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A handful of friends, a few pretty girls, brilliant designs, and endless summer days. Elevated- a lifestyle of sesh. Live Life to the Fullest.. Get us in your store today!


Mens Tees: 100% Rinspun Cotton Size: S M L XL XXL Mens Tanks: Tri-blend Size: S M L XL MSRP: $23.99 Wholesale: $11.99 Super comfortable, incredibly soft, Straight fashion fit. Made in USA Sesh: MTT-A001

Sesh: MTS-A001

Vision: MTT-A002


Delta: MTS-A004

Vision: MTS-A002


Elevation: MTS-A012

Jib: MTS-A005

Jib: MTT-A005

Techtronic: MTS-A006 Alliance: MTS-A007

Techtronic: MTT-A006 Alliance: MTT-A007

Assemblance: MTS-A008 Linguist: MTT-A010

Gnar: MTT-A011

Stamina: MTS-A009 Linguist: MTS-A010

Switz: MTT-A012

Switz: MTS-A012

Gnar: MTS-A011

Statement: MTT-A019

Captain: MTS-A021

Krieg: MTT-A013 Front: MTT-A015

Blitz: MTS-A020

Blitz: MTT-A020

Captain: MTT-A021

Golden: MTT-A014

Statement: MTS-A019

Krieg: MTS-A013 Front: MTS-A015

Golden MTS-A014 Air: MTS-A016 Propaganda: MTS-A018

Propaganda: MTT-A018

Swell: MTT-A017

Stamina: MRT-A001

Stamina: MSW-A001

Propaganda: MSW-A002

Propaganda: MRT-A002

Assemblance: MFZ-A001 Mens Hoodie 50/50 Blend 10 oz S -XXL MSRP: $59.99 WS: $27.99

Delta: MRT-A007 Mens Raglans 50/50 Blend S-XL MSRP: $34.99 WS: $15.99

Air: MRT-A003

Air: MSW-A003

Swell: MRT-A004

Blitz: MRT-A005

Mens Sweatshirts 100% Cotton S-XL MSRP: $34.99 WS: $15.99

Gyle: MPU-A001

Elevation: MRT-A006

Vibe: ARP-A002 Arc: ARP-A001

Rippers: A banner/piece of steeze to be rocked off the hip. We say the lower the better. MSRP: $15.00 Wholesale: $5.99

Siege: ARP-A003

Girls Tees: 50/50 Super Soft Size: S M L XL Girls Tanks: 50/50 Size: S M L XL Dolman Tees: 50/50 Super Soft Size: S M L XL MSRP: $23.99 Wholesale: $11.99

Linguist: WTT-A001

Truth and Love: WTT-A002

Super comfortable, incredibly soft, Longer cut. Crush: WTT-A003

Alliance: WTT-A004

Elevation: WTT-A005 Sesh: WTT-A006

Jib: WTT-A007 Vision: WTT-A008

Vision: WDT-A008

Delta: WTT-A009 Golden: WTS-A010

Golden: WDT-A010

Delta: WTS-A009

Golden: WTT-A010

Vision: WTS-A008

Jib: WTS-A007

Gnar: WTT-A012 Blitz: WTS-A011

Blitz: WTT-A011

Captain: WDT-A014

Swizz: WDT-A015 Swizz: WTT-A015 Techtronic: WTT-A016 Swizz: WTS-A015

Techtronic: WDT-A016

Captain: WTT-A014

Propaganda: WDT-A013

Swizz: WTS-A015

Captain: WTS-A014

Blitz: WDT-A011 Propaganda: WTT-A013

Propaganda: WTS-A013

Front: WDT-A017

Front: WTT-A017

Elevated 2014 Catalog  

Elevated Clothing Wake Surf Snowboard Ski Action Sports brand.

Elevated 2014 Catalog  

Elevated Clothing Wake Surf Snowboard Ski Action Sports brand.