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Hello readers

Welcome to the August/September issue of All Things Local! With any luck, by the time you read this summer will be in full swing. At the time of going to print, we’ve been experiencing a real mix of weather from glorious sunshine to heavy showers and thunderstorms … just your typical British summer really!

Carnival and Festival Season is currently upon us which is sure to guarantee some changeable weather if nothing else does! Festival goers are well-versed in pulling on their wellies and partying in the mud. However, if you’re not one for trekking to Glasto (and, let’s face it, it’s not for everyone!) you can still enjoy the festival atmosphere right here in our local area. From the ‘Fake Festival’ held at Markeaton Park to ‘The Eyes Have It’ at Eyes Meadow in Duffield, ‘Music Night’ at Horsley Woodhouse Carnival, ‘Y Not’ Festival hosted at Pikehall, Darley Park’s classical outdoor concert and many more besides … there has been, and continues to be, plenty of music right here on our doorstep to keep us entertained this summer. Some of us were even treated to parts of Metallica’s set from Download, Donington, the sounds of which travelled for miles on the breeze (whether we liked it or not!). Whether you’re into rocking in the mosh pit or chilling out in a park on a picnic rug listening to something altogether more sedate, live, outdoor music really is a treat in the summer and something to cherish and enjoy, whatever the weather.

As well as carnivals and festivals there are many other things that we automatically associate with summer – sun, sea, sandcastles, ice creams, donkey rides to name but a few! And, while we don’t see all of those things in land-locked Derbyshire we often do our best impression of being beside the seaside, whether that’s by taking a trip to the ‘inland seaside resort’ of Matlock Bath, dipping our toes in the

Derwent or having a boat ride and enjoying an ice cream at Belper’s River Gardens … you can enjoy much of what the typical beach resorts have to offer without spending hours in the car. So, if you’re not coast-ward bound this summer, fear not! You can have just as good a time right here!

If you’d like to add a little extra sparkle to your summer, why not enter our ‘Champagne Sudoku’ competition on page 63 for your chance of winning a bottle of Champagne or, if words are more your thing, you could try our Prize Crossword to win a Sunday roast for two, courtesy of The Kedleston Country House, Quarndon. Entries for both competitions close on 16th August, so don’t delay! Get your entry in on time to be in the draw!

We hope you have a fabulous summer, however or wherever you spend it. Autumn will be here before you know it and we’ll be back in a couple of months with our October/November issue. Until then, take care – stay safe and have fun in the sun (or rain!).

With very best wishes,

Pictured l to r: Karyn Milner (Publisher/Editor), Ruth Brown (Advertising Sales), Helen Young (Editorial Copywriter & Coordinator)

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Shacklocks Solicitors

Legal Matters: Trusts

Legal Matters: Doing it Yourself?

In each edition legal advisors from Shacklocks deal with important legal topics. This month Marion Vesey (pictured) invites us to think about making a decision that will benefit future generations.

Legal Matters: Breakdown of a Marriage or Civil Partnership: Dividing the Pensions

How has the no-fault divorce that was introduced on 6th April 2022 changed the landscape for ending marriages?

Cassandra Worton, Partner with Shacklocks LLP and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, explains some of the mystery behind Trusts.

Making a Will is a serious business. It is a time which gives many people cause to stop and think about how they want to be remembered when they are gone.

70 years later the trust is still providing that accommodation.

When a marriage or a civil partnership breaks down, consideration needs to be given to how the assets of the union are to be divided. Assets can include the home, savings, cars and other valuables but also pensions.

Family Court Statistics demonstrate a marked increase (22%) in divorce applications between April and June 2022 over the same quarter in 2021. While it is thought that there was an element of people waiting for no-fault divorce to come in, the trend is that divorce applications are continuing to increase.

Trusts are a very well established part of English law, but are generally not available in many European countries. So what are they, and how did they come about?

Put as simply as possible, a Trust will arise where a person transfers property or assets into the name of their chosen Trustees, for the Trustees to hold that property or those assets for certain purposes and on certain terms, for the benefit of specific persons or a group of people.

Indeed the pensions can be the most valuable asset and care has to be exercised in how they are treated and how they are divided. Usually, pensions are dealt with in one of the following ways:

With the introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce, there appears to be a greater temptation for people to deal with their divorce themselves rather than seeking advice from a solicitor.

Many people are attracted by the idea of doing something to help others less fortunate than themselves after they pass away, particularly if their family are adequately provided for or if they have no close family. Whilst some still like the idea of supporting major national charities, there are many who prefer to benefit more local causes or causes close to their heart, possibly where they have had a personal involvement or received support during their lifetime.

1. Pension sharing. This is where one pension is divided to create essentially two pensions, a reduced pension for the member of the pension scheme and a new pension for the other person.

Another of the trusts we look after was set up by a client who wanted to help people with particular medical conditions. Her kindness has enabled her trustees to provide financial support to a gifted young musician who has experienced a number of health issues that have interfered with her education, to enable that child to be educated in the most appropriate environment.

To better understand Trusts we can take a look back to the times of the Crusades. Trusts first began to take shape in medieval England when men were travelling abroad to join the Crusades. They would transfer their property to a trusted friend for them to look after, manage and protect until their return, which may not be for many years. The moral obligation imposed on the friend is one of the earliest forms of a Trust, which over the centuries has become embedded in our legal system.

Ending a marriage is a big decision. There are many things to consider, including how financial matters will be resolved. There can be pitfalls if you do not obtain legal advice. For example, you may get the email from the court saying you can apply for the Final Order of Divorce but there might still be reasons why a divorce should not be finalised without financial matters first being resolved by a court order. For instance:

2. Pension attachment. This is where a court makes an order directing that some of the pension payable to one person is paid to the other.

3. Offsetting. This is where the pensions are left untouched but the share of other assets are adjusted to take into account the value of pensions.

Something that our team will discuss with clients in this situation is the idea of setting up their own charitable trust which can continue to provide support for charitable causes of their choosing long after they have passed away. Creating your own charity means that your trustees can provide support to those who need help most. There can be a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that your trustees will carry out your wishes after you have gone and that your name will be associated with such good deeds even after you are no longer around.

Before you even think about dealing with pensions you need to know their value. The starting point is often the provision of a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (“CETV”). This needs to be provided in all cases. Whilst the CETV is important, further information is often needed in terms of benefit statements so that the full terms of the pension can be considered.

If we fast forward to the present day, the reasons to use a Trust are broadly the same as in medieval England; there are different types of Trusts and there are many different types of situations which may create Trusts. Trusts may be set up in a lifetime, or through a Will following death. Trusts may provide circumstances in which beneficiaries will become absolutely entitled to the Trust Fund, or they may provide flexibility by allowing for discretion to be exercised as to who should benefit.

1. Your spouse may have a pension from which you would benefit on their death, and on pronouncement of the Final Order that widow/ widower pension would be lost.

It is important to understand the difference between different pension types. Some pensions are pots of money which can sometimes be converted into cash (subject to tax). Other pensions simply give a person the right to receive an income from a particular date until their death.

2. You may stand to inherit from your spouse in the event of their death, but once you are no longer married you may not receive anything.

At Shacklocks we have set up a number of charitable trusts over the 150 years or so we have been in business and we still look after those trusts today. One of the charitable trusts we look after, for example, was established by a will in the 1940’s to provide accommodation for elderly residents.

3. You could lose rights of occupation of the family home.

4. If you divorce and subsequently remarry without having formally resolved financial issues, you may be prevented from bringing a claim, either in part or at all.

The difficulty is that the CETV for one scheme might produce completely different pension benefits to the CETV in another scheme. You might share a particular pension equally but the reality in terms of what you might each receive in your pocket could be significantly different. The court is generally concerned about the effect of a pension sharing order, especially when people might have been together for a long time.

The CETV provided by a pension scheme might not be a true representation of the value of that pension. In some cases, especially some public sector pensions, the CETV provided can significantly understate the true worth of a pension.

A Charitable Trust can be set up either during your lifetime with savings and investments built up already, or alternatively through a specially prepared Will that will only take effect following your death and will therefore not deprive you of capital or income during your lifetime.

Divorce and resolving financial matters tend to go hand in hand. You can obtain a divorce without resolving financial matters, but to deal with financial matters in a way that is definitely binding there needs to be a divorce.

There are obviously many different pension schemes in existence. Each will probably be different to the next. It is very important that you receive the right advice and that the true value of each pension is understood and shared fairly. Often it is necessary to involve other experts, for example pension actuaries, who will produce comprehensive reports to assist in the division of pension assets. The information given above is necessarily general and cannot be relied upon in any particular case.

The more time that passes between obtaining a divorce and the finances being dealt with, the more complex and difficult they tend to be to resolve. Delay is a factor which the court can take into account, and it might be harmful to your case.

Whilst the idea that someone travelling abroad may leave their property in Trust to be managed whilst they are away is still very useful today, Trusts may be used closer to home to protect and manage property or money in other circumstances too. For example, a parent may set up a Trust in their lifetime or through their Will for a child, or for an adult son or daughter who is not able to manage their own affairs perhaps because of disability or mental capacity issues. A married person may provide in their Will for their surviving spouse to have a life interest in their half of the family home thereby protecting that half of the home for the next generation. A Trust may be used where someone receives damages as a result of a personal injury or clinical negligence claim. A couple may set up a Trust to keep their family assets in the bloodline in case of changes in family and marital arrangements which may take the assets out of the family, or someone with a second family may set up a Trust to make special arrangements for their two families. A person with Charitable intentions may set up a Trust in their lifetime or on death for the benefit of those who they particularly wish to help in the future, and by doing so leave a lasting legacy: many of the charities we see now may have been set up in this way. These are all types of Trust.

Our team at Shacklocks have a particular speciality in preparing arrangements of this kind and also of acting as professional trustees to enable wishes to be fulfilled and instructions to be followed.

You might be thinking about separation, you might be thinking about marriage and have assets to protect. Whatever your situation, obtaining expert advice at the right time can be crucial in obtaining the best possible outcomes for you. That right time is almost always the earliest time. Being informed and being aware of your rights and your legal position from the outset is the best foundation for bringing or responding to a claim. Don’t leave it too late.

At Shacklocks LLP we are committed to helping you to understand the true worth of pensions and to help you receive a fair financial settlement which will meet your needs. Shacklocks LLP family law team are currently offering all new clients an initial free half hour appointment. To find out more, contact Ben Stubbins and his team on 01773 822333 or email

Shacklocks LLP have been dealing with Trusts for many years, though not quite as far back as the Crusades! If you would like to know more about Trusts and how they may be of help in your circumstances contact Cassandra Worton or Richard Farmer at Shacklocks LLP on 01773 822333 or 01623 626141 or email or

If you are thinking of supporting charities through your Will or during your lifetime with a lump sum, why not talk to us about the different ways in which we can help you benefit those good causes, and how to make the most of the tax rules that enable a charitable cause to benefit.

Call us at Shacklocks to talk about how we can help you to help your favourite local causes.

Telephone Shacklocks on 0845 602 2344 or email me at

Shacklocks LLP are currently offering all new family clients an initial free half hour appointment. Why not take the opportunity of speaking to one of our experienced family lawyers to see how we can help. Contact Ben Stubbins or Marcella Kilbane on 01773 743513 or 01773 822333 or email

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SIONAL Legal Matters
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Money Matters: 10

Business & Professional

Money Matters: Over Inflation Will Burst Your Balloon

Years of Belper IFS: Our First Decade

10 years ago, Belper Independent Financial Solutions was formed after its founder (me, Kevin Glover) was made redundant from The Derbyshire Building Society.

Money Matters: 10 Years of Belper IFS: Our First Decade

10 years ago, Belper Independent Financial Solutions was formed after its founder (me, Kevin Glover) was made redundant from The Derbyshire Building Society.

As I write this, the Bank of England have just raised Base Rate for the 14th time in a row to 5% as the economy tries to battle with inflation. Developed economies and their citizens do not like high inflation, as the cost to buy products and services becomes increasingly more expensive and unaffordable for many.

Since then, Belper has seen the loss of The Derbyshire, Woolworths, Somerfield, Thomas Cook and Britannia Building Society to name but a few long-standing institutions that are now confined to history Generations of people have been served or been customers of these organisations. You are probably one. State Pension Age has changed several times and will most likely do so again At least interest rates have not changed much! Rubbish then and not much better today

Since then, Belper has seen the loss of The Derbyshire, Woolworths, Somerfield, Thomas Cook and Britannia Building Society to name but a few long-standing institutions that are now confined to history Generations of people have been served or been customers of these organisations. You are probably one. State Pension Age has changed several times and will most likely do so again. At least interest rates have not changed much! Rubbish then and not much better today

Consider this – joining the EU was considered the right decision once upon a time.

Consider this – joining the EU was considered the right decision once upon a time.

The hangover of many years of ‘quantitative easing’ from Central Banks around the world post-banking crisis of 2007/2008 has pushed interest rates down as they create money to buy government securities from the market in order to increase the money supply. The price for these government securities (usually GILTS) increases due to supply and demand market conditions. The hope is that these economic conditions will then trigger financial institutions to promote increased lending, making the money supply more liquid to the public and businesses. Since then, we have been used to living in a world of incredibly low interest rates.

From my dining room in 2009, to an office in Heanor, back to Belper and now to the present location, much has changed including the greyness of my hair and the size of my waistline! Now as a team of 8 we have seen the client base expand over the years. ‘Generous’ successive Chancellors introduce new legislation impacting the public and signposting the need for financial advice.

From my dining room in 2009, to an office in Heanor, back to Belper and now to the present location, much has changed including the greyness of my hair and the size of my waistline! Now as a team of 8 we have seen the client base expand over the years. ‘Generous’ successive Chancellors introduce new legislation impacting the public and signposting the need for financial advice

When COVID-19 hit in 2020 the world took another change of direction. Demand fell and energy prices collapsed along with the markets as consumption dropped for many (but not companies such as the ‘global tech’ like Netflix and Amazon!). Governments around the world tried to bail out businesses and citizens, supporting them through difficult times.

What about you – what has changed in your lives over the last 10 years? How many jobs have you had? Has your family extended or tragedy struck? How many times have you moved house? How many pension schemes have you been a member of and simply left, through one reason or another? How many cars, partners and other life events have occurred?

What about you – what has changed in your lives over the last 10 years? How many jobs have you had? Has your family extended or tragedy struck? How many times have you moved house? How many pension schemes have you been a member of and simply left, through one reason or another? How many cars, partners and other life events have occurred?

On to 2022, we saw energy prices increase as oil prices recovered from nearly $12 per barrel in 2020 to $118 per barrel. The effect of the Ukraine crisis and subsequent sanctions on Russia impacted gas supply to Europe and market forces, meaning the price for almost everything (product or service) rose as energy, and therefore production, costs increased. Supply issues for food produce and fertilisers coming from the Ukraine/Eastern Europe again impacted price and exacerbated inflation.

How many investments have you made and when were they last reviewed and looked at? My point is

How many investments have you made and when were they last reviewed and looked at? My point is

that the need for financial advice and a solution should not be seen as a one-off. Financial products and solutions were probably right at the time, but just how much has changed since their inception?

The reaction of the same Central Banks globally in 2022 was to increase interest rates to try and slow down inflation. Very drastic but necessary.

that the need for financial advice and a solution should not be seen as a one-off. Financial products and solutions were probably right at the time, but just how much has changed since their inception?

The Governors tread a tricky line. Interest rates become too high and economic growth stalls and we have recession; people lose jobs and homes as mortgage costs rocket. If the interest rate hikes are too slow (arguably they were in some commentators’ eyes) and low, then inflation continues to run away. We see people striking for wage increases to combat these higher living costs when they actually inadvertently add fuel to continuing spiralling inflation and become potentially self-defeating. Difficult times.

Investment funds (whether held in pension wrappers or alternative structures such as Stocks and Shares ISAs), are mostly run by fund managers who are also human beings. As humans they may retire, defect to other companies, or run out of luck! Solutions that may have been right at the start may no longer be suitable or effective. Leading fund managers in 2009 may no longer be leading fund managers as we approach 2020.

Investment funds (whether held in pension wrappers or alternative structures such as Stocks and Shares ISAs), are mostly run by fund managers who are also human beings. As humans they may retire, defect to other companies, or run out of luck! Solutions that may have been right at the start may no longer be suitable or effective. Leading fund managers in 2009 may no longer be leading fund managers as we approach 2020.

It is widely expected that these inflation issues will subside towards the end of 2023. Consequently, we should see interest rates begin to fall too, albeit a few months after certainty that the inflation spike has peaked. This should help those with mortgages and those running businesses, who may have shelved expansion plans whist borrowing costs have increased and demand for certain products and services has tailed off.

In April 2015, pension regulations changed. They will almost certainly change again. Pensions from prior to this time may no longer be suitable – but just how would you know? So, as you sit munching your turkey over the festive period, consider how many of these questions apply to you and see what may benefit from having a review.

In April 2015, pension regulations changed. They will almost certainly change again Pensions from prior to this time may no longer be suitable – but just how would you know? So, as you sit munching your turkey over the festive period, consider how many of these questions apply to you and see what may benefit from having a review.

Is 2020 the time to take a look at your financial arrangements once again and get them fit for purpose?

Is 2020 the time to take a look at your financial arrangements once again and get them fit for purpose?

Wishing you a happy 2020 and a prosperous next 10 years.

There are no easy fixes but we have been here before. The global economy (whilst changing a lot over the last 30 years) will have better days again. Share prices will be determined by the markets, not the companies themselves. A good company can have a poor share price in these times. Hold tight and have faith that matters will improve once again quite soon.

Wishing you a happy 2020 and a prosperous next 10 years

This information is general only and is not intended to address your particular requirements. The data above should not be relied upon in its entirety and shall not be deemed to be or constitute advice No individual or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation

This information is general only and is not intended to address your particular requirements. The data above should not be relied upon in its entirety and shall not be deemed to be or constitute advice. No individual or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation.

This information is general only and is not intended to address your particular requirements The data above should not be relied upon in its entirety and shall not be deemed to be or constitute advice No individual or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation Business
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Just a Thought... Expecting Better

I’d like to invite you to think about your lenses, ‘But Fliss I don’t wear glasses!’

Fear not, because this article has nothing to do with spectacles and everything to do with expectations. Expecting things is inevitable in life. We expect the small things like a drink with friends once a month right up to the big things like a safe job to fund our needs. It would be churlish then for me to ask you to stop expecting things.

Sadly, though, another inevitability is that our expectations are not always met. We may not have the cash to splurge on cocktails or we may be stuck in our work. It could be that a nailed-on promotion was not so securely promised. With the falling short of said expectations comes a sense of loss, despair, upset, unfairness.

This is where I want you to inspect your lenses, the lens that you view your situations through. There are two (well, three) words that can come into play when expectations are not realised, and they are ‘should’ and ‘would/could’.

The easiest one to grab for is ‘should’ because this neural pathway is often hardwired from childhood. It comes from a sense that if we want it and we try for it, it should happen. ‘I should have gotten that promotion; I should have been the one with the pay rise, I should be able to meet my mates at the pub when I want’. From here, the spiral into pity and negative trends is all too easy.

Conversely, ‘I would have benefitted from the promotion and pay rise but now I’ve got an opportunity to find out what to do better next time. I could ask my friends to come over for coffee instead.’

Get curious when things go wrong, ask questions, and let that ‘would’ or even ‘could’ lead you to a new perspective that can allow you to learn and grow. I am not saying a good old wallow isn’t needed from time to time. A few tears over coffee or an inordinate amount of cake is fine. I am just saying that after that, clean your lens and inspect your expectations! I would have expected nothing less!

Belper set for Ultrafast Internet Speeds upgrade. Did you know that engineering work to connect more than 8000 homes and businesses to full fibre broadband is set to begin in May.

Once completed, Belper, Kilburn and many other surrounding villages will join more than 650 other rural communities across 23 counties that are connected to Gigaclear’s full fibre broadband network – that’s more than 380,000 properties stretching from Devon in the west to Essex in the east and up into Derbyshire. Gigaclear has been working closely with local parish councils, community groups, the county council and the highways authority to minimise any disruption during the work and hopes to have the vast majority of it completed by November.

Sam Christmas, Gigaclear’s Community Engagement Manager for Derbyshire, said the planning team was acutely aware of the

challenging layout of the communities we are extending to, their picturesque settings, as well as their historical landmarks, when deciding how best to extend its network.

He said: “There will inevitably be some short-term inconvenience caused during the engineering work. However, by listening to residents and keeping them informed and updated on how we are progressing, I believe we’ll be able to deliver the long-term benefits of full fibre broadband with as little impact as possible.”

The good news is Gigaclear has identified that around 60 per cent of the cable laying can be carried out using existing infrastructure, such as poles and underground ducts owned by Openreach. This will help reduce any disruption and will mean the work can be carried out more quickly.

Anyone who would like to be kept up to date with the works can sign up for regular updates by visiting They’ll also be able to find out when their property is ready for service.

Gigaclear will be delivering a series of community engagement events over the coming months to allow residents to raise any questions or concerns they may have. Be sure to subscribe for more details.

For up-to-date traffic permit information, visit For all other enquiries, please contact our customer operations team via Live Chat at

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The Derby Hotel North Shore Blackpool



Half board. Transport included

Last dates available ­ Sept 25th to 29th • Oct 16th to 20th

£199 per person



15th to 19th April

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The Dark Side of Candles

Candles! Those mystical, flickering sticks of wax that have been illuminating our lives since we discovered fire and decided to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This September, we welcome World Candle Month. An international celebration of these luminous wonders.

A few years ago, I was strolling through a craft event, minding my own business, when suddenly a friendly vendor popped the ultimate question: “Do you like candles?” I stopped in my tracks, paralysed by the enormity of the enquiry. All at once, I was thrown into the dark side of candles…

Did I like candles? Did I not like candles? Is this a question I should have considered before? Were other people perfectly clear on their stance with regards to candles? Would you have had an immediate answer?

Fear not, because World Candle Month is here to shine a light so you don’t get left in the dark.

Long, long ago, before the modern-day trickery of electric lighting, the Egyptians had a clever idea to make fire sticks more manageable. They fashioned torches out of reeds soaked in animal fat.

The Romans improved upon the concept by developing wicked candles made of tallow. That’s a delightful combination

of animal fat and other interesting substances. The wicks were made from papyrus, which added a touch of class. Nothing quite says sophistication like a flaming piece of fat in an elegant holder.

Fast forward a few centuries and candles became a symbol of devotion in religious ceremonies. They illuminated the path to enlightenment and a higher power.

But let’s return to the encounter I had at the craft fair. It was there I discovered that, just like the legendary Tupperware parties of yesteryear, candle parties have become a thing. Imagine gathering your friends, sipping mocktails and discussing the intricate details of your favourite candles.

In fact, there are many uses of candles. They can set a romantic ambiance, create a soothing atmosphere for relaxation and even provide emergency lighting during a power cut. As you celebrate World Candle Month, take a moment to ponder the profound question: Do you like candles? Or how about four candles?

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Pets Walkies!

Walking your dog is a daily commitment, and if you need occasional help or someone to take over most days while you are at work, you’ll need to find a professional dog-walker. Here are some things to consider to ensure your furry friend’s safety and well-being.

• Ask the dog walker about their experience with different breeds, behaviour issues and emergency situations. Look for someone who has experience with dogs similar to yours.

• What other pets are they looking after? What’s the maximum number of dogs they will be walking at the same time?

• Has your walker taken training or certification courses in pet first aid and dog walking?

• Ask for references from previous clients and call them to get feedback on the dog walker’s reliability, professionalism and how well they handled their pet.

• Make sure the dog walker has insurance that covers them in case of an accident, and liability insurance that protects you and your pet in case of any damage or injury.

• Look for a dog walker who communicates well and keeps you informed about your pet’s daily activities and any issues that arise during the walks.

• Arrange a meeting with you and your pet before the walks begin to ensure they bond and feel comfortable with each other.

• Discuss the rates and any additional fees for services like administering medication or extra hours if you are late returning from work.

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Travel Sojourning in Sorrento

Sorrento is a sun-soaked slice of paradise, where lemon-bearing trees and pastel-painted buildings meet turquoise waters framed by mountains.

With the likes of Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast all within easy reach, Sorrento is the perfect base for a holiday that can be as relaxing or active as you like. Here are just a handful of the best things to do in and around the town:

Stroll through Piazza Tasso

Piazza Tasso is the beating heart of Sorrento. This ‘Old Town’ is a treat for the senses: shop for souvenirs with the sun on your back and the smell of fresh lemons in the air, before soaking up the ambience from a pavement café, gelato in hand.

Cruise along the Amalfi Coast

There are a few ways to explore the Amalfi Coast. While the buses are often crowded and driving the twisted roads is not for the faint-hearted, booking a boat trip will allow you to enjoy the precipitous crags, cliff-clinging hotels and hidden coves – completely stress-free.

Many boat trips will include stops at the towns of Amalfi and Positano, where you can take a dip in the turquoise waters for one of the most scenic swims in the world.

Spend a day in Capri

A favourite haunt for celebrities and the superrich, Capri is a mindblowingly beautiful island off the coast of Sorrento.

It takes luxury very seriously, with no shortage of expensive restaurants and boutiques to splash your cash. However, Capri is much more than a shopping haven: soak up the views from the Monte Solaro chairlift, walk the cove-studded coastline or visit the Blue Grotto – a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue.

Discover Pompeii

You can’t visit Sorrento without taking a day to explore the nearby ancient city of Pompeii. Simultaneously

destroyed and preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, it remains a remarkable example of how the Romans once lived and a dark reminder of the destructive forces of Mother Nature. Walk down Roman streets and explore millennia-old houses, temples, shops, cafes, amphitheatres – and even a brothel.

Climb up Mount Vesuvius

Towering over the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius remains one of the world’s most carefully monitored volcanoes. Having erupted more than 30 times since its infamous explosion in AD 79, the volcano was believed to have once been much taller than its current height (1,281m).

You can take a coach trip to the top from Sorrento or from Pompeii, where you’ll be dropped off and invited to climb the final 30-minute trek to the crater.

Explore on foot

Some of the best sights in Sorrento can be seen by lacing up your walking boots and exploring on foot. There are numerous walking trails leaving from the centre, taking you through lush greenery, gorgeous lemon groves and quaint Italian villages.

One of the most popular walks is the 40-minute trip to Bagni Regina Giovanna, home to a hidden swimming spot and an ancient Roman villa dating back to the first century BC.

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Short Story The Pied Piper

“Do me a favour,” Aunty June squeezed Claire’s hand after giving her a hug, “when your Uncle Derek comes back from the bar, don’t say a word about his jacket.”

“Why?” Claire took off her coat and settled down next to her. “What about his jacket?”

“You’ll know when you see it.” June lowered her voice. “It really is the most hideous garment you’ll ever lay eyes on.” Claire laughed. Uncle Derek was known by everyone as a keen ornithologist and not for his fashion choices. He was rarely seen sporting anything other than his anorak and binoculars.

“Thanks for warning me,” Claire said. “Has he bought himself a new camouflage jacket?”

“Quite the opposite.” June pulled a face. “It’s sort of a blouson-style bomber jacket and a patchwork of different coloured leather, like it’s been made from all the remnants at the bottom of the barrel. I call it Derek’s coat of many colours – though not to his face, mind you.”

“Where did he get that from?” Claire pulled a face, unable to imagine her uncle in such a thing.

“That’s why you’re not to mention it, he’ll just go on about how he haggled a poor chap down on a stall at the Sunday market,” she said. “He thinks it’s the bargain of the century, but I’m sure the bloke would have happily given it away just to see the back of it.”

“And speaking of the back of it,” June continued, “that’s where the horrors really lie.”

“What do you mean?” Claire was intrigued.

“On the back, in diamante studs,” June checked over her shoulder to make sure Derek was not returning, “it says ‘Sparkle’, only some of the studs have fallen off so it actually says ‘Spurkie’. All his mates at the rambling club have started calling him Spurkie.” June shook her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “And he has no idea why.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Claire giggled.

“I wish I was. I tried to give it to the charity shop, but they wouldn’t take it,” June whispered. “Rolled their eyes and said they didn’t have space on their ladieswear rack for it.”

“Ladieswear?” Claire snorted. “Have you told Derek this?” “Course not!” June gasped. “Can you imagine the sulking? My life wouldn’t be worth living.”

“Why is he so fond of it?” Claire couldn’t understand Uncle Derek’s sudden interest in garish fashion. Everyone knew he was only interested in the great outdoors, never the catwalks of Milan.

June dropped her voice even lower. “What if I told you he said it was to attract the birds?”

“Oh June, I had no idea!” Claire’s mouth fell open. “You and Derek have always seemed so happy together.”

“Don’t be daft, it’s Derek we’re talking about!” June snorted. “Not women! I’m talking the feathered variety – magpies, jackdaws, jays.”

“They are his favourite birds.” Claire nodded, still unable to make sense of it.

“He says it attracts them, you know with all the diamante.” June grimaced. “They follow him about. He’s like the pied piper of crows. Quick, here he comes now…” She gave Claire her hardest stare. “Not a word.”

Claire looked up as Uncle Derek, gaily adorned in his jacket, approached the table with a tray of drinks, and wondered how she was ever going to talk about anything else.

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Chicken Kebabs with Tomato Chilli Sauce

These colourful kebabs have a fabulous flavour of Korea and are super easy to make at home – delicious for al fresco entertaining!

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes, plus marinating

Cooking time: 8-10 minutes


• 4 skinless chicken breast fillets, cut into chunks

• About 30 British cherry tomatoes

• 3 tbsp toasted sesame oil

• 2 tbsp light soy sauce

• 2 tbsp rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

• 15g fresh root ginger, peeled and grated

• 2 cloves garlic, crushed

• ¼ tsp dried chilli flakes

• 4 spring onions, trimmed and sliced on the slant

• Salt and freshly ground black pepper

• A few pinches of sugar

• Toasted sesame seeds, spring onions and lime wedges, to garnish

For the tomato chilli sauce

• 300g British classic tomatoes, finely chopped

• 1 shallot, peeled and very finely chopped

• 1 tsp finely chopped fresh red chilli

• 1 tbsp rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

• 2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander

Method: Thread the chicken onto wooden kebab sticks that have been pre-soaked, alternating with the cherry tomatoes.

In a shallow dish, mix together the sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, chilli flakes and spring onions. Season with salt, black pepper and sugar. Add the kebabs, turning them to coat in the marinade, then cover and leave to marinate for 30-40 minutes, turning occasionally.

Preheat the grill to hot.

For the sauce, mix together all the ingredients and season with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar.

Grill the kebabs under the hot grill for 8-10 minutes, turning often.

Serve with the tomato chilli sauce, garnished with toasted sesame seeds, spring onions and lime wedges.


Make the meal more substantial by serving the kebabs in warm wraps.

For more British tomato recipe inspiration, visit

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Woodland Hut also available for day hire A simple woodland hut with fire pit area and toilet. Perfect for a day out in the woods. Just £20 a day!

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Poem: Back to School

Brand new socks and nice new shoes

New pens, felt tips and bag to use

New pencil case – which one to choose?

Back to school again

Moving classrooms, up one year

Some friends have gone, a few still here

New school book smell, fresh, clean and clear

Back to school again

New teachers, subjects, lesson plans

New things I’ve yet to understand

Join in at break, or apart, I stand

Back to school again

And then the bell – it’s time to go

Whilst now, the time goes r e a l l y s l o w

It will be half term before I know

Back to school again

And as each term’s eventually passed

Another school year gone at last

My students grow up far too fast

Back to school again

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Self catering accommodation in the heart of Shining Cliff
Ambergate The Fancy Spread Catering Co. ‘Bespoke, Locally Sourced and Fresh’ Providing tailor-made themed catering packages delivered directly to your event. Ideal for any occasion including parties, baby showers, anniversaries, christenings, funerals & weddings. Contact Caroline 07507 500470

Book Reviews The Great Summer Book Getaway

Whether staycation, a further away vacation, or simply relaxing at home or whiling away a journey, there’s nothing better than a great read. Here are some for everyone in the family to enjoy!

The Usborne Official Spy’s Handbook

From cracking secret codes and creating effective disguises to tracking and decoding signals, this book encourages kids to be creative. It’s the essential guide to spying – keep it close to hand but hidden from the unknown enemy!

Don’t Shake the Mango Tree

Graeme Forbes-Smith

When Graeme and his wife Candy have a mid-life crisis at the age of 50, they abandon their comfortable Edinburgh life and move to Tanzania. The warmth and welcoming nature of the locals swiftly found them work managing a luxury safari lodge. As their new life in Africa unfolds, each tale is told with a touching blend of humour, tragedy, gratitude and joy.

City on Fire

Don Winslow

This is the first instalment of an expansive new trilogy from one of the world’s most eloquent crime writers. Danny Ryan is a hard-working longshoreman, loving husband, loyal friend, and occasional ‘muscle’ for the Irish crime syndicate that oversees much of the city. He yearns for something more and dreams of a fresh start somewhere far away. But

when a modern-day Helen of Troy triggers a war between rival mob factions, Danny is embroiled in a conflict he can’t escape…

All You Need

Katie Piper

In her debut children’s picture book, best-selling author and TV presenter Katie Piper OBE invites young readers aged three to five to join Teeny Mouse on a big adventure, a journey she’s never taken before. And though it’s big, and fun, she suddenly feels a little bit small... but she discovers all you need is to have a little bit of faith in yourself.

The Davenports

Krystal Marquis

One for the older teens, this historical romance tells the story of the Davenports, whose riches were made through a formerly enslaved man who founded the Davenport Carriage Company years ago. It’s now 1910 and we follow the fortunes of four young black women – Olivia, Helen, Amy-Rose and Ruby – discovering the courage to steer their own path in life… and love.

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different – and far more satisfying – than he ever imagined. A fable about undauntedly following one’s dreams, listening to one’s heart and reading life’s omens, The Alchemist has become a modern classic and is currently the most-translated book in the world by a living author.

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Beer: Little Earth Project

Nestled in the Suffolk countryside, a stone’s throw from Ipswich, is a small village called Edwardstone, with a population of just 375.

The hub of this community is the White Horse, a regular in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide for over 20 years, as well as being recognised for its initiatives in green tourism. Not only are there solar panels on the roof, they also source the water from their own borehole and have three wood burners for warmth in the winter, using local coppiced wood. Also, next door, the much-revered brewery Little Earth Project, who specialise in barrel-aged sour beers, are plying their trade, with six of their beers pouring at any one time in the pub.

On a recent visit, I stayed in one of their two holiday chalets over the early May Bank Holiday weekend (they also have a campsite next door too), which was well appointed, clean and we were made to feel most welcome.

I timed it right, as they were holding a Dark Ale Festival on that

Word on Wine

During a recent trip to the Majestic store in Derby they had a new range of wines available for tasting, from California, USA (not Derby!).

The range, made for Majestic, is called ‘Toast & Honey’ and includes a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. As I’m normally a white wine drinker I was impressed with the smooth and full fruit taste of the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a relatively recent addition to the group of wine grapes and has been proved by DNA testing in California to have derived naturally from Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc crossover. From its origins in Bordeaux, where it is blended with other varietals, the grapes are now grown in warm areas of the world, producing wines which are easily recognised as Cabernet Sauvignon with fruit-driven flavours and taking on the local terroir.

The ‘Toast & Honey’ range is from Lodi in California, made by a 4th generation winemaker, and shows all the characteristics of a wine made in the New World. The region is renowned for its Zinfandel red wines. Lodi’s Mediterranean climate produces a fresh and juicy Cabernet Sauvignon wine. The late-harvested small berries have approximately 1:12 pipe to pulp ratio (other grape varieties have around 1:25 ratio) which produces a fruit-driven wine with flavours of blackberry and

weekend, which gave me plenty to choose from over the few days while I was using it as a base. The highlights from Little Earth Project included:

‘Its Life, Jim Mk II’ 15.2%

The aroma was in typical barley wine territory, with the beer being plummy, deep and full of raisin sweetness. It had what I describe as a basil, herby-like finish.

‘Export India Porter’ 6.4%

This porter offers up a sour and funky quality, which you don’t expect from a dark beer, with a cherry-like sweet finish.

‘Echoes of Summer 2021’ – 5.6%

Initial flavours are tart raspberry with a cherry plum tartness, but it is balanced with a funkiness from the oak barrel aging.

black cherries, low tannins and good end flavours.

Technical Details

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon with a small amount of Merlot.

Appearance: Deep red colour with a light rim.

Nose / Aroma: Blackberries and Black cherries.

Taste: Blackberries, black cherries, vanilla spice and chocolate.

Alcohol by Volume: 13%

Food Match: Any red meat dish or cheese. Available from: Majestic store, Ashbourne Road, Derby. £14.99 per bottle or £9.99 as part of a box of 6.

For more information see or visit the store.

If you like wine and would like to learn more please visit our website for our 2023 programme.

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Yoga Workshops & Courses Yoga Workshops & Courses

“Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person - not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.” (Shiatsu Society 2023)

Treatment Benefits

• Deeply relaxing • Helps aid sleep

• Relieves tension and stress • Provides long term benefits and preventative care

Alan Hatton-Perkins MrSS

Shiatsu Shin Tai Diploma • Zen Shiatsu Diploma

Located in Belper

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Fitness Matters Benefits of Walking

As I am writing this, I am two weeks off climbing Ben Nevis with clients. This is something I have always wanted to do but, as with everything, sometimes we don’t prioritise ourselves enough. Walking is such an underrated exercise, so I thought I would share some benefits.

There’s lots of research telling us that hiking is good for us. As a form of exercise, there’s nothing like a brisk climb to get your heart rate up. Physically, the benefits are numerous. Getting outside for even a short hike regularly can reduce your risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help to prevent type II diabetes. Hiking doesn’t just work your legs. A proper scramble can engage your core and work your upper body for a truly holistic workout.

But hiking can also contribute to your overall mental health and wellbeing. This isn’t a ‘get fit and lose weight in 30 days’ post. Health is more than cardio and strength conditioning; it’s about looking after the whole body and mind.

Hiking can: Clear the mind and reduce stress. Going for a hike reduces your blood pressure and cortisol levels producing a calming effect only nature can offer, over and above the benefits of exercise alone.

Make us happier. Getting out into nature decreases what psychologists call ‘rumination’, negative thought patterns that play over and over in our heads. Never underestimate the feel-good vibes that being outside can give us.

Improve sleep quality. Walking or climbing over uneven terrain uses 28% more energy than walking over flat ground, and you’re away from all the modern stimuli that we’re often exposed to (phones, computers, TVs etc.)

Improve your memory. Studies have shown that people who regularly spend time in natural settings have improved memory and recollection.

Reduce anxiety and depression. Hiking has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety by quietening the mind and allowing you to zone in on your breathing to a part meditative state. For natural stress relief and an instant mood boost, head outdoors.

When was the last time you really concentrated on being truly present and in the moment? Hiking can help you to reflect, recharge and reconnect with yourself through the beautiful simplicity of getting out into nature.

Level 4 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP referrals – Pre- & post-natal exercise. Personal Trainer for over 15 years, supporting and helping people to meet their goals in fitness and lifestyle changes, from losing weight to running marathons. 01773 512410 • 07817 337861

ARR - Personal Training

‘If you have been thinking about improving your fitness or want to lose weight, I can help’.

• I have been a Personal Trainer for over 18 years, supporting and helping people to meet their goals in fitness and lifestyle changes, from losing weight to running marathons.

• Over the years I have competed in various amateur sports to a high standard, including 24 hour endurance running to cross training events.

Hatton Boxing For Fitness. Mixed classes held in Ripley

A fantastic class to help get you fit while having fun!

Suitable for all fitness levels

Tuesday 7.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Booking is essential as places are limited

• I am a Level 4 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP referrals - Pre & post natal exercise Master Trainer in corrective exercise

Hatton Boxing for Fitness - Boxercise Master Trainer

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• Level 4 obesity and diabetes specialist

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me on 07817
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337861 I
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* B O O K A B O O K A F R E E F R E E G U E S T V I S I T G U E S T V I S I T Individual weight and Inch loss cannot be guaranteed as it is dependent on many factors including metabolism and exercise Weight loss can only be achieved in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet 54 Bridge Street Belper DE56 1AZ

Strictly by appointment only. All measures possible will be taken to protect the safety of our patients with the guidelines provided.

Derbyshire Walking: The River Derwent, Curbar, Baslow & Froggatt Edges

Distance: 7.5 miles / 12.2 km

Ascent: 890 feet / 270 metres

Time: 4 hours 40 minutes

Grade: Easy/Moderate

Author: Mike Bexley

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL24

Start: Car park at Hay Wood (grid ref. SK255777)

Starting in woodland, this walk follows the deeper stretches of the River Derwent returning to high ground to look down on the river with spectacular views over the Chatsworth Estate and the village of Eyam. The start is a small car park (grid ref. SK255777) at Hay Wood off the B6054 near the Grouse Inn. The unmarked lane entrance to the car park is on the road north of Froggatt village, just prior to ‘The Grouse Inn’.

The Route

1. From the car park head downhill through the woods in a westerly direction taking the steeper left path at the fork. Follow this down through the woods and lanes to reach the River Derwent at a road bridge (grid ref. 245778).

2. Do not cross over the bridge but take the path left just before the bridge. Cross the field diagonally towards the woods in the left corner of the field. Continue to follow a clear path through the woods leading to Spooner Lane and then Froggatt village (grid ref. 243763). Keep straight on to the river, do not cross over instead taking the path that starts with a narrow gap in the wall entrance to the left of the river.

3. This path follows the river and, on reaching the road, cross over to continue this lovely riverside stroll until it ends at another road. Continue on the road in the same direction to Calver (grid ref. 247744).

The large Mill building across the river on your right was the ‘prison’ in the television series ‘Colditz’.

4. At the road junction, turn left up the hill (this is a steep pull) and at the crossroads with its telephone box turn right to take the narrow footpath on the left through the wall between houses.

5. On reaching a lane turn right. At the end of the lane

(grid ref. 252741) head uphill keeping to the right of the large trees following the path to the second wall. On reaching this point turn sharp left and follow the wall to reach the entrance into a small wood.

6. Go through the wood and up on to a very wide path. Turn right and follow this path uphill, keeping to the left of the wall (do not go through the gate) and through a small quarry to the top path bearing left.

To the right of you is Wellington’s Monument, well worth the visit for the views over Chatsworth. It is said, but not proved, that it was built to commemorate Wellington’s visit to this area. Opposite you on the distant southeast ridge, there is another monument, to Nelson, built five years after his battle at Trafalgar.

7. Return to the path by cutting across the moor to the very large stone named Eagle Stone (grid ref. 262740). Legend has it that the young men of Baslow proved how fit they were for marriage by climbing to the top!

8. The path now heads north at first along Baslow Edge to dip down to cross a road before continuing along Curbar Edge, with wonderful views on your left and flat moors on your right. It finishes through some trees at a road where you cross over down to a small stream and up the other side to the car park.

Walk supplied by Walking Britain (no. 2515). For GPS file or other walks visit

Mike has led ‘Mike’s Hikes’ for several years, since leaving Mountain Rescue where he was based in Hayfield as part of the Kinder MRT.

It is advisable to carry the relevant OS map when walking the route, and wear appropriate clothing/ footwear. The publisher accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused to readers whilst following the walk

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 27 Health, Beauty & Fitness

Quirky Britain

Yarn Bombing

Grab your knitting and take to the streets! Fluffy and lovable, ‘yarn bombing’ could be described as graffiti in sheep’s clothing. It combines the ‘matronly’ crafts of knitting and crochet with the maternal gesture of wrapping something cold in a warm blanket, with the objective of transforming the concrete and steel objects usually found in an urban streetscape. Lamp-posts, parking meters, bicycles, cars — even objects as large as buses and bridges — have all been ‘bombed’ in recent years.

Yarn bombing (aka guerilla knitting or guerilla crochet) has become a way for artists to reclaim and personalise public spaces that might otherwise be considered unwelcoming. The trend began in 2005 in Houston, Texas, when textile artist Magda Sayeg decided to cover the door handle of her shop with a knitted wrapping. Magda admits that at the time she had no idea of where her actions might lead: “All I wanted to see was something warm, fuzzy and humanlike on the cold, steel grey facade I looked at every day.”

British artist Lauren O’Farrell learned to knit while recovering from cancer treatment in her twenties, and subsequently formed a knitting club with her friend. As her skills developed, she decided to direct her energies towards becoming – in her words – a “squishy Banksy”.

Lauren isn’t afraid of making big statements with her work. One of her early projects involved covering a phone box (displayed in Parliament Square as part of the BT ‘Art Box’ charity project) with a giant ‘cosy’. She didn’t seek permission to cover the box and admits she didn’t worry until the police asked her what she was doing. “We told them it was a craft project and we wanted to take a photo, and they let us,” Lauren explained to “The fact that they did opened the floodgates. I thought, I could now do this anywhere.”

These days people of all ages are inspired to take to the streets with knitting needles and crochet hooks. A few years ago, 104-yearold grandmother Grace Brett came to public attention as possibly the oldest street artist in the world. As part of a band of ‘yarnstormers’ known as the Souter Stormers, she helped to decorate various landmarks in Selkirk, Scotland, during the YES Arts Festival, where yarn-bombed items included public benches, phone boxes and trees. Grace, who became a focus for media attention during the festival, told interviewers she thought the town looked lovely, adding: “I’m not bragging, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve done.”

Yarn bombing has now become an integral part of many community events and festivals across Britain, including our local area. Its gentle, non-confrontational approach has also led to an association with a number of projects linked to mental health. In Cornwall “We are enough: the creative yarn bomb of love” was a project created to raise awareness of people who suffer with social anxiety. The year-long community arts initiative reflects the views of many communities who see yarn bombing as the perfect way to convey a message of hope, positivity and kindness.

28 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 28 Health, Beauty & Fitness

Motoring The Best Small Electric Cars on Sale Today

Looking for a compact EV? Here are five great choices

Small cars lend themselves perfectly to being EVs, typically being used for shorter routes. There’s a good range of options, with these also being an affordable way to drive an EV. Here are the best small electric cars on the market.

Mini Electric

Mini’s 3-Door Hatch is an icon, and it got even better in 2020 when this British brand introduced the Electric. We’d argue this Mini is even more impressive and fun in Electric guise than petrol versions.

Retaining all the style and high-quality interior of the regular model, the Electric is one of the lightest EVs on sale. As a result, it feels particularly fun and agile to drive, aided by its punchy 181bhp electric motor. A claimed 145-mile range isn’t the longest but should be plenty for many drivers.

Fiat 500

Ever since Fiat revived its 500 in 2008, this has been a particularly popular choice and remains one of the best-selling cars across Europe. Fiat’s electric 500 propels this city car into modern territory.

It might retain similarly chic styling to the standard petrol Fiat 500 but the electric version is an entirely different car and gets a range of new technology and driver-assistance features. It’s not a cheap choice, especially by city car standards, but it does offer a 199-mile electric range if you opt for the larger 42kWh battery.

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot’s 208 supermini was the best-selling car across Europe in 2022 and a key factor to its success is the electric e-208. This small EV offers a fantastic,

high-quality interior and plenty of standard equipment, while it’s good to drive as well.

Currently, the Peugeot e-208 offers an electric range of up to 225 miles, but this supermini will be equipped with a larger battery and more powerful electric motor soon, increasing the range to 248 miles, which is great for a car of this size.

Honda e Honda’s e has only a 137-mile electric range, but for those who stay predominantly local and want one of the coolest small cars ever made, it’s most certainly worth a look.

The rear-wheel-drive layout makes it huge fun to drive, while it’s absolutely packed full of technology with six digital displays in the interior. How this Japanese firm has packed so much into such a small car is seriously impressive.


The MG4 hatchback might be slightly larger in size than other models on this list but we’ve included it because its £26,995 starting price undercuts every other car here. You still get lots of equipment, such as a 10.25inch touchscreen, a digital dial display plus a host of driver-assistance features.

The MG4 is also great to drive and spacious, thanks to it being built around a new electric car-only platform. A seven-year warranty is included as well, while the MG4 offers up to 281 miles of claimed range – again, the most of any car on this list.

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 29 Motoring
30 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 30 Car key programming / cloning spare car keys Locked out? No problem Call Ian 07597 105950 Belper based • Replacement and Repair of Keys for Cars and Vans Service Centre MOTs - Cars & Light Vans NHS workers - 10% discount Brakes & Suspension Air Conditioning service & repair Your local friendly garage Est. 2009 Open 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri 4b Old Hall Mills Business Park, Alfreton Road, Little Eaton DE21 5EJ T: 01332 830996 E:
Eaton GarageLTD TO DO 1. Find more local customers 2. Sort out advertising 3. Ring RUTH at All Things Local 01332 883140 07545 261034 SORTED! BEST VALUE TYRES FOR ALL VEHICLES 182 Derby Rd, Denby DE5 8RD (Opposite The One Stop Shop) 01332 883103 FAST 'WHILE YOU WAIT' FITTING SERVICE NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED Scan to get prices for your tyres NOW
32 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 32 Unit 9b Goods Road, Belper DE56 1UU NOWNISSANACCIDENT APPROVEDREPAIRER •Repairs •BringingyourcartoMOTstandard Maintenance&RepairofMotorVehicles Established 45years runby BrianKelf BAKELFBODYWORKS SPECIALISTSINCARBODYREPAIRS Garagealsospecialisesin: ChurchLane,HorsleyWoodhouse,DE76BB 01332780662 •AirCon •4wheelchecking/alignment
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 33 • MINOR TO MAJOR ACCIDENT WORK • COSMETIC REPAIRS • SCRATCHES AND STONE CHIPS • COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE • PAINTLESS DENT-REMOVAL TEL: 01332 883080 PAINT & BODY REPAIRS unit 5, lady lea road, horsley woodhouse, derbyshire DE7 6AZ email: YOUR LOCAL, FRIENDLY, EXPERIENCED TEAM FOR CAR PAINT AND BODY REPAIRS • MOTORHOME SPECIALIST • INSURANCE WORK • INVOLVED IN A NON-FAULT ACCIDENT? DON'T WORRY GIVE ME A CALL FOR HASSLE FREE ASSISTANCE. • PARKING SENSORS FULLY FITTED FROM £199 INC VAT. • LOW BAKE OVEN MARTIN BUXTON • MAJOR CARDS ACCPETED ® Are you unhappy with your current advertising? Adver tising in All Things Local could make your business stand out in the crowd and put the smile back on your face. For low cost advertising to over 67,500 local readers* Call Ruth at All Things Local magazine t: 01332 883140 m: 07545 261034 e: w: * In total there are 27,000 copies of All Things Local distributed across 2 editions - Village Edition and Belper Edition. The readership figure is based on the assumption that, on average, each copy is read by 2.5 people.
650921 12 Month OAP Discount Excludes blockages Speak to us today! 1-2 Hour Emergency Response time! guarantee on labour! ightio Plumbing & Heating COMPETITIVE RATES Fast Response All Work Guaranteed Flexible Appointment Times OUR SERVICES Boiler Breakdowns Radiators & Pipes Tanks & Cylinders Boiler Servicing Toilets & Taps Leaks & Bursts Showers Clearing Blockages Pipework Replacement Gas Safe Certified 01332 561842 We work in Belper, Windley, Fritchley and the surrounding area 3434
Local, family run installers of intruder alarms, CCTV, fire alarms and more for 30 years Full Wireless Systems For more information about what we can do to help you, please get in touch with us today. Visit our website for services and reviews www. 01332 890 873 • We handle everything from small homes or businesses up to large commercial sites At Mercury Security we employ a team of friendly, dedicated and trusted individuals who possess the knowledge and understanding to be able to assist you in your enquiry and ensure you have complete peace of mind 35
36 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 36 Plastering & Tiling Services S Beresford 07787 194845 Based in Belper Quality Work – at very competitive prices No job too small • FREE no obligation quotes Based in Belper ’ 30 years’ experience of Kitchen & Bathroom Design and Installation. All works fully Insured & Guaranteed. Recommended Installer for Installer of Howden’s Fitted Kitchens All Aspects of Plumbing, Plastering & Joinery Wall & Floor Tiling • Laminate Flooring • Wet Floors • Ensuite Conversions Knock Throughs • Design Service Contact Paul on 01773 449754 Mobile 07943 237824 Email Web: Paul M Longden Ltd Kitchen & Bathroom Installation Services L Tansley Joinery ● Specialist in renovation and conservation ● Sash window repair, double glazing, re-cording & more – remove the need for secondary glazing or replacement windows All types of joinery work undertaken including internal & external doors – windows – stairs – gates –garage doors Wood, UPVC, composite & aluminium Tel: 07813 900781 e-mail: L L


Carpet Retailer Artificial grass now available FREE fitting and underlay on selected carpets where shown Established since 1964
Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 9am - 5.30pm Thur 9am - 7.30pm & Sat 9am - 5pm 37
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 39 Roller Garage Doors – Industrial Shutters –Awnings – Retractable/Fixed Grills • High Security • High Quality • Wide Range of Colours • Fully Insulated • Quiet, Smooth Operation • Remote Controlled • Emergency Override We also supply sectional garage doors and composite front doors. REMOTE CONTROLLED, INSULATED & FULLY INSTALLED ROLLER GARAGE DOORS SINGLE £799.00 DOUBLE £1150.00 * * * Subject to VAT Here are just some of the services we offer • Full re-wire • Additional sockets • Electrical vehicle charging • Hot-tub electrics • New fuse boards • Underfloor heating • All plastering works McPherson-Davis & Sons Electrical & Plastering Services Family run business based in Denby Village Call 01773 742038 or 0779 304 6896 Email - Gutters Cleared Removal of leaves - mossgrass - growth & debris Hello, I’m Pete, I own & operate GutterPRO across East Derbyshire. Because it’s my business, you’ll get a personal service and be certain I’ll clear up thoroughly after the job. Get an instant price 01773 297 032 or online T Tiimed a appppoinntment Caamera r s suurvey B Beffore r a d nd a affteer r ph photos os f foor r peeacce o of f minnd P Pay y on c coompletion o F Fuulllly y innssureed No Problem No Call Out Charge Also Gutter / Fascia Conservatory Cleaning Damp & Mould Can be caused by blocked gutters
40 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 40 123a Old No ngham Road, Derby, DE1 3QQ 01332 292911 CREATE YOUR OWN BATHROOM AND RELAX We o er a comprehensive range of furniture and accessories to design your perfect bathroom • Wet rooms • Baths and showers • Furniture • Radiators • Accessories Visit our showroom Summer Outdoors We stock all you need for outdoor living this summer, our range of products are suitable for pizza ovens, fire pits and BBQs Delivery service available 01773 305777 01773 747027 Unit 1, Derwent Works, Matlock Road, Ambergate DE56 2HE
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 41 123a Old No ngham Road, Derby, DE1 3QQ 01332 292911 • Decora ve concrete paving • Block paving • Sleepers • Decora ve aggregates • Tools and workwear • Fencing • Trellis • Ar cial grass • Top soil • Kerbs • Natural stone paving • Porcelain paving Expert advice on hand We stock a wide range of garden and landscaping products to help get the job done

Top Quality Painter

& Decorator

Reasons to choose me:

◘ I am experienced in ALL ASPECTS of painting and decorating and am HAPPY TO GIVE ADVICE.

◘ I can carry out all of your INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR decorating needs - domestic, commercial or industrial.

◘ I offer a CLEAN and RELIABLE service which is why people RECOMMEND ME.

◘ I employ an experienced FEMALE decorator to offer PEACE OF MIND in certain situations

◘ I’ve been established SINCE 1986 so you can be rest assured of a PROFESSIONAL JOB.

◘ I CARE about my customers and RESPECT their property.

◘ I offer a friendly FREE estimate with NO OBLIGATION

42 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 42 (01332) 882882 or 07980 254 050 ‘Based in Kilburn’
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 43 Call 07973 366445 07956 356553 E: NAPIT (Part P approved contractor) DEVENPORT ELECTRICAL • Over 30 Years’ Experience • Full & Part Rewires • Security Systems & Data Points • New Extensions, Fully Wired • Small Jobs Welcome • Free Quotes, No Obligation • Fully Insured Simon Owen Response BUILDING SERVICES & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Over 30 years' experience NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Simon for a FREE no obligation quote 10% discount for Gold Card holders 01773 824458 07810 898413 Hilltop Builders Belper Small Building Works Over 20 years' experience My work includes: Walls & stone work specialist Small extensions • Conservatories Brickwork • Patios • Pointing up Groundworks • Fireplaces • Lintels For a friendly reliable service call Paul 07882 086037 AMCAERIALS CallAdrianon01773880204 TextAERIALto07702118739Wewillcallyouback • Professional aerial and satellite engineer with over 30 years’ experience. • Quality aerials installed and meter aligned. • Aerial & satellite multi point systems. • Sky & Freesat installed and serviced. Card payments accepted CallAdrianon01773880204 Call Adrian 01773 880204 (Belper) E: ATL
44 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 44 Call James 07939 725991 No obligation quotation FOR ALL YOUR PLASTERING & HOME MAINTENANCE • WASPS • MICE • RATS • COCKROACHES • FLEAS Pest Control CALL: 07753 326451 PROTECH SERVICES ALL CARDS TAKEN I like All Things Local magazine because….. To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: ® It is a fantastic way to hear about good local services and trades people in the Belper area. J.B from Belper SATELLITE AERIAL SERVICES  Professional conscientious TV Engineer with over 25 years experience  TV Aerial repairs and installations  FREEVIEW wideband digital aerials  SKY installations, dish realignment and MAGIC EYE  Additional points and phone points installed Call Paul for a no obligation quote on 07985405244 Please call me 07399 272170 to discuss your needs or book a FREE quotation Valley View Construction Friendly and reliable My work includes Extensions • Roofing • Garden walls Plastering • Renovations Over 22 years’ experience


• Best value for money • Free design and planning service

• Quality 18mm colour co-ordinated cabinets

• Extensive door styles to choose from

• Granite, solid surface and laminate worktops

• Latest CAD 3D design software • No pressure selling

• Large car park • Experienced friendly designers





From our family to yours

As a family run, independent business with over 30 years’ experience we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully personalised and expert service which is unrivalled by larger retailers. Our extensive showroom boasts an impressive range of kitchens, worktops, bedrooms, tiles and accessories. Our team of highly experienced designers and installers are here to help create the kitchen or bedroom of your dreams.

‘A trusted family business built on a solid reputation’


* Terms & Conditions apply (ask in store for details)
Established in 1985
• Gas / Oil Boiler Installations • Gas / Oil Boiler Replacements • Gas / Oil Boiler Servicing & Repairs Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi • Central Heating Installations • Gas Safety Inspections • Landlord Safety Certificates • Under Floor Heating T: 01773 829 222 M: 07973 506 053 2 Burbage Close Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0DW W: E: 4646

We have our own scaffold so no need to pay out any extra cost on using another scaffold company. We take off all the existing rotten timber. (We never go over the existing wood that leads to even more future rot.)

Licensed waste carriers so the majority of the time there is no need to have any skips on the drive. Our under tiles fascia system is designed to stop birds going in your roof Variety of colours to suit different styles of property.

These beautiful new roofs will flood your home with natural light and bring your home a new contemporary feel. There’s excellent energy efficiency too, not to mention a wide choice of colours.

NEW scan our QR CODE for our full range of composite doors

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 47 Great customer care is a priority. Realistic quotations Specialist in uPVC & Aluminium Est 2005 • Conservatories • Windows & doors • Porches • Repairs • Flat roof solutions • Replacement glass & locks • Fascias, soffits & guttering • Bi-folding aluminium doors • uPVC Garden rooms & Greenhouses • 10 year insurance backed guarantee • Warmer roofs Call us for a free no obligation quotation and free advice 01332 780125 E: Based in Denby ‘The Smart Choice’ Thinking of changing your FASCIAS, SOFFITS & GUTTERING? WARMER ROOF warm in winter and cooler in summer SKY PODS
Rated Excellent FEN CES RAILS G ATES SHE DS DOMEST I C COMME RCIAL TRA DE SU PPLY ON LY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE: CONTACT US FOR A FREE BROCHURE OR SAMPLES. No more fence worries for 25 years ColourFence CREATE AND DESIGN YOUR DREAM FENCE WITH OUR NEW VISUALISATION TOOL ColourFence ColourRail ColourGate ColourShed Over 100,000 Fences Installed And Still Standing Over 40 branches across the UK Fences that won’t warp, crack, shrink, rot, peel, break, or require staining or painting! Maintenance Free Finance Options To Suit All Budgets † † Visit website for more details. Affordable Quality Supply only from £79 p/ linear metre FIRE PROOF For your ultimate safety Rest easy in a storm Withstands gusts up to 130 MPH 3D Fence Visualiser 16 mtr fence 1.8 mtr high. From only £2280 * fully installed. 25 years MAINTENANCE FREE. At £91 p/year or less than £8 p/month over the 25 years. *Clearance and disposal excluded. All prices are indicative. Affordable Quality est. 2003 G O O NLIN E: O R P H O N E: 01332 527 777 4848
10 YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL WORK Please call 07515 826858 for a free no obligation quotation New roofs Roof repairs Tiles & slate Flat roofs Chimney & leadwork UPVC fascia boards, sof ts & guttering Walls built Repointing & rendering General building work Supporting & none supporting internal wall removal Gutter cleaning Our services include: DRIVEWAYS & SURFACING SERVICES Experienced and reliable driveways, paths and road surfacing contractors Residential to commercial Based in Duffield and covering the whole of the East Midlands Trackways, drainage & groundworks TO FIND OUT MORE CALL US ON 07817 208837 mountpleasantcontractors 49
50 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 50 Mature and experienced Pain�ng & decora�ng, interior, exterior & wallpapering Many years in the building trade Reliable with own tools No Job too small ‘If you need a handyman I can turn my hand to most things’ John Painter & Handyman Please call John 07966 765785 Based in Ripley the LOCAL BUILDER TDB Building 01773 302222 / 07812 995634 Call Derek - Waingroves based Over 20 years experience For all your building needs including: ■ Extensions ■ Loft Conversions ■ Roofs ■ Joinery ■ Renovations ■ Property Maintenance Your All Taps Fitted Radiators, Thermostatic Valves Shower Replacements & Pumps, Toilets Bathroom Installations, Walk-In Shower Enclosures Heating System Power Flush, All General Plumbing No job too small! Call Mark: 07794 368614 or 01773 459049 Your local & reliable plumber • Extensions • New Builds • Refurbishments • Commercial Works • Loft Conversions • Conservatories All aspects of building works including: Semi-detached new builds, Abbotts Bromley
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: Visit the biggest home improvement showroom in Derby. Trusted 10 year guarantee Made in the Midlands Large Derby showroom Always helpful Navigation Park, 810 London Road, Alvaston, Derby DE24 8WA | 01332 755 551 PVCu and Aluminium windows Patio and Bi-fold doors Conservatories and Orangeries Entrance doors Come and see us to start your project today. Scan to get a quote! We are here! @tradewindows @TradeWindowsLtd Trade Windows (Derby) Ltd
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 53
54 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 54 Keeping your home Healthy Call us today to learn more about HomeSafe and why you can trust MOLLY MAID in your home. Please call: 01283 351770 or email: See what our customers say at Excellent The HomeSafe cleaning system puts the health and safety of you, your family and our team of maids at the core of how we work. • Uniformed and professionally trained staff • 100% guaranteed and fully insured • Regular and occasional cleans • Free in home estimate • All materials supplied • No contracts
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 55 City and Guilds qualified with 25 years' experience Hedge cutting • Lawn mowing Tree work and Landscaping TMS Garden Services FOR A FREE QUOTATION PLEASE CALL 07498 954708 / 01773 409648 Transform your kitchen with a makeover by Dream Doors, Derbyshire’s locallyowned, family-run business with the reassurance of a national brand behind it. It’s so easy! Not only will a Dream Doors makeover save you £1,000’s, you’ll also miss the stress, upheaval and mess that comes with a traditional refit. Changing as little or as much as you like, from a simple door swap to a complete new kitchen, we offer everything you need to make your kitchen dream a reality. Made-to-measure doors and cabinets. Fully fitted and guaranteed. Visit the Derby Kitchen Showroom at 20 The Strand, Derby DE1 1BE. or let us bring the showroom to you! Call Steve for your FREE survey and quotation on 01332 290600 Visit JUST REPLACE THE DOORS AND WORKTOPS NEW LIFE FOR OLD KITCHENS!
56 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 56 ✓ Rewires & Partial Rewires. ✓ Wiring of New Extensions. ✓ Showers Installed. ✓ Extra Sockets, Extra Light Points & Switches. ✓ Exterior Lighting. ✓ Extractor Fans, Kitchens & Bathrooms. ✓ Free Quotations. ✓ Part P Registered. ✓ Electric Vehicle Charging Points. Little Eaton based LTD For all your electrical requirements For a friendly reliable service call Andy mobile 07833 684981 email 546452 Richard Fearn Plumbing, Heating & Gas Engineer 07583 146838 E: Local engineer providing a professional, friendly reliable service to help with all your plumbing and heating requirements including: •Boiler installations, servicing and repairs •Bathroom installations •Full gas central heating systems •Gas cooker installations •Gas safety inspections • Landlord gas safety certificates • Domestic legionella risk assessment • Leaking taps. Faulty toilets Please call for a FREE no obligation quotation - no job too small A. HALLAM ELECTRICAL Your Friendly, Local & Reliable Electrician FOR ALL YOUR DOMESTIC Call Aidy 07973 410258 01773 882449
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 57 TCA PAINTING AND DECORATING Friendly and reliable Interior and exterior Domestic and commercial Free quotation with no obligation Fully insured and DBS checked call 07955 743124 or 01773 825226 I offer a complete and quality electrical service from hanging a light fitting to a full rewire FREE estimates given Please call Jordan - 07512 295548 Based in Belper Competitive rates, Out of hours & weekend services available Work includes: • Full/partial rewires • New sockets outside/inside • Security lighting/burglar alarms • CCTV/ Access control systems • Smoke alarms • Intercom system/disabled alarms • Home cinema systems JB ELECTRICAL & SECURITY SYSTEMS ✔ Windows, doors & conservatories ✔ Flat roof solutions ✔ Replacement glass & locks ✔ Fascias, soffits & guttering ✔ Bi-folding aluminium doors ✔ Guardian warm roof conversions ✔ 10 year insurance backed guarantee ✔ Repairs For a free no obligation quote call James 07545 181391 Belper JG GLAZING UPVC • WOOD • ALUMINIUM Locally based with Over 15 years' experience


Sir / Madam,

Re: Would you like to sell your house this month?

Hi, my name is Amanda I am a local property investor I am buying properties in your area as I am regularly asked by tenants for properties in this area.

The differences between selling your house to me and using an estate agent:

• There are no “viewings” - with lots of people visiting your home, bringing with them the possibility of infection.

• I specialise in buying properties very quickly, between 7 and 28 days is my normal purchase period

• I can buy with cash so that you don’t get messed around by mortgage lenders slowing things down

• I pay all your estate agent and solicitor fees - the price I pay is actually what you get

• There is no board outside or advert in the paper, just a fast, smooth, relaxed confidential sale

• To hear how real local people have found our service visit

Call me for a guaranteed offer on your property. If you accept my offer before the end of the month then I will either give you £250 cash in advance or pay your mortgage for you until we complete the purchase of your property! This could get the mortgage company off your back immediately!

I hope that you don’t mind my direct approach but I thought that I’d write to ask you if you would like to sell your house quickly? If you are keen to sell within a month with no hassle from agents charging you fees, viewings that waste your time and buyers offering and then backing out, then I can definitely help.

I offer a guaranteed purchase of any property which means that all you have to do is give me a call and I’ll give you a price that I guarantee to buy your property at. If you decide to sell to me you could have the money in your account within a month.

If you want to sell quickly then give me a call today 01332 289572 I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,


P.S. Call me on 01332 289572 TODAY and have the money for your property in your bank account in only 28 days!

P.P.S Don’t delay take advantage of my special offer accept my offer before the end of the month and I can start paying your mortgage for you IMMEDIATELY! Don’t miss out, CALL NOW on 01332

289572 RIGHT NOW!

1st Floor 17 Town Street Belper Derbyshire DE56 4EH
the code below when you call and I will pay you £250 cash in advance if you decide to sell ATL250
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 61 We supply and fit bathrooms or supply only (free delivery) Complete service from start to finish Over 30 years' experience • Competitive prices We also supply and fit kitchens and windows Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm & Sat 9.30am - 2pm Evening appointments available on request Best One Bathrooms 07824 031720 E: 11 Hayfield Close, Belper DE56 1FA (Off Ladywood Road) FREE PARKING Visit our showroom
62 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 62 Free Estimates/quotes
Carpets est. 1979 Supplier and fitter of top quality carpets, laminate flooring, vinyls, and decorative vinyls. • Massive range in stock • Quick turn around • Excellent service • Covering all of Derbyshire • Free samples • Choose from our excellent range at home • Own team of dedicated fitters for carpets and hard flooring
choice is hard to beat and so are our prices” Contact: Mob: 07971 437901 10 Openwoodgate, Belper DE56 0SD Tel: 01773 880398 14c Town Street, Duffield DE56 4 EH Tel: 01332 843989 "We're not satisfied until you are" Garden Designs wwww clarebuftongardens co uk Autumn and Winter are ideal times to plan and get your garden ready for next year. • Friendly • Experienced • Sustainable • Layout designs • Planting plans • Implementation • Planting • Maintenance FREE INITIAL VISIT AND QUOTE 07986 083 666
Flooring by Ian Wilson
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 63 Goods Road, Belper DE56 1UU 01773 820940 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 4pm KILN DRIED LOGS Top quality and ready to burn All Sizes Small handy bags 1.2m³ bulk bags, kindling & flamers Delivery or collection Win a bottle of Champagne courtesy of All Things Local! Just complete the Sudoku grid above, cut out and post to Sudoku Competition, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA. Closing date Wednesday 16th August 2023. Remember to include a piece of paper with your name, address and contact telephone number. The winner will be notified by telephone initially. Entrants must be aged 18 or over. All entries are destroyed after the closing date and no information is given to any third party. • SPACE-SAVING – MAXIMISE GARAGE HEADROOM • SECURITY-ENABLED AUTO-LOCKING SYSTEM • CHOICE OF 21 COLOURS TO MATCH YOUR HOME • REMOVAL AND RECYCLING OF YOUR OLD DOOR • DEDICATED GAROLLA AFTER-CARE TEAM T: 01773 650 045 Lines are open 7 days a week 9.8 out of 10 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 / 5,000 reviews From our door, to yours. GAROLLA.CO.UK Get your Garage into Shape! Upgrade your garage this summer into a space to be proud of. FREE FITTING PAYMENT ON INSTALLATION PRICES START AT £895 (OPENINGS UP TO 2.4M/55MM WHITE SLATS)

Gardening Using Vertical Space

Are you frustrated at the lack of planting space in your garden? Many homes, particularly modern houses, have small gardens. This might be viewed as a negative feature – or you could turn it on its head so that it becomes one of the best-loved aspects of your home. It’s all about creativity and making the most of every part of the garden.

If you can incorporate dual or multiple usage of different areas, this unlocks all sorts of possibilities. Thus, the garden shed provides a wonderful opportunity for the addition of a living green roof, and the covered wood store or decorative bin storage area creates room for a vegetable or cut-flower raised-bed planter on its roof. The dark and dingy north-facing section of an outside space can be transformed into a cosy jungle den for the children, surrounded by lush ferns and ivy, and it could even house a firepit around which everyone can gather in the evenings.

Garden steps might be adorned with pots of colourful bulbs, perennials, grasses and annuals, and trees can double up as wildlife havens with the addition of bird feeders, nest boxes and insect hotels. Then there are the fences!

Climbing plants

Choose your climbers with care. Not only do you need to consider the requirements of the individual plants, but also their habits with regard to height

and spread. Neighbours should be a consideration because a vigorous climber is capable of spreading far and wide. The majority of climbers will require support in terms of wires or trellis. Some produce tendrils that curl around their support, a few are self-clinging as they grow little suckers, but others, such as climbing roses, will need to be tied to something structural.

Which position?

Clematis are suitable for a wide range of planting places, with many preferring a sunny aspect and others happier on a north-facing fence. You can put multiple clematis against one fence panel, but be aware of their pruning needs, which differ according to their category.

Both the passion flower, Passiflora, and the star jasmine, Trachelospermum, love sunshine and warmth. The exotic blooms of the former are said to represent the crucifixion of Jesus, whilst creamy star-shaped flowers of the jasmine have a most delectable scent.

Honeysuckle is a great climber that provides wildlife habitats, scented nectar-rich flowers and berries for birds too. It prefers a partially shaded site because the leaves can be scorched by full sun. On your shadier fences you might consider foliage plants that are self-clinging, such as ivy and Parthenocissus. Both Boston ivy and Virginia creeper will be too vigorous for a fence panel unless you are able to keep them well-pruned. But they produce spectacular autumn colour that is second-to-none.

The climbing hydrangea petiolaris also uses suckers. It’s a great choice for a shady wall, but once again it is likely to grow very large once it has established, so be prepared to prune hard once it has reached the top of the fence.

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Borek's collections redefine the concept of outdoor living by seamlessly blending handcrafted, eco-friendly materials with unparalleled comfort and contemporary design.

These collections effortlessly complement each other, giving you the freedom to mix and match as you please.

Renowned for their top-notch quality, Borek products are readily available from stock.

Enhance your outdoor living with Borek's exquisite parasols and furniture - a brand synonymous with durability, style, and expert craftsmanship.

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Parenting Safe in the Sun


top tips for keeping children safe on holiday.

Stop slips

There are few things more pleasant than relaxing with a cool drink on a hot day beside a swimming pool. Bliss. Unfortunately, however much you tell your children not to run by the pool, they never seem to learn. While non-slip shoes won’t make your child any less likely to ignore your warnings, they could help to prevent a nasty fall. Slipfree® shoes can be used in and out of the water, and are also handy for protecting feet from hot pebbles on the beach. They’re quick-drying, breathable and comfortable. (My son would wear his 24/7 given the chance.) Available in a range of designs and sizes, Slipfree® shoes start at £15.95 from at

Sun safety

If your child hates having sunscreen re-applied, you might want to invest in a long-sleeved, long-legged sun suit that offers UV protection from the sun’s harsh rays. All covered areas will be protected but you’ll still need to use sunscreen on exposed areas. Choose a high SPF that’s suitable for sensitive skin and, ideally, one that helps to moisturise skin while it protects. Let your child choose their own sun hat, as they’re more likely to wear it without protesting. It may not be quite as tasteful as the one you’d have chosen, but hey, you’re on holiday.

Holiday homes

Planning to rent a holiday home this summer? Set a reminder on your phone to check the fire alarm when you get there. According to new research by VeriSmart, up to 40% of rental properties don’t have a working smoke alarm, despite it being a legal requirement. If the

property has a gas fire, gas cooker, coal fire or wood burning stove, it should also have a carbon monoxide detector. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to check whether there’s a stair gate and safety latches before you go. If there isn’t, consider investing in a travel stair gate such as the Lindam Flexiguard, which folds up small and is easy to attach without screws.

Stranger danger

See for advice on talking to your child about strangers and hazards. The site also has advice on online safety, what to check if your child is taking part in a club, and more. A child identity wristband is a good idea for younger children. Write your name and phone number on the wristband in case your child gets lost. (Search online for ‘ID wristband’ to find retailers.)

Stay hydrated

You’ll need to make sure your child stays hydrated while you’re out and about. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on bottled drinks (or waste all that plastic), a reusable water bottle is essential. You can even have them personalised with your child’s name … who knows, it might even encourage them not to lose it. One can hope.

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Belper School

As promised in the last article, here is our second entry for the National Wicked Writers: Be the Change! Competition. This entry is from Emily in year 9 about her views and well-researched facts on homelessness.

Here’s a reminder of the brief we gave to our students. 500 words: If you could change anything, what would it be?

What do you do when you see a homeless person on the streets? Do you turn a blind eye? Or do you go over to them and help? According to the English Shelter Organisation, at least 271,000 people in the UK, 123,000 of which are children, are currently homeless. That is one in 208 people in England now without a home. In 2021, the percentage of homeless people in England had risen by 38% since 2010. I believe that this needs to change and that no-one should have to face homelessness alone.

A common misconception of homelessness is that you are only homeless if you are living and sleeping on the streets – this is simply not true. There are four types of homelessness: ‘rough sleeping, temporary accommodation, hidden and statutory homelessness’. Rough sleeping is the stereotypical perception of homelessness – usually on the streets – and is the most visible form. Temporary accommodation is short-term housing for homeless people; this can be a B&B, a hotel, a private flat or house, or a council house. Hidden homelessness is the most common type of homelessness in women – this can range from sofa-hopping with friends or family to staying in a dangerous environment. Finally, statutory homelessness is when the homeless person is deemed vulnerable and prioritised to get off of the streets, for example, families with young children.

In 2021, approximately 227,000 people were experiencing rough sleeping, arguably the worst type of homelessness. Many rough sleepers choose to sleep on benches or bus stops, but this has been made impossible due to design choices made to stop the homeless from sleeping on them. For example, bus stop benches are made to be thin, slanted, uncomfortable and impossible to lie on. The UK is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and has the capacity to provide cheap, safe accommodation

for thousands. I believe that filling empty accommodation would help tremendously in lowering this number, giving rough sleepers a safe place. This also gives them an address, which is needed to get a job, helping more people to get off, and stay off, the streets.

The average person lives for around 80 years; however, on average, homeless people only live until 50 and are at greater risk of infection, chronic illness, substance abuse and poor mental health. The UK is well-known for its bitter weather, but this only worsens the health of the homeless and subjects them to even more illnesses. Many homeless people resort to a life of crime, particularly thieving and drug dealing, in order to find the money that they need to survive – if we provided help and support not only would we reduce crime rates, but we would also help people to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Homelessness is dangerous. Almost 59% of homeless people experience violence whilst on the streets. If we, together, help to take the homeless off of the streets, we can stop these attacks on innocent people. We can be the change!

We wish both Emily and Alicia (author of the piece featured in the June/July issue) the best of luck in this national competition and hope their ‘changes’ influence others to help make them a reality.

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The Diary of a Local Mum Officially An Adult…

So, we’ve reached a milestone recently in our house. My eldest has turned 18 … and, as the clock struck midnight on that date she officially, in the eyes of the law, became an adult.

According to the Office of National Statistics

“Teenagers get more rights as they get older […] But it’s not until their 18th birthday (or, in some circumstances, earlier in Scotland) that children become adults in the eyes of the law.”

While teenagers are usually thrilled to become adults, for their parents the milestone often evokes different emotions. You see and feel it as they grow up anyway, they’re changing and often looking and acting more grown-up by the day (this feeling can often strike even when they’re young – for example when your toddler is first able to dress or feed themselves, or when an older child can tie their own laces or catch a school bus…) but THIS date, well this is really significant. They are ‘officially’ no longer a child! As a mum it’s been a hard one for me to wrap my head around.

I’ve questioned whether this makes me less of a ‘mum’ … which I know is ridiculous, but it’s a thought that’s struck me all the same. Society’s view of being a mother to an adult certainly feels different to the way the mother of a baby, toddler, young child or even a tween/teen is viewed. An ‘adult’ doesn’t officially need parental consent or, by law, support, but we all know from experience that that’s really not true in life. I am very lucky, I know, to still have both of my parents and throughout my adult life I’ve needed them almost as much as I did in childhood!

I’ve questioned whether I should stop writing this article … I mean, can I still claim to be a ‘Local Mum’ when one of my children is no longer a child? (Although I do still have a younger teen, too.) I’ve been writing it since 2011 (thank you for putting up with my random ramblings for the past 12 years!)

and naturally my day-to-day experiences are different nowadays to what they were back then when I had a 4 and a 6 year-old! It’s less ‘pre-school and pantomimes’ nowadays and more ‘mobile phone use, socialising and exams’!

Whilst seeing your child become an adult is a wonderful privilege, and there’s a certain sense of achievement (Yay! I’ve successfully helped raise a baby all the way through to adulthood!) along with some definite bonuses (she can give me lifts nowadays!), I can’t pretend I haven’t found it a bit disconcerting. I’ve deemed being a mum as my most important role in life for so long, but all of a sudden, according to law, I’ve been laid-off by 50% of my ‘clients’! However, despite these ridiculous (slightly neurotic) ponderings I know, in my heart of hearts, that nothing has changed. Between the last day of her being 17 and the first day of her being 18, she still needed me just as much (and I, her). I’m still, without a shadow of a doubt, her mum in every way – and, I’m unbelievably proud to be so. Whether the law ‘officially’ needs me to be or not, that’s never going to change.

So, as long as you’ll still have me, I’m going to keep on penning these pages until I run out of things to say (maybe when the kids move out!). Every day is an adventure with kids/young adults of any age so there’s always a new experience to write about. If any readers who are parents are still here from the start (thank you!) then you may also have experienced a similar transition. And, for readers who are new parents – well, this is a taste of what’s to come! (May your rollercoaster of parenthood be filled with more ups than downs!) To those readers who aren’t parents, I hope you enjoy the glimpse into my chaotic but nonetheless enjoyable experience of family life.

The Local Mum lives on!

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On a hot day in Paris, the Eiffel Tower grows taller. The tower is constructed from iron and when this is warmed it expands, causing the structure to grow by up to 17 cm.

What’s worse than a worm in your apple? Half a worm.

What do insects learn at school?


Why was the centipede dropped from the insect football team? He took too long to put his boots on!












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Local History Something from Strutts: A Place of Learning

There was a time when a library was an important feature of any town, school or community simply because it was the ultimate way, indeed it was often the only way, to achieve knowledge and enhance understanding. Many families struggled to buy books so what could not be owned would be borrowed. And this opened up a world of facts and fiction for everyone.

Since then, we have experienced the advent of Google, Wikipedia and a host of other platforms, which have reduced reference books to a clumsy alternative to the gratification of instant results. Unsurprisingly, these services have global approval. Nevertheless, the ethos of the lending library has survived, though its function is wider ranging, encompassing modern technology, social spaces and exhibition possibilities. Libraries were, and still are, wonderful, even magical, spaces.

Which brings me to the Strutts School library, situated on the upper floor of the Strutts Community Centre. The Herbert Strutt School opened in 1909, built and equipped through the philanthropy of Alderman George Herbert Strutt. He designed the building to accommodate a range of educational activities, providing, over the early years, sports fields, a swimming pool, purpose-built classrooms and laboratories. However, although there were plenty of books available to the students, they had no designated place until after the second world war. The library, being placed in the former dining hall, was officially opened in 1951 when the headteacher, Mr George Ducker, dedicated it to the memory of those students who had died in the conflict. Cynthia Maddock, who is currently one of the Guardians of Strutts, remembers the occasion as she was a member of the choir which sang at the opening ceremony.

Dominated by the magnificent stained-glass window, the Strutts library is light and roomy with a striking

barrel-vault ceiling. It was always well stocked and those who attended the Grammar School between 1951 and 1973 will remember the library as an impressive, orderly space, always strictly supervised and usually quiet. Walls were lined with essential reference books containing information necessary to complete that essay, that thesis or that discussion topic. Huge, heavy volumes of tiny print were the predecessors of screens and took much longer to access. The library itself was immaculately catalogued and relevant tomes could be found by referring to the index contained in the central drawer units.

In 1973 Strutts became a Middle and later a Primary School, prompting a change to the library provision and opening doors to visually attractive books and junior fiction. Reading areas became informal and storytelling was an asset to the curriculum. The library was always a pivotal room in the school.

And it is still there today, still stocked with vintage books and looking timelessly splendid as the sun streams through the stained-glass window which has survived for more than a century.

If you are a reader and wish to buy good second-hand books, why not come along to Strutts and see what we have for sale? We have literally hundreds of titles and prices are low. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Bereavement is a time when careful guidance and advice is needed most.

Allow our fully trained and professional staff to carry out your wishes to the very highest standard while offering comfort and support.

We offer:

• Modern & Traditional Services

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Upbeat: Just a Second Is All It Takes

It’s something many of us do every day, almost without thinking – like brushing our teeth or locking the front door.

But while driving feels routine, things can change in a moment.

That’s why Derbyshire Constabulary’s campaign over the summer has been reminding people of the impact of being distracted while driving – even just for a second.

It’s not just the potentially devasting consequences which might seem too far-fetched to ever become reality (although sadly, they often do). There are also the mundane effects of being caught driving carelessly – from soaring insurance premiums to losing your means of getting to work.

Sergeant Adam Titterton, from the Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “We are really encouraging people to take a second to reconsider the attention they give to driving. Incidents on the roads are largely caused by normal people like you and I.

“With more technology than ever in our lives now, most of us can probably think of a time when we’ve been distracted by glancing at a smart watch or fiddling with the car’s touch screen. Unfortunately, it really does take just a second for everything to change.

“Even behaviours which aren’t specifically covered by the law can become offences if they cause you not to be in control and driving with care, so we all need to treat driving with the respect it requires and minimise distractions as much as we can.

“Being banned from driving isn’t something anyone wants to have to tell their family or employer about, but there is now more chance than ever of being caught with the amount of dashcams and home security footage available to police – as well as our own regular patrols.

“So, the message is simple – take a second to get everything ready before you go, minimise distractions and keep us all safer on the roads.”

Look out for more on the campaign on Derbyshire Constabulary’s website and social media channels:

Community Diary August/September 2023


5th: Pride in Belper – inclusive, diverse, sustainable & accessible. The ‘Strutt’ starts at 12noon from Belper Market Place (assemble from 11am) followed by music, entertainment, stalls & events.

6th: Pride in Belper Dog Show, 2pm, Belper Memorial Gardens. Various categories, £2, enter & pay on the day. See

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th: Larks in the Park, Belper River Gardens, 2-4pm. Music and entertainment.

12th: Belper Organ and Keyboard Club concert: Alun Jefferys, Jason Lee, Nigel Dawes. 2pm, Congregational Church, Church Walk, Belper DE56 1DB. £10 admission. Refreshments available.

20th: Heritage Walk ‘The Dark Side of Milford’: Milford’s west side, Sunny Hill, Stephenson’s Tower & The Chevin. 11am. Price from £6.50. Tickets from

25th: Belper Welcome Meal 12-2pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Soup/bread & pudding, No need to book, pay what you can.

Welcome Meal Project volunteers supported by Unite, Belper Town Council, Co-op.

27th: The World of Strutts and their Workers – a walk through Belper’s industrial past. 2pm at North Mill; price from £6.50. Tickets from

27th: The Darley Park Concert, Darley Abbey. Outdoor concert of classical favourites. Fun family activities, music & fireworks display. See for details. Tickets £4.50 adults, £1.50 u16 when bought in advance via


3rd: Tales of the Nightwatchman Heritage Walk. 11am, Belper. Price from £6.50. Tickets:

3rd: Larks in the Parks, Belper River Gardens, 2-4pm. Beeston Big Band.

7th: Language Soirée 7-9pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Conversation in a different language at each table. All languages welcome, fluent to beginners. £6 on the door (no booking req’d). BYO drinks & language-themed nibbles.

9th: Belper Organ and Keyboard Club concert: Byron Jones. 2pm, Congregational Church, Church Walk, Belper DE56 1DB. £10 admission. Refreshments available.

17th: Adrian Farmer’s Belper Talks – Belper Mills in Old Photographs. 6pm, No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. £5, booking essential by email:

22nd: Belper Welcome Meal 12-2pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Soup/bread & pudding, No need to book, pay what you can. Welcome Meal Project volunteers supported by Unite, Belper Town Council, Co-op.

23rd: Transition Belper’s Green Exchange with Repair Café, 10am – 1pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Tech corner, bike repairs, knife sharpening, sewing, electricals & more. Facebook: transitionbelper.

24th: Belper Heritage Walk – Shady Characters and Ne’er-do-wells: Tales from Belper’s Criminal Underworld. 11am. Price from £6.50. Tickets:

30th: Belper Heritage Walk – Tales and Trickery: Folk Stories from Belper. Hilly 3.5 mile walk, 11am. Price from £6.50. Tickets: calendar.

30th: Ship of Fools stand up comedy at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. 7.30 for 8pm, BYO drinks. £10 book online at E:

30th: The Bohemians – Queen’s Greatest Hits Celebration Tour. 7.45pm (doors 6.45pm) St Peter’s Church, Belper. Tickets £18 adults, £13 u16 from or

Please check events with the venue/organiser as the publisher accepts no responsibility if events are changed/cancelled following publication. If you have a one-off event or special excursion for October / November 2023 please email it to Deadline is Wednesday 23rd August 2023.

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Make sure of what you wish formake a will

Most of us have an idea of what we want to happen after we have gone. Who will look after things in the first few days, who will arrange our funeral and most of all, who we would choose to inherit after our death. Without a will, legislation decides who is entitled to your money, and that may not be who you would want it to be.

Trust us to advise you on such important arrangements. Make sure you have a Will in place - later may be sooner than you think.

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Friendship Blooms

Show your appreciation for a fellow member of the community; it may be a friend, a family member or maybe someone you’ve come into contact with who provides a wonderful service or who works hard to make a difference. Let All Things Local surprise them with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

All Things Local has joined forces with Beverley Kennedy (pictured) from Floraline, Gregory’s Way in Belper, to offer readers the chance to show their appreciation for a fellow member of the community.

The recipient of this issue’s bouquet is Vivienne Hodgson from Windley. Vivienne was nominated by her friend, Janette Laughton of Belper. This is what Janette wrote:

“I would like to nominate Vivienne Hodgson, who is the greatest friend everyone would love to have and the Grandma every child would adore. She has something in her DNA which should be bottled and a few drops given to everyone. She’s the one who sends the texts, makes the phone calls when you feel you need a big hug. She’s the one who sends random cards that make you smile when you find one mixed in with the junk mail and the bills. Even total strangers become friends (her husband Tony says, “I suppose they’ll be coming for Christmas dinner too!”). How does she know? Because she’s SO SPECIAL to be like this.” Janette Laughton

Nominate someone to receive the next bouquet. All you have to do is state, in no more than 100 words, who you are nominating. Include their address and the reasons why you are nominating them. You can nominate more than one person if they are living/ working at the same address… and remember, flowers don’t just have to be for women!

The only rule is that the person receiving the flowers must live or work in the distribution area of All Things Local Village Edition (listed on front cover). Just write your nomination on a piece of paper and send to Friendship Blooms, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA or e-mail your nomination to putting ‘Friendship Blooms’ as the subject. Please include your full name, address and daytime telephone number on your nomination.

Closing date for nominations for the next issue is Wednesday 23rd August 2023.

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Vivienne (centre) receives the Friendship Blooms bouquet from Janette (right) and Sam (left). Beverley Kennedy
78 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 78 Community Accommodation: Shining Cliff Hostel 19 Aerials: AMC Aerials 43 Aerials: Satellite Aerial Services 44 Airport Transfers: Holbrook Travel 14 Airport Transfers: Steve’s Cars 9 Animal Welfare: The Cat’s Protection League 15 Architect: GRT Architecture 46 Architect: Pilkington Architecture 60 Bathrooms: Belper Kitchens & Bathrooms 51 Bathrooms: Best One Bathrooms 61 Bathrooms: Browns 40 Bathrooms: Paul M Longden 36 Bedrooms: Contour Furnishings 54 Blinds: UK Blinds 57 Blinds, Curtains & Shutters: Hillarys 2 Broadband Provider: Gigaclear 12 Builder’s Merchant/Landscaping Products: Browns 40 Building Work: Hilltop Builders 43 Building Work: JJN 50 Building Work: Little Job Building Co 46 Building Work: Midland Building & Roofing 49 Building Work: Simon Owen Response 43 Building Work: TDB Builders 50 Building Work: Valley View Construction 44 Car Body Repairs: B A Kelf 32 Car Body Repairs: ChipsAway 32 Car Body Repairs: Martin Buxton 33 Car Key Replacement: Belper Car Keys 30 Car Servicing, Repairs, MOTs: 20Ten Garage Services 31 Car Servicing, Repairs, MOTs: Little Eaton Garage 30 Carpets & Flooring: Ian Wilson 62 Carpets & Flooring: Spondon Carpets 37 Catering: Fancy Spread Catering 19 Cleaning/Sanitising: Molly Maid 54 Cleaning/Sanitising: Time For You 15 Computer Support: PC Support 14 Dentures: Beautiful Dentures 26 Education: Derbyshire County Council Adult Education 71 Electrical Goods Retailer: Lester & Nix 13 Electrician: A Hallam 56 Electrician: Andy Hill 56 Electrician: Devenport Electrical 43 Electrician: JB Electrical & Security Systems 57 Electrician: McPherson-Davis 39 Fencing: ColourFence 48 Financial Advice: Belper IFS 10 Florist: Floraline 76 Fuel: Browns/Signal Fuels 40 Funeral Director: Thomas Ryde & Son 73 Furniture: Incite Interiors 53 Garage Doors: Garolla 63 Garage Doors: Ockbrook Garage Doors 54 Garden Heating & Furniture: Robeys 66 Garden Living: Cabin Master 3 Garden Services/Design: Clare Bufton Gardens 62 Garden Services: Dalton Home & Garden Services 56 Garden Services: TMS 55 Grout Cleaning: GroutGleam 34 Gutter Clearance: Gutter PRO 39 Gym/Fitness (Ladies only): Gymophobics 25 Hearing Specialist: Audiyo Hearing 1 Home Improvements: Dalton Home & Garden Services 56 Home Improvements: Next Generation 79 Hotel: The Derby Hotel Blackpool 13 Hotel: The Kedleston Country House 21 Hotel: Morley Hayes 21 Joinery: L Tansley 36 Kitchens: Belper Kitchens & Bathrooms 51 Kitchens: Dream Doors 55 Kitchens: Holtams 45 Kitchens: Paul M Longden 36 Landscaping: Mount Pleasant Landscaping 49 Log Supplies: Robeys 63 Painting & Decorating: John the Painter 50 Painting & Decorating: Roy Milner 42 Painting & Decorating: TCA Home Maintenance 57 PC Support: Rosemills Technology Solutions 9 Personal Trainer: Alex Robinson 24 Pest Control: MW Pest Control 55 Pest Control: Protech 44 Plastering: JM Plastering & Property Maintenance 44 Plastering: McPherson-Davis 39 Plastering: S Beresford 36 Plumbing & Heating: CB 36 Plumbing & Heating: LEEVA Plumbing & Heating 58 Plumbing & Heating: MDA 50 Plumbing & Heating: Richard Fearn 56 Plumbing & Heating: Rightio 34 Plumbing & Heating: Woodward 46 Properties Wanted for Cash: Ethical Property Partners 59 Property Maintenance: JM Plastering & Property Maintenance 44 Property Maintenance: Simon Owen Response 43 Railway Travel: The Derwent Valley Line 6 Reflexology: Reflexology with Vicky 23 Restaurant: The Kedleston Country House 21 Restaurant, Function Room: Morley Hayes 21 Roofing: Midland Building & Roofing 49 Roofing: Thompsons Roofing 65 Security & Fire Protection: Mercury 35 Security: Prestige 39 Shiatsu: Shiatsu Healing Space 23 Solicitors: Ellis Fermor & Negus 4 Solicitors: Shacklocks 8 Solicitors: Smith Partnership 7 Taxi: Holbrook Travel 14 Taxi: Steve’s Cars 9 Tree Care: Charnwood Tree Services 42 Tree Care: Evergreen Treescapes 36 Tree Care: Greg Long 55 Tree & Garden Services: Pennine 44 Tyres: Best Grip 30 Tyres & Exhausts: ETS 80 Walking Footwear: Rock Fall UK 11 Windows, Doors, Conservatories: Clearview Glass 38 Windows, Doors, Conservatories: Smartglaze 47 Windows, Doors, Conservatories: Trade Windows 52 Windows, Doors, Glass Replacements: JG Glazing 57 Woodburning Stoves: Robeys 66 Yoga: Tabitha Yoga 23 Index
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