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A strong foundation for

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Faculty Experienced and highly educated early childhood educators, extremely low student-faculty ratio. Academic Highlights Literacy, math and science; handwriting and world languages (French and Spanish). Specials include physical education, art, creative movement, drama, music, and library. Spaces for Learning Our Preschool is located within the 26 acre Kent Place School campus. The classrooms provide a spacious, colorful, and secure environment with science center, porch, garden, and areas for art, dramatic play, reading, math, writing, and outdoor play. Nursery For boys and girls age three by September 1. 5:1 studentfaculty ratio. Monday–Thursday 8:30am–11:30pm and Friday 8:30am–12:30pm. Pre-Kindergarten For boys and girls age four by September 1. 7:1 student-faculty ratio. Monday–Friday 8:30am–2:30pm. Extended care available until 6:00.

In cheerful and colorful spaces, The Preschool at Kent Place School engages all of a child’s senses — most of all the sense of wonder. As boys and girls form letters out of clay, share stories, sing, and build with blocks, our accomplished teachers help them discover new worlds. We capitalize on children’s boundless curiosity, directing their exuberance into academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. In this warm and caring community, we help each child develop a strong framework to build on in Kindergarten, in primary school, and through a lifetime of learning.

“Our vision for student growth and achievement begins with The Preschool at Kent Place School, which, as an integral part of our larger Kindergarten through Grade 12 community, offers a developmentally-appropriate foundation for life-long learning.” DR . ADUNNI ANDER SON, DIR ECTOR OF TH E PRIMA RY SC H OOL AT KEN T PLAC E SCH OOL



Overview Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten program for boys and girls ages three to five.

“Kent Place has had a remarkable impact on our five-year-old daughter, who just completed Pre-Kindergarten. She has evolved into an extremely confident young girl who sees only success and believes she can accomplish anything. Emotionally, she has matured and is extremely empathetic to her classmates. Academically, the children are challenged and intrigued all while making the learning process fun.� JA C QU ELIN E ROSA , PAREN T

learning through play

In one of Kent Place’s lively preschool classrooms, children are giggling their way through a pile of seeds. Playtime? The children think so, but they are actually learning to sort and count, and they are learning about the seasons. This is play with a purpose. It is the way that young children learn best. Through dynamic, hands-on activities that the children love, we teach the beginnings of literacy, math, science, handwriting and world languages. All children are also introduced to music, art, drama, and movement. At the same time, we help them learn life skills such as problem solving, responsibility, and cooperation. Our boys and girls grow into not only excellent students, but also well-rounded individuals. Research shows that children who have the benefit of a quality preschool experience are more motivated learners, have better social skills and classroom behavior, and are more prepared for advanced schoolwork.



nurturing environment

“We are happy you came to school today.� These simple and important words start each day during circle time. We want girls and boys to know they are valued at Kent Place. We work hard to foster a joy-filled environment in which children feel secure. The more comfortable they feel, the more willing they are to take the risks that ensure maximum learning and growth. Our low student-teacher ratio allows teachers to spend part of each day working with children in small groups. Individual attention, along with opportunities for parents to get involved, creates a warm and close-knit community in which children flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.


“My son really grew as a leader, which has continued into his new school. He had all the preparation needed for success in the new, very challenging program that he is now in.” LIN D A ESTY, PA REN T



Jill Jasuta WR I T IN G:

Laughter and smiles bubble up easily and often in Kent Place preschool classrooms among children and teachers alike. Our teachers truly love what they do. To help each child learn and grow, they draw on strong backgrounds as early childhood educators, years of experience and ongoing professional development. Enthusiastic and dynamic, our teachers delight in finding new and innovative ways of helping children to connect with concepts, and to make discoveries large and small about their worlds and themselves. Because they know the boys and girls so well, our teachers are able to form a special connection with each child.

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With one teacher for every five children in Nursery and every seven children in Pre-Kindergarten, Kent Place provides many opportunities for personal attention.

“Every day, my daughter was thrilled to hop out of bed and head off to school. She learned so many foundation skills, but she did so while having fun with her teachers and friends. The entire preschool team made learning exciting — and set her up for the rest of her educational career. She was encouraged not to fit into a cookie-cutter mold but to be the best possible version of herself.” TARA ZIN N A , PA REN T

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