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New Publications Fall 2020



Pop on Paper


Jana Sophia Nolle


The Videoart at Midnight Artists’ Cookbook 6

Bjørnar Øvrebø


Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke

Luca Ellena



Adrian Sauer


Lena Mattsson


Anton Henning


Jonas Dahlström




Frank Gaudlitz


Frank Herfort


Jörg Colberg


Time Present


Johann Karl




Katharina Hinsberg


Anything goes?


Valérie Favre


Katharina Bosse






Spring 2020


Image Credits


Distribution and Representation




Martin Bruno Schmid


Anna Nero


Henning Strassburger


Mehmet & Kazim


Thomas Bang


Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Stuttgart


Martin Voßwinkel




Jan Köchermann


Christine Gedeon


Jürgen Heinrich


Dana Meyer


Ellen Akimoto


Bogdan Rața


Franz Radziwill


Dieter Huber


Peter Tuma


Holger Schnapp


Frank Hoffmann



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Dear Booksellers, Dear Readers, The extreme uncertainty of the past months has been a challenge for us all. It therefore seems all the more important to remember that artists have a seismographic intuition for such shifts in reality. Their gaze makes it possible for us to pause and deal calmly with this almost unreal situation. Like its specific artistic perspective, every book is also a ticket to enter new worlds: books bring us to places and above all to ideas that are currently receiving far too little attention in day-to-day life. So, please wander through the surreal post-Soviet world with the photographer Frank Herfort. Take a trip back to the 1980s and encounter architectural visions for the future in East and West Berlin with Anything Goes? Let yourself be captivated by Pop on Paper in the 1960s, when a young generation gave expression to its attitude to life between art, consumption, fashion, and popular culture. Follow Anton Henning and Wolfgang Ullrich even deeper into the history of art, or exist entirely in the here and now of the body with The Opéra. Valérie Favre interrogates forms of artistic exile. Martin Bruno Schmid gives the built world its material reality back. Henning Strassburger thinks with and in pictures about the unfathomable possibilities of painting in the digital age. Fascinated by the gaudy banality of everyday life, Anna Nero scratches on the

surface of things. The young artist duo Mehmet & Kazim throws the entire history of modern art “out the window” in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The Journals of Elisabeth ErdmannMacke, which are being published for the first time, are a downright sensation. Adrian Sauer’s Foto Arbeiten provides insights into the new approaches to showing and seeing that arise from digital photography. The Norwegian photographer Bjørnar Øvrebø reveals memories of childhood and nature along the enchanted banks of the Alna, Oslo’s longest river. Surrounded by anonymous concrete buildings, Jonas Dahlström shows the vulnerability, loneliness, and isolation of human existence in a single, twelvehour-long picture sequence. Jana Sophia Nolle’s Living Room is a stirring photographic study of temporary dwellings of the homeless. In his extensive retrospective, Frank Gaudlitz develops individual life stories based on the closeness of the moment. And we are of course glad to present our new Collector’s Editions, bringing art directly into your home.

Keep up your openness to new discoveries! Yours sincerely,

Christof Kerber








A New Attitude to Life

Pop on Paper Von Warhol bis Lichtenstein Editor: Andreas Schalhorn, Kupferstichkabinett – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Texts by: Alexander Dückers, Patricia Kühn, Fabienne Meyer, Freya Nagelsmann, Andreas Schalhorn, Christina Thomson Graphic design: Peter Nils Dorén, Berlin 23 ∞ 28 cm, 180 pp., 8 b&w and 138 col. ills. Softcover with flaps isbn 978-3-7356-0683-9 German 5 38 (D)  £ 36  $ 50

With Pop on Paper, the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin is presenting its exceptional collection of Pop Art for the first time. The focus is on the 1960s, when a young generation of artists gave expression to a new attitude toward life. Based on silkscreen prints, the Pop medium per se, as well as on artists’ posters, early drawings, and even fashion, Pop on Paper is dedicated to the connection between art, mass consumption, and popular culture from the beginnings of Pop to its multifaceted echoes in Europe, from Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol to Maria Lassnig, Ulrike Ottinger, and Sigmar Polke. Exhibition: Pop on Paper: Von Warhol bis Lichtenstein, 3.4.–26.7.2020, Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin




Artist Kitchen Stories

The Videoart at Midnight Artists’ Cookbook Eighty Artists Eighty Dishes Editors: Olaf Stüber & Anton Stüber, Videoart at Midnight Graphic design: Jörg Adam, Adayto, Berlin 22 ∞ 26 cm, approx. 256 pp., approx. 190 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in September 2020 in two language editions isbn 978-3-7356-0723-2 German isbn 978-3-7356-0725-6 English Approx. 5 39.80 (D)  £ 38  $  50


Have you ever watched Douglas Gordon cook? Do you know Harun Farocki’s favorite dal? Would you like to nibble straight from the pot with Keren Cytter or recreate Agnieszka Polska’s


pirogi with trumpets of death? Cookbooks are a dime a dozen. And there’s even a certain tradition of artists’ cookbooks. But there is only the one Videoart at Midnight Artists’ Cookbook: eighty of the most renown video artists of our time reveal their favorite recipes. Some simple, others elaborate, yet all to be recreated. And the best thing about this book is that each and every single recipe tells its own personal story.

Artists: Monira Al Qadiri, Ulf Aminde, Julieta Aranda, Marc Aschenbrenner, Ed Atkins, Yael Bartana, Lucy Beech, Bigert & Bergström, John Bock, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Erik Bünger, Martin Brand, Ulu Braun, Klaus vom Bruch, Filipa César, Creischer & Siekmann, Keren Cytter, Chto Delat, Christoph Draeger, Antje Engelmann, Shahram Entekhabi, Köken Ergun, Theo Eshetu, Simon Faithfull, Christian Falsnaes, Harun Farocki, Omer Fast, Fischer & el Sani, Dani Gal, Delia Gonzalez, Douglas Gordon, Andy Graydon, Assaf Gruber, Mathilde ter Heijne, Isabell Heimerdinger, Benjamin Heisenberg, Kerstin Honeit, Christian Jankowski, Anja Kirschner, Knut Klaßen, Korpys/Löffler,

Zhenhua Li, Joep van Liefland, Melissa Logan, Dafna Maimon, Antje Majewski, Melanie Manchot, Lynne Marsh, Bjørn Melhus, Almagul Menlibayeva, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Matthias Müller, Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker, Marcel Odenbach, Stefan Panhans, Mario Pfeifer, Agnieszka Polska, Ulrich Polster, Mario Rizzi, Julian Rosefeldt, Willem de Rooij, Safy Sniper, Anri Sala, Erik Schmidt, Sandra Schäfer, Amie Siegel, Pola Sieverding, Martin Skauen, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag, Vibeke Tandberg, Rebecca Ann Tess, Guido van der Werve, Gernot Wieland, Ming Wong, Ina Wudtke, Shingo Yoshida, Katarina Zdjelar, Stefan Zeyen, Tobias Zielony



A Touching and Sensational Premiere!

Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke

Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke

Tagebücher Mai 1905 – März 1948

Tagebücher 1905–1948 Editors: Margarethe Jochimsen, Hildegard Reinhardt Texts by: Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke, Margarethe Jochimsen, Hildegard Reinhardt Graphic design: Polina Bazir, Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld 17 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 512 pp., approx. 94 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0664-8 German Approx. 5 38 (D)  £ 36  $ 50

Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke (1888–1978) chronicled her eventful life for forty-three years: the brief marriage to August Macke, the marriage to the journalist Lothar Erdmann, the turbulent 1920s in Bonn and Berlin, the Nazi seizure of power, and Erdmann’s gruesome death at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the years of the war, and the return to Bonn. As executor of Macke’s estate, she wrote a bestseller in 1962 with Erinnerung an August Macke, and her Begegnungen was published posthumously in 2009. Her touching diaries, which are now being published for the first time, are a minor sensation. The complete text documentation also accompanies the book as a CD.



Showing and Seeing in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Adrian Sauer Photo Works Editors: Getrude Wagenfeld-Pleister, Oldenburger Kunstverein, and the gallery Klemm’s, Berlin Texts by: Orit Gat, Christin Müller, Adrian Sauer, Katrina Sluis Graphic design: Anna Lena von Helldorff, Munich 18.7 ∞ 25.7 cm, approx. 240 pp., numerous col. ills. Softcover To be published in November 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0720-1 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £ 33  $ 45

Adrian Sauer (*1976) explores the nature of photography, occupying himself with the current state of the medium in pictures, self-written programs, texts, and installations. In his artistic work, he examines the functionality and pitfalls of photography and questions its big promise of being a reliable, objective reproduction of reality. His new book of works brings together “photo works” of the past ten years and simultaneously provides insights into the migration to digital photography and the new possibilities for showing and seeing Exhibition: Adrian Sauer: Foto Arbeiten, opening: 4.9.2020, Oldenburger Kunstverein, Oldenburg

that arise from it.



An Unexpected Shift of Perspective

Anton Henning Noch moderner Vol. 2 Editor: Wolfgang Ullrich Texts by: Wolfgang Ullrich Graphic design: Verena Gerlach, Berlin 28 ∞ 34 cm, approx. 232 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in December 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0703-4 German | English | French | Japanese 5 78 (D)  £ 74  $ 100

Over three decades, the painting of Anton Henning (*1964) has been both a challenge and an inspiration. For him, “even more modern” means showing the lasting significance of modernism for the present. The first volume of his large-scale catalogue of works of 2018 was a basic introduction to his work as a painter. “Vol. 2” now offers an unexpected shift of perspective to his in-depth examination of art history from the Renaissance to Romanticism. A rare interview with Anton Henning about his practice and his artistic self-image supplements the extensive plate section.



Immediate and Close

THE OPÉRA IX Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography Editor: Matthias Straub Texts by: Matthias Straub Graphic design: Mirko Borsche, Kolja Buscher, Julian Wallis 24 ∞ 31 cm, approx. 232 pp., approx. 90 b&w and 150 col. ills., softcover with flaps To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0706-5 English Approx. 5 45 (D)  £ 43  $ 60

Artists: Shiori Akiba, Kimbra Audrey, Jim de Block, Martina Borsche, Eva Bukareva, Arthur Cadre, Indira Cesarine, Barron Claiborne, Stephane Coutelle, Francois Delebecque, Emmet Green, Samy Husson, David PD Hyde, Arnoldas Kubilius, Anna Lazareva, Joanne Leah, Maud Levavasseur, Lin Zhipeng, Julia Luzina, Mia Macfarlane & Julien Crouigneau, Gerhard Merzeder, Stefan Milev, Veronique Pecheux, Laurence Philomene, Christina Rollny, Maya Ruska, Ryuta Sakurai, Caroline Senecal, Joanna Szproch, Slava Thisset, Sean Patrick Watters, Leafy Yeh, Ziqian Liu

THE OPÉRA is inventing itself anew—at least to some extent. After eight successful editions with alternating art direction, the editor Matthias Straub has entrusted the design legend Mirko Borsche (ZEIT magazine, SZ magazine, and many more) with the creative relaunch of the ninth edition: a refreshing new approach to the pictures and typography will bring THE OPÉRA into its next decade. In Volume IX, the proven structure and the artistic gaze in the selection of photographers and pictures also play a central role: THE OPÉRA embodies contemporary nude photography and stands for an unconditional commitment to art and the body.

Collector’s Edition Jo Schwab: 5 800 (D) Bear Kirkpatrick: 5 1,500 (D)

THE OPÉRA I 978-3-86678-748-3 Out of stock

THE OPÉRA II 978-3-86678-860-2 Out of stock

THE OPÉRA III THE OPÉRA IV 978-3-86678-991-3 978-3-7356-0125-4 5 38 (D)  £ 36  $ 50 Out of stock

THE OPÉRA V THE OPÉRA VI THE OPÉRA VII THE OPÉRA VIII 978-3-7356-0243-5 978-3-7356-0396-8 978-3-7356-0463-7 978-3-7356-0629-7 5 38 (D)  £ 36  $ 50 5 38 (D)  £ 36  $ 50 5 40 (D)  £ 38  $ 50 5 45 (D)  £ 43  $ 60



The Surreal Beauty of the Post-Soviet World

Frank Herfort Russian Fairytales Editor: Frank Herfort Texts by: Frank Herfort, Gijs Kessler, Jürgen Rink Graphic design: Martin Sebald, Berlin 20 ∞ 26 cm, 160 pp., 88 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0686-0 German | English | French 5 38 (D)  £ 36  $ 50

The photographer Frank Herfort has spent over a decade in Russia, tracing the mystery and myth of the world’s largest country. Following his acclaimed Imperial Pomp: Post-Soviet High-Rise, his latest book alternates between poignant realism and absurd fancies. His photographs of the wondrously surreal post-Soviet world are mesmerizing, cool, and thought provoking, but most of all, they are strikingly human. In every image the people, everyday situations, architectures, and events tell their own individual stories. Yet seen together, they weave a fascinating fairy tale with a very contemporary twist.



Global Photography

Time Present Deutsche Bank Collection Editor: Deutsche Bank AG Texts by: David Campany, Eddy Frankel, Friedhelm Hütte, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, Michket Krifa, Mariko Takeuchi Graphic design: Serge Rompza, Lea Sievertsen, NODE, Berlin / Oslo 20 ∞ 27 cm, 212 pp., 52 b&w and 62 col. ills. Softcover with flaps isbn 978-3-7356-0684-6 German | English 5 40 (D)  £ 38  $ 50

Exhibition: Time Present: Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection, 21.3.2020–8.2.2021, PalaisPopulaire, Berlin

Artists: Shirin Aliabadi, Kader Attia, Yto Barrada, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Zohra Bensemra, Mohamed Camara, Cao Fei, Susan Derges, Samuel Fosso, Andrea Galvani, Gauri Gill & Rajesh Vangard, Andreas Gursky, Siobhán Hapaska, Mathilde ter Heijne, Candida Höfer, Ottmar Hörl, Axel Hütte, Zhu Jia, Idris Khan, Martin Liebscher, Julio Cesar Morales, Andreas Mühe, Roman Ondak, Adrian Paci, Sigmar Polke, Jo Ractliffe, Gerhard Richter, Anri Sala, Viviane Sassen, Gregor Schneider, Tokihiro Sato, Anett Stuth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Amalia Ulman, Wim Wenders, Miwa Yanagi

Time Present unfolds a vast panorama of contemporary photography. The exhibition at the PalaisPopulaire is an investigation into the artistic examinations of everyday events and the phenomenon of time itself. Time Present poses the question of whether what we perceive on a photograph has already past or if it is still present, if it is real or mere imagination. The extensive volume reveals the relations between photography, film, performance, and conceptual art and, at the same time, the conscious expansion of the Deutsche Bank Collection with a global focus on Great Britain, Italy, the US, Asia, and Africa.





Images as Possibilities

Katharina Hinsberg Sketches Withdrawn Texts by: Katharina Hinsberg, Mona Stocker Graphic design: Jennifer Eckert, Berlin 24 ∞ 34 cm, approx. 96 pp., numerous col. ills. Softcover To be published in July 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0702-7 German | English Approx. 5 30 (D)  £  28  $  40

The drawing-based artistic practice of Katharina Hinsberg (*1967) is one of today’s most innovative. Exploring the basic aspects of drawing, her works constitute mediatic border crossings. In elaborate processes of perforation, drawings on paper are transferred to the wall with a power drill. These wall drawings, as a series of drilled holes, differ from their templates to such an extent that the motifs reveal themselves as being both something made and something absent: images as possibilities and innuendos. Central to this book is the documentation of the complex creation of a space-filling drawing for the Saarlandmuseum.


The Exhibition as an Experiment

Valérie Favre Valery / Plattform 1 / Exil Editor: Annette Tietz, Galerie Pankow, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin Texts by: Valérie Favre, Angela Lammert, Annette Tietz Graphic design: Kraft plus Wiechmann 19.7 ∞ 21 cm, approx. 96 pp., approx. 70 col. ills. Softcover To be published in January 2021 isbn 978-3-7356-0711-9 German | English Approx. 5 30 (D)  £ 28  $ 40

Is there something like artistic exile? What share do planning and calculation, coincidence and impermanence have in the creation of artworks and exhibitions? Valérie Favre (*1959), an internationally renowned painter, dedicates herself to these questions with an unusual exhibition at Galerie Pankow in Berlin. It opens up a continuously developing conversation with her own works and with invited artists, poets, philosophers, and sociologists. In all of this, the mysterious figure “La Poulinière” plays an important role … The book continues with this ambitious experiment. Exhibition: Valérie Favre: Valery / Plattform 1 / Exil, 11.11.2020–20.1.2021, Galerie Pankow, Berlin


Under the pavement …

Martin Bruno Schmid Retour de Paris – Ein Werkvortrag Texts by: Martin Bruno Schmid Graphic design: Patrick Oltean, reitzen, Stuttgart 11 ∞ 17.5 cm, 240 pp., 19 b&w and 92 col. ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0696-9 German 5 20 (D)  £ 19  $ 25

In connection with his new book, Martin Bruno Schmid says succinctly: “Good evening, this Retour de Paris exhibition is not a classic solo exhibition; you do not see current works or works created during my residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Instead of an exhibition, what I therefore show you today is a selection of site-specific projects and project designs. The lecture is recorded, presented as a video projection throughout the duration of the exhibition, and published as a book at the end of the exhibition.” Thus, exhibition as Exhibition: Martin Bruno Schmid: Retour de Paris, 18.9.–18.10.2020, Stiftung Centre Culturel FrancoAllemand Karlsruhe


lecture, lecture as publication.

… (ever still) the beach.

Martin Bruno Schmid Under Construction Graphic design: Studio Martin Steiner 24 ∞ 30 cm, approx. 112 pp., approx. 45 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0697-6 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $  45

The art of Martin Bruno Schmid (*1970) is an art of poetics—even though it has been created in an anything but silent way since his studies with Joseph Kosuth. His material is architecture. He intervenes in spaces, floors, ceilings, and walls by means of drilling, rupturing, hammering, sanding, and cutting. He looks “behind things” and gives the manufactured world that surrounds us back its material reality. By scratching the flawless illusion of day-to-day life, Schmid visibly shakes the immutability of what exists and opens up new spaces for thought: “Under the pavement (ever still) the beach.”


The Gaudy Banality of the Everyday and the “Essence” of the Image

Anna Nero All Things Considered Editor: Galerie Schierke Seinecke, Frankfurt am Main Texts by: Mirna Funk, Laetitia Gorsy, Dmitrij Kapitelman 21 ∞ 27 cm, approx. 112 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in September 2020

Preliminary cover

isbn 978-3-7356-0717-1 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $ 45

When do painterly gestures become objects or spaces? When the colors and lines in a picture become the subject, do they then flirt with or repel one another? Fascinated by the gaudy banality of day-to-day life, Anna Nero (*1988) scratches on the surface of things with the help of quotes from advertising, fashion, and comics as well as samples of abstract and concrete painting. The question of the thingness of a picture as a painterly image or real ceramic object, of its material characteristics, its use, its “essence,” is central to her work and also the focus of her first monograph. Collector’s Edition (pp. 72–73) each 5 750 (D)


What Is an Image? What Is Reality?

Henning Strassburger Alphakevin Editor: Uwe Emig, Kunstverein Heppenheim Texts by: Kito Nedo Graphic design: Enver Hadzijaj 21.5 ∞ 28 cm, approx. 64 pp., approx. 40 col. ills. Softcover To be published in June 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0715-7 German | English 5 24 (D)  £ 23  $ 30

With and in “pictures,” Henning Strassburger (*1983) contemplates the abysmal possibilities of painting in a world in which the virtuality of social media seems “more real” than reality itself. Is the present thus merely an immaterial fiction? In the exhibition ALPHAKEVIN developed for the Kunstverein Heppenheim, Strassburger juxtaposes painterly gestures with oversized details of photographs. As an integral component, his new publication becomes a Collector’s Edition (pp. 76–77) each 5 900 (D)

presentation panel, and, like painting itself, a catalyst for all kinds of visual media.

Exhibition: Henning Strassburger: ALPHAKEVIN, 8.5.–7.6.2020, Kunstverein Heppenheim

Further available publication:

Henning Strassburger Bleaching is Teaching 978-3-7356-0287-9 5  40 (D)  £  38  $  50



Mehmet & Kazim Kissing Cousins Editor: Florian Matzner Texts by: Florian Matzner, Stephanie Weber Graphic design: Mehmet & Kazim Akal 24 ∞ 30 cm, 176 pp., 150 col. ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0691-4 German | English 5  35 (D)  £ 33  $  45

Seditiously garish paintings, watercolors, animated films, absurd journals, and extensive installations—all of these are only a small part of the practice of the young artist duo Mehmet & Kazim. Initially active in the graffiti and hip-hop scene, both of them studied with Markus Oehlen at the Academy in Munich. Kissing Cousins is both an elaborately designed artist book and a detailed monograph on their work at the same time. Supplemented by a conversation with Florian Matzner, their pictorial strategies are shown very directly—subtly oriented toward art history, which is then promptly thrown “out the window” again. Collector’s Edition (pp. 74–75) each 5 500 (D)


A Sculptural Life

Thomas Bang Apparatus for Unstable Conditions Texts by: Mikkel Bogh, Magnus Thorø Clausen, Anne Ring Petersen, Anders Troelsen Graphic design: Pernille Kleinert, Copenhagen 24.5 ∞ 30.5 cm, approx. 348 pp., approx. 18 b&w and 193 col. ills., hardcover To be published in September 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0719-5 English Approx. 5 65 (D)  £ 62  $  85

Throughout his career, the Danish artist Thomas Bang (*1938) has focused on various aspects of “fragility” and “vulnerability,” as both physical and psychological states. His new monograph is a survey of his sculptural practice, which he understands as an ongoing investigation into and a reflection on the ever-changing and provisional aspects of our human environment. Four multifaceted essays trace his formative years as a painter in the early 1960s, his subsequent development as a sculptor, his activities as part of the New York art scene since 1970, up to his most recent large-scale installations and wall-mounted works.


Art for All!

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Stuttgart 212 Künstler*innen 402 Arbeiten Editor: Marcel Mendler Texts by: Fabian Kassner, Sebastian Schneider, Winfried Stürzl, Andrea Welz, Georg Winter Graphic design: Matter Of, Stuttgart 15.5 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 416 pp., approx. 400 col. ills. Softcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0710-2 German Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $  45

Stuttgart has an extremely large number of artworks by regional, national, and international Artists: Hinrich and Inken Baller, Christian Enzmann and Bernd Ettel, John Hejduk with Moritz Müller, Josef Paul Kleihues, Michael Kny and Thomas Weber, Hans Kollhoff, Dorothea Krause, Rob Krier, Peter Meyer, Frei Otto with Hermann Kendel, Martin Küenzlen and Günther Ludewig, Manfred Prasser, Günter Stahn, Helmut Stingl, James Stirling and Michael Wilford, Peter Stürzebecher, Kjell Nylund and Christof Puttfarken, Oswald Mathias Ungers, Solweig Steller-Wendland et. al.


artists in public space. But they have not been made sufficiently accessible to the public. This publication changes that. As a catalogue of works that is as complete as possible, it documents all the art in public space in Stuttgart for the first time and presents these works in an accessible way in order to counteract their disappearance. More topical than ever, the contemporarily designed presentation encourages a new and intentional approach to these works of art and to the public cityscape.

Concrete Sensuality

Martin Voßwinkel Urbane Farbfelder Editor: Städtische Galerie, Bremen Texts by: Joachim Kreibohm Graphic design: Banane Design, Bremen 21 ∞ 26 cm, 96 pp., 94 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0707-2 German 5 35 (D)  £ 33  $ 45

The works of Martin Voßwinkel (*1963) stand out from the once programmatically defined canon of Concrete Art above all as a result of their sensuality. The have a distinctive dynamic between an abstract experience of color and a concrete experience of space. Martin Voßwinkel’s picture concepts open up a dialogue with urban space, and the real world thus once again becomes a starting point, reference framework, and integral component of Concrete Art. The publication provides extensive insights into Voßwinkel’s works in public space, his Exhibition: Konkret Bremen II, 26.2.–7.6.2020, Städtische Galerie, Bremen

installations, and his new series “screenshot for.”


Post-Human Artifacts

SCHAUM Self-Optimisation Editor: Artist Collective SCHAUM Texts by: Anke Hervol, Michael Schoenholtz, Jean-Pierre Wils Graphic design: SCHAUM, Tim Kellner – bureau für typografie & fotografie, Rostock 19 ∞ 25 cm, approx. 120 pp., approx. 60 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0718-8 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £ 33  $ 45

Since 2009, the artist collective SCHAUM has operated in lieu of the average person, upon which the experimental setups for the current processes of self-optimizing are imposed. In photographic series, sculptures, installations, and performances, the test subjects and simple found objects are alienated, conceptually “abused,” and fused with old-masterly allegories and Christian iconography. SCHAUM are “already on their way to a post-human variation” of the defective human being, from which eventually “an artificial creature, an artifact of itself” (Jean-Pierre Wils) shall arise.


Black Holes in the Swabian Alps

Jan Köchermann Frassek’s Space Collector Editor: Kunstverein Göppingen Texts by: Veronika Adam, Kai Bleifuß, Dagrun Hintze, Jan Köchermann, Christian Schwanenberger Graphic design: Johanna Neuburger, logografisch, Göppingen 21 ∞ 26 cm, approx. 240 pp., approx. 145 col. ills. Softcover To be published in August 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0721-8 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $  45

The now forgotten East German particle physicist Hubertus M. Frassek believed in the existence of incredibly small black holes. He dreamed of traveling through southern Germany in a mobile laboratory in order to prove his theories. Why southern Germany? No one knows anymore. Decades later, Jan Köchermann (*1967) brought this dream to life again. At the invitation of the Kunstverein Göppingen, he undertook the hitherto unfulfilled, odd expedition with Frassek’s Space Collector. The publication itself becomes become part of the “rolling dream along the frontiers of science” as documentation and artist’s book.

Exhibition: Jan Köchermann: Frasseks Raumsammler, 2020, Kunstverein Göppingen


Sites of Memory

Christine Gedeon Aleppo Deconstruction | Reconstruction Texts by: Christine Gedeon, Nasser Rabbat Graphic design: Christine Gedeon, Berlin 22.5 ∞ 22.5 cm, 96 pp., 51 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0690-7 English 5 28 (D)  £ 26  $  35

Christine Gedeon’s Aleppo: Deconstruction | Reconstruction is a series of fifteen works on paper, exploring places in pre-civil-war Syria, which belong to the artist’s personal history. Ranging from the quotidian to the tragic, it includes such sites as her grandfather’s office, located closely to the Citadel, as well as the famed Baron Hotel. Unaware of the present state of the city, Christine Gedeon recreated a version of Aleppo accessible only by memory. Her new book is moving evidence of art’s curative capabilities, supplemented by family photographs and an essay on Syria by Nasser Rabbat.


To the End of the Night

Jürgen Heinrich Notturno Texts by: Andreas Beaugrand, Marcus Beuter, Antje Doßmann, Claudia Melzer, Christoph Rust, Willem Schulz Graphic design: Roman Girsikorn, Bielefeld 20 ∞ 25 cm, approx. 120 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0713-3 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £ 33  $ 45

Without darkness, no light—without night, no day. In the past three years, Jürgen Heinrich has extensively occupied himself with the “night”: in art, literature, and music. He has personally circled around the phenomenon of the night in various phases of his work. In painting, drawing, and artist’s book, he has dedicated himself to all the facets of the night. For him, the night has become a metaphor of a pendulum swinging between the light and the dark, between melancholy and lightness. Literary texts and scholarly positions by various authors accompany Exhibition: Nachtbilder: Notturno, 2020, Alte Synagoge, Kunstverein Oerlinghausen

these extraordinary pictorial worlds.


Corporeal Kinship

Dana Meyer Skulpturen / Sculptures Editor: Jörk Rothamel, Galerie Rothamel Texts by: Dana Meyer, Martin Stather Graphic design: Sina Müller, Halle (Saale) 24 ∞ 30 cm, approx. 96 pp., approx. 90 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in August 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0708-9 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $  45

The sculptures of Dana Meyer (*1982) possess a timeless sovereignty. Her practice is sophisticated and bold, because without preparations or models she forges her sculptures freehandedly from steel. Her sculptural works are full of tension, powerful, and dynamic. Meyer exclusively depicts animals and humans, individually, in groups, sometimes fragmented, yet always strong in their statement, both realist and expressive. Between human and animal figures, Meyer recognizes a partly metaphorical, partly portrait-like “corporeal kinship” which is able to dissolve the clearly drawn boundaries between the two spheres.


Figurative, Contemporary, Inventive

Ellen Akimoto Creamy Feelings Curdle Editor: Galerie Rothamel, Frankfurt am Main Texts by: Wolfgang Ullrich Graphic design: Jan Motyka, Berlin 21 ∞ 27 cm, approx. 64 pp., approx. 34 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in June 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0714-0 German | English Approx. 5 30 (D)  £ 28  $ 40

The painting of Ellen Akimoto (*1988) is figurative, contemporary, and captivating in its inventiveness. As Wolfgang Ullrich notes, she does not simply cite “stylistic means from the repertoire of the more recent history of painting,” but instead combines them “in surprising, humorous relations to one another and, in combination, transforms them into something new.” Thus, the “monochrome surfaces of Suprematism” alternate with a meticulously detailed realism originating from Neue Sachlichkeit, or a “painted landscape painting is Exhibition: Ellen Akimoto: Creamy Feelings Curdle, 8.5.–20.6.2020, Galerie Rothamel, Frankfurt am Main

suddenly transformed into an abstract painting” and “merges with the face of a woman.”


New Avenues of Aesthetic Experience

Bogdan Rața Recent Works Editor: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest Texts by: Calin Dan, Beral Madra, Alina Cristescu, Bogdan Rața Graphic design: Bogdan Rața, Ugron Lajos / Fundația Calina, Timișoara 16 ∞ 23 cm, approx. 120 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0646-4 English | Romanian Approx. 5 30 (D)  £  28  $  40

Bogdan Rața is a sculptor. His sculptures are simple, handmade, and most of all they are flat. A fact that not only defies the traditional perception of sculpture as something threedimensional, voluminous, and figurative, but that also leads to radically new avenues of aesthetic experience. Rața’s forms are abstract and evanescent. They articulate a departure from the kind of sculpture one used to be familiar with. Rața urges us to reconsider today’s need for independent and critical thinking. The book accompanies his solo exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest.

Exhibition: Bogdan Rața: Recent Works, Fall 2020, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest


Orchestrated Light

Franz Radziwill Lichtspiele Editors: Birgit Denizel and Konstanze Radziwill, Franz Radziwill Gesellschaft e. V. Texts by: Birgit Denizel, Roland März, Rainer Stamm Graphic design: Gerlinde Domininghaus, Formsache, Oldenburg 24 ∞ 21 cm, 96 pp., 52 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0692-1 German 5 26.80 (D)  £ 25  $  35

With his visionary pictures of the end of the world, Franz Radziwill (1895–1983) became a co-founder of magical realism. On the occasion of his 125th birthday, Lichtspiele is the highpoint of a five-volume anniversary series, which is dedicated for the first time to his pictorial strategies. Besides baroque fantasy and the precision of Neue Sachlichkeit, what makes him unmistakable is above all how he stages light. Essays by Birgit Denizel, Roland März, and Rainer Stamm shed light on Radziwill’s engagement with the cinema of the Exhibition: Franz Radziwill: Lichtspiele, 22.3.2020–10.1.2021, Franz Radziwill Haus, Dangast

1920s, the civilization-critical potential of his painting, and his varied reception since 1925.


A Mental Survival Box

Dieter Huber Spirit: Survival Box Texts by: Dieter Huber, Kurt Hübner, Burkhardt Kiegeland, Otto Neumaier, Gela Weigelt Graphic design: Dieter Huber 23 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 144 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in June 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0701-0 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $  45

“People are seekers. The ‘path to giving meaning’ is relevant in order to put aside boundaries and fears, the proven and the worthwhile, and to take a new, personal, and thus true path,” as Dieter Huber says about his new book, Spirit. It is a “mental survival box”: found in it are twenty-four text-picture elements, from which a contemplative mobile can be created, and, in addition, amusing essays and insightful examples of the great stories of humankind of the past 3,000 years. Spirit is an extensive compendium on spirituality, art and intellect, myth, creation, and meditation. Collector’s Edition is in the making SPIRIT_SurvivalBox_KERN.qxp_Layout 1 28.04.20 08:11 Seite 108

SPIRIT_SurvivalBox_KERN.qxp_Layout 1 28.04.20 08:11 Seite 109





Nature, Technology, and Art

Peter Tuma Am Wege / En Route Editor: Michael Schwarz Texts by: Ulrich Krempel, Henrike Junge-Gent, Michael Schwarz, Giso Westing Graphic design: Olav Raschke, Neumade DfA, Hannover 23.9 ∞ 33.1 cm, 144 pp., 2 b&w and 103 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0689-1 German | English 5 36 (D)  £ 34  $ 45

A very topical rediscovery: Peter Tuma (*1938) is a painter, draftsman, and graphic artist. In his early work, he already shows the imbalanced relationship of nature and technology. Between abstraction and figuration, the constructive interferes with the organic, the vegetal overgrows the architectonic. Several stays in Japan expanded Tuma’s painting to include symbols of popular culture and gave him a new conceptual horizon. His paintings and works on paper are often, as Ulrich Krempel writes, “confusing or melancholic,” but always powerful, inventive, and human. Exhibition: Peter Tuma: Am Wege / En Route, 2020, Städtische Galerie Braunschweig


How to live together?

Jean-Marie Gleize Holger Schnapp Schattenzonen Zones d’Ombre Editor: Lichthof Lotharstraße, Cologne Texts by: Jean-Marie Gleize, Holger Schnapp Graphic design: Frank Georgy, Kopfsprung, Cologne 14.8 ∞ 21 cm, 136 pp., 43 col. ills. Softcover with flaps isbn 978-3-7356-0688-4 German | French 5 28 (D)  £  26  $ 35

“Shadow zones” are areas that the gaze only reaches with difficulty, areas that are largely impossible to observe or appraise. In their new book, the artist Holger Schnapp and the author Jean-Marie Gleize thus focus on zones of violence, destruction, and displacement. Acts of inhumanity take place in the name of religions and ideologies, and the arduously achieved values of civilization are annulled. Texts and pictures created in Belgium, Germany, France, and Northern Africa raise the question of how we want to coexist. For the time being, the answer remains open.


Illusion and Disenchantment

Frank Hoffmann Romantische Ironie Texts by: Ulrich Hübner, Mathias Wagner Graphic design: Kathrin Eichler, Dresden 21.5 ∞ 27 cm, approx. 96 pp., approx. 105 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0712-6 German | English Approx. 5 35 (D)  £  33  $ 45

The work of the Dresden-based painter Frank Hoffmann (*1972) is underpinned by the tension between authentic perception and clichéd notions of voices. Starting from the early Romantic concept of “romantic irony,” he is fascinated by the floating dialectic between illusion and demystification, self-reflection and consternation. He makes his way through the rushing history of art and ideas, and opens up spaces of meaning through formal and content-related allusions to idealistic, Romantic pathos and beauty. His new book provides an overview of his work of the past eight years. Exhibition: Frank Hoffmann: Romantische Ironie, 3.9.–16.10.2020, Galerie Kunstgehæuse, Dresden





A Moving Study of Contemporary Life

Jana Sophia Nolle Living Room: San Francisco 2017–2018 Texts by: Jana Sophia Nolle, Aaron Schuman Graphic design: Sven Lindhorst-Emme 30 ∞ 28 cm, approx. 64 pp., approx. 40 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in July 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0705-8 English 5 48 (D)  £ 45  $ 60

Living Room by Jana Sophia Nolle (*1986) is a conceptual photographic study documenting temporary homeless shelters recreated in various San Francisco living rooms. The artist worked closely with unhoused persons to understand their improvised dwellings and subsequently approached wealthy people to reconstruct and photograph these shelters in their homes. While Nolle forms an aesthetically striking photographic “inventory, a typology of improvised dwellings, cataloging their various attributes,” her photographs confront the urging sociopolitical dichotomy of lives most precious and lives most precarious.


The Beauty of Memory

Bjørnar Øvrebø Alna Editor: Damian Heinisch Texts by: Damian Heinisch, Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen Graphic design: Gaute Tenold Aase & Henrik Haugan, Snøhetta, Oslo 24 ∞ 30 cm, approx. 104 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in October 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0716-4 English | Norwegian Approx. 5 35 (D)  £ 33  $ 45

As a young boy, the renowned Norwegian photographer Bjørnar Øvrebø often played along the inaccessible and unknown banks of Oslo’s longest river, the Alna. Memories of this time inspired his latest book. For four years he photographed the hidden aspects of the enchanted forestal landscape, which is often overlooked by most. His large-format photographs convey the unique beauty found in these mystic water meadows. The accompanying text by Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, one of Norway’s foremost poets, further enhances the fascinating and wondrous river Alna—even for those who have yet to see it for themselves.


An Absurd Artist’s Book

Luca Ellena Einkaufswagen Texts by: Jonathan Progin Graphic design: Georg Jaenisch, Causative, Berlin 17 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 96 pp., approx. 50 col. ills. Hardcover To be published in August 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0724-9 German | English Approx. 5 30 (D)  £ 28  $  40

Shopping carts: they stand in front of supermarkets day in and day out without attracting any attention. But when they are removed from their usual surroundings, they develop a strange power of attraction. In Berlin, shopping carts are frequently, quite often in nocturnal “actions,” repositioned, knocked over, hung up, or loaded with curious things. Over two Exhibitions: 15.–20.9.2020, photo basel 2020, Galerie Monika Wertheimer September 2020, Book Launch, Sensler Museum, Tafers August–September 2021, Galerie Monika Wertheimer, Oberwil


years, the photographer Luca Ellena (*1997) “portrayed” numerous shopping carts in such unusual surroundings. This has resulted in an absurd artist’s book filled with unexpected stories that we can only imagine.

The Definite Survey

Lena Mattsson The Window Opens to the World Texts by: Lars Gustaf Andersson, Maria Hellström Reimer, John Peter Nilsson, Charlotte Wiberg Graphic design: Andreas Nordström 24 ∞ 16.8 cm, approx. 192 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in August 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0722-5 English Approx. 5 40 (D)  £ 38  $ 50

Lena Mattsson (*1966) is a distinguished Swedish artist. Her practice includes photography, performance, and social critique, as well as film and video art. Her new book encompasses her whole career, yet at the same time, it highlights her most recent works and future perspectives: especially Mattsson’s works on the legendary Swedish publisher Bo Cavefors or her latest experiments with light and projections. The selection of photographs, film stills, and documentary material forms the basis for the profound discussion of her work by Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Peter Nilsson, and Charlotte Wiberg.


12 Hours of Fragility

Jonas Dahlström 07:27:47 Texts by: Jonas Dahlström, Petra Gipp Graphic design: Rikard Österlund 24 ∞ 24 cm, 160 pp., 75 duotone images Hardcover To be published in September 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0687-7 English | Swedish Approx. 5 35 (D)  £ 33  $ 45

For his new book 07:27:47, the photographer Jonas Dahlström studied urban environments in Sweden. With the immediacy of street photography, he captured their beauty in a continuous sequence of images taking place over exactly 12 hours. Focusing on the interaction of light, shadows, and architecture, the aesthetics of his stunning photographs are strict, clear, and minimalist. Regardless, these external landscapes can be read as “internal landscapes” projected outward. They tell a tale of fragility, loneliness, and isolation, of human existence holding out against such anonymous, concrete habitats.


From the Closeness of the Moment

Frank Gaudlitz OST. SÜD. Fotografien 1986–2020 Editor: Jutta Götzmann, Potsdam Museum – Forum für Kunst und Geschichte, Potsdam Texts by: Matthias Flügge, Frank Gaudlitz, Jutta Götzmann, Claudia Schubert Graphic design: Sarah Thußbas, Berlin 24 ∞ 28 cm, 184 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0698-3 German 5 45 (D)  £  43  $ 60

For more than thirty years, the photographer Frank Gaudlitz (*1958) has dedicated himself to the grand, epochal history of the world and to small, insignificant individual destinies. His look at the spectacle of the world is unerring, moving, and refreshing. With a tremendous sense for the human, his photos are always more than simply detached images. From the closeness of the moment, they develop stories of individual lives, seriousness, and hope. The Potsdam Museum is recognizing his photographic work with the retrospective exhibition OST. SÜD. Fotografien 1986–2020 and this extensive catalogue. Exhibition: Frank Gaudlitz: Ost. Süd. Fotografien 1986–2019, 5.9.2020–31.1.2021, Potsdam Museum – Forum für Kunst und Geschichte, Potsdam



Jörg Colberg Vaterland Graphic design: Karen Tozzi 16.5 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 96 pp., approx. 40 col. ills. Softcover with flaps To be published in August 2020 isbn 978-3-7356-0709-6 German | English | Polish Approx. 5 30 (D)  £  28  $  40

Seventy-five years after the end of World War II, members of an extremist nationalist party have been elected into German parliaments once more. How was this possible? And what does this tell about a country which still today has not adequately dealt with parts of its own past, particularly with the atrocities committed in the neighboring Poland? Having lived in the US for almost two decades, with Vaterland the professor of photography Jörg Colberg (*1968) attempts to understand what is going on in his native country and, given his own biography, to what extent he still is part of the whole complex.


Biographical Research

Johann Karl The Forbidden City Texts by: Johann Karl, Karoline Karl Graphic design: Carsten Eisfeld, Eberle & Eisfeld, Berlin 24.5 ∞ 32.5 cm, 192 pp., 112 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0685-3 German | English 5 40 (D)  £ 38  $ 50

The municipalities of Wünsdorf Waldstadt, Kummersdorf-Gut, and Sperenberg are located to the south of Berlin. Though most people are not familiar with them, they played a profound role throughout the history of the twentieth century, such as the Kummersdorf army testing station. The photographer Johann Karl (*1992) has gone on a biographical search for traces in the places of his childhood and numerous archives. In his visual research, he takes a factual and differentiated approach to showing constancy and change in this region from the Wilhelmine Era to National Socialism and from the Soviet occupation up to the present. Exhibition: Atopie, 25.4.–14.6.2020, Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin






Visionary Architectures

Anything goes? Berlin Architectures of the 1980s Editor: Ursula Müller, Berlinische Galerie – Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin 23 ∞ 27 cm, approx. 224 pp., numerous col. ills. Hardcover To be published in August 2020 in two language editions isbn 978-3-7356-0695-2 German isbn 978-3-7356-0700-3 English Approx. 5 50 (D)  £ 47  $ 65


In 1987, Berlin as a whole became a laboratory for architecture. A wide range of notable buildings with a unique density was created in the East and the West in connection with the


city’s 750th anniversary. While the buildings were vilified at the time, they now appear as important witnesses to a “postmodern” era of building, which called the traditional architecture of the modern living environment into question. Today, the buildings have disappeared, been modified, or are threatened with demolition. For the first time, an exhibition and publication examine the significance of the architectural visions developed in East and West

Architects: Hinrich and Inken Baller, Christian Enzmann and Bernd Ettel, John Hejduk with Moritz Müller, Josef Paul Kleihues, Michael Kny and Thomas Weber, Hans Kollhoff, Dorothea Krause, Rob Krier, Peter Meyer, Frei Otto with Hermann Kendel, Martin Küenzlin and Günther Ludewig, Manfred Prasser, Günter Stahn, Helmut Stingl, James Stirling and Michael Wilford, Peter Stürzebecher, Kjell Nylund and Christof Puttfarken, Oswald Mathias Ungers, Solweig Steller-Wendland et. al.

Exhibition: Anything goes? Berliner Architekturen der 1980er-Jahre, 30.10.2020–22.3.2021, Berlinische Galerie – Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin


Berlin in the final decade before the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Sites of History

Katharina Bosse Thingstätten The Relevance of the Past for the Present Editor: Katharina Bosse Texts by: Katharina Bosse, Bernhard Gelderblom, Gerwin Strobl, Beata Wielgosik, Stefan Wunsch Graphic design: Nathow & Geppert, Bielefeld 24 ∞ 30 cm, 256 pp., 342 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0693-8 German isbn 978-3-7356-0699-0 English 5 45 (D)  £ 43  $ 60


Between 1933 and 1936, so-called “Thingstätte” were erected as propagandistic open-air theaters and meeting places for National Socialism. Four hundred were planned, and


around sixty constructed. Many of these sites, largely forgotten today, can still be found in Germany, Poland, and Russia. In the form of an interdisciplinary research project, art and documentation, texts and images by twenty-three international artists and scholars facilitate a pluralistic examination of the unusual history of the “Thingstätte” and the relevance of the past for the present.

Artists: Katharina Bosse, Rebecca Budde de Cancino, Doug Fitch, Jan Merlin Friedrich, Jakob Ganslmeier, Andrea Grützner, Rebecca Hackemann, Konstantin Karchevskiy, Hendrik Lüders, Daniel Mirer, Felix Nürmberger, Ralph Pache, Abhijit Pal, Philipp Robien, Jewgeni Roppel, Simon Schubert, Kuno Seltmann, Erica Shires, Thomas Wrede

Exhibition: Thingstätten, 25.4.–24.6.2020, Elsa Kunst&/Raum, Bielefeld







Poetry, Myths, and the Oil Industry

Monira Al Qadiri Empire Dye Editor: Tomke Braun, Kunstverein Göttingen Texts by: Tomke Braun, Amal Khalaf, Murtaza Vali Graphic design: Marius Land, Max Winter, Berlin 17 ∞ 24 cm, 96 pp., 5 b&w and 58 col. ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0678-5 English 5 20 (D)  £  19  $ 25

The young Kuwaiti artist Monira Al Qadiri (*1983) is one of the most important artistic voices of the Gulf region. She poetically combines the social upheaval of the past thirty years, as well as the acute effects of the oil industry and belief systems, with traditional elements from myth and history. By showing the ruptures between past and present symbolically—for instance, glass as a ghostly trace of the drilling machines in the desert—she essentially speculates on a possible future. The book provides moving insights into Monira Exhibition: Monira Al Qadiri: Empire Dye, 2019, Kunstverein Göttingen / Monira Al Qadiri: Holy Quarter (Kapsel 12), 2020, Haus der Kunst, Munich


Al Qadiri’s work of recent years.

What Is Friendship?

Tobias Kruse Jörg Brüggemann Freundschaft / Friendship Editor: Vignes Balasignam, OBSCURA Festival of Photography, Penang / Malaysia Texts by: Dirk Gieselmann Graphic design: Till Wiedeck, HelloMe Studio, Berlin 13.5 ∞ 20.3 cm, 144 pp., 15 b&w and 84 col. ills. Softcover with flaps isbn 978-3-7356-0640-2 German | English 5 20 (D)  £ 19  $  25

When asked, “What is East German now,” the answer given by Sebastian Jung (*1987) is far from being one-dimensional or monocausal. On the contrary, his astute observations of all the unrealized promises of salvation are equally empathetic and witty. Revealingly, he intensifies and delegates the grotesque tension between oppressive solitude, consumption, and amusement to the beholders, whose laughter gets stuck in their throats. Despite its formal humor and wit, the works in Jung’s new book demand a distinguished discussion on violence, hatred, and solitude in East Germany.


Fascination and Taboo: The Great British Pop Artist

Allen Jones Prints – Volume II Editor: Thomas Levy Graphic design: Claas Möller,, Hamburg 23 ∞ 28 cm, 128 pp., 100 col. ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0624-2 English 5  40 (D)  £ 38  $ 50

Allen Jones is one of the most important protagonists of British Pop Art internationally. Upon the field of stage and dance, sport and advertisement, he plays out his provocative examination of the mediatic image of the woman and traditional gender roles in a variety of media, in full suspense between figuration and gestural abstraction. The catalogue raisonné of the Graphic Works: Part II is comprised of works between 1995 and 2018, highlighting the prominent rank of his graphics upon which he developed his complete artistic oeuvre, both technically and compositionally. Collector’s Edition is in the making


Giving Painting New Life

Grace Weaver Editors: Amely Deiss, Malte Lin-Kröger, Kunstpalais Erlangen Texts by: Melissa Canbaz, Amely Deiss, Malte Lin-Kröger, Mitch Speed, Gertrude Wagenfeld-Pleister Graphic design: Florian Frohnholzer, Sofarobotnik, Munich 24 ∞ 30 cm, 160 pp., 47 b&w and 54 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0653-2 German | English 5 44 (D)  £ 42  $ 55

In the twenty-first century, Grace Weaver (*1989) has been breathing new life into figurative painting. Her works are abuzz with the present and are graceful, sexy, contemplative, and witty. Her paintings are of subtle gestures, poses, and gazes. Situational observations of daily life conjoin with sensitive self-reflections; bold drafts merge with a reveling chromaExhibitions: Grace Weaver: O.K., 2019–2020, Kunstpalais Erlangen Grace Weaver: Little Sister, 2019–2020, Oldenburger Kunstverein

ticity. Weaver’s young protagonists, in groups, as couples, or fully absorbed with their own “care of the self,” seem to be wondering who they actually are or want to be. For the first time, this monograph gives a survey of Weaver’s stunning oeuvre.

Collector’s Edition (p.  82) each 5 750 (D)


Uncanny Resemblance

Julia Steinigeweg I Think I Saw Her Blink Texts by: Jan Decker, Julia von Lucadou, Julia Steinigeweg Graphic design: Johann Zambryski, Jüchen-Kelzenberg 24 ∞ 26.8 cm, 68 pp., 21 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0659-4 German | English 5 24 (D)  £ 23  $ 30

Julia Steinigeweg (*1987) deals with the future inability to distinguish between reality and simulation. Her photographs are dystopian stagings of futuristic-seeming scenes and moments in Singapore. They first reveal their fictitiousness upon closer examination: a hammer made of wood, a firmament consisting of LEDs, or the robot-lookalike of its creator Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann—all of them masterpieces of deception. Supplemented with excerpts from conversations with an app that imitates the linguistic behavior of the person opposite, Steinigeweg makes the clear boundaries between levels of reality blur.


Puzzling Hybrid Images of the Present

Markus Oehlen 2009–2019 Editors: Bärbel Grässlin, Christof Kerber, Christian Malycha Texts by: Matthew Bowman, Elisabeth Bushart, Erich Gantzert-Castrillo, Bärbel Grässlin, Gregor Jansen, Christof Kerber, Christian Malycha, Markus Oehlen, Niels Olsen Graphic design: Monika Plass, Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld 24 ∞ 30 cm, 176 pp., 90 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0667-9 German isbn 978-3-7356-0668-6 English 5 40 (D)  £ 38  $  50


Markus Oehlen (*1956) is one of Germany’s most unmistakable painters. As an anarchic pictorial inventor, since the 1980s he has revolted against any visual convention and


aesthetic convenience. Due to his integration of digital techniques and the contemporary reservoir of images, he creates stunningly hybrid paintings. Collage-like fragments of art history and popular culture interfere with each other. Abstraction and figuration flashingly

Collector’s Edition is in the making

blend into one another. With the utmost freedom, Oehlen expands the possibilities of today’s painting in his both daring and calculated pictorial experiments.

Exhibition: Markus Oehlen, 2020, Galerie Bärbel Grässlin, Frankfurt am Main


25 Years after the Wrapped Reichstag

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Projects 1963–2020: Ingrid & Thomas Jochheim Collection Editor: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main Texts by: Friedhelm Hütte, Ingrid and Thomas Jochheim, Matthias Koddenberg Graphic design: faible, Frankfurt am Main 19.5 ∞ 23.5 cm, 176 pp., 62 col. ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0649-5 German | English 5 29.95 (D)  £ 28  $  40

Christo and Jeanne-Claude rank among the most popular artist couples of our time. They were unrivaled in breaking the art world’s tight boundaries and arousing the enthusiasm of a broad public, across all social strata, for their spectacular shroudings of buildings and landscapes. PalaisPopulaire presents the Jochheim Collection and traces the history of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s breathtaking large-scale projects, complemented by their rarely shown early works. Of course, the wrapping of the Reichstag takes center stage: an Exhibition: Christo & Jeanne-Claude Projects 1963–2020: Ingrid & Thomas Jochheim Collection, 21.3–17.8.2020, PalaisPopulaire, Berlin


achievement that enabled all of Berlin to shine in a most unique way twenty-five years ago.

Fridays for Future!

Andrea Baumgartl Wir sind hier, wir sind laut Fridays for Future Texts by: Greta Thunberg, Julia Axthelm, Enno Kaufhold, Scientists for Future Graphic design: Anja Matzker, Berlin 17 ∞ 24 cm, 336 pp., 182 col. ills. Softcover with flaps isbn 978-3-7356-0663-1 German | English 5 25 (D)  £ 24  $  30

Young people around the world have been following the example of Greta Thunberg and demonstrating for climate protection as part of “Fridays for Future.” Week after week since 2018, they have called emphatically for political ramifications in order to finally stop the dangerous effects of global climate change. The photographer Andrea Baumgartl (*1965) has accompanied these demonstrations from the very beginning. At close proximity and with great empathy, she shows the determination with which young people are fighting self-confidently for their future. Her new book is a highly topical, moving, and rousing contemporary document.


Hölderlin 2020

Barbara Klemm Hölderlins Orte: Fotografien Editors: Sandra Potsch, Wiebke Ratzeburg Texts by: Friedrich Hölderlin Graphic design: Monika Plass, Kerber Verlag 19 ∞ 25 cm, 128 pp., 43 duotone images Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0658-7 German 5 24 (D)  £ 23  $ 30

Few poets have shaped present-day language, thought, and sensibility as did Friedrich Hölderlin (1770–1843). To mark the 250th anniversary of his birth, the renowned photographer Barbara Klemm (*1939) visited the places in his life which had an impact on his poetry. Camera in hand, she traced the perspectives evoked in his verses: from the Neckar valley to Greece, from Tübingen to Bordeaux, always into the open sought by Hölderlin. In this very personal book, Klemm’s sensitive photographs encounter Hölderlin’s words and their mutual views unfold a captivating dialogue, in which images and poems gently merge.


A Breathtaking Storyteller between the Times

Jonas Burgert Sinn frisst Editor: Jutta Mattern, Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck Texts by: Oliver Kornhoff, Jutta Mattern Graphic design: Claas Möller, claasbooks, Hamburg 29 ∞ 34 cm, 240 pp., 15 b&w and 124 col. ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0660-0 German | English 5 78 (D)  £ 74  $ 100

Jonas Burgert (*1969) is one of today’s most distinguished figurative painters and a breathtaking storyteller between the times. The pictorial spaces of his panoramatic and masterly executed paintings are as vivid as imagination itself and an eternally enigmatic mirror of human life. One is thrown into the visual turmoil of their multifocal narrational layers, Exhibition: Jonas Burgert: Sinn frisst, 16.2.–16.8.2020, Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Remagen

tossed about amidst mysterious happenings, strange figures and creatures. This book, accompanying Burgert’s comprehensive solo exhibition at the Arp Museum, unfolds his fascinating artistic universe, not least due to seven new monumental paintings.

Collector’s Edition (pp. 78–79) 5 1,800 (D)







Anna Nero Jetlag (mit Happy End), 2020 Elvis, 2020 Facsimile print on Colorplan 270 g, each 40 ∞ 30 cm Edition: each 1/20–20/20 + 3 ap. p. + 2 p. p., numbered, signed, and dated each   5 500 (D)  £  480  $ 650

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Mehmet & Kazim Meanwhile @ the beach 1–4, 2020 Facsimile print on Colorplan 270 g, each 50 ∞ 70 cm Edition: each 1/20–20/20 + 3 ap. p. + 2 p. p., numbered, signed, and dated each   5 500 (D)  £ 480  $ 650


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Henning Strassburger Splash, 2020 Watercolor and facsimile print on Colorplan 270 g, each 70 ∞ 50 cm Preliminary figures Hand-colored unique edition: each 1/20–20/20 + 3 ap. p. + 2 p. p., numbered, signed, and dated each   5 900 (D)  £  864  $  1,170


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Jonas Burgert Stauber, 2020 Leibe, 2020 Facsimile print on Fuego 320 g, each 85 ∞ 70 cm Edition: each 1/20–20/20 + 3 ap. p. + 2 p. p., numbered, signed, and dated each   5 1,800 (D)  £ 1,728  $  2,340


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Anna Leonhardt Building I–II, 2019 Facsimile print on Fuego Matt 200 g, each 40 ∞ 30 cm Edition: I/V – V/V, numbered, signed, and dated each   5 200 (D)  £  192  $  260



Sylvie Ringer Minks Council, 2019 Facsimile print on Munken Lynx 200 g, 50 ∞ 40 cm Edition: I/X–X/X + 3 a. p. + 2 p. p., numbered, signed, and dated 5 250 (D)  £  240  $ 325

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Grace Weaver Untitled #1–3, 2019 Facsimile print on Colorplan 270 g, each 70 ∞ 50 cm Edition: each I/X–X/X + 3 a. p. + 2 p. p., numbered, signed, and dated each   5 750 (D)  £ 720  $ 975 #1–3   5  1,950 (D)  £ 1,872  $  2,535



André Butzer Ohne Titel #1, #2, 2019 Offset lithograph on Hahnemühle Bütten 300 g, each 100 ∞ 71 cm Edition: each 1/25–25/25, numbered, signed, and dated each   5 1,800 (D)  £ 1,728  $  2,340 #1+2   5 3,300 (D)  £ 3,168  $  4,290


New Publications Spring 2020

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Jonas Burgert

Barbara Klemm


Projects 1963–2020 Ingrid & Thomas Jochheim Collection

Sinn frisst

Hölderlins Orte: Fotografien Ed. Sandra Potsch, Wiebke Ratzeburg

Ed. Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main

Ed. Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck and Atelier Jonas Burgert

Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography Volume VIII

19.5 ∞ 23.5 cm, 176 pp., 62 ills. Softcover

29 ∞ 34 cm, 240 pp., 139 ills. Hardcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0649-5 German | English

isbn 978-3-7356-0660-0 German | English

1  29.95 (D)  £  29  $  39

1  78 (D)  £  74  $  100

Markus Oehlen

Grace Weaver

19 ∞ 25 cm, 128 pp., 43 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0658-7 German

1  24 (D)  £  23  $  30

Ed. Matthias Straub 24 ∞ 31 cm, 220 pp., 194 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0629-7 English

1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60

Dries Verhoeven

Rebecca Horn

In Doubt

Glowing Core Ed. Tobias Przytarski, Peter Raue, Georg Maria Roers SJ

Ed. Bärbel Grässlin, Christof Kerber, Christian Malycha

Ed. Amely Deiss, Malte Lin-Kröger, Kunstpalais Erlangen

Ed. Studio Dries Verhoeven

24 ∞ 30 cm, 176 pp., 90 ills. Hardcover

24 ∞ 30 cm, 160 pp., 101 ills. Hardcover

24 ∞ 30 cm, 160 pp., 105 ills. Hardcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0667-9 German

isbn 978-3-7356-0653-2 German | English

isbn 978-3-7356-0646-4 English | Dutch

isbn 978-3-7356-0668-6 English

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50



18.5 ∞ 28 cm, 136 pp., 39 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0628-0 German | English

1  35 (D)  £  33  $  45

new publications spring 2020

Vianca Reinig Philipp Schmidt

Jan-Ole Schiemann

Lewis and Harris

Ed. Nino Mier, Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles

18.9 ∞ 25.2 cm, 120 pp., 104 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0643-3 English

1  32 (D)  £  30  $  40

The Assembled Human

Caline Aoun Seeing Is Believing

24 ∞ 30 cm, 112 pp., 40 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0669-3 English

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

Ed. Museum Folkwang, Essen 21 ∞ 27.5 cm, 384 pp., 334 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0637-2 German | English Out of stock

1  65 (D)  £  62  $  85

Ed. Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main 23.8 ∞ 28.5 cm, 140 pp., 50 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0642-6 German | English

1  32 (D)  £  30  $  40

Jonathan Monk

Sibylle Jazra

Liz Bachhuber

Monira Al Qadiri

Exhibit Model Four – plus invited guests

Schickeria / Glitterati

School’s Out!

Empire Dye

Ed. Sibylle Jazra

Ed. ACC Galerie Weimar

23 ∞ 29.7 cm, 104 pp., 65 ills. Hardcover

21.6 ∞ 27.9 cm, 128 pp., 149 ills. Hardcover

Ed. Tomke Braun / Kunstverein Göttingen

isbn 978-3-7356-0679-2 German | English

isbn 978-3-7356-0662-4 German | English

1  35 (D)  £  33  $  45

1  35 (D)  £  33  $  45

Ed. Andreas Fiedler / KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst 27 ∞ 18 cm, 92 pp., 49 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0650-1 German | English

17 ∞ 24 cm, 96 pp., 63 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0678-5 English

1  20 (D)  £  19  $  25

1  28 (D)  £  26  $  35


new publications spring 2020

Claudia Zweifel

Mit geliehenen Augen (D)

With Borrowed Eyes (E)

Wolfram Ullrich

Ed. Claudia Zweifel

Landschaft | Landscape | Shanshui Collection Wemhöner

Landschaft | Landscape | Shanshui Collection Wemhöner

Ed. Theres Rohde, Simone Schimpf

Ed. Philipp Bollmann, Sammlung Wemhöner

Ed. Philipp Bollmann, Sammlung Wemhöner

30 ∞ 26.5 cm, 192 pp., 150 ills. Hardcover

30 ∞ 26.5 cm, 192 pp., 150 ills. Hardcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0670-9 German

isbn 978-3-7356-0671-6 English

1  58 (D)  £  56  $  75

1  58 (D)  £  56  $  75

Der Funke Gottes!

Zeitströme und Näherungen

Nguyen Xuan Huy

Schatz + Wunderkammern im Bamberger Diözesanmuseum

Aktuelle Malerei und Skulptur aus China

Waiting until Heaven Is Done

Die Künstlerfreundschaft zwischen Carlfriedrich Claus und Ilse und Pierre Garnier

Ed. Galerie Rothamel

Briefwechsel 1963–1998

Ed. Holger Kempkens, Alexander Ochs

Ed. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing

22 ∞ 30 cm, 112 pp., 68 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0680-8 German | English

1  30 (D)  £  28  $  40

23.5 ∞ 30 cm, 120 pp., 70 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0631-0 German

1  38 (D)  £  36  $  50

24 ∞ 30 cm, 192 pp., 127 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0660-0 German | Chinese

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

24 ∞ 30 cm, 80 pp., 57 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0634-1 German | English

1  36 (D)  £  34  $  45

23 ∞ 29.7 cm, 232 pp., 386 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0636-5 German | English

1  55 (D)  £  53  $  70

Ed. Frédéric Bußmann and Brigitta Milde, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz 24 ∞ 31 cm, 240 pp., 136 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0573-3 German | French

1  48 (D)  £  45  $  60


new publications spring 2020

Catrin Huber

Josef Rainer

Robert Rotar

Sebastian Jung

Expanded Interiors at Herculaneum and Pompeii


Zeigen. Verhüllen. Verschweigen. Die Transformation von Vergänglichkeit und Tod im künstlerischen Werk

Ost Deutsch Now

21.6 ∞ 26.7 cm, 136 pp., 46 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0641-9 German | English | Italian

16.5 ∞ 24 cm, 96 pp., 77 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0661-7 German | English | Italian

1  24 (D)  £  23  $  30

1  36 (D)  £  34  $  45

Ed. Ingrid Skiebe 21 ∞ 28 cm, 160 pp., 51 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0630-3 German

Ed. Ella Falldorf 15 ∞ 21 cm, 144 pp., 99 ills. Softcover isbn 978-7356-0647-1 German | English

1  25 (D)  £  24  $  30

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

Irene van Nispen Kress Silver 23 ∞ 30.6 cm, 144 pp., 73 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0639-6 English | Dutch

1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60

Stefanie Schweiger Phoebe Hui The Magic of Yuanfen Searching for Masters of Healing and Ancient Chinese Wisdom 16.8 ∞ 24 cm, 272 pp., 127 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0648-8 English

1  35 (D)  £  33  $  45

Ron Hoffer

Ludwig Windstosser

From the Bronx to Berlin and Beyond

Fotografie der Nachkriegsmoderne

Ed. Ron Hoffer

Ed. Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

29.7 ∞ 21 cm, 120 pp., 86 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0644-0 English

1  36 (D)  £  34  $  45

17 ∞ 24 cm, 96 pp., 87 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0625-9 German

1  25 (D)  £  24  $  30


new publications spring 2020

Tobias Bärmann

Andrea Baumgartl

Julia Steinigeweg

Cali Chronicles

Wir sind hier, wir sind laut Fridays for Future

I Think I Saw Her Blink

Ed. Tobias Bärmann 21 ∞ 28 cm, 104 pp., 63 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0638-9 English

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

Texts by Julia Axthelm, Andrea Baumgartl, Enno Kaufhold, Scientists for Future, Greta Thunberg 17 ∞ 24 cm, 336 pp., 182 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0663-1 German | English

Jörg Brüggemann Tobias Kruse Freundschaft / Friendship

Texts by Jan Decker, Julia von Lucadou, Julia Steinigeweg 24 ∞ 26.8 cm, 68 pp., 21 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0659-4 German | English

1  24 (D)  £  23  $  30

1  27.90 (D)  £  27  $  36

Ed. Vignes Balasignam OBSCURA Festival of Photography, Penang / Malaysia 13.5 ∞ 20.3 cm, 144 pp., 99 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0640-2 German | English

1  20 (D)  £  19  $  25

The Journey

Gudrun Kemsa

Wolfgang Strassl

Der Struwwelpeter

New Positions in African Photography

New York, New York

Underground Portraits

Ed. Simon Njami, Sean O’Toole

Ed. Tayfun Belgin, Marion Bornscheuer, Kai Uwe Schierz

Ed. Wolfgang Strassl

Zappel-Philipp, Paulinchen und Hanns Guck-in-die-Luft: Zwischen Faszination und Kinderschreck von Hoffmann bis Böhmermann

21.5 ∞ 28 cm, 342 pp., 201 ills. Softcover isbn 978-3-7356-0682-2 English

1  49.99 (D)  £  47  $  65

24 ∞ 16.5 cm, 96 pp., 56 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0665-5 German | English

1  24 (D)  £  23  $  30

17 ∞ 20 cm, 96 pp., 45 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0633-4 English

1  22 (D)  £  21  $  30

Ed. Linda Schmitz, Christine Vogt, LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen 22 ∞ 28 cm, 128 pp., 197 ills. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0626-6 German

1  34.50 (D)  £  33  $  45


new publications spring 2020

Allen Jones


Anja Putensen

Olaf Schlote

Prints – Volume II

50 Jahre Künstlerhaus Lydda

The Manor

Memories | Erinnerungen | ‫זיכרונות‬

Ed. Thomas Levy

Ed. Jürgen Heinrich

Ed. Anja Putensen

Ed. Klaus Honnef

24.1 ∞ 29.2 cm, 128 pp., 79 ills. Softcover

24 ∞ 30 cm, 400 pp., 525 ills. Hardcover

19.5 ∞ 15.5 cm, 92 pp., 57 ills. Hardcover

24 ∞ 30 cm, 208 pp., 72 ills. Hardcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0624-2 German | English

isbn 978-3-7356-0621-1 German

isbn 978-3-7356-0597-9 German | English | Estonian | Latvian

isbn 978-3-7356-0655-6 German | English | Hebrew

1  48 (D)  £  45  $  60

1  58 (D)  £  56  $  75

1  24 (D)  £  23  $  30

1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50


Announced—Not Yet Published

Ulrich Wüst

Von der Idee zur Form

The Female Side of God

Save the Children (D)

Public and Private: East Germany in Photographs

Domeau & Pérès: Dialoge zwischen Design und Handwerk

Visual Representations of a Suppressed Tradition

I Am Alive

Ed. Gary van Zante, MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA

Ed. Katia Baudin, Kunstmuseen Krefeld

To be published in Fall 2020

To be published in Fall 2020

Ed. Eva Atlan, Michaela FeursteinPrasser, Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Mirjam Wenzel (Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt)

21 ∞ 27 cm, approx. 200 pp. Hardcover

21 ∞ 24.5 cm, approx. 180 pp. Hardcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0584-9 English

isbn 978-3-7356-0545-0 German | French

Approx. 1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

Approx. 1  38 (D)  £  36  $  50

Ed. Save the Children

To be published in Fall 2020 23.5 ∞ 29 cm, approx. 320 pp. Hardcover

To be published in Fall 2020 22 ∞ 26.5 cm, approx. 312 pp. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0632-7 German Approx. 1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60

isbn 978-3-7356-0651-8 German | English Approx. 1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60

Save the Children (E)

Roger Turesson

I Am Alive


Ed. Save the Children To be published in Fall 2020 22 ∞ 26.5 cm, approx. 312 pp. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0635-8 English Approx. 1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60

Texts by Hans-Olav Forsang, Torbjörn Petersson, Roger Turesson To be published in Summer 2020 30 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 144 pp. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0666-2 English Approx. 1  45 (D)  £  43  $  60


Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg Complimentary Blue

René Schoemakers Weltgeist

Ed. Amely Deiss, Milena Mercer, Kunstpalais Erlangen

Ed. Christian Walda, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Dortmund

To be published in Summer 2020

To be published in Summer 2020

17 ∞ 23 cm, approx. 256 pp. Softcover

22 ∞ 27 cm, approx. 96 pp. Softcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0652-5 German | English

isbn 978-3-7356-0681-5 German | English

Approx. 1  35 (D)  £  33  $  45

Approx. 1  35 (D)  £  33  $  45

Announced—Not Yet Published

# cute

Inseln der Glückseligkeit?

Birgit Richard Niklas von Reischach Hannah Zipfel

Alexandru Rădvan

Digital Imaginaries (D)

Digital Imaginaries (E)

# cute

Mythical Flesh

Africas in Production

Africas in Production

Inseln der Glückseligkeit

Texts by Diana Dochia, Mark Gisbourne

Ed. Oulimata Gueye, Julien McHardy, Richard Rottenburg, Philipp Ziegler, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, Afropixel / Kër Thiossane Dakar, Fak’ugesi / Wits Art Museum, Johannesburg

Ed. Oulimata Gueye, Julien McHardy, Richard Rottenburg, Philipp Ziegler, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, Afropixel / Kër Thiossane Dakar, Fak’ugesi / Wits Art Museum, Johannesburg

Ed. Birgit Richard, Niklas von Reischach, Hannah Zipfel To be published in June 2020

To be published in Fall 2020

To be published in Fall 2020

isbn 978-3-7356-0627-3 German

15.5 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 304 pp., softcover

15.5 ∞ 24 cm, approx. 304 pp., softcover

isbn 978-3-7356-0656-3 German

isbn 978-3-7356-0657-0 English

Approx. 1  38 (D)  £  36  $  50

Approx. 1  38 (D)  £  36  $  50

To be published in Summer 2020 24 ∞ 30 cm, approx. 152 pp. Hardcover isbn 978-3-7356-0654-9 German | English Approx. 1  40 (D)  £  38  $  50

21.3 ∞ 27.6 cm, 144 pp., Softcover

Approx. 1  28 (D)  £  26  $  35



Image Credits

2–3 Anton Henning Interieur No. 561, 2019, oil on canvas, 280 ∞ 460 cm 4–5 Andy Warhol Untitled, 1960, watercolor and pencil on cardboard (Strathmore), 73 ∞ 57.5 cm, Nationalgalerie, Collection Marx, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Claes Oldenburg Plakat der Galerie Sidney Janis, New York, 1967, offset lithograph, 58.5 ∞ 73.7 cm, Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, photo: Dietmar Katz, Kunstbibliothek, SMB Berlin, © Claes Oldenburg

12–13 Anton Henning Interieur No. 565, 2020, oil on canvas, 70 ∞ 60 cm Grosses Stilleben No. 6, 2014, oil on canvas, 160 ∞ 280 cm Pin-up No. 269, 2020, oil on canvas, 100 ∞ 80 cm Pin-up No. 267, 2019, oil on canvas, 50 ∞ 40 cm 14–15

Ziqian Liu, Skin, 2019

Maya Golyshkina, Cucumber, 2019 16–17 Frank Herfort Holiday, 2007 The Girl Next Door, 2015

24 Martin Bruno Schmid Bohrschnitt, prekär, 2016–19, University of Tübingen, Geology and Environment Centre, photo: Alex Kern Leisesprecher (Akustikdecke, handgebohrt), 2015, Industrie- und Handelskammer IHK HochrheinBodensee, Schopfheim, photo: Martin Bruno Schmid Schalungslöcher +34, 2014–16, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, photo: Frank Kleinbach 25 Martin Bruno Schmid Tondo, 2012, Universität VS-Schwenningen, photo: Wolfram / Raphael Janzer Goldstücke (Fonds), 2019, Art Karlsruhe / Galerie Schwarz, photo: Patrick Oltean

Andy Warhol Marilyn, 1967, color screen print from the 10-part portfolio, 91.5 ∞ 91.5 cm, Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, photo: Jörg P. Anders, Kupferstichkabinett, SMB Berlin, © 2019 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Ball in Forest, 2014

Schalungslöcher +34, 2014–16, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, photo: Niels Schubert

18–19 Zhu Jia Zero, 2012, inkjet print, 120 ∞ 150 cm, © ZHU Jia and ShanghART Gallery

26 Anna Nero Porträt Anna Nero, courtesy of Galerie Schierke Seinecke / Frank Blümler

Ulrike Ottinger Untitled, 1966–67, color silkscreen print, 55 ∞ 82.6 cm, Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, photo: Dietmar Katz, Kupferstichkabinett, SMB Berlin, © Ulrike Ottinger

Bernd and Hilla Becher Gasbehälter, Germany, 1975, silver-gelatin print from a series of 10 sheets, 50.5 ∞ 40.5 cm, Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, © Estate Bernd & Hilla Becher, represented by Max Becher, 2020

Verwaltungskrake, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 130 ∞ 100 cm


© 2020: Douglas Gordon

8–9 August Macke Elisabeth Gerhardt auf grünem Stuhl, 1908, oil on cardboard, 18 ∞ 14.5 cm, Kunstmuseum Bonn, permanent loan from a private collection August and Elisabeth Macke with their children Walter and Wolfgang in Bonn, Summer 1913, Museum August-Macke-Haus, Bonn

Epiphany, 2018

Mohamed Camara Le foot pour moi, c’est dans l’eau, 2012, inkjet print, 32.5 ∞ 48 cm, © Mohamed Camara, courtesy of Galleri Flach Tokihiro Sato Kashimagawa #352, 1998, silver-gelatin print, 91.4 ∞ 121.9 cm, © Tokihiro Sato, courtesy of Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York

Elvis, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 40 ∞ 30 cm Celini, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 180 ∞ 130 cm 27

© Henning Strassburger

28 Mehmet & Kazim Kissing Cousins, 2020, photo 5495 ∞ 7136 px, 300 dpi, photo: Kilian Blees Oriental, 2019, installation view, oil on canvas combined with projection and animation, 850 ∞ 195 cm, photo: Kilian Blees

Yto Barrada Arbre généalogique (Family Tree), 2005, C-print, 150 ∞ 150 cm, © Yto Barrada and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut / Hamburg

Yung Wilds, 2018, 3D-printed buttons, oil on canvas, and tailored jeans, 150 ∞ 170 cm, photo: Kilian Blees

20–21 Anna Nero Up and Down (at the stockmarket), 2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 160 ∞ 120 cm

10–11 Adrian Sauer 16.777.216 Farben in unterschiedlichen Anordnungen. Rotes Dreieck, 2019, digital C-print, 100 ∞ 100 cm, © Adrian Sauer/courtesy of Klemm’s Berlin

29 Thomas Bang SIGN (flying yellow flags for Elena and Nicholae), 2018, plywood, textiles, leather, acrylic paint, gesso, stove black, 165 ∞ 204 ∞ 94 cm, photo:

22 Katharina Hinsberg Vorzeichnen, 2019, prepared fingertips, © Katharina Hinsberg and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020

Dorte Krogh, KANT Gallery

30.06.2015, 2015, digital C-print, 121 ∞ 161 cm, © Adrian Sauer/courtesy of Klemm’s Berlin

Matrize Bohren, 2019, drill, © Katharina Hinsberg and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020

Die Platonischen Körper. Tetraeder, 2019, carbon fiber, titanium, ø 240 cm, edge length 196 cm, © Adrian Sauer/courtesy of Klemm’s Berlin

Detail, 2019, paper, wall, © Katharina Hinsberg and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020

Dietrich Erdmann, 14 days old, with Lothar and Elisabeth Erdmann, August 1917, Museum August-Macke-Haus, Bonn Photo: Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke, Berlin 1943, private collection

Heuhaufen, 2016, digital C-print, 35 ∞ 46 cm, © Adrian Sauer/courtesy of Klemm’s Berlin

23 Valérie Favre Studio view, 2019 Poulinière am Tisch, 2019

Interloper 1, 2016, plywood, textiles, wax, acrylic paint, carbon pencil, 145 ∞ 13 ∞ 118 cm, photo: Dorte Krogh, KANT Gallery Animalskin Stage, 2013, MDF, plywood, animal skin, textiles, panels, modified dinnerware, aluminum, iron, 70 ∞ 360 ∞ 184 cm, photo: Dorte Krogh, KANT Gallery

30 Artistide Maillol La nuit, 1902–09, bronze, 106 ∞ 61 ∞ 112 cm (foot: 54 ∞ 70 ∞ 115 cm) Herbert Otto Hajek Durchbrochene Fläche im Raum, 1955, cast iron without rust protection, 360 ∞ 180 ∞ 60 cm Per Kirkeby Ohne Titel, 1986–87, solid facing brick, HKS red, 12.8 ∞ 3.49 ∞ 3.11 m 31 Martin Voßwinkel Urbanes Farbfeld Nürnberg 019-1, 2019, aluminum laminated cardboard, Fine Art Print, © VG BildKunst, Bonn, 2020 Urbanes Farbfeld Bremen 018-9982, 2018, acrylic on MDF, acrylic glass, Fine Art Print, © VG BildKunst, Bonn, 2020 Moving squares for Durban 016-291, 2016, acrylic on MDF, wheelbarrow, Fine Art Print, © VG BildKunst, Bonn, 2020 32 SCHAUM Allegorie, 2016, triptych, Fine Art Print behind acrylic, backlighted, 155 ∞ 355 cm, © SCHAUM going going gone, 2019, neon, light control module, metronome, approx. 150 ∞ 30 ∞ 20 cm 33 Jan Köchermann Frasseks Raumsammler, 2018, photo: Tillmann Engel 34 Christine Gedeon Kassis Hospital, (mother’s memory), 2017, digital drawing with thread, pencil, and adhesive tape on archive paper, 42.5 ∞ 59.7 cm, © Christine Gedeon Khan al Tatoun (Grandfather’s office), 2019, 135 ∞ 94 cm, courtesy of Dima Dayoub Les Frères Maristes, (mother’s memory), 2018, digital drawing with thread, pencil, and adhesive tape on archive paper, 30.5 ∞ 27.9 cm, © Christine Gedeon 35 Jürgen Heinrich Notturno, 2018–19, acrylic, ink on nettle, 150 ∞ 120 cm, © Jürgen Heinrich Der Schlaf der Vernunft, 2017, charcoal on paper, 75.5 ∞ 54 cm, © Jürgen Heinrich Ohne Titel 1, 2, 2017, acrylic, lead, and colored pencil on paper, 65 ∞ 50 cm, © Jürgen Heinrich 36 Dana Meyer Nachtruhe – Insekten (detail), 2020, steel plate driven, welded, 35 ∞ 20 ∞ 60 cm, photo: Michel Klehm Schweine, 2013, steel, forged, welded, 176 ∞ 500 ∞ 600 cm, photo: Michel Klehm Die Schlucht, 2016, steel, forged, welded, 162 ∞ 140 ∞ 497 cm, photo: Michel Klehm



37 Ellen Akimoto Being Natural, 2019, oil on canvas, 130 ∞ 110 cm, © Ellen Akimoto Speaking with Gesture, 2019, oil on canvas, 110 ∞ 80 cm, © Ellen Akimoto Nighttime, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 220 ∞ 180 cm, © Ellen Akimoto, photo: Gustav Franz Speaking Intently, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 200 ∞ 150 cm, © Ellen Akimoto, photo: Gustav Franz 38 Bogdan Rața Shift, exhibition view, 2018, photo: Flavius Neamciuc The Crossing, 8th Bucharest Biennale, 2018, fiber, resin, polyester, paint, metal, height approx. 210 cm, photo: Dona Arnakis Shift, exhibition view, 2018, video projection, dimensions variable, photo: Bogdan Rața 39 Franz Radziwill Die Berliner Mauer, 1962, oil on canvas on wood, 99 ∞ 109 cm, Berlinische Galerie – Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, Berlin, © Kai-Annett Becker, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin Durch alles geht der Stacheldraht, 1951, oil on canvas on wood, 59.5 ∞ 59.5 cm, private collection, © Franz Radziwill Gesellschaft Die Mücken, 1930, oil on canvas on wood, 99.5 ∞ 113 cm, private collection, © Franz Radziwill Gesellschaft 40 Dieter Huber SPIRIT, 2019, 3 mobiles, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020 SPIRIT XIX / MANIFESTIEREN, 2019, © VG BildKunst, Bonn, 2020 41 Peter Tuma Aufkommende Unruhe, 2018, oil on canvas, 140 ∞ 200 cm, two parts, © Peter Tuma Rapsland, 2019, oil on canvas, 120 ∞ 150 cm, two parts, © Peter Tuma Tepco’s Garden, 2011, oil on canvas, 180 ∞ 280 cm, two parts, © Peter Tuma 42 © Holger Schnapp, 2017–18, © VG BildKunst, Bonn, 2020 43 Frank Hoffmann romantische ironie 2_9, 2018, oil on canvas, 240 ∞ 150 cm, © Frank Hoffmann romantische ironie 3_1, 2019, two-colored algraphy on handmade paper, edition 8 (2 e. a.), 17 ∞ 18 cm on 38 ∞ 53 cm, © Frank Hoffmann subtitle 17, 2015, oil on canvas, 120 ∞ 95 cm, © Frank Hoffmann 44–45 Jonas Dahlström 17:13:23, 18 ∞ 18 cm

46 Jana Sophia Nolle #10, San Francisco, 2017–18, archive pigment print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310 g, mounted on aluminum dibond, 100 ∞ 80 cm / 40 ∞ 50 cm, © Jana Sophia Nolle and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020 #01, San Francisco, 2017–18, archive pigment print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310 g, mounted on aluminum dibond, 100 ∞ 80 cm / 40 ∞ 50 cm, © Jana Sophia Nolle and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020 #13, San Francisco, 2017–18, archive pigment print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310 g, mounted on aluminum dibond, 100 ∞ 80 cm / 40 ∞ 50 cm, © Jana Sophia Nolle and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2020 47 Bjørnar Øvrebø Alna No. 11, 15, 37, scanned negatives 4 ∞ 5 cm, 32 ∞ 40 cm 48 Luca Ellena Untitled, 2017, courtesy of Galerie Monika Wertheimer Ohne Titel, 2018, courtesy of Galerie Monika Wertheimer Untitled, 2017, courtesy of Galerie Monika Wertheimer

53 Johann Karl Hangar, 2019, chrome pigment print, 30 ∞ 45 cm, © Johann Karl

64 Julia Steinigeweg Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag, 135 ∞ 90 cm, © Julia Steinigeweg

Mural in the repair facility, 2019, chrome pigment print, 30 ∞ 45 cm, © Johann Karl

Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag, 30 ∞ 45 cm, © Julia Steinigeweg

Blown-up Maybach bunker, 2019, chrome pigment print, 30 ∞ 45 cm, © Johann Karl

Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag, 50 ∞ 75 cm, © Julia Steinigeweg

54–55 Katharina Bosse Yamantaka, Killer of Death, Reconsecrates Herchen Thingstätte, Project Doug Fitch

65 Markus Oehlen Untitled, 2018

56 Steven Holl Building competition, America Memorial Library/ Berlin Central Library, unrealized, 1st prize category – perspective section, 1988 © Berlinische Galerie, photo: Anja E. Witte

Schlechtes Wetter, 2010

Construction Directorate Capital Berlin of the Ministry of Construction, Model Photo North, 1987, Berlinische Galerie Lars Lerup Building competition, America Memorial Library, Berlin Central Library, 1988–89, Berlinische Galerie 57 Katharina Bosse Historical postcard from the archive of Katharina Bosse, Felix Nürmberger,

Untitled, 2018, courtesy of Galerie Monika Wertheimer

This is how passing hikers see the Thingstätte built in 1934, of which only the memorial and some terrace steps are still visible. Photo: Jewgeni Roppel

49 Lena Mattsson Perception of Time and Space, 2019, monumental video projection onto a rock face, installation view Insel des Lichts, 2019, Smögen, © Lena Mattsson

58–59 Jörg Brüggemann, Tobias Kruse Freundschaft 01–04, 2019, © Jörg Brüggemann, Tobias Kruse

Perception of Time and Space, 2019, monumental video projection onto a rock face, installation view Insel des Lichts, 2019, Smögen, © Charlotte Wiberg, Lena Mattsson In the Garden of Life, 2019, installation view, © Lena Mattsson 50 Jonas Dahlström 09:05:45, 18 ∞ 18 cm, © Jonas Dahlström 12:02:25, 18 ∞ 18 cm, © Jonas Dahlström 16:58:38, 18 ∞ 18 cm, © Jonas Dahlström 51 Frank Gaudlitz La Paz, Bolivia, 2006, 30 ∞ 40 cm, © Frank Gaudlitz Untitled, 1986, Potsdam, 84 ∞ 100 cm, © Frank Gaudlitz Irkutsk, May 1995, 50 ∞ 75 cm, © Frank Gaudlitz 52 Jörg Colberg Untitled, 2020, © Jörg Colberg


Monira Al Qadiri, photo: Raisa Hagiu

Untitled, 2013

66 Christo L’Arc de Triumph, Wrapped (project for Paris) Place de l’Etoile – Charles de Gaulle, 2019, collage: pencil, wax crayon, enamel paint, photograph by Wolfgang Volz, map and tape, 43.2 ∞ 56.9 cm The Floating Piers (project for Lake Iseo, Italy), 2014, collage: pencil, wax crayon, enamel paint, photograph by Wolfgang Volz, map, fabric sample and tape, 43.2 ∞ 55.9 cm Wrapped Reichstag (project for Berlin), 1987, drawing in two parts: pencil, charcoal, wax crayon, and map, 38 ∞ 165 cm and 106.6 ∞ 165 cm 67 Andrea Baumgartl (for all pictures), 2019, archival pigment prints 68 Photos by: Barbara Klemm, © VG BildKunst, Bonn, 2020 Neckar with church spire, 2019, Nürtingen Hölderlin monument, 2019, Lauffen Nature, 2019 Jonas Burgert

Divine Memory, 2019, film still


Reservoir, 2019, installation view, Kunstverein Göttingen

Sinn frist, 2019, oil on canvas, 90 ∞ 80 cm

61 Jörg Brüggemann, Tobias Kruse Freundschaft 01–04, 2019, © Jörg Brüggemann, Tobias Kruse

Feinwund, 2019, oil on canvas, 110 ∞ 100 cm

62 Allen Jones Rehearsal, 2007, silkscreen, 183 ∞ 104 cm, © Allen Jones

70–71 Grace Weaver Untitled #3, 2019

Ein einst, 2017, oil on canvas, 240 ∞ 300 cm

Nachtag, 2017, oil on canvas, 240 ∞ 300 cm

Yours (Between the Sheets series), 2007, color lithograph, 82 ∞ 65 cm, © Allen Jones Catwalk (Catwalk series), 1999, etching, edition: 30, 115 ∞ 84 cm, © Allen Jones 63 Grace Weaver Fair Weather, 2019, oil on canvas, 160 ∞ 145 cm, courtesy Soy Capitán, Berlin, photo: Nick Ash In the Round, 2019, oil on canvas, 226 ∞ 241 cm, courtesy Soy Capitán, Berlin, photo: Nick Ash

Untitled, 2020, © Jörg Colberg Untitled, 2020, © Jörg Colberg Untitled, 2020, © Jörg Colberg




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