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Don’t ask for more

How would you feel if you'd recently helped someone out of a jam? Perhaps they were struggling to meet a financial obligation and you were in a position to help. After confirming how much they needed you gave them the money, no questions asked about what it was for, no expectation of it being repaid. Imagine your reaction if only a few hours later you were contacted by them with a request for more money! It would certainly dilute the warm feeling you got from having helped them out before. That would probably evaporate under a haze of disappointment, whilst wondering if you'd been used, perhaps questioning why you'd bothered! As such, the relationship could well be changed forever.

There are many situations in life that are not dissimilar. New grandparents are often thrilled to be asked to help out with childcare or babysitting, only to then find themselves so heavily relied upon that they can't make any plans, not even for a coffee or a lunch date with friends, without checking in first. Holidays have to be arranged months in advance. And often there's very little appreciation of their commitment. Because children are involved it may even be seen as a special honour for them to be fortunate enough to be so much a part of their grandchildren's lives. Some balance could be introduced by ensuring that grandparents are included in the fun times too. Not merely treated as unpaid babysitters.

In a work setting building a new business or focussing on a change in direction may require everyone to work longer hours and be totally dedicated, but ultimately there has to be a limit to spending endless days on the road or in meetings. After a time, all joy dissipates, while enthusiasm and critical thinking become a weary memory. Sometimes it's worth considering hiring extra people to share the load. There could well be routine or more mundane tasks that could be outsourced. It's worth demonstrating that you're mindful of staff welfare before members of the team beg, 'please don't ask for more from us'! At a personal level, sometimes we have to decide when enough is enough. How long do we keep on chasing success, working ever harder, accumulating more possessions, money, status. Certainly, the global pandemic provided a wake-up call for many by providing time to reflect on priorities and less opportunity to spend money, socialise and take holidays overseas. Money became less important, whilst time in nature, our relationships with friends, family and pets became far more relevant to our mental health and wellbeing. Interestingly, too much attention can sometimes be overwhelming too. When someone wants to be with us constantly, join us in everything we do, share all our interests and free time, we can find ourselves saying, 'please don't ask for more, I've nothing left to give!' It can be good to keep a little of ourselves in reserve, have some separate interests, friends and activities that are personal to ourselves. Apart from anything, it provides more varied conversations and adds interest to the times when we are together. When we're busy, trying to prove something or achieve an important goal we will often ask for more and more from ourselves, sometimes hardly noticing that we've become irritable, unhappy and our relationships are suffering. We may find our sleep's affected and we're stressed most of the time. It can be tempting to tell ourselves that we'll keep going for now, that there's not too long to go.

But when we overload ourselves we become less efficient as a consequence. Taking breaks, respecting ourselves, our lives and our relationships are all important investments in our health and wellbeing. Spending time on these areas ensures that we feel better able to dedicate quality time to achieving results and working well. And if we're working collaboratively with others, it's good to remember that we don't know how much effort has been required when we ask someone to commit to work towards their target. We're only able to appreciate something from our own perspective, but stopping and taking time to reflect on the other person's investment, the effort they've made and their possible sacrifices is important too. Being aware of our personal boundaries is a key component in protecting ourselves from being increasingly asked for more. If we show that we're happy to help, to be supportive and demonstrate that we're a good friend there are those who would abuse our willingness and take it as a green light to continue making demands. Sometimes our giving becomes so taken for granted that we receive little or no acknowledgement of our previous help and support. That could well be the time to stand up, refuse to continue being obliging and insist on better treatment from now on.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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When you say you’re fine

Many of us enjoy exchanging pleasantries as we pass each other whilst taking our walk in the countryside, or nod and share a few friendly words in a familiar work or social setting. There's often a smile as we ask, 'hello, how are you?', which is often unthinkingly followed by the usual, 'I'm fine thanks, how are you?' There'd be surprise if there was any other response to the non-question that's been asked. It's a polite greeting, which sometimes doesn't even warrant waiting for the reply before we continue on our way. But what happens when we say we're fine when we're not? We're regularly advised to talk about our feelings, reminded of the importance of sharing with others when we're down, of letting them help. But how do we do that?

- Context is important when we're asked how we are. Did the question consist of a quick nod of recognition or was there a more concerned degree of interest being shown? What else were you both doing when you met? Were you both on your way somewhere else? Is the time and place appropriate for you to start disclosing that you're struggling or would it be better to plan a future meet?

- Staying quiet can, at times, seem the easiest option, even though it can result in us experiencing escalating stress levels, tension and unhappiness. We may not even know ourselves why we're feeling that way, are unable to find the words to explain what's going on, are frustrated by our low mood. Keeping a journal or talking to someone else can sometimes help us process those feelings of confusion and overwhelm. - Acting as if we're fine may have become an important tool in our survival armoury. It enables us to function on a daily basis, provides a welcome veneer to hide behind, allowing us to get through each day. If we really thought about explaining how we feel we'd have concerns about falling apart and be uneasy as to how we'd recover sufficiently afterwards. - Making ourselves vulnerable can be a concern too. Once aired, details about messy or distressing personal situations cannot be retracted. Yes, someone may care about us, be interested and supportive, but how will they view us on future occasions; will it change our relationship and if so, will that be okay? - Offering verbal clues can sometimes be a good way to start a conversation when we're feeling low and out of sorts. Comments like, 'I'm okay, thanks, not too bad, surviving, I've been better, I'm getting there' are all indicators that we're not the happiest we've ever been! Those replies could be an opportunity for the other person to enquire if we're really okay, prompt them to ask if we'd like to talk or maybe suggest we arrange a coffee. But, for them to follow-up depends on how busy they are, how they're feeling themselves and whether they're inclined to be supportive. - How close is your relationship? Do you want to risk changing the dynamics of the relationship by sharing how much you're struggling, reveal what's actually going on when you're asked how you are? And actually, sometimes it can become a bit of an issue if, whenever we meet, our personal situation becomes the opening topic conversation. Sometimes not talking about our problems can give us a break and stop us from being constantly immersed in our situation.

- Can you trust the other person to do right by you? No one wants to disclose their innermost anxieties and concerns, only to then find themselves the subject of gossip a few hours later. Feeling able to confidentially share with another, and for that to be received in a supportive way is a major component when we're not feeling fine. - Ultimately, it's our responsibility to share if we're in need of a little caring friendship. But to do so requires us to be in the 'right place' to ask someone if they've time for a chat, to feel confident enough to reveal that we're feeling low and in need of someone to talk to. And, also, to not take it personally if they reply that they're too busy to talk right now, but will get back to us and speak later. - It's also important to be clear about what we need. Is it advice, someone to simply listen without comment, an ally, a hug? Doing that allows everyone to know what's expected of them. And don't forget that none of us operate in a vacuum. The other person will, no doubt, have their own story, issues and problems of concern to them. Try to reciprocate and allow time for them to be heard too. And if you find you're really struggling remember that talking to your GP or contacting a counsellor or hypnotherapist could provide the professional support you need on your journey to feeling really fine.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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Coconut Sugar

A Healthy Sugar Alternative? With the world finally starting to notice what we put in to our bodies can have a huge effect on our health. People are starting to look for natural alternatives. Refined sugar is one of the most widely used unhealthy substances across the world. A sweetener we have all come to love and often depend on. However, with the rise in being more aware of things going in to our body, one natural sweetener that has become very popular in the past few years is coconut sugar.

What Is Coconut Sugar

Fructose In Sugar Refined sugar is unhealthy due to it’s poor nutrition content, the high levels of fructose because it rises our blood sugar levels dramatically.

Coconut sugar, also known as coconut palm sugar, is derived Although not all research shows that from the coconut fructose can cause serious health issues, palm tree. It’s a 100% many agree excessive amounts of natural sweetener fructose may promote health problems. that’s more nutritious than regular sugar, Consumed in excess, refined sugar may and is much lower on the glycemic cause all sorts of problems like index. metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes A natural sugar made from coconut and heart disease. Although this natural palm sap. It is often confused with palm sugar has a slightly better nutrient profile sugar, although they are actually very than table sugar, it’s health effects different. Coconut sugar is brown and should be largely similar. looks a lot like granulated sugar. Coconut sugar, although a healthier Is It Nutritious? alternative, is still sugar so shouldn’t be over used. Coconut sugar retains high levels of the nutrients found in coconut palms – iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. Along with many antioxidants. It also contains a fibre called inulin, which slows down the absorption of glucose. Just because this is a natural ingredient, don’t forget coconut sugar is very high in calories and shouldn’t be over used. Lower Glycemic Index (GI) The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly foods we consume raise our blood sugar levels. Glucose is given a GI out of 100. Most refined sugar has a GI of around 60-70. Whereas coconut sugar has a GI of around 54. The GI can vary between batches, so you make sure you do your research if it’s a new brand. The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Prefer to be alone..?

The last twelve months of being in lockdown has taught us a great deal about ourselves and nudged many of us into reviewing what we value most in life. For many of us our priorities have changed. It's also been a time when we've had to confront different aspects of ourselves too. To discover how we feel about being alone, how much being with others makes a difference to our lives. Some of us have had to spend vast amounts of time alone at home, as in-person work, friends, family and lifestyle have all disappeared, effectively removed from our regular lives. Then there are those who have maintained constant contact with their partners, children and work, being required to be together, home educating whilst adapting to working and sourcing all their needs online, having everything delivered to their homes. For some, this has been a precious time, really getting to know each other well, experiencing the highs and lows of lockdown, enjoying talking, sharing moments, going for walks, cooking and eating together. They've established new routines and are none too keen to let the world back in.

Whilst others are eager to rejoin the world, desperate to circulate again, keeping some of the best bits from lockdown, yet not remaining so tightly cocooned together. On reflection, do you prefer to be alone or with others? - So much depends on what the situation at home is like. For those of us who comfortably live alone, we're likely to be pretty self-contained, already supporting our needs, availing ourselves of online links. It's possible that lockdown hasn't really impacted too much on our way of life. - But for those used to going out to work, networking, having a busy work and social life, taking regular holidays, or for those people consigned to home with restless children and partners, endless zoom meetings and no real options to go outdoors it's been a very different scenario. - Preferring to be alone or with others depends very much on what's entailed and what the alternative choices are. The thought of sharing with others may mean that you're under pressure to talk, have a conversation, walk at their pace, compromise. These things can seem too much, especially if you're in desperate need of a break and some me-time.

However, they can be a welcome relief if you're in danger of becoming too insular, stuck in your comfort zone and in need of a little motivation. - Sometimes, taking a regular break alone, to perhaps sit with a brew, have a 20-minute soak in the bath or go outside for some time in nature can mean that you're able to de-stress and return in a better frame of mind. You've enjoyed a little space, have reintroduced some calm and consequently feel more positive about appreciating what you're returning back to. - Then there are those of us who have interests that no one in the family shares. Going for a run or a game of golf may not be on their radar. So doing it on our own means that we're still able to enjoy it and not miss out on something that's important to us. Also, it offers an extra dimension to our conversations when we return home. - Being with others can provide the encouragement and motivation to do something we may want to do but keep putting off. Other people can motivate us to try new things, chivvy us along if we're hesitant. But remember that if they subsequently lose heart, we may well become de-motivated too. - Remember too that there are many things we may start together but actually end up doing alone. Going for a swim, a bike ride, studying online, losing weight, stopping smoking. All are activities which we may commit to doing en masse, but in reality spend most of our time doing alone. Yes, we may travel together, check in regularly for updates and pep talks, but most of the time our success is down to our individual efforts.

- When we spend a lot of time with others scheduling a little time alone can be a treasured, jealously guarded interlude. Eagerly anticipating a day on your own, planning your treats and how you'll enjoy your me-time, only to then discover that others also have the day off can be a huge disappointment! Scheduling regular personal time can significantly improve your quality of life. Even if you simply park your car for a quiet ten minutes after work before you return to your busy home life, doing that can make a huge difference to your mood and help draw a line under the day's stresses. Using the journey home or taking a ten-minute break can enable you to separate the varied parts of your day, allow you to refresh and look forward to rejoining your life with a better mindset. Then you get the best from being both alone and with others.

Susan Leigh A.C.H.Qual, M.N.C.H.(Acc), M.S.M.S.(Acc), H.A.Reg from Altrincham,Cheshire, is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor,writer & media contributor who offers help with relationship issues,stress management,assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients,couples and provide corporate workshops and support.

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June Horoscopes from Russell Grant

ipse l c E r a Sol

New M oon Full M oon

ARIES Striking a balance between your personal and professional lives will be challenging at the beginning of the month. It may be necessary to draw firm boundaries with a demanding relative who doesn't care about your career interests. On the 10th, a Solar Eclipse could trigger an important conversation with a neighbour or relative. Take this opportunity to address a sensitive subject; you can resolve this issue relatively quickly. During the middle of the month, your love life will sizzle with excitement. Whether you're single or attached, this is a good time to abandon yourself to romance. Stimulating conversations will cultivate intimacy during the second half of June. The Full Moon on the 24th may find you accepting an award, getting a promotion, or accepting a wonderful job offer.

TAURUS You'll feel loved and adored in the opening days of June. Use this support as a springboard to a lifelong goal. A Solar Eclipse on the 10th brings an intellectually stimulating job opportunity. Not only will this position engage and delight you, it will also enrich you. Launch a home improvement project in midJune; take this opportunity to repair faulty plumbing or upgrade your kitchen. If you're looking for a new place to live, this is a great time to intensify your search. Erratic behaviour could damage your professional reputation during the middle of the month. Avoid power struggles like the plague. On the 24th, the Full Moon could mark the culmination of an academic programme or trip. You'll emerge from this experience feeling enlightened and happy.


GEMINI You will be sought for your expertise at the beginning of June. Don't be surprised if you get a chance to teach an online course or workshop. The Solar Eclipse on the 10th inspires you to undergo a dramatic transformation. This is an ideal time to get a makeover, change your name, or step into a new professional role. It's possible you'll leave a stultifying job or career path during the middle of the month; have the courage to follow your heart. Going back to work for a former employer is a strong possibility in the second half of the month; this will be a rewarding move. It will be much easier to communicate your needs in the third week of June; be direct, especially about your physical desires.

You'll attract admirers like a flower draws bees in the opening days of June; embrace your popularity. On the 10th, the Solar Eclipse will trigger a spiritual awakening. Give yourself permission to abandon some worldly concerns that have been weighing on your heart. In midJune, you might decide to resume a course of study that brings you pleasure. Obey an impulse to sign up for an advanced course or study with a respected teacher. During the second half of June, your personal charisma will be off the charts. Use it to promote your agenda; getting a job, role, or date should be very easy. Getting engaged or married is a distinct possibility on the 24th, courtesy of the cooperative Full Moon.

LEO It's possible you'll take the helm of a prestigious professional or political organisation in the opening days of June. People respond well to your excellent communication skills. A Solar Eclipse on the 10th is ideal for making a speech, publishing a piece of writing, or recording a podcast. Your words will uplift and inspire people. Mid-month will be an especially busy time, as you'll be intent on promoting your agenda whenever and wherever possible. By the second half of June, your focus will turn to an intimate relationship. Giving your other half some room to breathe will be good for your union. Use the power of the Full Moon on the 24th to complete an important work project.

VIRGO Early June delivers some excellent professional prospects to you. It's possible you will be working remotely with an overseas client who appreciates your attention to detail. On the 10th, the Solar Eclipse could find you stepping into a leadership role. You might get paid a handsome salary as a spokesperson, speech writer, or public relations manager. In mid-June, it may be necessary to deal with some unforeseen legal problems. Stay calm and consult a lawyer who has a track record of success. A former romantic partner might make their way into your life during the second half of the month. Let your renewed relationship unfold slowly. The Full Moon on the 24th could find you celebrating an engagement, wedding, or birth.

LIBRA The opening days of June could have happy news regarding your career. It's possible you'll land a job that draws on your creative talent; getting paid to exercise your imagination will bring great joy. On the 10th, a Solar Eclipse will open the door to a publishing or educational venture that's intellectually stimulating. You've been blessed with a brilliant brain, which is why you'll be granted this position. In mid-June, it might be difficult to find the fun and romance you desire. Don't take any rash chances for the sake of fleeting pleasure; it's better to be safe than sorry. The Full Moon on the 24th wraps up a family matter that's been quite emotional. Reward yourself for staying cool under pressure.

SCORPIO Harsh words between you and an expert could be exchanged at the beginning of June. Instead of resisting this person's efforts to teach you, put your pride aside for the sake of personal growth. A Solar Eclipse on the 10th could bring financial relief in the form of an inheritance, legal settlement, or rebate. Spend this money upgrading electronic equipment. Alternatively, you might decide to buy a bike, car, or other form of transportation. A close relationship could show signs of strain during the middle of the month, when your best friend or romantic partner expresses resentment over your professional preoccupations. Returning to a creative pursuit you enjoyed as a child is strongly advised during the second half of June. On the 24th, the Full Moon brings about a brilliant breakthrough.

SAGITTARIUS Brainstorming with a respected friend or colleague will be fruitful in the opening days of June. Any ideas you get for a product, service or app are worth developing. On the 10th, a Solar Eclipse could find you taking a close relationship to the next level. Getting engaged or married is a strong possibility. Resist the temptation to quit a paying assignment in a huff during the middle of the month; it's better to let silly criticisms and tense situations roll off your back. During the second half of June, you might resume life as a homebody. Devoting more time to domestic pursuits will be enjoyable. The Full Moon on the 24th attracts a big payment, allowing you to buy some beautiful furnishings and artwork.

CAPRICORN A power struggle with your romantic or business partner could erupt in early June. Even if you do have more clout, it would be wise to meet your other half in the middle. The Solar Eclipse on the 10th is perfect for launching a fitness regimen. Exercise that involves quick reflexes and precision could be especially enjoyable. These duties could renew your zest for life. Finances might be tight during the middle of the month, so avoid engaging in retail therapy. If someone close to your heart complains about your shoestring budget, have a heart to heart conversation about your economic situation. Once the Full Moon rises on the 24th, you'll be in a much better position to attract the lucrative assignments you want.

AQUARIUS Your powerful personality will draw admirers from every corner at the beginning of the month. If you're single, you may not be so for much longer. On the 10th, the Solar Eclipse could deliver the ideal partner to your doorstep. Are you already in a relationship? It will feel like you've embarked on a second honeymoon together. In mid-June, you should be wary of coming to a wayward relative's rescue. Until this family member learns to accept the consequences of their irresponsible behaviour, they may never reform. Try reining in your spending during the second half of the month or you will feel a sharp financial pinch. On the 24th, the Full Moon will bring a delicious secret to light.

PISCES Love and romance are yours for the asking at the start of June. If you have a partner, arrange to do something special with your amour. Are you single? You could meet an attractive person through a mutual family friend. The Solar Eclipse on the 10th presents a great opportunity to upgrade your living situation. You could relocate to a nicer home quite suddenly. During the middle of June, a relative could have unrealistic expectations; it's up to you to set them straight. Scaling back social commitments is strongly advised for the second half of the month; an introvert like you needs plenty of privacy to recharge your batteries. The Full Moon on the 24th could find you realising a dream you've had since childhood.

Simple Steps To Save Money

Since the pandemic struck us all over a year ago now, for some people, finding ways to save money has become more important than ever before. So, here are a few quick ways to save money and cut down on your every day bills from some of the best known money saving experts. Get Rid Of Debt A great way to reduce your outgoings is to get rid of any debt you have as quickly as possible. Most debt will come with high interest so the quicker you can get rid of the debt, the less you’ll have to pay. Re-evaluate Your Grocery Bill Most people are shocked to find out how much they’re actually spending on their groceries each month. You might do one big shop a week but due to lack of planning, you end up having to go two or three more times for odd bits. Plan your meals in advance and work out exactly what you’ll need for the week/month. That way you’re less likely to waste and food that gets missed and goes out of date. Write down all your meals for the week, including snacks…etc. Then stick to your list while you’re in store.

Cancel Subscriptions

Set Up A Savings Account

Chances are, you’re paying for subscriptions you either no longer use or have forgotten you even have. So, it’s time to cancel any subscriptions you don’t use or need, and turn off autorenew.

Set yourself up a savings account and transfer money across after every pay day. Whether it’s £10 or £100. An amount you won’t really notice. You can set it up to do this automatically so you don’t have to think about it. Plus, if you set it up without a bank card so you don’t get tempted to spend your savings. It quickly adds up over the months and in no time you’ll have a great little rainy day fund.

Go through your phone and bank statement and check for any current subscriptions or payments coming out and cancel them. Avoid Branded Goods Did you know, most brands use the same ingredients as non-branded goods. In fact, most are made the exact same way, in the same factory. It’s purely the name you’re paying extra for! I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between say, a tin of Heinz beans and a tin of Tesco own beans. They are approx £0.60p cheaper and taste the same. Try it out for a month without telling anyone in your family. See if anyone mentions it – i doubt they will. Save yourself money on your monthly food shop without really having to do anything.

Extra Income If you get some birthday money, or are given a bonus at work, make sure you use it wisely. Instead of going out and treating yourself right away, you could put it on to your mortgage, or pay off a little extra on a credit card. Don’t see this as free money to spend on luxuries, use it wisely to pay off any outstanding debt. There are so many ways you can reduce your energy bills by making a few little changes: ●Take shorter showers ●Washing clothes at 30 degrees ●Installing dimmer switches, or energy saving lightbulbs ●Turn off plugs ●Don’t leave your TV on standby ●Only boil water you need ●Don’t leave lights on ●Don’t leave the oven on if you’re not using it

Unsubscribe From Email Marketing The main aim companies have from sending you an email is to get you to buy something from them. The irresistible discount code, or 24 hour sale. So, by unsubscribing from these emails, you’re less likely to spend your hard earned cash on things you probably don’t need. Eat A Pack Lunch By taking your lunch with you, or eating at home, you’ll be saving yourself a lot. On average, it’s thought a household will spend approx £150 a month on eating out. The odd £3 sandwich, cup of coffee, or snack might seem like nothing but when you add it up over the year you’d be surprised. For example, if you have a £3 sandwich at work every day, that adds up to £720 a year – just on that one sandwich! The mark up on products like this is huge. If you think about it, you might buy an entire loaf of bread for £1, yet your spending X3 that on ONE sandwich. Plan ahead and make your lunch at home to take with you. Ask About Discounts & Offers If there is something you really need or want to buy, ask the brand if they have any offers or discounts going currently. Most companies are more than happy to give you a discount code if they think you’re more likely to buy from them. Plus, there’s no harm in asking! Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t looked at your phone bill since you set it up all those years ago. A simple call to your mobile phone provider could reduce your bill. Ask them for any deals going on, or ways you could reduce your monthly bill. They will be more than happy to help you if it means you’re more likely to stay with them. I did this recently with O2 and reduced by monthly bill from £36 to £20. Not a huge saving but every little counts. Plus, over the year that’s now saving me £192.

Challenge Yourself To Stop Spending Try challenging yourself to a spending freeze over a month. Anything that isn’t essential, it off limits for a month. See how much you can save yourself by adhering to this challenge. Plus, you’ll feel great once you’ve achieved it. Seeing the extra money in your bank account at the end of the month. Money you can put into savings, or pay off some debt. Use Leg Power One great way to save money is to use your car as little as possible. If you can walk to work, or cycle, do that instead. Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll also be spending less on fuel and you’re getting a bit of extra exercise in. Do It Yourself Before you splash out on a new garden bench, or a side table for your lounge. See if it’s something you could make yourself. These days, there are so many places you can find tutorials for DIY projects. Saving money on the materials you can likely get cheap through Facebook groups, or at your local merchants. Then there’s also the money saved on having someone make it for you. Having it delivered, or simply buying it brand new. It’s such a great way to learn a new skill, and once finished, something you can be proud of you made from scratch yourself. Use The Library Before you go buying brand new books you’ll only ever read once, check your local library to see if you can borrow it instead. Most libraries these days have audiobooks and digital copies you can rent. Or, perhaps you could go to your local charity book shop to see if they have it pre-owned. Cash Back Sites & Coupons Nothing beats a coupon or discount code when you’re about to buy something. Here in the UK it’s not as easy to find coupons, however it is still possible. You just have to look a bit harder to find them. However, if you can’t find coupons, you could try signing up to cash back sites instead to earn money back on your purchases. The Lifestyle Blogger UK

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Elizabeth asks “I’ve had different advice about a toxic friend of mine. Some people are telling me she’s going through a hard time and I should be a steady friend to her. I don't know what I should do?” With the Moon in Cancer, Elizabeth has a tendency to attract needy people. Elizabeth also has the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn which makes her sensible and able to take a logical approach to her relationships. Her description of her friend as being toxic says it all. Elizabeth does not need other people to tell her what to do. From experience, she has a good idea of when someone is being overly needy and attention seeking. Now would be a good time for Elizabeth to set boundaries. She should not feel guilty about putting her own happiness first. She should think carefully about any relationship in her life that does not serve her highest good and choose to make more time for people who make her feel good and who make her soul dance with joy.

May asks “Am I on the right path? I take notice of synchronicities and I try to manifest what I want, I just hope I have been making the right choices?“ Aquarius is an Air sign and May will have a powerful imagination. We can all tap into our unconscious mind to create the future we want by setting goals, visualising ourselves achieving them, speaking about our dreams and believing we will achieve. Another good way to manifest dreams is to create a vision board. May is on the right path. With five planets in the earth sign Capricorn, May will also have her feet firmly planted on the ground. She knows what she wants and she will make a determined effort to get it. She has a strong drive for achievement and this will prompt her to work harder than ever before to succeed because ultimately, with such a strong Capricorn influence in her chart, the more successful she is, the greater the sense of security.

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Vegan News

Richmond set to expand its vegan range with meat-free bacon rashers Irish sausage brand Richmond is set to launch meat-free bacon rashers in UK supermarkets. The latest plant-based bacon promises to be “the tastiest, crispiest, meat-free bacon you’ll try”. With 8 rashers in a pack, the whole family can enjoy a bacon sarnie guilt-free!

Beyond Meat launches plant-based mince with more protein than beef UK Vegans, the wait is over! Beyond Meat has launched Beyond mince in the frozen aisle at Tesco. Beyond Mince is the latest Beyond Meat product to launch in the UK. With 15g of plant protein per 100g serving, this vegan alternative offers higher protein levels than beef mince per 100g.In addition, the vegan mince is soy-free and glutenfree, meaning the family can enjoy the new meat alternative.We think Beyond Mince will be perfect in meat-free vegan tacos, or why not get creative and make some mouth-watering vegan kebabs.

Credit: Richmond Food

Richmonds ‘bacon’ is high in protein, and contains fewer calories, and lesser fats and salt compared to regular bacon. This means everyone can enjoy a healthier alternative to pork-based bacon without compromising on flavour. Moreover, the latest launch is the 5th meat-free release from the brand since 2019. The vegan pork alternative range includes burgers, mince, meatballs, and of course Richmond’s meat-free sausages, which have become a UK vegan’s fridge staple. Credit: Beyond Meat

Credit: Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer has unveiled a new vegan meal deal The supermarket shared the new set of delicious vegan goodies on their social media pages with the comment of “Our NEW Plant Kitchen vegan meal deal is here," "Get a flavour-packed main, side and dessert for two for just £8. Plant-based or not, it’s sure to make dinner time epic." The M & S website said “Pick up our best selling no-chicken kievs and serve them with our sweet potato fries for the ultimate treat. For pud, it’s got to be our strawberry cheesecake wedges, which are packed full of Madagascan vanilla and sweet summer strawberry flavour.” Whether you’re going vegan, avoiding meat and dairy or simply enjoy incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, the M & S Plant Kitchen range means you’ll never have to compromise on taste. Expertly developed by M & S chefs, every product is rigorously benchmarked so it tastes just as good or even better than its meat or dairy counterpart. From fuss-free prepared meals to scratch-cooking ingredients and sweet treats, there’s something for everyone – pop in store to discover the whole range!


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Vegan Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies These Vegan Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies are a firm favourite in my family. They’re really quick and easy to make and taste delicious! Plus, the best thing about them is they can be made ahead of time and only take 7 minutes to bake. These one pot oatmeal and raisin cookies are gooey and delicious and taste VERY similar to the ones you’d find at Subway. Method ●Heat the oven to 180 C (fan). Makes approximately 6-8 cookies. ●Combine all of the dry ingredients in to a bowl and mix well. ●Once mixed, add in the wet ingredients and raisins until it forms a crumbly dough. (The more you work the dough, the more stiff the cookie will be. For a gooey consistency, work it as little as possible.) ●Leave the mixture in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before using. ●While your mixture is cooling in the fridge, line your baking trays with greaseproof paper. ●Spoon out your dough using roughly a heaped tablespoon size and roll into balls. ●Flatten the balls gently. They will flatten slightly in the oven as well so don’t flatten them too much! ●Make sure you space the balls out well on your baking tray so they don’t stick together whilst cooking. ●Place in the oven for 7 – 8 minutes. If you like them to be gooey, aim more towards the 7 minutes. ●Remove from the oven and leave on their trays to cool completely. NOTE – These cookies will stay fresh for around 4 days if left in an air-tight container. The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Ingredients ● 80g raisins t Sugar u n o c o C g 0 ●6 oconut Oil C d e lt e M g ● 30 nd Milk ● 60mls Almo orridge Oats P d e ll o R g 0 ● 10 Flour ● 100g Plain arb-Soda ● 1/2 tsp Bic mo n ● 1 tsp Cinna Powder g in k a B p ts ● 1 /2 eg ● 1 tsp Nutm ● 1 tsp Salt

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