Kemi Nelson

Dallas, TX, United States

Kemi Nelson is an impressive finance executive who has dedicated her career to driving growth outcomes in the finance industry. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in strategic leadership with data, just one more qualification to add to her thorough resume of experiences working in data and analytics. In addition to her technical knowledge, Kemi is passionate about people and loves working in leadership. She treats each individual under her leadership with care, holding them to high expectations and helping them reach their full potential. She loves developing top talent and seeing results through her strategic guidance. Currently, Kemi lives in Dallas, TX In her academic journey, Kemi Nelson shines with intellectual prowess, leveraging her capabilities to guide others toward exceptional performance. She attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, graduating with first-class honors and becoming the pioneering female recipient of the program's Summa Cum Laude distinction. Subsequently, she pursued her Master's in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas. Currently, she is in pursuit of her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with a focus on Data, anticipated for completion in 2024. Kemi Nelson's commitment to learning is evident through her active participation in various training courses throughout her career, constantly expanding her skill repertoire.