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Female inventors that have made their MILLIONS.... The story’s of 2 self made entrepreneurs Dominique Barteet with her ‘Onesoles’ and Joy Mangano with ‘Magic Mop’.

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The 3rd and best one yet? This is the 3rd monthly Inventors Showcase Magazine online. When first embarking on this project I knew that the main priorities were 1.

Finding the right stories, to inspire and prompt people to turn their ideas into reality; whether that may be a new product or an idea for an original business venture.


Presenting the stories in the most effective way possible, to promote the ideas, test their feasibility and generate feedback that can be considered as useful market research for the contributors.


Providing ongoing coverage and a shop window for all the contributors, to enable the readership to follow their progress; learn how they may support them, sign-up to them or purchase their products.

It is my belief, based on the feedback I have received, that we are achieving these objectives and because of that we are receiving many more submissions from people that can see the benefits for themselves; and importantly for everyone, the readership is growing rapidly. Of course the staff working on the magazine have to take some credit! We often take the briefest outline of a story, from people that are seldom involved in selfpublicity and make an article that successfully portrays the trials, tribulations and shear effort the individuals have gone to; and show off the finished product in the most dynamic promotional format. Secondly, having produced the story, we have a graphic artist that takes the copy and the subscribers pictures and sets the story into a stunningly eye-catching presentation that draws the readers into the page. To ensure all stories are portrayed in a relevant, stylish, tasteful and professional manner. Without exception, everyone that has contributed articles to this magazine so far, have been very pleased with the way we have presented their story. - Good for us, they are then happy to provide follow-ups for our future issues. So, in short, as editor of a new publication, I am very pleased with the reception it has received from everyone at every level of the ‘Invention’ and ‘entrepreneurial’ world. I can see that this publication is destined to grow from strength to strength. Tell your Facebook Friends Tell your Twitter Followers @InventrShowcase Thanks












The "doomsday" vault Have you ever wondered how important plants actually are? They are responsible for all of the oxygen we breathe and food we eat. If anything should happen to the plant kingdom, all human life is in danger. So what can we do to protect the plants? It may be assuring to know that we have a backup. An international seed gene-bank in Svalbard. Also known as .. The "doomsday" vault designed to keep millions of seed samples safe from natural and unnatural disasters: global warming, asteroid strikes, plant diseases, nuclear warfare, and even earthquakes. In fact, the structure absorbed a magnitude 6.2 quake without a crack. Though Norway owns the global seed bank, other countries can store seeds in it and remove them as needed. The genes in the seeds may someday be needed to adapt crops to endure climate change, droughts, blights, and other potential catastrophes.

Click & Grow Click & Grow is an electronic smartpot that independently grows plants without the need of watering, fertilizing or any gardening knowhow. Everything is taken care of by the sensors, software and precise electronics in the smartpot. 18

The electronic garden (pot) and the plant cartridge work together like a printer. Just like you can change the empty printer cartridge, you can change the plant cartridge in the Click & Grow pot. If the plant’s natural life cycle ends, you can remove the old plant cartridge and insert a new one. Immediately the flowerpot will start to grow a new plant! For that you don’t have to buy a whole new flowerpot, instead you only have to change the cartridge. After placing the new plant cartridge into the flowerpot, it will install all the necessary data for growing the specific plant from the cartridge and the new plant starts to grow. Click & Grow flowerpot does not work without the plant cartridge and you can’t use the plant cartridge without the Click & Grow flowerpot. Phone: +372 7344 646 Email:


Crowdfunding In a nutshell

EDITORS NOTE:- We have reproduced this information from the crowdfunding website in the belief that our readership has an interest in invention, inventors and entrepreneurs and therefore may be prepared to support start-up businesses with potential. We will endeavour to bring to your attention, through the pages of our magazine, the most exciting and potentially successful of them - Please check-out and consider supporting WILL MILLARS’ Journey Checker.

Crowdfunder is a new way for people to pool small amounts of money to back a good idea or project. If you need funding for a project or idea; Crowdfunder really is a nobrainer. • It's FREE to register and there’re no monthly subscription fees • We only take our 5% commission on successful projects • If you hit your funding target by the end date, you’ll get the money • If you don’t, the people funding your project will get their money back So there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start a pitch today.

Crowdfunding - a revolutionary way to raise funds We aim to give bright young sparks - who are bursting with cool ideas - a revolutionary new way to raise money by crowdfunding their project. Crowdfunder gives the UK's smartest characters a newfangled way to raise money by tapping into a 'crowd' of like minded trendsetters willing to invest small amounts of cash in exchange for unique rewards and being part of something unique. Crowdfunder enables creative fundraising, the social way

We'd love to hear from talented people in the UK and Europe who need funding to kick start a project they've been dying to get off the ground – it can be anything from food to photography, fashion to film or art to an extreme adventure.

Raising funds for your project Funding a project through Crowdfunder is easy as pie. Simply create an online pitch and promote it to people you think might help fund your endeavour. Once you reach your target the funds that have been given to you by your amazing group of funders will be transferred via Paypal and you can finally get down to the serious business of making your project become a reality.

Funding a project We give amazing people - like you - the opportunity to follow and back great ideas from great people. Funding an exciting new project is simple. Whether you’re investing in a forward-thinking entrepreneur, a stylish new fashion designer, or a enlightening video documentary - Crowdfunder gives you the chance to get involved and fund projects that tickle your fancy. In return you’ll get a reward from the founder of the project. This could be anything from a ‘big thank you’ to something unique that will knock your socks off. It totally depends on how much you contribute and how generous the founder is. We take payments via PayPal but you don't need a Paypal account to do this. Just go through the Account set up process and then click on the appropriate debit or credit card link and you can pay that way. We also take Direct Debits – this comes out of your bank account immediately after the successful pitch has ended. This is only for UK residents.


For those people wishing to put higher amounts into a pitch (£500 +), please contact us to arrange a bank transfer, so that Paypal fees are not incurred.




Trekmates Flameless Cook System WHAT? Revolutionising outdoor cooking technology WHY? A safer system than conventional outdoor cooking



Our Flameless Cook Box is the revolutionary new cook system for those out and about. The 850ml box allows you to heat and cook food without the need for flame using the water activated heat pack to prepare your food!

Our Flameless Cook Flask is the revolutionary new cook system for those out and about.

This is the ideal set with everything you could need for a couple of nights camping or trekking. The innovative Flameless Cook Box is a fantastic lightweight alternative to a gas stove, and don't forget it's even safe enough to use inside your tent, so if the weather takes a turn for the worst just set the cook box off without having to leave the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Using the water activated heat pack is therefore safe to use inside a tent!

The 360ml Flask allows you to heat and cook liquids without the need for flame!

*Product shown not correct colour Technical Specifications 850ml medical grade stainless steel inner cooking dish

Technical Specifications • 360ml medical grade stainless steel inner cup

• Heat resistant plastic outer box with airtight locking lid and neoprene • Heat resistant plastic outer Flask with airtight locking lid and sleeve drinking spout • Supplied with two High Power (20g) and two Super Power (50g) heatpacks, water measuring cup, reusable plastic storage pouch and full • Supplied with three High Power (20g) heatpacks, neoprene sleeve, reusable plastic storage pouch and full user instructions user instructions • All Trekmates® FCS products feature a points voucher which can be redeemed against a range of accessories at

• All Trekmates® FCS products feature a points voucher which can be redeemed against a range of accessories at

Trekmates Flameless Cook System is a revolution in outdoor, trekking and camping cooking. Using a self-contained heatpack, it produces no flame, whilst heating and cooking food with the minimum of fuss. Activated simply with water from any source, it is simple, easy and safe.


Watch the 'how to' video on You Tube and find out how this cooking system is changing the way that outdoor enthusiasts, mountaineers, backpackers, hikers, campers, scouts, guides and Duke of Edinburgh expeditioneers create a hot meal with the minimum of fuss and in safe conditions. Available to order now at


Discarding a half finished bottle of wine is a cardinal sin especially if it is of good quality. Very often, if you just fancy a glass of wine or have some left over from a dinner party, the remainder of the wine presents a problem as exposure to air causes oxidisation, which taints the flavour and aroma of the wine rendering it undrinkable. Refrigerating wine for a day or two can work for white wine, but the flavour of red is flattened even when returned to room temperature, which is not pleasant. There have been many products that claim to preserve wine once it is opened and the most commonly known are vacuum wine savers and the inert gas wine preservers. The vacuum wine savers withdraw the air from the part empty bottle and seal it. However the down side of this method is tests have shown that the leak rate is high and the next day showed a pressure of only 70% which is about the maximum. Hence, air is leaking into the bottle so not a great deal is being achieved from this kind of product. Additionally new vacuum seals need to be purchased every twelve months. The various inert gas products on the market definitely do a good job but there are drawbacks. They can run out of gas needing a refill canister, which is inconvenient if you need to use it, and the price is expensive if argon gas is used. Another problem is that once the gas has been sprayed into the bottle of wine forming a barrier between the wine and the air, you need to re cork the wine with the original cork. Obviously, if the cork is split, it is one of the new style plastic corks; the bottle will not be able to be sealed. The cork must be air tight and serviceable to be reused or else the gas will not work. There is an alternative to these wine preservers – A new invention by Eric Corti, The Air-Cork.

Unlike the other products on the market, this one is simple and easy to use and provides real results. It preserves your bottle of wine for days at a time using a simple process that is not dependent on creating vacuums or spraying gases. This simple device actually shows you when a 100% seal has been achieved, unlike the other products that leave you guessing. Just look inside the bottle and you can see the air-cork Balloon in action doing its job. The product is simple, a Bottle balloon attached to a tube with a hand-operated inflator shaped like a bunch of grapes making it fun to look at and identify the function it is designed for. The balloon will not affect the taste or aroma of the wine; it will be as it was when you first opened the bottle. How great to be able to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner over three or four days without impairing the flavour in any way. The air-cork works by inflating a balloon inside a bottle of partly finished red, white, or rose wine. The balloon is inserted into the wine bottle and inflated using the hand pump until there is around an inch and a half of balloon touching the sides of the bottle and the balloon is touching the wine. This of course you can clearly see through the glass so know it will work. Double check to make sure the balloon is touching the wine. An extra couple of squeezes on the hand pump will give an extra couple of day’s freshness. The seal will stay intact for three to five days and your wine can be kept at room temperature or in the refrigerator. To drink the wine, simply deflate the Bottle balloon using the valve on the hand pump, remove, and rinse in warm water. The air-cork comes in an attractive box and comprises of the balloon and attached fitting. Simply attach this piece into the tubing supplied and the air-cork is fully assembled. When not in use, the air-cork can be stored in a handy bag that comes with the kit. The air-cork has been independently reviewed by an independent world-class sommelier and well received by the industry as a simple and effective way to preserve wine in a common sense way. This product makes a wonderful gift for friends or family. It is perfect to take along as a house gift when going to a dinner party or visiting relatives or giving as a birthday present to someone who loves their wine.

Development: The hoverbike development has been broken up into 3 distinct phases: Design, Construction and Testing, with further programme’s running in parallel such as marketing, business and aviation certification To be expected there is a certain amount of fluidity between

Flight testing of the Hoverbike involves 3 steps to achieve production ready flight. These are described as Development, Engineering and Production. The development phase includes the initial flight tests of the hoverbike which are roughly in this order; general airframe testing, tethered hovering, un-tethered hovering, translational lifting, spin tests, stall tests etc.

these development phases, with an emphasis on early error

The engineering step is really just data validation, and is not used to expand

and integration detection and correction, which has already

the design envelope on the current model. An example of this is perform

lead to reduced development time and costs.

ance testing.

The hoverbike to date has performed exactly as predicted, a testament to the basic design of the airframe. With the first prototype design and construction phases complete and testing begun, we are on track, on time and on budget. As we progress steadily through the flight testing phase we expect the results will further validate the hoverbike helicopter and give the financial markets confidence to invest in the hoverbike and the first limited production run. Progress is underway with the design of the next prototype of hoverbike. This design is the last step before a production ready vehicle and contains design features not yet tested in a helicopter of this type. We have purposely left these next features off the current prototype for two main reasons. First we did not want to leap into the unknown, limiting the design to two solid steps. Secondly we wanted to hold off on displaying patent and IP critical components to the public before investor and financial support was garnered.



The production step will confirm that the production hoverbike is performing and is built to all characteristics of the design. Testing Progress: So far the hoverbike has completed the first stage engine and driveline tests. We have conducted a series of tethered flights, testing the sensitivity of the control surfaces – such as the ability to easily maintain a controlled hover, and manouvering the vehicle within the hover. We are currently completing roll testing, and will remove the tethers next to allow basic testing of the control surfaces in simple test patterns in and out of ground effect.

PLEASE HELP DONATE I need all the help I can get from people like you, building and testing this Hoverbike. Every time I need to make an small modification to a control system or power system it costs a lot both in time and money, and unfortunately neither of which I have much of, as I work a day job just like you.



Clean Bottle Hi, I’m Dave, the Founder of Clean Bottle. The idea for Clean Bottle came to me, as many of my best ideas do, on a bike ride. Earlier that day I had gone to fill up my bottle only to find what looked like a science experiment gone wrong. Mould had grown all over, creating a stinky, funky mess. I had to chuck it because I knew I couldn’t clean it out. As I pedalled up the trail the thought occurred to me: why not have a bottle that unscrews at the top and the bottom? That way, I could easily clean it out if it gets funky, and dry it out thoroughly so it doesn’t get stinky in the first place. 4 factories, 54 prototypes, 2 patent applications and 3 years later we present to you the Clean Bottle. It took a long time to get it right, but we think you’ll agree that it was worth it.

Unscrews at both ends and removable nozzle for easy cleaning Silicone washer on top and bottom cap ensure a leak-proof seal 100% non toxic, BPA free 22 ounces Guaranteed for life Dishwasher safe

10% of profits donated to eco-friendly charities you vote for at Clean Bottle Charity

For us, Clean Bottle isn’t just a career, it’s a cause. We donate 10% of profits to eco and cycling friendly charities.


KALEIDOSCOPE Sir David Brewster Physicist and Principal of St. Andrews (1838) and then Edinburgh University (1859). Worked with polarised light. Invented the kaleidoscope and suggested it might be useful for designing carpets.

THERMOS FLASK Professor Dewar Dewar was the Scottish inventor that came up with the idea of a thermos flask. Initially intended to keep liquids cold it was soon recognised that it could keep liquids hot just as well. The flask has double walls, with the space between exhausted of air to create a vacuum. Dewar discovered that by doing this he could prevent the heat/ cold from entering through the walls. Silvering the inner walls of the container was another method used by Dewar and helped reflect the heat/ cold within the container.


Vacuum Cleaner - Hubert Booth

The idea of a vacuum cleaner originates from the 19th century. The first vacuum cleaners had to be operated manually. Two persons were needed for this: one to operate the bellows and the other to move the mouthpiece over the floor. The dust was blown into the air.

Only in 1901Scotsman Hubert Booth changed the idea into something more useful. Until then the vacuum cleaners blew the dust away, but Booth came up with the idea of sucking away dust, instead of blowing. Furthermore he

TELEPHONE - Alexander graham Bell This is, without a doubt, one of the most important inventions in human history. Credit to the invention goes to Alexander Graham Bell who lived from 1847 to 1922. Bell's father was a teacher to the deaf, and Bell became greatly interested in his work and also became a teacher to the deaf. In his spare time he experimented with sounds and telegraph. Bell decided that it might be possible to transmit a human voice over a telegraph wire. After a lot of thought, Bell came up with a transmitter consisting of an electromagnetic coil near to an iron diaphragm, with a similar device for a receiver. During experiments one day, the diaphragm got stuck to the electromagnet. As the assistant tried to pull it free, Bell, who was in the other room, heard the twang on his receiver. After some modifications, Bell discovered that he could successfully transmit recognisable voice sounds. The first intelligible sentence was carried by wire in March 1876, it was a message to his assistant in another room which said, "Come here Mr Watson, I want to see you,".

Pneumatic Tyre - John Boyd Dunlop The pneumatic tyre has allowed the development of most of our modern transportation. Without it, a car journey would be a bumpy ride! Credit to its development goes to the veterinary surgeon John Boyd Dunlop. Dunlop was trying to find a way to make his son's tricycle run smoother and found the pneumatic tyre to be the ideal solution. Dunlop was never aware that his name would become so widely used in connection with modern road rubber. Dunlop sold the patent rights early on in the tyres history and failed to make much gain. Without a doubt the modern tyre is the result of a series of further inventions. 26

Although Dunlop did a lot to develop the pneumatic tyre, it was actually invented by Robert William Thomson.

h Inventions


equipped his cleaner with a filter, which kept the dust in the machine. All modern vacuum cleaners are based on Booth's principle. In spite of the improvements made by Booth, the older vacuum cleaners were not very practical: they were hand-operated and very big and heavy. Some cleaners were left outside the house, and only the hose was led into the rooms through a window or door. Only in 1905 a small, portable and electric vacuum cleaner was developed, which was taken in production soon after.

TELEVISION - John Logie Baird From a young age Baird showed a great interest in technology and to his fathers dismay used this to create all sorts of havoc. At the age of 12 Baird managed to connect his house to those of his friends through a fully operational telephone system and exchange. One of Baird's cables managed to catch a passing horse rider and pull him off his saddle. Baird also managed to black out a large area of Glasgow when he was experimenting to create diamonds with a large voltage. The young Baird attended a College in Glasgow and soon became interested in the world of moving images. Baird succeeded in transmitting the first television picture in 1926 which was from one room to another but by 1928 Baird had transmitted the first transatlantic broadcast.

Colour Photographs James Clerk Maxwell James Clerk Maxwell, is generally regarded as one of the greatest physicists the world has ever seen.

Maxwell’s equations demonstrated that electricity, magnetism and light are all manifestatitions of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. He proposed many other theories that weren't proved until long after his death. For instance he proposed that when a charged particle was accelerated, the radiation produced has the same velocity as that of light. This is one of the defining landmark discoveries not just in physics, but science as a whole. It helped pave the way for Einstein's theory of relativity. Maxwell's ideas also led to the other major innovation of twentieth century physics, the Quantum theory. Maxwell is also known for presenting the first durable colour photograph in 1861

Anaethesia - James Young Simpson The inventor of anaesthesia, James Young Simpson, born in Edinburgh in 1811 helped in the advancement of surgical procedures immensely. Until then, 'victims' of surgery would either have to be physically knocked out, or at best be given something hard to bite down upon, so as to avoid them biting off their own tongue! His discovery of chloroform though helped redefine surgical techniques. He introduced his discovery to society in general in 1847, after experimenting with it successfully. Simpson died in 1870, and his discovery is still used in medicine today.






Become part of the GoCruise Team

The Opportunity When you take a GoCruise Franchise you become part of the fastest growing sector of the travel industry. Not only will you make cruise and travel arrangements for your clients, you will be building a business that you could sell in the future, should you wish. Having invested the franchise fee and completed our residential training you will have access to the technology, tools and support from GoCruise, one of the cruise industry's key agents, including the extra bulk buying power from parent company Fred.Olsen Travel.

As a member of the British Franchise Association the GoCruise Franchise agreement is in line with their code of ethics. You will be able to use and offer the protection of the GoCruise brand, trademarks and associated ABTA and ATOL bonds. The Cruise industry will keep you up to date with the latest offers and news enabling you to keep a firm finger on the pulse. You could cruise for free. Not only as part of the franchise package but with various opportunities during the year, and all in the name of the building your business.

Why GoCruise GoCruise and its parent company Fred.Olsen Travel developed a passion for cruising while the industry was in the early stages of its dynamic growth and the trend of cruise holidays was in its infancy.

From the worlds mainstream cruise operators to river cruise lines and from the ultra luxury cruise market to the ultra niche, our specialism in cruising enables us to give even greater value for money to our customers. Our initial and ongoing training proIt is because of this passion and dedication grammes cover all areas of of the cruise that today we are selling more cruises than market with as much training to cover the ever before. fundamental elements of the business itself. With a network of 50 franchisees and backing of our parent company Fred.Olsen Travel, GoCruise is one of the premier cruise agents in the UK.


Our specialist position comes from the fact we dont try to know everything about the entire Travel industry, just the Cruise sector. This sets us aside from many of our competition who endeavour to sell anything from Our Cruise line partners recognise the ferry tickets to cruise holidays ultimately knowledge, dedication and discipline of the specialising in neither. GoCruise team along with the financial results achieved. It's these qualities that en- GoCruise offers the ability to run your own able strengthen our relationships with the business your own way, part time or full multitude of cruise lines we actively repre- time. Should you need to go to the shops, sent and sell. you decide as they are your set working hours. Coupled with the joint discipline and drive of both you and the GoCruise support team will jointly do everything we can to ensure your success.

As part of your Franchise Package you will benefit from the following marketing collateral and training visits... Three-day residential product, sales and marketing training course in Ipswich, covering all you need to commence trading National Cruiseathon Conference in either Seattle or Fort Lauderdale for training and ship visits 3 or 4 night cruise for you and your partner 90 days selling on Teletext, followed by the option to continue on Teletext at subsidised rates Membership of the Association of Cruise Experts (ACE) Affiliation to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA)m A Franchise Zone covering more than a Quarter of a Million people The facility to sell all the major Cruise Lines The ability to sell all general travel and exclusive Discover Down Under tour operation Your own personal website featuring the latest cruise offers and deals, linked to the main GoCruise website Dedicated Head Office support team Two full days on-site visit in the first 6 months of operation Regular Franchise meetings hosted by Head Office Frequent ship visits to enhance and maintain product knowledge Reduced rates for personal cruise holidays A GoCruise operations manual Start-up stationery pack - 1,000 personalised letter-head- 250 business cards- 500 compliment slips- selection of marketing collateral Funding for your first mail-shot Display stand 250 complimentary copies of each issue of corporate marketing mailings

Contact Us: Olympus House, 2 Olympus Close, Ipswich, IP1 5LN Tel: 01473 242644


Sinclair Training Franchise Opportunity

EARN £2000 PER DAY* AS A SALES COACH This unique UK based sales training and sales coaching franchise could be ideal for experienced people from a professional sales, sales management or training background who have a hands on experience in selling. From SMEs to PLCs we have structured programs that will enable businesses across the sectors to achieve more sales volume at better margins, even in today’s challenging economic climate. As a Sales Coach you will deliver sales training and sales coaching to a wide variety of clients and business sectors.

In the UK there are over 4.5 million SMEs operating in a wide range of business sectors. Also with approximately 500,000 professional sales people in the UK all striving to find an edge; our range of Dimensional Selling programs fits the bill! “Guesswork or lucky breaks” have had their day, as have “same old” sales methods such as merely researching a client’s business, presenting your product’s benefits and then trying to “close” a prospect. Contact us today for more information on our unique sales training and sales coaching programmes. And the timing? In December 2009, The Institute of Leadership and Management stressed that businesses need to: “invest in success” by spending money on your own team’s training”.

THE UK FRANCHISE MARKET In the UK Market alone, the Franchising numbers speak for themselves: £10.8 billion: The value of the UK franchise industry £323,000: The average turnover for a franchised business in the UK 94%: The proportion of franchisees who reported profitability 200%: The UK franchising industry's growth rate compared to the growth rate of the UK economy in 2007 781: The number of active franchise systems overall 44%: The increase in active franchise systems today compared to data from a decade ago Firstly, can we stress that we believe for the right men and women a Sinclair Training Franchise will be lucrative, great fun and time efficient. The model that we have developed has required minimal ongoing marketing, yet has seen much repeat business and natural word of mouth recommendations leading to new sales training and sales coaching business. You will ideally be from an experienced and professional sales, sales management or training background and have a hands on experience in selling. It is unlikely that we will be in a position to release a franchise to people who fall outside this remit. However in all cases a no obligation face to face interview will help both Sinclair Training and you to decide if we feel right for each other. 44

In the first instance, please contact us for more information and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to speaking with you.

Diamond teeth whitening ex pert Business opportunities -Agents wanted Be part of our growing number of agents and become a teeth whitening technician. Perhaps you already have a salon or clinic and want to expand your business or you are looking for a career change , you can choose part time or full time that’s really up to you, with a large number of our agents becoming self employed full-time within the first 3 months, the opportunities are endless with Diamond Teeth Whitening……… Business Opportunities: We are looking for self motivated individuals over the age of 21 who want to be part of a rapidly growing teeth whitening industry. You should ideally love meeting people and pride yourself on your achievement of growing your new business.

1. Tap into a billion pound industry and become a teeth whitening technician 2. Add teeth whitening to your current salon treatment list, or even become a mobile technician 3. Become your own boss and work your own hours By choosing diamond Teeth Whitening it’s like getting the best teeth whitening franchise with out any franchise fees. DON’T take our word have a look around yourself. We will help you every step of the way with instructions and training for selling and administering the in-house whitening treatments. We can even provide you with customised packaging, Logo Design and a Website. Free marketing materials helping you sell your services to your customers. We can provide you with everything you could possibly need in getting started in your new career, including invaluable know-how to ensure you are a success. HERE IS THE BEST BIT : For a one off charge you will receive a full agent pack covering all your equipment and technician manuals. Marketing material- FREE / Our respected name-FREE (should you choose to stay under our name) / Training and Manual pack-FREE / Package branding with your business name and details-FREE/ 5 Teeth Whitening kits-FREE (making a return of £500 on five clients)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Teeth Whitening/Accelerator Lamp LED Curing Light- Wireless Teeth Shade Guide 3D 5- Teeth Whitening Kits Technician Manual Pack (AGENTS ONLY)

Call, email or request a call back for more information on our unbeatable value business pack.

Please get in touch by email with your details to arrange a call back from one of our distributors in your area .


FRANCHISE BUSINESS CONCEPT Greensleeves offer an all year round cost effective lawn care service which is accessible to everyone in the UK. The main focus is to treat each lawn four times throughout the year to generate a flourishing healthy lawn. Our lawn treatment program can include :


Scarification Aeration Overseeding Weed Treatment Moss Treatment Pest Treatment

Customer service is crucial in the running of our business as we rely on repeat business and referrals to grow. Not only are our service levels to our lawn customers better than our competitors but our service to franchisees, is we believe, also the best in the sector The potential in lawn care is enormous. It is estimated that 60% of the 20 million homes in the UK could benefit from our lawn care service, that’s a potential customer base of 12 million. Each franchisee will get a unique postcode area with a minimum of 80,000 potential customers which is a considerably larger area than offered by any of our competitors. This means that attracting just 2% of these will give you 1600 customers. Greensleeves is a nationally recognised lawn treatment business and as the lawn care market is booming in the UK, it is not surprising that a number of competitors exist within our market. This does not present us with a problem as we are confident that our product and service is by far the best. We regularly win business from existing lawn treatment companies but very rarely lose any to them. Greensleeves is one of the largest and fastest growing lawn treatment providers in the UK. These are exciting times for us and our franchisees and you can be part of the success story.


YOUR NEXT STEP Before deciding, research the market and see what our competitors are offering – we are confident that our systems will come out on top. Here are the things we feel you should consider: Provides outstanding training and ongoing support A launch package is designed to get your business quickly up and running in the first few months and our ongoing marketing support to ensure further growth Territory size concentrates on potential customers not geographical area, providing opportunity for multi teams within your business Outstanding customer service and strong branding with an excellent reputation. More than 50 per cent of our new customers come from recommendations as your business matures We recommend that you come and spend a day with us to get a greater understanding of our ethos and our business. We can then discuss how joining us could work for you.

The initial investment required for a Greensleeves franchise is between £19,500 and £24,950. This cost will include: Franchise licence, training, accreditation and on going business support Unique postcode area with enough potential to create a multi-van business Full turn-key equipment package, including machinery, vehicle deposit, signage, software, stationery and initial stock – everything you will need to get started on day one Marketing launch program, 10,000 leaflets for local use, website and search engine optimization There will be an ongoing franchise fee which equates to 7% of monthly turnover plus a 2% contribution to global brand marketing costs.



Kiddy Cook Franchising Ltd Childrens cooking activity classes and parties What’s it all about?

Kiddy Cook is an innovative franchise aimed at promoting cookery skills, healthy eating and food awareness amongst pre-school and primary school children. The business breaks down into 2 different brands. Kiddy Cook provides cooking classes and parties for children aged 4 -11 years. During each session the children have fun with hands-on experiments and recipes and they are encouraged to learn about ‘good’ food and to explore new flavours in an educational and fun way. CookieTots is the UK’s FIRST cooking specific child development programme for children aged 2 – 4 years. Each class incorporates food with music and games to create a positive culinary learning experience with an emphasis on having FUN! In addition to public classes, we run sessions in nurseries, Sure Start centres and schools. We also have a partnership with the National Trust and run pick and cook sessions throughout the year which significantly increases income for franchisees.

About You You’ll need to bring a few things to the table to be a successful Kiddy Cook franchisee: - Loads of enthusiasm and energy (cooking with children is fun but tiring!) - An ability to relate well with children and to get on with their parents or carers - A passion for Kiddy Cook - a real belief in our brand - An interest in cooking (don’t worry, you don’t need to be the next Delia Smith or Jamie Oliver…. honestly!) Kiddy Cook is perfect for those seeking to address the challenges of balancing fulfilling, flexible work with family life.It can provide a good income, add real value to a local community and is completely different to other franchises currently for sale!

Financial Information ONLY £4995.00 (plus £1200 for your Kiddy Cook starter pack) This franchise fee will give you a licence to operate in a specific territory with the potential to run several different venues and many classes. Tell us the postcode area you want and we’ll check to see if it’s available. Our ongoing initial management fee will be £20/week (over 48 weeks / year). This is payable as soon as you start running your classes. Potential annual income in excess of £25k

Training and Support Initial training will include all aspects of running your business including legal requirements, paperwork, customer care, advertising and marketing, following lesson plans, recipe ideas for classes, songs, music use of stories, choosing the right venue and much more – everything you need to get started. Further training courses will also be available. Ongoing support by email and telephone are available for all franchisees, on a daily basis. New ideas for lesson plans, marketing and recipes will be shared to develop your business. Since Jamie Oliver’s push to improve school dinners – getting children to eat a healthy, balanced diet continues to make the news. There’s no better time to start a business that encourages kids into the kitchen. There is no other franchise that provides a cooking development programme for pre-schoolers. Kiddy Cook Franchising Limited . 13 Leigh Road . Hale . Cheshire . WA15 9BG Telephone: 07976-619648


Looking for a Swimming School Franchise Opportunity? We’re looking for Seriously FUN people to teach babies and children to swim with their own swimming school business. Be part of something amazing by running your own Seriously FUN Swimming Schools franchise.

Who are we? In the beginning In 1990, Janet Madden hired some pool time at Beechwood School in Slough and J.M. Swimming Schools (now Seriously FUN) was born. Flyers were printed up and handed out at local schools, shops and high streets. Janet's mix of small classes, personal service and a caring, fun approach soon won many loyal customers and the business started to grow.

Seriously FUN family business Today, Janet along with her two sons Jonathon and Phillip and the rest of the Seriously FUN team help many babies, children and parents learn essential swimming and lifesaving skills.


Janet Madden Director

Jonathon Madden Director

Phillip Madden Director

I am Founder of Seriously FUN and an STA tutor. I'm also a former diver and serial entrepreneur, running a nappy home delivery service and aqua aerobics franchise before setting up Seriously Fun Swimming Schools.

I'm responsible for ensuring we're constantly developing and improving our swim school and staying on the cutting edge with regards to our systems and software.

I develop and provide support for our swim school software and oversee the day to day operation of our company owned swim school venues.

Along with Janet and Phillip, I will also be supporting Franchisees as we expand our network across the UK.

I am also a fully qualified FA Football Coach and have been involved with the development of soccer schools for children in the UK.

My background is in swimming, diving and synchronised swimming and I My background is in media and I have also performed in the Bournemouth also founded and developed soccer

How does it work? It's hard work that's for sure, but running your own swimming school is a fantastic way to make a difference to children and parents.

What do I need? You do not need previous experience of teaching children to swim or running your own business as excellent training is provided. You'll need internationally recognised swimming teaching and life saving qualifications. These can be obtained with us if you are not already qualified.

Franchise package "What makes this swim school franchise special is the capacity to teach children from 4 months to 12 years, which gives you a huge potential customer base." Our swimming programme is specifically designed to provide continuous development from baby swimming to advanced classes for children.

Your investment Start-up costs 5 year renewable operating license and protected territory 13 days teacher training 3 days business and administration training Booking software install and training Website page and search engine submission Teaching equipment pack Seriously FUN Uniform

Financial rewards You can expect to turnover in excess of ÂŁ150,000 per year once your school is established.

Swimming awards and certificates starter pack Business stationery 47

Have questions? Call Jonathon on 01753 251 020

Investment Opportunity Hey how have you been? I've had some great progress. I've added someone to my team that added tremendous value to my venture and saves me a lot of headaches. I have one last step before I have all the capital I need. just in case you know anyone who can help me, if not that's ok you've helped me enough and I appreciate it. Anyways, I'm in need of a bridge loan of $7k. It is needed to complete my Private Placement Memorandum so that it is insured properly by my attorneys. I already have an example of what it will look like to show you. I already have stockbrokers and hedgefund relationships that are on standby for the PPM. I have a partner who has built many successful companies and raised over 25 million for them that I attached a Forbes article on him. All I need now is the money to put insurance behind my PPM and it's a wrap. I'd even be able to pay it back within weeks from the raise the P.P.M. will immediately bring. Kind Regards Steven Cano President Logictek, Inc.

We ask for follow-ups from all our contributors, so we are able to report on progress...Unfortunately, it may not always be GOOD news... Hi Casey Hope you are well? A thief tried to break into our machine last night, by hitting it with a hammer, at least it proves its anti vandal, as it is still working. See a video

Kind Regards Nicole

BUT...What is positive, is that in the feature on e247 shops, in our June edition, we reported that one of the USP’s for these ‘amazingly secure units’ was an onboard CCTV! - Well done Nicole! Shame the vandals hadn’t read our feature. Ha ha.


Jacobs’ Ladder (rung 2 - On the way) Well, what an incredible few weeks it’s been! This issue’s article really does highlight the true experience of being an entrepreneur. It has been a very inspiring, interesting and exciting time and I’d like to share it with you hoping one day, you might be there!

I was invited to meet Peter Jones CBE this month which was an invaluable experience and a pleasure to be able to meet one of my favourite business figures. It shows just where you can get through business as it creates so many leads, opportunities and friends for life. This month, I was recently approached by a teenager asking to set up his own business, when I asked why he hadn’t done it yet, he said he was scared. This is a common matter amongst young people wanting to start a business as most perceive enterprise as inheriting your great grandfather’s haulage company or running a small time boutique. My advice to him was just to go for it, there’s never been a more right time than now, especially in the UK. With a double dip recession and many large businesses collapsing, it’s the prime time for someone to come along with that ground breaking idea or concept and become successful almost overnight. There are so many businesses or ideas that even during tough financial and economic times will prosper, purely due to the effort and determination the individual behind it puts in. If you adopt the mindset that anything is possible and live every day as if it’s your last, you’ll get a hell of a lot out of each day and indeed life itself. It’s strange to think that a year ago, I’d just completed my GCSE exams and was planning on how to spend summer. Do I get a job or do I just laze around drunk for 6 weeks? If any of you readers are at that point, I strongly suggest getting out there and doing something! Make a change, make some money or do some work! It will be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do and six weeks is a long time to get stuff done in! It will put you in a good standing for life and may even change your life if you choose now to invent something 53 revolutionary, create a product or start a business?

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