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Established in 1940 and spanning three generations of family ownership, Kentshire Galleries is one of the foremost dealers of fine period and estate jewelry. In 1988, Kentshire established a free-standing boutique in New York’s premier luxury store, Bergdorf Goodman. Their antique and estate jewelry department continues to occupy a select location on the store’s seventh floor, directly to the right of BG Restaurant. Carrie Imberman and her brother, Matthew, joined the firm in 2004. As the third generation of the family to lead Kentshire, they continue to refine the gallery’s founding vision: buying and selling outstanding jewelry and objects of enduring design and elegance.


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Antique emerald and diamond rivière necklace. Circa 1870.

Georgian diamond pendeloque earrings, England. Circa 1835.

Victorian articulated diamond, red spinel, and demantoid garnet serpent bracelet. Circa 1855.

Art Deco sapphire, diamond, and platinum bypass style double serpent ring, French import. Circa 1920.

Antique gold, platinum, ruby, and diamond interlocking serpent puzzle ring. Circa 1905.




Retro gold and sapphire paisley earrings. Circa 1945.

Art Moderne gold and multigem “Tonneau” clip brooches, Belperron, France. Circa 1937-42.

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Retro gold and multi-gem “Boule” cuff bracelet, Belperron, France. Circa 1940.

Retro gold and diamond tubogas necklace, Péry & Fils for Mauboussin, France. Circa 1945.

Mid-century wood and gold bracelet, Gay Frères, France. Circa 1965. Black jade, hematite, and gold checkered earrings, Angela Cummings. Circa 1984. Gold and iron damascene cuff bracelet, Angela Cummings for Tiffany. Circa 1980.

Gold, lapis, and diamond geometric ring, Dinh Van for Cartier. Circa 1970. Gold stylized wing earrings, wearable in three ways. Estate.


Antique gold bracelet with locket center. Circa 1870.



Retro gold and diamond earrings, convertible to brooches, Cartier. Circa 1945. Pavé turquoise and diamond earrings, France. Circa 1969.

Mid-century pavé fac ing diamond and turquoise “Boule” Mid-century gold ring, Cartier, France. and diamond Circa 1960. stylized leaf earrings, France. Mid-century pink sapphire, turquoise, Circa 1955.

and diamond Mid-century gold cocktail ring, and pavé diamond Marchak, France. bracelet. Circa 1960 Circa 1955.

Gold and pavé diamond necklace, Van Cleef & Arpels, France. Circa 1970.


Antique graduated diamond cluster necklace. Circa 1860.

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Antique diamond pendeloque earrings with bow surmounts. Circa 1865.

Antique gold and multi-gem bracelet, Austro-Hungary. Circa 1875.

Antique patinated gold and multigem bracelet, Austro-Hungary. Circa 1875.

Victorian enamel, pearl, diamond, and ruby bracelet. Circa 1865.

Retro gold, cabochon sapphire, and diamond ring, Cartier, France. Circa 1945.


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Mid-century gold, turquoise, and sapphire bouquet brooch. Circa 1950.

Mid-century graduated knotted gold necklace, France. Circa 1955.

Mid-century gold and gemset hummingbird brooch, Cartier, France. Circa 1955.

Gold and diamond stylized flame earrings, Chaumet, France. Circa 1970.

Mid-century gold, sapphire, and turquoise flower brooch, Cartier, London. Circa 1963. Mid-century turquoise and sapphire forgetme-not earrings. Circa 1950. Mid-century amethyst, turquoise, and diamond ring, Cartier, Paris. Circa 1950. Gold and diamond leaf earrings, Van Cleef & Arpels, France. Circa 1985.


Art Deco onyx and diamond line bracelet. Circa 1920.

Art Deco onyx and diamond tapering line bracelet. Circa 1925.

Art Deco multigem bead and diamond bracelet. Art Deco alternating Circa 1930. diamond and onyx Art Deco diamond bracelet, Van Cleef and enamel cactus & Arpels, France. brooch, French Circa 1925. export. Circa 1930.

Art Deco diamond and black enamel fringe earrings. Circa 1920.


Art Deco onyx, emerald, and diamond tassel necklace, France. Circa 1920.

Belle Epoque emerald and diamond plaque ring, France. Circa 1910.

Art Deco ruby and diamond arrow jabot, France. Circa 1920.

Art Deco lapis and diamond ring, French import. Circa 1920.


Georgian aquamarine and amethyst demiparure comprising a necklace, pendant, and earrings, England. Circa 1820. Antique multicolored precious topaz fringe necklace. Circa 1880.

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Antique gold and Antique graduated madeira citrine amethyst rivière brooch. Circa 1870. necklace. Circa 1870. Antique gold, garnet, and diamond bracelet, Netherlands. Circa 1870.

Georgian gold and chrysoprase earrings, England. Circa 1830.


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Art Deco sapphire and diamond line bracelet, Tiffany & Co. Circa 1925. Art Deco ruby and diamond braided bracelet, attributed to J.E. Caldwell. Circa 1925. Art Deco sapphire and diamond braided bracelet, J.E. Caldwell. Circa 1925. Retro diamond and platinum plaque ring, Cartier, France. Circa 1940. Edwardian diamond lariat style necklace. Circa 1910. Retro diamond and multi-colored sapphire flower earrings, Cartier, London. Circa 1945. fac ing

Art Deco tapering diamond line bracelet. Circa 1930. Mid-century diamond cluster ring, Cartier, France. Circa 1950. Mid-century diamond flower earrings, convertible to dress clips. Circa 1950. Mid-century diamond leaf brooch and earrings with interchangeable gemset spines, France. Circa 1950.


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Retro diamond and coral day-to-night earrings, French import. Circa 1945.

Art Deco striped enamel and diamond watch pendant on platinum Antique crystal and and pearl chain, pearl heart locket. Cartier. Circa 1920. Circa 1885.

Antique angel skin coral cherub earrings. Circa 1865. Art Deco pearl and diamond plaque link bracelet. Circa 1920.

Antique Egyptian Revival gold and gemset scarab brooch/pendant, French import. Circa 1865.

Antique gold, enamel, and diamond hoop earrings. Circa 1890.

Antique enamel, diamond, and ruby coiled serpent bracelet, Sweden. Circa 1844.

Georgian gold, enamel, and diamond florette earrings. Circa 1835.



Antique gold and pearl egg basket earrings. Circa 1880.


Antique gold and diamond anchor bracelet, France. Circa 1870.

Antique gold, pearl, and diamond earrings. Circa 1880.

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Georgian Swiss enamel nautical link chain. Circa 1825.

Georgian gold and enamel mourning earrings, England. Circa 1825.

Victorian nautical pulley charm bracelet, Hunt & Roskell, England. Circa 1870.

Antique gold, diamond, and enamel anchor motif locket, France. Circa 1875.

Victorian gold and banded agate bypass bracelet, England. Circa 1860.


Georgian emerald and diamond cluster ring. Circa 1830.

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Victorian diamond mechanical pulley brooch with a cat and dog, England. Circa 1870.

Retro gold and diamond coneMid-century gold Georgian rose shaped ring, France. and diamond diamond and crystal Circa 1945. crescent earrings, locket. Circa 1820. Wood and diamond France. Circa 1955.

Antique diamond and gemset monkey brooch, France. Circa 1870.

Antique gold and diamond Greek key motif bangle, French import. Circa 1880.

hexagonal plaque ring, Van Cleef & Arpels, France. Circa 1970.

Retro gold and diamond swirl earrings. Circa 1945.

Retro gold and diamond paillette Retro gold and earrings, Boucheron, diamond swirl France. Circa 1945. brooch. Circa 1945.




Georgian gold and foil-backed topaz ring. Circa 1820. Georgian gold, turquoise, and gemset serpent necklace. Circa 1835.

Victorian coral girandole earrings with reclining cherubs, England. Circa 1855. fac ing

Retro heart-shaped curb link bracelet, Tiffany & Co. Circa 1950.

Mid-century ruby and turquoise cluster Retro gold square earrings, France. link bracelet, Tiffany Circa 1955. & Co. Circa 1945.

Retro gold, sapphire, and diamond dress clips, Boucheron, Paris. Circa 1945. Retro gold articulated owl brooch, France. Circa 1945. Retro gold and diamond cuckoo clock brooch, France. Circa 1945.

Mid-century striped sapphire and diamond bombé ring, Boucheron, France. Circa 1960.

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