see a bunch of shortcuts:

Let's say you wanted to add an item to the Send To menu to open files in Notepad. You could just drag a shortcut to Notepad into this folder, or create a new shortcut. Now you can see the new Notepad item in the menu:

This method should work for any application that allows you to open a file by using a command line argument.


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Your Buyer’s Guide to whats hot and whats not

This month’s Review

THIS MONTH... HARDWARE PDA TUSSLE Five browsers go on head to head in this month’s issue, find out which browser comes tops and why.

Our team of experts have take time out to do an indepth review o n v a r i o u s segments in this month’s issue

MOVIES MOVIES Five browsers go on head to head in this month’s issue, find out which browser comes tops and why.

SOFTWARE BROWSER WAR Five browsers go on head to head in this month’s issue, find out which browser comes tops and why.

BOOKS RICH DAD, POOR DAD. Which Dad, Poor dad, who’s rich and who’s poor, i really don’t know, but hey, it will all be explained in the review page.

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Thinnest Wi-Fi Handheld

HP iPaq rx1950

The HP iPaq rx1950 proves that good things do come in small packages. This smooth little PDA can get you surfing the Web in no time with its integrated Wi-Fi and it doesn’t cut corners on performance or battery life, either. Armed with Windows Mobile 5, the rx 1950 is ready for just about anything the business world can throw at it. Our only gripe? No Bluetooth!.

The HP iPaq rx1950 proves that good things do come in small packages. This smooth little PDA can get you surfing the Web in no time with its integrated Wi-Fi and it doesn’t cut corners on performance or battery life, either. Armed with Windows Mobile 5, the rx 1950 is ready for just about anything the business world can throw at it. Our only gripe? No Bluetooth!. , the rx 1950 is ready for just about The HP iPaq rx1950 proves that good anything the business world can throw at it. Our only gripe? No Bluetooth!. th




Most Versatile handheld

Palm LifeDrive

The HP iPaq rx1950 proves that good things do come in small packages. This smooth little PDA can get you surfing the Web in no time with its integrated Wi-Fi and it doesn’t cut corners on performance or battery life, either. Armed with Windows Mobile 5, the rx 1950 is ready for just about anything the business world can throw at it. Our only gripe? No Bluetooth!.

The HP iPaq rx1950 proves that good things do come in small packages. This smooth little PDA can get you surfing the Web in no time with its integrated Wi-Fi and it doesn’t cut corners on performance or battery life, either. Armed with Windows Mobile 5, the rx 1950 is ready for just about anything the business world can throw at it. Our only gripe? No Bluetooth!. , the rx 1950 is ready for just about The HP iPaq rx1950 proves that good anything the business world can throw th at it. Our only gripe? No Bluetooth!.


Palm One

$299 ISSUE 001 038


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SECONDS Catherine Preston with






















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These are the various works of Lanre Lawal, CEO of The Design Jockey Sessions. His work greatly tells a lot about him. He’s been into Design and animation for over 8 years and he’s not planning on quitting anytime soon. Some of his clients include: IGI, Lagos State, Jazz Hole. Down 4 Whateva is one of his recent works for a record label and he’s still doing more. You could reach him on: +234-1-8035002504

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News | Solutions | Reviews | Business

BUSINESS PLUS DOING TWICE THE WORK IN HALF THE TIME Four hot sectors unveiled this month, put in your money and get it back. Most of us Nigerians must have been the advert on TV about the man who had slow internet link, and missed hanging out with his friends and family because he was attaching just one file. Well, it’s 6:30pm on a Friday night and everybody heading straight for the new bar around the corner. But, good ol’ you, is chained to your desk and glued to your seat with at least 2hours work yet to be completed. This situation makes you tired, fagged Out, stressed, and of Course depressed, Because you know at this hour, and in this mood you’re less productive (Studies show!) In conclusion, your late Night effort is doomed. Believe me, it don’t have to be that way, that’s why We want to show you how to reverse this by saving more time and energy, And still getting your work done, most importantly, you will be at the bar waiting for your friends to show up. 1. PEN IT Simply put, keep a diary at work. Just write down every single thing you do for whole week, both at work or away from work. And, when i say everything, i mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from online chats, colleague chat, phone chat, lunch time, coffee break, going marketing-indicating your start-up time and your finish-time.

2. TREAT TIME AS MONEY Just think of time as money, something you cannot afford to waste on unnecessary expenses. You must make a decision make sure your goals are on the right track. talk with your boss, come to agreement with him on your priorities, then set objectives for yourself and make sure they fit the SMART rule, that is, they are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and have a Time frame in which it is achieved. Prioritize them, systematically work through each one. “Please be STRICT with yourself ”. This method will provide you with an effective work pattern, which will help you to stay focused. 3.SAY NO TO ... You will not skip out of your office on time and stress-free if you don’t learn to say NO. There’s just a limit to what you can squeeze into a day’s work. So, if your boss throws an extra workload at you, just let him know that you can only complete the new workload, if you ignore the one at hand.

Biz Bytes On the nest High Def meeting? Don’t have a single idea to put up the table or screen? Feeling like you’re losing it at work? There are a few ways to get mind blowing ideas even while you’re at work: 1. Just stare hard at your computer screen, you might get faster results if you wear glasses. Trust me, the CPU will give you an idea, after you’ve drained out his capacity just by staring. 2.this is easier,During lunch hours, you could just do a little yoga with your food, its pretty easy, just stick a fork in it and put ‘em in your mouth, keep doing it, till something happens, Warning: it may take more lunch time hours, but it works.

Now go back to your diary and list-out your top five time-wasters. It may be replying e-mails from your gossipy friends, or looking at the newly hired dude and dreaming all. A realization of how you spend your time will make you know how can reclaim valuable time.

ISSUE 001 041

News | Solutions | Reviews | Business (Well ... Depending on the boss, you might get fired for saying that!). Just ask your boss which is important, so you can handle that one, he may not realize how busy you are, this might make Him respect you all the more when you renegotiate and still beat the deadlines. Please express yourself in a calm and clear tone and be assertive rather than being negative or aggressive. 4. NO PROCRASTINATING Often times, not just other people derail our efforts to work smarter, we tend to manage it al by ourselves. It could be really depressing when you get to do just one work for hours upon hours, just because, you keep moving it to the next lunch hour, when all you can do to save yourself the time and the stress is just to break down the task you’re avoiding into small parts and just do a quick tenminute run through on each one. In doing this, it won’t seem too tasking and your resistance towards the job will be reduced. It will also give you a sense of achievement, even if you can’t seem to get the whole job done at a go.

Use the benchmark of whether you would bother to communicate that information, if This is the focal point of your work, and the you had to fax it or call instead, decide on key to your productivity. The question I ask what’s with receiving and what needs people is, how does your desk-top look (by sending. desk-top, I mean your work table), is it? 8. REMEMBER YOUR REASON FOR A. Neat and organized like mine, or B. A chaotic, choke hazard? like ... BEING THERE Studies reveal that most people whose desks are (B), waste at least 2 ½ hours a Some people forget easily what it is they week just searching for important want from their jobs, it is advisable that you information. So by Friday night, when your remind yourself of what you want from your other colleagues are on their third job and how it suits your life, remember the Chardonnay, you’re still swimming in the goals you hope to achieve while working ocean of paperwork. there. For some people, their goals may be Its high time you got your act together, by to attain greater heights in their career and this, what am saying is, get organized, get learn new skills, for others, it might to make rid of everything you don’t need, buy or enough money to travel to Hawaii on steal a trash can and dispose of any vacation and wear nice experience shoes unwanted stuff, and transfer some other and dresses. When you focus on your goals, information to your PC, then get rid of the it leaves you enthusiastic and determined to paper. I have a friend who has a tray for get what you really want out of work. If you’re incoming work, another for today’s work wasting half your life on a job that means nothing to you except for the money, you will not be as productive as working in a place you’ve always wanted to be. You need to be motivated to be productive, if you are, your productivity level will increase naturally. 6. ORGANIZE YOUR DESK-TOP

9. CUT SHORT MEETING TIMES 5. GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY BLOCK I tend to advise people to try to know how their body works, some people tend to ignore their body clocks when it comes to planning and setting their goals for the day. Some people are the early birds, vibrant, full of creativity and energy before lunch breaks, while others wake up after lunch time. If you are a morning person, simply plan your most challenging tasks for the morning. (Write it down or get an organizer), then when your effectiveness starts dragging towards the ends of the end, just switch to routine jobs, same goes for the afternoon or night owls. Surely, you can’t ask to reschedule your 8am catch-up meeting with your boss for 3pm, simply because your body system hasn’t woken up yet, but.. You can plan ahead and prepare for it the afternoon before. It’s just all about knowing your strengths and working them out, once you’ve acclimatize with your body system, you’ll discover that your productivity level will shoot up, while your body remains sound.

A folder for future tasks, and a file for the rest. Another thing is, get into the habit of uniting your contact numbers and important information either, onto your computer file or directly to your address book. You would have saved yourself 2 ½ hours from this. 7. STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET As much as possible try to stay away from the internet if you don’t have much to do there, it would really be huge time-waste. You could waste hours upon hours on browsing, reading junk mail e-mailing, deleting or reporting spam mails, what I do before I get on the internet is, I write down the tasks I need to browse for, so I don’t get distracted by other things, thereby forgetting what I initially wanted to do online. You could move social e-mails and junk mails to your lunch time for your workrelated e-mails,

Another obstacle to leaving the office early is ‘MEETINGS’. We all know how annoying it is when your boss schedule a meeting at 5:30pm, when you close for 6pm, that’s how you know you’re in trouble. You ask yourself that age-old question, ‘Don’t these people have lives to live?’ Here’s the answer “They Don’t” , but there’s a solution to that. Ensure that you never attend a meeting a meeting that has no strict agenda, set aim, agreed deadline your time frame. And if you have to, because you have no say then device a means of getting out of that meeting early. You could suggest getting together at a later date to discuss fresh ideas, because the mind is some what slower at this time. Or could get a get-out clause ready. Calmly mentioning that you have a vital work-related phone call or meeting with an important client. At a certain time, so even if the meeting drags on, you have back-up to excuse yourself and flee. 10. GET A ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ SIGN It is quite obvious that you can’t ignore everything or say no to everything, there are usually some quick stuff you have to deal with like, favors, phone calls, reply text messages that will only

ISSUE 001 042

News | Solutions | Reviews | Business take a minute. These itsy bitsy interruptions can waste bulk of your day, and slow you down if you’re working on a task that demands all your concentration. The main solution to this problem is ‘Teamwork’. If you can, negotiate certain times with your colleague at work, times like when they will answer your phone calls for you and head-off interruptions, you should offer them and favor in return your boss will be impressed with your teamcooperation and your colleagues will appreciate your support. If you can’t get them to help (because of your nasty attitude towards them in the past), then politely explain to your callers ‘I'm extremely busy at the moment, can i get back to you in an hour or two?’, You will be surprised how much work you’ve completed in an hour. 11. ENJOY YOURSELF None of these tips can actually work if you don’t cut yourself some slacks, from time to time, go outside and take a breath of fresh air when you’re feeling low, drink a glass of water

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BAD CLIENTS, GOOD BUSINESS! 5 ½ reasons bad clients are good for us and our Business

Know what might obviously be going through our heads at the moment but you asked for it, you said you wanted a ‘challenging job’, trust me, your ‘bad’ clients are your challenges and they make you better, you don’t believe me?, I didn’t think you would, here’s how they make or break you, if you let them. Reason 001. They Make You Work Extra Hard On a wonderful and bright Monday morning, when all seems to be well for the business owner and all of sudden a lousy client walks through the door, with His problem, expecting you to put in much effort into your work in order to get His job done faster, thereby making the both of you have problems, or like i call it, ‘issues’. Having issues with a client makes the day extra hard and prompts you to work harder. Come to think of it, if we all had an easy breezy job most of the time, it wouldn't make the job an interesting one, and after a while, it becomes boring and we don't become better. Reason 002 They Make Your Work a Lot More Interesting For Other Clients Check this, almost everybody loves gossip, (i know i do, and especially here in Nigeria) so what better to gossip about than your work ei? Bad clients give you something to talk about, something to tell your friends, partners, about the experience you had previously. By even discussing with people about how demanding and mean your client was, it gives you room to learn from other people, who knows, if they’re nice enough, they might have strategies on how to handle your next client better. Reason 003 You Learn From The Experience Personally One of the good things you learn from bad clients and bad experiences, is that in doing their job, you make mistakes, and you learn from them.

They make you try out new stuff, they help you think outside the box, also you learn to spot bad clients, things they say, things they do, how they address you, how they criticize your work and their manner of approach - these things we learn from, helps us become better people, not just in our business but in life generally., Reason 004 They Test Your Character, and Try Your Patience ‘Would you please make that image float round the page, when the page loads?’’ And don’t forget to make the font sizes equal’’What do you mean by my signature is irregular? Are you text blind?’... So what are you going to do after this has gone own for about an hour ei? Are you going to yell at your client just because they’re making you do stuff, you don’t want to do? So how do you handle it?, am asking you? Professionalism. All these and more simply test your character as Professionals in the business and as individuals .How we handle such situations, tell a lot about us and helps us better ourselves.

Reason 005 They Challenge you, in places you don't expect to be challenged. Can you please maintain the font size and draw that list in alphabetical order? ‘Don't forget to make it zig-zagged’? Bad clients can really think of things you never thought of, sometimes there are unknowingly creative, they just cough out ideas you never thought of, thereby helping you learn new stuff and new ways to go about things. They challenge you, and believe me, we all need challenges Reason 005 ½ With Bad Clients, Who needs The Good Ones. I rephrase that, we all need clients, good bad, ugly, they’re all major contributors to who we are, and what we become in business and as individuals. So if you chose to agree with me, that bad clients are good for us? That they make our life more challenging and interesting, its up to you. My work is finished here. If you have any more reasons, bad clients are good for us, please send us your contribution at, and don’t forget to write the header ‘BAD CLIENT, GOOD BUSINESS’ and we will publish them in future.

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...But of course, who else would it be, but the only buzzworthy Charles O’Tudor, the Advertising Guru

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Best buys

Best Buys | Solutions | Reviews | Feature



] Samsung SyncMaster 173p



INFO: Samsung SyncMaster 173p




Nokia 6600 ] PRICE: ESSENTIAL BUY ] SUPPLIER: Nokia 6600 INFO:






Acer Inspiron3520 PRICE: SUPPLIER: INFO:



Acer Inspiron3520 ] PRICE: SUPPLIER: INFO:



CO L Samsung NS SO ] SyncMaster 173p I





INFO: Samsung SyncMaster 173p



] Samsung SyncMaster 173p



INFO: Samsung SyncMaster 173p




Nokia 6600 ] PRICE: ESSENTIAL BUY ] SUPPLIER: Nokia 6600 INFO:


Nokia 6600 ]




Acer Inspiron3520 PRICE: SUPPLIER: INFO:




Acer Inspiron3520 ] PRICE: SUPPLIER: INFO:


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BUYER’S GUIDE HOW TO BUY A PRINTER From compact photo printers to beefy Laser Jets From monotext documents to pictureperfect glossy photo prints, there’s an desktop printing technology to suit, often with the offer of plenty of versatility under the bonnet. Step 1: Deciding what you want For straightforward text printing mono laser printers are now available for as little as N13,000 or so, typically offering print speeds of around 15 to 20ppm, reasonable running costs of about 2p per page, and wonderfully crisp, sharp output. The only real problem with mono page printers is that pretty much all of computing nowadays is in full color, documents included, so it’s a pain to have to see everything as a black and white issue on paper. By contrast, color laser printers are relatively expensive, big, bulky and heavy, making inkjet printers by far the most popular and versatile solution for the home and small office. Do you want to print photos? Some inkjet printers are much better than others for printing regular color documents, such as those in Epson’s DuraBrite range. However, with the advent of digital photography, most of us want to print photos as well and, for inkjet printers, this is a much more movable feast. To get good levels of contrast, tonal range and color space (the spectrum of colors that a printer can generate ), six inks or more are usually necessary , typically adding light cyan and light magenta to the conventional CMYK color mix. Top level photo printers, often go a step further, with eight or even nine inks in their arsenal to enable an even wider color space.

For photo printing, it’s also worth checking that the printer can produce border less photo prints in popular sizes, include 6x4 and 7x5 - inch, as well as full A4. Another considerations is print longevity, with Canon historically lagging behind the performance of most Epson and HP inkjet - generated prints, although the fade resistance of Canon’s new ChromeLife 100 Inks should be considerably better. Is direct photo printing important to you? It’s often convenient to leave computers out of the photo printing equation altogether. Most photo-minded inkjets now have a PictBridge port built in, so that you can print direct from any compatible camera. A more elegant solution is offered by printers that also feature a built-in memory card reader, as well as a color menu and preview screen, so that you can simply slot in the memory card from your camera and create photo prints on the fly. Some direct photo printers have the added versatility of enabling cropping, redeye correction and other image enhancements in standalone print mode. Dedicated six-ink photo printers are generally slow and poor in quality for mono text output, producing very greyish text. If you want a single printer that handles all your document and photo printing requirements, it’s worth considering one that enables you to swap the ‘photo’ cartridge for a mono cartridge, changing between six-ink and four-ink printing as and when you need to. Most HP Photosmart printers excel in this respect. Do you want a single printer that does it all? Alternatively, Canon’s novel five-ink printers, like the PIXMA iP4200and iP5200 printers, contain both pigmentbased and dye-based black inks, to give extra contrast in photo prints as well as solid, fast mono text performance.

NEXT MONTH We will take you on a long tour on how you can buy a RAM, also we will inform you on how you can tell the difference between various rams: can’t tell your RAM BUS from the SD-RAM. Don’t miss it!

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THE CLASSROOM This Series How Routers Work

Part One Keeping The Message Moving

Part Two Transmitting Packets

Part Three

Part Four

Knowing where to send Data

Understanding Protocols

Introduction To Routers DURATION 1 HR : 00 MINS


JUST TIP-SY Windows 2000/Windows XP, Visual Studio .NET 2003

The internet is one of the 20th century’s greatest communications developments. It helps people all over the world to send messages via email to each other in the flash of a lightning You see, most of the things we have available to us on the internet would not have been possible if we did not have some things working in the background. In fact, we would not have come “face to machine” with the technology most responsible for allowing the internet to exist at all ‘The ROUTER’. Routers are specialized computers that send your messages and those of every other internet user speeding to their destinations along thousands of pathways. In this article, we’ll look at how these behind-the-scenes machines make the internet work. Keeping the Messages Moving When you send e-mail to a friend on the other side of the country, how does the message know to end up on your friend’s computer, rather than on one of the millions of other computers in the world? Much of the work to get a message from one computer to another is done by routers, because they’re the crucial devices that ler messages flow between networks, rather than within networks. Let’s look at what a very simple router might do. Imagine a small company that makes animated 3-D graphics for local television stations. There are 10 employees are animators, while the rest are in sales, accounting and management. The animators will need to send lots of very large files back and forth to one another as they work on projects. To do this, they’ll use a network. When one animator sends a file to another, the very large file will use up most of the network’s capacity, making the network run very slowly for other users. One of the reasons that a single intensive user can affect the entire network stems from the way that Ethernet works. Each information packet sent from a computer is seen by all the other computers on the local network. Each computer then examines the

Packet and decides whether it was meant for its address. This keeps the basic plan of the network simple, but has performance consequences as the size of the network or level of network activity increases. To keep the animators’ work from interfering with that of the folks in the front office, the company sets up two separate networks, one for the animators and one for the rest of the company. A router links the two networks and connects both networks to the internet. Directing Traffic The router is the only device that sees every message sent by any computer on either of the company’s networks. When the animator in our example sends a huge file to another animator, the router looks at the recipient’s address and keeps the traffic on the animator’s network. When an animator, on the other hand, sends a message to the book-keeper asking about an expense account check, then the router sees the recipient’s address and forwards the message between the two networks. One of the tools a router uses to decide where a packet should go is a configuration table. A configuration table is a collection of information, including:

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- Information on which connections lead to particular groups of addresses - Priorities for connections to be used - Rules for handling both routine and Special cases of traffic. A configuration table can be as simple as a half dozen lines in the smallest routers, but can grow to massive size and complexity in the very large routers that handle bulk of the internet messages. A router, then, has two separate but related jobs: -The router ensures that information does not go where it’s not needed. This is crucial for keeping large volumes of data from clogging the connections of ‘innocent bystanders’. - The router makes sure that information does make it to the intended destination. In performing these two jobs, a router is extremely useful in dealing with two separate computer networks. It joins the two networks, passing information from one to the other and, in some cases, performing translations of various protocols between the two networks. It also protects the networks from one another, preventing the traffic on one from unnecessarily spilling over the other. As the number of networks attached to one another grows, the configuration table for handling traffic among them grows, and the processing power of the router is increased. Regardless of how many networks are attached, though, the basic operation and function of the router remains the same. Since the internet is one huge network made up of tens of thousands of smaller networks, its use of routers is an absolute necessity. Transmitting Packets When you make a telephone call to someone on the other side of the

country, the telephone system establishes a stable circuit between your telephone and the telephone you’re calling. The circuit might involve a half dozen or more steps through copper cables, switches, fiber optics, microwaves and satellites, but those steps are established and remain constant for the duration of call. This circuit approach means that the quality of the line between you and the person you’re calling is consistent throughout the call, but a problem with any portion of the circuit--maybe a tree falls across one of the lines used, or there’s a power problem with a switch-brings your call to an early and abrupt end. When you send an e-mail message with an attachment to the other side of the country, a very different process is used. Internet data, whether in the form of a Web page, a downloadable file or an email message, travels over a system known as a packet-switching network. In this system, the data in a message or a file is broken up into packages about 1500 bytes long. Each of these packages gets a wrapper that includes information on the sender’s address, the receiver’s address, the package’s place in the entire message, and how the receiving computer can be sure that the package arrived intact. Each data package, called a packet, is then sent off to its destination via the best available route - -a route that might be taken by all the other packets in the message or by none of the other packets in the message. This might seem very complicated compared to the circuit approach used by the telephone system, but in a network designed for data there are two huge advantages to the packetswitching plan. ’ The network can balance the load across various pieces of equipment on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis. ‘ If there is a problem with one piece Of equipment in the network while a

message is being transferred, packets can Be routed around the problem, ensuring the delivery of the entire message. The Path of a Packet The routers that make up the main part of the internet can reconfigure the paths that packets take because they look at the information surrounding the data packet, and they tell each other about line conditions, such as delays in receiving and sending data and traffic on various pieces of the network. Not all routers do so many jobs, however. Routers come in different sizes. For example: ‘ If you have enabled internet connection sharing between two Windows 98-based computers, you’re using one of the computers (the computer with the internet connection) as a simple router. In this instance, the router does so littlesimply looking at data to see whether it’s intended for one computer or the other – that it can operate in the background of the system without significantly affecting the other programs you might be running. ‘ Slightly larger routers, the sort used to connect a small office network to the internet, will do a bit more. These routers frequently enforce rules concerning security for the office network (trying to secure the network from certain attacks). They handle enough traffic that they’re generally stand-alone devices rather than software running on a server. ‘ The largest routers, those used to handle data at the major traffic points on the internet, handle millions of data packets every second and work to configure the network most efficiently. These routers are large stand-alone systems that have far more in common with supercomputers than with your office server.

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Guide to Ebook Writing

Questions To Ask Before Writing an Ebook

Pros and Cons To Starting Your Online Ebook Store

Using Your Ebook to Attain Your Promotion and Marketing Goals.

Writing Your very own eBook




Most people believe you have to be a genius writer before you can create your very own e-book, but thats not true. It really is easy to write an e-book, but best of all, easier to make a lot of money from it, we’ll show you how! It is definitely no news the fame and fortune electronics-books have created for their creators, it is most certainly no news how much work needs to put into it to make it a success, not just some book on the internet, but there’s a lot more that e-books can do for you and your business, all it will cost you is just TYPE. In creating an e-book, some things should come into play. You need to ask yourself some questions and if you don’t know what questions to ask, we have put up some important questions for you.

QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE WRITING AN Windows 2000/Windows E-BOOK XP, Visual Studio .NET 2003 1. What will be the title of your ebook and will it have a subtitle? 2. Will you be the only author or will there be other co-authors? 3. Will you publish a print version of your e-book? 4. How many pages will your E-book contain? 5. Will your e-book contain Graphics, pictures or charts? 6. Will your e-book include an appendix and index? 7. Will you ask other authors to contribute related articles to Your e-book? 8. What file formats will your e-book be available in; text, pdf, exe, html, etc.? 9. Will your e-book be sold as a product or will your e-book be used as a promotional tool? 10. Who will be your e-book's target audience? 11. What major benefit does your e-book give your target audience? 12. Will you offer your prospects a guarantee and testimonials to read? 13. Will you include a bibliography about yourself?

14. What personal information will you include about yourself in the e-book? 15. What colors and graphic(s) will be included on the e-book cover? 16. Will you let your prospects read free sample chapters or excerpts to entice them? 17. Will you turn the e-book into other information products like videos, audio books, teleclass, etc? 18. What type of payments will you accept for the e-book? 19. Will you allow others to give away your free promotional e-book? 20. Will you be selling the reprint rights to your e-book? It is just SO SIMPLE AND EASY To publish your own e-books! When you see how easy it is you will kick yourself for not publishing and promoting your own e-books sooner. Here’s a very important tip for first timers: Write an e-book and give it away for free. I know it sounds a little bit inconsiderate, i mean, after putting in all that effort, then you just give it off for free? Incredible! This step you’re taking is what I call Viral marketing (a.k.a. Virus Marketing i.e, marketing that spreads like a virus, not a harmful virus, but the concept is all about how the virus spreads and takes over your whole system!). Why write an eBook? You want ongoing, lifelong multiple streams of income. You want to raise your credibility and trust ratings with clients or customers. You want to get your message out so the world can be a better place.

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Yet, You want to spend only a little time on it. (Would you be willing to spend 4 hours a week?) You want to get it out fast (Would 46 weeks be OK?) You want to market Online at a low-cost investment. And, for some of you, you are ready to be innovative and even take a small risk to get your eBook read by millions, rather than hundreds! Where are you now? You have the idea for your eBook; you have a lot of ideas! Take a moment and decide which one you are most passionate about now and will be for the next year. Focus on one great idea, then add others you know will work too. You want to know what is the next step. You have your eBook well on its way, but aren't finished. You need advice on how to get it done, what's needed to publish (not much!), and how to distribute it to pull Online sales. Who Should Write an eBook? - If you are ready to invest a little to reap a great deal. - If you are a business person who want to serve a wider community. - If you are willing to move much faster than traditional publishing - If you want to create active, ongoing sources of income. One method to help make your eBook successful is to use the essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points.â&#x20AC;? Seven Things to do Before Writing Your eBook Every part of your book can be a sales tool. When you include the below tips, you'll sell more books than you ever dreamed of. 1. Write for your one preferred audience.

your audience's picture in front of you as you write. Ask yourself, is my topic narrow enough? The Chicken Soup For The Teenager, For The Prisoner, and other specific groups sold far more copies than the original Chicken Soup.

benefits, and how you will present it (format). Keep it under a page. Your introduction will help you write your sales letter.

2. Write a sizzling book title including benefits. You have 8 seconds to hook your potential buyer. While an eBook cover doesn't need fancy graphics you will want to create one that can be printed both in color and black and white. It must be easy to see and read.Your title and cover should compel your audience to buy.

Each chapter should have a name, preferably a catchy one. If your reader can't understand the chapter title, then annotate it. Add some benefits or a sub title. In my first chapter called "Why Write an e-book?" I added this partial list of benefits: Ongoing lifelong multiple streams of income, credibility as the expert, products sell easily online, buyers are more targeted and hence you create more profit.

3. Write a thirty-second "tell and sell." You only have a few seconds to impress your potential buyer. Include your title, a few benefits, and the audience. Use sound bites to grab attention. Write, Finish, and Publish your eBook Fast to Pull Online Sales shows professionals how to shortcut each step of writing, publishing, and promoting a salable short e-book. Include a sound bite that grabs attention such as "It will do more for you than instant cappuccino." You may also want to compare your book to a successful one such as "The Fast Lane of Dan Poynter's Books.â&#x20AC;? 4. Write your sales letter before you write your book. This important sales tool gives the benefits your potential buyers want. Include compelling ad copy, benefits, testimonials, and a small blurb about you, the author. If your potential buyer likes it, they will buy on the spot.

6. Create a table of contents.

7. Reach out to opinion molders. After an initial contact of asking for feedback, resend them the same chapter and the table of contents of your book. Ask for a testimonial then. These influential contacts' testimonials will help promote your e-book Online. Designing every part of your e-book to be a sales tool and a beacon that brings out your best: writing a compelling, understandable, and enjoyable book that millions of Online buyers will want.

Next Month How to write an e-book, types of E-books to write and the pros and cons of starting your very own online e-book store!

5. Write your eBook's introduction. Not everyone wants your book. Find out what audience wants/needs your book? Include the problem your audience has, What problems does your book solve for why you wrote the book, and its purpose. them? Create an audience profile and keep In a few paragraphs include more specific

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