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n the recent decades, Nueva Ecija, endowed with its rich soil, had made an icon for all the neighboring provinces to gaze upon, generally in the field of agriculture which became the main industry for Novo Ecijanos in the production of rice, onions, corns, vegetables, and sugarcanes, sustaining the market industry, not only in this particular region but throughout the entire nation. The province is recognized as the biggest rice producer of Central Luzon and the main ricegrowing province of the Philippines. Hence, earning its title as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines” due to its unique landscape and consecrated soil. It is also the leading producer of “onions” most notably in Bongabon in the whole Southeast Asia. Its glorious scenery laid upon by His holy hand; carving the plains in greenish layout with mountains acting as the defensive borders such as the Sierra Madre, Caraballo, and Cordillera ranges. Not to mention its stunning terrain distinguished from others by its beautiful marshes near its Pampanga Borders, its green rice field in the lowlands and its rolling hills in monothematic hues of green and blue. As one tilt his head up, one may gasp for awesomeness of its clear, wide, cloudy sky like giant pillows luring us to its hypnotic sand of sleep. Truly, a province to be reckoned with, marveled not simply by its economic standpoint but rather more of its natural beauty, its everlasting fragrance of light yet strong hue of simplicity as well as complexity mixed together into one, the Nueva Ecija’s terrain.

The Central Student Publication Wesleyan University - Philippines

cent living. People do not need to compromise their personal conviction and succumb to choosing the easier way out. If the purpose of the casino is to promote tourism and boost the economy, peo-

oppose the proposed operation of this casino. We firmly believe in the importance of values and the Christian way of living. There are lots of creative ways to earn a de-

ple may agree that it’s worth it. But this should not outweigh the importance of building a community founded on the values that really matter.

Edwin B. Santos Editor-in-Chief; Ma. Roxanne Zeycel Dasig Associate Editor; Abigail G. Junia Managing Editor; Arnel Bien Francisco News Editor; Ren Gemuel Ramirez Features Editor; Rona Rose Moises, Ronnel Simbulan Literary Editors; Rose Ann Alabastro Opinion Editor; Raniel Cabato Sports Editor; Aldrin Deocares Art Editor; Erson Magsakay circulation Manager; Dexter U. Azarcon, Julius Rafael Pili Photojournalists; Marjorie Collado Cartoonist; Kevin Rey Sagun Layout artist; Webster Lumantao Ccje correspondent; Jeza Marie Torres Cba correspondent; Jihad El-Zeany ccs correspondent; Ronald Victorino con correspondent; Lorenz Ilagan cas correspondent; Lilybeth Palon Coed correspondent; Kevin Rey Sagun Chrim correspondent; Prof. Ruth C. Alfonso technical adviser

Official Magazine of Genre Editorial

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September - October 2010

corrupt and eventually this can lead to other problems like rise in criminality when people resort to robbery to get money for their vice. We join the other sectors who

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010


Our country has long been faced with the ill-effects of corruption and poverty. We have witnessed the government’s efforts to address these chronic problems that have plagued us for so long, through different measures that seemlingly are more ‘desperate’. The purpose might be noble, but the execution can sometimes fail miserably. Recently, we have seen the rise of the project that some local government officials say, would be the “primary growth driver” of our economic development in Nueva Ecija: the casino in San Leonardo. Many are anticipating considerable progress in our economy as soon as this gaming facility starts to operate. They are hopeful that his casino would open new doors for different opportunities that would spread its ‘benefits’ to adjoining areas, and perhaps the whole province as well. We disagree. Allowing this casino to operate is not as profitable for the people of Nueva Ecija as they wish to imply. Even if this project could generate enough income and employ a lot of people, only a handful could really benefit from it. As they say, “the only winners in a casino are the ones operating it.” The employees can survive, perhaps, but the gamblers are bound to be impoverished when they get addicted to gambling. Worse, they may become morally



Volume XI Issue No. 3 Official Magazine of Genre September-October 2010 Column


Building People, Making a Difference? Building People “Character is higher than intellect.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Character is more important than intellect, that’s why the university always imparts the principle of Christianity in the heart of its students. We can simply identify the students who graduated from Wesleyan because of their character. They are humble, God fearing, responsible and caring citizens. They do not demand respect from other people; they rightfully earn it. We are proud of this pronouncement, indeed. So if you are from Wesleyan we believe in your character. Every university has its own identity, we are not biased and we still consider the distinctiveness of each university in Nueva Ecija and even outside. Making a Difference “Student leaders in Wesleyan are not extremist our teachers don’t teach that kind of mentality nor political orientation, they educated us according to the principle of Christianity.” Because of this, we will never be instigators of revolt. We know how to behave as

a gentleman and as a lady. Furthermore student leaders are not against the university nor will ever be. A few months ago, student leaders made a resolution regarding certain issues in their colleges. Unfortunately, along the way, miscommunication happened. Seemingly to others, a great demonstration of student leaders was staged. After which a series of meetings were conducted to settle some issues that directly affected the students, some resolutions were made to address the issue to school officials. As of now the administration is doing its part to evaluate the scenario regarding the problems of students, in particular the new grading system in the College of Nursing. We are hoping that by the succeeding semester, there will be a more harmonious agreement among those concerned. Ref l ections When we were in high school our teachers in social studies taught us to stand for what is right, our parents always said that we must help other people. They taught us how to elevate a question about the system whenever there is something


Greatwined Edwin B. Santos

Student leaders in Wesleyan are not extremist our teachers don’t teach that kind of mentality nor political orientation, they educated us according to the principle of Christianity. wrong. Now it’s really different if we stand for what we believe is right, there are some teachers who deem us as instigators of revolt who brand us leftist and radical. As far as the good dictionary defines “radical,” it is one who advocates fundamental or revolutionary changes and practices. But we are quite certain that our participation in any assembly was not in revolutionary manner rather a query! To us, it is just practicing academic freedom . Academic freedom is defined as the freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions. Therefore we must be on guard to whatever is happening in the university. We are part of it, we are its reflection.I suddenly remember that there are three kinds of students in this world; 1) Those who are not aware of what is happening; 2) those who watch things happen and; 3) those who make things happen. As for me, now is the time to make a difference in our decisions, aspirations , principles and everything that we believe in. Let us do our share-Wesleyan’s distinctive character.

Associate Editor

On Surpassing Problems it is a consequence of our own decisions. As a student we face challenges. It may be in terms of our knowledge or skills and how we get along with the people around us – our classmates, teachers, and schoolmates. But most of the time, it is about managing your schedule to live your life in balance. With these, prioritizing is a key. We determine what things must be done first. If you’re an academic scholar, we can say that you allot your time in studying your lessons, if you’re an athlete you will not fail to practice your sport, if you’re a leader you sacrifice personal matters to finish group tasks, and if you’re a happy-go-lucky person, surely you would insist to spend your leisure time on things that will make you glad. Life is a one-way journey and no one promised that it will be an easy one. If you will lose hope, it is like throwing your paddles deep into the sea in the midst of a storm. God is continuously giving us trials to test and energize our faith in Him. If you feel that you’re the only one that carries the burden of the whole world, think of other people who have a life story heavier than you. Sometimes, pausing for a moment is greater than any action for it gives you time to reflect. Think of the people who cannot eat three full meals a day, imagine the make shifts of families that are endangered

every time a typhoon comes, feel the dreams of a child who cannot live a normal life due to disability, and consider the struggles of the abused and oppressed. Now, think how they are surviving? Faith is the key to success for it is written in the bible, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” If you feel unsafe and astray just remember that God is with you all the time, watching over you. Several people suffer from difficulties because they see them as problems not challenges. When you feel like things are at their worst, be glad, because there is no way but up. The Bible says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” Still not convinced? Try to think of a time wherein you were so down and suddenly you felt fine because you pray. You may not notice, but God always rescues on time. He mends your schedules, guides you to the right path, sustains your energy, intervene to aid you in your decisions, and see to it that you will be molded into a better person after all is finished.

Official Magazine of Genre Column

Do you have any deadlines to beat? Do you have a group performance, as well as projects needed in a matter of 3 days? Do you already have the final copy of your thesis that is ready for submission? Do you have a case study and at the same time individual reporting? How about an upcoming major exam or long quiz perhaps?Do you also have an activity in your organization and you are assigned to smooth things up? Having any of these would simply mean you’re a normal student. But the line doesn’t end there. Do you have parents with high expectations or do you have the ones who keep on comparing you to your siblings or the ones who don’t bother to ask if you won in the contest you recently had? Or maybe you have a friend needing your comfort right now? What will you do first? How will you manage your schedule as a student, a child, a friend, and a teen? Each one of us experiences dilemmas at one point in time wherein looking behind, sideways, or forward would mean the same thing –problems needed to be faced. At this point, our mind clutters and we tend to lose hope. Problems seem to arise from our smallest weakness to our greatest mistakes. Sometimes it is brought about by an unexpected change that forces us to act so that we will not be moved by the crowd. Sometimes

Ma. Zeycel Roxanne Dasig

Life is a one-way journey and no one promised that it will be an easy one. If you will lose hope, it is like throwing your paddles deep into the sea in the midst of a storm.

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

To be or not to be?


Volume XI Issue No. 3 Official Magazine of Genre September-October 2010 Column

Managing Editor

The Life of a Writer In Wesleyan University - Philippines there are thousands of students who depend on the school’s capability to help them grow as better individuals. If unpleasant things are happening inside this institution, how it will help in building the next generation of leaders? Now, the main question is what are the barriers that hinder the development of students towards the peak of success? A lot of people might agree and a few would disagree as we sail our quest to an ounce of truth about Wesleyan. Improper implementation of policies is one of these. Smoking free or free to smoke campus? Often times, not only the students disobey the policies, sometimes people in the position are the offenders of their own rules. How can they tell the students to stop smoking, if they do smoke? How will the students follow, if they see that the people who must serve as their role models are doing worse? Lots of students are seen smoking inside the university but the guards tolerate them. I am not surprised if I see a guard smoking inside the campus, but I am more shocked when I saw a department head smoking inside his own office, during office hours. Discipline is also one of the problems. How can a student leader tell his/her fellow students to wear prescribed uniform, if he/ she is not wearing it too? As a result, a lot of students are not wearing proper uniform. I wonder, why they are allowed in entering the campus? Then I heard one of the students saying, “Okay lang bente pesos lang

makakapasok naman pala tayo”. After all the things that I have witnessed, a question puffed in my mind. What if I did not study in this university? Probably, I would not discover students hiding a piece of paper filled with formulas in the end of their armchairs. I would not appreciate that it is better to have a higher grade based on my own strengths and knowledge. Also, I would not have a chace to meet those ladies whose day is not complete without seeing the guys that they admire. In the end, the poor ladies would discover that the men of their dreams has a desire to be a beauty titlists--take note, not as the king, but as the queen. If I would not be on this place, then I could not learn the different tactics on how to sneak away from the guards when I am not wearing the prescribe uniform. These things help me to realize that these are the lots to ponder and articulate these in many ways. After a moment of silence more queries entered my mind. What if I did not choose Mass Communication as my course? I would not enjoy my life as a student, where I learn a lot at the same time. I would not find the things that complete me, and the things that change me as a much better individual. I would not meet my second family—the members of the Mass Communication Society, and the best professor, I ever had. What if I did not join extra-curricular activities? I could give more time to my studies. But, I know doing that


Behind the Scene Abigail G. Junia

Being impressive is not the true measure of intelligence; it is how you turn complexity into simplicity for others to understand.

will make my life incomplete. What if I did not join the student publication? I could submit my academic requirements on time because I would not be busy doing articles, liquidations and budget requests. If I would not go to Pampanga for our presswork, I could attend all my classes and I would not miss any lesson. BUT OUR SACRIFICE IS WORTHY, because in our own little ways as a young campus journalists we can serve our fellow students. What if I did not write this article as my column? I would not hear other people saying that all the things that I am talking about are my personal stories. I would rather hear criticisms, whether good or bad, just to give what the readers want. In this case, I could improve myself, and their comments serve as a proof that they have read my articles. What if some people did not appreciate my efforts, I could show to them that I am writing not to prove myself to any one. I write not for self-expression but to express ideas and make them simple for the readers—the main task of a communicator. What is the value of an impressive article which is not appreciated by the readers? Being impressive is not the true measure of intelligence; it is how you turn complexity into simplicity for others to understand. I would rather give my best for the students, not withstanding the sacrifices make for the sake of the publication. It is a matter of service, and that is the life of a writer.

Technical Adviser

Students have every reason to be happy; to look forward to having a breather; at least for a brief semester break. Meanwhile, teachers have every reason to pause and to ponder on things that transpired in the school past the four months of studying. Consequently, there could be tremendous questions, viewpoints, and even insights concerning the academic arena during this time, to wit: Where have all the diligent students gone? Have they hidden themselves in the bunker of mediocrity? Have they travelled in limbo or have succumbed to the ills of society? Have they jilted the people who taught them? Have they cursed the whole system of education or just dropped themselves into the pit of nothingness, meaninglessness and formlessness? Have they become their own slaves? Nowadays, in crucial time like this; some (or majority?) students do not feel guilty about unpleasant attitudes they show their teachers. They do not show remorse about any wrongdoings; they would even stare at their teacher’s eyes while being scolded; they would not dare help their teachers to carry their heavy belongings; they would say vile words right before their teachers’ faces; they would sneer at the jolt of angry words, they would not mind being chastened; they would even size their teachers up by their fancy glances

and queries which demand flamboyant responses. Ultimately, they do not put scholastic learning on top of their priorities. Formerly, public and private students alike would show propriety and etiquette in everything they did. They observed decorum inside and outside the school premises. They would bow and hold their left part of the chest to show respect when meeting their teachers head on; they would not raise their voices higher than their teachers when given counsel; they would take the other route if they would feel their teachers would take the same (out of shyness!); above all, they would be courteous and polite as they involve themselves in intellectual discussion in the four walls of the classroom or within the campus. Who are the students of today? Seemingly, times have changed them. Out of control, they have altered themselves in frenzy. Casually, they consider their teachers as one of them. They would text or e-mail them with offensive jokes with disgusting themes hinting obscenities and blasphemy. These same students at other times would label their teachers with the most terrible aliases (a.k.a.) which are neither funny nor acceptable. They would mock at their seemingly ridiculous (that’s what they thought of) teachers whenever they inject humorous anecdotes in the discussion of the subject

matter. It had been a semester that students have become to be so insensitive about matters of pleasant teacherstudent relationship. Are they just playing innocent? Have they not realized that propriety, regale stance and rhetorically sound words must be attributed to their teachers? Has the environment caused them to be so indifferent and proud? Has technology altered their thoughts? Has the modern family forgotten the value system that the older counterparts embraced? Have our students totally distorted ethical beliefs? Have they shattered the realm of academic advancement? To whom can we attribute these phenomena? Who are responsible? What can be done? Can we attribute all these to the deteriorating values system of contemporary households? Can technology be the culprit? All I know is that, there could be endless possibilities of reforming some of our headstrong and wilful students. BUT no matter how forceful and influential the stimuli are to cause change; for the betterment that is; IF the students would not have the willingness to recognize their faults, misconducts, and mediocrity then transformation remains distant and elusive. Can we hope anew? Could we wish for rebirth? Shall we dream of metamorphosis among them?

Official Magazine of Genre Column

Where have all the good students gone?

Prof. Ruth C. Alfonso

If the students would not have the willingness to recognize their faults, misconducts, and mediocrity then transformation remains distant and elusive.

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

An ounce of tRUTH


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Opinion Official Magazine of Genre

ugar kung saan naghahari ang pasugalan, kung saan nalulustay ang pera sa bulsa at lugar kung saan umuusbong ang kasalanan- ito ang mukha ng Casino; walang ibang magandang dulot maliban sa pansamantalang kaligayahan. Kamakailan lamang ay isang balita ang biglang tumambad sa mamamayan ng Nueva Ecija sa planong pagbukas ng Casino sa bayan ng San Leonardo. Ito ay legal na pinahintulutan ng dating Sangguniang Panlalawigan at ng the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. (PAGCOR). Nakakatuwang isipin na lumiliit na ang mundo ng mga taong naghahangad ng lugar na walang pasugalan. Casino, ang pinakamalaki at pinakamadaling pagkukuhanan ng kita. Ito ay sa pamamagitan ng sugal na bisyong hindi kayang tanggihan ng tao, dahil ito ay isa sa kahinaan nila. Kaya’t wala na ngang pinipiling lugar ang pagtatayuan ng Casino at maging mga liblib na lugar ay hahamakin para sa naghihintay na bilyon-bilyong kita nito. Hindi na pala ngayon imposible na ang bayan ng San Leonardo ang susunod na “The world’s gambling capital.” Nagpapatunay na ganito na lamang kagahaman ang mga

makapangyarihan maging ilang namumuno sa pamayanan, upang itaguyod ang madilim na plano sa inosenteng sambayanan; na kunwari ay naghahangad na mapaunlad ang ekonomiya at turismo sa lugar na hindi pa man din siyudad nilalamon na ng pasugalan. Ayos sa ilang namumuno sa pamahalaang lokal ito ay makakatulong sa pagtaas ng kita ng bayan at upang masolusyunan ang kakulangan sa trabaho ng mamamayan. Sino nga naman ang hindi kakagat sa pain kung tinutumpok nito ang pangangailangan ng mamamayan? Isipin mo nga naman kung ilang bilyon ang matatamasa ng ng maliit na bayan dahil sa tulong pinansyal ng Casino at kung gaano kadami ang maaaring maipasok sa serbisyo ng Casino. Ngunit mas isipin mo na sa kabila ng kagandahang maihahain nito sa mga mamamayan, ano naman ang kapalit na mas mabigat na pasakit ng Casino? Tayo nga ba mismo ang makikinabang o ang makapangyarihan lamang? Mulat naman na tayo sa maruming sistema ng pamunuan na hindi maaaring ang serbisyo ay para sa bayan lang. Kadalasan, tayo ang nagseserbisyo sa kanila


May lugar ang Casino ngunit hindi rito! Hindi lamang sa Casino bubuhayin ang pag-asang umunlad at makilala ang San Leonardo o kahit anu pang bayan sa probinsya; ipakita naman natin na tayo ay naiiba.

at sila ang may mas malaking napakikinabangan. Ito ang nakikita ko ngayon sa planong pagbukas ng Casino. Maliban sa turista na maglalabas-masok sa loob ng Casino, mismong ang mamamayan na rin ng San Leonardo ang maglalabas ng pera mula sa kanilang bulsa. Imposible naman kasi na hindi papatulan ng inosenteng mamamayan ang sugalan sa loob ng Casino. Inosente sa paraang gugugulin ang buong araw at lulustayin ang pera at ariarian sa loob ng sugalan; walang kamalayan na ito ang pupuksa sa ultimong maliit na kaunlaran sa sarili. Simpleng laro na malaking saklaw ang apektado sa bawat panalo at pagkatalo. Sa halip na sapat na lang ang kinikita ng paghahanap-buhay, ay posibleng mauuwi pa lahat sa loob ng sugalan. Sa halip na alak na lang ang bisyo, triple pa ang perwisyong hatid ng Casino. Kung kaya’t sa mga simpleng sitwasyon na epekto ng sugal at lahat ng mamamayan ay maiimpluwensyahan nito, tiyak na balang araw; magtatrabaho ang tao para sa Casino. At sa huli, Casino lang ang uunlad ngunit ang hangaring

sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFS), and nitrogen oxides created by the industry and those motor vehicles. Those gases when inhaled still can cause damage to the health of people. The tricycles in queue outside the gates of the schools,

malls, and churches are eyesores indeed. And during traffic jams, those irate drivers kept blowing their horns creating unwanted noise. Many people have their tricycles for living, but most of them bring home meager amount to their families because the competition for passengers is that blatant. Even though some tricycle drivers are quite abusive for demanding higher fares from their passengers, its because their earnings for the day is not sufficient for the daily needs of their respective families. I must say that the government should control the increasing number of the tricycles and provide more jobs. They should also regulate some measures to ensure that those vehicles emit clean air and not dreadful black smoke. As our city progresses, we should make sure that our Mother Nature and its people will not be at stake. Each Cabanatueño must take account fortaking care of his land, that he must be proud of. -Rona Rose Moises

Official Magazine of Genre Opinion

abanatuan City, first founded as a barrio of Gapan in 1750, now considered as a first class, urban city in the province of Nueva Ecija. In terms of banking, it was ranked as one of the most livable city next to Makati City. As years pass by and as the population grows, the demand for transportation services raised. There were buses and jeepneys around the town roaming, but most of their routes are outside the city. As of September 2009, a notable increase in number of registered tricycle is noted. There are now 38,202 tricycles serving the 259,267 Cabanatueños, making it the major means of transportation. One of the indicators of a good economy of a town, not only its industrial sector, but also its roads and transportation services. Yes, it’s a good point to see but can we see the other side of the picture? Last few years, it is quite convincing that Cabanatuan is already affected by the climate change. The extremes of temperature are now felt; in my 19 years living in this city it’s not that ordinary to experience this kind of phenomenon. There are times that our city is tagged as “The Hottest City,” not just in Luzon but in the whole country. As high as 37 to 38 °C are recorded. One of the major factors that I see is the fume emitted by tricycles and other vehicles. Maybe the people see it as a big help, MAYBE FOR NOW, because they see it as there source of income and for easy transport. But as its numbers increases, our ozone layer slowly weakens. We now experience air pollution, as well as noise and visual pollution. Those gaseous air pollutants are released in the air we breathe, these include

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

mapaunlad ang nasa paligid nito ay napakalabong mangyari bagkus masasadlak lang ang bayan sa kahirapan at utang! Samakatuwid, ang benepisyo ay sa atin rin nagmula. Dito sa sugal, hindi naman sa natalo ka ng halagang isang daan ay babalik pa rin sayo ang buong isang daan, maaring kalahati lang nito ang benepisyo sayo, at sa kanila na ang kalahati pa. Sa ganitong simpleng sistema nagiging biktima ang mamamayan. Bulaang kaunlaran. May lugar ang Casino ngunit hindi rito! Hindi lamang sa Casino bubuhayin ang pagasang umunlad at makilala ang San Leonardo o kahit anu pang bayan sa probinsya; ipakita naman natin na tayo ay naiiba. Ang sistemang bulok ay hindi na dapat tinutularan pa. Dito masusukat ang ating moralidad, dignidad at pagpapahalaga sa bayan. Matutulad na lamang ba tayo sa siyudad na umaasa at nabubuhay sa benepisyo ng Casino? Isang magulo at maruming lipunan sa kabila ng kanilang kaunlaran? Napakaraming paraan ng pag unlad, minsan nga ang mapayapa at malayo sa anuman kasarinlan ay matatawag nang maunlad na bayan. Hayaan na lang ba natin na maging biktima tayo, masunod lamang ang kanilang gusto? Tama lamang na magkaisa tayo na huwag nang tangkaing buksan pa ang Casino, dahil sa hindi naman naghihirap ang Nueva Ecija upang kumapit na lamang sa patalim. Sa huli, lahat tayo ay dapat magdesisyon. Susunod ka ba sa agos ng mabilis na kaunlaran? Mananahimik at hindi makikialam? O handang tumutol sa alam mong kailanman walang karapatan sa ating bayan? Basta ako, tutol sa Casino! -Marjorie Collado


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Opinion Official Magazine of Genre

underrated courses. It’s sickening to see that some are neglected or in other cases, left out totally, having been jocularly referred to as ‘not-so-important’ members of the population. It’s not an exaggeration to say that some students in those colleges really experience a certain degree of discrimination. As an example, let me share an incident that had shown me how little respect some people give to aspiring teachers here in our own university. A student went to the faculty room of one of the colleges to borrow a handout from her professor, for photocopying. The professor was not at the office but she left the material to her colleagues in case the students come to borrow it. So the student asked for the handout but made a mistake in saying “Sir may I borrow the hang out?” The faculty members looked at the student and one of them asked her to repeat what she said. When she made the same mistake, one professor asked her, “Ano? Hangout? Baka handout. Ano ba’ng course mo?” When the student did not respond, the professor said, “Ahh, I think I know. Education, ano?” The student felt humiliated in front of the professors and vowed to herself that she would not set foot in that office ever again. I am not saying that this

I am on my way to believing that I did; although a few things seem to slow me down.


o be educated in a respected institution is no mean feat. Definitely, it’s a major thrill to be able to tell our friends that we are currently studying at an autonomous university that is among the best in the region, that it is a smoking-free, drug-free and alcohol-free campus, and so on. We can take pride in the fact that our university is continuously taking different measures to further improve the quality of instruction and literally give the best that it can offer to the student body. There’s no doubt that we want to achieve excellence, after all, our alma mater would still be a part of us long after we have left its portals. However, it seems that our vision is somehow clouded by an image of excellence that, ironically, is intolerant and to a certain extent, discriminatory. Why do I say this? Many people might raise their brows or shake their heads in objection and perhaps wonder what I am talking about. But it’s frustrating to observe how we claim to aspire for excellence and yet we put each other down. We frequently hear side comments from fellow students (sometimes from faculty and staff as well) demeaning ‘not-so-smart’ members of the student body, particularly those enrolled in

should be a big issue or anything. Of course the professor had every reason to correct the poor student’s error. It just pains me to think that he had to mention the student’s course like that. I mean, ANY student can make that same error, so what did it have to do with being an Education student? I might have overreacted when I cried “Foul!” but I couldn’t help it. They might make the excuse that the statement was not to be taken seriously and that they meant no offense in saying that, but still it’s arguably a concrete act of demeaning a poor student. Mentioning a specific course in that context brings about a lot of negative connotations. I can’t help but wonder if bored professors resort to this kind of ‘recreational activity’ for a change. Highly amusing and self-gratifying, right? For them,

appreciate our fellowmen even more. Forget discrimination and intolerance. They don’t belong in our community of ‘intellectuals.’ they are for crabs. To say that all of us are capable of becoming instruments for change might sound idealistic, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not true. It’s highly achievable if only we will put our hearts and minds into it. Our university’s mission is a noble one, “To participate in the transformation of society through academic excellence and service sustained by Christian values.” And since it seems that we sometimes forget this, maybe we have to remind one another once we are going a little off-track. More than academic excellence, we have to have values if we are to succeed in any endeavor. I would love to say with conviction and pride that I have made the right decision in studying here. I am on my way to believing that I did; although a few things seem to slow me down. Surely there can be a reason for me to be optimistic, and I challenge you to become part of it. -Lilybeth Palon

Official Magazine of Genre Opinion

gets bad tempered, don’t just feel slighted when he or she unintentionally hurts your feelings. Feel challenged and do something. Study hard and you’re off to a good start. Now if you happened to be a smart student, please don’t be indifferent to the larger part of the school population. Some of us could not help but flaunt our abilities at every opportunity we get, but just because we are ‘smarter’ than others doesn’t mean that we have earned a higher status that will permit us to put other people down. Amusing ourselves by laughing at other’s mistakes and making them look dumb isn’t a funny thing at all. Perhaps our professors will agree with me. And please let’s not regard our respective courses with excessive pride. We are entitled to choose our own vocation in life, so is everybody else. Let’s respect each other’s choices a n d feelings, and look beyond the surface t o

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

maybe. But if you will ask me, I might tell you that I find that rather unpleasant. Or do I just have to concede to the idea that it is indeed a sign of the times? Whatever. I know that many of us are sensitive to criticism. So is the student. Right now she’s working hard on improving her skills, in case she finds herself in a similar situation again. Now that’s the spirit. But let me call on the students who nonchalantly allow those things to pass without taking any positive action. I’m not telling you to get mad at your teacher for making you look like a dimwit, but rather, prove that you are not. It’s easy to go around and malign the professor who ‘offended’ you, but first ask yourself if you have any right at all. Don’t expect that you will be afforded with any respect if you don’t even respect yourself enough to show that you’re not just a nominal member of this institution. More importantly, we owe it to ourselves and the society to which we belong to become the best individuals possible and to dare to make a difference. So the next time Sir or Ma’am


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

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I am not saying that they are such ‘whiner babies’ but may I ask this, even if you do have insufficient support coming from the government, isn’t it your obligation to undergo self-training especially you’re all members of the SWAT Team?

ilipinos all over the country, in anticipation of this year’s Miss Universe Pageant result, were shocked by the incident that erupted the very same morning of August 23, a hostage taking at Quirino Grandstand where Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza held captive Chinese nationals in a tourist bus. Media men from different stations, together with the policemen, gathered around the location which turned into a fiasco. An hour after the declaration of the hostage taking, the Philippines once again became wellknown around the world. Eyes were all stuck in the latest happening in Manila which lasted for twelve hours and later took the lives of the hostage taker Capt. Mendoza and 8 of his captives. After three weeks, a lot of things happened as an aftermath of the hostage crisis. There were news about the Manila Police De-

partment Special Weapons and Tactics (MPD-SWAT) Team that their lack of training, incompetent weapons, duly expired armors, and insufficient support from the government highly contributed to their performance that has been witnessed by the whole world during the hostage taking. If I would be asked, I would say that such arguments are futile as a student failing an exam and blaming it to the poor copy of the test paper. I am not saying that they are such ‘whiner babies’ but may I ask this, even if you do have insufficient support coming from the government, isn’t it your obligation to undergo self-training especially you’re all members of the SWAT Team? On the issues about the media as scapegoat of the government, I would say that this constitutes mere excuses of the latter for such incompetence they have made. An opinion article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer by

Patricia Evangelista caught my attention. It said, “The head of the crisis team had gone off to eat at a restaurant at the height of the crisis. The second-incommand was drinking coffee at a bar… Media had breached the boundaries… Bodies of victims were mishandled, and sent to Hong Kong in the wrong coffins. Presidential spokesmen made contradictory statements. Jesse Robredo, head of the Department of Interior and Local Government, supposedly in charge of the Philippine National Police, was alternately appointed, defended, demote, and promoted, and was assigned to investigate the same PNP he was told he could not handle.” Based on a facts, we could clearly see that the government has made much of the flaws constituting to the disaster of the hostage crisis. Even an interview with S/Insp. Mendoza with Radio Mo Nationwide (RMN)

Ikaw, isa ka ba sa mamahaling ginto na nagbibigay kulay sa buhay ng iba o maituturing kang kalawang na nagbabahid ng dungis sa buhay nila?

isagawa ang lahat ng hilingin nila upang makuha lamang ang kanilang kalooban. Hindi mo na kailangan baguhin ang sarili mo, dahil ang tunay na kaibigan tanggap ka maging ikaw man ay may mga kahinaan. Kung may mga bagay na makasasama sa iyo, harapan niyang sasabihin ito, hindi pagtalikod mo. Bagama’t wala ka, ang tunay na kaibigan ay lubos ang papuri sa bawat tagumpay na natatamasa mo, di man niya sabihin ay madarama mo ito. Samantala, ang iyong mga kaibigang putik, kalooban ay nagsusumikip dahil sa sama ng loob at ingit. Kung ating lilimiin, ang mga taong ito ay di lamang kalawang sa buhay ng kanilang kapwa. Sila ay maituturing din na kalawang sa kanilang sarili. Pilit nilang ipinakikita na sila ay kasing tibay ng bakal subalit sa ginagawa nilang kalapastanganan, pagkatao nila ay kanila lamang dinudungisan. Sadya ngang ang tunay na kaibigan ay tulad ng isang mamahaling bato, natatangi kung kaya’t mahirap matagpuan, samantalang ang mga pamagpanggap na kaibigan ay tulad ng tuyong dahon, na nagkalat kung saan-saan. Ikaw, isa ka ba sa mamahaling ginto na nagbibigay kulay sa buhay ng iba o maituturing kang kalawang na nagbabahid ng dungis sa buhay nila? -Abigail G. Junia

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aano man katibay ang bakal, pilit pa rin itong nilalamon ng kalawang, hanggang sa tuluyan na itong masira at mawalan ng kapakinabangan. Tulad na lamang ng isang taong may matatag na paninidigan, may ilang nilalang na tila kalawang at nagnanais na siya ay malugmok sa kawalan. Mga taong sumasama ang timpla kapag sila ay nalalamangan, at sadyang mapakla ang panlasa sa tagumpay ng kapwa nila. Kalawang nga silang maituturing sa kadahilanang, unti-unti nilang pinarurupok ang matatag na pundasyon ng kanilang kapwa. Sa panahon ngayon, sadyang napakahirap matanto kung sino nga ba ang mga taong maitutulad sa kalawang, na maaaring maging sanhi ng tuluyang pagkasira ng isang nilalang. Kaibigan mo ngayon, kaaway mo na bukas, ang lahat ay walang kasiguraduhan. May ilan na tulad sa isang kapatid ang turing mo ngunit pagtalikod mo ay sukdulan ang paninira sa iyo. Halos lahat ay gawin mo na para lang mapabuti sila, ngunit tila lahat ng iyon ay di nila nakikita. Panatag kang ibinabahagi sa kanila ang bawat detalye ng mga kaganapan sa buhay mo, gayundin ang mga bagay na maaaring makasira sa iyong pagkatao, sa huli ay magugulat ka na lang na ang di magandang balita na kumakalat tungkol sa iyo ay sila ang pinagmulan. Masakit, dahil ang taong lubos mong pinagkatiwalaan ang nagturok ng punyal sa iyong likuran. Sa huli matatanto mo na ang patitiwala ay di basta-basta dapat inilalaan, sapagkat may mga taong sadyang mapanlinlang. Tamang maging mabuti sa iyong kapwa ngunit hindi mo kailangang

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

speaks that there are irregularities between the ranks where Mendoza once belonged. What will make a retiring Senior Police Inspector who has achieved awards such as Policeman of the Year to do such thing as hostaging a tourist bus populated by Hong Kong and Chinese nationals for 12 long hours? On the interview with RMN, Mendoza said that the reason for his actions was his case with the Ombudsman that canceled all of his benefits and disqualification to hold office in the government. Furthermore, he had already known the outcome of his undertaking; according to him, what he wanted is that all of his hardships would not go in vain and that his family may enjoy his retirement benefits even if he will die after the hostage taking. If only the Office of the Ombudsman had acted immediately when Mendoza asked for reconsideration, nothing of this would have happened. If only the government did not with hold forgiveness during the crisis, nothing of this would have happened. If only the press got any sense of diligence or discernement of not revealing to public that the crisis was taking the worst stand, none of this would have happened. It has been a big blow to the government and to all of us. It is a blow that made us realize what kind of police, media men, and government we have. now is the time of reckoning to wake up and change our ways. There is no point on blaming others of the mistakes which were already done. Passing the back is unjustifiable. Let us just move on, accept the truth truth and pray that through this unpleasant happening, it should serve us a lesson. -Arnel Bien Francisco


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

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WUP – JPIA wins Most Awarded LC in Academics at 14th MYC

The WU-P JPIA delegates in the Midyear Regional Convention Photo Courtesy: Ren Gemuel Ramirez

Wesleyan University – Philippines Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants bagged the Most Awarded Local Chapter in Academics award in the recently concluded Midyear Regional Convention held last 24th to 26th of September at Chateau Royale in Nasugbu, Batangas. “NFJPIA Region 3 Regal, Accountancy students in Region Refulgent, Robust at 27” was 3. the theme of the convention Winning representatives from participated by more than 50 WUP – JPIA in Non Academic campuses and more than a event are Ren Gemuel Ramirez, thousand delegates all over Ronnel Taylan, and Wilmark Region 3. Heading the Regional dela Cruz landing 3rd place in the Executive Council is Joanna Marie General Information Quiz Bee. Bautista, Regional President from In the Academic events, Alyson the Baliuag University. Kay dela Cruz was adjudged 2nd Among the events conducted place and Champion in Practical in the convention were Accounting 1 Quiz Bee and Academic Quiz Bees and Non Certified Accounting Technician Academic events participated by (CAT) Cup Level 1 respectively.

Meanwhile, Earvin John Espinoza grabbed the championship in the CAT Cup Level 2. Loraine San Pedro, Kelvin Arenas and Wimark dela Cruz placed at 2nd in the Accounting Information System Quiz Bee while Miguel Trinidad also won 5th place in the Basic Accounting Wizard. Jachin Eduardo landed at 2nd place in the Taxation Quiz bee while Allyson Kay dela Cruz, Kelvin Arenas and Ren Gemuel Ramirez qualified in the top 30 among more than 500 participants. Micheal Bryan Jordan and Ren Gemuel Ramirez were awarded the Leadership and Excellence Award after being the Regional VP – Finance and VP – Non Academics last federation year. Together with the WU-P students were Doniver Soledad and Cyro Kam Saragpon, both Accounting professors. The MYC concluded the awarding ceremony with the WU – P reigning supreme in the Academic events bringing home the title of the Most Awarded Local Chapter in Academics. -Ren Gemuel Ramirez

WUPRCYC participates in a nationwide bloodletting event

Red Cross Youth Council – WU-P Chapter took part in a bloodletting event held at Mega Center the Mall, Cabanatuan last August 22 from 10:00 am to 1:00pm. The event was simultaneously held all over the Philippines and was spearheaded by Brother Daniel Razon and Brother Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan Foundation in cooperation with UNTV (Your Public Service Channel), Blood Donor Society, Kamanggagawa Foundation, and Philippines National Red Cross.

The program was hosted by Edwin Consumo and Arcie Taberna, both from And Dating Daan, and was aired at UNTV. The first phase, accomplishing of the questionnaire, taking blood pressure, and weighing the donor, was the task assigned to Wesleyan volunteers. The second and third phase, blood typing and actual bloodletting, were facilitated by volunteer nurses and medical technologies of Philippine National Red Cross. “It is really fulfilling to lend a

hand without expecting anything in return. Knowing you’ve helped other people is more than enough,” said one of the volunteers. Hundreds of people participated but only a few passed the screening to be a blood donor filling thirty-five bags of fresh whole blood. The Wesleyan volunteers also won cash prizes after answering trivia questions about blood donation. -Zeycel Roxanne Dasig

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) held its Capping, Pinning, Dedication and Candle Lighting Ceremonies with the theme “Facing Future Challenges in the Caring Profession with Passion and Determination” commenced last September 17, at the Nueva Ecija Convention Center, Palayan City. The venue was occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth R. Roxas, dean 330 second year students from of College of Nursing in Baliuag Cushman Campus and three University and the President students from WU-P Maria of Association of Deans of Aurora Campus accompanied Philippine Colleges of Nursing, by their parents, clinical and Inc. (ADPCN), 2002-2004 was academic instructors. the guest speaker of the event.

CHRIM ranks 4th in Baguio Culinary Competition Consistently proving its excellence, the College of Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management (CHRIM) bagged the Fourth Place in the Overall standing after garnering multiple awards in the 7th Annual Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Weekend held at Baguio Country Club, Camp John Hay and SM Baguio last September 2-4. The event was participated in by 37 universities in the student category and 18 competitors in the professionals division among thirty eight delegates from our university together with their

coaches. CHRIM competed in 32 categories which bagged four gold medals, two with distinctions meaning that they got a perfect score for the rendition of their artwork, six silver medals, eight bronze medals, and two diplomas. Here is the list of the category in which the CHRIM won medals: Fruit and Vegetable Carving- 4 gold 2 with distinction; Set Menu Free Style- silver medal;Plated Vegetarian -silver medal;Pasta Making & PresentationFree Style- silver medal;Tour Package Presentation- silver and bronze

medal; Plated Classical Dessert Freestyle-2 bronze medals; Regional Dessert Freestyle-2 bronze medals;Wedding Cake Decoration - 2 bronze medals; Master’s Flairtending Competition - bronze medal and a diploma; Cold Meat Buffet Platter Free Style- diploma; Amuse Bouche-diploma; Cocktail Mixing Freestyle – finalists; and Mocktail Freestyle –finalist. “For the past four years, the college of HRIM consistently brings home awards for the university,”Dean Maridel Eslao remarkably stated. -Ronnel Simbulan

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing students together with their parents in their capping, pinning dedication and candle lighting ceremonies Photo by: Kevin Sagun

Her message focused about the responsibilities of a nurse and the real essence of nursing service. The entrance of Miss Florence Nightingale personified by Ms. Danica Marie C Baluyot and the audiovisual presentation accompanied by song numbers singed by Prof. Juanito A. Mandia, Prof. Mark Anthony A. Mendez and Prof. Norvin T. Miguel were the highlights in the occasion. The ceremony ended with the recital of Florence Nightingale Pledge followed by the singing of Class Song entitled “We Will Carry the Torch”. The entire event was organized and lead by Prof. Randy L. delos Santos, Prof. Leodigaria Q. Reables Prof. Elaine Cris N. delos Reyes and other clinical and academic instructors of the College of Nursing. The ceremony commenced at 8:00 and concluded at 2:30 in the afternoon. -Kevin Rey Sagun

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

333 BSN studes attend 37th Capping, Pinning, Dedication and Candle Lighting Ceremonies


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

News Official Magazine of Genre 16

CHRIM bags seven medals in Mimosa Culinary Showdown College of Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management (CHRIM) bagged seven medals at the annual Toque-Off culinary competition held at Mimosa Golf and Country Club with a theme of “ KapampanganGastronomique” last September 15-17. The winners included the following: Rhea Joy D.C. Sumiguiogold medal (One Pot Stage Cookery); Gino Carlo S. Simbillio- gold medal (Bartending and Flairtending); Wildelyn R. Fernandez and Ronna Mae S. Gamoso- silver medal(Patisserie, Modern Cake Decorating Freestyle); and

Sherilyn S. Dicen and Marvin N. Santos- bronze medal (Fruit and Vegetable Carving). The trainors and coaches of the HRIM team are Mr. Jess Eslao, Prof. Michelle E. Tangonan and Prof.

PhylbertRadyl G. Bello. The event was sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Pampanga. -Ronnel Simbulan

Scholars pioneer WU-P SOWERS In pursuit to bring together the scholarship grantees of the university, a general assembly was held at the University Chapel last August 5 to form the Wesleyan University – Philippines Scholars Organization for Worthy Endeavors and Reformative Skills (WU-P SOWERS). Dean’s listers, academic entrance scholars, student council, Genre staffers, church workers, student assistants, cultural grantees, varsity players, family scholars, government scholars, and high school and elementary scholars attended the meeting. Dr. Gener Subia, director of Scholarship and Scholars’ Welfare Office(SSWO), welcomed the scholars with the announcement of the improved scholarship grants effective next semester. Prof. Michael Santos, coordinator of SSWO, facilitated the meeting and discussed the need to pioneer an organization that will

tap, develop, and harness each scholar’s potentials, talents, and skills to be rendered and shared through their involvement in different programs, projects, and activities within and outside the campus. He also mentioned the proposed activities of the organization like Scholars’ Acquaintance Party, Scholars Day and Recognition Program, forums, and community outreach programs. Ma. Zeycel Roxanne S. Dasig, dean’s lister, CHED scholar, and Genre Associate Editor, was elected as president; Ronnel C. Simbulan, DOST scholar and Genre staffer, as vice president for academic affairs; Cesiah Garcia, CPAG-TELON member, as vice president for cocurricular activities; Anna Aurea Ramos, CPAG-TELON member, as secretary; Tricia Lorraine Lugtu, academic entrance scholar, as assistant secretary; Aaron Ashley Diaz, student assistant, as

treasurer; Perry Saico, academic entrance scholar, as auditor; Alona Domingo, Florencio Dela Cruz, both academic scholars, and Anna Lorraine Alcantara, church worker, as PROs. Board of Consultants was also established and was composed of the presidents of different scholarship clusters namely: FilwynVillanueva (SSC and editorial board), Arnel Bien Francisco (dean’s listers), Mary Rose Galang (cultural grantees), Mariel Abres (government scholars), Pastor Mario Abellera (church related-scholars), Bryan Balunes (academic entrance scholars), Zyda Mae Reyes (student assistants)and Drissa Mae Pascual (elementary and high school scholars). Ms. Minerva Delos Santos, Prof. Santos, and Dr. Subia serve as advisers for the newly formed organization. -Zeycel Roxanne Dasig

The Wesleyan University - Philippines participants during the Alay Lakad ‘10 Photo by: Ronnel Simbulan

The Administrative officials, heads, deans, staff, and students of Wesleyan University Philippines joined this year’s Alay Lakad held last September 26 with the theme “Hakbang Mamamayan, Kinabukasan ng Kabataan.” The program started with assembly of participants from different sectors including universities, colleges, barangays,company employees, and even fraternity group members in Cabanatuan City at National Food Authority Compound, Maharlika Highway at 4:30 in the morning. During the parade, the rain poured but despite of the bad

weather condition,like what other said, the show must go on. The route started at NFA Compound and finished up Freedom Park. Mayor Julius Caesar “Jay” Vergarra graced the activity as he delivered his speech in front of exhausted but satisfied participants. The program’s prime objectives is to extend support and services that aim to uplift the lives of our out-of-school youths. After the Alay Lakad, participants from WU-P gathered in NETA Court for a lunch prepared by the Admin. -Ronnel Simbulan

Social Work records 100% passing rate Once again Wesleyan University - Philippines (WU-P) proves its academic excellence when the fresh graduates of Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) who took the board examination last June 23-24 passed the board exam with a 100% passing rate released by PRC last June 29.

It is the third time that WU-P got a 100% passing rate on BSSW degree following its first and second time in 2002 and 2009. Following is the list of the recent board passers: Mabeth Urgente, Hayden Jiemaima Gelacio, Raquel de Guzman,Antonette Chavez, Alicia Liddan, Gelenie Domingo and Aileen Ramos.

Notable board topnotchers were Berensia Bautista- 4th place (1997), Normita Itchon- 9th place (1990), and Fritzie Joy Escuadro4th place (2003). Testimonial dinner for these passers was conducted on September 10 at Aracelli’s Restaurant. -Ronnel Simbulan

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Out of 861 Wesleyan gradu ates who took the board exam, 376 made it accounting for 43.67% passing rate that made WU-P as the 82nd top performing school nationwide with 100 and more examinees. Among these 861 examinees, 591 are first takers with 330 passers having 55.84%. Although, the last year’s passing rate is 2.33% higher than the present one, April Joy Galicia, former top one of BSN IV Block12, emerged as one of the board topnotchers being on the 10th place with an average of 84.6%, 2.2 notches away from rank one’s 86.80%. Galicia received P25,000 from the university and P25,000 from President Manuel Palomo himself. R.A. Gapuz Review Center was the in-house reviewer of batch 2010 graduates. Meanwhile, the passing rates of other schools in Cabanatuan are the following: Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology with 39.93%, College of the Immaculate Conception with 34.86%, Good Samaritan Colleges with 21.97%, Araullo University with 19.87%, M.V. Gallego Foundation Colleges with 16.88%, and finally Nueva Ecija Colleges with 11.65%. -Zeycel Roxanne Dasig

WU-P joins Alay Lakad 2010 despite bad weather condition

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

CoN registers 376 professionals


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Features Official Magazine of Genre 18

was not really a lover of history, because I have always thought it was boring. Surely I have been aware of the many sacrifices of our forefathers to fight for the freedom that we enjoy today, but all I ever felt was mere admiration. There has never been much pride or appreciation. For many years as a student, my interest in history did not go beyond the classroom. I studied it only because of obligation and I’m sure that most students felt the same way. I studied it just to comply with the requirements, and after the lesson was over I could only remember a fraction of what had been discussed, never mind if what I retained were details of the most significance or not. As a child all I remembered about grandfather’s stories was the excitement that was similar to what we get in the movies. My Lolo was a war veteran, and ever since I was young he had always reveled in telling me and his other grandchildren of the exploits of the Filipino guerillas during the Japanese occupation. Every time he would start a story, we would listen to him even if we did not understand the significance of what he was telling us. He had been a very

animated storyteller, always recounting the events vividly to the effect that we would feel like we were watching an action film. He had been gone for almost three years now, and only recently did I realize that he had failed to tell us a

story about the rescue mission that happened in Cabanatuan some 65 years ago, way before my own mother was born. It was the Raid in Cabanatuan, the ‘most daring rescue mission of its type in US military history.’

Photos by: Dexter U. Azarcon

camp for allied prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation. I had never been to the war memorial before. I didn’t really know that there was such a place that was so close to home. Learning about the Raid in Cabanatuan has given me a new interest in the history of my dear province. I had to wonder why it was not known to many people. In fact I have asked my own mother about it, although I was not really surprised when she said she didn’t know. I realized that I wanted to go to that place. It was not just out of curiosity but more on the desire to set foot on a place that has a significant part in our history. So I decided to take the ‘journey.’ It was a Thursday when I

went to Palayan City along with five friends to accomplish a task given to us. Pangatian War Memorial was not part of our itinerary, actually, but since it is along the way we decided to visit the site before going home. I had asked them to go with me days before that, but we only got that opportunity on September 2. The site was easy to find, since it is along the CabanatuanPalayan road in Barangay Pangatian. From what I had seen in photographs, I had an idea of what to expect. There’s nothing too grand in there, only memorials honoring the bravery of the World War II freedom fighters. But what they symbolize and what they remind us of is far grander than any monument could ever represent.

Pangatian Shrine There are two sites adjacent to each other at Pangatian. The first one, the more popular Pangatian Shrine, is maintained by the US Battlesites Commission. It honors the bravery of the Filipino and American soldiers who died during World War II. It used to be a military training camp, but during the Japanese occupation it was converted into a concentration camp for Allied prisoners of war. Most of the survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March in 1942 had been imprisoned there. A long dirt road flanked by rows of cypress trees leads to the memorial. It looked a

little different from the photos, but the pictures I have seen were taken three years ago so I thought it was just the trees that have changed. As we entered the gate, the memorial came to view. A marker caught our attention. Engraved on it is ‘The Soldier’s Trust.’ It recounted the betrayal of the freedom fighters’ trust when they laid down their arms to the enemy and expected to be treated humanely, “… according to the pledge made by civilized nations at the Geneva Convention.” It also symbolizes the determination of Filipino and American

soldiers to defend freedom. There is also a memorial for the West Pointers who died in the concentration camp. It bears their names and the class years to which they belonged. At the far end of the compound are two memorial walls which honor the American servicemen who had been imprisoned in the camp. Engraved in these long walls are their names and ranks. But the center or focal point of the memorial is a marble niche on which the name ‘Cabanatuan’ is engraved. A marble tablet on top of it explains the significance of the site. TURN to PAGE 20

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I have seen the movie “The Great Raid” twice already. Although I had never been a fan of war movies before, I liked this one, partly because Novo Ecijanos had played a significant part in the success of the rescue mission. I was looking for historical places in Nueva Ecija on the Internet (you guessed right, I did it because I was asked to), when I came across images of the Pangatian War Memorial, and I was a little surprised that such a historical site could be missed almost entirely (I’m not sure about others, but in my case, I had been oblivious to its existence for so many years). I have learned from the movie (which was based on true accounts of the rescue) that this place had been the site of the concentration

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Unknown’ Story


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Features Official Magazine of Genre 20

Concentration Camp The other site is the Pangatian Concentration Camp, which was a project of the provincial government. It was inaugurated on April 6, 2003. The pictures of the newly inaugurated site that I have seen were very different, probably because it was not yet complete at the time. What have caught my interest were those taken in October 2007, because at that time the site was already finished. Not only was the landscape beautiful, there were also new additions like a military-themed playground for the youngsters, and a huge sundial on top of the building. I was expecting to see the same. But as my friends and I entered the gates of the Pangatian Concentration Camp, all enthusiasm seemed to have evaporated from us. The familiar identical markers were still there, the benches and the trees were still present, but the atmosphere was rather different. It was definitely far from what I had hoped to see. A number of children were playing around the markers from the National Historical Institute. They were running around and laughing, and somehow I wondered if they even knew what this site was for. Those markers remind us of the bravery of Filipino guerillas and

the role they have played in the rescue of the POWs. Under the leadership of Captains Juan Pajota and Eduardo Joson, the Filipinos succeeded in preventing the Japanese reinforcements from reaching Pangatian. The battle at Cabu Bridge and the blockade at Bangad were crucial factors in the success of the raid, which resulted in the liberation of 516 POWs. The Americans have given credit to the Filipinos for this successful rescue mission, and this is one thing that Filipinos, particularly Novo Ecijanos should be proud of. As we walked around the site and took some pictures, I could not help but feel a little sorry because I have not seen the site when it was still beautiful and well-maintained. In some places we have seen garbage under the trees. At first I felt that it was a sign of utter disrespect, because some people could not even keep the site clean. But a little later I felt an amount of relief because at least there’s a sign that this place is still visited. It is a sign that this place is not entirely deserted. Perhaps the playground did not look very inviting, but it is a mute witness to how many or how few people go to this place, for whatever purpose it would serve them. We left Pangatian after about

an hour. We had fun, alright, but deep inside there’s a feeling of sadness in me, for I could never ask my Lolo anymore how it had been during that time. But then my heart was once again filled with pride. I know that there are many unsung heroes in our history. Many have become obscure in the archives of the past. These maybe heroes for whom no praises were said, people for whom no monuments were ever built, and perhaps people that no great stories were ever told about. But we know that it is not their names that have made us into what we are today. Names might be forgotten but the essence of what they fought for should never be obliterated from our memories. The way how many of them had risked their lives and how some lost theirs, their courage and heroism, their selfless deeds that sought not to bring honor for themselves but to defend freedom, and their love for their native land- all of these things make me proud to be a Filipino. And after I have known Pangatian, I have found another reason to be proud that I am from Nueva Ecija. I am a Novo Ecijano, and I am proud to have descended from a brave race. -Lilybeth Palon

even hold regular competitions for professional and amateur local and foreign fish anglers. Even though fish angling is popular in the Pantabangan Dam, the authority had laid few ground rules in the protection and conservation of the species in its natural bionetwork in accordance to the administration of the dam and the local government unit. This include three fish per day policy and “catch-and-release” wherein they are immediately measured, weighed, and released for breeding purposes. -Ronald Ian Victorino

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was for the irrigation of the region’s rice farm, water supply for several regions, f l ood control, and operate as a hydroelectric plant. Different native fishes thrive in its stream like Carps, Snake Murrells, and Tilapia. But the single most sought fish in the dam is the largemouth bass, recently introduced by the Americans which is a common fish in the United States. This has sparked a competitive side of the dam, attracting fish anglers all over the Philippine borders, as well as from international interests. They

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

he pride of Nueva Ecija depicting a showcase of multipurpose infrastructure and a masterpiece of Filipino engineering and human ingenuity for the next generations to admire led tourists to go toward the Pantabangan Dam to see its aweinspiring wonders together with its natural innate landscape. The reason why Nueva Ecija was commonly referred to as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines” is not directly because of the province being the number one producer of rice in Central Luzon but somewhat serve as an irrigation for its farmlands. It has one of the biggest manmade water supplies of the country and has helped the Novo Ecijanos against the sprout of global catastrophe which we face as the change in the climate started to become unpredictable. Built in 1974, with a length of 1.6 kilometers and 107 meters high. It could accommodate about 300 millions of cubic meters of water. Its main purpose


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Features Official Magazine of Genre 22


National Park, located at Sitio Minalungao, Barangay Pias, is one of the splendid tourist attractions of General Tinio and considered one of the few remaining natural environments in Nueva Ecija even in Central Luzon. The place derived its name from the words “Mina” and “Lungao” meaning “mine of gold caves.” The park has a big potential for ecotourism and is waiting for development. Its pristine spring, river, and distinctive physical features characterized by a breathtaking view offer an exciting experience to discerning tourists. The place is decorated with sixteen-meter-high limestone walls on both sides of the river bank. The ridge formation of white sculptured limestone walls reveals the might of the great river. The park possesses a cave where distance is yet to be reached. It also features chambers of fl owing draperies of marvellous stones, a yanking pit, and a wonderful hall bejewelled with natural chandeliers of stalactites drawing spelunkers to its wonder and challenge which is also perfect for trekking activities. Practically, Minalungao National Park is a genuine paradise, an ideal place for communing with nature and soul searching and because of its remote location, refuge and solace bestowed to weary souls craving for serenity and peace are its prime offering. The Minalungao is secluded landscape has a total land area of two thousand eighteen (2,018) hectares. The access road leading to the park from the town proper of Gapan is classified as barangay road and is in good condition. It is also accessible via Gapan City. -Ronnel Simbulan

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010 2006. It is celebrated annualy, simultaneous with the cityhood anniversary celebration every 25th of August. It was started by former city mayor, Ernesto Natividad, to promote the city’s productivity and to invite investments that will generate thousands of job opportunies. This eve nt f l aunt the high quality products of the city by noting that tsinelas here are ‘mura na, matibay pa’ gaining continuous support from different local enterprises that sponsored different events for the long-week celebration including beauty pageants, motocross, street dancing and many more. This has been one of the most awaited occasions in the province and many are looking forward to be a part of it not only because of its uniqueness but also its promotion to increase tourism in the city and province as well. -Rose Ann Alabastro

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Just like other nations, our country has its own colorful festivities that light up our celebrations deeply rooted in our culture. We have the Ati-atihan of Aklan, Panagbanga Festival of Baguio, Higantes Festival and the like. In Nueva Ecija, one of the joyous occasions celebrated here is the Tsinelas Festival in the city of Gapan. It may sound unusual but it is making its way to be a locally-acclaimed festal day just like other mirths. The city of Marikina is known as the leading manufacturer of shoes in the country. Tourists of Batangas province will definitely look for their famous kapeng barako and fine-pointed balisong. The city of Pines is popular for its strawberries. And now the Gapan City is doing efforts to develop its own identity, that is, promoting the city as the leading manufacturer of tsinelas in the country. Tsinelas Festival started wayback


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

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ave you ever stopped by the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) outlet store and have a taste of their dairy product? If yes, then you should’ve known PCC as one with the healthiest and tastiest carabao milk in the province, but, if you thought that it only functions for that, you’d better think again, it is just an icing in the cake of PCC’s existence. Before we tackle the functions of the PCC located at the campus of Central Luzon State University in the Science City of Muñoz, let us all go back first to the first days of the PCC. During the earlier years of PCC, it is called the Philippine Carabao Research and Development center until in 1989 Senator Joseph Estrada authored Senate Bill 1165 entitled, “An Act Creating the Philippine Carabao Center to Propagate and Promote the Philippine Carabao and for Other Purposes”. After three years, on March 27, 1992 President Corazon C. Aquino, House Speaker Ramon V. Mitra, and Senate President Neptali Gonzales signed into law the Philippine Carabao Act or Republic Act 7307 making PCC an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture. On April 1 1993 the PCC became operational, initially, having six regional centers where one of those is the PCC Central Luzon State University. In February 1995, PCC started constructing its Headquarters and National Gene Pool facilities in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija on

a 40-hectare land donated by CLSU. On April 28 of that year, 459 Bulgarian Murrah Buffaloes (51 bulls and 408 females) arrived at Subic Bay and were quarantined for a month at the Digdig Ranch of PCC at CLSU in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. While in October, the “test tube” calves from in-vitro fertilization/in-vitro matured embryos were born in Nueva Ecija, an outcome of the efforts of the PCC Research Team. In 1999 PCC became a member of the Science Community of Muñoz after the Office of the Executive Director moved from Manila to the newly completed National Gene Pool and Headquarters establishing Nueva Ecija as the National Impact Zone (NIZ) for Dairy Buffalo Enterprise. On April 5, 2002 the world’s first calf produced out of vitrified-thawed embryo was born coinciding with the 55th birthday of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo which reasoned out the naming of the female calf as “Glory”. After years of laborious research and development, in 2008, PCC was recognized as Tanglaw Awards Most Outstanding Research Institution. The agency is acknowledged for its commitment to research and development on enhancing technologies that conserve, propagate and promote the carabao as a source of draft animal power, meat, milk, and benefits to rural farmers. At the present time, PCC is

headed by their executive Director Dr. Libertado C. Cruz together with the Deputy Executive Director and Center Director of PCC at CLSU Dr. Felomino V. Mamuad in attaining their mandate and vision - “Towards better nutrition, higher levels of income and improved general well-being of the overwhelming sector, the rural farming families... through the conservation, propagation and promotion of water buffalo as important source of milk and meat, in addition to draft power and hide.” The PCC is an agency of the government that helps improve the life of Filipino farmers by providing better solutions in breeding buffalos. It enables the farmers, particularly smallholder farmers and CARP beneficiaries to avail themselves of good quality carabao stocks at all times and at reasonable prices through an organized program of production, breeding, training, and dispersal. PCC undertakes training programs for farmers, particularly smallholder farmers and CARP beneficiaries, designed to transfer technology on the proper care and reproduction of the carabao and the processing of its meat and milk. Next time you pass by the PCC outlet store and savour the fruits of their years of research and study, now you know that more than catering to the needs of dairy product lovers, PCC is indeed of great help in boosting the economy through the agricultural industry. -Ren Gemuel Ramirez

ganisa, Guagua for its salty, almost sour, longganisa, Vigan for its small bite size-like longganisa, Pampanga for their skinless longganisa, and Cabanatuan for its famous batutay longganisa. Batutay is way too different from the other longganisas that we Filipinos had known. It is especially made here in Cabanatuan from purely ground beef and marinated with special spices. It is sweet and salty at the same time which made it special from other longganisas. Every February, Cabanatuan City celebrates the Longganisa Festival. It is where Cabanatueños promote the city and their famous batutay to tourists and other people. Competition like “Pahabaan ng Longganisa” and “Pasarapan ng Longganisa” were held. Don’t miss the chance of tasting our famous batutay longganisa. Have one now! -Lorenz Arthur Ilagan

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onganiza or longganisa are chorizos flavored with local spices. Each region in the Philippines produces its own longaniza, each with distinct characteristics. Some towns and cities produce popular varieties. Longganisa is sausage-shaped meat, flavored with indigenous spices. It can be made of ground pork, beef, chicken, or fish wrapped with dried intestines of cows. Sometimes longganisa are skinless. Few people realize that longanizas are not only found in the Philippines. One can find and savor them in Spain where they originated and in other areas with Spanish influences such as Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Classic Spanish sausages include chorizos, longanizas, sobrasadas, morcillas, butiffaras, salchichas, and salchichones. There is a wide variety of longganisa here in the Philippines, each region having its own specialty. Lucban is known for its garlicky long-

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010



Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

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ere are some interesting facts about Mafia, do you know that the word Mafia means “Morte Ala Francia Italia Anelia!” which means “Death to the French is Italy’s Cry!” it was also first used by Giuseppe Rizzuto in his play entitled “I Mafiasi Della Vicaria” (The Mafia in the Vicarage). Many Mafia movies like the Godfather I, II, III were portrayed the life of Mafioso (member of the Mafia), but looking back again to its history will give us clear understanding about its principle and how it was formed. Sicilian Mafia Many believed that Mafia was started during 1800 century but some historians say that it was formed in the mid 19th century. The primary reason of its creation was to protect the natives of Sicily from foreign invaders. Sicilian Mafia was the first among the Mafias in the world being formed because Sicily during that time had been dominated by foreign invaders like Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, French and Spanish. To protect themselves they banded together in groups that carried out their own form of justice. After a decade they became vigilantes. They formed their own armies which they called as mafia by then they take advantage to the violent and

chaotic conditions of Sicily. These condition brought Mafia to a world of crime and illegal activities. The group of former vigilantes had now become part of the problem. The year 1920’s considered the worst part of the Mafia history, Al Capone the famous Mafia leader during that time controlled illegal business in America specifically in Chicago, he controlled prostitution and illegal gambling there, he earned the title as “scarface” he was able to generate 105 million dollars in 1927 alone. Capone was indicted (1931) by a federal grand jury for evasion of income tax payments and was sentenced to an 11-year prison term. American Mafia This was also known as the Cosa Nostra or La Cosa Nostra, it has no formal name and it was considered as a secret society it means “our thing” it was emerged in New York’s Lower East Side, most of the member are Italian who migrated to America and formed an alliance to some American Gangster. Many illegal activities like illegal drugs prostitution and extortions are the most common source of income of this organization. They can also control the local police and some government official and member of judiciary. This is their way of protecting their illegal activities

around the cities of America and other neighbouring countries.hi People who Prosecuted Mafia “The Mafia is a human phenomenon and thus, like all human phenomena, it has had a beginning and an evolution, and will also have an end.”This is the statement made by Giovanni Falcone the famous Italian magistrate who prosecuted some mafia members, but he is also a victim of this crime group Falcone was killed with his wife Francesca Morvillo (herself a magistrate) and three policemen: Rocco Di Cillo, Antonio Montinaro, and Vito Schifani, near Capaci on the motorway between Palermo International Airport and the city of Palermo. Another person who fought Mafia illegal activities was Paolo Borsellino, today he is considered as one of the most important magistrates killed by the Sicilian Mafia during the 1980s and 1990s, and he is remembered as one of the main symbols of the battle of the State against the Mafia. Today even America ,the most powerful country in the world spends a lot of money to dismantle the crime ring of Mafia in America but until today the crime group remain untouchables because of their influence in Government and Judicial branch of state. -Edwin B. Santos

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

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hat if one day you woke up surrounded by a hundred billion dollars? Ambitious and elusive, however, in case that fortunate event happens, you should know what to do. Let me lead you in pinning down what could be done with that multitude of wealth. These are among the most expensive things of the world. Most Expensive Television: $2.3 million If you are the home buddy type and a fan of Home theatre, TV series, reality shows or even news and current affairs you might love to buy the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television by Stuart Hughes. It will surely bring out the drama and excitement in your entertainment arena because of its 55-inch wide screen glittering with the 28 kilograms of 18-carat rose gold and 72 diamonds covering the television set. Swiss luxury television maker PrestigeHD asked Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International to design a spectacular piece for the company and they did achieve a high level of spectacles with the limited edition of only three televisions produced showing that not all that glitters is gold – televisions, too. It is now being sold for a very unaccommodating price of 2.3 million dollars. Most Expensive Hotel Room: $65,000 (per night) You might want to take a vacation; here is one of the the elite. He made headlines in 2009 when he crafted a most luxurious places on earth. Go to Geneva, Switzer22-carat gold iPhone studded with 53 diamonds for an land and have a night at the Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. You might not be able unnamed Australian businessman for £1.92 million. More recently, he says, he was commissioned to make to sleep knowing that every night will cost you 65,000 dollars. I can’t see why it valued that much since the only an even pricier version of the phone in 18-carat rose gold with hundreds of diamonds, including a singleamenities inside that room are period pieces, majestic cut, 7.1-carat diamond for the main navigation button. views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, a private elevaHighest Donation for Charity: $31 billion tor, surveillance cameras, bulletproof windows, armored In case you missed it, Warren Buffett (chairman of doors and bedside panic buttons. Maybe the security did Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. and the second richest man a lot cost to this elegant room. in the world) has decided to donate nearly $31 billion Most Expensive Golf Club: $181,000 Playing golf is one of the most favorite sports of the well to the Gates Foundation. In 2005, the Gates Foundation off people of the society because more than pleasure, they ranked just behind the country of Finland in global health spending. Buffett’s move, which stands as the mix it with business. After getting a good night sleep at Hotel President Wilson, it is time to mix up with the high largest charitable donation of all time, will double the amount of money that the Gates Foundation has at its society in the golf course using the Long-Nose Putter disposal each year. The goals of the Gates Foundation, Stamped “A.D.,” It is in fact a vintage golf club made by which has been bankrolled thus far by $26 billion from Andrew Dickson, the oldest known club maker to mark his clubs. He is said to have served as a caddy to the Duke Bill and Melinda Gates, include improving the quality of schools across the country as well as eradicating the of York as a young boy, according to Sotheby’s. This item world’s top 20 diseases, including AIDs, malaria, and was estimated to sell for $200,000 to $300,000 but fetched tuberculosis $181,000 in a Sotheby’s auction in New York in 2007. Someone once said that people are not made to be Most Expensive Car: $1,700,000 You can now take a ride along the countryside with this happy, we are created to be meaningful. Price and worth is synonymous yet priceless and worthless conBugatti Veyron. This is by far the most expensive street legal car available on the market today. It is the fastest ac- notes opposite ideas. You might gain the most valuable celerating car reaching 0-60 km in 2.6 seconds. It claims to things of this world yet still be worthless because the be the fastest car with a top speed of 253 mph+. However, essential things of this world are not bought by money but appreciated by the heart. the title for the fastest car goes to the SSC Ultimate Aero Have answered the very first question from above? which exceeds 253 mph pushing this car to 2nd place for If yes, then it’s time to seriously wake up, the dream is the fastest car. over, let’s get moving. Most Expensive Cellphone: $2.97 million -Ren Gemuel Ramirez You can now throw your old cellphone and grab an S Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes. Stuart Hughes list-2007-2008/; also made the most expensive television, shows anworld.html;; http:// other glamorous gadget not just for the techie, but also for


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“The most daring rescue mission of our time is a story that has never been told.” So goes the tagline of ‘The Great Raid,’ a war drama that depicted the raid at Cabanatuan prison camp in 1945, the World War II rescue mission of the American army to free more than 500 prisoners of war from the Japanese. The film began with a narration of the events that took place after the Fall of Bataan and the infamous Death March, showing graphic scenes of the Japanese army demonstrating animal treatment of the captives while operating under Japan’s ‘Kill All’ Policy saying, “It is the aim not to allow the escape of a single one, to annihilate them all, and not leave any traces.” There was even a scene in which POWs were covered with gasoline and were set on fire alive. Many others died of disease and starvation. The events around the actual rescue that took place in the film happened in the course of five days, from January 27 to January 31, 1945. At the 6th army headquarters stationed in Luzon, Lt. Col. Henry Mucci (played by Benjamin Bratt) has been as-

signed to lead the rescue attempt at Cabanatuan prison camp. He gave the task to plan and execute the mission to Capt. Robert Prince (James Franco). The plan was to use the elements of speed, surprise, and overwhelming firepower to their advantage, although they knew it would be a very difficult task, given the rugged terrain and the vast number of the Japanese. At the very least they knew that they could rescue the POWs, or die trying. It was at this point when their team of 121 elite rangers and Alamo scouts joined forces with a small army of Filipino guerillas led by Capt. Juan Pajota (portrayed by Cesar Montano). Pajota’s knowledge of the terrain and the Japanese’s activity proved to be a crucial factor in the final planning of the attack. He also made the suggestion to have a USAAF airplane fly over the camp to distract the guards and divert their eyes to the sky, to which Mucci agreed. This aerial decoy fortunately worked for them. Capt. Pajota and his men set up the roadblock next to the bridge over Cabu River. He also sent an expert to set a bomb under the bridge, which detonated

at the designated time and created a large hole that prevented the tanks from crossing the bridge. The film also featured a love story involving Major Gibson (Joseph Fiennes), the highestranking American officer and Margaret Utinsky (Connie Nielsen). Major Gibson had been suffering from malaria and as a Catholic-aid nurse in Manila, Margaret was able to smuggle Quinine tablets through members of the underground resistance to keep Gibson alive. Unfortunately, their efforts have taken them only so far, because they were not meant to see each other again as Major Gibson would die shortly after the rescue. As the assault on the camp began, the violence was once again overwhelming. One of the scenes that would surely move the audience would be of frightened POWs refusing to go out of the camp, thinking that the Rangers were actually the Japanese tricking them into getting killed. They had no idea that the rescue was going to happen, that at the beginning of gunfire they had thought that it was the

and Ronald Bilius Weasley accompanied him. They met various obstacles which tested their courage and friendship. But their main quest was augmented by another one as they discovered the secret of the Deathly Hallows, these are the three items which are said to make the possessor master of Death. The story ends with the battle at Hogwarts where the Order of the Phoenix, along with the students and professors of Hogwarts, and the Death Eaters clash. The good prevails as Harry defeats Tom Marvolo Riddle by a backfired spell. (Beware: Spoilers ahead!!!)

Synopsis It is Harry’s last year of wizard learning at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but recent events urged him in deciding not to go back to Hogwarts this year and pursue the quest Dumbledore has left him; hunt Lord Voldemort’s horcruxes and destroy them. In this quest, his best friends Hermione Jean Granger

•Horace Slughorn, introduced in the preceding movie as the new Potions master, actor will be replaced in the next movie. •Good news! Reports that Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe, will not be disguised as a Weasley cousin at Bill and Fleurs’ wedding has been confirmed. •The movie is said to be cut at the part where Lord Voldemort breaks open Albus Dumbledore’s tomb to get the Elder Wand. To date, the last book of the series is considered as the fastest selling book, selling over 25 million copies in just 24 hours from its release. The movie is set to be released this November 19 and the other part next year. - Arnel Bien H. Francisco

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The long run of Harry Potter franchise has finally come to its end, but the producers of the film decided to divide the last flick, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, into two. This makes all the Potterheads out there so excited for the film; for cutting the last film into two parts will mean that the production will make the film as detailed as possible. The previous film (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) got some negative comments from viewers as the production did not elaborate some of the parts in the movie, but reports say that we can expect better in the upcoming movie.

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Japanese beginning to massacre them. At some point, some of the Rangers had to resort to physical force to get the prisoners out because they would not listen. Others had to be carried because they were so frail. The coordinated attack lasted for roughly thirty minutes and was successful, with only a small number of casualties among the Americans and Filipino guerillas. Director John Dahl was able to recreate this historical drama in vivid detail. Although most war films would concentrate on the action side of it, ‘The Great Raid’ was able to capitalize on the raw emotions of the POWs and has shown the atrocities of war, revealing ‘humankind’s inhumanity’ and the heroism that can be found in those who value life. The documentary footage towards the end of the film showing the actual POWs on their way to freedom makes one appreciate the effort of those who took part in this rescue mission, and the trust and loyalty that they have given each other. The cast was able to perform quite well, including our very own Cesar Montano whose portrayal of a guerilla leader was very effective and convincing. The depiction of the raid was highly accurate, combining material from the books ‘The Great Raid on Cabanatuan’ by William B. Breuer and ‘Ghost Soldiers’ by Hampton Sides. Even if its historical significance might be overlooked, it is still an interesting film for those who like war movies. The raid in Cabanatuan remains one of the most successful missions in US military history. It will continue to stir a certain measure of pride in the people who have taken part in it, among them the brave Novo Ecijanos who aided the American army. -Lilybeth Palon


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Literary Official Magazine of Genre 30

I only stare at you from a distance Longing to feel just a touch of your hand I can barely make out how long time stood still When in an instant, you seem to have called my name. I vaguely remember the things I have done Ever since you looked my way with a smile like sunshine I look up at the sky and there I see your face Etched in the clouds, with a loving gaze I still dream of you even when I am awake I feel your presence even in my solitude There’s nothing to replace the magic that you weave Every time you speak to me, it all sounds so sweet. But you don’t belong to the world where I am in The magic starts and ends within my lonely dreams You are a star that is cradled among the clouds And I, a poor soul, with nothing to ask Tonight I go to sleep, once more with a longing heart And with a tired mind I lay waiting in the dark For there I can always find the solace I used to chase Every time in my deep slumber, I can always hold your face.

Time to say what’s true Yes, it is true that I always think of you Yes, it is true you can make me smile when I’m blue And yes, it is true that I will always be here for you Time to think Will you cry when I say that I am leaving? Will you get angry if I say that I love you? Will you stay, if I ask you to? Time to accept Now, I understand were just friends that’s the fact Now I realized things must stay where they start I know it is always she, and it will never be me Time to say Goodbye If to you I am nothing, to me you’re everything. I will be here when you need me, but I will buried the feeling, So that I will be free to search life’s new meaning.

I sing to you and I lull myself to sleep As I wait for tomorrow and the chance to follow you To a place that lies beyond my reach From the depths of my soul, I call your name But the silence that enfolds you now Is such an impenetrable shield Darkness has enveloped you While you reside in the land of no return My mind has defied all reason there is But my feeble hands cannot contest destiny’s will So here I stand as I concede and lament And I cry out the words that you will never hear I am broken. I am dying. I love you. We will meet again..

Weave magic and cast spells Intoxicate my senses Leave my dreams fulfilled With just a single glance That’s what your eyes do Send me forth to paradise As I escape from reality I can never get enough of it Even if it’s already drowning me That’s the wonder of your smile But the laughter I hear is deceitful Even if your voice is so melodious What you feel, I cannot decipher What you say, I cannot comprehend All those things, I do detest I don’t fear your rejection I’m afraid I can’t really care But I loathe and adore you at the same time And tread on this path I dare What this is worth, I am unaware Tonight I will raise my glass to you To the image I hold so dear And I will spend an endless night As I contemplate in sweet solitude Beneath the stars in my decrepit abode Here’s to the one I love to hate To the one I so hate to love I daresay I have just welcomed grief When I let this stranger take hold of me I took the hands of ambivalence and embraced misery.

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I kiss your eyes and then I close my own And I breathe a sigh as I hold back tears There’s nothing I have but empty words And even now that only the pain is real My heart beats the same yet it doesn’t feel Because the eyes that used to light my world Will never pierce my gaze again

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

I lay my body to rest beside you As I think of those arms that used to hold me I remember how you wrap me in your embrace As I wonder if I would get the chance once more To feel those loving hands I so adored, Warm and tender against my skin.


Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

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China will likely be following the awesome pattern of the Beijing Olympics 2008 as the 16th Asian games will be held in Guangzhou this November. Although XVI Asia (Guangzhou Asian Games) is said the be “the mark of the end of the era”, the event will be expected to be a spectacular event with more than 14,000 athletes and coaches from 45 Asian countries and regions competing for the 476 gold medals in 42 sports. Guangzhou is the second city in China where the next Asian games will be held. Since the country is marred with great influence of their traditions and cultures, the plan of the six representative discipline sports has been argued. The mascot of the city Guangzhou is made of five entities mainly one father and four baby rams that brought them to the idea of narrowing the representative sports to 5 that is significant to Chinese beliefs involving good luck. The committee could have chosen sports like football because of its growing fame in Asia, yet they find it not having the “exotic” factor similarly to golf, badminton, dragon boat racing, rugby, sailing and such that would compare to the chosen five. Gymnastics This sport has three main braches starting with Artistic gymnastics which involves of a short, tightly - choreographed routines. Some of its routines are classified as floor execises that do not require the aid of an apparatus. A crucial element in this kind of gymnastics is the maintenance of precise balance within the cho-

reographed routine that is a big problem even to the best gymnasts. Another is Rhythmic gymnastics which is a sub - discipline involving control of hand - held apparatus like ropes, batons and the like. It is accompanied by music with ballet - like dancing pattern. Participants manipulate single prop during the performance. The main criteria in judging the performance are the difficulties and the routines picked by the participants. The last of the three is the Trampolining and Tumbling, just what the name suggests. It involves twists and flips and trampolining. Sounds easy but it must be performed on a very low, ramp - like, one meter wide track of 10 - 15 cm height apart with 2 planks spaced roughly one meter apart, and with elasticized cross slats in connection to avoid mishaps if there are untimely accidents. Taekwondo This sport is the most practiced form of martial arts in the globe because of the fact that most of its practitioners need it in various situations, especially for self - defense, meditation and way of living. It is traced to be likely in the tradition in Korea. Two omits most frequent expressions are sparring techniques and the breaking techniques. In its history, there are 2 main divisions developed, one is the military preference for the South Korean Army and the Sport itself where there are the two adept practitioners using it for competition purposes. It has finally become a discipline that is a fixture in every major multi disciplined

sports events around the world. Table Tennis This sport is also known as ping pong and the younger brother of tennis that most of the Asians excel. Despite its roots from the western world, it is widely accepted by the other side. Players engage in lengthy sequence of shots and counters that extends the presence of the ball in the table. It is more exciting when the match is fast phased resulting fast reactions partnered with extended movements even making distance from the table to make counter measures. Rowing Traversing the national boundaries is what makes this sport extreme. This sport is likely to be found in countries that rims the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It encompasses a degree of built-in equality that the bigger rower gives good dictation of the fate of the boat. Rowers with short arms also have advantage in terms of strokes as it promotes less fatigue that could result to cramps that could be a hindrance for a rower. There are various categories in the competition of row boats, these are: single sculls, double sculls and quad sculls depending on the sizes, weights and the number of the participants. One may use signals like megaphones and drums for rowing coordination. Cricket It is an integral part of the sporting tradition of the Commonwealth countries, but not really grown that much popularity in America. However it is classified as a “bridging sport”. Some poor countries found Cricket as their

Sports Editor

Raniel Cabato

Its nice thing to have a break from those hard subjects and hectic schedules that we encounter every week. Here in Wesleyan they provide time for us to relax and temporarily forget our busy schedules, one of those times is the Intramurals. They wanted us to have a week of relaxation through playing different kinds of sports. Appreciation of sports is what the school wants us to have; moreover, this promotes enthusiasm and enjoyment that we must gain in order to balance our academic activities and extra corricular. But notice that in the past few years, fewer Wesleyanians were seen watching other athletes in their respective events. If they are not in the computer shops, they would usually be in malls and other places they wish. The dilemma somehow deteriorates the number of students who still show interest in sports here in the school. The people who suffer more are the organizers and fellow students who give their best to gain victory in their own departments. Fines actually are charges paid by students that were absent in the events that required attendance. In this matter, students must have their attendance slip signed by the officer – in – charge of their department. This doesn’t have to be an issue in the first place, but

because more and more students were attracted too much in technological inventions and hang outs, it became a policy that made or should I say force us to go to school. Many of us found this policy as a burden. As one can notice, students are obliged to go to the different venues just to have their attendance slips be signed. However, their attention was not in the sporting event but ratherchatting with friends and typing with their cellphones. In that way, the latter sacrifice the value of the Intramurals putting all their reason attending because of the fines. However, I cannot blame the students from such actions because not all of us like sports that much. Thus sharing less interest in it. Consequently, the policy proved to be disadvantageous to students, specially the ones who live in far places. Not all of us live near the university, and it’s quite costly in going back and forth to school everyday; worse if they committed an absence. As for the students, they consider Intramurals as a one week vacation. There is the ideal time for them to stay home; rest and save money, but since there were fines for absentees, what will sink in their minds is that the event will just be the same as school days and the word “boring” will enter the scene. For other students, a two-hour ride

only sport played, regardless of their traditions. Fortunately, Cricket became a matter of national pride in the last quarter of 20th century with the result that the grand sporting

competitions give a part for international detente or the efforts to defuse international geo - political tensions. Many sports enthusiasts here long waited for these events

to WU-P with a bus fare of more or less a hundred pesos is costly. If I were wealthy I’d rather be absent and pay fines but since I am not, Ihad to go to school to pay two or a three digit amount. On the other hand, I can say that my reasons are products of selfishness, why? Look at the players, they are students too. They dedicated their time and effort to give a good fight and a live spirit if we watched them, but then many would just ignore their sacrifices. We would only know their contribution days after the competition and in the release of the school paper. Actually, the university could suspend the Intramurals if they want to and just focus on the academics, but since they want us to promote a balance in studies and physical fitness, they generously give us the experience regardless of what many believe in. The people’s interest varies with the sport they like. We cannot force them to appreciate a sport they don’t even know; it will really take time if they try to. Fines are not the only reason why we observe Intramurals but also to support and appreciates the events played by the unsung heroes of sports in our university.. Let’srecognize the efforts of the people involved in it by watching every sports event and fines will just be a far cry in the years ahead.

which form parts of the most memorable moments in Asia’s history, a very special event before the end of its era. -Raniel C. Cabato; http://www.chinatravel. com/focus/asian-games-2010/

Official Magazine of Genre Sports

Fines in the midst of attendance and sports appreciation

Raniel C. Cabato

The people’s interest varies with the sport they like. We cannot force them to appreciate a sport they don’t even know.

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Phase Change



Entertainent Lampoon Official Magazine of Genre Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010

Volume XI Issue No. 3 September-October 2010 na maghahatid sa ‘yo para makapamalengke ka, makapaglakwatsa at makapaghatid sa iyo sa eskwela. Para kang prinsesang naghihintay kay prince charming. Hanggang sa ma-realize mo na lang na maputi na pala ang buhok mo, bural na pala ang mga mata mo at laglag na lahat ng ipin mo pero ang maghahatid lang pala sa’yo ay isang tricycle driver na walang kasing gulang.

“Yun talaga ang Pasahe.” 1. Isang araw, pagkatapos mong magwisik-wisik at magbihis ay papasok ka na naman sa paborito mong subject para magfacebook at mag-DotA. Pagdating mo ay nagulat ka na lang na mas mataas na ang pasaheng sinisingil sa’yo. At dahil madali kang mabola ay naniwala ka sa sinabi ng tricycle driver na iyon daw talaga ang lakaran sa lugar ninyo. Kaaalis lang ng driver nang ma-realize mo na hindi pa pala nagtataas ng pasahe sa lugar kung saan ka nakatira.

“San ba ‘yon?” 3. Isang umaga habang nanunuod ka ng Spongebob ay naalala mo na lang na kailangan mo palang bumili ng gamit para sa project nyo. Dahil mas malaki sa munggo ang utak mo ay nagtanong ka kung magkano ang pasahe papuntang tindahan. Magugulat ka na lang na hindi pala ito alam ng driver. Tatanunging ka ng “Saan ba ‘yon?” kasunod ang “Magkano ang ibinabayad mo doon?” Ihahatid ka nya sa pasaheng sinabi mo. Magugulat ka nalang na alam pala nya ang daan at sumisingil sya ng dagdag dahil medyo malayo daw ang biniyahe nya.

Si Cinderellang pogi at ang Mahiwagang Sidecar 2. Nagpunta ka sa isang convenience store sakay ng isang tricycle. Pagbigay ng bayad ay mabilis na humarurot ang tricycle na sinakyan mo. At dahil panget ang tricycle driver ay hindi mo sya pinansin. Heto ka ngayon at babayaran na ang mga pinamili mo. Nalaman mo nalang na naPOGI ka dahil nawawala na pala ang cellphone mo. Nalaglag ito sa upuan ng tricycle na sinakyan mo. At dahil nga mahiwaga ito, hindi mo na ito makikita. Umuwi kang lumuluha at binubulong sa sarili na naging alamat ang cellphone mo. Si Traffic at si Ulan 4. Minsan isang araw, tuluy-tuloy ang pagbuhos ng ulan. At dahil ayaw mong mabasa ang payong mo ay sumakay ka ng tricycle para makapasok. Pagdating mo ay sinisingil ka ng mas mataas dahil traffic daw at umuulan. At dahil nga ayaw mong mabasa ang sarili at ang payong mo habang nakikipagtalo, ay napilitan kang magbayad ng mas mahal. Pumasok kang ibinabaon sa isip na humahaba ang daan kapag traffic at umuulan.

Ang Murang Mall 5. Pagkatapos na matunaw ang utak mo sa klase na napagpasyahan mong magrelax ng sandali at lumabas muna para magmerienda. Paglabas mo ay sikat ka na dahil pinagaagawan ka na ng mga tao sa labas. Nagmumurahan sila para lang mauna kang isakay. Para ka ding nasa hot seat dahil sa walang sawa nilang pagtatanong ng “Sakay ka pate?” At dahil nga sikat ka na, ay aalukin ka pa nila ng tinda nilang P30 na Pacific at P20 na Mega Mall. Maeengganyo ka dahil mura ang tinda nila. At doon nagsimula ang pagtitinda ng mall.

Official Magazine of Genre Zhonrox

Noong unang panahon, nandyan ka sa isang kanto at naniniwalang may matinong tricycle driver




Official Magazine of Genré The Central Student Publication of Wesleyan - University Philippines Volume XI Issue No. 3

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