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Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art ● Oppenheimer Collection

Johnson County Community College ● Overland Park, Kansas ● Nick Cave, Soundsuit , 2011


Collection Nerman Museum

Gift of Marti and Tony Oppenheimer

image: James Prinz

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm



Luis Argudín Las aguas encima del firmamento, el vacío más allá del cielo / The waters above the firmament, the emptiness beyond the sky Óleo sobre tela / Oil on canvas, 1990. Colección Pago en Especie / Payment in Kind Collection. Photo by Kirk Eck, Wichita Art Museum

VISIONS OF MEXICAN ART See paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings, including Rivera, Tamayo and Iturbide, from the Collection of the Government of Mexico September 15 – November 9, 2012 Kansas City Power and Light Gallery, Union Station Kansas City Admission is free. Presented by the Kansas City Museum and the Consulate of Mexico in Kansas City with the Nuestra Herencia project of the Kansas City Museum.

3218 Gladstone Boulevard | Kansas City, MO 64123 | Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 4:00 p.m.



Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

Mobility is Freedom TM Featuring the Braun Entervan


Call for a demonstration at your home today! 816-734-5000


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 5 – October 23, 2010 | Art Auction: October 23, 2010, 7pm

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm



2012 HONOR ARY CHAIRS THE L AWRENCE & JONI WEINER FAMILY Lawrence & Joni Weiner Samantha & Quentin Hammontree and their children Braxton & McKenzie Mitchell & Annette Weiner and their son Ethan Todd & Agnes Weiner and their children Nathan & Sasha


for KCJMCA and its programs that serve Village Shalom and the Kansas City region. We are proud to have your generous support during the Eighth Annual UrbanSuburban at KCJMCA’s Epsten Gallery!

(not pictured: Todd, Agnes, & Sasha Weiner)


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


Joni & Larry Weiner 2012 Honorary Chairs for Urban Suburban To Mom and Dad: We are proud to stand with our community in honoring you for the many years of support you have given the Arts and Jewish community. Both of you have taught us much about the “art” of giving. Your volunteer and philanthropic efforts are a fine example of living “Mitzvah.” We love you, Samantha, Quentin, Todd, Agnes, Mitch, Annette Braxton, Mackenzie, Nathan, Sasha, and Ethan

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


Kansas City Jewish Museum Of Contemporary Art ARTicipation | Epsten Gallery | Museum Without Walls

UR B ANSUB URBAN 2012 EXHIBITION September 9 – October 27, 2012 Opening Reception: Sunday, September 9, 2012 from 1 - 4p.m. UR B AN SUB UR BAN 2012 A RT AU CTION Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 7 - 10:30p.m. HONOR A R Y CH A IR S

The Lawrence & Joni Weiner Family EV ENT CO -CHA IR S


Marcus Cain & Beti Weber Moskowitz

Dick Belger & Evelyn Craft



Patty Dover

Larry Meeker

UR BANSUB UR B AN COMMIT TEE Sylvia Rose Augustus • Peter Beren • Irene Bettinger • Marcus Cain • Harriett Charno • Mark Cowardin Patty Dover • Nicole Emanuel • Ken Fox • Eileen Garry • Barbie Glass • Harvey & Linda Hyken • Lynn Intrater Michael Klein • Regina Kort • Jennifer Kraenzle • Ginny Krystel • Beniah Leuschke • James Martin Janell Meador • Larry Meeker • Jules Moskowitz & Beti Weber Moskowitz • Merry Quackenbush Abby Rufkahr • Lynn Schweig • Barbara Smith • Irma Starr • Paul & Debbie Sokoloff • Ellen Taylor • Lisa Theiss

GUEST JUROR Catherine Futter, Helen Jane & R. Hugh “Pat” Uhlmann Curator of Decorative Arts, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

2012 URBANSUBURBAN PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (Bold denotes catalogue entry)

Eric Abraham . Jane Almirall Florie Amster . Vasilliki Antonakis Helen Apple . Robin Atlas Sylvia Rose Augustus Marci Aylward . Joy Baer . Miki Baird Debbie Barett-Jones Lynn Benson . Laura Bolter Tim Brown . Marcus Cain John Davis Carroll . Jesse Christopher Beth Cosner . Mark Cowardin Bowie Croisant . Melissa Eder Lorrie Crystal Eigles Nicole Emanuel . Gloria Baker Feinstein Luke Firle . Leslie Fraley Burton Freeman . Rachelle M. Gardner Rhonda Ginsberg Stanley Goldberg . Mindy Goodman Lynne Hodgman Peregrine Honig . Meredith Host Jenny Isenberg . Sherri Jacobs Norman Jacobson Stephanie Kantor . Misha Kligman Janet Kuemmerlein Judith Levy . Babs Lowenstein Marilyn Mahoney . Megan Mantia Hugh Merrill . Grant Miller Dylan Mortimer . Kevin Mullins Maryellen Munger . Eric R. Nichols Laura Nugent . Nora Othic Anne Austin Pearce Robert Quackenbush Carlyle Raine . Sharon Reeber Ann Resnick . George Rousis Erin Noel Russell . Jim Sajovic Janet Satz . Phil Shafer . Margaret Shelby Irma Starr . Julia Steinberg Arlene Stern . Mary Ann Strandell John Sutton III Caleb Taylor . Larry Thomas Bernadette E. Torres . Gerry Trilling May Tveit . Kory Twaddle Robin Van Hoozer . Sandra Van Tuyl Catherine Vesce . Jane Voorhees Davin Watne . Brent Wheatley Allan Winkler . Jessica Wohl













All Graphic Design for the 2012 UrbanSuburban Event was done by Abby Rufkahr Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


KCJMCA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lynn Intrater, President Sylvia Augustus, Vice President Lynn Schweig, Vice President Paul Sokoloff, Secretary Peter Beren, Treasurer

Connecting Communities & Generations through the Arts Established in 1991, the purpose of the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art (KCJMCA) is to provide innovative art exhibitions and related programming that engage seniors and diverse audiences from all segments of our community to enrich lives and celebrate our common humanity through art. KCJMCA realizes this goal through a cooperative partnership with Village Shalom, an assisted living facility that houses KCJMCA’s Epsten Gallery, and through partnerships with local, regional, and national institutions that participate in KCJMCA’s Museum Without Walls and ARTicipation programs.


KCJMCA is a non-for-profit 501(c)3 and a member of the national Council of American Jewish Museums. Contributions to KCJMCA are tax deductible and donations may be sent to 5500 West 123rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66209. KCJMCA membership, volunteering and sponsorship opportunities are always available.

Herb Adler, Honorary Irene Bettinger, M.D. Nicole Emanuel Ginny Epsten Jacqueline Epsten, Honorary James Martin Merry Quackenbush Barbara Smith Irma Starr Lisa Theiss Sherman Titens Shirley White ADVOCATES COUNCIL Regina Kort, Chair Herb Adler, Harriett Charno, Donna Gould Cohen, Greg Glore, Sherri Jacobs, Trudy Jacobson, Marcia Karbank, Michael Klein, Linda Lighton, Sharon Lund, Eileen Miller, Andrea Norris, Jason Pollen, Joni Weiner, Todd Weiner PAST PRESIDENTS Saul Kass* Michael Klein Regina Kort Larry Meeker Hugh Merrill FOUNDERS Sybil & Norman* Kahn STAFF Marcus Cain, Executive Director/ Curator Beti Weber Moskowitz, Development DIrector

Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art ARTicipation | Epsten Gallery | Museum Without Walls

5500 West 123rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66209 Ph: 913.266.8413 | Fx: 913.345.2611


Eileen Garry, Executive Director Emerita (*Of Blessed Memory)

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

A Letter

from the President


to our eighth annual UrbanSuburban Exhibition & Art Auction! Through the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers, the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present an evening of amazing art at the Epsten Gallery. This year it is our pleasure to honor the Larry and Joni Weiner family. Their generosity, support, and participation in our organization have been integral to our continued growth and success. Thank you…Joni, Larry, Mitch, Annette, Todd, Agnes, Samantha and Quentin for all you do for KCJMCA! And to our UrbanSuburban Patrons, Sponsors and participating artists whose contributions allow KCJMCA to continue connecting communities and generations through the arts, we offer you our heartfelt thanks.

What a year this has been! Once again, our exhibits have been exceptional – creating a buzz throughout the city and beyond while garnering mention in the Kansas City Star, The Pitch, The Jewish Chronicle and more. Add to that, the introduction of ARTicipation, our new art therapy–based program designed to be inclusive, educational and inspirational by capturing the essence of a current exhibit with meaningful workshops. This program along with Museum Without Walls and the ongoing exhibits at the Epsten Gallery are helping us in building exciting creative bridges with the residents of Village Shalom and the community at large. Enjoy the art, the evening and the satisfaction that your successful bidding keeps the art experience that KCJMCA brings to our community going strong! Sincerely,

Lynn Intrater, KCJMCA Board President Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


2012 Friends

of the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art A HEARTY THANK YOU TO CURRENT KCJMCA SUPPORTERS! On behalf of those whose lives we touch, KCJMCA would like to thank the following KCJMCA Friends and contributors. Your enthusiastic support allows KCJMCA to stand tall among our community’s many venerable art institutions. Thank you, and we look forward to your support in the future!

Exhibition Patrons ($1000+)

Herb Adler Peter & Sarah Beren Larry Cohen & Donna Gould Cohen William & Regina Kort Linda Lighton & Lynn Adkins Shirley White

Donors ($500+)

Dick Belger & Evelyn Craft Irene Bettinger Brad & Ginny Epsten Seth & Robyn Freiden William & Lynn Intrater Robert & Merry Quackenbush Jane Voorhees

Collectors ($250+)

Dick & Gloria Anderson Mark Brodkey Jonathan & Ellen Chilton Josh & Ronna Garry Gregory Glore Lee Goodman Deedee King Molly Levitt Jules & Beti Moskowitz Lewis & Sue Nerman

Sustaining ($118+)

Sylvia Augustus Sol & Mickey Batnitzky Jerry & Lennie Berkowitz Robert & Phyliss Bernstein


Henry & Marion Bloch David & Lynne Bock Betty Brand Richard & Charlotte Brockman Marcus Cain Harriett Charno Ann Cohen Byron & Eileen Cohen Paul & Bunni Copaken Michael & Beth Driks Nicole Emanuel Edward& Gloria Baker Feinstein Paul Flam Scott Francis Floyd & Bari Freiden Eileen Garry Robert & Jackie Gershon Steve & Janet Gershon Gerry Goldberg Allen Gutovitz Barnett & Shirley Helzberg Ron & Barbara Hill Anne Jacobs Stan & Marlene Katz Andrew & Lynn Kaufman Howard & Ritchie Kaye Arlan & Nancy Koppel James Lacy & Sherry Cromwell-Lacy Allen & Barbara Lefko Bernard & Joan Levine Sharon Lund James & Peggy Martin Larry & Cynthia Meeker Keith & Vicki Novorr Sandy & Mary Radom Jay & Sandra Rozen Marjorie Sackin Harold & Carol Sader

Jacob Schreiber Robert & Aletha Simon Barbara Smith Paul & Deborah Sokoloff Dan & Jennie Stolper Harvey & Donna Thalblum Dan & Lisa Theiss Howard & Gerry Trilling Adam & Susan Wagner Judy Wasserman Gary & Darlene Zimmerman

Individual ($60+) Roni Roth Beshears Betty Bixson Phil Braxdale Anita Daniels Arthur Federman Paul Fingersh Phyllis Green Howard Haas Steve Joss Donna Kaelter Sybil Kahn Florence Kaplan Andrea Kempf Paul Lerner Ellen Portnoy Ann Resnick Lorraine Stiffelman Sandy Suffian Bernadette Torres Ann Unger Paula Weber As of 8.7.2012

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


Image: Opening Reception of Fragile Moments & New Growth, March 18 – April 29, 2012, Epsten Gallery. Courtesy of the Epsten Gallery.

IN KIND CONTRIBUTIONS The Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art wishes to thank the following UrbanSuburban 2012 In-Kind Contributors & Sponsors

Beniah Leuschke Art + Service Kansas Art Therapy Association Inspired Occasions Major Brands Red Star Studios State of the Art Framing Sterling, Inc. USToy Village Shalom And all of our catalogue sponsors and advertisers!

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


T he H ealing E dge of A rt: the

ARTicipation Program at the Epsten Gallery

In January 2012, KCJMCA kicked off its 2012 program season with ARTicipation: Pop Up Studio, a community art experience in which KCJMCA’s Epsten Gallery at Village Shalom was transformed into a community art studio that became a site for community art making as well as display. This program also featured a group exhibition of artwork created by residents of Village Shalom and was an overwhelming success among residents, their family, friends, staff, and the community visitors who participated.

Although KCJMCA returned to its more traditional format of art exhibitions for the remainder of 2012, ARTicipation workshops have been included as an integral part of the entire 2012 season. These workshops consist of artist/ therapist led teams that engage residents and others to produce works of art that have personal meaning and may be based on works of art in a given exhibition. Although it was originally thought that ARTicipation would help


residents and their families deal with the issues of aging in a continuum of care environment, the projects have also met a more encompassing need of both residents and the public to find a place to share in community art making. Originally co-facilitated by Kansas Art Therapy Association (KATA) President and Art Therapist Sherri Jacobs, MAATTR, the ARTicipation program represents a new ongoing partnership with the KATA that offers an opportunity to show that innovative, arts-related health and well-being programs for those living in continuum of care environments should be an integral part of community development. KCJMCA believes the creative process has the ability to bring different communities and generations together for meaningful shared experiences. This program has breathed new life into the art and art therapy that occurs at Village Shalom for both residents and others. The experiences made in the Epsten Gallery are also being shared with the community at large as a number of other groups and agencies have

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

already expressed an interest in partnering with KCJMCA to bring ARTicipation programs to their audiences in 2013 and beyond. The Epsten Gallery has evolved from a traditional art gallery into a welcoming space for residents to develop and improve skills as well as a truly intergenerational environment for individuals and families with children to come together with residents to share in a variety of artmaking projects. KCJMCA has long believed that the key to combining its mission of arts and aging is to more fully engage with its unique setting. In order to accomplish this, KCJMCA has been developing ARTicipation workshops for nearly all Epsten Gallery exhibitions in 2012 and beyond. These workshops offer residents, their families and friends, and other visitors to the museum an opportunity to produce works of art that have personal meaning and may take their inspiration from the current exhibition. To a great extent, a significant gap emerges between young and old when generations of a family separate and elderly members move into assisted living environments. Families lose opportunities to remain connected to their loved ones and the elderly often have a sense of isolation and separateness from the outside world. Continuum of care facilities provide safety and comfort for those who live there, but they may also provide opportunities for residents to engage with their own children and grandchildren as well as with intergenerational groups in the general community to enjoy learning experiences at all stages of life. KCJMCA believes that art is a significant way to accomplish these goals and its ARTicipation program is working towards achieving it.

ARTicipation workshops incorporate programming to keep the elderly engaged in society, while also serving as a conduit for passing information and values from the elderly to children and young adults, allowing them to leave a legacy. ARTicipation workshops allow residents of Village Shalom to share their history and dreams with their friends and families, including grandchildren; as well as with others coming into the Epsten Gallery from the larger community. KCJMCA is excited to announce that ARTicipation: Pop Up Studio will be returning as the first exhibition of the Epsten Gallery’s 2013 season. The Epsten Gallery will feature new artwork made by residents of Village Shalom while also serving as a community art studio for anyone to create and share their own works of art. KCJMCA expects to continue to build and learn from ARTicipation to develop additional programming for the Epsten Gallery as well as other agencies interested in our programs, with a goal of improving the lives of our elderly and those who come together with them. We hope you will join in supporting ARTicipation and other worthwhile programs of KCJMCA during UrbanSuburban. Sincerely, The Board & Staff of The Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art

Images from ARTicipation: Pop Up Studio, January 22-February 26, 2012 and images from ARTicipation workshops throughout 2012, Epsten Gallery (courtesy KCJMCA)

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm




Work of Art Introducing the InterUrban ArtHouse. A new community cultural center that will change the art landscape in Johnson County forever. With space for: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■




This exciting new center for our artists and community is made possible by the support of these partners and sponsors:

exhibitions events not-for-profit arts offices arts education entrepreneurial programs and so much more...

InterUrban ArtHouse provides a important link between vibrant and growing arts in Johnson County and the rest of Kansas City. A special event celebrating the official launch of the InterUrban ArtHouse is in the works. It will be your first opportunity to view the plans, meet the artists, partners and project planners and get your first look at the future of art in Johnson County.


Les & Amy Rosenfeld And with support by a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

Simply go to our website and send us your contact information.


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

KCJMCA Wishes to Acknowledge

Richard Belger & Evelyn Craft for their generosity in hosting the 2012 UrbanSuburban Patron Party

In 1919, visionary Richard Belger purchased a truck to better serve

his printing customers. His foresight, knowledge of the industry, and commitment to service led the fledgling Belger Cartage Service to grow steadily and eventually include six locations in four states offering crane services, machinery installation and de-installation, specialized heavy hauling, and warehousing. With headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, C. Richard (Dick) Belger continues the Belger family tradition to the third generation. Founder Richard Belger established the principal that service to the customer and community was the most important guide to the company’s actions. He believed that the most successful companies are active in working to improve the quality of life in their communities. Belger Cartage Service continues this tradition by supporting arts and cultural programming on a local, regional and national level. The establishment of the Belger Arts Center in 2001, the 2009 addition of Red Star Studios, and soon-to-open Belger Crane Yard Studios are examples of the company’s on-going dedication to creating meaningful change through programs that show lasting impact and long-term commitment to community. The Belger Arts Center, singly and in partnership with other educational, community and arts organizations, hosts rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, docent led tours and hands-on activities for children and visitors of all ages. Since partnering with Red Star Studios in 2009, programming has expanded to include contemporary ceramics exhibitions, hands-on ceramics classes, and an artist-inresidence program. Belger Crane Yard Studios is located within five minutes of Belger Arts Center, in Kansas City’s East Crossroads. This complex of four brick buildings constructed between 1908 and 1918 currently houses studios for ceramic artists and metal sculptors. The Lawrence Lithography Workshop, a lithography gallery and workshop, moved to the site in 2003. In 2011 Crane Yard Clay, a ceramic supply business, was added to provide additional support for the education programs of the center. Red Star Studios will soon expand to Belger Crane Yard Studios, utilizing 22,000 square feet of Belger Crane Yard Studios for a gallery and studios. Images, top to bottom: O.T.P.A.G. by William T. Wiley (1978) with Fiery Angel (Chair) by Wendell Castle (2010); Don Reitz Exhibition, Belger Arts Center and Red Star Studios (Image by Al Surratt)

Dick Belger and Evelyn Craft see the growth and development of the arts as a way of furthering Belger’s educational mission as well as the community’s economic and creative capacity.

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm



Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

Young Friend, ages 21-35 ($35+) Benefits include receiving invitations to exhibition openings and events, email subscription to KCJMCA’s Muse E-newsletter, advanced ticket availability to fee-based events, and acknowledgement on the KCJMCA website and in the UrbanSuburban catalogue.

Friend, Individual, ages 36 and up ($60+) All benefits above for single adult.

Friend, Sustaining ($118+) All benefits above for households of two or more.

Friend, Collector ($250+) All benefits above as well as a Reciprocal Membership* for select National Jewish Museums.

Friend, Donor ($500+) All benefits above as well as a Reciprocal Membership* for select National Jewish Museums.

Exhibition Patron ($1,000+) All benefits above as well as a Reciprocal Membership* for select National Jewish Museums and opportunities for acknowledgement to appear as exhibition funders.

Exhibition Contributor ($3,000+)

All benefits above as well as a Reciprocal Membership* for select National Jewish Museums and opportunities for acknowledgement to appear as exhibition funders. Donations $2,500 and above will also be acknowledged on the KCJMCA Donor Wall.

Friend, Exhibition Sponsor ($5,000+) All benefits above as well as a Reciprocal Membership* for select National Jewish Museums and opportunities for acknowledgement to appear as exhibition funders. Donations $2,500 and above will also be acknowledged on the KCJMCA Donor Wall.

YES! I would like to become a Friend of KCJMCA: Young Friend








No thank you, but I would like to make a donation: In Honor of ___________________________

In Memory of ________________________________ Other ______________________

Please send acknowledgement to: Name __________________________________

Address ____________________________________

NAMES(S) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ________________________________________ CITY _____________________________

STATE ______

ZIP ___________

PHONE _______________________________________________ EMAIL _____________________________________________________ Enclosed is my check for __________________ made out to the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art. Please charge my VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER AMEX in the amount of ___________ . My card # is __________________________________________ Expiration Date _______________ VCode (3 digits) ___________ Thank you for your generosity. (Please cut and remove along the dash line and return in envelope with postage to: KCJMCA, 5500 West 123rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66209) Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


PUBLIC SILENT AUCTION • PRIVATE SILENT AUCTIONS A & B • PRIVATE LIVE AUCTION Your bidding number paddles will be your unique identifier to use when placing bids on objects in the auctions. Guests may obtain bidding number paddles only at Epsten Gallery.


The UrbanSuburban Art Auction will be held in two phases over the course of seven weeks with a Public Silent Auction followed by Private Silent & Live Auctions.


A Public Silent Auction will start on Sunday, September 9, 2012 beginning at 1pm through Friday, October 26th at 4pm in the Epsten Gallery. (Anyone may provide their contact and payment information and receive a bid paddle, which they may use to enter bids.) Public Silent Auction bidders will be notified of their winning status on Sunday, October 27, 2012, when they will be required to pay for and retrieve their purchases.

PRIVATE SILENT & LIVE AUCTIONS (Patrons/Ticketholders)

Public Silent Auction bids will be entered at the start of the Private Live & Silent Auctions beginning at 7pm on Saturday, October 27, 2012 through 10:30 pm during which additional bidding number paddles will be issued to guests to extend both silent and live auction bidding. (Artworks intended for the live auction are eligible to receive silent auction bids that may establish the opening bid amount of the live auction.)

Private Silent & Live Auctions: Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 7-10:30pm.

(Only attending UrbanSuburban Patrons and event ticket holders may bid on items in both the silent and live auctions during this event.) The Private Silent Auctions A & B will be held in two segments, each closing independently over the course of the evening. Please refer to the Auction Schedule, which will be printed on the back of the bidding number paddles distributed during the evening of the auction. The Private Live Auction will be held immediately following the closing of Silent Auction A. (Silent-auction objects without a single bid at the close of Silent Auction A automatically transfer to Silent Auction B.) Objects are awarded to the highest bidder, and only bids made in the increments designated on each bid sheet will be honored at checkout. A Buy-it-Now option is available on items not intended for the live auction. These may be purchased immediately by circling the price designated for this option and writing in your bid number and name. The bidder must also notify an auction volunteer to immediately close the bidding on that item. These purchases will be processed when the auction segment associated with the piece has closed.

All Sales Are Final.

Allow at least 20 minutes after each private auction segment closes to retrieve your purchases. Payment by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express will be accepted. All items purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises by the end of the evening October 27 unless special arrangements are made with the staff or unless a Public Silent Auction bid remains as the winning bidder. Some items may require wrapping for their protection.


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

2012 PA RTICIPATING A RTISTS The Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art wishes to thank the participating artists of Urban Suburban for their participation and generous donations of exceptional artwork! (The following list is a partial list of participants and objects confirmed for auction as of 7.30.2012)


AU CTION SPECI A L PA CK A GE This year Julián Zugazagoitia, Director and CEO of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, has collaborated with us to create a very special auction package:


Dinner or brunch at the beautiful Hallbrook home of Regina and Bill Kort.

This is a priceless auction item, and there are so many wonderful and imaginative ways to enjoy this package. Invite art-loving friends for an exclusive treat. Or think about inviting customers, clients, selected employees, patrons or board members to join you. Let your friends, business, favorite non-profit organization or other association/group be part of this unusual event.

• You and up to 7 additional guests can participate • Dinner or brunch will be created by 2 of Kansas City’s best known artists, who also happen to be world-class chefs • Julián Zugazagoitia will join the festivities!

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


ERIC ABR AHAM | 785.252.7722 Art is magic and I am an art magician who sees everything as potential material. Personal art history and popular culture are strong influences which become manifest as visual adventures. Eric Abraham received his BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1963 and his MFA in Ceramics from the University of Nebraska in 1969. He has been a studio artist since 1972 and is currently living in Lucas, KS.

"Spot Had a Dream! She Dreamed She Could FLY!”, 2012 porcelain with mixed media, 22 x 26 x 7 inches

$750 Not Pictured

"King Cat is a Cool Cat!", 2011

porcelain w/mixed media, 16 x 5 x 5 inches


JANE ALMIR ALL | Motherhood has probably informed my work and process more than any other influential life-change I can think of. I switched to water-based mediums when I became pregnant with my daughter to avoid the toxicity found in the solvents and oil paints that I loved working with. I changed my working hours from day to night so that I could have {somewhat} uninterrupted studio time. Being a parent changed the way I work and what I make —ideas about home, family, heredity and the emotional attachments that come with all of it—connect the dots between my imagination and the need to make something representative of those concepts. There is stress and dysfunction and all manner of messy imperfections in my life - I gravitate towards that current of calamity and chaos while at the same time I am desperate to escape it.

Another Girl, 2012

For me, the push and pull of these conflicting forces are fascinating – like a diamagnetic field of desire and discontent, longing to be both near and far from the people and things I cherish.

colored pencil on paper, 8 x 10 inches

$300 22

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


602.291.2269 | 602.943.2859

Artist Florie Amster is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where creates her oneof-a-kind pieces known as Treasure Necklaces. Made from a wide array of new, found and vintage materials, and often assembled in humorous and meaningful ways, Amster’s pieces become personal treasures to their owners, and she is often commissioned to create unique works that reflect the interests and personality of the wearer.

Sterling Harmony Ball Necklace, 2012

vintage pin, sterling silver, Lucite, brass, black tourmaline, pewter, abalone shell toggle


Not pictured:

Quartz Crystal Charm Necklace, 2012

clear quartz, glass, gold and silver beads, charms, rhinestones, $195

Figure brooch/necklace combination, 2012

vintage elements, lamp-worked glass, charms, detachable chain, $75


Angie Psihramis | 618.355.0113 | 618.447.0701 (cell) Maintaining studios in Sparta, Greece, Quebec, Canada, and Belleville, Illinois, Vasilliki Antonakis has exhibited extensively throughout Greece, in Canada, and the USA, and her work may be found in such collections as Skala City Hall, Skala Greece, Faris City Square, Faris, Greece, Boretos Company and Hotel Sparta, Greece, and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Belleville, IL. She has helped establish arts programs and taught children and adults in both regular and special education courses in Montreal and throughout Greece, she has worked in interior design, stage-set design, illustration, and in film and video for Ellada TV in Sparta, and she has served as a Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

Untitled, 2012

acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 inches


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm



Working under the umbrella of Helen Apple Designs since 1996, Helen’s jewelry is unique, one of a kind, sterling mixed with semi precious earthy gemstones and she is known for her unusual toggle and vintage clasps.

Not pictured:

Tourmalinated Citrine Quartz Necklace with Carved Oxbone Frog on Lily Pad, 2012 Bali silver, druzy agate, rutilated quartz toggle with sterling silver bar

$375 Faceted Fluorite Necklace with Multicolor Leaf Pod Focal, 2012 Bali & Tibetan silver, polymer clay, sterling silver clasp hammered clasp

Carved Onyx Necklace with Ancient Swirl Design, 2012 onyx, teardrop Labradorite focal pendant, Bali & Tibetan silver, sterling silver vintage clasp




Our words have great power. The prohibitions of lashon hara* are among the most fundamental and oft-overlooked tenets of Halacic law. Eminent rabbinical scholars have discussed, written and codified what is and what is not proper speech. This body of work explores the progeny of the seeds of lashon hara, and their impact on the spiritual realm and the physichal universe. These deconstructed pieces combine hand dyed collaged fabric which have been embroidered and machine stitched and incorporate paper, paint, trim, and beadwork.

L’dor Vador, 2011

mixed media on fabric, 5 1/8 x 6 1/8 inches



Sylvia Rose Augustus holds a bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis; and graduate degrees from Cornell University and the University of California at Berkeley. Sylvia has exhibited and sold her paintings and photographs in Kansas City Metro area galleries. She resides in Kansas City, KS with her husband Scott and their dogs.

South Dakota Field

photograph, 24 x 26 inches



This artwork is one of a series of work produced with an observed eye, containing a textile of contemporary women’s undergarments. The viewer can interpret this in image to represent what women are expected to wear and think about in terms of body image in this first part of the 21st century.

Undies, 2012

oil on linen, 14 x 11 inches


JOY BAER | I am a fresco artist specializing in storytelling frescoes. I am honored to have frescoes on display in the White House, Washington D.C. and in museums and collections. My work is represented locally by Todd Weiner of the Todd Weiner Gallery, KCMO. My goal is to share the timeless power of storytelling frescoes.

The Blessing, 2011

fresco casein/mixed media on canvas, 36 x 24 x 2 inches


MIKI BAIRD | My work is defined by loose interpretation and reorganization of clue-making photo fragments often unremarkable in the finite environment where they are taken. When I extract the images from their location(s) and re-examine them the vernacular often reconfigures itself with some visual surprises. Remnants of color and suggested form taken from what appear to be pedestrian passages can offer up new translations of presence and place presenting unknown, unaccustomed or unfamiliar considerations and possibilities of being (here) and having been (there).

street threads‌..chronicle 2, 2012 .05 x .75 inches archival pigment prints, 12 x 17 inches


DEBBIE BARETT-JONES | Debbie Barrett-Jones and her husband left their small town in Iowa for her to pursue an education at the Kansas City Art Institute. Since graduating from the KCAI with a B.F.A. in Textiles, Debbie Barrett-Jones has exhibited her work throughout the United States. Along with weaving large-scale pieces for homes, businesses and sanctuaries, including one six-panel commission for a church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Kansas City; she also creates small, intimate pieces, such as scarves and shawls. With each weaving, careful consideration goes into color, composition and material. Color is where she finds inspiration, and that is why she hand-dyes her materials. Many pieces are made using the process of color mixing and percentage gradation dyeing. Each woven panel reveals the beautiful communication that passes between one color thread intersecting another. Her panels are comprised of vibrating colors and elegant patterns, narratives in flux according to one’s proximity to each piece. Barrett-Jones is currently working on a three-panel commission for a new chapel being built at Children’s Mercy Hospital in North Kansas City. She continues to live in Kansas City with her husband and now, two young daughters. Working from her studio at home and daily trying to find the balance between motherhood and being an artist is both the hardest thing she has done, yet most fulfilling and would have it no other way. Making her studio time even more cherished.

Rustic Orange to Gold with Peach Handwoven Scarf hand-dyed, dimensions variable


LYNN BENSON | The natural world and my concern for the environment is at the core of my subject matter—whether obvious or implied. I isolate a particular element of nature and give it an unexpected twist. Currently I’m exploring water, and the interconnectedness of world rivers, the oceans, and ourselves. The fluid, meandering lines of rivers create seductive similarities to other aspects of nature and provide endless inspiration for studio exploration with paints and assorted materials. And the political and environmental conversations impacting our rivers and waterways offer new material for topical exploration almost every day.

Two rivers by the sea by the sea, 2012 oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches


L AUR A BOLTER | Laura Bolter earned a BFA from the University of Kansas and lives in Lenexa, where she has built a successful freelance business for over 20 years after working as a lettering artist for Hallmark Cards. After the events of 9/11 and surviving a heart attack, Laura began painting to bust out of the commercial work, make some sense of what was happening in the world and to celebrate her life. She enjoys seeing a painting evolve and the act of creation; creating something new that didn’t exist before in quite the same way. A delectable feast for the eyes, her colors are bright and saturated and express her enthusiasm, passion and idealism. Most prevalent themes in Laura’s work are peace and Judaic symbolism and represent her search for greater meaning in life, divine spirituality in the universe and are an exploration and celebration of her heritage. Her goals are to create delight, whimsy and joy in a world that can often be dark and to promote peace and tolerance, to affirm the life and spirit within all people.

Bright Torah, 2007

acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 12 x 12 inches



Seed Pavilion Proposal 2050 , Edition of 5

inkjet, sharpie, staples, resin, and plywood, 60 x 19 inches


Tim Brown is the sole funder of Telephonebooth Gallery, a noncorporate independent gallery program for emerging and midcareer quality contemporary art with a preference for cultural production based on an honest response to materials combined with the ability to synthesize original ideas. He also works for Design & Type, delivering numerous identity, collateral, and marketing communications projects for print, web and video. His current studio work includes Refugee Housing for Global Warming Diaspora 2050 - 2100, a site specific compact habitation proposals for families and neighborhood groups. Tim received his BFA in 1991 from Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA,

MARCUS CAIN | | 816.876.7747 Marcus Cain is an artist, curator and writer based in Kansas City, MO. He holds a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, and he actively exhibits his work throughout the Midwest and across the country. His work may be found in the public collections of BBC America Worldwide, Westin Hotels, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Sprint Corporation, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, and CBIZ Corporation.

Magnetic Fields II, 2011

acrylic, ink, latex, watercolor on panel, 14 x 11 inches


JOHN DAVIS CARROLL | My landscape paintings are expressions of engineered structures contrasted by organic forces. In these landscapes, I feel all is natural and all is not natural. I am drawn to this visual contradiction. It is human nature to want to control our environment. This control is an illusion. In our daily lives this sense of permanency becomes visual white noise. We see want we want to see and hear what we want to hear. In my art, I seek to bring attention to this white noise and its ironic beauty.

Plume, 2010

oil on wood, 9 x 12 inches



Beth Cosner received her BFA in Design from the University of Kansas, where she studied Metalsmithing, and she received her Graduate Jeweler Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. Cosner designs and manufactures each piece by hand with a careful attention to design and fine craftsmanship. She exhibits her work in art shows throughout the region and in stores and galleries throughout the United States. Cosner has also recently expanded her practice to include custom bridal jewelry.

Treasured Elements Pendant, 2012

Picasso Jasper bail, Brazilian Blackstone, yellow recycled glass ring, jasper antique carved button accented with sterling silver and multi-strand stainless steel cable neck wire, 18.25 inches long


Not Pictured: Treasured Elements Asymmetrical Winter White Necklace, 2012

recycled glass rings, resin, glass and vintage Lucite beads, accented with sterling silver and stainless cable neck wire, 22.25 inches long



Caution!, 2010

white oak, poplar, flocking & silver leaf, 12 x 35 x 10 inches


After receiving his B.F.A. in sculpture from the University of Kansas in 1998, Mark H. Cowardin moved on to the University of Arizona in Tucson where he completed his M.F.A. in 2001. Mark’s sculptural work, which conceptually explores the intersection of humans and the natural world, has been exhibited widely on regional, national, and international levels. Cowardin is currently the head of the sculpture department at Johnson County Community College, and his work is included in numerous public and private collections, including the John Michael Kohler Art Center, Mississippi State University, and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.


Bowie Croisant earned a BFA from Kansas State University, studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and has been an Artist in Residence at Red Star Studios. Bowie’s work is in multiple private and public collections, including the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and has been featured in Ceramics Monthly as an Emerging Artist and the cover of Pottery Making Illustrated.

Flash Jar, 2012

soda-fired porcelain (Artwork depicted is for representative purposes only and is not actual work in exhibition/auction)

MELISSA EDER | I use photography as a medium to explore notions of female identity, popular culture and kitsch. “Sense of Herself/ Sense of a People” is a photo-based work that documents objects and foods that relate to Jewish American identity; my identity. It is an installation that consists of over 100 images ranging from a photograph of a pink plastic princess crown, a hagaddah for the American family, and a bowl of matzo ball soup. It is through the process of collecting and recording that I have been able to examine and re-examine who I am as a woman and an artist.

Sense of Herself/Sense of a People (Pink Plastic Princess Crown), 2004 digital print, 30 x 20 inches


LORRIE EIGLES | Listening intently, then guiding to create what is most deeply desired in life and work. As a color pencil and ink artist, Lorrie Crystal Eigles has a highly intuitive and spontaneous approach to creating art. She begins drawing free hand on paper using black ink with the curvilinear imagery unfolding into whimsical art. Using so many intense colors in her work lifts her spirits and those of her viewers. Lorrie’s award- winning art has been in many solo and group art exhibits. Her art is in private and business collections, including the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, throughout the United States and New Zealand. Lorrie has a Bachelor’s degree in Art, Sociology and American Studies and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Fall Fling

color pencil and Ink on paper, 22 x 30 inches


NICOLE EMANUEL | Nicole Emanuel is a painter, mother of two, writer and arts organizer. She is the 2011 ArtsKC Awards featured artist/awards designer and a 2009 ArtsKC Inspiration Grant recipient. A first-generation American, born in 1961 to a South African father and French mother, Nicole lived in and around New York City until 1980. From 1980-82, she studied Philosophy and Psychology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, until she accidentally moved to San Francisco for 9 years while on a 2-week vacation. San Francisco was home, from 1982 to 1990, where she married Luke. They have also lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Kansas City area, where they are raising their two children.

Girl with Roses, 2009

mixed media on paper, 21 x 31 inches framed


GLORIA BAKER FEINSTEIN | I grew up in Kentucky, where it seems I was always taking pictures. I moved to Madison, Wisconsin after high school and got a BA in Communication Arts and a Master’s degree in Photography/Graphic Design. Shortly after relocating to Kansas City in 1980 with my husband, Eddie, I opened the Baker Gallery, specializing in the exhibition and sale of 20th century fine art photography, and I had two children, Abbie and Max. At that point I made a conscious decision to move my own image-making to the back burner. Fourteen years later, on my fortieth birthday, I decided to start making photographs again and dusted off my Hasselblad to do just that. Now fifty-seven, I have completed several bodies of photographic work which have been exhibited and published on a national level.

Maybelline Model, Kajjansi, Uganda, 2011 archival ink jet print, 16 x 16 inches


LUKE FIRLE | The core of my work is simply the joy of the act of painting in its purest sense. I have an intense love of the paint itself, in all its varied mediums and this visceral love of paint has led me into an exploration of many different techniques for application. I experiment with controlled and uncontrolled applications of paint using a variety tools and mark-making devices. Images that appear in my work aren’t meant to be seen as singularities, but should be considered as a part of a collaborative process between the artist and the paint. Like an improvised composition in music, I begin each work with an idea and react in real time, using the paint and the applicator on the canvas in much the same way as a musician uses an instrument to apply sound and harmony in rhythmic time. Additionally, my paintings also echo the urban environment in that the crisp, solid shapes and patterns contrast with surrounding areas of erosion. Some patterns and structures clearly demonstrate the three-dimensional influences that I find in architecture. Creating spatial depth within two-dimensional paintings has long been a central issue in my work, but in the past couple of years, I’ve begun to develop ways to literally manipulate the surface into an actual threedimensional form. In future works, I intend to continue experimenting with the three-dimensional aspect of my work; within the painted images, the forms they are painted upon, and especially its relationship with the rooms in which the works occupy. By doing so, I hope to further blur the margins between what we view as painting and what we typically view as sculpture.

The Cathedral Catastrophes, 2009, acrylic, spraypaint, oil on canvas, 22 x 21 1/2 inches



816.283.8144 | leyna loves is the design workshop of Leslie Fraley located in the crossroads neighborhood in her hometown of Kansas City. leyna loves is an expression of Leslie’s own easy, quiet aesthetic and named after her daughter whose open embrace of beauty is a daily inspiration. Drawing from organic materials and forms, Leslie creates jewelry and accessories whose elegance comes from modern, simple shapes and the understated luxury of elements left in their raw, unadorned state. Though not expressly a green operation, Leslie’s use of upcycled, antique and otherwise repurposed components is an important part of her holistic vision for her business and aesthetic. All of leyna loves products are handmade locally in Kansas City.

African Brass Beaded Necklace with 14-karat Gold Glazed Porcelain (natural patina), 2012 $245

BURTON FREEMAN | New York City based artist, Burton Freeman, studied sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and graphic design at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., as an undergraduate and then continued studying at the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, Georgia.

Faded Royalty, 2012 Serigraph, screen and digital print, 28 x 18 inches (image size), 30 x 20 inches (paper size)

In addition to his time spent working in printmaking and sculpture, Freeman has also worked as a professional web designer and web developer with advertising firms such as Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, MHI, Inc. and Frost Miller Group. He has also worked directly on projects for clients including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, VW North America, and World Wildlife Fund. He has also owned and operated two Web Development and Graphic Design businesses in succession over a 10-year period. Currently, Burton is producing Fine Art Screen Prints using Serigraphy as well as mixedmedia Prints. He continues to design prints for fabrics in collaboration with a well-known Australian Textile Company and has started a Co-owned business with the same Australian Textile Company producing a clothing line featuring “Wearable Art” with limited edition designed prints on high-end sportswear and sports-casual dress-wear.

$1,400 Not pictured: Punk Scream, 2012 Serigraph, screen and digital print, 18.25 x 14 inches (image size), 30 x 20 inches (paper size)



As a mixed media artist, I presently focus on fibers and textiles. I love process and whether dyeing, felting, dissolving, or melting, textiles connect me to these forces on a conceptual level, so that how I make an object is vital to its meaning. Currently, I almost exclusively use thread, an elemental material normally used to hold everything else together. I am influenced by the passing down of handcraft from one generation to another and strive to recontextualize traditional craft. A wide range of interests, such as astrophysics and yogic philosophy, provide ample fodder for a contemporary take on the historical practices inherent to fibers and textiles.

Interdependency #5, 2011

mixed media: hand felted Shetland wool, silk, thread, raku-fired porcelain, seeds, gel medium 8 x 10 inches



Rhonda Ginsberg established her business in 1987. She attended Johnson County Community College in Commercial Art and the Kansas City Art Institute. She has been designing jewelry with an interest in Tibetan designs as well as learning the art of wire wrapping. She has shown locally in fine art galleries as well as in Las Vegas, NV, and Rancho Mirage, CA. Her limited edition wire wrapped pendants may currently be found at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art gift shop at Johnson County Community College.

Collage Pendant #1, 2012

crystal and Czech glass beads, sterling silver wire


Not pictured: Collage Pendant #2, 2012, red wood heart, crystal and Czech glass beads, sterling silver wire, $150

Collage Pendant #3, 2012, mauve crystal ball, Czech glass beads, crystal disks, sterling silver wire, $125 Collage Pendant #4, 2012, pearl and Czech glass beads, crystal, sterling silver wire, $110

Collage Pendant #5, 2012, white crystal ball, redwood flower, crystal and Czech glass beads, sterling silver wire, $165

Collage Pendant #6, 2012, striped glass bead, white agate bead, crystal, sterling silver wire, $150

STANLEY GOLDBERG | Photographic Artist, Teacher and Consultant Stan Goldberg lives and works in New York City. He has created works for major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Art, and The Bishop Museum of Honolulu, Hawaii. His work also resides in private collections.

Royal Blaze, 2012

Ilford gold fiber silk paper printed with Canon archival pigment ink, 38 x 57 inches, edition of 26



While studying textiles at the University of Kansas, I became intrigued with marks left by hand and time on fabric. Such details can tell the life story of cloth. Conceptually, this is important to me. Through evidence of hand, I endeavor to contain my story in the vessels I create.

Untitled, 2010 upholstery fabric and machine stitching, 24 x 23.5 inches $650

LYNNE HODGMAN | My art addresses the mysterious abstraction of written language. I create language-like symbols I call Glyphs, which are wholly invented and one-of-a-kind. There is no alphabet or translation. I have made tens of thousands of Glyphs in many mediums. My work is repetitive, rhythmic, and obsessive, and often created in series.

Evidence (detail) ink, bamboo, gold leaf, handmade paper, Japanese paper 35 x 48 inches


PEREGRINE HONIG | Born in San Francisco and raised in The Castro and in Project Artaud, Honig moved to Kansas City, Missouri, at 17 to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. At age 22, Honig was the youngest living artist to have work acquired by the Whitney Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Honig recently appeared on season one of BRAVO’s artist reality television show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, which aired from June 9–August 11, 2010. Recent solo exhibitions include Loser at Dwight Hackett Projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Pretty Babies at Gescheidle Gallery in Chicago; and Albocracy at Jet Art Works in Washington DC. Significant recent group shows include Talk Dirty to Me at Larissa Goldston Gallery (2009), Transfigure at Kemper Museum, Kansas City, Missouri (2008), Diane and Sandy Besser Collection at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, California (2007). Her work has been show internationally with Gallery Akinci in Amsterdam and Gallery Arcaute in Monterey, Mexico.

Polio Bird (diptych), 2012 bead, graphite, ink, watercolor, wax on paper 10.25 x 14.25 inches


MEREDITH HOST | Meredith Host was born and raised in Detroit Rock City. She received her BFA in Ceramics from Kansas City Art Institute in 2001 and her MFA in Ceramics from The Ohio State University in 2008. Meredith has spent time at numerous ceramic residencies including The School for American Crafts at RIT in Rochester, NY, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, ME, and Dresdner Porzellan Manufactory in Dresden, Germany. She was recently named one of the 2011 Emerging Artists for NCECA and Ceramics Monthly. Currently, Meredith lives in Kansas City, MO and is a full time studio potter. She has an extensive collection of patterned knee socks and is a self-proclaimed horror dork and root beer connoisseur.

Host Doily Vase, 2012

porcelain with decals 10.25 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches



I have created artwork since I was a little girl. It’s always been a passion for me. For the past 20 years, I’ve had a purpose for my passion through an artists’ cooperative that I helped start called Eclectics Gallery. Now I get to invent ideas, create my visions and then sell my work to people who like what I’ve made. I don’t have a resume, though, and couldn’t tell you where my work has ended up, although I know it’s gone all over the United States and around the world though the customers who have visited my little shop. I don’t create in one medium, although I do tend to repurpose things like lightbulbs, wool sweaters and plastic water bottles. Lately I have been also working in fused glass and metal scraps.

Bird, 2012

fused glass, 6 x 18 inches


STEPHANIE KANTOR | I make low-fire red earthenware pottery and use the historical glaze majolica to create contemporary paintings. My work is highly influenced by historical majolica, specifically Portuguese cobalt tiles and Italian majolica. My work involves a process of traveling, photographing, and then translating those images onto my ceramics. My eye is drawn to patterns both in and outside of objects and alternate perspectives. I love the distortion of images when looking directly down or up at a subject. My work is an investigation of exploration, memory, documentation, and sense of place.

Xunantunich Teapot, 2011

earthenware with majolica and luster 9 x 7 x 6 inches



Misha Kligman was born in Kazan, Soviet Union in 1978. In 2009, Kligman earned an MFA in Painting from the University of Kansas. Kligman’s studio practice is focused on painting, but also includes drawing and installation. Currently, Kligman lives and works in Kansas City with his wife artist Amy Kligman.

Untitled, 2011

oil and wax on paper, 29 x 21 inches


JANET KUEMMERLEIN | 816.842.7049 Janet Kuemmerlein studied at the College for creative Studies in Detroit, and the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. In 2009, she was awarded the Kansas Arts Commission Master Artist Fellowship. Her work is featured in collections of the Chicago Institute of Art, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, D.C., Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Sedalia, MO, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Flaming Tulip, 2012

Archival jet print, 36 x 36 inches



My work is about history and the elusive and explicit nature of public and private memory. In my self-portraits and other self-referential work, I am interested in exploring how the intersection of the present and the past shape my identity.

Self-Portrait, 2011

giclee print, 22 ½ x 29 ½ inches



I have always loved color. I see color when I close my eyes and when music is playing, I can see the colors melt and flow into each other. These are the colors I try to paint. As I travel to many places in the world I am always looking for beautiful color. It might be in the translucence of a tulip petal in Holland or the explosion of color in an English garden, in the fiery oranges and reds of Chinese dragons or the color exploding from fireworks on the Fourth of July. I also love light. I like to see the way light comes bursting through the sky and how it sets gingerly in the mountains. I am in awe of this. When I paint, I imagine the color and light melding and flowing and I like the feelings that I feel when I see them emerge though my work. I don’t paint anything in particular but am delighted when people see things in my work. I have always loved paintings, from the very contemporary to the Old Dutch masterpieces. I did not start painting until later in life but I have collected beauty in my mind forever. I come from a creative family including my mother, my sister, my daughter and my granddaughter and have been greatly encouraged and inspired by my friend, Patricia Caviar. I have works in Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston and Boston.

Awakening, 2012

Oil painting, 38 x 38 inches


MEGAN MANTIA | Megan Mantia is a documentary photographer and art project manager involved in various aspects of the Kansas City art scene. Mantia believes in the art of momentcapturing and dedicating her life to the collection of history in-the-making. She already has an overwhelming archive of years’ worth of photos and video from Kansas City projects and certain groups’ exploits away from home. She is currently co-producing narrative feature film ‘Mudjackin’ with director Christopher Good, continues to coordinate videos, assist art installations and document KC/NYC collective Ssion, and chairs the development department and is the principal photographer for local nonprofit Whoop Dee Doo. In addition, she is assisting the Sissel Tolaas exhibition Hide & Seek due at Grand Arts in Fall 2012, and is coordinating Judith Levy’s rocket grant project NV in KC. She is a 2006 graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute with a double major in Printmaking and Art History.

My Love, 2012

digital photograph, 16 x 20 inches


HUGH MERRILL | The images are made through drawing, staining, etching, and collage. The individual disconnected layers of activity are scanned and made into digital prints. The digital prints are then stained, drawn upon, mono-printed, and sanded. The sanding make the image a part of the paper, it is more transparent and places the imagery in the paper rather than on the paper. All the work it takes to make the piece is a private mediation and discovery of relationships and processes that are highly personal. My personal relation to the work is not for the viewer. The viewer can only know that their is a level of knowledge and interaction that exist that they can not enter into easily or directly. These prints combine elements of nature, science, and cultural symbols in a constant state of flux. A chaotic taxonomy unable to explain or grasp the reality of their own desired relations. Or my passage and dialogue as the participating maker.

Revisionist Tango, 2012

digital monoprint with drawing, 14 x 19 inches


DYL AN MORTIMER | My work explores how private faith functions in the public sphere. It investigates the role of private faith outside of the self. I aim to explore the boundaries of faith by blurring the lines where public expression is permitted and prohibited. My challenges lie in what it means to carry an individual belief into a world where everyone believes different things. I try to navigate somewhere between the boundaries of propaganda and censorship. My goal is to spark dialogue about a topic often avoided, and often treated cynically by the contemporary art world. I employ the visual language of signage and public information systems, using them as a contemporary form of older religious communication systems: stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, church furniture, etc. I balance humor and seriousness, sarcasm and sincerity, in a way that bridges a subject matter that is often presented as heavy or difficult to deal with.

Ruach, 2012

7 x 5 inches


I’m not interested in simply reporting my own beliefs. I’m more concerned with how those beliefs relate to anyone else. I am interested in presenting ideas and issues of faith in a way that will cause the audience to question their assumptions and beliefs. The intent of the work is not to provide answers, but to create questions that allow the viewer to confront their religious and spiritual feelings.

KEVIN MULLINS | Mechanical reproduction and repetition (I find great truth in the dictum, “repetition is the foundation of clarity”), have been both the subject of my work and the means by which I produce it. The supports for the paintings reinforce dual interests in commercial processes and their applications for fine art. Currently, I am painting and printing my large works on PVC board for the same reason sign shops use it; its durability, archival qualities, self-supporting nature and it’s optimal surface for printing. For many years, synthesized images, often in the form of decorative floral patterns employed as a kind of substitute for nature, have provided both a subject source and a rationale for the exaggerated dimensions of my paintings. I like the references to landscape in the long horizontals and the phenomenological aspect of engaging viewers’ peripheral vision, engulfing them in the ‘reality’ of the painting. I continue to work on that scale and in that format, as well as on smaller, more intimately-sized paintings, pushing the decorative elements of my work into the realm of abstraction. The roots of these passions for fine and applied arts, can be found in the utopian societies of the 19th and 20th Centuries. The Arts and Crafts Movement and the Bauhaus have been a tremendous influence on me both for their utopian ideals and for their insistence on the fusion of artist and craftsman. It has always been important to me to produce paintings that are both beautiful and well-crafted.


Making art has been my way of life for ever. I view my art as satire with the belief that “life is much too serious not to laugh at it”. I think of my art as a metaphor to convey an attitude or an idea. It can be enjoyed on many different levels.

Dream World, 2010 ceramic ,acrylic 14 x 13 x 8 inches


Swiss #13, 2006

mixed media/screenprint on panel, 12 x 9 inches


L AUR A NUGENT | Laura is a nationally exhibited and published painter. She lives and works in the Kansas City area. Originally from Rhode Island, Laura obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. She studied painting at S.A.C.I. Firenze and at The New School for Social Research in New York City.

Imagine It’s All Gone, 2011 acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 inches


(Artwork depicted is for representative purposes only and is not actual work in exhibition/auction)

NOR A OTHIC | For some time now I have been referring to myself as a NeoRegionalist. It is my own term and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but also an accurate description. I am combining the subject matter and bravura attitude of artists like Benton and Woods with the elevation of everyday life and objects to an iconic status that is characteristic of the Pop movement. I throw in bits and pieces of Baroque, Modern and cartoon art...anything is fair game. I try to make my work many-layered, both in meaning and technique. A drawing of a bull is just that, an exploration of the form of the actual animal, but it is also an experiment in color, line, and composition, and a venture into the psychology of human/bovine relations. There is always an undercurrent of humor in my work. This may just be the fact that I’m depicting a heroic dachshund or an elegant swine, or it may be something more subtle, as in an improbable aqua sky.

Three Sheep in a Meadow, 2010 pastel, 27 x 29 inches


Looking at my own work over several years, my interest in the ordinary aspects of life, particularly that of rural areas or small towns, has not changed. What has evolved is a growing confidence that allows me to make the work as abrasive, humorous and/or energetic as I want it to be.

ANNE PEARCE Anne Austin Pearce was born in Lawrence, Kansas and studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and Brighton Polytechnic. In 1993, Pearce received a full scholarship to James Madison University, where she received her MFA with an emphasis in drawing and painting in 1996. Currently she is a Professor at Rockhurst University and Director of Greenlease Gallery. Recent exhibitions of her work include; 2010- Anne Austin Pearce, Emporia State University, Emporia, KS; Body Image, Gallery 31 at Corcoran School of Art and Design, Washington, DC; 2009Drawing a Line, Cara and Cabezas Contemporary, Kansas City, MO; 2008- Humours, Unit 5 Gallery, Kansas City, MO; Drawbridge, WORK, New York, NY; KC in LA, Milo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Viewing Program, The Drawing Center, New York, NY; Locate Navigate, La Esquina, Kansas City, MO; 2007- Rhetorical Black Holes, Frankfurt, Germany, Genetic Confetti, Emory, Virginia. Pearce is represented by Cara and Cabezas Contemporary in Kansas City, MO.

Stung II, 2012

acrylic and ink on paper, 24 x 16 inches


ROBERT QUACKENBUSH | | 913.814.7510 Experimentation drives my practice of making art. I’m fascinated about how things go together: color, texture, geometrics, found objects and new materials. And so, I find myself in the arena of innovation, and this leads to invention. Invention takes me into the unknown, and the unknown places me squarely in the unavoidable spotlight of risk. And that’s where I have the most fun and experience the greatest challenges while exploring the human condition.

So…What Holds Up Your Sky? (#24), 2012 monotype print, 36 x 34 inches



Drawing takes me to another place…a good one.

Talking Heads, 2009 charcoal and pastel on rag paper 22 x 20 inches $225

SHARON REEBER | This painting is part of my ongoing investigation of landscape as visual metaphor for spiritual content, the constant of transformation in our experience, and the evocative emotional power of color.

Cedar Trinity (Gold)

dyes on silk, mounted and framed behind UV-inhibiting plexiglass, 20 x 40 inches


ANN RESNICK | Trained as a printmaker, Ann Resnick has engaged a broad range of materials and processes, from wood burning to digital signal processing, and uses that range to produce large-scale, thought-provoking, sui generis works. Beyond that however, Ann Resnick is a cultural advocate, and dedicates a large portion of her time each year to activities that advance the arts as a whole. Alongside a 20-year history of exhibitions, she has operated Project gallery out of an abandoned warehouse in Wichita, Kansas, showcasing the work of local artists as well as the work of artists from around the country.

Secret Garden Detail, 2011 4-color screenprint on paper 8 inches diameter


GEORGE ROUSIS I love to move metal. Using tradition as a steppingoff point, organic aesthetic enlivens the fluidity of my functional and sculptural creation. With fire, metal becomes fluid, influenced by the strike of the hammer, snap of the wrist, or twist of the body—allowing the material to grow, move, and be free.

The Dance, 2004

forged bronze, forged steel, wax approx. 4 x 4 x 17 inches


ERIN NOEL RUSSELL | I seek to preserve and rejuvenate the remains of memories. My alterations to found photographs create new perceptions that decompose the original moment; forgetting and creating all at once. I choose these orphaned photos for their direct effort to capture and conserve an experience, but fail in their abandonment and become forgotten memories themselves.

Untitled Photograph, 2012

altered photographs, glue 8 x 6 inches



I continue to see the human body as metaphor, as an ineffable representation of the self. My works focus inwardly on the thoughts, fears, and aspirations that make up the private, and often unspoken, reality of consciousness.

Never in Control, 2012

archival print, 22.25 x 20 inches


JANET SATZ Janet Satz’s multi-layered collages of manipulated photographs, drawings and prints dramatically evoke the sights and dynamism of the urban environment. With a focus on the relationship between art, architecture and urban space, Twin Towers makes reference to 9/11 and the twin towers of New York’s former World Trade Center. Born in Chicago, she has a B.F.A.,Pratt Institure; M.A. in Art Ed., NYU. She has exhibited extensively both regionally and nationally and is in numerous corporate, public and private collections. More about her work can be found in a profile on her art published in eReview, an online publication, (May 10, 2011).

Twin Towers, 2011

archival pigment ink print (limited edition) 24 x 27 1/2 inches



I’ve been professionally working as a graphic designer since receiving my BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, Photography and New Media department in 2000. My flat vector style has landed me jobs and collaborations on projects ranging from promotions to music packaging, and logo design. In 2006 I created Sikenomics Clothing, which is my apparel and accessory department of my design company Sike Style Designs. When I am not working for clients, I produce my own fine art, promote and curate shows and events and Dj on the weekends.

Graphic Sutra, 2011 digital print framed, 24 x 36 inches



Margaret Shelby holds her B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute and is currently an M.A. candidate at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Most recently she hosted Now Serving at the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the Dining Room Project in conjunction with the Charlotte Street Foundation and Urban Culture Project. Margaret has won several local awards including an ArtsKC Inspiration Grant from the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City and was also selected to participate in the Artist, Inc. program, tuition funded in part by the Charlotte Street Foundation.

(Artwork depicted is for representative purposes only and is not actual work in exhibition/auction.)

ARLENE STERN Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, Arlene Stern was first introduced to the world of art making when Art Therapist and Kansas Art Therapy Association President Sherry Jacobs MA-ATR placed a paintbrush in her mouth more than 10 years ago, and Stern has never looked back. She continues to paint and draw during Jacobs’ weekly Torah Portion art sessions at Village Shalom and most recently during the Epsten Gallery’s first annual Village Shalom resident art exhibition ARTicipation, Pop Up Studio (January 20 - February 26, 2012). ARTicipation represented the first time that Stern’s work was displayed publicly in a gallery exhibition.

Fruit (on table), 2011

watercolor on paper, 9 x 12 inches (Artwork depicted is for representative purposes only and is not actual work in exhibition/auction.)

At age 70, Arlene Stern is an enterprising entrepreneur who operates her own wake-up call service, greets Village Shalom visitors daily, and continues to create her own unique drawings, paintings, and stationary under her trademark name Made by Mouth by Arlene Stern.


Julia Steinberg began her art career by studying fine arts at the University of Florida. She continues to take classes at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Nelson Atkins Museum. Julia’s work varies from colorful, scenic acrylics and oils to complex mixed media pieces with a depth of meaning.

Boat Houses, 2011

acrylic, 22 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches


MARY ANN STR ANDELL | Mary Ann Strandell is a painter of note who has exhibited widely in art galleries, museums, art spaces, and art fairs. Her works are a movable terrain between image, media, and their myriad histories. Strandell received her MA and MFA at the University of New Mexico, 1993 after a Fellowship at Tamarind Institute, a BFA from the University of South Dakota cum laude, a Fellowship in conservation practices at The W.H. Over Museum, Vermillion SD, a study abroad program in London and Ireland; she also studied Psychology at Syracuse University, NY. Strandell is collected by the Fidelity Inc. London, New Jersey, and Fidelity Inc. New Mexico, As well as The Nelson Atlkins Museum, Kansas City, MO, The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, Kansas, Time Equities, New York, the De Rosa Preserve, Napa, California, The Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS, The Hallmark Corporate Collection, Kansas CIty MO, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US Sprint Collections, Kansas CIty, MO, Brandies Investments, Del Mar, CA, The Amity Art Foundation, Woodbridge, CT, Polsinelli, DE and MO, and many others.

Rio Grande from Rim, 2011 oil and pigment on paper, 30.5 x 30.5 inches


JOHN SUTTON III | My artwork takes a critical view of historical, social, political and cultural issues. In my work, I deconstruct the American dream, racism, homelessness, and mental illness that are often a part of our childhood and adult lives. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, activism, and mental health; my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new and modern conceptually layered pieces. Often times these themes are combined into paintings or sculptures that feature visually impressive domestic images painted vibrantly, juxtaposed with whimsical objects, and often embellished with stenciled text. The texts provide clues to content and interpretation.

Ain’t No Water Raising Over Me, 2011 mixed-media on wood 22 ¾ x 30 ½ inches $750

While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through the subject matter. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the eclectic forms of the work. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.

CALEB TAYLOR | | 406.599.3193 Caleb Taylor earned his MFA in painting from Montana State University-Bozeman (2008), his BFA from Northwest Missouri State University (2004), and is a 2010 Charlotte Street Foundation Fellow. He is the recipient of the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant, and has completed residencies at Vermont Studio Center and Urban Culture Project. Additional awards include a 2009 ArtsKC Inspiration Grant and a ThinkTank Emerging Educator Fellowship. His paintings and drawings are published in New American Painting and have been exhibited in numerous shows at venues including the Dolphin, Grand Arts (KC), CUE Art Foundation (NY), and Brenda Taylor Gallery (NY). Taylor’s work is collected nationally and is included in the collections of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and KU Medical Center.

Constructed Histories V – Glow, 2011 mixed media collage 9 1/2 x 12 inches


In addition to his studio practice, Taylor is a founding member of PLUG Projects, a curatorial collaboration in the Stockyards District of Kansas City. PLUG exhibits national artists and is a recipient of a 2011 Rocket Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation, Spencer Museum of Art, and Charlotte Street Foundation.

L ARRY THOMAS | Larry Thomas received MA and MFA degrees in printmaking from the University of Iowa, where he studied with Maurcio Lasansky. He has been in over seventy regional, national and international exhibitions. His work is in more than sixty corporate and public collections including the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and numerous private collections. He is represented by Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO, and has taught at Johnson County Community College since 1991, where he is currently Professor and Chair of the Fine Arts Department.

Crypsis_Diversion-Six, 2012 ultrachrome print 24 x 25 inches $400

BERNADETTE TORRES | Telling a great story is what Torres does. She communicates by using her hands and translating stories into clay. She earned a BFA at KCAI and an MFA from the University of Miami in Florida. She is an art professor and Gallery Director at the Carter Art Center at MCC-Penn Valley. Bernadette is a 2009 Inspirational Grant and a Charlotte Street Foundation/KCAC 2008 Creative Capital Grant recipient. Bernadette’s ceramics can be viewed at the Blue Gallery and online at or become her fan on facebook.

Her Favorite Flowers, 2012 porcelain, glaze 6 x 6 x 6 inches


GERRY TRILLING | I describe small interior landscapes, architecture overlaid by a suggested potent experience involving roads, abandoned buildings, gardens. Often domestic textiles such as tablecloths or shawls are a visual reference. I see software use as both a contemporary tool in my art practice and an obscure homage to the loom as first computer. I repurpose materials collected in my travels, from craft stores, flea markets, textile and plastics stores, exercising the resonance of their “intended” and “used” history. I use pattern as a system to formally hold the ground then respond by interrupting it, weaving my potential narrative, my “what if” over, under and through the overall structure. It functions much the same as time or religion, a mainframe onto which one attaches experiences.

Untitled (gray grit), 2010 constructed painting on paper/collage 30 x 22 inches


Recently I experienced some visual difficulty (which has thankfully passed) and turned to the use of sparkly, reflective and refractive surfaces. I have always been interested in the mutability of viewing. Working with vinyls and lenticulars allows me to build paintings with visual structures that are discerned, obscured and revealed again, responding to ambient light as well as capturing the viewer in the attempt to discern what is really there. The objects are both obfuscated and hyper-real.


Out of Order, 2008

gouache on found print,10 1/2 x 8 inches


May Tveit is an artist whose site-specific art & public art has received national critical reviews in Art in America, Art Papers, National Public Radio, The Kansas City Star, and Review Magazine. She has received numerous honors and awards including a Charlotte Street Foundation Fellowship, American Institute of Architects Allied Arts & Craftsmanship Award, ArtsKC Inspiration Grant, University of Kansas Research Grants, Hall Center for the Humanities Creative Work Fellowship. Most recently she was awarded a 2010 Andy Warhol Foundation/ Charlotte Street Foundation Rocket Grant and was selected to participate in the 2010 Art OMI International Artist Residency. Her work is represented in numerous corporate & private collections. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, studied in Rome with the RISD European Honors Program, and received her Masters Degree from the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. She has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Kansas City Art Institute and currently teaches at the University of Kansas and lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.

KORY TWADDLE | I explore my own lived experiences and my body’s interactions with space as subject matter for my biogrammatic work, in which I seek to give physical presence to my own ethereal encounters with the external world via lived diagrams. My biograms are records of the lived moment, of specific periods of time and particular spaces, of my own life. They consider how I move through and between familiar spaces such as my studio, home, and workplace, as well as how places and routes change me. They present the body and its innards in an abstracted and somewhat playful way in efforts to examine how the body and the spaces it inhabits are intertwined both in reality and as conceptual architectures in the imagination. I explore how abstract and imaginary qualities are shared by buildings and bodies. In the process of investigating my own interactions with space, I seek to better understand how humans use proprioception (the body’s sense of its own parts, their locations relative to each other and to surroundings, and memorization of repeated familiar actions) and synesthesia (the psychological phenomenon of experiencing strong associations between seemingly unrelated things, such as a number and a color) as new windows into how people experience environments. My work is imaginary in that it is based in perception, cognition, and symbolism, without allowing cognition to be first among equals. My biograms are therefore subjective maps of my experiences with both physical and psychological spaces.

All of Them, 2011

acrylic, gouache, watercolor, colored pencil, oil, charcoal, and mixedmedia on paper, 36 x 48 inches


ROBYN VANHOOZER | Just as we must live in both the real world and in the world of our minds and imaginations my work weaves together what I see and what I imagine. Striving to find the link between the reality of the outside world and my inner being drives my artistic vision. Woven throughout my work are glimpses of what I see and what I can imagine. Radiantly faceted layers of fused wax provide a rich, complex, and changing tapestry upon which to compose my personal perspectives. Multiple materials such as photographs, glass, thread, oil stick, and fireworks become part of the tapestry in the layers on wax. Seeking the infinite pathways that light my wax worlds the transparent and translucent layers allow me to choose what I reveal or conceal. When I enter my studio I weave what I have captured, glimpsed,
or noticed from the corner of my eye. Building a visual tapestry by collecting a texture, a shape, a color, or a particularly nice line is a powerful tool in my art making. Each piece created is a world, a field, and a unique space that gives voice to my visual explorations.

By Day 2, 2009

encaustic and silver leaf on panel 15 x 45 inches


SANDR A VAN TUYL | My artwork is a visual mapping system of our inner lives. I deconstruct the built environment, and put elements together to create a visceral reaction. By turning the structural world into symbols, I create snapshots of the ephemeral and reflect the emotional landscape.

Low Level Anxiety: Blue, 2008

acrylic on paper 16 x 20 inches


CATHERINE VESCE | Themes that run through my work include: the natural world and it’s precarious state; cosmology, the origins of the universe and the extraordinary harmony that can be found between 21st century scientific and ancient theistic world-views. Motivated by ideas and formal concerns, each one of my works results from a conversation between artist and image, which takes unexpected directions through incidents and accidents until all the questions run out. Counting Songbirds II is a monotype print with the collaged addition of my original lithographed birds.

Counting Songbirds II, 2007

monotype with lithograph collage 23 x 20 inches


BRENT WHEATLEY | Since 2010, I have been working to combine my practice in traditional arts such as painting and printmaking with new digital capabilities. It has only been in the past few years that archival pigment printing have been recognized as a valid fine art form, and only a couple of years since museums such as the Whitney and Museum of Modern Art has started to add work from this cutting edge media to their collections. Since June 1, the first time anywhere, I have been exhibiting new works of archival pigment printing at Krzyz Studio in the Crossroads and the response has quite frankly been overwhelming. I am excited about the work I am doing and the possibilities for the future.

Alleluia, 2012

archival pigment print 31 x 59 inches


ALL AN WINKLER Allan Winkler’s work has been the subject of more than 30 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. Winkler received a BFA in Ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute and his work has garnered many awards including two National Endowment for the Arts Awards. Winkler lives and works on the Westside in Kansas City, MO.

Flying Between Two Stars, 2012 paper cutout, 10 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches


JESSICA WOHL | My practice of investigating and scrutinizing people and domestic environments reveals hidden metaphors and interpretations of that which we cannot, or choose not, to see. Particularly drawn to portraiture and manicured homes, I exploit the uncanny while subverting domestic representations of perfection and happiness. Conceptual strategies such as repeating, simulating, concealing, mutating and erasing induce a sense of discomfort. By employing tight boundaries, clean edges and sickly smiles, secret interiors are protected from the outside world. These protective barriers are created through the use of obsessive mark making. While subtly implying that my subjects are flawed, the handmade mark in this work is evidence of our human condition—that is, we are not as perfect as we may seem. Whether painting, drawing or sewing, I make marks by hand to acknowledge and embrace the imperfections in our society’s relentless pursuit of composure.

The White Family, 2011

embroidery of found photograph, 12 x 14 inches



Image: Floral ARTicipation Workshop, 2012, Epsten Gallery. Courtesy of the Epsten Gallery.



Image: Mask Making ARTicipation Workshop, 2012, Epsten Gallery. Courtesy of the Epsten Gallery.

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


Image: Private Opening Reception of Women to Watch: Focus on Fiber & Textiles, May 20 – June 24, 2012, Epsten Gallery. Courtesy of the Epsten Gallery.


Image: Fragile Moments & New Growth, 2012, Epsten Gallery. Courtesy of the Epsten Gallery.


Image: Art On-Site Crawl, 2012, Kansas City West Bottoms. Courtesy of the Epsten Gallery.

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


A hospital within an

The medical professionals at TMC, artists in the practice of healing, believe the right environment can help mend the patient. That’s why, when you walk through our bustling corridors, you are surrounded by beautiful works of art. Acquired through the generosity of benefactors, the artwork is carefully chosen and placed to be an integral component of the healing process. To view a flipbook brochure about TMC’s art collection, visit

art gallery

Background art is “Cape Boyador” by Tony Ramos, donated and displayed at TMC through the generosity of Christopher Radko.


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm








Hours: Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 5pm or by appointment 6951 Tomahawk Rd Prairie Village, KS 66208 p 913-362-3030 | f 913-362-3032 Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest!


Let the Story Begin


3 5 1 5 W e s t 7 5 t h S t r e e t, S u i t e 1 1 5 Pr a ir ie V il l a g e , Ka n s a s 6 6 2 0 8 phone : 9 1 3 . 3 6 2 . 8 3 0 0 | fa x : 9 1 3 . 3 8 1 . 4 3 6 4

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


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Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

Jonny & Jane Girson



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Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


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Richard Fancher, Owner 7500 College Blvd, Suite #800 P.O. Box 25414 Shawnee Mission, KS 66225-5414


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Fancher Financial Services is not owned or operated by NYLIFE Securities Inc, or its affiliates.

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

The Tradition Continues

1247 Argentine Boulevard Kansas City, KS 66105 913.281.5200 The Caviar Family

Arnold, Carol, Allen, Cory, Allison, & Granddaughter Morgan

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Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


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10406 Metcalf Avenue , Overland Park, KS 66212 (913) 385-9996 Image: Articipation, January 22, 2010 – February 26, 2012, Epsten Gallery. Courtesy of E.G. Schempf.


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


Richard S. Gilman, DDS, MS & Dan B. Ang, DDS, MS 9233 Ward Parkway, Suite 330 Kansas City, Missouri 64114 Call Us Today! (816) 444-8822 Fax: (816) 444-0492 For further information, visit us on the web:

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KCUMB Physician Associates 1010 Carondelet Drive, Suite 220 Kansas City, MO 64114 (816) 941-1600

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm



“Haystack”, lithograph, 1938

American Legacy Gallery 5911 Main Street ~ Kansas City, Missouri 64113 ~ (816) 444 -7944

Specializing in Regionalist Works ~ Historic and Contemporary

Paintings ~ Graphics ~ Sculpture ~ Pottery

Visit our new website:

AA 2012 KC Jewish Museum Ad-D 8/10/12 8:16 AM Page 1 Proudly Dealing in Quality Fine Art for 34 Years

Associated Audiologists, Inc. OVERLAND PARK Southridge Medical Building

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913-403-0018 LEAVENWORTH Cushing Medical Plaza


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm




Introducing an 18,000 sq. ft. work of, for and about, art. A creative community center for art and innovation with artists studios, exhibition and event space, offices for arts organizations, art classes, art fairs and so much more. Opening in 2013 in historic Overland Park. Made possible by many great partners and a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

★ CHECK IT OUT ★ Find out what’s coming and what you can do to help make it happen by leaving your contact information with us at:

Nicole Emanuel, InterUrban ArtHouse Founder

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm









Join us for lunch or dinner and witness the

of food brought to life in the heart of downtown.

Happy Hour M-Sa 2-6 Lunch M-F 11-2 Dinner M-Th 5-10 F-Sa 5-11 816-471-2177


Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm

Urban Suburban Exhibition: September 9 – October 27, 2012 | Art Auction: October 27, 2012, 7pm


As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.

– John Lubbock

Inspiring the art of living through culture, care and community.

ged ish A Jew for

• Jewish

Ger iatr ic


100 Years

•S Center halom Pl aza tric ria • Ge


escent Center • Sh nval alo Co m


alom • Appleman Ho e Sh me llag Vi

At Village Shalom, inspiration is found at every turn – especially in the Epsten Gallery, where interactive exhibits such as this year’s ARTicipation cultivate a creative environment to release the inner artist in all of us. We are proud to again partner with the KCJMCA for UrbanSuburban, and look forward to many more years of inspiring the community and our residents together.

Profile for Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art

UrbanSuburban VIII  

The Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art (KCJMCA) is excited to announce UrbanSuburban VIII events this fall, including the UrbanSu...

UrbanSuburban VIII  

The Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art (KCJMCA) is excited to announce UrbanSuburban VIII events this fall, including the UrbanSu...

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