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losh is a successful and progressivefashion distributor. Founded in 1998 by owners Rob Groenteman and Pauline Brakenhoff, the company has established a portfolio of 17 different international brands. This includes our own brand, Aaiko that was created with passion, creativity and ambition in 2005. Within the dynamic fashion industry, Blosh has developed itself as a young and rapidly growing company, with distribution in more than 900 stores and loyal patronage of over 600 customers. At Blosh, we believe in innovation and the company’s unique stores, Centre Neuf Sud and American Vintage have garnered an excellent celebrity and press response in the Netherlands.

department a well-stocked warehouse and a lounge bar overlooking the spectacular view of Amsterdam harbour.

THE TEAM young, vibrant team of 23 employees, with two managing directors supported by a Sales Manager and 11 motivated label managers are responsible for Sales and Acquisition of the brands at Blosh. The in-house PR department, undertakes all marketing and PR activities for all the brands. The Styling department is dedicated to the development of Aaiko. All these activities are co-ordinated with precision by the logistics, administration and finance departments.

Our Office ll of our brands are presented in a 2400 m2 creative workplace in Amsterdam Noord. Here we offer our customer’s spacious showrooms, a PR








Aaiko American Vintage Atos Lombardini Black Orchid Fairly Focus IQ Berlin Kontatto Lavand Sack’s Silvian Heach

Aaiko Frida March23

Aston Martin Kids Silvian Heach Kids


Aaiko is an original brand that embodies both vitality and femininity. Founded in 2005 by Dutch designer Pauline Brakenhoff, the brand quickly gained popularity with its refined looks with an attention to detailing and chic style. Aaiko brings classic styles fused with latest trends. This is reflected in the name itself, which in Japanese means ‘beloved’ and ‘strong’. The Aaiko women is ambitious, adventurous and fashion-conscious with a desire for high-quality textures and fabrics. Each new collection offers a wide variety of designs from city/sophisticated to luxury/casual wear. Originated in the Netherlands, but with influences from all over the world, Aaiko truly stands for world-class style .

Labelmanagers: Tessa van de laar / Femke Dekker / Margin 2,5 Middle / High level 4 collections a year Pre order long term Stock during the season




MickaÍl Azoulay created the French brand American Vintage in 2005. Instinctive and curious, he sought his inspiration in the streets from around the world. He surrounded himself with a team of designers and reinvented the Basics with renewed T-shirts that are a part and parcel of every women’s wardrobe. Comprehensive and trendy, the collections embodies a pure style with authentic simplicity. New materials and skillful blends of natural fibers, make the garments a fine, delicate wrap for the body. American Vintage will rock Poetry, with prints on plain light garments for a 100% casual attitude embracing ultra-chicness. Knits are now essential wraps to Jerseys. Rustic and authentic cottons as well as silky fine blends offer a wide variety of ennoble casual looks.

Labelmanagers: Marloes Roelofs / Esther Stuurman / Margin 2.5 Middle/ High level 2 collections a year Pre order short term (in season) Stock during the season




The Lombardini S.p.A. company is Atos Lombardini’s brand producer. In the last twenty years it has carried out a fashion line for women which constitutes an important segment of the Italian and international market. The product is created with high care paying attention to the fabric, accessories and cuts. Atos Lombardini’s target is a young woman that keeps an eye on new trends and pays attention to the quality of her clothes. The company assures its consumers a fashionable image, be it with trendy jumpsuits or simple jackets. To comply with consumer’s needs, the company is focused on research and developemet, from the creative phase to the production of the garment. Deep planning work is directed to catch market tendencies in advance, so as to add new trends monthly and keep consumer synced with latest trends.

Labelmanager: Monique Lapperre / Rosemarijn Medemblik / Margin 2.5 High level 4 collections a year pre order short term Stock during the season




Known for his innovative washes and denim styles reputed designer Julien Jamourne has taken his life-long passion and talent for impeccable design to new heights. After extensive research of an industry dense with ostentatious designs, he realized there was something missing in the denim market: true, figure-flattering jeanswear. Taking advantage of this gap in the market coupled with sheer determination, Black Orchid was born as a classic line appealing to women of all ages. Through the years, Julien has expanded his intricate wash techniques to offer more than basic jeans, never forgeting to pay attention to details, comforting fabrics and a fit for all sizes that made the brand so successful. Black Orchid, is ideal for all women searching for that perfect pair of jeans, whether classic or trendy. Julien’s designs have been spotted on celebrities of all ages with wide-encompassing style tastes like Jessica Alba, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Demi Moore, Katherine Heigle, Dakota Fanning, Paris Hilton, Marcia Cross, Emmy Rossum and many others. With new and innovative designs introduced each season, the list of celebrity fans will no doubt continue to grow. Labelmanager: Naomi Korper / Margin 2.5 Middle/ High level Two collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during the season




Born in 1995, Fairly is the sign of a young dynamic woman, curious and full of joy ‘de vivre’. Created by the hand of Manuela Fregni, the collection addresses a spirited woman aged between 20 and 40; driven by a strong and definite personality. The spirit of the Fairly brand engages the idea of beauty and well-crafted garments in womens’ wear fashion. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek and intriguing, other times more contained but always outspoken, the Fairly woman is embodied by eclectic and highly expressive clothing. Produced and distributed by Focus Pull who also produces and holds Guess, Fairly is adds a dash of New Chic to classic old styles.

Labelmanager: Monique Lapperre / Rosemarijn Medemblik / Margin 2.5 High level 2 collections a year Pre order short term No stock during the season




Focus is the younger sister of the Italian brand Fairly. The brand soon became too large and decided to split, giving rise to Focus. As the name Focus implies, the brand’s emphasis is based on sophisticated details, beautiful knits and basic but trendy designs.

Labelmanager: Monique Lapperre / Rosemarijn Medemblik /


Margin 2.6 High level 2 collections a year Pre order short term (in season)





IQ comes from the German capital Berlin and is specialized in making magnificent coats and jackets. The brand creates a relaxed and functional style and combines this with a cool and sophisticated feeling. All parkas, jackets, trench coats and blazers are manufactured with the finest materials and refined details.

Labelmanager: Naomi Korper /


coats&jackets 20


Margin: 2.7 Middle/high level 2 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during season


Kontatto Maglieria was established in 1995 by Federico Ballandi, Stefano Trecchi and Gianluca Goldoni - three partners who successfully steered the company to success. The name Kontatto is an Italian play on words inspired by the way knitwear rests con tatto, or “delicately”, a contatto or “against” the skin; also, the use of the K instead of the C is a direct reference to a text-messaging custom adopted by youngsters today. Simple Italian fashion at its best, it’s easy to wear and can be teamed effortlessly with other apparels. Style meets tradition at Kontatto.

Labelmanager: Evelien Evers / Margin 2.7 Middle/High level Pre order short term (in season) 2 collections a year with add-inns during the season Stock during the season




To create Lavand, the best ingredients from the fashion world were mixed with new ideas and the result is a daring, different, original brand. The name Lavand can mean many things: From a small aromatic flower growing in the Mediterranean to a beautiful sexy woman in Persian. In the fashion world, Lavand signifies well-made inspiring garments. True to its name, Lavand is not only about one single element, rather an amalgamation of the right mix of attitudes and tenderness, of Spanish flavours with an oriental touch. The results are daring garments, sometimes sweet, sometimes a bit spicy, but always beautiful.

Labelmanager: Esther Stuurman / Margin 3.0 Middle level 4 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during season




Sack’s is a boutique brand, known for its playful and experimental character. Stretching fashion boundaries is Sack’s expertise. We have become ever-changing chameleons, being reborn each morning, reinventing ourselves every day, abandoning and adopting new identities at a fast pace. This is the mantra adopted by Sack’s, with new trends seen in every collection. Sack’s maintains its uniqueness by never compromising on creativity, novelty and originality, while searching for the next “big thing” in fashion. Their designs idolize women and celebrate the feminine shape; therefore focusing on creating unique contemporary looks which integrate freshness, confidence, success and prestige suiting urban life.

Labelmanager: Naomi Korper / Margin 2.7 – 3.0 Middle/High level 2 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during season




Silvian Heach is a pure balance between tradition and modernity, professionalism and originality. Constant research from a young team of highly skilled hardworking people create brilliant results every season. Refined lines and intricate details offer a glamorous collection with good value for money. Dedicated to young women aged between 15 and 35 who desire the freedom to play and have fun with fashion. Be it for the workplace, during the afternoons, shopping with friends, or elegant evenings Silvian Heach will have an outfit for you. Overlays of look, allow the term, “The Fashion Game” to become the brand’s tagline, thus incorporating the true spirit of the company. Each year, Arav Fashion Spa produces and distributes in the market a choice of more than 700 articles per season, ensuring a diversified and comprehensive selection for customers. The 3 simple features of Silvian Heach’s collections: • High Quality Standards • Latest Trends • Good Margins Labelmanagers: Denise van Eijl / Kiran Radhoe / Margin 2.5 - 2.7 Middle level 4 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during season




Produced by Silvian HEACH Kids Srl, the brand was launched in 2008 and immediately established itself as a fashion reference point for fashion conscious mothers. Established by the successful and consolidated experience of the women behind the brand Silvian HEACH, Arav Fashion Spa decided to create a new brand dedicated to children in two different age groups (2-7 years old baby and junior 8-16 years old), aimed at girls (Dolls Line) and boys (Junior Line). The clothing is designed for everyday wear with an emphasis on accesible costs. Silvian Heach KIDS is authentic, fresh and clean to the last detail. The brand focuses on young mothers who are always attentive to the latest trends in children’s fashion. Vibrant colors, unique details, fine materials, fresh and light fabrics are decorated in the themes of fashion, sports, basic, chic, casual and fantasy. Silvian Heach KIDS offers luxury children’s wear for a good price. Play and create your own look with Silvian Heach KIDS!

Labelmanagers: Kiran Radhoe / Rosemarijn Medemblik / Margin 2.5 - 2.7 Middle level 2 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during season




Aston Martin Kids is the second line of Sivlian Heach Kids and focuses especially on boys in the age of 6 till 16. The base of the collection is the brand with its history (luxury cars from 1913), and the exclusive aim expressed by a variety of original colors like the green Aston Martin, the silver and the graphite. Not forgetting the origins of the brand and the English flag. English elegance and tradition made with Italian style. The Aston Martin colour card is the interior colour card of the cars: a fine and luxury level of choice. The collection exists of boyisch denim, the finest wool and cashmere, playfull chinos and coats.

Englishtradition withItalianstyle



Labelmanagers: Rosemarijn Medemblik / Kiran Ratdoe / Margin 2.5 - 2.7 Middle level 2 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during season


The Spanish footwear brand Frida was founded in 1984 by Mr. Jose Navarro Valero, who’s modest origins undermine the clear identified goal of introducing the FRIDA merchandise in the best stores around the world. With a 20 year tradition of footwear production, Frida Footwear is an old-fashioned family company. From managing designing, production to the marketing departments everything is still controlled by the family. Today, Frida Footwear is located in a modern premise of over 6000m2 integrated with 150 professionals; producing for more than 20 countries. Their goal is to maintain the position of the Frida trademark in main markets, while simultaneously opening new avenues in emerging markets. High quality products differiented by unique designs is Frida’s true essence. Very exclusive is that every shoe model can be ordered in a different color and material. Expansion is always on our minds, and we intend to increase Frida’s presence throughout Europe, by adding corners in commercial centres coupled with flagship stores. In 2010 Frida opened their first store in Antwerp, followed by new shops in Dubai and Paris. Labelmanager: Evelien Evers / Margin 2.5 Middle/high level 2 collections a year Pre order Limited stock during season




Because of the huge success of the Aaiko clothing, the brand decided to produce also a shoe line as of winter 2011. Founder Pauline Brakenhoff, started up this line with the same philosophy as the brand; feminine yet strong. The Aaiko Shoe collection always consists out of flats, boots, ankle boots, pumps and lace boots and are all made of the best leather qualities. The designs and colors off the shoes will every season be matched with the Aaiko clothing collection for a complete look.

Labelmanager: Femke Dekker / Margin 2,7 Middle / High level 2 collections a year Pre order long term Limited stock during the season

Fashionable footwear




This brand was born on March 23rd. Developed for the self-conscious, independent woman She loves to live her life her own way. Fashion is not an attitude, it’s her way of living. She will never lose her curiosity and is constantly seeking for new challenges. She loves to walk on killer heels but wears her 10 year old sneakers with pride and elegance. She never did it but loves to do it She loves her March 23’s and stores them close to her overpriced designer handbags.Every single product of March 23 is made with passion and love, Thanks for believing in us, wear your March23’s with pride Labelmanager: Evelien Evers / Margin 2,5 Middle / High level 2 collections a year Pre order long term with short term flash items Stock during the season

Madewithpassion &Love 38




ADDRESS BLOSH BV Toetsenbordweg 22 1033 MZ Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS TELEPHONE +31(0)20-3540349 WEBSITE




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