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A Walk Within ~

Volume I by Kesha Rona Coggins

@copyright 2013 ~ A Walk Within

Undone and Incomplete Sad recollections, haunted memories. Vivid sorrow, life translucent. From life once beheld. To undone and incomplete. \From seducing optimism to empty vessel. Hollow, broken, unfixed, despaired. I am unrecognizable. Softness sought by another within. I fade into my own skin. \I search my soul for solace.

I comfort my undone heart. I am a broken spirit. Undone and incomplete. \Undone of intent. My dreams swiftly averted. I seek a place from pain to me. Needlessly, senselessly broken. Undone and incomplete. \I hide from thee. I am untouchable to thy name. Your voice I keep from me. Sad and sorrow now call me. Taunts me and holds me undone and incomplete.

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By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

What truth remains?

By Kesha Rona Coggins When all is lost, no love, no hope. What truth remains?

\Betrayed, forsaken, a leap from faith. What truth remains? Beyond, sorrow. Beyond rage. What truth remains? \Disappeared into loneliness. Disappeared into shelter. From shelter to solitude. What truth remains? \Gone are passions. Lost from goodness. What truth remains? \Trust laid to waste, desire do I embrace... What truth remains? Is there truth in the understanding where truth remains? \When all is absent. Denial do I then embrace. A spirits cry and a moments lie. WHAT TRUTH REMAINS...?

By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

Tough to Touch Tough to touch. To hard to feel. The water breaks. The glass wall reveals. I stumble then fall. Will love catch my at all? Through the light I see dawn. Towards the end I look beyond. Walk along the meadow breeze. My silent steps comfort me. Breathlessly I run along.

While cold air fills my lungs. Steely blue sky above. Life begins to intensify. I wander aimlessly. But,I'm never found. Consumed by madness. Hollow heart from grief. Fear grips my mind. From all that I have left behind. Tough to touch. To hard to feel. Life continues to intensify. No longer waiting for love denied.

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By Kesha Coggins

On the Outside Looking Within

I am on the outside looking within. At all that is hollow and full of sin. Looking beyond the shadow's edge. I cross over to where we first met. I imagined I heard the wind whisper your name. As if whispering your name through all of my pain. Calling out to you from deep within. I am broken, torn and full of sin. Surrounded by darkness I flee into the night. A beaten path calls me again, I am filled with fright.

I struggle by day to find the right way. I am torn in two and away you stay. Solace calls out my name. I search through the obstacles. But, find only the same. A new path I tread softly. Memories linger of how I ought to be. My steps are filled with disdain. I toss and turn . My soul's desire burns. I am on the outside living within. Night falls and silence fills my room. I am stood still. Cold air brings with it night's chill. I am on the outside looking within. Struggling to be free of sin. Struggling to begin again.

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By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

Me Within My Own Self

Gone are the distant. The keep away. The lost are found. No longer unknowing and removed from. \Or surrendered to anguish or pain. I am me within own myself. Found by me, for me. Strong and strengthened.

\A breathe away from made whole. One within my own soul. A place of safety within me. I am self within my own self. \Safe from harm. Strong and stood tall. My own untouched by pain. Mended wounded, balanced self frame. Within me all is new. \I am learnt and I am scholar. I am teacher from student. Lessons learned. The unknown now known until shielded me all around. But, renewal within my own self.

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By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

Melt Within My Own Soul

I melt within my own soul. I merged with another just to fell whole. Open spirit turns restless heart. I flee from the one whose love I did start. Like a dream, I imagined me. Like a song, I went along. Like the rising of the dawn.

I felt your love as it carry me beyond. Once I saw you with adoration and delight. I enveloped myself within its tenderness and might. My search for true love seemed almost over. As everyday my love for you grew tender and more bolder. Restless thoughts were kept at bay. Treasures I once held dearly were swept away. Taken from me along the way. Forever forgotten, I embraced my dismay. I melt within my own soul. To replace to that love you stole. I turn from a forgotten place. Retracing my step as I looked away. Forever lost from the love we once knew Instead, I choose to embrace my life again without you.

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By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

Life Happened to Me Life happened to me. Pulled me, prodded me, Utterly besotted me. Held me boldly, and then betrayed me coldly. \I graced its beautiful face. Washing away all past disgrace. Twisting me, turning me,

Leaving me singed without burning me. \Loving me, beholding me, Filling me with desire untold to me. Life happened to me when I looked into your eyes. Deep from within ending my souls cries. \I faced an endless race, Toward the one who promised me my safe and perfect place? Life happened to you when you knew it was me. Then happened to me when I happened to be. \The only one you would see. Life happened to you, When you happened to me. \ This is my original work - Claim this Poem

By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

Twined to Love Tremendous are the waves of loving you filled are your hollowed moments away from me Best friends and wife eternally Twined into love with loves perfection sensitively handed to one or both of us Designed greater are the purpose of many thoughts between us I linger on in moments between love Eternal love replaces the perversion dull

Simmering sun lights up the face of the one I truly love We are forever each others desire held in suspension tears at the heart of our journey towards loving all eternity One another partnered for eternal love falls upon Weighted shoulders of love most harked divine When we return ourselves to our heartfelt place I wait wanting just to grace your face upon my heart is felt the endlessness of love within us Upon your heart is felt the suffering the held us distance Love fears us lost, hold out our hands to touch what most, what we can not touch, We collide withing one another our souls melt love found depths held two lover bound for all endless life the end never promised Just the beginning repetitively ours 'Never let me go,' I whisper to you in the night To which you smile until all again between us is purposefully without fight, without hollow love but the depths of love from which our love heals our surrender comes forth, to the time I think I hear you whisper back... forever and forever you are mine. By Kesha Coggins @copyright 2011~ Kesha Coggins

Life Force Life force ever so powerful. An unyielding source. Life’s been one journey. Life leading to you. Now you're gone.

So far from the belonged. As for you, I recognize only. When I try think of you. Paths once entwined. Now so undermined. Separate ways with no replace. For the happier days to vacant space. Life’s force uncontrollable. And true. I remember now. When I once belonged to you. You were never more the believed. Never more my adored. Time has past and brought with it grave impasse. Nothing not even love ever last. What shall I choose when life force Brings me to you from now to then? Wait for a new design for life to begin. Trying me, defying me, defining me within. Author: Kesha Coggins

Safe on My Own Safe on my own. Never to feel alone. Strength within me. Makes me no longer befriend. But, safe on my own.

In search of a new home. Nowhere do I belong. Free amongst the non-believe. Somewhere in between is me. Kept at bay from all deception Yet, safe on my own and never alone. Lifeless, stood still like stone. A power within keeps me. Far from sin. So forceful, so true So empowered without you. I am me and more than me Never again to question my own disbeliefs. Solely and released from the deceived. I am of nothing left to retrieve.

Safe on my own released From feelings shown. Heart and mind cleanse of all that is left unknown. Now kept away never to be seen again. On my own for another day. Strayed away from where I stay. I live alone yet find my own way.

All is washed and swept away. Strayed from fate. Chance date in life delayed. I set out boldly on my own. Life stood still halted then unfolds.

Author: Kesha Coggins

It Happened to Me It Happened to Me

Betrayal happened to me. Leaving me frayed. Mistrust happened to me. Leaving me seeking the truth as a must. Lies happened to me. Replaced by denies. Treachery happened to me. How will I ever be set free.

You happened to me. Seeking what I know and believe. I happened to me. Longing to be once again set free. Love happened to me. Soothing me once, calming once again. Love happened to you. Once true, once free from all sin. Passion happened to me. Unyielding and wanting. Life happened to me. With no way to ever truly be forgotten.

Author: Kesha Coggins

A Heart of Stone by Kesha Coggins 0 Lo ve Th is


Unfeeling, untouched.

My heart is transcended. Closed off from all that has ended. My soul descends. To meet its uncertain trend. Sealed shut, For only one to touch. Was once beating with heat Now beats in retreat.

My heart of stone. Now sounds off my souls moan. Severed from all. After my stumble and fall. I will feel once more. But, I am not completely sure. As my heart of stone. Once was far reaching before it was alone. Encased by disgrace. Not so easily erased. No more held to blind faith. Newer again will I embrace.

My heart of stone. To no one belongs. Once true to only blue. Once loved now I am over you. My heart of stone Is once again alone. Turned from warmth to cold. Stood still to never again be told. Author: Kesha Coggins

To Be or Not to Be by Kesha Coggins

To be or not to be Can be the question You strive to find Answers by way of suggestion. Forced by circumstance To take a direct stance. Standing to the end Sometimes even without a friend.

To be or not to be Can be the hardest Truth to achieve. Love makes it even harder to believe.

From strife to momentary delight From delight to another’s goodnight. What is known about the unknown? When one is always striving to belong.

Finding the easy way to eventuality Leads to an even longer delay. When the easy way became the wrong way. That ultimately led us astray. What is certain is life’s uncertain strife. When once you belong to me. Even once you were all that I could see. No more do you resonate within what I believe. Uncertainty, became the known I Causing me to leave you alone. I turn within and discover a new friend. Once souls intertwined with a love most divine. Now lost and untrue, I am forever without you.

Author: Kesha Coggins

My Liberation Day by Kesha Coggins


I free myself from you in you every way. No more belief in the great array. Within I knew one like a long lost friend. How to seek what is long before ended? Is the relief from once I belonged? I free myself from hope. To find a necessary retreat from remote. I wake through what I thought was destined. Desperate for a feeling inside me. Searching for a new path to begin. For me more than you now rings true.

I exclude myself from you. I want to be renewed. Set free from doubt. My great disbelief that once lived without. Thoughts I found through all that was you. The parts of me that I never knew. Now that all is gone. I got it all completely wrong. Struggling now to stay strong. I fold the card to erase what lay beyond. All that I once loved I now discard My liberation instead is what I long. Leaving me weary to the bone. I face life unknown all on my alone. Author: Kesha Coggins

Russia with Love by Kesha Coggins

Thunderous thighs. Making no disguise. Emptied heart. Unfulfilled mind. My thoughts again sound. Free is the way forward on the rebound. Renown for once being found. Now like a move to the world beyond. Open vast space.

No more the love race. Chills down my spine. Your truth I cannot find. Cold tundra's, ice shrills. Blood once warmed now runs still. Runs like pain that strains the veins. Through my body. I erase you from the depths of me. Other ways to be free. Across a barren plain. I will never be again the same. Author: Kesha Coggins

To Be Perfectly Formed by Kesha Coggins

Hovering high in the sky. Perfectly formed yet brilliantly white. Undefined and unmoved. Unchanged like an explosion of light in the sky. Glistening bright in the distance. Far away from touch but still in sight. While all others silently glide by. One stands stoically still and undefined. Only one remains still and constant. Luminous and boldly begotten. Hovering silently above in the sky Creating an awesome and moving sight.

Author: Kesha Coggins

I Looked into A Mirror

Looked into A Mirror

Where in the past, I looked into a mirror. I did not know who to see. I now look and caught glimpse of me. Standing tall to avoid a fall. My surrender I hold back tender. My find is your undermine. Within you love felt truly divine. Within me I understood our love had untwined. Without you I understood more and more who I am to be.

Written concepts and long held dreams escape me. From the core of me nothing remains to be. I am not the person I thought I would see. Replaced by the person waiting inside me. And so I embrace the complete in me. So as to never again be replaced from lost and disbelief.

Author : Kesha Coggins

Chance on Love To take a chance on love. To trust the one above all others. The hardest thing to do. To trust more than you. To love one more is like love from above. Leaves my heart quietly disheveled. And set free like a dove. Soaring high above them all. Forgotten transgressions. Returned from lost of faith. When trust is a must After fidelity goes bust. Is all found in chaos to follow.? My mind wonders with thoughts I seldom ponder. Could it be that all I hold dear, I find only when you are near? I hold belief when I look beneath. Do I focus on what I can see? And, ignore all that I believe. I look into your eyes. I search for your great disguise.

When I think of you I expect to fall. I question my love for you. Then question nothing at all. When I question you about all. I suddenly pause in awe. Author: Kesha Coggins

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