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Kelsey Kohlmeier Portfolio Master of Architecture

Kelsey Kohlmeier 9181 E. Schilling Rd. | Gypsum Ks, 67448 | 7858193855 |


Kansas State Univeristy | Manhattan, Ks Master of Architecture Minor: Business

Expected 2020

High School Drafting Class since 7 grade Competed in Competition at Fort Hays Tech Fair Architectural Course Drawing Set including plans, section elevation, electrical plan, structural plans, perspectives, axon, etc. Superior with FHSU Technology Fair Metal Junior Year Superior with FHSU Technology Fair Metal Senior Year


Work Experience

Software AutoCAD | Revit | Rhino | Grasshopper | Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Microsoft Office 2010 Professtional Sketching | HandRendering | Exceptional Mode Teamwork Coorinated and worked with people from many different backgrounds and natioanlities through classroom activites Collaborate with co-workers to provide the best consumer service Self-Motivate Eager to learn and put new information into use Actively pursue sucess and set high standards for performance

Cashier at Lowe’s Cashier at Home Depot Promotion to Head Cashier

May 2014 - Aug. 2014 | May 2015 - Aug. 2015 Dec. 2014 - May 2015 | Aug. 2015 - Present Summer 2017 - Present

Statement of Intent I am currently a fourth year study in the five year NAAB accredited Kansas State University Master of Architecture Program seeking for a full-time internship from January 2019 to July 2019. I am currently studying in a study aboard program in Italy from Augest 2018- December 2018. I will be use this time to explore the ideas of architecture in a new culture and gain an understanding of how their culture is like. Architecture has always been a subject that interest me. I started taking drafting class in seventh grade. In junior year, I took an architecture drafting class and from there on, I was set on Architecture. Light and spaces arrangments have interest me since the day I started my first year at Kansas State Univeristy. Hagia Sophia has inspired me to think about how the light comes into some of these projects. I am fairly good at creating functional design, while creating projects that are simiple and easy to come together as a whole. I believed that I am a simple designer when it comes to how buildings are layout and organized. I also have an interest in the work on stone. In a few of these project, you can see stone or brick being used. Some of these project also uses the ideas of carving into the stone or brick and creating spaces in the thick walls. Also, I have an interest in the stone being a screen but having the appearance of a thick wall. I am a definietly a good and suitable candidate for an full-time internship from January 2019 to Auguest 2019.

Kelsey Kohlmeier Portfolio P ortfolio

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Table of Contents

The studio was to create a museum for modern art design in the Santa Monica, California area. At the beginning of the project, we had to pick a modern art artist and research their ideas and art to help us design the museum. I pick Angelo Testa, which does mostly large textiles. Examples of his work is shown on the next pages in the perspective of the galleries.

Location: 1313 6th St. Santa Monica, Ca90401 Class: Arch 404 Spring 2018 What: Modern American Art Museum


The View is on the Second floor of the galleries spaces in the center nearest to the service spaces (behind this view). The view shows what kind of spaces the Gallieres and Open Space Diagram to the right can create. Looking straight, you are looking outside to a double height courtyard. Beyond that, you see a open tarrace that looks to the outside, but below that is an indoor gallery. Now looking up, you see an indoor galleries, but beyond that you see glass window that look to the double height spaces below.

Galleries Placement The Galleries are location on the Northeast side of the site away from the street edge to put some distance between the busy Santa Monica.


Galleries and Open Space Relationship The Galleries are a nine-square grid that is then divided into four floors. Cubes and floors are then taking out of the nine square grid creating galleries that are outside and galleries that are double height.

Outdoor Open Space Indoor Double-height Space

Galleries, Service, and Served Relationship The Served and Service are located around the galleries. It wraps around in a L shaped on the side. Service is located on the back side near the ally and along the partition. The Served is located along the street.


Circulation Space

Services and Served Space

To the left is a rendering on the lobby to the museum. The view is when you just walking out of the vestibule into the lobby. The entry to the galleries is on the right when the women and child are walking to. The entry to the gift shop is behind the women and men on the left in the covered area.

The sectional perspective below is cutting through east-west. It shows the relationship between the service, circulation, and galleries.


7 1 B


8 3 2 4


First Floor Plan

Above is a sectional model that was section is cut in three place to show the different gallery spaces in relationship to the first floor plan.

N Mosley St.

The project is about designing a gatehouse for a great house. The great house that I pick was the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, California by Richard Neutron. We first sprent some time research the Kaufmann House by gathering plans, section, and diagrams. We then used them to create diagrams that helps to explain what we thought the architect was trying to do.

Location: 470 W. Vista Chino Palm Springs, CA 92262 Class: Arch 404 Sring 2018 What: Kaufmann Desert Gatehouse


Image taken from cgarchitect

Hierarchy Spaces Hierarchy Spaces is about the levels of the roofs, and how high they are compared to the function of the space. The Kaufmann has a hierarchy of spaces by creating a second story above the living and dinner, which is the center part of the house.

Orienting Views In the Research for this project, we took the plans of the great houses and sketched over them to try and figure what the architect was thinking when designing this house. The plan above is what i did on the Kaufmann Desert House. Oriented Views is about the location of solid wall and glass wall compare to the direction of the views. The Kaufmann has a radial plan. The purpose was to create individual spaces with its own views to the mountains. It creates a service space in the inner part of the stone wall with views direct around in all direction. This becomes the main parti for my gatehouse.

Inside/ Outside Planes Inside/ Outside Planes is about using planes to question what is outside and inside. The Kaufmann uses planes to blur the line between outside and inside by continue the wall past the glass. The gatehouse incorporates the same ideas by having a lighter structure and using planar to go just a bit farther to blur the lines between inside and outside.

Gatehouse’s Orenting Views The gatehouse uses the same ideas that the Kaufmann uses to creates different views for the different spaces. The bedroom and living room are looking to the mountains to the west, while not getting in the way of the Kaufmann views by continuing the stone wall out. The Visitor center is looking to the Kaufmann, which is what the visitor center is for. Bedroom

Visitor Center

Living Room

Gatehouse’s Hierachy Views The gatehouse has a similar hierarchy, but it is at a smaller scale. The visitor center has a higher roofs to create a hierarchy of the center. The gatehouse will be primarly use to show the Kaufmann. Therefore, it just make sense the raise the visitor center higher than the apartment for the gate keeper.

N Mosley St.

The library is an Council Grove, Kansas, which is a small historical town off the interstate. It is very proud and history oriented town. It really investigated into the history and learn, which is why the library in the town holds an important part. It is where the kids gather in the afternoon and is where people rents movies and games out.

Location: 130 Hockaday St. Council Grove, Kansas 66846 Class: Arch 403 Fall 2017 What: Council Grove Public Library


Main Atrium Space The main atrium in the space bring the library together. Library in Council Grove is considered the heart of the town. Therefore, having a donut space building with an open atrium in the center. It is the middle and heart of the library.



t. ay S


kad Hoc

Open Covered Pouch The Site has a high school across the street on Hockaday Street and the downtown area is down Neosho St. less than a block way. Therefore, the library would have traiff from both directions coming to the library. The open covered pouch can draw people from both directions to a common entry wall on the corner of the site. Neo



t. ay S k ad Hoc

The images shows the second level atrium. The atrium spaces is in the center of the library.

The images shows the children reading area, where there are two square box that extend to the roof. Book can be store along the sides, but in the middle the children can climb into them an play or read a book .

The image to the left shows the sectional perspective of the library. It cuts through the atrium space and shows what the atrium space can do for the library. It become the center for most of the activity in the library.

The project was design a egyptologist research study. The project was a little different than most, because they had us used two huge block of limestone and craved into them rooms and spaces. In the plan to the right, there is a large square space and a more rectangle space sticking off of it. Those are the two blocks of limestone. Since this project was a small scale and had a small project to it, we were able to take some time with the drawings. The drawings were hand drawing with graphic rendering. This is one of the four pages I was able to complete for the project.

Class: Arch 302 Fall 2016 What: Egyptologist Research Study


N Mosley St.

This project was to create a dance studio for Old Town, Wichita. The dance studio would have a performance hall/main studio, which is shown in the image to the left. As part of the project, we had to design a roof for the performance hall and a stone screen wall of the south side of the site.

Location: 220 Mosley St. Wichita, Ks 67202 (Old Town) Class: Arch 605 Summer 2018 What: Modern Dance Studio House


Covered Streetfront Courtyard Center Atrium Courtyard Private Back Courtyard

Responding to Context The courtyard in the front under one of the studio helps to create an inviting area for the public to come into and enjoy. Along with being a place to relax, the spaces can hold outdoor performance. The courtyard in the middle is open to the sky. It creates a spaces in front of the entrance for people to relax and sit. A courtyard in the back creates a more private spaces for the staff and dancers away from the public.

Served Open Spaces with Smooth Surfaces Service Close Spaces with Rough Stone Surfaces

Served/ Service VS. Circulation A service bar was create along the partition wall to placed all the service spaces in a thick stone wall that wraps around the bar. This allows the service bar to be along the north side creaitng more open and light spaces with materials of glass and smooth concrete. Glass and smooth concrete will be in contrast with a rough large stone rainscreen wall.

GFRC Panels with smooth or off-the-form finishes and Cappcucino color

Metal Plate Connector

Bolt Connection

Steel Column

Wrapped with Concrete

Metal Plate Connector Concrete Slab

Spring Floor Metal Braces with Bolt Connection Metal Plate Connector

GFRC Panels with smooth or off-theform finishes and Cappcucino color

Steel I Beam Roller Shade

Drywall Drop Ceiling

Bolt Connection

Bolt Connection

GFRC Panels with smooth or off-the-form finishes and Cappcucino color

Sliver Steel Metal Braces Metal Plate Connector

For the roof detail of the the performance hall, the project has a glass reinforcedfiber concrete that wraps around the roof and north side of the building as shown in the wall section axon on the right page. Another part of this project was creating half scale details of plan, section, and elevation of the details. GFRC panels are being held by steel brackets that the panels can slip around and being bolted into places. The precedents I looked at for this project was the One Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan and The Broad in Los Angeles, California.

3”X3” Sliver Steel Mullion

2”X3” Sliver Steel Mullion

Metal Plate Connector

3”X3” Sliver Steel Mullion

GFRC Panels with smooth or off-the-form finishes and Cappcucino color 2”X3” Sliver Steel Mullion

2’ X 4’ Limestone Rainscreen Panels

12” Reinforced Concrete Wall Air / Moisture Vapor Barrier 2” Rigid Insulation 2’ X4’ Limestone Rainscreen Panels Air Gap

Wooden Floor Steel Springs Wooden Braces to Support the Spring Floor Concrete Slab Steel I Beam Drywall Drop Ceiling

12” Reinforced Concrete Wall Air/ Moisture Vapor Barrier

2’ X 4’ Limestone Rainscreen Panels

Air Gap

2’ X 4’ Limestone Rainscreen Panels

12” Reinforced Concrete


Air/Moisture/ Vapor Barrier 3” Aluminum Metal Sqaure L Shaped Bracket Steel Braces with Bolt Connection 3” X 3” Silver Steel Mullion 2” X 3” Silver Steel Mullion GFRC Panels with smooth or off-the-form finishes and Cappucino Color

2” Rigid Insulation

2” X 3” Silver Steel Mullion 3” X 3” Silver Steel Mullion

2’ X 4’ Limestone Rainscreen Panels 3” Aluminum Metal Sqaure L Shaped Bracket Air Gap Air/Moisture/ Vapor Barrier 2” Rigid Insulation

For the stone screen detail, the project has the service bar that the stone wraps around. Like the roof details, wall section perspective was done shown above. Plan, section, and elevation details at half scale are shown to the right of the page. The project uses a 2 ft by 4 X ft rainscreen limestone panels an wraps the outside and inside wall with. To the right of the second page is a perspective of the limestone rainscreen that wraps around to the interior. The rainscreen is being held by the steel metal brackets that are l shaped to be able to bolt to the wall and have the stone rest of the bracket. The precedents I looked for this project was the Getty Musuem in Los Angeles, California.

12” Reinforced Concrete

3” Aluminum Metal Sqaure L Shaped Bracket

2’ X 4’ Limestone Rainscreen Panels

Air Gap

2” Rigid Insulation 12” Reinforced Concrete

Air/Moisture/ Vapor Barrier

Thank You Portfolio Kelsey Kohlmeier