Keep The Faith magazine

London, GB

Keep The Faith is Britain’s leading Black & multi-ethnic (BME) Christian publication, promoting and supporting unity, faith and family values. It’s the only publication of its kind in the UK. KTF promotes family values, provides this community with a voice, provides inspirational and aspirational news from within the BME faith and secular community and creates a better understanding in an ever-changing environment. The print issue is distributed nationwide primarily through BME churches, community centres, Christian businesses, charities and BME organisations nationwide. The magazine has been in print since 2005. It is read by three generations of church-goers and read on a 4:1 ratio. KTF is trusted by its readers; it represents them in a positive way; the editorial policy is informative, educational and inspirational. The editorial content is written by its readers, some of the most influential and prominent movers and shakers in the community.