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Letter from the Editors membership. If you are one of those people that It’s hard to believe October has hasn’t yet joined, have no already come and gone. Now fear! It’s not too late! All it it’s November Time! Your oftakes is $5 and writing ficers figured that since school down your name and conhas begun to settle down and tact information in the days may begin (if they haven’t handy dandy notebook. already) to become monotoWe can’t think of a reason nous, that JCL is going to amp it not to join! up. Later this month the Singelmann’s will be hosting a Rockband Nine students participated in the October contest! party! It will be a rockin’ time!! Not a bad number by any We are sad to say that not means, but we’d love to many classes have reached full see that number double Dear Familia Nostra,


Member Profile + Ghetto Quotes


Letter from the Prez


Lettering 4 requirements plus Volk/ Strand Quotes Pic Drawing Contest Results


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this month! Details can be found inside! And a huge thanks to those that did participate, except for Noah Lean that is. Just kidding, you guys rock! –Ahmed and Alicia

Chickpea Contest: Due to the coming holiday season, draw a your favorite thing about the holidays! Be sure to have your drawings

Upcoming Events Here are the events FNJCL has planned for the month of November! Keep your eyes open for announcements and reminders in your classroom with more details! Trivia Sunday, November 4th, 6:30 pm in the Latin Room Meeting Thursday, November 8th, 4 pm in the Latin Room Elementary Latin Days Monday, November 12th, 8:30 am to 2 pm at North High School RockBand Part-ay! Saturday, November 17th, 7 pm at the Singelmann Residence Meeting Tuesday, November 27th, 7 pm in the Latin Room



Member Profile: Thomas Walton

“Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati,” -The Red Green Show.

“When all else fails, play dead.”

WHERE DO I START? Writing this profile on Thomas is the best idea I’ve had in the last 5 minutes. I have known Thomas since the beginning of my public schooling. We have always been best friends. Thomas was really popular in elementary school, due to that fact his body decided to remain the size of a 5th grader for the rest of his life. I’m just kidding, Thomas is taller than I am. We have measured. Many times. Thomas is a 2 time state champ. Oh wait he’s only been a state champ once, that’s my dad who has gotten two state titles. If I had been a boy, I would have been a

way better wrestler than Tommy. It’s in my Lisbon blood. Thomas and I went to Italy this summer (with other people, but mainly just me and Thomas). In this time we formed an alliance and became part of the CIA. If you ever hear us referring to each other as “Boots” and “Goose” it’s because we’re doing official CIA business, and probably plotting to kill you, but whatever. Thomas spent much of his time in Italy courting small blonde girls (I’m talking about Kellan not Abby). Unfortunately Thomas had too many cooties for Kellan and [he] had to settle for Abby. It’s whatever.

Ghetto Latin: WHO’S YO DADDY: Quis est tua pater? S**T HAPPENS: Stercus Accidit YOLO: Carpe Diem HATERS GOWWWN HATE: Oderint dum metuant



Thomas and I are great companions and if you ever have the desire to be completely annoyed, I advise you to sit right between the two of us in Latin class. Ashley Nickel gets the pleasure right now and she gives it “two thumbs gouged in her eyes”. Yeah we’re that good. Thomas is a good guy, and I sincerely hope he gets his second state championship this year so he can 1) throw it in my face, and 2) get another awkward interview in front of the entire school so I can mock him in Latin class. ! By: Kati Krchnavy



Long Letter from the Prez Dear Classy Classicists,

Forgot to do your homework? Use this one: “Canis meus id comedit.”

First of all I would like to thank you all for your participation in FNJCL activities thus far in the year. We have had a busy year so far, with fun fellowship events such as movie nights and trivia league, and service projects like the pieing of teachers and pumpkin painting for residents of Rosewood on Broadway. I am very proud to be the president of such a wonderful group of people. Every time I attend a JCL function I am amazed by the phenomenal people in this organization. If you haven’t experienced this feeling yet, I encourage you to just come to one event, you will be hooked. The JCL family is an incredible thing. Re-



cently I toured Northwestern University in Illinois. I was there for a total of 36 odd hours. In that time I saw 4 people I knew from JCL, two former NDJCLers and two ILJCLers I had met at nationals. On my way back on the plane I couldn’t help but think how incredible that was. JCL really has added so much into my life, mostly in the realm of friendship. I know my JCL friends would do almost anything for me (including driving an hour in a 1990s BMW convertible just to see me…) I’m incredibly grateful for my JCL family. The JCL spirit is something that we should share with the community, with Latin lovers and those who don’t even know what “Carpe Diem” means. I encourage you all to

get involved with all of our service projects coming up, including our Elementary Classics Day, on November 12th. We will be teaching kindergartners-5th graders all about classical things including mythology, etymology, Roman history, and much more! During the Christmas season we will also be doing community service activities, such as ringing bells for the Salvation Army. JCL is a group with big purple and gold hearts, so get involved! Don’t worry if you haven’t done anything in JCL yet, there are still 220 days until graduation… not that I’m counting. Can’t wait to see you all around at JCL events! JCLove,

Kati Krchnavy

JCL Lettering Requirements LATIN IV JCL MEMBERS LETTER IN JCL AUTOMATCALLY I attended National Convention (2012) I attended State Convention (2012) I attended Concordia Latin Days/ Minehaha I received a Summa Cum Laude on the NLE I attended local meetings I submitted an article to the Chickpea (or 10 Volk/Strand Quotes) I received a Maxima Cum Laude on the NLE I participated in fundraising events I attended fellowship events I participated in a community service event I received a Magna Cum Laude on the NLE (Achievement in Intro) I submitted pictures to the scrapbook I attended Caesar’s Club I received a Cum Laude on the NLE



(75 points) (60 points) (50 points each) (25 points) (25 points each) (25 points each) (20 points) (20 points each) (20 points each) (20 points each) (15 points) (10 points) (5 points each) (5 points) _____________


Quotations       

Strand Quotes “Are you praying over there? There’s no praying in public school!” “All my friends live in cemeteries.” “If you give up on Latin you give up on life.” Volk Quotes “The good, the bad, the ugly Latin teacher.... Strand!” “That’s also like when Santa’s wife got pregnant, but that’s a whole different story.” “Like I really want to open my mouth and put it in there after all of you have been playing with it!” Let’s not fight over grammar (What a hypocrite)



September/October Picture Drawing Contest Drumroll please!! The winner of the October Chickpea contest is Keith Lehman with his drawing of Erin Stangeland.


Runner Ups

By: Ashley W. By: Ben Swanson

By: Alexis Elfstrum By: Lexi Stangland

By: Reed Hansen

By: Noah Lean



By: Emmalee Volk

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Suggested reading: Lightning by Dean Koontz, Hideaway by Dean Koontz, Christine by Stephen King, and The Funhouse by Dean Koontz. (You’ll understand some references in the horoscope section). Black-listed books, DO NOT READ: The Crucible by Arthur Miller, A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, Ecce Romani by Prentice Hall Publishers.

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November Chickpea  

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