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No compensation for High Street fall victims

NO compensation has yet been paid to anyone who has fallen foul of the “optical illusion” cycle lane on Keynsham High Street. Soon after Bath and North East Somerset Council opened

the cycle lane in March 2022, reports started flooding in of people tripping and hurting themselves in the cycle lane — with some warning the kerb heights were an “optical illusion.”

The council has since painted the lane red, and changed a solid white line to a dotted line in the hope of stopping the falls.

But it has not paid out any

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Mums are winners

A charity has been awarded a £20,000 National Lottery grant for a group which offers support to new mums.


Road closure

The stretch of Charlton Road leading out of Keynsham is to close for up to four weeks.


Dan versus Jacob

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has been chosen as Labour’s candidate to fight Jacob ReesMogg at the general election.


Flats approved

Ten flats are set to be built in Keynsham town centre to help create more council housing.


Teacher banned

A teacher who was jailed for three years for shaking a baby, leaving the child brain-damaged, has been banned from the profession indefinitely.


June 2024 Issue 145
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SUMMER PARTY All-American 7 July
Young Keynsham footballers had a day to remember when they travelled to Wembley to watch the Women’s FA Cup final – see story on page 41

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Council has made no payouts to fall victims

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compensation to people who have been injured after falling in the cycle lane.

Forty people have sought compensation from the council for their injuries but to date no payments have been made, a freedom of information request from the Local Democracy Reporting Service has revealed.

Thirty claims have been dismissed while 10 remain ongoing.

According to council figures, there were 25 reports of trips or falls in the cycle lane just in March and April 2022. Since then, about three people have reported falling in the cycle lane each month.

A road safety audit in December warned: “Whilst the number of incidents has clearly reduced since opening, it remains an ongoing issue with a relatively consistent rate of incidents per month, rather than one which is reducing over time.”

It is hoped that the dotted line painted in April will help to break the optical illusion believed to be leading people to trip — a phenomenon being studied by experts in visual perception at the University of Bristol.

Paul Roper (Kingsmead, Liberal Democrat), the council’s cabinet member for economic and cultural sustainable development, said: “This mitigation should make the change in levels clearer to pedestrians and prevent further trips and falls.”

But some Keynsham residents remain concerned. Speaking the day after the line was repainted, Jean Culverwell, 77, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “If you wear varifocals like I do, you are completely bamboozled by it.”

Bath and North East Somerset Council has been approached for comment.

John Wimperis, Local Democracy Reporting Service

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£20k lottery boost for mums and babies

A KEYNSHAM charity has been awarded a £20,000 National Lottery grant for its Breakfast and Babies group, which offers support to new mums.

The grant will allow Community at 67 to offer a free weekly breakfast for mums with babies up to six months old at the community centre at 67 Queens Road, Keynsham.

In addition to the weekly breakfast, health professionals and other experts will offer advice to local mums once per month on topics including breast feeding, sleeping patterns, and post-natal depression.

Community at 67 trustee Amy Clarke, who established the programme and secured the funding, said: “We’re very grateful for this lottery grant, which means we can offer valuable support to new mums in Keynsham and the surrounding area.

“When I first became a mum three years ago, I found it very reassuring to talk to other mums going through the same thing

as me. That’s what we hope Breakfast and Babies will be a weekly chance for new mums to talk to and support each other at this very special but sometimes challenging time.

“All mums and babies will be warmly welcomed at Community at 67 every Friday from 10am.”

Sessions have run since February by a local mother Natalie Condick, supported by volunteers.

The group runs sessions every Friday from 10am to 12pm and is attended by about 13-14 mums each week. It aims to create an environment where mothers can share their experiences, exchange advice, and build strong networks of support and friendship.

their babies grow older and “graduate” at six months old, into other support networks in the community.

“We’re delighted that the National Lottery Community Fund has recognised our work in this way,” said Amy Clarke.

“Mums during the early months of motherhood can feel quite isolated. We hope the connections a mum builds at the

Breakfast and Babies group will have a positive impact on her journey in those first few months of having a baby, and set the foundation for good maternal mental health as her child grows.

“Free tea, coffee pastries and fruit certainly help with the morning’s session!”

National Lottery players raise over £30 million a week for good causes across the UK.

Care in your own home

No need for an expensive care home

The new funding from the National Lottery Community Fund - which distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes - will enable Community at 67 to continue to run the sessions.

Stay independent at home with your own live in

Attendees of the group will be constantly changing as


need for an expensive care home

Stay independent at home with your own live in carer Many people want to stay in their own home as they get older Featherbed

June, 2024 3 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email Tel: 01749 346900 | The Works, Board Cross, Shepton Mallet BA4 5DX Installation - Repair - Services STAIRLIFTS NEW from £1,745 RE FURBISH ED from £1,045 REN TAL from £55 per month
in your own home No need for an expensive care home Stay independent at home with your own live in carer Many people want to stay in their own home as they get older Featherbed Care has been providing live in carers since 1986 We believe in only the very best care at an affordable cost Call for a brochure today 0117 9860710 / Freephone: 0800 111 4885 Email: Care in your No need for an expensive Stay independent at home Many people want to stay in Featherbed Care has been providing We believe in only the very Call for a 0117 9860710 / Freephone: Email: Care in your own home No need for an expensive care home Stay independent at home with your own live in carer Many people want to stay in their own home as they get older Featherbed Care has been providing live in carers since 1986 We believe in only the very best care at an affordable cost Call for a brochure
today 0117 9860710 / Freephone: 0800 111 4885 Email:
people want to stay in their own home as they get older
Care has been providing live in carers since 1986 We believe in only the very best care at an affordable cost
a brochure today 0117 9860710 / Freephone: 0800 111 4885 Email:
Care in your own
Care has been providing live in carers
1986 We believe in only the very best care at an affordable cost Call for a brochure today 0117
0800 111 4885 Email:
9860710 / Freephone:
in your own home No need for an expensive care home Stay independent at home with your own live in carer Many people want to stay in their own home as they get older Featherbed Care has been providing live in carers since 1986 We believe in only the very best care at an affordable cost Call for a brochure today 0117 9860710 / Freephone: 0800 111 4885 Email: Care in your own home No need for an expensive care home Stay independent at home with your own live in carer Many people want to stay in their own home as they get older Featherbed Care has been providing live in carers since 1986 We believe in only the very best care at an affordable cost Call for a brochure today 0117 9860710 / Freephone: 0800 111 4885 Email: 01179 860710 BOOK TODAY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT / HOME VISIT Featherbed Care Trust Us to Help You No need for an expensive care home We have been providing live in care since 1986 Stay independent at home with your own live in carer. Many people want to stay in their own home as they get older. We are committed in providing only the very best care at an affordable cost. NEWS


Pupils walk and wheel for cleaner air

PUPILS and families from Two Rivers Church of England Primary School have joined forces with sustainable travel groups and Waitrose supermarket to support the journey toward net zero and ease traffic congestion in the Keynsham area.

The children from Keynsham’s newest primary school recently took part in a national scheme run by charity group Sustrans, which works with communities to promote walking, wheeling and cycling to create healthier places and happier lives.

The Big Walk and Wheel campaign has seen families form a partnership with their local Waitrose store in order to complete their journeys to school on foot or by cycling and scooting.

Store manager Daniel Knibb was keen to contribute, saying: “We want to be a good neighbour and support our local school as well as the residents of Keynsham.”

Headteacher Matt Filer has been thrilled with the outcome.

“Our pupils are passionate about the environment, and sustainability is a key focus for us as a school. We were able to double the number of active journeys to school as a result of this campaign, which is a terrific achievement.”

The pupil-led initiative is welcome news for resident of the new Hygge Park development, which has the school at its heart.

A spokesperson for the residents’ association said:“It’s inspiring to see the Hygge Park community coming together

to support yet another travel initiative.

“The school have previously provided a venue for our travel plan coordinator to host sustainable and active travel events, and we look forward to further partnerships.

“Hopefully we can secure support in future from local government and agencies to make sustainable travel even easier and safer for everyone.”

Local campaigners Keynsham Active Travel Group hope this will be the start of a successful drive to sustain active travel in the area, and plans are under way for a joint campaign with residents and school leaders

for improved road crossings and pedestrian and cycle links around the Broadmead roundabout.

Maya Stratton-Brook, parent and Keynsham Active Travel member, said: “It’s been wonderful seeing the bike shed fill up with not only the usual bikes and scooters but skateboards and roller skates too.

“Travelling actively to school is a great way to start your day, having positive benefits on mental and physical health as well as contributing to a reduction in air pollution around the school site.”

Pupils at Two Rivers are

certainly keen to maintain their active travel aspirations. Esme and Darcy, two Year 3 eco-warriors, were clear about their views.

“We all need to reduce pollution from cars – I walk or scoot all the way to school,” enthused Darcy.

“It’s great exercise too, which makes us fit and healthy, and we feel ready for the school day when we arrive,” added Esme.

Year 3 pupil Evelyn summed up the determination of the young activists at Two Rivers: “No more excuses! Clean air is important to us all, as well as other species such as pollinators.”

Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062

Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062

Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062

Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062

Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel:

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Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE

Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE

Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE

Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE

4 keynshamvoice
June, 2024
0117 9860062 Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062 Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062 Units 1 & 2 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE Manufacturer of Windows, Doors, Staircases & Bespoke Items. Email: Tel: 0117 9860062


Charlton Road to shut for up to 4 weeks

THE stretch of Charlton Road leading out of Keynsham is to close for up to four weeks from Monday June 10.

The full closure, for 24 hours a day, will affect the road from the edge of the town, near Parkhouse Lane, to the Woollard Lane junction.

In a letter to residents and businesses, Bath & North East Somerset Council says the work will last up to three weeks, dependent on the weather, but signs that have appeared on the route state it will last four weeks.

The council says a diversion route will be

in place for traffic and advance notices placed along the route.

There will be no through access via Queen Charlton, although bollards will be temporarily removed to allow access for properties near the closure.

The council, which is working in partnership with contractor Volker Highways, says restricted vehicle access for properties on the closed stretch will be maintained wherever possible and when site operations allow. Access will be controlled by traffic marshals.

Golf club wins approval for longer floodlit hours

STOCKWOOD Vale Golf Club has been granted permission to increase the hours of floodlit play on its driving range.

They will be extended from 8pm to 9pm Monday to Friday, and from 6pm to 9pm on Saturdays. Sunday and bank holiday times will stay at 6pm.

Keynsham Town Council had objected to the planning application by the club, which is in the green belt, on grounds of light pollution and the impact on the natural environment. A previous planning application for extra floodlit hours was withdrawn in 2021 over concerns about the impact on bats.

But Family Golf Centres Limited, which runs the club, said the improved LED lighting would have “minimal impact” on bats and had been designed with the advice of an ecologist.

It added that since the original planning permission was granted more than 20 years ago, the landscape of the golf course had matured

substantially, meaning trees and other vegetation would provide “significant screening” to mitigate the effect of the floodlighting on “distant” neighbours.

Bath and North East Somerset Council has now granted permitted for the scheme, subject to extra planting and bat monitoring.

One comment received by the council stated: “I strongly object to increased hours of floodlighting use as this will directly affect my property with light pollution. I am also concerned about the impact and harm there will be on protected species such as the bats and owls etc.”

One in support stated: “This is a perfectly reasonable request from the club, who have looked to mitigate any environmental issues. The club is so mature now with the tree canopy sheltering the majority of the light emitted. This application should be approved as submitted.”

But it warns: “Unfortunately, there will be times when access will not be possible, so please be prepared for delays, disruption and to make alternative arrangements before these works start.”

Bus operators have been informed and will re-route services where necessary.

The council says its waste teams will try to ensure collections are not disrupted, although there will be times when this is not possible.

The council says more information about the work is available by calling Council Connect on 01225 394041.

Save the date for village fete

COMPTON Dando is bringing back its popular fete this summer.

Visitors are invited to a family afternoon in beautiful countryside on Saturday July 6, 2pm to 5pm.

Located on Glebe field (opposite the church), the fete will offer classic games, a coconut shy, community raffle, bric-a-brac stalls, live music, a duck race and more. St Mary’s Church will be open for visits to the bell tower, and the village hall will sell cakes, teas and coffees.

Prizes in the fete raffle include 2.5 hours on a flight simulator, with lunch, donated by Bristol and Wessex Flying Club. Entrance to the fete and car parking is free. Proceeds will be split between the village hall , St Mary’s Church and Compton Dando Community Association (CDCA).

For more information, contact fete committee chairman Phillip Gentle on 07831 665649 or at

June, 2024 5 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email
Organisers Alice Prescott, Maureen Collings, Barend ter Haar, Liz Stanbury and Phillip Gentle Photo: Ros Anstey
Look forward to your visit. Come and find us on The Westerleigh Road between Pucklechurch village and the Westerleigh Crematorium ST. ALDAMS FARM NURSERY EST. 1973 BUY DIRECT FROM THE GROWER THE BEST PLANTS AT THE BEST PRICES WESTERLEIGH ROAD, PUCKLECHURCH, BRISTOL BS16 9PY Bedding Plants 25 PLANTS £7.50 Geraniums FROM £2.50 Basket Plants £2.00 EACH Fuchsias FROM £2.50 Begonias £2.50 EACH SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR SPECIAL OFFERS - WWW.STALDAMSNURSERY.CO.UK OPEN 7 DAYS - Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm • Sun 9am-4pm Erin MP Compost £7 or £18 for 3 For 2024, we have a great new selection of hanging baskets, tubs, pots, and novelties to suit everyone Why not come and pay us a visit at St Aldams?

Parents vote nursery one of the best

A DAY nursery that opened in Keynsham last summer has been named as one of the top 20 in the South West.

Avon Valley Nursery and Preschool received the accolade from nursery review website

Its annual day nursery awards recognise the top-rated nurseries in each region based on reviews from parents or carers. The Keynsham nursery was ranked in the leading 20 out of 1,237 nurseries in the South West.

The nursery opened at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park in August last year, offering indoor and outdoor activities to help children learn and develop.

With access to the main Avon Valley park, it offers a variety of play and animal interaction, with a private garden, sensory areas, vegetable plots, and mud kitchens.

Split across two floors, it provides babies from three months and children over two with space to explore crafts, role-play, reading and soft play.

Steve Bellamy

Nursery director Alison Dennis said: “What

makes this particular award so special is the fact it’s based on feedback from our parents. I would like to personally thank Lucy, Becky, and the entire team for their hard work and commitment. Finally I want to acknowledge our amazing parents and extend my gratitude for their unwavering support.

“I’m looking forward to extending the number of places we can offer in September.”

Parent Emily Newing said: “My son’s confidence has grown. He looks forward to going on a new adventure every day. They plan different activities based on the children’s interest by liaising with parents.”

Due to growing demand, the nursery is set to expand this summer, with 20 more places available and more baby spaces on offer from January 2025.

Its next open day will be on Saturday July 13, and registration can be completed at https:// to come and see the nursery in person.

The Voice ran a series of articles last year in which parents highlighted the shortage of childcare places in the town.

A NEW drive to increase the number of early-years education and childcare practitioners available to families in Bath and North East Somerset is under way.

B&NES Council has launched a website, Shape Your Future, to help attract and retain highquality early years staff and childminders.

The move comes in response to recruitment and retention issues. These have led to a shortage of qualified earlyyears staff and a lack of choice for local parents and carers.

Some nurseries and preschools have been unable to offer their full capacity of places, and the number of childminders has reduced.

The website - https://www. uk/ - acts as a ‘one stop shop’ for anyone interested in working in the early-years sector and provides an insight into how the career offers a rewarding choice, with local practitioners sharing their experiences.

Early-years vacancies in the private, voluntary, school nursery and wrap-around care sectors will also be listed on the site.

Nathalie, a childminder in Bath and North East Somerset, said: “We invest so much with the children and see them make these jumps. I feel so proud to have been a part of their lives.”

Cathy, a senior practitioner, added: “I thoroughly enjoy seeing the children develop and making their first steps into the big world.”

l Letters: Page 34

Car r pets

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Steve Bellamy

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•Free quotations without obligation to purchase

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June, 2024 7 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email
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New principal appointed for Broadlands Academy


Academy in Keynsham has appointed a new principal for the next academic year.

Laura Stone takes over from September 1, having previously been vice principal at Ark Putney Academy in London.

Ms Stone was also a senior leader and acting principal at Ark Burlington Danes, as well as leading the Ark Teacher Training programme. She has completed an MA in Education.

Broadlands said Ms Stone will seek to build on the school’s excellent reputation within the community and to enhance the school’s performance following its strong Ofsted inspection in 2023, when it was rated ‘good’.

It said Ms Stone is particularly committed to engaging with families and the wider community of Keynsham as Broadlands enters its next exciting phase of development.

Ms Stone said: ““I look forward to building on the current successes of the staff and students, and developing a community where academic success sits alongside sporting and creative endeavours.

“I am excited to move back to the city where I started my teaching career and have the chance to lead the Broadlands community through the next stage of its journey.”

The school is part of the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), whose regional education director, Karl Sampson, said: “Laura is a fantastic school leader with an excellent record of supporting staff and students to achieve great things.”

Ms Stone takes over from Helen Simmons, who was appointed interim principal last September. Mrs Simmons will stay on at Broadlands in her previous substantive role as vice principal.

Help the Child charity boost

A KEYNSHAM company is thanking customers and suppliers for helping it to support a local children’s charity.

CRS Building Supplies, in Unity Road, Keynsham, raised £2,552 for Somerset-based Help the Child. The charity is dedicated to helping children with disabilities across the county reach their full potential and create a brighter future by providing specialist

equipment, such as wheelchairs, computer software, car seats and sensory equipment.

In addition to donations from customers, CRS secured support from its suppliers, who generously pledged contributions.

Alun Gillett, branch manager at CRS in Keynsham, said: “We are incredibly grateful to our customers and suppliers for their unwavering kindness.”

June, 2024 8 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email Offices in: Bradley Stoke | Central Bristol | Clevedon | Henleaze | Keynsham | Nailsea Portishead | Staple Hill | Thornbury | Weston-super-Mare | Worle | Yate Need legal advice? We offer expert services for you, your family and your business Solving your legal problems ...locally Get in touch: 0117 986 3504 16 High Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1DJ n NEWS


Labour’s Dan to challenge MP Jacob

METRO MAYOR Dan Norris has been chosen as Labour’s candidate to battle Jacob Rees-Mogg to become North East Somerset and Hanham MP.

He beat off the challenge of Keynsham resident James Coldwell, who is vice chair of North East Somerset & Hanham Labour Party, and Rebecca Montacute, in the selection vote by Labour members.

At the general election on July 4, Mr Norris will be up against the Liberal Democrat challenger, Mayor of Bath Dine Romero, and the Green Party’s Edmund Cannon, a Keynsham town councillor.

Mr Norris said that, if he is elected, there would be “a period of overlap” with his position as West of England Metro Mayor.

He was the MP for Wansdyke from 1997 to 2010, when the constituency was replaced by North East Somerset, which Mr Norris lost to Conservative Sir Jacob.

The new North East Somerset and Hanham constituency will contain about half of the current North East Somerset constituency – including Keynsham and Saltford – and Hanham, which is currently part of the Kingswood constituency.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service after being selected, Mr Norris said: “It’s the place I care most about

in the whole world. It’s where I grew up. It’s given me a lot and I want to do more to give back to the community.”

He has lived near the village of Pensford for 25 years.

Since 2021, Mr Norris has been the Metro Mayor of the West of England, an area including North East Somerset and Hanham.

He said he had decided to try to win back his former seat after 14 years of Tory government, including the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition.

Mr Norris said of Jacob Rees-Mogg: “I know him and we get on fine. I think he takes a keen interest in his constituency. It’s not

that that concerns me, it’s the Tory record and he has been defending that.”

If he was elected, Mr Norris said he would stay on as Metro Mayor, for which his term in office runs until 2025.

“I think it would be totally wasteful of taxpayers money to have a byelection.”

If elected as the MP, he said two major issues he would fight for are children’s and animals’ welfare.

He has been a campaigner against fox hunting and is the chair of the League Against Cruel Sports.

Dan Norris interview by John Wimperis, of the Local Democracy Reporting Service

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22ND & 23RD




Join us on 22nd & 23rd June for the first EVER Flourish Food Festival. Sample tasty treats, dishes and drinks, dance along to live music from local performers, bring the little ones for circus skills, storytime, yoga and more – furry friends also welcome! We can’t wait to see you at the festival. Glenavon Farm, Bath Road, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3TJ

11 keynshamvoice June, 2024 Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email SPOTLIGHT ON SALTFORD CLARKSON’S INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS LTD “A truly personal and caring service” 489B Bath Road, Saltford 01225 873535 Bath branch: 01225 426822 Frome branch: 01373 463888 Going with the flow -
setting offers a
for residents and visitors
Saltford’s beautiful
peaceful haven

Our merry crew will make you welcome

AVON County Rowing Club is lucky to row on a beautiful stretch of the River Avon between Saltford and Bath which we share with a great variety of wildlife, including herons, kingfishers and our very own pair of swans with newborn cygnets!

We’re just off the A4 leaving Saltford (Bath direction) so really easy to find.

Avon County RC is a welcoming and friendly community club open to all in the Bath and Bristol area. We have an active rowing membership from age 12 through to 80-plus, and all abilities from complete beginners to national champions.

Whilst the club can trace its origins back to 1869, and there has been rowing on the River Avon at Saltford for well over 100 years, the current club was formed in 1973,

so we’re now 50!

We are a busy club with the option to sweep or scull, in crews or small boats. You will find our members rowing most days, particularly during the evenings and every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Our membership is about 200 and we are looking to grow over the next few years. We have very active junior, men’s and women’s squads who are often competing either at our own events or travelling around the country to many regional and national regattas and head races.

There is a strong social rowing group who go out regularly two or three times a week, and we run

a weekly program of indoor rowing classes too for those who prefer to stay on dry land. When the weather or river conditions prevent us from going on the water, we hold indoor training sessions, which are a lot more fun than they sound!

Avon County RC welcomes existing coxes, rowers, scullers and coaches of any age and ability, either returning to the sport or moving into the area. We also offer great opportunities for those considering the sport to learn to row with us.

Spring and summer are the best times to learn on the water, and we have a large range of training boats to suit the needs of everybody. It is

honestly never too late to learn … at Avon County RC we believe that everyone can learn to row!

If rowing on the water is not for you, then our indoor rowing classes run all year round, and they are a great way to get fit in a fun environment.

If you would like to have a look at where we are and what we do, please arrange a time to come down and see us at the river. We actively encourage prospective members to have a trial outing with us on our beautiful river.

There are more details about the club, joining us, or learning how to row, on our website https://avoncountyrowingclub. - or email captain@ l What3Words (clubhouse location): prefer.laces.films

June, 2024 12 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email SPOTLIGHT ON SALTFORD - ADVERTISING FEATURE
Friday July 5t h Keynsham Parish Church, St John’s 7:30pm doors open 6:45pm an d KEYNSHAM goodafter noon Conductor Grenville JONES   or call 0844 8889991 : TICKETS : Pt of PRICED £10.00 BRISTOL MALE VOICE CHOIR KeynshamMusicFestival-KeynshamVoiceAdvert2024.qxp_Layout 1 19/03/2024 12:05 Page 1


Taking the plunge for a good cause

SIXTY adventurous fundraisers took part in a charity abseil hosted by the Friends of St John the Baptist Church and Keynsham and District Mencap Society.

The sun shone for the event on April 20 and 21 as the participants descended the 100ft tower to the family fun weekender below.

Local people ranging from age nine to an octogenarian took to the ropes to raise funds for the church or K&DMS. Keynsham Dental Care and Keynsham Town Council were among those who fielded abseilers.

Thanks go to Tesco, and students of the City of Bristol College, who contributed items for the cake stall. Music by resident DJs Barry Hollyman and Suzie Lewis was a hit, as always.

Clare Anderson, fundraiser of Keynsham Mencap, said: “We have already had people asking to sign up for the next one. We have an idea up our sleeve to make it even better next time!”

n K&DMS operations manager Laura Jefferies (pictured above) has had her hard work recognised at the Keynsham Good Citizen Awards by being presented with a lifetime achievement award.

Laura has been at the helm for 16 years and oversees all the clubs, projects, activities, day trips and holidays. She also supervises and supports the volunteer team and manages the membership.

She was presented with a framed certificate at the Keynsham Town Council annual meeting and

was given £100 for the charity of her choice. Needless to say, she chose Keynsham Mencap!

Laura said: “I am very lucky to have a super team behind me, and it’s everyone together who makes it possible to do what we do.”

n Keynsham Mencap are holding a summer fun day on Saturday June 8 at the Riverside in Saltford from 1pm to 5pm. It will include face painting, tombola, stalls, cakes and snacks, and the pizza oven and Caribbean kitchen will be fired up.

This event is open to allmembers and families, staff and supporters. We are looking for donated raffle and tombola prizes for this event. If you can help, please contact clare@

n Tickets are on sale for Keynsham Mencap’s charity dinner and auction, to be held on Saturday July 13 at the Apex Hotel in Bath.

The auction will be hosted by Thomas Rose of Hammer Time Auctions, and lots include a signed print from Bath-based artist Peter Brown, tickets to the Bristol Forwards Festival, and a family ticket to the Harry Potter Studios with an overnight stay in London.

Tickets are £55 per person and include welcome drinks, a three-course meal, the auction, and a DJ. To book, email jane@

A big thank-you to sponsors Alibikes cycle repair and servicing, Eveleighs estate agents, Wild about Flowers, and Homelets Bath.

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Proud moment as Achilles strikes gold

MATT, the Keynsham Avon Troop leader, had the privilege of announcing that Scouts have various levels of awards that can be achieved during their Scouting journey.

There are nine challenge badges - Adventure, Creative, Expedition, Outdoors, Personal, Skills, Team Leader, Teamwork, and World. If they achieve all nine challenge badges, plus an extra six activity badges, they gain the top award in the 10.5-14.5 years section, namely the Gold Award.

Not everyone achieves this award - it takes commitment and doing things not just on a Scouting evening. So Matt was very pleased to award Achilles (pictured right) his Chief Gold Scout Award, which was the first in 2024 for Avon troop. n As spring moves towards summer, the 1st Keynsham scouts have not rested.

Camping has featured, with new-style tents, our archery team have taken to the fields introducing some new challenges, and our caving team has been exploring waterfalls underground.

Cooking and learning new skills always features, and Tapas Tuesday on Frome troop was a massive hit.

Our Beaver colonies have been doing their Digital Citizen badge while Cubs have been planting trees at the new Avon wood, weeding in our town car parks and river dipping.

These are some of the activities and opportunities our fabulous adult leader teams are providing for our young people every week.

But sadly, our waiting lists remain, lots of young people wish they could join, and only with more adults volunteers will we be able to try and meet that demand. If you would like to join our leader team, contact scouts@1stkeynshamscouts. and let’s chat.

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Meet Mr Sweet, the town chimney sweep

Older readers will remember the chimney sweep.

In the age of coal fires, it was essential to have chimneys cleaned once or twice a year. If this was not done, the soot could fall, while accumulated soot could catch fire, requiring a visit from the fire brigade and occasionally repairs to the brickwork.

In early Victorian times, brushes and tools were basic, but due to the cramped dimensions of chimneys, it was impossible for grown men to climb up them to ensure that the flue brush reached all the nooks and crannies.

Small climbing boys were employed to do this work and it was generally agreed that six was a good age to train a boy. This naturally led sweeps to use their own children so that, even more than in other occupations, it was the norm for sons to follow their fathers into the business.

One family of chimney sweeps was the Sweets of Burnham-on-Sea. William Sweet was born in the town in 1806 and in the census of 1851 he was recorded as a chimney sweep. His sons John and Job followed his occupation.

On 27th April 1865 Job Sweet married Emily Eshiott and they moved to Keynsham. All the men of the family had had several brushes with the law and served terms of imprisonment with hard labour at Shepton Mallet Gaol, so perhaps he decided it was time for a fresh start.

Job and Emily’s first child was Emily, followed by son Henry in March 1870. The census the next year showed that their house in Cheapside (where the Civic Centre is today) also provided a home for Thomas Clement, aged 16, who was an apprentice sweep to Job.

Ten years later, the family had grown to five children and they lived in Keynsham High Street. Job’s

wife, Emily, died in November 1883, aged 42, and four months later, Job married Martha Court.

It was at about this time that, after several previous attempts, legislation to prevent boys being sent up chimneys finally became effective. Chimney sweeps had to be licensed from, 1875 and attendance at school became compulsory from 1880 for children up to ten, although it was some years before everyone complied.

Aided by his sons, Job’s business clearly prospered. It appears that he had a monopoly of sweeping in the town: according to Kelly’s Directory, Job was the only sweep until 1894, when Henry Hine, of Bath Street, Keynsham, was listed as providing competition.

In Victorian times, sweeps did not always charge for their services. Soot was a valuable commodity and sweeps sold it to farmers and gardeners as a fertilizer. Whether Job charged, we cannot be sure, but when he died in 1911, he left £889.10s, equivalent to more than £100,000 today. He was buried from his house, by then at 67 Temple Street, and, unusually, we have a photograph of his coffin leaving the house.

His eldest son, third-generation sweep Henry, was 41 in 1911 and appears to have taken over the business. Thirty years later, by then living at Bath Hill, Henry was featured in the Somerset Guardian as having swept chimneys for 58 years.

He said that when he started as a boy of 14, he used to climb the chimneys to dislodge the soot because modern brushes had not been invented. This would have been in 1883, so while it may have true, it is unlikely that he did this for long, although his father and grandfather almost certainly fitted the stereotype of the child chimney sweep.

l This article is based on research by society archivist Sue Tatford.

funeral of Job


1911 A female chimney sweep in Kent in 1918, carrying on her husband’s business while he served in the forces

from the Imperial War Museum Photograph Archive Collection

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Keynsham chimney sweep Job Sweet Photo from family records The Sweet 67 Temple Street in Photo
24 JULY - 1 SEPTEMBER Journey through the history of hot air ballooning, find out how hot air balloons are made, and enjoy a packed summer of family activities. In partnership with


Look out for damselflies and dragonflies

June at last! A month when summer begins and wildlife is abundant. Hopefully the weather will be warmer. It is one of the best months to take a slow walk along the river or spend an hour sitting by your local pond and spotting the amazing colours and behaviour of the adult damselflies and dragonflies.

These remarkable insects are members of the order Odonata and there are over 5,000 species worldwide (mainly tropical), about 100 species in Europe, and over 30 have been recorded in the Bristol area.

Damselflies (suborder Zygoptera) are delicate, long-bodied insects with rather weak flight, and wings that are held above the body at rest. The large compound eyes are well-separated on the sides of the head. Local examples include the Azure damselfly, the Banded Demoiselle, and the Large Red damselfly.

Dragonflies (suborder Anisoptera) are larger insects with stronger flight, and wings that are held out to the sides of the body at rest. The eyes are very large and meet on top of the head. Local examples include the Southern Hawker, the Broad-bodied Chaser and the Ruddy Darter.

Male and female damselflies and dragonflies are usually different colours, and it can be quite difficult to identify species.

The adult stages of both groups only live for a few weeks. They feed on smaller insects, either catching them in flight, or perching on a plant and darting out when prey approaches. They then need to find a mate and reproduce.

Males defend a territory at this time. The mating adults form a complex wheel-like structure. The eggs are then laid either inside plant tissues or in the substratum of the pond.

Eggs hatch into nymphs which remain in the pond for up to a year (damselflies) or as long as five years (dragonflies). The nymphs are voracious predators, feeding on water fleas, small water insects and even tadpoles. They moult up to a dozen times as they grow to full size.

When fully developed, the nymphs climb out of the water onto a plant stem, and the skin on the thorax splits to allow the adult form to wriggle out. The body and wings expand, the


exoskeleton hardens, and the colours become more vibrant.

On a hot day the adult can fly away within an hour, but it can take a lot longer on a cool day. Full colours may take weeks to develop. The empty nymph skeletons, or exuvia, can often be seen still attached to pond plants.

If you want to see these insects, we are lucky to have a number of good places nearby - the River Chew between Keynsham and Compton Dando, the River Avon, the ponds at Manor

Woods, Willsbridge, and Stockwood Open Space, and Chew Valley Lake, to name a few.

So give yourself time to enjoy spotting these beautiful insects this month. Like most of us, they enjoy the sun, so you are more likely to see them on a sunny day in June, July or August.

For more details on Avon Wildlife Trust Keynsham Group, visit our website, email keynshamawt@ or phone Kathy on 07850 508702. Rita Andrews

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Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly (above), Azure Damselfly (right), emerging adult dragonfly (below right) and Damselfly nymph (below) photos taken by Rita Andrews at Willsbridge


Making town look its best for the judges

HOW lovely to see our gardens becoming luxurious in this warm weather with occasional showers. I planted my runner beans in pots outside this year at the end of April when they were eight inches tall but protected them with a bubble-wrap duvet, and they are thriving.

South West in Bloom will be judging Keynsham on July 19 so we are busy planting, weeding and watering to make sure we are recognised for our efforts.

At the beginning of July, we will have a group of young children from Somerdale School completing work on the fairy garden in the Pocket Park. We have planted three containers near the seating area with aromatic plants and pretty dianthus below the mural. And we will have a new picnic table under the tree.

Work is on going at our High Street Triangle, and although we have spread many seeds we are awaiting results.

The wildflower border below the railway station mural is starting to grow and will encourage pollinating insects, together with the open space to the left of the memorial train,

which is also being planted. The six containers at Queens Road shops have been planted with extra alpines and are looking pretty thanks to local volunteers. Holmoak Road and Chandag Road alpine containers are also lovely once again due to the hard work of Keynsham in Bloom volunteers.

The High Street containers will be planted up with summer bedding shortly and we thank the Girls Brigade for carrying this out and making the cascade planter near the Coventry Building Society look so smashing. And l recently visited

the Somerdale Shed and helped plant 250 baby trees in their raised beds together with Geoff and other volunteers.

If you can spare an occasional hour as a volunteer for Keynsham in Bloom, please contact me at catherinemarywoodman@gmail. com, Dawn Drury at keynshaminbloom@gmail. com or drop into the office at Keynsham Town Council in Temple Street, Keynsham.

Enjoy the warm weather and keep gardening.

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Above, the wildflower border at the railway station. Right, planting baby trees at the Somerdale Shed
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AFTER a week of rain, the weather was finally on our side the first May weekend. Whilst it was overcast on Sunday - the day of our Keynsham Walkers are Welcome outing - it was nicely warm and pleasant.

A total of 19 walkers and a four-legged friend assembled at the Keynsham Memorial Park gates at 10am. After the pre-walk chat by walk leader Milla Kenny, we set off on our 7.5-mile circular walk to Tuckingmill farm near Compton Dando. The walkers were assisted by back marker Dawn Drury, while Dave Vince acted as a marshall.

Conditions underfoot were mostly dry, with an occasional muddy patch to navigate.

Following the river and through the fields, we saw swallows, cute chocolate-coloured sheep and a rabbit dashing across our path.

We all enjoyed walking the peaceful and green Tuckingmill Lane, passing Glebe Wood and crossing Bathford Brook.

We took a lunch break in the

glorious setting of Tuckingmill Farm. It drizzled a bit but stopped before we continued on our walk.

We climbed a couple of hills and were rewarded with amazing, far-reaching views over the fields in all shades of green. We took this group photo in this lovely scenery and carried on our way.

Our return leg was mostly downhill and through a lovely wood at Burnett with bluebells in full bloom. The rain caught up with us just upon entering Keynsham as we hastily said our goodbyes.

For the second of our May outings, 25 people turned up on a warm and sunny Sunday morning for a three-mile walk around the Humpty Dumps.

Starting at the Memorial Park gates, we walked through the park to the abbey ruins and down Abbey Park. Following on through the avenue, we entered the Somerdale circular footpath and crossed two wooden bridges to Durley Lane.

Amazing views worth the trek

Passing the residential narrow boats, we took the steep footpath to the Humpty Dumps, where scramble bikes were warming up around the scramble course.

Crossing the Humpty Dumps, we went across the iron railway bridge to the woodlands, with the railway on one side and the stream

on the other. Following the stream, we arrived back in Durley Lane.

We then walked behind the Keynsham rugby fields to Pool Barton, where the walk finished.

Once again, it was nice to see some new faces.

Our next long walk is June 9, starting in Radstock.

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Young singers’ church show

ST Francis Church, in partnership with Phoenix Youth Theatre and Dial a Ride, is putting on a show for older members of the community as part of Keynsham Music Festival.

The young people will perform songs from musicals at the event on Thursday July 2, 6pm-8pm, and light refreshments will be provided, Keynsham Dial a Ride will provide lifts to anyone who needs help getting to St Francis Church.

Rev Anika Gardiner, vicar of St Francis, said: “The Phoenix Youth Theatre use the church for their rehearsals, and I know the audience will really enjoy their singing.”

The event at the church in Warwick Road, Keynsham, will be completely free, including the transport.

Numbers will be limited so booking is essential. Email or ring Keynsham Parish Office 0117 9863354 to say if you would like to come and if you need a lift from Dial a Ride.

l Festival preview: Page 30-31


with Keynsham & Saltford Local History Society

This is a well-known but interesting picture taken on Keynsham High Street. The St Keyna Garage was established at the end of 1915 by Mr Walter Beak, who bought numbers 47/49 at auction, following the failure of the short-lived Picture House, Keynsham’s first cinema.

The photograph was probably taken not long after the business started but the garage survived for many years, with the hoses to the petrol pumps swinging across the pavement until the 1960s. Today, the site is the home of Coffee#1. Photograph from the Russell Leitch collection

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Emergency services feel the heat

SUMMER is coming, which creates extra demands on all the emergency services.

Our neighbourhood policing constables support the response teams by answering 999 calls and dealing with the high-priority incidents that are reported.

This means we have to pedal a little harder in the summer to deal with our normal workload and the extra incidents we pick up, so you are likely to see our PCSOs doing additional work in support.

What this means for you as members of the public is nothing. Continue to report incidents and we will deal with them - it may just been a different face that you see.

n As the warmer weather comes, can I remind you, if you are not in your property, to secure all windows and doors to prevent unwanted guests gaining access. So please check your security lights, gates, and garage locks. Make sure anything of value inside storage units has additional locks or security. It’s important to

make it as difficult as possible for offenders to successfully target your property.

n This month I was joined by a member of the public as part of our ‘ride along’ scheme.

This initiative is designed to show you what policing is like on a daily basis from an officer’s point of view, and so you can understand the capabilities we have regarding prisoners and staffing levels across the force and local areas. We had a successful shift with a bit of everything, which gives the best viewpoint for anyone wanting to get involved.

n I also attended a meeting of the Women’s Institute at Keynsham Royal British Legion, as a guest speaker. In my normal adlib style, I went slightly off topic at times, but I hopefully provided some useful insights based on my years of experience in my policing role.

n On June 8, I will be attending the Saltford Festival at the Saltford Hall, where we will bring a police vehicle and hope to interact with as many people as possible.

This is a well-run event that shows what the hall has to offer, while bringing the community together. We are happy when demand allows to attend as many events as possible. So if you would like us to come to an event, please use our force website to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

n We have a new PCSO on our team - Paul Thatcher 7380. Paul, who has joined us from Radstock, has a wealth of experience and will be a real asset to the team, so if you see him out and about, please say hello.

n NEWS Garage and homes raided

A PROPERTY was burgled in Redlynch Lane, Chewton Keynsham, between 1.20pm and 4.15pm on May 6.

The offender entered via a front window, without force. Drawers, cabinets, and cupboards had been opened with valuables stolen (crime reference 5224115630).

A garage in Farleigh Road, Keynsham, was broken into at some point between Monday May 6 and 3.45pm on Friday May 17 (5224126489).

A home was burgled in Hurn Lane, Keynsham, at about 2.30am on April 29 when someone broke in through the rear conservatory door. The resident called out and the suspects made off (5224108757).

If you any information about these incidents, or CCTV images, please call the Police on 101, quoting the reference number and stating NHW. Or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Great way to kick off summer season

KEYNSHAM Town Council are counting down the days until Saturday 22nd June and the Picnic in the Park event in Memorial Park.

The day will be filled with music, entertainment and free activities the whole family can enjoy.

The Bandstand will be filled with brilliant local acts that will keep the crowds entertained throughout the afternoon. The full Bandstand line-up is below, offering up something to suit everyone’s musical tastes.

12pm: Keynsham Brass Band

13.30: Yellow Pavement

14.15: Key Voices

15.15: Justin Towell

Many thanks to local radio station KTCRfm, who will stage manage the musical programme, as well as to Sparrow Cranes and

Stepnell Construction, the official sponsors of the Bandstand programme.

Alongside the musical entertainment, picnic-goers can also look forward to being entertained by stilt walkers and a ‘bubbleologist’ who will be sure to captivate the crowds.

Market stalls of local traders and groups will provide an opportunity for residents to support local.

A large community painting will be set-up near Upper Memorial Play Area, with talented local artist Fi Smith encouraging residents to make their mark and add to the painting.

A Teddy Bear Trail will encourage the community to find the teddy bears playing hide and seek throughout the Park; collect a hide and seek card from the Teddy Bear Station then head off and see how many you can find – you

may be in to win a prize!

“We’re putting together a full line-up of free activities the whole family can enjoy,” said Katherine Sears, Deputy Town Clerk, Keynsham Town Council.

“At the Coronation Picnic last year, the children’s races were extremely popular, and we’re expecting a similar amount of enthusiasm for them this time around.”

The children’s races will be split across four age groups –under 5s, under 7s, under 9s and under 11s, with the full schedule below.

12.30pm: Under 5s

13.15: Under 7s

14.15: Under 9s

15.00: Under 11s

All races will be held on the grass in front of the café –please arrive 10 minutes early to register.

Playground Consultation

Timed with the Picnic in the Park, Keynsham Town Council will also hold a playground consultation where the youngest members of the community can help shape the future of the play spaces in Keynsham.

The Council acknowledges that several of the playground spaces around Keynsham could do with a refresh, and so the Council wants to hear from those that use them the most.

Come find Keynsham Town Council staff at the Teddy Bear Station to fill in your comments and draw your perfect play park as part of our long-term Neighbourhood Development Plan Project. Follow Keynsham Town Council on our Facebook (@Keynsham Town Council) and @keynsham_town_ council_ Instagram accounts to stay up-to-date on all details leading up to the Picnic in the Park event.

Picnic in the park

Saturday 22nd June, 12-4pm

Keynsham Memorial Park




Congratulations to all our Good Citizens

EACH year Keynsham Town Council honours residents who devote their time and effort to enhance the Keynsham community with the Good Citizen Award.

At the Town Council’s Annual Town Meeting on 18th April, Keynsham Town Council were pleased to award the following residents Good Citizen Awards.

n Laura Jeffries, Lifetime Achievement Good Citizen AwardLaura is the Operations Manager at Keynsham and District Mencap Society. Laura has demonstrated unwavering dedication to Keynsham through her remarkable 15 years of service at Keynsham Mencap.

Kaleidoscope Tent will celebrate youth culture

ONCE again, Keynsham Town Council’s TimeOut Youth Team will be collaborating with Keynsham Music Festival hosting a dedicated space for young people on July 6th & 7th as part of the Music Festival.

The Youth Festival tent, called Kaleidoscope, is the culmination of months of hard work put in by the Youth Festival Board, a group of local young people who took the lead in order to turn their Kaleidoscope tent vision into a reality.

The tent will feature live acoustic performances including winners of TimeOut’s Battle of the Band event, DJs, Rappers, and other acts. There is also a jam-packed schedule of creative workshops, a mocktail bar and a chill-out zone for quiet space.

“The Kaleidoscope Tent is a celebration of youth culture, a perfect space for young people aged 11 to 19 years to come and enjoy themselves,” said Abi Gray, Keynsham Town Council Youth Development Officer.

“The theme of the Kaleidoscope tent this year is ‘Carnival’ which will be reflected in the workshops, and look and feel of the tent interior.

“The Youth Festival Board has worked so hard on event preparations and we’re looking forward to having a fun few days with everyone at Keynsham Music Festival.”

To find out more about the full Kaleidoscope programme, please visit https:// kaleidoscope-youth-tent/

n Mary Maule, Good Citizen of the Year - Mary is Vice Chair of Keynsham In Bloom and the group’s Project Leader at Keynsham Train Station. Mary has dedicated her time to making Keynsham look beautiful and led on the recent mural project at the Keynsham Train Station.

n Molly Hale, Young Citizen of the Year - Molly is a devoted volunteer for Keynsham and District Mencap Society. She has dedicated much of her time to help ensure the Mencap programmes run smoothly and the members are supported fully.

Well done to all our Good Citizens.


Council flats approved for town centre

TEN flats are set to be built “right in the heart of Keynsham town centre” to help create more council housing.

The apartments - which will all be socialrented - will be built across two blocks in Danes Lane, opposite the Tesco car park.

The site, behind the Old Bank pub in the High Street, occupies council-owned land currently used as spare parking.

Bath and North East Somerset Council’s planning committee voted to grant planning permission for the scheme, which is being developed by the council’s building company Aequus.

Chris Beaver, agent for Aequus, told the committee: “The proposed homes will contribute towards meeting the council’s general housing land supply, but more importantly will meet a clear and acute need for affordable housing in Keynsham itself.”

At the time of submitting the application, there were more than 700 people on the social housing waiting list in the town. But concerns were raised that residents of the new flats could be disturbed by noise from the nearby pub.

Councillor Eleanor Jackson (Radstock, Labour) said: “What would happen if the residents of this new block were to find the

proximity of the pub and the noise generated intolerable? Would that threaten, say, live music performances or the operation of said pub?”

Council officers said that residents would have to raise that later, but the noise for the new flats had been assessed as being acceptable. Acoustic glass is set to be used in the flats to reduce external noise.

Cllr Hal McFie (Keynsham East, Liberal Democrat) added that a test for noise levels had been carried out.

He said: “And they’ve gone on to say that when it’s built they will do the test again and prove that it is within the standard, so I don’t think that they can do much more than that.”

Chair of the planning committee, Ian Halsall (Oldfield Park, Liberal Democrat)

said: “It’s an awkward site and it’s great that we can see 100% affordable delivered right in the heart of Keynsham town centre.

“The design of the buildings seems to fit in quite well in the context. It’s very clear that the noise concerns have been overcome.”

Six of the flats will have one bedroom and four will have two bedrooms. Each of the two blocks would be three storeys with pitched roofs and brick walls around the ground-floor exterior.

The scheme includes 20 secure cycle spaces, three car parking spaces with electric vehicle charging, and a motorcycle space.

Parking will be located in an undercroft beneath block two, which will be set back from the road to avoid interfering with the right of way that gives access onto the High Street.

Construction work is due to start later this year and the finished flats will be available through Homesearch, the council’s housing allocation scheme for social rent homes and low-cost home ownership.

The council’s Liberal Democrat administration has named building more council houses as a priority.

John Wimperis, Local Democracy Reporting Service


with Transition Keynsham

Voting to protect us all

LAST autumn and winter was the second wettest in 200 years of records, and scientists have worked out that this extreme rainfall was 10 times more likely and 20% wetter due to human-caused global heating.

The relentless rain was brought to us by more than 12 storms that caused severe floods, over 20 deaths, catastrophic damage to homes and infrastructure, power blackouts, travel cancellations, and heavy losses of crops and livestock.

The current global temperature increase of 1.2C makes this weather event likely to happen every five years (up from every 50 years), but if it hits the predicted 2C then within the next decade or two we’ll be facing this level of winter rainfall every three years.

Global heating won’t just mean more rain and storms for the UK. It will also bring more droughts, heatwaves and wildfires, all of which will negatively affect our health, livelihoods and way of life.

Is the UK prepared for these extremes? According to experts, the answer is ‘no’. Last year an independent climate change

committee report highlighted lack of preparedness in heat-proofing homes, plugging water leaks, planning for flash floods and food shortages (both home grown and from further afield).

Climate adaptation isn’t really something that citizens can do much about at an individual level.

We can try to adapt our homes to heat by shading windows and insulating walls, and stop leaks in our pipework. We can adapt our gardens by growing drought and water-tolerant plants. But the measures needed are at a structural level, and the responsibility falls on the government.

On July 4 we have an opportunity to vote for the political party that we think has the boldest and best plan to address the existential challenge of global heating, including how to protect us all from its devastating effects.

Elections come around every five years, but this feels like a oncein-a-lifetime opportunity to make the right choice for our children, grandchildren and the future generations to come.

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Village gardens open their gates

THE beauty and diversity of modern and contemporary gardens will be celebrated in Compton Dando this month.

The Blooms and Beyond event on Sunday June 9 will showcase a selection of gardens in the village, welcoming visitors for a self-guided tour.

The event, which runs from 2pm to 6pm, will also feature a plant sale. Teas, coffees, and light refreshments will be on sale in the village hall and St Mary’s Church. There will also be free parking.

Entry is £6 per person, while children go free. Proceeds from the event will go to Compton Dando Community Association, while proceeds from tea and coffee sales will be split between the community association and St Mary’s Church.

Tickets can be bought by cash or credit card on the day from the village hall and the car parks in Compton Dando, and by cash from the participating venues.

Teaching ban on man jailed for shaking baby

A TEACHER who was jailed for three years for shaking a baby, leaving the child brain-damaged, has been banned from the profession indefinitely.

Jonathan Sinfield, who taught at Wellsway School in Keynsham at the time, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and was jailed at Bristol Crown Court in June 2022.

The babysitter, now aged 31, was caring for the 43-day-old infant when the incident happened in Bath, the court heard.

Initially he said the child became ill and knocked their head against a sofa and later claimed he had dropped the baby from about

one metre. But medical experts assessed that, due to the injuries, the youngster had been gripped forcefully and shaken.

A Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) professional conduct panel has now struck him off with no possibility of a review.

Its report said Sinfield still thinks he was wrongly convicted.

“The panel noted that the offences had taken place outside of the education setting and had not involved pupils or other members of the school’s staff,” it said.

“Nevertheless, having considered all the facts of the case, the panel decided that Sinfield’s convictions were relevant to


Simon joins tech team

KEYNSHAM & District

Talking Newspaper is hoping more people follow in the footsteps of new recruit Simon Bright by volunteering to help the service.

The service for blind and partially sighted people in Keynsham, Bristol, Bath & North Somerset celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. But it is now struggling to find volunteers to act as technicians in its studio during recording sessions, and news editors to select items from local papers.

Simon Bright is one of those who has stepped in to help.

He said: “One Thursday night I went and sat alongside Catherine Dhanjal (one of the long-serving technicians) and found it looked a very do-able job with a modest amount of instruction - especially for the likes of us with some computer skills.”

In another voluntary role, Simon produces his own radio programme, The Lighter Show, for Keynsham’s local radio

station, KTCRfm. The talking newspaper is now seeking others willing to volunteer for one session per month (two hours) as a technician or news editor to help keep KTN as a weekly service to nearly 100 households in the area.

It is also seeking volunteers and committee members with skills in fundraising, marketing, and new media. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or would like to receive the free service for you or a loved one, call 0117 299 3021 or visit

l Pictured, Catherine Dhanjal and new volunteer Simon Bright in the talking newspaper studio.

teaching, working with children and working in an education setting.”

The report said the judge’s sentencing remarks referred to Sinfield’s state of mind at the time which “may have been a contributory factor” but that there was no evidence that his actions were not deliberate.

It said: “The panel concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that Sinfield was acting under extreme duress.”

Sinfield, who began working at the secondary school in 2015, did not attend and was not represented.

Adam Postans, Local Democracy Reporting Service

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Ian and Mo Collings at Church View during last year’s open gardens event Photo: Ros Anstey

Award for Davies & Way

DAVIES & Way – the local chartered surveyors, valuers, auctioneers and estate agents – has been recognised for delivering outstanding customer service.

The company, which has offices in Keynsham and Saltford, won a Best in Postcode Award from the ESTAS - the biggest award scheme in the UK residential property industry.

The award is based on customer reviews submitted to the ESTAS review platform, which is exclusively for real-estate professionals.

As a Postcode winner, Davies & Way has been shortlisted for a county, regional or national trophy at the ESTAS awards on October 18. The awards will be presented by property expert Phil Spencer in front of 1,200 property professionals.

David Thompson, sales manager at Davies & Way, said: “We take our levels of customer service very seriously because we know clients have a choice. Hopefully we can go one step further and win at the ESTAS Awards in October.”

Support for Warm Spaces

TWO local projects that help residents with the cost of living have been awarded a share of community funding grants.

Community at 67 in Keynsham and Saltford Sports Club successfully bid for £500 each to help them provide public Warm Spaces.

The money comes from Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Community Contribution Fund, which enables residents to make donations to support communities and reduce inequalities. This year, grants totalling £10,000 were made to projects that provide residents with free or low-cost food, as well as public Warm Spaces to help people reduce their energy bills.

More than 400 responses to bus service survey

THE next steps are being considered for the potential creation of a new local bus service for Keynsham.

The town council is compiling responses to a public consultation which closed recently after attracting more than 400 replies.

The survey asked residents to share their insight into their current bus use, identify service gaps, and what they feel is needed to improve bus access across Keynsham.


Mountains to Climb

Do we remember the people who smile, Some willing to go that extra mile?

Folk who are ready to give up their timePeople who help when hard mountains we climb.

The town council will put a call out to tender to local bus services to better understand their capabilities.

A final decision on the potential bus service would then be made by town councillors in the coming months.

If the extra bus service were to go ahead, it would be paid for by Section 106 funding from developers, which goes towards the cost of providing community and social

PEN TO PAPER Colour My Love of the Sea

The sea is blue, the sea is green

Sometimes the sea is grey

When going through times that are bumpy and rough And suddenly realising we’re not all that tough, We gratefully appreciate those who are there For us in our troubles, they’re not all that rare.

For around us are angels, although in disguise, Listening, counselling, ones who are wise. God’s sent them to help us all through the day, Comforting, guiding, showing the way.

It’s much easier to solve things by talking and sharing With all those who show us their kindness and caring. But we tend to forget them when dark days are over, Turning our backs when all is in clover.

So when someone is needy bring back to mind

The angels who helped YOU, never be blind

To others in trouble and needing YOUR time, Smile brightly and help them THEIR mountains to climb.

Sylvia Kirby

It draws its beauty from within It changes day to day

And like the sea, my love for you

Will never fade away

Its force is real, it’s deeper than The blue, the green, the grey

Just like the waves that crest

And come upon the shore

So does our life together

It knows no ocean floor

The sea is blue, the sea is green

Sometimes the sea is grey The sea will never be as deep

As what I feel today

John Howlett

Keynsham Creative Writers welcome new members – call George Liddell on 0117 914 8654

infrastructure, with support from the West of England Combined Authority (WECA).

Town clerk Dawn Drury said: “We still have a lot to consider in terms of infrastructure needs across the whole of Keynsham and where this type of funding can be best spent. We recognise there is a need to expand transport links through Keynsham, but need to be certain that a new bus route is a viable long-term solution.”

This photo of a Banded Demoiselle was taken in Keynsham Memorial Park on May 20 by Voice reader Andrew Harrison. Read more about damselflies in our Nature article on Page 19

High Street cashpoint plan

PLANS have been submitted for a 24-hour cashpoint next to the entrance to the Mini Market at 9 Keynsham High Street.

Comments on the planning application, which includes signage, can be made until June 20 on Bath & North East Somerset District Council’s planning portal. The reference is 24/01838/FUL.

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Andrews is on the move

ESTATE agents Andrews Property Group has announced it is to leave its Keynsham headquarters.

It has been based at the Clockhouse at the bottom of Bath Hill for more than 30 years.

A spokesperson said: “Since Covid, working patterns and operations have changed, therefore Andrews are seeking a more suitable working environment.”

The company said it would announce their new

headquarters in due course. In the meantime, it will use its existing local property portfolio to temporarily house its team.


THERE was a ‘changing of the guard’ at Keynsham and Saltford Probus Club’s AGM.

This picture shows outgoing president Robin Dixon congratulating Mike Crane, the club’s new president for the coming year.

One of Robin’s last acts as president was to lead a walk through Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath, whilst telling the story of Ralph Allen, its creator. Meanwhile, Mike will be busy organising a June event at Saltford Golf Club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Probus club.

Charity shop unveils its new look

THE St Peter’s Hospice shop in Keynsham High Street has had a makeover.

The shop is one of the first of the hospice’s 44 stores in the Bristol area to receive the fresh and improved orange-and-blue colour design that is also featured in the Whiteladies Road and Clifton Triangle shops.

The ‘big reveal’ occurred on May 17 when the shop reopened after a four-week refit.

The Keynsham shop offers customers the usual blend of secondhand clothing,

homeware and accessories, plus a new ‘donation station’ enabling supporters to drop off their donations easily.

These items will be sold in the hospice’s shops, raising funds for patients and families across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire who are facing the most difficult of times.

The shop has been a feature of Keynsham High Street for 16 years and has won awards locally for its seasonal window displays.


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The St Peter’s Hospice shop has


We’re back - and you can help us keep it alive for 25!

WE are thrilled to welcome everyone back to the Keynsham Music Festival - a whole week packed with a variety of music and art in various venues around the town, supported by our sponsors and Keynsham Town Council.

We are proud to host the South West’s largest free event, as well as some other free and ticketed events during the week, which runs from July 1 to 7.

It is important to us that every family, regardless of circumstances, can enjoy the activities.

To ensure this can continue, we ask for donations on both Saturday and Sunday. We recommend £5 per adult (or whatever you can afford will be most welcome).

You will be able to donate by cash, card, or phone. If you are a taxpayer, we would be very grateful if you could let us have your details so that we can take advantage of Gift Aid.

The donations not only keep the music playing but allow us to do so much more. For example, a growing section of the community – those living with dementia – are unable to come to the festival. So we developed a mini festival specifically for them - a chance for them to experience a small part of the festival atmosphere in a completely safe environment.

It’s our small way of recognising that music and art have such an impact on evoking memories.

Following the success of the youth festival last year, we are now taking the whole thing to a new level. We are making the Bandstand stage a dedicated youth stage on the Saturday. This will provide a platform for young people to perform in front of a much larger audience.

However, it’s not just about those who perform. We will be welcoming 30-plus young people from local schools and colleges to work with us for the weekend. They’ll be shadowing the stage managers, sound engineers,

event management team, and photographers - experiencing the event from behind the scenes.

These are the hidden things that your donations allow us to do. We need to ensure we can do it all again next year. It’s why we have introduced “Keep it Alive for 25”.

Making a very welcome return is the Family Festival on the Saturday. Celebrating all the best in local contemporary performance art, it will include entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together, workshops, walkabout and street entertainers, puppetry and a community stage. This year will also see special performances by the aerial trapeze students from Above & Beyond.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email May, 2024 30 keynshamvoice
Some of the team behind Keynsham Music Festival Trapeze artists will once again entertain visitors to the festival


I’m proud of local line-up

IN my role as festival co-ordinator, I want to showcase the abundance of local talent that we are so lucky to have right here on our doorstep.

This year, I and the music team (Steve Gibbons, Otis Knight and Steve Parkhouse) have made it a priority to support ‘local’ in everything we do. We are working with seven local venues, providing entertainment bespoke to their customer base. We look forward to seeing these events flourish as Keynsham continues to be a hotbed for entertainment in our fabulous local venues.

Keynsham Music Festival events will be taking place at Club 22, Grounded, Keynsham Methodist Church, The Old Bank, Mokka, St John’s Church and Temple Court.

We have spent months listening to brilliant submissions and toiling over

many difficult choices. We were blessed with over 130 applications to play.

We are proud to say that, for the first time, the festival is almost entirely local within the old Avon boundary. This extends to our ticketed events, with The Allergies living a stone’s throw away on the outskirts of Bath and Bristol. Highlights for us include booking local residents Godfrey Green and Jake Wright, who have both spent the majority of their lives within the town and will be known to many of you as headliners on the Top and Bandstand stages. Throughout the line-up you may recognise many local faces, a trend we hope to continue for years to come.

I am always open to hearing what local people want, so if you know a band or have a suggestion, email me at

Here are a few highlights of the festival week:

Party in the Park on Friday July 5 – The Allergies (full band) bring their infectious beats and funk to the park. They will be supported by three local DJs. There will be a full bar, and food from Dalia Cocina.

Beatles ’64 - full live performances at Club 22 on July 1 and 2 of every song released during 1964.

James McPhee

Hansel & Gretel will be performed in the park on Thursday July 4 by festival favourites Opera in a Box. Following that will be A Night of Comedy, five comedians with special guest Gavin Osborn in the Big Top. This event is raising money not only the festival but also Julian House, who do so much for homeless people.

The Memory Café, providing a mini festival for those people living with dementia, will take place outside the normal festival hours.

Keynsham Good Afternoon Choir, conducted by Grenville Jones, and the Bristol Male Voice Choir will perform in St John’s Church.

l For the full schedule and tickets, visit

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James McPhee, left, with festival volunteer Tym Keynsham Music Festival is preparing to pull in the crowds at the park


Saturday June 1

n Saltford Village Choir concert ‘Sunshine and Shadows’ at Saltford Hall, 7.30pm. Tickets £10 from 01225 873224 or on the door.

Saturday June 8

n Keynsham Orchestra concert, St John’s Church, Keynsham, 7.30pm. Well-known favourites, ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture’, music from Swansea Lake, and an exciting but lesser known Symphony by Kalinnikov. Tickets £10 or £8.50 concessions available on the door. No charge for accompanied children.

Monday June 10

n Messy Church at Keynsham Methodist Church, Queens Road, BS31 2NN, 3.30pm-5.30pm, with our usual mix of craft activities, Bible story, songs, food and fun. The theme for this month is the Old Testament character Moses. Please book your place (to help us with catering) with the church office on 0117 914 9408 or bookings@

Tuesday June 18

n Coffee and Welsh conversation, Keynsham Courtyard pub, 7pm8.30pm. Free. Call Catherine on 07941669925 for information.



n Saltford Whist Club, Saltford Hall. Monday afternoons 1.30pm-4pm. Contact Malcolm 01225 872555.

n Tai Chi Shibashi 11am-12 noon. Gentle flowing movements for physical health and emotional wellbeing. Easy to learn and a joy to do. All ages and abilities. Saltford Hall BS31 1DS. Contact Ruth on or 07912 077458.

n The Royal British Legion Women’s Section Keynsham Branch meets on the first Monday of each month upstairs at the RBL Club, Charlton Road, Keynsham, BS31 2JA, 7.30pm. Occasional speakers, social events and outings.

n Keynsham Brass Band, Broadlands School, St Francis Road, Keynsham, 7.30pm to 9.30pm term time. Trombonists particularly needed for traditional brass band. Friendly, relaxed group who play at summer fetes in Keynsham Memorial Park and a few concerts. Please call Sarah Medley on

Send details of your events and activities in the following format:


n The Victoria Centre of the Methodist Church in Keynsham High Street is open 10am-12pm for coffee, biscuits and a chat. Mondays/Thursdays

n Yoga For Men

Email us at: or call us on 0117 908 2121/ 07715 770448

0117 4625626 or email, or see the Facebook page or webpage (Keynsham Brass Band).

n Keynsham Bridge Club can now welcome new experienced players to our Monday evening sessions. Contact Pat 01275 835583 or Diane 0117 9861267.

n Key Voices Community Choir meets Mondays at 7.30pm at St. Dunstan’s Church Hall, BS31 2BQ (or third Monday of month at Royal British Legion). We sing a wide range of music, with occasional performances and social events. We are a friendly non-auditioned choir, all are welcome. First session free to newcomers.

n CPK Badminton Club is a friendly but competitive club playing at Keynsham Leisure Centre, Mondays 7.30-9.30pm. Match night Fridays. Ideal for existing and potential league players, or those looking to improve their badminton. Email

Mondays to Fridays

n Beginners Pilates & Beginners Yoga for over 50s. Tuesdays 9.30 and 10.30 Keynsham High Street. Friendly Pilates classes focusing on strengthening and improving core strength. Hatha Yoga, help improve balance, flexibility and reduce stress. Other classes

- Pilates: Mondays 5.45pm, Wednesday 9.30am. Yoga: Thursday 4.30pm & 5.30pm. Sound Bath: Fridays 6.30pm. 121s available. Contact Sandhya to book - 07565 976129 www.

Monday 7-8pm, mixed ability, St John’s Church of England School, BS31 2NB Thursday 7.30-8.30pm, mixed ability, Two Rivers School, Hygge Park, BS31 1GE Free 1st class, £8 thereafter. Loyalty card. Drop in and pay on the night. Cash or contactless. See for further details.


n Butterflies Haven, charity for families of children with autism, sessions Mondays 7pm-8pm for ages 11-18 and Fridays 5.45pm6.45pm or 7pm-8pm for ages 4-11, at St Francis Church, Warwick Road, Keynsham, BS31 2PW. A safe place for children to be themselves, supported by volunteers. Sessions must be booked in advance. For more information, email


n Indoor rowing exercise classes, Mon 7pm, Fri 5pm and Sun 10.15am, Saltford Rowing Centre, Bath Road, BS31 3JS. Go Row Indoor caters for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Classes last 45 minutes using rowing machines. First class is free, then £5 (or £18pm). Email gorowindoor@ to book. More details at http://


n Keynsham Girls’ Brigade for girls aged 4 to 15 meet during term time from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Key Centre, Charlton Road, Keynsham. Contact Linda on

n Badminton - friendly, beginners and improvers, mixed, adult (18 - 80!) group play every Tuesday 10am-12 noon at Keynsham Leisure Centre. Ring Clive 0117 9866793 or just turn up.

n St Keyna Townswomen’s Guild meets at the Fear Hall, Keynsham, from 10am to 12pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

n Keynsham Sequence Dance Club, 7.30pm-10pm, Fear Hall, Keynsham, every Tuesday. Contact Brian and Jo, Keynsham Sequence Dance Club, on 0117 9868540, or just turn up. Everyone welcome.


n Keynsham’s popular Good Afternoon Community Choir from 2pm-4pm at Keynsham Methodist Church / Victoria Centre. NO auditions and NO charge to attend your first ‘meet us’ rehearsal. Everyone welcome

n Oldland Ukulele Club is a mixedability group who meet every Wednesday at 1.30pm at Oldland Common United Reformed Church (the blue church), High Street, Oldland Common, BS30 9QN. Call/ text ‘Ukulele’ Ben on 07910 668258.


n Walking Tennis coached sessions at Saltford Tennis Club. Wednesday 10am for 45 minutes for the active and Thursday 10.45am for People with Parkinson’s. Cost £5 per session. Racquets and balls provided and stay on for a cuppa and chat afterwards. if you are interested do come along to a session.


n ASP Poetry Circle, free entry, every third Thursday of each month, 11am-12pm, Keynsham Library, upstairs balcony, diagonally across from table in corner, by the window. Bring two or three poems, own or another poet’s, to share. https://

n Midweek worship at the Keynsham Methodist Church coffee morning (Victoria Centre, BS31 2JA). Join us for a relaxed short service at 11am. Take a short break from your hectic day and enjoy the informal atmosphere. All welcome.

n Keynsham & Saltford Dementia Action Alliance runs Music for the Mind sessions for people living with dementia and their carers. St Dunstan’s Church Hall, Keynsham, 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, 10.30am-12.15pm. Singing We would love

June, 2024 32 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email
to publicise your event


and gentle exercises from 11am. No charge. www.keynshamdaa., or 07392442966.

n Longwell Green Orchestra meet each Thursday at Longwell Green Community Centre, 7.30pm to 9.40pm. We have players of all abilities. Email Contact@ or 07972 844073 beforehand to tell us what instrument and what level.

n Mat Pilates Classes

Taught by Physiotherapist Kate Thurs 7-7.55pm (intermediate) Thurs 8-8.55pm (beginners)

St Francis Church, Warwick Rd, Keynsham. 6 week block of classes £54. You are welcome to do a trial class first £10.

1:1 sessions also available at my studio in Saltford.

Book online or by contacting Kate - 07454 047536,


n NEW Pilates Class

Fridays 10.30am

St Francis Church Hall, Warwick Rd, Keynsham. Mixed ability level, beginners welcome.

6 week block of classes £54. Trial class £10.

Book online or by contacting Kate 07454 047536

n Cafe Plus at Keynsham Methodist Church (Queens Road, BS31 2NN) during term time. Come and share breakfast, chat and a place to chill and relax, from 8.45am.


n Keynsham Sequence Dance Club Monthly Dance, 7.30pm to 10.30pm, Fear Hall, Keynsham, third Saturday of the month. Contact Brian and Jo, Keynsham Sequence Dance Club, on 01179868540 or just turn up. Refreshments (coffee/tea and biscuits), £5 each.

n Volunteers at Keynsham Repair Cafe – a free monthly repair event, with a café, at Keynsham Baptist Church on the High Street – help to fix your everyday household things like toasters and lamps, sew a button onto a jacket, glue a handle back onto a mug, as well as

more unusual items. Every second Saturday (same as Keynsham Farmers Market), 10am–12pm. Website keynshamrepaircafe.


n Keynsham Kings Flag American Football. Do you fancy trying out a new sport? Do you love the NFL? Flag American football is taking the UK by storm as a fastpaced, non-contact version of American football. Training: Sundays 10.30am-1pm, Manor Road Playing Fields. Mixed sport - anyone 16 yearsplus welcome. No previous experience needed. Contact us for more info on the Keynsham Kings Facebook or Instagram pages.

Choirs join up for concert


Music Festival will include a choir concert at St John’s Church on Friday July 5. It will feature the Keynsham Good Afternoon Choir and special guests, the acclaimed Bristol Male Voice Choir.

Keynsham Good Afternoon Choir leader Grenville Jones (pictured) said: “This will be a very special concert as part of the festival. The Bristol Male Voice Choir have travelled extensively, and a memorable night of music is guaranteed.”

There are now 27 Good Afternoon Choirs across the West of England, and founder Grenville Jones, Bath’s ‘Mr Music’, conducts the 60-voice Keynsham Good Afternoon Choir.

They rehearse every Wednesday from 2pm-4pm at Keynsham Methodist Church’s Victoria Centre. There are no auditions and new singers are always welcome to go along and discover Singing in the Afternoon.

Tickets for the concert cost £10. They are available from, from choir members or on the door. The concert starts at 7.30pm, with doors open from 7pm. l Festival preview: Page 30-31


Come and learn with us!

SOUTH Gloucestershire & Stroud College (SGS) offers a wide range of university-level courses at Levels 4 and 5, including Certificates of Higher Education, Foundation Degrees and Higher National Certificates/Diplomas.

These courses are recognised by industry and are equivalent to the first year or first two years of a bachelor’s degree. Key facts about these qualifications:

l They are flexible and can be studied full or part-time

l They are highly vocational, equipping you with the real skills that industries need

l The one to two-year duration means you finish your studies more quickly

l If you’re already working, your studies can fit around your existing commitments and help you develop skills or boost your confidence

l Group sizes are kept small, allowing for tailored teaching and learning environments

l Student finance can be applied for, depending on eligibility

Heath Reablement & Support

l Tutors are highly qualified and industry-experienced

l Subjects are varied and include: Education & Learning, Business, Leadership & Management, Specialist Make-up Design, Sports Media, Media Production, Fine Art, Computer Games Design, Game Art, Zoological Management and Conservation

l You can use them as a stepping stone directly into industry or further study

For more details, visit http://uni. or speak to our friendly admissions team at headmissions@

Quality nursing care and support on your doorstep

Whether you are looking for short-term support or long-term nursing care, Little Heath Reablement & Support offers a bespoke home in Cadbury Heath for people not living with a dementia.

0117 450 0340 Contact us... or pop in!

Little Heath Reablement & Support Cadbury Heath BS30 8AA

keynshamvoice June, 2024 33 Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email
24/7 nursing care & support I respite care I GP service scan me


Letters for publication can be sent to or by post to Letters, Keynshamvoice, 16 Ashmead Business Centre, Ashmead Road, Keynsham, BS31 1SX. The editor reserves the right to edit your letter.

Destroyed by ‘improvements’

I would like to thank Richard Hopkins for his contribution to the May issue of Keynsham Voice (‘High Street solution’, Letters page).

Keynsham, small settlement, village then town, has a history going back at least 2,000 years.

In 1307 it was granted a Royal Charter for a market, and real trade came to the village. The track running through its centre grew into a road, which then became its High Street.

For hundreds of years the community grew in importance as a centre of industry and commerce, the High Street growing in direct relation. Horses, carriages and coaches took to the roads, and mail followed.

Post WWII, vehicular traffic took hold, growing to such a degree that a bypass was built in the mid1960s. With the huge reduction in through-traffic, local trade boomed. Nationally renowned retailers flocked to the town, all ably managed by the local Urban District Council.

Through the 1960s, 70s and into the 80s, it was possible to satisfy virtually every need locally, including all Christmas and Easter purchases. However, it is said all good things must come to an end, and for Keynsham the end was heralded with the Local Government Act 1972, which came into force on 1st April 1974, when the Urban District Council Act of 1894 was overwritten.

The town then found itself included in the district of Wansdyke, part of the unloved and short-lived county of Avon.

However, the death of Avon brought about even worse change – the unitary authority of Bath and North East Somerset, established in 1996 following the Local Government Act of 1992, part of the ceremonial county of Somerset.

Whilst Somerset remains widely respected, B&NES has the dubious accolade of being one of the least liked authorities in the country. It is dictatorial, pretentious, overbearing, inflexible and pays no attention whatsoever to the will of the local people.

A brief walk through our High Street will provide ample evidence of the damage being done by those publicly paid officials - that is, if it is possible to avoid the insane trip hazards the council minions have placed in our way.

After 700-plus years of

successful trade that created an economy capable of supporting local jobs, B&NES have managed to destroy it all in less than three decades.

It is now seven years since the ill-advised one-way system opened in Keynsham. Seven years of extra journey time, congestion and pollution. Seven years of watching the pavements and road surface rise and fall faster than a violinist’s elbow. And what has this ‘improvement scheme’ achieved?

The most obvious achievement is the closure of shops. In contrast to the pleasing array of non-chain outlets we used to enjoy, we are overburdened with coffee shops, fast-food outlets and charity shops – in what purports to be an affluent community. Even the banks have given up and gone away.

Then we have the £35m white elephant, laughably called the Civic Centre, completed in 2015 despite overwhelming objections. The hideous monolith replaced the already ugly 1960s buildings with a smaller library than previously seen and 20,000 square feet of generally unwanted retail space. And a plush 68,000 square feet of offices for B&NES!

These same intellectually challenged beings now wish to destroy the bypass by closing one lane to all but buses.

So what improvements might I like to see? An inexpensive five-point plan. Return the High Street to two-way traffic. Provide long-term incentives to bring small enterprise shops back to the High Street. Drop the bypass plans. Dramatically cut the number of council employees. And build a pillory on the ugly ‘Civic Centre’ for the monthly pelting of moneysquandering public officials.

Use your vote!

I remember Harold Wilson and Ted Heath fighting general elections and I can assure you that we are currently suffering from the impact of inept fourth-rate politicians.

We have had scandals and crises … the blood scandal, the Post Office scandal, the Windrush scandal, the Grenfell scandal, raw sewage in our rivers, a lying prime minister who broke his own laws and made us pay for his defence costs, then some woman tried to wreck the economy and was stopped just in time - and all on top of politicians who gave us the increased costs and reduced opportunities of Brexit.

We have unregulated, uncontrolled social media causing mental health issues, and no mental health services to help the victims. We have an NHS that is on its knees. And a local MP who ignores Ofcom regulations and has also said we should listen to what the German AFD has to say.

Why did these and many other things happen and why are they still unresolved? They are political choices.

Google the Seven Principles of Public Life and see what politicians demand of nurses, teachers, police, local authority workers and other public service employees, and then compare it with our politicians’ own behaviour.

If you will be 18 or over on July 4, please just get off your butt and register, and vote. Don’t expect anything to change unless you do.

I’m not fooled

Jacob Rees-Mogg has recently circulated a questionnaire in the new North East Somerset and Hanham constituency, which is a childcare survey alleging ‘Supporting parents’.

If this is the case, why is there so little childcare provision in e.g. Keynsham, despite repeated pleas from parents to improve the situation? There is minimal childcare, and what exists is very expensive and fully booked up anyway.

The cynic in me thinks the MP is trying to maintain that he is supporting parents when he is, and has been doing, no such thing. I suppose someone with a nanny can’t really understand how life is for the rest of us ordinary mortals.

A job well done

It is good to be able to write a positive letter for once! This is praise for those who organised the recent resurfacing of Bath Hill and part of Avon Mill Lane and Fox and Hounds Lane.

This was done over five nights when the relevant roads were closed between 7pm and 6am, causing the minimum of disruption to motorists. All went exactly to schedule and the resulting road surfaces look very good. All road markings are well done, too, so praise to the contractors.

I would love to see the adjacent pavements resurfaced to a similar standard but perhaps that is asking for too much!

Hazel Powe, Keynsham


Clare is new PCC after close vote


Clare Moody has been elected as Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner — narrowly defeating incumbent Conservative Mark Shelford.

Ms Moody said: “The priorities that I have are those that I campaigned on, which is about neighbourhood policing, it is around reducing violent crime, and that is particularly knife crime and violence against women and children.

“And it is also building that crime prevention that saves people from having to suffer from crime in the first place.”

Just over 300,000 people across Somerset, Bristol, and South Gloucestershire voted in the election for the person to set the direction of the local police force and hold them to account. But in the end, there were less than 5,000 votes between the two frontrunners.

Ms Moody received 95,982, while Mr Shelford — who was ahead in every council area except for Bristol — received 91,006. Katy Grant (Green) received 64,623 votes and Benet Allen (Liberal Democrat) received 45,864. Turnout in the election was 23.09%.


Scenes from Keynsham life

As the weather grows ever warmer, a consolation of the season is to note the various edible things springing up around Keynsham. The leaves of Jack-by-the-hedge (‘garlic mustard’), for instance, which entered my world sautéed with garlic and mushrooms; and lamb.

The cooked version turned out to look very different from the living plant when it was pointed out to me, stalks intact – growing in gardens, hedges and on roadsides. Mm, roadsides… fumes. Hedges… dogs?

Gardens – I think the ones I ate came from a garden.

Isaac Glynn

June, 2024 34
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Adult Fiction

The Weather Woman

Sally Gardner

The saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” but that is the opposite of how I found this book. The cover is beautiful, and the story is gripping.

It is set in the late 18th century, when the Thames froze so solidly that fairs were held on it. We meet Neva, born into a world of trickery and illusion, who has an extraordinary gift - she can predict the weather. She hears when ice is due to melt or when a severe thunderstorm is coming. In 18th century London, this could be a dangerous gift to possess.

Her father, a successful clockmaker, devises a way to protect her from superstition and the new scientific weather men. But Neva’s plans change when she meets Henri. This is an original historical novel combining magic and science with vivid descriptions of a frozen London. Great characters, too.

Adult Non-Fiction

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook


Air fryers continue to be popular, and this handy recipe book describes some scrummy food.

that they were terrible at it. So they decided to make a weekly podcast, recording their thoughts on parenting and asking guests such as Bill Bailey how they survived parenthood.

Parenting Hell

Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe

The podcast is very funny. The book is a condensed version and includes more serious subjects, such as miscarriage. Also, the authors are less sweary on the page than on air. I found some chapters I could relate to and which moved me. Definitely a good read when you get the chance to put your feet up once the little ones are in bed.

Children’s Picture Books

Books Always Everywhere

Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini

any tea! But in his room that night, a magical forest appears and a boat takes him to a place where the wild things are. With superb illustrations, the Wild Things come to life, make Max their king, and the real rumpus begins! Read all about their adventures.

Library news

It begins with an easy guide to your air fryer and the accessories needed. Then there are sections for healthier snacks, dinners, veggies and deserts. So there are guides to pickle chips, salmon fishcakes and even a Brussel sprouts ‘revolution’ recipe. My favourites are southern fried chicken and chocolate lava cakes. All the recipes are laid out in a clear style with cooking times and tips.

reviewed by Emilie Bioud, Keynsham Library Assistant This book comes with a warning as “100% No Advice Guaranteed”. You might be already familiar with the Podcast of Rob and Josh.

It started during the Covid pandemic, when those two comedians were “trapped” at home having to look after their children while working. They moaned to each other on how terrible this was, how they had no clue of what they were doing, and

This is a delightful picture book for your littles ones. A book can be tall. A book can be small. It can be a chair, a hat and even a shop. It can be taken to a sunny spot or a rainy one and can be scary or funny. But in the end books are everywhere! A lovely story that shows it’s never too soon to share a good book.

Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak

A real classic and part of the library’s centenary book collection – 1960s. Max is up to so much mischief in his wolf suit that his mother calls him “Wild Thing” and sends him straight to bed without

Thursday at 11am is Storytime at Keynsham Library – term time only and for children up to four years old. Come along with a cushion and listen to fantastic new stories.

There’s always so much going on in our libraries, and it’s all free, so drop in and see what’s on offer. For families with children, sing along at Baby Bounce and Rhyme, or get comfy whilst listening to stories at our ever-popular Storytime.

For adults, we’ve got book clubs, writing classes, and much more throughout the year. Joining the library costs nothing, so pop in or visit to also access thousands of e-books, e-magazines, audiobooks, and a wealth of other resources.

Our ‘virtual library’ has loads going on, including the latest library news, competitions, book reviews and digital offers.

Search ‘Bath and North East Somerset Libraries’ on social media or visit bathneslibraries.wordpress. com

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The Unstoppables make a welcome return

FOLLOWING last season’s successful visit of The Unstoppables learning disabilities group, Fry’s hosted them again on May 14.

The group (pictured) were split into five rinks, with each rink playing against another team, and a prize on offer for the highest-scoring team.

With help from club members, the group soon got the hang of things. After the games, two spiders were held, with participants standing in a circle and bowling simultaneously towards a spider, the nearest bowl being the winner.

The victors were Becky, for the second year in a row, and Dan, who picked up the prize in the second spider. After the green activities, hot dogs and cake were served in the clubhouse, courtesy of club members and other community members.

Bristol and District League: The opening night of the Bristol and District League Division 2 season saw Fry’s make the long

trip to newly promoted Olveston Kestrels. After Olveston took the early advantage, they held the lead all night. Despite Fry’s efforts on rink 1, and rink 2 pulling shots back, Olveston saw out the game, with Fry’s taking 3 points from the 48-54 defeat.

Following defeats without picking up a point, at home to Henleaze ‘A’ and at Keynsham ‘A’, Fry’s looked to bounce back against visitors Bristol St Andrews ‘A’. After an even start, Fry’s pulled away at the halfway stage, but the second half saw the visitors

close the gap. Fry’s held their lead though, with rink 1 winning by 9, while Fry’s took rinks 2 and 3 on the final ends, picking up all 10 points from the 57-39 win. Fry’s currently sit 7th in the table.

April 25: Fry’s 48-54 Olveston Kestrels - rink 1, 18-18; rink 2,12-27; rink 3,18-9 (3-7).

May 2: Fry’s 36-58 Henleaze ‘A’rink 1, 14-24; rink 2, 10-18; rink 3, 12-16 (0-10).

May 9: Fry’s 37-60 Keynsham ‘A’ - rink 1, 8-20; rink 2, 17-20; rink 3, 12-20 (0-10).

May 16: Fry’s 57-39 Bristol St

Andrews ‘A’ - rink 1, 23-14; rink 2, 16-13; rink 3, 18-12 (10-0).

Friday Triples League:

The opening month of the Friday Triples League proved successful, with Fry’s taking three wins from the opening four games, and 34 points. But the good run ended with the visit to Begbrook Green. Two rinks were close, with Fry’s just missing out, but rink 1 made the difference, with Begbrook taking it 26-10 and all 12 points in the 19-shot win. Fry’s returned home the following week, welcoming local rivals Keynsham. A tight match went in Fry’s favour, with two rinks overcoming the deficit on the third rink, taking a 55-51 victory. Fry’s currently sit in 5th place after six games.

May 10: Fry’s 39-58 Begbrook Green - rink 1, 10-26; rink 2, 13-14; rink 3, 16-18 (0-12).

May 17: Fry’s 55-51 Keynsham; rink 1, 25-15; rink 2, 19-11; rink 3, 11-25 (10-2).


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WITH the current season coming to a close, it has been a busy time for Frys Girls JFC as they already set their sights on the 24/25 campaign.

The club took four coaches and more than 220 parents, players and coaches to Wembley to watch Manchester United beat Spurs 4-0 in the Women’s FA Cup final at Wembley on

The girls were then lucky enough to be joined by Bristol City and Wales international goalkeeper Olivia Clark at a training session on May 16.

The girls and women are anticipating an exciting season in 24/25, with the women’s

team looking forward to entering the Gloucestershire county league for the first time, and 16 teams from under-8s to under16s entering the Bristol girls league.

If you know a future Ella Toone or Olivia Clark, or just want to join a great bunch of girls or women, please call Mark on 07834 713291.



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May 12, which featured an outstanding goal by Lioness Ella Toone.
Season is over - now bring on the next!


Mixed fortunes as our teams take to the green

WITH the bowling season well under way in Keynsham Park, this is a good time to review the progress of our teams in their competitive leagues.

Keynsham Bowling Club’s ladies field two sides - the Whites and the Reds - in the North Somerset League, with games played on a Tuesday or Thursday. At the time of writing, the Whites have played six and won two. The Reds have won both their two games, including one against the Whites. On Saturdays, just one team competes in the Ladies County League, and has played two and lost both.

Our men field three teams each in the Thursday night Bristol and District League and the Saturday afternoon Somerset County

League. In the BDL, our A team is fourth in division two, having won three out of four.

Our B team in division three has won one of its four fixtures, lying in the last but one spot – but the squad is convinced the best is still to come! Our C team has won both its two games in division four and is in mid-table with games in hand.

The SCL is split into leagues of 12, and our A team is in East I division, having won its first two games and lying in third position. Our B and C teams both play in East 2 division - our B team has won one of two games and is fourth position, while our C team is 10th, having lost both matches.

On a Friday afternoon, we have a team that


LTC were honoured to welcome Sandi Proctor, president of the LTA, to their club on April 20. She was accompanied by Ian Alexander, a member of the Avon tennis executive committee.

Sandi holds one of the three most senior positions within the LTA so it was a very prestigious visit. Sandi was in Bristol to make presentations at the Avon tennis awards evening and was interested in visiting clubs in the area. Ian Alexander chose Saltford LTC due to all they have achieved over the last couple of years.

She watched walking tennis and inclusive tennis sessions before joining committee members and volunteers for a working lunch in the club house.

Sandi was interested to learn how the club’s Community Asset Transfer has allowed them to control their future, highlighted by the way the committee adapted

their coaching offer when their link with Bath Tennis ended. The committee were able to appoint a club coach, Andy Gray, leading to a significant increase in coaching revenue, which in turn helped the club avoid raising membership fees this year.

A standout moment of the visit

competes alongside 11 other clubs in the Bristol Men’s Triples league. A successful start to the season has secured five victories in six matches, placing us in second position.

On a Friday evening, our mixed team has entered the Mid Somerset League but, at time of writing, was still waiting to play its first fixture.

Whilst we have the depth of membership to field these sides, we are always looking to recruit new members.

Coaching for beginners, and those who have played before but want to polish up their skills, is available every Monday and Saturday at 11am. Just turn up on the green in Keynsham Park, where all equipment will be provided.

was when Tom Griffith, of the men’s first team, spoke about his tennis journey and why he volunteers to support the inclusive tennis sessions.

Tom was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of six, so at times getting involved in sport was challenging. He started playing tennis at primary school when a coach offered tennis sessions there. He then he signed up to after-school sessions, which led him to join a tennis club, where his confidence and love for the game grew.

When he joined Saltford Tennis Club in September 2023, he found the club were looking for volunteers at inclusive tennis sessions.

Tom said he wanted to help other young people to experience the benefits of tennis.

“Some of the children may not go on to play at a competitive level but they are having fun whilst developing key life skills such as sharing, taking turns and building

their confidence,” he said. “From a volunteer’s perspective, the reactions and interactions of the group are incredibly rewarding.”

Ian and Sandi were also impressed with some of the events the club have planned for the coming months.

In June the club with be supporting the Saltford Festival. On June 10, in conjunction with Saltford community centre, they will host a quiz night and then, on June 15 and 16, they will offer free tennis taster sessions at the Saltford Primary School fair and at Saltford Sports Club’s sports day.

The club are also planning a charity tennis event on July 28 for Iringa School for deaf children in Tanzania.

The money raised will go towards buying equipment for four audiologists to take out to the school in October.

Sandi said: “For a small club, the committee and volunteers do an amazing job, especially with their inclusion activities.”

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‘Small club that does an amazing job’
SALTFORD Sandi Proctor, left, talks with members of club committee Above, Tom Griffith helps at an inclusive tennis session


Bright start to summer campaign

Fry’s Tennis have made a positive start to the summer league season.

The first team began with an away trip to Knowle on May 10. Mark Long and Julian Hellyer won a close match 6-2 3-6 7-6 before finding their top form in their second match with a 6-0 6-2 win.

Kerry Grace and Mark Lapham lost their first match 7-5 7-5 before suffering another narrow defeat in their second match, losing 6-3 6-4. An overall 6 points to 4 loss but not a bad start away from home.

On May 17, the firsts were at home to Lansdown. Julian Hellyer and Kerry Grace lost an extremely high-quality match 7-6 6-1 to Lansdown’s first pair before easing to a 6-2 6-4 win against the second pair.

Mark Long and Dave Howell were at their consistent best as they started with a 6-0 6-3 win, but despite their best efforts (and perhaps the most lobs ever seen in a set of tennis) lost to a much superior pair 6-0 6-4. An overall 6 points to 4 win, thanks to winning just a single game more. Ten points

from two matches means Fry’s are well in the mix and hope to put some bigger wins together next month.

The second team were home to Sodbury for their first match on May 10. Dave Howell and Martyn Lucas recorded a 6-4 6-3 win against the first pair before suffering a 6-4 6-4 defeat against the second. Steve Spiers and Adrian Wilson lost their opener 6-1 6-2 before recovering to win their second match 6-4 6-3. An overall 6 points to 4 loss.

For their second match on May 17, the second team travelled to Crescent. Martyn Lucas and Mark Lapham combined to great effect in a close 6-4 2-6 7-6 and then an easier 6-3 6-3 win.

Adrian Wilson and Patrick Davis started with a close defeat 5-7 6-2 6-7 before responding superbly with a hard-fought 4-6 6-2 7-6 win. An excellent 8 points to 2 win, and a particular well done to Patrick, who performed admirably in one of his first

league matches. With 12 points from two matches, the team are well placed for a tilt at promotion.

Fry’s have also had some exciting developments at our courts. Our much-loved but well-worn carpet surface had finally run its course. After lots of hard work, we were therefore delighted to have a shiny new court surface (pictured) to play on.

To celebrate, we’re holding an open day every Saturday in June, 1pm to 3pm. Whether you’re experienced, just getting into the sport or looking to dust off the racket after a few years away, join our members for a friendly afternoon play. No need to book, just turn up!

Our courts are in the grounds of the old Cadbury’s factory at the Chocolate QuarterTiberius Road BS31 2FW (ask at the Pavilion for directions and parking).

If you have any interest in the open day or joining the club, please contact Tony Dicker at

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email: HOUSE & RUBBISH Visit us: Email us: Call us: 07592 506 003 HOUSE CLEARANCE GARAGE CLEARANCE GARDEN CLEARANCE GENERAL RUBBISH CLEARANCE House clearance & waste management services MINIMUM COLLECTION FROM £49 - FREE QUOTATIONS fully licensed and insured FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED STUART DANIELS Painter & Decorator Est 1982 City & Guilds Qualified - Local Decorator Internal & External Decorating Wallpapering Fully Insured - No VAT 07738 549581 Email: PLUMBING SERVICES ML PLUMBING & HEATING • Emergency callouts • General maintenance • Gas Safety Certificates • Repairs & replacements T: 07814 027816 E: LOCAL PLUMBER • REPAIRS/BURSTS • STOPTAPS • TANKS, TOILETS • TAPS, WASHERS • BALL VALVES • LEAD-PIPES 0117 9564912 **NO VAT** **O.A.P. DISCOUNTS** • TAPS • WASHERS • DRIPS • LEAKS • REPAIRS • TOILETS • BALL VALVES • LEAD PIPES ETC LOCAL PLUMBER • REPAIRS/BURSTS • STOPTAPS • TANKS, TOILETS • TAPS, WASHERS • BALL VALVES • LEAD-PIPES 0117 9564912 **NO VAT** **O.A.P. DISCOUNTS** LOCAL PLUMBER • REPAIRS/BURSTS • STOPTAPS • TANKS, TOILETS • TAPS, WASHERS • BALL VALVES • LEAD-PIPES 0117 9564912 **NO VAT** **O.A.P. DISCOUNTS**
07974 222656
Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email Taps, Washers Toilets, Cisterns Leaks, Blockages Tanks, Overflows Lead Pipes, Stopcocks….etc… OAP DISCOUNTS and NO VAT 957 5092 0117 PLUMBING SERVICES TILING SERVICES Mosaic, Travertine, Porcelain & Ceramic Specialists Andy on 07468 791619 Email: A Keynsham business Bathroom, Kitchen & Floor Tiling PLUMBING SERVICES • Installation • Service • Repair Covering Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas 0117 9867955 07801 560674 Keynsham based PLUMBING SERVICES keynshamvoice June, 2024 47 ROOFING SERVICES TREE SERVICES ROOFING SERVICES TILING SERVICES D. Scott & Sons Tiling Ltd Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone Specialists Electric Under Floor Heating Installers Covering Keynsham, Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas. Call Matt On 07711 243206 Email:
D. Scott & Sons Tiling Ltd Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone Specialists Electric Under Floor Heating Installers Covering Keynsham, Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas. Call Matt On 07711 243206 Email: D. Scott & Sons Tiling Ltd Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone Specialists Electric Under Floor Heating Installers Covering Keynsham, Bristol, Bath & surrounding areas. Call Matt On 07711 243206 Email: PLUMBING SERVICES BISMARK PLUMBING Call Richard 07810 443235 Keynsham based No VAT Over 30 years experience All general plumbing NO JOB TOO SMALL Do It Right Roofing Contractors Tile & Flat Roofing Specialists Repairs & New Roofs Competitive rates - Locally Based Contact Alan Perry on 07821 557773 Est 20 years TREE SERVICES Contact: Jason Burt T: 07817 239 161 E: W: Tom’s Roofing & Property Maintenance All ASPECTS OF ROOFING • REFELT & BATTENS • REROOFS • ROOF REPAIRS • FLAT ROOFING • CHIMNEY REPAIRS• LEAD WORK • FASCIA SOFFITS • GUTTERS 24 hours emergency callout Call now for a free quote Tel: 0117 9861652 or 0117 9117652 Mob: 07747 131431 TREE SERVICES Fully qualified & insured tree surgeon All aspects of tree surgery Contact James: 07837629316

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