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“When one has tasted it he knows what the angels eat�. - Mark Twain


CONTENTS Sinful Strawberry Sinful Strawberry Strawberry, mascarpone & chocolate- the decadent combination.

Hazelnut Royaltine Fudgy Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Mousse

White Berry Streusel Chocolate, Marshmallows, Cherries the three musketeers.

Dark Chocolate and Cherry Muffins Whip out a dash of love mixed with Dark chocolate and cherries

Banoffee Pie Dessert with bananas, cream and dulce de leche

Passion Pearls Exotic Passion Fruit with fieutine cruncy pearls

Sweet Sunrise Rays of orange breaking through dark chocolate


Sinful Strawberry Sinful Strawberry ,mascarpone & chocolate- the decadent combination

Ingredients: 4 cups sliced fresh strawberries
 1/2 cup sugar
 2 1/3 cup of gluten free Bisquick mix
 9 tablespoons of sugar
 6 tablespoons of butter melted
 2 cups of heavy cream
 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar

Directions: Heat oven to 425 degrees.
Mix strawberries and 1/2 cup sugar, set aside.
Pour heavy cream in mixing bowl, add sugar and vanilla.
Turn mixer on high and beat until firm. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator.
Stir Bisquick mix, sugar, and butter until a soft dough forms. Make six balls and press them out. Slightly place dough onto ungreased cookie sheet.
 Bake for seven minutes and remove from oven, let cool.



Hazelnut Royaltine A choclate hazelnut spread

Ingredients : 150 gams (1 cup) of hazelnuts. (If they can be purchased blanched it will save removing the skins later) 1/4 cup of hazelnut oil (or canola oil if you don’t have hazelnut oil) 1/2 cup of icing sugar 1 tablespoon of honey 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

Directions : Roast hazelnuts in a pre-heated oven (275F) for 15-20 minutes. They will be ready when they are a light brown.Remove the hazelnuts and allow to cool a little before removing the skins with coarse cloth or kitchen towel.Blend the skinned hazelnuts in a food processor until smooth. This will probably require scraping down the sides a few times during the process. Blending will probably take around 5 minutes. Add the icing sugar, cocoa powder, oil and honey and blend until smooth. During this process add a little icing sugar to taste and a little oil to reach required consistency. Store in a refrigerator after the spreadeaches room temperature. 11


White Berry Streusel Chocolate, Marshmallows, Cherries the three musketeers.

Ingredients: 2 cups white or brown rice flour 2/3 cup sugar 1 tablespoon wheat/gluten-free baking powder ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon nutmeg 1 ½ cups wild blueberries (or berries of choice) 2 eggs ½ cup milk ½ cup butter, melted and cooled

Streusel topping ingredients: 6¼ cup brown sugar ½ cup rice flour (white or brown) 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/3 cup cold butter 13


In a medium mixing bowl, sift or whisk all dry ingredients and until thoroughly combined, stirring in blue-

berries after mixing dry ingredients.In a separate medium mixing bowl, beat eggs, milk, and melted (cooled) butter, and combine with the dry ingredients and berries, set bowl aside. Next, prepare streusel topping by cutting cold butter into dry ingredients, until the mixture is crumbly, and set aside. Pour half of the cake batter into a greased and floured pan (or use cooking spray) 9-inch round cake pan. Sprinkle half of the streusel mix over the top of the first layer of batter in the cake pan. Next, spread the remaining batter over the streusel layer, and top off with remaining streusel. Bake at 400 F (approximately 200 C) for 35 minutes, until center of cake springs back when touched, or tooth-pick inserted in center of cake comes out clean. Cool before serving.




Whip out a dash of love mixed with Dark chocolate and Cherries

Ingredients: 75g dark chocolate 65ml (¼ cup) unsalted butter 115g (1 cup) flour 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 55g (¼ cup) sugar 65ml (¼ cup) light brown sugar 1 large eggs 65ml (¼ cup) buttermilk 20ml sour cream ½ tsp vanilla essence ¼ tsp almond essence 85ml cherries 2 tbsps dried cherries 2 tbsps brown sugar 13 tsp cinnamon 17


Directions: Preheat oven to gas mark 4/175°C (350°F)/180°C.

Prepare muffin tin with paper liners or brush cups with butter.

Put cherries in a small dish and cover with boiling water. Leave to rehydrate for 5-10 minutes. Discard water and transfer cherries to kitchen paper where they can drain of any excess moisture. Into a large mixing bowl, sift flour, baking powder and salt, whisk to combine. Mix in the 115g (½ cup) sugar, make a well in the center and set aside.

In a small bowl (or measuring jug) whisk together lightly beaten egg, buttermilk, sour cream, vanilla and almond extracts. Now gradually add this to the cooled chocolate and butter mixing well until smooth and even in colour.

 Now pour this into the flour/sugar and mix using a folding action until all traces of flour have disappeared and is smooth and even in colour. Finally fold in cherries.
Spoon into muffin tins, sprinkle with sugar/cinnamon and bake on the middle shelf of oven for 20-22 minutes.

NB: I use a Chicago Metallic muffin pan which appears to allow for larger muffins. If your pan is similarly sized then this recipe will make 5 generous sized muffins with good crowns.



SWEET SUNRISE White chocolate ganache with mandarin crème patisserie

Ingredients: ½ cup (110 g) butter, softened ½ cup (100 g) sugar 2 cups 1 egg 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa 2 cups (440 g) granulated sugar 4 large eggs ½ cup (1.2 dl) orange juice ¼ cup (0.6 dl) lemon juice Grated peel of 2 oranges 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 Chocolate frosting ½ cup (1.2 dl) heavy cream or whipping cream 7 oz (200 g) semisweet chocolate (40-50% cocoa) (230 g) all-purpose flour 21


Directions: Line the bottom of a springform pan of 9 inches (23 cm) diameter with greaseproof or other non-stick paper and grease the sides of the pan.Using an electric mixer, cream the softened butter and sugar. Add flour and cocoa powder, and finally the egg. Reserve in the fridge for a few hours or more.Preheat oven to 350 deg F Using your fingers, pat down half of the tart dough into the bottom of the springform pan (not the sides); keep the rest frozen until next time.Bake at 350 degrees for about 7 minutes.For the filling, mix sugar and egg for 2-3 minutes with an electric mixer.Add lemon juice, orange juice, grated orange peel, flour and baking powder, and mix well.Transfer to the springform and bake at 250 deg F for about 30 to 40 minutes. A wooden pick inserted in center should come out clean. Using a knife, loosen carefully the cake from the sides of the springform pan. Let the tart cool to room temperature in the pan. For the chocolate frosting, heat the cream almost to a boil, add chopped chocolate, and stir until smooth. Let it cool until it thickens. Spread the chocolate frosting evenly on top and sides of the tart.



BANOFFEE PIE Dessert with bananas, cream and dulce de leche

Ingredients: 1 (405g) tin of condensed milk 350g of digestives or biscuits of your choice 150g of butter, melted 1 (284ml) pot of double cream 3 bananas, sliced instant coffee (optional)

Directions: To make the toffee sauce, remove the label of the condensed milk and immerse it in boiling water. Boil the tin for 2 - 3 hours. The longer you boil it, the darker and thicker the toffee will be. Make sure that the tin is FULLY immersed in water, otherwise, the tin will explode.For the base, crush the digestives and mix it with melted butter. Using a pestle or fork, press the digestives onto the pan. Make sure that there are no holes. Chill. Meanwhile, whip the cream until it’s stiff.Mix toffee and banana then pour onto thebase. Sprinkle instant coffee then spread cream on top.



Layer - spread cream onto the base, sprinkle a little bit of instant coffee then arrange the sliced banana, spread toffee then repeat. Layer 2 - spread cream onto the base, arrange the sliced banana then add another layer of cream. sprinkle some coffee powder and drizzle it with toffee.


I suggest using a spring form or loose bottomed cake tin. If not, line your tin with either a cling film or parchment paper so it will be easier to lift the whole pie out without breaking it.



PASSION PEARLS Exotic Passion Fruit with fieutine cruncy pearls

Ingredients: 1 cup flour 3/4 teaspoon salt 6 large eggs 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla 5 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled For the Passion Fruit Syrup: 1 cup frozen passion fruit pulp, thawed 1 1/3 cup sugar 2 tablespoons rum For the Passion Fruit Curd: 4 egg yolks 1/3 cups sugar 1/2 cup passion fruit pulp



Directions: Make the cake batter: Butter two 9-inch cake pans, and line the bottoms with a circle of parchment or wax paper. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
Sift the flour with the salt. Whisk the eggs with the sugar in a bowl. Place bowl over a pan of simmering water (do not let water touch the bottom of the bowl) and whisk mixture until warm. Transfer mixture to the bowl of a standing mixer and beat with the paddle attachment, until mixture is pale yellow and tripled in volume (5 to 8 minutes). 
 Gently fold flour mixture into egg mixture, lifting and folding so as not to deflate the batter. Carefully fold in the melted butter. 
Spread the batter into the prepared pans. 
Bake cakes for 25-30 minutes, reducing temperature to 325 after 20 minutes of baking. Cakes are done when they are golden brown and spring back to the touch. 
Let cakes cool on a rack. 





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