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All rights reserved— Transfer Files from iPod touch to iPhone 5 Apple released the latest iPhone 5. Compared with iPhone 4S, there are no too many changes. But iPhone 5 is lighter, faster, and larger. I think there are still many people who wanna own an iPhone 5. Today we specially talk about the question about how to transfer files from iPod touch to iPhone 5 to PC in this article. Before continue reading, you need to check whether the iPod touch and iPhone 5 are using the same Apple ID, because solutions are different, just as the following 2 parts describe:

Part1: For the same Apple ID Things Required: iPod touch, iPhone, WiFi connection If the iPod touch and iPhone 5 are using the same Apple ID, transferring becomes an easy task. We know that Apple provides every user free 5GB of storage in iCloud. iCloud allows Apple users to share files among iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and computer. All can be done automatically, if you turn on the iCloud in your device. With iCloud, you can store data, files, etc. to Apple's cloud server, according to wireless connection. Then iCloud will sync the data, files to your other Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod, ever Mac computer. To know the detailed instructions of how to use iCloud, go to Apple's official site to know more>>

Part2: For different Apple IDs Things Required: iPod touch, iPhone, USB cable, iPubsoft, iTunes, Computer If you want to transfer things from iPod touch to iPhone 5, which are registered with different Apple accounts, it is a little more difficult. You need a 3rd party tool's help, like iPubsoft transfer software. The program is able to export data from iOS device to computer, including music, photos, podcasts, TV shows, audiobooks, iBooks, and others. After moving files from

All rights reserved— iPod touch to computer, you still need to sync the moved data to iPhone 5 with iTunes. Below are steps: 1) Link iPod touch to computer. Launch iPubsoft, check your desired files and click Export to transfer them onto computer's hard disk. Once completed, disconnect iPod touch. 2) Connect iPhone 5 to computer. When iTunes automatically runs, load files transferred in above step and then use iTunes to sync to iPhone 5.

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How to Transfer Files from iPod touch to iPhone 5  

Here are 2 different ways for you to sync iPod touch to iPhone 5. Choose a suitable one to do the transfer task.