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Youth Ideas Easter Sign-Up Be the first to get someone to sign your list for each of the Easter characteristics, or to have the most names before the time is up.

Materials A list of characteristics related to the group and Easter

Game objective Be the first to get someone to sign your list for each of the characteristics, or to have the most names before the time is up.

Game Play 1. Give each person a copy of the Easter Sign-Up 2. Find someone to sign his or her name for each item on a list. To sign the list, the characteristic must be true of the person who signs it.

3. You can ask a person only one question at a time on the list. If the answer is no, you must go to someone else before returning to this person with another question. 4. If the answer is yes, have the person sign your list next to the item. 5. A person may only sign the list once.

How to win The first person to complete the list wins or after 10 minutes, the person with the most names is declared the winner. Check all answers to the winning list by calling the person’s name and the characteristic and verifying that it is true of the person.

Choose from the following sample characteristics or create your own * Has spent Easter in another country * Is wearing a cross * Ate an egg today * Hunted Easter eggs this year * Went to the sunrise service * Attended the Good Friday Service * Has 30 silver coins in his/ her pocket * Has ridden on a donkey * Has heard a live rooster crow

* Was baptized at Easter * Eats the ears first from chocolate Easter Bunnies * Ate a Hot Cross Bun this year * Is wearing new clothes * Read the Easter Story in his/ her Bible today * Gave someone an Easter Card * Has eaten Jelly Beans today * Can Quote John 3:16 * Dyed or decorated Easter eggs this year * Has a plastic Easter Egg

* Can sing the song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail� in its entirety * Can name the first two people who went to the tomb on Easter Morning. * Has an Easter basket at home * Is a Christian * Favorite Easter food is Marshmallow peeps * Does not like chocolate * Favorite Jelly Beans are the black ones * Took a family photo for Easter

Variation Place the items in a 5Ă—5 Bingo Grid. First person to get a bingo (5 in a row) wins then the first person to cover all also wins.

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