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Town to lose its last bank as Halifax pulls the plug

KEYNSHAM is set to lose its last bank branch early next year.

The Halifax in the High Street is due to shut permanently on January 14, 2025, although the closure might be delayed until March.

Meanwhile, LINK, the UK’s cash access and ATM network, has announced that the town is to get a new banking hub as part of a wider commitment to protect access to cash.

Banking hubs are a shared banking space, similar to a traditional bank branch but available to everyone.

The hub will consist of a counter service operated by Post Office employees, where customers of any bank can withdraw and deposit cash, make bill payments and carry out regular banking transactions.

Staff from different banks will be available on different days.

To date, LINK has recommended 117 banking hubs, and there are currently 37 banking hubs up and running in the UK.

The Keynsham banking hub will now be delivered by Cash Access UK,

The pet corner was one of the popular attractions at the second annual Keynsham Spring Show, which pulled in the crowds and attracted more than 470 entries to its various categories - turn to Page 18 for the full story and more photos

Fire station flats

Plans have been submitted to demolish Keynsham’s old fire station and replace it with a block of 21 flats.


Local Plan battle

Keynsham residents have been told to fight proposed house building in their area to stop developers having their way.


Riverside land sold

A riverside plot of land has been sold at public auction for nearly £165,000 over its guide price.


‘Neglectful’ care

A mother died from a rare heart condition after receiving “neglectful” hospital care that contributed to her death.


Vision of homes

Housing association and housebuilder Curo has revealed details of proposals to redevelop Tintagel Close in Keynsham.


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Award for lifesaving cadet Lily Page
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Town to get banking hub as Halifax poised to close

n From Page 1

which will engage with the local community and start to look for potential sites. The hub will likely open in 12 months’ time.

Nick Quin, LINK’s head of financial inclusion, said: “We are pleased to recommend this new banking hub for the local community in Keynsham.

“Many people are reliant on cash, and it is essential that we preserve access to cash and the opportunity for basic banking for communities across the UK.

“We are certain that this new hub will secure these services for the residents of Keynsham.”

Halifax says of the Keynsham branch closure: “Most customers are now using our mobile app, internet banking or calling us instead, which means they are using branches, including the Keynsham branch, much less.”

Its statistic shows that that the number of in-person transactions at the branch

has fallen by 56% in the past five years, with cash machine transactions down by 25%.

A total of 393 customers used counter services at the Keynsham branch or the Immediate Deposit Machine (IDM) four times in the six months ending November 2023.

People using the branch tend to be older, comprising 35% of those aged 55 to 74 and 20% of those over 75. Just 16% are aged 18 to 34.

Halifax said: “Our community banker will be at the banking hub one day a week, so you can come in and do your banking in person.

“We’ll update our website with the hub address, opening times and when our community banker will be there, when this information becomes available.

“To give the banking hub time to get up and running, we may delay the closure of the branch until March 2025.”

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The Halifax branch in Keynsham High Street

Revealed: Vision of flats to replace old fire station

PLANS have been submitted to demolish Keynsham’s old fire station and replace it with a block of 21 flats.

The four-storey development for the over-55s would comprise 12 one-bed and nine two-bed apartments, with commercial space on the ground floor facing Temple Street.

A new pedestrian walkway through the site would link Market Walk to the leisure centre and Riverside apartments.

Chewton Place Developments Ltd have lodged plans with Bath & North East Somerset Council that would include just two offstreet car parking spaces, with electric vehicle charging, and one motorcycle space.

The development would also have secure, covered spaces for 42 cycles for the residents, plus eight secure cycle spaces for the commercial area.

Chewton Place Developments bought the former fire station in 2017 for £750,000. Since then, attempts to redevelop the site have stalled.

Plans to build a boutique

hotel, with flats, shops and restaurant, on the site were submitted to Bath and North East Somerset Council in October 2019, but the application was withdrawn in January 2020.

The current proposals were unveiled last year, and member of the public were invited to a drop-in session in November to see the plans, ask questions and give their views of the scheme.

The developers say: “Currently the application site presents an unattractive part of Keynsham, accommodating a redundant building with no heritage value that does not contribute to the character and appearance of the conservation area.”

The fire station closed in 2015 when the new one opened at Hicks Gate.

The planning reference for the scheme on the B&NES Council planning portal is 24/00768/FUL. The deadline for comments in April 13 and the raget date for a decision is June 10.

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How the block of 21 flats could look. Below right, the disused former fire station

‘Don’t give up the fight against homes’

RESIDENTS in Keynsham have been told to fight proposed house building in their area to stop developers having their way.

More than 140 people packed a public meeting at The Space to hear details of sites identified by Bath and North East Somerset Council for potential development.

The council’s new Local Plan will form the basis for determining planning applications until 2042. An options document has gone out for public consultation with a new deadline of April 16, extended from April 8.

B&NES cabinet councillor Matt McCabe told the meeting the government has stipulated that 14,500 new homes must be built in the council’s area over the period of the plan.

With existing commitments, that means finding sites for just over 6,000 extra homes.

Potential sites identified include north Keynsham (1,500 homes), Hicks Gates (850), south-east Keynsham (350), west Keynsham (100-300), east of Avon Mill Lane (160) and central Keynsham (40-100).

Councillor Andy Wait, who chaired the meeting, said it was important that residents took part in the consultation as it was not a “done deal.”

But some people at the meeting thought it was exactly that, believing that too few sites had been identified to allow any “wriggle room” for them to be rejected.

A big concern raised at the meeting was the town’s general lack of infrastructure and roads in particular.

You can respond to the public consultation online at https:// or by post to Local Plan Consultation, B&NES, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG. The deadline for responses is Tuesday April 16.

Councillor Alan Hale said he had lived in the town since 1957.

“The only major infrastructure change in that time has been the building of the bypass, and houses have continued to be built.”

He said Charlton Road was already unable to cope with the “ridiculous” amount of traffic.

And he received applause when he added: “Until we have a proper infrastructure, we shouldn’t be building any more homes.”

A woman who lives near Waitrose said: “If we build in north Keynsham, how will people get onto the bypass? Traffic throughout Keynsham is horrendous. The A4 can’t take any more.”

And another resident said: “We’re talking about homes without the roads. We want the roads first.”

Councillor McCabe said the

problem was that the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) was failing to provide strategic direction on transport.

He was referring to a decision by metro mayor Dan Norris, who heads WECA, to stop work on the region’s spatial development strategy, citing a lack of agreement from the district councils involved – B&NES, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

But one resident said: “If you haven’t got control over both, you don’t have a plan.”

Mr McCabe said that, despite residents’ concerns, it was vital to have a Local Plan. Otherwise, there would be a developers’ free-for-all which would result in Keynsham and Saltford being almost completely joined-up.

“We can’t afford for our Local Plan to fail,” he said.

Other concerns voiced at the meeting included whether developers would meet the council’s target of 20% biodiversity net gain, as this would require a lot of land.

One resident stated his concerns about new homes eating into the flood plain, exacerbating the problems caused by extreme weather.

“Keynsham is experiencing the effects of climate change

right now,” he said. “The roads are getting flooded out and this is happening now.”

Other residents expressed sadness at the loss of the natural environment.

A man who lives in Lays Drive said: “One of the sites you’re talking about will be at the bottom of my garden. Every year it has a lovely crop on the field. if you’re going to build all these houses, what are you going to eat?”

Another Lays Drive resident said he has fed rare red badgers in his back garden.

“We get deer, all sorts of wildlife, and that will be lost to the community.”

He and others expressed a lack of confidence in B&NES Council planners, especially when they put forward suggestions such as building homes on the Tesco car park, an idea that was branded “hopeless”.

Councillor Andy Wait said he agreed with the concerns expressed.

He pointed out that the consultation document stated the aspiration to have attractive, healthy, sustainable communities.

He said: “I don’t think Keynsham is an attractive, healthy sustainable community now. So if a load more housing is put onto it, this will only make it worse. What I really want is to not give up, because it would be very easy to do so.”

He said of the proposed developments: “This certainly will happen if we don’t make an effort to fight it. We have to do the best we can.”

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HOMES could be built on some of Keynsham’s town centre car parks to help meet future needs, under options listed in the Local Plan.

Ashton Way and Labbott North and South car parks have been highlighted as potential sites for housing, as has the Tesco supermarket car park in Danes Lane.

Bath and North East Somerset Council’s public consultation document on its Local Plan says one option would be to move the Tesco store to the front of the site and build homes above it. This would create

Planners suggest flats could be built on town’s car parks

an “improved” supermarket and “active frontage” to Danes Lane. Another option would be to reduce the size of the car park –or create a multi-storey car park – and build a block of flats on part of it.

The consultation document states: “It should be noted that no discussion has taken place with Tesco regarding these options.”

When contacted by the Voice, Tesco confirmed it had not been consulted by B&NES Council but offered no further comment.

The consultation document also suggests

the potential for redeveloping half of the Ashton Way car park for housing, leaving the rest for parking, and for using both of the Labbott car parks to provide flats.

The document says that B&NES Council’s commitment to a “sustainable transport plan” for Keynsham includes the aim of reducing the need for parking spaces in the town centre over the period of the Local Plan.

This would be achieved through improving public transport, walking and cycling options.

l Outcry at threat of 3,000 homes: Page 7

Threat to village’s green belt ‘strongly opposed’

SALTFORD Parish Council has said it “strongly objects” to proposals that could see 1,300 new homes built in the village.

It cited concerns about the loss of green-belt land, wildlife habitat and agricultural land, as well as the extra traffic on the A4 Bath Road.

Two of the sites described in the Local Plan are south Saltford (800 homes) and west Saltford (500 homes). Each area would get a primary school under the proposals.

The parish council: “Saltford’s Green Belt, part of the Bristol and Bath Green Belt, helps restrict urban sprawl that would otherwise merge Bristol with Bath.”

It said the “unwelcome precedent” of creating new housing developments on the green belt would undermine the important planning constraint

that helps Bristol and Bath maintain their unique identities.

The council added: “Access for residents to Saltford’s riverside areas during sunny warm weekends and holiday periods is already reduced by high visitor numbers.

“Losing local green space and footpaths to development will cause considerable harm to the health and wellbeing of residents.

“The overall increased demand for the remaining open green space will place further harmful pressure on local wildlife habitat.”

The council said that the green belt’s rich mix of habitat should be protected and enhanced, not built on.

It added that losing agricultural land to development would show a lack of foresight during the ecological emergency,

when the UK gets 40% of its food from overseas.

Regarding traffic, the council said: “The Bath Road A4 cannot take more housing.”

Recent new housing developments had resulted in prolonged periods of heavy traffic congestion, it said, which harmed the economy and made local travel increasingly difficult and unreliable.

Meanwhile, the narrow lanes between Keynsham and Saltford used for rat-running to avoid congestion on the A4 would become less safe or usable for walkers and cyclist.

The council said that Saltford, now a large rural village, had already undergone significant development since the 1950s and 1960s, and that since 1961 Saltford had grown by 36% from a population of 3,044 in 1961 to 4,133 in 2021.

“Saltford has reached the peak of its growth potential if it is to retain its rural countryside setting without drastically reducing the quality of life for existing and potential new residents moving into new housing developments, whilst having a negative impact on neighbouring settlements (including Keynsham, Corston, and Newton St Loe) as well as further reducing the open green spaces outside the city boundaries desired by Bristol and Bath residents alike.”

The parish council recently held a public meeting at Saltford Hall about the Local Plan proposals, at which local councillors pledged to work to protect the green belt.

The council has urged residents to make their opinions known to B&NES Council (see blue panel on Page 4).

April, 2024 5 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email n LOCAL PLAN NEWS
Threat to village’s
The Tesco and Ashton Way car parks have been highlighted as potential sites for new homes
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Outcry at threat to build a new village

PLANS to build a new village in the countryside to the east of Keynsham have been met with shock from locals and from the farmers whose fields could be built on.

Corston Fields Farm is one of the UK’s first zero-carbon farms. Located between Burnett and Corston, the farm is known for its wine and local quinoa, and has won the Duchy of Cornwall’s Habitat Award Scheme for its commitment to diversifying and adopting sustainable farming methods.

But now Bath and North East Somerset Council’s consultation on the options to include in its new local plan has identified the farm and the surrounding area south of Burnett, just north of the Two Headed Man junction, as a “potential site” for new development.

The council said it had no immediate plans for building on the area – located on the green belt and Duchy of Cornwall

farmland – but, if included in the local plan, it could open the doors for homes to be built.

The proposal on the council website stated: “As it is some distance away from any reasonably sized communities, it would need to be of sufficient scale to provide day-to-day services such as a primary school and local shops.”

Local residents fear that the plans could lead to 3,000 homes

Wildlife park ‘cherishes’ place in local community

AVON Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park has said it “cherishes” its place in the local community after its potential relocation was suggested in the consultation document on the new Local Plan.

Bath & North East Somerset Council highlights land in north Keynsham as having the potential for 1,500 properties.

Its public consultation document says this would involve “the relocation of Avon Valley Wildlife Park to the east”.

Avon Valley park owner Doug Douglas told the Voice: “We are aware of our inclusion in the public consultation document. It’s crucial for us to stay informed and engaged with developments that may or may not impact the local community and our beloved Avon Valley.

“Regarding land ownership, Avon Valley operates within a small portion of a larger area owned by various entities. Our presence here is as custodians of a piece of this beautiful riverside locale rather than as traditional landowners.

“Regarding the council’s proposals, we are keenly

observing the consultation process and considering all implications.

“Our primary aim is to continue offering a memorable and enriching experience to our visitors and to remain a primary employer in the area. This year is our 35th birthday, and we plan to be here for at least another 35 years!

“Concerning past proposals, it’s not uncommon for areas with such strategic significance to be considered for various initiatives.

“Historically, we have been considered as site for a new MoD development, now known as Abbey Wood, and also at one point we were put forward in a plan to have a new Bath Rugby stadium built here.

“We are used to having development ideas floated around, and remain adaptive and open to discussions prioritising the well-being of the local environment and its inhabitants.

“We cherish our place in the local community and are committed to maintaining the allure of Avon Valley as a destination that complements its natural surroundings.”

being built across the fields.

Richard Arthur said: “3,000 houses may not seem a lot but the area is huge - bigger than all of Saltford. Apart from the destruction of heritage green belt, unacceptable volumes of traffic will be added to roads which are at capacity and very dangerous.

“Use up all brown field and industrial sites, and keep the green belt green!”

Caroline Lucas, who also lives in the area, added: “B&NES has declared a climate and ecological emergency yet they’re now encouraging the loss of vital countryside and the destruction of wildlife habitats. This is our shared countryside, and my husband and I are furious.”

Gerald Addicott, who has farmed the land for over 40 years, said: “Approaching from the west on the A39, the first sight you get of Bath, lined in a newly-planted avenue of trees, is exactly the area where this development is proposed.

“It’s green belt, beautiful farmland and it will be gone forever. It’s also home to RSPB

critically endangered species. What are B&NES thinking?”

Locals have formed a new group — the Burnett and Corston Protection Alliance — to launch a campaign to protect their area, meeting at the Wheatsheaf pub, which would be at the centre of the new village under the plans.

Almost 600 people have signed a petition by the group against the proposals, and the group is urging people to respond to the consultation on the local plan options (see blue panel on Page 4).

The alliance warned that the area is archaeologically significant, located at the base of ancient monument Stantonbury Hillfort and with the hill containing part of the mediaeval Wansdyke.

As a result of Corston Fields Farm’s work on greening and wilding, the area is also a safe environment for critically endangered species such as skylarks, fieldfares, song thrushes, yellowhammers, cuckoos, newts and hares.

John Wimperis, Local Democracy Reporting Service

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Resident’s long wait for action on blocked drains

BLOCKED drains on the A4 Bath Road in Keynsham have been causing problems for motorists and pedestrians.

Paul Israel, who lives on the Bath Road, said he had sent several emails to Bath and North East Somerset Council about the issue but was still waiting for action to be taken.

He said: “The worst drain is by the new pedestrian crossing. The problems are from last autumn when all the trees lost their leaves. The pavements have not been swept for many months.”

Councillor Manda Rigby, the council’s cabinet member for transport, said: “We have more than 30,000 gullies in B&NES which we clean on a routine basis.

“However, heavy rain has delayed our schedule as we have been working to address drains which pose a threat to road safety or properties.

“Following the reports

received, we have assessed the drain on the A4 which does not require an urgent visit and is due to be cleaned by the end of April.

“Problems with drains or flooding can be reported to us here - uk/report-problems-drains-orflooding .”

Lib Dem mayor Dine to challenge Sir Jacob

THE Liberal Democrats have announced that Mayor of Bath Dine Romero will be their challenger against Jacob Rees-Mogg at the general election.

She has been the councillor for Southdown on Bath and North East Somerset Council since 2003 and was leader of the council until 2021.

She will contest the seat for the new North East Somerset and Hanham constituency, which will contain about half the current North East Somerset constituency – including Keynsham and Saltford - and Hanham, which is currently part of the Kingswood constituency.

Ms Romero said: “For over 20 years I’ve been a voice for local people at the BANES council — and now I have an opportunity to be a voice for us in parliament.”

As the chair of the council’s children, adults, health and

wellbeing scrutiny panel, Ms Romero has launched an initiative to explore how the council and other bodies can do more to tackle knife crime among young people.

North East Somerset has been represented by Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg since 2010.

Sir Jacob has a majority of almost 15,000, having won just over 50% of the vote in 2019.

A YouGov poll in January which predicted a result for each constituency found that Sir Jacob would hold the seat if an election was held then, but only by a single percentage point.

Labour are yet to select a candidate for North East Somerset and Hanham.

No date for the general election has yet been set but legally it must be held by January 2025.

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Senshu Flukes in action at the UK championships

Award for lifesaver Lily

A TEENAGER used skills she learned with St John Ambulance in Keynsham to save the life of a customer in a café.

Lily, 17, who has been a cadet with the organisation for a year, was working at her part-time job in the café when she saw the man collapse. She called for help and began CPR, performing chest compressions and rescue breaths to keep the man’s blood circulating until paramedics arrived.

The customer survived and is expected to make a full recovery.

Lily has been awarded a district manager’s commendation from St John Ambulance for her bravery and skill.

Daniel, unit youth lead for Keynsham, said: “Lily’s quick response and ability to remain calm in an emergency were remarkable. Through her CPR training with St John Ambulance, she was able to take immediate action and save a life. We are extremely proud of Lily and her achievement.”

St John Ambulance cadets aged 10 to 17 learn essential first-aid and lifesaving skills through the organisation’s youth program. Cadets gain hands-on experience and build confidence by supporting St John Ambulance volunteers at community events.

The organisation has more than 1,500 youth members from aged five upwards, participating in badger and cadet programs. To learn more or enrol a child in the local badger or cadet unit, visit or email

Firm underpaid staff

A KEYNSHAM vetcare company has been named by the government for failing to pay some of its workers the minimum wage.

Independent Vetcare, known as IVC Evidensia, underpaid 171 workers a total of £53,533.62.

It is one of more than 500 businesses across the country named in a government list for failing to pay the National Minimum Wage after an investigation by HMRC.

The vet company, whose headquarters are at the Chocolate Factory building at Somerdale, operates a network of clinics, hospitals and out-of-hour centres in about 2,500 locations across 20 countries.

A spokesperson said: “IVC Evidensia is named as a result of historic issues from 2013 to 2019, relating to the application of statutory wage regulations to clothing policy and repayment of training loans for employees, with the majority of the 170 employees in question working under contracts and

policies from a time prior to their practices joining the IVC Evidensia Group.

“Having been made aware of these issues, we worked with the HMRC to agree a resolution, notified affected colleagues and reimbursed them within a couple of weeks, communicated with practices around these specific issues, and updated our policies and processes. Our subsequent investments in centralised HR and expenses systems helps protect against issues like this.”

The government said: “Whilst not all minimum wage underpayments are intentional, the government has been clear that anyone entitled to be paid the minimum wage should receive it, and that enforcement action will be taken against employers who do not pay their staff correctly.”

The businesses named in the list have since paid back what they owe to their staff and have also faced financial penalties of up to 200 per cent of their underpayment.

9 keynshamvoice April, 2024 Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email NEWS
10 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email April, 2024 KEYNSHAM MEMORIES
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Daniel’s race night is a £3k winner

A RACE night held at Keynsham Rugby Club has raised more than £3,000 for Cancer Research UK.

The event was part of a campaign by Daniel Money and his supporters which has raised £43,000 for the charity.

Daniel, a junior doctor, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in November 2022 at the age of 24. Since then, as well as receiving treatment, he has been involved in numerous events through his giving pages on the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) website.

Daniel’s CRUK Race Night was organised by Teresa Phillips who – along with Daniel and his mum Sarah Stone – thanked everyone who made the event such a success.

Local businesses that sponsored races were Heavenly Hedgerows, Scotty’s Gates, Newton Farm Shop and Café, Smallprint, Davies & Way, Team Green Developments, NFU Mutual, and J Green Plastering and Building.

Raffle prizes, cakes and

sweets were provided by Savour Cafe and Shop, the Great Cake Company, Grounded, Wild About Flowers, Newton Farm Shop and Café, B Block Café, Somerdale Pavilion, Scrumptious Sweets, Reflections, Bob the Dog Shop, and Buyology. The organisers also thanked John Hibbitt, president of Keynsham Rugby Club, for arranging free use of the venue and Maria Seward for her support.

Daniel, Sarah and Teresa

said: “Thank you to family and friends who helped before and on the night, Pete Phillips, Louise Hilliar, Luke Hall, Jane and Tim Kirkham, Lou Riddoch, Terri Cox, the girls from Fiona Bitton’s table who helped with selling raffle tickets, and ‘The Meadows’ table for selling/eating the cakes!

“Finally, a huge thank-you to everyone who came to the Race Night, bought raffle tickets and laid bets on the races.”

The next fundraiser is a coffee

morning at Keynsham Cricket Club on Friday April 19, 10am12pm.

Daniel’s CRUK Race Night had raised £3,165 plus Gift Aid as the Voice went to press, and donations can be still be made at https://fundraise. teresas-giving-page-231

To support Daniel’s fundraising, visit https:// fundraise.cancerresearchuk. org/unite/daniels-fundraising


Renowned for our warm and welcoming community across our Nursery, Prep and Senior Schools, our broad and balanced curriculum is supported by outstanding pastoral care, so that every pupil can find and ignite their potential. Believing in yourself while still being kind to others is a key ingredient of a Kingswood education.

To discover more and book a visit, head to our website.

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A co-educational independent school for pupils aged nine months to 18 years

Put surplus food here!

PEOPLE wishing to give items to the Keynsham Community Fridge can now use a donation bin at the town’s leisure centre.

Organisers say: “Please bring along those items that have been lurking at the back of your cupboards, unwanted and unused.

“Undamaged tins and unopened packets are all gratefully received, even those that are past their best-before date.”

Previous collections at last year’s Keynsham Music Festival, and one Saturday outside the Baptist church, were a success.

Some passers-by asked if they could bring items along on another day. So a donation bin has been set up in the leisure centre’s reception area for a trial period.

The food is available to anyone who wants it – there is no eligibility criteria.

The fridge can be found downstairs at Savour Kitchen (formerly Temple Street Canteen) at 20 Temple Street, Keynsham, BS31 1EH. The cafe is open 9am to 4pm every day except Sunday.

The scheme is looking for more regular donations from organisations with access to surplus food. They can email

Due to food hygiene regulations, it can only accept fruit, vegetables, bread, bakery, tins, jars and packets. It cannot accept fresh meat, fish or other perishable items.

MP’s TV show rapped

MEDIA regulator Ofcom says two TV programmes presented by local MP Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg broke impartiality rules.

It issued a warning to GB News about two episodes of Sir Jacob’s show – along with three others hosted by Tory MPs –saying the channel was now “on notice” about future breaches.

The Ofcom code says a politician cannot be a newsreader, interviewer or reporter in a news programme unless there is “exceptional editorial justification”. But they can front current affairs shows.

One of Sir Jacob’s shows that Ofcom highlighted covered a breaking news story about a civil trial verdict involving Donald Trump. The other covered a stabbing in Nottingham.

Sir Jacob responded by saying that Ofcom was “out of date”.

He said: “There is a diversity of news; it’s not the authoritative, 1950s style “Minister, is there anything you would like to say’; it is a vibrant, widespread view of news across a

spectrum of opinion. Free speech requires that and free speech trumps bureaucracy.”

The Ofcom criticism prompted Keynsham resident James Coldwell, vice chair of North East Somerset & Hanham Labour Party, to repeat his call for Sir Jacob to resign his “second job” as a presenter for GB News.

Mr Coldwell, who hopes to be Labour’s candidate to stand against Sir Jacob at the next general election, said: “Ofcom’s ruling should cause further embarrassment to our part-time MP. It’s high time for Sir Jacob to decide whether he wants to be a politician or a media personality. It’s untenable for him to be both.”

The Guardian has reported that Sir Jacob received £324,000 last year for his work for GB News. He currently receives just over £29,000 a month for 40 hours work, which includes preparation work. For his job as the MP for North East Somerset, he is paid a salary of £86,584.

Swim Teachers needed!

Barracuda Swimming is looking for part-time swim teachers to work with us as we expand our swim school. If you are a qualified swimming teacher (Level 1 or 2) please do get in touch, we offer excellent rates of pay.

Alternatively, for those new to teaching swimming, we will support you from absolute beginner to a Level 2 qualified swimming teacher, financial assistance for training is available. Currently our teachers range from 16-60+, an interest in swimming and working with children is what we’re looking for.

We are a successful family run business with a happy team that we are now looking to grow.

We run lessons in Bath and Saltford and we would love to hear from you.

For more details, please contact Barracuda Swimming at:

12 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email April, 2024 NEWS

Sergeant Rob is

THIS month sees a new member of the team in Keynsham with the arrival of Police Sergeant Rob Turner 3960.

Rob has been in the police for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience, having worked around this area earlier in his policing career.

We have seen our fair share of changes to the team’s leadership recently, but Rob is planning to be here for a while. He is looking forward to the new challenge and meeting you as he gets to know the area.

During his first week here, he has already been joined by the High Sheriff of Bristol for a walk around Keynsham High Street, so I’m confident he’ll be out and about as much as he can.

n You may have seen the circulation of CCTV images relating to a burglary at Saltford Hall at the start of the month.

We have received several lines of enquiry from the public and are making further enquiries, with the hope of identifying an offender

soon and get a positive outcome.

n A continued complaint we receive is about parking, such as on pavements and over junctions. We have even been made aware of groups on social media that report on poor standards of parking in Keynsham.

Most poor parking relates to laziness. If you think you need to block a pavement while parking, you are most likely parking in an unsuitable area.

The other areas that get highlighted are around schools, where people park of doubleyellow lines.

These locations are the most

to the team

dangerous, with large numbers of pupils leaving school who are, it would be fair to say, not paying full attention, and the reduced visibility these obstructions create can put children and other people at risk.

We would ask that this selfish behaviour stops. I have had to advise several people recently about their poor parking, and we will look to use our enforcement powers to deal with these issues. Let’s try to work together to stop this happening.

n We have been visiting local schools and talking to pupils about crime and its consequences, as well as doing meet-and-greets with infants.

In doing this we are looking to build trust in the police and other professionals, and create an understanding about who and what to look for if they are in trouble and need help. As you can imagine, these sessions are rewarding and impactful, and the feedback that we receive is always very positive.

We are currently arranging our summer schedule, so if you have an event coming up, from school fetes to local meetings, please contact us through the neighbourhood pages of the Avon and Somerset Police website and we will try to attend. Also, look out for us running bike marking events, as we will advertise these locally.

n We have been running beat surgeries slightly differently, holding these in cafes on the High Street. This has been to gain more interaction, so if you see any of our officers in these settings, please approach them for a chat.

We really do what to know what is happening locally so we can plan our policing accordingly. Although we can review reported crimes, we are aware this is not the full picture, so the information you share is really important to us.

Hopefully, the poor weather will start to subside so we can see more of you out and about over the coming months, enjoying what Keynsham has to offer.

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NEWS Bidding battle at auction for riverside plot

A PLOT of land in Saltford has been sold at public auction for nearly £165,000 over its guide price.

The site at The Shallows had previously been on the market with a guide price of £60,000 to £80,000. The lot was described as an irregularly shaped parcel of land next to the river Avon. In total, it extends to 1.67 acres, with about 125 metres of river frontage and riparian right.

City & Rural Property Auctions, which sold the land, said the site had become largely overgrown but offered potential for a variety of different uses. The river frontage could be ideal for moorings, with potential for four to five boats, subject to the necessary consents. There is a footpath by prescription that connects to the Bristol Bath Railway Path.

Stephen Morris, auctioneer for City & Rural, said: “With the amount of interest shown prior to the auction, we were confident of exceeding the guide price, but no one had foreseen the eventual hammer price.

“With an immediate opening bid of

£80,000, a number of bidders took part until we were left with only two competitive bidders hoping to secure the land. Auction is a transparent and inclusive method of sale, and we thank all those that took part on the day.”

When asked about the winning bidder, the auctioneer was unable to confirm details but said: “We wish them well with their purchase for the future.”

City & Rural said that, while popular TV shows like Homes Under the Hammer have placed a spotlight on buying houses at auction, it looks as if land is becoming more of a rarity, underlining its importance and desirability to a local community such as Saltford.

City & Rural are due to host their next auction on April 4 and can be contacted on 01179 464949 for entries.

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An aerial view of the site by the river at The Shallows. Inset, auctioneer Stephen Morris


Summer walks

Meet at Keynsham

Memorial Park gates at 10am unless otherwise stated.

Great outing despite the mud

AFTER the recce the Wednesday before by Derek Butler and Dave Johnson, the route of our walk on March 17 had to be amended twice because of challenging conditions underfoot.

So it was with some trepidation that the Walkers are Welcome organisers met at the Fox & Hounds car park on the Sunday.

Nineteen walkers caught the Keynsham Dial-a-Ride minibus to Timsbury for the four-mile circular walk towards Priston. Eight more were already at the start. It was good to see some newcomers amongst the crowd.

Substantial rain the previous night was evident as there was puddling even from the start along Lippiatt Lane.

With Dave Johnson leading, it

was the turn of Milla Kenny to be the back marker. After a mile of road walking, we then headed across the fields where conditions soon deteriorated, and it was difficult to find a suitable route across the morass of mud.

On reaching Parkway Lane, we decided to abandon the intended route and keep to firmer surfaces of the road towards Tunley, before heading back along the main road to Timsbury.

This shortened the walk by at least half a mile but made for better walking. This was a shame as the walk along the river valley is rather picturesque.

The staff at the Seven Stars public house made us welcome. The early arrival of the minibuses signalled it was time to head for

home, everyone having enjoyed themselves despite the conditions.

The walk programmed for Sunday April 21 has had to be re-scheduled for Sunday April 14, when we will meet at Keynsham railway station at 10.30am to catch the 10.41am train to Bradford on Avon. There will be a short threemile circular walk to Avoncliffe, with ample time afterwards to explore this picturesque town, returning on the 4.07pm train.

Please let Dave know by calling 07866 440968 if you intend to join us so we can arrange a discounted block booking.

For our summer walking programme, we will have two walks per month of varying lengths, so there is something for everyoneand it’s free.

Sun Apr 14: Meet at Keynsham station to catch train to Bradford on Avon for 3-mile walk, then time to explore the town.

Sun May 5: 7-mile walk around Tucking Mill and Burnett, includes picnic stop – bring your own food.

Sun May 19: 3-mile walk around the Umpty Dumps.

Sun Jun 9: Catch Dial-aRide minibus from Fox & Hounds car park at 10am for 5-mile walk around Radstock – includes refreshment stop.

Sun Jun 23: 3-mile walk around Queen Charlton.

Sun Jul 14: Catch Dial-aRide minibus from Fox & Hounds car park at 10am for 5-mile walk around High Littleton Woods, includes picnic stop – bring your own food.

Sun Jul 28: 3-mile walk around Bitton.

Sun Aug 11: Catch Dial a-Ride minibus at 10am at Fox & Hounds car park for 6-mile walk around Chew Magna – includes refreshment stop.

Sun Aug 25: 3-mile walk around Meadow Woods.

Sun Sep 8: Catch Dial-aRide minibus from Fox & Hounds car park at 10am to Crews Hole and walk back from there – includes refreshment stop.

Fri Sep 20 to Sun Sep 22: Walking Festival, details nearer the time.

April, 2024 15 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email
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Shield success for our valiant Team 34

THE evening of Saturday March 16 was wild, wet, and - on top of the Mendips - even foggy. But that did not deter 45 teams of young people from Explorer Scout Units from all over the Bristol and Bath area taking part in the Rickard Shield.

Participants had to navigate a route of 15k, solve puzzles, be creative and, above all, show teamwork and determination. Given the weather, it was a real challenge finishing in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Congratulations go to one of several teams from Keynsham Explorer Scout Unit - Team 34 - who finished runners-up just a few points behind the winners.

Given this was their first time of entering, it was a massive achievement. You did us proud.

KESU are seeking to expand their adult leader team - for more information, email Dan.

l Lamps and bowls were the order of the day when Allen Richards, a talented potter and Scout leader, ran a pottery workshop in his studio at the Chocolate Quarter.

After a demonstration, Scouts put the clay into a mould to make a Roman pottery oil lamp. There was

also an opportunity try the wheel to make bowls. They will be glazed and fired ready for use after Easter.

l Scouts from Avon troop covered a crucial element of the Expedition Challenge Badge: Understand what to do in an emergency.

To help with this, the Neighbourhood Community Police Team came to talk about the importance of having an action plan when going on an expedition.

The Scouts had the opportunity to look round the police vehicle and were particularly intrigued by the holding cell at the back of the van, where violent or dangerous people are held.

The Scouts also thought about how to prepard for an expedition, what equipment they should take and how to use it.

And as simple accidents do happen, they were also trained in first aid and how to deal with a sprained ankle.

l Could you help us to give even more to our young people? If you are unsure then, why not give it a try over one weekend?

From June 7 to 9, we have a massive camp for 800 people and need help running activities. No experience required - email

16 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email April, 2024 KEYNSHAM
Left, Scouts explore the holding cell of a police vehicle making pottery
CURTAIN FLAIR LTD Established in 2003 Unit 9 Lays Farm Trading Estate, Charlton Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2SE Tel: 0117 9867277
right, the successful Team 34

Mum died after ‘neglectful’ hospital care

A KEYNSHAM mother-of-three died from a rare heart condition after receiving “neglectful” hospital care that contributed to her death, just hours after landing from a dream family holiday to the Caribbean.

Sharon Goddard, 53, was on her way home from celebrating 25 years of marriage to devoted husband Neale, as well as their joint 50th birthdays, with loved ones when she began experiencing chest pains as the plane landed back in England and she was taken to hospital.

An inquest at the end of December heard how Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust failed to provide and procure basic medical attention in time.

Sharon’s devastated family are now calling for greater awareness of Loeys-Dietz Syndrome (LDS) to protect others who have it.

Their call comes after a coroner ruled that Sharon, who suffered from the condition, died from natural causes contributed to by neglect as a consequence of a failure to recognise and treat her ‘aortic dissection’ – a life-threatening tear in the heart’s main artery – in a timely manner.

The failures were partly systemic and partly operational and had a cumulative effect, the inquest at the Old Bailey in London was told.

The coroner heard evidence that at various stages in Sharon’s medical care, those treating her failed to ask the right questions or recognise the severity of her condition.

She should have been seen

within an hour of arriving at the emergency department at East Surrey Hospital and on her way to a specialist centre for cardiothoracic surgery within four hours.

But Sharon, who worked in the NHS for 30 years, including at Southmead and Bristol Children’s Hospital, was in A&E for more than 12 hours before being transferred for urgent surgery, but died before the operation could take place.

Her family believe that the initial decision made by a paramedic set in train a series of delays that cost Sharon her life. They say the care that followed was unacceptable and not appropriate for her condition as she needed emergency cardiac specialist treatment.

Following Sharon’s diagnosis

from the CT scan, which revealed she needed emergency heart surgery, it took six hours to get her to the operating table, in addition to the 10 hours prior to this that she was waiting for the diagnosis.

The inquest heard she suffered a cardiac arrest during the anaesthesia process, preventing the surgeons from performing the lifesaving operation.

The coroner’s report said: “I am satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, that Mrs Goddard’s death was avoidable.”

The NHS trust said it was “profoundly sorry”, that it accepted the coroner’s findings and had taken several actions since the tragedy.

Jackie Linehan, medical negligence and inquest solicitor at Bristol-based legal firm Enable Law, which is representing the family, said: “Sharon’s loss was a complete tragedy.

“There were multiple missed opportunities. If her condition had been recognised and addressed on time, things very likely would have been different and she would be here with us.

“Systemic delays played an equal part to lack of recognition of her condition.”

Hannah Goddard, the eldest of Sharon’s three daughters, said: “Mum had a smile that could light up any room.

“She proudly and passionately worked for the NHS for over 30 years and loved her job as a senior medical secretary at BUPA, Southmead and Bristol Children’s Hospital.

“Knowing that she lost her life due to the failure of the NHS and medical staff responsible for her care is unbelievably heartbreaking.

“We want to stress the importance of educating people, particularly in the medical field, about Loeys-Dietz Syndrome and aortic dissection, so that a repeat can be avoided in the future.

“There are many tests available to aid diagnosis of LDS and you can be referred for genetic testing and counselling from your GP.”

She urged people to visit the Think Aorta education campaign webpages which aim to save lives - https://www.thinkaorta. net/

Sharon died on December 19, 2022, and her inquest took place from October 31 to November 2 last year, with the coroner’s verdict on December 28.

A Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust spokesperson said: “We are profoundly sorry and offer our deepest sympathies to Sharon Goddard’s family during this difficult time.

“Whilst we cannot comment on individual cases, delivering high-quality care to our patients is our priority and we accept the coroner’s findings.

“We have taken a number of actions since this incident took place and continue to work with our teams, to learn, improve our services and support the needs of our patients and their families.”

Adam Postans, Local Democracy Reporting Service

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Sharon Goddard ‘had a smile that could light up any room’, says her family

Spring show of talent is a hit

THE second annual Keynsham Spring Show has been hailed a success.

The event, organised by Keynsham Town Council, drew lots of visitors to the Scouts’ HQ in Ashton Way on March 23.

The show attracted more than 470 exhibits across seven different categories, including horticulture, cookery, photography, jams, honeys and preserves, art, handicraft, and a large children’s category spanning several age groups.

Alongside the exhibits, the show had plenty of activities for the less competitive, including an Easter bonnet contest judged by Councillor Caitlin Brennan, and a Peter Rabbit meet-and-greet.

There was also a popular pet corner, courtesy of Creature Cuddles Animal Handling, face painting from Jo Jo’s Face Painting, a craft workshop by Keynsham In Bloom, and a dried flower bouquet workshop by The Flower Box, Saltford.

“The day was a great success,” said Katherine Sears, deputy town clerk. “The community support for the event is fantastic, and the quality of the exhibits is a testament to the talented residents who live here. We’re already looking forward to next year’s show.”

The town council is grateful to Crumbs of Keynsham for judging the cookery section and Heavenly Hedgerows for judging the jams, honeys and preserves.

A final thank-you goes to 1st Keynsham Scouts, as well as the official event sponsors: Deli at Keynsham, Redfern Osteopaths, Savour Farmshop & Kitchen, Smart Computers UK Ltd, Wild About Flowers, and Keynsham Wards Solicitors.

l We’ll print a list of winners in our May issue.

April, 2024 18 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email n NEWS
A young visitor to the show goes wild with some face painting Caitlin Brennan models one of the Easter bonnet entries Peter Rabbit pays a visit to the show’s pet corner Cookery entries judged by Crumbs of Keynsham The dried flower bouquet workshop provided by The Flower Box, Keynsham Neal Hatchpictured here with town council chair Hal MacFie - with his trophy for winning best in show in the horticulture category for the second year in a row. Right, his winning entry The winning cake decoration from Jessica Murray The pottery category winner from Liz Rawlings

n BACK TO NATURE Crab apples provide one of nature’s feasts

IT is always a joy to see trees growing new leaves and flowering in early spring. The native crab apple (Malus sylvestris) which blooms in April is no exception.

The trees will be covered in small white flowers with a pink tinge and are a good source of pollen and nectar for insects, particularly early emerging bees.

The mature trees can grow up to 10 metres high with a round canopy, but they are resilient to coppicing (where the tree is cut back to allow regeneration of new stems) so can also be found in hedgerows.

Commercially grown eating and cooking apples are distantly related to the wild crab apple found in Europe but the main ancestor is a wild apple only found in Kyrgyzstan.

These trees have a wide variety of fruit even on a single tree. Over centuries of trade along the Silk Road, apples from this variety were hybridised with those from Siberia and the Caucasus. Today there are an estimated 30,000 varieties of domesticated apples.

Wild crab apple trees used to be dependent on browsing cattle and horses to manage the tree growth and disperse the seeds. But modern grazing and woodland management regimes have removed this way of natural coppicing of trees and seed dispersal.

The result is that many trees which look to be wild are, in fact, descendants of trees grown from the seeds of apples discarded by humans and further hybridised with a wild tree.

An apple seed will not produce a tree that has fruit like the apple it came from because commercially grown apple trees are propagated by creating a new tree from cutting a branch with a bud and grafting onto

a resilient rootstock to ensure that the same fruit is produced. The seeds in the apple will probably have been pollinated by a bee that also visited a wild crab apple, so the new tree growing from seed will be a hybrid and have characteristics of both trees. Each time an apple grows from seed, it will be a hybrid. The only way to be sure if the tree is a true native is by DNA testing.

Wildlife making use of crab apple

trees are not particularly bothered if the tree is a hybrid or not. The trees produce masses of blossom and fruit which, to humans, is unpalatable unless made into a jam; birds and small mammals, even foxes and badgers do not mind the sour taste.

The leaves provide food for many moth caterpillars, including a terrifying sounding, but rather unremarkable, apple leaf skeletoniser, the eyed hawk-moth, green pug, Chinese character and pale tussock.

The limbs of the tree are often gnarled and twisted and make a good home for lichens. It also serves as a host for mistletoe.

There are a huge number of crab apple varieties that are more suited to being grown in small gardens and are equally valuable to pollinating insects. Some can even be grown in containers.

So if you have the room, it is worth investigating which variety would suit your garden, and you could enjoy the blossom as well give pollinating insects a much-needed source of food.

How Peregrines Exploit the Modern Landscape, with Hamish Smith, is the subject of our meeting on Friday April 12.

Involved in several peregrine projects with the BTO, Hawk & Owl Trust and Hawk Conservancy, Hamish will examine the differences and similarities of peregrine behaviour in different environments and consider interpretation of data from dispersing fledgling juveniles. With a healthy urban population of peregrines in both Bristol and Bath, he has much data to draw on for his talk.

Venue: Keynsham Baptist Church Hall, BS31 1DS, starting at 7.30pm

Entrance: Avon Wildlife Trust members £3.50, nonmembers £4.50, to include refreshments served at 7.15pm. All welcome, no booking required.

Also this month, join Dave’s Dawn Chorus on Sunday April 28. Our annual exploration of bird song with chair Dave Sage along the River Avon starts at The Shallows car park, Saltford, BS31 3EX, at 4.30am - yes, that’s right, but the early bird catches the worm!

For more details on our events, visit our website, email keynshamawt@gmail. com or phone Kathy 07850 508702.

April, 2024 19 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email ● Arthritic pain ● Acute & chronic backache ● Neck pain & headaches ● Joint pain ● Tight muscles ● Sciatica ● Back pain during pregnancy ● Repetitive strain injuries 26 Bath Road, Keynsham, BS31 1SN The Clandown Suite, Elm Hayes GP Surgery, Paulton BS39 7SF Daytime and Evening Appointments Available
BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 0117 910 9079 • Local Audiologist • Hearing support • Ear Wax removal • Hearing tests • Free wax checks KEYNSHAM CRICKET CLUB/SALTFORD VILLAGE HALL
Blossom of the wild apple flowering in April Photo: Creative Commons The not-so-scary apple leaf skeletoniser - the caterpillar of this moth eats the upper surface of apple tree leaves, giving a skeleton appearance Photo: Ian Kimber


Your Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate

More Police officers in Avon and Somerset

1,500 newly recruited police officers which has delivered 500 extra officers to our communities.

More rape cases brought to court

3 4 5 6

A 300% increase in rape cases reaching the courts thanks to our radical new approach to investigations called Operation Bluestone –now rolled out nationally.

Increased focus on Rural Crime

Tackling drugs

Holding the Chief Constable to account with monthly live streamed accountability meetings. 1 2

A dedicated rural crime team with increased capacity to help isolated farms and communities.

Top performing constabulary in England for illegal drug disruptions for the last 18 months (as a result of a South West Conservative PCC partnership, Operation Scorpion).

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Over £1m investment in making our streets safer – tackling anti-social behaviour and violence against women and girls, thanks to Safer Streets grants from the government.

Greater Accountability

Manage a multi million-pound police budget

Set local policing priorities

Help deliver the Government’s plan to cut crime

Hold the police to account

record of achievement in Avon & Somerset
EXPERIENCED, LOCAL, WITH A STRONG RECORD OF GETTING THINGS DONE. RE-ELECT MARK SHELFORD AS AVON & SOMERSET PCC ON THE 2ND OF MAY. Police and Crime Commissioner election: Thursday 2nd May How Police & Crime Commissioners can help cut crime… RE-ELECT Mark meets regularly with residents to discuss local crime issues. Promoted by Amy Green, on behalf of Mark Shelford, both of 16 Northgate,Bridgwater, TA6 3EU. Mark Shelford Voice Advert v1.indd 1 14/03/2024 16:22


Greenhill Farm, or Little Lays as it was known until sometime before the Second World War, was situated at the top of Charlton Road beyond Lays Farm.

It was a modest farm of four fields of arable land, bounded by the road on the east and adjoining fields on the west side in Queen Charlton parish.

Research by Margaret Whitehead found it first recorded in 1781, when the land was in the occupation of Lyn (Lyne) Fear and described as “Lyes” with the four fields listed.

Lyne Fear is shown as being of Queen Charlton in 1778, but moved to Keynsham and is described as a yeoman farmer. The land was farmed by the Fear family for many years after this. Along with much more land in this area, it formed part of the Chandos Estate, owned by the Duke of Buckingham until it had to be sold in 1858 due to the bankruptcy of the then duke.

In the 1841 tithe document, there is no reference to a cottage

The rise and fall of Greenhill Farm

or barns with the land, but the 1851 census lists Frederick Fear, described as a maltster, with Eliza his wife and their infant sons living in the vicinity of Charlton Road, so it is quite likely that the cottage had been built by then. It was definitely in existence by 1858.

The reference to a maltster may be linked to the fact that for many years Greenhill Farm was also known as “The Donkey”. This came from the time it sold beer, longremembered after it ceased to do so. It was a useful refreshment stop for donkeys/pack-horses and their drivers bringing coal from Pensford into Keynsham. Apparently, the last occupier to supply beer was Sarah Fear.

For much of the 20th century, the farmer was Albert John Weston, known to everybody as Jackie. He

moved to farm at “Little Lays” prior to 1923 with his wife Edith and died in December 1967 aged 81. Right up to his death, Jackie made all his local journeys by horse and cart and was a familiar sight driving up and down Charlton Road and along the High Street.

We have a description of Greenhill Farm in the 1960s from Julian Arthur, who worked and lived there from 1956. It was a small dairy farm with 16 to 18 Friesian cows producing milk, collected daily in churns by Bristol Dairies, then at Stokes Croft in Bristol.

There was one horse to pull the cart and hay rake. The crops of kale, swedes, turnips and mangolds were all grown for winter feed for the cattle. Vegetables were grown for their own table, and free-range eggs were sold locally.

Only a small amount of fertiliser was used along with manure on the fields. Cattle were not fattened on the farm. Any calves or barren cattle were taken in the cart for sale at Keynsham Market next to the Talbot Inn.

After Jackie’s death, the farmhouse and land, which then totalled 36 acres, were put up for sale by auction in March 1968 at the Lamb & Lark Hotel on the High Street - the established venue for such auctions for more than 200 years.

It was sold in three lots, one of which included the farmhouse. This was stone-built with two rooms plus a kitchen downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs. The buyer did not live in the house and it appears to have fallen into disuse. A few years later it was described as “a sad ruin” and was eventually demolished.

No trace of the farm buildings remains today but they were close to where the bus-shelter opposite Woodpecker Close now stands.

CLARKSON’S INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS LTD “A truly personal and caring service” 489B Bath Road, Saltford 01225 873535 Bath branch: 01225 426822 Frome branch: 01373 463888 April, 2024 21 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email
Greenhill Farmhouse in 1935. Right, Entrance to Greenhill Farm, painted by Claude Gilliard - courtesy of Don Ogg

If grief is a work of love, and love is what creates and sustains the world, grieving is a sacred task.

I IMAGINE lots of you reading this will be experiencing the grief that accompanies loss or bereavement, and I would like to offer some of the things I am finding helpful during my own time of bereavement and which may resonate with you. My thoughts are with you. It is a difficult time, one when we perhaps more easily focus on ourselves and our feelings.

In the big wide world, the Spring Equinox, which is the Pagan festival Ostara, and the Christian festival of Easter, both of which celebrate death and new life, have just passed.

I understand the message that death is necessary for new life but that doesn’t help my heart, which is tender and broken open. Here’s how I’ve been nurturing my tender heart:

I’m learning to forgive myself for the things that I can’t do, people I can’t see or don’t have the resources to phone. I’m learning to lower my expectations of myself. I’m also learning patience with myself and my forgetfulness, and patience with my body, which is tired and

protesting that I’m trying to carry on with life as though things were normal.

People say that grief is an expression of our love of the person or animal we have lost. It can also be an expression of what we regret in our relationship with them and this, too, can require us to be forgiving of ourselves.

I’m really appreciating doing creative things, like cooking or gardening or even playing with a colouring book. I’m loving being in nature, walking the dog and sitting quietly.

Maybe distractions like my phone, internet shopping or being busy, are necessary sometimes, but to heal, I know that I need to experience the full force of my feelings, either by writing them down or with someone who can hold space for me.

I am really valuing support from others, like family, friends and colleagues.

Support can also be found at the Keynsham Bereavement Support group. It meets at Keynsham Baptist Church Hall, High Street,

Keynsham, on the fourth Monday of the month 2pm-4pm and/or the first Wednesday, 5.30pm-7pm. It is free and not churchrelated. You can get more details by emailing or calling 07776493221.

Another source of support is the Good Grief Trust http and love is what creates and sustains the world, grieving is a sacred task. It can be an invitation to grow in kindness and compassion towards ourselves, which will have an impact in our other relationships and in our communities.

‘Come away from the din.

Come away to the quiet fields over which the great sky stretches and where, between us and the stars, There lies that silence, And there in the stillness, let us listen to the voice that is speaking within us.’ Jerome K. Jerome

April, 2024 22 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email
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HOUSING association and housebuilder

Curo has revealed these images of proposals to redevelop Tintagel Close in Keynsham.

Curo’s designs would see every home at the development designated as affordable housing.

Ranging from one to four bedrooms, the 45 homes will either be available through Bath & North East Somerset Council’s lettings system, HomeChoice, for subsidised social rent – typically 40% below the market rate – or sold through Shared Ownership.

Shared Ownership is a part-rent, part-buy scheme in which the deposit is far less than a buyer would need to buy a home on the open market.

Ten of the new homes at Tintagel Close would be available for Shared Ownership.

People interested in Shared Ownership can register their interest and check their eligibility at shared-ownership/buying-options/

Curo is also proposing to improve the

neighbourhood by enhancing the public space. It will also assess the feedback received from a public exhibition about the proposals held last month at the Queens Road Centre.

Subject to planning permission, Curo could start building works in spring next year and complete the development by late 2026.

April, 2024 23 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email n NEWS
Curo’s plan for 45 homes at Tintagel Close IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR THE FLEXIBLE WORKING LEGISLATION UPDATES? Join the Good Employment Charter’s FREE event with Acas to find out what it will mean for you and your employees. 03 April 2024 14:00 - 15:00 Online Scan here to register

Help for groups that benefit our town

Grants Award Scheme

Keynsham Town Council are offering financial support to Community Organisations working for the benefit of Keynsham residents.

Application forms now available:


15-17 Temple Street, BS31 1HF

FOR more than 17 years, Keynsham Town Council’s Grant Award Scheme has supported new events, projects, activities, and items in the town that demonstrate a benefit to the Keynsham area and/or residents.

Since the inception of the Grant Awards Scheme, Keynsham Town Council have contributed over £375,000 in Arts, Environmental and General Grants, with the Grants programme noted as an important financial support for Community Groups in Keynsham.

The Town Council is welcoming applications for financial assistance from properly constituted clubs and societies, voluntary bodies and associations, non-profit making organisations and charitable bodies.

In order to qualify for assistance, applications must demonstrate:

l a direct benefit to the Keynsham Town area, or any part of it, or all or some of its residents.

l that the benefit is in-line with the proposed expenditure.

The maximum Grant payable to any one organisation will be £1,100.

Local groups that are affiliated to regional or


Saturday 22nd June 12:00pm – 4:00pm



Saturday 29th June 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Sunday 14th July 2:00pm – 4:00pm KEY VOICES

Saturday 20th July 2:30-3:30pm


Sunday 30th June 3:00pm – 5:00pm



Sunday 9th June 2:00pm - 4:00pm

KEYNSHAM MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July

Sunday 21st July 2:00pm – 4:00pm CONGRESBURY BRASS

Sunday 28th July 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Saturday 16th June 2:00pm - 4:00pm

13th July

BREN JONES BIG BAND Saturday 3rd August 2:00pm – 4:00pm


2024 Programme Proudly presents Bandstand in the Park Bring a picnic and come enjoy the music! KAIT VOX QUARTET Sunday 14th April 1:00pm – 3:00pm BLACK SHEEP HARMONY Sunday 5th May 2:30pm – 3:30pm CHOIR JAM Sunday 12th May 2:00pm - 3:00pm MARSHFIELD BAND Saturday 18th May 3:00pm – 5:00pm GLASTONBURY BRASS Sunday 19th May 2:00pm – 4:00pm WINTERBOURNE WIND BAND Saturday 25th May 2:00pm – 3:30pm RUBY JAZZ Sunday 26th May 2:00pm – 3:30pm THE WOODS Saturday 1st June 2:00pm – 4:00pm BRISTOL & EAST KINGSWOOD BRASS BAND Sunday 2nd June 3:00pm - 4:45pm PHOENIX KEYNSHAM YOUTH THEATRE Saturday 8th June 2:30pm - 4:00pm MIDSOMER
Sunday 4th August 3:00pm – 5:00pm BRISTOL FASHION CHORUS & GREAT WESTERN CHORUS Saturday 10th August 12:00pm – 2:00pm JELLI RECORDS PRESENTING BRIAN INGLIS, KAYLA KELLY & THE SILVER FOXES Saturday 17th August 3:00pm – 5:00pm WESTON BRASS Sunday 11th August 2:00pm - 4:00pm AVON FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE BAND Sunday 18th August 2:00pm – 4:00pm OLDLAND BRASS Saturday 31st August 2:00pm – 4:00pm BRISTOL CONCERT WIND BAND Sunday 1st September 2:00pm - 4:00pm BRISTOL POPS ORCHESTRA Sunday 8th September 3:00pm – 5:00pm KEYNSHAM LIGHT OPERA GROUP Sunday 15th September 2:30pm – 4:00pm KEYNSHAM BRASS BAND Sunday 29th September 2:00pm – 4:00pm
applications: May
Closing date for


£17,500 for Environmental Projects

Could you be a volunteer?

KEYNSHAM Town Council are officially accepting applications for volunteers for both the numerous community events which run throughout the year as well as to support the Keynsham Youth Service housed in TimeOut on Bath Hill.

As Keynsham continues to expand, additional hands are needed to help run community events such as the Winter Festival and the Spring Show. Volunteering for these events offers a fun and rewarding way to give back to the community and be in the middle of all the action. The level of commitment would be on an ad hoc basis, based on your availability, and timed to the events.

Keynsham Youth Service are also looking for volunteers across several different sectors including Youth Service, Sports and Recreation, the Arts and Music.

Volunteering with the Youth Service enables people interested in the industry long term to explore it as a career choice and also add valuable volunteer work to their CV.

The Youth Service also has an established and growing interest in the Music community in Keynsham with regular ‘Soundwave Gigs’, ‘Battle of the Bands’ and the annual Kaleidoscope Youth Tent at the Keynsham Music Festival. Volunteers would need to commit to a minimum of six months, with weekly time commitments varying based on the role applied for. Applicants will need to be willing to be DBS checked.

Whether you’re interested in volunteering for Keynsham Town Council community events or the Youth Service, a full induction will take place at the Town Council offices. If you are interested in the opportunity, please contact Katherine Sears, Deputy Town Clerk, deputytownclerk@keynsham-tc.


Grant Scheme funding timetable and key dates

1st April 2024 – 30th April 2024: Application packs available.

Friday 10th May 2024: Closing date for applications.

Wednesday 12th June 2024: Applications considered by the Grants Committee.

Thursday 13th June 2024: Applicants are notified of the Town Council’s decisions.

July 2024: Grants Presentation Evening (7.00 p.m. for 7.15 p.m. start) in The Space (above the Library), Keynsham. It is anticipated that the successful applicants or their representatives will attend.

Half of Keynsham businesses that responded to the survey said changes to the layout of the High Street have had a negative impact on footfall

Keynsham Town Council wants to know your views Annual Town Meeting Thursday 18th April | 7.30pm | in The Space. A chance for Keynsham residents to have their say about the issues affecting Keynsham. Guest Speakers : Member of the local neighbourhood Police team Agendas will be available as downloadable copies from write to townclerk@keynsham-tc gov uk All Keynsham residents welcome
addition to
£21,350 set aside each year for general community grants,
Town Council
allocating a further £17,500
support environmental projects that will have a direct benefit to the Keynsham Town area.

Teamwork pays off for pupils

STAFF and students from Broadlands Academy in Keynsham welcomed younger children from nearby Somerdale Primary School for a day of PE enrichment activities.

The Broadlands team hosted 30 Year 5 pupils from Somerdale for an event designed to foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and a sense of camaraderie.

Under the guidance of Broadlands staff, including the spirited participation of Mr McLaughlin, the pupils tackled each challenge with enthusiasm and teamwork.

Activities included ‘Benchball’, where

the aim was to transfer an entire team from one end of the court to the other. Another involved pupils transporting their teams across “shark-infested waters”.

The morning’s activities ended with a basketball competition. While for many this was their first experience playing the game, the Somerdale pupils scored several baskets.

Comments from Somerdale pupils showed how much they appreciated the event.

Eloise said: “The ‘cross the river’ challenge was a bit challenging. We had to use two spots and try to get everyone across, but we

only just got three people over. It was still my favourite bit though!”

Molly said: “I loved the Benchball. It was so much fun. I loved the competition because I am quite competitive, let’s put it that way!”

Will said: “The basketball was great to get the feel of the ball because I had never shot one before.”

James Evans, head of PE at Broadlands Academy and organiser of the event, said: “The event was a resounding success, and one which gave staff and pupils from both schools a real sense of accomplishment and joy.”


Transition Keynsham

Protecting our peatlands

THE National Trust is reducing the use of mushrooms in many of its cafes and restaurants. I was bemused by this, until I learned that most mushrooms for sale in the UK are grown in peat.


With this fact in mind, the NT’s position makes sense, given it was one of the first UK organisations to ban the use and sale of peat as a growing medium in its gardens.

I was astounded to learn that growing mushrooms requires 100,000 cubic metres of peat a year, equivalent to a ninth of all peat extracted in the UK. This matters, because peatland contains so much carbon that it’s sometimes described as ‘the UK’s rainforest’. But when it’s extracted for horticulture, it becomes a carbon emitter – and the depleted peatland left over is also less effective in storing carbon.

So, it’s really important to look after our peatlands, and it’s why the government is committed to restoring 280,000 hectares of peatland in England alone by 2050, to help meet its climate-change goals. The government is also bringing in a ban on using peat in

private gardens and allotments –but not until 2026.

Mushroom businesses are crying outrage at the NT’s decision, but a bunch of growers are already experimenting with alternatives, like coir and grass fibres, with some success.

And it mightn’t be too long before all growers will have to follow suit, because the government recently consulted on phasing out peat use in commercial horticulture by 2028.

The NT’s ban on mushrooms in its cafes won’t on its own do much to protect our precious peat. But it’s raised awareness that mushrooms – and many other vegetables – are grown on peat, and that’s just not sustainable. As more people realise this, demand will grow for peat-free mushrooms, and more innovative growers will work to identify and scale up alternatives.

In the meantime, I don’t think it’s sensible for us all to boycott mushrooms, but perhaps, like with meat, we could decide to eat them a bit less often until a sustainable solution has been found.

April, 2024 26 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email Tickets are £15: 0117 414 4831 Watch Stephanie Beacham’s new film and support Bristol charity BRACE Dementia Research. Sunday 28th April 2.45pm - 5.30pm Bristol’s IMAX Cinema Anchor Road BS1 5TT E X C L U S I V E B R I S T O L S C R E E N I N G
No: 297965

‘Help us to

PEOPLE who have tripped in Keynsham’s “optical illusion” cycle lane are being urged to get in touch with experts at the University of Bristol who are investigating the phenomenon.

Ever since it was installed on the High Street in early 2022, people have been tripping over in the cycle lane, which has a kerb on one side and a white painted line on the other, before another kerb drops down to the road.

The cycle path is compliant with the codes around how they should be designed, but whether it gives people enough visual cues to understand what is under their feet is another matter.

In the summer, professors Ute Leonards (University of Bristol), Nick Scott-Samuel (also Bristol), and Simon Rushton (Cardiff), who are experts in the human visual system, headed to Keynsham after reading the news of the “optical illusion” causing people to trip.

Now they are asking people who have fallen or stumbled to get in touch with them so

they can get enough data to understand the problem — and how to fix it.

Neuropsychology professor Dr Leonards said: “This is an interest from the academic side. We need to find the evidence.”

She has been working with

local councillor Hal McFie (Keynsham East, Liberal Democrats) to get in touch with people who have been caught out by the cycle lane. Now she is asking anyone who has fallen or even just stumbled in the cycle lane to email visionandfalls@ with a contact number and the specific details of where they fell.

People are asked to be as specific as possible about where they tripped, whether on the pavement, cycle lane, or buffer between it and the road; and include which shop they were by when they tripped.

Dr Leonards hopes that their research could lead to a change in the guidance to prevent similar issues happening again.

Bath and North East Somerset Council has decided to change the solid painted line which is the source of some of the confusion to a broken line in the hopes this will solve the crisis.

John Wimperis, Local Democracy Reporting Service

Thieves target motorcycles

AN ORANGE and white KTM

390 Duke motorcycle was stolen from St Clement’s Road, Keynsham, between 1am and 5.30am on Wednesday March 13. The offender entered the back garden through a side gate to get to the bike, which was kept behind the garage. The reference number for this crime is 5224064575.

l A blue BMW S1000 motorcycle was stolen from a garage on Cedar Drive, Keynsham, during the night of Monday March 11. The offenders peeled back part of the roof to enter the garage, and took the bike and other items after pulling the door open from the inside. The reference is 5224063575.

l If you have any information about either of these incidents, especially CCTV images, please call the police on 101, giving reference number, and ask that the call is tagged as NHW. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

April, 2024 27 keynshamvoice Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email In barn storage containers, various sizes Ground level access open 7 days Flexible spaces, also pallet storage, cars, caravans Convenient location in Burnett between Bath and Bristol Great value, friendly service Need more space? M 07526 072 099 E INDOOR SECURE FAMILY RUN LOCAL ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NEWS
investigate falls’


Spring’s Arrival – Don’t Let It Pass

Don’t let it pass unnoticed -

The smell, diversity, even the touch

Of spring’s delicate growth

Don’t let it pass –

Scented sweet air carrying sounds

Sounds of a new life begun

The feel of fresh grassy skirts

Petalled faces of blossoms opening

Greeting life, shoots reaching up

Even a soft spring rain is welcome

A beautiful setting of spring’s birth is like

Stepping inside a diamond, a flawless encounter

Such brilliant hues of colour

Enhanced by towering sheets of sunlight

Don’t let it pass –

Nature in her unpredictable way

Can hold your imagination, perhaps to wonder

The fragile splendour of its exotic growth

How it all comes to life

In plants, animals and birds, rejoice

And with so much, much more to give thanks for Don’t let it pass -

The Arrival of Spring POETRY CORNER

Spring is upon us as we journey on our way. Longer hours of sunshine to appreciate each day.

The trees now in bud, the flowers soon to bloom Will lift us all up from the cold winter gloom.

April showers fall gently, a cleansing new start, Reviving the gardens and gladdening the heart. Bees seeking blossoms, birds nesting anew, The sight of a fox, a squirrel or two.

For Spring is the season of newness for all, As nature awakes pay heed to the call.

And with Easter arriving new life now begins, For Jesus has risen forgiving our sins. With plentiful blessings much joy to be found, Knowing for certain, God is around.

Helping to keep us on the move


WHEN the Ladies Group at Queens Road Methodist Church in Keynsham started in the 1950s, it was under the name of the Young Wives Group.

The passing years and increasing age profile resulted in it becoming the Wives Group and then, to become more inclusive, it changed to its current title of the Ladies Group.

It originally met on a Thursday evening but in the last few years changed to a Tuesday afternoon, which prompted an increase in membership.

It is a group that serves the community, and most of those attending are not church members. There is a planned programme running from September to the end of May,

with the last event being the annual coach trip, usually to a seaside resort.

Guest speakers cover such topics as travel, charity and voluntary work and local community groups. Each year the members pick a charity to support, which normally receives £500-plus, much of which is generated from the ongoing second-hand book stall.

The group meets in the church at Queens Road on alternate Tuesdays, starting at 2.30pm. An annual subscription of £5 is paid at the start of September, with a weekly subscription of £2 to cover refreshments and speakers’ fees.

New members are always welcome, so please phone the church office on 0117 9149408 to check meeting dates.

April, 2024 28 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email
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Church group still young at heart
KEYNSHAM & District Dial-a-Ride has been presented with a cheque for £500 on behalf of Freemasons Priory Lodge 6913. The presentation was made to Julie and Terry Hopkins, of the Dial-a-Ride, by George Pittaway, Paul Marshall, Lee Brimble. Dial-a-Ride will put the £500 towards the cost of replacing one of its older vehicles.

Recycling hub is ready for the future

KEYNSHAM Recycling Hub has been officially opened.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has invested £41.8 million in the facility in World’s End Lane.

The first phase - a household waste, reuse and recycling centre - opened in April 2023, and construction was recently completed on the final phase - an operational hub to deliver recycling and waste collections, and vehicle servicing.

The new operational hub has consolidated the council’s operational facilities from three sites across the B&NES area.

It is a central depot for more than 100 recycling and refuse collection vehicles, and more than 200 operations and support staff are now based on site.

The new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) boasts the latest sorting and baling equipment and the vast wooden-roofed salt and gritting barn will ensure easy access and winter gritting to the A4 and adjacent roads.

In line with the council’s climate and ecological emergency declarations, the scheme has sustainability measures including a 3800m2 (783KWp) solar PV array on top of the buildings and rainwater harvesting, which collects water from rooftops to be stored underground for washing vehicles and watering plant.

Councillor Tim Ball, cabinet member for neighbourhood services, and Councillor Sarah Moore, council chair, officially opened the site.

Councillor Ball said: “The

investment in construction of the purpose-built modern Keynsham Recycling Hub and the consolidation of collections, disposal and recycling processing operations will help to reduce general waste and operational costs and ensure the service can meet current pressure and future demand from an increasing population.”

Councillor Moore said: “This has been a huge project and it is exciting to declare this new modern facility officially open.”

Green councillor Sam

Ross also attended the official opening, and Green councillors Joanna Wright and Saskia Heijltjes toured the facility.

Councillor Wright said: “It’s inspiring to witness such dedication to sustainability and efficiency in our community.”

The MOT and servicing centre for council vehicles and public and commercial vehicles offers MOT testing for cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, minibuses, HGVs and vans.

It is open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6pm. Requests for MOT bookings can be made on the council website, by contacting Transport Services directly by email mot_ or by calling 01225 477314.

The reuse shop, which offers secondhand items for sale, is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 3.30pm and Saturday 9.30am to 3pm. More information can be found on the council website

Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email 29 keynshamvoice April, 2024 Loft Boarding & Insulation USE YOUR LOFT SPACE is the reliable, affordable and trusted local company for all your loft boarding, and loft insulation requirements 0117 2980810 INFO@USEYOURLOFTSPACE.CO.UK Meet with one of our qualified estate planning consultants to discuss your needs. Protect your family's inheritance Single & joint Wills from £99.00 *Including VAT Call us today on 0117 952 0698 or email Home visits or online appointments are available. NEWS
B&NES Council leader Kevin Guy (left), council chair Sarah Moore and cabinet councillor Tim Ball at the official opening of Keynsham Recycling Hub

Triangle is shaping up for spring

KEYNSHAM In Bloom volunteers had a busy time preparing for the town’s Spring Show on March 23 in anticipation of an exciting and successful event.

Once again Keynsham railway station has been judged to be worthy of a Bronze Award by GWR due to the leadership of Mary Maule and a hardworking group of KIB volunteers. The award was presented in Swansea, and l was privileged to be involved with Mary. Bravo!

Work on the Pocket Park continues and the spring flowers are looking lovely.

Please pay this quiet part of Keynsham a visit and enjoy the sight and smell of springtime. It’s a great place to eat your lunch and let the world go by.

Our exciting Triangle flowerbed project in the High Street is progressing well. Topsoil has been added, together with slow-release fertiliser, and we start planting and spreading wildflower seeds on Saturday April 6 at 9am.

This is the beginning of a long-term project which, with the help of Keynsham folk, will improve the look of the High Street,

Laying topsoil at the Triangle in the High Street. Right, ladybirds on a shrub

insect life and our mental wellbeing. If you would like to be involved in Keynsham In Bloom as a volunteer, please contact myself at or Dawn Drury at If email is not your thing, just pop into the council office at Temple Street and leave your contact details with reception.

The Crown flowerbed in the Memorial Park


has been tended by Lin and is looking lovely. The alpine containers outside the Chandag Road shops, Queens Road and Holmoak shops are also bursting into flower. Let’s keep our town looking pretty.

Whatever you are doing this Easter, please enjoy your long weekend. Keep safe and keep gardening.

Charity film screening to boost dementia research

Stephanie Beacham as Peg with Eloise Smyth, who plays her granddaughter Chloe, in a scene from Grey Matter

Stephanie plays a grandmother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the film explores the effect this has on her family. Grey Matter will have a one-off screening on Sunday April 28 to raise funds for BRACE Dementia Research, a charity based at Southmead Hospital.

Stephanie said: “Having witnessed my father’s descent into Alzheimer’s, this film is very personal to me. Please support BRACE Dementia Research, visit their website, sign up to their emails and watch the film. Together we can defeat dementia.”

The screening at Bristol IMAX (next to the aquarium) starts at 3pm. Tickets are £15, including refreshments, and all proceeds go towards local dementia research. The film is rated 12A.

To find out more about the charity and to book tickets, visit www.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email April, 2024 30 keynshamvoice 07958 934903 All domestic plumbing and heating work carried out Landlord certificates Gas safety checks Boiler servicing Over 20 years’ experience Friendly no obligation quote n KEYNSHAM IN BLOOM
A NEW feature film starring Stephanie Beacham is to be shown in Bristol to raise money for local dementia support.

VOLUNTEERS from Compton Dando and surrounding villages joined forces to pick litter in local lanes.

Organiser Sarah Wilson said of the annual event: “We had a fabulous turnout and we were joined by around 20 people.

“We found the usual suspectsbottles, cans, poo bags (often left hanging in the hedgerow), wrappers, car parts and lots of hub caps.”

“We were also helped again by the wonderful B&NES cleansing team

- Barry and Lauren - who arranged for the team to pick up all the bags of litter and detritus we had collected, as well as retrieving a large quantity of black bags we could not reach as they had been thrown in the middle of the hedge.”

“Our beautiful lanes were once again litter free, and again this year we collected less rubbish, mainly because so many villagers pick up litter throughout the year while out walking.”

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Volunteers gather in front of Simon Kinnersley’s tractor before they set off. Far left, young Cora is eager to get going with her family
Litter team ready to roll
Photos: Ros Anstey


Monday April 8

n Messy Church at Keynsham Methodist Church, Queens Road, BS31 2NN, 2pm-4pm, with our usual mix of craft activities, Bible story, songs, food and fun. ‘Easter’ is our theme for this month. Please book your place (to help us with catering) with the church office on 0117 914 9408 or bookings@

Thursday April 11

n Coffee and Welsh conversation, Burdall’s Yard, London Road, Bath, 3pm-4.30pm. April 11, May 9, June 13. Free. Call Catherine on 07941669925 for information.

Friday April 12

n “How Peregrines Exploit the Modern Landscape” wildlife talk. Keynsham Baptist Church Hall, BS31 1DS, 7.30pm. Avon Wildlife Trust members £3.50, non-members £4.50, to include refreshments served at 7.15pm. All welcome, no booking required.

Tuesday April 16

n Coffee and Welsh conversation, Keynsham Courtyard pub, 7pm-8.30pm. April 16, May 21, June 18. Free. Call Catherine on 07941669925 for information.

Friday April 19

n The second annual Cancer Research UK coffee morning for Daniel’s Giving Page will be held at Keynsham Cricket Club on Friday April 19, 10am-12 noon. The cricket club are providing the venue free of charge, which the organisers are grateful for.

Sat April 20-Sun April 21

nAbseil weekend at St John’s St John’s Church and Mencap. Refreshments, stalls and family fun. Spring raffle drawn by local school children on 21st. Free admission. More details from https://www.keynshamparish.

Sunday April 28

n Dave’s Dawn Chorus. Meet at The Shallows car park, Saltford, BS31 3EX, at 4.30am for a walk exploring the wonders of bird song. For more information, call Dave 07899 716068.

Saturday May 11

n RUHX Walk for Life to raise money for Royal United Hospitals Bath. The event offers a 10-mile and marathon 26.2-mile option along the Kennet & Avon Canal.

n Keynsham Brass Band, Broadlands School, St Francis Road, Keynsham, 7.30pm to 9.30pm term time. Trombonists particularly needed for traditional brass band. Friendly, relaxed group who play at summer fetes in Keynsham Memorial Park and a few concerts. Please call Sarah Medley on 0117 4625626 or email, or see the Facebook page or webpage (Keynsham Brass Band).


n Yoga For Men

Monday 7-8pm, mixed ability, St John’s Church of England School, BS31 2NB

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm, mixed ability, Two Rivers School, Hygge Park, BS31 1GE

Free 1st class, £8 thereafter. Loyalty card. Book online at

Adult tickets £20, children £8. Register your place at https://ruhx.

n Saltford Bridge Club Would you like to bring your bridge up to date? Lessons, with assisted play, in a friendly setting at Saltford Golf Club with bar and easy parking. Date and time to be announced. Further information from or contact Val on 07989 775780.



n Tai Chi Shibashi 11am-12 noon. Gentle flowing movements for physical health and emotional wellbeing. Easy to learn and a joy to do. All ages and abilities. Saltford Hall BS31 1DS. Contact Ruth on or 07912 077458.

n Saltford Whist Club, Saltford Hall. Monday afternoons 1.30pm-4pm. Contact Malcolm 01225 872555.

n Keynsham Bridge Club can now welcome new experienced players to our Monday evening sessions. Contact Pat 01275 835583 or Diane 0117 9861267.

n The Royal British Legion Women’s Section Keynsham Branch meets on the first Monday of each month upstairs at the RBL Club, Charlton Road, Keynsham, BS31 2JA, 7.30pm. Occasional speakers, social events and outings.

n Key Voices Community Choir meets Mondays at 7.30pm at St. Dunstan’s Church Hall, BS31 2BQ (or third Monday of month at Royal British Legion). We sing a wide range of music, with occasional performances and social events. We are a friendly non-auditioned choir, all are welcome. First session free to newcomers.

n CPK Badminton Club is a friendly but competitive club playing at Keynsham Leisure Centre, Mondays 7.30-9.30pm. Match night Fridays. Ideal for existing and potential league players, or those looking to improve their badminton. Email

Mondays/ Tues/ Weds/ Thurs

n Beginners Pilates & Yoga for over 50s Pilates: Mondays 5.45pm, Tuesdays 9.30am,10.30am & Wednesday 9.30am. Yoga: Tuesdays 11.30am, Thursday 5.30pm & 7pm. Are you fed up with your aching body? Do you feel you should make an effort to move or do some type of exercise but never get around to it? Imagine waking up each morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day. Don’t let your stiffness and aches hold you back any longer. Join our friendly class today on Keynsham High Street and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you. Contact Sandhya to book 07565 976 129. Or visit

Mondays/ Weds/ Thursdays

n The Victoria Centre of the Methodist Church in Keynsham High Street is open from 10am to 12pm for coffee, biscuits and a chat. A great place to meet people, so pop in - you will be most welcome.


n Butterflies Haven, charity for families of children with autism, sessions Mondays 7pm-8pm for ages 11-18 and Fridays 5.45pm6.45pm or 7pm-8pm for ages 4-11, at St Francis Church, Warwick Road, Keynsham, BS31 2PW. A safe place for children to be themselves, supported by volunteers. Sessions must be booked in advance. For more information, email


n Indoor rowing exercise classes, Mon 7pm, Fri 5pm and Sun

10.15am, Saltford Rowing Centre, Bath Road, BS31 3JS. Go Row Indoor caters for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Classes last 45 minutes using rowing machines. First class is free, then £5 (or £18pm). Email gorowindoor@ to book. More details at http://


n Keynsham Girls’ Brigade for girls aged 4 to 15 meet during term time from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Key Centre, Charlton Road, Keynsham. For more information, contact Linda on

n Badminton - friendly, beginners and improvers, mixed, adult (18 - 80!) group play every Tuesday 10am-12 noon at Keynsham Leisure Centre. Ring Clive 0117 9866793 or just turn up.

n St Keyna Townswomen’s Guild meets at the Fear Hall, Keynsham, from 10am to 12pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

n Keynsham Sequence Dance Club, 7.30pm-10pm, Fear Hall, Keynsham, every Tuesday. Contact Brian and Jo, Keynsham Sequence Dance Club, on 0117 9868540, or just turn up. Everyone welcome.

April, 2024 32 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email
We would love to publicise your event Send details of your events and activities in the following format: WHAT IT IS WHERE IT IS WHEN IT IS Email us at: or call us on 0117 908 2121/ 07715 770448



n Keynsham’s popular Good Afternoon Community Choir from 2pm-4pm at Keynsham Methodist Church / Victoria Centre. NO auditions and NO charge to attend your first ‘meet us’ rehearsal. Everyone welcome

n Oldland Ukulele Club is a mixedability group who meet every Wednesday at 1.30pm at Oldland Common United Reformed Church (the blue church), High Street, Oldland Common, BS30 9QN. All abilities welcomed to this friendly club. Places are £4 each. Call/text ‘Ukulele’ Ben on 07910 668258.


n Walking Tennis coached sessions at Saltford Tennis Club. Wednesday 10am for 45 minutes for the active and Thursday 10.45am for People with Parkinson’s. Cost £5 per session. Racquets and balls provided and stay on for a cuppa and chat afterwards. if you are interested do come along to a session.


n ASP Poetry Circle, free entry, every third Thursday of each month, 11am-12pm, Keynsham Library, upstairs balcony, diagonally across from table in corner, by the window. Bring two or three poems, own or another poet’s, to share. https://

n Midweek worship at the Keynsham Methodist Church coffee morning (Victoria Centre, BS31 2JA). Join us for a relaxed short service at 11am. Take a short break from your hectic day and enjoy the informal atmosphere. All welcome.

n Saltford Sewing Group - a group for clothes sewers. Novice to expert, all ages, all genders. This is a group of interested people, sharing knowledge, skills, and ideas. Tuition as needed. Meet on Thursday afternoons 1.30pm4.30pm at Saltford Golf Club each week. Please contact June at 01225 872304.

n Keynsham & Saltford Dementia Action Alliance runs Music for the Mind sessions for people living with dementia and their carers. St Dunstan’s Church Hall, Keynsham, 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, 10.30am-12.15pm. Singing and gentle exercises from 11am. No charge. www.keynshamdaa., or 07392442966.

n Longwell Green Orchestra meet each Thursday at Longwell Green Community Centre, 7.30pm to 9.40pm. We have players of all abilities. Email Contact@ or 07972 844073 beforehand to tell us what instrument and what level.

n Mat Pilates Classes

Taught by Physiotherapist Kate

Thurs 7-7.55pm (intermediate)

Thurs 8-8.55pm (beginners)

St Francis Church, Warwick Rd, Keynsham. 6 week block of classes £54. You are welcome to do a trial class first £10. 1:1 sessions also available at my studio in Saltford.

Book online or by contacting Kate - 07454 047536,


n NEW Pilates Class

Fridays 10.30am

St Francis Church Hall, Warwick Rd, Keynsham. Mixed ability level, beginners welcome.

6 week block of classes £54. Trial class £10.

Book online or by contacting Kate 07454 047536

n Cafe Plus at Keynsham Methodist Church (Queens Road, BS31 2NN) during term time. Come and share breakfast, chat and a place to chill and relax, from 8.45am.


n Volunteers at Keynsham Repair Cafe – a free monthly repair event, with a café, at Keynsham Baptist Church on the High Street – help to fix your everyday household things like toasters and lamps, sew a button onto a jacket, glue a handle back onto a mug, as well as more unusual items. Every second Saturday (same as Keynsham Farmers Market), 10am– 12pm. Website keynshamrepaircafe.

n Keynsham Sequence Dance Club Monthly Dance, 7.30pm to 10.30pm, Fear Hall, Keynsham, third Saturday of the month. Contact Brian and Jo, Keynsham Sequence Dance Club, on 01179868540 or just turn up. Refreshments (coffee/tea and biscuits), £5 each.


n Keynsham Kings Flag American Football. Do you fancy trying out a new sport? Do you love the NFL? Flag American football is taking the UK by storm as a fastpaced, non-contact version of American football. Training: Sundays 10.30am-1pm, Manor Road Playing Fields. Mixed sport - anyone 16 yearsplus welcome. No previous experience needed. Contact us for more info on the Keynsham Kings Facebook or Instagram pages.

Cam Valley Arts show

THE Cam Valley Arts spring exhibition and sale will take place on Saturday April 6.

The event, involving more than 20 artists on the day, will be held at the Conygre Hall in North Road, Timsbury, from 11am to 5pm. Visitors will be able to meet all the artists, see how they create their work, and buy their work.

Four of the artists are offering free demonstrations of how they create elements of their work, and there will also be a taster sketching workshop.

Entry is free, and refreshments will be available. More details of the event and information about Cam Valley Arts can be found at www., on Facebook @camvalleyarts, and Instagram @camvalleyartstrail


Green upgrade welcomed

1st Saltford Scouts have completed a significant upgrade to their building to make it more green and environmentally friendly.

The project included three components – the installation of internal roof insulation on the ceiling of the main hall to reduce heat loss; the installation of a solar thermal air collector to provide a base level of solar heating; and the upgrade of all strip lighting to LED tubes.

This would not have been possible without a green business grant from the West of England Combined Authority, which funded 40% of the work. The project aims to greatly reduced energy consumption, which is good for

the environment and should cut heating and lighting bills.

Matt Young, lead support volunteer, said: “The lasting environmental and financial benefits resulting from the project will be seen for many years to come, and we are very appreciative.”

Green business grants and carbon surveys are still available for small/medium businesses and registered charities to apply for. Email lowcarbonbusiness@ or call 0117 332 1520 for more information. If you would like to experience fun volunteering with our Scouts, please call Tina Curtis on 07720 353701.

keynshamvoice April, 2024 33 Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email

Do we really need so many bollards?

I wholeheartedly agree with Sharon Cove’s summary of what Keynsham High Street has become (Letters, March issue).

She is right about Street, and I would put forward the example of Romsey. Millions of pounds have been spent ‘improving’’ Keynsham High Street and Temple Street whilst, effectively, turning them into a wasteland.

I’m also beginning to wonder whether somebody in BANES has some form of weird sexual anxiety syndrome, since there are in excess of 100 bollards in Keynsham High Street!

I was recently in James Street West, Bath, where I noticed that more than 60 new bollards have been installed in a short section of that road. How is this necessarythey were only about 1.5m apart!!

I appreciate that there is, of course, a need for bollards in certain situations, but why so many in Keynsham High Street? I include this photo of the James Street West bollards (above right) to illustrate my point.

Sharon Cove refers to the ‘elegant lamp post with flower baskets’. Keynsham has utilitarian street lighting with a total absence of any design.

Why cannot BANES procure some replicas of the wonderful street lamp in the traffic island in front of Keynsham Church, and place these along the High Street, perhaps on the dividing line between the cycle track and the road?

These would not be a danger to traffic due to the slow speed of

it in the High Street. They could be decorated with hanging baskets in the way Ms Cove mentions. Being cast-iron, these lamps would last far in excess of a hundred years, and not need replacing like the rubbish installed now.

Bins ... why are these ‘compactor bins’ in the High Street? Yes, they might be a good idea, but only if they are regularly maintained and cleaned, which they aren’t. At the moment they are disgusting eyesores.

Maybe BANES could actually ask the people what they’d like to see in the High Street, and allow us to choose, from a selection of street furniture, etc, what WE want our High Street to look like. We need our High Street to have character.

And cannot BANES encourage the redevelopment of some of those High Street shops that are located in buildings constructed during the hideous building boom of the 1960s and 70s? The Poundland/Peacocks building and the Iceland supermarket are prime examples. We need to try and return Keynsham High Street to a town worth visiting, with attractive buildings and a variety of vibrant independent shops.

He said: “The

Finally, well done to those volunteers who try to improve our environment by planting flowers for us in the few spots allowed by BANES.

Cycle menace

As a motorist, I am conscious of the vulnerability of cyclists and always give them at least 1.5 metres of room when overtaking them. However, every morning around 8am, I walk up Bath Hill to Sainsburys to buy a newspaper, and more and more often cyclists rush past me extremely close from behind.

I find this quite intimidating as they are silent and I really do fear for my safety. This often happens on the wide part of the pavement near the Civic Centre and they are completely ignoring the designated cycle lane!

Of course, it is illegal for them to be on the pavement anyway, and as many of them are of school age, it might be useful for schools to educate them on this matter.

Increasing sums of money is being spent on provision for cyclists, which is worthy, but in turn cyclists need to be courteous to pedestrians.

Road to success

I just wanted to congratulate BANES Council and its contractors for completing recent resurfacing works in Keynsham. Well planned and organised, completed on time. Well done. Bath Hill and the bridge, next please. Making all journeys through the town smooth and welcoming.

Memorial Park duck pond. It is smaller than a moorhen”.

Meanwhile, the photo of a robin on the right was taken by Tony Kirby in his wildlife garden. Our thanks to Andrew and Tony for sharing their photos with us.

Abseilers wanted at St John’s

ABSEILERS will take the plunge

100 feet down from the tower of St John’s Church in Keynsham.

The event is part of a family fun weekend, run by St John’s and Keynsham and District Mencap Society, on Saturday April 20 and Sunday April 21.

Mencap is appealing for more abseilers to come forward to raise money for the charity.

Fundraiser Clare Anderson said: “Although Saturday is fully booked, we have a few spaces on Sunday.”

To register for the abseil, visit or the K&DMS Facebook page. The registration fee is £25, with a fundraising target of £100, and the minimum age is nine.

The weekend will also include fun activities in the churchyard and hall. On the Sunday, local school children will draw the winning tickets for a raffle aid of new heating at the church.

The church aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, so it is researching electric options that will cost a six-figure sum.

Tickets for the fun weekend are available from the parish office, 10am-12pm, Monday to Friday. Raffle prizes include a family weekend in Pembrokeshire, with a chance to see puffins. For more details, visit https://www.


Scenes from Keynsham life

Clouds looking like sleeping elephants; a backdrop of glittering, orange sky. An enchanting painting on the wall of a local takeaway. Quite magical – to go out for milk, and encounter Fairyland just around the corner. It seemed to swirl free of the brickwork as I passed.

Into the shop, pick up the milk. ‘Hello.’


‘£3.20 for two… Goodbye.’


Incredibly, on the way back, I saw ‘5*’ clearly written in the sky… in orange. Then the 5 detached itself from the * and they drifted away into the blue; a pair of balloons.

April, 2024 34 keynshamvoice To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email n
Letters for publication can be sent to or by post to Letters, Keynshamvoice, 16 Ashmead Business Centre, Ashmead Road, Keynsham, BS31 1SX. The editor reserves the right to edit your letter.
The photo on the left - of a water rail in Keynsham Memorial Park – has been sent to us by Voice reader Andrew Harrison. water rail is a bird more often heard (squealing like a pig) than seen. In recent weeks, a water rail has been sighted in the

Adult Non-Fiction

Masquerade: The Lives of Noel Coward

Oliver Soden

This is a fascinating biography of one of Britain’s most famous playwrights and actors, and a general wit. It was also the basis of a documentary on BBC2 last Christmas.

Having been born in relative poverty, Coward worked in regional theatre and started producing his own plays. His first limited success was The Vortex, followed by Private Lives, Hay Fever and Blithe Spirit.

He moved in famous circles, from royalty to Hollywood, and became to be know as “the master”. I was especially intrigued by his war work in the 1940s.

This book is extremely well researched, touching on his most intimate relationships, and his later career in Las Vegas – the quintessential Englishman. A sparkling, story-packed life.

Adult Fiction


Rory Clements

This was a welcome recommendation from my husband. Rory Clements is well known for his books set in the 16th century, but this novel and the next two are set in the 1930s.

The story starts in Berlin, where a young Englishwoman evades the Gestapo to deliver vital papers to a

poignant, funny and romantic “friendship” of Emma and Dexter. They meet at university and decide to reunite every year on 15th July –St Swithin’s Day.

Jewish scientist. Following her return to England, she is found dead. Meanwhile, in an exclusive London club, a conspiracy is launched that threatens the very heart of government. A well-connected couple with fascist leanings are found murdered, so it falls to Thomas Wilde, a Cambridge professor, to follow the clues which take him, and his neighbour Lydia, into a murky world of espionage.

The story is pacey, with brilliant characters - I particular like the hero, Thomas Wilde, who appears to be a dusty academic but is not all that he seems. There are excellent historical details from the Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany and the Abdication crisis. I really enjoyed this book.

One Day



After the highly successful TV version of One Day, why not read the book?

Follow the

Their story twists and turns around relationships with other people and the up and downs of life until the devastating ending. It remains a very popular book and a great read.

Children’s Fiction Never Say

Whatever Again

Maz Evans

This is book two of a great series. So meet Viv – she saves the world, she is a spy! However, she is failing at the top spy school, Rummington Hall, where the motto is “Failure is Not an Option”.

To make the situation worse, her step-brother, Russell, is a top student, but then Viv realises that the evil Umbra is still at large.

Join Viv in this funny, pacey story as she tries to thwart her arch enemy, avoid being expelled from school and keep her parents happy. Wild

Ele Fountain

From the prize-winning author, Ele Fountain, comes a gripping rainforest adventure. Jack craves adventure and this means he gets into trouble at school.

His mum is always busy at work, but as she gets more concerned about Jack, she makes a surprising

suggestion - that he join her on her next trip into the rainforest.

Jack, of course, agrees but this is no easy holiday.

The trip descends into danger for Jack and his mum as they are plunged deep into the rainforest. Jack feels this is not the adventure he craved, and thoughts of late dad resurface. This book is aimed at 9 to 12-yearolds and addresses some poignant themes.

Library news

Thursday at 11am is Storytime at Keynsham Library – term time only and for children up to four years old. Come along with a cushion and listen to fantastic new stories.

There’s always so much going on in our libraries, and it’s all free, so drop in and see what’s on offer. For families with children, sing along at Baby Bounce and Rhyme, or get comfy whilst listening to stories at our ever-popular Storytime.

For adults, we’ve got book clubs, writing classes, and much more throughout the year. Joining the library costs nothing, so pop in or visit to also access thousands of e-books, e-magazines, audiobooks, and a wealth of other resources.

Our ‘virtual library’ has loads going on, including the latest library news, competitions, book reviews and digital offers. Search ‘Bath and North East Somerset Libraries’ on social media or visit

Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email 0117 986 3504 16 High Street Jessica Williams Your local Family Law and Divorce legal Specialist in Keynsham 35 keynshamvoice April, 2024 Steve Bellamy Car pets •Home selection carpet and vinyl’s •Huge selection of carpets and vinyl chosen in the comfort of your own home •Free quotations without obligation to purchase •No pressure selling •Professional service established for over 30 years •All inclusive prices, no hidden extras, the price quoted is the price you pay Tel: 07860 441776 or 0117 2565994 LOW OVERHEADS = LOWER PRICES We will better any like for like all inclusive quote Steve Bellamy Car pets •Home selection carpet and vinyl’s •Huge selection of carpets and vinyl chosen in the comfort of your own home •Free quotations without obligation to purchase •No pressure selling •Professional service established for over 30 years •All inclusive prices, no hidden extras, the price quoted is the price you pay Tel: 07860 441776 or 0117 2565994 LOW OVERHEADS = LOWER PRICES We will better any like like all inclusive quote Steve Bellamy Car pets •Home selection carpet and vinyl’s •Huge selection of carpets and vinyl chosen in the comfort of your own home •Free quotations without obligation to purchase •No pressure selling •Professional service established for over 30 years •All inclusive prices, hidden extras, the price quoted is price you pay Tel: 07860 441776 or 0117 2565994 LOW OVERHEADS = LOWER PRICES We will better any like for like all inclusive quote
with Judith Thomas from Keynsham Library

£4,500 for heart charity

A COFFEE morning at Saltford Golf Club has raised more than £4,500 for Cardiac Arrest in the Young (CRY) - the charity the club is supporting during 2024.

The event, organised by the club’s ladies’ section, attracted more than 200 people.

Prizes were donated by Eveleighs, Davies & Way, Laviano’s restaurant in Keynsham, Golden Moments Saltford, Haywards at the Grasmere, Perfect Fit lingerie, Pure Beauty, Sue Hall Haines, Avon Valley Country Park, Clarkson’s funeral directors, and Gregory’s estate agents.

The proceeds will help to fund the next heart screening event for local young people at Wellsway School in Keynsham.

The screening programme was set up via the Jack Boulton Memorial Fund, which was created in Jack’s memory

following his sudden death in 2009 at the age of just 17.

The memorial fund is part of CRY, and Jack’s mum June is Saltford Golf Club’s ladies’ captain this year. She is pictured with her husband Dave.

For more information about CRY, and to donate, visit https://

Mum’s skydive for trust

A KEYNSHAM mum is to take part in a tandem skydive to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Lisa Coles said the charity is very close to her heart as her daughter Siobhan, aged 25, has the disease and is an ambassador for the trust.

Lisa, who lives at Bilbie Green, said the charity relies solely on public donations.

“We are desperate for the trust to find and research the next medical breakthrough that could help change and save Siobhan’s life, as unfortunately she is currently in the small 10% minority of cystic fibrosis individuals without eligibility to life-saving treatments that could change hers and others lives with cystic fibrosis for the better.”

Cystic fibrosis affects the lungs and digestive system, causing thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, airways and stomach lining. This can lead to chronic lung infections and weight loss due to malabsorption of key nutrients.

“This disease does not just affect the person living with the condition but families too.

“We don’t want to be living in this constant fear over our daughter’s life, so we need your help today.”

Lisa will take part in the skydive on Saturday May 25 at Salisbury Sky Dive Centre.

To find her Just Giving page, visit and search for ‘Lisa’s fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Trust’.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715770448 Email April, 2024 36 keynshamvoice NEWS
Residential Property and Management Specialists BRITISH PROPERTY AWARDS 2023-2024 GOLD WINNER FOR LETTING IN BRISTOL (BS30-31) TOP TEAM Providing a service, you deserve at a fee you can afford. Call into the office any time to speak Peter or Paul for friendly advice or valuation. 44 Bath Hill, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1HG 0117 9860 444 E:
Lisa Coles and her daughter Siobhan, an ambassador for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Uplands Road



The property comprises a large individual detached house dating from the 1930s which is available to the open market following 60 years in the same ownership.

This much-loved family home is situated in one of Saltford’s most sought-after positions on the eastern side of Uplands Road. It lies within a level plot extending to just over a quarter of an acre which enjoys outstanding views to the rear along the valley of the River Avon towards Kelston Roundhill and surrounding countryside.

The property was extended many years ago and offers good-sized, well-configured accommodation which has scope for general updating and modernisation, with the potential to create a superb “forever” family home.

Arrange your viewing with Davies & Way on 01225 400400.



Should you need to store items, Wild & Lye Removals are able to offer you a variety of Secure & Confidential storage facilities to suit your household or commercial storage requirements, from single boxes to entire households or office contents. Whilst your goods are in storage, they are placed in our secure and alarmed warehouse .

We offer this service at great prices, Our friendly, trustworthy and professional staff will surely be able to cater to your every need.

Packing materials available for purchase prices available on request

Please call to discuss your requirements and competitive rates



Wild and Lye comprises of a team of fully trained moving staff who are at hand to make sure that your move goes without a hitch. We have many years experience in the removal business and pride ourselves in offering a fantastic service to every client. Our professional removals team will take care of your every requirement from securely packing your goods, transporting your items to the required destination and then delicately unpacking all your valuables at your desired location.

Unit 5 Ashmead Park, Ashmead Road, Keynsham, BS31 1SX

Telephone: 0117 986 2545


Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email keynshamvoice April, 2024 37 PROPERTY

Saltford: 01225 360360

Keynsham: 0117 904 9000


Waveney Road - £425,000 OIEO

A 3 bedroom semi detached property situated in the well regarded Wellsway School catchment area, benefitting from a south facing rear garden, off street parking and garage.


Mells Close - £425,000 OIRO

An extended link detached property with 3 double bedrooms, en-suite facilities, open plan kitchen dining room, separate utility room, south facing garden and driveway.


Bath Road - £450,000

A substantial semi detached home with 3 double bedrooms, en-suite facilities, a good sized garage at the bottom of the garden and off street parking.

Deveron Grove - £320,000 OIRO

An end of terrace, 3 bedroom home located close to open countryside and local amenities, with a southerly facing rear garden, double glazing and gas central heating.


Hercules Way - £280,000 OIRO

No onward sales chain, this 2 bed is ideal for first time buyers and investors, benefits include off street parking, open plan living and an enclosed rear garden.



Homefield Road - £1,200,000 OIRO

An exceptional detached property located on one of Saltford’s most sought after roads in the old village, on a generous plot with views towards Kelston Roundhill.



Young first team deep in relegation fight

THE Ks’ young first team have slipped back in the last month as they battle to stay clear of the relegation places in the Toolstation Western League Division One.

They find themselves back deep in trouble after away defeats at Bitton and Hengrove Athletic.

The Bitton game saw a first Ks goal for Jack Weaver, but a late winner for the home side gave them a 2-1 victory. However, the 4-0 defeat at Hengrove in midMarch was one of the lads’ worst performances of the season, with only nine games remaining to get the 10 or 11 points probably required to guarantee safety.

As far as manager James Tooze and the Ks reserve team are concerned, they have played 10 games in under two months and James has almost single-handedly guided the lads to a comfortable mid-table position.

The reserve team in any club often gets overlooked, and both James and the players deserve a huge amount of credit for battling

There’s still plenty of football for both the men’s and ladies’ sections to look forward to at Crown Fields over the next few weeks:

Easter Monday April 1: Men’s first team v Bristol Telephones, 3pm

Sunday April 7: Ladies first team v Exeter City, 2pm

Tuesday April 9: Men’s reserves v Wrington Redhill, 7.45pm

Saturday April 13: Men’s first team v Middlezoy Rovers, 3pm

Sunday April 14: Ladies first team v Abingdon United, 2pm

Saturday April 20: Men’s reserves v Wells City Reserves, 3pm

Saturday April 27: Men’s first team v Wincanton Town, 3pm

Sunday May 5: Ladies first team v Bridgwater United, 2pm

Even if you can’t make it in person, don’t forget to keep up to date with the Ks’ fortunes in next month’s Keynsham Voice.

through this season with a small squad and countless injuries.

The ladies’ first team have continued their improvement this season and were sitting in fourth place in the FA Women’s South West Division One going into the last couple of months of the season. They have also made it through to the Somerset Women’s County Cup Final, where they will meet Yeovil Town Women at Paulton Rovers FC on Thursday


Julie’s seaside triumph

THE bowlers at Keynsham have been polishing their woods and checking their kit bags to ensure they are ready for the opening of the green in mid-April.

The annual subscription day was held recently to allow members to pay their playing fee for the forthcoming season, plus entry fees for in-house club competitions. They also received the fixture books prepared each year by fixture secretary Tony Hunter.

Whilst there was a good signup of members, we are always looking for new players, particularly younger ones, and anyone is welcome to come along on a Monday evening and try their hand at a roll-up once the season has started.

At the start of each season, our two captains – ladies’ and gents’ –decide which charity the club will support during the season.

Lynne Pearce and Steve Coles have chosen Sense, which helps people who are deaf-blind or who have complex disabilities that affect communication.

The fund has already received a great boost as one of our members, Julie Matthews, raised several

April 4 (7.30pm kick-off).

Off the field, it is with more than a tinge of sadness that the club has announced that Jules French and his wife Terrie will step back from their roles as Keynsham Town men’s club secretary, treasurer and catering manager at the end of the season.

Jules said: “Keeping up with all the football club jobs over the last few months has been a strain with Terrie’s health issues, from

Terrie and Jules French will step back from their roles with the club at the end of the season

which she has thankfully now made a full recovery. This decision has not been reached lightly, but after more than 12 years building our community club up to what it is today, the time feels right to let someone else take over the reins.”

l Keynsham Town FC will host a fun day on Sunday May 12 in support of Muscular Dystrophy UK. The event, which kicks off at 10am, will include juniors, girls and seniors football. The bar will be open all day and food will be available. Entry is free.


Players ready to roll

FRY’S Bowling Club are preparing for another season of outdoor bowling. The fixture list begins on April 10 with a Wednesday friendly at St Anne’s Park.

The competitive games begin with the Friday Triples League on April 12 with a home game against Page Park. The Saturday friendlies begin on April 13 with a trip to Begbrook Green. An expanded ladies’ fixture list starts on April 23 at home against Page Park.

The Bristol and District League season starts on April 25, with Fry’s beginning their Division 2 campaign with the long trip to promoted Olveston Kestrels.

The cup campaigns begin with the Bristol and District League Lloyd Trophy on May 28 with a trip to Bristol St Andrews, whom Fry’s will meet in the league following their relegation from Division 1.

The City and County of Bristol Clarence Davey Cup starts on July 1 with a home game against Ardagh. The following night the Somerset Bowls Association Turnbull Cup starts with a trip to Paulton.

Following last year’s runnersup finish in the Triples League Cup, Fry’s have a bye through the preliminary round. Friday July

26 sees the annual Alsop Shield against local rivals Keynsham, with Fry’s looking to regain the shield after defeat last year.

To finish the season, Fry’s play in the Bristol St Andrews Floodlit League Division 2 and will be looking improve on last season’s mid-table finish.

The club are also running individual competitions, as well as pairs and triples competitions. The triples day is scheduled for July 13. New for this season is Finals Day on September 7, where the champions for the season will be decided.

Work has been taking place throughout the winter. A new patio and disabled viewing area is being installed outside the clubhouse, courtesy of a grant from Keynsham Town Council. The greens team have been busy preparing the green, which will hopefully improve the playing surface.

If you would like more information about Frys Bowling Club, or give bowls a try, please visit our website - www.frysbowlingclub. - follow us on Twitter: @FrysBowls, or contact our secretary, Stephen Day, email, phone 01225 872959.

keynshamvoice April, 2024 41 Got News? Call Keynsham Voice on 0117 9082121 Email
hundreds of pounds by running the Weymouth Half Marathon. Our photograph shows Julie looking remarkably relaxed at the end of her run, on the seafront at Weymouth.

PUPILS at Wellsway School in Keynsham have had a hugely successful netball season, with both the Year 8 and Year 9 teams reaching the West of England finals.

Year 9s had a double win at the B&NES tournament before beating Castle School 25-3 in the semi-final to qualify for the event at SGS


College. The team also travelled to Bournemouth to compete in the regional round of the National Schools Tournament. They came away with a draw, some close defeats and a win to end the day on a high.

The Year 8 team (pictured) beat Winterbourne Academy in their semi-final.

No10 invite for Marcus

SALTFORD Golf Club’s past captain, Marcus Woodward, was invited to 10 Downing Street in recognition for his hard work supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The event was a reception with members of the government to support the next steps for the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission and celebrate the research and progress it has been making towards a generation of new treatments.

Since 2010, Marcus has raised a significant amount of money for good causes including Alzheimer’s Research UK through his birthday and charity golfing events.

He is pictured outside 10 Downing Street wearing his Saltford Golf Club blazer.

The team also took part in the Mid State Tournament, held for the first time since the pandemic and hosted by Hanham Woods Academy. Wins against Oasis John Williams, Oasis Brislington, Hanham Woods and KLB and a defeat to Westfield Academy in the round robin event saw Wellsway finish second overall.


Rachael is Unsung Hero

SALTFORD Tennis Club are delighted that their chair, Rachael Tonkin, has been awarded this year’s Avon Tennis Unsung Hero award.

One of the club’s trustees, Kevin Mulvaney, persuaded Rachael to stand as chair after spotting her potential, but even he was amazed at the impact she would have.

During her five years in the role, she has worked tirelessly to enable the club to undergo a radical transformation.

Rachael was instrumental in the complex process of the club attaining the Community Asset Transfer from Bath and North East Somerset Council, thus allowing the club to control their future.

She helped with fundraising and applying for grants so a new clubhouse could be built, courts resurfaced, fences replaced and a new smart access gate fitted.

Rachael has led the club into the heart of the community, working with Saltford Village Hall, Saltford Primary School and Saltford Sports Club to provide more community-based activities.

She has delivered presentations to the WI and local Parkinson’s group, as well as attending school fetes, and the club now boasts a thriving walking tennis programme and inclusive tennis group. Rachael does all this as well as having a demanding career and a busy home life.

Clive Sampson, Avon County Tennis secretary, said: “The turnaround that Rachael has overseen at Saltford LTC has been inspiring, and the commitment she has shown over the years has made Rachael an outstanding candidate, and she rightly deserves this recognition.”

Although Rachael is quietly delighted to have received this award, she has had little time to celebrate, as she has been busy helping club coach Andy Gray with providing the first ever Easter tennis camps at the club. Andy will provide various activities, including mini tennis, inclusive tennis and various tournaments. For more details, visit the club website SaltfordTennisClub/ or email Andy at

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Honour at the Rec as match inspires crowd


PLAYERS from Keynsham Girls Rugby enjoyed a day to remember when they were invited to do a half-time pitch walk at a ground-breaking Bath Ladies’ match.

It was an historic occasion for women’s rugby in the area when the Bath team played a stand-alone fixture at Bath Rec. Their match against Abbey RFC Women from Reading attracted a

thousand-strong crowd that included many aspiring girls from local rugby clubs.

The Keynsham players were the first girls ever to don the black-andyellow strip of Keynsham Rugby Club and took part in their first game in February. They were able to walk on and around the Bath pitch and meet the players after Bath’s resounding 42-5 victory.

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Some of the Keynsham team with captain Clea Fawcett, right, who was named player of the match, and Esme Bird, left.
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