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OKANAGAN SUN head coach Pete McCall has been named the Canadian Junior Football League’s coach of the year as the team sported a 9-1 record this season.

MAXINE DEHART reports that Taylor Pro Training is expanding its horizons in its areas of training professional drivers and heavy equipment operators across the Okanagan Valley.

THE DYNAMIC Australian musical duo of Dale Buchan and Josephine Cubis, who perform under the band moniker of Firetree, will showcase their musical talents at the Bike Shop Cafe on Saturday.

TOM FLETCHER says chances of the HST surviving a referendum have improved from ‘none’ to ‘slim.’


80 years

serving our community 1930 to 2010




WEDNESDAY November 17, 2010 The Central Okanagan’s Best-Read Newspaper Best in BC


Snelson may seek change of venue for trial Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

DL# C3289/5296

We’ll likely know later this month whether or not the defence lawyer for accused killer Neil George Snelson will apply to the court for a change of venue for his trial. Snelson was arrested 16 years after the 1993 death of college student Jennifer Cusworth. If the application goes ahead, it is believed defence will apply for the change of venue based on the argument that the pre-trial publicity in Kelowna has harmed Snelson’s ability to get a fair trial in this city, said Crown counsel Iain Currie. Jurors are regularly instructed to ignore what they may have heard about a case in the past and stay away from media coverage during a trial, and are urged to make their decision about someone’s innocence or guilt based solely on the evidence they hear at trial. However, if a defence lawyer is able to successfully convince a judge Jennifer Cusworth that a case has attracted so much publicity that an accused would be unable to get a fair trial in the city where a crime occurred, the trial could be moved to another city. “It’s not particularly common,” said Currie. “It’s a reasonably high standard.” The death of Cusworth, 19, in October 1993, generated consistent media coverage over the years as her parents regularly made the trip to Kelowna to plead for information about the young woman’s death. Cusworth was last seen alive at a large Richter Street party on Oct. 16, 1993 and her body was found in a Swamp Road ditch the following day. Not long after the 16th anniversary of her death, Snelson was arrested. Snelson is next scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 29, when either the application for a change of venue is brought forward or a trial date is set.



THE RARE VISIT of this little blue heron, seen here plucking a fish from Okanagan Lake at Powers Creek, sent bird

watchers into a frenzy earlier this week. The small white-plumed heron with green legs hails from the U.S. Gulf States region, and sightings have only been recorded three times in B.C.



Birders flock to see rare blue heron Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

When Westside resident Scott Thomson spotted the dainty, snow-white heron at the outflow of Powers Creek just before dark on Remembrance Day, he knew something was up. “It just wasn’t something I had seen before,” said Thomson, who went home to look up

the bird. By the next morning he had ruffled enough feathers on the bird watcher’s email list—bcintbird—to gather a small crowd on the shoreline at the Westbank Yatch Club. Avocet Tours operator Chris Charlesworth confirmed there was a slight grey tip to the ends of its wings—the clincher which would distinguish this fluffy

youngin’ from a handful of other species options. It was a first-ever sighting of a little blue heron in the B.C. interior. By 7 a.m., word was out that the dainty, gull-sized bird on Okanagan Lake was here to stay long enough for other bird watchers to catch a glimpse. “It’s a really, really rare bird in British Columbia,” said Rick Toochin, a student from the

Chilliwack neighbourhood of Sardis. Toochin jumped in his car and drove to Kelowna as soon as he heard the news. It took him only two hours to make the trip over the Coquihalla Highway—exactly the kind of turnaround needed to secure a bird for your “B.C. list.” “The wife woke me up. My See Birders A3


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news A3


Birder community enthralled by rare sighting Birders from A1 friend was on the phone. See ya later. Boom. Go. That’s how you do it. If you wait and hesitate, you miss it,” said Toochin. “As soon as you hear about it, the clock is ticking down. You just gotta go.” Toochin logged a 20minute sighting before heading back home to the Fraser Valley. He said his “heart dropped” when he first arrived and the bird could not be found. What makes the little blue heron sighting rare is not the bird itself, but how far off course it is from its native environment. There are 64 known species of herons and the little blue heron is normally found in the southeastern United States. Under normal circumstances, it might make it as far as the State of Maryland during dispersal, after the young leave their mother. Monday morning local bird enthusiast Gwynneth Wilson figured easily 100 people had stopped by for a look, checking out those distinctive grey tips that distinguish the little fellow from a cattle egret, a great egret or a snowy egret— other options those in the know figured this sighting might have been when Thomson made his discovery. Charlesworth, who travels the world taking people on bird watching tours and serves as the regional editor for North American Birds magazine, said the bird-loving community is almost unanimously agreed this is only the third little blue heron sighting in B.C. The first was almost 40 years ago and the second roughly 20—both on the coast. Unfortunately, there is no definitive place to register this event as the provincial rare birds committee is officially defunct.

BIRDWATCHER Rick Toochin, from Chilliwack, jumped in his car on a moment’s notice and drove to Kelowna just to catch a glimpse of a little blue heron, a bird rarely seen in these parts. SEAN CONNOR/CAPITAL NEWS

While most B.C. bird watchers agree the pastime is growing in B.C., what they can’t seem to agree on is how a new provincial rare birds committee can be struck. A disagreement over a Xantus’s hummingbird sighting a handful of years back caused a rift, yet to be repaired. “It’s sort of an interesting bit of bird politics,” Charlesworth said. The committee all agreed it was a Xantus’s, but came unglued over whether it was an escapee from a bird collection or a natural immigrant like the young heron spotted on the Westside last week. To the uninitiated, the episode sounds a bit birdbrained, but birders insist their practices are serious and their work integral to conservation efforts around the world. And the young man who just broke B.C.’s record for the highest number of different bird species spotted in a year, Russell Cannings, is testament to the claim.



Russell’s Big Year, as his now famous blog is called, won attention all over North America last month when he spotted his 366th bird, shattering the record previously held by Mike Toochin, Rick Toochin’s older brother, by beating him with three months to go until year’s end. Cannings was featured in the Vancouver Sun, was the talk of the town on New York-based bird blogs, made it onto CBC Radio’s As it Happens and will be in several nature magazines to come out within the year. The attention demonstrates how interested people are in birds and in

nature in general. “Almost everywhere I go people ask: “Are you the guy doing the big year?” he said. Cannings has a cause he wants to direct his support-base toward—saving a very rare habitat just south of his Penticton home. “Strategically, it’s really good to do a big year,” he said. “It just shows how diverse this province is.” As his father Richard Cannings explains, the birds demonstrate the impact issues like global warming and development have on the natural environment. “They act, if you can mix metaphors, like the canary in the coal mine,” said the older Cannings, a well-known biologist and one of B.C.’s preeminent bird experts. “Most of the grassland birds and those in old growth forests are declining rapidly,” he explained. While it would be difficult to identify different types of mice as they’re

nocturnal and tend to look alike, it’s relatively easy to spot and identify a bird, so people are willing to provide the data necessary to hone in on these problems. “With birds we have this literal army of very keen volunteers across the world,” he said. Cannings designs software to ensure volunteer bird enthusiasts collect the right information for biologists to use in building this scientific knowledge-base. The younger Cannings, meanwhile, has now spotted 372 birds on his B.C. bird list; the last was the little blue heron. He will lend his celebrity to the efforts of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the OkanaganSimilkameen Conservation Alliance, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee in their plight to secure the proposed Osoyoos/South Okanagan conservation park. The sagebrush and

grassland habitat the groups are trying to protect is a unique type of ecosystem not yet included in the Parks Canada inventory. Efforts to establish a federal park have been in the works since 2003, but face significant opposition from First Nations, ATV and off-road groups and ranchers. The area is part of a grassland corridor running through much of the B.C. Interior, is critical for many migratory grassland animals and includes 50 recorded endangered species. The little blue heron on the Westside, meanwhile, is neither endangered nor likely to disappear from this neck of the woods any time soon. Unfortunately, while science cannot explain why birds like this get off track, bird watchers do know it is unlikely the young creature will make it back to the environment where it belongs.

Support United Way The United Way is working to create better opportunities for all in the Central and South Okanagan Similkameen by investing in children, vulnerable adults and seniors in working with the agency’s 38 community partners. The Live United Campaign runs until Dec.17, 2010. To make a donation, host an event or run a workplace campaign visit or contact 250-860-2356.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010




Kelowna woman killed in Springfield collision Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

A young Kelowna woman was pronounced dead Monday afternoon, as a result of injuries sustained in what’s been described as a “horrific” car crash. The woman was a passenger in a Mazda that police believe cut in front of a Plymouth sedan during morning commuter traffic, at the intersection of Springfield and Quigley Roads. Drivers of both cars remain in hospital with non life-threatening injuries. “According to witnesses the crash occurred when a woman…was driving westbound on Springfield Road in her Plymouth sedan, on her way to work,” said Const. Steve Holmes. An eastbound Mazda sedan allegedly took a sudden left turn, into Quigley Road, in front of the Plymouth, driven by a 46-year-old woman. “It appeared that the Plymouth had no time to react and the two vehicles

collided, causing extensive damage to both,” said Holmes. Both the young man who was driving the Mazda, aged 28, and the passenger who is now deceased, were trapped and had to be extricated by emergency crews. Police are saying they won’t be releasing the name of the 26-year-old Kelowna woman who died, due to a request by the family. “Her family is having a hard time with their loss, under such tragic circumstances, and are not entertaining the idea of releasing their loved one’s name,” said Holmes. RCMP Central Okanagan Traffic Services is investigating the collision along with the RCMP traffic reconstructionist. Police are asking that anyone who witnessed this incident, or has information pertaining to it, please call the RCMP’s Central Okanagan Traffic Services at 250-980-5353.

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Getting a taxi ‘a joke’ Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

A provincial mandate that cracks down on drinking drivers has had some highly publicized impacts on pubs and restaurants across B.C. With some are reporting profit losses in the area of 30 per cent, it’s caused business owners to think outside the box to create ways for their imbibing customers to drink responsibly, secure in the knowledge they’ll get home with their driving record intact. Unfortunately, says one Kelowna city councillor, government red tape is getting in the way of businesses that could solve the problem. Bars in a number of American cities that have similar drinking and driving laws, are easily able to have their own shuttle service, says Coun. Andre Blanleil. Most Kelowna bars and restaurants, however, can’t seem to get the same break due to prohibitive licensing requirements, and that’s taking a bite out of business. “It’s stifling the creative juices of the private sector by (stopping them) from creating different ways to get people home,” said Blanleil. The issue came to the fore during Monday’s meeting when Blanleil expressed frustration over the attentiveness of Passenger and Transportation Board representatives. For two years, he said, council has been asking for details about how they dole out taxi licenses to cities, because Kelowna appears to be short. “Getting a cab now is a joke,” he said. It’s a sentiment that’s been repeated many times in Kelowna, and the sound of dissent has become louder since new drinking and driving laws have come into effect. Complaints that bargoers are waiting for more than an hour for cabs that never arrive are regular, and without a late night bus service to speak of, it’s businesses that cater to nighttime crowds that are suffering. That’s where an opportunity should lie, said Blanleil, but it’s not the case. “Taxis are a big component,” he said. “But licensing is the bigger problem.”

capital news A5



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A6 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEWS ▼ WEST KELOWNA Kelowna & District Fish & Game Club Thanks to 350 The Kelowna and District Fish and Game Club's annual fun jug shoot attracted a record 350 participants. The event provides an opportunity to fire rifles, pistols, arrows, shotguns and even mini cannon under safe, one-on-one supervision at a variety of targets. Thank you to the scores of people who visited our ranges for the first time, many of whom had never shot before. We appreciate the assistance of our major sponsors:

Weber & Markin Gun Shop, Powick Road, which donated

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Secondary suite policy draws criticism Mike Simmons STAFF REPORTER

The adoption of a new policy regarding secondary suites is not seen as the solution by a group of Westside residents. West Kelowna Residents Association president Joe Lavigne said opposition to aspects of the new secondary suite policy has been incorrectly described as being against secondary suites altogeth-

er. “That’s sort of how it’s coming across.” One of the sticking points for the association is that the public hearing component around individual secondary suite applications has been removed. Lavigne says they see this as removing a homeowner’s ability and right to have a say in the process of approving a secondary suite in their neighborhood. Removal of this option

was intended to streamline the application process. Lavigne said he would agree with doing that if there were so many applications that the process is bogging down, but noted there have only been 17 secondary suite applications in one year. He added the District of West Kelowna devoted more time to discussing the secondary suite policy than dealing with the suite applications that

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from the beginning. “Then it’s designed that way,” he said. “People would buy in the area knowing that.” Lavigne said residents now live in an area where secondary suites are allowed in every home. He acknowledged the new policy was brought on under a need for more affordable housing in the area. He added that despite the amnesty period, there is no rush of illegal suite owners trying to legalize their suites. He pointed out the only way to really address affordable housing in the area is to encourage more development, creating an oversupply in the market. “If you have an oversupply, you will bring down prices.” Lavigne added legal secondary suites are bound to be more expensive than their illegal counterparts. The WKRA stance is that the secondary suite policy has done nothing to cure the problems that were there before, and removes the right of nearby homeowners to weigh in on the issue.



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were in hand. Lavigne said there are more than 1,000 illegal secondary suites on the Westside, put in without proper zoning, application or inspection. “A lot of these are actually deathtraps. They’re not safe to live in.” The new policy gives an 18-month amnesty period for property owners with illegal secondary suites to come forward and bring them up to standards. Lavigne said homeowners wanted the old rules to stay, so that an application for rezoning would have to be brought forward with every secondary suite. He pointed out if one neighbour on either side applied for secondary suites, that might not be so bad. “But if every other home except yours on your street applied for a secondary suite, you’d probably go up and say ‘We have enough.’” Lavigne noted association residents bought into single family residential areas. He pointed out new developments should be brought forward with affordable housing in mind



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A preliminary hearing for accused killer Cameron Capozzi is being rescheduled after the man got a new lawyer. Capozzi, 52, had earlier been scheduled to begin a preliminary hearing on Tuesday that was expected to last into early December. Instead, on Tuesday his case was put over to Dec. 14, at which time his new lawyer and the Crown are expected to have scheduled new preliminary hearing dates. Capozzi is charged with the second degree murder of his 77-year-old mother, Josephine ‘Babs’ Capozzi, in the home they shared on Young Road in August 2009. He remains in custody pending his next court appearance.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news A7


Don’t ignore water pollution Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

There’s a lot we should be doing to reduce the many ways we pollute both underground aquifers and surface water in B.C., according to Hans Schreier, a professor at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. He was speaking at the Building Sustainable Communities conference at the Delta Grand in Kelowna Tuesday on Water Pollution in B.C.: an Overview. From the natural pollution caused when a landslide uncovers arsenic or asbestos that gets into water supplies downstream, to pharmaceuticals and sediments caused by human land uses, there are many sources of pollution, he told delegates. While every other country has regulations regarding water quality, Canada only has guidelines, he noted. Agriculture and urbanization are two of the most controversial causes of pollution of our water, he said. However, forestry and mining also affect water quality. Although we regulate each of those uses, they never talk to each other, even though most watersheds are multi-use, he said. As well as individual contaminants, there are the impacts of combinations of them, which could be production of an entirely new contaminant. Regarding groundwater, Schreier warned that it can be contaminated by any land use, but unconfined aquifers are much more vulnerable than confined ones, which have an impervious layer to protect them. Coring will help to determine the character of









1892 SPALL RD., KELOWNA • 250-868-1010 1892 BYLAND RD., W. KELOWNA • 250-769-7355

the sub-strate, so decisions can be made about what land uses are safe for that aquifer within its recharge zone. Sand and gravel soils allow faster infiltration to an aquifer than clay, for instance. Aquifer vulnerability maps should be created to show where an aquifer is sensitive to what kinds of land uses. It’s particularly important to protect the capture zone of an aquifer from contamination from septic systems and oil wells, for instance, he said. Nitrates are a good indicator of the health of an aquifer. The most contaminants affect shallow wells, particularly in agricultural areas. However, nitrates will also indicate the health of water in a bottle, he noted, but federal food (not water) regulations apply to bottled water, so you will learn by reading the label that there is no fat in bottled water— not how much nitrate is in it. The fact is, some large and well-known bottled water companies provide water containing nitrates, he said, which is an indication that there is some

be inspired be stylish be modern JUDIE STEEVES/CAPITAL NEWS

HANS SCHREIER spoke about the need to reduce

the level of pollution for both underground and surface water in B.C. at the Building Sustainable Communities conference in Kelowna on Tuesday. impact on the supply that is contaminating it. Another problem, particularly in farming areas, is the surplus nutrients applied to the land, on hobby farms, commercial farms and from septic systems. Animals generate more nitrates than people. “We can figure out where we’re generating surplus nitrates and correct that,” he pointed out. That would help protect water quality both in aquifers and in surface water. In some areas, we’re producing masses of surplus nitrates, he warned. As well, there are more and more antibiotics being fed to farm animals and these are leaching into water supplies, he warned. We need to start looking at which aquifers are

confined and which are unconfined, so we can put more protections in place around those that are unconfined, he said. We need to control pollutants at the source, seal well heads, control livestock inputs to water, control the density of septic systems and minimize industrial activities to protect groundwater sources. For surface water, protection of wetlands is a huge value, but maintaining biodiversity and reducing pollution, adding buffer strips and wetlands, controlling stocking density, controlling erosion and detaining and providing opportunities for storm water to infiltrate instead of running off are all important, he said. The conference continues this week through Thursday.

310 banks rd, kelowna bc


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Ladies.. A8 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Hoping for leads in Hetu case Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

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More than a year after gunshots echoed through Mill Bridge Park heralding Chris Hetu’s last moments, Kelowna Mounties have yet to make an arrest. Now, by way of a Crime Stoppers video, they’re appealing to the public in hopes evidence germane to the case will come to light. “Investigators strongly believe that there are individuals in Kelowna and Prince George (who) have information about this murder,” said Const. Steve Holmes, during a Monday morning press conference where the one-minute re-enactment of the Oct. 27, 2009 murder was unveiled. In that brief clip, a man dressed in a grey hoodie and jeans enters the

Telling your story most accurately: Capital News

park at around 1 a.m. on a BMX bike, for reasons unknown. It was between 1:10 and 1:15 a.m. that area residents reported hearing three to five shots fired. Hetu, 20, dead as a result of an unknown number of gunshot wounds, was removed from the park in the hours that followed. Holmes didn’t offer much information about what evidence police have accrued over the last year, although he said a “handgun” was recovered at the scene. He also noted that Hetu had “dealings” with Prince George Mounties prior to moving to Kelowna, but declined to address what those were. It is known that Hetu served time as both an adult and a minor, earning the nickname Juvie. However, Holmes said that any speculation about his character, and how it relates to his murder won’t be addressed until the police have evidence. For friends and family of Hetu, last month’s one year anniversary of


THE MEMORY of Chris Hetu is kept alive at a

memorial bench at Mill Bridge Park where his body was found, killed by several gun shot wounds. his death sparked a flurry of activity, both online and at the park where his body was found. A bench that reads “Christopher Daniel Hetu, Our beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend March 1989— October 2009” was erected at the park this summer, and on the anniversary of his death flowers were deposited. A number of the 457 people signed up for the Rest In Peace Chris Hetu

Facebook page, have also logged on to remember the young man, who they describe as caring, loyal and fun. The Crime Stoppers video was to be released Tuesday, on the Crime Stoppers website, YouTube and

Anger spurt gets student in trouble Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER



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An angry teenager with an apparent flair for the dramatic learned an important lesson last week—don’t play with guns, real or not. At around 8:30 a.m. Nov. 12, a man driving a white Dodge pickup northward on Springfield Road was cut off by a teenager driving an Oldsmobile sedan headed in the same direction. “At Springfield and Rutland Roads, the youth who was driving the sedan, pointed a handgun at the driver of the Dodge,” said Const. Steve Holmes. Seemingly unfazed by the brazen act of aggression, the victim recorded the description and licence plate of the vehicle and surmised that the driver may be of high school age. He then headed off to Rutland Senior Secondary, contacted the principal and together they searched a vehicle that matched the description he had recorded earlier. “(They) discovered an airsoft gun that had been painted to look like a real handgun,” said Holmes. The student was suspended but could also face criminal charges such as possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news A9


Winter snowfall predicted to start this week for Okanagan Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

Okanaganites have benefitted from a mild winter so far, but by the time the Capital News lands on doorsteps across the city, a blanket of snow should already have fallen. “We are going to see a drastic change in the weather pattern, and it’s going to start tonight,” said Lisa Coldwells, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, Tuesday afternoon. A vigorous low-pressure system is moving in from the coast and it’s going to combine with cold Arctic air that’s seeping south, from the Yukon. When the two converge over central B.C., they’ll produce the valley’s first dump of snow. “For Kelowna it will start as rain, with snow on ski hills and upper levels,” she said. “But by (Wednesday) morning it will look like snow.” It should look like about two centimetres of snow, but Coldwells doesn’t believe it will stick around for too long, as temperatures are supposed to go as high as 5 C. By the end of the week, however, winter will make it clear that it’s here for the duration. The mating of two weather systems will have ended, leaving Okanaganites with a dusting of snow and the grey cloud-cover that defines the region’s winter experience. And, while the season has come in like a lamb, it’s expected to be a particularly unpleasant experience this time around. La Nina is making an appearance and Coldwells said that means more snow should remain in the valley bottom throughout the season. If nothing else, that should give drivers the impetus to get their snow treads on, if they haven’t already. From the perspective of Ted Richards, manager of the Kal Tire store at the corner of Dilworth and

Leckie, drivers have been very responsible this year. “Each morning when we have opened, for the last two weeks, there have been people lining up in front of the store,” said Richards. “This time of year people are travelling in the mountains and it’s regulated now that you have to have winter tires in our mountains, so there’s pressure on the people who travel.” Luckily, this winter, there’s plenty of supply to go around. “We have a huge supply of winter tires,” said Richards. He explained that the year Quebec had winter radials mandated, Western Canadians were left in the lurch because Michelin sent their entire supply east. And, he stressed, snow

tires are the best way to deal with the conditions that are bound to arrive. “About 80 per cent of the accidents in winter happen on ice,” he said. “Luckily, winter tires have gotten a lot better over the last 15 years.” With the new technology for tires, rubber compounds are softer—stick to ice better. It’s safer, but also has created a bit more of a cost to the consumer. Now it’s mandated that all four tires have to be winter radials, instead of just the front (driving wheels) two, which was commonplace in years past. “It started when Bridgestone came out with Blizzak tires in ’95,” said Richards. “We were putting two tires on the front, and people were coming in and

Turns out, that the front tires had so much traction that it was caus-

ing the back tires to slip out, meaning drivers were hooped if they headed into

a corner with some tire disparity. “So now we sell rear tires, too,” he said.

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A10 capital news

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news C







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Debate Afghan issue in Parliament


n recent weeks, the federal government headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper has suggested that Canada may have a role to play in Afghanistan until 2014, despite a parliamentary resolution which stated that Canada would end its combat role in the hopelessly wartorn country by the end of 2011. In addition, Harper has stated that there is no need for a vote in the House of Commons on any

extension of Canada’s activity in Afghanistan. The government is wrong to make any such statement. Canada has invested a lot in Afghanistan, through financial aid and in particular, through our military mission there, which has been underway for close to nine years. This, by the way, is the longest war commitment by Canada in its history —three years longer than our commitment during

the Second World War. Our biggest and most emotional investment has resulted from the tragic loss of Canadian lives there. They gave their lives for our country, and that is no exaggeration. Because of the enormous amount of money, military energy and emotional energy invested in this mission, it deserves a full and honest discussion in Parliament. Yes, it is true that the Bloc

Quebecois will be naysayers, and it is highly unlikely that the NDP will support any Afghan mission extension. However, both the Liberals and Conservatives suggest there are good reasons to be involved in aid and training until 2014, and all perspectives on this deserve to be heard in the House of Commons. If the Afghanistan mission is to be extended, it deserves proper discussion—in Parliament.

Office Manager


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Do you feel Canada’s should pull our soldiers off the frontlines of the ongoing war in Afghanistan by the end of 2011?

To register your opinion on the Sound Off question, go to or call 250-979-7303. Results will be tabulated until 2 p.m. Thursday.


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Reason can still prevail before HST about-face takes place


.C.’s first-ever citizen initiative ballot question couldn’t be much simpler. Next Sept. 24, those voters who take the time to head down to the polling booth will check Yes or No to the following: “Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and reinstating the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) in conjunction with the GST (Goods and Services Tax)?” When Premier Gor-


Tom Fletcher don Campbell announced a few weeks ago that the government would abide by a simple majority vote, I said it would be “mission impossible” for the HST to survive. Its chances may now

have improved from “none” to “slim.” The question at least frames the only practical choice. Keep the HST or go back to sales tax status quo, without the refund that petitioner Bill Vander Zalm conjured up to attract signatures. I asked Finance Minister Colin Hansen about the question, the fate of the proposed refund and the impact of the 15 per cent personal income tax cut imposed by the outgoing premier.

Hansen agreed that it’s important to have a simple question, although the implications for the economy go far beyond the tax at the bottom of your sales slip. As for the supposed refund, Vander Zalm’s proposed “HST Extinguishment Act” calls for the old PST to be restored retroactive to last July, with any extra tax collected under the new system repaid on an averaged basis. “But in fact what hap-

pens this year is that we would collect slightly less under the HST system than we would have collected had the PST system continued in place,” Hansen said. “So there would not be any extra revenues to the province, and therefore the whole thing is moot.” Making the PST retroactive would also mean somehow collecting back taxes on 15 months worth of expenditures that are reduced under HST, such as disposable dia-

pers, hotel rooms and business phone services. This would be administratively as well as politically impossible. In short, Vander Zalm’s proposal can’t be done, and the refund he dangled doesn’t exist. It’s too bad more people didn’t understand this before they signed the petition. So if you vote Yes next fall, you will still pay the federal GST, and you will get back some form of the old PST, once the

provincial government rehires hundreds of tax staff transferred to the federal government. A finance ministry briefing memo, released last week, points out that if B.C. flip-flops and See Fletcher A11


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Wanting MLAs to represent constituents To the editor: Re: MLAs Ready To Defend Riding Turf, Nov. 12 Capital News. Steve Thomson may feel that he has been doing a commendable job for his constituents in returning our tax dollars to the region while giving himself plenty of photo ops to boot. What he refuses to acknowledge is that he, and all but one of his fellow Liberal MLAs, have failed to represent the concerns of their constituents regarding the HST. Instead he has chosen to represent the wishes of a dictatorial premier and the millions of dollars contributed to the Liberal party

by large corporations. Interestingly, the Oath of Office he subscribed to only makes reference to being faithful to and bearing true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which I guess allows him to leave taxpayers off his list and the right to claim he has “tried to do his job with integrity.” There is no requirement to justify the reason for recall in the legislation, but it does, fortunately, allow citizens a voice when they are dissatisfied with the representation they receive. The Premier self-recalled after finally

hearing those voices. Mr. Thompson has the opportunity to listen to them for the next couple of months, despite his time being consumed, even in the absence of a fall sitting of the legislature, by “continuing the work he was elected to do, both at the local and provincial level.” Suggestion for Mr. Thomson: Start doing the work you were elected to do and put “addressing the issues directly with your constituents” at the top of the pile. Neil Martin, Kelowna,

Better ways to spend money than recall campaign To the editor: In his homily at the West Kelowna Remembrance Day service, the presenter noted how veterans (not pastors, lawyers, reporters, lobbyists or politicians) have protected our rights to religious thought, due legal process, freedom of the press, the right to free assembly and the right to vote by the many sacrifices they’ve made. When we compromise these values, it betrays the memory of those who’ve served. So, I’m a little perplexed when “recallers” receive front page coverage (Thomson Targeted by MLA Recallers, Capital News Nov. 10) as they attempt to use the system for their own political ends. Thomson, like other MLAs, was legitimately elected in May 2009. Where were these voices then? Why should we now spend time, effort and tax dollars on arbitrary measures and their political agenda? The dates for an HST referendum and the next general election

have been set. When will the Justin Neufelds, Dan Thorburns and Chris Delaneys be satisfied? Minister Thomson continues to serve his constituency with honor and integrity. His tenure has been free of scandal or allegations of impropriety and he should be free to complete his term. Kelowna-Mission voters should be pleased that such a civic-minded individual agrees to public service (thanks Thomson family—my kids love swimming at H2O). And there’s the rub. The problem with initiating a recall on a community-minded candidate like Steve Thomson, is it discourages other quality, civicminded individuals from participating in politics. We end up with a Bill Vander Zalm (and his flock of sheep) using the premier’s office for personal gain and accepting cash in a brown paper bag for a deal on his personal property (one method of avoiding the HST or even the property transfer tax he imposed).

The other problem occurs on Remembrance Day as we remember sacrifices made by our veterans. If a fringe group of malcontents can hijack public discourse and the democratic process for their own ends, does that not dishonor the memory of our veterans? Does that not betray our commitment to maintain the integrity of our institutions for which our veterans fought? Here’s a suggestion for the recallers. Instead of attacking Mr. Thomson or other elected MLAs, consider the fates of the 152 Canadian service men and women who won’t be coming home from Afghanistan. That’s 152 wives, girlfriends, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers who will never see their loved ones again. Take up their cause. Plead the case for the widow and the orphan. And, if that proves too onerous, stop by your local Legion, buy a veteran a beer and just say, thanks. We’ll all be better served. Gordon Wiebe, West Kelowna

Snagging HOV abusers a waist of RCMP resources To the editor: Should I laugh, or cry for the person that might be out $110? In a day-long traffic blitz, one person was caught and ticketed for ‘misusing’ the HOV lane. Could it be that that person had an errand

list and changed his/her mind about what to do first? And, being a responsible motorist stayed in the ‘shopping lane’, since split-second lane hopping is dangerous. It’s doubtful that a judge could be found who would charge and convict (because of

three demerit points) a person simply for changing their mind and acting in a responsible manner. Furthermore, why is the RCMP forced to waste their valuable time on such drivel? Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna

Help Gospel Mission expand dental clinic To the editor: Since you published the article regarding the Gospel Mission’s dental clinic’s attempt to obtain a $100,000 grant from Pep-

si (to expand the clinic), the Kelowna public has responded, but I think more has to be done to encourage people to vote daily. On Nov. 3, this pro-

posal stood at #50; now it is #16. We need to get more people voting! This is a worthwhile and easy cause for the community of Kelowna to

Governing by fait accomplis Fletcher from A10 brings back the PST, businesses might leave the province. Some firms that signed contracts based on HST input tax credits may sue the government to recover their losses. B.C.’s reputation as a stable place to invest will be damaged. Then there is the personal income tax cut which, like the HST, is intended to attract investment and jobs. Hansen has already notified the

capital news A11

Canada Revenue Agency of the 15 per cent reduction, so the income tax deducted from your paycheque will be reduced starting Jan. 1. That tax cut will put about $600 million a year into the B.C. consumer economy, a stimulus that will show up in government revenues. But the ministry forecasts it will be several years before growth fills the revenue hole. Hansen insisted that even with the income

tax cut, the B.C. government can still get out of deficit by 2013 and have some “flexibility” in this spring’s budget. All this, of course, rests on the assumption of an economy growing and recovering from recession. Indulging in the latest wacky B.C. political protest would almost certainly weaken that recovery. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press.

support. Here are the two websites with all the information and details of voting: Marjorie Buckham, Kelowna

Express yourself We welcome letters that comment in a timely manner about stories and editorials published in the Capital News. Letters under 200 words will be given priority in considering them for publication. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, legality and taste.

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OSTOMY DAY Lakeside Medicine Centre

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Stolen daycare bus hits cop car Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

Staff at a Kelowna daycare facility are “in a bit of a juggle” after the bus used to transport children to and from school was stolen and then allegedly driven into a police cruiser by a group of men apparently attempting to evade capture. Daphne Bowden, general manager of Sutherland Avenue-based Clubhouse Childcare Centre, was closing up the facility around 5:45 p.m. on Monday when she discovered that their 2005 Ford limo bus was missing from the parking lot. It had been taken sometime in the previous half hour, she said, and she had the only two set of keys for the vehicle. Later that evening, after reporting the bus stolen, Bowden was in the

Mission Park Shopping area when she spotted the bus “skewed” into a parking spot off Richter Street. “There was still a person in the driver’s seat,” she said. Bowden called police on speaker phone to report her discovery, when suddenly the bus started to leave the lot. She said she followed the bus at a distance—saying the driver of the stolen vehicle was travelling under the speed limit and appeared to have difficulty driving the machine— until she spotted police in Rutland and pulled over. “They (police) stayed in contact with me the whole way,” she said. Police closed in on the bus after it turned onto a dead end street near Leathead Road, and that’s where they allege the driver of the bus accelerated and hit a police vehicle as

it left the area. “I did see the three vehicles attempt to curtail him,” said Bowden. “The police officer was backing up to get out of the way” when his vehicle was hit. Police say the bus was seen driving into oncoming traffic and allegedly tried to ram another police cruiser as the driver continued his efforts to flee. The vehicle was found, abandoned, a short time later on Adams Court near University Way, and a police dog tracked down three men who were hiding in some trees near University Way. Justin Dwayne Collins, 35, Matthew Ian Mahood, 29, and Dayton Lloyd McAlpine, 23, have now been charged with possession of stolen property. Results of their court appearances Tuesday afternoon weren’t known at

press deadline. Meanwhile, Bowden said her reaction to the events Monday night was one of “disbelief,” as she wondered why someone would take such a distinctive vehicle. “This is a giant white 35-foot fancy bus,” she said. She said police were still processing the bus on Tuesday, and they will have to wait for repairs to be completed—including fixing a punched ignition—before they get the vehicle back. The stolen bus was used every day to transport daycare children to and from school and while they wait for its return, they are forced to send more than one vehicle to school pickups and rearrange schedules as they fill the void. “We’re in a bit of a juggle,” said Bowden.


Pot odour gives away grow op location An RCMP officer used her senses to bust a West Kelowna grow operation. On Sunday afternoon, an officer was in the area of Ross and Cameron Roads when she detected a “very strong odour of vegetative marijuana,” said Const. Steve Holmes.

So, she called in a second officer to help her locate the source of the smell, which they tracked to a home on Cameron Road. Officers were eventually able to acquire a drug warrant for the home and found 300 marijuana plants and an estimated 150 pounds of dried

bud, as well as an illegal Hydro electrical bypass. Officers also encountered two pit bulls in the home, “who, fortunately, were friendly,” said Holmes. The investigation into the person or persons responsible for the grow operation is ongoing, police say.

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Graffiti tag author sought in arson investigation

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Arson investigators are looking to speak with the author of a graffiti “tag” that has been located near several recently set fires in Rutland, police said Tuesday. “The initials ‘GC’ were located on a telephone pole near where a spate of arsons occurred on October 22 and it was also found on the wood fence that surrounded the property where the semi tractor was burned on November 5,” said Const. Steve Holmes. “Though police cannot confirm that the tags

are linked to the fires… they consider the author of the tags to be a ‘person or subject of interest’ and would like to speak with him/her.” In the early morning hours of Nov. 5, fire crews were called about flames in a tractor trailer parked at a home in the 200-block of Dougall Road North, and investigators say the fire started inside the cab. And, two weeks earlier, on Oct. 22, fire crews were kept hopping with five set fires during a short time in the same area. The first fire was set in a boat on Gray Road, followed by three fires on Dougall Road damaging a

Mystery fire suspects released

Police have released the two people taken into custody in relation to the Sunday morning fire in the Shasta Mobile Home Park, without pressing charges. The Kelowna Fire Department responded to the mobile home fire in the 3700 block of Lakeshore Road at 7:45


KELOWNA RCMP are looking for the person

responsible for this graffiti tag that has been spotted near the sites of several recent set fires in the Rutland area. boat, lean-to, car and carport. The fires ended that day with a burning chair being propped against a camper on Froelich Road. Police previously said they were looking to speak with three youths who had been seen earlier on Oct. 22 using an aerosol can as a flame-thrower. The boys have since spoken to investigators and are not being looked at as

suspects at this point, said Holmes. Police now are trying to locate the author of the GC tag and ask anyone with information about his or her identity to call the Kelowna Detachment at 250-762-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477. You can also leave a tip on the Crime Stoppers website:

Sunday morning. “Firefighters found a well involved fire in a mobile home that caused extensive damage,” said assistant Kelowna fire chief Lou Wilde. How it started had not been determined Tuesday. Occupants of the unit on fire were not home when firefighters arrived.


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Cheryl Wierda

capital news A13

A14 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ahead of curve on diabetes treatment


n 1552 AD, physician Hesy-Ra recorded the earliest known record of diabetes on Third Dynasty Egyptian papyrus. It mentions polyuria (frequent urination) as a symptom. It described it as the melting down of

NEWS flesh into urine. Up until the 11th century AD “water tasters,” who drank the urine of those suspected of having diabetes, confirmed the diagnosis by the sweet taste of the urine. The Latin word for

honey (referring to its sweetness) is ‘mellitus,’ which was added to the term diabetes as a result. Over the centuries since, we now know much more about how diabetes affects us and how to diagnose it.

There are three main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is usually first diagnosed in children, teenagers or young adults.

In this form of diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas no longer make insulin because the body’s immune system has attacked and destroyed them. Current medical treatment for type 1 diabetes includes taking in-

sulin shots or using an insulin pump, lifestyle choices, or being physically active. Type 2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin-


John Sherman dependent diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes. People can develop type 2 diabetes at any age—even during childhood. This form of diabetes usually begins with insulin resistance, a condition in which fat, muscle, and liver cells do not use insulin properly. At first, the pancreas keeps up with the added demand by producing more insulin. In time, however, it loses the ability to secrete enough insulin in response to meals. Being overweight and inactive increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes can happen during the late stages of pregnancy. This form of diabetes usually goes away after the baby is born. The hormones of pregnancy or a shortage of insulin causes gestational diabetes. Complications from diabetes include heart and blood vessel disease, blindness, kidney failure, foot ulcers and erectile dysfunction to name a few. Homeopathy can play a role in the ongoing treatment of diabetes. Syzygium jambolanum is a homeopathic remedy that is not very well known, but it’s great as an adjunct treatment. Recently, while looking through some of the old texts of homeopathy, I came across some information on this particular remedy, a quote from William Boericke’s (1849-1937) Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica. In this 1906 text, he writes about Syzygium jambolanum: “a most useful remedy in diabetes mellitus. No other remedy causes in so marked degree the diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine.” He wrote further how this remedy is indicated in diabetes when there is great thirsts, weakness, very large amounts of urine, and the specific gravity is high. See Sherman A15

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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CRUNCH TIME…Rescue workers clean up at a minor fender bender that occurred Tuesday morning on Baron Road in Kelowna. No one was seriously injured in the accident.

It helps with old ulcers of skin as well as diabetic ulceration. Homeopathy has aided in the treatment of diabetes for well over a century. This was long before Frederick Banting’s (1891-1941) discovery of insulin in 1921. Interestingly enough, in 1906, William Boericke wrote about another homeopathic remedy that was derived from insulin, named insulinum. He wrote then that “besides the use of insulin in the treatment of diabetes, restoring the lost ability to oxidize carbohydrate and again storing glycogen in the liver, some use of it homeopathically has been made by Dr. Wm. F. Baker, showing its applicability in acne, carbuncles, erythema with itching eczema. “In the gouty, transitory glycosuria when skin manifestations are persistent, give three times daily after eating. Given a persistent case of skin irritation, boils or varicose ulceration with polyuria, it is indicated.” Considering these words were written at least 15 years before Banting discovered insu-

lin, I would say that homeopathy was well ahead of its time and still is in the treatment of many chronic conditions.

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capital news A15

A16 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


CMHC sees revival coming for local real estate market Kelowna’s


market will improve in the

year ahead, according to

a new report released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. “Demand for both new and existing housing is expected to pick up as the provincial and regional economies record stronger employment growth,” said Paul Fabri CMHC market analyst, in the agency’s s Fall Housing Market Outlook. “Favourable interest rates will also support growth in demand. Buyers of existing homes will benefit from

We owe it to our future to remember As citizens, we must make sure the stories of those heroes are remembered and passed on to future generations. For we are the future they fought for and, as Canadians, we cherish the values they are still fighting for.

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an ample supply of listings and strong price competition among sellers.” Gains in both new home construction and

condominium and attached home construction and fewer rental apartment starts in 2011. Existing home prices are forecast to edge up in 2011. Ample supply in combination with modest growth in demand will limit upward pressure on prices. Kelowna’s existing home market will move to a balanced from a buyer’s market position in 2011 as demand improves and the supply of listings slowly comes down.

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existing home sales will be modest. Housing starts, led by the detached home sector, will increase next year. “This year’s uptick in detached home construction will carry over into 2011,” said Fabri. Lower lot prices and construction costs have allowed builders to compete more effectively with the existing home market and attract more buyers during the past year. Kelowna’s multifamily sector will record more

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news A17



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McCall Canadian coach of the year Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

It doesn’t erase the disappointment of his team’s defeat in the B.C. Football Conference championship game. Still, being named the Canadian Junior Football League’s coach of the year confirms that not all was lost in 2010 for head coach Peter McCall and the Okanagan Sun. “The year didn’t end well for us and it’s taken some time to get over it… but I’d say it’s definitely a nice consolation to get recognized with this award,” said McCall, who took over as Sun head coach in 2009. “This is great for our team to be recognized, and the coaching staff deserves a big share of this. To get coach of the year is a symbol for our organization, it shows we’re improving and we’re going in the right direction.” McCall was to have accepted the award in per-

son at the CJFL’s awards banquet last weekend in Saskatoon, but a blanket of dense fog prevented McCall’s plane from landing and he was forced to return to Kelowna without attending the ceremony. Sun player Steven Doege, a finalist for the defensive player of the year, was also on the flight. “Because we weren’t playing in the final, I wasn’t all that excited to go to Saskatoon anyway,” McCall said with a laugh. The national award went to McCall based largely on his club’s 9-1 regular season showing and first-place finish in the BCFC. It was a dramatic improvement over the team’s 6-4 mark a year earlier as Okanagan placed fourth and exited the playoffs in the first round. This year, it was only a gut-wrenching 16-14 loss to the Vancouver Island Raiders in the BCFC final last month at the Apple

Bowl that stood between the Sun and goal-fulfilled 2010 season. “Every coach has to face those losses and you hope you grow from it,” he said. “I think as a team we’re getting better and better times are ahead.” McCall is no stranger to winning awards. While at Rutland Senior Secondary, he was named B.C.’s scholastic football coach of the year in 2007. But as any football coach will tell you, McCall said individual awards will forever take a back seat to winning championships. “They give you a ring for this award,” McCall said of the CJFL honour. “But I’d give that ring back and the finger that it goes on for a championship any day.”


Four Sun players were named to the CJFL allCanadian team: • Drew Digout, offen-

THE OKANAGAN SUN’S Peter McCall is Canadian junior football’s coach of the year. sive line—a first-year recruit from Saskatoon, the 6-foot-3 280 pound Digout was also the Sun’s rookie of the year and a BCFC all-star. • Steven Doege, defensive line—the 6-foot-3

220 pound Doege recorded 25 tackles, six assists, a league-high 11.5 sacks and one fumble recovery. • Jesse Warawa, defensive back—the KSS product closed out his fiveyear junior career with a

team record nine interceptions, while adding 13 solo tackles and two fumble recoveries. • Steven Shott, place kicker—the Carson Graham grad was good on 21 of 28 field goals attempts


in 2010, including a CJFL record-setting 57-yarder against the Victoria Rebels. whenderson


Huska to guide WHL players against Russians Kevin Parnell STAFF REPORTER

Ryan Huska might not have a lot of time to reflect on where his coaching career has taken him in the years since being hired as the Kelowna Rockets head coach. But when he does, the fourth-year Rockets head coach has to be pretty excited about the path he is on. Huska will be behind the bench as head coach of Team WHL in two games against Team Rus-

sia this week as the annual Subway Super Series comes to B.C. for games in Kamloops (Wednesday) and Prince George (Thursday). “I’ve had a lot of great experiences since I decided to stick in hockey, from Memorial Cups to WHL championships,” said Huska, who was first hired as an assistant coach with the Rockets back in 2002. “Now to be getting international experience it’s more than I could have imagined. I’m very for-

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Ryan Huska

Tyson Barrie

Jeff Thorburn

tunate that I got involved with the Rockets because a lot of these opportunities are coming from working with a great organization.”

Huska, who is also an assistant coach for Team Canada’s World Junior team this year, is one of three members of the Ke-

lowna Rockets organization that will participate in the Super Series this week. Rockets’ captain Tyson Barrie will be an


assistant captain for Team WHL in the game in Prince George while athletic therapist Jeff Thorburn will work both of the games with Team WHL. The Super Series is used by Hockey Canada as a chance to scout players in advance of this year’s World Junior tournament. “I think that’s the main part,” said Barrie, who played in both Super Series games last year. “Obviously you want to beat the Russians and play a good team game but the

most important thing is you’re trying to catch the eye of the Team Canada guys and show them you deserve a chance to be on the World Junior team.” Heading into this week’s games the Super Series is tied at two wins apiece. Team Russia won both games against the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League while Team OHL defeated Russia twice. Huska says the series is more competitive than See Super Series A22

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A18 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


UBCO Heat sweep Rockies College of the Rockies offered little resistance to the defending national champs as the UBC Okanagan Heat stretched their record to a perfect 6-0 in BCCAA women’s volleyball. The Heat swept COTR in back-to-back matches over the weekend at the Kelowna campus gym. On Friday, Steve Manuel’s team rolled to a 3-0 win (25-15, 25-17, 2512). Alex Basso and BCCAA player of the week Kaylan Goldsborough led the UBCO attack, while setter Caitlyn Nyhus was named the Heat’s player of the match. On Saturday, more of the same as UBCO romped to another 3-0 victory (25-15, 25-17, 2512). Several big hits and strong blocks earned Emily Carroll was named player of the game honours as the Heat won by an average of 12 points per set.

trating on this season.” This weekend, the Heat travel to the Island for matches against Camosun Friday and Vancouver Island Saturday.



UBC OKANAGAN power hitter Greg Niemantsver-

driet (right) goes for the kill against College of the Rockies’ Brady Atwood in BCCAA volleyball action Saturday in Kelowna. The two-time B.C. and Canadian champs haven’t missed a beat through the first three weeks of the season—an encouraging sign for the coaching staff as the program prepares for the move to Canada West next season.

“We’re focusing on this year,” said Heat assistant Karl Enns, “but we know through our exhibition season what solid CIS teams look like. We know what we have to evolve to. We’re working on that, while still concen-

Following the women’s lead, the Heat men (5-1) were dominant in sweeping both matches from College of the Rockies. On Friday, the Heat won 25-19, 25-16, 25-19. Player of the game Mark Broome racked up a big kill count, with Preston Tucker spreading around the offense to the likes of Broome, Nate Speijer and Chris Howe. On Saturday, player of the game Greg Niemantsverdriet and Speijer paced UBCO to another 3-0 win (25-13, 25-9, 25-17). Now on a four-game winning streak, Heat head coach Greg Poitras said hard work in practice is paying off for his team. “We have to compete in practice,” said Poitras. “We’re not really worried about having any streaks, we just want to get better by the end of the year.” The Heat will head to Vancouver Island this weekend where they’ll battle Camosun Friday and the VIU Mariners Saturday in Nanaimo.

B.C. bronze for Owls The Kelowna Owls went in as the sixth-ranked team in B.C. They came out as the bronze medalists. KSS shutout Oak Bay 1-0 Friday in Victoria to claim third place at the B.C. high school girls AAA girls field hockey championship. Graduating forward Jonel Boileau scored the lone goal at the 16-minute mark of the second half. It was a triumphant end to a satisfying season for coach Arnar Bernhardsson and the Owls who had significant holes to fill after losing a number of key veterans from last year’s gold medalwinning team. “I look at this as being a very successful year,” he said. “We lost our whole midfield core from last season, and we had players step up and fill those big spots for us. Our whole defense was outstanding as well, their defensive play was second to none. “I’m extremely happy with how the girls played and I’m pleased with the bronze medal.” The defending provin-


THE KELOWNA OWLS celebrate their bronze medal performance at the B.C. high school girls AAA field hockey championship in Victoria.


I LOOK AT THIS AS BEING A VERY SUCCESSFUL YEAR. Arnar Bernhardsson, KSS Owls field hockey coach

cial champs posted a 5-1 record at the tournament, while outscoring their opponents 25-2. The only blemish on an otherwise stellar tourney was a 2-0 loss to West Vancouver in the semifinal Friday morning. “We came out flat and just couldn’t get anything going. I’m not sure why we played the way we did,” said Bernhardsson. Still, Bernhardsson gave his team full credit for its ability to regroup for the bronze medal game after a disappointing result in the semis. He said the Owls’ real

character shone through. “Playing for third is one of the most difficult things to do because both teams have come off emotional letdowns,” he said. “The hardest part is playing with the intensity you need to play in a bronze medal game, and the girls did that. It’s a true measure of what a rally good team’s all abovut. It was important to play well and finish as strong as they could. I’m proud of them.” The Owls will have the largest turnover of players in recent memory with 11 players graduating from the program. The KSS grads are: Breezy Beaudry, Ali Banwell, Kimiko Durrer, Didi Kahl, Sam Coyston, Meagan Price, Sarah Eppler, Tayler Sawchuk, Jonel Boileau, Suzanne de Lange and Lioba Junker. de Lange and Junker were exchange students from the Netherlands and Germany, respectively.



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capital news A19

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SCORECARD Excludes Tuesday

Western Conference BC Division 1 2 4 3 5

Vancouver Giants Prince George Cougars Kamloops Blazers Chilliwack Bruins Kelowna Rockets

U.S. Division 1 2 3 4 5

Portland Winterhawks Seattle Thunderbirds Tri-City Americans Spokane Chiefs Everett Silvertips

GP 23 21 21 20 21

W 12 11 11 10 10

L 8 9 9 8 11

OTL 1 1 0 2 0

SL 2 0 1 0 0

PTS 27 23 23 22 20

GP 22 19 20 19 20

W 18 9 11 10 8

L 3 4 7 8 8

OTL 0 3 1 1 1

SL 1 3 1 0 3

PTS 37 24 24 21 20

Eastern Conference East Division 1 2 3 4 5 6

Saskatoon Blades Swift Current Broncos Moose Jaw Warriors Brandon Wheat Kings Prince Albert Raiders Regina Pats

Central Division 1 2 3 4 5 6

Kootenay Ice Red Deer Rebels Lethbridge Hurricanes Medicine Hat Tigers Edmonton Oil Kings Calgary Hitmen

GP 20 23 22 23 22 22

W 14 12 11 11 6 6

L 5 11 10 11 12 13

OTL 0 0 0 0 2 2

SL 1 0 1 1 2 1

PTS 29 24 23 23 16 15

GP 21 22 21 19 21 20

W 15 14 10 11 7 4

L 4 6 7 7 13 15

OTL 0 1 1 1 0 1

SL 2 1 3 0 1 0

PTS 32 30 24 23 15 9



19 20 24 27



7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:05 PM 7:00 PM

December 1 3 4 8 10 11 14 15 17



7:05 PM 7:30 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM

Gr. Van. Canadians Vancouver NW Giants S. Island Thunderbirds Cariboo Cougars Valley West Hawks Vancouver NE Chiefs Okanagan Rockets Fraser Valley Bruins North Island Silvertips Kootenay Ice Thompson Blazers

GP 18 16 18 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16

Nov. 20-21 Okanagan Rockets

Division 1

W 12 11 10 12 7 6 7 4 4 2 0

L 4 2 3 4 4 6 9 8 9 11 15

OTL 2 3 5 0 5 4 0 4 3 3 1

PTS 26 25 25 24 19 16 14 12 11 7 1

GF 77 72 79 89 58 67 51 54 44 46 20


Vancouver NW Giants

GA 49 42 55 44 37 63 65 63 57 72 110

Thu, Nov. 11 7:00P Westside 4 Prince George 2 Fri, Nov. 12 Westside

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

OTL 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 0

GF 38 36 86 66 60 53 27 38

GA 25 23 36 48 33 29 37 57

PIM 113 48 58 71 38 48 88 117

PTS 16 13 16 16 13 10 6 4

L 3 5 6 5 7 9

T 0 1 0 1 0 0

OTL 1 0 1 0 0 0

GF 37 31 39 28 43 14

GA 33 48 55 43 55 74

PIM 55 52 69 48 42 62

PTS 11 7 5 5 4 2

L 2 3 4 4 4 5 7 3

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

OTL 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1

GF 53 46 62 54 40 43 42 83

GA 46 39 44 48 27 35 54 52

PIM 80 66 108 139 111 70 107 42

PTS 17 15 14 14 12 10 7 15

W 7 5 3 1

L 1 3 5 7

T 0 0 0 0

OTL 0 0 0 0

GF 49 54 27 28

GA 28 34 40 56

PIM 46 82 70 46

PTS 14 10 6 2

W Mistix 5 Cabana Cruizers 4 The Liquidators 4 Crush 3 Mission Blues 0

L 1 0 1 4 6

T 0 0 0 0 0

OTL 0 2 2 0 0

GF 22 24 32 23 12

GA 16 20 21 26 30

PIM 12 28 14 32 26

PTS 10 10 10 6 0

W Moose 5 Caps 3 Buckaroos 2 Kelowna Bisons 2 GolfWest 2 Performance Rad 1 Div. 3

W HM Senators 8 Kelowna Barons 7 Browns 7 Red Wings 7 Team Shurwood 6 West Coast Chiefs 5 Nissan Titans 3 Sausage Lynx 7 OVER 35 Raiders Bruins The Chiefs The Vipers Ladies Comp


Interior Division

GP 27 24 23 25 23 24 27 24

Trail Salmon Arm Penticton Vernon Westside Merritt Prince George Quesnel

Sat, Nov. 20 7:00P Westside @ Salmon Arm Sunwave Centre

L 1 1 2 1 0 3 4 7

Div. 2

7:30P 3 Quesnel

Fri, Nov. 19 7:00P Prince George @ Westside Royal LePage Place


W Winfield Storm 8 Ford Bronco’s 6 Rutland Red Army 8 Triple D Auto 8 Air-Ease Destroy 6 Raiders 5 Ice Men 2 LCM Muggers 2





Tue, Nov. 23 7:00P Langley @ Westside Royal LePage Place Thu, Nov. 25 7:00P Prince George @ Westside Royal LePage Place

Wed, Dec. 1 7:00P Westside @ Penticton South Okanagan Events Centre Fri, Dec. 3 7:00P Westside @ Vernon Wesbild Centre Sat, Dec. 4 7:00P Vernon @ Westside Royal LePage Place Tue, Dec. 7 7:00P Quesnel @ Westside Royal LePage Place Fri, Dec. 10 7:00P Merritt @ Westside Royal LePage Place Sat, Dec. 11 7:30P Westside @ Merritt Nicola Valley Arena Tue, Dec. 14 7:00P Nanaimo @ Westside Royal LePage Place

L 8 8 7 7 9 12 17 17

T 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1

OTL 1 0 1 5 1 5 2 0

PTS 37 32 31 30 26 19 14 13


Okanagan Div ision Excluding Tuesday’s action

Osoyoos Coyotes Kelowna Chiefs Penticton Lakers Princeton Posse

GP 24 22 26 24

Fri, Nov. 26 7:00P Penticton @ Westside Royal LePage Place Tue, Nov. 30 7:00P Victoria @ Westside Royal LePage Place

W 18 16 15 12 12 7 6 6

W 19 11 8 5

L 1 10 18 17

T 1 0 0 1

OTL 3 1 0 1

PTS 42 23 16 12

Kelowna Chiefs KIJHL Sat, Nov. 13 7:00P Kelowna Chiefs


Beaver Valley Nitehawks

Tue, Nov. 16 7:00P Kelowna Chiefs South Okanagan Events Center

Penticton Lakers

Fri, Nov. 19 7:00P Princeton Posse Rutland Arena

Kelowna Chiefs

Sat, Nov. 20 7:35P Kelowna Chiefs Oliver Arena

Osoyoos Coyotes

Fri, Nov. 26 7:00P Kelowna Chiefs Princeton & District Arena

Princeton Posse

Sat, Nov. 27 7:00P Osoyoos Coyotes Kelowna - Rutland Arena

Kelowna Chiefs

Tue, Nov. 30 7:00P Kelowna Chiefs Sicamous & District Recreation Centre

Sicamous Eagles

Sat, Dec. 4 7:00P Princeton Posse Kelowna - Rutland Arena

Kelowna Chiefs

Sun, Dec. 5 2:00P Kelowna Chiefs Princeton & District Arena

Princeton Posse


Heat play home openers on the hardwood




Kwantlen’s Samantha McPhail in BCCAA basketball action Saturday in Surrey

UBC Okanagan hardwood fans will get their first look at the Heat this weekend as both teams play their home openers. The Heat will host the Camosun Chargers in a BCCAA doubleheader at the Kelowna campus gym. The women’s games are set for 6 p.m. both Friday and Saturday, while the men take to the court at 8 p.m. Both Heat teams head into the weekend with 2-2 records after posting sweeps of their games over the weekend in Surrey. In men’s action Friday, Micah Cockrill scored 22 points and added eight rebounds as the Heat downed Kwantlen 78-65. Iain Con added 19

points and Dan Briscoe had 17, as the Heat broke open a tight game with a big 24-point third quarter. The Heat hit on 14 of 44 from three-point range and out-rebounded the Eagles 47-35 as UBCO experienced victory for the first time. “We moved the ball a lot better,” Iain Con said of his team, in comparison to last weekend’s effort against Capilano. “It was great to come out here and have a great shooting night.” The Heat completed the sweep Saturday with a 75-62 win. Cockrill and Briscoe netted 14 points apiece, while Simon Pelland had 10 points and nine rebounds. Head coach Semeniuk

tabbed better teamwork and strong ball movement as major factors in the weekend’s success. “I was really happy with our guard play this weekend,” said They worked well together and that helped our whole team play unselfishly,” he added. Semeniuk also sees next weekend as another challenge for his team as he remarked that, “There are no guarantees in this league.” In women’s action Friday, the Heat overcame a poor shooting effort early in the game to down Kwantlen 62-45. UBCO scored 29 points in the fourth quarter, including 10 from guard Ashley Briker. Briker finished with

We Believe in You. SprottSprott-Shaw Community College has been training students in BC for over 107 years. trainin want you to be a success story too! We w

13 points, while Roz Huber controlled the boards for UBC Okanagan with 15 rebounds and added10 points. Jenna Kantz was solid across the board with 10 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and eight steals. On Saturday, Kantz had 19 points, 10 boards and 10 assists as the Heat rolled over the Eagles 8265. Allison Werner had 19 points, V Roz Huber

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scored 16 and had 10 rebounds as the Heat move to 2-2. Head coach Heather Semeniuk hopes her team can build on the two victories with another solid effort this weekend. “This long and late bus trip goes a lot faster when you are able to come home with a victory or two,” said Semeniuk. “Now the girls are go-





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A20 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Westside Warriors land new goalie One goalie out, another goalie in. The Westside Warriors dealt netminder Cam Gorchynski to the Victoria Grizzlies this week for future considerations. On the same day, the BCHL club acquired the rights of goaltender Cole Holowenko from the Merritt Centennials for futures. Holowenko just returned to the BCHL after a stint with the Chilliwack Bruins of the WHL. Gorchynski, born in Chilliwack, was in his second year with the Warriors and posted a 5-2-1 record, a 2.82 goals against average and a 89.7 save

percentage this year with Westside.



“We wish to thank Cam for all that he has done for our organization and our community during his time here,” said

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Warriors head coach and GM Darren Yopyk. “We are excited about the addition of Cole, and welcome him to the Warriors.” Cole played in 31 games last year for Merritt and was 9-14. The sixfoot-two, 190-pound native of Penticton will be in the lineup this Friday versus the Spruce Kings at Royal LePage Place. Meanwhile, with five wins in their last six games, the Warriors are finally gaining some traction in the BCHL’s Interior Division. Darren Yopyk’s club will look to build on its

recent success with two games this weekend. The Warriors will host Prince George Friday, then will travel to Salmon Arm on Saturday to battle the SilverBacks. Westside (12-9-1-1) continued its push up the standings with two roads wins last weekend. On Thursday, Tyler Brickler and Travis Blanleil each had a goal and an assist as the Warriors beat Prince George 6-3. On Friday in Quesnel, the Warriors edged the Millionaires 3-2. Tyler Krause’s goal at 12:07 of the opening period stood up as the game winner.

Alex Grieve added a goal and an assist. The Warriors are now to within four points of fourth-place Vernon in the Interior Division with two games in hand, and are just five back of third place Penticton. Meanwhile, forward Grayson Downing is back with the BCHL club after playing for Team Canada West at the World Junior A Challenge last week in Penticton. Downing had four points in five games as Team West settled for fourth place after a loss to Switzerland in the bronze medal game.


Ok Rockets stop fivegame skid

Barker gets a shot on Vancouver Northeast Chiefs goalie Jordan Hospes in BCMML action Saturday in Kelowna. FRED SCHAAD/CONTRIBUTOR

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QUINN GOULD (right) and the Westside Warriors

1060 Cameron Avenue


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The Okanagan Rockets put a halt to their fivegame losing streak with a 6-3 win over the Vancouver North East Chiefs Sunday in B.C. Major Midget League action at the Capital News Centre. The Rockets’ leading scorer, Harlan Orr, paced the attack with two goals and two assists as Okanagan earned a split of the weekend set. Jedd Soleway and Luke Harrison each chipped in with a goal and an assist, while Mat Lambert had a pair of helpers. Alex Jewel and Alex Gillies added the singles to round out the scoring for the Rockets. Adam Todd had a solid effort in goal for the Rockets as he earned his fourth win of the season while stopping 26 of 29 Chiefs shots.

The win was a crucial one for the Rockets (7-90) as they move back to within two points of the Chiefs for the final playoff spot in the BCMML standings. On Saturday, a tough start for Todd who allowed four goals on six shots as the Chiefs rolled to a 6-2 win. Connor De Melo replaced Todd at the 15:30 minute mark and stopped 20 of 22 the rest of the way. Mitchell Cook scored his sixth of the season and Dallas Barker notched his third in the losing effort. The Rockets will be put to the test this weekend as they visit the Vancouver Northwest Giants for two games. The Giants are second in the league with a 11-23 record.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news A21


Owls host Centennial in high school gridiron playoffs The Kelowna Owls and Centennial Centaurs will meet in B.C. high school football playoff action Saturday at CNC. Kick off for the quarterfinal matchup is 4 p.m. The Owls, who won the Okanagan AAA Conference with a 4-0 record, are coming off a first round bye.



Centennial, the defending B.C. champs, routed Mt. Douglas 5328 in the opening round of the playoffs last weekend. KSS head coach Roy Anderson said his team’s success could depend largely on limiting Centennial’s running game. “We’re pretty confident we can score points, so if we shut down their running game then I like our chances,� said Anderson. The Owls are led into playoff battle by Okanagan offensive player of the year Taylor Loffler. The 6-foot-4 quarterback scored 22 touchdowns and threw 19 TD passes this season.


A banged up and short staffed Okanagan Mission Huskies team put on a brave face as their season ended with a 41-13 first-round AA playoff loss to Pitt Meadows Friday night at CNC. Quarterback and top offensive threat Devin Spence was among several Huskies who were far from 100 per cent fit due to injuries. “We weren’t to do as much as we would have liked because of all the injuries, we had to be pretty conservative,� said Huskies coach Jason Farnsworth. “They guys played as hard as they could.� It was a challenging season for the OKM team as low roster numbers and injuries left the Huskies precariously close, on sev-

Daily news at a glance

eral occasions, to not being able to field a team. Farnsworth has noth-

ing but praise for the effort the undermanned Huskies.

“We had a lot of firstyear guys and to see where they progressed is

pretty rewarding,� said Farnsworth. “I was really impressed with guys play-

ing injured, the graduating guys didn’t want to end their careers on the side-

lines. It was a roller coaster season and the guys played with a lot of heart.�

 319+3%!=&&-$3 (&3'-+3.&,  -) ))   ) *

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35/41,))&# AD73

6 3 HFC


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6 3 CBH

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A22 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SPORTS â&#x2013;ź BRIEFS

Eight medals for Kelowna club at B.C. sectionals The Kelowna Skating Club skated to eight medals at the BMO B.C./ Yukon Sectional Championships held Nov. 10 to 14 at the Capital News Centre.

It was the most medals ever at regionals by the local club and the most of any club at the 2011 championship. Mikayla Randall, Morgan Jmaiff and Julianne

Delaurier won silver medals, Kelsey Wiebe, Hanna Delcourt and Haley Sayles won bronze, while Cambria Little and Jayda Jurome won pewter (fourth). For a complete wrap-

up of the sectional championships and results for Kelowna skaters, see Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s edition of the Capital News.


The Kelowna Chiefs are back on home ice Friday when they play host to the Penticton Posse. Start time at Rutland Arena is 7 p.m. The Chiefs played the Lakers in Penticton on Tuesday night. A final score wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t available at press time. Kelowna was coming off a 5-2 win Saturday over the Beaver Valley Nitehawks. Colten DeFrias scored the hat trick for the Chiefs and added an assist. Jordan Wood had a goal and an assist while Landon Andrusiak and Brett Laird each had a pair of assists. Jordan Bytelaar stopped 35 shots in the Kelowna net.


Kelownaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pursuit of Excellence went undefeated to capture the Greater Victoria Midget Hockey Classic. POE knocked off the Cloverdale Colts 3-1 in Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A flight cham-

4/::A/D7<5A 3D3<B  #=44 6C<B3@2=C5:/A 3D3@E==20:7<2A

1V]]aST`][^OW\bSRO\RabOW\SR TW\WaVSaW\bVS^]^cZO` ÂśaZOb aWhS=TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQS

  A/D3 ;/<C4/1BC@3@A 7<AB/<B@30/B3 6C<B3@2=C5:/A A7:6=C3BB3

>ZOQSO\g\Se]`RS`O\R`SQSWdS O\W\abO\b`SPObS]T ^S` aVORST`][6c\bS`2]cUZOa=\Zg ObbVS0Og=TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQS


/::@=;/<A6/23A =TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQSSfQZcRW\U/Zcab`O

/@@/<53G=C@1=;>:7;3<B/@G 7<6=;31=<AC:B/B7=<B=2/G

1/:: #%%$!' =@&&&%%%' <]dS[PS`!`Rb]2SQ'bV

pionship game. POE forward Brandon Potomak was named to the tournamentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all starteam.


Here are the standings after four weeks of the TravelTyme RV Super B Curling League: 4-0 Capri Insurance 3-1 TravelTyme RV 3-2 Syber Realty 3-2 Wilkinson 2-2 Giles 2-2 Kelowna Hyundai 2-2 Radian Mechanical 2-3 Paramount Music 1-3 Mercedes Benz 1-3 Stantec 1-4 Harmony Acura/ Dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ear


The Central Okanagan Youth Soccer Association will hold its annual general meeting Thursday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Holiday in Express. For more information, contact the COYSA office at 862-9243 or email info@centraloksoccer. com

Minor football The Southern Interior Football Conference finals in both the peewee and juniuor bantam divisions this weekend will be all-Kelowna affairs. In the peewee championship game Sunday at CNC, the Kelowna Lions will take on the West Kelowna Sun Devils. Kick off is at noon on the artificial turf. In semifinal action last Sunday, the Lions got past the Dragons 31-20, while the Sun Devils downed the Vernon Yellowjackets 16-6. Then at 2 p.m., itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Kelowna Lions battling the Kelowna Dragons in the SIFC junior bantam finale. Last weekend in the semis, the Dragons thumped the Salmon Arm Broncos 58-14. The Lions beat the Vernon Marauders 36-6. The champions in each division will advance to the provincial semifinals.

â&#x2013;ź WHL

Rockets will benefit with players in Super Series Super Series A17 ever. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our expectation is to win,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The players are expected to compete for pride for their club teams and the WHL and I think all of these players are hoping it will be a stepping stone to the World Junior pre-Christmas camp.â&#x20AC;? The trio of Rockets participating in the Super

Series wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have far to go to re-join their team following Thursday nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s game in Prince George. After a week of practise with assistant coaches Dan Lambert and Ryan Cuthbert, the Rockets will be heading north as well, for a pair of games against the Cougars Friday and Saturday nights. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As hard as it is to leave your team because you feel there are things to

work on, I think the players getting messages from Dan and Ryan will be good for them,â&#x20AC;? said Huska. In other Super Series news, Kelowna product and Saskatoon Blades forward Curtis Hamilton will serve an assistant captain for Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s game in Kamloops.

â&#x2013;ź VOLLEYBALL

Focus will be required Volley from A19 ing to have to really work

hard this week in practice as we face a well coached team Friday and Satur-

A Gift in Memory Makes a Difference 250-860-2356

day night in the Camosun Chargers. These girlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face a lot of distractions in the home opener and we havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t played at home since last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national championship, so we will have to prepare and be focused for a real battle this weekend.â&#x20AC;?

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news A23


Open House

City Hall 1435 Water Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4 250 469-8500

Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy A Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy is being developed to guide management of Kelowna’s urban and parkland trees. Join us: Monday, November 22, 5 pm to 7:30 pm South Atrium, Rotary Centre for the Arts 421 Cawston Avenue Tell us how you value the protection of trees and provide your input to help guide the planning process. City staff and staff from B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. will be on hand to answer questions.

THE ANNUAL SPCA Angels For Animals Gala fundraiser, presented by Aquarius Mortgages, was a huge success this year. The event, held at the Manteo Resort last Saturday, raised $128,000, a significant increase over the $40,000 the event brought in last year in support of the Kelowna branch of the SPCA. With the provincial government contribution now less than one per cent of the SPCA’s provincial budget, events like the gala become more critical for maintaining SPCA services. Event organizers also saluted the contribution of local philanthropist Tom Budd, who matched a private donation of $7,500, and then matched the total donations from the gala guests.

INFO: 250 469-8441

Photos by Sean Connor 1640 DILWORTH DRIVE (250) 717-0743 • KELOWNA





Shining light on the everyday.

~ Former TV Host & Public Demonstrator

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A24 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Services vs. taxes: City confronted by budget challenges This is the first of four weekly columns provided by the City of Kelowna describing the municipal budget process. The purpose of these columns is to demystify the annual budget process and provide information about municipal taxation and spending practices. Tom Wilson CONTRIBUTOR


ore Kelowna residents agree with the statement: “My city is a great place to live,” than citizens of any other Canadi-

an city. Creating a great place to live doesn’t happen by accident. It takes vision, commitment and it takes thoughtful financial planning. In Kelowna, the bold goal of the annual budget process is to make this the best city of its size in North America. Results of an Ip-

sos-Reid national survey released in September found that 91 per cent of Kelowna residents believe this is a great place to live. The national average was 82 per cent and no metropolitan area from Halifax to Vancouver had higher than 88 per cent agreement with that statement. Kelowna’s weather, lake and surrounding mountains provide a nice setting, but good looks will only get you so far in a popularity contest. What lifts Kelowna above other cities is the

services it offers within the financial limits of the annual budget. The City of Kelowna’s annual budget aims for a balance between setting a reasonable tax rate and delivering services expected by residents and businesses. The current challenge is to deliver services to more areas as the city continues to grow. Adding to this challenge is the requirement for municipalities to be more financially involved in social services traditionally reserved for senior levels of government.

Despite the need to budget municipal funds for issues such as affordable housing and greenhouse gas reduction, the Ipsos-Reid poll indicates Kelowna does a good job of keeping up with residents’ demands. General satisfaction with municipal services in Kelowna was highlighted when Ipsos-Reid asked Canadians: “What is the most important local issue facing your community and the one issue you feel should receive the greatest attention from your local leaders?” In Winnipeg, Sas-

katoon and Edmonton, crime is the No. 1 local issue; in Calgary and Vancouver, municipal spending is the No. 1 local issue. In Kelowna, health care was identified as the top “local” issue, even though this is a provincial responsibility. Pragmatic, long-term financial planning allows the city to adjust to the moving targets of local demands. Setting money aside in reserve funds is one way the city is able to react to growing and changing needs. In 2010, the city’s annual budget was $413 million. Of that, $93 million came from property taxation—so less than 20 per cent of the overall budget. The rest came from user fees, development charges, reserve funds, self-funding facilities such as the airport, city utilities or landfill and partnerships with other levels of government. For an example of how the city stretches tax dollars to provide more services, look at the unusual amount of transportation construction projects carried out this summer. By using $5.5 million

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in taxpayers’ dollars and funds from the city’s reserve accounts, Kelowna was able to commit to $55 million in transportation projects thanks to onetime stimulus and other funding from the federal and provincial governments. Meanwhile, on the taxation side for 2010, the city kept the property tax rate to just 1.6 per cent. With the exception of two years in the past decade, Kelowna’s annual property tax increase was two per cent or less. Kelowna consistently ranks among the lowest tax jurisdictions in B.C. The economy is making this another challenging budget year. In this series of columns, we will give residents information to help inform opinions about the value received for municipal tax dollars. Information about the budget is also now available at and will be updated as the process moves through deliberations by staff and city council, to a provisional budget in December and a final budget in May. Tom Wilson is the communications supervisor for the City of Kelowna.

Electrical short blamed for start of fire An electrical short is believed to have caused an early morning fire downtown on Monday. Just before 5:30 a.m., fire crews were called to the 1000-block of Lawrence Avenue after fire broke out in a garage. “The fire damage was contained for the most part to the garage, with some minor smoke spread through the living quarters of the duplex,” said assistant fire chief Lou Wilde. A resident from one side of the duplex was home at the time of the fire and evacuated prior to fire crews arriving. “Fire investigators have determined that an electrical short in a deep freeze was the cause of the fire,” said Wilde. The garage sustained about $20,000 damage and about $30,000 damage to its contents.

Parking at Parkinson Recreation Centre has changed to limit parking time to three hours per stay between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays, ensuring facility users have primary access to parking. Wednesday, November 17, 2010

“With the opening of the Dayton Street Overpass and the new rapid bus stop, we need to ensure that visitors using the Parkinson Recreation Centre facility have first access to the parking stalls,” said Jim




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Gabriel, director of community services with the City of Kelowna. These two infrastructure improvements have provided new ways for the public to access the Parkinson Recreation Centre. The rapid bus, running from downtown to UBCO, stops every 15 minutes during peak travel times at the Parkinson Depot. Additionally, the new multi-use trail along the east-

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Cost of borrowing is $3,259.85 / $4,872.84 / $4,884.20 / $1,778.74 or APR of 6.99% / 6.99% / 6.99% / 2.99% and total to be repaid is $17,608.85 / $26,321.84 / $21,383.20 / $20,777.74. All purchase finance offers include freight and air tax of $1,350 / $1,450 / $1,500 / $1,450 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. Twice a month payments are only available through Internet banking and telephone banking, if offered by your financial institution. The customer is required to sign a monthly payment contract and to ensure that the total monthly payment occurs by payment due date. Twice a month payments can be made by making two (2) payments of 50% of the monthly payment by the monthly payment due date. Dealer may sell for less. Offers vary by model and not all combinations will apply. Offers are available to customers taking retail incentives and may only be available on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. **Cash purchase a new 2011 Fiesta S Sedan / 2011 Fusion S / 2011 Escape XLT FWD / 2011 Focus SE with Sport Appearance Package and no-extra charge heated seats for $14,349 / $21,449 / 21,499 / $18,999. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,350 / $1,450 / $1,500 / $1,450 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. ◆Receive a winter safety package, which includes: four (4) Winter Tires, four (4) steel Rims, and one (1) Tire pressure monitoring system, when you purchase or lease any new 2010/2011 Ford Focus, Fusion, Escape or 2011 Fiesta on or before Nov. 30/10. Customers choosing to opt out of the no extra charge winter safety package will qualify for $300 in customer cash. This offer is not applicable to any Fleet (other than small fleets with an eligible FIN) or Government delivery and not combinable with CPA, GPC, CFIP or Daily Rental Allowances. Some conditions apply. See Dealer for details. Vehicle handling characteristics, tire load index and speed rating may not be the same as factory supplied all season tires. Winter tires are meant to be operated during winter conditions and may require a higher cold inflation pressure than all season tires. Consult your Ford of Canada dealer for details including applicable warranty coverage. ◆Source: Transports Quebec, 2001. Braking tests were performed at -20° Celsius on a road covered with packed snow and ice. Vehicle equipped with winter tires stopped on average 11.6 metres (38 feet) sooner than vehicle equipped with all season tires. Based on a sub-compact vehicle. †Offer valid from Oct. 1/10, to Nov. 30/10 (the “Offer Period”). Customers who purchase finance or lease most new 2010 or 2011 Ford vehicles and finance through Ford Credit, Canada will receive [$1000]/[$1500] (the “Offer”) on 2010 [Focus/Fusion/Fusion Hybrid/Mustang (excluding GT500)/ Taurus/Ranger/Edge/Flex/Escape/Escape Hybrid/Explorer/ Expedition/Transit Connect/E-Series]/[F-150(excluding Raptor)/F-250 to F-550] and [$1000]/[$1500] on 2011 [Focus S/Fusion S/Mustang (excluding GT500)/Taurus SE/Ranger/Edge SE/Flex SE/Escape I4 Manual/Expedition/Transit Connect/E-Series]/ [F-150(excluding Raptor)/F-250 to F-550] (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The new vehicle must be delivered and/or factory ordered from your participating Ford dealer during the Offer Period. Only one (1) Offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per customer. This offer is raincheckable. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of either factory order or delivery, but not both. This offer is not combinable with CPA, GPC, CFIP, FALS or Daily Rental Allowance incentives. Customer may use the Offer amount as a down payment or choose to receive a rebate cheque from Ford of Canada, but not both. Taxes payable before Offer amount is deducted. ▼ Program in effect from Oct. 1/10, to Jan. 3/11 (the “Program Period”). To qualify for a Ford Recycle Your Ride Program (“RYR”) rebate (“Rebate(s)”), customer must qualify for and take part in either the “Retire Your Ride Program” delivered by Summerhill Impact with financial support from the Government of Canada, or Summerhill Impact’s “Car Heaven Program”. To qualify for the “Retire Your Ride Program”, which offers $300 cash or rebate on the purchase of a 2004 or newer vehicle, customer must turn in a 1995 model year or older vehicle in running condition (able to start and move) which has been properly registered and insured for the last 6 months (12 months in B.C.) to an authorized recycler. To qualify for the “Car Heaven Program”, customer must turn in a 2003 model year or older vehicle in running condition which has been registered and insured for the last 6 months to an authorized recycler. If a customer qualifies for Car Heaven or Retire Your Ride, Ford of Canada (“Ford”) will provide an additional Rebate, with the purchase or lease of an eligible new 2010/2011 Ford or Lincoln vehicle, in the amount of $1,000CDN [Focus (excluding 2011 S), Fusion (excluding 2011 S), Mustang (excluding Shelby GT500 and 2011 Value Leader), Transit Connect, Ranger (excluding 2011 XL)], $2,000CDN [Taurus (excluding 2011 SE), Escape (excluding 2011 XLT I4 Manual), Edge (excluding 2011 SE), Flex (excluding 2011 SE), Explorer (excluding 2011 Base models), Sport Trac], or $3,000CDN [F150 (excluding Raptor and 2011 Regular Cab XL 4x2), F250-550, E-Series, Expedition, MKZ, MKS, MKX, MKT, Navigator] (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Rebate amount may be used as a down payment or received as cheque from Ford, but not both. Taxes payable before Rebate amount is deducted. RYR Rebates are available to residents of Canada only excluding Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and Nunavut. Eligible Vehicle must be purchased, leased, or factory ordered during the Program Period to qualify for a Rebate. Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Rebates are raincheckable. Rebates not available on any vehicle receiving CPA, GPC, Commercial Connection, or Daily Rental Rebates and Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. © 2010 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved. ‡ Class is Subcompact Cars vs. 2010 competitors. Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2011 Fiesta 1.6L I4 Automatic SFE Package: 6.8L/100km city and 4.9L/100km hwy based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Comparison data based on Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) Subcompact Cars and R.L. Polk B-Car (excluding Diesel) classifieds. Actual fuel consumption may vary based on road conditions. capital news A25


Parkinson Recreation Centre visitors ensured of parking the needs of commuter and recreational cyclists as it passes through the recreation park. Parking remains free for Parkinson Recreation Centre users. The new time limit will be enforced by bylaw officers.

A26 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


New public art installation unveiled at the Winfield community garden site The Central Okanagan Community Gardens Society recently received a grant from the Central Okanagan Foundation for the purchase and installation of an art piece in one of their eight community gardens. The Sol Art piece was officially installed Monday morning at the Winfield Community Garden, 11187 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. The art, created by Vernon artist Ed Goodon, is a large metal carrot with a collection of gardening tools as the meat of the carrot. The Sol Art will become part of

the District of Lake Country’s Public Art Collection. The Kelowna District Society for Community Living assisted with the preparation of the site and will help with an addition to the art piece in the spring. The COCG will continue to apply to the Central Okanagan Foundation for grants to continue to add art pieces to the other community gardens. The COCG is a non-profit society that works with local governments to develop and maintain community gardens with a mission

to promote sustainable green spaces, community activities and fun educational opportunities. Lake Country’s community garden was created in 2005 on land provided by Paul and Judy Shoemaker. The Winfield garden offers 40 large plots of varying sizes at the cost of $15 per season (March to November) to help cover the cost of the garden’s upkeep. A shed, tools, water access and compost bins are supplied and now art will be incorporated into the garden design.

KELOWNA 485 Banks Road 250.868.2401 or 1 . 8 7 7. 8 6 6 . 2 4 0 1

M o n d a y – Fr i d a y 9 – 6 • S a t u r d a y 9 – 5 • S u n d a y 11– 4

One of Canada’s largest suppliers of Area Rugs & Laminate has been ordered to liquidate $2,000,000 of inventory immediately. End Of The Roll Kelowna will be the host site for this event!


VERNON ARTIST Ed Goodon next to his art piece, a large metal carrot made from a collection of gardening tools that is on permanent display at the Winfield Community Garden on Bottom Wood Lake Road.

s n o i t a l u t a congr


L IQU I DAT ION S A LE! Hu n d r eds of premium quality A r e a R u g s and trailer loads of L a m i n a t e flooring


• We are LIQUIDATING $2M of Inventory • • Drastic Price Reductions • • Factory Representatives On Hand • • All Products Have Full Warranties • • Hurry in for Best Selection! • THIS THURSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY ONLY




a tiv e u r ve ry o w n “c re o f o e n o th e to B e c ky We b b n te a m . S h e w a s tio c u d ro p r u o th e d e si g n e rs ” fr o m R o c k “P u t U s in Z E l e lix C e th in er o ff e e & C a k e ”. g ra n d p ri ze w in n “C y tr n e r e h r o fo f t o n ttee sst P ic tu re ” 2 0 1 0 c (center),


*See store for details




 /41"' 2$k%.1

  /41"' 2$k%.1



).#,5$%3 #/.35-%2#!3(  !.$&2%)'(4



") 7%%+,9



HWY: 7.1L/100 KM (40 MPG) ¤ CITY: 8.9L/100 KM (32 MPG) ¤

6)3)49/52"##(293,%2 *%%0£ $/$'% 2!-$%!,%2 /2 #(//3%



› k") 7%%+,9


).352!.#%).34)454% &/2()'(7!93!&%49

/2 #(//3%

k") 7%%+,9

capital news A27



'/!.97(%2% !4!02)#%9/5`,,"%3(/54).' &2/-4(%-/5.4!).4/03 !,,.%7 *%%0'2!.$#(%2/+%%,!2%$/

#534/-%2 #(/)#%&).!.#).' zz  

   &/2-/.4(3 !.$ $/7.

7)4(4(%/04)/.4/2%452. !&4%2-/.4(3



#(/)#%&).!.#).' zz  


&/2-/.4(3 !.$ $/7.

7)4(4(%/04)/.4/2%452. !&4%2-/.4(3

1$341-(-&i+$ 2$i"423.,$12 i&$3i4/i3.i i+.8 +38i" 2'Ľ


A28 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

100% BC Owned and Operated Be sure to stop by our Health and Wellness Centre. Choices’ carries an extensive variety of vitamins, minerals and healthcare products to meet your everyday needs. Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask our friendly staff or Healthcare Manager, Lori.

Granny Smith Apples from Clapping Chimp

Canadian Tenderloin Steaks or Roasts

B.C. Grown, Certified Organic


Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

save0 2.0


3 lb


325g • Reg 4.99

From the Deli

Natural Factors Hi Potency B Complex

Choices’ Own Pot Pies assorted varieties

Bonus 30 free capsules


From the Rice Bakery

210 caps

This formula combines all B vitamins together to help the body convert protein, carbohydrates and fats into energy while synthesizing brain chemicals to help mood and nerves.

All Rice Flour Dry Mixes scones, brownies, pancake, pastry, white rice cakes and muffins

1.00 off

regular retail price

sa.v5e0 1 ach e

2/5.98 sa.v3e9 2 ach e

Reg 4.49

Simply Natural Organic Pasta Sauce assorted varieties

2/6.00 708-739ml • Reg 5.39

Choices’ Star of the Season Program November 1st – December 24th

Your donation of only $2 supports the growth of healthy communities. Now in its ninth year, Choices’ Star of the Season Program enriches the lives of families all across the Okanagan. Kindly donated by Calabar Printers, Choices’ Holiday Stars may be purchased between November 1st and December 24th. All proceeds from this store are donated to the Bridge Youth and Family Services Kelowna.

For more details please visit our website,

Your Planet, Your Food... Your Choices Choices Markets Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. at Spall | 250-862-4864 Prices Effective Thursday, November 18 to Wednesday, November 24, 2010. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all items may be available at all locations. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.



Equipment, driver training service looks to expand

This week’s column is dedicated to long-time friend Vic Lock. I have been friends with Vic and his wife Cathy since 1971. Cathy and I worked together in the Scotiabank for many years dating back to 1971. Personal condolences to his family and many friends.


aylor Pro Training, located at 1017 Richter St., has moved from training Class 1, 3 and 4 professional drivers and excavator equipment operators to now training all levels of professional driving and heavy equipment operators. Company owner Dean Clark has moved the school forward by gaining Private Career Training Institutions Agency of B.C. Accreditation. His students can now apply for B.C./ Canada student loans. In 2009, the company became the training provider for Okanagan College. Recently, Taylor Pro Training added Salmon Arm and area for professional driver and heavy equipment training. The firm trains students in the proper and safe operation of all heavy equipment, such including excavators, dozers, graders and back hoes and have preliminary designation from the Industry Training Authority. Call 250860-7624; A local landmark, The Bargain Shop, a large discount department store at 560 Bernard Ave., is closing at the end of the year. The store originally started as a Woolworths and changed its name in the early 1990s. A huge liquidation sale is taking place

29 hwy MPG (9.7L/100 L/100 kms), electronic stability control, 3 AM/FM/CD/MP3 UP TO $ with aux. input 3300 “RECYCLE jack & Sirius YOUR Satellite Radio RIDE” s, free for 6 months, 4.0L V6

ew Brand N

Inside Max’s column today: The Bargain Shop in downtown Kelowna is closing its doors; real estate appraiser Robert Mason is opening his own office in Kelowna; Chris MacFadden has started up his own window cleaning service called Flawless Windows; Andy Smith and Jo-Ann McLellan recently completed the New York City Marathon; the Aspen Grove golf course banquet facilities in Lake Country have undergone a significant upgrade.


DEAN CLARK is excited about new growth opportunities for his professional driving and heavy equipment operator training service, Taylor Pro Training. ical reviews of real property appraisal for lawyers and municipalities. He is a partner in Westside Valuation Services. Call 250878-8767; With 59 stores across Canada and still growing, Sally Beauty Supply has opened at 34-3550 Carrington Rd. in West Kelowna. The shop offers just about any beauty product you can imagine with many opening and holiday specials. Chris MacFadden has started a new business called Flawless Windows. They clean inside and outside windows as well as the screens and tracks of all windows. MacFadden was a window cleaner is Kamloops for two years before coming to Kelowna. Call 250-863-2410 Danny Leitch has joined, owned and operated by Ross Marrington. As director of business development, Leitch brings

18 years of golf travel and packaging to further enhance and develop’s portfolio of services and travel options. He was formerly with GolfPlus Vacations, Merit Travel, WestJet Vacations and Ultimate Golf Vacations. Email him at Scott Walker is the recipient of the Spirit of Kelowna Award for his vision and commitment to the SmartRisk and My Safe Ride Home programs, providing education and safe options for youth to help them avoid risks. The AGM of the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association was held at Sparkling Hill Resort last week. Elected for two-year terms were new chair Ingrid Jarrett (Watermark Beach Resort, Osoyoos); vice-chair, Chris Bower (NK’MIP Resort); Hans-Peter Mayr (Sparkling Hill Resort); Robyn Cyr (Shus-

wap); Christine Latimer (Valemont); Lee Morris (Kamloops) and John Heshka (Thompson Rivers University). The new board members join past chair Michael Ballingall (Big White and Silver Star) and current board members serving a second year of their two-year terms: Judy Poole (Penticton); Christina Ferreira (Okanagan Wine Festivals); Christopher Nicolson (Tourism Sun Peaks), Fred Legace (Kamloops Airport); Kelly Watt (Kelowna Sandman), Lisa Corcoran and Roger Sellick (Tourism Kelowna). Stephen Earl, Ian Henson and Joseph Dubois retired from the board. The Sparkling Hill Resort did an incredible job of servicing the entire conference. The accommodation, all food service and meeting rooms were extraordinary. I urge all of you to take trip up to the resort and see for yourself what a magnificent “jew-

el” we have in our own backyard. Call 250-2751556 Aspen Grove Golf Course and Restaurant, at 10303 Bottom Woodlake Rd. in Lake Country, have expanded again. Course owners Tom and Agnes Stanbrook have completely gutted and renovated their banquet facilities. It is a perfect place for Lake Country residents to hold their events for any occasion. Since buying the business four years ago, the Stanbrooks have since taken out the two racquetball courts, put in a large dance floor and have renovated the rest of the room beautifully, which now seats from 150 to 175 for any event. They have also installed a “Sonos Sound System” that stores millions (yes, millions) of songs, so a D.J. is not necessary. Chef George Parsons has a variety of menus that you can choose from and if you do not need a banquet

facility, stop in and try the restaurant. It has a super menu with a wide variety of items for both lunch and dinner and the food is excellent. Call Agnes at 250-766-3933 Kudos to my neighbours Andy Smith and Jo-Ann McLellan who finished in the recent New York City Marathon together in a time of five hours and 46 minutes. There were over 50,000 runners from all corners of the world taking part in the marathon. They trained for eight months and they would both do it again in a heartbeat. Weight Loss master coaches Cameron and Patti Gordon will share their ideas on why you can’t lose weight and what you can do to change that in a free information session planned for Nov. 24, 7 p.m., at the Ramada Hotel. Space is limited so register at 778478-1973. All attending will receive a free copy of the book, The MindBody FX Lifestyle. Putting myself in the hot seat again, a “bike” seat that is. Rally 4 Life is a local organization committed to raising $4 million to save 200,000 lives around the world with safe water projects. The “Le Tour Okanagan” Last Drop Spin-A-Thon is Sunday, Nov. 28, at the Delta Grand. Teams of riders will be racing to save lives. There will be great prizes, its good exercise and there will be a full force of celebrity riders, all for a great cause. Register at Pinnacle Elite Athlete, 4105 Gordon Dr., or go online to It’s going to be a fun event with a whole lot of “participaction.” The recent Sears See DeHart B2

PLUS you may qualify for an additional $500 loyalty rebate!

2010 RANGER SUPER CAB $14,889 SPORT $0 $217 MSRP $21,099 SALE PRICE $15,889 FORD CREDIT CASH <$1,000>




2741 HWY. 97 N •


Dealer 7435

Maxine DeHart

to clear all the stock as soon as possible. Well-known local guy Bob Brummitt is the new print consultant for Menzies Graphics Group, 325 Bay Ave. The company recently changed its name from Menzies Printers to reflect the full commercial print, sign, graphics and solutions services now available to their customers. Kim Holowaychuk is the vicepresident, B.C. operations for the company. Jeffrey Carlisle is the new City of Kelowna Fire Chief. Most recently, Carlisle had been Vernon’s fire chief. His experience spans 36 years, including 24 years with the Canadian Armed Forces and time served as deputy chief of the Fort McMurray Fire Department and regional fire chief for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Carley Rossell, formerly of the Delta Banff Hotel, has joined the team at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre as a front desk agent. Congratulations to Wayne Wilson, executive director of the Kelowna Museums Association, on receiving the prestigious 50th golden anniversary service award. People embroiled in disputes over the value of a home or property now has somewhere to turn for assistance with a new service just launched. Robert Mason’s Appraisal Review Services conducts independent reviews of real estate appraisals in order to ensure they are logical, meet required professional standards and are defendable by the original appraiser. A review can be invaluable when the value of a property is in dispute, often when there are two lawyers representing two different clients relying on two different appraisal reports. As a career appraiser and past national president of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, Mason has conducted many crit-



B2 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Volunteers needed for local senior care centre’s program services DeHart from B1 Glam Gala was a huge success. Many thanks to coordinator Anita Clower; Leanne Merrick,

beauty advisor (Clinique); Lynda Herbel; manager Nick Austin; and all the Sears staff. Volunteers are desperately needed for many ar-

Painters Ceramics





Wood Artisans

a woodside design GALLERY eh’FOR ART ALL our ART is MADE in B.C

1561 Pandosy Street, Kelowna 250.862.3817

eas of the May Bennett Wellness Centre, the public health programs and the community care programs. Areas of need are greeters and guides (Capri Community Health Centre); care sitters for isolated seniors; drivers for grocery shopping, medical appointments and social outings; assisting with meal programs, shop by phone and help with flu clinics. For info call Rita LaFleur at 250-9801558. A festival concert, called “There will be Singing and Dancing,” will be held Nov. 24, 7:30 p.m., at The Abbey, 228 Valley Rd. In the spirit of the season, the evening will be a collaboration of song and dance, of both Christian and Jewish music celebrating Jerusalem and Israel. Admission is by donation. Call Dina

Kotler at 250-470-0298 The 16th annual Benvoulin Heritage Church Craft Show is Sunday, Nov. 21, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at 2279 Benvoulin Rd. Rutland Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop, located at 140 Dougall Road North, will hold a winter outerwear sale Nov. 15 to 27 with selected clothing for $5 a bag with pro-

ceeds to KGH. Don’t forget to drop down to the Evans Fischer Art Gallery, 571 Lawrence Av. and have your Alex Fong prints signed that you received at the recent drive-thru breakfast. Friday, Nov. 19, from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 20, from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you did not get one, Fong will be happy to give you one and sign

23); Dale Beaudry (Nov. 16); Mike Krevesky (Nov. 21); Dave Hamilton (Nov. 21); Kevin Crowell, Re/Max Kelowna (Nov. 22).

it. Everyone is welcome. Call 250-861-4422 Birthdays of the week: Happy 50th Barry Gerding, managing editor, Capital News (Nov. 21); Omitted to tell everyone that Jan Johnston with City of Kelowna was 55 last week; Doreen Giebelhaus (Nov.17); Troy Johnson (Nov. 20); Luanne Kumagai (Nov. 20); Gail Schlosser (Nov.

Maxine DeHart is a Kelowna hotelier. Phone her at 250-979-4546, fax 250-860-3173, email

Make this your best holiday season ever for you and your family! Starkey 11iQ Hearing Aid Reg $3550 Now $1950 Includes 3 year repair warranty and BONUS 5 year supply of batteries.

Starkey 9iQ Hearing Aid Reg $2750 Now $1750 includes 3 year repair warranty and BONUS 3 year supply of batteries

Limited time offer. Other in-store specials

Complimentary hearing test BBB Rating A+



CANADA POST employees will be collecting food donations for the Kelowna and West Kelowna food banks on Saturday.

Postees rally to support food banks The 11th Annual Canada Post Employee Food Drive is just around the corner and the our postees are appealing for the public’s help. On Saturday, Nov. 20, please place non-perishable food in bags by 10 a.m. outside your home for pick-up. Canada Post Employees and their families will be collecting and delivering your donations right to the Kelowna and West Kelowna food bank doors. Canada Post Employees have delivered 45,000 flyers to area residents detailing how you can help alleviate hunger in the Central Oka-

nagan. By leaving your bag -postcard attached, in a visible spot outside your home or in your apartment lobby you will be helping to feed hungry children and families. The annual Canada Post Employee Food Drive stocks the food banks’ shelves for winter. “We have set a goal to raise 100,000 lbs of food this year,” said Vonnie Lavers, executive director of the Kelowna Community Food Bank. “This event could not happen without the generous support of our partners and volunteers.”

The campaign is entirely sponsored—from printing and advertising right through to receiving donations at the warehouse. “Canada Post Employees volunteer their time one Saturday each year,” added Shirley Spencor, from Canada Post. Spencor encourages everyone who can afford it to put out a 10 to 20 lb. bag. “The Central Okanagan is blessed with so much prosperity; now more than ever the food bank needs your help, please don’t let our trucks leave your neighbourhood empty,” she said.

Due to the fire on Kirschner Rd.


Non-manufacturer owned

Kelowna Capri 250.762. 2131 130-1835 Gordon Drive Capri Centre Mall

Kelowna Lakeland 250.862.2888 6-515 Harvey Avenue Lakeland Plaza

#1-2720 HWY 97 N.

Across from Jacobsen Pontiac/Buick

Our NEW SHOWROOM and Expanded Warehouse offers you more selection & quality than ever before.

Kelowna Mission 250.717.1500 Kelowna Rutland 250.762.7430 201-3330 Richter Street S. Richter Professional Bldg

7-590 Highway 33 Willow Park Shopping Centre

To learn more about hearing, hearing loss and tinnitus, please visit

So much more including: Wood, Laminate, Carpet & Vinyl


Call us today or drop in 250-868-8501

Tile Stone Factory




We’re ; here




Jacobsen Pontiac Buick





Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news B3


Legal tug-of-war over accommodating family status


hile it would be foolish to ignore religion, gender and age as potential grounds for discrimination complaints, employers are presently struggling on another front. So-called “family status” discrimination complaints seem to be the growth area in today’s human rights world. British Columbia, along with other provincial and federal jurisdictions in Canada, prohibits employers from refusing to employ (or otherwise discriminating against) a person regarding employment because of the person’s “family status.” What the vague term, “family status,” means in the employment context is gradually becoming clearer. Generally speaking, the family status ground of discrimination has been used to prevent employers from altering a term or condition of employment due to the parental obligations of employees. The family status ground can also cover other family-related situations, but parenting obligations seem to be the most frequent instance. Examples of parenting obligations might include restrictions on working hours due to limits on daycare availability, an inability to relocate for employment due to family obligations, the need to be absent from work to attend to family medical situations, etc. It is apparent that the tension arises, often, out of family-related limitations on the employee’s availability for work. In years past, an employer’s reaction to an employee imposing

family-related restrictions on his or her availability might have been to send the employee packing. That is, of Robert Smithson course, because employers need employees to be available for work and feel that regular attendance is one of the inviolable obligations of employment. Employees, on the other hand, wish to protect their sphere of freedom and to reserve adequate time to attend to family-related obligations. The tension between the employer’s needs and the employee’s wishes is at the heart of the family status tug-of-war. There have been numerous recent decisions by human rights tribunals in which the family status ground has been applied. While there is some disagreement about the practical application of this ground (B.C.’s Court of Appeal, in a complaint against the Campbell River and North Island Transition Society, set the bar high in requiring evidence of a “serious interference with a substantial parental or other family duty”), it cannot be doubted that family status will become one of the most litigated grounds of discrimination in employment. B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal recently dealt with a fairly typical set of circumstances. Cavanaugh, the single mother of a young child, filed a complaint against the Sea to Sky Hotel after her employment as banquet manager was terminated. In particular, she claimed that her employer refused to continue to employ her because of assumptions


it made about her ability to work. The Sea to Sky Hotel asserted that her employment was terminated solely due to her poor performance. The turning point in Cavanaugh’s employment seemed to have been when her employer learned that her weekend child care arrangements had changed. It seems the employer thought her responsibilities as a parent required her to find a less challenging job than that of banquet manager (which called for long and irregular hours of work). The tribunal came to the conclusion that the employer’s concern about Cavanaugh’s child care arrangements, particularly a change affecting her weekend availability, was one of the reasons contributing to the decision to terminate her employment. The tribunal also noted there was no evidence that Cavanaugh would be unable to meet the “long, irregular hours” requirement on an ongoing basis or that any attempts were made by the employer to discuss possible accommodations with her. As a result of her employer’s discrimination, Cavanaugh was awarded lost wages and damages for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect totaling over $12,000. One doesn’t have to be the Amazing Kreskin to predict that there will be many more such awards as the family status tug-ofwar plays out. Robert Smithson is a labour and employment lawyer. This subject matter is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.


Telus fundraiser collects $588,900 Telus today announced its year-long television fundraising campaign has raised $588,900 for the YMCA-YWCA of the Central Okanagan. A year ago, Telus revealed a plan to donate $100 over the next year on behalf of every new customer signing up for Internet-based Optik TV and Telus Satellite TV in the community to the Kelowna Family Y expansion. “A year ago Telus offered the Y an incredible opportunity, to be able to reach out and invite Kelowna residents to be part of building our community through the Kelowna Family Y Expansion. Telus’ support to the gymnasium will allow Kelow-

na residents of all ages access the many physical and social benefits of recreation,” said Sharon Peterson, chief executive officer of the Central Okanagan YMCA-YWCA. “Telus’ gift has been transformational to our campaign, leading us to not only reach but exceed our campaign goal. We are so grateful to Telus, its team members and customers for this wonderful gift.” “The new Family Y gym will open up a world of fitness and community to Kelowna residents, regardless of their income or age,” added Steve Jenkins, Telus general manager for B.C.’s Southern Interior.



“For some youth from challenging backgrounds this facility will give them a place to play in a positive

environment they may not otherwise be able to afford, while for other Kelowna residents it will be a great place to stay fit and catch up with friends. “Telus is honoured to help the YMCA-YWCA of the Central Okanagan do their incredibly important work in our community.” Telus offers Optik TV, powered by Microsoft Mediaroom, in B.C. and Alberta communities. Telus plans to invest $650 million in infrastructure in B.C. this year alone —including $6.5 million in Kelowna—to increase Internet speeds, introduce Optik TV to more communities and expand its wireless network.

FROM COLD CALLS TO CALLING THE SHOTS At BDC, we’re dedicated to taking entrepreneurs to the next level. You can count on our flexible financing and consulting services to provide you with made-to-measure solutions—so that your business gets exactly what it needs. At BDC, it’s entrepreneurs first.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Showtime! Introducing 11It’s “Th e Unfalling Stars” 1 What is it?

1 Taking no action on a business

9 A physical fitness program with a twist… including drama for older adults 9 Customized physical activity with professionals at your own pace for 45 minutes. (Instructor Tracy Taylor) 9 Socialization through participating in the creating, performing, designing, building and structuring of skits, small drama productions and radio plays.

Why Participate? 9 Meet new people and have fun 9 Maintain a sense of well-being and stay physically fit 9 To build Stronger Muscles and Bones and to keep mentally alert 9 To connect with fellow community members through the arts 9 To contribute to your community by sharing meaningful messages of some of the strengths and challenges of aging

Who’s it for?

9 Anyone who likes to laugh & have fun 9 Anyone who wants to stay active 9 Anyone who may want to participate in social activities 9 Anyone who wants to contribute to the community in a meaningful way

When and Where?

Westbank Lions Community Hall starting Wednesday January 5th from 10 – Noon Refreshments provided Transportation available if required

How to Register?

Call WHNS at 250-768-3305 OR email WHNS@TELUS.NET


This project is funded in part by Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

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vision little more than a daydream “Entrepreneurial vision without action is a daydream, but action without vision is a nightmare.”


Recently, my wife and I watched an older movie that had a line at the beginning and the end of the film that, as an entrepreneurially-minded soul, I shall never forget. The movie was Pretty Woman and the line was “Welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream?” This scoring of the dream imagery took me to the aged proverb that I began my column with above, which is so true. I believe the single most significant element that sets a true entrepreneur apart from a business owner is their strength of vision. Such entrepreneurs have a strong or massive vision to create the momentum they need to actually develop and launch their business venture. As a result, the people that subsequently become part of the new venture team as the business grows do so as a result of the inspiration that the ori-

Joel Young ginating entrepreneur presents to them. So, vision is also an important element of leadership and let’s face it—one of the most fundamental parts of growing a venture is leading and retaining a team so that you may leverage your time, as without leadership skills it becomes quite difficult. I have also come to believe that with a strong vision, an entrepreneur can develop a venture in any sector to be successful. A way will always be found to get to the vision. In our highly competitive marketplace, there are examples of extremely profitable and successful ventures. Such examples answer the point that perhaps while these people don’t just have a unique

idea, they do hold a powerful vision. The Virgin Group and Dell Computers are two that come to mind quickly. Disney Online Studio, Vineyard Networks and Rack Force locally are others. To be daring, I will also go as far as to say that a strong, committed vision is more important in many ways than a business plan or market research. How many venture ideas have been scoffed at by others based on a plan or research? But because an entrepreneur believes in their own vision, that strength will invariably make positive things occur. As the quote goes that we’ve all heard so frequently in life: “If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there?” But, it is not enough to merely have vision on its own. An entrepreneur has to understand the “why” that initiated their entrepreneurial journey in the first place, or else what is their purpose? Purpose, by the way,

is not to be confused with vision. The vision is the understanding of the direction in which the venture is travelling. The purpose is the why or what has transpired to make the entrepreneur passionate about their new venture creation. So the question could be asked which comes first, the entrepreneur’s vision or purpose? I believe strongly that if you couple them together and take consistent daily action to gain momentum, there is no limit to what can be accomplished in your life— or your entrepreneurial dream. An entrepreneurial venture is like a treadmill —once you are on it, you have to keep going forward; otherwise, you will end up in a heap. So welcome to the Okanagan, what’s your dream? Joel Young is an entrepreneurial leadership educator, consultant and coach and the founder of the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society.

Aboriginal business leaders honoured The owner of a Kelowna business is among the recipients for the

2010 Aboriginal Business Awards announced recently by Premier Gor-


Meet our students, faculty, and education advisors – and find out how different we are from traditional universities. Learn about the programs that fire your passion – graduate and undergraduate degrees, graduate certificates, or executive education. See how our flexible learning models can take you where you want to go, and still maintain your professional and personal life.


Royal Roads University Learning Symposium.

7:15 pm – 8:30 pm

WHEN: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Registration at 5:30 pm WHERE: Delta Grand Okanagan Resort 1310 Water Street RSVP:, 1-866-681-3148,

Management welcomes

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to be inspired by learning that changes and challenges you. To dream about a different life.

don Campbell and Keith Mitchell, chair of the B.C. Achievement Foundation. The recipients will be honoured at a gala celebration on Dec. 1 in Vancouver. Kekuli Café and Aboriginal Foods and Catering, based out of Kelowna, will receive an award in the business category for 10 or more employees. “The businesses selected reflect the remarkable cross-section of enterprise and industry within British Columbia’s Aboriginal business sector,” Campbell said. The B.C. Aboriginal Business Awards were launched in October 2008 to honour and celebrate business excellence. Seven award recipients, one from each category, were selected this year. In addition, a further group of 11 Aboriginal businesses were noted for their outstanding achievement. An independent jury panel evaluated the sub-

missions based on the viability, sustainability and competitiveness of the business. “The jury had an extremely difficult task selecting the recipients from the many remarkable businesses nominated in this year’s submissions,” said Mitchell. “The BC Achievement Foundation extends its appreciation to the jury members, Tim Low, entrepreneur, past economic development officer and currently director of citizen services, Service Canada; Chief Michael LeBourdais, Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band and Ruth Williams, CEO, All Nations Trust Company, for their thoughtful deliberations.” The BC Aboriginal Business Awards are presented by the B.C. Achievement Foundation in partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and with the support of New Relationship Trust, BC Hydro, Teck and Encana.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Franchise option points to consider


franchise is a partnership arrangement, a legal and commercial relationship between two parties, the franchisor and the franchisee, with the view of making a profit. It is considered when a company has done all the legwork to get a profitable business going, developed a ‘presence’ in the marketplace, developed some standard policies and procedures that appear to be working and now wants to expand its sales base and reduce its competition. The franchisor has done all the work to develop the marketing plan, operating system and may have registered a trade mark or trade name. The franchisor will usually advertise that franchising opportunities are available. The franchisor will charge a fee to the franchisee for the privilege of using their name and system and perhaps a small customer base. This fee will usually include a ‘down payment’ and then an annual fee that may be based on a percentage of revenues which could be between two and 15 per cent. The franchisor needs to do their homework in developing the franchise agreement with a lawyer to make sure that all visible and non visible costs of distributing a franchise are covered. For example, you want to make sure that the franchisee is profitable so that the fees can be paid and this can be done by inserting a clause in the agreement whereby the franchisee needs to comply with certain procedures that have been proven to ensure profitability. Perhaps there are certain supplies and equipment that the franchisee is required to purchase on

an ongoing basis which also needs to be disclosed in the agreement. Perhaps there is a certain Gabriele ‘sidewalk’ presBanka ence that needs to be standardized and may require special ‘storefronting’ or renovations. The franchisor wants to make sure that the agreement will protect and discourage against encroachment. What encroachment means is when the franchisee is in direct competition with the franchisor which is totally opposite to what the franchise agreement was intended to accomplish. There are many franchising opportunities available in Canada. Several magazines, such as Franchise Canada, discuss and list these opportunities and the challenges faced by both a franchisor and a franchisee. Many fast food restaurants are franchises such as Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut. Some other opportunities are in the areas of cleaning services, pet care, paper shredding, health care, auto leasing, bookkeeping, etc. The opportunities for franchise can be almost endless. From the viewpoint of an entrepreneur, it may be easier to get into a franchise than to start your own business especially if your business is similar to one already being provided by a large outlet. Perhaps you could introduce your product or service idea to the franchisor and have it more widely marketed than what you could do on your own. In most cases, the business processes are already in place, so that


would be another area that you would not have to learn as it would be provided to you. The franchisor may be able to assist you with business expertise, advertising and training and may be able to provide access to special financing arrangements. Most financial institutions are more likely to lend money for a franchise because the business has been proven to be viable so they view another location as an expansion loan rather than a loan for a totally new unproven business concept. The downside might be that although you may be provided with some leads and perhaps a small customer base, it will be up to you to turn those leads into sales and to keep that customer base as well as drum up new business to keep your franchise afloat. The fees for the franchise may be pretty steep for the first year or two usually based on gross sales (before operating expenses) and will require a capital investment by the franchisee. The franchisor will require regular reports and may require some internal regular sales audits. Since the contract is at the discretion of the franchisor, they may terminate the contract with very little justification. If you are considering a franchise, make sure that you ask for financial statements for the last five years from the franchisor, talk to other franchisees about their experiences with the franchisor and how long it has taken them to get on their feet. Make sure that the financial statements are reviewed by a professional and that the franchise agreement is reviewed by a lawyer. Your relationship with the fran-




r f


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


SOROPTIMIST ANNUAL AWARDS PROGRAM ARE YOU: Going back to school? Trying to improve life for yourself and your family?


Since 1972 SOROPTIMIST has been helping women reclaim their dreams through the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Opportunity Awards program. This program provides cash grants to women who are working to better their lives through additional skills training and education.

YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY IF YOU ARE: â&#x20AC;˘ A woman with primary financial responsibility for yourself and your dependants. â&#x20AC;˘ Attending an undergraduate degree program or â&#x20AC;˘ A vocational skills training program â&#x20AC;˘ Have financial need For information about applying to the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Opportunity Awards program, please contact J. Mepham email:

THE DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 15TH, 2010. ANOTHER AWARD â&#x20AC;&#x201C; TEEN GIRLS 14-17 Honoring young women for volunteer action You are eligible to apply if you are: â&#x20AC;˘ Striving to fight drugs and alcohol â&#x20AC;˘ Cleaning up the environment â&#x20AC;˘ Eliminating discrimination and bullying etc. â&#x20AC;˘ Volunteer actions benefiting women/girls are of particular interest. Please contact J. Wilson email:

Christmas music CD sales to help needy family organization Five original Christmas songs penned and performed by Okanagan Valley musicians highlight an 11-song Christmas CD titled An Okanagan Christmas. Ten Okanagan bands/ artists donated their time and talents to the record project, with all proceeds from sales going towards the BridgeYouth and Family Servicesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; programs assisting young families and youth at risk.

Original tunes include two by folk/gospel singer Corey Doak and single originals by Juno award winner Greg Sczebel, the amazing bluegrass band A Day Late and A Dollar Short and gifted songwriter/singer Ryan Donn. Other artists recording traditional Christmas songs include Robert Fine, The Cruzeros, Cowboy Bob, Deb Stone Band, the Zamboni Brothers and the Sleddogs.

SOROPTIMIST means â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best for Womenâ&#x20AC;? - Visit our websites to learn more: (International) (Western Canada Region)

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Dine out and make a difference Kelowna residents who want to help the homeless now have another way to give back: Eat at a local restaurant once a month. Inn from the Cold Kelowna has partnered with several local restaurants to put on a series of monthly dinners to benefit the homeless. The proceeds from each night out will help Inn from the Cold continue to provide a safe, com-

fortable nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep for our cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most vulnerable citizens. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Dining Out to Help Homelessness campaign is about social consumerismâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;supporting businesses that match your values,â&#x20AC;? said Patrick Spinks, director of fundraising for Inn from the Cold Kelowna. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Many people eat in restaurants at least once per month and they also want to give back to the community.

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/VERLOCATIONSACROSS7ESTERN#ANADATOSERVEYOUsWWWFOUNTAINTIRECOM *Save up to $100 on selected Goodyear tires from October 18 - December 18, 2010. Offers applicable on our Every Day Pricing (EDP) and valid only with a minimum purchase of four (4) identical tires in one transaction. Not valid for Goodyear National Accounts or Fountain Tire Elite Accounts. Inventory may vary by location. All applicable taxes (ie: GST, PST, HST and tire taxes) are extra. ÂŽâ&#x201E;˘ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under licence by LoyaltyOne Inc, and Goodyear Canada Inc. Fountain Tire is licensed by AMVIC in Alberta.

This series offers a fun opportunity for people to enjoy a great meal and make a real difference.â&#x20AC;? The first dinner is hosted by Olympia Greek Taverna and features a threecourse meal for just $35. The event, set for Monday, Nov. 22, will also feature door prizes, a silent auction and raffles. Further information and tickets can be obtained at Watch for the

next Dining Out to Help Homelessness dinner coming in January 2011. Inn from the Cold Kelowna is a volunteerbased registered charity operating a year-round Inn Home Support program, for persons recently housed or at risk of being homeless, as well as a 35-bed, low barrier winter shelter offering a warm, compassionate and safe refuge for both men and women in Kelowna.

â&#x2013;ź BUSINESS

Relationship with franchisor is critical Franchise from B5 chisor is paramount. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get along with the franchisor during the negotiation stages, how do you think your relationship will progress? If the franchisor is not willing to consider new ideas and approaches, or cannot provide examples as to why they wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work, then perhaps this relationship is not a good idea for you. Gabriele Banka is a Certified General Accountant and the owner of Banka & Company Inc. 250-763-4528


An SUV tire for enhanced traction in changing winter conditions.

The CD was produced by Curtis Tulman, of Black Mountain Recording and Kelowna city councilor Charlie Hodge. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Music lovers are going to totally enjoy this CD. The song writing and musicianship is simply top notch. It was a thrill to be a part of it,â&#x20AC;? said Tulman, an accomplished engineer and producer, also well known as a member of the bands Cowboy Bob and The Cruzeros.

â&#x2013;ź INN FROM THE COLD


Wrangler SilentArmor

An Okanagan Christmas will be officially launched Nov. 20 at the 6th annual Night of the Arts concert and fundraiser (for The Bridge) at Kelowna Community Theatre. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are very excited and totally thrilled with this high quality album and the kindness of the musicians involved,â&#x20AC;? said Bridge Youth and Family Services executive director Dennis Dandeneau.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capital news B7



â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;On fireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Aussie band will warm up Kelowna next weekend Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

To call them a dynamic duo would be a bit of an understatement, according to the next Australian band to tour through Kelowna in a little over a weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time. From vocalist Dale Buchanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s description of his band Firetree, he and partner Josephine Cubis will leave their mark during their first North American tour with pronouncements like: â&#x20AC;&#x153;On Fire!â&#x20AC;? plastered over reviews. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We like to dig in and rock out and put on a show,â&#x20AC;? Buchan declares in a telephone interview from Vancouver. Yet itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a bit of a stretch to think of this self-described â&#x20AC;&#x153;muscularâ&#x20AC;? band producing a high-energy set after listening to

their sweet melodies on MySpace and a minute later heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s willing to give that The Space Between, their debut album, doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t necessarily reflect their live performance-style in its EP format. Packed with ballads and love songs, Firetreeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recorded work sounds as though the Buchan/Cubis duet is all about the mellow yellow tones of the stereotypical Aussie surf lifestyle with a little downwith-government angst thrown in to keep things interesting. The pair have been playing together since Buchan saw Cubis singing at a restaurant in Queensland two years ago and she swept him off the beach like a rogue wave steals a tourist. It is perhaps fitting, as such, that this sun-kissed

crew is currently singing the praises of Said The Whale, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re favourite find among our Canadian indie bands at the moment. They picked up on their music off the Peak Performance Project website. Their first shared stage with a Canadian crew was with Vancouverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Reckoners, who are described by the Vancouver Sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Francois Marchand as â&#x20AC;&#x153;both â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;indieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and modern yet undeniably â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;retro.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re also undeniably the most similar act to Firetree this side of the Rockies with Christina Simpson, in her near identical blond-streaked locks, staring over at partner Ricardo Khayatte in their promo shots with a look that could have been ripped from Cubisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own

pose catalogue. Whether the Vancouver show actually produced the ultimate romantic musical double date or not is anyone in Kelownaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guess, but when you listen to Firetreeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s itinerary for their tourâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;which includes shredding the season opener on the hills at Whistler and braving the Coquihallaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s snowy crests to play here and Kamloopsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;one has to figure there just might be something to Buchanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contention that the pair pack a hidden punch. To find out if Firetree has really got the fire in their bellies they describe, local audiences will not have to wait long. Normally the band tours the Australian Coast, as they are based largely out of Byron Bay in New South Wales, but will be

DALE BUCHAN and Josephine Cubis hope to light a fire under Kelownaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s indie music fans when they roll into town next week. CONTRIBUTED


new sexy.

at The Bike Shop CafĂŠ, 1357 Ellis St., on Saturday, Nov. 20, from 7 to

9 p.m. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a cover charge at the door.

â&#x2013;ź GET OUT SEE IT LIVE

At-home sound studio keeps cost of recording down Pyper Geddes CONTRIBUTOR

Gone are the days of having to fork out thousands of dollars just for musicians to get into a studio for a day. Sure, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still around for those who can afford it, but a new trend has emerged. Musicians and sound engineers alike are starting up studios in their own homes and offering their services at a more affordable price. Aaron Sinclair is one of these sound engineers. He started up Angelside

Music in Kelowna as a freelance audio company based out of his home. Although Aaron is mainly focused on producing, mixing, and recording, there are also many other aspects of sound engineering that he is interested in. Angelside Music can accommodate smaller, more acoustic projects out of his home but he also works with The Groove Studio in Vernon to ac-

commodate larger bands. I sat down with him this week to get some more info on Angelside Music and to find out what inspired him to start up his own company. Q: What inspired you to start up Angelside Music? AS: Angelside Music has been somewhere in the back of my brain for a really long time. Even before I really knew anything about recording, producing or the music industry I remember thinking, someday Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to have a recording studio

and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d call it Angelside Music. My inspiration is music itself. All music. I have a desire to create and take part in creating all kinds of music ranging from indie to metal, pop to classical. If it was practical to play full time in none or 10 different bands I might do that. But, producing allows you to be part of the process for a wider range of music and to work with more people than playing in a bunch of bands would ever allow. Q: You offer a variety of services through Angelsideâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;can you tell me

a bit about each and why you chose to do a bit of everything instead of just narrowing in on just one service? AS: There are a few good reasons for that. One is that it is necessary for a young freelancer to be able to adapt and be flexible in order to survive. The other is that I really love it, especially audio for pictures. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

amazing how much audio affects the movie viewer without them even realizing it. Music may be my biggest love affair, but I would not be complete without film. Although there are a variety of services they basically fall into three categories: music, audio for pictures and radio See Geddes B8


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at the Kelowna Community Theatre

November 26 to December 5, 2010 7:30 pm with weekend matinees at 2:00 pm (no shows Mondays or Tuesdays)

Family of four (incl. 2 children) $40 Adults $20tStudents & Seniors $18 Children (12 & under) $10 (plus service charges)



PROSPERA BOX OFFICE (250) 762-5050

WWW.THEATREKELOWNA.ORG flying effects provided by ZFX, INC.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Music Paisley lets his guitar do some talking making at home ▼ CD REVIEWS

Top Sales and Rentals Blu-ray Rentals

1 Grown Ups 2 Toy Story 3 3 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 4 Charlie St. Cloud 5 Centurion 6 Predators 7 The Girl who Played with Fire 8 How to Train your Dragon 9 Iron Man 2 10 Ramona & Beezus

Top Movie Sales

1 Grown Ups (DVD) 2 Toy Story 3 (DVD) 3 Grown Ups (Blu-Ray) 4 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (Blu-Ray) 5 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (DVD) 6 Toy Story 3 (Blu-Ray) 7 The Pacific (DVD) 8 Charlie St. Cloud (DVD) 9 The Pacific (Blu-Ray) 10 The Tudors Season 4 (DVD)

Kids Rentals

1 13 Ghosts Of Scooby Doo 2 Nick Jr. Favorites: Happy Halloween 3 Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Slumber Party 4 Strawberry Shortcake: The Berryfest Princess Movie 5 Go Diego Go!: Diego’s Ultimate Rescue League 6 Scooby-Doo Where are You? 7 Go Diego Go!: Halloween 8 Shrek the Halls 9 Bob’s Big Break 10 My Little Pony Twinkle Wish

Game Rentals

1 Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops (PlayStation 3) 3 Fable 3 (Xbox 360) 4 StarWars: Force Unleashed 2 (Xbox 360) 5 StarWars: Force Unleashed 2 (PlayStation 3) 6 Medal of Honor Limited (Xbox 360) 7 Fallout New Vegas (Xbox 360) 8 Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Nintendo Wii) 9 Medal of Honor Limited (PlayStation 3) 10 Halo Reach (Xbox 360)

Just In

The Last Airbender Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Disney’s A Christmas Carol Grown Ups Charlie St. Cloud Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Toy Story 3 Centurion The Pacific Sex and the City 2 The Girl Who Played With Fire Winter’s Bone Splice Leaves of Grass Jonah Hex The Karate Kid Nightmare on Elm Street The Trotsky Iron Man 2 Get Him to the Greek The Killer Inside Me Robin Hood

Coming Soon The Expendables Eat Pray Love Flipped Santa Paws


The CD title Hits Alive is a bit misleading where it seems as if Paisley has released a live recording of his biggest hits. But this is a twodisc set with recordings taken from past albums with smash hits such as Mud On The Tires, Alcohol, Ticks, We Danced, Online and I’m Still A Guy among the 14 studio songs. The second disc features 11 live recordings from his recent 2010 tours and there are several repeats for fans who want a memento of the live gigs. The live recordings also give plenty of room for Paisley to stretch out on his guitar where he is considered one of the best six-stringers in all of country, even better than most of the hot shot session pickers that Nashville can boast. Paisley released an album a couple of years ago titled Play: The Guitar Album, where he proved his chops and Hits Alive confirms his status as one of the best axe wielders in country. A solid retrospective on a career that has lots of mileage yet to go. B


to reflect her appearances over the last 45+ years. A solid stocking stuffer if you are looking for a big old pile of hits. B


This album came out a few years ago and has been re-released for the upcoming Yuletide. It may seem a bit of a cash grab but this album has been out of print for a while and this generous 18-track anthology is loaded with past hits that makes for a tremendous career retrospective (Streisand had her first hit before The Beatles, if you are looking for longevity). There are tremendous hits here from Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born), The Way We Were, You Don’t Send Me Flowers (duet with Neil Diamond), Send In The Clowns, Smile, In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning and People—that has become a piano bar cliché. Finally, the eightpanel inside liner allows you to change the CD cover image of Streisand


Blackberry Wood Sat., Nov. 20 @ 7:30 pm

Blackberry Wood has shared the stage with some crazy and diverse folks like" "Lady Gaga"

Hot Rocks

Fri., Nov. 26 @ 7:30 pm Sat., Nov. 27 @ 7:30 pm Hot Rocks is one of the best Rolling Stones Tribute Shows out there!

project of famed producer Daniel Lanois after his most recent triumph working with Neil Young on Le Noise that got terrific reviews. Lanois has worked with the diverse likes of U2, Bob Dylan, Ian Tyson, Peter Gabriel, Eno but as a member of Black Dub none of these influences seem to come to the forefront. Black Dub, to my ears doesn’t even sound like much of a dub album—in early reggae days producers used to take the basic bed tracks without vocals of recent hits and add studio FXs over the tracks to create an alternate, often instrumental version—or a dub mix. But on the eponymous Black Dub the 59-yearold Lanois led band sounds more like a hippie jam band than a dub album although there are elements of studio tweaking in the final mix. Lanois hired jazz musicians Daryl Johnson and Brian Blade as his rhythm team but it is the evocative, earthy and bluesy vocals of Trixie Whitely that motivates these songs all written by Lanois. The back liner photo shows the band playing live in a comfy front room setting and this seems to define the music on these bluesy jam sessions moreso than the titular Dub album. Still, a solid listen for fans of Daniel Lanois always intriguing brand

of experimental adult alternative music. B-

GARTH HUDSON: PRESENTS A CANADIAN CELEBRATION Geddes from B7 OF THE BAND (CURVE) Garth Hudson was/ is the ace keyboardist for Canada’s legendary band who go by the simple moniker The Band. That group had so many influential songs and albums in the late ’60s with their return to roots music after the hyper rock of so many acid acts. This CD’s title is as clear as can be. All the musicians here are Canadian and Hudson handpicked his favourite The Band songs which are sometimes lesser known songs alongside big hits such as Acadian Driftwood by Peter Katz, This Wheels On Fire by Neil Young & The Sadies, You Ain’t Going Nowhere by Kevin Hearn, Chest Fever by Bruce Cockburn and Ian Thornley, The Shape I’m In by The Sadies and King Harvest by Blue Rodeo. For hit potential I would give a listen to the beautiful cover of The Moon Struck One by Raine Maida or Chantal Kreviazuk’s Tears Of Rage but this album is solid and stunning from pillar to post. Hudson plays keyboards on every track playing his signature Lowrey organ, whereas most rock and rollers of his era all played the Hammond B3, giving The Band some of its unique sound. A treasure trove of delightful Canadian talents celebrating the timeless The Band. A-

WIN! Enter for your chance to

…a romantic getaway to

OLD HOUSE VILLAGE HOTEL & SPA in the heart of the Comox Valley.

The Joyful Sounds of Christmas Wed., Dec. 1 @ 7:30 pm

The Christmas season comes alive with the sound of the 50 member Kelowna City Concert Band, conducted by Dennis Colpitts.

A Christmas Wish

Thursday, Dec. 2 @ 7:30 pm Some of the most gifted Okanagan Symphony musicians, Shari House, Edmund House, Susan Aylard, and the velvet vocals of Rick Worrall present a show that is sure to warm the coldest of "Scrooges" and delight every audience.

for more information & tix call


Kick back and relax in the chic, lodge-style one bedroom suite complete with fireplace, private deck and full kitchen. Enjoy 2, one hour massages - together, or individually in your own private spa room. Stroll the streets of nearby Courtenay, then enjoy dinner at the Old House Restaurant. Read all the details at then enter to win!

Cheryl MacKinnon’s favourite destinations at…

spot production—or live audio. For music projects I work closely with the artist and do my best to ensure that the recordings we end up with are what the artist wants and needs. I am willing to play different roles to suit different projects as these relationships often have a unique dynamic. I am able to produce, track, mix the project or all of the above. Q: Do you have a distinct target market or do you look to offer your services to a broad spectrum of people? AS: I am mostly marketing myself to musicians who are in the earlier stages of their career at the moment. Musicians who are thinking about their first, second and third releases and have been playing shows around the Okanagan but haven’t quite started touring across Canada are the best match at the moment. I am currently offering a special for “smaller” music projects— three songs for $400. Q: What do you think is the best thing about being a young entrepreneur in your field? AS: I think it’s being able to just be surrounded by creativity all of the time. You get to see projects go from an idea or a thought to a complete piece of art. There are also endless possibilities of where those projects might go and what they might do. So, it’s the combination of ongoing creativity and endless possibilities. For more information on Angelside Music or to contact Sinclair visit www.angelsidemusic. com.

MORE TO DO THIS WEEKEND Thursday, Nov. 18 • Leah West @ The Keg Steakhouse & Bar Friday, Nov. 19 • Zaac Pick @ The Bike Shop Café • Secret and Whisper @ The House Saturday, Nov. 20 • Julia and Her Piano @ The Streaming Café For more go to Pyper Geddes is the assistant manager at Habitat in Kelowna.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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1942 - 1990 Although 20 years have passed Sunshine dims, then shadows fall Our memories of your enduring love & the sweet remembrance outlasts all Till our memories fade and life departs You will ever be loved in our hearts. Claudette, Ray Rich & Keith


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Passed away peacefully at the age of 54 years at Eso Home where he resided for the past 25 years. He was surrounded by three of his support team. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, November 19th, 2010 at 10:30 A.M. in the Chapel of First Memorial Funeral Services, 1211 Sutherland Ave., Kelowna, B.C. Interment to follow at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery, Kelowna, BC. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, (250) 762-2299.

BOLDUC, ALBERT T. Born Dec. 22, 1927 passed away on Nov. 13, 2010, surrounded by family. He will be remembered and missed by Audrey Gleason his loving companion of 27 years, his son Ron (Marilynn) Bolduc, daughter Wendy (Lorne) Kulak. He leaves behind 5 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Predeceased by his wife Joyce in 1969, daughter Jill Roy in 1992, 9 brothers and 2 sisters. Over the years he was a steelworker, contractor, builder, placer miner and musician. He will be remembered most for his love of singing and playing his guitar. He was always the life of the party. His passion was gold panning on his claim near Barkerville. A family picnic and hike will take place in the summer to share in his love for nature.

Born on June 7, 1945 in Moose Jaw, Sask and passed away peacefully on Nov 11, 2010 at Kelowna General Hospital after a courageous 6 month battle with leukemia. Glen is survived by his loving wife Lee of 42 years; son, Kurt (Louise); daughter, Terri Boudreau (Tim); grandchildren, Chelsea Bozak, Alicia Bozak and Hunter Boudreau; two close sisters Donna Knights(Marcel) and Gladys Eaton (Harry), one brother John Bozak(Evelyn),five other sisters and several nieces and nephews. Glen was also predeceased by his parents John and Annie Bozak and two sisters. A special thanks to Dr. Scheffler, Dr. Delorme, Dr. Donat, Kelowna General Hospital and the nurses on 5B, Todd and Marty at the Respiratory Department, Transfusion Department and the Cancer Society who treated Glen with respect and dignity. A celebration of life was held on November 16, 2010 at 2:00 pm from Everden Rust Funeral Services. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the BC Cancer Society, Leukemia Department 1633 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1P6 Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-6440

WENGENMEIER,Richard Born on September 10, 1954, was suddenly taken away from his family and friends on November 12, 2010. He was a devoted father and generous man, always putting the needs of others before his own. Richard was known for his passion and determination.Richard will be lovingly remembered by his four children and their spouses: Richard (Christine), Martin (Sophia), Susanne (Björn) and Johanna (Brett), their mother Andrea and his three dear grandchildren: Maximus, Theodore and Athena.He will be terribly missed by his family in Germany, especially his mother Pauline Wengenmeier, his sisters Marietta and Melanie (Toni), his brother Alfons (Sabine) and his aunt Annelies (Ernst). A memorial service will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 20th at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made at the service to the Funeral Fund. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-7077.


Valleyview Dignity Memorial

Aron Meier

Assistant Manager

Just as estate planning and creating a will are responsible actions, planning your final arrangements in advance with Kim, makes emotional and financial sense.

Kim MacKinnon Prearrangement Counselor

Valleyview Funeral Home 165 Valleyview Rd., 765-3147

Proudly serving Westbank, Kelowna, Rutland, and Lake Country.

Save by buying factory direct


1-800-665-4143 • SUMMERLAND, B.C.

Loving wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend, passed away on Friday, November 12, 2010 at the Kelowna Hospice House at the age of 70 years. Carolyn will be lovingly remembered by her husband Doug McIntyre; 3 daughters Christina Verhagen (Jan), Heather McIntyre and Melissa Calvert (Matthew); grandchildren Jonathan, Jason, Crystal, Ragena, Christian, Colby and Gavin; sister Marolyn Armstrong, brothers Lawrin (Marg), Chalmers, and Donald Armstrong; sister-in-law Beverly Alexander (Bob); and many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. Carolyn was predeceased by her father and mother Donald and Jane Armstrong, and her brother Robert. A funeral service will be held on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 1 pm, at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, 4619 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior, 399 Royal Avenue, Kelowna, V1Y 5L3, or the Kelowna Hospice House. Special thanks to the doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers at the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior for their loving care and kindness. Arrangements entrusted to Springfield Funeral Home. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.




Passed away peacefully at Kelowna General Hospital on November 4th after suffering a massive heart attack. Most beloved husband and soulmate of Valerie who were together for over forty years. He will be greatly missed by his grandson Steven and wife Kim of Oakville, Ontario and his step daughter Lisa and her daughter Haley of Saskatoon, Sask. Sadly he was predeceased by his only child – daughter Valerie in May of 2005 and son-in-law Ken in Sept. of 2004 and four siblings Arthur, Alice, Ethel and Hilda. He was born on December 11, 1912. He started work at age 14 attending night school to become a mechanical engineer and apprenticed at Bellis and Morcom in England. After the war ended he took a job as engineer at a sugar plantation in British Guyana and then emigrated to Canada and became Manager of Industrial Engineering at Canadian Arsenals, Small Arms Division, Long Branch, Ontario where he remained for 23 years. After retirement he and Valerie lived in New Zealand for six years. Coming back to Canada they settled in Westbank, BC. He particularly enjoyed the friends and neighbours around him in Sun Village, nature in all its forms, travelling and seeing new places and a love of semi classical music. He was an interesting man with a droll sense of humour and happily he retained all his faculties until the end. There will be no formal service by request. Donations in Frank’s name to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, #4-1551 Sutherland Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 9M9 would be appreciated. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, (250) 762-2299.


Died tragically on November 2nd, 2010. Born Jennifer Michelle Palatin on February 21st, 1980, she was welcomed as the first grandchild for Inez & Martin Palatin who were always there with tremendous support and guidance. From early years on, Jessica naturally warmed her way into the hearts of so many. Her sense of adventure started early tobogganing in the orchard, then onto mountain bikes, motorcycles snowboarding and soccer. Later, she returned to the farm where horses were her passion, often gathering around a big bonfire with family and friends after a day of riding. Jess worked many years with Overland Freight while also working at her own company, High Maintenance Lawn & Landscape. After leaving Overland she partnered in On-Site Delivery. Working long and hard hours were very much a part of Jessica’s everyday life. Fitness was important too, be it kick boxing or training in the gym and she would not hesitate to take others under her wing and help anyone willing to be a more fit person. Jess was tenacious and pushed the boundaries and sometimes the rules. She could warm you with her smile and keep you captivated with her quick wit and sense of humour. Jess was indeed a very special gift, leaving an imprint on your heart never to be forgotten. She will be greatly missed by many. Jessica is survived by her mother, Janine Palatin, grandmother Inez Palatin, Aunt Julie Samson (nephews Jared and Patrick), Uncle Randy Palatin (wife Deanna), father Grant Bennett (step-brother Zachary), Aunt Cheryl Rogers (cousin Cameron), Uncle Chris Bennett (cousin Nexus) …. extended family and numerous friends. Jessica is predeceased by her grandfather Martin Palatin and her Uncle Reg Palatin. A Celebration of Life will be held at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, 4870 Chute Lake Road in Kelowna on Saturday, November 20th at 1:00 pm. Everyone who wishes is welcome to come and share a story of how you remember Jessica, too. In lieu of flowers we ask that you make a donation to a charity of your choice in Jessica’s honour. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements entrusted with First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna. 250-762-2299

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Christmas Corner 16th Annual Benvoulin Craft Show Sunday Nov.21th - 9-4 2279 Benvoulin Rd. 765-6541

Coming Events APPLE Pie & Bake Sale. Nov.20. 2-4 Pm Fernbrae Manor 295 Gertsmar Rd. Door Prizes -Coffee Pie & Icecream. BUSY WOMEN’S Express Shop Sat Nov 20 10am-4pm Westbank Lion’s Community Centre 2466 Main St, 50 vendors, bake sale, door prizes, refreshments & more, bring your food bank donations HOST a Gold Party and earn $$. Top prices paid for old gold. Lic’d & registered gold buyer. 250-575-8393 Kelowna Friends of Library (Okanagan Regional Library) AGM Sat Nov 20, 2-4pm Kelowna Branch Library, Ellis St. Inquiries: 250-762-5445 ext 4749

Kelowna Stroke Recovery Club. Christmas Bazaar & Bake Sale. Sat. Nov. 20. 9am - 2pm 380 Leathead Rd. “VINTAGE JEWELERY” Early Xmas shopper alert!! From Early Victorian to the 1950s. Hand selected pieces of Silver, Rhinestones, Gems, Sherman & much more. I have it all!! 250-766-3090



Childcare Available

DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, FREE CALLS. 1-877297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1866-311-9640, Meet on chatlines. Local Single Ladies.1877-804-5381. (18+). FREE TO TRY. LOVE * MONEY * LIFE. #1 Psychics! *1877-478-4410* $3.19 min. 18+ *1-900-783-3800* Now Hiring GAY PHONE CHAT. FREE TRIAL. 1-877-501-1012 Talk to or meet desirable guys in your area anytime, 24/7. Where private, confidential fantasies come true! 1-877501-1011 18+. THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

TEDDY Bear Family Daycare Licensed. Near Rutland Elementary FT spaces available, for children Ages 1-4 years (250)-765-7239

Lost & Found FOUND: Nov 14, Orchard Park 2, scarf. Please call to identify, 250-763-1958 LOST 4.5 mth old male puppy named Chewy, 6”-8” high, shades of brown, big ears, docked tail, mixed breed. Friday Nov 12th, we were traveling from Kelowna back to Penticton, made a few stops. Please call 250-488-4529 LOST Bracelet with diamonds Either at 3330 Richter or Spall & Springfield while shopping. Reward (250)769-9407 LOST: Orange female cat, lost for about 2wks in North End/ Knox Mnt area. 250-861-5757

Childcare Available AT TIGGER & ME Too Daycare: Spots available for 21/2 5year olds & After school care. Rutland. 250-765-4900


ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704 ATTENTION RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS! If you received the CEP (Common Experience Payment), you may be eligible for further cash compensation. To see if you qualify, phone toll free 1-877988-1145 now. Free service! DAVEY Tree Services will be performing maintenance work for BC Hydro in the following areas: West Kelowna, Shannon Lake, Glenrosa, Westbank, Peachland & Fishlake area from Oct to Dec 2010. 1800-667-8733

Infant/Toddler Center. Ages 0-3 Brand New.Open Now. LiL Bloomers. Spots available, In Rutland. (250)-826-7298



Child Care Special Choose from 1 issue 3 issues or 12 issues

250-763-7114 for more details

George & Val Stepney wish to announce the engagement of their granddaughter Lauren Stepney to Adam Bradler on October 7th.

Congratulations, Love to you both.

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools


Space available in a fun & loving environment. Large home w/bright, clean & spacious play area, crafts, outdoor play time & planned activities. Call Kristi: 250-769-7902 HUNNY’S HOUSE Licensed daycare, 12 full time spaces avail., 3-5yr olds. 250-8072277,

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Direct reach to BC Sportsmen and women...Advertise in the 2011 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis, amazing circulation 400,000 copies, year long impact for your business! Please call Annemarie at 1-250-480-3244 or email WHY fulfill someone else’s dream when you could be realizing your own? Own your own business where YOU make the decisions. No selling or experience required. For a free evaluation go to

Career Opportunities

Childcare Wanted CAREGIVER needed- Full time, live in for 2 small kids ages 5 & 1. 250-864-9316.

Career Opportunities

Courses Starting January 5, 2011.Holistic Practioner, Natural Health Practioner, Day Spa Practioner, Estetician Nail Technician (250)868-3114

Education/Trade Schools

From here. To career. The Shortest Path To Your Business Career

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assistance. Funding Available. 1-866-399-3853

$100,000 NEEDED for buying gold. 2% int paid monthly. Exc collateral. 778-754-1891. ATTN:SERIOUS Retirement Impact. Work from home BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877-3880123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today OWNER/ Operator position avail. Truck, full time job and route. $60,000. Contact 250491-9029 (h) 470-2613 (cell).

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION is rated #2 for at-home jobs. Train from home with the only industry approved school in Canada. Contact CanScribe today! 1-800-466-1535.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Train today for: • Accounting & Payroll Administrator • Computer Graphic Design • Business Administration / E-Commerce Mgt and more....

POWERBOATS IN SUMMER, Snowmobiles in Winter, ATV’s in between! GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. Learn to repair small engines, recreational vehicles. Apprenticeship opportunity. On-campus residences. 1-888-999-7882; Financial Services

Most programs are One Year or less

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Get practical training from experienced business professionals Multiple start dates mean you can start working toward your career as soon as you’re ready

In memory of loved ones, the Kelowna Capital News will be publishing a “Tree of Memories” page on December 24th, 2010 to honor the lives of those gone before us. Take part in this 3rd annual feature by calling 250-763-7114 or email: (in the subject field: “Tree of Memories”)

Christmas Ornament Ball

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Kyla Bea

FEB. 2, 2008 ~ FEB. 5, 2010

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Publication: Fri., Dec. 24, 2010 Deadline: Dec. 17, 2010

Education/Trade Schools

Step into the career you’ve been dreaming of. Call today.

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools


 , 1-  , 9  Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Become a Psychiatric Nurse in your own community There is an urgent need for more Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN), particularly outside the urban areas of the province. And with the workforce aging – the average age of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in BC is 47 years – the number of retirees from the profession is exceeding the number of graduates. Entry-level earnings start at $29/hour. Train Locally – The only program of its kind in BC, students can learn within their local communities via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Government funding may be available.

Toll Free:


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Education/Trade Schools

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

PUT POWER into your career! As a Fairview Power Engineer. On-campus boiler lab. 4th Class-Part A 3rd Class. Affordable residences. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-9997882; Train to be a Cardiology Technologist in 60 weeks. Recognized by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists and accredited by the Canadian Medical Association.

While we try to ensure all advertisements appearing in the Kelowna Capital News are placed by reputable businesses with legitimate offers, we do caution our readers to undertake due diligence when answering any advertisement, particularly when the advertiser is asking for monies up front.


Medical Office Trainees Needed! Drs. & Hospitals need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement is also Available! 1-888-7780459

Help Wanted HEY YOU... YEAH YOU! WANT A JOB? Kelowna company is looking for hard working individuals. We provide full training, no experience required. $2,500+/mo! Must be 18+ and able to start immediately.

CALL 250-860-9480 Did you know... we can place your ad throughout BC

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

$2500+/MO.! Men & Women 18+yrs. needed to fill F/T positions in our Kelowna office. We provide full training. Call A-DEBT-FREE LIFE. We’ll help you. Call MNP 877-8982580. Free consultation in your area Creditor proposals, trustee in bankruptcy, 3201620 Dickson Ave. KelownaResident office BAKER, (min. 5yrs. exp.) 20hrs. p/wk Mon-Fri, excellent wages & working conditions. 250-861-8659. Int’l Nutritional Co. seeks consultants to Work @ Home (P/T;F/T) Details @; or call 1-877-737-3438

DOZER & Hoe Operators required for Company that constructs oil field roads & leases. Require operators with oil field lease & road construction experience. Competitive wages. Rooms & Meals provided by the company. Call 1-(780)723-5051, Edson AB. HEAVY EQUIPMENT PARTS/SERVICE TECHNICIANS. Brandt Tractor has exciting positions available in many communities throughout Canada including: Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Fort Nelson, Fort Saint John, Grande Prairie, Regina and Saskatoon. Find out about our exciting career opportunities at Call 306-791-5979. Email resume indicating position title & location: Fax 306-791-5986. HILDEBRANDT Homes hiring an awake night PT, average 35hrs/wk, good benefit pkg, (also hiring casual positions) supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, medical & behavioral needs in a residential setting. Email resumes to or fax 250-717-1883 Jewellery Opportunity! New to Canada, trendy & affordable. Work from home, great money/travel/bonuses. Call Sally at 250-558-4771 for a catalogue & business information. KITCHEN MANAGEMENT You will be responsible for daily operations: purchasing inventory control, receiving, preparation of all food stuffs, staffing & scheduling of up to 20 staff, including on-going training supervision & development. Only applicants with previous experience & Food Safe certificate will qualify. Fax or email resume with cover letter: Boston Pizza: Terrace Ryan Konowalyk. Fax: 250638-8409 Email: SAND BLASTER wanted in Winfield. Experienced. Please fax resume to 250-766-1350 or phone 250-862-1345

MENTAL HEALTH WORKER Required to work 21 hrs/ week. Fri, Sat, Mon. Exp/ Diploma in Human Service Field, current First Aid Cert req’d. Must have own vehicle. Send resumes to Box 305 c/o Capital News 2495 Enterprise way. Sales Associates- Part Time


TRAIN AS a Traffic Control Person. To be a Flagger in BC you must complete a mandatory 2 day provincially sanctioned program. Next Kelowna course, 27-28 Nov. More info call #250-212-0770

Home Care/Support LIVE in Caregiver needed to look after senior couple, high school completion and 1yr exp req’d. Candidate must be able to work 40hrs/wk incl eves & wknds. Employers priv home, in-house accom provided. $325/mo room & board will be charged. $10/hr. Contact Mr. Nagra, 250-863-6801.

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Hotel, Restaurant, Food Services Hiring FT Breakfast Cook, experience necessary, hourly rate $10-$13. Hiring Cashier early mornings, Dayshift Hourly rate $10-$12 Apply in person or by resume. 2112 Harvey Ave, Kelowna

Hotel, Restaurant, Food Services

Mind Body Spirit

NAGANO Sushi, located in Kelowna, BC. is seeking a Korean/Japanese style Cook. F/T employment & monthly salary of $3500. Skill requirements: Min. 3yrs exp., Proficiency in Korean, completion of high school. Duties: Able to cook Korean/Japanese cuisine, plan daily & weekly menu, train kitchen staff, make sure of quality control of foods, Manage kitchen operations. Other conditions: 2wks paid vacation, 40hrs/wk. 5 days/wk Apply by e-mail: Fax: (250)-868-0317. 1298 Ellis St. Kelowna BC V1Y 1Z4

MAGIC HANDS! full body relaxation. Lessons & prostate massage avail. 20 yrs. exp. 250-801-8079 THAI Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. 1hr, $50. Call 250-801-7188

Office Support Clerk


Legal Assistant: Rush Ihas Hardwick LLP, a boutique litigation law firm has an opening for a senior litigation assistant. Our ideal candidate will have substantial experience in civil litigation. We offer a competitive wage and benefit package. Submit your resume to T. Lawrence, Rush Ihas Hardwick LLP, 1368 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E1, or to,

Trades, Technical Concrete forming carpenters, apprentices and carpenter helper for local project.Pery form work experience. Please send resume to Self Erecting tower crane operator, min 2 years experience. Send resume to

Mind Body Spirit #1 for a reason. Paradise Massage. Where men come to relax. 778-477-5050 Kelowna AFFORDABLE Prof. F/B Massage. Superior work. Clean, warm, studio. Linda 862-3929 ASIAN MASSAGE! Peaceful setting, $60hr. Call 250-3173575 BLISS Massage 4 your every need. 10 yrs exp. men only . Call 4 appt. 250-215-7755 ESCAPE From Stress Massage Lori 250-868-0067 www. ESCAPE From Stress Massage. Lori is moving away. Book a massage soon! 250868-0067. ESSENTIAL Relaxation Body Sage.Warm Clean Studio conviently located (778)-478-1582

Holistic Health CASE Studies needed. Our students are ready for Manicure, $20, Pedicure, $20, Reflexology, $29. Massage, $29. 250868-3114

Financial Services

Don’t leave your 2010 tax planning to chance or to the last minute. Learn how this profitable Federally Registered Program returns most of your tax money back to you for your own use. Call now to attend one of our information seminars or for an individual session: Lauzon Financial Advisors Inc. 250-717-8444 $500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1877-776-1660 ARE YOU EXPERIENCING FINANCIAL DISTRESS? Relief is only a call away! Call Anne Hamilton Estate Administrator at 250-979-7190 today, to set up your FREE consultation in Kelowna. Donna Mihalcheon CA,CIRP KPMG Inc. Trustee in Bankruptcy, #300 -1674 Bertram Street, Kelowna, BC. V1Y 9G4 DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member REDUCE DEBT by up to 70% Avoid bankruptcy. Free consultation. BBB accredited. 250-860-1653

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Financial Services

Cleaning Services

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

ANGEL HOUSE CLEANING. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free Es’t.- Ref.Sylvie 250-707-5254 BEST Quality Cleaning Prof, Reliable, Bonded, Insured, Offices, Commercial, Strata, Restaurants, Medical/Dental, Floor Care, 24/7 Service, Post Const. 1 Timers 250-868-7224 CLEANING Home/Office. Exp, mature, bondable. Supplies incl. $20hr. 250-859-7082 CLEANING Lady, 25yrs exp., quality work, one time, wkly, biwkly. Exc ref’s.250-470-9629 EXP Cleaning Lady avail MonFri. Residential or move outs. 250-860-7803. HOUSEKEEPING Excellence. Over 10yrs.experience, honest & reliable Kelowna area. Ref’s avail.Call Suzanne, 763-7284 QUALITY Cleaning Services avail. 9 yrs exp., one time, weekly, monthly,call Karen for a great clean. 250-718-7562 Vlads Carpet Cleaning Top Service. 2 Bedroom only 99$. Call Markus 2508990981 or Vlad 7787534546 or email us at We will clean,weekly/biweekly, residential, move-in & out. Please call 250-448-1786

If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161

Legal Services #1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772 Dial-A-Law offers general information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available) Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, Affordable. Our A+ BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT \TRAVEL & FREEDOM. Call for your FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET. 1-8NOW-PARDON (1 866 972 7366).

ICBC, MVA’S, SLIP & FALL or Any Injury? MARCO D. CEDRONE Making The Difference in Personal Injury Claims! 24hr. Call:1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation IMPAIRED DRIVING DALE A. STREBCHUK Don’t Impair Your Future! 24hrs. Call: 1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation Lawyer Referral Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM).

Accounting/Tax/ Bookkeeping ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704

Computer Services 12/7 A MOBILE COMPUTER TECH. Certified computer technician, virus removal, repairs, upgrades. Let me come to you. 250-717-6520. 12/7 In-Home Repairs. New Systems/Upgrades. 20+yrs Prof. Service. Peter 215-4137 GET your Business online now, with Clutch Media. Web & Graphic Design Studio. Website package only $399, includes web page, email, domain seo, & hosting. Call (250)-575-1433

Concrete & Placing Danforms Concrete certified tradesman for all your concrete needs. Free Estimates Call Dan, 250-863-5419 For all your concrete services Check us out on our website

Free Estimates. Government Certified. 250-451-6944

Contractors DCR Contracting. New construction & reno’s. Free estimates. 250-862-1746 JOURNEYMAN CARPENTER Foundations, Framing & Finishing, 250-717-7043 Richard

SALES & SERVICE DIRECTORY Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998)

House/Yard/Building Sites/Rental Properties/ Renovations/Etc. “We Service just about any kind of clean-up”

Scrapmetal/wood/appliances/etc. *W.C.B. Coverage Large 3/2/1 & 1/2 Ton Trucks Excellent Reputation & Excellent Service. Cell 250-718-0992 / 250-861-7066 / Member of Kelowna Chamber of Commerce






Call Clint, 250-575-3839

In business since 1989 Licensed & insured



Gavia Construction


250-300-3534 Kitchens, bathrooms, carpentry, tiling, flooring, cabinets plumbing, electrical & repairs % 00 TEE Fully Insured RAN A U G Free Estimates


Drywall, Taping, Painting, Texture Ceiling. We Do Houses, Basement & Commercial


Pager 250-861-0303

Bob 250-765-2789

Rubbish Removal, Free Scrap Car Hauling, Ogogrow Deliveries.


North End Moving Services


Ph: 250-869-0697 Cell 250-470-9498

250-317-7773 or visit us at:



Local or Long Distance Polite & Professional

Larry’s Handyman & Renovation Services

• Interior & Exterior Renovations • Carpentry • Painting • Small Repairs • Pressure Washing

• Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Yard Maintenance • Fences, Decks • Tile • Graffiti Removal



Call Richard


Book now for landscape projects, retaining walls, landscape products, pavers, irrigation system, pruning, etc. COMMERCIAL SNOW-PLOWING







High Caliber Construction


ADDITIONS, framing finished bsmts. kitchen & bath reno’s, tile, hrdwd. & laminate flooring, painting, drywall, textured ceilings. Comm. Res.

•Full Landscaping •Rock Retaining Walls •Portable Soil Screener •Excavators & Bobcat Loaders CELL: (250) 979-8033 BUS: (250) 861-1500

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.



Call 250-870-1009



Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality New Homes & Repaints Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work Call Terry 250-863-9830 or 250-768-1098

REPAIRS • REPLACE • REMODEL • Bathroom & kit. remodels • Additions & renovations • H/W & laminate floors • Drywall/painting/texture • Cedar fencing & gates • Custom homes Quality You Can Trust

Artistic Ceramics.


Dan @ 250-864-0771


• New & Existing Heating Systems • Heat pumps, A/C • Gas fitting • Licensed & Insured. • Replacement Furnace. 10% SENIORS DISCOUNT

Call Wayne (250) 215-6767


Irrigation, Gas Fitting and Drain Cleaning. Commercial, residential and renovations. Service and hot water tanks.








Call 250-870-3187


Kelowna Gutter Cleaning & Repair


• Fix leaks • 20 years. experience • Fascia soffit repairs • Downpipes • Re-Slope

Repairs, Renovations, Maintenance, Carpentry, Drywall,

Painting, Carpet, Tile, Plumbing, Yard Cleanup,

Rubbish Removal, Gutters & Windows Cleaning

Senior Discount •Satisfaction Guaranteed



ADVERTISE YOUR WINTER SERVICES HERE! Call 250-763-7114 to book your ad.

B12 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



KSK Framing & Foundations. Quality workmanship at reas rates. Free est 250-979-8948 WENINGER CONST. Family company commited to Kelowna & Big White. 250-765-6898

CALL Lee at 250-215-1142 for your electrical service & construction needs. Bonded/Ins. Lic 41614. Reasonable rates JRS ELECTRIC: Licns’d, bnded & insr’d. From new builds & renos to service calls. John, 250-801-7178 (cont:98365)


Electrical ALAN Dignam Electric. Resid/ Comm. Service calls, Reno’s, Upgrades. lic’d, bonded & Insured. Alan 250-808-6595 A&S ELECTRIC. Resid/Comm Wiring. New constr, renov. & service changes. lic’d & bonded. Steve 864-2099 (cont #90929) ELECTRICIAN, LICENSED. Dana Thompson. 20yrs Exp. Free Estimates 826-1287 Kel

Misc Services

Rubbish Removal

Telephone Services

Wayne’s Home Improvements Certified Carpenter 30yrs Exp. additions, alterations, bathrooms, kitchens, foundations, framing,roofing, drywall, finish etc.(250)763-8419

ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, stainning,

!!!1 Affordable U load or We Load Bin Rentals, Demolition, & Clean-ups 250.860.4041 ‘#1 - BBB Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998) Scrap metal, wood, appls, etc. House, yard, building site, rental properties, renovations, etc. WCB Coverage. Lrg 3/2/1 & 1/2ton trucks 718-0992 or 861-7066 #1 CHEAP HAUL Most jobs 50% less then competitors. Why Pay More?? 250-718-0993 250-808-0733 SKYHIGH DISPOSAL. Full service Junk Removal & Bin Rentals.

CHEAP TELEPHONE RECONNECT! Paying too much? Switch, save money, and keep your number! First month only $24.95 + connection fee. Phone Factory Reconnect 1877-336-2274

ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, staining 250-491-4622

Home Repairs

KELOWNA GUTTER Cleaning and repairs, re-slope gutters,etc Richard 250-718-6718

A full home Repair Service. Call 250-300-3534


COMPLETE Paint & Drywall. Texured Ceilings & Repairs 40yrs exp. Merv’s Handyman Service. Available 24hrs. (250)-317-0013

1st Class Floors. Hardwd, laminate, tile, & finish work. Great rates! Dave 250-8266732 NEED Installer? We install carpet, lino, hardwood, laminate. Andreas 250-863-3402.

Garage Door Services GARAGE Doors- install, service, repair all makes of doors & openers. 250-878-2911

COMPLETE Handyman service. Free est. Seniors disc., Call 250-317-8348 NEED a hand with all those jobs you don’t have the time or anyone to help? Inside or out. From painting to snow removal and anything in between. Will put up Xmas lights & decorations too! Free Estimates. Call Tom (250)-215-1712 TERRY’S Handyman Service. Indoor/outdoor painting, carpentry, furniture repair, dump runs, No job too small! 250575-4258 or 250-450-6939

HIGH Caliber Const. Repair, Replace, Remodel, All Reno’s. Dan @ 864-0771 30yrs. exp.

WHITE Rose Services. Home repair services from door adjustments/replacement to drywall repair, paint, furniture assembly etc. No job too small. Lic’d & ins’d. 250-808-9874

Home Improvements

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339

Home Improvements



Let the beauty of nature inspire your home. We can offer the best price in the Okanagan. Locally manufactured. Call Joseph for free estimates 250-878-7040 masl ist cia w hr pe No C S On


Heat, Air, Refrig.

NATURAL Gas InstallationsGas stoves, fireplace inserts, bbq hookups, hot water tanks. Please call 250-878-0473. SOMMERFELD Heating A/C, Install & Repair Heat Pumps, F/P, Gas Fitting Lic. 215-6767

Home Improvements

ADDITIONS, finished bsmts, kitchen & bth reno’’s, tile, hrwd & laminate flooring. Drywall, painting. Ext/int finishing. Call 250-870-3187 Engel Construction Since 1973! Custom homes, Reno’s Additions, Decks, Kitchens, & Baths. Doug (250)-215-1616 INTERIOR Reno’s /Contracting. Full/partial sts., Plumbing/ electrical/ kit’s/ bths. Before/after pics. Rob 250-859-2787 INTERIOR Scene Home Stagers. Call 250-808-9096 Natural Wood Flooring, various widths Rouck Bros. Lumby, BC 1-800-960-3388 NEED Help? Paint, Tile, Carpentry, Drywall, light Electrical & Plumbing, call 250-869-6577

AAA Best Rates Moving $59+. “Why Pay More” Short/Long Distance. Free Est. Res/Comm, 861-3400 FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance throughout 2010 Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250-493-2687 NORTH END Moving Service Local/Long Distance. Free Estimates 250-470-9498

LARRY’S Handyman & Reno Serv., Lg. & Sm. jobs, Graffitti Removal etc., 250-718-8879

Lawn & Garden

Moving & Storage

Gutters & Downspouts

Floor Refinishing/ Installations

Drywall DRYWALL SERVICES & Repairs New work & reno work. 30yrs exp. Framing, Bording, Taping, Texture. Ken212-9588 IMPERIAL DRYWALL, Complete Drywall Services Res. & Comm Free Est 250-801-5335 PESL DRYWALL Service Inc. Renovations, new construction and repairs. Boarding, taping, textured ceilings. Call Tomas at 250-212-4483 or 860-3495. TAPING jobs, texture ceilings, 30yrs exp. Bob 250-718-3218

DON’T call anyone about fall yard clean-up or snow removal until you speak with us. We guarantee to keep scheduled appnts. Call Ryan now @250469-1288 Vantage Point Lawn & Garden Care.

Home Improvements



GRANITE SLAB SALE. 150 colors to choose from. 1 1/4” thick. Great Service. Great Price! All mayjor CC’s acepted. WCB Open 9-4 Mon-Fri, 10-2 Sat. Showroom: 1115 Gordon Dr. 250-870-1577, 250-763-8303, GRANITE, MARBLE & Quartz COUNTERTOPS $1499 for kitchen <18 LF (Linear Feet); $1999 for kitchen < 25 LF; $2499 for kitchen < 30 LF. customized countertops $49 Per SQF Call: 250-899-2661 or Kelowna showroom #5-2720 Hwy 97 North Kelowna REFACE Countertops. 1/2 the Cost of Replacing. Granite & Corian Designs. 470-2235.

Lawn & Garden

Did you know... If you place an ad in one classification, you get the second classification 1/2 price.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

ASPEN LANDSCAPING. Fall clean up. Comm clean up. Retaining walls. 250-317-7773. DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339 TREMBLAY’S EXCAVATING retaining walls, full landscaping. Exc/Bobcat.250-979-8033

Machining & Metal Work GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, security bars,

Painting & Decorating 100% AFFORDABLE Painting Exp, quality. Int Paint/ceilings. Winter Specials. Terry 8639830 or 768-1098 110% P&D Painting serving Western Canada for 32years. Clean quality work at reasonable rates seniors discount call Derek 250-769-9068 1ST. In customer service, Cando Painting, prof. reliable crew, 15yrs. in business, Int/Ext. Eddie 250-863-3449 Portion given to Local Charity DALE’S PAINTING Service. Painting Kelowna a better place since 1982, 862-9333 FAIRWAY Painting. For a great paint job phone Frank, servicing the Kelowna and Big White area, 250-212-2081


✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ XCEL PLUMBING, Irrigation,

Gas Fitting and drain cleaning. Comm/res and reno’’s. Service & hot water tanks. 575-3839 DREGER MECH. Plumbing, Gasfitting, comm/res & reno, ins’d, 24hr. Call 250-575-5878. KOSKI Plumbing-Heating Gas Fitting Reno’s Res. Bonded/Insured Troy @ 718-0209

Roofing & Skylights GERMAN MASTER ROOFER. Over 30yrs exp. on all kinds of roofs. New Reroof & Repair. Tradesman + Best price Warranty. Free estimate. Call Steffen, 250-863-8224 Master & Visa.Card


LARRY’S LITTLE DUMPER We haul little loads of anything, landscaping materials, & Junk to the dump Call 250-718-1114 BOB’S ONE TON TRUCKING. All your rubbish needs. FREE scrap car hauling. Ogo Grow Deliveries. 25yrs satisfied Customers. Bob 250-7652789, 861-0303 pgr DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339

Snowclearing Hands Free Maintenance. Snow Removal & Sanding. Free Estimates. Call Jason (250)-718-2963

Stucco/Siding DESIGN Stucco & Stone. New homes, reno’s & repairs. No job too small. Clean, quality work. Zoltan 250-864-9798.

Sundecks KELOWNA DECK & RAIL. Vinyl, Mod. Flooring, Alum., GlassTopless/Picket878-2483.

Tiling SUPERIOR Tile. Superior quality porcelain. Year End Clearance. 250-868-3221

Tree Services 1-1-1. ALL Exterior Tree Pruning, Hedge or shrub trimming. Call Dave, 250-212-1716 ROB’S Tree Care Ltd 1975. For all your tree care needs. Ins. & Cert. WCB. 212-8656

Feed & Hay HAY FOR SALE; Grass or Grass Alfalfa mix, Round bales $70 each, approx. 800lbs, delivery avail. on larger orders, also Silege bales or Feeder hay. 250-838-6630

Pets ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Shitzu X 9 week old Shitzu X puppies. Family raised Ready to go $450 Chris or Tania @ 250-542-3077 or 250-3097603 Australian Shepherd Border Collie X puppies, farm raised, 1st shots, vet checked, $300, (250)547-6584 BLUE HEELER/Staffordshire Terrier cross puppies. 3 males, 2 females. 2 months old. Very friendly. $300. 604794-9908 Cockapoo puppies, family raised, vet check, vacc.Must see. Call (250)838-7477 SWISS Mountain Dog Puppies, ready Nov 4th, $600. 250-764-2113 Tiny Adorable purebred Pomeranian pups. 1 sable cream, 1 white, females. 8 weeks old, Will email photos, may deliver $800 obo 250-554-8983


Swimming Pools/ Hot Tubs

HD Inglis WD, $250, 24” gas stove, $165, 4x6 wht shag rug, $50, leather luggage.762-0317

HOT TUB SERVICE Parts and Repair All Brands include Hot tub Moving Acrylic Repairs Covers and Skirt CALL 250 801 7709

Classifieds Get Results!


• Bath Remodels • Decks • Drywall

• Kitchen Remodels • Painting • Plumbing

• Electrical • Tile Work • To-Do Lists • Much More



Kelowna • 250-717-5500



We install, service, & repair all makes of doors & openers. FREE ESTIMATES • INSURANCE CLAIMS • SENIOR DISCOUNTS Call Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30 pm


Independently Owned and Locally Operated

PLUMBING KOSKI PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS FITTING •Renovations •New construction •Plumbing Service & Repairs •H/W tank replacement • Furnace Service & Installs • Gas f/p Service and Installs Bonded & Insured

Call Troy, 250-718-0209




All types of demolition. Locally owned & operated. FREE ESTIMATES

call 250-808-0895

CARPET CLEANING Carpet Cleaning Hands Free Maintenance

FALL SPECIAL 2 ROOMS AND A HALLWAY FOR $85 • RV’s • Gutters • Upholstery • Fall clean-up • Windows • Snow cleaning removal

Call Jason 250-718-2963

TILING SUPERIOR TILE Superior quality porcelain.

YEAR END CLEARANCE Call today 250-868-3221

A & S Electric

Residential & Commercial Wiring, New Construction, Renovations & Service Changes. Complete telephone & data cabling services, Prompt quality service. Licensed & Bonded Call Steve 250-864-2099 (cont#90929)


WELDING & FABRICATION METAL FABRICATION LTD. Fences • Gates • Railings • Security Bars • Cargo Racks • Rollcages • Boat Railings & more. Tube Bending Specialists



VALLEY TRAILER REPAIR Springs Gary Cox Brakes Bearings Lights Wiring Welding

L CONSTRUC GE Serving Kelowna TI

Since 1973 Custom homes, reno’s additions, decks, kitchens & baths



Licensed, Bonded & Insured

DRYWALL SERVICES & REPAIRS New work & renovation work. Over 30 yrs. experience. Framing, boarding, taping, texture t-bar ceilings & insulation. Call Ken 250-212-9588







Call Doug 250.215.1616







Don’t call anyone about fall yard clean-up & snow removal until you speak with us. We guarantee to keep all scheduled appointments. Call Ryan now at 250-469-1288 VANTAGE POINT LAWN & GARDEN





Serving the Okanagan 13+ yrs. Vinyl Decking up to 80 mil., Modular Flooring, Aluminum, Glass, Topless & Picket Railings. Call George at 250-878-2483. Showroom #9-3310 Appaloosa Rd. off Sexsmith Rd.

Make your home appeal to the widest range of buyers




Home/office. Experienced, mature, bondable. Supplies incl. Excellent references. Satisfaction guaranteed $20/hr. Colleen 250-859-7082

New Construction & Renos

• Garages • Flooring • Driveways • Concrete • Decks • Retaining • Finishing • Patios Walls

Free Estimates


ADVERTISE YOUR WINTER SERVICES HERE! Call 250-763-7114 to book your ad.


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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114


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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

Food Products

Naturally raised grain fed BEEF, no additives, 1/4’s & 1/2’s, 250-546-6494

Free Items

Did you know... you can place an ad for $2 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

Adorable Kittens,(5) need a loving warm home this winter. Please call (250)768-2193 Free Antique wooden consol record player .(250)769-3430 FREE Electronic organ, all the bells & whistles. Call 250-8639002. FREE Pick-up of used bicycles that you no longer want. Ok if need repair 604-800-2104 Free pool ladder for 3ft high inflatable pool (250)762-4366 FREE: Wood from 42yr old cherry tree. Call 250-768-5787 MATTRESS & boxspring, queen, 3yrs old, good cond., Call 250-763-8003

Community Newspapers

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Items


Help yourself to pallets stacked at the front of the Capital News building located at 2495 Enterprise Way

(Next to Kelowna Chrysler) WE will pick up & recycle your wire pipes, & aluminum windows,from reno’s, batteries radiators etc.too.(250)717-0581


FIREWOOD. Fir, $165/cd, Pon derosa, $120/cd. Jackpine, $145/cd. Jim, 250-762-5469 APPLEWOOD $150, Fir $110, Pine $70, 2/3 cord split & dry. Free Delivery Kelowna (250)762-7541 Birch Fire wood 1 cord round $ 240 split $275 Delivered (250)457-9733 Chimney Sweeping. Kelowna area. Reasonable Rates (250)717-7045 EDSON’S 1 Ton Dump Truck Guaranteed Dry JackPine 2 cords Rounds,(250)-718-1595 SEASONED Applewood. $125/load delivered locally. Call 250-861-4631, 860-3063 SEASONED Apple wood $50 per apple bin. (250)-763 5433, or (250)-762-9673

Furniture LARGE Selection of Gently Used Furniture; Tables & Chairs from $99, Sofa’s ,Hidea-beds from $99. Much more in store. OK Estates Furniture and More 3292 Hwy 97N( beside Sheepskin Boutique) (250)-807-7775

Heavy Duty Machinery 2001 Hyster Ford lift on propane, 3000lbs lifts 16’ high pneumatic tires, very fast, ideal for warehouse, very good cond. $7000. 250-542-9318 2003 Rubber Track mini excavator, 303.5 cat, close cab swing boom, 3 attach. 2900 hrs, $23,500. 250-308-9237 Mitsubushi 35 excavator, enclosed cab, hydraulic thumb, 2 buckets, $11,500. TD7G dozer, 6 way blade, diesel. $12,500. Massey Ferguson 60 backhoe, cab, heater, deisel, $9500. 1998 Hitachi EX120-5 2 buckets, thumb, very clean. $32,500. 250-938-4257.

Misc. for Sale

We’re at the heart of things™

4 COINCO CT 48 Compact Pop vending mach’s., tble or wall, also 1 mech. tble. $500. ea or $2000/all 250-769-2037



Misc. for Sale

Sporting Goods

$300 & Under

A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866884-7464 BULK CANDY Supplies, 50% off listed price, going out of business sale; 250-769-2037 CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1866-981-6591 FAR-INFRARED SAUNAS Demo Blowout models starting at $599. FREE ship. FREE trials.Kelowna.1-888-239-9999 FRIDGE. Magic Chef, $250. Door with window, $50. Mirrored sliding closet doors, $50. GE microwave, $25. 250-7175685 **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 NEW Norwood SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cyclesawing increases efficiency up to 40%. - FREE Information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT STEEL BUILDINGS PRICED TO CLEAR - Incredible end-ofseason factory discounts on various models/sizes. Plus FREE DELIVERY to most areas. CALL FOR CLEARANCE QUOTE AND BROCHURE 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses! QUALITY Firearms - Repairs Buy & Sell. SKS’s $299, AR 15 Mil Spec CQ-A1 .223 Carbine $749, Remington SPS700 Tactical 223 & 308 $699 ea. Marlin SS 45-70 $750, Win M94 30-30 $450, Henry-Uberti 1860 44-40 $1200, Glock’s, CZ’s, S&W’s All at The Best Little Gunshop. Weber & Markin 4-1691 Powick Rd, Kel. 250-762-7575 Tue-Sat, 10-6

BRAND new bathroom vanity, marble top, $275. Call 250768-9648 DEWALT 10’ radial arm saw & custom stand. $225. 250-7673410, 250-470-9831 HITCHIKER 5th wheel hitch. Model SL16. $300. 778-7540888 INGLIS Dryer, 6mos old & used Maytag washer, $275/ pair. 250-712-0481

Misc. Wanted Ab Circle Pro willing to pay $50. Serious about losing weight but low on cash.(250)801-2907 leave message pl. I am a Private Collector wanting to Buy $5, $10, $20, $50, $75, $100, $150 ect. Only Coins. Todd (250)-864-3521 I will buy hoards of old coins & gold! Please call Todd, 250864-3521

Musical Instruments CORDOVOX model CG7 accordian super 5, hand made reeds, c/w generator, amplifier & Seslie speaker. Good cond., electronics needs attn. Estate Sale, offers welcome. Call 250-860-3844 MOIR Pianos Christmas Piano Sale. Lay-Away & Delivery for Christmas. New & Used Grand & Upright Pianos. Call Richard Moir @ 764-8800

See Your Ad Online


Fruit & Vegetables

View and browse the catalogue on-line

Partial List Includes: Georgian two tier candle table, Victorian mirror back Étagère, 14kt white gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire bracelet (appraised at $20,170.00), impressive Chippendale-style mahogany 9’ dining room table with eight matching chairs and sideboard, c1830 English percussion pistol, Edison cylinder gramophone, collection of Bronze figurines, early oak roll-top desk, collection of Hummels, collection of vintage advertising, Birk’s sterling flatware, Lladro figurines, Moorcroft, high end jewellery, large assortment of collectibles and so much more …

Viewing to be held in our Vernon Showrooms. VIEWINGS: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Wednesday thru Saturday 9:00 AM ‘til sale time Sunday 1:00 PM Sunday, November 21st

Check out our website


3021 - 29TH AVE., VERNON 250-542-9119

$200 & Under B&D DeWalt radial arm saw, made in Canada, model #1100 c/w stand, $120. 860-2170. CLEAN Black Dell Desktop tower computer, 3yrs, hardly used. $200 obo. 250-762-2442 FRIDGEapartment size, good cond, $110. Call Mike 250-317-6976. MATTRESS, queen size, FIRM, pink rose design, like new, $200. 250-768-5787 NEW CCM Yellow mountainbike, 26x195 tires, goat bars, front shock, $150. 762-2442. SKI/SNOWBOARD roof top box, $150. 250-765-7522 WINTER tires, P225/60R16. $150. 250-762-9084

2008 White Frigidaire Range Like New. $225 (250)-7656104



2 Pink Swivel Rockers. Perfect Condition.The Pair $75 (250)762-9882 9 DRAWER cabinet, great for storage in garage. $50 obo. 250-763-0085 ANTIQUE Oak office table, $50 obo. 250-763-0085 BOYS 10spd, blck Apollo bike, 27x125 tires, chrome fenders, solid, $100 obo. 762-2442 CLEAN, bronze, round, Parrot/bird cage, 17x24, extras. $60 firm. 250-762-2442 DARK wood coffee tble w/carpet castors & lower mag/bookshelf, $30 firm. 250-762-2442. DESK. Corner office desk, quality wood veneer, $70. 250764-4470 EARINGS, women’s, gold, new 10K, small loop. Paid $195 take $125 250-765-6104 FREE run eggs for sale. $3/carton. 778-478-0672 HEADBOARD set, dbl bed, wood, $30. 250-764-4470 Lavender Rose Luncheon Plates as new $9 for each. (250)763-3495 METAL office credensa. $60 obo. 250-763-0085 PAIR of wing chairs rose colored good cond $75 (250)7693430 (250)-878-4415 Queen sz boxspring & mattress mohogny headboard $100 (250)769-0083 SHUFFLEBOARD, complete set. $50. 250-861-3254 SOUP tureen, hand made, $40. 250-764-4470 Table top outdoor propane heater hardly used $50 ,with tank $75 (250)769-3430 WHITE, rectangular, 12x20x21 bird Cage, complete, extras, $35 firm. 250-762-2442

$300 & Under



$100 & Under

Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh From the Fields “Local Produce at Your Doorstep” To place an the Kelowna Capital News


Graziano Orchards 3455 Rose Rd. Different varieties of Apples sold all winter long. Also homemade apple pies. (250)-860-2644.

ORGANIC Gala & Ambrosia ¢.50/lb. unsprayed, 8am-4pm, 2672 Scharf Rd. 707-0986

Bosc & Anjou Pears. Gala, Ambrosia, Aurora Golden Gala & Fuji Apples.

Hazeldell Orchards

1980 Byrns Rd 250-862-4997 Mon-Sat, 9am-5:30pm, Sun 10am-5pm Customer Appreciation Days Nov. 20 & 21

$500 & Under

Did you know... you can place an ad for $5 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

ENTERTAINMENT center with china cabinet. Light Oak, new condition. $500. 250-765-7522

Garage Sales MISSION: SPCA (Aux) Sale, books, jewellery and collectibles. Thurs, Fri, Sat. Nov 18, 19, 20. 9:30am-5:30pm. Mission Park Shopping Centre, 3155 Lakeshore Rd. Info 250-764-2467.

Acreage for Sale 2.96 Acres/Horse friendly, S.E. Kel, updated 5bd. home 40x60 steel shop, det. gar., MLS Ken Dempsey Remax 717-5000 SNOWBIRD Special - Ideal for trailer parking, 5.5 acres, flat, near Arrow Lake. Edgewood area. $125,000+hst. 250-2697328 email: SPECTACULAR Black Mountain View Lots! Fully serviced & graded sites from $169,900 plus HST. Loseth Drive to Nishi Court. Call 250-863-2717 or go to

Apt/Condos for Sale 2BD, 2bth, 1500sq’, bright top flr corner unit, great loc. MLS $199,900. Betsy Price, RE/ MAX Kelowna. 250-212-5520 2BDRM, totally reno’d, close to downtown, quiet, secure building, elevator, insuite laundry, $149,900. 250-307-5522. FABULOUS Top flr corner 2bd+loft. Excellent flr plan, soaring ceilings, sought after location. MLS $299,300. Charlene Bertrand, Coldwell Banker, 250-870-1870 Kelowna Executive Style Condo, Lower Mission, 1161 sq ft. 9 ft ceilings, 6 stainless appl, no GST, NO CONDO FEES FOR 1 YEAR! u/g parking, 2 bedrm, 2 bath, granite countertops throughout, 5 min walk to beach, best priced in complex by far at $279,000., motivated seller. MLS 10015896 Call Andrew, C21 Executives Rlty (250)8635106, THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Duplex/4 Plex 2BD+Den, 1bth suite, NP, NS, Glenrosa, avail Nov 1. $850+1/2 utils. Call 250-7188182 447 McCurdy Rd., 227 Wood Rd., behind Costco, 2bdrm, no basement, s/f/w/d, $950 for either property, 250-317-8844, 250-490-0046 GLENROSA- 2BD+Den, 1bth suite, NP, NS, avail now. $1000 utils incl. 250-718-8182


Full SxS sep titles, income. $31,200/yr, long term tenants, each side 1850 sq ft. 4bd, 2bath fully reno’ed $610,000 (250)450-9094

For Sale By Owner 2bdrm, 2bath home,Enderby, well run 55+ modular home park, incl all appl., Roxton Maple diningroom table and 6 chairs,Oak china cabinet, full bedroom suite, chesterfield & chair, 6 chair patio set, near new Beachcomber hot tub. $199,000.250-838-0933. GLENROSA, Sing. fam. hm, 5bd. 3ba, lg. In-law ste. w/lg. kit., beautiful comm., lg. fnc’d. yrd., $445,900. 250-808-3043

For Sale By Owner


Real Estate Picture Special Only $47.58 for 3 insertions 250-763-7114 for more details Condo on golf course in Westbank Top floor, lakeview, close to amenities 2bd 2 bath, 9’ & 11’ceilings. Granite counters.6 SS appls. Onsite Manager. Asking $269,000 (250)7626616, or 250-869-7205 INN AT Big White, #307, sleeps-4, FP, pool, hottub. Owner use or rental income. $66,000. See Call 250-768-5510 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Houses For Sale ******* Where smart sellers meet smart buyers! View Thompson Okanagan properties for sale.// Selling? No Commission. (250) 545-2383 or 1-877-291-7576 12YR. Old, Rutland 5bd. suite up/down, gr.cond., air, appl, nr Sch/Rec ctr MLS Ken Dempsey Remax 250-717-5000 2 BED, 2 bath one level 55+ townhome in small quiet complex walking distance to Shuswap River in Enderby. Small pets OK, 2 parking. Price reduced, $178,000MLS. Seller wants SOLD! Pictures at or call Stephanie Neely 250938-4086 Realty Executives Vernon. $333,900. Rutland, clean, 4bd. 2ba., gr. yrd., quiet area, nr. Elem. school, MLS Ken Dempsey Remax, 250-717-5000 AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses! DISTRESS Sale. 4bd, 3.5bth, walk-out bsmt, $259,900. For a Free List of Foreclosures & Distress Sales call Lloyd @ MacDonald Realty 215-5607 MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 3.49% VARIABLE 2.35% Trish at 250-470-8324 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Mortgages BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818

Other Areas Land of Orchards, Vineyards & Tides in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Live! Work! Bring Business! Free Brochure Website: Email: Toll-free: 1-888-865-4647

Rent To Own DOWNTOWN 1+ bd. $1400.: Rutland 1bd. $1200. W-Kel. 3bd. Mobile $1250. 250-8690637,

Apt/Condo for Rent 1BD. Newly reno’d, quiet building, NP, NS, WD & heat incl. Prking & storage, avail immed. $795. 250-878-0136 1Bdrm, Large, Clean, Bright, in well maintained, quiet complex. Park like setting. Downtown NP. $795 incl. heat. Ref’s & Lease req.(250)-870-8746

capital news B13

Apt/Condo for Rent 1BD or 2bd, avail immed. Quiet, secured, updated building located in DT area. Walking dist to shopping. Cultural District, Waterfront Park, bus route. Incl FS, DW. Building amenities include beautiful landscaped courtyard, laundry room & covered secure prking. Price starts at $820-$950. Avail now. Contact Jagoda for more info at 250-762-0571 2BD, 2bath, 55+. 5 year old secure UG. parking + storage 6 appls. Avail Dec. 1 $995/mth 1-(204)624-5274 ARIA, W. Kelowna. 2bd, 2bth, SS appls, ug prking, FP, WD. $1100. Mike, 250-769-1595 ATTENTION Seniors. We are offering 1 & 2bd suites for lease. We have a park like setting with Mill Creek as our backyard oasis. Our building is well maintained, secure, clean & quiet. We are close to bus stops, hospital, shopping, parks, beaches. 250-762-4160 Avail Immed. 1bd + den 2bath geothermal, 6appls. secured UG parking. Walk to DT. NS NP. $1050+utils. (250)-2121024, or (250)-863-2180 BEAUTIFUL 2 bdrm condo on golf course, granite, f/p, swimming pool, gym. Close to University. $1200/mo. incl everything. Avail Dec 1 (250)862-6976, or (250)-801-9070

BELGO AREA, Rutland Rd. South. 2bd, $975 hydro, f/s, NO PETS, bus route, Avail. now. 250-491-3345, 869-9788 CAPRI MALL area. Senior Orientated building. NP, laundry, 2bd $820/mo 250-979-2771 CASA LOMA, 5min to DT & hospital. New, 1 bdrm, Lake view, insuite lndry, SS appl’s. $759/mo. 250-863-9002 CENTRAL Rutland, Bright 2bd, NS, NP, Dec 1. $825. Well cared for building. Resp tenants. 250-863-6645 FAIRLANE Crt. Close to shopping, on bus route, 2bd aprt, heat & hot water incl, $900. 250-860-4836 KELOWNA- South. 625 Rowcliffe. 2 bdrm, $975/mo. NP, NS. Joanne 250-717-1182. L. MISSION. New 2bd, 2bth corner suite avail immed, near beach & greenway, all appl’s, NS, NP, $1150. 250-863-6645 LOFT located Downtown on Sunset Dr. next to Waterfront Park & Prospera Place. Featuring over height ceilings and windows, rooftop deck, 2 bdrms, 2bath, 5appls. window coverings, secure covered parking, avail immed. $1350/mth. 250-763-6600, 250-878-5968 LRG 1bd suite, 6appls, pool, hottub, exercise rm, Dec 1st. Exec. House. 250-868-3216 RUTLAND: THUNDERBIRD EVERGREEN APTS. 435/395 Franklyn Road 1 & 2 bdrm suites, 3/appls, AC, drapes, walk-in storage, u/g secure parking, hot water included. Laundry facilities on site. Close to excellent shopping, major bus routes (excellent bus service to all campuses, Orchard Park Mall & downtown), theaters, medical facilities & restaurants. 250-762-5932 for appointment to view Sale/Trade near UBCO/ Airport. Main flr. 2bd 2bth 1256 sq’, reno’d on Duck Lake. $177,000 obo. 780-458-2086 1&2BD suites. Kelowna’s best apartment complex. 250-762-3455

Commercial/ Industrial Commercial Warehouse Space for Lease Prime Location (Banks Rd/Baron Rd), 4500sqft, $12sqft CD 10, Overhead Door, 20ft Ceilings Contact: veronica@ or 250-763-0505 OFFICE Space, 600sqft, partially furnished. Private entrance. $600/mo. Contact Dan or Bob at All Kinds of Carpet 250-769-6790 WEST Kelowna 1650sq/ft Commercial / Industrial unit for rent, $1500/mo 250-769-3573 or 250-718-6952.

Cottages / Cabins BEACHFRONT in Peachland. Avail for monthly rentals until May 1 & 2bd cottages starting at $850. Pets welcome. 250767-2355

B14 capital news

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Duplex / 4 Plex 3BD, 2bth upper unit 4plex, in N. Glenmore, ns, np, Avail. Jan 1st, 5 appl., priv. ent./ deck, $1200. 250-212-2603 3BD. Upper lev. duplex, ac, lndry, garage, close to UBCO. $1400 incl utils. 250-801-9621. 4-PLEX in Orchard, 2 units 2bd. Avail. immed. $850mo. incl. utils, + dd. 250-317-4810, 250-863-9737 $800 +utils. 2bd 1/2 Cabin. 2355 McKenzie Rd. Call (250)765-9573 LAKEVIEW Heights Clean, renovated 2bd unit FP 4 Appls close to bus, shopping. $900 + shared utilities. (250)-7693096, or (250)-864-2988 LRG 3 Bdrm, great Rutland street, 6 appl, tons of upgrades, a/c, BI vac, ref’s & DD req’d. NS, NP. $1120/mo or $1075 1yr lse. 250-491-4264 OLD Glenmore. 3bdr, 2ba, FP, ensuite lndry, nr amens, Now/ Dec 01, $1280 250-763-7869

Homes for Rent 1BD Cottage, in Country setting with scenic view, just 5 min. from Orchard Park. Quiet clean. Pet negot. 1 person only. NS $750 + power.Available. Nov. 1 (250)762-6627 2BD, 2bth on farm setting in S. E. Kelowna, 5appl, pets neg, $1200+utils. 250-764-2113 2BD + Loft 2dr garage ns np incl wd fr st $1290 + utils avail Dec 1 Northend(250)826-6957 2Bd Main flr. West Kel. 6 appls,lndry FP, NS. NP. $1200 incl. utils. (250)-769-7152 2BD mnflr heritage home, 1/2blk to hospital/beach, hrwd flrs, gas fp, WD, AC, prking, lrg deck/yard, NS, NP, $1200+ utils. Jan 1. 250-868-8874

Homes for Rent

Homes for Rent

3Bdrm house, 1.5bath, 5appl, Glenrosa pet negot. DD req’d. Dec 1 $1300. 250-767-9550 5BD, 3BTH recently renovated, large yard, 2 kitchens 5appl. each, near Costco, extra storage room, NS, NP, $2000/month +utils. or main floor $1500/month or bsmt $800/month including util. 250491-3927 6BD, 3.5bth, dbl gar., 1fmlyrm, 1lvngrm, city/lake view. Ellison area, Available. 3060 Lakha Rd. NDogs. $1800 (250)-8692186, 250-765-5267 ACREAGE, full house, 3bd, 1bth, shop, Winfield. $2000+ utils. 250-469-2322, 717-3010 BLK MTN: 3Bdrm Lakeview NS NP garage $1300 + 50% utils. Avail now. Close to all ammenities. 250-864-7504 EXECUTIVE Lakeview hm, Upper Miss., 2400sf, top lev, 2bd, master 900sf w/fp, wic, 4pc. ensuite, deluxe kit., w/huge granite Isl., huge lv. w/vaulted ceilings, furnd. $2500/mo unfurnd. $1800/mo 250-718-7455 or 317-3341 FREE DOWN PAYMENT! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Project Build II Attainable Housing Project is an innovative program that provides a non-repayable grant to individuals who can service a mortgage but haven’t been able to save for a down payment. For more information contact Gino Dal Ponte at 250.317.2707 or FREE Month, fully furnished, 2bd./den (3rd bd.) top floor. on Westside, 5mins. fr. Bridge. Pay for 6mos. & 7th is FREE. Gorgeous as new executive home. Rent neg.250-762-7837 Lakefront 3 bd home 1.5 baths finished bsmnt wrk shp garage fenced yard Dec 1. $1900 +% utils. 604-218-9929

GLENROSA Area. 3/bdrm $1500 mo+utils. Available now. NO PETS. Lrg back fenced yard. 250-869-9788 or 250-491-3345 LAKESHORE Home for rent. 16920 Coral Beach Rd. Fully furn’d 3bd, 2.5bth, $1200+utils avail immed until end of May. 250-717-5685 PRIVATE Orchard setting 3 bdrm house 2 bd bsmt. fr st electric wood heat avail Dec 1 $1400 Richard 250-300-0008 SENIORS 55+ 2Bd 2ba. manufactured home. w/d,fr. st,dw,close to beach bus & hospital. sm pets on approval $825-$1000+DD 763-2878 Waterfront+ Dock W.Kelowna $1900+Util. 250-869-8504. 5Bed 2.5Bath. 5Appl. NS.NP. WESTIDE area, very private, 2860 Scharf Rd. 3bd House, 1.5bth, Nov 1. $1200. Call 250-768-5768 WESTSIDE, Avail. Dec. 1/15, newer 4bd. +den, 3ba, 1/2 acre fenc’d. lot, open concept, ss appl, w/d, cent air/vac, pet neg., $ 250-7070023 or 250-863-4218 WOODLKE VIEW, dividable 2-kit, 5bd, 5ba, carprt, grg/wrk shp, in-grd pool, acreage, pet negot. $1800 + utils., 250-7664322, 250-862-6646 TOOVEY Heights. 3bd, 1bth, brand new reno, private, beautiful views, pets welcome, lndry. $1150. 250-807-2269 2BD, 7Appl, Patio, $1250 OR 3bd, 5appl, Gar., Patio, Pet OK, $1400. 250-860-1961 Register Online www.cdnhome-

Office/Retail Hwy97 N, comp. area & 1800 sf’ of retail. Rutland, 2100sq’ of Office/Retail for lease. 250765-3295, 250-860-5239

Room & Board INT’L STUDENT. Rm/board or you-cook. OK College, KGH, Bus, mall. $500. 250-763-6674

Rooms for Rent 2 rooms for rent in large upper mission house. Quiet neighborhood, large yard and storage, movie theatre, indoor hot tub. Shared laundry and kitchen. $550/mo utilities included. Pets negotiable. 250878-0741. covert_opps_695@ A-1 furn’d rms/suites. Bertram St.DT. Wifi, WD, $475+up.Utils incl, quiet male. 250-861-5757 A-1 rm, furn’d cbl. & w/d, wl int, quiet, monthly avail. immed. 250-862-9223 BDRM. Furn’d, sep ent, shr ktn, bth, lndry, BBQ, util incl $200.DD $525. 765-0746 FEMALE Student or Working furnished room Incls all utils, cbl & int, $400 250-870-7183.

RV Pads ACRES R.V. SITES & TRAILER RENTALS NOVEMBER SPECIAL!!!!! “RENT FREE” Full “frost free” hk- ups Int & Shaw cable Incl. Pets welcome. Out of town,but in town. Phone (250)-765-2580

Senior Assisted Living Senior Housing 2bdrm suite for 2 seniors. Inclds all meals. laundry & housekeeping with some care. $1200/mo each. 250-317-3341

Jc`ibhYYf >c]bcifhYUaUbXVYdUfhcZ h\Ygc`ih]cb"Hc`YUfbacfY  j]g]hcifkYVg]hY kkk"WUbWYf"WUcfWU`` h\Y7UbUX]Ub7UbWYf GcW]YhmcZZ]WYUh %",$$"($'",&&&"

Shared Accommodation L.Mission furn’d 1Bd Character home, priv ba, lndry, int. cbl, NS Dec 1 $550+1/3 utils. Must be seen! 250-808-0696 S.Knox Mtn. Furnished 2Bd, FP, lounge, Priv Entry, Bath Hot tub, sauna, pool table gourmet meals, NP. smoke out. $1000 + chores for Disabled man (250)-717-7176 CLEAN Roommate. ND, ND, NP. From $445/mth (250)8608106, 250-718-1621

Suites, Lower 1-BD, 5-Appl, $650 Incl Utils OR 2bd, 5appl, Patio, $825 Incl Utils 250-860-1961 Register Online www.cdnhomefind-

1BD. $700. incl. utils., Rutland, ns, np, cls. to UBC, on bus rte, Avail now 765-1696 1BD avail Dec 1, $740 w/lakeview, fireplace, AC, ensuite lndry, patio wo, appls, utils, 1car prking, NS, NP, West Kelowna. 250-769-6379 1BD bsmt. L. Mission. Sep ent lounger, shr’d kitchen. $500 utils incl. Call 250-764-8183 1 BD bsmt suite near Costco, sep. ent, shr’d laundry. $650 incl. utils. N/P, N/S, N/D, avail. Dec 1st. 250-861-1282 1BD, close to downtown, lower level, sep ent, shr’d WD, NS, Nparties. $700 incl utils excpt cbl. 250-868-3565 1BD. Newer home in W-Kel. full ba., cent. air, 4appl., priv. ent. deck, incls. cbl/int/pwr., very priv., ns, np, $750. on bus rte. sing. person, 718-3255 1BDRM lake view in Winfield. Frdge, stve, cble, int, utils incl. Sngl occupancy, ns, np. $700/mo. 250-547-6624. 1BD suite, N. Rutland, sep ent., ground level, wood floors, cable, A/C, close to bus/UBC. NS, NP. No lndry $650. utils incl. Avail now. 250-491-3935 1 BED Suite BRAND NEW Private ENT & Laundry, Full Kitchen & Dishwasher, Patio, Utilities, Cable & Internet Included $900 PH# 250-8699080 2.5 Bdrm, walk out, 5 appls. fenced yard/patio, dog park & playground. $990. (250)7170077 leave message please. 2Bd 1bath,sep entry,for 2 people fr, st, full cable, $650 utils incl.NP.Avail.(250)869-9834 2bd, 2bth, 1200sq’, 910 McKay Rd, updated, insulated 1 car garage, 1/2 acre lot, RV prking, avail now. $1000+50% utils. NS, pets ok, 250-868-1786 2BD+Den, Lawrence Ave, close to DT, FS, WD, all utils incl, NP, NS, Dec 1. $875. Call 250-878-0136 2BD. Hosp. area, fireplace, Optic TV, lg. yrd. w/creek, $875.+1/2utils, 250-868-9059 2BD. incl. utils., ns, np, no lndy.,$ avail.Dec1, DD req’d., gr. lev. 763-5420 after 4 2BD Lrg, french country kitchen, pellet stove, all appls., great view. Pets ok. Quiet & clean. $900mo. 250-766-1265 2BD wo, close to N. Glenmore Elem, Dr Knox Middle & UBC, Sat & utils incl, $950, Dec 1. Call 250-868-8458 360 Wallace Rd. 1bd grnd-lvl bsmt suite, $625 incl utils. Avail immed. 250-495-7084 BRIGHT 1bd ste. N.Glenmore 700/mth Central air. near bus/ Iga sat/int utils/laundry inc. NP NS Avail immed 250-317-2202 CAPRI Area, lwr. lev. Duplex, Avail. Dec. 1, 2bks. fr. Capri on Dead-end, w/d hook-ups. Cls. to bus/sch/shops, ns, np, nprty, DD req’d, $800. for appt. 765-2931 or 878-2812 Knox Mtn. DT. area 1Bdrm lrg bright kit, gas fp in lvngrm claw foot bathtub/shower shr’d laundry $650 incl utils. 868-0750 LAKE COUNTRY Newer, large 2 bed + den walkout suite. 5 appl. incl. own laundry, $1100/mo., yard maintenance + util incl. close to bus, n/s call Shannon 250-212-1928 Lakeview Heights 1Bdrm Lrg bsmt suite.Lrg storage rm Newly reno’ed New Fr St $675 utils. incl’d. NP NS (250)7690516 (250)-769-8509 LARGE 2bd bsmt suite, near Greenway, school/bus, 5appl, pet ? $1050. util incl 575-3839

LK COUNTRY Bright/View 1 Bed Suite, Laundry Cable & Utilities incl. Sngl Mature NS NP, $700. 250-766-5442 LWR. Mission, furn’d. 2bd., newly reno’d, mature, priv ent ns, np,$1000 inc. util 764-4865

Suites, Lower NEWER, lrg 2bd bsmt suite on Kirschner Mnt. Wonderful view of lake & Kelowna. NS, ND, no pets or children. Ideal for working couple or student. All utils incl, only $1000. Nov 15. Call 250-491-5992 NEW Reno’s, 2bd, 4pc. ba., f/s, w/d, Old Glenmore, $1075. inc. util., patio & parking., ns, np, 250-215-1073

✮ ✮ ✮

2BD fully furn’d suite w/extra lrg den, 1500sq’, super view, grnd lvl priv ent., lots of prking & strge, hrdwd & laminate flrs, 5appls in lrg kit., Maytag WD in lndry rm, close to UBC & airport, int/cbl, NS, NP. Utils incl. Dec 1. $1300/mo. Call 250-765-3365 N.RUTLAND- 2bdrm bright, ground level, sep ent. Close to Rutland Elem & middle. Utils incl. NP. $850. Avail Dec 1. 250-491-8373, 250-317-7908 PEACHLAND, 1bdrm Lakeview suite avail now, $700/mo. n/s, n/p no pets. Incl utils. 250215-4126 or 250-767-9297. RUTLAND. 1bd bsmt suite, NS, NP, $750. Avail. now. 250-765-3002, 250-863-5616 RUTLAND, 1bd suite $650 + utils. Close to amenities Avail now. 778-321-6634 RUTLAND. Beautiful Grnd-lvl, priv ent, 2bd, 5appl, NS, NP, no parties, avail now. Legal suite. Mature people only. $1000+ 1/2 DD 250-762-6519 Spacious Lower 1 bdrm unit, Black Mtn Avail Dec 1 to Nonsmoking reliable long term tenant $750 incl utils. 764-7830 Studio suite. private entry insuite WD. suitable for 1 person NS ND NP NP Avail Nov8. 1yr old furnished. Upper Mission $625 + utils. (250)212-9588 TOOVEY area, Dec 1st. 1bd wo, priv ent/patio,NS/NP. $650 incl utils & cble. 250-765-5118 UBCO 2 BD, Main Floor, sep. entrance, newer, bright, covered walk-out patio, sep. laundry, 5 min. from UBCO, near bus rt. $1100 incl. ALL util. + sat. TV w/PVR. NS. NP. Ref. Avail. Dec.1/10 ph. 250-8088558 WESTBANK, AVAIL IMMED. 1BD bsmt suite, utilis incl, shrd laundry, bus route, reno’d, NS/ NP, Sgl or Couple, $725/mo. 250 768 2469 or 250 859 6582

Suites, Upper 1BD Grnd-lvl suite, Westside, beautiful, bright, 900sq’, wood laminate flrs, gas FP, patio, garden, $800 incl utils, net, cbl, lndry. Avail Now. NS, NP. Call 250-768-7434 1BD. Hosp. area, 2nd. Heritage hm. , suit 1, ns, np, nd. Avail., $625.250-470-8495, 1BD Lower level of home, quiet person, NS, cat ok, $675 utils incl. (778)477-5007 LRG quiet 2bd w/o patio, pkg, $945. NS, resp adlt, NP. Nr lake, hosp, colg. 762-0317 mg W.KELOWNA BEST PRICE LAKE VIEW & LOCATION 2bd+den,2baths.All updated 6 appls fp, ac. Avail. now.NS NP NP. Ref’s. req. Adult. $1150 +DD +utils. 250-768-3339

Townhouses THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime. WEST KELOWNA Townhouse 1150 sq ft, 2 bdrm, 1-1/2 bath No smoking, no pets, $1000/mo plus DD & utilities. Phone 403-288-5819

Antiques / Classics SPECIAL Anniversary Edition 1987 Cougar LS. Great shape. only 106km. $3900. (1-250)517-8087

Auto Accessories/Parts

Did you know... you can place an ad for $1 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

Auto Accessories/Parts (4) like new Michelin X-Ice winter tires, 205/50-16, come mounted & balanced on 4 16” 5bolt steel rims (fit most cars) 250-868-0442. $750 LYLE’’S TOWING Free removal of unwanted vehicles. Pay up to $1000 for good vehicles. Lots of used parts for sale. 765-8537 TIRES- ASSORTED. 4-215-75-15, $260 with alum rim. 4-215-70-14, $200. 4-195-70-14, $195. 250-8608127

Auto Financing

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Quality Autos 491-9334 Leathead Road

OUR CARS LAST! 1985 Nissan 300 ZX, 100,000 orig kms, fully loaded. $4000. Call 250-878-8697 1998 Crown Vic, 4.7L, 118k, new tires/bat, tune up. Paid: $3500 in April. Must sell. First $2000 takes it. 250-575-4007

1999 Ford Taurus 112000KM 24V DOHC Air Sunroof 4New Tires P/Seat P/W P/L Cruise Cd Changer Mint Cond $3750 DL#30312 Call 250-862-2555 2000 Ford Focus 4dr Gold Ac Am/fm stereo/cd 148K’s power locks/ win Great cond 2 sets tires $3500 obo 250-681-7606 2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit LS, 4dr, 4cyl, 5spd, AC, CD, PW, PL, 67,500k, $7395. 863-3100


Automotive Photo Special Only $47.58 for 3 insertions 250-763-7114 for more details

Cars - Sports & Imports 1992 Acura Integra, 5spd., sunroof, 215k’s, $2900.obo. 250-861-8465 1999 VW Jetta 125k, black, a/c, auto p/l, great cond $6300 obo. 250-351-9587 leave msg. 2003 325xi BMW AWD Sedan Silver Leather $13k OFFERS 250-550-5561/250-717-2197

Cars - Sports & Imports 2005 Toyota Corolla CE Silver grey int. Auto a/c. 101,500KM $7900 (250)-317-4414 2005 TOYOTA Echo, 2dr hatchback, auto, cruise, 62,000kms. $6475. 2000 Mercedes ML320, auto, loaded, 112,000km, $7975. 2004 Toyota Matrix, auto, air, 112,000km, $7975. Govt inspected rebuilt vehicles. Lego Auto Sales, Vernon. (250)2604415

Motorcycles POWERBOATS IN SUMMER, Snowmobiles in Winter, ATV’s in between! GPRC Fairview Campus, Alberta. Learn to repair small engines, recreational vehicles. Apprenticeship opportunity. On-campus residences. 1-888-999-7882;


Sport Utility Vehicle

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1998 Chev Blazer, 4dr, loaded, vg cond., $2800 obo. 250768-2978 2001 Ford Explorer 4x4 all bells whistles snow tires ready for winter very clean $3500 obo (250)769-0083 2005 Chevy Blazer, auto, 2dr., 47,650km. orig., $11,900. 250861-8465

Trucks & Vans 1977 Chevy shorty 4x4, excellent cond., must sell, $3000 or trade for sled, 250-763-5462

Scrap Car Removal

SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $3.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

1998 Jeep TJ 4x4 5Speed Fresh Rebuilt Engine & New Clutch 4Cyl New Tires Limited Edition Hard Top 182000KM $5900 DL#30312 Call 250-862-2555


1999 Toyota Sienna LE Well Maintained, asking $5300 obo 250-862-9595 2002 Ford Windstar Sport, 120K, fully loaded, new tires. $6000 obo. 250-878-8697 2003 Dakota, V6, auto, 2wd, only 97,000k, air, immaculate ext cab. $7450. 250-938-8370. 2003 FORD F250 4X4 5.4LT. XLT. New Arrow Canopy. 2 sets of tires truck is in great shape. Must sell $9000 250808-3867 2004.5 Dodge 3500 dually diesel, loaded, 6spd, 129K, $26,500. 250-308-7373

12-727 Stremel Rd, Kelowna Mon.-Sat. 8:30-5:30


250-765-9457 Parts and Service for all makes of snowmobiles, motorcycles, & ATV’s. 1000’s of parts in stock.

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Trucks & Vans

Trucks & Vans

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2007 Dodge 3500 dually, 6spd, loaded, 6.7L diesel, 93K, $36,000. 250-308-7373

Wheelchair Van, 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan w/Sidewinder rear entry wheelchair conversion. 50,000kms, $29,000 obo. 250-469-4313, 778-755-1956

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2010 TOYOTA Tacoma, TRD Sport, V6, 6 speed, crew cab, loaded. 13,000km. $28,975. Government inspected rebuilt vehicle. Lego Auto Sales, Vernon. (250)260-4415 HONDA PILOT EX, 4WD, 2003, silver, 186,000 kms, leather, 8 pass, new ipod/Bluetooth/XM Radio, hitch, snow tires on rims, very clean, excellent condition, all maintenance records, private $10,950. 250-764-7269 or 250-212-8766


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Min $40 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 250-899-0460

Off Road Vehicles Yamaha ATV fully equipped excellent condition. $2250 obo (250)769-0083


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1976 MGB Classic convertable Victoria car $2500. 1987 Lincoln Towncar $895. 1990 Dynasty low K’S loaded $1895. 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2dr 6 auto Good $2200. 1993 GMC Yukon 4x4 all toys Loaded $2895. 1995 Dakota Extra cab PU. A.T.C auto $2495. 2002 Quad cab 4x4 loaded A.T.C $7750. 1993 Grummin 17ft all allumium Van on propane certified $5500. 1992 Ford E250 Cargo Van good runner $2700. 1998 Jeep 4x4 Grand Cherokee Limited leather loaded $3500 Snowplow 18HP 4sp trans. twin cyl. engine $550. 1994 Nissan PU 4 cyl. 4 speed looks & runs good $1000. 1988 Mazda PU long box Extra cab Auto decent shape $900. 1980 Frontier raise roof Motorhome all equipped good shape $2500. Sabre Truck Liquidators D8165 (250) 4911227

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Utility Trailers TRAILER REPAIR. Springs, brakes, bearings, lights, wiring, welding. 250-862-7670.

Marine Services BOAT Winterizing. Mobile service. 27yrs in the business. Family Marine, 250-717-6730

Legal Notices NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS RE: ESTATE OF AGNES FORREST CASTLE , FORMERLY OF 867 KLO ROAD,KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA. Creditors and others having claims against the estate of the above deceased are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executors, at 3011665 Ellis Street, Kelowna, British Columbia,V1Y 2B3,on or before December 10,2010, after which date the Executors will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it having regard to the claims of which the Executors then have notice.Rona Correale and Jeffrey Johnston by Pushor Mitchell,LLP Lawyers Attention: Curtis Darmohray telephone (250)762-2108

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Study ranks vegetables

We all know we need to eat our veggies, especially with the new wave of processed food com-

panies touting how their sauces and canned pastas now contain a full day’s allotment of vegetables—

but Iva Young thinks that’s just a bit deceiving. “It’s a tricky definition of terms,” said Young,

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2153 Springfield Road (250) 860-2600

745 Notre Dame Drive (250) 851-8700

1001-2601 Skaha Lake Road (250) 493-3800

200-3107 - 48 Avenue (250) 542-3000

Chapters Entrance (250) 860-8100 Springfield rd Entrance (250) 717-1511


author of Healthy Mom ( “It’s really not as healthy to eat processed foods to begin with, but for them to say that using vegetables as fillers somehow makes processed foods healthy is disingenuous, at best. ” Young believes that we need to eat actual vegetables if we want to have a real healthy diet and there are five key veggies that top her list as the healthiest. They include: • Spinach—Popeye was right. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium, potassium and vitamin B6. It’s also a good source of fiber, copper, protein, phosphorous, zinc, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, niacin and anti-oxidants. • Lettuce (greenleaf, red leaf, romaine) —Lettuce is a low calorie fiber food that is also a great place to find vitamin A, folic acid, lactucarium (which helps enhance calmness and pain relief), as well as the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Lettuce also contains a good amount of anti-cancer properties. • Broccoli—Besides having great flavor and texture, broccoli contains copious amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin K. The minerals in broccoli include calcium, potassium, iron and folate. A great source of fiber, broccoli also provides lots of bioflavonoids, which is an antioxidant that helps protect against cancer and heart disease. • Brussels sprouts—A staple in the diets of Asian cultures, who are among the longest lived people in the world, the crunchy garnish contains lots of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, beta carotene and vitamin K. Great anticancer vegetable. • Cabbage—Although best known as the partner of corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day, cabbage is a great low calorie food that contains a good amount of fiber, calcium and vitamin C. Cabbage is incredibly packed with substantial anti-cancer agents. When picking vegetables, Young believes that fresh and frozen vegetables are better than canned vegetables, because they have less added salt. If you have to buy canned vegetables, she recommends draining the water they are packed in before preparing them to remove a good amount of the added sodium, or simply buy those veggies labeled as having low sodium.

Kelowna Cap News 17 November 2010  

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