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King’s College  London   Students  in  Free  Enterprise              

Our Work   (in  a  nutshell)   2010-­‐11  

SIFE at  King’s  College  London   The  future  could  not  be  brighter…    

A quick  guide  to  SIFE,  our  projects,  events,  and  why   you  should  get  involved.  With  so  many  diverse   projects  running,  leadership  roles  to  take  on,  and   the  possibility  to  set  up  a  project  of  your  own  within   the  huge  support  network  of  KCL  SIFE,  the   opportunities  for  2010-­‐11  really  are  limitless!  

This booklet  covers:  


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Why SIFE?   This  year’s  projects   What  to  look  out  for   How  to  join!  

What could  you  do?  

10 things  you’ll  be  missing  out  on  if  you   don’t  join  us  this  year:    


                 The  opportunity  to  be  part  of       one  of  the  most  successful  SIFE          teams  in  the  country  (national   champions  2009,  runners  up  2010).  



The chance  to  profoundly     affect  others’  lives  by     empowering  individuals  to   make  significant  sustainable  changes  in   their  lives,  businesses  and  local  community.    



                            Creating  a  project  of       your  own  with  the   unique  guidance  of   our  local,  national,   and  international   support  network  of   advisors.  



Developing new   skills:  from  project   management  and  fundraising   through  to  diplomacy  and   policymaking,  right  through   to  beekeeping  and  candle   making:  SIFE  has  it  all!       The  unparalleled  opportunity  to  come  into   direct  contact  with  our  group  of  84   esteemed  business  executives  and  third   sector  officials.                 Looking  after  a  network  of  over  200   bright,  enthusiastic  students  as  part  of                     our  management  team.  




National and   international   travel  opportunities:   experience  weekend,   regional  and  national   competitions,  the  world  cup   in  Kuala  Lumpur,  our  huge   projects  in  India  and   Uganda  and  many  more!        


The  chance  to   stand  up  and   present  our   work  to  100   CEOs,  senior   partners  and   managers  from  some  of  the  country’s  top   businesses  at  the  national  competition  in  April.  

Grow your  


social network!  

Constant social   events  and   involvement   with  projects   will  put  you  in   touch  with  like-­‐minded  friends  from  around  the   world,  representing  every  degree  speciality  at  King’s.             Make  yourself   proud!  Whatever   your  level  of  involvement,   your  work  with  SIFE  will   give  others  opportunities   beyond  their  wildest   dreams,  and  inspire  in   them  the  confidence  to   maintain  that  change!      


Projects: London  

Making changes  in  our  local  community  

Could  you…  rehabilitate  an  ex-­‐offender  and  help   them  rediscover  their  place  in  society?     Break  the  Cycle   will   empower   ex-­‐offenders   to   lead   new   and   successful   lives  upon  their  release;  providing  them  with  the  knowledge  and  skills  they  need   in   order   to   maximise   their   chances   of   success   in   the   employment   arena.   By   harnessing  the  power  of  multimedia,  we  will  be  able  to  reach  a  target  audience   well   in   excess   of   that   accessible   by   individuals   alone.   We   will   develop   and   produce  a  DVD  that  illuminates  key  aspects  of  the  job  searching  process,  such  as   the   interview   process,   and   that   challenges   individuals   to   look   again   at   the   skills   they  have  acquired  during  their  rehabilitation  so  far.     Motivational   talks   will   be   given   by   other   ex-­‐offenders,   particularly   those   who   have   found   success   in   the   world   of   work   by   employing   the   skills   we   seek   to                                 highlight.  Our  aim  is  to  encourage  ex-­‐offenders  to  consider  the  world  of  work  as  a   real  possibility:  planting  a  seed  for  change.     We   need   dedicated   researchers,   actors,   production   assistants   and   public   speakers   to   work   alongside   production  advisers  from  ITV,  skilled  videographers   and   representatives   from   the   third   sector.   For   more  information,  contact  project  leader  Sarah  at  

Could you…  inspire  a   new  generation  of   entrepreneurs  and   make  a  real  difference   in  the  schools  of   London?     Enterprise  Explorers   uses   interactive   workshops   with   primary   school  

children to  teach  them  about  business  and  supports  them  to  establish  their  own   eco-­‐friendly  enterprise.  This  year  the  emphasis  has  been  on  inner-­‐city  gardening   and  the  benefits  of  growing  your  own  vegetables.       This  year  we  need  more  volunteers  to  roll  out  this  programme  to  more  children   around  our  capit al.  We  will  train  all  new  members  on  how  to  work  with  school   children  and  develop  their  own  awareness  of  environmental  issues.  If  you  would   like   to   get   involved   with   eco-­‐economics   as   a   student   or   advisor,   please   contact   project  leaders  Beth  and  Fliss  at  

Could  you…  help  A  level  students  engage  with   science  by  designing  a  new  drug?    

Investigate was   designed   in   2008   with   the   aim   of   promoting   commercial  science  careers  among  high  school  students,  by  showing  them   how   science   works   “outside   the   classroom”     in   the   production   of   new   drugs.   The   project   also   gives   university   students   on   science   courses   the   chance   to   share   their   own   knowledge   and   experience   with   high   school   students,   as   well   as   develop   valuable   marketing,   team   work,   communication      and      leadership      skills.      In      addition,      by      working      with    

GlaxoSmithKline, by   creating   links   among   college   students,   university   students   and   academic   members,   inter-­‐generational   and   inter-­‐   institutional   communication   has   been   achieved.   GSK   were   so   impressed   with  our  work  that  they  have  now  made  Investigate  an  official  element  of   their  CSR  policy.       How  can  you  get  involved:   • The   Investigate   team   will   train   new   members   so   that   they   can   go   out  into  schools  and  role  the  programme  out  children;   • Events   management   will   be   needed   to   organise   the   awards   ceremony  for  the  children  involved  in  the  project;   • Send  an  email  to  project  leader  Asli  at  


Could you…  mentor  a  disengaged  gangster  and   help  make  gang  crime  a  thing  of  the  past?  

Our  local  MP  asked  us  to  directly  address  this  need  and  prevent  those  caught  up   in   the   South   London   gang   crime   epidemic   from   getting   lost   along   a   self-­‐ destructive  path  themselves.      

Foundations involves  spending  two  hours  a  week  supporting  local  youths   caught  up  in  gang  crime  in  a  range  of  work  placements  designed  to  offer  them    

practical experience   in   areas   that   appeal   to   them.   From   dancing,   to   debating   to   writing   and   sports   -­‐   we   hope   to   inspire   young  people  to  realise  a  world  outside   of  gang  crime.       This   year   we   want   to   take   the   project   even  bigger,  working  with  more  youths   and  offering  more  support.       If   you   are   interested   in   getting   involved   as   an   advisor   or   a   student,   please   email  project  leader  Chioma  at    

Could you…  support  youngsters  from  ethnic   minorities  break  down  racial  barriers,  closing  the   gap  in  a  contemporary,  cosmopolitan  world?     More  than  half  of  young  people  from  ethnic  minority  backgrounds  in  the  UK  fail   to  achieve  the  basic  5  GCSEs  at  A-­‐C  grade.     Amongst  these  statistics  are  some  of   the   most   poverty   stricken   young   people   in   the   country.   It   is   time   that   the   educational   disadvantage   between   students   of   white   and   minority   ethnic   backgrounds  was  addressed.      

Race for  Opportunity  aims  to  link  those  most  at  risk  of  becoming  part   of  this  statistic  with  some  of  London’s  most  successful  and  ambitious  role  models   within  the  ethnic  minority  communities.  From  leaders  in  business  to  government,   young   people   will   be   able   to   ask   questions   directly   to   those   they   aim   to   become.   You’ll   be   able   to   network   across   the   City,   as   well   as   working   with   some   of   our   most   challenging   schools.   For   more   information,   email   project   leader   Ade   on  

Projects: International   Global  action  

Could you…  publish  a   story  book  to  sponsor  a   disabled  child   through   school?  Create   opportunity  for   disadvantaged  children   in  India?      

Flux Literacy   aims   to   empower   students   at   the   pioneering   Amar   jyoti   School  in  New  Delhi  to  fund  their  very  own  schools’  bursary  scheme.  The  school   aims   to   integrate   disabled   children   and   able   bodied   children   into   the   same   classrooms  and  playgrounds,  rather  than  isolating  them  in  a  private  rehabilitation   centre  By  helping  them  create  imaginative  stories  that  we  can  then  publish  and   print,   a   series   of   books   will   be   developed   that   can   be   sold   to   schools   and   bookstores   in   the   UK.   By   incorporating   an   original,   professionally   developed   “syllable-­‐phonics”  reading  technique,  the  book  serves  as  a  useful  literary  aid  for   those  with  reading  difficulties.                                 This   term,   the   Flux   Literacy   team   has   recruited   an   academic   advisor,   Dr   Chris   Abbott,  an  expert  in  the  field  of  literacy  in  education  and  e-­‐inclusion.  In  April,  a   team   member   went   out   to   the   Amar   Jyoti   school   and   ran   workshops   with   the   students  to  explore  their  future  dreams  and  aspirations.  For  more  information  on   this   groundbreaking   project,   contact   project   leader   Nikhil   at  

Could you…  help   rebrand  honey  for   struggling  beekeepers?   Build  a  vocational   school  in  Africa  for   AIDS  orphans?   Empower  locals  to   set  up  the  first  juice   company  in  Uganda?      

Operation Hope  will  run  in  three  branches:  

INCOME  GENERATION:  Have  you  ever  wanted     to  build  a  business  or  wondered   what  it  would  be  like  to  be  a  consultant?    As  part  of  a  small  team  you  could  adopt   an   enterprise   and   help   a   Northern   Ugandan   war   and   HIV   affected   community   transform   their   income   generating   idea   into   reality.     From   helping   raise   capital   funds   to   designing   brands,   you   could   soon   be   taking   honey,   candles   or   even   medicinal   juices   to   market...   Your   skills   and   enthusiasm   could   soon   be   helping   African   families   to   help   themselves   and   lift   themselves   from   the   poverty   that   surrounds  them.     EDUCATION:   We   are   also   looking   for   volunteers   to   help   fundraise   to   build   the   first   vocational   boarding   school   for   orphans   and   vulnerable   children   in   the   war   affected   region   of   Northern   Uganda.     The   school   will   teach   basic   numeracy   and   literacy  skills  as  well  as  trades  such  as  carpentry  and  tailoring.     There  is  also  the   opportunity   for   volunteers   to   fly   out   in   summer   to   help   with   the   building     or   English  and  Maths  teaching.     HEALTH:  You  can  also  help  by  volunteering  to  help  create  a  teaching  package  of    

drama sketches  and  games  relating  to  key  health  issues  such  as  HIV  and  how  to   make  ORT  solutions.  This  winter  a  team  of  students  will  have  the  opportunity  to   fly  to  Uganda  to  teach  these  to  50  selected  youth  groups  from  across  6  districts  in   the  war  affected  regions  of  Northern  Uganda.    These  will  each  perform  and  teach   in   their   local   schools   and   communities   to   share   the   messages   to   those   most   in   need,  reaching  over  90,000  children  and  their  families.     To  get  involved,  contact  project  leader  Claire  on              


Could  you…  set  up  your  own  project  that   empowers  people  in  need  to  improve  their  quality   of  life  and  standard  of  living?    

SIFE at   King’s   are   always   on   the   look   out   for  new  projects.  If  you’ve  identified  a  need   that   you   feel   strongly   about   addressing,   we   can   provide   you   with   the   necessary   support   and   resources   to   make   your   ambitions   a   reality.  For  more  information,  contact  Dan  at    

Socials and  Events  2010-­‐11     This   year,   KCL   SIFE   will   be   bigger   than   ever.   Alongside   our   many   projects,   we’ll   be   running   a   number   of   schemes   and   holding   events   throughout   the   year.   Here   are   just   a   few   of   the   main   events   to   look  out  for:    

Experience Weekend   Join   over   240   SIFE   members   from   teams   across  the  country  for  a   weekend   of   training,   bonfires,   dinners   and   drinking!    

Bridging the  Gap   We   have   established   a   pioneering   scheme   with   the   Business   Club   to   bridge   the   gap   between   business  and  social  enterprise.  Look  out  for  talks  and   training  sessions  from  leaders  in  both  spheres.  

Inspire Another   new   scheme   is   being   run   in   schools   across   the   country.   We’ll   be   getting   schools   students   involved   in   a   social   enterprise   competition   to   find   the  best  idea  for  new   projects,   and   to   encourage   youngsters   to   engage   with   social   enterprise.     SIFE  up  your  life!   As   a   reward   for   all   your   hard   work,   we’ll   be   putting  on  regular  social   events,   including   dinners,   club   nights   and   parties.   Highlights   are   set  to  include  the  Christmas  dinner,  end-­‐of-­‐year  ball   (complete   with   awards   ceremony)   and   a   huge   celebration   of   all   our   work   post-­‐competition.   We’ll   also  be  holding  fundraising  events  all  year  long!  

Time to  Make  a  Change!   How  to  get  involved  

Joining   SIFE   is   easy   and   membership   is   completely   free!   If   you’re   ready   to   join   this   incredible   network,   just  send  a  quick  message  to  the  senior  management   team  at     Please  include  the  following  information:   • Name   • Subject   • Year  of  Study   • Projects/Roles/Activities  you’re  interested  in     We’ll   also   be   happy   to   answer   any   queries   you   may   have   and   to   provide   you   with   further   information.   We’re   really   excited   about  making  this  the   best   SIFE   year   yet   and   look   forward   to                            meeting  you  soon!  

KCL SIFE Nutshell 2010-11  

All you need to know to get started in KCL - in a nutshell!

KCL SIFE Nutshell 2010-11  

All you need to know to get started in KCL - in a nutshell!