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Neff Awards 2012

individually designed luxury kitchens


Kitchens Under £20,000 Project Hopkinson

Value £17,500

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Kitchens Over £20,000 Project Lowe

Value £25,000

K.A.W interiordesign


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Project Hopkinson ÂŁ17,500 Address Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Designed 31st March 2012 Installed 6th June 2012

Appliances Neff Single Oven (B16P42) Neff Combi Oven (C67P70) Neff Induction Hob (T43T20) Neff Chimney extractor (D86D55) Neff Dishwasher (S51T69) Before


When shopping around, people often have their reasons firmly defined to warrant the purchase of a new kitchen. Mr & Mrs Hopkinson, of Bromsgrove, felt that their kitchen “wasn’t making use of storage, giving the kitchen a really cramped feel.” “Besides, it felt old fashioned and had poor lighting throughout”, they added. Not anymore. The luxurious, Italian-inspired combination of Pergamon Gloss and Grey Urbano wood grain gracefully emphasise the design of the new room, with lighting at the top of the priority list. As the sunlight pours through the blinds, the gloss units bounce natural light throughout the kitchen in a remarkably efficient manner. Plinth lighting and under-cupboard LEDs add a gorgeous soft glow to the kitchen, when mood requires it. At night, the use of lighting gives off a gorgeous aurora, as well as highlighting the stainless steel elements of the kitchen to a superb standard. The kitchen has been designed to make the most of the space. Because of this, you will find a vast array of special units designed to make the kitchen as ergonomic as possible. These include a cantilever corner system, hidden recycling bins and pull-out larder cupboards.


Everywhere you look in this kitchen, you find innovation and beauty. The extended worktop adds a breakfast bar and seating area with virtually no loss of space, to such a clever extent. The worktop is a gorgeous quartz surface, again adding to the amount of light reflecting throughout the room. Staring into the stunning gold colour, you often catch glimpses of the kitchen via highly visible reflections. This is such a lovely feature, making the room feel much large than it is, as well as inviting. Contrasting the worktop with the Grey Urbano units works particularly well. The reflection of the Pergamon Gloss also has a great effect, emphasising the extreme quality of this worktop.

Project Hopkinson

Appliances were another significant priority for Mr & Mrs Hopkinson. To suit the style if their cooking and desires, such as being keen on high-end appliances, KAW recommended Neff, the market leader for built-in kitchen appliances.


Situated right at the heart of the kitchen, the fantastic 60cm induction hob and extraction hood are situated on the exterior wall of the house, opposite the gorgeous bank of a single and combination oven. These four appliances further the premium, luxurious feel of this kitchen. Stainless steel perfection, you might say. The integrated Neff dishwasher is neatly hidden away from view. Featuring premium qualities such as NeffSparkle and a top-shelf cutlery drawer, the product received nothing but praise and admiration from Mr & Mrs Hopkinson. Moving on, and I’m sure you may have studied the pictures, to notice the lack of a kettle. The Quooker 100°C boiling tap is the reason for this! Allowing instant hot water, it is one of the standout features of this remarkable design, providing convenience and minimal design amongst other things! Anyone fancy an instant cup of tea? From the small, non-intrusive breakfast bar through to the stainless steel plinth with lighting, this kitchen is brimming


with quality, technology and modernity. For a small area, the space has been utilised to an impeccable standard. This beautiful kitchen is the perfect example of the balance of input from both sides. The customers’ wishlist and thorough research enabled our designer to suggest the best possible design. The outcome of this collaboration? A drop dead gorgeous kitchen – built to the dream specifications of Mr & Mrs Hopkinson.

KAW CGI Proposal


K.A.W interiordesign

Project Hopkinson 06

Project Lowe ÂŁ25,000 Address Blakedown, Worcestershire Designed 5th April 2012 Installed 13th June 2012


Neff Single Oven (B46E74) Neff Combi Oven (C67P70) Neff Induction Hob (T43T80) Neff Chimney extractor (I89D55) Neff Dishwasher (S51T69) Neff Warming Drawer (N21H40) Neff Tall Integrated Freezer (G4655X7) Neff Tall Integrated Fridge (K4655X7) 07

The ability to balance contemporary styling with traditional elements when designing a kitchen should be considered a fine, specialised art. Welcome to the masterpiece we like to call Project Lowe. Modern design elements incorporate the use of two-tone and tritone colour schemes, something which has worked fantastically well with Mr & Mrs Lowe’s kitchen. Cutting edge technology and wise innovations add nothing but sophistication to this stunning kitchen. The centrepiece, quite literally, is the stunning island. Housing the gorgeous Neff 80cm Point & Twist Induction Hob, it has been painted in a gorgeous off-white to really stand out from the Natural Oak along the tall housing run. At the front of the island Mr & Mrs Lowe has utilised blue LED lighting to really highlight their collection of cut-glass. This turned out to be a fantastic installation, as the glass throws gorgeous blue colour through the room in low light. Specialised worktops were another key element for Mr & Mrs Lowe – and their worktop is certainly special


A unique, specially-sourced luxurious granite has been installed across the island and main run. The combination of this light stone with the three colours and the brown wall works staggeringly well. The rich veins of the worktop are bursting with vibrant colours of red, grey and black, which come together beautifully to create the dream combination. You wouldn’t recognise the kitchen if you were to compare pictures of before and after. Utilising the space of what was formerly two rooms, the kitchen has a remarkable open-plan feel to it. Although the island is situated perfectly within the chef’s triangle, there is enough floor space to through a small party! And why wouldn’t you? You have a gorgeous kitchen…go ahead and show it off.


One of the key things for Mr & Mrs Lowe was to increase the light coming through from two paltry existing windows. Well, the huge bi-fold door certainly does that now. Mrs Lowe stated that there was nothing better than “baking a cake whilst having a gorgeous cool breeze sweep over you.”

functions on the Neff combination Oven have won over the exuberant praise of Mr & Mrs Lowe. To finish off the bank, a 14cm Neff Warming Drawer sits pretty at the bottom. Neff’s timeless Stainless Steel trim fits in perfectly with all aspects of the kitchen – from the colour of the worktop to the hand-painted units in the island.

Looking at the appliances, and we are certainly well covered. A top-of-the-range Neff dishwasher with NeffSparkle is situated alongside hidden recycling bins. We’ve already talked about the Induction Hob, but we’ll mention it again. Mr & Mrs Lowe were unsure of Induction, before being convinced by the fantastic features. They are what we like to call ‘induction converts’. Smart move.

Mr & Mrs Lowe are undoubtedly thrilled with the final outcome. As explained the elements of traditional and contemporary schemes have been contrasted to achieve the perfect aesthetic balance. The room has a feel of modernity and class whilst the doors have the bespoke detail and quality you would expect to see in a traditional cottage.

A SlideAway Neff door on the single oven makes access by the island convenient, whereas the Conventional Fan

This is one piece of art we would be proud to hang in our gallery.


KAW CGI Proposal


K.A.W interiordesign

Project Lowe 12

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K.A.W interiordesign

K.A.W Interior Design Unit 3, 19 Lisle Avenue, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY11 7DF |

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