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5pm to 9pm March 7th


Art Night

Cob Oven Pizza

Gary Chapman

The HELMET Project

Mastering Pen and Ink


Music by

Barry Wysinger

Metal Casting Workshop

3D Printing Lab

Gary Chapman

Art Night

The HELMET Project Chapman has had over 49 solo exhibitions with institutions such as The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, The Arts Center of St. Petersburg, FL; University of Cincinnati, University of Georgia, and the Indianapolis Art Center. He has also participated in numerous group and invitational exhibitions with regional, national and international venues.

The HELMET Project is based on a series of 12 paintings completed in 2011. Each painting depicts a central figure wearing a unique helmet. The design of each helmet seems to suggest an array of functions yet remains ambiguous. It is unclear whether they are worn for simple adornment or for protection in combat or sport. Gary Chapman Lecture: March 13th 3:30pm, U of A, Smith Hall, Room 205

At 8am on September 11, 2001, it was easy to perceive our lives as serene; we were safe. Even while Bernie Madoff’s crimes were being exposed, most saw our economy, our country, as prosperous; we led the world. And while the scientific community embraces a vision of quantum mechanics and string theory, shattering our basic understanding of the observable universe, we are left behind only capable of viewing Newton’s world; we are blind.

We are a visually biased society, living in a time in which we can no longer believe in what we see.

HELMET Artist Statement

Gary Chapman

3D Printing

Art Night

University of Alabama Arts & Engineering The University of Alabama's College of Arts & Sciences and College of Engineering work together to create collaborative workspaces. These classes combine perspectives, as dynamic conversations break down traditional stereotypes. The selected works on display for Kentuck's March 7 Art Night represent various products influenced by this collaborative approach to the building of objects. 3D Printing, or Rapid Prototyping, has taken a significant new role on The University of Alabama campus. Students and faculty have access to this technology through the University Libraries and the new Engineering 3D Printing Lab. This technology creates new ways to approach artistic design, and we are excited to share it as part of Art Night.

While 3D Printing will change the way some artists approach their work, the technology has the potential to reach every corner of our society. The ability to produce complex and desirable items will no longer be the sole domain of the skilled craftsman. Creating unique and advanced designs, bypassing the economics mass production, will change the way we live. Below is a link to an excellent article on 3D Printing.

Barry Wysinger

Art Night

Mastering Pen and Ink Art Kentuck’s latest Full Moon Emerging Artist, Barry Wysinger, works in the demanding medium of pen and ink. The Full Moon program is designed to assist emerging artists and culminates in a gallery show in one of the Kentuck galleries. Barry learned his craft while serving time in prison. “Time permitted me to do it, and I took advantage of it.”

“It facilitated my mind. It kept me motivated. I found myself getting excited about it.” Using the materials he had available to him, he became dedicated to creating images of love. Using a pen and his thumb and tissue for blending ink on copy paper, he discovered his medium. “I wanted to do something with the pen that no artist had done. Every art piece I do, I feel I could do something greater.”

Lee McKee

Art Night

Metal Casting Workshop Kentuck will host a metal-casting workshop in the Courtyard of Wonders on Art Night, March 7, from 5pm-9 pm. Sculptor Lee McKee and his crew from the Tannehill Forge School of Blacksmithing will be here to help people make aluminum-cast bowls, platters and tiles. McKee is a resident artist at Tannehill Historic Ironworks in McCalla, Alabama. In the workshop, attendees can decorate a mold before hot metal is poured. Any design work carved into the mold will be transferred to the bowl or platter in metal. This workshop is easy and fun and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. The Tannehill Forge will also have scratch blocks available for those that would like to design a tile. The scratch blocks are much like the bowl and platter molds, but easier to handle and geared toward children. The metal pour will begin at 8 p.m. when all molds must be completed. The night sky and the Kentuck Courtyard will provide a magical backdrop to the sounds of the furnace, the flames and the sparks.

A metal pouring at night is always spectacular. Cost to make a metal bowl or platter is $45, and a tile is $15. Kentuck members receive 10 percent off the price. If you are interested, please let Kentuck know by Feb. 28 so the Forge can be sure to bring enough scratch blocks. Walk-ups are welcome on Art Night, but supplies will be limited and first-come, first-serve. Finished pieces can be picked up on Thursday, March 14th at the Kentuck Art Center. Call 205-758-1257 or email to reserve a mold of your choice.

Pouring Scratch Blocks

Finished Bowl & Platter

Cob Oven Pizza

Art Night

T h e C o b O ve n C rew make their delicious Not-to-be-duplicated Or-3D-Printed



GOLIGHTLY When Lena Dice and Wright Gatewood joined together to create music, they had one goal in mind: to have fun. GOLIGHTLY was formed in the summer of 2012 and has been trucking along ever since. They were looking to create a sound that would put there listeners in a "happy-go-lucky" mood and maybe garner a foot stomp or two. They are here to entertain. They are here to share. Look out for their debut EP this spring!

Kentuck is a non-profit organization perpetuating the arts engaging the community empowering the artist

Art Night is held on the first Thursday of every month, 5pm to 9pm. Art Night marks the opening of our two monthly shows in the Main Avenue Gallery and the Georgine Clarke Gallery. The public is invited to participate in our monthly celebration of the arts. Would you like to receive our email newsletter? You can sign up here!

Kentuck Art Center 503 Main Avenue Northport, AL 35476 205-758-1257 42nd Annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts

October 19th and 20th


Art Night, March 2013  

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