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Luxury textile wallcovering, worldwide In search for Grace

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“Each collection has its own story”

Vegas, Adding a dash of royalty

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04 | The Company:


luxury textile wallcovering worldwide

06 | Trends: la vie en rose

07 | The people: mariette and Jo, the design team


10 | The Collection: create your own Fortune

18 | The Collection: in search for Grace

20 | The Collection: Vegas, adding a dash of royalty

22 | The Company: carine Thienpont: quality control

24 | Practice makes perfect 26 | The Diary

ediTo Times they are a changing. An old saying, yes, but ever so true. Especially for ‌ Asanderus. Yes. Asanderus. This is the new brand name for our luxury textile wallcovering. With this new name comes a breath of fresh air, a warm zephyr gently blowing through the world of luxury wallcovering. Asanderus seizes this momentum to write an extra chapter to its - already - great story. We do it under another pen name, yes, but with the same attitude and spirit. It is - and will remain - our goal to present our clients with top quality, beauty, state of the art designs and an impeccable service. By introducing our new and highly esteemed wallcovering collections, Asanderus once again confirms its leadership in this niche market. Worldwide.


Luxury textile wallcovering, worldwide...

Elegance 111015 - Verdon Robin


The company

The Far East

Asanderus - formerly known as Calcutta - is a world player in the field of luxury textile wallcovering. Asanderus recently added some prestigious projects to its order book. Our latest work includes providing Asian palaces, Russian dasha’s and luxury chains around the world with a touch of aristocracy. Everywhere luxury textile wallcovering is welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and respect. With the introduction of the new name the company finds itself at the start of a new and promising era. Why would a brand with a long tradition like Calcutta - a quality label for luxury textile wallcovering - change its name? Not because we are looking for a way to deny our roots, but because the new name - Antonius Sanderus is an important historical figure, closely connected to Calcutta’s founding place - emphasizes the company’s strong roots. Besides, the new name does not undermine the company’s evolution. Not in the least: Asanderus has plans. Big plans. “With regard to the success of our products, Asanderus has followed quite an extraordinary path”, says managing director Yves Putman. “The last couple of years we have been building up a very solid reputation in countries like China and Russia, where luxury textile wallcovering is a much sought after product. In other words, it is a success story. Now it is time to convince the rest of the world of the qualities and the advantages of our luxury textile wallcovering.”

If you travel to the Far East and mention the name Calcutta people praise the company. Calcutta is known for its clear communication, top quality and impeccable after sales service. “The new brand name Asanderus has to live up to this reputation”, says Yves Putman. “We are working very hard to maintain our position as world leader in the top segment of luxury textile wallcovering. And I do mean in every aspect, not only in design and production, but also in after sales service. Woven luxury textile wallcovering is a product that is mainly purchased by a prosperous clientele. People who have the means to invest in such a niche product expect the best quality and a correct service. Customers do not want to invest in a long distance business relation if they are not convinced of the quality and the back up. Asanderus is a trendsetter. We produce - and I emphasize this every time I talk about it - ‘luxury’ textile wallcovering. The fact that we are a Belgian company, with its production facilities in Belgium, is an important aspect of our company’s success. It makes us, especially if you think of globalisation, somewhat unique. Almost every step of the production is done at the factory, from designing new collections to development and production. We follow the production process very closely. The knowhow and expertise is handed from one generation to the next. And yes, part of the production is fully automated, but since we work with a ‘live’ product, we need employees with the right spirit, the right feel, passion and commitment. Expertise is one of our most important trumps. It is the combination of this in house production, the creative process, the competence and the after sales service that makes Asanderus the company it is today: trendsetting and innovative. Trendsetting, yes. You should not forget that we start developing new collections at least one year before we put them on the market; in that way our design team has a rather challenging task: they have to be able to see the future. They need to follow what happens in the field of fashion, design… and try to determine what colours, textures and themes will be en vogue the next season. Relying on their visionary creativity they develop new collections, thus setting the standard. That makes us stand out. A company like ours must make its own future. And, the time is now.”


Trends 03

01 02 04

Grace 312005 - Bonica Rose Dust


Vieux Rose. Grace 312001 - Banquet Pink Blush

This page highlights three genuine Grace-references, all nuances of the Vieux Rose-colour, one of Asanderus’ top tones, very alive, and ‘happening’. Vieux Rose combines the charm of old porcelain dolls with nu-fashion objects, turning them into trendsetting ‘wannahaves’.

01| © Gucci Joaillerie, ring in rose gold, collection “Horsebit” | 02| © Navyboot, suede leather ankle bootie | 03| © Sonia Rykiel, pouch | Grace 312004 - Penelope Pink Blush


04| © Marc Cain, gloves | 05| © Elie Saab, “Le parfum” |

Mariette & jo, The design team: “Each collection has its own story”

A two-people team: Jo and Mariette, Asanderus’ creative tandem. Afflicted with a passion for all things textile they design every new wallcovering collection and invest their time in campaigns that should startle their clients. “A versatile job”, says Jo, ”Apart from choosing and developing the new designs, we need to be a little visionary too: the time gap between the initial design and the actual collection is at least one year.”


Their offices are submerged in rays of gold. Warm and light. The wall is covered with designs, pieces of fabric, pictures. On their desks more pictures and magazines, from high fashion to interior and furniture design. “A big inspiration”, says Mariette. She has been working for the company for more than twenty years. “Luxury textile wallcovering has become increasingly successful”, she says. “It looks like that all prejudice is disappearing: more and more people are convinced that wallcovering does not imply ‘dusty’ and ‘difficult to maintain’.” To prove this point, Jo takes a piece of wallcovering and pours half a glass of soft drink on it. The wallcovering does not absorb the liquid at all; the spoiled liquid turns into a drop that can be easily removed, proving the dirt- and waterproofness of this material. “But still, textile wallcovering has an ‘untidy’ reputation. I see it as our task to change this perception. Step by step. Thanks to smart campaigning we are able to turn the tide. We are not into guerrilla marketing, simply because our customers would not approve. They like classical modesty better. We try to reach new customers with teasing collections, such as Lounge, Grace, Fortune and Vegas. And we succeed, which gives a lot of fulfilment.”

Do you draw the patterns for the new collections yourselves? Jo: “No, we don’t. We buy them from specialised design agencies all over the world and start from there. Of course we need to take some technical matters into account and have to adapt each design to the specific weaving-loom: we use two kinds, one with a 30 cm repeat and one with a 70 cm repeat. The one with 70 cm repeat allows us to show more detail. We also decide which threads we want to use; you should not forget that you cannot transfer the colours of the design - red, blue, green, … - to the woven end product, because you need to take the warp and weft into account. Our weaving machines cannot weave green patterns with clear red highlights. The end result is always a blend of the warp and weft thread colours.”

If we have a look at the latest collections we see a very beautiful product. In addition to a very clear theme each collection tells a story. Grace, for example, is all about graciousness, referring to jetset and posh late night dinners... Jo: “Yes, and developing a story takes a lot of time and energy. Our work does not stop after we have chosen the designs. On the contrary: that is the actual starting point of the development phase. We look for fabrics, for matching colours, textures, the right thread combinations… Mariette and I share a past as textile designers, which helps a lot. We invest a lot of time in


the people ‘story creation’, and hope that our customers can relate to our interpretation. In a way, we try to sell a feeling more than a beautifully designed end product. Our work needs to posess a certain ‘charm’. We think up different stories for different collections: Lounge is totally different from Grace or Fortune. But there is always a vision, which we try to intensify with great styling and photography.” Mariette: “In twenty years time I have had a very good view on the success, the decline and the new interest in wallcovering. I think that Jo’s arrival at Asanderus was an important step in the company’s story. The combination of my expertise and his young spirit have pushed the designs to a new level. Look at the Lounge collection: a totally different approach compared to the other, more classical collections. It was a big hit, especially in Asia. Most probably because of its eastern feel, both in the designs as in the organic, classical and tight forms.”

Usually the time between the initial idea and the actual collection is one year. That means that you have to be able in a way - to predict the future as far as trends go... Mariette: “True. We are already working on the 2013 season. But we need to follow what is happening on the market very closely; e.g. shining finishes are less in fashion nowadays; designs have become more subtle. We work with threads that show a very beautiful transition from green to blue. New, but very nice.”

Jo: “We look at the trends, but try to surprise customers too; not very evident in this field of work. Most people choose timeless patterns or colours. Once you have papered a wall, you do not change it too quickly. If we do not choose for classical designs, we use neutral colours. The Lounge collection is a beautiful example: many greys and whites with a certain class. We only release a new collection if it surpasses the previous one. We are no one trick pony’s. This means that - on the one hand - we need to keep ourselves up to date with regard to materials, techniques, etc. On the other hand, we do not believe in ‘new for the sake of new’. For our Vegas-collection we have developed a new kind of wallcovering-with-crystals, only because it blends perfectly with the other ideas. It is not a whim of the day; it takes a lot of time to develop and to produce this specific kind of wallcovering.”

Do you test new designs before you actually start producing them? Jo: “Of course. Some designs end up in the rubbish bin after the test phase. We use new designs to paper a wall, just to check if the game of lines does not ‘dance’, whether the seams connect beautifully or the patterns are clearly visible… If the game of lines deviates from the standard too much, the design is abandoned. You must not forget that unlike curtains - you cannot mask mistakes in wallcovering. Attention to detail and technique are very important. Come to think of it: generally we start with 400 samples and end up with 40.”

Which collections do you like best, as designers? Jo: “Lounge, because it was a big step for our company.” Mariette: “Grace and Fortune, because they blend perfectly with the new evolution. Those two collections are the first two mix collections: they combine different textures and looks, like velvet and jacquard. Clients seem to like that approach. Grace has a more romantic feel and finds its inspiration in roses, in close harmony with elegance and romance. All designs refer to a rose, although there is also a connection with Grace Kelly.”


Create Your Own


Down in the valley come meet me to-night, And I’ll tell you your fortune truly As ever ‘twas told, by the new-moon’s light, To a young maiden, shining as newly. - Thomas Moore -

Fortune 211026 - Willow Royal


The collection Fortune

We all are entitled to some fortune. But why wait for it, if we can create our own? Asanderus’ collection, Fortune, illustrates perfectly how wallcoverings radiate the luxury of the past, while the designs demonstrate a strong connection with the present. These creations will seduce anyone who lays eyes on them. Picture this: an amber sun setting above a bright blue sea, the aroma of an exotic flower caressing your senses, or the glorious sensation of a soft breeze whispering secrets in your ear. How wonderful! It only shows that happiness resides in life’s natural delights, and that we create our own fortune by

Bright. Brighter. Spring. Flowers blossom. The world awakens from its silent sleep. Behind a green hill, you spot a field with thousands of flowers turning their gentle heads towards the sun. Seen from afar, they look like small multi-coloured spots dancing in the fresh light of dawn. When you picture this spring scene on a wall, Coco reveals itself. A subtle pattern that brightens every room in five breathtaking colours. And then, Ethan arrives. A powerful pattern, fir for endless combinations with Bator, Lazar, Willow and Coco. Wonderfully paired with the other designs…

cherishing these little pleasures. The Fortune collection captures unique natural beauty, while adding a new dimension to it. Hints from the ancient East are combined with contemporary designs and multi-coloured effects, creating new fashionable style concepts for modern people who value the aesthetics of the past. From now on, good fortune is something we can seize and hold on to. Did you ever stroll through ancient Middle Eastern bazaars? If not, Bator’s gracious geometrical shapes will show you the refined arabesque patterns of ancient mosaics in oriental mosques and palaces, evoking an atmosphere of mystery and exoticism. You will be captivated by the beautiful colours


(exotic Peacock blue, elegant Orchid purple, Wonder white…)

211031 - Lazar Amber

all of which create an eternal glow in every interior. From the East to the Far East, to the land of the rising sun. One word: Lazar. This pattern boldly reveals the typical characteristics of textile wallcovering. The stylised Japanese wave pattern creates a look that is fragile and powerful, delicate and dynamic. Do you recall the seven samurai? Here they are incarnated in seven colours, to be combined with a classic or a more modern interior. We could - of course - wander through the woods, looking for natural patterns to use in our designs. What more could we expect than the Willow-design? Depicting a stylised, oriental version of a willow tree. This tree symbolises the beginning of spring, when life stirs in the depths and begins to shoot outwards. It is associated with the melancholy of the moon, mysterious dreams and feminine intuition. Willow stands for refined class and breathes an enigmatic atmosphere in four glorious colours.

Fortune 211014 - Coco Silver


Create Your Own








Bator Peacock

Ethan Peacock

Lazar Scarabee

Ethan Scarabee

Lazar Wonder






Willow Wonder

Ethan Wonder

Bator Wonder

Coco Honey

Willow Honey






Dice Honey

Ethan Rosewood

Bator Rosewood

Coco Silver

Lazar Mystery






Ethan Mystery

Bator Orchid

Lazar Orchid

Ethan Orchid

Coco Orchid

The collection Fortune






Bator Porcelain

Willow Porcelain

Bator Royal

Coco Royal

Ethan Biscuit






Willow Royal

Lazar Royal

Coco Pearl

Lazar Pearl

Bator Almond






Lazar Amber

Bator Amber

Ethan Amber

Ethan Platinum

Bator Platinum



Ethan Ginger

Bator Ginger


Fortune 211001 - Bator Peacock

Fortune An amber sun setting above a bright blue sea, the aroma of an exotic flower caressing your senses, or the glorious sensation of a soft breeze whispering secrets in your ear. Happiness resides in life’s natural delights, and we create our own fortune by cherishing these little pleasures. Asanderus’ Fortune collection captures unique natural beauty, while adding a new dimension to it. Hints from the ancient East are combined with contemporary designs and multi-coloured effects, creating new fashionable style concepts for modern people who value the aesthetics of the past. Fortune is no longer something that happens to us. From now on, good fortune is something we can seize and hold on to.

Grace 312020 - Grace Cornsilk

Asanderus’ newest collection, Grace, is the embodiment of the sensuous feminine, the old-style graciousness with which actresses like Grace Kelly used to roam about. It is the quest for eternal beauty, the craving for the magnificent old school splendour. Grace reconciles the worn with contemporary modernism and designs, and reveals intense colours. Grace presents a beautiful mix of velvet, elaborate woven structures and patterns. The present welcomes the stylish past with a graceful embrace. Living with Grace means enjoying sophisticated dessins, graciously patterned and soothing the senses. Sensual and wise, for Grace knows the correct rose names. Banquet. Bonica. Sarah. Caprice...







Banquet Pink Blush

Sarah Rose Dust

Caprice Pink Blush

Penelope Pink Blush

Bonica Rose Dust






Grace Rosewood

Banquet Rosewood

Caprice Blue Shadow

Grace Tender Blue

Banquet Tender Blue






Banquet Pearl

Penelope Pearl

Duet Pearl

Grace Pearl

Caprice Pearl






Romance Cornsilk

Banquet Cornsilk

Duet Cornsilk

Penelope Cornsilk

Grace Cornsilk

the collection grace





Bonica Silver Cloud

Sarah Silver Cloud

Banquet Nightshade

Bonica Mint






Banquet Deep Green

Sarah Mint

Grace Moonbeam

Caprice Moonbeam

Banquet Moonbeam






Penelope Moonbeam

Duet Moonbeam

Banquet Dusty Yellow

Grace Dusty Yellow

Romance Dusty Yellow






Caprice Amber Gold

Sarah Warm Taupe

Bonica Warm Taupe

Grace Golden Glow

Banquet Golden Glow






Banquet Harvest Gold

Bonica Champagne

Sarah Champagne

Duet Cream

Banquet Cream


She bathed with roses red, and violets blew And all the sweetest flowres That in the forrest grew - Edmund Spenser Grace 312025 - Banquet Deep Green


The collecTion grace

With the introduction of Grace Asanderus plunges into a sea of romance and the sensuous feminine. Banquet. Bonica. Sarah. Caprice… present themselves as genuine metaphors for a ‘rose inspired collection’. Grace is the embodiment of the old-style graciousness with which actresses like Grace Kelly used to roam about. You could easily refer to it as a quest for eternal beauty or the craving for the magnificent old school splendour.

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose - Gertrude Stein -

For this collection the Asanderus design team brought together the somewhat withered past and contemporary modernism, both in design and colour. The outcome is a beautiful mix of velvet, elaborate structures and patterns. An astonishing abundance of delight, hailing the present and welcoming the stylish past with a graceful embrace. Living with Grace means enjoying sophisticated designs, graciously patterned and soothing the senses. We should start with a banquet. Not the kind where one enjoys fine food and exquisite wines, but one that refers to the intricate and elegant pattern of the Banquet design. A gently hovering and romantic flowerdesign, perfectly reflecting the overall rose theme. A very accessible design with an oldstyle, chalky atmosphere and nostalgic undertones. Banquet is the equivalent of an all over motif, delicately designed with a tricolour effect in twelve soft pastels, from Rosewood to Golden Glow, presenting each interior with a subtle stateliness and distinction. But, since roses come in many forms and kinds, we would like to introduce Caprice. It could refer to the Italian island in the bay of Naples, yes, but this design is the incarnation of a stylish classical fresco, shown in a frivolous acanthus leaf. Caprice embellishes and bestows each interior with a touch of luxury.

And what about romance? Is there a lack of old school romantics, admiring their loved ones for their eternal beauty and youth, sending them love letters with a lovely perfume? Bonica adds a touch of romance to your daily life. By taking up Caprice’s thread Bonica presents a motif with a delicate velvet touch. You could call Bonica Caprice’s older sister showing you her world through a magnifying glass, with a lighter yet ever-present romantic feel. Bonica has quite a character and reveals itself as an intense design with a dark patina.

Introducing Grace, the sensuous lady ... Grace has a clear liaison with old school classicism and brings serene, old-pink damask with ‘wood’-curly patterns, reminding of the playful mood of luscious vineyards. Grace furnishes your interior with classical grandeur and introduces an undeniable - yet subtle - hint of aristocracy.

And her sisters ... Sarah could be anything you want her to be. She presents a series of solid, uniform colours - five uni-velvets - from Rose Dust, Silver Cloud, Mint, Warm Taupe to Champagne, in easy combinations with Bonica. Sarah smoothly serves as a passe-partout series, because of her compatibility with other dessins. Or maybe you have grown a liking to Duet? To her delicate game of lines in a soft-coloured collection. Duet is timeless. Peaceful. Warm. And has a classical nature. And Penelope. Lady Penelope! She is, forever, a beauty, presenting an all over motif with a striking resemblance to a beautifully adorned bouquet, and releasing a subtle tricolour effect. Much to one’s liking is the way one can look for combinations with many other dessins. Would you care for some Romance? Allow us to uncover this small, yet firm and beautifully ‘carved’ acanthus leaf. One could regard this dessin as the little sister of Caprice, but more compact, somewhat petite, keeping its grace and romantic undertone, revealing its pure soul.…


Vegas, adding a dash of royalty

io -R 32 20 x 41 ny O

io nd - R mo 31 ia 20 k D 41 lac B

io line -R a 30 urm 20 To 41 ink P


i -R 37 20 et 41 arn G


-R 35 20 er 41 mb A




-R 26 20 ot 41 erid P

38 20 41 uby R

io - R ine 27 ar 20 am 41 qu A

io -R n 28 rco 20 Zi 41 lue B

“Here come real stars to fill the upper skies...” (Robert Frost)

One of the highlights is - undoubtedly - Asanderus’ state of the art and deluxe Vegas-collection. A series of uni-velvets and velvets adorned with shiny crystals link the present to the roaring ’20-ies, a time when life was considered to be too short-to-whine-about and youngsters enjoyed nights out in posh clubs, rejoicing life with coupes of champagne-duchâteau. A time of leaving one’s sorrows behind and enjoying the grandeur of promising nights full of luxury, laughter, fun and good company. Rio, Vegas, Mirage, Caesars, … are the equivalent of living life to the fullest, and not looking back on things past. Vegas unites the search for beauty with a dash of extravagance, the softness of velvet with shiny crystals. Vegas connects your life’s brilliance to that of your beloved ones. Vegas makes you shine bright. Vegas. Always Vegas.

Vegas 412009 - Caesars Onyx


The collecTion vegas Vegas is all about enjoying the little moments and turning them into lush and luxurious leisure, adding a hint of nobility to your daily life.

01 02

03 io az - R op 36 d T 20 ke 41 mo S

io ow - R had 33 S 20 tal 41 rys C

io z - R art 34 u 20 e Q 41 hit W

io -R 29 20 41 iam S


A feast of colours… As a celebration of life, we must not forget Rio. A feast of colours - now and then - flooding one’s life with happiness and magic. Think of the vividness of dancing queens in jet set clubs, sensually twirling on stage while mesmerizing the audience. An illusion? Maybe, but Rio does accompany you on a journey of colour. Lucky number 13, that is what your ticket says. Thirteen is also the number of colours in this univelvet series allowing you plenty of choice and combinations. But have you ever been struck by shooting stars? Not literally, but in your mind? Vegas might turn your life upside down: a series of eight soft toned coloured velvets adorned with shiny crystals, showing our quest for innovation combined with a hint of old school aristocracy. Vegas adds upper-class charisma to any room, creating a ‘for the happy few’ atmosphere. Or is it all just a Mirage? Not in the strict sense of the word, but this collection might make you dazzle just a little bit due to its graciousness, and imagery. This pattern - lines and crystals in eight vibrant colours - creates the illusion of softly falling raindrops, even though it are crystals in their ever shiny role. Caesars reveals itself as a stylish collection of velvet wallcoverings, with warm, yet very easy-to-combine, tone on tone colours. Caesars does its name all the honour it deserves by making use of a lasered damask motif, adding to the overall pureness and intensity of the Vegas-collection.

05 06


01| © Yves Saint Laurent | 02| © Miu Miu | 03| © Pierre Hardy | 04| © Roger Vivier | 05| © Dior | 06| © Sergio Rossi | 07| © Catrice Cosmetics Nailpolish | 21

Carine Thienpont, Quality Control:

“Aiming for perfection, an everyday challenge” For years Asanderus has been a world leader in the field of luxury textile wallcovering. The company did not achieve this unique position merely because of sheer luck. Hard work, commitment and passion have pushed Asanderus to the top. Thanks to a flawless operating production unit the company delivers first class wallcovering, on a daily basis. Flawless? Yes. Asanderus devotes a lot of time and energy to quality control in order to guarantee a close-toperfect product.


Carine Thienpont is the head of the quality control department. She keeps a close watch on the production process, from the very start until the end; she takes care of the contacts with the suppliers, analyses the raw materials and sees to it that the development and production of the wallcovering are in line with the high production standards. “A very interesting, versatile, but demanding job,” she says. “Quality control has more to it than merely monitoring the production process”, Carine says. “Since we have established ourselves as a world leader we need to deliver top quality. Every day. Only first class products leave our production hall. We meticulously check every wallcovering roll. Our products must meet some very important criteria. For example: if we spot imperfections in the basic threads - if the light stability cannot be guaranteed - we simply do not start producing. How could we possibly work towards a high quality product with a corrupt basic material?“

The people

Could you briefly describe the basic principles of quality control? Carine Thienpont: “Focus and communication are two vital aspects. If the people in my team spot a mistake, they have to rapport it immediately and bring the production to a halt. It does not matter what kind of problem they run into. If there is any doubt, we stop the production and try to localize the mistake. You cannot omit mistakes completely: machines will malfunction. But all my co-workers take their responsibility and do the best they can. Each day. If something goes wrong, they feel responsible, even if they cannot do anything about it. I like that spirit. It shows that they take pride in their job. By the way, it is very satisfactory when you see that your work is shipped to the other end of the world.”

What other aspects are important? Carine Thienpont: “The visual inspection. Before we start producing the actual designs we inspect them in detail: are the drawings clearly visible? Can two pieces of wallcovering be put together without visible seams? If a part of the design starts on one sheet and goes on in the adjacent one, the seam may not be visible. In other words: you must have the idea that your wall has been papered with one big sheet. Another question is: are the designs straight? Vital, really, because ‘crooked’ wallcovering could make you seasick. And that is only the development phase. During the production process people who are trained to see every little mistake visually inspect every wallcovering roll. They are the eagles of the production unit; they see hundreds and hundreds of meter of wallcovering pass before their eyes, each day. Whenever they spot a small mistake, they try to mend it. Most people do not know that this is a very demanding branch where the biggest challenge is to stretch your abilities as far as you can. It takes a lot of expertise if you want to do this kind of work. What is more, every step of the production process is logged; it allows us to track mistakes easily. Our traceability system is almost perfect: should a client see a mistake in a delivery, then it only takes a few mouse clicks to find the moment the mistake was made. But that does not happen too often.”

As a quality control manager you have the privilege to see the collections in their ‘maiden’ form. If you have to pick one, which collection do you like best? Carine Thienpont: “I am fond of classical designs. I liked the Elegance collection, especially the Verdon-dessin. But I am also a fan of the path we choose with Fortune, Vegas and Grace. Somewhat different from what we are used to, but they still bear the Asanderus signature: luxurious, high quality and very solid.”


HOTEL germany Booking a room in a hotel is always adventurous. You never know where you will end up. Pictures tell more than a thousand words, but sometimes photos do not reveal everything. Here they do. The rooms in this German hotel are very inviting. Wonderfully cosy, thanks to the Loungedesigns. The rooms have a classical, yet contemporary feel, showing the many possibilities of the Lounge-designs. You could see it as a luxury ‘mix-and-match’-collection. The overall ambiance breathes quietness, rest and softly urges you to have a power nap...


practice makes perfect


Hotel in Germany - the hall and the rooms.


The owner wanted a classical, yet timeless but contemporary, luxury textile wallcovering, with a warm ambiance.

Why Asanderus?

Because of the quality, trustworthiness, correct delivery and work, impeccable service.


Very satisfied; the Lounge collection possesses a luxurious feel, hence the choice.


Via a German dealer who sold the Lounge collection to a reference customer.

Lounge 710029 - Tamu Mirror


the diary

AgendA january 2012 11-14 | Heimtextil Frankfurt attending 15-17 | Top Drawer 22-25 | Interiors Birmingham 20-24 | La Meuble 20-24 | Maison & Objet 29-01 February | Interio

february 2012

June 2012

5-9 | Spring Fair International

10-12 | Pulse Exhibition

7-9 | Surface Design Show

13-14 | Contract

14-16 | Expofil 14-16 | Première Vision

March 2012

september 2012 7-11 | Maison & objet 11-13 | MoOD attending

4-7 | KBB Exhibition

15-23 | London Design Festival

17-19 & 23-25 | Sfeer

19-21 | Expofil

april 2012 17-22 | Salone Internazionale del Mobile

may 2012 8-10 | Proposte 31-03 june | Design Linz


ommolum rectempos nit fugiae re,

19-21 | Première Vision

october 2012 20-28 | Interieur

november 2012 11-15 | Equip Hotel

Asanderus at the MoOD fair 2011

Colofon A Magazine Edition 1 2012 A publication of Calcutta NV Schoolstraat 20 9940 Sleidinge Belgium Concept and creation: de facto image building Photography: People and company (Isabel Pousset) and Collections (BOA Reference cover: Grace 312008 - Caprice Blue Shadow The sample colours in this magazine might vary a little from the actual wallcovering.

Lounge 710003 - Ingo Shade

Lounge Picture yourself on a boat, on a big lake. To the left, majestic mountains, throwing their dramatic shadows in the water. On your right side, steep hills where mountain deer wander, and scurry away when silence breaks. Peacefully you watch nature pass by. You sit, think and reminisce about things past. Happiness is a warm blanket, and eases your senses. You enjoy the calm, the rest, and the moment were all becomes one. Unity. It is the same sense that this collection, Lounge, provokes. Unity through colour, with a connection of classical - vintage - damask and a relaxing ambiance. This look ‘n’ feel appeals to both the young-and-old-at-heart. Lounge, a soft Asian feminine touch elaborated with whites, grey tones and delicate gold, breathing rest and oriental zen, adorned with contemporary geometrical patterns and several combinations that fit both classical as modern interiors.

Calcutta nv | Schoolstraat 20 - 9940 Sleidinge | Belgium | T +32 9 357 37 95 | F +32 9 357 68 13 | |