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YOUR RESPONSIBLE PARTNER Kesla is the leading expert in modern logging equipment. Our decades of experience from forests around the world gives us a true understanding of working with wood, never compromising on responsibility. That’s why we can always offer the best tools for your needs.

Welcome to the proud Kesla squad!

Tools to meet the needs of top professionals For us at Kesla, the machine operator is king. We know that they work in challenging conditions and maintain the vitality of our forests. We want to ensure that their work goes smoothly and productively. This is why we have kept the focus especially in performance, usability and excellent serviceability when developing our products. Since founded in 1960, Kesla has based its operations on strong product development. We have been working with harvester heads already since 1987, and over the years, thousands of heads have been exported to almost 50 countries. This would never have worked without real understanding the needs of our customers and listening to them every day. We understand that the investment is big and requires consideration. As such, no question is too small to warrant not contacting us.

ROLLER FEED HARVESTER HEADS Strong, modular frame structure The frame structure consists of modules which are machined as one piece after the welding assembly. The excellent dimensional accuracy of the structure ensures a long bearing life. The frame has been made out of the best highstrength steels available with regard to durability and weldability. The wide, cradle-like frame offers a robust structure with respect to its weight.

Excellent serviceability Wider frame structure provides plenty of well-protected space for the valve system and hosing, and enables ease of maintenance. The chain oil tank is easy to remove for oil pump maintenance. Removal provides plenty of room for other maintenance work as well.

Well protected hydraulic hoses and cylinders The cylinders are repositioned and hoses rerouted for maximum protection. Easy hose replacement from inside the protective cover.

Watch an animation on 3rd generation harvester heads!

Accurate diameter measurement The diameter of the tree is measured at the front delimbing knives so that changes in the hardness of the wood do not affect the measurement accuracy. The sensor, located alongside the delimbing knife cylinder, is now significantly more robust and well protected. The linear analogue sensor is accurate and provides a stable signal in all conditions. Alternatively, the head can be equipped with pulse encoders on both delimbing knives.

Reliable feed Rerouting and redesigned protection improve the durability of the hoses and connectors significantly. Also the optional in-motor length encoders are well protected. The feed rollers and roller arms are designed to minimize the stress on the feeder motor bearings. This ensures that the motors have a long service life.

Strong tilt The tilt arm with a straightforward side profile without unnecessary corners is a very strong construction relative to its weight. The link is in line with the tilt’s pivot point and the feed motors, which minimizes the stress on the structure and makes the head well balanced during both harvesting and processing. The corners at the backside of the tilt are rounded to protect the head hoses from wear. The wide tilt angle enables efficient work also on steep slopes. There are several options available for tilt control, depending on the user’s needs.

Heavy-duty axles The robust roller arm and delimbing knife axles are mounted with sealed heavy-duty bushings. Bearings are also used for axial movement. All axles and pins are hardened. The axles are fixed with heavy-duty axle nuts and locking screws.

Reliable length measurement The new hydCON+ length measuring system is now more robust in structure. The combination of a double-acting cylinder and coil spring ensures good and constant grip of the measuring wheel, and keeps the impacts on the structure well damped. The length measuring wheel is automatically retracted for the time the tree is gripped and then pressed out after the felling cut. The measuring wheel features heavy-duty bearings. The contactless pulse encoder is waterproof. The head frame design keeps the measuring wheel clean during delimbing, preventing loose bark from compromising the accuracy of the length measurement.

Strong delimbing knives In RH-III heads with a modular frame, switching from a 3-knife to a 4-knife design or vice versa is also possible as a retrofit. The dimensions of the strong steel-cast front delimbing knives are very accurate and their wear-resistance is excellent. The optimally designed knives that stay sharp for a long time ensure excellent delimbing results and accuracy of measurement.

The idle roller makes the wood move easily The idle roller is bigger than before and equipped with stronger bearings. Thanks to the redesigned frame, the tree is always steered to the head’s center line, improving the feed power and measurement accuracy. The frame design also ensures the smooth feed of crooked trees. In models 28RH-III and 30RH-III, the upper roller can also be driven.

Efficient KESLA HD30 saw The new KESLA HD30 saw is equipped with a 30 cc motor with plenty of torque. The structure of the patented automated chain tensioner is simple and reliable as well as very easy to use. The bearing of the swivel arm based on precision-machined, hardened sliding surfaces lubricated with saw chain oil are maintenance-free and extremely reliable. The electrically controlled KESLA proLUBE lubricating pump allows precise saw chain lubrication dosage according to the demand.

Watch a video on 2WD technology!

SUPERIOR ADVANTAGES OF PROGRESSIVE ROLLER GEOMETRY Kesla’s unique progressive roller geometry combines the strengths of the side-pressing 2WD heads (A) and the traditional triangular geometry of 3WD/4WD heads (B) without any compromises.



 


When the rollers carry heavy large timber, the mass of the stem enhances the grip of the rollers. The wood

mass stresses the delimbing knives less, and the friction between the head and the wood is minimal. 

As the diameter decreases, the rollers gradually turn to grip the stem from the side and between each

other. Small stems are not squeezed against the frame of the head; instead, they are moved lightly between the feed rollers, ensuring that the friction between the head and the stem remains low and maximum grip is achieved even on the branched tree tops. 

The floating stabilizer bar between the feed rollers allows the rollers to follow the shape of the stem more

freely while still keeping a tight grip. Even crooked trees are fed smoothly and easily. 

In 3WD/4WD systems, the speed differences between several feed rollers, which are often of different

sizes, always cause pressure peaks and power losses. In Kesla’s 2WD system, the pressure compensation between the feed motors prevents slipping while still allowing for speed differences between the rollers due to the crookedness and elliptical shape of the stems without causing harmful pressure spikes. 

Multi-stem processing makes collecting the stems and feeding several stems in a bundle efficient.

The 2-motor hydraulic system excels in the handling of oil flow. The pressure losses in the system are as

much as 20% lower, which means improved net power and fuel economy. 

The simple structure of 2WD heads also means easier maintenance.

The weight savings range from 100 to 200 kg compared to the 3WD or 4WD heads, depending on the size

of the head. The excellent power-to-weight ratio of the KESLA heads increases the productivity of harvesting and improves energy efficiency. 

Kesla’s 2WD system makes it possible to optimize the size of feed motors thanks to a very wide selection.

As a result, the KESLA harvester heads can be adapted to a wide variety of base machines and operating conditions.

STROKE FEED HARVESTER HEADS Kesla is one of the pioneers of stroke harvester technology and the uncontested technology leader in the world. The KESLA SH-II stroke harvesters made for heavy professional use are largely comparable to Kesla’s roller feed heads with regard to their technology, components, quality and features. Thanks to their massive delimbing power, the KESLA SH-II stroke harvesters are an excellent choice especially when you need to process large and branched trees with modestly powered base machines.

Strong tilt The KESLA SH-II harvester heads have a strong tilt with an exceptionally large tilting angle, which enables efficient processing even on steep slopes. The structure of the wide tilt with its straightforward side profile is extremely durable compared to its weight. There is a variety of options for tilt control available depending on the user’s needs.

Light and durable structure The casing-like structure of the stroke harvester head’s frame is extremely durable compared to its weight.

Excellent serviceability The simple and spacious structure of the stroke harvester makes it very easy to maintain.

Powerful and durable saw The KESLA stroke harvester heads feature the same simple and reliable saw unit as the RH-II heads. The JPS R5500 saw unit is also available as an option.

Delimbing power A hydraulic cylinder can produce staggering delimbing power even with very modest hydraulic power from the base machine. The maximum feeding speed is lower than roller feed heads, but the massive delimbing power makes it possible to delimb difficult branches in one go without backing up, which results in the efficient processing of stems with many branches even with a small base machine.

Precise measurement and control The KESLA SH-II heads use the same extremely accurate measurement sensors and solutions as the roller feed RH heads. The KESLA proLOG measurement and control system offers the SH-II series the exact same features and functions that meet the latest market requirements as in the roller feed heads.

Unique proSTROKE partial stroke function The partial stroke function means that the total length of the head can be minimized during feeding, which makes feeding of curved trees easier.

KESLA XTIMBER – HARVESTER EQUIPMENT FOR EXCAVATORS STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY In addition to the widest range of harvester heads suitable for excavators on the market, Kesla offers comprehensive expertise for easy equipment of efficient excavator harvesters. The products include different kinds of hydraulics installation packages, measurement and control system installation packages, KESLA Xtender booms and safety equipment as well as expert advice in installation and maintenance situations, among other things. In addition to easy installation, another benefit of the extensively productized solutions is documentation that supports the after-sales service and improves the resale value of the machine. This makes the KESLA XTimber a Product, instead of a project.

KESLA Xtender booms KESLA Xtender booms expand the working radius of the excavator boom and improves the geometry of the booms while also significantly improving the machine’s ability to move through the terrain. In practice, this means more comfortable work and higher productivity. The Xtender boom also makes it easier to set the excavator in the transport position and enables a very low transport height. The four boom sizes cover all the sizes of KESLA harvester heads and the excavators suited to them. With mounting parts they can be mounted on practically any excavator. The whole package also includes optimally sized hoses between the boom and harvester head.




KESLA Xtip boom tip The KESLA XTip adapter makes installing the harvester head to the excavator boom easy. The three sizes cover all KESLA harvester heads and the excavators suited to them, and thanks to the adjustable fasteners, they can be mounted on practically any excavator.

Compatible KESLA harvester heads

Excavator weight


Max load



A: Outreach

B: Rear overhang

C: Total length

xTender 8

16RH, 18RH-II

6-8 tn

13000 - 18000 lbs

130 kg

287 lbs

1000 kg

2 200 lbs

880 mm


1 180 mm


2 125 mm


xTender 10

18RH-II, 20RH-II, 19RH-III, 21RH-III 20SH-II

8-10 tn

17500 - 22000 lbs

230 kg

507 lbs

1200 kg

2 640 lbs

1 385 mm


1 195 mm


2 660 mm


xTender 15

20RH-II, 25RH-II, 19/21RH-III, 24/26RH-III, 25SH-II

10-15 tn

22000 -33000 lbs

300 kg

660 lbs

2000 kg

4 400 lbs

1 200 mm


1 380 mm


2 660 mm


xTender 15H

20RH-II, 25RH-II, 19/21RH-III, 24/26RH-III, 25SH-II

10-15 tn

22000 -33000 lbs

450 kg

992 lbs

1500 kg

3 300 lbs

1 200 2 650 mm

47,2 104,30”

1 430 mm


2 690 4 140 mm

106 - 163”

xTender 20


15-30 tn

33000 - 66000 lbs

530 kg

1 168 lbs

2500 kg

5 500 lbs

1 300 mm


1 740 mm


3 120 mm


xTender 20-II


15-30 tn

33000 - 66000 lbs

530 kg

1 168 lbs

2500 kg

5 500 lbs

1 300 mm


1 740 mm


3 120 mm


xTip 10

18RH-II, 20RH-II, 19RH-III, 21RH-III, 20SH-II

6-10 tn

17500 - 22000 lbs

90 kg

198 lbs

1200 kg

2 640 lbs

435 mm




1 030 mm


xTip 15

20RH-II, 25RH-II, 19/21RH-III, 24/26RH-III, 25SH-II

10-15 tn

22000 -33000 lbs

115 kg

253 lbs

2000 kg

4 400 lbs

510 mm




1 235 mm


xTip 20


15-25 tn

33000- 55000 lbs

185 kg

407 lbs

2 500 kg

5 500 lbs

585 mm




1 410 mm


XTip is suitable for excavator installations when weight is a critical factor.

Watch a video on the excavator harvester!

In addition to the KESLA proLOG and xLogger systems, the KESLA harvester heads can usually be combined with Motomit, Epec and Dasa measuring devices. Under certain conditions, they can also be combined with Opti, Timbermatic and Komatsu Maxi measuring devices.

CONTROL SYSTEM WITH EXCELLENT CONTROL AND MEASUREMENT ACCURACY The KESLA proLOG and xLogger control system range has the right solution for all of your timber harvesting needs. All versions of the system have an easy-to-use user interface, accurate measurements, clear reports and excellent harvester head adjustment and control features. The system can be adapted to the user’s needs by choosing a suitable display size, the necessary bucking functions as well as various optional accessories from a comprehensive selection. The massive computing power enables the precise control of the head’s functions: Fast operation without delay

KESLA proLOG 7” widescreen display

Rapid feed to the cut-to-length point.

User interface controlled with six control buttons or a USB keyboard/mouse

Increased productivity

StanforD 2010 compatible (with limitations):

More accurate measurement

Import of assortment and site information from standard files Saving production and calibration files (PRD, PRI, HPR)

Clear production reports that can be easily saved as a PDF or Excel file in internal memory or on a USB flash drive. An easy-to-use user interface, fully localized in several languages (including English, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese, French etc.). Thanks to the comprehensive adjustment options, an excellent performance is achieved under all conditions. All adjustment values and settings can be loaded and saved to a file. Control keypads can be set on a operator-specific basis Standard USB connector for connecting an external memory, keyboard or mouse An external Windows PC can be connected via Ethernet

Attendance monitoring (MOM) Innovative bucking optimization (length class prioritization) Increased productivity Higher value of the processed timber KESLA xLogger 12” touch screen Optional versions with length class bucking (like the KESLA proLOG) or with full adaptive value bucking (fully Stanford2010 compatible) Optional accessories Stylish and finished installation kit for easy installation Various joystick options (e.g. SureGrip and KESLAgrip) Electronic measuring calipers for calibration Printer

SAFE AND COST-EFFECTIVE OPERATOR TRAINING WITH SIMULATORS Simulators have been proven to be fast, cost-effective and safe tools for the training of beginner harvester drivers in particular. The KESLA proTRAINER simulator has been developed focusing strictly on the essential aspects of basic training: An accurate and realistic user interface; the simulator is based on an authentic KESLA proLOG control system. All menus and functions of the control system as well as the physical modules are exactly the same as in a real KESLA harvester. Carefully designed learning tasks aimed at learning the most important basic work methods quickly. After adopting the right basic methods, the drivers are ready and capable of continuing to learn and develop their skills in real work. The strong pedagogical approach of the KESLA proTRAINER simulator has its roots in Kesla’s close cooperation with some of the leading forest machine schools in the world that take advantage of simulators. The advanced dynamic modelling of the mechanics, kinematics

and hydraulics form a basis for a strong and realistic learning experience. The simulator is based on the same accurate and detailed 3D model that Kesla uses in its product development processes. The simulator manufacturer has strong experience with product development simulators in cooperation with several well-known brands in the heavy work machine industry. Focusing strictly on the issues essential for learning has made it possible to develop a simulator, whose acquisition and operating costs make it possible to provide training cost-effectively. The equipment is light and easy to move and start using. The simulator is based on accurate modelling with an authentic control system, which also make it possible to use it as an effective maintenance training tool.


A first thinning head for tractors and the lightest thinning harvesters. Optimal stem diameter: 200 mm | 8” Delimbing knives: 1+3 Weight starting from: 350 kg | 770 lbs Base machine: tractors, lightest thinning harvesters, excavators 5–6 t | 11,000–13,000 lbs


The lightest harvester head on the market which is suitable for debarking eucalyptus. Optimal stem diameter: 300 mm | 11.8” Delimbing knives: 1+3 Weight starting from: 680 kg | 1,500 lbs Base machine: Thinning harvesters, excavators 7–13 t 15,000–28,600 lbs





Optimal stem diameter: 250 mm | 10” Delimbing knives: 1+4 Weight starting from: 445 kg | 980 lbs Base machine: tractors, light thinning harvesters, excavators 5–7 t | 11,000–15,500 lbs

Optimal stem diameter: 330 mm | 13” Delimbing knives 1+4 Weight starting from: 720 kg | 1,590 lbs Base machine: Thinning harvesters, excavators 10–12 t 15,000–28,600 lbs

Thinning head for tractors and light thinning harvesters.

An effective and sturdy harvester head for all types of thinning.





Optimal stem diameter: 300 mm | 11.8” Delimbing knives: 1+3 Weight starting from: 560 kg | 1,230 lbs Base machine: light thinning harvesters, excavators 7–10 t 15,000–22,000 lbs

Optimal stem diameter: 350 mm | 13.8” Delimbing knives: 1+3 Weight starting from: 960 kg | 2,100 lbs Base machine: medium-weight harvesters, excavators 12–16 t 26,000–35,000 lbs

The thinning head with the unquestionably best power-to-weight ratio on the market.


An effective all-round head for every job from thinning to final felling; an excellent choice for debarking eucalyptus.



An effective all-round head for everything from thinning to final felling. Optimal stem diameter: 400 mm | 15.7” Delimbing knives: 1+4 Weight starting from: 840 kg | 1,850 lbs Base machine: medium-weight harvesters, excavators 12–16 t 26,000–35,000 lbs


A powerful head for heavy-duty final felling. Optimal stem diameter: 500 mm | 19.7” Delimbing knives: 1+4 Weight: 1,480 kg | 3,260 lbs Base machine: final felling harvesters, excavators 16–20 t 35,000–44,000 lbs




A true all-round head with an extremely wide scope for everything from thinning to final felling. Optimal stem diameter: 400 mm | 15.5” Delimbing knives: 1+4 Weight starting from: 1,010 kg | 2,220 lbs Base machine: medium-weight harvesters, excavators 12–16 t 26,000–33,000 lbs



A final felling head designed especially for felling hardwood. Optimal stem diameter: 500 mm | 16.7” Delimbing knives: 1+3 Weight starting from: 1,670 kg | 3,680 lbs Base machine: tracked harvesters and excavators 18–30 t 39,500–66,000 lbs




A head with an excellent power-to-weight ratio for final felling and debarking eucalyptus. Optimal stem diameter: 450 mm | 17.7” Delimbing knives: 1+3 Weight: 1,390 kg | 3,060 lbs Base machine: final felling harvesters, excavators 15–18 t 33,000–39,600 lbs




Optimal stem diameter: 500 mm | 19.7” Delimbing knives: 1+4 Weight starting from: 1,730 kg | 3,800 lbs Base machine: tracked harvesters and excavators 18–30 t 39,500–66,000 lbs


A sturdy head for heavy-duty final felling.





For processing difficult branched trees with modestly powered base machines. Optimal stem diameter: 300 mm | 12” Delimbing knives: 1+4 Weight starting from: 540 kg | 1,190 lbs Base machine: excavators 7–12 t 15,000–26,500 lbs



High delimbing power for processing very heavily branched trees. Optimal stem diameter: 450 mm | 18” Delimbing knives: 1+6 Weight starting from : 920 kg | 2,030 lbs Base machine: excavators 12–16 t | 22,000–35,000 lbs


The stroke head is an excellent fit for processing heavily branched and crooked trees. It does not require a high oil output from the base machine, either.



“AN EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR HEAVILY BRANCHED HARDWOOD” Herve Martinet SARL has two identical excavator harvesters. The head is a KESLA 25RH-II, and according to the owner, it is an excellent choice for processing crooked and heavily branched chestnut trees. The support from the after-sales service has also been great. Herve Martinet SARL, France


“A LIGHT AND POWERFUL HEAD” Holzschlägerung Reisinger purchased a logging machine in 2015. A KESLA 25RH-II was selected as a harvester head for the machine because it was light enough for the small base machine while still being powerful enough. The head has proved to handle both hard and soft wood well all the way from first thinning to final felling. They have found that the head is easy to maintain, and the after-sales service has worked wonderfully. Holzschlägerungen Reisinger, Austria


“A HARVESTER HEAD ON AN EXCAVATOR GUARANTEES YEAR-ROUND EMPLOYMENT” When the ground is not frozen, Ilpo Kosonen uses the excavator for earthmoving work, and during the winter, he switches the bucket to a KESLA 25RH-II harvester head for thinning. An Xtender boom improves the usability of the head on the excavator. The after-sales service has worked well. Ilpo Kosonen, Finland


“FUEL EFFICIENCY IS DIRECTLY VISIBLE IN OUR POCKETBOOK” The Norwegian Bajlon Skog has 56,000 hours of experience with KESLA heads. Their current head is KESLA 24RH-III. The head gets praise for its reliability, serviceability and ease of use. The entrepreneur Lars Berg considers its fuel efficiency especially important because it enables profitable business. Baljon Skog AS, Norway

EQUIPMENT Colour marking A colour marking device makes it easier to separate the assortments during transport. The two-colour marking device makes three different colour codes possible. The high pressure colour nozzles placed on the rear delimbing knife draw easily distinguished stripes of colour.

Top saw The top saw is a saw unit installed at the front of the head, which enables the maximum utilisation of trees that are forked or damaged at the top. In some models, the top saw is also available for being retrofitted.

Spare hose kit

Spare part kits

Tool kits

Model-specific hose kit that contains all of the hoses of a head, with the same high quality that is used in the original assembly.

The carefully selected head model-specific kit includes parts for fixing the most common minor malfunctions.

A specialized KESLA tool kit in a convenient tool case includes specialised tools selected on a head model-specific basis that make the maintenance and repair of your head easy.

Feed rollers There is a comprehensive selection of different kinds of feed rollers available for KESLA harvester heads based on their usage.

Spike feed rollers

Steel softgrip feeding rollers

Multistem feed rollers

EUCA debarking rollers


Butt-log sensor

In the HydCON system, the coil spring of the traditional measuring wheel is replaced by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder that enables automatic retraction of the measuring wheel during work stages other than delimbing. Retracting the measuring wheel protects it from hits while gripping the tree and makes it easier to place the head on the tree. The HydCON+ system (standard with KESLA RH-III heads) has both a spring and a double-acting hydraulic cylinder in parallel, which provides more accurate measurement than ever in all conditions. Several different profile options for the measuring wheel are available for different conditions.

The optical butt-log sensor recognises the butt of the tree, which makes it easy to return to the butt of the stem and set the length measurement to zero without sawing.


Hose connection block

The KESLA proAX cutting system offers a phenomenal combination of the possibilities of saw and guillotine cutting in the same head. In felling small-diameter trees, it makes cutting faster and minimises damage to saw chains and bars. In addition to lower chain and bar costs, it also creates savings in fuel costs because cutting with a cylinder takes much less energy than using the saw motor.

moves the connection point of the hydraulic hoses coming from the boom from the inside of the head into a connection block below the rotator, making the hose bundle coming to the head shorter and more compact.

Multi-stem processing An accumulation grapple attached to the tilt makes collecting and processing the bundle easier in multi-stem processing. The rotator has been embedded into the grapple equipment so that the grapple does not increase the total height of the tilt.

As the largest manufacturer of harvester heads on the market, independent of its own base machine manufacturing, Kesla is a strong and popular industrial partner for forest machine manufacturers. In addition to an extensive selection of harvester heads, Kesla’s logging equipment product range also covers a comprehensive selection of cranes for both harvesters as well as forwarders. Kesla is one of the leading timber crane manufacturers on the market with close to 50 years of experience with cranes in its background. The most comprehensive product range on the market covers everything from 3 tonne-metre tractor-mounted timber cranes up to nearly 30 tonne-metre truck and industrial cranes.


NUMBER ONE Our long experience with integrating our products with a staggering variety of base machines has given us strong know-how that we can use in cooperation with our OEM partners throughout the chain, all the way from the first steps of product development to the end customer. The goal is always an optimally functioning machine, in which the KESLA product has been integrated seamlessly as a part of the whole. In fact, Kesla products are an integral part of several well-known forest machines on the market.

Forwarder cranes The KESLA forwarder cranes represent reliable technology, tested and proven in heavy-duty use. The foundation for durability throughout the range is provided by the robust slewing units. The shafts are sturdy, and thanks to the large bearing surfaces, the joints can withstand demanding operation without clearance. The large diameter hoses enable fast movements as well as excellent energy efficiency. The expansive working geometry and excellent maneuverability of the boom increase work efficiency and precision. With the carefully considered selection of accessories, the cranes can be adapted to each customer’s needs.

KESLA 600 / 600T Lifting torque Outreach

KESLA 700 / 700T Lifting torque Outreach


53-60 kNm / 39 000 - 44 200 lbf-ft 7,7 - 10,3 m / 25’3” - 33’10”

KESLA 800T Lifting torque Outreach


75 kNm / 55 300 lbf-ft 10,0 m / 32’10”


64-70 kNm / 47 200 - 51 600 lbf-ft 7,7 - 10,3 m 25’3” - 33’10”

Harvester cranes KESLA harvester cranes are known for their excellent working geometry and ample net lifting power throughout the entire movement range. These properties increase the productivity of harvesting in all conditions. The efficiency of the operations is ensured by the durability and reliability of the cranes, which ensure a high utilisation rate. The excellent durability of the KESLA cranes is based not only on the high quality of the manufacture and components, but also on carefully considered technical solutions. From the wide range of KESLA harvester heads, you are sure to find a perfect pair for each KESLA harvester to form an optimal combination for all kinds of harvesting needs from first thinning to final felling.

KESLA 6H Lifting torque Outreach

KESLA 8H Lifting torque Outreach

KESLA 13H Lifting torque Outreach


35-43 kNm / 25 800 - 31 700 lbf-ft 7,1 - 8,5 m /

Lifting torque Outreach


57 kNm / 42 000 lbf-ft 7,6 m / 24’11”

Lifting torque Outreach DATASHEET

88-106 kNm / 64 900 - 78 200 lbf-ft 9,5-10,5 m / 31’2” - 34’5”



98-142 kNm / 72 300 - 104 700 lbf-ft 9,0-11 m / 29’6” - 36’1” DATASHEET

192-212 kNm / 143 800 - 156 400 lbf-ft 8,8-11 m / 28’10” - 36’1”


READ ABOUT OUR OTHER PRODUCT GROUPS: City cranes - Truck and stationary cranes – Chippers – Tractor loaders – Tractor forest trailers

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