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Interview with DyR Ingenieros Salvador and Juan JosĂŠ (DyR) are responsible for the manufacturing design of the new KC Solutions products. Residing in Valencia, these two friends and high level engineers trained in different areas which complement each other perfectly in design and innovation, demonstrate every day their commitment to improving the product and instruments along with the cooperation of collaborating doctors and KC Solutions.

Interview with DyR Ingenieros for KC Solutions Salvador and Juan JosĂŠ (DyR) are responsible for the manufacturing design of the new KC Solutions products. Residing in Valencia, these two friends and high level engineers trained in different areas which complement each other perfectly in design and innovation, demonstrate every day their commitment to improving the product and instruments along with the cooperation of collaborating doctors and KC Solutions.

DyR Ingenieros KC Solutions recently signed a memorandum of understanding with DyR Ingenieros. Salvador and Juan JosĂŠ, 2 young engineers from the Valencian Community, started collaborating and developing ideas with KC Solutions over a year ago, And just recently it signed a professional agreement with them for the next 9 years thanks to their brilliance, dedication and commitment to Keratoconus. We paid a visit to their design studio so that they could explain to us what their tasks consist of in the years to come.

Salvador G. Delhom Š File DyR engineers

For us getting into medicine, and specifically into ophthalmology through Keratoconus has been, and is still, an exciting area.

KC (Pere del Campo): First and foremost, congratulations on your participation in the project. We know that it has been difficult to get this far, but finally you have been the engineers selected for the development of KC Solutions’ products. DyR (Salvador G. Delhom): Congratulations to you. Firstly, for committing to the innovation required to give a boost to a country in the current climate; and secondly for trusting us in this exciting project. KC: What has been your professional trajectory in recent years? In recent years we have been by the side of the enterprising industrialist, working on the achievement of his objectives which has enabled us get familiar with a wide range of sectors and working forms. In each of them we have endeavoured to continue our training to integrate and adapt our capacity, creativity and technological knowledge in the process to turn ideas into realities. The majority of these projects are still up and running and are not one-off actions. Optimisation requires the monitoring of design, of the product in any area in which it is developed. DyR Ingenieros has always been connected with the latest design techniques since it started up in 1993 in which prestigious studios like that of Sir Norman Foster & Partners have entrusted to us the 3D modelling of what later became the Palacio de Congresos of Valencia. In recent years there has been a tendency towards agrofood industries and alternative energies, but, first and foremost, gearing towards engineering applied to the design and development of surgical instruments for ophthalmology to which we are dedicating a major effort. 3

Interview with DyR Ingenieros for KC Solutions

Professionals from DyR Ingenieros during a working day. © File DyR engineers

Projects which have successful options cannot suffer from early misgivings and they also must also be backed up by teams and people with a dream.


KC: It’s funny that coming from such a different sector, you ran into medicine and, in particular, the pathology of Keratoconus. What attracted you about the project? It is not as different as you might first think, any project has lots of characteristics in common and professionals are usually involved in them from various disciplines with which you have to work as a team. DyR Ingenieros Works as an external department of the technical office and projects for companies which do not have them in their organisation; not only on consulting and management works but also lay-out studies, processes and the optimisation of resources, but also in the design of products, buildings and premises (CAD); their calculation and optimisation (CAE), their putting into effect through the works’ management departments in which a wide range of professionals are involved and essentially that which has been called Project Management. For us, getting into medicine, and specifically into ophthalmology through Keratoconus, has been, and still is an exciting area in which we find many meeting points with other projects. In any case, each day you’ll find something new to learn. We must confess that the turning point for committing to this project was marked by two aspects. The first, the people behind the company which opened the doors to us for a new challenge. The second, the passion which the human resources of the company responsible for this project experienced and simultaneously introduced to us in the pathology of Keratoconus. Projects which have successful options cannot suffer from early misgivings

and they also must also be backed up by teams and people with a dream. Everything else is learned and gradually resolved. Our experience tells us that on the way there are usually more than enough capabilities on the part of the professionals, but in the majority of cases everything else is lacking. KC: As you have seen, Pere del Campo, the Project manager of KC Solutions, is very strict about involving participants in the KC project. He requires total familiarity with the pathology, whether you are an engineer, physicist or ophthalmologist. How do you keep up-to-date about this pathology? The most important qualities of a project manager are based on his resistance to the pressure of work, essentially stemming from his responsibility vis-à-vis the work of many professionals, the coordination of a multidisciplinary team, adaptation to an adjusted product agenda and a work intensity geared towards results where creativity, leadership and, first and foremost, any direct contact with the client stand out. Every day Pere del Campo demonstrates that he’s on top of everything and we can see how he infects his team with this engagement, in the same way as he is involved. This implicitly assumes total knowledge of the pathology in any of the working areas and, self-evidently, of engineering. It wouldn’t be possible any other way. There are many sources of learning within the reach of anyone, but value added ones derive from the specific accumulated experience of IMEX, the knowledge of the Project Manager and of the specialist doctors of proven experience who are taking part in the development of new solutions.

Juan José and Salva at the studio.

© File DyR engineers

“There are many sources of learning, accumulated experience and the knowledge of the doctors who are taking part in the development of new solutions.”


Interview with DyR Ingenieros for KC Solutions

What matters about this project is the improvement of quality of life for patients of the pathology by means of an improvement in the surgical act.

Vicente, Juan José and Salva, revising project details. © File DyR engineers


KC: We know you have been studying for months the surgical act with intrastromal segments, as well as speeches involving important specialists in Keratoconus. What has attracted your attention in your initial contacts with this pathology? The most shocking thing for an engineer is usually being in a new environment with which you are not familiar, and, in this case, this environment is the area of medicine, doctors, patients, including scenarios such as the operating room itself where the interventions are carried out. Graphic documentation, including videos, is not the same as witnessing the surgical act live. However, once this “shock” phase has passed by, you realise that what draws your attention most, is the dexterity and mettle with which doctors and professionals act when faced by problems and/or setbacks, either during the intervention itself or when solving a problem. What we can extrapolate from these experiences is the CONCERN of

the professionals who work on the pathology of Keratoconus with finding ways and alternatives for improving every detail, transmitting these concerns to you at the same time as identifying desirable objectives; essentially, the quest for excellence to the benefit of their patients. KC: What response have you got from the ophthalmologists with whom you have had the opportunity to work? Very good. The desire and/or need can be detected immediately to share knowledge, communicate and convey concerns and test new solutions. They make you see, by the way they act and without realizing it, what matters about this project is achieving the final objectives of improving the life of those who suffer from the pathology by means of the improvement of the surgical act; in addition to solutions adapted to each patient. To this end, they share everything you need without obstacles.

KC: The work awaiting you is intense and there’s a lot left to be done, but can you reveal to us something about what we can expect from the new prosthesis designs and instruments for Keratoconus? We must be cautious, but at the same time enthusiastic and optimistic along the way, as in actual fact there’s still a lot to be done. It is risky to reveal partial successes until the day they become tried and tested reality, but we won’t be too secretive. As regards the prosthesis, complying with its intrastromal segment function, they will no longer be slippery, they will have ease of entry into the intrastromal tunnel and will be easy to handle and place without any risk of breaking. Furthermore,

they are not going to have to be handled, they will already be preloaded in the instrument itself. About the instrument... In the surgical intervention, it is virtually not used in the old way, now it’s small, easy to use apparati we feel comfortable with and which will become toys in the skilful hands of surgeons, becoming part of various functions in one single appliance whose handling will be the interplay of movements of their own hands. KC: Finally, do you have any wish about the future of Keratoconus? That the endeavours being made by all the people involved in the KC Solutions Project are rewarded by an improvement in the lives of Keratoconus patients as well as an im-

provement in the work of doctors during the surgical intervention. By contrast, that this success is also capable of opening a continued means of improvement so that entrepreneurs like IMEX not only find the reward they deserve for the risk and effort that all this work entails, but also the satisfaction of patients and doctors reflected in small gestures like a smile. The sum total of minor efforts like those made with projects such as KC Solutions are those which have to reposition is in the new world environment in upheaval.

Welcome to the new era of Keratoconus treatment Keratoconus Solutions @kc_solutions

Façade of the DyR Ingenieros studio.

© File DyR engineers

DyR Ingenieros and Kc Solutions a new stage in Ophthalmology

The DyR Ingenieros studio is space for the meeting up of ideas, knowledge and reality in creative areas, in projects of interest to people and which, when developed, improve their way of working, producing, occupying and their way of life. It interests and excites us, working every day and directing our efforts towards looking for a solution which is creative, optimum and generally simple for the projects set before us, with a view to seeing them become reality. DyR Ingenieros channels its efforts towards making things possible; its activity is essentially carried out in the area of design, product engineering, process engineering and architecture, in the main industrial architecture. To this end, it also has a team of employees, specialised people, capable of taking on projects and the most demanding challenges with hope and thoroughness. And, to this end, the team undergoes an ongoing training process, enriching its knowledge in those

aspects which allow it to bring to its projects optimum, innovative solutions, constituting an organisation capable of developing all the fronts which go to make up a project. The team identifies new ways, new options with a view, on the one hand, to supporting its clients in the search for any hidden needs which go to make up a new business opportunity and, on the other hand, achieve an improvement in people’s lives. They have spared no effort to this end, the work is uninterrupted, the ideas, the basic solutions can emerge at any time, place, we think whilst eating, sleeping…and, selfevidently in the studio working. A project, at DyR generally is not a project, but rather it is the project, our project.

KC Solutions is currently the project to which DyR Ingenieros dedicates the majority of its efforts, energy, knowledge and time.

The work is of a multidisciplinary nature, always creative and on numerous occasions, the commissioning of a project leads us to the solution of other needs of our customers. Hence, for example, inter alia, the construction of a dairy industry has been designed and managed and it has been finalised designing the packaging for its products; a chemical industry has been designed and built and construction has continued on a clean room for sanitary and cosmetic products and it ended up designing a stand for its fair exhibitions; closer to home, the building which houses an establishment for manufacturing mechanical precision parts and medical-surgical prostheses was designed and subsequently work was carried out on the design and development of products for its clients as well as of tools for its own processes; they are Talleres Lemar, an establishment chosen by Imex Clinic

to develop the prototypes designed by DyR Ingenieros and finally manufacture the instruments. In this case, through the leadership and experience of its manager Miguel テ]gel Vila is the way in which its technical department has joined forces with DyR ingenieros in a synergy which tends to make the KC Solutions project unstoppable. The KC Solutions project, which is currently at a development stage, commenced with the design of new prosthesis, new intrastromal rings which improve the performances of the currently existing ones in terms of safety and ease of insertion; we work every day in the hope of seeing them ready to make available to doctors. The implantation and handling instruments of the prosthesis are at a study and development stage. This year, 2012, will be very important for the evolution of the project and we hope to be able to announce news in the near future.

Our project, the KC Solutions project linked with the world of ophthalmology and specifically the treatment and improvement of Keratoconus, is currently the project; the project to which DyR Ingenieros dedicates the majority of its efforts, energy, knowledge and time. To this end it has been, and continues to be, necessary to expand our knowledge in different areas, new specialised courses, but, first and foremost, in particular, as regards knowledge about the illness, the current techniques and instruments for surgical intervention in its usage difficulties and problems and, to this end, it has been of inestimable help in terms of direct contact with the specialists, Doctor Rafael Barraquer from the Barraquer Clinic, Doctor Cristina Peris from the Mediterranean Ophthalmology Foundation, Doctor Josテゥ Alfonso from the Fernテ。ndez Vega Clinic and a wide range etc窶ヲ And, in particular, the commitment and support received by Pere del Campo as the Project Manager of KC Solutions as well as the accumulated experience of IMEX.

Dairy Industry. Postres Lácteos Romar The versatility of the property is assessed, its ability to allow the expansion and modification of the processing equipment it houses. The building is ALIVE. Large central courtyard, raised between storeys, coordinates the building, allowing the premises to be visited without invading them and providing natural light in the context of industrial processing, constituting a reference from anywhere in the establishment. The building was inaugurated by the president of the Valencian Community D. Fco. Camps Ortiz on December 20th 2010.

Packaging and packing for dairy products made at the establishment designed for Postres Lácteos Romar. When designing the packaging, the packaging surface (skin) /contents volume ratio was considered vital, endeavouring to keep it to a minimum with a view to reducing the amount of plastic material used for its manufacture. The pack complies with standard transport pallet dimensions with a view to maximising the number of packs per pallet, reducing the transport expenses of the product. Commercially, the graphic design of the pack means that the product is perfectly identified on the sales line in such a way that an ordered set of packs configure a framework capable of expressing itself as a unit which is easily recognisable..

Stand for fair exhibition. Químicas Quimxel. A stand has been designed taking into account usage requirements and commercial requirements, with the additional value of being a stand which is easy to dismount and reuse at other exhibitions. In this way it is managed to repay the investment by various uses, asserting the brand identity and not generating any waste which is the object of the destruction of a traditionally ephemeral producto.

Metallo-mechanical industry, CAM-CAE systems. Talleres Lemar. He designed and constructed a building capable of fulfilling the program that is required for the development of the activity of production of precision machined parts, manufactured with CAM systems. Persecuted the building to express what in it occurred, thus designed completely with CAD systems, bi and tri dimensional constructed a building to express accuracy and uniqueness.

Chemical Industry. Químicas Quimxel The buildings and the establishment were designed bearing in mind the rigour required in a chemical industry in the storage and handling of chemicals endowed with different characteristics. An efficient whole is achieved for its operation which is categorical in its expression, capable of conveying the values of the company it houses.

Interview with DyR Ingenieros  

We interviewed the designers and engineers graphics of KC Solutions products

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