Love is in the Air

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A119 Mini Wedding Cake B110 Mini Wedding Outfits

F61 Wedding Cake

G12 Wedding Outfits/Sm

B40 Congrats & Best Wishes

D64 Sketch Wedding Bells/Sm

H28 Wedding Outfits/Lg

F102 Love... Accept Rest

D44 New Love, New Life

A94 Love Letter

G162 Marriage Love, Honor & Negotiate

F105 Congratulations on your Marriage


H81 Sketch Wedding Bells/Lg

D145 Moped Thinking of You Often

F130 Moped Lifetime Love

A187 Love Stacked D150 Moped Note w/ Good Cheer

E160 Snowflake of Hearts/Lg

G234 Happy Valentine’s Jelly Circle /Lg

E163 Happy Valentine’s Jelly Circle /Sm B165 Snowflake of Hearts/Sm

B166 Happy Valentine’s Day Rad

E162 Circle of Hearts/Lg

B164 Circle of Hearts/Sm

B194 Love Heart/Sm

C176 KB’s Love Bug G260 Heart Background F183 Caught by a Bug


E192 Love Be Mine Long C175 Love Be Mine Stacked D221 KB’s Wedding Cake

D208 Sweet on You

G292 Wedding Wishes Circle

C154 Square Stitches

D209 Heart Happy Valentine’s Day

E193 Happy in Valentine G282 Moments that Delight

HH20 Line of Dots


C174 Love is so Tweet

B196 Love U

G258 KB’s Love Birds

C177 Thinking of U

F185 Heart Love You F186 U R Favorite Thing

F184 Heart Miss You


D30 Will You Be My Valentine Printed/Whimsey D28 Happy Valentines Day Printed/Whimsey

D29 Love to You Valentines Day Printed/Whimsey G71 Happy Valentines Day Handwritten

A188 Stitched Heart

F10 Heart Quadrant Block

A190 Tiny Solid Heart

C70 Swirl Heart

D179 Thinking of You Smile Rad F131 Moped Love Begins

A189 Smile Face/Lg

A186 Solid Heart

G235 Love to You Border Rad


D149 Moped Love & Heartfelt Congrats

E133 Mopeds Peas & Carrots B107 Baby Elephant

F114 A New Life Dbl D165 Baby Food Jars B106 Baby Lion D42 A New Baby Script A120 Mini Baby Feet

E132 Moped Congrats on New Baby

E104 Congrats on Your New Little One

C72 Baby Feet/Sm G152 Cherish Definition

B114 Plain Onsie

B115 Heart Onsie

B102 Onsie

H82 Baby Feet/Lg D119 With Love & Congratulations

BB27 Mini Lions

BB28 Mini Elephants

D116 It’s a wonderful thing!