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Kaz van Zegveld Portfolio 2019


Who am I? In 2015 I left my hometown, Brecht, for the thriving city of Antwerp and its university to start as a Product Development Student. I moved away from home to become a self sustained and responsible man. This also allowed me to completely focus myself on my studies. As a young child, I always enjoyed taking stuff apart, trying to figure stuff out. What makes them tick, what makes them work? Creating my own versions, good and bad, along the way. Thus the only logical path for me to take was to become a Product Developer. In this portfolio I invite you to retrace my path as a student and check out some of the amazing projects and designs that I have made.




Name: Kaz Last name: van Zegveld Sex: M Address: Kerkhovenakker Laan A 16 , 2960 Brecht Phone number: +32-474.124.540 Mail address: Date of birth: 08 December 1996 Place of birth: Edegem Drivers License: B Nationality: Dutch Marital status: Unmarried Skills

•Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign

•Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

•SketchUp •Solidworks •Blender


2019 -... : Master of Product development University of Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium 2015 - 2018 : Bachelor of Product development University of Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium 2009 - 2015 : High school ASO - Het Klein Seminarie in Hoogstraten, Belgium


Sketching skills Material processing/prototyping (manual & mechanical) Software:

•Sketchbook Pro

•IBM SPSS Statistics

Education and courses

•Dutch Native language – reading, speaking & writing •English Fluent – reading, speaking & writing •French Basic – reading, speaking & writing

Diploma & certificates Bachelor degree Product Development University of Antwerp Diploma High School ASO Science & Mathematics (KSH)

Gained experience: •Working in group •Leading •Sense of responsibility •Internship supervisor + evaluation of intern •leading meetings and short briefings •Manage administration •See work and take initiatives


What do I like?

Determined Ambitious Mature Competitive Structured Active Creative Trustworthy Helpful Proud Social Modern Flexible Respectful Impulsive What defines me?



Open minded

Energetic Problemsolving Goals Ambitious Lively Persevering Direct Studious Sporty 6


Personal container Context: Tattoo-artist

Vaseline Spare needles


Polaroid picture


The goal of this design was to create a personal container for a young tattoo-artist from London. This assignment really interested me because we had to make sure it matched the style of this specific persona and make it practical to use at the same time. The research-phase was really interesting because you got to know the workstyle of a tattoo-artist and had to adapt the product to his wishes. Working together with a professional gave me a lot of insights in what was neccesary in this design.




For the closing, the printing and the unpacking of the package, I considered some alternatives.

E-foam is a concept in which we strive to , as much as we can, reduce the waste concerning packaging within the e-commerce. The packages will be wrapped with a biologically produced foam. This foam will be made from non-harmful fungi which don’t need a lot to grow. When used, the packaging can be thrown in your garden since it will degrade by itself without harming any plants. The foam will harden in a similar way that isolation foam like PUR will. Eventually, this design was verified bij the Ecolizer tool.

The cardboard between the two halfs will contain all the details about the delivery


. The details about the delivery will be stamped in the foam


Small holes in the cardboard will make sure the two pieces will stick together when dried, while in the mean time the two parts can be ripped open easily because of the small contactsurface.

The rounded teeth will provide the foam of slits so the user can rip the foam in two equal parts by pulling them appart.


Braw Ergonomic branch scissors These ergonomic branch scissors from Braw (fictitious brand) will make sure that you can reach those high branches which make gardening such a pain in the ass. Thanks to the hook and the extanding blade in the direction of the branch, you can easily pull a branch closer after which the branch gets cut by the extending blade. The design of the mechanics and the workings of this product got most of my attention because I love the technical and the mechanical part of design proces.



Multifunctional City Pole This multifunctional city pole has the functionality of a lamppost, a bicycle storage, waste bin, a bench and an information stand all in one design. All the components will be produced using the SMC-technique (Sheet Moulding Compound). This makes the components extremely durable. Because of this, it will be resistant to the forces of nature and even vandalism.


Waste bin Information stand

Bicyle storage




E-hide Electrical bicycle storage

The E-hide is a bicycle storage for electric bikes in the context of a private company parking in which the bicycles are locked with a personal badge. Every storage space is provided with a locker in which the user can leave his bicycle helmet or other personal items. The energy used to charge the bikes wil be generated from the solar panels which are provided on the roofs of the construction.

In this assignment we had to think about a lot of different things such as security, compact design, the electrical network, the production and the ease of use. Because of the multiplicty, this was a very diverse and interesting design, which I really enjoyed!



This styling assignment gave us a lot of artistic freedom to create three different versions of a bluetooth box in the same style. The technical aspects and the assembly made it a very interresting proces.

Bluetooth box Style: Tron LegacyÂŽ



Pictures to projector

Six-Clicks : High quality camera + projector


The focus on the interaction between the user and the product and the meaning of each action gave this design a really interesting angle to look at.




In order to know the real meaning of a picture’s value, the Six-Clicks will only let you take 6 photo’s. This way, the users will put way more thought in a picture before wasting one of the six valuable pictures. A picture will be taken when you look through the camera like you would with binoculars and by twisting the front end until you hear it click.

Once the photo is taken it will be transferred to the projector by placing the correct part into the projector and twisting it until you see all of the LEDs glow. The two “wings” will be used to scroll through the photo’s.


Bachelor assignment: Skin analysis & Personalised shopping This high-end display will be placed in cosmetic stores where the customers can perform their own skin analysis by using the intuïtive interface and clear instructions on the display, in combination with a color code for each measuring device. After determining the customer’s skin type, the customer can select the products which will be automatically filtered by their own skin type. These products will be laid out at the checkout for the customer when they leave the store. This assignment was within the context of and with the use of Courage + Kazhaka Electronic GmbH’s measuring equipment.

“Easy accessability of the measure units”

Hydration measuring device

Sebum measuring device



natory a l p x e self-

and “Easy ions” ct instru

Most people buy skin care products without even knowing anything about their own skin. This concept will make sure the customers will have the perfect products specific for their skin so no other complications wll occur. The service is designed for everyone to understand and to excecute their own skin analysis. To make the instructions more clear we used a color coding system. This color coding system can be found both on the instruments and on the display. Orange for sebum and blue for hydration.

face” r e t n i user tui ti ve




Contact info Kerkhovenakker Laan A 16, 2960 Brecht, Belgium +32-474.124.540 Kaz van Zegveld

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Portfolio-Kaz van Zegveld 2019  

Portfolio-Kaz van Zegveld 2019