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The Relationship Issue

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Isn’t it great to welcome spring? After a long winter we can all appreciate the promise of a new beginning. And that’s also why we decided to create ‘The Relationship Issue’ for this edition of Kawartha Social. It’s a focus we’ve picked for good reason. Relationships are critical to our lives; we are social beings. We long for strong connections with our family, friends, partners, and community. But relationships are not always easy or straightforward. They require work, patience, and understanding. They also need to be nurtured and celebrated.

In this issue, we looked at some of the challenges that people are facing in modern relationships. Denise Waldron speaks in our cover story to local relationship experts about a term we are all hearing about lately – narcissism. When one partner in a relationship exhibits these traits, it can lead to a one-sided dynamic where the needs of the non-narcissistic partner are overshadowed.

On the flip side, Susan Oliver, our newest addition to Team Social, writes about people looking for real world connections amidst the fast-paced world of online dating. Samena Kennedy who is spearheading a series of speed dating events at her restaurant in Fenelon Falls tells us why she decided to create this initiative and it has everything to do with local singles seeking meaningful relationships – no matter your age.

Join us as we reflect on these timely topics, offering guidance for those either dealing with romantic hardship or those seeking love.

Please reach out anytime at rebekah@ lindsayadvocate.ca and let us know what you think of our second issue.

Happy spring,




So, you’re ready to get outside and enjoy all the Kawarthas have to offer this time of year! Maybe you’ve even got a health goal to get more active. While running may come to mind, it’s not the only way to get that doctor-approved cardiovascular training out in the fresh air. Walking and hiking the beautiful trails and waterfront paths of our community can offer many of the same health benefits usually associated with running.

Walking can provide strength training for the hips and legs, build endurance, improve mental health, prevent cardiovascular disease, and even improve pelvic health. We’re built to do it! Humans have evolved to walk over long distances, daily, with ease. (Modern humans might need to build that up a bit gently after a long winter of only couch-to-kitchen walking.) And most people enjoy walking. Walking gets you places, entertains you and keeps you healthy and mobile.

Getting up on your feet and walking more is the best and first cardio goal you can set this spring. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not hitting 10,000 steps per day. Research shows that just 3,500 steps per day (slow or fast) will lead to noticeable improvements in overall health. That’s about 3 km, or a half hour walk, doable for many people in the course of a day. So, walk to the corner store, walk the dog, or maybe even take a walking phone call to catch up with a friend. All walking is a great choice. Walking activates all the muscles of the legs, hips, back, and even the core and pelvic floor.

If you don’t have time for a long walk every day, you can experiment with speed and incline to deliver fitness results. Swing your arms and find a pace at which you can still breathe rhythmically through your abdomen (rather than quickly and shallowly through your shoulders & chest). Aim to increase your speed and/or distance as you build up your walking stamina. Try this: choose a path you can walk regularly and time yourself walking it. Aim to beat your time by the end of summer. Or set an amount of time you can devote to your workout and double back at the halfway point; see how much further away your halfway point gets, over the weeks and months.

Another great way to achieve the health benefits of higher intensity exercise through walking is to walk up an incline. Find a hilly area in your neighbourhood or a great hiking spot that offers some rougher terrain. Choose a well-worn path and hike with a friend for safety. Walking up and down hills is nature’s high-intensity-interval-training — it offers a higher exertion level and effective cardiovascular workout in a shorter period of time. In fact, walking at a significant incline recruits more muscle than jogging on flat ground, a trick bodybuilders have known for ages.

Go get ‘em, walkers!

Dara Bergeron is a veteran trainer and movement educator specializing in body-neutral and functional strength, mobility, and core & pelvic floor awareness. She lives in Lindsay.

Start getting strong and flexible at home in less time than you think! Download your FREE Keep-It-Simple Workout Planner: darabergeron.com

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5 ways to celebrate before your big day

We are at the start of the bridal season and all the ensuing pre-wedding events for the wedding party. They go by various names such as stags, hen does, bachelor and bachelorette parties, a buck’s night or stag doe — but they all share the same goals of giving the bride and groom a memorable send-off into married life. They are a distraction from the stress of nuptial planning and will make memories before the big day. But what if you want to make sure the memories made don’t involve the cliches of too much alcohol or strippers?

Here’s our top 5 list of ideas that don’t involve debauchery while supporting the local economy in the Kawarthas.


Enjoy a three-hour soap making class where you will learn about safe lye handling, basic terminology, soaping tips and options for customizing soaps. You will take home 10 bars of soap and a mold to make more on your own. There are scheduled workshops, but if you have at least four participants, you can call to book your own time.

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Archery tag is a unique combination of dodgeball and traditional archery, where players use foam-tipped arrows to tag their opponents and score points. It is suitable for all ages and abilities. Guests can bring snacks and drinks from home. There are drop-in slots, private bookings, and they can also bring mobile games to your own property.

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If you haven’t played bingo since elementary school, you should indulge in adult bingo with your bridal crew. While winning cash is always fun, most bingo players enjoy the social aspect of the game and people watching. Bingo culture includes stuffed toys, rocks, framed pictures and charms on player’s tables while being touched for good luck. There are halls in Lindsay and Peterborough with both supporting many local charities.

Bingo Bingo Lindsay has light snacks and drinks. Delta Bingo in Peterborough has hot meals, alcohol, and themed nights such as drag bingo. You can also take part in dancing, book private booths and use the slot machines in Peterborough.

Lindsay Bingo Bingo

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Delta Bingo

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Soaking up the sun on a gorgeous day in the Kawarthas while drifting around a lake in a boat is ranked high. An amazing day for your bridal party is no longer hindered by your lack of boats or a cottage.

Kawartha Adventure Rentals rents canoes, kayaks and paddle boards and will deliver locally for single day rentals to a public access point.

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Axe throwing ranges are available in Lindsay and Peterborough. The modern sport of axe throwing involves a competitor throwing an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bullseye as near as possible. Axe throwing has historically been an event in lumberjack competitions but has caught on as a recreational activity for the public to enjoy.

Both local clubs serve alcohol, but if you show up already inebriated, you won’t be able to enter. Light snacks are available to purchase and you can order outside food or bring your own from home.

Solidarity Axe Club

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Even checking off just some narcissistic behaviours can make relationships difficult, say local experts

“You will never get the truth out of a narcissist. The closest you will ever come is a story that either makes them the victim or the hero, but never the villain.”

– Shannon L. Alder, therapist and author.

Narcissism. It’s a trendy buzzword. People describe others who continually post selfies online along with their fabulous trips, achievements and have a propensity to be the star of their own shows as narcissists. People claim they are know-it-alls, the best at everything they attempt, and they believe themselves to be extraordinary.

In reality, very few people are narcissists. Experts say it is a serious mental disorder usually involving other mood disorders such as anxiety, OCD or depression. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) isn’t common. It only affects between 0.5 per cent and one per cent of the general population.

NPD is a mental health condition characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, a constant need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. Individuals with NPD often manipulate and exploit others for personal gain, lie, and exhibit a pattern of grandiosity and en-

titlement. Despite outward confidence, they may harbour deep-seated insecurities and struggle with maintaining healthy relationships due to self-centred behaviours.

Narcissists also expect special treatment, believing they are entitled to whatever they desire and anticipating compliance from those around them.

Josie Foster of Peterborough, intimately knows these behaviours while being married to a narcissist for 25 years. They met at a summer job while they were in post-secondary school.

Their romance was red hot and happened quickly. She had never met a man like Peter Liston before. He lit up when he saw her, bringing coffee every morning, treats at lunch, and showered Foster with compliments.

“He was really funny, telling jokes in the break room and the others were impressed with him. He was the centre of attention,” she said.

Her favourite evenings were spent with his family, playing board games, something her own family had never done.

A few weeks into these marvellous game nights, she was asked to grab the game from the cupboard. Noticing her favourite game, she placed it on the table and looked up to see blank stares. Her future father-in-law said, “We don’t play that one. You don’t want to see what happens if Peter loses.”

They played it anyway. Liston’s brother won. Liston immediately told Foster it was time for him to take her home. He was sullen on the drive, stating people had cheated, as there was no way anyone could beat him.

While Liston was starting to reveal his true self, Foster accepted his marriage proposal. She figured if she just tried harder to please him things would be better.

Three baby girls quickly followed, leaving Foster exhausted. In addition to caring for the children, she had to handle the cooking, cleaning, banking, and scheduling medical, dental, and car maintenance appointments.

“He claimed not to know how to do chores and had no interest in learning as they were not enjoyable to him,” Foster said.

She had mostly severed ties with her own sister due to Liston’s constant testing of her loyalties. The same applied to outings with friends; she had to seek his permission and provide all the details, adhering to a strict timeline.

“If I tried to reason with him, even a bit, he would blow up. It is just easier to stay home and tell my friends I am busy.”


While most would question why someone would live with a controlling, narcissistic partner, divorce coach Michelina Cusano says there are many reasons why


people don’t leave unsatisfactory marriages.

She notes that for some it does not matter if their partner is abusive or not — they stay in the marriage as they “don’t want to put shame on their family.” She adds there is also religion, culture, and society’s expectations of what women and men are supposed to do or not do.

Cusano says generational trauma can come into play as well. People may have had an alcoholic parent and they married someone who did not drink, but they are abusive in other ways and they stay and think it is fine. She notes the children might make the same kind of choices, because it’s in their DNA now. The divorce coach says in her role, she creates safe spaces for clients to open up and heal with empathy and support. She notes while a therapist usually deals with what happened in the past — divorce coaches look to the future. Plans may include practical issues of co-parenting but also to deal with emotions.  “I help them to understand that the power is within them and I just guide them.”

She recommends people start by prioritizing their physical, emotional, and mental well-being by engaging in activities that bring them joy — be it exercise, meditation, spending time with loved ones that are supportive and safe, and “pursuing things that just light your heart on fire.”

While Liston was starting to reveal his true self, Foster accepted his marriage proposal. She figured if she just tried harder to please him things would be better.

Cusano advises her clients dealing with a narcissist to embody the metaphorical concept of a grey rock, remaining steadfast and unresponsive, symbolizing strength and stability. She explains narcissists often study their partners to manipulate them. When they realize they cannot gain the desired attention from the unyielding “rock” and lose control, they may seek attention elsewhere.

According to divorce lawyer Paul Riley, navigating a divorce is one of the most stress-inducing experiences individuals will encounter in their lives, and dealing with a narcissistic partner during the process adds an extra layer of difficulty. He says they take the divorce into a battle royale, “that just takes it to a whole other level of seriousness.”

Riley, who has offices in Lindsay, Toronto and Ottawa, says while it is important for him to take care of the legal and courtroom business, he also acknowledges divorce is emotionally devastating, and people need to be supported without ringing up another bill. He provides wraparound care for his clients with three divorce coaches, including Cusano, free of charge.

Riley sees common narcissistic behaviours along with unrelenting court assaults, trying to destroy the ex out of anger, and not caring about impacts on children. He clarifies true narcissistic disorder is rare and most everybody who comes to a lawyer now for a divorce situation will say they’re trying to get

away from a narcissist. “Some of those people certainly will have narcissistic tendencies, an over inflated sense of self, and a selfishness where they only care about their initiatives.”

The origins of having a narcissistic personality disorder are thought to be varied. Some studies suggest a genetic predisposition, negative developmental experiences as a child, trauma, or conversely, excessive praise, including the belief that a child may have extraordinary abilities, which may also lead to NPD.

All of us display narcissistic tendencies at times and some of us, all the time. Toddlers are classic narcissists. Thankfully, none of us marry them, said Riley. But narcissists do throw tantrums and they are 38 or 40 years old. “They’re dangerous and they have means and they have money to drag you through a years-long legal battle.”

The lawyer says if you catch the narcissist in a lie, they will lie about that lie. He notes they don’t give up and will continue to attack at all times. “It’s an unrelenting assault that you’ll find it’s just the next level of aggression.”

A narcissist might be indifferent to personal gains as long as their partner receives nothing, even resorting to metaphorically burning down the house to achieve this. In certain instances, clients have expressed to Riley that their spouse intimated they’d rather spend a million dollars in legal fees than see the spouse get a dime.

Paul Riley, a local divorce lawyer, has seen his share of NPD-like qualities in the courtroom. Photo: Sienna Frost.

Riley and Andrea Klein, one of his senior law clerks and a divorce coach, recently published the book, The Path to Resilience, A Guide to Winning Against a Narcissist in Court and in Life. “It’s part legal help, strategies, and it’s also a divorce coaching element as well,” said Riley.

In it, Klein gives tips on the winning in life aspect and to change from generational trauma. Riley covers legal strategies such as getting a motion to “have skin in the game,” which means the narcissistic spouse has to put some money into the court to be held, so that if they lose, the lawyer won’t be chasing them for months or years to collect that legal cost for the client who won the trial.

In certain instances, clients have expressed to Riley that their spouse intimated they’d rather spend a million dollars in legal fees than see the spouse get a dime.

Karyn Dowdall is a registered psychotherapist in Lindsay and she recommends avoiding labelling and judging. She notes that often when people break up with someone, they find it easier to pick out their shortcomings. “Indeed, you may be hurt, but calling someone a narcissist or labelling them as mentally ill, can perpetuate negative stigma about mental illness.”

She notes, as people living in an individualist culture, most of us have narcissistic tendencies. We may be competitive, insecure, vain, self-serving, and prone to comparison. “Social media amplifies and distorts this.”

Dowdall says NPD is one of many serious personality disorders which is often concurrent with other mood disorders and can be isolating. Dowdall says therapeutic interventions can be life changing — someone with a personality disorder can be helped greatly by a professional.


No lives have been changed in the case of the Peterborough couple, though. For Foster, her world got smaller after the children left home. Though committed to stay by Liston’s side, she said for the sake of their marriage he needed to seek medication and attend therapy.

After procrastinating before finally trying it, Liston found no relief from either option. Disregarding the physician’s advice that the medication required four to six weeks to take effect, he discarded them after just one week, claiming no change. He was eventually officially diagnosed as a narcissist and also suffers from anxiety and OCD.

Riley notes there are red flags early in dating a narcissist, as Foster noticed, but it’s quite common for some people to ignore them or think they can change that person.

While they may treat their partner like gold in the beginning, they will eventually slip up with others, he says.

“We can all do that for a certain amount of time, but eventually, you’ve got to come up for air; you’ve got to show who you really are.”


1. Understanding: Learning how to validate with enabling is a valuable relationship tool for anyone, but in particular, handy for dealing with personality disorders.

2. Boundaries: Clearly communicate boundaries related to mistreatment and abuse and specify the consequences you are willing to enact. For example, “You may not call me at work; if you do, I will not answer.” Or, “I will not comply with your demands when you threaten suicide, but I will call 911 to ensure immediate and appropriate help for your issues.”

3. Build a self-care/self-compassion practice in which you build resilience in response to stressful situations. Seek to understand your partner/ex-partner’s issues/illness, while looking for the good in them.

4. Do not tolerate abuse. If you are being abused, seek professional support and take steps to separate yourself from the person who is hurting you.

Denise Waldron is a local feature writer for the Advocate and Kawartha Social magazine. She is ordained and marries couples in the Kawarthas. You will often find her enjoying the local culture and outdoor amenities in Kawartha Lakes. KS



Welcome to spring! As the ice heads out the earliest we can remember, we begin to turn our focus on lighter and brighter days. It’s time to put those winter hues to rest and embrace 2024’s newest trends. We’re excited to watch as the trend of perfectly styled white interiors is taken over with texture, real colour, and diverse materials. Welcome to the all-new cottage; it might look a lot like it did 40 years ago!

Rich woods – you thought that oxidized pine was becoming dated. Texture – reclaimed natural floors and dark, rich hued, and organically styled furniture are taking over. Natural materials, furniture made to last, and timeless collected style are everything we had hoped would make their way to the forefront of interior trends.


Now is a good time to prep your garden and outdoor furniture. A good power wash and assessment of fabric may lead you to needing to replace some pieces. Our aluminum and resin rattan outdoor furniture is both design forward and made to last. With a slew of colour options including aluminum that looks like teak (it looks sooo real!) and umbrellas, side tables, dining table, sectionals, sofas and loungers, Room has everything you need for your outdoor living areas. If you act quick, we’re having our first pre-season sale of 10-30% off, making sure everything you order arrives in time for spending time outdoors. You can come see our furniture at the Fenelon Falls Country Living Show April 19-21 or our showroom in Fenelon Falls at 36 Colborne Street.


The spring season is also that time of year where we want to clean the winter greys away. With that comes the realization that replacing a few pieces here and there is a great way to refresh your space. Whether it be a casual chair, a large sectional or a rocker, our Canadian manufacturers have just released their new lines and we’re excitedly bringing in new options for you to try. Now is also a good time to stop in and pick up some seasonal sale items as we clear out the floor for our new arrivals.

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1. Colour is key. Peaches, pinks, yellows, reds and greens are a way to bring some vibrancy inside. Don’t be afraid to get wild with colour this spring. Maximalism and contrasting colour is back!

2. Retro is in. Those ‘70s, 80s and 90s vibes are in! You’ll have to check out Gus* Modern to see how they’ve brought colour and retro into some well-made pieces.

3. Statement details. The fast furniture trend is over. Solid pieces that are timeless are in.

4. Pattern. Checks, stripes and organic details are being found everywhere in fabrics, accessories and rugs. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

5. Chromes and nickels are the new black. Retro vibes all around, these classic materials are timeless.

6. Playful minimalism. Brown is back and layering this in different hues, from walls to furniture to accessories has a way of bringing a quiet luxury to your home.

7. Curved furniture takes centre stage. Curved arms, backs and voluminous shapes are taking hold of accent chairs, couches and accessories. These shapes have a way of bringing calm to a room.

8. Art. On ledges, mixed together, or a statement piece, original art has become a real way to bring in your character and style into any room.  Our sister space, the Colborne Street Gallery is full of local original artists in many different genres.



Humming the melody to “I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair,” I waited for decluttering specialist Allana Lytle from HowSimpleOrganizing.com to arrive. Recently separated and an empty nester, I was finally ready to let go of years of accumulated stuff cluttering my family home.

To be frank, I’m messy. When I don’t have a place to put something, I do one of three things: haphazardly stuff it into a drawer or cupboard, hide it in the basement or, most commonly, let it sit and become invisible to me.

Allana, on the other hand, has the willpower and skill to dive into debris and literally make it go away. This is what I needed, not just from a mess perspective,

but emotionally as well. “Decluttering is a physical metaphor for opening up, and make space for something new,” Allana explains to me as she gives me the ground rules for a successful purge.

The toughest part of clearing out years of accumulation is having the inner fortitude to let stuff go. By that she means being okay letting go of material things that may have emotional significance but are no longer useful. This is where hiring a professional declutterer is key, providing a calm, objective voice to guide you through an effective purge. “It’s an intimate experience,” Allana tells me. “You get to know pretty quickly what your clients’ triggers are.”

Allana chose the kitchen to start. The first

step in her decluttering process is removing every single item out of drawers, cupboards and off shelves, categorize by creating “like with like” piles on a large area like a kitchen table or the floor.

After hours of emptying and sorting, I was called in to make executive decisions. It became painfully clear to her (and me) that I was a chronic cupboard stuffer and semi-hoarder.

I was horrified to see how much I had accumulated over the years. I mean, who needs a dozen serving platters when I barely entertain?

She gave me four choices: keep, donate, sell, or toss. She pointed at a piece, then I decided.

I felt weight lifting off my shoulders as I took in my half-empty kitchen, excited to tackle the next cluttered space.

When I wavered, she’d ask me “do you REALLY need this?” With her gentle prodding, my “keep” pile become the tiniest of the four. After wiping down every storage surface, she methodically reorganized each drawer and shelf, bagged the rest, and immediately removed it from my house.

I felt weight lifting off my shoulders as I took in my half-empty kitchen, excited to tackle the next cluttered space. We headed to my equally disorganized bathroom, where I confessed to Allana why I avoid purging alone. When faced with mess, I freeze, procrastinate and avoid. Allana tells me this is not uncommon. Her advice? Baby steps. Start small to avoid overwhelm. Set a timer for 30 minutes and tackle one drawer. Empty it, sort like with like, (come on – how many light pink lipsticks do you need?) and decide what you absolutely must keep, or choose to donate, sell, or toss immediately. It will feel freeing when you re-organize your pared down drawer, now easy to find and use what you’ve kept.

Allana promised the process becomes more intuitive as you go. “You get in a groove and realize what you are gaining outweighs the stuff you are giving up.”

Allana Lytle is a decluttering specialist from Kawartha Lakes.

A few days into working together, Allana pinpointed my emotional trigger. While it’s easy for me to dispose of kitchen gadgets, books, and kitschy gifts, I find it painful to part with my memories –boxes of photos, career mementoes, anything related to my kids, and assorted emotional ephemera.

After pulling out yet another large plastic tote overflowing with every piece of my kids’ homework over 20 years, Allana pointed out that “if you keep everything, then nothing is special.” Oof. That hit my heart. She was right. I dove into the box and ditched a ton of math quizzes and ripped artwork, keeping the storytelling projects for my kids to go through one day.

Decluttering my home was a long process. I learned a lot while she rifled through my

possessions and helped me clear space, both emotionally and physically, for my next chapter.

She reminded me that decluttering my home wasn’t just to my benefit. The bags of clothes, kitchen utensils, linens and surplus school supplies I was donating would be a gift to many in need. That’s another compelling reason to part with stuff you’re hanging on to “just in case you need it down the road.”

Be honest. You’ll never use those 14 towels stored in the basement, but someone in need will value them.

Like Mary Poppins whose work was done, Allana’s parting advice sticks with me. “People say to me I need more space. I say, it’s the reverse. You just need less stuff.”

Erica Ehm is a writer, entrepreneur, speaker, broadcaster, and former MuchMusic host. She’s at home in Toronto and Kawartha Lakes.

Erica Ehm in her less cluttered space. Photos by Erica Ehm.



Fenelon Falls restaurant organizing real life interactions with speed dating approach

In a world of thumb-driven interactions and swipe-right connections, The Locker at the Falls is bringing back some old-fashioned, in-person socializing with their upcoming Spring Mix & Mingle: Speed Dating Event Nights.

This speed dating event series, organized by restaurant owner Samena Kennedy, aims to fulfil the growing need for face-toface communication. After years of COVID, talking to divorced and single friends and, during her years in hospitality, listening to customers on the other side of bars, Kennedy recognized a common sentiment: they were all seeking meaningful connections beyond the virtual barrier of apps.

“So many guests have asked, ‘Where and how can you meet new people?’” says Kennedy.

“That’s the tricky part, isn’t it,” says Ange Sorensen, a Peterborough resident who is out there in the dating world and committed to making meaningful connections. “For me, it’s going and doing things I am interested in. Finding someone who has like interests or passions is important to me. However, it is rare that you just happen to be riding your bike on a trail and come across that other person who just happens to be single; not impossible, just rare.”

Unlike Hollywood “meet-cute” moments, a standard rom-com plot device where fate frequently brings two people together in the most serendipitous way — think Roman Holiday or You’ve Got Mail – most singles need a more pragmatic approach to meeting new people.

So what about dating apps? Tinder, for the swipe; Loosid, for sober people; Beautiful People, for… beautiful people; Lumen,

for those over 50; Bumble, Hinge, Raya, Plenty of Fish; there has never been more choice since dating apps debuted in 2009. While Sorensen has entertained the idea of an app, she has too often overheard the gossip about someone they have seen on a dating profile and would rather not expose herself to that kind of drama. And she feels there are too many to choose from to tease out what she would like. “It’s a tough dating scene out there, and while open to trying out new things, right now apps are not on the list.”

Many of Kennedy’s friends are also disinclined to swipe. They are tired of the constant screen time, messaging, and the uncertainty of meeting through an app.

“I am not a person who spends all day on social media apps,” says Amanda Angiers of Fenelon Falls. “I guess you could say I’m anti-technology. I believe technology has caused people not to be able to communicate with others without a keyboard.”

Kennedy believes that dating apps are a better option for a “hookup” or for the Gen Zed generation as, being digital natives, that is their norm. But even that demographic is experiencing dating app aversion, with subscription fees, rose-purchasing paywalls, algorithm-driven connections that just aren’t connecting, and a perceived over-saturation of “serial swipers” on the apps now driving many to delete. At the end of 2023, TikTok user Keara Sullivan bluntly stated what many users felt: “If you met your partner on a dating app two years ago, you caught the last chopper out of ‘Nam.”

Singles are now urging one another to “go into the wild” to find connection. Responding to the zeitgeist, Spring Mix & Mingle in


Fenelon Falls offers a refreshing break from all that, providing a tangible and exciting opportunity for singles to embrace the magic of in-person connections.

This happy rediscovering of IRL (in real life) magic bodes well for developing a healthy, successful relationship.

A groundbreaking 2020 study on what makes relationships successful, led by Western University assistant professor Samantha Joel, applied machine-learning techniques to 43 datasets consisting of 12,000 couples and provided answers to the perennial question, “What predicts how satisfied and committed I will be with my relationship partner?”

The answers seemed to be less about whether a person is “your type” based on traits they say they have or ticks on your preferences list and more about paying attention to how you feel when you are with them. In other words, “It’s not who you’re with, but the dynamic you have with them.”

Angiers concurs. “The difference in the quality of the connection between online and real life is huge. More times than not, the men I have chatted with online have, in person, turned out to be the polar opposite from the person they say or think they are. I do not believe you can have a real connection with someone before meeting face-to-face. There are too many things to learn about a person: body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice are not something you can see while chatting online.”

Results from the study revealed that relationship quality was seen as satisfying if people establish a relationship characterized by such things as appreciation and lack of conflict and perceive their partner to be committed and responsive. Indicators such as these are why IRL events like speed dating are, for many, such a welcome part of the dating scene, as they create the environment that nurtures the types of relationships that people actually want.

The frequent argument for digital dating is that it makes it easier for daters to connect without leaving their comfort zone — or their house. But being willing to step outside your comfort zone and put yourself out there shows commitment to something more than a hook-up and an appreciation for what could be beyond anyone’s list — something that a machine cannot match. And, those who are responsive to being face-to-face and investing their time and effort into developing a connection through a shared experience are perhaps not of the conflict-loving type that the internet so dishearteningly breeds.

Ange Sorensen, a Peterborough resident navigating the dating scene. Samena Kennedy, owner of The Locker at the Falls in Fenelon Falls. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

Sorensen recognizes that “putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking.” However, several people she has talked to have had “horrible experiences with apps where boundaries were not only crossed but totally erased.” She feels that in person, this has a lower chance of occurring.

Spring Mix & Mingle aims to be an event for people to regain confidence, engage, learn, grow, and create lasting connections in a safe and welcoming environment. “Safe” is particularly appealing to Angiers as it is her biggest concern. As a woman, she considers many particulars before meeting someone she has chatted with online: where to meet; time of day; can you leave an unfinished drink with this guy while you go to the washroom; after the meeting, do you drive straight home? This event alleviates many of those questions.

Peterborough’s Sorensen has never attended a speed dating event but would be willing to. “I have it in my mind that it would be the perfect place to quickly meet a large number of people. Do your best to find out if you have any commonalities, and if yes, set up a second date. I

imagine it like a game or a movie where the protagonist gets themself into a series of zany dating scenarios that lead to speed dating. Personally speaking, my neurodiverse brain loves this idea.”

Sorensen’s dating intention is to “ultimately, fall madly in love. To find that powerful connection with another who has your back as much as you have theirs. Who makes everyone else seem weird, and you two are the normal ones.”

For Angiers, it is about getting off the screens and having the opportunity to potentially experience the dynamics that determine a happy, successful connection.

Bypassing the mysterious algorithms and getting straight to the face-to-face; perhaps a speed dating event like Kennedy’s is the new, old, best way to experience a pragmatic, real-life, meet-cute.

This throwback dating experience will happen April 5, May 3, and June 7, with light appetizers, cocktails, and connection.

Believers in the power of real-life connections are encouraged to pre-register and pre-pay, indicating their commit-

ment and ensuring a diverse and vibrant turnout for each night.

To learn more about the event, visit The Locker at the Falls at 9 Lindsay Street, Fenelon Falls, or get social with them at facebook.com/lockeratthefalls and on Instagram @thelockeratthefalls. KS

Susan Oliver is a freelance writer, teacher, and passionate supporter of all things arts and culture. She makes a good cup of tea and is searching for the perfect cup of coffee.

Sean Gibson and Amanda Devine on a date at The Locker at the Falls in Fenelon Falls. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

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Let’s build something beautiful together.


Event Nights

This throw-back dating experience will take place on April 5th, May 3rd, and June 7th from 9pm to Midnight. Cocktail hour, then speed date. Believers in the power of real-life connections are encouraged to pre-register and pre-pay, ensuring a diverse and vibrant turnout for each night. Private Event. ID will be required at the time of entry

MORE: investkawartha.ca | 165 Kent Street West, Suite 302, Lindsay



If you’re a meat eater in Kawartha Lakes, chances are you’ve heard of Farmer’s Butcher Shop. Since 2018, this family-owned business has been serving up high-quality, locally sourced, and ethically raised meats. Whether you’re looking for a custom cut, a special order, or a ready-made meal, Farmer’s Butcher Shop has you covered.

Behind the counter, you’ll find Matt De Vries, the proprietor and skilled butcher. He’s hard to miss, with his 6’7’’ stature, his ginger beard, and his friendly smile. But it’s his passion for his craft, his knowledge of his products, and his dedication to his customers that people most remember.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service, but it’s also the quality of our products, the variety, and the services we offer that set us apart,” he says. “We do custom cuts, custom grinds, custom orders, anything you want. You can be confident you’re getting a fresh product every time.”

When it comes to custom orders, De Vries remembers a gentleman who recently came in, saying he was making sopressata. “So we did a whole pork leg for him, we had to bone it out, grind it into a thick texture until it was done. Other customers may come in with dietary issues and we’ll custom make something, without salt, without certain spices, or in other ways.”

De Vries has built a team of skilled and cheerful staff who share his vision and values. They work together to create a welcoming atmosphere in the bustling butcher shop, where customers can browse the display coolers filled with a wide range of meats, from beef, pork, and chicken, to lamb, and bison. They can also choose from an array of ready-seasoned meats, such as marinated steaks, stuffed roasts, and seasoned sausages, that make cooking easy and delicious.

“For busy families, we have pre-packaged and pre-seasoned meats that are fresh, not frozen, and ready for your oven or grill,” De Vries explains. “For the less experienced home chef,

“We’re all part of the same community, and we want to support each other and keep all of us thriving.”

we have our own signature seasoning that goes well with everything, and we can also guide you in preparing and cooking the perfect meal. We want you to enjoy your food as much as we do.”

Speaking of less experienced chefs –and sometimes even veterans who have been winging it – De Vries strongly recommends getting a meat thermometer to make the perfect meal every time.

“The thermometer won’t lie and that means a perfect roast every time,” he says.

De Vries also says to make sure you have enough time to make the meal you’re planning. “One guy came in the other day and said he overcooked his steak. I asked why? He said he went to the garage to get more beer and left his grill unattended. Well, lesson learned. Keep your beer closer to the grill!”

One of the things that makes Farmer’s Butcher Shop stand out is their commitment to supporting local farmers and nourishing their community. As many of their meats as possible are sourced from farms within Kawartha Lakes, where the animals are raised humanely and sustainably.

“Everyone here takes an interest in what they’re doing and where our food comes from,” he says. “We have a great relationship with our farmers and our customers. We’re all part of the same community, and we want to support each other and keep all of us thriving.”

Farmer’s Butcher Shop also offers some unique and special features that cater to their customers’ needs and preferences. Every Wednesday, they bring in fresh seafood, and customers can also place custom orders for specific types of fish or seafood.

Another popular option is their roast and vegetables package, which includes a beef roast, along with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Customers can simply throw everything in a crockpot or a roasting pan and have a hearty and healthy meal ready with no prep work.

“I could just have red meat and white meat lined up, but then you have to come in here with a creative mind,” De Vries says. “We do that work for you. We make it easy and fun to try new things and discover new flavours.”

— Kawartha Social


SPRING 2024 Friendly service Superior quality

Ella Sawyer is stunning in this sage gown by Collette. The sheer corset bodice with lace-up back and intricate cascading beaded floral appliques throughout create a vision of perfection.


Cathy Allan Ladieswear

98 Kent St. W., Lindsay cathyallan.ca (705) 878-0483

Lizzy’s by Cathy Allan

104 Kent St. W., Lindsay lizzys.ca (705) 324-5555


In the heart of Lindsay’s vibrant fashion scene, Liz Grimes and Ron Wittenberg stand as pillars of style and classic elegance. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and a keen eye to their ventures, Cathy Allan Ladieswear and Lizzy’s by Cathy Allan. These establishments aren’t just boutiques; they’re destinations where fashion enthusiasts flock to discover the latest trends and formalwear.

Cathy Allan Ladieswear is bursting with spring fashion with its carefully curated collection of fresh and vibrant styles. From flowy floral jumpsuits to garden party dresses in brilliant hues that exude sophistication, the store caters to women who embrace the season with a sense of renewal and excitement. With more than 26 years of serving the local community, Cathy Allan Ladieswear has become synonymous with quality, excellent customer service, and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Meanwhile just a couple doors down, Lizzy’s by Cathy Allan is a haven for those seeking the perfect prom or mother of the occasion dress that makes a lasting impression. The store showcases the latest trends in eveningwear, featuring stunning gowns adorned with intricate beadwork, delicate details, and figure-flattering silhouettes making it a go-to destination for special occasions and red-carpet-worthy moments.

Ron Wittenberg and Liz Grimes are coowners and partners of Cathy Allan Ladieswear and Lizzy’s by Cathy Allan.

photos: Sienna Frost. 28
Spring Fling!

and midi length are both classic and flattering.

Below: Anjelica Medeiros is picture perfect in this halter style wrap culotte jumpsuit by Joseph Ribkoff. It is made in a stretchy, lux silky knit that is travel friendly.

L to R:

Carolyn Matthews is gorgeous in this floral print side tie top and matching pull-on tulip pant by Clara Sunwoo. The wrinkle-free fabric is perfect for travel and is easy care.

Kim Bozzo is channeling warmer days in this fabulous outfit by Charlie B. The embroidered eyelet denim jacket with frayed edge finishing pairs perfectly with the sleeveless linen tank and ditsy floral bootcut capris.

Alexsandra Bartley is ready for any occasion in this floral wide leg crossover jumpsuit by Papillion. With its flattering smocked waistband and soft and flowy fabric, she is ready to run errands around town or walk the beach.

Left: Mandy Sleep is radiant in this off shoulder cascading ruffle dress by Frank Lyman. The fabric is a comfortable luxe stretch scuba crepe in a gorgeous emerald.

Below: Siobhan Tremblay is a vision in pink in this Samuel Dong wired collar ruffle dress. The A-line style and self-belted waist are flattering and will suit many body types.

Left: Cathy Raven is elegant in this ruffled off shoulder bandage pleat dress by Frank Lyman. The midnight hue



From internationally bestselling Canadian author Genevieve Graham comes a gripping World War II novel about two sisters who join the war effort –one as a codebreaker and the other as a pilot – and the secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Perfect for fans of The Rose Code and The Nightingale.

Inspired by the real-life stories of women in World War II, The Secret Keeper is an extraordinary novel about the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood and the light of courage during the darkest of nights.


The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue meets Life of Pi in this dazzlingly epic debut that charts the incredible, adventurous life of one woman as she journeys the globe trying to outrun a mysterious curse that will destroy her if she stops moving. Fiercely independent and hopeful, yet full of longing, Aubry Tourvel is an unforgettable character fighting her way through a world of wonders to find a place she can call home. A spellbinding and inspiring story about discovering meaning in a life that seems otherwise impossible, A Short Walk Through a Wide World reminds us that it’s not the destination, but rather the journey — no matter how long it lasts — that makes us who we are.


Forbes may have labeled Ford Grant the World’s Hottest Billionaire, but all he cares about is escaping the press and opening a recording studio in gorgeous small-town Rose Hill. Something that comes to a screeching halt when he ends up face-to-face with a young girl who claims he’s her biological father. Now, he spends his days balancing business with parenting a sullen 12-yearold, all while trying desperately to keep his hands the hell off his best friend’s sister, Rosie Belmont. From the queen of modern westerns, Wild Love is full of so many delicious tropes and packs enough romantic heat to keep it sizzling from start to finish.


This raw and intimate memoir takes us inside the mind of a father who embarked on a ten-month journey through rugged and remote terrain in British Columbia in search of his missing son. From learning the scope of the logistics involved in a large-scale search-and-rescue effort to experiencing the range of emotions of a determined father and family on a near-impossible quest, the reader will not only follow Greg’s 1,600 km journey on- and off-trail in Manning Park, but will also meet Tmxwulaxw, also called Mother Earth, who guided Naterer throughout.

WORDS Curated by Cheri Hogg, Kent Bookstore, Lindsay


KAWARTHA SOCIAL: What is your preferred medium?

KATE SEGRIFF-FIELD: I use a hybrid approach with transparent acrylics as my underpainting, then finish with oils. This process requires a firm support, so my paintings are done on cradled wood panels.

KAWARTHA SOCIAL: What was your inspiration for this piece?

KATE SEGRIFF-FIELD: I love dogs, I have loved them since I can remember, despite being

bitten in the face by one in Kindergarten at a show-and-tell gone horribly wrong. It only made me want to understand them more. The painting “Good Boy” is just a random dog I took a picture of when I was out walking (with the owner’s permission.) I absolutely loved his face, he is a dogs dog.

KAWARTHA SOCIAL: Do you paint from home?

KATE SEGRIFF-FIELD: Yes, mostly I paint in the studio we built over our garage, but often paint outdoors with a group of artists called The Pickled Painters. I also offer lessons in the studio or guided Plein Air camping trips.

KAWARTHA SOCIAL: Do you have any shows coming up this spring?

KATE SEGRIFF-FIELD: Yes, we are doing an open house on June 15 at Field Day Art. I am entering a couple juried shows with the ECOAA, and if accepted, the Society of Canadian Artists. My work can be seen anytime online, or by appointment, at our gallery at Field Day B&B, and I am a regular at the Blank Canvas Gallery in Millbrook.

“GOOD BOY” • 23.5” X 23.5” • $500
For more info contact Kate at: kate@fielddayart.com • (647) 641-1236 • fielddayart.com 31
KAWARTHA SOCIAL Join us for the 2024 International Plowing Match & Rural Expo Lindsay, ON October 1 - October 5 Coming Soon! Find out how you can help! Volunteers needed. www.plowingmatch.org • IPM2024@plowingmatch.org Invest in digital marketing that creates opportunities for your business. Celebrating 25 years Proactive Planning 344 Logie Street Lindsay ON 705 878 3530 / 877 854 2919 mabeeandassociatespwm com Investors Group Financia Serv ces nc Trust. Integrity. Respect. Thank you, clients! New Beginnings Start Here 705.340.2641 SellWithTracy.com Book a free consultation today at profitcoach.ca Business coaching to help you build your business the way you want and get the financial results you deserve. 32




KAWARTHA SOCIAL: Part Time Believer feels like the quintessential Strumbellas album, despite Jimmy Chauveau now fronting the band. Is that because Jimmy fits in so readily with everyone, or maybe because Simon Ward’s fingerprints are still on the songwriting...or all three?

DARRYL JAMES: Finding a new lead singer is not an easy task for a band, but from the first day we met Jimmy, it felt like we’d all been friends for years. And yes, Simon stepped away from touring but had his songwriting fingerprints on the album, and it was an honour to have him help us write this record.

KAWARTHA SOCIAL: Describe a typical recording session when you’re trying to put together a new song. What’s the mood like in the room?

DARRYL JAMES: Our goal with any new song is always to leave our ego at the door when writing and recording. To trust our instincts. On this album, we worked with four different producers which created a dynamic sound, but created some challenges for how the record would come together sonically. Luckily our producer from Atlanta, Ben Allen, took on mixing the whole record.

KAWARTHA SOCIAL: What are one or two of your personal favourite songs on this album and why?

DARRYL JAMES: I’m most connected to Running Out of Time and Hurricane. Both these songs I co-wrote in LA in 2019, and I brought them to the band for consideration. Being such a late bloomer, as far as music industry standards are concerned, (The Strumbellas was my first band at the age of 30), I just feel so fortunate to help write some songs the band felt passionate about.

The Strumbellas are currently touring North America to support their new album, Part Time Believer. Stream and download now.

KAWARTHA SOCIAL: You’re touring all over Canada and the U.S. this year. What’s the best part about touring for you?

DARRYL JAMES: For me, touring is an incredible experience and one that all of us enjoy. We definitely don’t live the “rock and roll” lifestyle. We really do our best to stay healthy and try to take in as much as a city has to offer when we get there. It’s all about good food, exercising, some museums and press opportunities. I’m always on the hunt for a good second-hand shop where I can find a record or some sort of trinket I can be creative with.

Lindsay’s Darryl James of The Strumbellas.


Why it’s pricier today to have your creative colour and cuts done

In the past two decades, the landscape of hairstyling as we know it, has undergone a huge transformation, reflecting the changing trends and also a significant advancement in techniques and products.

This evolution has contributed to a notable increase in the cost of hair colouring and cutting services as compared to 20 years ago. Gone are the days when hairstyling was limited to basic procedures like full or partial highlights, root touch-ups, and perms.

Today, clients expect more personalized looks, lived-in colour if you will, which requires us as stylists to master an array of advanced techniques such as balayage, foilayage, baby lights, root smudges, root taps, and glosses, which gives our clients added longevity, and is the solution to these inspirational photos that are brought to us.

These techniques not only demand skill and time to create, but also specialized training.

As hairstylists, we invest significant time, money and resources in attending advanced training classes to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques, which inevitably adds to the overall cost of our services. Moreover, the products used behind the chair have

evolved to be more technologically advanced and much less harmful and in fact more healing to the hair than the colour and product of your grandmother’s hairstylist.

Today’s professional products used by the stylist and the client at home, are formulated with superior ingredients and innovative technologies such as bond rebuilders, detoxifying shampoos and glossing masks, resulting in better performance and much healthier, shinier hair as a final result. However, this advancement comes at a price, as the cost of these premium products is higher than the older, less sophisticated alternatives.

The demand for complex and intricate looks has surged in recent years, with a generous helping of social media and the desire for these individualized creative looks our clients come to us with. As a result, we are constantly refining our skills and expanding our repertoire to meet the ever changing needs of our clientele.

The increased cost of today’s lived in looks such as a gorgeous balayage, cowboy coppers and old money blondes, can be attributed to the industry’s ever changing and evolving techniques and products over the past two decades. Hairstyling has become much more sophisticated and specialized, reflecting both the demands of our clients needs and the technology in our professional products which can help us achieve our clients dream hair.

Monika & Rachel Kerschl are co-founders of Thairapy Beauty Bar thairapybeautybar.com • 3 Kent St. W, Lindsay • (705) 324-4884
& Rachel
WHAT’S HAPPENING AT KAWARTHA ART GALLERY SPARK PHOTO FESTIVALTIM BELLHOUSE: SEEING IN BLACK & WHITE APRIL 2 – 27, 2024 Not the library from your childhood (but we still love doing storytime) D I S C O V E R E X P L O R E B E E N T E R T A I N E D k a w a r t h a l a k e s l i b r a r y . c a M i l l i o n s o f o p p o r t u n i t i e s . O n e e x c e p t i o n a l l i b r a r y . Saturday, April 6 • 3 pm – 5 pm Vinyl EP & Video Release Party Coach and Horses Pub, 16 York St S, Lindsay, ON Saturday, April 6 • 11:45 am – 12:15 pm Grandmothers to Grandmothers Musicathon 2024 St James Anglican Church, 19 Bond St E , Fenelon Falls Saturday, April 13 • 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm Crook & Coffer, 231 Hunter St W, Peterborough With Derek Seed New vinyl EP out now! A S T H M A K I D S ( F E A T T R E V O R H U T C H I N S O N ) Buy the vinyl EP at Black Heart Vinyl, 87 Kent St W #1, Lindsay ON Blue Streak Records, 394 George St N, Peterborough ON ASTHMAKIDSBAND.COM LOCAL DATES ON THE ALIEN LOVE TOUR 35


an astrologer living in the Kawartha Region.



With Mars in Gemini enhancing your communication skills, this is a period ripe for networking and making connections. If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, it’s a great time to go to a local chamber of commerce event. Your social charm will be at its peak, drawing new opportunities and friendships your way.


JUNE 21 - JULY 22

The presence of the Sun in your sign fills you with vitality and confidence, Cancer. Use this energy to assert yourself and pursue your ambitions fearlessly. Trust in your abilities and don’t shy away from taking calculated risks. Your natural intuition will guide you towards success, which might also attract the perfect partner along the way.



With Venus in Cancer, your relationships and social connections take on added significance, Libra. Focus on nurturing meaningful bonds with others and fostering a sense of emotional security. Open your heart to love and allow yourself to be vulnerable. That special someone is ready to take the next step with you.



As Saturn continues its journey through Aquarius, you’re urged to focus on long-term goals and aspirations. Stay disciplined and committed to your objectives, even in the face of setbacks. Your perseverance will ultimately lead to lasting success. Maybe it’s a good time to go back to school (Trent University?) or study a trade.


APRIL 20 - MAY 20

As Venus enters Cancer, your focus turns towards home and family matters. It’s an excellent time for nurturing relationships with loved ones and creating a harmonious domestic environment. Investing time and energy into your personal space will bring satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. Check out some of the great shops in the Kawarthas to beautify your home.


23 - AUGUST 22

With Jupiter in Pisces, your spiritual and philosophical pursuits take centre stage. You’re seeking deeper meaning and understanding in life, which may lead you on a profound journey of self-discovery. Embrace this time of introspection. Perhaps take a class or two with one of the many yoga practitioners in Kawartha Lakes.



The alignment of Pluto in Capricorn encourages you to delve deep into your subconscious mind, Scorpio. This is a potent time for inner transformation and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you. If you can’t do it alone, a local hypnotist might help. Embrace the process of healing and renewal, trusting in your innate resilience.



With Mercury in Aries, your social life takes on added excitement and activity, Aquarius. Embrace opportunities for networking and collaboration, as they may lead to unexpected breakthroughs and alliances. Stay open to new ideas and perspectives, as they could inspire innovative local projects.


MAY 21 - JUNE 20

With Mercury, your ruling planet, in Aries, your mental acuity is heightened, and your ideas are brimming with innovation. This is a favourable time for initiating new projects and expressing your creativity. Time to open that business in downtown Peterborough or Lindsay that you’ve been thinking about? Trust your instincts.



As Mars transits through Gemini, your focus shifts towards your finances and material security, Virgo. Take proactive steps to manage your resources wisely and pursue opportunities for financial growth. Maybe visit that Lindsay-based financial planner you’ve been hearing about. Your diligent approach will pay off, leading to greater stability and abundance.



With Jupiter in Pisces, your focus turns towards expanding your horizons through travel, education, or spiritual pursuits, Sagittarius. Considering taking the time to leave the Kawarthas for a week in some exotic locale. Embrace opportunities for learning and exploration. Keep an open mind and embrace adventure.



The presence of Neptune in Pisces heightens your intuition and sensitivity, Pisces. Trust your inner guidance and pay attention to your dreams and subconscious messages. However, you often have trouble with boundaries so a second opinion on that new man or woman you met at The Pigs Ear might be a good idea.

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JOJO’S CUTEST MOMENT: I love when he cuddles on my lap and “makes biscuits” until he gets comfy, then settles in for chin scratches and snuggles. If you try and move he will reach out with his paw and hold your arm so you stay put.

SPECIAL TALENTS OR TRICKS: He stands in front of the sink, yelling for the water to be turned on for a drink. He also loves playing with his bird (a wand with feathers on it) and does amazing backflips trying to catch it.

MOST MISCHIEVOUS MOMENT: Bengals are always up to something but he makes me laugh when he knocks things off the counter or table or anywhere. He also likes lugging blankets around at night.

IF JOJO COULD TALK, WHAT WOULD HE SAY WHEN YOU GET HOME FROM WORK? Well, he is sassy, so likely “it’s about time you got home, I need treats!”

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