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Atlanta Horse Connections' goal is to share the inside stories of Georgia based equestrians. You will see narratives from various disciplines, breeds, equine based businesses, human and horse fashions and all things equestrian! Our goal is to unite the local equine community and build relationships so that we can work together not only to promote our industry but to jointly share our passion that we are all so proud of – our horses. We want to hear your ideas and understand what is important to you in the local equestrian world. Please feel free to write to us via email and give us your input – we value our readers, advertisers and sponsors. We are excited to be a part of the Georgia horse community and look forward to building the Atlanta Horse Connections together. Happy Riding!

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS, ADVERTISERS AND SUPPORTERS! Katya Manjossova katyamanjossova@gmail.com 770-896-3637






& M LA

BRINGING HARRY NORMAN’S REPUTATION, INTEGRITY AND PROFESSIONALISM TO THIS ARENA! w w w. H N R F a r m A n d L a n d . c o m The above information is believed to be accurate but not warranted. Of If your home is currently listed for sale, this is not intended as a solicitation. Equal Housing Opportunity. www.harrynorman.com

Aiken, Broker.


Whole Oats Timothy Hay Pellets Alfalfa Hay Pellets Shelled Sunflower Seeds Yellow Peas Green Peas Ricebran Oil Flax Seed Meal Rose Hips Green Cabbage Papaya Spirulina Brewers Yeast Fenugreek

Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed has

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rypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed was developed with pure intentions: to heal horses, to give every horse the chance to feel its best for the love of horses. We believe it is the best horse feed available,

incomparable to any other existing horse feed‘s quality! We believe it is so good and nutritious and healthy, that it could be used as a supplement by adding small amounts with each feeding to your horse‘s usual diet.


Phone 5 61 - 504 - 0871

E-Mail cryptoaero@gmail.com

Internet www.cryptoaero.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/ CryptoAero


Slow your pace and enjoy life in your well-appointed country home. Built to last, the refined, sophisticated architecture of this custom 10,000 s/f home features long leaf heart pine with brazilian cherry floors throughout, gourmet kitchen, finished basement with home theatre, wine cellar and much more. Surrounded by beautifully tended gardens, ponds and nature walks, you will never want to leave your 269-acre estate. Friends, family and associates will enjoy the three-bedroom, two-bath guest cottage and parties in your entertainment barn, complete with large office, workshop, walk-in refrigerator, canning kitchen, dinner/dance area, bar, and much more. Antique shops, horse farms and new friends are just down the road. Just outside of Camden SC, Easily Accessible Yet Worlds Away!


Jimmy Cantey James W Cantey & Associates LLC 803-600-5380 radius@radiusj.com



trailers last July for Harry Norman, RELATORS®

“Our role here is to support the show so that we can women. We feel that giving back to the community is something Realtors should do,” Aiken said.

$15,000 raised are No One Alone (NOA’s) Arc servicing Violence Center in Hall County, and Forsyth County’s Family Haven. Robert Aiken, Senior Vice President and Managing Norman, REALTORS® has been involved in this equestrian

The producers of the show asked Aiken for help, and he gladly responded.

atmosphere. It’s a family event; young kids, old kids, adults and professionals. They understand that their entry fees as exhibitors are going to help a good cause, a cause that we think needs more focus, that is, the homes

The 12th Annual Ticket to Ride

Hunter Jumper of Georgia rated, meaning that they ride strictly in English tack. Some of the 200 classes in the show were for speed, similar to the Olympics, but in most classes exhibitors were judged for their technique. Aiken reported that some equestrian athletes take their riding to advanced levels, riding on equestrian teams in high school and college, giving them an opportunity to earn college scholarships or become professional instructors and trainers. At the conclusion of the event that took place on July 19, 20 and 21, 2013, Harry Norman, REALTORS® and Ticket to Ride raised over $15,000

The event also featured several

an Exhibitors Party where Nashville Jay Memory performed.

ABOUT HARRY NORMAN, REALTORS®: REALTORS® has been known for estate due to HNR’s unsurpassed

“Our role here is to support the show so that we can increase the

back to the community is something Realtors should do,” stated Senior Vice President and Managing Broker, Robert Aiken. The event will be held in 2014 on July 18, 19 and 20 at Wills Park Equestrian

same high quality tools, unparalleled

making Harry Norman, REALTORS® market, and sell our clients’ estate company in Georgia.

this year’s show is predicted to be the biggest and best show yet.

women homes in need. The show So, shine up your boots and head also registered over 170 horses, down to Wills Park Equestrian Center which is the largest turn-out since the start of the event in 2002. to Ride Horse Show! Along with Harry Norman, REALTORS® Forsyth/Lake Lanier’s support, the show also had support from other various sponsors such as: Campbell & Brannon, J. Bristow Anderson

Founded in 1930, Harry Norman, REALTORS® is Atlanta’s oldest

and more than 1,000 real estate professionals.



Show Jumpers, Vemma, Jar-Ja-Q, NLB


Bulldog Movers, Buckhead Movers, and over 70 local businesses who


which raised over $5,000.


Passion for horses and fashion! ZIKY is a line of equestrian clothing and accessories that reflects my love of horses and fashion. I first discovered my passion for equestrian sports when I went with my older brother to vaulting lessons at age 4. From then on I took any and every opportunity to be around animals, especially horses. All of my summers were spent at my aunt’s farm riding ponies and finally, at age 14, I joined a local riding club. The time I spent as a child and young teen around the barn are some of my best memories. Not only did I have a great time, I learned a lot too. Responsibility, discipline and hard work come hand-in-hand with being a rider. This is why riding is such a valuable activity for kids. At the same time it was fun and exciting to be around horses! Being creative has always been a huge part of my life. As a child I was interested in arts and crafts and as a teen I started making my own clothes. After graduating from High School, I went on to fashion school in Paris and then New York City, where I met my husband. We got married and I settled down to life here in the United States. We had two children and before I knew it the break from riding and horses had stretched past a decade.

Finally, when my d thrilled! I knew that a child while havin instructor dared me myself in a fox hun the woods of Arkan couple years later f horse: I bought a th ‘Good For You,’ turn

Inspired by my pas handbags that very rider, fashion des craftsmanship. My l for horses and ridin USA, that are stylish

A collection of gear bags, saddle pad b characteristics in m

I designed a few gra hoodies, sweat p Embroidered caps a

Shop ZIKY online or

www.ZIKYboutiq www.etsy.com/s www.facebook.c www.instagram/

daughter was 6 she asked to ride horses. I was t she would learn the same valuable lessons I did as ng an amazing time. I found a local barn. Soon her e to get on a horse as well... One week later I found nt with a hunt master and hounds dashing though nsas, having a blast! I started riding regularly and a fulfilled my childhood dream of owning my own horoughbred straight off the track. Needless to say, ned out to be just that!

ssion for designing and sewing I started a line of y soon took me into equestrian accessories. As a signer and tailor, I appreciate good quality line combines my love for fashion with my passion ng. I strive to produce great products, made in the h, functional, and of high quality.

r bags such as bridle bags, helmet sling bags, boot bags and saddle covers was created with these mind.

aphics for t-shirts and it grew into a line of shirts, pants, and pajamas with equestrian themes. and polo shirts complete the look.

r at select horse shows (Rolex April 2014).

que.com shop/ZIKYboutique com/ZIKYboutique /ZIKY

More than 400 guests attended the Annual Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association Awards Gala at the Alpharetta Marriott February 1, 2014. Touted as the party of the year, the Gala celebrated the past year of showing and offered the perfect opportunity to dress up and have fun! Graciously hosted by Mark Fornwalt, the program proved engaging and memorable for all. Bedecked with sequins and rhinestones, the attendees, together with the generosity of the sponsors, helped raise funds for the UGA Vet School.

ERIN FLYNN e v e n t i n g By Dana Clark

Mansfield, Georgia

Mustard Seed Rebellion It never occurred to her that they couldn't do it. She wanted it that badly. And even if someone had told her it was not possible with this 15 hand keg of dynamite, she would have no choice but to keep going with him, because she gave her word. But mostly because she believed in him. And he believed in her. And together, their dynamics were spectacular. This is how dreams begin. With a girl who wanted something so badly, she made it happen for herself, and a little horse that no one else wanted. He was too short. He was too hot. He was too old. He wasn't fancy enough. No one wanted a short horse that was tough to ride. What began as an effort to sell him, and find this short horse a good home, worked out to become her *** three star event horse, and the stuff dreams are made of. In 2007 the little horse came to her on consignment because of a tragedy in his owners family. The petite young rider that owned him could no longer pay board or maintenance and was finding it difficult to get someone to even come and look at him to buy. The young rider's trainer had no interest in him, and contacted a friend nearby with her own facility, hoping she might be able to help with the horse's expenses, and have the experience to tackle this little horse's huge talent and get him sold to a good home. So "Shorty" moved to Dogwood Sport Horses to be trained and sold, and Erin Flynn began the impossible task of getting this little powerhouse in a good place to be seen by potential new owners. She knew he was tough. She knew he was little. She knew he could jump. She knew he would be a hard sell. And she gave the owner her word, that she would do whatever it took to help her get him sold to a good home. But what she did not know was how incredibly brave and clever this short horse was, and the incredibly brave and clever rider he was to make her into, and what that would be worth from that moment forward in their lives together.

Sometimes the most important moment in your life comes to you when you are willing to put yourself on the line, and help someone else out of a bad situation. Erin figured out pretty quickly that Shorty was not going to change his way of going. Uh, no. He had done things his way for 9 years as stallion and now a gelding and 11yrs old, he had been a successful race horse with a long and impressive career without her, and he was pretty sure he knew more about how to do things than she did especially when it came

to going fast and using his wit to an obstacle. She was not going to be able to make him soft on the flat, but she could make him supple and somewhat co-operative in the dressage. But he was still going to be his own horse, and make it tough for her, because it was too easy for him, and, he did not like it. The short horse did not like to poke around on circles and go slow. Ick. What happened next is remarkable. Erin tapped into this tough little soldier, and learned to trust him, even though he was going places she was more familiar with. She learned to ride him "his way". Instead of trying to fight him for pace and rate him to a fence, she learned to ride a big fence with a big effort on a little horse. She learned how to settle into his rhythm and his enormous heart, and just stay with him for a good ride. He was as honest as a war horse, and Erin's strategy kept them safe. The strength of Erin's technique got the short horse seen at some big events, by some big names. They were coming into a good place for Shorty to show how successful he was as a jumper. But still, nobody wanted to buy the short guy.

In fact, most people that Erin asked to take a look at him, just could not see past the fact that he was too short, or too old, or too tough, or not fancy enough. So, finally after almost a year of campaigning this tiny riot, Erin offered the short horse back to the owner, but she was still unable to afford his care. Erin had invested her time and money into this little guy, and knew what he was capable of. It seemed like she was the only one who believed in the power of this small package in spite of their obvious success together, and the owner realized her short horse had what she had wanted for him all along…a good home where his talent was appreciated. The rest is history. In September of 2008, Erin and Shorty ran their first Intermediate Event together. It waslike they had both been waiting for this opportunity to show the nay sayers what was possible with their kind of faith in each other. They had taught each other. A talented and tough young girl and a talented and tougher, short horse had made each other tall. In 2011 Erin and Shorty were awarded Third in USEA Adult Amateur at Preliminary and Intermediate. In 2012 Erin was awarded "Rider of The Year" at Intermediate for Adult Amateur and 3rd at Advanced level. In 2013, Erin, Shorty and his tall brother, "Three's a Ruckus" who she purchased in Feb. 2011, went on to be awarded 4th at Advanced level. All those years, all those obstacles, all those doubters. It never occurred to her that they couldn't do it


PERFECT ATLANTA VACATION GUESTHOUSE When Katharina and Klaus got the chance to move from Germany to the United States in 2006 for their jobs, they took their chance and re-located to a beautiful small town just an hour west of Atlanta in Georgia, called Roopville.

Roopville, GA Written by Katharina Huenermann

Located in the amazing countryside of Georgia, The Welcome Farm is situated only about an hour west of Atlanta. The lush trees, babbling creek surround a horse lover’s paradise that has been created by Katharina and Klaus Huenermann who came to the United States with a dream in their heart that they have now realized and are willing to share with you. The full 33 acres of this delightful utopian home means that not onlyhorses board here, but also a vacation rental home, which is conveniently located near Atlanta, awaits you and is unlike any ever seen before.

The guest house that they have just recently renovated for every luxurious comfort possible, awaits you for either a perfect get away or perhaps for a truly romantic hide- away unlike usually encountered. The German backgrounds of your hosts mean that you will be treated with amazing European hospitality and all in the cleanest, friendliest manner possible. This vacation rental home is also perfect if you bring along your children or even your pets. After all both children and pets will likely love watching the horses, from newborn foals to retired show horses, as they gambol and frolic in the very mute, utterly peaceful picture perfect setting that surrounds the main house, the pool, the beautiful creek and playground. The amazing pastures with their bucolic views will not only be restful but can also teach your children or yourself all about the wonderful animals that horses can be. Over and over again people marvel that such a countrified setting can become your vacation home locality so easily and for such low costs, considering all the luxurious amenities you will be able to partake of.

Just watching horses graze while flicking their strong tails to worry away the flies that bother them, is for many adults the closest they will ever come to such relaxing farm life. So many of us do not communicate with Mother Nature in this way as we are so wrapped up in our modern world of large cities, zipping taxis and incredible constant noise that we are unaware such peaceful times exist. Look over the incredible site that has been created just for you, and drink in the peacefulness being offered here and see if there is any way you can do without it? We bet the answer is in the negative and you’ll call the Huenermanns as soon as possible in order to book their amazing vacation rental home and come to unwind and relax as much as possible.

For More Information or To Make Reservations Please Visit: www.thewelcomefarm.com

Meet The Owners of The Welcome Farm Katharina and Klaus Huenermann It’s a dream come true for owners Katharina and Klaus Huenermann. In combining the best from Germany and America they are living the “American Dream”. Not only the adventure of working and living in another country, learning a second language and making new friends, but also to have their own horses at home was a long-thought dream, especially for horse lover Katharina, but also for Klaus, who grew up on his parents farm in Germany. So the search went on and after acquiring the perfect house and land, spending endless hours after work, building stalls and pasture fences, improving landscaping and renovating rooms, they are proud of what the farm is made today. Katharina has been around horses for over 20 years. Her mom, who shares the love and passion for horses herself, introduced her to the world of vaulting when Katharina was 9 years old. A few years later Katharina decided to switch over to English Riding. Learning to ride on several different schooling horses built a great foundation. When Katharina was 15 she met ‘Desert Sun’, who was generously given to her after her mom’s horse had to be put down. It was that one horse, that you will only get once in your life, but at that time no one knew yet, that they both would have huge success and share a very special relationship. ‘Desert’ was a 7-year old Anglo-Arabian mare, which was still very green, when Katharina got her, as no one had the guts to ride her. Well, being a teenager and showing no fear at all, Katharina took her chance to build a bond with this mare. 4 years later they were competing very successful in the high jumpers up to the 1.30 classes. In the 9 years of their relationship they’ve earned over 240 ribbons, were member of the squad for several years and also showed successfully in a few Dressage and Eventing classes.

Living The American Dream!

Katharina and Water Lilly The guest house that they have just recently renovated for every luxurious comfort possible, awaits you for either a perfect get away or for athought, truly romantic hideaway unlike Noperhaps one had ever that this little mare would have the heart and the courage to fly over these big jumps. Katharina usually encountered. The German backgrounds of improved her riding skills while riding competing several your hosts mean that you will and be treated with other horses sucessfully under the guidance of a few amazing European hospitality and all in the very special trainers and competing at shows throughout cleanest, friendliest manner possible. Germany. In 2006, when the decision was made to move to the US, Katharina moved “Desert Sun” back to the breeder, ThisDesert vacation rental also perfect where switched herhome career is into being a very if you bring along even your pets. After outstanding and your caringchildren mom for 5orfoals.

all both children and pets will likely love watching

Every person knows, that if foals you love thehorse horses, from newborn to horses retiredand show horses are your passion, you can’t live without them. Onmute, the horses, as they gambol and frolic in the very second day after they arrived in the US, Katharina applied at utterly peaceful picture perfect setting that Gigi Nutter’s farm, Touch’n Go Farm. Gigi offered her to ride the main house,What the an pool, theand beautiful hersurrounds TB stallion “Legacy in Gold”. honor what funcreek it was!and playground. Since to the US, Katharina along and will Themoving amazing pastures with has theirbrought bucolic views sold a couple of young of which one is “Vilas not only be restfulhorses, but can also teach your County” who is now competing very successfully under children or yourself all about the wonderful Werner Geven up to the 3* Level in Eventing.

animals that horses can be. Over and over again thathorse such“Water a countrified setting can Herpeople current marvel competition Lilly”, a 2006 become your locality so easily Holsteiner mare by vacation Riverman, home is her one and only and a and for that such low costs, considering the luxurious horse Katharina has always dreamedalloff. She bought Lillyamenities straight from the breeder in Michigan. She has you will be able to partake of. huge potential and quite a unique character. Together they’ve started off with a win at Cedar Ridge Farm’s Young Event Horse class for 4 year olds in 2010. Followed by a 13th place at the AEC’s in 2011 at Novice Level. Several placings at Training Level were added. In between Lilly always had quite some time off due to Katharina being pregnant. But that didn’t hurt at all, the mare only matured and got better. We hopefully will see them back in the summer of this coming season.

Katharina and Desert Sun

Quality Breeding & Sales “Where Dreams Become Reality:

D aniels ville, G a

Quality Breeding & Sales “Where Dreams Become Reality:

Da n i els v ille, G a let me introduce myself. I am Donna Kelley, the proud owner and proprietor of Friesian Night Farm along with my husband, Bob. We started our small breeding operation about 8 years ago, after owning other horses for several years, with a Friesian mare that we imported from Germany already in foal. I was always in awe of this Breed due to their noble and aristocratic beauty and character. We had always had Quarter horses and paints before we entered the world of Friesians. I thought I would love to help the FPS (original Dutch registry) and FHANA (Friesian Horse Association of North America) carry on with this exceptional breed. Not too long ago they were close to being non- existent due to mistaken neglect of the realization that they should start accounting for the blood lines and lineage of the breed. Due to that fact, when breeding, one does have to be very careful on the inbreeding coefficient and relationship of the Mare and Stallion. This can be quite a science and you take your chances each time you make a match that you will get a Friesian foal that will pass all the criteria that the Dutch Registry looks for when they Judge your horse each year.

Quality Breeding & Sales “Where Dreams Become Reality:

lNevertheless, we definitely breed out of love for the horses that we produce and the social aspect of this breed. They are the most social breed that I have ever met towards humans. Yes, they can be spirited and due to their size overwhelming at times, but they make up for that with their super attitudes and willingness to please. The Friesian is a very versatile breed, also. They can be used for carriage driving, dressage, saddle seat, even trail riding, among other things. It takes quit a lot to get an FPS registered Stallion, so they are very limited Worldwide. Needless to say, most of the breeding is done through Artificial insemination which can get rather pricey sometimes. That fact and the fact that the Friesian is not as common a horse to see around pretty much explains why they can be quit an investment when purchasing one. All that I can say about that in my experience is that they are well worth it in the long run. I love all horses really, but I think I will stick with this breed for the rest of my horsey days! Come and visit and see for yourselves what we have to offer. Our website is www.friesiannightfarm.com! We would love to introduce you to this exceptional breed! Donna Kelley Friesian Night Farms

Friesian Night Farm Bob and Donna Kelley Danielsville, Ga. 30633 (706) 789-2068 Home (706) 201-5420 Cell friesiannight@windstream.net www.friesiannightfarm.com

By Karyn Harper, boss mare @ Pony Factory Marietta, Georgia It started at an annual ornament exchange/dirty santa barn party (horse themed). I made one for my gift and it got stolen 3 times. At the time, I had a mare that needed stifle surgery and all these women kept asking me at the party to make them one, so I figured I would do a little surgery fund-raising. I left the party with 8 orders and by the end of the weekend I had 24 orders - surgery paid for. Jenga! Well, the orders keep coming in so I keep making them. That was a year ago.

I was g made to give mane

I make color s size of pony. I to look

They a snips, (bell b etc.) ar ships m (NEW S weeks somet home.

I do all ponyfa

I'm hap

given the pattern by a friend who had me one a few years back and I modified it e the horse a neck and more room for the and make it more my own thing.

e them for an ordinary pair of socks. Any sock you can find I can do. The quality and f the sock determines the outcome of the I can also do custom orders with markings k like your horse.

all start at $35, and custom markings (stars, blazes, socks, spots, brands...) or items boots, capes, aprons, jewelry, eye-patches, re an additional $15 each. If a customer me a pair of socks to use I knock off $5 SOCKS ONLY!). It usually takes about 4 s turnaround for me unless I have thing already in the paddock looking for a .

l my orders via Facebook or gmail at actorysockponies@gmail.com

ppy to answer any questions.

Written by Teresa Snyder Photography by Teresa Snyder

It was a beautiful sunny day that I stepped foot on this incredible fairy tale like, Cumberland Island, GA. While vacationing at nearby Ameila Island, Fl, I had planned a day trip onto the Island with a friend. The ferry trip over was delightful, but all I could do was envision the non commercial beach and see a horse roaming freely… The ferry docked and we set out hiking to the other side of the Island, trails lined with beautiful crooked trees, moss hanging from them, the sun peaking thru at times. I would allow my eyes to venture off the path into the dense wooded area in hopes of seeing a horse, deer or whatever creature would be looming and watching us. But I didn’t see any or any signs of much wildlife. As we crossed over the dunes on the boardwalk, looking down onto the sand, fresh tracks, horse hoofs buried into the white sands, coming and going from the wooded area toward the beach. We reached the edge of the dune onto the beach we turned to our left and there, several hundred yards away, we saw our first glimpse… A grouping of horses on the beach with people standing about 20 feet from them and then the horses turned and started back up the beach toward the sand dunes at a slow, relaxed pace and upon arriving began to eat the short grasses and sea oats. As they wandered from spot to spot so did we…cameras drawn, smiling, laughing and loving the opportunity to see this incredible sight. These four seemed to stay close together as they looked for a tasty morsel on the beach, winds blowing thru their manes, grazing from place to place. I was able to stand very close to them and they did not seem to be the least be stressed, allowing me to share their space. This group looked relatively healthy, except for one of the stallions that appeared to be a bit older, yet traveled with another stallion, mare and colt. I still wonder if the younger stallion may have been his offspring and he was allowed to stay in this small herd, as long as he kept his distance from the mare.

As we looked down the beach line, we could see another small herd right on the beach at the ocean and we headed down towards them. I was taking pictures of them as we approached and could tell thru the zoom lens that the stallion was watching us. As we drew closer to this group, the stallion moved to stand between our path forward and the mare and foal standing with him. It was as if he was offering protection to his family from yet another group of two legged intruders. The wind blowing from the ocean was very pleasant and I imagine it helped to reduce the number of flies and gnats that would rest upon them.

It is an incredible feeling to approach these

Many think that these animals should be

animals, almost as if the hands of time had

removed from this National Seashore,

reverted to a position that perhaps my

sighting that they are crippling the

ancestors’ would have seen. A horse,

ecosystem and others think that the health

unfettered, unharnessed, no gates, fences,

of the horses are in jeopardy. Research

ropes…standing in God’s creation and

says that the island is about 40 square miles

nothing standing between them and myself.

in size, and a square mile is 840 acres. If

I wanted to approach closer, however

you look on a map of the island you will find

knowing that a feral animal is to be treated

many open meadows off from the wooded

with the utmost respect and with a healthy

areas, as well as at the Dungeness lawn, the

fear I did not. I can only imagine how it

lawn at the hotel and at the Ice House

would feel to be able to walk slowly up to

Museum. Not to mention the sea marshes

them. Respectfully reach out my hand and

that host many different types of grasses

hope that one of them would have slowly

and the sea oats. These areas would be

walked toward me to sniff me out, find me

more than one square mile. Most places in

safe and allow me to touch them.

Georgia that board pasture horses are required to have 1.8 acres per horse. A count done in 2010 estimated 150 horses…. Can you do the math?

Photography by Teresa Snyder

Of course the situations are not ideal for these horses, considering parasites that go untreated, the flies, ticks and gnats, the possibility of snake bites, alligators and sand colic. However, before we domesticated any of our “pets�, nature supplied numerous threats to them. As far as the ecosystem, is it damaging the island? There are no hotels, motels, restaurants, it is not populated with numerous cars and exhaust or people leaving their trash about and walking thru the dunes. The horses have been on the island since the 1500s and the island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I think humans have damaged more ecosystems than these creatures could. Why not let the animals have it for a change? It is a sight to behold and treasure in my memories. Surely it is worth leaving to nature.


as an

Written by Ann Founder of Cr

Crypto Aero a 2012. He died

The eleven mo were filled with friendship, bea and fear. The f Aero was not was fighting fo head held high regal about him noticeable, an upon. It becam only a short w tremendous p how he stayed did.

My fear was fo moment he wa years old, he l two year old. H reaching his h the bones in h eyes sunken a every bone in neck bones, a narrow, that w between his le We turned him later he came My friend assu be ok. She ha looked worse, Photo by Andrew Sarge @ sargephotography.com

ypto Aero lives on...

n inspiration for healthier horses.

na Frensemeyer, B.S. Nursing, B.S. Biology, rypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed.

arrived on December 16th d on November 13th 2013.

onths we spent together h happiness, hope, love, auty, grace, courage, fear was on my partafraid of anything. He or his life, always with his h. There was something m, and it was very nd often commented me very clear to me after while, that it was that pride he had, which was d alive for as long as he

or his life- from the alked of that trailer. At six looked like an emaciated His tail was barely hocks, his neck was thin, his face prominent, his and dull. We could see his spine, his ribs, his and his chest was so we could barely fit a hand egs. We were all in shock. m out, let him graze and in his stall to eat his hay. ured me, that he would ad a mare once, that , and she was still ok.

The next day, Aero was down. He would get up for us, but only for a minute or so. The Vet came out. He didn't say much. He mumbled something like 'disgusting' and 'doorstep of death'. I just stood there in shock, and disbelief. Aero's knees were shaking and he leaned on my friend to find balance and support to stand up. The Vet gave him eight liters of fluid, including vitamins and electrolytes. Stomach ulcers, severe worm infestation, dehydration, starvation.... Aero was treated for everything and he was improving slowly. Things were going well for a while. He put on about 100 lbs and was in good spirits. Actually, he was a handful, if not two. We started longing him on the halter. Just 5 -10 minutes a day and we walked him everywhere, sometimes next to the golf cart. He hated being brushed, but enjoyed his baths. I had a pretty good feeling that things were going to be ok, like my friend had assured me.

Photo by Marco Esteves

It was about three months later, when Aero took a turn for the worst. He had reached a plateau with his weight. He was just not gaining anymore, no matter what we did, while still being a good 300 lbs underweight. His tail still looked thin and his feet were cracking and just in bad shape.

save my horse, so I went online to research nutrition. All I could think of was how long he must have held on, in pain, starving, probably not sleeping, probably for many, many months. I was determined that he was going to be happy and healthy, and he was going to know that he was loved.

In April he coliced. The Vet came out. He looked very concerned and my fear was back. This time it would stay with me till the end. Aero had ulcerative colitis. He was unable to absorb water in his colon as the intestinal mucosa was so damaged. He was also unable to absorb many of the nutrients for the same reason. Essentially, despite eating and drinking, he was slowly starving and becoming increasingly dehydrated. The Vet didn't have much hope and told me that it may be best to put Aero down. He thought it was probably so advanced that there would be very little chance of recovery. I remember standing there, trying not to break out in tears. This time it was my knees that were shaking. I had been a registered nurse for almost 10 years, and I never once had a patient die in my care. Aero was not going to die.

I studied a lot on nutrition for my human patients, and had witnessed how much of a difference it could make in their healing process. If Aero was to survive, I would have to support him from every possible aspect.

We started Aero on medicine. He was to get a dose every eight hours and I was determined to do whatever I could to

What I found in my research on horse nutrition was surprising and disturbing. Traditional commercial horse feed consists mainly of by-products of human food manufacturing, ethanol manufacturing, artificial vitamins, fillers, soy and soy by-products and molasses to mask it all. So I figured out what Aero should be eating, and I began to adjust his diet. Over the next two weeks, Aero barely ate at all. He was depressed and in pain. It was as if he knew, that this might be the end. I was working at my job seven days a week, trying to keep up with the vet bills and the

board. He had to be at a barn, where he would get his meds every eight hours, and it had to be close enough for me to go there twice a day to feed him. I hand fed him. I sat in his stall and fed him one bite at a time. I shredded carrots in his feed and apples. If that didn't work I would go out in a pasture with scissors , and I would cut grass to mix in his feed. I remember one day sitting there cutting grass and a groom came out to bring me a bottle of water: “You are crazy Anna. I hope when I am ever sick, somebody will fight for my life, as much as you are fighting for Aero's.�. I don't remember what or if I replied. I thanked him for the water. I was exhausted - physically and emotionally. During the day I took care of sick humans and before and after work, I took care of my sick horse. It took me about an hour a day, just to prepare his feed: Shredding cabbage, apples, and carrots, cutting up the papaya, cooking his chamomile tea, measuring his spirulina, the brewer's yeast, the probiotics, the Manuka honey, grinding the flax, the sunflower seeds, the peas, the aloe juice... The papaya alone was between $3-$5 per day. His hay was $20-25 per bale. The medicine, the vet bills, I was so overwhelmed. The papaya was the one thing that would encourage him to eat his hay. I just kept going. I didn't look left or right, but just stayed focused, and I am sure I came across rather

abrupt at times. I just didn't have time. I lost a lot of weight. There were weeks when all I was able to afford to eat were apples, crackers, and hard boiled eggs. I was very grateful for some of the grooms at the barn, who helped so much, and always tried to cheer me up. But I had to stay focused. Slowly but surely Aero improved. He gained weight. He grew a tail. He was bucking and rearing and running and started to act like a six year old Thoroughbred should, but I felt that there was still something not quite right with him. He still had moments of pain. I knew because he wouldn't drink much on those days and he would rest a lot. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew it was there. But he tried, he tried so hard.

We started longing him again. He broke free twice, ran all around the huge Polo field in Kentucky Derby style and straight into the wash stall, where he waited for his bath. You could see his joy, pride and sense of humor as he leapt and raced. I was torn during these moments- my heart was in my throat, so worried that he would hurt himself during his hijinks, but at the same time, joyful that Aero felt good enough to cause so much trouble. He was so funny. He made me smile so much, even when his antics were at my expense. He would watch me constantly while I worked with him, and cause just a little bit of trouble whenever the opportunity arose. When he bucked, he meant it, and he loved to buck. There was no hand grazing Aero, it was hand bucking. He felt so good, and he was so happy, and I was so happy. His tail got longer and fuller, his feet got better and he was barefoot and barely touching the ground when he trotted. He was full of energy and happiness , and he made sure we all knew. People heard about Aero's diet and called me for advice. They too had a horse that wasn't thriving and wasn't putting on weight, and they had heard about Aero. I would tell them what I fed, and email them instructions. Some said it was too expensive, some said their barn managers were resistant, others said they didn't have the time to prepare the feed.

I went to visit one of my favorite long term human patients. Her son, who takes care of her when she isn't feeling well was there. I told them about my horse and how I wish all horses could eat as well as he. The son suggested I make my own commercially available horse feed. I laughed. It was too big of an undertaking and so far away from what I thought I would be doing, it was hard to imagine. The Vet came out to check Aero's blood. In ulcerative colitis the protein level will be low. His labs were perfect. The Vet was amazed: “ I don't know what you are doing, Anna, but Aero looks amazing. I can't believe this is even the same horse�. I was so proud and so happy. Aero's personality had changed as well. He now enjoyed me being in his stall to spend time with him. He still pulled his pranks, and was charismatically difficult at timesand frankly, I let him get away with murder during those days- I just didn’t have the heart to chastise him when he was feeling so good. While Aero was thriving, I often thought about the people who had called me seeking help. I had to find a way to help them. I had to make this feed affordable and convenient. That is how Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed started.

Anna And Aero Photo by Marco Esteves

Photo by Marco Esteves

By October, when Aero was all dappled out and anything but skinny, we were just about ready to start riding him, but he was sick again. This time was different. I had a very bad feeling right away. It wasn't fear this time, it was sadness. Whatever had been causing these periods of pain over the past few months, was now growing, getting worse. It wasn't his ulcers, nor his ulcerative colitis. That I knew from the beginning. I also knew he was dying this time, and I couldn't explain why. He was laying down a lot and he had no energy, and that was very unusual for Aero. We scoped his stomach, did an ultra sound of his belly, drew blood, tested his stool and his urine: nothing conclusive. I was financially depleted. In the summer, patients move up north, and so work was slow. My car had broke down 4 times in the past six weeks. I was devastated. I felt like a failure. I couldn't afford anymore testing. I called the organization that I had adopted him from and asked for help. They said Aero would be picked up and taken to Kentucky. They would do anything they could to save him, even if it meant sending him to the university clinic. He was in pain and stopped drinking within a week. All x-rays and ultra sounds and labs: negative.They did exploratory abdominal surgery and found nothing conclusive. Two weeks later his sutures ruptured. He was shaking, this time in pain. They put him down. He didn't need a lot of medicine, he was almost gone already. My heart was broken, and it will always be broken, for this horse that fought so hard. Aero came to me for a reason. This is now my journey and my sole purpose in life: to offer all horses healthy, clean, and honest nutrition. My hope is to one day start a foundation, that will help horse owners to pay for diagnostic tests. I wouldn't want anyone to ever go through, what Aero and I went through. I know he is up there watching and I know he is proud of this feed that is named after him in his honor, and that will help so many horses live healthier lives.

What I found during my research of today's commercially available horse feeds made it very clear as to why we have so many problems with weak immune systems, stomach and colonic ulcers, bad feet, skin issues and hormonal imbalances. Wheat middlings, distillers dried grains, soybean hulls, corn, artificial vitamins, minerals, preservatives, waste products...and the list goes on. Basically, horse feed is made of cheap indigestible fillers, artificial nutrients, and sugar. Soy is very difficult to digest for both humans and animals. It has certain hormonal properties that may slow down thyroid function and increase fat deposits, rather than muscle development. It is also GMO, which means it has been extensively sprayed with herbicides. Corn, which is also GMO, is only about 27% Forgut digestible. That means only 27% is digested in the stomach and small intestine, which is where the enzymes and bacteria are that process starches. The rest makes it to the colon, where it can cause good bacteria to die, which can cause laminitis, and it increases the colon's acidity, making it prone to ulcer formation. Barley is very similar in digestibility. Molasses is sugar, and is added so that our horses will eat what is not good for them. If there were no molasses in most of these feeds, our horses would simply refuse to eat it. The problem with sugar is that it slows phagocytosis, an essential function of the immune system where the body's cells 'eat' the bad cells such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. Since the body can only absorb so much and sugar is absorbed so easily, the horses will absorb it first and therefore the absorption of up to 29% of vitamins and minerals will be inhibited, which will then have to be excreted by the kidneys. Sugar can leach calcium out of the bones, which makes them brittle and prone to injury. This calcium will then also have to be excreted by the kidneys.


Sugar, barley and corn raise blood sugar very quickly and that process is even intensified by the much too sped up ingestion of the feed as the horse gobbles up the molasses. Over time this leads to insulin resistance. Horses get all the Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus and vitamins from hay if they are fed the recommended amount of 2% of body weight daily. They make their own Vitamin D within 7-8 hours of daily turn out. Carrots are high in Vitamin A. Vitamin E is abundant in plant oils and sunflower seeds. The balance of Selenium in our horse's diet is a very fragile one. A lack thereof is easily corrected, and overdose can be deadly. Most areas with little rainfall have plenty of selenium, and those with lots of rainfall may be lacking it. However we feed hay and grains and feed stuff from different areas of the country, and so most horses will get plenty of selenium in their diet naturally. Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed was originally designed for performance horses and horses prone to ulcers. Now, besides race horses and hunter/jumpers, we have seniors and even mini's on it, and the owners report a tremendous difference in overall mood, ride-ability, hoof health, coat, and muscle development. The only horses that I would not recommend this feed for are Insulin resistant/ diabetic horses, since the oats have too much starch for them. I am however working on a wholefood feed for those horses, and am very excited about it. My hope is that people will recognize, that optimal nutrition will result in optimal health, and optimal performance. Anna Frensemeyer, B.S. Nursing, B.S. Biology, Founder of Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed.

Photo by Marco Esteves

There is a good reason for every ingredient in Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed: WHOLE OATS: Oats have been known to be the safest horse feed for decades. At 12% protein they are a very safe and efficient source of protein, and the added fiber from the oat still being in its hull reduces the glycemic index and increases chewing, which slows intake. About 87% of the starch in oats is digested in the foregut while only 13% makes it to the hindgut. This is why whole oats are so much safer than Barley and Corn.

HAY PELLETS: By adding hays to our feed, your horse will eat more slowly so that the feed will stay in the stomach long enough for the starches to be absorbed instead of being passed to the colon. Slowing down the digestion in the stomach also aids in breaking down proteins. Your horse will also chew more, so salivation will be increased. Saliva contains Bicarbonate, which buffers stomach acids. It also moistens the feed in the mouth and digestive tract and facilitates ingestion. The Timothy and Alfalfa hay pellets also help stabilize the level of acidity in the cecum while the feed is being digested.

SHELLED SUNFLOWER SEEDS: They are an excellent source of highly digestible and palatable oils as well as protein and Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds will improve your horses hoof growth as well as aid in developing a shiny coat. PEAS: Peas are an excellent source of protein and especially Lysine. While there are not yet common in the U.S., many European countries have implemented them into horse feeds. They are very palatable and nutritious. RICE BRAN OIL: Rice Bran Oil is easily digested and is the most valuable oil in preventing and treating both stomach and colonic ulcers. FLAX SEED MEAL: Is high in the anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids. It improves hoof health and produces a more shiny coat and supports immunity. ROSE HIPS: Rose hips are the most abundant natural source of vitamin C, which greatly supports the immune system and hoof growth. They also have potent anti-arthritic effects. PAPAYA: Papaya is one of the most beneficial foods for horses. It contains papain, an enzyme that increases salivation and appetite, soothes the stomach and makes the intestinal mucosa smooth so that food can pass more easily. Humans have used Papaya for centuries to rid the body of intestinal parasites as well as to aid with stomach upset. Over time Papaya also thickens the intestinal mucosa, making it more resistant to stomach acids and preventing ulcers. It is our favorite ingredient.

DRIED GREEN CABBAGE: Green cabbage is a natural source of L-Glutamine. It is a potent enzyme supporting both stomach and colon health. Green cabbage is also considered a super food due to all the antioxidants and numerous other health benefits it provides. SPIRULINA: This Blue Green Algae, also known as a Super food, contains every essential amino acid, besides being a potent source of calcium. Spirulina was studied in England and found to cure allergy related Asthma in horses and is also known for regulating digestion. It boosts the immune system and, due to its high protein content, is a long acting source of energy and increased vitality. Spirulina also contains Iodine, which assists horses in maintaining proper Thyroid function. Vitamin B12, lacking in horses with little pasture exposure or low quality pasture, is readily provided by this Blue Green Algae. BREWERS YEAST: Brewers yeast supports the hindgut in making healthy bacteria and provides B vitamins and folic acid, which is key to calm nerves and improved red blood cell growth resulting in a healthy circulatory system and highly oxygenated organs. The brewers yeast in Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed is a non-GMO version. To the best of our knowledge, all of our ingredients have been grown from non-GMO seeds, and we strive to use ingredients that are processed as naturally as possible. FENUGREEK: Fenugreek improves digestion, reduces inflammation, lowers blood glucose levels, soothes and heals the intestinal tract and has cardiovascular benefits.


NickerDoodles by Melanie Eberhardt Canton, GA

Written by Erin Wheeler www.erinmichellewheeler.com NickerDoodles are equine cartoons for horsey folk. I started NickerDoodles nearly two years ago. The idea to create a cartoon strip about us crazy horse people and our four-legged friends was inspired my barn friends. I’m a re-rider, over 50, returning to riding after decades on hiatus. I board my OTTB, with friends whose business is selling Thoroughbreds who are no longer competitively racing. Most of the people in the barn are re-riders with OTTBs – it’s a fabulous combination! We tease one another relentlessly, everyone is such a smart ass, horses included. I have great fun at the barn so I started doodling some of our jabs and jokes in my sketchbook. After a while I realized that much of what we were laughing about at the barn were actually universal issues; my horse won’t go on the trailer, my saddle must have shrunk because I couldn’t possibly have gained THAT much weight, my horse took out all the jump standards in the ring last night….you know, things we can all relate to. I thought, hey maybe there’s something here to share with other horse lovers and NickerDoodles began! I never dreamed of being a great rider nor aspired to achieve Olympic medals. My goals were much simpler. I just wanted a horse. I begged and begged as a child but was never able to convince my parents. Instead, I drew horses, lots of lots of horses on any scrap of paper I could find – realistic horses, cartoon horses, I used to fill a note

book page with hundreds of miniscule horses running through the desert terrain. Today the subject of my artwork is varied, but I still paint a lot of horses. One of my college mentors advised, “Paint what you know”. I try to oblige. Every NickerDoodle is posted on my website – melanieeberhardt.com. Select NickerDoodles are regularly cross-posted at HorseNation.com and HorseJunkiesUnited.com. If you visit my site, please take a few minutes to explore. I have a unique style of drawing and painting that seems to work across a spectrum of venues. NickerDoodles is just one small avenue most of my work includes commercial illustrations, gallery representation, and I have a fairly robust commissioned portraits business. I continue to seek new venues to share NickerDoodles and hope people enjoy them. I enjoy sharing both my art and love of horses with like-minded spirits. My horses make me happy though sometimes I get a little frustrated – usually about my riding skills, or lack thereof. But I ride to learn and I learn nearly every time I ride. And as long as my sharp-witted horse friends continue to goad and joke at the barn, I’ll have plenty of fodder for future NickerDoodles! melanieeberhardt.com


Respect and   Communication     

Is it  Mutual  Between  You  and  Your  Horse?   By  Nancy  Faulconer President - Cloud9  Ranch Eatonton  GA   One  of  the  first  things  people  notice  who  come  to   Cloud9  Ranch  in  Eatonton  GA  is   the  energy  of   partnership  between  horses  and  humans.      This  is   not  an  accident!     Nancy  Faulconer  and  her   daughter  Jordan  have  been  training  horses  and   people   in  mutual  Respect  and  Communication   since  2007  in  Eatonton.    Nancy  has  been  at   it   much  longer.         In  the  following  pictures,  you  will  see  Jordan  ask   Believe  to  load  in  the  trailer.    And   then    to   unload,  and  load  in  backward.    This  is  a  result  of   Respect  (appropriate   response  to  pressure)  and   Communication  (Two  or  more  individuals  sharing   or   understanding  an  idea).    There  is  no  master,   there  is  no  slave.    They  are  two   partners,   accomplishing  tasks  like  trailer  loading  in  a  calm   and  willing  manner.         Sound  too  good  to  be  true?    It  isn’t!    And  so  we   will  use  a  wild  mustang  filly,   Cloud9’s  Charisma   for  the  video  link    and  a  rescued,  unstarted    half   Arabian  mare   for  some  of  the  pictures.         Let’s  get  started  with  Cloud9’s  UnBelieveable,  a   Paint/Fresian  cross  who  Is  not   quite  two  years  old   and  was  born  at  Cloud9.      

Join Cloud9 on Facebook Or Visit Our Website: www.parelligeorgia.com

Nancy Faulconer Www.parelligeorgia.com Cloud9 Ranch

If you are looking for a riding holiday which gives unprecedented access to some of the most untouched land in the world then the latest In The Saddle trip will tick all the boxes. The High Plateau Ride in Eastern Tibet provides an opportunity to ride on the ‘Roof of the World’ and be amongst one of the few to experience true nomadic life in this spectacular, vast, open landscape.

For intrepid equestrian explorers, visitors to In The Saddle’s High Plateau Ride will revel in the opportunity to spend time with local people, ride through the rolling hills that are framed by snow capped peaks of the Min Shan and Anye Machin mountains, and get a real sense of freedom as they partner with local Tibetan mountain horses known for being sturdy and sure-footed.

Tibet became part of China in the late 1950s and the routes you will follow on this wilderness trip lead you through the upland grasslands of what is now the Sichuan Province, where you will enjoy spectacular vistas from the highest plateau on earth and visit the remote Buddhist monasteries to get a feel for the local culture.

The fourteen night trip provides visitors with a true exploration of Tibet both on horseback and foot, including visits to the Panda Breeding Centre, the rare chance to have lunch with the monks in Amchok monastery or with a local Tibetan family, embrace the opportunity to learn about the cooking style and produce of the area and take a trip to the interesting town of Songpan.

The riding time can be very spiritual, giving guests the chance to reflect on life away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, whether it be sending ‘little prayers’ from the top of the peaceful holy mountain of Tiger’s Heart, or during a smoke offering ceremony at Chudong Sumna and Tso Gamma Labste – the holy seat of the protecting god. This trip will undoubtedly spark some level of emotion due to the empowering idyllic bliss of being literally, ‘on top of the world’! Accommodation is based at the purpose built High Plateau Riding Centre in Amchok, as well as in local hotels and guesthouses. Prices start at £1,882 per

person, based on 14 nights full board and includes all activities (flights to Chengdu not included). To find out more about this exciting equestrian escape visit www.inthesaddle.com or call 01299 272 997 to speak to a member of the team. For further press enquiries please contact: Lauren Barber, G-Gee PR and Marketing 07739 134 258 / lauren@g-gee.com / www.g-gee.com


From HKM


HION nds

M of Germany


For pricing, ordering, or dealers information Please contact Katya Manjossova 770-896-3637 katyamanjossova@gmail.com Join HKM-Georgia-USA Facebook Page

For pricing, ordering, or dealers information Please contact Katya Manjossova 770-896-3637 katyamanjossova@gmail.com Join HKM-Georgia-USA Facebook Page

For pricing, ordering, or dealers information Please contact Katya Manjossova 770-896-3637 katyamanjossova@gmail.com Join HKM-Georgia-USA Facebook Page





Katya Manjossova katyamanjossova@gmail.com 770.896.3637 MAKE SURE TO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO

e- m



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Atlanta Horse Connections 8th edition 2014  

Equestrian Journal for local horse community

Atlanta Horse Connections 8th edition 2014  

Equestrian Journal for local horse community


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