Sandpoint Magazine Summer 2015

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Real Estate


boat ride out on Lake Pend Oreille reveals one certain fact: Many lakefront homeowners like to build big. As we gawk in awe at the soaring vaulted ceilings and spacious multi-layered decks of mega-sized homes perched along our shoreline, it’s safe to assume that perhaps the “build small” trend currently sweeping the nation in our post-recession reality doesn’t seem to apply to the majority of lakefront dwellers. And yet, like little gems dotted along the shores, indeed a few new homes and dwellings have embraced the movement toward tiny-sized homes. While they’re definitely the exception rather than the rule, these clever, smart little spaces spark our curiosity: Who lives in them? How big are they? Does everyone have enough room? Alas, here are several examples of minimalist living found on this lovely lake, in various shapes and forms. These are the stories of three small lakefront dwellings, and the people who love them.

Above: Picard Point “jewel box” Below left: FabCabin at Bottle Bay Below: Tepee “starter” at Sunnyside

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