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is vital in the implementation of AVID, as it allows all students access to note taking skills that can, and will, support them as they access more rigorous coursework. HMS is utilizing AmeriCorps member Cedrique Chaney as its own tutor coordinator. Huntington Middle School is also looking for AVID tutors, so if you are interested please contact Birch, or Messex, or Chaney, to find out more information.

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Coweeman Middle School – Coweeman Middle School is in its planning year for AVID implementation. The Coweeman Middle School staff is currently exploring AVID and assessing how to implement AVID within the school. Principal Greg Gardner and counselor Emily Cervantes are leading the Coweeman Middle School site team as they explore the possibilities of AVID in their school.

To address ongoing building maintenance and technology needs, we rely on the voter-approved Capital Projects/Technology levy. It provides $750,000 a year for major building maintenance, which is augmented by $500,000 a year from the general fund. An additional $750,000 is earmarked for teaching and learning equipment for our teachers and students. This levy expires in 2018, and a renewal Capital Projects/Technology levy will be requested in February.

Wallace Elementary School – Wallace Elementary School is in its first year of AVID implementation. Principal Ray Cattin and Instructional Coach Julie Toney are leading the work at Wallace to get AVID implemented in their school. The Wallace staff has a desire to become an AVID school and is already utilizing AVID strategies in classrooms and promoting the idea of post-secondary plans.

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Facilities The staff and citizen Facilities Advisory Committee identified many district facility needs in its two years of study. The November 7 facilities bond request attempts to address a portion of elementary school needs to assure that our students have quality learning environments for many generations to come.

New School Funding Model A new school funding model is being phased in over the next two years, and as a result, Longview taxpayers will see some tax relief starting in 2019. The new funding model includes a “levy swap” that limits district’s Maintenance and Operations Levy amounts in exchange for increased support from taxes collected throughout the state. The district’s current M&O levy will expire in 2018; and a lower “Enhancement Levy” will be proposed in February 2018. The new funding model provides increased funding for Career Technical Education, extra learning services in high poverty schools, and programs serving highly-capable and special education students. However, the additional funding for special education still falls short of the district’s special education costs. In addition, under the new funding model, our ability to offer competitive teacher salaries is strained due to the cost-ofliving adjustments provided in Clark County. The year to come holds much promise and many challenges for Longview Public Schools. I look forward to working with each of you as we seek to make the Longview Public Schools the district of choice in southwest Washington.





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