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When we give, we feel a great sense of joy. A legacy can be defined by the many joyful acts we give over a lifetime. North Lee Community Foundation believes that by creating a legacy in joyful giving we will help our Lee County communities for the better. We continue to be inspired by the enthusiasm and generosity of the donors, nonprofit organizations and students of Lee County. The donors who work with North Lee Community Foundation have different interests, different passions, and different stories. Some donors utilize us to support a specific charity, school or church like Holy Trinity Catholic Schools, the Fort Madison Family YMCA or Holy Family Parish. Some donors prefer to support educational experiences like the Fort Madison High School World War II Trip to Europe. Some donors look to future support by establishing a new endowment that will benefit the Lee County Health Department. Generous donors who believe in community impacts often give to the Fort Madison Food Pantry, Elliott Test Kitchen or the Houghton Ball Association. Many Southeast Iowa citizens also donate and provide memorials as little as $25.00 to our North Lee Community Foundation Grant Endowment Fund, which provides grants to nonprofits organizations every year.

We are proud to distribute more than $200,000 a year in scholarships through the Matteson Scholarship. Through the generosity of the Matteson Family, we created a perpetual source of support benefiting generations of Southeast Iowa students on their journey to college.

It is our honor at North Lee Community Foundation to connect all these people who care about the causes that matter to them. We will always remain committed to transparency and accountability. We operate with the highest standards of integrity and stewardship to ensure donor funds are effectively reinvested in improving the economic and social well-being of our community.

On the following pages, we have compiled a few stories that show how we supported our communities in 2022. Each one of these grants, scholarships, partnerships, and gifts represent a heart touched, a legacy left, and an indelible mark made. Thank you and together, we will continue to create legacies of joyful giving.

Birthright of Dubuque

Central Lee Community School District Foundation

Church of the Resurrection

City of West Point Parks & Recreation

Community Action of Southeast Iowa

Community Services Council Inc. of Fort Madison Iowa

Elliott Test Kitchen Foundation

Food Bank of Iowa

Fort Madison Area Arts Association

Fort Madison Beautification Foundation

Fort Madison City Band Commission

Fort Madison Family YMCA

Fort Madison First Christian Church

Fort Madison High School

Friends of Donnellson Public Library

Holy Family Parish

Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Educational Foundation

Theseorganizationsreceivegrantsfrom NorthLeeCommunityFoundationEndowments

Holy Trinity Catholic Schools, Inc.

Hope Haven Area Development Center

Houghton Ball Association

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church

Lee County Building Bridges Initiative

Lee County Economic Development Group, Inc.

Montrose Riverfront, Inc.

North Lee County Historical Society

PAW Animal Shelter (Protectors of Animal Welfare)

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Southeastern Community College Foundation

St. James the Less and St. John the Baptist Catholic Churches

The Salvation Army

Three Rivers Conservation Foundation

United Way of the Great River Region

West Central Valley School District/Stuart Elementary


ESTABLISHEDIN2022,THEERIC PARDALLMEMORIALSCHOLARSHIPis a scholarship fund of North Lee Community Foundation and the Keokuk Area Community Foundation. It will be awarded each year to high school seniors, college students, continuing education students that have graduated from Central Lee High School, Fort Madison High School, and Holy Trinity High School.

The Eric Pardall Memorial Scholarship is offered to students pursuing careers in agriculture, automotive/diesel repair, construction, engineering, health care/medical/nursing or any trade. Each of these renewable scholarships is $2,500.00 a year for four years.

Winners of the 2022 Eric Pardall Memorial Scholarship were Adam Boeck of Central Lee High School, Chyane Davidson of Central Lee High School, Ava Peitz of Holy Trinity High School, and Quenten Tweedy of Central Lee High School.

Adam, Chyane, Ava, and Quenten have each expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Pardall Family for the opportunity they have been given to reach their fullest potentials through continuing their educations and becoming contributors to their communities.

Visit to learn more about the Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship.

Ava Peitz Holy Trinity HS Chyane Davidson Central Lee HS Adam Boeck Central Lee HS Quenten Tweedy Central Lee HS

GIVINGCREATESOPPORTUNITIESFORDONORS to realize their charitable giving goals and make a difference in their community. The permanence of an endowment fund is both appealing and reassuring to donors and nonprofit board of directors who seek the enduring value of a dedicated source of income to support the organization they love, today and forever.

Established by the Dyer Family, the Harold Dyer Endowment for Houghton has been supporting the charitable activities of the City of Houghton, the Houghton Fire Department and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church since 2006.


HASBEENSERVINGLEECOUNTY since 2013 with local advocates who travel to meet clients in Ft. Madison and the surrounding rural areas. These advocates provide counseling, help with protective orders, advocacy in the court system, hospital visits, and housing aid.

Many victim-survivors find out about DVIP services from law enforcement in Lee County. Police officers know they can call DVIP 24/7 to help someone in need. Recently, a mother of four tried to leave her abuser but he took the two youngest kids who were 2 and 4 and kept them away from her. He had a good job and controlled all the finances, and she didn't have any family who could help her.

She knew she couldn't stay in the situation much longer because the last beating was the worst it had ever been. When the police were called by a neighbor, the officer who came to the home assessed the situation and gave her the DVIP hotline number to call. She reached out and was able to meet with a local advocate who found her a small home to rent in Lee County. This space allowed her to show the judge in her custody case that she had a stable place to live to start the process of gaining custody of her children.

In 2021, North Lee Community Foundation provided a grant to help this and five other families receive rental assistance to leave their unsafe home. One of children in these homes sent DVIP and North Lee Community Foundation this drawing as a thank you.







. We give to help others learn. Everyone should have access to learning. Musical activities such as Jazz and piano lessons are restricted to only those with means to acquire such an instrument, and an instructor to teach said instrument. Since pianos are extremely large and Jazz requires expensive instruments, this has led to many students not being able to engage with such an art.

Using a grant from North Lee Community Foundation, Elliott Test Kitchen hopes to break this barrier, giving all students in the Lee County area the option to pursue music education if they should desire, without consideration of economic status. Music lessons will be given to any student, with no discrimination of any kind. Free music lessons were provided to forty students. Approximately 60 people attended each recital.

Local Lee County Businesses, including ConAgra and Climax Molybdenum also provided Elliott Test Kitchen with a building in which to hold these lessons. Last Fall, an estimated 50 students were impacted. Test Kitchen Education Foundation (TKEF) has added its second location, Test Kitchen STEM Lounge to keep up with the demand for its programs. For the current school year 2021-22, the number of students who have signed up for its programs has doubled.


Torrance is a student at Fort Madison Middle School. Raised by a single mother with a balancing act between her job and daycare, Torrance decided to keep himself busy after school at the Elliott Test Kitchen instead of returning to a daycare facility. Torrance started out with an interest in music by taking drum lessons. He soon branched out and became a valuable volunteer.

Currently, Torrance is involved with Robotics, the culinary program, and Golf Lessons, in addition to the Drum Lessons. Torrance and his mother are very grateful to the Test Kitchen Education Foundation and its great supporters such as the North Lee County Community Foundation for creating a path to a brighter future.


, the Fort Madison Area Arts Association received grants in 2021 from North Lee Community Foundation to expand their programs and their facilities. In order to expand, Fort Madison Area Arts Association used some of the grant to build the Paula Howard Studio in the facility. The storage to Paula Howard Studio converts an existing storage room into usable space for arts and creative instruction. This project was developed as a means to provide an expanded service to the community in the form of art classes.

The Paula Howard Studio has been a welcomed addition to the Fort Madison Area Arts Association. This Fall the Art Center had to pivot quickly and provide event space in less than twelve hours for 19 artists to set up booths for the annual Art in Central Park art fair threatened by foul weather. Bill Hall, a local artist that provides a popular guided painting class, was an exhibitor during the art fair event and utilized the soon to be Paula's Palette for his painting activity. Bill shared the space with Mt Pleasant writer and sculptor, Curt Swarm. Being able to have such a large amount of flex space will make it possible to offer not just a variety of classes but will help support some of the Art Center's event programming.

This Winter and Spring, FMAAA will offer programming at the Paula Howard Studio. They expect to be able to offer drawing and pastels as initial 4 to 6 week classes for High School ages and attract up to 12 students in each class. Two sets of 3 week classes for the 8 to 12 year old age groups are also planned.

THELEECOUNTYCHARITABLEFUNDISAVOLUNTEERGRANTCOMMITTEE made up of board members from North Lee County Community Foundation and the Keokuk Area Community Foundation. In 2022, the Lee County Charitable Fund awarded grants to the following Lee County nonprofit organizations:

• Central Lee Community School District Foundation

• City of Donnellson

• Montrose Ball Association

• Domestic Violence Intervention Program

• Emma Cornelis Hospitality House

• First Christian Church-Keokuk

• Fort Madison Beautification Foundation, Inc.

• God's Way Christian Center

• Grand Theatre Corporate Foundation

• Hoerner YMCA

• Holy Trinity Catholic Schools Early Childhood Center

• Houghton Ball Association

• Keokuk Catholic Schools/St. Vincent's Elementary

• KPLAY: Playgrounds for All!

• North Lee County Historical Society

• The Salvation Army-Keokuk

• Three Rivers Conservation Foundation

HolyTrinityCatholic SchoolsEarlyChildhood Center Montrose BallAssociation CentralLee CommunitySchoolDistrictFoundation

NORTHLEECOMMUNITYFOUNDATIONISPLACEOFCONNECTION, where generosity and community action meet to create powerful impacts improving the quality of life for all. One of the joyful gifts we can make is providing scholarships to the next generation of leaders in Southeast Iowa, because EVERYSTUDENTMATTERS.To accomplish this mission, North Lee Community Foundation, the Keokuk Area Community Foundation and the Matteson Family established the Matteson Scholarship.

The Matteson Scholarship is awarded to high school seniors, as well as, continuing education students pursuing studies in agriculture, health/medical sciences, nursing, engineering, information technology or a trades.

“I can't help but tear up thinking about all of the care and support you have shown me through my college experience. Your support to me has been a cornerstone in my academic success and my emergence into adulthood. I am so very fortunate that you saw something in me and chose me to be a recipient of your scholarship.”

To be eligible for the Matteson Scholarship, students and working adults must live in the Iowa Counties of Lee, Des Moines or Henry. The Matteson Scholarship also accepts scholarship applications from graduates of Wapello Senior High in Louisa County. The Matteson Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for 4 years. Each Matteson Scholarship is up to $2,000.00 a year for the first two years and then up to $4,000.00 for years three and four.

Zach Glasscock– Keokuk HS Will Neises– Burlington HS Alanna Oliver– Mediapolis HS Alex Wolter– Keokuk HS Aliyah Lolling– Wapello HS Andrew Carter– Mediapolis HS Brett Baccam– Mt. Pleasant HS Carlee Heinz– Keokuk HS Jackson Holtkamp– Central Lee HS Gracie Gobble– Fort Madison HS John Hasty– Fort Madison HS Devin Tweedy– Central Lee HS Tommy Weir– Burlington HS Maille Sheerin– Fort Madison HS Jamie Sobczak– Holy Trinity HS


Chloe Blind– Fort Madison HS Kinsey Duwa– Washington HS Beth Shane– Burlington ND HS Dylan Stuecker– Holy Trinity HS Lily Clark– Waco HS Seth Bailey– New London HS Callum Tackes– Keokuk HS Carlee Sloan– Winfield/Mt Union Ella Francis– New London HS Jacob Wallace– Danville HS Aiden Wendoff– Fort Madison HS Breann Yaley– Danville HS Abby Crowner– Burlington ND HS Olivia Williams– Fort Madison HS Seth Mendez– Fort Madison HS


Conner Muston– Keokuk HS Maui Pearl Whaley– Mt Pleasant Blake Moeller– Central Lee HS Brian Velazquez– Burlington HS Jacob Bailey– Mt. Pleasant HS Claire Wills– Central Lee HS Gabe Gourley– Burlington HS Erin Hemphill– Wapello HS Chyane Davidson– Central Lee HS Charles Taylor– Burlington HS Jacob Stukerjurgen – Fort Madison Kyndel Townsley
Winfield HS Lauren Schreck – Central Lee HS Maddie Van Berg – Mt Pleasant HS Mason Porter – Danville HS


Cityof WestPointParks&RecreationFund

CommunityFoundationof North LeeCountyCommunityImpactEndowment


Dr.Austinand CaroleWallisSandrockCommunityImpactFundfor North LeeCounty

Dr.Austinand CaroleWallisSandrockFundfor theFortMadisonYMCA


FortMadisonAreaUnited WayEndowment


FortMadisonPublic LibraryFoundationEndowment






Gwenand LyleBrownCommunityConcertSupportEndowment

HaroldDyer Endowmentfor Houghton



North LeeCommunityFoundationGrantFund

North LeeHistoricalSocietyFund


Sheaffer MemorialGolfParkEndowment

SoroptimistInternationalof FortMadisonEndowment

St.JamestheLessCatholic CemeteryFoundation




HolyTrinityCatholicSchoolsEducationalFoundationTeacher BenefitsEndowment



HolyTrinityCatholicSchoolsEducationFoundationMusic Endowment



JohnSchuldtand MaryMooreEndowmentforFortMadisonAreaArtAssociation

JohnSchuldtand MaryMooreEndowmentforThreeRiversConservation





Every gift to a fund at North Lee Community Foundation is invested and only the income from the fund is granted out which means your contribution will help carry out the mission of North Lee Community Foundation forever.

Please complete the information below:

*Enclosed is my check for $___________________________

I would like to pledge a total of $____________________

I would like to begin payment on (date) _____________

My gift is made in honor/memory of:

Name__________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________ City/State/Zip_________________________________________ Email___________________________________________________ Phone #________________________________________________
PLEASESEND CHECKSAND PLEDGESTO: North Lee Community Foundation P.O. Box 341 Fort Madison, Iowa 52627 | 319.670.0207 |


Chair of the Board: Steve Koellner

Vice Chair: Jan Woodroffe

Secretary: Tim Gobble

Treasurer: Linda Larkin


Dick Fehseke

Joe Kowzan


Josh Denning, Dianne Hope, Dr. Chuck Holmes, Jane Krebill, and Chad Ward


Executive Director: Roger R. Ricketts

Administrator: Philip Ricketts

Accounting: Haley Shaffer

Established in 2004, North Lee Community Foundation offers citizens an avenue to create their own endowed legacy that will elevate the quality of life in Southeast Iowa. We are a donor-driven public foundation whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in Greater North Lee County through philanthropy. North Lee Community Foundation connects donors with their passions, fosters links between community organizations and convenes local leaders to promote the common good.

We build permanent charitable funds called endowments. Each endowment distributes a portion of its total fund balance in perpetuity forever to support a charitable purpose. Donations may be made to funds which address community needs and reflect a donors interests and personal philanthropic goals.

Since its founding in 2005, North Lee Community Foundation has served the needs of this area and the wishes of our donors through personalized service, financial stewardship, local expertise, and community leadership. North Lee Community Foundation seeks to make philanthropy easy and accessible for all by providing flexibility of giving options.

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