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Tamur Expedition 2012 Life without adventure is a half life missing... Duration

12 days

Trip Difficulty

Grade IV white water


6 th - 18 th November


guesthouse and camp


1499 U S D 8950 NOK



T he Ta m ur expedition i s an a dventure of a lifetime c o m binin g the a uthenti c N ep ali m o unt ain c ulture with trekkin g in front of the m y s ti c Hi m al ay a m o untain s a nd k ay a kin g with raft s u pport do wn the w hite w ater of Ta m ur River i s definitely an a dventure you will never for get. This expedition is fully taken care of our Nepali partner. On the trek there will be porters and yaks carrying all your kayaking gear and boat so you can enjoy the beauty of this country. The Staff will take care of your well being and prepare breakfast, lunch, and diner every day. This trip is also ideal for non-kayakers in addition there is a raft for everybody so your best friend can easily come along. S ee the next page for the expedition Description. This trip was done in 2011 by Julian Stocker Co. owner of Kayak Voss.

The river is known as the Jewel of the East and probably the best combination trip in Nepal. This is an exhilarating river expedition preceded by a 4-day trek to reach our starting point. This trek is known as one of the most beautiful trail in Nepal. The 4-day trek takes you through beautiful rhododendron forests and offer exceptional views on the third highest peak in the world: Kanchenjunga (8585m), the magnificent Makalu and the Everest. The river itself is the sixth largest river in Nepal and is rated as one of the best white water trips in the world, with around 130 rapids over 120 kilometers. Tamur River is a very beautiful and hidden river but it can be quite intense in terms of rapids. Tamur is well known for grade 4 continuous sections!

Day 1 On this first day we meet at our breakfast place in Thamel. We head off to the airport for an hour flight to Biratnagar (South East of Nepal). Weather permitted, we can observe the Himalayas and Mt. Everest during the flight. In Biratnagar we meet up with our ground crew and we take a private transportation to Basantapur. Basantapur is a thriving bazaar nested in the mountain area of East Nepal and the departure of our trek. We meet our trekking guide and spend the night in a local guesthouse tasting the local delicacy of the region. 1hr flight /5hrs drive and night in guesthouse

Day 2 After a filling breakfast, you get to explore Basantapur bazaar while our crew is sorting out the gear with the porters. The porters and yaks will carry all the expedition gears to the river. Mid morning, we start trekking following a meandering path through moss-covered trees and meadows. On the afternoon we reach our camp. A flat grassy area with a magnificent view on the Makalu Massif. After a Nepali tea in the village, we help to unload the gear and set up the camp for the night. 5 to 6 hours trek with a 800m ascent and overnight camp at 2300m. Day 3 An early wake up is highly recommended to enjoy the sunrise on the mountains! This trekking day takes us along the longest ridge of Nepal reaching 3000m around lunch time. We keep going on the path offering breathtaking views on Kanchenjunga Massif, Makalu and the Everest. On the afternoon we reach Gufa Pokhari Lake (2900m), a holy lake for Hindus and the location of our overnight camp. We get to try local delicacies (dry yak cheese, local bread, etc ‌) and meet the locals. You experience the Nepalese hospitality and the life style of the villagers at 3000m! 5-7 hours of hike with a 700m ascent and camp at 2900m

Day 4 Once again an early morning will reward you with wonderful mountains views and a last glance at the Makalu Massif. This trekking day continues on the ridge through green hills, and rhododendron jungle. You share the meandering path with the caravans of porters and yaks with a continuous view on the Kanchenjunga Mountain. We start crossing more and more villages as we descend in the valley. On the afternoon we reach our camp in Gorja village (2300m), a grassy platform facing the Kanchenjunga Mountain. 5-6 hours of trekking with a 600m descent and overnight at 2300m. Day 5 This trekking day is taking us all the way down the valley to the starting point of our white water expedition. As we descend, we meet villagers, crossing their rice fields and luxurious garden. The path is then going down through bamboos patches offering a refreshing view of the Tamur River. On early afternoon we reach Dovan a small town on the Tamur River. We set up our camp at the confluence the Tamur and a smaller creek. You well deserve a chilling afternoon, stretching and bathing in the Tamur River or simply explore the town. 5 hours hike with a 1500m descent and overnight at 800m.


Day 6 After a filling breakfast, we sort out our gear and the guides tie the gear rafts. Before we jump on the boat and head downstream, our river guides give a comprehensive safety talk for rafting. In the meantime kayakers get comfortable with their gears and warm up. Soon after the starting point, we are hitting continuous class 3 and 4/4+ rapids. S ome rapids will require scouting before we paddle down. We set up our camp after 15-20km, after the confluence with the Kabeli Khola.

Day 7 Another solid day of paddling with mainly class 4 rapids. Rapids continue at the rate of about one rapid per km then the valley widens a bit. The rest of the day float is a succession of bends, flat sections and nice rapids with play waves. Overnight camp on sandy beach or flat grassy area.

Day 8 Today is a succession of flat water and class 3 rapids. Rapids consist in couple of wave trains and riffles. For the most adventurous of you it may be an opportunity to get into a kayak for the first time or maybe take turn on guiding the raft. Overnight on a beautiful sandy beach 30min down Kurule village.

Day 9 Layover day and a chance to do what you want: read, relax, play volleyball, Frisbee, soccer, master the art of sand sculpture or learn Nepalese card games. We may also take advantage of this day to hike to small villages near by, or take part on a kayak workshop offered by our safety kayakers. The schedule will be up to you!

Day 10 First part of the day is couple of class 2-3 rapids. After lunch the river gradient steepens bringing some phenomenal white water action. Roller coasters class 4 rapids and fun waves leading to a class 5 rapid and more bouncy rapids. We pass Mulghat bridge and set up our camp a few kms below. Overnight on a sandy beach.

Day 11 Today more class 3 and 4 rapids as the river widens a bit and a class 5 rapid that marks the entrance of a short but impressive narrow gorge. The view is magnificent. The suspension bridge marks the confluence with the Sun Khosi River and the trail to Tribeni, with a temple overlooking the confluence of the three mighty rivers.

We then reach Chatara, our take out point. We load up our gear on the bus and head back to Katmandu (overnight bus ride ~16hours or flight back to Katmandu is optional). Day 12 After settling in our hotel, catching up with Internet world and a few hours of sleep we meet for a Dinner with all our fellow travelers.

Nepal Tamur Expedition 2012  

The Tamur expedition is an adventure of a lifetime combining the authentic Nepali mountain culture with trekking in front of the mystic Hima...