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Kathryn Hancock

Architecture & Design Portfolio

Kathryn E. Hancock

15180 Oakwood Drive, Big Rapids MI (231)-250-4360

A Collection of Undergraduate Works: Years 1-3

Table of Contents

1: Student Design Center 3: Hyundai Car Dealership 5: Crystal Addition 7: Granger Quad Pavilion 9: Monument Sign 10: Wege Prize

11: Brewery Logo 12: Kitten Stickers 13: Pen & Ink Mandala 14: Skeleton Cube 15: Study Abroad Photography

The Student Design Center, at Ferris State University, was designed to illuminate the work of the graphic design and architecture majors. The building does so by thoughtful layout of the space, such as the placement of the gallery in the front of the building, framed by windows and the decorative screen which encourages passersby to enter the building or view the gallery from the exterior. The screen also creates promenade and reflects the technical side of graphic design and architecture. At night, the spaces where student work is displayed are highlighted by the openings in the screen. On the interior open studios and student lounges encourage the creative process and make the space conducive to a learning environment.


Student Design Center Year 3 Studio - Revit/Photoshop

Hyundai Dealership Year 3 Studio - Revit/Photoshop


This Hyundai Dealership Design was created for a client who is a student in the automotive management program. The layout of the site as well as the interior were created considering the technical and functional layout of most car dealerships. Hyundai motor-company has an intensive design process when it come to their vehicles, the concept for this dealership is in line with their concept, fluidic sculpture. The front and back facades mimic the flowing, natural forms which can be seen on the body of many of Hyundai’s cars. This is Hyundai’s signature. The interior space also flows in a natural way between the four main functional spaces, the showroom, The service write-up area, the general service area, and the parts department.

Crystal Addition is a contemporary extension of the existing Swan Building at Ferris State University. It houses a spacious student lounge as well as welcome center which displays student work. A bridge connects the parking lot and interior spaces of the lounge and welcome center. My contributions to this project include conceptual design of the "crystal structure" as well as creating interior renderings of the spaces.


Crystal Addition Year 3 Studio - Group Project

Granger Quad Pavilion Year 3 Studio Revit/Photoshop


This pavilion, which is located near a group of technical buildings, provides shelter from rain and sun for those crossing The Granger Quad. Once inside, users can observe the intricate shadows cast by the glass roof and study the different geometric shapes and planes. The space creates a hidden view, only those who investigate, encouraged by the limited view of the glass above, will discover the serendipity this pavilion holds.

Monument Sign Year 2 Detailing Course Revit/Photoshop

The sections above represent a small portion of the documents which detail how The Riversbend Animal Hospital Monument Sign may have been constructed. The sign displays small domestic animals that Riversbend often treats


Wege Prize 2017 International Competition Multi Discipline Team

"Wege Prize is a yearly student design competition that gives teams of five the chance to collaborate across institutional and disciplinary boundaries, use design thinking principles, and contend for $30,000 (USD) in total cash prizes, all while helping to show the world what the future of problem solving looks like." (Wege 2017) For my team Wege is a chance to collaborate and solve the issue of Food Deserts, places where impoverished communities do not have the means or access to high quality groceries. Our team includes two architects, a business major, and two product design students. Our current solution is a community building which provides education, groceries, indoor gardens (hydroponics), while overall being a sustainable building solution to this wicked problem. My place on the team is to provide insight about community systems, sustainable methods, and architectural information as well, as creating graphics to supplement our data. We have been invited to Phase III of Wege Prize and continue to develop our solution.

Brewery Logo

Personal Project/Commision Photoshop/Surface-Pro

This logo, and several bottle labels, were created for the Apothecary Brewing Company. It pictures a mortar and pestle as well as hops and other pharmaceutical objects. The brewer wanted to embody apothecary aesthetics and requested black and white, hoping to make the design sort of antique.


Kitten Stickers

Personal Project Photoshop/Surface-Pro Similar to the Apothecary brew co. style, these kitten stickers have a sketchy style. The inspiration for these stickers comes from my own love for cats as well as some beautiful feline photography. My main goal while working on this sticker set was to master working with the Surface-pro pen, and to understand different techniques or digital sketching.

Pen & Ink Mandala Year 1 Art 101

This mandala utilizes several methods of pen & ink artwork including crosshatching and the use of a “stick� to create large patches of pure black, as well as to blend and shade. The mandala comes from my own personal designs and interest in Mehndi or henna artwork.


A cube within a cube, that is the challenge of this design. To create and correctly scale a something that is as aesthetically appealing as it is technical. Like a cube, the human skeleton can be divided bilaterally, so instead of restricting my cube to the confines of one shape, I gave it the ability to stack and display a skeleton from all four sides. Illustrator allowed me more freedom to create flowing natural shapes and AutoCAD was utilized to help scale and align each cube.

Skeleton Cube Year 1 -ARCH 102 Illustrator/AutoCAD Laser-cut Plexi-glass

I took many photos during my time in South Korea, the summer of 2016. These photos stood out to me as a clear representation of Korean art, architecture, history, and world politics. I fell in love with Korean culture and their interpretation of design and innovation.

Top Left: Lanterns inside a 300 year old buddhist temple Top Right: Zaha Hadids Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul Bottom Left: Cheongdam Bridge Bottom Right: Leeum Samsung Art Museaum Right Page: A North Korean Government Building inside the Demiliterized Zone. (DMZ)


Study Abroad Photography - South Korea

K. Hancock Architecture & Design Portfolio  

A collection of my undergraduate works, at Ferris State University.

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