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INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY ANNUAL 2022 04 - Boston Dynamics - ‘SPOT’ Automate sensing & inspection, capture limitless data and explore without boundaries 06 - ZynQ 360 - Industry-leading digital twin software and visualisation solutions 08 - OMNI Integrity launches Innovative IOT Asset Integrity Solution 10 - Eelume Subsea Intervention - Reshaping underwater interventions with disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair 12 - Intelligent Plant - THE INDUSTRIAL APP STORE® that allows the efficient, secure distribution and analysis of data




14 - GA R&D Ltd - Delivering step-change efficiency in a green energy transition


16 - AIZE - Industry software that solves the worker’s problems


18 - GDI - Bringing innovation to the offshore repair industry 20 - iQx™ by AGR Software - Improving performance with digital well delivery 21 - Resman - Wireless Reservoir Surveillance reshaping the oil industry 23 - Re-Gen Robotics - UK’s first and only Zone 0 EX certified remote controlled, ‘No Man Entry’ robotic tank cleaning




24 - Arnlea - Intrinsix products to optimise mobility, data capture and efficiency in Asset Management 26 - VROC AI - Automated AI data solutions 28 - Norwell Edge - Transforming technical wells training 30 - HydraWell - Engineered solutions to replace traditional Plug & Abandonment techniques and downhole tooling solutions 32 - Surface Asset Management™️ - Changing the face of corrosion & inspection management



34 - AISUS - World-leading high-pressure cleaning, ultrasonic testing, and remote visual inspection technology 36 - Intertek - Helping you realise the value locked in your data 38 - Solab IT Services - Onboard Tracker’s intelligent tracking software 40 - 3T Transform - Innovative cloud-based training for the energy sector 42 - Cavitas Energy - Targeted downhole heating specialist

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KENNY DOOLEY MAIN EDITOR Welcome to the ‘OGV Innovation and Technology in Energy Annual 2022’, where we showcase some of the very best supply chain technologies that are helping to reduce cost, optimise efficiency and facilitate more sustainable outcomes for the energy sector. OGV Energy have featured an ‘Innovation Zone’ in our monthly industry publication ‘OGV Energy Magazine’, since its inception in September 2017 and it has long been one of our most popular sections, along with our ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur events for investors. With this in mind, we decided to publish an annual that celebrates the great and the good that the energy sector supply chain has to offer, so whether it is autonomous robotic dogs, self-propelled underwater robotic arms, digital twins or big data AI interpreting your offshore analytics, you will find it inside these pages, along with the contact details of the contributors!

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Automate sensing & inspection, capture limitless data and explore without boundaries

Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics is a world leader in mobile robots, tackling some of the toughest robotics challenges. We combine the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cuttingedge electronics, and next-generation software for high-performance robots equipped with perception, navigation, and intelligence. Boston Dynamics has an extraordinary and fast-growing technical team of engineers and scientists who seamlessly combine advanced analytical thinking with bold engineering and boots-in-the-mud practicality.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +16178685600 Address: 9PVR+2Q Waltham Massachusetts United States

TRANSFORMATIVE MOBILITY Spot is an agile mobile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently. The results? Safer, more efficient and more predictable operations.

SITE DOCUMENTATION Integrate Spot with a 360° camera and site documentation software to reduce time required to capture data and enhance employee productivity in documenting and managing site progress. Learn how Pomerleau uses HoloBuilder’s Spot integration to save 20 hours of employee time per week documenting a 500,000 sqft. project.

DIGITAL TWIN CREATION Equip Spot with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to create digital twins of worksites and identify rework sooner.

GAUGE READING Attach a Spot CAM to the base platform to collect color visuals and read analog gauges measuring pressure, flow, temperature, and more. Attach a PTZ to the Spot CAM to get 30x optical zoom and inspect gauges from afar.

LEAK DETECTION Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2019




202 21 202

Add processing to visuals collected by the Spot CAM payload to detect water and steam leaks around plants and note equipment with degraded performance.

NOISE ANOMALY DETECTION Equip Spot with a microphone or utilise the one on the Spot CAM to detect abnormal operating noises like ticking, grinding, or whirring.

THERMAL INSPECTION Equip Spot with a thermal camera to detect issue-indicating hot spots on machines or electrical conductors.

TUNNEL INSPECTION Drive Spot underground remotely post-blast to look for cracks and instabilities and ensure safe conditions for workers.


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WHY DOES BOSTON DYNAMICS MAKE LEGGED ROBOTS? Boston Dynamics focuses on creating robots with advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence. We have long held that mobility sufficient to access both the natural and the built world required legs. We began the pursuit of this dream over 30 years ago, first in academia and then as part of Boston Dynamics because it was an exciting technical challenge and because to build a highly mobile robot required it. We wanted to build a robot that could go where people go. The commonly referred to “dull, dirty and dangerous” tasks don’t occur solely on a neatly organised factory floor, they pop up in the natural world and in existing infrastructure. These are places where being effective requires deftly maneuvering through rocky trails, staircases, catwalks, doors or narrow cluttered passages. The environment can’t be conformed to the machine, and therefore the machine must be capable in the environment as it comes. While we take the natural world as inspiration for our robots, the design is ultimately motivated by functionality. Our robots end up moving like humans and animals not because we designed them to look like humans and animals but because we made them balance. Balance and

dynamic motion are characteristics we have previously only seen in animals. It is this organic quality of dynamically stable motion that people tend to associate with lifelike movement. Partly because of the benefits of dynamic motion, our robots can navigate tough unstructured, unknown or antagonistic terrain with ease. Wheeled and tracked robots are limited by stairs, gaps, ground-level obstructions such as cabling and staged materials and minor height differences in flooring. These environments don’t present the same challenges for legged robots.

“There are thousands of pounds of pressurised combustible material out there. High-pressure oil and gas can create risks for people working in close proximity. If we could have a robot with the proper sensors out there, we’d much rather do that.” Adam Ballard, Facilities Technology Manager, bp

WHAT MAKES BOSTON DYNAMICS UNIQUE? One of the things that makes Boston Dynamics unique is the ambition to build dynamically stable, legged machines. Marc Raibert began tackling this problem before anyone else in the world. And we’ve been at it since, almost 35 years. We’ve been inspired by and worked towards this goal for so long that we have invented techniques to make robots work that you can’t find in any textbook or technical article. The result is that we now know how to build walking machines of any size, shape, actuator style or powerplant. These unique designs enable our robots to conquer terrains inaccessible to others, and perform automated tasks in unstructured environments.

2022 I 2021



Technology That Inspires As a pioneer and industry leader in Digital Twin Software and Visualisation Solutions, ZynQ 360 supports companies with critical assets to transform operations, maintenance, and planning through a powerful combination of robust digitalisation strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and their own software, ZynQ. ZynQ is the most accessible, agile, and sustainable Digital Twin software available. Customisable across various industries, ZynQ optimises processes, maximises collaboration and enables effective remote working. With teams in Scotland, the US and Australia, the unrivalled experience and innovative multisector solutions provided by ZynQ 360 are currently helping some of the world’s largest organisations achieve business continuity targets and operational excellence.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1224 582430 Address: Leadside House 62 Leadside Road Aberdeen AB25 1TW

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: Launched




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TRANSFORMING OPERATIONS The powerful combination of robust digitalisation strategies and cuttingedge technology

With thousands of users, spanning across four different continents, it is clear this simple approach can deliver real value to organisations across the world.

With the recent rapid and unprecedented “Our goal in this ever-changing global landscape, move to remote working practices, where organisations have had to re-evaluate organisations continue striving to ensure their roadmap for digitalisation targets and operations and projects keep objectives, is to ensure that our clients running, engineering teams work are best placed to take advantage towards important deadlines, and remain competitive. The and all the while maintaining adoption of technology aligned Delivering a critical health and safety to an innovative digitalisation comprehensive end standards. The need for strategy will be crucial to digital transformation future-proofing ongoing to end managed has never been a more success. pressing priority. service that is Our philosophy, without effective from exception, is success in the Did you know, the human short term whilst adapting for brain is capable of processing day one the long term. The agility of our a visual image 60,000 times technology will deliver unsurpassed faster than text? ZynQ brings operational benefits that will help that incredible human ability to the transform how our clients operate both now workplace by enabling users to effectively and in the future. access, manage and share crucial data from anywhere at any time while giving Our core objective is to improve growth and the photographic visibility of your crucial assets. efficiency of our clients.” Accessing the image of a valve attached to a pipeline and seeing all the data that relates to Brian Dillon – ZynQ 360 Managing Director it has never been so simple.


ZynQ 360 Enterprise Licensing Model (ELM) The ZynQ 360 Enterprise Licensing Model (ELM) is at the core of how they deliver real value. It’s a sustainable, adaptable, and affordable solution that gives your entire workforce access to ZynQ without individual licensing costs and restrictions. With this holistic approach, whereby all designated stakeholders have full user licence status, ZynQ delivers unparalleled operational efficiencies and guaranteed cost savings through a comprehensive end to end managed service that is effective from day one. The ELM facilitates easy financial access to ZynQ and has further strengthened their industry-leading market position. With flexible pricing options that allows the spread of investment over the long-term without major upfront costs, adopting the ZynQ ELM will create savings that negate the net monthly outlay as well as an accelerated ROI.

ZynQ 360 Digital Twin


ZynQ 360 Digitalisation Consultancy Creating a digitalisation strategy that is fit for purpose is complex. Getting it wrong can have detrimental consequences for the business. ZynQ 360 have over 30 years of experience and expertise in the capture and digitalisation of assets and digital twin development. With proven knowledge and understanding of processes, they partner with you to develop your digitalisation strategy before implementing and maintaining this for complete sustainability.

The ZynQ Digital Twin delivers a comprehensive geo-spatial visualisation of an entire asset without having to physically be there. Built using many forms of visual data including 360 Photography, Point Clouds, Laser Scans, 3D Models and Drone Imagery, this scalable cloud-based solution can be securely accessed on any device with a web browser, making it truly accessible across your organisation. When you layer in P&ID generation from photogrammetry, drawings, plans, analytics, and other data integration, you have a unique Digital Twin that is both fast to comprehend and extremely powerful. ZynQ seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and applications making your Digital Twin easy to use and easy to access for your whole workforce, transforming everyday work tasks and enabling new ways of working. Connecting your people and teams will enhance communication and collaboration from remote locations around the world, improving decision-making and optimising business processes.


ZynQ 360 Software and Technology Improved communication and knowledge transfer through visualisation and data sharing will help to protect business continuity, reduce costly errors, streamline workflows, and increase sustainability while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint through the reduced requirement to visit sites. ZynQ 360 continue to invest heavily in new technologies and research, identifying and implementing up-to-the minute advancements in all forms of visualisation. With an agile approach to software development, they ensure innovation is at the forefront through delivering continuous updates, allowing constant access to the latest visualisation technologies for the future proofing of your digital operations. “We continue developing our technology to support and accelerate the transition of industries to an affordable net-zero future. We help our clients to achieve their goals and position themselves as technology leaders, inspiring a culture of innovation.” Brian Milne – ZynQ 360 Technical Director

Benefits • Advanced Operational Insight and Benefits • Data driven, improved decision-making and the optimisation of business processes • Substantially improve core efficiency, profitability and sustainability • Ability to plan and adapt to an evolving environment and maintain business continuity • Accelerate and Streamline Your Management of Change (MoC) processes • Supports and accelerates the transition of industries to an affordable net-zero future • Helps organisations achieve their digital potential while making operations safer, more efficient, and cost-effective • Making your data truly accessible to maximise collaboration, provide reliable integration, and revolutionise the way you manage your visualisation data

Working closely with you, the ZynQ 360 team will establish the organisation’s priorities and evaluate the current and potential digital status, identifying where digital efficiencies can be applied to expand growth opportunities and achieve safer, sustainable, and more cost-effective operations. Through a consultative approach including a Digital Maturity Assessment, the appropriate level of Digital Twin is identified and a bespoke solution designed and built. This is then integrated with your existing systems and delivered to best serve your needs and budget.

ZynQ 360 are fully committed to making you safer, more efficient and cost effective, to support your transition to a sustainable future. They are ready to provide a foundation for digital transformation by helping you simplify, modernise, and accelerate your business, now and in the future. I 2022



OMNI Integrity Established in 2020, OMNI Integrity, a subsidiary company of ICR Group, is an advanced digital full lifecycle asset integrity management solution developed by industry experts, that allows companies to manage, predict, plan and optimise their asset integrity management programmes. OMNI is built on the combined knowledge of integrity engineers, software developers, and data scientists, and years of cross-industry experience. OMNI’s software has been developed by industry and integrity experts and encompasses the entire integrity lifecycle from risk-based inspection (RBI) through to repair and inherently boasts features such as automation, tracking, collaboration and communication to help build cohesion across various assets and throughout entire organisations.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1224 822822 Address: ONE Tech Hub Schoolhill AB10 1JQ, Aberdeen Scotland, UK

Technology Development stage: Completed Launch date: 14th Feb 2022




202 2


Innovative IOT Asset Integrity Solution


MNI Integrity (OMNI), a subsidiary company of ICR Integrity Ltd, has launched a single source platform which improves data set integration and drives efficiencies to the integrity lifecycle workflow, through automation. OMNI’s platform streamlines traditional data capture methods by providing a cloud-based solution capable of integrating with the latest advancements in inspection technology, to store all inspection and condition monitoring methods into a centralised location for more informed business decisions. A project funded by Innovate UK saw a joint collaboration between OMNI Integrity, STC Insiso and Ionix Advanced Technologies; using the Ionix HotSense™ ultrasonic corrosion monitoring sensor, to achieve a proof of concept for OMNI’s latest Internet of Things (IoT) data capture product. The project was undertaken to create a centralised hub for connecting inspection technology (including advanced corrosion monitoring sensors, mobile tablet reporting, wireless and automated corrosion sensors, drones, robotics and ROV’s) into an integrity management platform, to improve the efficiency of interpreting and managing the resulting activities. The project allowed OMNI to develop an IoT application into the technical architecture of the software, where it was then able to connect and accept live data directly from the corrosion monitoring sensor. The application was developed in such a way that it is agnostic and can be integrated with different technology stacks, providing asset owners with a common platform for recording all inspection data in a consistent format, and seamlessly integrating the latest advancements in technology to the integrity process.

On completion of the project, OMNI’s new IoT application is able to autonomously achieve: • Live corrosion sensor data integration • Automatic data analysis and defect detection, through integrity operating windows (IOW’s) • Enables workpacks, inspections and anomalies to be raised and assessed; • Enables repair work orders to be raised and planned, with live API connection to CMMS • Full tracking and visualisation through automated KPI dashboard • All activities communicated through the built-in communications hub At the heart of OMNI’s platform is a full-lifecycle integrity management software. This includes a suite of 5 integrity modules, including Risk Based Assessment, Workpack, Inspection, Anomaly and Repair Modules, in which the new data capture product now forms an integral part of and provides a complete end-to-end integrity management capability. Within all industries, visibility is key, and that is why OMNI has been developed to be applied to sectors including renewables, nuclear and oil & gas, providing organisations with the latest empirical data in which to take highly informed business decisions. Assisting with improving the remote inspection process, OMNI helps operators extend asset life in a more efficient, yet cost effective way, whilst allowing organisations to rapidly deploy a full lifecycle digital solution and implement best practice. Established in 2020, OMNI Integrity is a subsidiary company of ICR Group. OMNI provides advanced integrity management software solutions designed and developed by asset integrity experts.



RESHAPING UNDERWATER OPERATIONS Eelume Subsea Intervention Eelume is a disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR). Eelume vehicles are basically self-propelled robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and carry out IMR in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles. Our vehicles are engineered to live permanently under water, where they can be mobilised 24/7 regardless of weather conditions. A continuous IMR capability near the subsea installations without the need for surface vessels means greener, safer and less costly subsea operations.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +47 46 500 700 Address: Transittgata 10 7042 Trondheim Norway

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date:




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The Eelume Concept Eelume is a disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR). Eelume vehicles are basically self-propelled robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and carry out IMR in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles. Our vehicles are engineered to live permanently under water, where they can be mobilised 24/7 regardless of weather conditions. A continuous IMR capability near the subsea installations without the need for surface vessels means greener, safer and less costly subsea operations.



System and Product Eelume vehicles are modular combinations of joints, thrusters and various payload modules. The slender body allows for precision hovering and manoeuvring even in strong ocean currents. Sensors and tools can be mounted anywhere along the flexible body. A dual-arm configuration is achieved by mounting tooling in each end and forming the vehicle body into a U-shape. One end of the arm can grab hold to fixate the vehicle, while the other end can carry out inspection and intervention tasks. One end of the arm can also provide a perspective camera view of a tool operation carried out at the other end.


The Eelume Story Eelume was established in 2015 as a spin-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). After a decade of research on snake robots in collaboration with the research organisation SINTEF, we decided to pursue industrial subsea applications of these amazing mechanisms. The strategic partnership formed with Kongsberg Maritime and Statoil (LOOP product development program) in 2016 ensures that our unique vehicle concept is fused with leading subsea experience and technology. In addition, the support from the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway has been vital to our success. We are immensely proud of our technology and progress, but our creative and highly motivated team is only at the beginning of its mission to reshape underwater operations.

All these flexible operational scenarios are made possible by the unique shape-changing capabilities of the Eelume vehicles. Eelume marine robots will be permanently installed on the seabed being ready 24/7 for planned and on-demand inspections and interventions regardless of weather conditions. This solution will dramatically save costs by reducing the use of expensive surface vessels, which are needed to support such operations today. Eelume underwater intervention vehicles can be installed on both existing and new fields where typical jobs include; visual inspection, cleaning, and operating valves and chokes. These jobs account for a large part of the total subsea inspection and intervention spend.

Applications: • Visual inspection • Cleaning • Operating valves and chokes I 2022



Intelligent Plant Formed in 2006, Intelligent Plant Limited is an award winning UK based ISO 9001 registered software engineering company, focused on providing innovative services and value adding solutions to a broad range of industries and research facilities.


The company’s growing technical team consists of experienced engineers and computer scientists who together provide innovative and tailored solutions to their global client base. We are best known for providing the world’s first and only truly open and secure IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) portal known as the Industrial App Store®. The Industrial App Store ® enables the secure remote performance monitoring of equipment and processes through the analysis and visualisation of real-time data, and in the management and interpretation of process alarm data.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0)1224 596001 Address: First Floor, 489 Union Street AB11 6AZ, Aberdeen Scotland, UK

Technology Development stage: Live

Allows The Efficient, Secure Distribution And Analysis Of Data


he Industrial App Store from Intelligent Plant makes getting value from your industrial data fast and easy by securing your data on-site and putting the applications in the cloud. Remove the classic hurdles associated with data lakes and get fast, easy access to analytics from anywhere. Most people are familiar with the term “apps”, which is an abbreviation of “applications” that are computer programs with a very specific and focused function. There are now hundreds of apps available on the Apple App Store that people download onto their iPhones and iPads providing both games and useful tools to book flights, identify music tracks from their audible signature or monitor your heart rate during exercise. These are great for personal use and tend to be easy to obtain at little or no cost. In the business world, there is a need for a similar platform to allow the efficient and safe distribution of industrial apps. This is where Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store® leads the way. The Industrial App Store is an online shop window and secure data access portal that allows anyone to provide a service that requires secure access to their client’s process data. This data stays on the clients network

so there is no need to copy, upload, or duplicate data in the cloud, which means no additional storage costs or transport fees. How does it work? Industrial App Store manages access to client data and only allows apps to request the data for which they have been given the necessary permissions to obtain. The data request from an authorised app is routed to the client’s data historian by the Industrial App Store and passes the data back to the app. The clients maintain intellectual and physical ownership of their data and there is no write back to their own data historian, only to a separate app results historian that Intelligent Plant provides for free. The beauty of this arrangement is that Industrial App Store clients don’t have to manage multiple connections and data requests in different formats and protocols to their servers on an ongoing basis. This reduces their cybersecurity risk to a single app store connection, which is established and tested once, is more easily monitored and, once set up, needs very little maintenance or support.

Launch date: 2016

Functions and Benefits


• Customised, jargon-free approach to suit specific IT business requirements.

• Intuitive, progressive technology that cuts the need for spreadsheets and transforms business processes.


• User friendly, fast, portable online system giving up to date and accurate information safely and efficiently.

• Users can access real-time data from a mobile, laptop or tablet, vessel, offshore platform or whilst on the move.

• Records vital day-to-day operations data ensuring highest safety standards are met.

• Simultaneously manages a workforce and enhances operations.


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O2 Tidal Turbine sending not only Power, but Data onshore Intelligent Plant recently won a project with the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and Orbital Marine Power to assist in deploying a data acquisition system for the O2 tidal turbine. The system, which is linked to Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store, allows remote access to real time mission critical data and provides a cloudbased platform for EMEC to carry out power performance assessments for wave and tidal energy developers. This will improve the accessibility, storage and security of data for Orbital Marine Power’s operators, technicians and other stakeholders, providing cutting-edge data management tools to monitor the performance and status of the asset while in operation. The Industrial App Store has been securely integrated with the systems onboard the Orbital O2 tidal turbine which was deployed at EMEC’s “Fall of Warness” tidal test site, in June this year as part of the Horizon 2020 FloTEC project. The configuration and deployment of the data acquisition system has been supported by the Interreg NWE OceanDEMO project. User-friendly dashboards enable quick, secure and easy access to relevant data streams from anywhere in the world. This will enable Orbital’s Engineers to access data from the O2 turbine in real time without a requirement for manual intervention. The Industrial App Store also provides data to EMEC’s performance test engineers, streamlining the analysis of the tidal turbine’s performance as part of EMEC’s accredited testing services. Invinity Energy Systems

O2 Tidal Turbine

Invinity Energy Systems, a global leader and innovator of utility-grade energy storage, uses the flexibility of Intelligent Plants Industrial App Store to monitor the performance of their installed batteries across the globe. Invinity’s modular vanadium flow batteries store energy in an aqueous solution that never degrades, even under continuous maximum power and depth of discharge cycling. This patented technology is non-flammable and requires minimal maintenance and upkeep throughout its 20+ year service life. Ideal for use alongside renewable generation, Invinity’s flow batteries meet the energy needs of business, industry and electrical networks safely, reliably and economically. The Company’s batteries have been deployed at more than 40 sites in 15 countries on 5 continents to date. Intelligent Plant are proud to be working with Invinity on visualising and analysing their global fleet of batteries. We see that energy storage is key to maximising the effectiveness of renewable resources. Invinity have access to all appropriate apps in the Industrial App Store which are already providing insights and enabling decision making on assets distributed around the world. We look forward to continuing this fascinating journey. Invinity Energy Systems I 2022



DELIVERING STEP-CHANGE EFFICIENCY In A Green Energy Transition Case Study - High-Deviation Gas Lift Intervention

GA R&D Ltd GA R&D Ltd, headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, develops highly innovative technology solutions for the global energy sector.

An Oil and Gas Operator was looking for ways to reduce cost when planning a highdeviation gas lift intervention programme on an offshore Malaysian asset. Previous to U-line™, predictive modelling of the planned intervention suggested that electric wireline tractor / stroker was the only feasible option for this operation. With the TD located at nearly 12,000ft with a long tangent section of nearly 8000ft held at 71deg, the operation also required delivery of sufficient force to the kickover tool arm when located within the target mandrel.

GARD U-line™ is a next-generation wellintervention conveyance technology, delivering significant savings within upstream oil & gas and geothermal intervention operations. U-line™ Roller enables lighter intervention and eliminates the need for running more costly and environmentally impactful services. 3C-Steam™ turbine technology involves a revolutionary thermodynamic process, redefining steam power generation efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by up to 25%. Our Technologies are truly disruptive, targeting step-changes in performance and design efficiency, in order to reduce cost and drive sustainability.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1224 047 063 Address: Wellington Circle | Office 12-13 Balmoral HUB | Wing A | Building One | Balmoral Business Park Aberdeen | AB12 3JG | UK

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2020




202 2

U-line™ offshore operation

Lowering the cost and risk of well-intervention GARD U-line™ is a next-generation, universal, conveyance roller offering lighter wellintervention and increased flexibility for well owners and service companies. Cost reductions are being achieved enabling lighter well-intervention even in high deviation, HPHT or debris challenged wells. Risk of failure to meet Target Depth for operations is addressed as U-line™’s unique features give the tool unparalleled low friction and necessary lift to pass through obstacles and penetrate further into wells than any other roller. Risk to asset is greatly reduced because of the innovative design which has no fasteners and self-conveys smoothly.

The kickover tool was successfully conveyed using a GARD U-line™ Roller tool string during the gas lift remediation programme, to reach target depth. Successful conveyance of the kickover tool using GARD U-line™ Rollers meant there was no need to deploy an electric wireline tractor / stroker combination, reducing time, risk to asset and leading to significant operational cost savings as a result.

• Extended reach in deviated wells • No fasteners • Slickline/e-line/digital line compatible • Large wheels for high offset

Increasing the efficiency of operations and logistics The unique design of U-line™ GARD U-line™ is makes it universal, meaning a next-generation, that one tool can be easily universal, conveyance adjusted on-site to cover slickline, e-line or digital roller offering lighter line and is also modular, well-intervention and meaning for different increased flexibility for casing or restriction sizes well owners and service the tool can be easily resized by fitting different wheels. companies. This means huge potential time saving for well-intervention operations from mobilisng just a small number of tools. As U-line™ Director Donald Mitchell explains, “The tool is hugely flexible, on some jobs it is acting as a high deviation roller, a centraliser and a weight-bar, all in one fully universal technology”.

U-line™ onshore operation




Going Global

Nigeria deal signing

U-line™ was invented and developed in Aberdeen with the support of Scottish Enterprise. GA R&D commercialised U-line™ first in West Africa in May 2020, followed by offshore operations in India and Malaysia before returning in 2021 to the UK for the first North Sea (UKCS) operations. In 2021 the company was also recognised as a select company by the History of Parliament Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation commemorative album presented by St James House. “Oil & Gas is very expensive to produce, so what we designed is a mechanical tool that goes into the wells and does whatever is required to keep production going,” says Yerasimos Angelis the inventor of U-line™.

India deal signing

U-line™ load-out in Aberdeen

allow its implementation. GA R&D remains a relatively small business, employing around 30 people across the world. Seven of these are based in the central office in Aberdeen, with the others scattered in 9 countries around the globe: in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, India, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria and Mexico. That means that Angelis is prepared to partner with larger firms to ensure the technology can be distributed around the world, “A perfect example for us is our partnership with Parveen Industries of India, we are proud to be exporting UK knowledge to India whilst contributing to the Government of India’s Make in India strategy. We are growing all over the World and it is always our model to support the local economy.”

“Before, this was done with very expensive technology so we are able to reduce by 90 to 95 per cent the cost for production of oil and gas for all of these wells that require such advanced technologies. We went to West Africa to deliver this technology and have become the number-one company doing this globally in Asia. We are attempting to do something nobody else has ever attempted before. We had about 40 operations through 2021 and every one was fantastic; nobody could beat us because they don’t have a competitive technology.” Following his long experience with the new technologies, Angelis understands that simply developing great technology is not enough in itself. A successful technology requires partnerships and a business model that will

Our Technologies are truly disruptive, targeting step-changes in performance and design efficiency, in order to reduce cost and drive sustainability. I 2022




Aize Aize was founded in 2020 with a vision to fundamentally change how capitalintensive projects and operations are performed. Developed by and for domain experts, the Aize workspace allows users to see, navigate, collaborate and work on assets digitally. The company is building on 30 years of software experience and 180 years of industrial heritage as part of the Norwegian Aker group. Aize is based in Norway and the UK.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 7522 729412 Address: Building 2, Aberdeen International Business Park, Dyce Drive, Aberdeen, AB21 0BR, United Kingdom

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2020

INDUSTRY SOFTWARE That Solves The Worker’s Problems


e founded Aize in 2020, and already benefit from solid industry collaborations. We root our mission to transform the industry in five decades of world-leading offshore industrial expertise. With Aize, we are now creating one core product with modules and functionality that will serve heavy-asset industries throughout their life cycle.

For us, the worker is in focus The Aize workspace lets your data collaborate so that your people can collaborate in real-time, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and physical meetings freeing up time for every industry worker to do their actual job. Our goal: To create industrial software enabling one single source of truth for companies and experts building, operating and collaborating on heavy assets, enabling them to utilise the digital twin in the best way possible.

For workers in EPC




202 2

Aize lets you coordinate capital-intensive projects together in real-time. Streamline all communication and relevant data involved in designing, constructing, and commissioning heavy assets into a single source of truth. Aize empowers contractors, vendors and partners to make unified decisions based on the same information. A combination of 3D visualisation, advanced information modelling and Google-like search experience will help you understand data in actual context, driving efficiency and profitability of greenfield developments as a result.

For workers in operations Aize is a collaborative, shared workspace bringing entire heavy assets to its operator’s fingertips. Running an operating facility can be capital-intensive and requires solid control over maintenance and safety. That’s why Aize provides a single access point to all engineering data by integrating internal and 3rd party apps. As a result, operators are always a few clicks away from determining the overall asset performance, enabling them to act quickly and confidently.

3 things you should know about Aize 1. Our job is to keep every industry worker involved in heavy-asset projects or operations in the know and help them excel at their job. 2. Digitalisation is not the goal in itself. We work to create a simpler, more creative and more productive every-day for industry workers, empowering them to spend less time looking for information and more time on critical tasks. Aize helps build more sustainable and competitive companies, both large and small. 3. We focus on our domain because we genuinely believe the change in the oil and gas industry is essential to changing everything. Building a more sustainable future will take time. We are doing our part in speeding up the process by starting in the industry we believe is most influential at the moment.

Find out more about Aize at

Mechanical Pipe Connector

Piping Repair, Tie-In or End Capping seal verification port

taper lock grips


dual graphite seals


Permanent pipe to flange connection where welding may be undesirable. The slipover design and external gripping assembly enables a quick and cost-effective solution, with no specialist installation or testing equipment required.






IMPROVING PERFORMANCE With Digital Well Delivery

iQx™ by AGR Software AGR Software delivers a bespoke iQx™ platform that helps energy companies digitise their well delivery process with immediate results. The platform is applicable both for hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon projects.

iQx ™ suite of applications includes: P1™ - Probabilistic time and cost estimation CT ™ - Actual time and cost tracking Ex™ - Learning from experiences D2™ - Increased automation in drilling related document generation RIG – Drilling unit scheduling

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +47 959 21 003 Address: Karenslyst allé 4, Skøyen NO-0278 Oslo, Norway

Technology Development stage: New version of industry recognised P1 and D2 applications to be released in H2/2022 aiding even greater efficiencies for uncertainty assessment around cost and time budgeting and automated document creation.


he last couple of years especially have put to test just how successfully operators and service companies alike have implemented the digital solutions throughout all aspects of their operations to sustain business and mitigate environmental impact. One area where digitisation can deliver clear benefits is in well delivery. iQx™ state-of-the-art software enables significant efficiency gains within this area. The plug-and-play system offers energy companies the opportunity to increase work-flow automation, empower collaboration between internal and external stakeholders and provides high quality data for well informed strategic investment decisions. The platform is designed to be utilised throughout the well life cycle from exploration to late life both in hydrocarbon and renewable energy projects. More than 1,500 users globally already log into the system daily to manage their well construction. They appreciate the application’s intuitive interface and simple user experience.

Seamless flow of information Traditionally, critical project well data has been stored separately by each skills discipline and contractor, making end-to-end data visibility impossible and resulting in the project manager wasting significant time searching and verifying well information. Now both internal and external parties can access well project data through one data hub that spans all project phases ranging from the planning through rig scheduling, and operations to the final well report. Everyone is aligned around a single cloud platform. The system allows powerful insight to be shared among those delivering the project.

Consistency in data Tracking and managing well delivery data can be very manual and labor-intensive leaving it open to human error as data is copied from one system to another. Through OpenAPI, wellknown industry well delivery systems can be synchronised to iQx™. As a result, one common platform ensures all project data is stored, verified, and standardised. This leads to teams both onshore and offshore operating within the same platform where the data is presented in the daily drilling report and final well report in a consistent and concise manner.

Greater collaboration and knowledge transfer One of the key benefits of digitalisation is improved collaboration and knowledge transfer. Project tasks can be easily assigned so that roles and responsibilities are not only clear but are auditable. Improved collaboration culminates in a more insightful and efficiently produced well delivery documentation. Greater knowledge transfer enables learning from best experiences and opens opportunities to repeat successes and minimise failures during future projects.

Increased automation With increasing pressure on delivering drilling projects efficiently, digital well delivery offers an easy win. With a digital solution like iQx™, the workload of various project stakeholders is distributed so that repetition of data insertion is minimised. When the project reaches its reporting phase, the data is already stored in the system and the report can be generated automatically and shared within days. Additionally, pre-inserted content can be complemented by adding documents and files. Using the predefined templates enables the engineer to complete reporting in a shorter timeframe and the Company to achieve standardisation of reports with improved data accuracy and quality.



Wireless Reservoir Surveillance. WATCH VIDEO

"DIGITISING THE WELLBORE” Reshaping The Oil Industry


hemical Tracer Systems in conjunction with trend profiling represent a technology to digitise the wellbore to enable zone-specific well event processing, exception-based well surveillance and continuous monitoring for optimised oil production.

Reshaping the oil industry – Digitalisation Digitalisation is gaining increasing attention and focus among oil industry companies where the aim is to digitise all elements of the full oil production and export value chain. Elements of the well, facilities, compressors, pipelines, terminals etc. should ideally become digitised and relevant data values will be fed into an integrated asset model in real-time to enable exception-based asset surveillance and to support critical operational decisions.

Digitising the Wellbore REMAN Proprietary Inflow tracers allow digitisation of the wellbore as an element in the Digital Oilfield. Permanently installed chemical tracer systems represent a non-invasive and non-electric technology to provide zonal resolution and hence digitising of the full wellbore. The technology enables trend analysis to identify changes in oil/ water/gas inflow and skin in each zone of the well to support operational decision-making to optimise production at different time scales. The foundation of the technology is that unique chemical tracers are embedded in a polymetric matrix in the form of plastic rods and installed in appropriate completion components such as a sand screen, ICD screen, tacer carrier pup joint etc. in specific zones of the well. There are three types of tracers being water, oil and gas tracers, these are released from the polymeric matrix when in contact with water, oil and gas respectively. The tracers remain dormant until the polymeric rods are wetted by the target substance. The tracers are transformed from the specific zone in the well-stream to topside in ultralow concentrations.

Plotting data and correlating data is a very powerful analytic and visual technique where human (and potentially artificial) cognition and algorithms can be used and potentially trained to recognise patterns and relates these to changes in zone-specific reservoir l behavior. Often this involves changes in slopes and data anomalies. And so, by correlating changes in production data with changes in tracer concentrations (ng/ml) and tracer fluxes (mg/day) changes in zone-specific behaviors can be interpreted and identified. Such co-trend analysis, diagnostic plotting and pattern recognition represent the foundation of continuous monitoring of the well at zonal resolution. By providing zonal resolution permanently installed chemical tracers digitise very important elements of the oil field asset – the productive and unproductive zones of the wellbore. This element is important to digitise in a digital oilfield model as the zones are typically around the perforations that represent the fundamental physical connection between the hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir and the pathway by which the oil flow to surface. Following the acquisition of Restrack, RESMAN has expanded its portfolio and harvested synergies from: • A large number of unique tracers for inflow, interwell and single well tracers • Chemistry and analytical excellence

Innovative data acquisition technology to provide LONG TERM, RELIABLE, RISK FREE reservoir monitoring. RESMAN has delivered wireless inflow monitoring to the petroleum industry for over a decade and has invested heavily in research since 2005 to develop the inflow tracer technology to meet the market needs demands. With the acquisition of the pumpable tracer service provider Restrack in 2018, RESMAN has enhanced its portfolio to provide continuous monitoring and digitalisation of the wellbore. Now with a combined product and service offering , RESMAN is committed to support oil companies gain insights about their reservoirs, ultimately improving the effectiveness of their reservoir management decisions. We are is committed to the protection of the environment with low carbon footprint and “Enhanced Oil Recovery” technology, which assist the operators improve global environmental sustainability.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 7899 763463 (UK) Address: 17 Abercrombie Ct, Westhill, AB32 6FE, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Technology Development stage: Inflow gas tracer technology has recently completed extended field trials. Launch date: Inflow gas tracer reservoir monitoring available from Q1 2022.

• Interpretation excellence • Global footprint and field experience

RESMAN offers O&G companies well and reservoir surveillance services to optimise production and increase the net present value of the asset by identifying productivity, well events and reduce subsurface uncertainty. This enables operational decision support on well and reservoir management and targeted well operations at zonal resolution.




202 2 I 2022

Oil and gas regulators are placing greater emphasis on organisations to display that the workforce they provide are competent.

Namaka Compliance brings you Athena a cloud based competence Management system that allows organisations to display and maintain competence records with ease.

Utilising a cloud based system

Realtime viewing and defined percentages of competencies.

Revolutionising Competence Management Globally

A system of controlling interim competence.

Using EX Rated equipment for video assessments.

Having a cyber security assured process to ensure all data is protected.

Athena allows users to conduct remote assessments and verifications and provides a real-time snapshot and tracking of workforces competence profiles. The system reduces risks by allowing remote assessments and verifications while also reducing the carbon footprint of any organisation. Athena was created by Training and Competence specialists after a workforce engagement was conducted to ensure the system works for the organisation and end-users.




Re-Gen Robotics WATCH VIDEO



y sending revolutionary robots into dangerous confined spaces, clients are not only eliminating the dangers and liabilities associated with confined space entry, but they are also saving time, money by reducing operational downtime for their tanks. Re-Gen Robotics’ unique, closed loop cleaning system can reduce cleaning time, significantly decreasing downtime and loss of production whilst oil tanks are not operational. The need for additional tank capacity, permit delays and additional support teams is eliminated. On average robotic tank cleans are 40 to 80 per cent faster than a manned crew. A white oil tank which would ordinarily take an eight-person team, eight days to clean can now be cleaned in 2.5 days, reducing 280 manhours of CSE to zero hours. Safety and protection of personnel during tank cleaning services are of the utmost importance to the team at Re-Gen Robotics. At no time during the cleaning process is there a requirement for human presence in the confined storage container. The entire tank cleaning system can be set up in two hours, which is a fraction of the time required for human crews to prepare to enter a tank. The technical operator remains in a Zone 1 control unit, where activity is scrutinised through a series of ATEX cameras and gas monitoring equipment fixed to the robot. Using high pressure, low flow jetting systems and a powerful 4,800 c/m3 vacuum, the robotic system is designed to easily fit through a standard 600mm manway, using externally fitted hydraulic ramps. It has the power to clean the largest oil tanks with no hassle and can handle heavy fuel oil, crude oil and sludge. Re-Gen Robotics offers four main robotic tank cleaning services to include Fixed Roof, Floating Roof, Heavy Fuel Oil and Coned Floor cleaning. The entire tank cleaning operation is recorded and made available to clients upon completion.

All files are date and time stamped to ensure the process is traceable for auditing purposes and a record of gas detection readings is issued on completion of each vessel cleaning, produced by the onboard gas monitoring equipment. The intelligent onboard truck telemetry system aggregates data which is analysed to optimise the cleaning process. Providing real time information to clients means they can monitor energy consumption and waste generation, vital for both conserving funds and running a cleaner, greener business. Applying fully integrated, 100% no man entry, closed loop, robotic cleaning technology is where a monumental difference is being made to safety in oil tank industry. Robotic tank cleaning is eradicating industry fatalities and hugely decreasing all risk categories, by eliminating human exposure to confined spaces. In 2020 Re-Gen Robotics was presented with the Safety Technology Award at the Global Tank Storage Awards, for ‘revolutionising safety in the tank terminal industry’. In December 2021, the company was recognised with three awards at the Energy Industries Council Awards, including the Innovation Award, the Sustainability Award and the prestigious Company of the Year Award. The EIC praised Re-Gen Robotics for applying their 100% no man entry robotics technology to ‘reduce the personal risk of a routine activity that many people are not aware of but is an essential industry task’. Additionally, the company has been shortlisted in the Safety Technology and Outstanding Achievement categories for The Global Tank Storage Awards 2022. This Spring will see several new patents come to market that will allow Re-Gen Robotics to carry out more and more diverse tasks remotely and plans are also in place to further develop existing robotic equipment, as the firm invests to serve growing European and worldwide demand.

Re-Gen Robotics’ award-winning tank cleaning systems solve all the problems of safety, manpower, time and effective utilisation of resources connected with cleaning of oil tanks. Productivity is enhanced and tanks can be brought into operation again more quickly. Thanks to a highly standardised and selfcontained operation process, the cleaning schedule is very precise, allowing clients to reasonably estimate the amount of time needed for cleaning any given tank. There are clear advantages for tank terminals: fixed costs, reduced paperwork and permits, and no requirement for capital outlay and standby rescue teams. To date the company has eliminated 10,000+ hours of CSE cleaning in tanks. Over 30 tanks consisting of white oil, black oil and distillate tanks in gas plants have been cleaned and they have completed the first worldwide, 100% no man entry tank cleans for oil majors such as Shell, P66 and Vermilion, among others. These companies have now adopted no man entry tank cleaning as their only preference for tank cleaning and this service now sits at the core of their safety strategy. Shell has committed to end manned tank cleaning across its operations by the end of 2022, with other majors looking at 2025. Since 2019, Re-Gen Robotics has made £7 million investment across several key areas including their people, service offering, stateof-the-art headquarters, and robotic equipment and trucks, in preparation for significant international growth.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 28 300 50 800 Address: Unit 7, Shepherd’s Drive, Carnbane Industrial Estate Newry, BT35 6JQ

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2019 I 2022


INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY How does Intrinsix work?


Arnlea Arnlea is a SaaS company working extensively in the Energy industry, supplying its Intrinsix products to optimise mobility, data capture and efficiency in Asset Management. Intrinsix is available as a complete solution or in separate modules – IntrinsixIM for Inspections & Maintenance, IntrinsixMM for Materials Management as well as IntrinsixEX for the inspection & maintenance of hazardous area equipment –running standalone or fully integrated with clients’ corporate systems. Deploying Intrinsix enables multi-million pound savings and payback of the system well within a year, whilst improving operational excellence, compliance, and asset integrity.

· IntrinsixMM for Materials Management enables track & trace of all stock, materials and equipment; harness the mobility and connectivity of Intrinsix on the “shop floor”. · IntrinsixIM for Inspections and Maintenance provides plant operators with the tools to ensure safety and the effective operation and maintenance of equipment. Intrinsix configurable strategies allow data capture of full asset inspections from hoses and small bore tubing to lifting equipment and everything in between. · IntrinsixEX for Hazardous Area Inspection and Maintenance uses mobile Auto-ID technology such as RFID tags alongside strategies including RBI to increase compliance and decrease costs in your Ex inspections and maintenance activities.

Mobile and AIDC technology Arnlea’s core capability and experience lies in the application of mobile and AIDC technology, which is at the heart of our Intrinsix software. In short, it enables front-line supply chain and operations personnel to carry out their activities quickly, easily and accurately. Using handheld mobile devices, inspectors can read RFID tags easily. The devices themselves are ruggedised for use in warehouses and hazardous or challenging field environments. They range from smartphone-like devices and tablets through to Zone 1 ATEX-certified handheld devices suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres. Fixed readers can also be deployed at points throughout the supply chain, along with active RFID tags to enable tracking and tracing of equipment, materials, and containers. Standalone or Integrated Customers can choose whether to run Intrinsix as a standalone system or integrate seamlessly with their corporate operational system. Intrinsix has its own database to allow office and field-based management and staff to use their desktop computers, for data entry and processing, as well as comprehensive web-based reporting, allowing management to make faster, better informed decisions.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1224 620000 Address: Johnstone House, 50-54 Rose Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB10 1UD, UK

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 1994 (first version) 2021 (latest update)




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For many of our customers, their corporate and asset management systems are an integral part of their organisation and processes and this ability for our software to integrate tightly and securely with their own, is an important requirement. Intrinsix addresses the need for a secure environment with the validation and authentication of ERP/EAM system users on its handheld mobile devices. Many of our customers’ operating locations do not have the capability to connect to a network and here, Arnlea’s experience unmatched and invaluable. Intrinsix mobility solutions operate in both connected and standalone mode, allowing data to be captured and retained on our handheld mobile devices unhindered, with the data transfer taking place once the device is docked into a connected environment or when Wi-Fi connectivity is re-established.




Functions and Benefits • Standalone or integrate with existing ERP/EAM systems, such as SAP and Maximo, to make using Intrinsix straightforward for any business. • Enriches existing business processes by enhancing both data capture and management reporting. • Delivers significant operational efficiency through providing consistency, enhancing team productivity and uniformity of recording to improve overall decision-making. • Unambiguous equipment and materials identification which reduces shelf-life and improves better audit trail. • Reduces costly over-stocking by creating more accurate stock records and capacity. • Effective frontline data capture by standardising reporting. • Promotes plant uptime and regulatory compliance by reducing inaccuracies and incorporating compliance into the software. • Promotes a safer working environment by coordinating inspections and raising individual engagement with specific product risk. • Reduces project lead times by enabling better use of time and teams. • Simple user adoption to improve productivity, operational efficiency and user engagement. • Rapid return on investment allowing CAPEX focus to shift to other core areas. I 2022



VROC AI VROC is an Industrial Big Data and Artificial Intelligence company. Our unique approach democratises data analytics and equips operators and engineers with real-time critical insights for increased reliability, safer worksites, predictive maintenance, and optimised processes. Our automated end-to-end AI pipeline is an enterprise solution enabling both data experts and SMEs to access their asset data, build and run AI models to target specific outcomes and receive automated insights and alerts without the need for programming or coding. VROC = intelligent insights for smarter decisions.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 7758 120495 Address: Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB11 5BS

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2016

AUTOMATED AI DATA SOLUTIONS Scalable AI for tangible business value: • Reduce maintenance costs with AI predictive maintenance • Improve asset reliability and performance with optimisation insights • Reduce flaring and emissions • Avoid unplanned shutdowns • Empower remote teams with real time insights and alerts • Early interventions with easily identified root causes and contributing factors • Accurate time to failure predictions providing better planning of maintenance and spares • Holistic analysis of the asset detects contributions from seemingly un-connected processes • Modernise your data historian using VROC’s DataHub4.0 • Enterprise solution for the performance management of multiple assets with ease • Start generating business value in as little as four weeks

AI tools to empower your existing team: Engineers Discover when the next failure or undesirable event is likely to occur with your equipment or process. Receive alerts on potential upcoming failures or changes in asset behaviour, allowing you to investigate, plan and prioritise maintenance and manage budgets. Without coding or programming experience, engineers can easily produce AI models that match their objectives, and customise dashboards to monitor equipment status, not only today, but into the future. At VROC, we understand that for Engineers it’s not about the data or the technology, it’s about generating accurate insights to help improve day-to-day business and technical decisions and outcomes.

Data Scientists




202 2

Instead of spending enormous amounts of time wrangling and manipulating data, and then struggling to productionise models, VROC’s platform with its inbuilt AutoML and MLOps features, automates the end-to-end AI pipeline. Our scalable pipeline allows data scientists to put large-scale models into production, enabling them to focus their time on highly complex business challenges and tailored solutions, which will deliver the greatest business value.

IT and Data Engineers Managing legacy servers, historians and databases is a complex job with many stakeholders. Ensuring data integrity and quality is challenging even with the largest teams. VROC’s distributed historian, DataHub4.0, uses a modern microservices approach, making it fast, scalable, and reliable, so you can meet the requirements of your stakeholders while reducing your overhead costs. With a modern approach to your industrial big data storage needs, you can help democratise the use of data within your organisation and scale your digital transformation.



Predictive Maintenance Successes with VROC • Turbine generator failure from loose cooling fan belt was predicted with 12 days advance notice, saving $122,500 USD • High lube oil temperature was predicted with 18 days advance notice on a turbine generator saving $156,500 USD • Gas Compressor low suction pressure sudden trip was predicted 3 days in advance, saving $72,000 USD • Gas Compressor low discharge pressure sudden trip was predicted 4 days in advance, saving $36,000 USD • Produced Water Pumps mechanical seal failure was predicted 5 days in advance, saving £40,000 and entire plant trip avoidance of up to £1M • Water Injection Pump mechanical seal failure prediction, saving up to £80,000 without early intervention if the seal had been destroyed

VROC in action to solve some of the industry’s most challenging problems: Controlling oil content in produced water (Oily Water) Understanding key contributing factors to out-of-spec oily water and predictions of upcoming oily water excursions is of high value for operations teams. VROC produced multiple sets of AI models to assist with monitoring and optimising a client’s frequent oily water excursions and identified major contributing factors. The results identified critical adjustments needed and calibrations to equipment in the produced water cycle process, up to 24hours ahead with a model accuracy of 97%. Using the insights, the client team were able to control their oily water spec and avoid associated production restrictions and fines.

Controlling moisture content of produced gas VROC was asked to assist a client monitor and optimise the glycol regeneration process on an offshore platform. The challenge was to optimise the moisture content at the output of glycol contactor to maximise the glycol recovery from the process and avoid shutdowns every three days due to high moisture. Using VROC’s AI platform, the client was able to predict the status of moisture content in the glycol contactor with 96.8% accuracy along with the major factors contributing to moisture content. Using the insights provided, the asset owner was able to optimise the glycol recovery with an estimated saving of 1.14M USD.

AI study of sub-surface instability and sanding events Unplanned shutdowns and events cause major disruption and come with high costs to asset operators. VROC conducted a study monitoring sub-surface undesirable and imminent activities including sand events, slugging etc, through studying both topside critical equipment and data from wells. The VROC platform was able to produce highly accurate models showing a strong capability of monitoring and predicting sub-surface undesirable activities leading to potential sand events. These critical insights provided our client with the details to take necessary preventative action to avoid future loss of production, along with costly repairs and equipment replacement costs.

In some of these predicted events, the failure was predicted during real-time monitoring of an indirect parameter (sensor) as the actual failure identifier data was not accessible or monitored through the PI historian. Despite this, the AI was able to detect minor anomalies with gradual changes through other sensors. The reliability and operations teams used the AI insights to proactively investigate, bring online and switch over equipment to prevent sudden failures and trips. These insights lead to improved safety and production.

Corrosion in pipe network A phase-one study was recently completed on an onshore oil and gas producer’s network of buried and above ground pipes to assess the integrity of their raw data, identify the contributing factors to the failure mechanism CO2 and MIC, and provide insights and recommendations into data sources for long term monitoring. With a limited historical data set, VROC was able to map the corrosion events on pipeline profile and GIS data to locate the hotspots along the pipeline.

Contact Jonathan Cowie to schedule a demo: I 2022




Norwell EDGE is on a mission to transform technical wells training

W Norwell EDGE With the oil and gas sector under pressure to be ever leaner and greener, having highly competent teams is critical. Norwell EDGE’s leading e-learning platform delivers world-class technical wells training to the global oil and gas industry – helping to boost performance, reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Courses are designed around OGUK guidelines and use the latest online learning and gaming technology to deliver training that significantly improves knowledge retention when compared to traditional classroombased training. Bite-sized content that combines animations, videos, virtual 3D scenarios, quizzes, and graphics enables training to fit around operational requirements. Norwell EDGE’s innovative e-learning technology enables individuals to learn more, faster – empowering teams and delivering sustained performance improvements.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0)1224 933301

hile most aspects of operational activity have been enhanced through digitalisation, one area that has lagged behind is training. It’s never been more urgent for oil and gas companies to find an effective, yet affordable way to ensure their people have the right skills to meet the exploration and production challenges of today and the future. Now is the perfect time for companies to transition from traditional classroom-based training to a digital solution. Norwell EDGE combines extensive oil and gas expertise with the latest e-learning technology to deliver a platform that provides one of the highest quality training experiences available. Improved knowledge retention Norwell EDGE blends cutting edge digital learning software with gaming technology to deliver bite-sized training content that continuously reinforces content and motivates learners. This hybrid approach includes animations, graphics, 3D virtual scenarios, videos and quizzes and is proven to boost knowledge retention by four times that of classroom-based training. All of Norwell EDGE’s course content aligns with guidelines. Virtual well scenarios A crucial aspect of training is the opportunity to put skills to the test in a safe environment. Norwell EDGE’s suite of 3D scenarios transport learners to virtual well sites – both on and offshore - where they are required to complete tasks linked to their learning. Virtual scenarios can also be designed to represent a company’s specific project or asset.

Tailored training programmes Developed on the latest e-learning interface, Norwell EDGE provides a highly flexible approach to digital training. In-depth modules span the entire E&P lifecycle and cater for both entry-level professionals, operational teams, and senior managers. Modules can easily be mixed and matched to create a training programme that is specific to each team’s competency needs. The number of users can be quickly be scaled up or down depending on requirements. Auditable training history In addition to the latest technology Norwell EDGE’s solution also ensures training stays with the individual even when they move company. Not only can they permanently access completed modules to build a valuable reference point, but it allows employers to access a comprehensive and trusted record of completed training. What’s more, managers can track progress as employees undertake their training and access a detailed performance report. Industry collaboration Ensuring everyone can access quality oil and gas training – no matter where in the world they are – Norwell EDGE’s founding principle. It partners with energy firms, universities, and industry bodies around the globe to continuously develop and optimise the training technology. Most recently, collaborating with Spirit Energy, Neptune Energy, TotalEnergies and other energy firms to launch a digital Well Integrity training course that is being rolled out to thousands of workers.

Address: Davidson House Aberdeen Innovation Park Campus One, Bridge of Don AB22 8GT, Aberdeen, UK

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2018

E-learning is the smarter way to train teams. It ensures individuals learn more, faster and gives employers greater oversight and control over training programmes and content.

new thinking, new technology...


K-Punch K-Punch is a modular hole punching tool

K-Set is a unique electro-mechanical downhole setting tool, capable

combinable with K-Set and can be configured

of delivering up to 90,000 lbs of linear force which can be used to set,

to punch single or multiple, oriented holes

or un-set, plugs and packers in a wide range of tubing and

in a single run. K-Punch can punch holes

casing sizes. K-Set is suitable for use on any conveyance

in a range of tubing and casing

method including slickline, digital slickline,

sizes from 2-7/8” to 9-5/8”.

electric line and coiled tubing.

K-Fish Pull and push functionality with integral anchor

K-Fish is a simple adaption to K-Set and can be configured to retrieve stuck fish and manipulate downhole completion items. K-Fish contains an integral

Retrieve stuck fish, move valves

anchor and can provide push and pull capability in a range of

Connects directly to K-Set

tubing and casing

2.125” K-Fish for 2-7/8”, 3.5”

sizes from

2.75” K-Fish for 4.5”, 5.5”

2-7/8” to 9-5/8”.

3.6” K-Fish for >4.5”

Units 1 & 2, Energy Development Centre, Aberdeen Energy Park, Aberdeen, U.K. AB23 8GD © Kaseum Technology Ltd 2020

Email: Web:




for the environment with superior solutions

HydraWell HydraWell is a global Well Integrity specialist, providing engineered solutions to replace traditional Plug & Abandonment techniques and downhole tooling solutions. Established in 2008 and headquartered in Stavanger, the experienced team is committed to developing the most advanced downhole solutions to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs and minimise environmental footprint. Hydrawell push boundaries and is focused on inventing ingenious technologies to transform well operations around the world.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +47 51 69 76 00 Address: HydraWell UK Ltd Unit 1 Bond Building Howe Moss Dr, Kirkhill Ind. Estate AB21 0GL, Dyce, Aberdeen, UK

Technology Development stage: Live Launch date: 2010




202 2


hen it comes to well integrity, ingenious and environmentally aware solutions which lead the charge in pushing boundaries should be central to the planning and successful delivery of any forward-thinking project. With an increasing need to zoom in on sustainable strategies, more and more companies are carefully examining their impact on the world in which they operate and it’s ever more important for them to look at how they can do their bit. Driven by a relentless passion for technological advancement and a desire to re-think existing well integrity operations, HydraWell’s team of innovators has combined its long and proud Norwegian heritage with globally won experience to carve out a strong track record in Plug &

Abandonment (P&A) operations, underpinned by a well sustainability strategy and a deeper sense of responsibility. Offering smart, superior, sustainable options which exceed expectations lies at the heart of everything HydraWell does and a 98% plugging success rate means customers have confidence that environmental conscious options can successfully marry with optimum results, wherever and whenever they are needed and even at short notice. As an inventive solutions provider with an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) mindset fully embedded in all areas of the business, HydraWell is committed to reducing carbon footprint and waste generation both internally and for each and every one of its clients. An unstinting commitment to ESG best practices has been woven into corporate policies to ensure careful monitoring and improvement on performance across all technology development projects, operational performance, business activities and facilities management. HydraWell has introduced annual improvement targets that are shared with stakeholders and encompass energy saving initiatives, reduced travel requirements through IT upgrades and choice of facilities to reduce its own carbon footprint. From Stavanger to the world, the company has its finger on the pulse on how best to transform well operations thanks to constant exploration of


new avenues and bringing to market ingenious solutions. These increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact as well as having the potential to reduce operating costs by up to millions of dollars so it’s little wonder demand is on an upward trajectory.

alternative. Based on reduced operating times of diesel-powered semi-submersible drilling units, that’s 720MT CO2 emissions – or the equivalent of 6km of car travel for every well HydraWell’s technology helps to abandons. Furthermore, PWC® can report six-and-a-half years LTI free and it produces zero swarf handling issues and zero metal shavings sparking huge and positive environmental benefits due to the elimination of transportation needs, pollution risk and landfill capacity.

Key to putting words into action and shaking up the market in recent times has been the design, development and testing of HydraWell’s patented Perforation, Wash & Cement (PWC®) portfolio for wellbore specialist applications. In one recent example working with a North Whilst customers around the world have been Sea operator, the pioneering PWC® system familiar with the technology and its benefits for successfully allowed drilling to continue thus some time, close collaboration has facilitated enabling access to new reserves, significant enhancement in operational avoiding costly re-sidetracking of efficiency – and the identification of the well and crucially achieving new applications for this flexible desired outcomes within system which can be adapted to PWC® technology limited timeframes. Using a rise to new challenges. offers a step-change in PWC® solution allowed the performance and has the zonal isolation challenge to From permanent P&A and slot potential to slash the be fixed, ten days of rig-time recovery to restoring annulus operational sequence by up to be saved and production integrity and casing show to six days when compared to be delivered faster and at repair, HydraWell’s PWC® to the conventional section lower risk. nimble method enables highly efficient installation of rock-tomilling alternative. In Malaysia earlier this year, rock barriers. a ten-well P&A campaign ® required shallow surface casing More than 380 PWC bespoke plugs leak remediation to address annular have been installed for 20 operators in 13 integrity issues. With more than 30 successful countries so far – and the journey is only just operations in the region, HydraWell was ideally beginning as more and more companies seek placed to offer not only superior technology safe, efficient, reliable and cost-effective P&A. but also the know-how to deal with these And remarkably, each barrier can be installed in severely corroded wells. To manage surface 36 hours. handling risk due to shallow perforating tubing ® shock, a customised system with mechanical PWC technology offers a step-change in perforating system was used. An integrated performance and has the potential to slash the approach to design addressed unplanned well operational sequence by up to six days when conditions whilst pre-operation system tests compared to the conventional section milling


determined operating parameters. The outcome achieved all desired abandonment objectives and saved an estimated five days per well, compared with section milling. PWC® is just one of the many ways HydraWell is working hard to fulfil its vision of continuing to improve its solutions, operations and approach. At the heart of it all is the ultimate aim of achieving sector-wide accelerated positive change which will help to protect and improve the world we all live in. When you need to improve your future outlook, HydraWell does well.

Functions and Benefits • PWC® technology reduces operational sequence by up to six days compared to conventional section milling • 98% plugging success rate • Permanent P&A and slot recovery • Barriers can be installed quickly, safely and efficiently • Zero swarf handling issues and zero metal shavings sparking huge environmental benefits • Abandonment Isolation completed in 36 hours • 6.5 years LTI Free I 2022



CORROSION & INSPECTION MANAGEMENT Surface Asset Management™️ Surface Asset Management™️ specialises in comprehensive paint inspection, NDT inspection and corrosion prevention for a number of industries including Energy & Renewables, Marine, Transport & Infrastructure, Nuclear and Structural Steel & Fire Protection. The company’s newly launched tablet-based application, Surface Asset Management (SAM™️), has been created for the complete management of your asset; conditional surveying, specification, scope of works and inspection reporting. SAM™ removes duplication of work. As the survey data is captured, it is available for review and action immediately, providing significant cost savings on older methods.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: 02890287709

Address: (Head Office) 300 Cregagh Road, Belfast, BT6 9EW (Aberdeen Office) Arnhall Business Park, Prospect Road, Aberdeen, AB32 6FJ

Leading the way in web-based technology for the management of corrosion is specialist firm Surface Corrosion Consultants Ltd. The Belfast based company, which specialises in comprehensive paint inspection, NDT Inspection and corrosion prevention, has unveiled its innovative new app - Surface Asset Management (SAM™) that is set to transform how coating condition surveys and painting campaigns are recorded and managed.


The revolutionary software, developed by the company who has its headquarters in Belfast, can also manage new build projects providing full cradle to grave traceability. SAM™ is a fresh and unique approach to corrosion prevention and has been developed

Development stage: Live Launch date: 2017



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The pioneering technology was developed in 2017 after a team of specialists at Surface Corrosion quickly realised the majority of service providers and major operators are still managing their corrosion protection using sub-contractors and colossal spreadsheets. Recording of maintenance campaigns was inefficient, often documented by creation of hard copy reports, which proved almost impossible to track and monitor. The team of entrepreneurs identified a clear gap in the market for a digital solution for recording and saving inspection report data in real-time. Steve Brierley, Operations Director, says: “Working with steel fabricators, it was obvious that there was a gap. We use SAM™ as a matter of course for all the recording of surface preparation and coatings; it is Corrosion fundamental to our business.

The ground-breaking SAM™ Consultants Ltd, has software is an easy to use, digital inspection application “SAM™ surveys are succinct unveiled its innovative that streamlines all aspects and to the point and provide a new app Surface Asset of NDT management and snapshot of each asset at the coating inspection. The user push of a button. Management (SAM™) friendly, highly intuitive program can be applied across a range “SAM™ removes the lengthy of industries including oil and process of manual data input gas, subsea, renewables, marine, and our intuitive software has a transport and infrastructure as well as fundamental role to play in the future of wider industrial sectors. the energy and construction industries.”



with simplicity and efficiency at the forefront of its design. The software removes duplication of tasks and creates a single point of access to monitor corrosion and manage the execution of coating systems, passive fire protection and insulation instalment.


Survey data needs to be concise, easy to understand, as well as simple to manage and monitor. With SAM™, reporting is instantaneous. Continuing with a philosophy of keeping things simple, the inspection of any fabricated steelwork with SAM™ is one continuous process. SAM™ keeps it simple.



In the constant drive for efficiency, the app now interfaces directly to Elcometer gauges that are Bluetooth enabled. Using a tablet and Bluetooth technology the coatings inspector and technician digitally records all inspection requirements from NDT onwards including MPI, UT, Visual, environmental readings, DFTs, images and much more in real-time onsite. Reports generated can be adapted and edited to suit the user’s specific requirements. With just a few taps of the screen, all saved readings from the gauge are instantly transferred to the app and synced with no need for manual data entry – just choose which zone the readings are from and the app does the rest. There is no man in the middle to navigate. Every piece of inspection data collected via the web or tablet is instantly saved to secure servers. SAM™ creates skilfully formatted and concise documentation that is available anytime to download or send direct from the desktop or tablet.

Some of the work the app covers include: • Conditional Surveys • Campaign & Scope Management • Survey & Inspection Reviews • Analysis & Reporting • Critical Repair Management

SAM™ offers real power in speed and efficiency SAM™ is available on Android and iOS devices for use in fabrication halls. The user interface is simple to use with clearly defined menus. The app offers data entry efficiency and by using an interactive online system, it reduces the amount of time inspectors spend sitting behind a desk painstakingly inputting data.

Benefits of SAM™ versus traditional methods: • Subcontractors use the system ensuring data is always updated and owned by the owner/operator • SAM™ is designed to be managed by you or your designated company • Easy user accessibility: immediate information from anywhere that has a suitable internet connection • You benefit by having complete control of data for maintenance planning and scheduling • Optimum control of budget by ensuring funds are correctly allocated where required • Simple user-friendly interface – via PC or tablet

Data Management and Monitoring SAM™ automatically generates dashboards providing insights, intelligence and overviews of all data collected during surveys allowing the user to view scopes in detail and see a clear picture of the critical path ahead. The app can also be used to set priorities which gives the operator the chance to set their own critical repair threshold for the surveyed items. Furthermore, the manning levels can be scrutinised with ease to help assemble the most effective team balance on any project. Data accuracy is assured as data is recorded directly within the device and instantly imported offering improved assurance and accuracy. Steve explains: “SAM™ is tailored to each individual customer requirement and each user has their own clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Every change made within SAM™ is timestamped to a known user. The correctly qualified person is then able to verify compliance within their expertise.” The software offers the added benefit of historical data storage to ensure the client’s third-party inspector can confirm each stage in the process or simply verify compliance by load at the end of production. SAM™ logs coating product, blast media, and all other essential variables for successful and concise reports. The software can generate reports based on user defined selections by asset, zone, structure type, RE values, planned year, dates and items not yet included offering clients the chance to get a better handle on their data.

Additionally, the app can accurately estimate how much material you will need for every project, zone or even single items as well as estimating costs for projects. “SAM™ really is the most versatile and innovative software available on the market today with regards to NDT management and coating inspection. It is a game changer for the future of the management of corrosion in the oil and gas and construction industries.” The in-house team of specialists at Surface Corrosion offer clients a comprehensive training package as well as providing technical support and updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Main functions and benefits • All data is updated and owned by the owner/operator • SAM™ is designed to be managed by you or your designated company • Easy user accessibility: immediate information from anywhere that has a suitable internet connection • User has complete control of data for maintenance planning and scheduling • Optimum control of budget by ensuring funds are correctly allocated where required • Simple user-friendly interface – via PC or tablet I 2022



DANGERS OF THE SPLASH-ZONE For Offshore Structures

AISUS Providing the energy sector industries with the most advanced high-pressure cleaning, ultrasonic testing, and remote visual inspection technology, AISUS offers a suite of internal and external remote inspection solutions, for the increasingly complex challenges faced by customers operating in the harshest of environments. Multi-skilled teams ensure the integrity of structures, inspected in the splash-zone or onshore, and are continually supporting ongoing global operations, field development or life extension projects. In-house experience and the ability to provide quality data repeatedly helps clients to meet the required guidelines and mitigate expensive replacement programmes through early intervention strategies.


he Splash-zone area is defined as a section of the structure that is periodically in and out of water due to the action of waves or tides. This area is difficult to inspect by the topside team and ROV surveys that typically struggle to clean and inspect in the -15m to LAT region. These however are areas of high degradation due to the changing conditions, wave impact and the first subsea guide location.

could lead to major incidents. Not only do the structures face issues in the Splash-zone, but over time internal equipment such as pumps can lead to further internal damage.


Over the past decade, AISUS has found multiple defects and seen multiple cases where severed caissons have acted as dropped objects, closely missing critical subsea infrastructure that

Ultimately, these challenges can lead to unplanned shutdowns if there are no redundancy or mitigations put in place.

This is where the specialist technology and expertise of AISUS come into the equation like no other, accessing difficult areas to provide valuable data and solutions, that in many cases can be overseen or left as the unknown.

Internal Inspection Company Details Website: Email: Tel: + 44 (0)1224 222070

Remotely deployed and controlled internal solutions are ideal for use where access restrictions mean manual techniques offer limited or no inspection coverage or results. The full suite of technology including corrosion mapping, cleaning, visual, sampling and retrieval tools, provides solutions for pipework and structures above and below the waterline. AISUS has developed unique inspection systems for inspection in Caissons, J-tubes, Risers and Conductors. Quality Data Behind Guide Supports

Address: Unit 21 Denmore Rd Bridge of Don Aberdeen AB23 8JW

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2013




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External Inspection Bespoke magnetic crawler using high-tech robotics that can be deployed on the topside down to the first subsea guide or through the support from a ROV for below the guide and provide quality Ultrasonic Inspection results. Other inspection capabilities like Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) or visual can be deployed where required. Custom Built Crawler Solutions



Visual Utilising state-of-the-art visual inspection systems, solutions are provided for a variety of applications, from remote visual inspection of pipelines, caissons, tanks, and small-bore vessels to large platform leg inspections. Using 4K subsea camera systems, capturing images in 360 degrees, the Engineers can generate 3D models for assisting clients with further analysis of defects.

3D Visualization & 4K Quality

Cleaning Offering a range of specialist high pressure (HP) cleaning solutions, AISUS has an extensive understanding of cleaning caissons, J-tubes, Risers, Conductors and Drilling riser joints internally and externally. The HP cleaning technology provides a clean surface free from loose debris, marine growth, corrosion, and coatings as required. The service can either be utilised for general pipe cleaning or when required to allow close visual inspection or successful collection of ultrasonic data. Controlling Marine Growth for Pump Efficiency

Inspection Utilising the latest in NDE software, live C-Scan maps provide a visual representation of wall thickness to allow the rapid screening. The full ultrasonic waveform is captured, allowing further analysis to be carried out using additional processing techniques, including surface profiling and cluster analysis. The inspections also provide the ability to confirm if degradation is internal or external and verify the current structural integrity of the component and identify any requirement for maintenance, repair, or replacement. High Quality, 360° Coverage

Data Management AISUS’ data management system streamlines the maintenance and inspection activities of clients’ splashzone related components. Using a decade’s worth of inspection data and applying machine learning computer algorithms, AISUS can offer predictive modelling of splash-zone corrosion rates. The system also includes inspection images and ultrasonic thickness measurements that have been gathered from many component types.

Predictive Corrosion Analysis & Data Storage

Drilling Riser The marine drilling riser inspection technology allows for the accurate measurement of wall thickness, weld integrity, riser bolts, riser inserts and main flanges without the need to remove buoyancy or the stripping down of equipment. Deploying the class inspections can either be onboard or on-site utilising advanced inspection techniques to provide an unparalleled riser inspection service.

Inspection Without Disassembly - Onboard or At-Site I 2022




Intertek Intertek is an industry leader with more than 46,000 employees in 1,000 locations. We deliver Total Quality Assurance expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our industry-winning processes and customer-centric culture. Interpret is part of Intertek’s portfolio of technology innovations, which allows Intertek to work with clients to extract the value from their data and deliver solutions.

Although big data analytics is a hot topic in many sectors, companies from banking to pharmaceuticals have only recently started to realise the value locked in their data. The Oil and Gas industry is not exempt from this, and it’s safe to say that it is no stranger to large amounts of process data. For many years data historians have worked away collecting measurements from instrumentation around oil and gas processes globally. The data is large and complex with many interactions and correlations between variables which are not easily interpreted.

What is Big Data? Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1224 708 500 Address: Exploration Drive, Aberdeen Science & Energy Park, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8HZ, Scotland, UK

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2018




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Put simply big data is a collection of information gathered through various means which is so large and complex that significant benefits can only be extracted through the application of computational algorithms. Indeed the exponential development of computational processing power and storage is the key driving force behind the wider application of big data analytics.

The Status Quo It is a fact that contained within large historical datasets is valuable information and knowledge that, when coupled with domain expertise, can be used to achieve a variety of benefits including: more efficient maintenance, scheduling, improved performance, reduced downtime and maximised margins.

To give an example, a client approached Intertek as they were having intermittent problems with their upstream process. The issue was resulting in damage to certain seals, and was often a cause for shutdown. To identify where the problem was occurring, Intertek received data from around the installation. The data contained information from periods of normal operation as well as during process disruptions. Intertek undertook data analysis with two primary objectives:

1. Identify root cause for process disruption 2. Establish a method for more efficient process monitoring

To promote efficiency, it was necessary to automate the process to monitor the performance of every process unit through the combinatorial analysis of all key instrumentation measurements. In this example the dataset contained measurements from over 150 process sensors. Taking the data every 2 minutes over 2 months gives 43,000 time periods and therefore 6.5 million data points! The need to reduce the complexity of the dataset into easy to visualise trends and correlations which focus on the key parameters and add value to the process will now be demonstrated for uses this example.

However, this valuable information is hidden in the quantity of data and further compounded by dataset issues such as the noise from unrepresentative operation i.e. process upsets, malfunctioning Intertek instrumentation etc. Hence, proprietary software to simplify analytics, (Interpret) in order to operators usually focus on time series trending and undertake big data first order effects.

To maximise value from data it is key to understand outliers and ‘clean’ the data set before moving forward to any additional analysis such as process modelling, optimisation etc. Data purification can be a lengthy process and, it is our experience that, a large portion of all big data analytics activities is around screening and pre-processing the data to ensure conclusions are valid.

analytics activities.

Upstream production involves many complex processes and numerous properties are constantly monitored including temperature, pressure, flow rates, GOR. As there are numerous processes occurring simultaneously, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly where an error is originating from and this is where data analytics can step in.

Data Purification



Intertek uses proprietary software (Interpret) in order to undertake big data analytics activities. interpret allows the user to look at the data and visualise features such as: missing data, constant values, faulty sensors, questionable values etc. Interpret plots can be used to identify process outliers by looking at combinations of process variables and latent variables. Any questionable data is highlighted and assessed against underlying trends and effects.

Correlating regions A key piece of information for any process plant is to have an in depth understanding of those properties that correlate. There will be some properties within the data where you would expect correlation, however there will be other regions where correlation was not anticipated and those are the regions that require further exploration. To continue with our previous example, where our client was looking to understand the root cause for failure; the below heat map shows the correlation of every variable with every other variable within that dataset. The extent of correlation is indicated by a colour scale, where red indicates a strong positive correlation and blue a strong negative correlation.

For the upstream study we have been discussing, what emerged on interrogating the data with PCA was that a certain pump was the root cause of failure. The pump in question was designed to be a multiphase pump and processed both gas and liquids at the same time. The pump had a certain operational region, but it was found that it was sometimes operating outside of that region which caused increased vibration within the unit. This increased vibration had a knock on effect and damaged the seals within, this repetitive damage eventually resulted in seal failure which would trigger a plant shut down. PCA enables this information to be expressed visually, as shown in the figure below. As can be seen from the figure, Interpret identified distinct regions where the pump was operating. These processing regions were identified on data interrogation, which allowed for the identification of root causes of failure. These regions could also be harnessed to monitor the performance of the system going forward and prevent future shutdowns.

Identified operating regions for pump: What was visible from the heatmap, was that there were a number of regions showing strong correlation. Some of those correlations could be easily explained as they came from the same unit, for example heat sensors around one lubricating unit. But there were other strong correlations that required further examination and principle component analysis was undertaken on those regions.

Principle Component Analysis Principle component analysis (PCA) is a very powerful multi variate statistical procedure, that is used to reduce data down to its principle components. A principle component defines the variance between the data, with the first principle component defining the maximum amount of variance within the data set, the second principle component defines the second most amount of variance and so on.

Green – Good, Pump operating within boundaries Grey – Warning, pump moving outside of boundary seal damage may ensue Red – Stop, pump operating outside of boundary, seal failure may be imminent

Benefits of Data Analytics Using advanced data analytics to expose the underlying structure of complex datasets enables very large and complicated datasets to be broken down and the valuable information held within extracted. By uncovering underlying trends and correlations the operator can extract maximum value from a dataset. It is also critical to analyse the dataset as a whole, and not just to focus on the simple first order relationships, but to examine the more detailed effects, such as those caused by combinations of many different variables. Interpret uses advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms to analyse the effect of other variables that do not have obvious or intuitive first order effects on the process. Ultimately this gives the operator a much greater understanding of the process and how to maximise performance. Effective use of this data analysis tool can help mitigate/minimise potential future problems that impact on margins such as shutdowns and deferrals.

Using PCA, Interpret is able to break down and understand the underlying trends in the data which cause features such as operating regions and determine the key instruments which have the largest impact. We do this by analysing not just the most obvious (first order) relationships but also other relationships caused by combinations of variables. I 2022




Solab IT Services

The one thing that is certain in Crew Management is uncertainty.

Solab is a leading local IT support company with 30 years of experience in supporting, training and developing businesses across Scotland and beyond, delivering expert IT services and solutions.

Crew change dates, work scopes, contract renewals, crew availability, skill levels – there are always changes, challenges and unforeseen circumstances for crewing teams to contend with.

Solab and Onboard Tracker™ have become a leading light in the North East’s Digital Workforce initiatives and help keep tens of thousands of energy workers trained, competent and safe in their daily activities.

Because of this, those working in Crew Management across all areas from Logistics, to Training, to Competence, to HR, to Travel and more must have access to nimble systems that are integrated, easy-to-use and data insightdriven to connect all crewing processes together.

The agile team proactively help clients improve their business performance, providing stability and consistency using the latest technologies, proven techniques and flexible support models.

Doing so means teams can react quickly, but accurately, and with the safety and compliance of their workforce at the heart of each crewing decision.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1224 213033 Address: Bridge House 56-58 Bridge Street AB11 6JN, Aberdeen Scotland, UK

Technology Development stage: Live Launch date: 2012




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Onboard Tracker™, the modular web-based Software as a Service (SAAS) platform, transforms a mass of information into a user friendly, blindingly fast, online portal which gives

up-to-date and accurate information. The system gives your Operations, Training and Competence teams the fluidity to react rapidly to the enormous changes the world is experiencing. Scalable and simple to use, Onboard Tracker™ is a proven all-in-one business tool that puts operational visibility at the heart of a business providing full real-time data at a client’s fingertips allowing efficient and informed decision making to improve business performance. Onboard Tracker™ records vital day to day operations data to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of highly skilled people around the world. Our explosive growth now sees our clients tracking crews visiting over 70% of the manned rigs and almost 30% of marine vessels in the UKCS, and in over 50 countries. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“As a SME in offshore personnel and logistics I was really excited to be shown Onboard Tracker™, and it has not disappointed. From purchasing the system, we went live globally within a month. Logistics are a tough audience with so many cultural and regional differences, but all areas love the system and what it can do for them. The Onboard Tracker™ team aren’t sitting still either and we are continually in contact with ideas to expand what the software can do for our business. Onboard Tracker™ has been hailed our best IT success”

Book a demo today at and find out how to get your business on board the digital revolution today.



With Onboard Tracker™ seeing really is believing.

“Our reporting has been transformed with Onboard Tracker™. It’s instant and available for management and has clearly enhanced our training & competency processes whilst reducing the admin burden – the system is so quick and slick. Onboard Tracker™ is so intuitive and ever evolving. We continue to benefit from the ongoing development enhancements. For any training and competency teams out there considering a new system, you should absolutely seek an Onboard Tracker™ demo. Anyone using old, traditional methods of recording and spreadsheets, you need to get with the times and move away from this.”

“Onboard Tracker™ transformed the way we did business overnight. No longer did we need to lose time tracking down data – it was right there, and we could access it when needed.” The tailored, affordable approach delivered by Onboard Tracker™ allows logistics teams to input, track, and administer all crew rotations, absences, and holidays on a robust system. Training and Competence can be centrally

managed to encapsulate all training matrices, expiries, and related documentation to ensure compliance, whilst HR requirements such as employee contracts, personal information, appraisals and more are also ably covered. In line with the needs of any modern business, the system is a single online, mobile and portable platform meaning that it can be used safely and easily from anywhere. Users can access real-time data and easily upload information as required from a range of devices including a mobile phone, laptop or tablet from an office, vessel, offshore platform, or whilst on the move. Thanks to enterprise class design and a monthly subscription format, a core product can be developed module by module using add ons which takes the system to exactly where your business needs it to be – right at the heart of your operations. With almost three decades of experience, Solab is a leading Aberdeen based IT support company with a proven and enviable track record in supporting, training and developing a whole host of businesses across Scotland and beyond by delivering the very best in IT services and solutions. Over the years, the Solab software development experts saw recurring themes among client Operations, Logistics and Training requirements. All were experiencing similar challenges with poor visibility, reporting, duplication of effort, inaccuracies, human error, lost data and failed automation. They needed an innovative, flexible system that would grow with their business. One which would simultaneously manage a workforce and enhance operations.

It was time for smarter technology to drive their businesses forward - that’s when the revolutionary Onboard Tracker™ was born. Kevin Coll, Solab’s Managing Director and Graeme Miller, Onboard Co-Founder, used the team’s deep industry and technological experience to develop a single, integrated, online platform that enables any highly regulated industry to banish their log-jam of paper, email, spreadsheets and legacy systems and truly embrace the future of digital transformation.

Functions and Benefits • Workforce Planning, Crewing, Training and Competence in one enterprise class system. • API first approach means OT can integrate with your other crewing providers and systems for a fully streamlined approach. • User friendly, fast, portable online system giving up to date and accurate information safely and efficiently. • Records vital day-to-day operations data ensuring highest safety standards are met. • Intuitive, progressive technology that cuts the need for spreadsheets and transforms business processes. • Users can access real-time data from a mobile, laptop or tablet, vessel, offshore platform or whilst on the move. I 2022

40 48



Your safety, compliance and competence partners

3t Transform Part of 3t Energy Group’s portfolio of companies, including leading training providers AIS Training and Survivex and simulator provider, Drilling Systems, 3t Transform offers a game-changing platform of cloud-based training management software and blended learning technologies; enabling companies world-wide to deliver, manage and monitor the training and competence of their staff and contractors. The 3t Transform team is made up of industry experts in customer experience, technology, design, and content creation. With this knowhow, we create the ultimate, cost-effective learning solutions that can be tailored to your needs, helping you work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Company Details Website: Email: Tel: 0330 202 068 Address: Global offices in the UK, UAE, USA & China

Technology Development stage: Commercial Launch date: 2020




202 21 202

At the core of the 3t Transform platform is a range of connected cloud-based software tools, designed to manage the safety, training compliance, learning, skills gaps, and competence of your workforce. Coupled with our pioneering, cost effective, learning technologies that improve workers’ knowledge, skills, and performance, our platform enables your workers to constantly improve through self-initiated learning, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. “We offer a complete solution for workforce development and training, ensuring our customers are at the heart of every solution we provide. We have taken a consultive approach, listening to your biggest challenges, and built technology-driven solutions that create safer, smarter workers and increase your operational efficiency.” Paul Stonebanks OBE, President

Training and Competence Management Software Our platform of Management Software is packed full of powerful features that enable the timely delivery of your workforce training, all from the convenience of one central, cloud-based platform. Our software includes state-of-the-art Training Management, Learning Management and Competence Management Systems, where you can simply and effectively manage and improve the training, compliance, safety and competence of your entire workforce.

Blended Learning Technologies E-Learn: We have thousands of off-the-shelf, industry-accredited E-Learning courses available at 3t Transform, accessible on demand, 24/7, on mobile, desktop or tablet. Each course is SCORM compliant and includes a mix of theory and assessments to enhance engagement. “We are specialists in creating bespoke content, tailored to your exact needs, and have a proven track record of designing and delivering engaging learning content that improves knowledge retention.” Linsey Horberry, Head of Learning and Development Micro-learning app - R3: Our ground-breaking R3 platform is based on the principles of spaced repetition learning and delivers microlearning quizzes tailored to each worker.


Designed to repeatedly test on-the-job skills and knowledge, this helps to reduce future training costs, increase learner engagement through gamification and improve knowledge retention. R3 also offers powerful reporting capabilities, providing detailed feedback about each learner.

has proven critical in continuing training and learning during this time, and in an everchanging world, businesses will increasingly rely on distance learning in the future.

Video is a great tool for breaking down complex information into bite-sized, simple, easy to understand visuals. Content-rich R3 has already been used by high profile and engaging video-based learning allows companies like McDonalds and TUI, to name standardised training to be delivered across a few. multiple personnel easily and quickly. Theory backed up by practical demonstrations builds knowledge and pause Virtual-reality training and digital and replay modules mean twin creation: Our virtual reality platform has transformed both delegates can learn at their training and learning in the own pace. 3t Transform We have six fully workplace. We specialise in also provides multi-lingual connected ways for your creating realistic, immersive versions for global workforce to learn, with learning environments teams, all accessed thousands of courses which replicate real-world via our Learning scenarios and procedures Management System. available to create the allowing your workers world’s leading blended to test their skills and Augmented Reality: 3t learning technology knowledge in a safe setting. Transform’s AR platform platform. allows you to bring to life Using our powerful digital digital interactive scenarios twin technology, we can recreate or workplace processes in your customers’ assets and sites in exact real-world environment. You then use detail in the virtual world. the AR mobile app to interact with the ‘digital’ scene that can take your learning to a new This training is unrivalled for engagement level of interaction and engagement. and memory retention, “VR can deliver a 75% increase in delegates’ learning retention when compared with standard methods.” Simulators: We also offer a range of advanced portable simulators, tailored to the oil & gas Video-Learn: Reducing contact time and industry, that allow your workers to test and safeguarding the health of employees during retest their skills in safety, maximising human COVID-19 has been vital. Cloud-based learning performance, competence, and efficiency.

41 49

All our simulators connect with the other learning technologies and software for a truly blended learning experience. “3t Transform is truly transforming training with technology. There is no other business able to provide a holistic technology training solution, vastly decreasing the time taken to demonstrate a compliant and competent workforce while drastically reducing training and associated costs. All the while delivering a proven and robust system that can be accessed anywhere globally with full offline capabilities.” Sally Finnie, VP

Functions and Benefits • Cost effective – all your learning and software tools in one place reducing admin time and logistics. • Mobilise your workers with tailored induction training plans to get them job-ready and safe. • Quick access to 6 ways to learn with 100’s of tech-driven courses. •Full real-time visibility of the safety, compliance, and competence of your regional and global operations, giving you 100% compliance assurance. •Rapid onboarding onto the platform to make it easy to get started.

2022 I 2021



Cavitas Energy Formed in 2016, Cavitas Energy is a leading expert in downhole thermal applications. A UK based ISO 9001 registered engineering company, focused on providing innovative services and value adding solutions to the energy industries. The company’s technical team consists of experienced engineers and geoscientists who together provide innovative and tailored solutions to their expanding global client base. Cavitas are best known for developing the world’s highest energy density downhole heater called THOR, with applications in viscous oils, flow assurance, natural gas, and low enthalpy geothermal. THOR provides reliable and controlled heat downhole, making viscous and waxy crudes act like easier to produce light oil, revolutionising development plans, lowering the carbon footprint and requiring less CAPEX for wells and facilities, all while increasing production.



avitas’ innovative downhole heater, named THOR, is revolutionising thermal applications whilst reducing the carbon emissions compared to traditional methods. THOR provides: • In-situ near wellbore heating • Up to 500% production increase in heavy oil • Flow assurance in wax and asphaltene • Increase pump efficiency and run life over 50%

Company Details

• Restoring production in liquid loaded gas wells • Unblocking pipelines and risers

Website: Email: Tel: +44 (0)1224 032585 Address: Unit 21 Denmore Road Aberdeen AB23 8JW

Technology Development stage: Live Launch date: 2016




202 2

Cavitas’ heater emits only 1.51 gC02/MJ during operation, which is around 20 times less than traditional thermal operations such as steam floods in Kern, California at 29.33 g/MJ. THOR’s high (90%) efficiency and targeted heat downhole also keep fuel costs low. Over 40% of the global remaining oil is heavy, which is most effectively developed by thermal operations. THORs low carbon barrels could have a vast impact on the global goal of keeping Climate Change below 2°C.

Reliable Mechanical Downhole Heating THOR’s mechanical design offers the highest downhole heat energy density on the market, up to 55 kW/m, which is 50-100x greater than typical electrical cable heaters. The tool itself is significantly shorter and lighter than alternatives, which is easier to deploy and retrieve. THOR’s ingenious mechanical design avoids the reliability issues that plague ‘Electric Cable Heaters’, e.g. hot spots at splices. THOR’s fully sealed design avoids free gas and solids shock loading, a key failure mechanism of pumps. The downhole tooling requires no maintenance on its 3-5 year run life and can be monitored remotely, where traditional methods will require Maintenance Technicians on site 24/7. The small topside footprint of a VSD, Transformer and Junction Box make it ideal for offshore or remote wells. The flexible rental model can allow Operators to receive a return on investment in 50 days or less. Cavitas’ active design team and innovative spirit means THOR can be fully customised to suit all requirements that the operator has. Fully unlocking the potential of their wells in an environmentally friendly way.









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