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Initiated more than 80 years ago, a young man from the Creek Nation would become a football star in college and two countries, with one of the greatest games a Green Bay Packer could wish for, and his induction in the CFL Hall of Fame. Today, he still holds passing and punting records at OU. This is the unknown legend of Jack Jacobs (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’39).



Hunter L. Chastain (Delta PhiJacksonville State '18) and Hunter K. Jordan (Delta Upsilon–TennesseeMartin ’12), KA brothers and country music artists, were the entertainment for most of the 79th Convention & Brotherhood Weekend held July 29-31, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona.


Unknown Legend

A young man from the Creek Nation would become a football star in college and two countries. This is the unknown legend—Jack Jacobs (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’39).

20 Brotherhood Heats Up in Pheonix Desert

The Order gathered the Active Chapters, Alumni Chapters, and Commissions together, in person, for the 79th Convention and Brotherhood Weekend— and safely held a very successful meeting. 42 2021 KAOEF

The mission is to “raise funds for the benefit of the Order” and we are proud to honor those donors and KAOEF accomplishments from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 in this issue.



Jesse S. Lyons


Brent E. Buswell


Tria Designs Inc.


Andrew Carr

Aaron Masey

Ben Satcher

Brianne Tillotson

Annual Report
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83 Loyal Legacy 84 Recognition 88 Voluntary Remarks
92 Sir, You Are a KA


Knight Commander's Message

The Order and its chapters are thriving!  I am proud to share with you some exciting news in that regard: ACADEMICS. Our chapters continue to thrive academically. The average chapter GPA this past spring was 3.1, continuing a streak of six semesters higher than 3.0, our stated Order-wide goal.

RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIP. After a fall 2020 semester membership decline of nearly 20 percent Active Chapters posted a 24 percent increase in new members this past fall. That’s a quarter of growth, erasing the previous loss. Our undergraduate membership sits just short of its all-time mark, currently at 7,381 men, in 118 chapters, with an average chapter size of more than 60 members.

LEADERHIP EDUCATION. In January we returned to our traditional model for all Number Is to be trained together. We also recently completed education for our chapter leaders with ve regional Of cer Training Conferences held in Phoenix, Lexington (Virginia), St. Louis, Atlanta, and Dallas. More than 1,100 chapter of cers received inperson, standardized training on their role in leading their chapters.

CHARTERINGS. I was pleased to present both the Zeta Alpha charter to an outstanding group of new brothers at the University of Colorado and the Alpha Kappa charter to the deserving men at the University of Missouri.

KAOEF FUNDRAISING & SUPPORT. Five years ago, the KAOEF embarked on a truly historic initiative for our Crimson & Gold Society. The lofty goal was to acquire 1,000 donors giving $1,000 in unrestricted, annual support. I’m proud to announce that we have indeed smashed our goal and con rmed 1,025 members of the Crimson & Gold Society in 2021. However, we must continue to meet this same goal for the scal year end on June 30, 2022—we still need your support.

With this support, we have already begun to further assist our members further. By reallocating resources, we were able to: provide nearly $70,000 in COVID-19 Relief Grants to 65 young KA brothers, triple the E. Fleming Mason Internship program, from ve brothers in Washington, D.C., to fteen by adding interns in both Atlanta and Dallas, and increase our scholarship program to more than $100,000 along with increased grant support for enhanced leadership education.

Personally, I want to thank the donors of the Crimson & Gold Society. Each of you brothers, many KA roses, and friends of the Order, are making a MAJOR difference in the lives of our young men.

OUR SPIRITUAL FOUNDER. Thousands of good young men, fathers, husbands, brothers, and friends are members of our Order. We teach and they believe that KA’s purpose is to be a Moral Compass for the Modern Gentleman while acknowledging Robert E. Lee as spiritual founder. Why? It was his spirit of gentlemanly conduct and faith upon which we build our values:  reverence, gentility, knowledge, leadership, brotherhood, and excellence. To be clear, I am proud that Lee is our spiritual founder. I am also proud that we are providing education, combatting racism, and providing a values-based experience for our members.

You know by now that I am very proud to be a KA. I remain steadfast in my conviction that the Order will meet any challenges, push back any threats, and thrive into the future.


The Kappa Alpha Journal (ISSN #0888-8868, USPS #014-747) is an educational journal published four times a year by Kappa Alpha Order, 115 Liberty Hall Rd., Lexington, Virginia, 24450. Periodicals postage paid at Lexington, Virginia, and additional mailing offices.

The Kappa Alpha Journal seeks to reflect the Kappa Alpha experience by presenting news of active and alumni chapters, individual members, and the national organization; by addressing current issues facing the Greek system and the Order; by educating and entertaining those interested in the welfare of Kappa Alpha; and by serving as a historical record.

The Kappa Alpha Journal has been published since 1879. From 1883 to 1885 it was known as The Magazine of Kappa Alpha.

Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington College (Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia. Today, Kappa Alpha boasts 125 undergraduate chapters and more than 60 alumni chapters across the nation.

C. Douglas Simmons III (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ‘95)
“We also recently completed education for our chapter leaders ... More than 1,000 chapter of cers received in-person, standardized training on their role in leading their chapters.”




Editor, The Kappa Alpha Journal

P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-1865 jlyons@ka-order.org

TO CHANGE AN ADDRESS: Fill out the Alumnus Update on the website or send both your new and old address to the above mailing address or to communications @ka-order.org


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Letter From the Editor

I’m constantly and consistently amazed at the accomplishments and stories of our brothers. This issue is full of history and current successes. The Knight Commander’s message on the foregoing page is a superb summary of how the Order and its chapters are thriving in many areas. The rest of this issue dives into the story-telling behind the facts and gures.

The nearly unknown legend of Jack Jacobs (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’39) is one of those rare nds for this editor. It has all the components needed: exceptional history, some mythology, a great narrative—and yes, high-resolution imagery! He truly was “one of the guys,” in the chapter and a well-respected player and coach. One low-resolution image that I knew we had to include is the tidbit that Jacobs and Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio played on the same famous Santa Ana baseball team in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II (see page 14). Jacobs’s KA membership is what we most highlight in this feature.

When closing out the le on this issue, I was reminded of two copies of Sooner Magazine that were sent in by Beta Eta Chapter alumni referencing Jacobs. One was from Charles Schmidt (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’71), however the second was from Arthur C. Wood, Jr. (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’38). That’s right, he was initiated in 1938. Brother Wood is 102 and lives in Dallas. In 1939, he would have casted a favorable ballot for Jacobs in join. It is amazing to still hear memories of Jacobs’s from his contemporary chapter brother of 80 years ago.

Take note of the Knight Commander’s Accolades that Knight Commander Simmons bestowed in 2021. One was given to a deserving volunteer leader for his service to the Order; the other to a longtime and successful businessman, NFL owner, and KAOEF donor—each differently deserving of the recognition for their, “excellence in leadership and service.”

The 79th Convention and Brotherhood Weekend highlighted both implicitly and explicitly our collective leadership and resolve in uncertain times. While the “recap” in each issue is often perfunctory and historical, I encourage all readers to take a peek at that special, COVID-era meeting of brothers. Awards were given, and recognition was received. Legislation was passed, and our leadership was elected. The Knight Commander af rmed our cherished heritage, while asking us all to assure our future. As we joked and laughed while we gathered the KA brothers among 450 attendees in the hot Phoenix sun for the traditional “Convention Photo” it was clear we have something special in KA, something different. KA may not be for anyone and everyone. It is for those gentlemen who seek to excel, who will hold true to their obligations and values—men like Jack Jacobs and more than 178,000 others.

As one era of world-trepidation seemingly fades away and another ostensibly roars to the forefront, we remember all our brothers who have passed and those who are in harm’s way.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t call your attention to the inside back cover. Executive Director Wiese is the epitome of service, and his 25-year incumbency as the chief staff of cer of the Order deserves recognition.


Jesse S. Lyons

(Delta Alpha–Western Carolina ’98)

“While we gathered the traditional ‘Convention Photo’ it was clear we have something special in KA, something different ... It is for those gentlemen who seek to excel, who will hold true to their obligations and values.”


Rekindle your interest in the Order


The Journal asked Loyal Order members to share their favorite Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holiday Traditions. The responses totaled 17 pages—KAs sure celebrate! Here are a few of those traditions to share:


We enjoy going to the pumpkin patch with friends before Halloween & carving pumpkins.

c Zach Nadler (Gamma Epsilon–Arizona 2004)


My favorite holiday tradition is my family's Annual Thanksgiving Beach Walk. We started this tradition in 2017 in Sanibel, Florida. After we eat, we take a walk down to the beach and watch the sunset. The way the island of Sanibel is gives one of the best sunsets in the world.

c Kenneth Mika (Epsilon Phi–George Mason 2012)

My favorite holiday season tradition was traveling each year to New York City at Thanksgiving with family and friends. The excitement of the Macy's Day parade, going to the theater to see Mama Mia, lunch at Tavern On the Green, seeing the Rockettes perform their Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall, and watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center at midnight will always hold cherished memories.

c Mark Beard (Delta Delta–East Tennessee State 1977)


On Thanksgiving, our various immediate families in our local area have different directions to go. Thus, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we hold “Brisketgiving” at our house. Everyone has already had Turkey, so we have the whole family over to have Brisket and Texas BBQ and celebrate together. It's a ball!

c John Leigh (Delta Omega–Baylor 1982)

We enjoy going to our house at Wrightsville Beach at Thanksgiving. Keena and I host our son McLean (Epsilon Mu–Elon 2014), daughter Ashley and husband Jon (as of Nov. 6) for this fun and peaceful holiday. On Friday, after the traditional meal the day before, McLean and Jon head out to find the freshest and best oysters that they roast on the grill, using McLean's tailgate as a perfect serving table. Ashley, who loathes oysters, enjoys her chicken fingers. Good music, cold beverages, and family love make it the best.

c David M. “Dink” Warren (Tau–Wake Forest 1878)



Our Christmas traditions usually start with my wife decorating the house, usually starting right after Thanksgiving. But, our real tradition is that we go to an earlier Christmas Eve service, go to our favorite restaurant for an early dinner and come home to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" while we wait for our son to go to sleep. Then we have to bring out his presents for what is always an early Christmas morning.


(Epsilon Phi–George Mason 1989)

My favorite Christmas tradition involves singing Christmas carols. Our local chapter of Hospice sponsors a community walk down Main Street of our small town, with each caroler holding a lit candle while singing. The walk is in memory of those we have lost to cancer. It has become especially meaningful to me since I lost my older brother to cancer 7 years ago. The walk ends in the town square which features luminarias bearing the names of loved ones. At the end of the walk, everyone sings "Silent Night" as candles are blown out. Then the Mayor lights the community Christmas tree as everyone sings "Joy to the World" in celebration of new life given to each of us by the Christ child. The tradition never gets old, and I look forward to it every year!

c Steve Grist (Alpha –Washington & Lee 1993)

A Full Table

I love to cook and bake so I make "Goody Baskets" for my friends. Through the years, it's changed. There are so many I bake for, I now bake Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, Salsa, Queso, and Rum Cake. It's so much fun to do something for my friends but they love the homemade touch and the fact that they don't have to cook dinner.

c Greg Reynolds (Gamma Sigma–West Texas A&M–1975)

Every year, my extended family gathers at our grandmother's house for homemade ravioli and meatballs. This began when our parents were kids and now our own generation's children are coming now. It is a wonderful time to reconnect with family.

c Freddie Leatherbury (Beta Rho–Roanoke 2017)

Our now 37-yearold son Andrew Lee Bunting, named after our Spiritual Founder, has Down Syndrome. Over the years on Christmas Eve, he wears a red elf hat signifying his exclusive authority to recognize donee [giver] names on presents which he hand-delivers across the room individually. The sustained joy Andrew displays, punctuated with a series of cute remarks attending each delivery, serves to remind us of the true joy we all share in celebration of God's Plan Of Salvation that defines the true meaning of Christmas.

c Clayton E. Bunting (Eta–Richmond 1969)

Living in Hawaii guarantees Christmas without snow or cold weather. We have a Christmas song "Mele Kalikimaka is a Bright Sunny Day" which it nearly always is. We usually walk out to the beach for a swim and then walk the park nearby our home and literally no one is there. They are home with

24 years ago, my Rose and I adopted our son, at the age of 20 months, from Russia. Our son is Autistic with Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD). Our first Christmas together my mother gave him a mechanical Mickey Mouse tree topper. Mickey's head swivels back and forth as he raises a lantern up and down in his free hand. When the tree is all decorated with lights, ornaments, and garland, the last decoration we put on is the tree topper. We have our son climb the step stool to place the ornament himself.




Rekindle your interest in the Order

their own families enjoying their own special Christmas. It is magical on that day when one time each year we are alone with family enjoying the special fruits of our blessed location on Christmas Day and the aloha of our Christian faith.

c Mike Paulin (Beta Sigma–Southern California 1960)

Toasting Friendship

Former National

Undergraduate Chairman, Brother John Clemson Gasque (Delta Tau–Francis Marion 1975), telephones every Christmas Eve (or I call him) and we toast to our friendship, using the exact same original glasses every year for good luck. This tradition has been going on for 35 years so far and we have never missed a year. I'd say that’s pretty lucky!

c James C. (Jim) Parker, Jr. (Delta Tau–Francis Marion 1977)

Twas’ The Night Before Reading the Cajun Night

Before Christmas by Howard Jacobs for my family in South Louisiana in my infamous Cajun accent from North Louisiana. It always makes for a ton of laughs.

c Matthew O'Neal (Gamma Alpha–Louisiana Tech 2006)

My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. In the midst of the commercial and secular avalanche of Christmas, it is good to reflect on the real reason for the season.

c John Meade (Epsilon–South Alabama 1981)


As a family we take a night to truly take in all the holiday lights … we usually start with a trip around the (DC) Beltway to walk the gardens at the Mormon Temple in Silver Springs around twilight, followed by a run to Bull Run State Park and one of the more amazing drive throughs that exists in the country. The Fairfax Times publishes a map of what they view as the best individual home displays in the area. All in all, it's about 4 hours of family time where it's all about the lights and not the day-to-day challenges of life.

c Russell Klosk (Beta Sigma–Southern California 1991)

To All A Good Night

My family and I make and write down predictions every Christmas. One, three, and 10 year predictions. Everything from the politics to price of gas to stock market to who will have kids and who will get married. It is really fun to begin opening those 10-year predictions from 2009, 2010, and soon 2011.

c Scott Heath (Delta–Wo ord 1977)


I love music. I got my start DJing on accident by having more CD’s (those are the little circle disc looking things) than anyone else when I was a freshman pledge at Middle Tennessee State University. We were having a house party one night, and I got nominated to go man the house stereo system and keep the music going for the party. The Number I at the time, Gabe Smith, must have seen something because not long after that my chapter bought “DJ equipment.”

I had never thought about DJing before. I was a business administration major, but everything changed that fateful night. I started DJing all of our parties, and doing sorority formals and even other fraternity parties before moving into bars and clubs.

I’ve been blessed to travel all over and stand on the same stage with artists I grew up listening to. I toured with Rascal Flatts across the United States, provided the stadium soundtrack for 60,000 screaming Tennessee Titans fans at Nissan Stadium for four seasons, and many other countless memories.

DJing has also allowed me to share in many joyous occasions for other people; from friend’s birthdays and weddings to strangers partying with their best friends and forgetting troubles they may have had. There’s something about smiling faces and people singing along and jumping up and down to the music I’m playing.

I’ve been DJing for twenty plus years, and this ride has been beyond my wildest dreams. I think I can sum up why I DJ by quoting Bob Marley, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

— Rod Youree (Delta Lambda–Middle Tennessee State ’96)


The Journal regrets combining the Crimson & Gold Society members of the last annual report from Epsilon Iota Chapter at Texas State with the Gamma Chi Chapter at Texas Tech—here they are stand—alone:

Crimson & Gold Society Members

Fiscal Year-End,

June 30, 2020

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

 David W. Cade, 4th Year

 Andrew P. Carr, 5th Year

 F. Michael Carr, 2nd Year

 Scott P. Hamilton, CFP, 1st Year

 Ross W. Newberry, 6th Year

 L. Don Stricklin, 5th Year

Gamma Chi–Texas Tech

 Blas S. Catalani, II, 3rd Year

 Ronald S. Childress, 2nd Year

 Brent B. Hamilton , 2nd Year

 Charles L. Hamilton, 2nd Year

 Michael A. Hedlund, 3rd Year

 Mitchell L. Heidenheimer, 5th Year

 MAJ Christopher A. Huff, 4th Year

 William R. Mathews, III, 3rd Year

 Gordon R. McDowell, 1st Year

 Curtis Arnold Smith, 2nd Year

 James B. Smith, 1st Year

 Paul H. Tarwater, 3rd Year

 E. Powell Thompson, 7th Year

 Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., 8th Year

 Dustin S. Whittenburg, 3rd Year

On page 92, in the pro le of CAPT Sidney Wood, we accidentally noted that he worked for the National Geophysical Intelligence Agency (NGA)—that “G” should have stood for Geospatial.

The Journal regrets these errors.



June 29, 2021

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The Journal heard good news from Ben Brooks (Delta Epsilon–Newberry 2007) this fall, after publishing a two-page story in the summer issue about his internship:

“I have been hired on at Persie Distillery [Blairgowrie, United Kingdom] and have been given the title of Distiller! I can nally say that I am living my dream job!”



@thomasanderson6 beast

c @jleg1098

@calebllambert looking fly my guy

c @mattsimm_

good looks @calebllambert

c @e_whit18

Fine lookin bunch of leaders!!

c @tootertrees

KA Internship Video

The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program supports growing opportunities for brothers across the country. Coming out of the pandemic, resiliency and donations have allowed the internship program to expand into areas including Washington, DC, Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Texas. View a brief video on the program, including the 2021 interns and internships, at KappaAlphaJournal.com.

Brothers of the KA Internship Program placed in Atlanta, Georgia, enjoyed lunch with influential alumni in the area last week.

Rekindle your interest in the Order

Michael L. Howell

(ALPHA PHI–DUKE ’07) Senior Adviser for Executive Branch Relations, The Heritage Foundation

Mike joined The Heritage Foundation in October 2018 from the Department of Homeland Security, Office of the General Counsel, where he was the chief legal point of contact for the department’s 3,000-lawyer office for all congressional oversight and investigations that concerned any of the department’s headquarters or component offices. There he dealt with congressional staff regarding document requests, transcribed interviews and depositions, legislation, and correspondence. He was on Capitol Hill from 2013–2017 as an attorney for both the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the House Oversight Committee.

At Heritage, Mike serves as the government relations liaison to the executive branch, where he interacts with several senior officials in the immigration space on matters of policy. He is frequently quoted on matters of immigration and congressional oversight, and also writes on these topics. He is a graduate of Duke University and Emory Law School and an Alexandria, Virginia native. He was initiated by the Alpha Phi Chapter in 2007 where he served as Number II. At the 79th Convention this past summer, Mike served as the KAOEF Leadership Lecturer.

What are you reading right now and why?

Mainly Dr. Seuss and Good Night Moon because my wife and I just had our first baby. But the best book I read this year was a biography of Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Rex. He embodied a lot of KA values and I think would have made a great brother.

What is your DVD/Streaming queue and why?

I’m not big on the major streaming services. For something to make it all the way through Netflix quality control basically means I won’t like it. I spend a lot of my time watching YouTube. I really enjoy watching old presidential debates, independent documentaries, and inspirational videos.

What is on your music playlist and why?

I’ve never been a big music guy. May have something to do with that when I was a kid I played the saxophone and completely bombed a Christmas Eve church performance. I listen mostly to podcasts and talk radio. We lost a giant this year with Rush Limbaugh, so I guess you can say I’m searching for someone to fill the void.

What do you do for leisure/hobbies?

One of the great parts about being a new dad is that a whole new world of activities opens up to you. Whether its places you would never go as just an adult, movies, or songs, being a new parent means you get to experience all those childhood memories all over again with your kid. I’m not sure how leisurely that always is, but it’s certainly rewarding.

Best KA memory?

I often think about our senior year parents’ weekend. Our time living together was coming to an end and everyone was getting ready to go out into the world and start chasing their dreams. There was something special that made you realize there was permanence to all of this when we had all of our parents down there together to meet everyone. It also surprised me we were able to clean up that well.

You work in the thick of D.C., if you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change?

Whatever happened in the beginning of the movie Liar, Liar that made Jim Carrey have to tell the truth all the time. I would do that to the whole city of D.C. We could cut out so much noise and start working towards real solutions if folks were just a little more honest.

What is most troubling to you right now in the world of politics and governance?

That our leaders do not seem to understand the urgency of the moment and that America is not guaranteed. The things that made this country great are now subject to vigorous debate and our rivals are gaining steam. We need to get back to the basics and make sure we have a secure, free, and prosperous Nation to leave to our children.

What would you tell a young KA looking to get into politics and policy?

To do it. I think our country would be well-served by any brother, regardless of political stripes, who brought KA values to the world of politics and policy. It can be a deeply rewarding career and the Nation needs your help.


Gold Society

Career Advising

This past fall the Order made an effort to test a Career-Advising program pairing Alumni Members with young KA graduates or Active Members to assist them in their career path. The results for the pilot were positive.


154 Alumni Career Advisor Applications

54 pairings with young KA Advisees on mutual industry, geographical location, and interests

1/3 of Advisees who responded to a recent survey said they have had 4 or more interactions with their advisor so far

1/2 of Advisees who responded to a recent survey said that their interactions to date have been meaningful or very meaningful


Responses from young KA Advisees:

“The career advisor I was assigned has been helped with giving me insight as to what I could do in the future for careers.”

“This is a great program. My advisor’s accomplishments and understanding of being a CIO in the health care-provider industry gave me a robust perspective of an industry I had little understanding for.”

“It has been very helpful having a career advisor in the consulting field. He set me up with practice interviews and a résumé review which was great.”

“[My advisor] is an excellent mentor. We have had a couple conversations and he checks in on me regularly. It is nice to have someone who is interested in my career and goals. He also provides genuine advice whenever I need. I know that I can always reach out to him. His regular check-in provides me with an Avenue to vent my feelings about my career. Most of the time he listens, and then offers advice based on his experiences.

Responses from Career Advisors: I have been in touch with [my advisee] a couple of times and he has been enthusiastic and returned phone calls just fine. I am trying to connect him with a friend of mine who is a Senior Project Manager for a large GC in Texas—he was a Greek at Tennessee, but not KA, what can I say?”

I had a chance to get [my advisee] on the phone and discuss his career interests as they related to design or construction in the Engineering community. I have forwarded numerous engineering periodicals which not only contain good articles on worldwide projects but also lists national and international firms for his pursuit.

Celebration Dinner
KAOEF Crimson & Gold Society Celebration Dinner July 28, 2022 Headliners Club Austin, Texas KAOEF Bid for Brotherhood July 29, 2022 Austin City Limits Austin, Texas  BIDFOR BROTHERHOOD  K a ppa AlphaOrder Ed ucationalFoundatio n AUSTIN TX 2022 TAKE NOTE
April 28, 2022 The Mint Museum Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the Guys

Jack Jacobs’s story has been little known since growing up in Holdenville, Oklahoma. But The Kappa Alpha Journal, through reports of Beta Eta Chapter at the University of Oklahoma, was one of the first “news outlets” consistently to honor and promote the physical prowess and football skills of this member of the Creek Nation.

Beta Eta Chapter was chartered in 1905, two years before Oklahoma became a state in the Union. Just 34 years later, Jack Jacobs became a KA and the Order has been proud of him ever since.

May 1939

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

Several weeks ago, the freshman football team ended its spring training season with a scrimmage game among themselves and we were proud to see that four of our men were playing together on one side of the line. They were Brothers Bently and Potter, and Pledges West and Jacobs. From what we read and hear, we are expecting All-American material out of Jacobs in a couple of years. … We are glad to announce the pledging of three men who are now wearing the button around the campus. They are: Milton Shimonck, Jack Jacobs, and Kenneth McGoldrick

November 1939

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

We are proud of our three men representing KA on the O.U. football team. Jack Jacobs, pledged in the second semester of last year, is showing up ne. He is just a sophomore and has given some of the seniors something to show that he means business.

January 1940

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

We are glad to announce the initiation of seven of our pledges, who are now the proud possessors of the Kappa Alpha Pin. They are all making ne brothers, and we are happy to add them to our roll. They are: Milton Shimonck, Stanton Cope, Maury West, R.E. Gandy, Jack Jacobs, Kenneth McGoldrick, and R.E. Clement. … along the sports line, we believe our freshmen have done a great job by beating the Betas in our annual Thanksgiving football game with them by a score of 6-0. They all played an All-American game of football (we think). Now we are looking forward to that banquet given for us and our dates by the losing team. Incidentally, with a coach like Jack Jacobs, Sooner back eld star, how could we lose?

I believe this concludes all the news this month from Beta Eta, with the exception that brother Jacobs has taken in a mascot for the house in the form of a pig, who is about four weeks old, and is taking its bottle nourishment from Mother Jacobs at regular ve-hour periods. With the help of several of the boys, the pig was nally named, “Snooks”

10 WWW.KAPPAALPHAORDER.ORG Rekindle your interest in the Order THE SPARK

May 1940

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

Brothers West, Bentley, and Jacobs, varsity footballers, are making the coaches’ eyes shine with delight every afternoon at Owen Field, where they spring practices workouts are held. All three of these boys are slated as key men on next year’s varsity

November 1940

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

Brother Jack Jacobs in the meantime has made quite a name for himself on the gridiron, and from all indications is getting more well-known every day.

November 1941

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

Two of our brothers who played last year and are playing again this year are Jack Jacobs in the back eld, and Bill Bentley at end. As a parting blow we would like to say we were glad to have the brothers from Beta Xi here on September 27 as our guests when O.U. beat Oklahoma A. & M., 19-0!!!

January 1942

c Beta Eta Chapter Report

As a closing note, we would like to express our sorrow at the passing of Brother Jack Jacobs from the ranks of the collegiate football players. Jake (sic) played his last game Saturday, November 29, in Lincoln, Nebraska, when he was co-captain of Oklahoma’s team in the annual, Oklahoma University— Nebraska clash.

August 1944, January 1945, March 1945, May 1945

c Legion of Honor Listing, KAs in Military Service

Beta Eta–Jack Jacobs, Capt., [U.S. Army] Air Corp

The Order honored Jacobs in the “Legion of Honor”

by listing his name among hundreds of others serving in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II .

He was “one of the guys,” coaching the chapter’s intramural football team and, according to the January 1940 report, he was also having a great deal of fun!



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JACK JACOBS (BETA ETA–OKLAHOMA ’39) was not your typical Okie from Muskogee. The former Sooner quarterback and kicker resides in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and still holds passing and punting records at the University of Oklahoma set nearly 80 years ago. In the NFL, he had one of the greatest games a Green Bay Packer could wish for. He then transformed pro football in Canada and was in the rst class inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. But despite all that, Jack Jacobs remains relatively unknown.

Jacobs, a member of the Creek Nation, was born in Holdenville, Okla., in 1919 during a time when signs in storefronts read, “No dogs or Indians allowed.” He did not speak a word of English until he was nine years old when his father decided it was time he went to school.

Growing up he was regaled with tales of Jim Thorpe, another Native American boy from Oklahoma, who had become an Olympic champion. Jacobs soon excelled at every game he played, and, like Thorpe, he wanted to be a college football star. In 1929, he followed Notre Dame’s

Reprinted with permission from Sooner Magazine, Fall 2017, and the University of Oklahoma Foundation PHOTO BY ED TAIT, WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBER
16 WWW.KAPPAALPHAORDER.ORG 1919 Born August 7 Holdenville, Oklahoma 1939 Initiated Kappa Alpha Order (Beta EtaOklahoma) 1942 NFL Draft Round, 2 Pick, 12 1942 Player Cleveland Rams (NFL) 1945 Player Cleveland Rams (NFL) 1945 Player Hollywood Bears (PCFL) 1946 Player Washington Redskins (NFL) 1947–1949 Player Green Bay Packers (NFL) 1948 Movie Triple Threat 1943–1945 U.S. Army Air Force 1950–1954 Player Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) 1950 All Star (CFL) 1952 All Star (CFL) 1952 Most Outstanding Player Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy, West Division (CFL) 7th
Force Baseball Team, Santa Ana, California. Jack Jacobs in back row; Joe DiMaggio in the front. The team went 20-0. Courtesy of
www. baseballinwartime.com


undefeated football team and declared to his family, “Someday I’m going to play for Knute Rockne.”

Before he turned 14, Central High School in Muskogee, 90 miles north of Holdenville, began recruiting him. With mixed emotions, Jacobs moved away from his mother and in 1935 helped Muskogee win the state title. But it was at a cost.

“When he left he began speaking English all the time,” says his daughter Linda, “but forgot the Creek he knew, and when his mother was dying he no longer could talk to her.”

In 1937 Jacobs was named outstanding high school player on Oklahoma’s All-State football team. At the time historian Ray Soldan wrote, “This 185-pound Indian boy stood out like a piece of radium in a deep, dark tunnel.”

When Rockne died Jacobs turned his attention elsewhere and chose OU, partly because coach Tom Stidham was onesixteenth Creek and could speak their shared Native language with Jack’s dad. Putting Jacobs’ arrival into perspective, J. Brent Clark, author of Sooner Century: 100 Glorious Years of Oklahoma Football, says, “When Jack Jacobs walked onto the Oklahoma campus in 1938, he was considered to be the greatest athlete Oklahoma had ever recruited.”

Among the Sooner records Jacobs still holds is punting an incredible 18

times in a 1941 upset of undefeated and eighth-ranked Santa Clara. The game, played in a torrential rainstorm, turned in the fourth quarter, when faced with 2nd-and-7 at their own 18-yard line the Sooners decided to punt, hoping for a Santa Clara turnover. Jacobs’ 76-yard beauty died near the Santa Clara goal line, completely dispiriting the Broncs, who did indeed fumble the slippery pigskin. The 16-6 victory was the Sooners’ fi rst against a top ten team.

Among Jacobs’ admirers that day was a young Darrell Royal [future football legend and head coach], who had hitchhiked 170 miles from tiny Hollis, Okla., to Norman to see the Sooners play. When he got to the game he was mesmerized.

“I just remember watching Jack Jacobs kick,” he later said. “The way he held the ball, the measured steps, the swing of his leg. I was glued to him. And he kicked the living hell out of the ball.” At Jacobs’ funeral in 1974, at the age of 54 after his fourth heart attack, Royal told Jacobs’ sister Anna, “Your brother was the greatest football player I ever saw.”

After graduating from OU, Jacobs was drafted by the Cleveland Rams in 1942. As the U.S. involvement in World War II grew, he joined another organization—the U.S. Army Air Force. Stationed in Santa Ana, Calif.,

1954 Scout Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) 1954–1955 CFL Asst. Coach Hamilton & Montreal Blue Bombers (CFL) 1956 Player London Lords (CFL) 1984 Blue Bombers Shrine (CFL) 2004 Manitoba Sports
2006 Top 50 All Time CFL
1956–1957 Asst.
1963 Backfi eld Coach Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) 1963 Canadian
Hall of Fame
Players Honour Roll
Coach London Lords (CFL)
Hall of Fame
Columbia Pictures in cooperation with the NFL
1964 Player Toledo Tornadoes (UFL)

Jacobs found himself on the same base with Yankee slugger Joe DiMaggio. The two loaned their considerable athleticism to the Seventh Army Air Force baseball team to boost morale of American troops. The team went 20-0.

Upon return after the war Jacobs was traded to the Washington Redskins to back up the great Sammy Baugh, who was entrenched at quarterback. Before the 1947 season Jacobs was again traded, this time to coach Curly Lambeau and the Green Bay Packers, who were looking to juice up the offense after a dreadful ‘46 season. In the season opener against the NFL champion Chicago Bears, Jacobs completely outplayed Bears’ quarterback Sid Luckman.

The result was one of the greatest games a Green Bay Packer ever played. On the field all 60 minutes, he threw for two touchdowns, ran for one, and intercepted three passes, while punting four times in a shocking 29-20 upset. “Simply put, Indian Jack Jacobs was one of the most gifted athletes in Packer history,” wrote the late Packer historian Lee Remmel.

But by mid-season the Packers lost a few tough ones and Lambeau switched quarterbacks. After two more losing seasons in Green Bay, Lambeau retired and Jacobs jumped at the chance when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers offered him more money and a chance to throw the football. At age 30 it was a new beginning for Jack.

“Jacobs’ impact on Winnipeg was incredible,” says Blue Bomber historian Steve Daniel. “All you need to examine is the club’s win-loss record. Pre-Jacobs, in 1948 and ‘49, they were 5-and-21, including an 0-7 record on the road in 1949. With Jacobs from 1950-’52, the team was 30-13-1, including a 16-6 record on the road, and he took them to the Grey Cup in ‘50 and ‘53.”

Demand for tickets in Winnipeg became extraordinary and soon the city decided to build a bigger stadium. When the new Winnipeg Stadium opened in 1953, the press quickly dubbed it, “The House that Jack Built.” Jacobs had become beloved by fans and teammates alike.

“Jack was an institution in Winnipeg,” says Nick Miller, who played for the Blue Bombers in ‘53. “With a 50-inch chest and a 32-inch waist he wore clothes like a model and he strode the field like a king. We referred to him affectionately, and with respect, as ‘Indian Jack.’ He was the ultimate professional.

Muskogee High School (Muskogee, Oklahoma)



University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma)

All-American Quarterback



National Football League

Cleveland Rams

Washington Redskins

Green Bay Packers

Canadian Football League

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Hamilton & Montreal Bombers

London Lords

Edmonton Eskimos

Toledo Tornadoes


In 2017, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers introduced a scholarship in Jacobs’s honor given to an Indigenous high school student who “fosters a passion for football and has plans to pursue a postsecondary education.”



Jack not only raised the level of football in Winnipeg but the entire CFL. He was a god in Winnipeg. On a 90-degree day in July, 2,000 fans would come out to watch him practice.”

Perhaps the most famous teammate Jacobs had in Winnipeg was Bud Grant, the future Minnesota Vikings coach. Grant was a tremendous three-sport athlete who played professional baseball in Minnesota, and was on the NBA champion Minneapolis Lakers in 1950, spurning pro football temporarily. Now 90, Grant still has tremendous recall when

back of his head. From then on we all wore helmets to practice.”

In 1954 Winnipeg hired Allie Sherman as their head coach. Sherman, who went on to coach the New York Giants, didn’t care for Jacobs changing his plays. Jacobs, who was 35, soon found a seat on the bench. “Jack was too much for him,” says Nick Miller. “Sherman couldn’t handle him and wanted his own man at quarterback. He put Jack on the bench and later released him. It was a huge mistake.”

After that season, Jacobs accepted an offer to be a player-coach for the London, Ontario Lords. Assistant coaching jobs followed with Montreal, Hamilton and Edmonton, before fi nally leaving pro football for a sales job with OwensIllinois, the world’s leading manufacturer of glass container products, where—not surprisingly—he won sales awards and was loved by his clients.


“Jack was vocal. He was a fiery leader,” Grant says, “and a great, great defensive back. As competitors go, he was at the top of the list. He didn’t give any quarter.” But Jacobs was also not all that easy to get along with. “Jack was a volatile guy,’ Grant continues.

“He was his own worst enemy at times. He didn’t get along with a lot of people. He didn’t get along with (head coach George) Trafton, who was a rah-rah type. Jack put in his own plays and ran the offense. When Trafton got

Gerry James, who played a decade in Winnipeg and in both the ‘53 Grey Cup game and the ‘54 Stanley Cup fi nals for Toronto, was Jacobs’ most reliable

“Jack Jacobs was the greatest quarterback Winnipeg ever had,” James says. Nobody ever saw someone throw the ball like that before. He was hardheaded and a perfectionist at practice. If someone wasn’t paying attention, he’d fi re a pass and hit that guy in the

But Jacobs was also not all that a volatile guy,’ Grant continues. times. He didn’t get along with a lot (head coach George) Trafton, who was a and ran the offense. When Trafton got Gerry James, who played a decade in game and the ‘54 Stanley Cup fi nals reliable greatest had,” and a wasn’t attention, he’d hit

Before his playing days ended, he found time to return to his roots. Bill Todd was a rookie quarterback backing up Jacobs in Winnipeg. They hardly said two words to each other all season and Todd was totally surprised to receive a phone call from Jack upon its conclusion.

“He asked me if I wanted to drive with him [1,000 miles] from Winnipeg to Oklahoma,” Todd remembers, “because he was invited to play in the Sooners’ alumni game. At his former fraternity house [Kappa Alpha] they had a wall-sized photo of him kicking that 76-yard punt in the Santa Clara game. Everywhere we went he was like a god.”

And to many who saw Jack Jacobs play that day, he was a god returning home to be loved by the people who had fi rst cheered him on the path to greatness.

Rich Podolsky is a freelance writer and author living in New York City. In addition to sports, he has written books on music legends of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
Perhaps the most famous Winnipeg was Bud Grant, three-sport 1950, pro still defensive


In the Phoenix Desert Brotherhood HEATS


The Order's 79th Convention & Brotherhood weekend was held from July 28 through August 1, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona. The headquarters and all main meetings were held at The Arizona Biltmore, a living architectural masterpiece showcasing the work of America's most heralded architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, which also hosted the 74th Convention just a decade earlier in 2011. Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III welcomed the official family, our province and national volunteers, the staff, and families, for a kickoff dinner on Wednesday in the Gold Room.


A sunrise hike to Piestewa Peak was organized for spouses and guests. Thursday played host to The Values Oasis, a trade show style and golf-themed event registration that showcased 18 "holes" of vendors and partners, live music by KA brother and country artist Hunter L. Chastain (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State '18), and the traveling archives. Additionally, the 19th hole featured wine tastings by Excelsior Napa, the Order's wine brand. Spouses and guests also enjoyed a Southwest Cooking Academy off -site.

During Convention Session I, brothers and friends of the Order were recognized (see next page), the Knight Commander’s Biennial Report was delivered, and it was revealed that the Active Members once again attained a record 3.338 National GPA in the Spring of 2020, and achieved the highest GPA for a fall semester at a 3.085 in the Fall of 2020. The perfunctory business of assignments of committees rounded out the affair, and then the Convention was called into Executive Session to receive a particular report and hear the reading of a historic 1913 letter from Dr. Samuel Zenas Ammen, our Practical Founder.

That night the KAOEF 24th Annual Bid for Brotherhood (B4B) was held in the Gold Room that evening. After “fund of need,” games, and the silent and live auctions, the evening grossed approximately $146,000— putting the net aggregate B4B total at more than $1.1 million since inception. These funds are directly used to support leadership education programs and scholarships for our undergraduate members.


Awards and Recognition



Douglas W. Hanisch (Epsilon Tau–Northern Arizona ’98)


Altony "Tony" Lee III (Zeta Pi–Florida Gulf Coast ’17)


C. Shannon DeVaney (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’76)


Christopher "Chris"

Morace (Alpha Pi–Stanford ’92)



Cullowhee KA

Alumni Chapter



Taylor R. Day (Gamma Epsilon–Arizona ’21)

William F. Murray (Tau–Wake Forest ’21)

Scott C. Reed (Xi–Southwestern ’21)



Michael C. Howell (Alpha Phi–Duke ’07), KAOEF Leadership Lecturer

Dustin G. Brann (Alpha Omega–North Carolina State ’11), Model Initiation Co-Director

Jacob W. Warren (Gamma Gamma–Memphis ’14), Model Initiation Co-Director


Douglas B. Harris (Delta Sigma–Houston Baptist ’73)


Alex F. Hallahan (Zeta Phi–High Point ’18)

Turner P. Hargrave (Epsilon Nu–Georgia College ’18)

Holden A. Quinn (Zeta Phi–High Point ’17)


Hon. David M. “Dink” Warren (Tau–Wake Forest ’78)


Stephen M. Steele (Delta Kappa–Stephen F. Austin State ‘86)

By J. Michael Duncan, Former Knight Commander

Stumpy Harris (Beta Zeta–Florida ‘57)

By Ben W. Satcher, Jr., Former Knight Commander

William A. "Bill" Wood (Alpha–Washington & Lee ’03)

By J. Michael Duncan, Former Knight Commander

OFFICIAL EULOGY 31st Knight Commander Jack R. Taylor (Beta Iota–Drury ’50)

Former Knight Commander

David M. Warren


Friday began with the province breakfast that allowed fellowship and dealings amongst the Province Commanders and their chapters. After the Legislative, Finance, and Resolutions Committees met, the Undergraduate and Alumni Conferences were held, and then all gathered for the KAOEF’s 17th Leadership Lecture Luncheon. Michael L. Howell (Alpha Phi–Duke ’07), who is currently the Senior Advisor for Executive Branch Relations at The Heritage Foundation, delivered a speech about cancel culture. Spouses and guests enjoyed a tour of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s beloved winter home and desert laboratory.

The afternoon gave host to Convention Session II. The committee reports were all received and adopted unanimously, thanks to the able leadership of four Former Knight Commanders: Legislative Committee Chairman David M. Warren, Finance Committee Chairmen James R. Estes and Darren S. Kay, and Resolutions Committee Chairman J. Michael Duncan. The Convention elected to retain C. Douglas Simmons III as Knight Commander, King V. Aiken, Jr. as Senior Councilor, and L. Blair Bailey, Stephen J. LaFallotte, Malcolm H. Liles, David T. Martineau, and Dr. James M. Schmuck as Councilors. Spouses and guests enjoyed Bubbles at the Biltmore, a private sparkling wine-tasting with Brandon Chaney, Proprietor & CEO Fairwinds Estate Winery, home of Excelsior Napa Valley, the Order’s wine program, and the Rose Circle of the Crimson & Gold Society toasted to their new members.

Friday evening, the KAOEF's 9th Annual Crimson & Gold Society Dinner was held at the nearby Wrigley Mansion thanks to the generous support of the Foundation’s Chairman and President, Derick S. Close (Alpha Omega–North Carolina State ’78). The dinner recognized members of the Crimson & Gold Society, brothers and friends of the Order who contribute $1,000 or more each year in unrestricted support to the Foundation. For those not currently members of the Crimson & Gold Society, a Brotherhood Dinner and Outing was held at Top Golf.



Saturday began with a Devotional Breakfast led by National Chaplain Dwain P. Knight (Delta Kappa–Stephen F. Austin State '04). The KAOEF Board of Trustees held their meeting, and the Convention attendees welcomed three new brothers and brushed up on the ritual during the Model Initiation Ceremony and Ritual Workshop, which was held in the Grand Ballroom. Undergraduate and alumni brothers got the chance to discuss career goals and plans during a Professional Networking Session, and leaders in the Greek Life movement were recognizing at the Interfratneral Recognition Luncheon. Following Educational Sessions on Social Event Management, Recruitment Strategy, and Diversity and Inclusion, brothers had a chance to enjoy the pools of the resort. Spouses and guests enjoyed the nearby Wrigley Mansion with a tour and brunch.

Saturday evening, the Crimson & Gold Society and Knight Commander’s Accolade Reception took place concurrently with the Convention Reception. The official Convention photo was shot on the Spire Lawn, and the Knight Commander’s Banquet was held to cap the weekend. After a rousing KA Chorus performance led by Smith Province Commander Rob Wall (Tau–Wake Forest '88), Knight Commander Simmons presented a newly established recognition, the Knight Commander's Accommodation, to three outstanding undergraduate brothers and delivered his address. As all departed the Grand Canyon state, peace and harmony carried each on safe travels home.



True Bearings

A Lifelong Legacy of Leadership

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. (Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney ’48)

Hampden-Sydney College has lost a longtime supporter and champion with the passing of Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. ’51 (Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney ’48), who passed away on February 7, 2018, at the age of 88.

"Ray Bottom believed strongly in our mission to form good men and good citizens, and for his entire life he remained a steadfast and enthusiastic supporter of his beloved alma mater, the Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest, and the Kappa Alpha Order," said College President Larry Stimpert. "We will miss Ray's counsel and friendship, and we are ever grateful for all that he did for the men of Hampden-Sydney."

A native of Hampton, Virginia, Mr. Bottom was the single most generous nancial supporter in the history of Hampden-Sydney College. First elected to the Board of Trustees in 1973, Mr. Bottom received a number of honors from the College over the years, including the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and the Keating Medallion, which recognizes outstanding service and extraordinary dedication to Hampden-Sydney.

"I have never known a man more generous, more humble, and more willing to do anything to help his alma mater," said [now former] Dean of Admissions Anita H. Garland. "When I came to the College 38 years ago, he was one of the rst alumni I met, and he has been an integral part of my life and that of our o ce since that time. I can't quite imagine recruiting a class of Hampden-Sydney men without him."

The former chairman and editor-in-chief of the Daily Press newspaper, Mr. Bottom later served as chairman and chief executive o cer of Centennial Communications, Inc. He earned a degree in physics from Hampden-Sydney College and served as an o cer in the U.S. Air Force, retiring from the Air Force Reserves after a decorated 27-year career. Mr. Bottom remained an avid pilot throughout his life, often donating the use of his plane for charitable causes. He was also a passionate supporter of the Virginia Peninsula USO and the Virginia Air & Space Center, where he had served as a director.

"Hampden-Sydney lost a good man this morning, and I lost a great friend," said Director of Admissions Jason Ferguson ’96 (Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney ’93) [Editor’s Note: Ferguson is now the Dean of Admissions]. "'Ray Bottom from Hampton' was one of Hampden-Sydney's best, and there is no one who loved this College more than he. Through his generosity and relentless recruiting e orts, he is responsible for countless young men having the opportunity to walk this campus and learn to share in his adoration for this special place."

Mr. Bottom also served on the advisory board of the Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest at Hampden-Sydney and remained active with the College's chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order.

"Ray was an ardent supporter of the Kappa Alpha Order, and I was fortunate enough to befriend him in 1994 when I served as president of the fraternity," Ferguson said. "Over the

“Ray embodied all of the values of KA in every aspect of his life. However, he truly embodied the value of brotherhood. We speak of being bound to each other, for life, befriending and assisting our brothers, especially in times of need. That was Ray Bottom—always a friend, always there to lend a hand, and always there when you needed him. Countless brothers of KA and Hampden-Sydney men are better for knowing him. Ray was the most loyal, compassionate, and generous man that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

— Jason Ferguson (Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney ’93), Alumnus Advisor


Legacy Left

Brother Bottom was a member of the 1865 Trust, and through the KAOEF’s Honoring our Past, Securing our Future Campaign, in 2007–2009, his estate gift was confirmed. All totaled, Brother Bottom’s cumulative giving after his passing was only dollars away from $600,000, placing him as the 9th largest donor in the Order’s history. His legacy has and will impact thousands of young KAs, putting them in the best position possible to achieve success in life— fulfilling Brother Bottom’s dream for all KAs.


“Ray was a very generous man with his nances, time, and advice. He believed that nances shouldn’t prevent a student from receiving a quality education ... He said to me several times, ‘when in life you’re blessed with resources, talents, time, etc. give back… because people before you made sacri ces to ensure you have what you have today.’ He loved photography, airplanes, the media, history, Hampden-Sydney, Kappa Alpha, but he loved people the most. He was the perfect gentleman and mentor to any young man. I was blessed and fortunate to call Ray my friend and brother.”

True Bearings

past 24 years, I believe that we spoke just about every day, sometimes twice a day. I will miss those calls. I will miss Ray. He was the kindest, gentlest, wittiest, and most giving man I have ever known."

Dean Garland agrees. "Our world has shifted at Hampden-Sydney College. Our axis is gone. In the passing of Ray Bottom, the College has lost its most faithful servant, most devoted alumnus, most generous donor, and its greatest friend. Countless members of the alumni body and current students have lost the man who made a Hampden-Sydney education possible for them."

Mr. Bottom actively encouraged many young men in the Peninsula area of Virginia to attend Hampden-Sydney, in addition to generously supporting scholarship aid,

which was a family priority: The Raymond B. and Dorothy Rouse Bottom Scholarship, established by Mr. Bottom's parents, provided need-based scholarship aid to Peninsula-area students at the College. "He was our star recruiter," Dean Garland said, "poring over local newspapers for stories about students who would t' us, speaking with those students about Hampden-Sydney, and bringing them to the campus to show them the place that changed his own life. Yearly he sponsored events for students and parents so that they could meet alumni and see in practice the brotherhood of HampdenSydney College."

The sad news of Mr. Bottom's passing elicited an outpouring of tributes from College alumni and friends whose lives he touched. "He believed that every person deserved the right to a great education and that money should not prevent a person from receiving such an education, which is why he donated plenty of resources to the College to make sure students could nish what they started," said Rusty Foster ’04 (Alpha Tau–HampdenSydney ’05) in a post on Facebook. "He taught me how to give back, to pay it forward, to lend a helping hand, and to always have a good laugh. He taught me to be sel ess. He

— Rusty Foster (Alpha Tau–
’04), former KAOEF staff member

was for sure a role model. He is a rare breed of a person—something we need more of in today's world."

John Axsom '05 also grew close with Mr. Bottom through a shared love of HampdenSydney. "Whether you met him for the rst time, or knew him for forty years, Uncle Ray considered you to be the most important person in the room," Axsom said. "Sel ess, and caring, Uncle Ray embodied all the characteristics of integrity that we want each Hampden-Sydney man to learn, practice, and share with the world at large. He is arguably the alumnus that loved our college the most, and I will dearly miss him, his vignettes, and his love of philanthropy."

Mr. Bottom's sel essness extended far beyond College-related endeavors. "I'll never forget when my 4-year-old daughter needed special medical care, and Ray took us in his plane to the Mayo Clinic," recalled Tayloe Negus ’88 (Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney ’87), a longtime friend. "As odd as it sounds, we found a way to have a wonderful time together during these trying days in Rochester, Minnesota. Truly memorable. And truly life changing. Because of the incredible care and consultation she received at the Mayo clinic, my daughter is thriving today—

while giving her dad too much of a hard time— at the age of almost 20. Thank you, Ray."

"Ray Bottom was the absolute nest embodiment of a Hampden-Sydney man," said Dr. Herbert L. King, Jr. '94, the College's vice president for institutional advancement. "He loved this College, her students, her alumni, and he worked tirelessly to promote Hampden-Sydney in all that he did. We are an in nitely stronger institution because of his care and devotion, and hundreds of young men have strong lives today because Ray Bottom introduced them to HampdenSydney. We will dearly miss him."

While the gravity of this loss is reverberating across the College family, Mr. Bottom's legacy and sel ess spirit will live on at this College and in all whose lives were graced by his friendship and generosity.

"'Uncle Ray' will be missed like no other," said Dean Garland. "He was a legend in his own time, and a true HampdenSydney hero."

Photos courtesy Hampden-Sydney College

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr.’s KA and KAOEF Involvement

•Brought his plane to college; H-SC rulebook had to be changed, but his was grandfathered in

•Initiated at Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney (1948)

• Delegate to 43rd Convention (1949)

•Attendee of National Officer’s Training School (1949)

•Number III (1950)

•Painted KA House (Spring 1952)

•North American Interfraternity Conference Award of Distinction (2006)

• Recipient, Knight Commander’s Accolade (2007)

•Member, Ammen Court of Honor (1983)

• Military Division

• Internship Selection Committee (2013–2017)

•Annual KAOEF Donor (1986–2018)

•House Corp President (at least 2011–2018)

•Member, Crimson & Gold Society, 1865 Trust, Forever KA, Loyal Order



Brothers Reel in Record Marlin

A team of KA alumni and undergraduate brothers competed in the Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament as the “Glazed” crew. After an uneventful start, Wilson B. Springs III (Rho–South Carolina ’20) felt a fish take the hook midafternoon. That initial bite evolved into a 6.5-hour fight with a 117-inch blue marlin. His chapter brother, Miles M. Herring, Jr. (Rho–South Carolina ’20), steered at the helm while the rest of the crew including their fathers, Wilson B. Springs II (Rho–South Carolina ’86) and Miles M. Herring (Beta Gamma–Charleston ’90) battled the massive fish. Wilson II eventually made the gaff shot that effectively ended the struggle.

Others on the team include John T. “Johnny” Cisne, Jr. (Rho–South Carolina ’89) and Lee G. Tiller (Beta Gamma–Charleston ’10).

Member highlights from around the Order RHO—SOUTH CAROLINA

Former Councilor Leake Inducted into OSU Greek Hall of Fame

ON OCTOBER 28, 2021, Sam O. Leake, Jr. (Beta Xi–Oklahoma State '61) was inducted into the Oklahoma State University Fraternity and Sorority Hall of Fame. The ceremony, which was held during Homecoming week, included the induction of the 2020 and 2021 classes and was attended by Sam's wife Lynn, Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese, Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Affairs Brent Fellows, Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Casey Domnick, and members of Beta Xi Chapter.

Established in 2010 to celebrate the Greek Centennial at OSU, the Hall of Fame recognize the contributions of alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their organizations, OSU, their professions, and society.

Below: Sam Leake, fourth from right, with wife Lynn, and Beta Xi company in front of the inaugural Hall of Fame wall.


Three Chapters Team Up to Donate Track Wheelchair to Wounded Veteran

TEAMING UP TO RAISE $20,000 FOR The Independence Fund, the Delta Theta Chapter at Georgia Southern University, the Delta Phi Chapter at Jacksonville State University, and the Zeta Kappa Chapter at the University of West Georgia presented a track wheelchair to U.S. veteran Karen Dery during the Georgia Southern football game on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

“I am so grateful to Park the rest of the KA Order for their amazing gift of the trackchair,” said Dery. “The chair is going to open so many options for me, especially hiking, which I dearly miss. I am very grateful

to The Independence Fund for making this all possible.”

Dery joined the U.S. Army in 1983 because she needed a job. After getting through military school, she realized she loved the life, comradery, and experiences that it provided. After leaving active duty, she joined the Air Force National Guard. She was stationed with the Milwaukee unit when she was deployed to Desert Storm and spent 3.5 months in Egypt in a refueling unit as the commander’s secretary. Karen deployed multiple times in support of Enduring Freedom. She continued to serve

until 2004 when she was released for early medical retirement due to service-related Multiple Sclerosis. During her tenure, she worked in administration, personnel, ight line management, radar technician and crew communications.

“Our chapter is grateful to be a small part of Karen’s life,” said Park Gaskin (Delta Theta–Georgia Southern ’18), Number I (President) of the Delta Theta Chapter. “There is no greater joy for us than to be able to give back to the people who have given so much for our freedom.”

Member highlights from around the Order

Arkansas State Alumnus Named to ASU System Board of Trustees

AFTER INCREASING THE NUMBER OF BOARD positions from ve to seven and extending the appointments to seven-year terms, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchkinson appointed Paul Rowton (Delta Eta–Arkansas State ’95) to the Arkansas State University System Board of Trustees.

ASU System President Chuck Welch said the three appointees, which also include Bishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr. and Steve Eddington, bring a diverse mix of expertise to the board.

“I am so appreciative of Governor Hutchinson for these very strong appointments to our Board of Trustees,” Welch said. “Each of these individuals has been very involved in their communities and with our member institutions. Robert is a former Henderson student body president, Paul is a former A-State Alumni Association president, and Steve is the current president of the Henderson State Alumni Association. Their diversi ed backgrounds in ministry, agriculture, and retail business operations in our state will lend solid insight and leadership to our board. I denitely look forward to working with all three of our new trustees as we continue to grow our system.”

Paul, a 1998 graduate of Arkansas State with a Bachelor of Science in marketing, is executive vice president of GES Inc.

GES operates seven Edwards Food Giant stores and ve Edwards Cash Saver stores. He is also a partner in Fast Lane Markets LLC, which operates convenience stores.

A native of Forrest City, Rowton is past president of the A-State Alumni Association and helped oversee construction of the Cooper Alumni Center. The 2009 Arkansas Business 40 Under 40 honoree is also a past chairman, treasurer, vice chair and board member of the Arkansas Grocers & Retail Merchants Association and past president of the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce.

Paul and his wife—Ashley Edwards Rowton, a 1999 graduate of Arkansas State—are 1924 Sustaining Life Members of the A-State Alumni Association and are members of the Red Wolves Foundation. They have two sons, JP and William.

“I am extremely honored to have been selected by Gov. Hutchinson to serve on the ASU System Board of Trustees,” Rowton said. “There are so many wonderful things happening across the ASU System, and I look forward to working with my fellow trustees, Dr. Welch and the leadership teams at all of the ASU System campuses. A-State has been such an important part of my life for the past 26 years, and I am very thankful for this opportunity to serve.”

The ASU System, based in Little Rock, serves 37,465 students annually on campuses in Arkansas and Queretaro, Mexico, and globally online with a total operating budget of $348 million.


Alumnus Promoted to Colonel

Curtis C. “Curt” Owens (Gamma Eta–Florida State ’95) was promoted to the rank of Colonel of the U.S. Army Reserve on Monday, September 13, 2021. COL Owens is currently serving as Legislative Liaison for the U.S. Army and previously served the Order as the Commander of William B. Crawford Province (State of Florida) in 2004.


Member highlights from around the Order

Brotherhood on the Links

On Friday, June 11, the Beta Iota Chapter at Drury University held its Annual Golf Tournament. More than 70 active and alumni brothers hit the links at Marshfield Country Club for fellowship and to benefit the chapter with the proceeds. Following the tourney, which is held annually on the second Friday of June, brothers gathered for cards and barbecue in the course clubhouse.

FGCU Alumnus Named to University Foundation Board

The Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation Inc. approved its slate of o cers, elected four new board members, and re-elected another four members for a second term. Included among the newly elected board members is Brett W. Diamond (Zeta Pi–Florida Gulf Coast ’08).

Brett is a native of Naples and serves as the chief innovation o cer of DeAngelis Diamond. Throughout college and his early 20s, Diamond spent

of Directors

much of his time building various businesses, while traveling across the country to learn from top technology leaders. In 2012, Diamond and his father, David, launched Venture X, a sustainable, luxurious o ce space designed with health and wellness in mind. The brand is now global with 120 locations open and under development. At 24, he was voted and featured in the annual “40 under 40” Gulfshore Business article in 2013. Diamond graduated from FGCU in 2012 and served on the Alumni Association Board from 2014 to 2016.

As an undergraduate, Brett served as Number II of Zeta Pi Chapter.


Alumnus Hired at Georgia Small Business Capital

Georgia Small Business Capital (GSBC) welcomes Brian A. King (Delta Alpha–Western Carolina ’98) as a new Vice President, Business Development Officer covering the state of Georgia. Brian joins GSBC after an extensive career in banking with almost a decade of SBA-lending experience under his belt. Brian brings a drive for innovation and commitment to excellence that will uphold our standard of service and integrity that we have long been known for in the business community. As an undergraduate, Brian served his chapter as Number I. Since graduation, he has served as a board member of the Cullowhee Alumni Chapter and is a fouryear member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society.

McNeese State Donates $5,000 to Center for Children

On Monday, April 12, 2021, the Delta Xi Chapter at McNeese State University presented a check for $5,000 to the St. Nicholas Center for Children, a nonpro t pediatric therapy center for children with Autism, located in Lake Charles, LA. The chapter raised these funds during their annual spring event.

“Every year in the spring we host a fundraiser,” Number I Jake Goodman commented. “We set up a stage at our house and have every active pick some type of song, dance, or skit to perform on stage. We invite ladies to attend. It’s a lot of fun for us and them and we make it a competition.”

In addition to wanting to support the children, the Delta Xi Chapter wanted to help the St. Nicholas Center after it suffered major damages from Hurricanes Laura and Delta and was forced to moved locations.

“The last 18 months have been extremely dif cult for St. Nicholas Center for Children as we’ve struggled to recover from hardships caused by Covid-19, two major hurricanes, a rare winter storm, and a record-breaking ood,” Development Director Brittany Schwem said in an email. “Although our path has been dif cult and the road ahead is long, with the support of our community the future of the Center and our clients is incredibly bright!”

The St. Nicholas Center offers a wide range of services including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Skills training, and diagnostic testing. Services are provided to children with Autism, developmental delays, and neurological disorders in a fun, loving, and educational environment.


Outstanding Beginning Teacher—Branden Beeler

Branden Beeler (Alpha Eta–Westminster ’17) was recently named as an outstanding beginning teacher by the Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Branden is a physical education teacher for Bush Elementary School in Fulton, Missouri. To celebrate his achievement, friends and collogues surprised him with a caravan of cars decked out with signs and streamers Monday afternoon.

Committed to starting his teaching career strong, Branden learned the names of each of his students during the rst week of school and quickly jumped into leadership roles.

“I always say you’d never know this was his rst year teaching,” principal Holly Broadway said. “He’s worked

to build that relationship with all of our students.”

From Kirksville, Missouri, Brandon played catcher for the Westminster Blue Jays’ baseball team. As a junior in 2019, Branden was named First Team All-Conference after leading the SLIAC with a .403 batting average. Playing 80 games, he nished his career with a .361 batting average, eight home runs, 60 runs batted in, and 99 hits.

“My favorite Westminster memory is being part of the baseball team and being active in my fraternity,” Branden said in a Westminster College senior spotlight. “I made friends that will last a lifetime and with people I will never forget.”

Softball Connects

Southern Indiana Actives and Alumni

The 2021 Zeta Omicron Chapter Alumni/ Active Softball game was held on Saturday, October 9, the last day of the West Side Fall Festival. After one year off because of COVID-19, the annual game held in Evansville, Indiana, resumed with a great turnout.

The undergraduate brothers surprised LTC Thomas R. “Tom” Murray (Delta Nu–Murray State ’69) with a personalized jersey signed by all of them. Tom has served as Alumnus Advisor for the chapter since 2006 and has been instrumental in planning the annual softball tournament.


Northwestern State Alumnus Selected to Alumni Hall of Distinction


Psi–Northwestern State ’72) was one of six distinguished Northwestern State University alumni who were named to NSU’s Alumni Hall of Distinction, the Long Purple Line, in 2020. After being postponed twice due to COVID-19, the group will be honored on October 22, 2021, at the Natchitoches Events Center, followed by a noon luncheon and induction program.

Honorees include state of cial Sujuan Boutte of Prairieville, businessman Harvey F. Marcus Sr. of Monroe, Louisiana State University Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron of Baton Rouge, NSU Vice President for External Affairs Jerry Pierce, Fed Ex executive John A. Smith of Memphis, Tennessee, and former NSU faculty member Thomas Whitehead (Gamma Psi–Northwestern State ’72) of Natchitoches.

The Long Purple Line was established to provide recognition and appreciation to individuals whose career accomplishments or service to their fellow man have enhanced the reputation and prestige of Northwestern State.

Whitehead was a member of Northwestern State’s faculty for 30 years, serving as an associate professor of journalism and director of International Programs. He served as an advisor for various student media, providing training to students preparing for a professional career. He also oversaw the university’s Distinguished Lecture Series, which brought numerous leading gures to campus.

A strong advocate for preserving Northwestern State’s history, Whitehead co-authored the book “Northwestern State University at 125” which was published in 2009. He led efforts to make the university’s past more accessible through its Traditions website, which showcases digital collections of the university’s student newspaper, yearbook and alumni magazine and information on alumni honorees, past presidents and historic campus buildings.

Whitehead worked as a production location consultant for the lm “Steel Magnolias.” He also worked as a local contact and executive assistant to the lm’s producer Ray Stark. Whitehead was a co-author of the “Steel Magnolias Scrapbook.”

One of the leading experts on Natchitoches Parish artist Clementine Hunter, Whitehead worked on documentaries and co-authored and edited books about Hunter.

He is active in local historic preservation organizations and served on the Louisiana Film and Video Commission and the board of directors of Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. He is a member of the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the Honor Society of Phi Eta Sigma. Since retiring from NSU, he was worked as a governmental affairs and special events consultant.

Tom has served as the Alumnus Advisor to Gamma Psi Chapter since 2003 and a member of the Gamma Psi Housing Corporation since 2011. He is a member of the Northwest LA Alumni Chapter and the Natchitoches, LA Alumni Chapter. Tom was inducted into the Order’s White Province Court of Honor in 2006 and the Irwin Province Court of Honor in 2019. He is a member of the Loyal Order, Forever KA, and a three-year member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society. In 1999, he was presented the highest individual honor an alumnus can receive, the Knight Commander’s Accolade, by then Knight Commander James R. Estes.


JMU Brothers Come Together for Brain Injury Victims

AFTER RECENTLY HEARING OF THE plight of a KA alumnus with a terminal brain condition whose family needed support, the brothers of Zeta Theta at James Madison University banded together to raise money for them. And then, the men of the chapter went even further, raising additional funds for a nonpro t organization in their own area that is dedicated to helping people with brain injuries.

Coming to the nancial aid of their af icted KA brother (whose name is not being revealed for privacy reasons) involved holding fundraising events, not always an easy feat in this age of COVID-19. So, the men undertook a variety of virtual events that netted about $12,000 for the man and his family, in addition to another $2,000 for Brain Injury Connections of the Shenandoah Valley (BICSV), which provides services for individuals affected by brain injury in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia.

Drake Tomasi (Zeta Theta–James Madison ’19) and Andrew Walko (Zeta Theta–James Madison ’18), the Number I and the philanthropy chair of Zeta Theta, respectively, helped mount the fundraising campaigns, which also involved the sons of the BICSV’s director, who are both KA actives themselves.

“I had gotten an e-mail from an alumnus who graduated the same year as this brother who needed assistance,” Tomasi said. “A couple of alumni had actually started to organize a fundraising effort and reached out to me about it. I met with them and discussed it, and I spoke to the chapter, and we all decided to have our KA for a Cause philanthropy go to him. It was a great cause and we had just nished raising funds for the Independence Fund. It seemed like the perfect thing to do, to give back to him.”

Of the $12,000 nal tally, Tomasi said, “We also reached out to the sororities on campus, who were a great help. And it was lots and lots of alumni donations, one alumnus donated $1,000 straight up. We sent out an e-mail to our alumni e-mail chain about what was going on and about if they would like to donate, and we had an alumni match challenge. We raised around $6,000 on our own, and the alumni matched that.”

“It was an extremely sad situation for this family,” said Walko. “None of us had ever met the gentleman, but once a KA, always a KA, so we were happy to help. We did all virtual events that we were able to livestream because of COVID-19. We had such events as a Nugget Eating Competition and Pie-A-KA, which allowed people to donate and tune in online as if it were in person. We were really happy to be able to do this for our brother.”

“We had done our fundraising virtually in the fall, so we had a decent idea of how to do it,” Tomasi said. “We then sent that $12,000 amount to a GoFundMe page that had been set up for the brother.”

The chapter then undertook yet another fundraising push in the same arena, this time for BICSV, whose director, Cindy Noftsinger, is the mother of

Member highlights from around the Order ZETA THETA–JAMES MADISON
“This wasn’t something they had to do. This was something they all embraced to take care of a brother, and to support our organization because they knew it was the right thing to do.”

Zack Noftsinger (Zeta Theta–James Madison ’17) and Jake Noftsinger (Zeta Theta–James Madison ’20).

“I was talking to my sons one evening,” Cindy Noftsinger said, “and they told me the story about this brother, about how they were going to be kicking off KA for a Cause to raise money for him. We were going into the big giving season for our community, doing an event called the Great Community Give, and I wondered if I could get KA to adopt us for a day. I got Andrew’s information, and Drake Tomasi is a family friend, so I reached out to him too and had a quick call with them. They took it to the chapter and the men were all in, and said they would set a goal of $1,000 for us. KA came in and doubled that goal, and ended up being our largest donor that day with a $2,000 gift.”

Walko said that, with the knowledge the men had developed when it came to virtual fundraising, they were able to use those methods once again to raise money for the BICSV. “We switched on a dime and mostly used Instagram as a big outlet for fundraising for BICSV,” he said.

“Cindy reached out and asked if we’d like to help out,” Tomasi said, “and we used a ‘Venmo Triangle’ on Instagram, and our guys went out and talked to the parents and other people, and we were happy to raise the money for her organization. Next semester we’ll probably start out with our usual philanthropy MDA again.”

“I was impressed,” said Cindy Noftsinger, who is a JMU graduate herself. She later rewarded freshman Andrew Carrano (Zeta Theta–James Madison ’20) with a $100 bill as the brother who raised the most for the BICSV. “This wasn’t something they had to do. This was something they all embraced to take care of a brother, and to support our organization because they knew it was the right thing to do.”

Thomason Retires as Keeneland’s President and CEO

IN JULY, KEENELAND PRESIDENT and CEO William W. “Bill” Thomason, Jr. (Theta–Kentucky ’74), announced that he would be retiring from the global horse racing and sales company to spend more time with his family at the end of 2020.

“Bill Thomason has led Keeneland with passion and integrity and with a commitment to its customers and a devotion to the Keeneland team,” Keeneland Trustee Everett Dobson said. “People who care as much as Bill are what makes Keeneland so incredibly special. He leaves a tremendous legacy of service to Keeneland, the horse industry and the community, and his accomplishments have indelibly shaped the future of our sport.”

After growing up in London, Kentucky, and earned an accounting degree from the University of Kentucky, Bill ended up at Mill Ridge Farm, a full-service thoroughbred farm that has a rich history of raising and selling some of the best thoroughbred racehorses in the

world. After retiring from Mill Ridge, Bill eventually left his retirement and joined Keeneland as its Chief Financial O cer, only to be promoted two years later as its seventh president.

Bill navigated Keeneland through a decade of substantial growth and change in the Thoroughbred industry.

“Keeneland and the Thoroughbred industry have been very fortunate to have Bill Thomason as President and CEO of Keeneland for the past eight years,” Drew Fleming of Breeders’ Cup said.

“Under Bill’s leadership, Keeneland implemented numerous signi cant initiatives that will leave a lasting positive impact on the Thoroughbred business, including Keeneland’s hosting of the groundbreaking 2015 Breeders’ Cup and being a cofounder of the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition. It has been a real pleasure to work closely with Bill, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”


Florida’s Fishing Tournament Reels in $6,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

ON MARCH 27, 2021, THE BETA ZETA Chapter at the University of Florida brought back their “KAtch ’em All” shing tournament to bene t the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Brothers and guests gathered at Newnan’s Lake, just east of Gainesville, Florida, to compete in the tournament sponsored by Sodium Fishing Gear. For just $30 per person, participants received a shirt, had the opportunity to win prizes, and got to enjoy an awards ceremony and craw sh boil to celebrate the occasion. In the end, the chapter was able to raise

$6,000 to help give children and teens with MD the opportunity to attend MDA summer camp.

“Beta Zeta used to do a shing tournament called “KAtch” for a few years and all the proceeds went to Dance Marathon at UF,” John Zielinski said. “We switched to another philanthropy event for Dance Marathon but a few friends and I saw an opportunity to bring this back.”

Since, several years had elapsed since the last shing tournament, the chapter needed a strong team to pull o the planning and

execution of the event. The chapter relied on John Zielinski, ’18, Deme Capitano ’18, Andrew Wise ’18, and Chris Douglas, ’18 to make it all happen.

“All of the students who once hosted the event had graduated so we were really starting from the ground up, John Zielinski added. “Luckily we had generous donations from families and local Gainesville businesses and were able to raise $6,000 for MD. In a year of covid and not having any real guidance we were ecstatic with the results.”

Member highlights from around the Order BETA ZETA–FLORIDA

Alumnus Hired as Superintendent at the Nation's 14th Largest Construction Company

JE Dunn has announced the hiring of Thomas M. “Tom” Schwarzer (Delta Theta–Georgia Southern ’13) to the role of superintendent in its Savannah office.

The Dacula, Georgia, native has been in the healthcare and commercial construction business for three and a half years. Schwarzer began his career after graduating from Georgia Southern University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in construction management.

In his new role as superintendent, Schwarzer will be responsible for all field activities, including management of project production schedules, labor budgets, quality assurance and quality control, and executing the construction documentation.

Schwarzer frequently volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity. During his free time, Schwarzer loves to do anything outdoors.

West Georgia Holds Hot Dog Eating Contest for Philanthropy

On March 16th, the Zeta Kappa Chapter at the University of West Georgia co-hosted a hot dog eating contest with Sigma Nu to raise funds for the Educational Foundation and to fight against Human Trafficking.

Attendees to the event were able to enjoy hot dogs, chips, and a drink while watching four individuals compete in the eating contest, two representing KA and two representing Sigma Nu.

“I’ve been looking forward to the competition all week,” said Hunter Vaughn, a Sigma Nu competitor. “I have a strategy. I ate a big dinner yesterday,

already stretched out a little. I haven’t eaten anything at all today. And then I have also been watching hot dog eating strategy videos on YouTube all morning.”

Following ten intense minutes of eating as many hot dogs as possible, Hunter emerged as the champion, earning a crown and trophy. In the end, the two chapters were able to raise more than $1,200 each and are looking forward to future competitions.

Oklahoma Alumnus Elected to National Junior Chamber

During the JCI USA (U.S. Junior Chamber or Jaycees) Annual Meeting and Celebration of the Century held in St. Louis, Missouri, September 16–18, 2021, the Order’s Director of Communications Brent E. Buswell (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’09) was elected as a 2022 National Vice President.

Throughout 2021, Brent served as the 87th State President for the Virginia Jaycees. In this new role, Brent will be serving alongside ve other National Vice Presidents, and he will oversee, support, and advise the state organizations for Connecticut, Georgia,

Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Vermont. He will also direct the communications e orts from the national JCI USA board.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a grassroots movement of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 dedicated to creating positive change in their respective communities around the world. In 5,000 communities across nearly 120 countries, their members are known for embracing new ideas, collaboration, and diversity, and are prepared to address the most critical challenges of our time.



Return To Bright House


80 years after WWII began and Alpha Zeta lost their home, alumni banded together to dedicate a space in honor of their brothers at their old KA house.

For many of the Alpha Zeta Chapter alumni from the College of William & Mary, the Bright House has always been the College’s Alumni House, now part of the enhanced Alumni Center. But for those who were in the chapter during and shortly after the beginning of World War II, it is remembered for a different reason—it was the KA House, also known as the Bright House, and colloquially as, “the house on the hill.” And its history may extend much further back.

According to Dr. Terry Meyers, English Professor Emeritus at the college, in his article “This Old House,” from the Alumni Magazine, “William and Mary’s Alumni House (once the Bright House) may be older than the 1871 date generally ascribed to it. Built as a home to the Bright family, owners

of the farm called New Hope, the building has housed faculty members and—not at the same time—the Kappa Alpha fraternity. The construction date of 1871 derives from misreadings of several documents, including the program notes by William and Mary biology professor J. T. Baldwin Jr. ’32 for the 1975 dedication of the Alumni House. Those notes include Baldwin’s intimation that the house might possibly date to before the Civil War.” Even more recent documentation has found in an Archaeological Assessment prepared by William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research, which states, “The work was undertaken to study a small parcel of what was likely the northwestern edge of the original 330 acres of William & Mary owned land

TODAY: The new and expanded Alumni Center—the right component building with chimneys is the former KA House.
Chapter House Stories
CIRCA 1945: After renovation and significant changes to the exterior of the property. Unidentified time frame, likely pre1900, of the Bright House’s original architectural details. Very few exterior changes, if any, existed in 1940s and before when the Alpha Zeta Chapter resided here. BRIGHT HOUSE TIMELINE 2008: A 2008 photo of the Alumni House, formerly the Bright House and KA House.

dating back to 1693. This domestic site may have been associated with the Bright family's operation of a large farm on an adjacent property beginning circa 1839.”

The house has had many uses, including, “At various points in its history, the Bright House has served as an infirmary, faculty apartments and home to the Kappa Alpha fraternity. As the function of the house changed, so did its exterior appearance, which underwent several renovations over the years, all the while retaining its mid-19th century architectural identity,” as reported on the college’s website.

The best citation of the history of the loss of the house comes from a handbill dated likely either from 1941 or 1942, announced “FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! The Event of The Season — AUCTION SALE

— June 2 - 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 P. M. — Entire Household Furnishings Including Articles Unobtainable on the Present Day Market.

— AUCTIONEER: BOB MATTHEWS (Better known to his friends as “Rubber Dog”)

— KAPPA ALPHA HOUSE – RICHMOND ROAD – Be There and Bring Your Friends.” The handbill is now framed with a period photo of the house, annotated, and on display in the KA Lounge. Coincidentally, Robert F. Matthews, Jr., a now deceased alumnus from the chapter, was initiated in 1941… perhaps he was “Rubber Dog?”

After the sale of the house at the advent of World War II, it found its way back into the life of the college in the mid-1970s. While it remained a standalone structure, with various phases of construction and improvements, it wasn’t until recently that it was incorporated into a larger, state-of-the-art facility. The William & Mary Alumni Association’s expansion and renovation project makes the “new” Alumni House one of the largest social-gathering spaces on campus and in Williamsburg, at nearly 53,000 square feet. The project added approximately 33,000 square feet to the current building.

Construction began in January 2019 and was completed in summer 2020. The original Bright House is the portion of the structure on the far right of the front view.

This campaign is when the KAs from the College sprang into action. The fundraising was led by William & Mary and KA alumni Donald Beck (Alpha Zeta–William & Mary ’62), William Armbruster (Alpha Zeta–William & Mary ’55), and Wayne Woolwine (Alpha Zeta–William & Mary ’60). As is the case with many college and university building projects, there existed various naming opportunities. Within the existing Bright House, was a space that had previously been a gift shop, on the first floor. The collective effort from the alumni was successful in fully funding and naming the space now known as the KA Lounge. Eight-five KAs and friends of KA contributed approximately $340,000, $15,000 more than required allowing for all the furnishings to be covered as well. In addition, a beautifully crafted bar was donated by W&M alumna Lee Everett Kostel, also a KA widow of Harry J. Kostel (Alpha Zeta–William & Mary ’49).

A dedication was held on Thursday, July 22, 2021, in the evening and all the donors and brothers were invited. The

Alpha Zeta Chapter now has a fine place in permanent history dedicated to their friends and brothers who came before them, utilized by all alumni today—a full circle return to the Bright House.

Below: The old English Pub Bar ready for the dedication event on July 22. The bar itself was donated by Lee Everett Kostel, a W&M alumna, and KA widow of Harry J. Kostel (Alpha Zeta–William & Mary ’49).
Above: KA brothers and friends, along with representatives of the college, gather to dedicate the new “KA Lounge,” a true return of Alpha Zeta Chapter to its old home, the Bright House. Left: View of the beautiful painting of our Coat of Arms, which was completed by a friend of the KAs, Kelly Cleary, of Richmond, Va.

FISCAL YEAR 2020—2021

Annual Report


Founded in 1982

raise funds for the benefit of the Order”

Who We Are Who Do We Support

Primary Initiatives

Crimson & Gold Society

In a campaign to acquire 1,000 alumni at $1,000 annually, unrestricted –our most exclusive donor club

1865 Trust

Planned gift society, minimum gift $10,000

Forever KA $10.00 per month, consistent giving program for graduating seniors and young alumni

Leadership Fund

The annual fund to meet annual and continuing needs

Day of Giving

One day for all of the Order to support the KAOEF



Fiscal year-end June 30, 2019

Total Funds Raised

Fiscal year-end

June 30, 2020 # Donations: 5,201

40% increase in funds raised 11.6% increase in number of donors





$2,009,910.62 2020 $1,557,511.78 2019 $1,209,426.29
# Donations: 4,428 # Donors: 3,033 #
Donors: 3,386 Fiscal year-end June 30, 2021 # Donations: 4,816 # Donors: 3,108
Kappa Alpha Order and its members

Why Do We Need the Support How We Are Doing It

Higher Education

Cost of college is up 221% over 4 decades Societal pressures are stronger than ever Uncertainty after COVID-19; fraternity membership provides support Research shows the positive benefits to fraternity membership

Funding for Leadership Education

Number I’s Leadership Institute

Premiere education for every single Number I at the beginning of his term, free to all chapters (more than 120 attendees)

Officer Training Conferences

Regional leadership education for all chapter officers (more than 1,000 attendees)

Emerging Leaders Academy

Summer leadership program for our next chapter leaders (300 attendees)

Funding for Academic, Professional, and Personal Success

Scholarship Program provides much-needed support and academic financial aid (more than $103,000 granted)

Internship Program offers real-world and unmatched summer experience in D.C. with expansion to Atlanta and Dallas for FY21. (Five interns selected for each city.)

COVID-19 Relief Grants 33 granted in the total amount of $33,000

Along with Forever KA, KA Leadership Fund, 1865 Trust, and more, we are focused on the:

Crimson & Gold Campaign Update (Fiscal Year 2020–2021)






Top chapters/ groups whose members are giving

Rose Circle: 49

North Carolina State–Alpha Omega: 21

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi: 21

Westminster–Alpha Eta: 20

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon: 19

Emory–Epsilon: 18

Wake Forest–Tau: 17

Clemson–Delta Omicron: 16

Auburn–Nu: 15

Florida–Beta Zeta: 15

VMI–Beta Commission: 15

Membership Numbers by Year

2013 – 98

2014 – 210

2015 – 267

2016 – 269

2017 – 410

2018 – 549

2019 – 634

2020 – 734

2021 – 847

Top 10 states whose alumni are giving

Texas: 130

Virginia: 104

Georgia: 75

North Carolina: 74

South Carolina: 74

Florida: 65

Tennessee: 55

Missouri: 39

Louisiana: 31

Mississippi: 22

NUMBER AND AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIPS GIVEN BY YEAR 74 recipients 2019-20 59 recipients 2020-21 48 recipients 2017-18 47 recipients 2016-17 43 recipients 2018-19 39 recipients 2015-16


Larry Stanton Wiese (Gamma Omega–Midwestern State ’87), President



Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (Delta Omicron–Clemson ’79), Executive Vice President & Former Knight Commander


Derick S. Close (Alpha Omega–North Carolina State ’78)

King V. Aiken, Jr. (Kappa–Mercer ’83), Senior Councilor

Darren S. Kay (Alpha Eta–Westminster ’88) Former Knight Commander

Andrew P. Carr (Epsilon Iota–Texas State ’00), Chief Development Officer


Hon. David M. Warren (Tau–Wake Forest ’78) Former Knight Commander

Aaron D. Masey (Epsilon Eta–Virginia Tech ’17), Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship


Gene M. Julian (Beta Epsilon–Delaware ’63)

Dan H. Akin (Gamma Omicron–Lambuth ’60)

Richard L. Burke (Zeta–Randolph-Macon ’83)

Steve C. Knight (Gamma Kappa–Oklahoma City ’70)

E.L. Scott McLain (Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas Tech ’84)


Timothy Killen Adams (Epsilon–Emory ’57)

Tanner L. Gellinger (Zeta Omicron–Southern Indiana ’12) Director of Development

Rebecca Moore Foundation Assistant


R. Scott Heath (Delta–Wofford ’77)


C. Douglas Simmons III (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’95)

Robert W. Hagan (Delta Rho–Valdosta State ’74)

Michael V. Paulin (Beta Sigma–Southern California ’60)

J. Michael Duncan (Delta Kappa–Stephen F. Austin State ’69) Former Knight Commander

Teresa Sloan Foundation Assistant

Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’70), Former Knight Commander

*FormerKnight Commander JackR.Taylor, whoservedas aTrusteeEmeritus, passedawayon June30,2021.

Eugene M. Julian (Beta Epsilon–Delaware ’63)

Erik T. Showalter (Gamma Alpha–Louisiana Tech ’02)

William H. Skipper, Jr. (Delta Tau–Francis Marion ’84)

SPRING 2022 | THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 45 Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation 115 Liberty Hall Road P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, Virginia 24450 Phone: (540) 463-1865 Fax: (540) 463-2140 foundation@ka-order.org www.kaoef.org www.facebook.com/kaoef

5 Ways To Give Back To Kappa Alpha Order

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF), a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was founded by the Convention in 1981 and was established in 1982 to promote the education of undergraduate and graduate students in academic improvement, leadership, alcohol and substance abuse prevention, and other general educational areas. The KAOEF receives no government funding but provides a vehicle for tax-deductible contributions from alumni and friends to be made in support of KA. With these gifts, the KAOEF helps underwrite a number of educational programs to the benefit of the Order.

1 Cash Gifts

The most convenient and frequently used method of supporting the KAOEF is a gift of cash—personal check, credit card authorization or money order—made payable to the KAOEF and mailed to P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450. Online donation can also be made through the KAOEF website (www. KAOEF.org/donate).

2 Matching Gifts

Many corporations will match gifts the KAOEF. If you or your spouse works for one of these organizations, your gift could multiply. Please ask your human resources office if your company provides matching gifts to charitable organizations. If so, please ask your employer for the proper form to include with your gift. You may also visit www.kaoef.org/giving or contact the KAOEF for assistance in determining if your employer offers a matching gifts program.

3 Planned Giving

The KAOEF has benefited greatly from planned gifts from members of the 1865 Trust and other planned giving. Inclusion of the KAOEF in your will or trust should reference KAOEF, P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450. Please visit www.kaoef.org/giving or contact the KAOEF directly for further information.

4 Appreciated Securities

A gift of your appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares is an ideal way support the KAOEF. The educational programs of the Order will benefit from your support and you will receive a tax deduction for your contributions. In addition, transferring the securities prior to liquidation will help you avoid capital gains taxes. Please contact the KAOEF for personal assistance with the transfer of assets of this type. Donors can select the KAOEF to receive transfers from an IRA account without a tax consequence. Please contact KAOEF staff for personal assistance.

5 Real & Personal Property

Your real estate and other marketable personal items can be given to the KAOEF an outright gift. For tax purposes, the contributor may deduct the fair market value of the real estate. Items of personal property must be related to the KAOEF’s purpose and function to be fully deductible. For example, a brother can donate a percentage interest in a building to the KAOEF that can be sold and the proceeds would be directed to the KAOEF.




SPRING 2022 | THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 47 Assets 2020 Liabilities 2020 Expenses 2020 Revenues 2020
the years ending June 30, 2021 and 2020 Change in Net Assets Without Restrictions: 2021*2020 REVENUES AND GAINS: Contributions Without Restrictions 1,037,909 907,638 Investment IncomeCurrent Without Restrictions 62,118 60,967 Rental Income 90,000 49,390 Support from Affiliate 14,464 13,149 Net Assets Released from Restrictions 1,194,160 527,289 TOTAL UNRESTRICTED REVENUES 2,398,650 1,558,433 EXPENSES AND LOSSES: Program Support Awarded 421,758 184,973 Salaries and Benefits 474,812 425,144 Occupancy Expenses 222,325 223,437 Fundraising Expenses 273,906 483,848 Administrative Expenses 225,119 204,949 Professional Services 39,102 34,484 Scholarships Awarded 91,310 89,266 Uncollectible Pledges -TOTAL EXPENSES 1,748,331 1,646,101 Change in Net Assets from Operations 650,320 (87,668) Change in Value-Split Interest Agreement (18,892) (17,196) CHANGE IN NET ASSETS WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS 631,427 (104,864) Change in Net Assets With Restrictions: Contributions With Restrictions 979,942 696,047 Investment IncomeCurrent With Restrictions 363,809 176,630 Net Assets Released from Restrictions (1,194,160) (527,289) Change in Value-Split Interest Agreement -Investment Income (Loss) in Excess of Current 1,685,196 (159,188) CHANGE IN NET ASSETS WITH RESTRICTIONS 1,834,787 186,200 Total Change in Net Assets 2,466,214 81,336 Net Assets - Beginning of Year 9,538,468 9,457,133 NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR 12,004,6839,538,468
June 30, 2021 and 2020 Assets: 2021*2020 Cash and Cash Equivalents 821,501 157,238 Prepaid Expenses 62,976 50,124 Receivable from Affiliates 2,713 61,435 Contributions Receivable 245,177 332,876 Land, Buildings, and Equipment 2,181,779 2,261,162 Long Term Investments 9,097,105 7,147,424 Assets Held in Trust -Other Assets 119,998 113,038 TOTAL ASSETS 12,531,250 10,123,298 Liabilities: Accounts Payable 23,501 13,479 Notes Payable - 75,814 Accrued Expenses 36,717 35,479 Annuity Obligation 372,045 325,091 Payable to Affiliates 94,304 134,966 Deferred Revenue -TOTAL LIABILITIES 526,567 584,829 Net Assets: Without Donor Restrictions 2,438,196 1,562,168 With Donor Restrictions 9,566,487 7,976,301 TOTAL NET ASSETS 12,004,6839,538,468 Total Liabilities and Net Assets 12,531,250 10,123,298 Comprehensive annual audited financial statements are available on written request to the Executive Director at the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. *unaudited ABOUT Financials

Chapter Endowment Fund Accounts

In keeping with the KAOEF’s mission and obligations h r t b e or n t on the d tr b t on fro e h e fi h ter endo ent o nt be ed to benefit the o h ter nd or active members and must satisfy the IRS Code for ed t on r o e on .

Subject to change, the distributions may be used for:

Purchase of chapter computer

e ent oft re nd or nternet wiring for educational purposes

Residential educational advisor od n t end

Establishment of educational areas in chapter facilities

Educational percentage of national training travel expenses and registration fees ho r h t t on ent nd de e en e boo fee e ent

Established and Endowed as of 6/30/2021

Alabama–Alpha Beta

Bowling Green State–Zeta Lambda

Delaware–Beta Epsilon

Duke–Alpha Phi

Florida–Beta Zeta

Florida State–Gamma Eta

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma


Larry F. Robb Chapter

Endowment Account for Midwestern State–

Gamma Omega

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Missouri–Alpha Kappa

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

Missouri Southern State–Delta Pi

North Carolina–Upsilon

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Univ. of the South–Alpha Alpha

Southern California–Beta Sigma

Southern Methodist–Beta Lambda

Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon

Texas State–Epsilon Iota


Westminster–Alpha Eta

Established as of 6/30/2021

Baylor–Delta Omega

James Madison–Zeta Theta

Purdue–Epsilon Rho



The KAOEF Scholarship Program remains an important benefit to e ber of h Order. r r fo of the O the e de er t nd need b ed scholarships serve as an inspiration for excellence inside and o t of the roo nd oftent e ro e the d eren e in whether recipients can continue their undergraduate or r d te ed t on.

n the e ond h f of on e e t on n r n the O er e ed to rd de ho r h tot n to nder r d te nd r d te h brother nd fr end .


2021 $103,000 59 69* $1745

2020 $95,250 74 127$1287

2019 $70,825 56 89 $1264

2018 $74,000 59 96 $1254

2017 $60,000 48 91 $1250

2016 $36,450 41 90 $889

*The KAOEF Board of Trustees authorized the allowable combination of several funds with lesser endowments to create larger funds increase impact per scholarship recipient. Average award total confirms the increased impact.

For further questions about applying for the next round of scholarships, please contact Aaron Masey at the National d n tr t e O e b hone t or e

e order.or .


Patrick Dalton Riley

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Bolling S. DuBose, Jr. Scholarship

Fred W. Dismuke Scholarship

Christopher Michael Stevens

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

John W. Nowell Scholarship

Coastal Carolina–Zeta Omega

Parker John McNitt

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Eastern Kentucky–

Delta Mu

Dustin Gosney

Jesse & Lala Sammons Scholarship

Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Kristopher Scott

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship


Ethan Heiss

Mark Huntington Pruitt Scholarship

Zitong Su

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Florida–Beta Zeta

Clark Hartmann

Kim Weller Memorial Scholarship

The Cain Family Scholarship

Florida Gulf Coast–Zeta Pi

Altony Lee III

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

Joseph Andrew Stagoski

Col. David R. Williams Scholarship

Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Scholarship


William R. Dekle, Jr.

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Miami–Epsilon Lambda

Jackson Hitchcock Trester

Lynch - Applegate Memorial Scholarship

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Mason Little

Bruce D. Stafford / Walter M. Jones Memorial Scholarship

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Roderick Rhodes Bridges, III

Irby Turner III Scholarship

William C. Morrow, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Johnathon Romero

Stanley J. Viner Scholarship

The Cain Family Scholarship

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

William D. Fiser, II

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Samuel Sampietro

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Colin Truitt

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Tennessee Tech–Zeta Epsilon

Juan Carlos Dominguez

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Founders Memorial Scholarship

Tennessee-Chattanooga–Zeta Upsilon

John Richards

Charlie R. Ashford Scholarship

James D. Hunter Scholarship


Reed Senterfitt

Mark A. Robb Scholarship

Thomas G. Paulson II Scholarship

Texas A&M–Epsilon Delta

Manuel Vera, Jr.

John Paul Rector Scholarship

Luke Patton Memorial Scholarship

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Parker Scott Littlefield

David Fribley Scholarship

Emmett Lee Irwin Scholarship

Robert John RIchardson Jr. Scholarship


Dominic Joseph Lupo

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Hart/Heath/Sims/Waters Memorial Scholarship


proud to congratulate and honor the following scholarship recipients:

Alabama–Alpha Beta

William Sharrett

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Appalachian State–

Delta Psi

Bret Warren

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Marshall James Donathan, Jr. Scholarship

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

Quinn Zimmerman

Gamma Epsilon Scholarship

Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Scholarship

Arkansas–Alpha Omicron

Jack Lawrence Berg

Jay Claude Conrad Scholarship

Robert E. Lee Memorial Scholarship

Arkansas–Alpha Omicron

Paul Edward Gramling

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Arkansas State–Delta Eta

Beau Belcher

Col. David M. Buie Memorial


Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Arkansas Tech–

Epsilon Zeta

Jacob Colton McChristian

Hunter W. Henry Scholarship

Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship

Arkansas-Fort Smith–

Zeta Rho

Hazen Shaed Cates

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship


Epsilon Chi

Jonathan Hibbard

Dr. Joseph G. Webster Scholarship

Vernon & Marion Piper Memorial Scholarship


Harry Pemberton Dunavant

Jack B. Carter II/Nu Scholarship

Austin Peay State–Zeta Tau

Brandyn Jordan Benfatto

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Canaan Jordan Catlett

George O’Mara Memorial Scholarship

Brandon Lee Patterson

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Campbell–Zeta Psi

Dylan Mills Eure

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Monroe Clark Memorial Scholarship

Zachary Bryant Kas

Col. David M. Buie Memorial


Hugh Comer Scholarship

Centenary–Alpha Iota

Charles Allbritton

Founders Memorial Scholarship

Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Sami Kristopher Borchalli

William E. Dreyer Scholarship

Jaron Bradley Petreas

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Robert E. Lee Memorial Scholarship

Crawford Province Scholarship

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

George Mason–Epsilon Phi

Garrett Scott Stengl

George O’Mara Memorial Scholarship

Samuel Z. Ammen Memorial Scholarship


William Gunn Story

KAOEF Scholarship

Michael B. Hargrove Memorial Scholarship

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

Alexander M. Barton

Barry E. Cox Scholarship

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

High Point–Zeta Phi

Andrew Thomas Benson

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Louisiana State–

Alpha Gamma

Jeffrey Paul Brown

KAOEF Scholarship

Joel Bradley Moreau

Thomas C. Main Memorial Scholarship

Vernon & Marion Piper Memorial Scholarship

Louisiana Tech–

Gamma Alpha

Michael Garrett Davis

Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Scholarship

Kaplan James Andrew Memorial Scholarship

Maryland–Beta Kappa

Phillip Mason Carroll

John & Paulina T. Beall Scholarship

William E. Dreyer Scholarship

Missouri Southern State–

Delta Pi

Austin Rose, Mr.

John R. Berryman Scholarship

Robert W. Maupin Scholarship

William C. Morrow, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

North Carolina State–

Alpha Omega

William Douglas Mitchell

Bob & Nancy Smith Scholarship

John L. Hall Scholarship

North Texas–Gamma Lambda

Walker Hayes Gargagliano

James D. Roessler Scholarship

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

Robert Noah Westbrook

E. Fleming Mason Memorial Scholarship

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Sam Houston State–

Gamma Tau

Joshua Lambert

Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Julian A. Pardini Scholarship

South Alabama–

Epsilon Alpha

Caleb Lambert

Dr. James Sammons Scholarship

Verner & Mildred McCall Scholarship

W. E. Dunwoody Province Scholarship

South Carolina–Rho

William Albert Dennis, Jr.

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

William C. Morrow, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

David Kanghyun Seo

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

William L. Meier Scholarship

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Nathan Daniel Tucker

Knights of Arlington Scholarship

VMI–Beta Commission

Jonathan Elman Hadra

Lemuel C. Shepherd Scholarship

Stewart Turley Scholarship

Univ. of Washington–Zeta Mu

Jun Yong Shin

Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Washington & Lee–Alpha

Zahin Reaz

Warren Frazier Scholarship

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

Carlos M. Freyre

Porter Hardy III Scholarship

Samuel Z. Ammen Memorial Scholarship

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Logan Patrick Bly

Clyde E. Williams Scholarship

Mitchell James Elsnes

Jack R. Taylor Scholarship

William E. Dreyer Alpha Delta Scholarship

Russell Isaac Stormes

Clyde E. Williams Scholarship


The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program

The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program was created to provide deserving undergraduates with the opportunity to become better educated and informed on both the public and private sectors of our national government. Since inception, this program gave undergraduates the opportunity to gain professional work experience while living in the Washington, D.C. area.

Beginning in the summer of 2020, internships were e red b the O t n o t on n d n Washington, D.C., along with Atlanta, Georgia and

e . he o to e fi e nder r d te members in each city. Due to the pandemic, some were cancelled, some became virtual, but others persisted. The KAOEF appreciates all of our partners who hosted internships in the summer 2021.

To help fund this unparalleled program, please contact Executive Vice President and Former Knight Commander Ben W. Satcher, Jr., at (540) 463-1865, or bsatcher@ka-order.org.

J. Thomas W. Anderson (Epsilon Eta–Virginia Tech ’17)

INTERNSHIP: Georgia State Department

HOST: Marty Smith

INTERNSHIP: Convergence Media

HOST: Rob Simms (Epsilon Phi–George Mason ’89)

Caleb L. Lambert (Epsilon Alpha–South Alabama ’18)

INTERNSHIP: Georgia State Department

HOST: Marty Smith

F. Austin Humphrey (Kappa–Mercer ’17)


HOST: Lisa Spies


INTERNSHIP: Wingert Real Estate

HOST: Jason Wingert (Alpha Iota–Centenary ’97)

Zachary K. “Zach” Wollermann (Gamma Eta–Florida State ’19)

INTERNSHIP: Smith Liss Law Firm

HOST: Ray Smith (Upsilon–North Carolina ’79)

Patrick D. Riley (Alpha Iota–Centenary ’19)

INTERNSHIP: Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP

HOST: Bryan Tramont (Alpha Eta–Westminster ’17)

Jonathan B. Thomson (Alpha Iota–Centenary ’18) Christopher L. “C.J.” Chiasson (Gamma Phi–Louisiana-Lafayette ’17) WASHINGTON, D.C. ATLANTA, GEORGIA

Making A Difference For Today’s Crimson & Gold

The future is bright ... because of brothers and friends like you.

The goal of the Crimson & Gold Campaign is to secure 1,000 donors at the unrestricted, annual level of $1,000. Help the KAOEF achieve this goal by renewing today and challenging other brothers to join as well.

Last fiscal year, ending June 30, 2021, we had 847 brothers and friends from 33 states, representing 144 chapters and commissions, along with the Rose Circle, all giving at least $1,000 in unrestricted support.

With this support we continue to make o t e d eren e n the e of o r undergraduate brothers. Therefore, we hope everyone will continue to support the KAOEF’s e ort to ro de h needed ho r h and leadership education to our undergraduate members.

Exclusive Member Benefits:

Special recognition in the KAOEF Annual Report

Crimson & Gold Society lapel n for fir t t e e ber

Special gift in recognition of membership each year

Access to the Crimson & Gold Society membership roster

Invitation to Annual Crimson & Gold Society event

Permanent membership in the Loyal Order for a lifetime Journal subscription

The Crimson & Gold Society recently broke the 1,000 member mark on Dec. 31, 2021, and the goal remains to sustain that level of giving through June 30 of this year, and beyond.


Alabama–Alpha Beta

Rieves Berry, 2nd Year Member

Christopher Caleb Connor JD, 3rd Year Member

Mims J. Cooper, 2nd Year Member

William Stephenson Halsey, III, 1st Year Member

George Merrill Jones III, 9th Year Member

Hugh P. Whitehead, 8th Year Member

Appalachian State–Delta Psi

R. Craig Cass, 4th Year Member

Douglas Ross Coley, 6th Year Member

Wyatt T. Dixon III, 9th Year Member

Charles Yates Pharr, 3rd Year Member

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

James K. Cooper, 2nd Year Member

Wayne E. Dawson, 2nd Year Member

George R. Henman, 1st Year Member

Douglas M. Johnson, 3rd Year Member

Bradford W. Lowe, 1st Year Member

Stephen G. Muzzy, 5th Year Member

Brian A. Seastone, 3rd Year Member

Peter C. Winters, 2nd Year Member

Arizona State–Epsilon Omega

Tyler Bell, 4th Year member

Ryan P. Taylor, 2nd Year Member

Arkansas–Alpha Omicron

Ethan R. Barton, 1st Year Member

Eric Larsen, 1st Year Member

Eric Lowell Scott McLain, II, 1st Year Member

Harrison Alden Robb, 3rd Year Member

Thomas D. Ryan, 3rd Year Member

James Michael Vann, 2nd Year Member

Arkansas State–Delta Eta

Chris L. Vandergriff, 3rd Year Member

Arkansas Tech–Epsilon Zeta

Dr. George Robert Franks, Jr., PhD, 5th Year Member

Evan M. Hanna, 3rd Year Member

John D. Karnes, 1st Year Member

E.L. Scott McLain, 4th Year Member

John F. O’Donoghue, 1st Year Member

H. David Pinson, 5th Year Member

Arkansas-Fort Smith–Zeta Rho

Aaron W. Brown, 4th Year Member

Hunter K. Cabe, 4th Year Member


David J. Blesch, 4th Year Member

Patrick J. David, 2nd Year Member

John W. Hargrove, 1st Year Member

COL John W. Haynes, USAF (Ret.), 1st Year Member

Charles W. Humphreys, 1st Year Member

James Douglas Kay, Jr., 8th Year Member

John D. Lentz DDS, 4th Year Member

W. Thomas Morgan, III, 5th Year Member

Harris Albert Pippen, III, 2nd Year Member

John Stephen Powell, III, 5th Year Member

Todd D. Reaves, 8th Year Member

Thomas Everett Stewart, Jr., 3rd Year Member

T. Michael Tennant, 1st Year Member

Cullom Walker, Jr., 1st Year Member

*Indicates deceased at time of publication

Thomas Evenden Williams, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Austin Peay State–Zeta Tau

A. Blake Ball, 3rd Year Member

Bennett Russell Evans, 2nd Year Member

Samuel E. Mynhier, 4th Year Member

Daniel Nolen Pitts, 2nd Year Member

Aristeo Skyy Ruiz, 2nd Year Member

Raul M. Ruiz, 2nd Year Member

Baylor–Delta Omega

Ronald J. Banks, 1st Year member

John W. Bradley, 1st Year Member

Mark P. Brim, 1st Year Member

Robert D. Fletcher, 7th Year Member

Dr. D. Tyler Greenfield, 1st Year Member

John C. Martin, 5th Year Member

Ralph M. Randall, 5th Year Member

Bethany–Beta Beta

Lawrence S. Branch, 9th Year Member


Jacob Thomas Woodard, 1st Year Member

California State-Bakersfield–

Epsilon Upsilon

Clifford Frank Loader, II, 7th Year Member

California-Davis–Epsilon Gamma

Dennis K. Baldwin, 3rd Year Member

California-Riverside–Epsilon Epsilon

Nathan J. Treadwell, 2nd Year Member

Centenary–Alpha Iota

John M. Moore, 5th Year Member

Gabriel Anthony Rodriguez, 1st Year Member

Centre–Omega Commission

James Julius Winn, Jr., 1st Year Member

Charleston–Beta Gamma

Cornelius Harrington Bissell, Jr., 4th Year Member

David M. Hay, 5th Year Member

Joseph Laurnes Nicholson, 1st Year Member

Carlton O. Schumpert, 3rd Year Member

Citadel–Theta Commission

LCDR Edward John Derst III, USCGR Ret., 6th Year Member

LT Alexander Faris Giles, III, 3rd Year Member

Col Myron C. Harrington, Jr., NC, USMC (ret.), 1st Year Member

Harry McCullough Mims, Jr., 1st Year Member

LTC Donald Lanier Plunkett, 1st Year Member

CPT Ronald C. Plunkett, 8th Year Member

Robert W. Schivera, 2nd Year Member

Lt. Gen. Ellie G. Shuler, Jr., USAF (Ret.), 2nd Year Member

Howard Jerome Strickland, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Dr. Clay Heyward Wilson, 4th Year Member

Clemson–Delta Omicron

Brent Carraway, 2nd Year Member

Robert P. DiBenedetto, 1st Year Member

Fred W. Faircloth III, 7th Year Member

William Thomas Freeland, Jr., 1st Year Member

James Timothy Hance, Jr., 1st Year Member

David Braden Kelly, 1st Year Member


Crimson & Gold Society Cont’d.

John N. McCarter, Jr., 5th Year Member

James Dreyer Norris, 1st Year Member

Patrick A. O’Connor, 2nd Year Member

Daniel B. Pattillo, Jr., 5th Year Member

David A. Pattillo, 8th Year Member

Timothy J. Reed, 1st Year Member

Dr. John E. Ross III, DMD, 2nd Year Member

Louis T. Runge, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Ben W. Satcher, Jr., 9th Year Member

Frederick Laughton Sherman, 2nd Year Member

Coastal Carolina–Zeta Omega

Jacob Alexander Seay, 3rd Year Member

Colorado–Zeta Alpha

John D. Kingston, 1st Year Member


Hon. Rudolph Bumgardner, III, 5th Year Member

Robert Stephen Ukrop, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Delaware–Beta Epsilon

Francis Espey Gardiner, Jr., 8th Year Member

Dr. Steven E. Hastings, 4th Year Member

Bruce L. Hudson, 4th Year Member

Eugene M. Julian, 9th Year Member

Peter H. Sargent, 1st Year Member

Scott H. Walter, 2nd Year Member

Michael D. Wedlick RCDD, 8th Year Member

Delta State–Delta Beta

Robert Wilbanks, 2nd Year Member

Eddie S. Wilson, 8th Year Member

Duke–Alpha Phi

Richard R. Crosier, 7th Year Member

Raymond Allen Jones, III, 7th Year Member

James J. Kiser, III*, 6th Year Member

Edwin F. Payne, 8th Year Member

Roy O. Rodwell, Jr., 8th Year member

East Carolina–Gamma Rho

David W. Dupree, 5th Year Member

Philip C. Hoft, 4th Year Member

Max Ray Joyner, Jr., 4th Year Member

R. Randolph Reid, 3rd Year Member

George Dallas Weaver, 4th Year Member

James Ben Whiteside, Jr., 3rd Year Member

East Tennessee State–Delta Delta

Dr. Mark H. Beard, 1st Year Member

Eastern Kentucky–Delta Mu

Walter Phillip Burgess, 1st Year Member

Christopher M. Castle, 3rd Year Member

Gary J. Fassler, 3rd Year Member

Michael S. Henderson, 2nd Year Member

Robert M. Sullivan, 1st Year Member

Collin B. Taylor, 4th Year Member

Ronald Coleman Taylor, 5th Year Member

LTC John Michael Wills (ret.), 5th Year Member


Timothy Killen Adams, Sr., 8th Year Member

D. Melson Butler, 3rd Year Member

L. Hunt Campbell, 1st Year Member

Dr. L. Adolph Casal, 8th Year Member

Walter Mabry Deriso, Jr., 7th Year Member

Dr. James Paul Ferguson, 1st Year Member

James Laurens Ferman, Jr., 9th Year Member

Dr. Jason R. Hubbard, 1st Year Member

George Rozier Lee, III, 4th Year Member

Corey N. Neal, 4th Year Member

Mark N. Phillips, 2nd Year Member

Dr. Harry L. Shufflebarger, 1st Year Member

John Warren Stephenson, Sr., 5th year Member

Dr. James M. Tallman, MD, 3rd Year Member

Dr. James Jefferson Thomasson, Jr., MD, FACS, 2nd Year Member

Clarence Wilbur Warner, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Dr. Mell Burress Welborn, Jr., 5th Year Member

1SG Andrew C. West, USMCR, 4th Year Member

Florida–Beta Zeta

Gregory B. Adams, 5th Year Member

Henry H. Beckwith, 7th Year Member

Preston Lee Farrior, Sr., 2nd Year Member

Nelson J. Guagliardo, 3rd Year Member

Jeff A. Hedden, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Dan H. Honeywell, 5th Year Member

Edward T. Hunter*, 1st Year Member

John A. Langley, Sr., 5th Year Member

John K. Roberts, 6th Year Member

Sawyer C. Smith, 1st Year Member

Edward G. Sullivan, Esq., 8th Year Member

Duane Ernest Thompson, III, 3rd Year Member

David A. Tomkins, 2nd Year Member

COL Joseph A. Viani (Ret.) USAF, 1st Year Member

James R. White, 5th Year Member

Florida Gulf Coast–Zeta Pi

Anthony M. Graziani, 6th Year Member

Altony Lee III, 2nd Year Member

David C. Merrill, 2nd Year Member

Florida Southern–Gamma Pi

COL Guy D. Colado, 8th Year Member

James C. France, 9th Year Member

Florida State–Gamma Eta

Daniel Richard Amato, Jr., 4th Year member

Anonymous, * , 3rd Year Member

L. Blair Bailey, 9th Year Member

Peter H. Collins, 3rd Year Member

Gary A. DeLapp, 1st Year Member

Randal Horace Drew, Sr., 5th Year Member

Patrick J. Farrell, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Richard E. Heath, 3rd Year Member

Jonathan S. Howse, Jr., 3rd Year Member

James A. Owens, 1st Year Member

Hon. P. Michael Ruff, 3rd Year Member

William K. Seago, Jr., 1st Year member

William Godfrey Smith, Jr., 8th Year Member

John A. Yearty, 5th Year Member

Francis Marion–Delta Tau

Brian D. Anderson, 2nd Year Member

Kenneth Wayne Jackson, 3rd Year Member

Theodore Edgar Maness, III, 4th Year Member

Dr. Ronald E. Miller, Jr., 5th Year Member

2LT William Robert Simpson, III, 2nd Year Member

William H. Skipper, Jr., 9th Year Member


Harvey R. Bauguess, 1st Year Member

Thomas H. Lynch, 1st Year Member

C. Tucker Moore, 7th Year Member

James M. Ney, 8th Year Member

George Mason–Epsilon Phi

Kenneth Mika, 2nd Year Member

Whitson W. Robinson, 2nd Year Member

Robert A. Simms, 4th Year Member

George Washington–Alpha Nu

Alexander J. Hutkin, 3rd Year Member

Clay W. Socha, 3rd Year Member

Georgetown–Beta Delta

Charley Grant, 2nd Year Member


Sidney Jefferson Bolch, IV, 1st Year Member

John Annesley DeGaris III, 1st Year Member

William B. Heeney, 1st Year Member

W. Lawrence Jenkins, 4th Year Member

William Lawrence Manning Knox, Jr.,

3rd Year Member

Wyckliffe Austin Knox, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Malcolm H. Liles, 9th Year Member

Fred Marion Sims, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Robert Long Stewart, Jr., 1st Year Member

John William Walden, Jr., 8th Year Member

B. Neely Young, 2nd Year Member

Georgia College–Epsilon Nu

Evan R. Karanovich, 4th Year Member

Georgia Southern–Delta Theta

R. Scott Crittenden, 1st Year member

L. Jay Mehaffey, 1st Year Member

Terrell Draper Watson, Sr., 6th Year Member

Leon C. Watson, 5th Year Member

Edmond H. Wilson, 7th Year member

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

Barry E. Cox, 4th Year Member

Carroll B. Hart, 3rd Year Member

James L. Herrin, 6th Year Member

Edward L. Kelly, 7th Year Member

James L. Oliver, II, 6th Year Member

Charles L. Wallace, 2nd Year Member

James Hunter Yancey, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr.*, 4th Year Member

David Carter, 4th Year Member

W. Birch Douglass III, 8th Year Member

James R. Foster, 4th Year Member

George A. Munford, 1st Year Member

High Point–Zeta Phi

Michael H. Esposito, 1st Year Member

Allen McLean Kay, 3rd Year Member

Houston–Gamma Mu

Harold Trammell, 2nd Year Member

Houston Baptist–Delta Sigma

Douglas B. Harris, 4th Year Member

Dr. Joel A. Nickles, 6th Year Member

Dr. Chris R. Sawyer , 5th Year Member

Indiana State–Zeta Iota

Douglas E. Hess, 5th Year Member

Jacksonville State–Delta Phi

Marcus E. Angle, Jr., 9th Year Member

D. Scott Cates, 1st Year Member

Glynn L. Grisham, 1st Year Member

2LT Caleb Matthew LaFollette, 1st Year Member

Stephen J. LaFollette, 7th Year Member

James Alexander Oyler, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Kennesaw State–Zeta Chi

Evan L. Stack, 4th Year Member


William K. Downey, 5th Year Member

Dr. Charles D. Franks, 1st Year Member

John D. Goggin, 3rd Year Member

COL Philip Kenneth Miller USA (Ret.), 1st Year Member

Gary Alan Smith, Sr., 6th Year Member

W. Ashley Smock, 1st Year Member

Brandon S. Wesley, 1st Year Member

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

Dan H. Akin, 7th Year Member

CDR Parker H. Dinwiddie, Jr., 1st Year Member

Charles W. Elliott, 2nd Year Member

Jeremy A. Nagoshiner, 1st Year Member

Joshua M. Pendergrass, 2nd Year Member

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

Dr. James R. Andrews, 5th Year Member

Dr. A. Michael Aura, MD, 2nd Year Member

B. Terry W. Bennett, 9th Year Member

Christopher L. Bentley, 3rd Year Member

William Franklin Biossat, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Paul R. Burns, Sr., 6th Year Member

Richard R. D’Antoni, 1st Year Member

William V. Henry, 1st Year Member

W. Regi Mullins, 7th Year Member

Jake L. Netterville, 2nd Year Member

T. Shofner Smith, III, 3rd Year Member

T. Michael Stanberry, 7th Year Member

Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha

David Haynes Alexander, 4th Year Member

Brandon Ashlock, 1st Year member

Ronnie E. Bounds, Jr., 2nd Year Member

SGT David C. Flurry, 4th Year Member

Sinclair Bert Kouns, III, 2nd Year Member

Donald Roy O’Neal, Jr., 8th Year Member

Matthew D. O’Neal, 7th Year Member

MG Jack W. Ramsaur II, 3rd Year Member

Erik T. Showalter, 9th Year Member

Louisiana-Lafayette–Gamma Phi

William Francis Bailey, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Harlan H. Kappel , 3rd Year Member

Dr. Russell J. Saloom MD, 4th Year Member

Harold P. Vice, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Louisiana-Monroe–Gamma Nu

R. Bradley Carroll, 1st Year Member

Dr. Samuel J. Lorenzo , 4th Year Member

Thaddeus Thrash, 1st Year Member

Louisville–Beta Omicron

Dr. William W. Anderson , 3rd Year Member

Robert M. Bouse, 8th Year Member

Marshall–Beta Upsilon

Franklin T. Brackman, 7th Year Member

LTC David S. Ferrell (ret.), 1st Year Member

Kelsey W. Hill, 2nd Year Member

James F. Kirtley, 3rd Year Member

James C. Musser, 5th Year Member

Dhruva D. Kumar, 1st Year Member

McNeese State–Delta Xi

Ethan J. Bush, 8th Year Member

Dr. Mark Daughenbaugh, 4th Year Member

Steven Lee Gros, 1st Year Member

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

C. Kevin Campbell, 2nd Year Member

Dr. Richard Alan Ellis, 1st Year Member

MG Donald R. Gardner USMC (ret.), 7th Year Member

S. Morgan Morton, Jr., 9th Year Member

Marcus J. Rhodes, 1st Year Member

Gregory R. Singleton, 8th Year Member

Jeffrey K. Smith, 2nd Year Member

David C. Wadlington, 4th Year Member


King Vanburen Aiken, Jr., 8th Year Member

Dr. Harold Allan Bivins, Jr., 1st Year Member

Gregory W. Brown, 1st Year Member

Philetus Sawyer Harison, Jr., 5th Year Member

Richard B. Illges, 1st Year Member

Lee A. Jackson, 3rd Year Member

Sean T. McMinn, 1st Year Member

Kevin P. Tolbert, 2nd Year Member

Raymond McLeod Warren, III, 8th Year member

CAPT Sidney Ezell Wood, Jr., USN (ret.), 4th Year member

Miami–Epsilon Lambda

Bruce Benes, 6th Year Member

Brad Bundy, 3rd Year Member

C. Lance Carpenter, 3rd Year Member

Ryan Holloway, 4th Year Member

Middle Tennessee State–Delta Lambda

Julian B. Baker, Jr., 4th Year Member

Richard A. Barnes, 3rd Year Member

Jeremy Duke, 2nd Year Member

Stephen D. Grand, 3rd Year Member

Herschel Lynn Greer, Jr., 5th Year Member

Jerry S. McElroy, 4th Year Member

Nicholas S. Palmer, 6th Year Member

Jason L. Potts, 3rd Year Member

Dr. Gary Gribble Wiser Jr., EdD, 6th Year Member

Midwestern State–Gamma Omega

Jesse C. Brown, 2nd Year Member

Bradley A. Grimm, 1st Year Member

Charles M. Gustafson III, 1st Year Member

Mitchell S. Hill, 8th Year Member

Daniel W. Mills, 1st Year Member

Michael A. Stokes, 3rd Year Member

Larry Stanton Wiese, 9th Year Member


Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Wilburn Eugene Ainsworth, Jr., 4th Year member

Dr. Russell Peyton Atchley DMD, 6th Year Member

Samuel Griffin Cole, III, 5th Year Member

Todd David Glisson CFP, 3rd Year Member

John B. Link IV, 3rd Year Member

Thomas T. Ponder, 2nd Year Member

James Murray Underwood, Jr., 6th Year Member

Ward William VanSkiver, Sr., CLU, CFP, 1st Year Member

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Edwin W. Barnett, 2nd Year Member

Charles Phillip Buffington, Jr., 3rd Year Member

William A. Edmonds, 1st Year Member

Lewis Henry Gissel, III, 2nd Year Member

Joseph A. Haley III, 5th Year Member

G. Lee Hawkins, 3rd Year Member

Frederick Boykin Horne, III, 4th Year Member

Michael R. Jones, 2nd Year Member

David Tucker Martineau, V, 8th Year Member

John O. McCarthy, 1st Year Member

Douglas Gray McKinnon, 4th Year Member

Mark C. Reaves, 1st Year Member

Mixon Robb, 3rd Year Member

Clyde Douglas Simmons, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Taylor M. Sledge, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Huey Love Townsend, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Jon Crosby Turner, 5th Year Member

Stanley J. Viner, 4th Year Member

Hon. W. Swan Yerger (Ret.), 9th Year Member

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

Stephen L. Burwell, 9th Year Member

LTC Charles O. Cook, 2nd Year Member

Earnest William Deavenport, Jr., 9th Year Member

Walter L. Dowdle, 5th Year Member

David George East, 2nd Year Member

U. Edwin Garrison, 2nd Year Member

G. Stevens Hollister, 3rd Year Member

M. Ward Hubbell, Jr., 1st Year Member

Hunter M. Lipscomb, 4th Year Member

William Ogden Plyler, II, 3rd Year Member

Jonathan Matthew Shook Esq., 5th Year Member

C. Douglas Simmons III, 9th Year Member

Ryan H. Whittington, 2nd Year Member

David J. Wilder, 3rd Year Member

Missouri–Alpha Kappa

James Earl Davis, 5th Year Member

James R. Estes, Sr., 9th Year Member

Ralph O. Hoevelman, 8th Year Member

Charles Jacob Hoffman, Jr., 6th Year Member

Daniel S. Pierce, 1st Year Member

Kenneth Rickli, 8th Year Member

Brian M. Roberts, 1st Year Member

Robert A. Robison, 2nd Year Member

J. William Schulz, 8th Year Member

Joseph Anthony Silvoso, II, 3rd Year Member

Michael T. Stuckenschneider, 2nd Year Member

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

Robert G. Brinkmann , 4th Year Member

Dennis L. Dutton, 6th Year Member

Jared L. Gregory, 2nd Year Member

Brett L. Hanke, PE, 5th Year Member

James R. Hennessey, 2nd Year Member

Joel J. Kovach, 2nd Year Member

C. Edward Schmidt, Jr., 9th Year Member

Theodore L. Weise, 3rd Year Member

Missouri Southern State–Delta Pi

Daniel R. Day, 5th Year Member

Dr. Chad E. Wagoner, 9th Year Member

Capt Thomas Langston Williams, 3rd Year Member

*Indicates deceased at

Missouri State–Gamma Beta

Douglas S. Evans, 2nd Year Member

Gordon L. Kinne, 9th Year Member

Christopher J. Puricelli, 7th Year Member

Murray State–Delta Nu

LTC Thomas Ray Murray USA (Ret.), 3rd Year Member

New Mexico–Beta Phi

COL. Brian S. Lindamood, USA (Ret.), 4th Year Member

Newberry–Delta Epsilon

Leon Charles Banks, Jr., 6th Year Member

John Woody Cornwell, 3rd Year Member

C. Alan Crowell, 1st Year Member

James M. Green IV, 3rd Year Member

David F. Jolly, 1st Year Member

Charles Butler Moore, 1st Year Member

Hugo Atlas Pearce, III, 3rd Year Member

Michael E. Reid, 3rd Year Member

Jeffery A. Taylor, 1st Year Member

Rudy L. Williams, Jr., 4th Year Member

North Carolina–Upsilon

Norman E. Block, 2nd Year Member

North Carolina State–Alpha Omega

William E. Blackburn, Sr., 1st Year Member

Dustin G. Brann, 7th Year Member

Lynn T. Clark, 1st Year Member

Derick S. Close, 9th Year Member

Marshall James Donathan, Jr., 1st Year Member

Paul F. Haddock III, 8th Year Member

David Blair Hagan CCIM, SIOR, 7th Year Member

Stewart Hamlin Haynes, 1st Year Member

Bruce W. Knott, CIMA, 1st Year Member

Matthew T. Korff, 2nd Year Member

Stephen Howard Kouba, Jr., 6th Year Member

Dickson M. Lupo , 6th Year Member

Charles Franklin McDowell IV, 4th Year Member

Grady Leonard Pittman, Jr., 2nd Year Member

William Trent Ragland III, 4th Year Member

Troy M. Raines, 3rd Year Member

Robert Jones Smith, 7th Year Member

W. Emerson Teer, 2nd Year Member

Edward I. Weisiger, Jr., 6th Year Member

George N. Whiting, Jr., 6th Year Member

G. Smedes York, 7th Year Member

North Carolina-Charlotte– (Epsilon Xi)

Justin Tanner Cannon, 2nd Year Member

Hon. Richard L. Hudson, Jr., 2nd Year Member

North Carolina-Wilmington–Epsilon Psi

George Akers Moore, IV, 5th Year Member

John-David P. Morris, 1st Year Member

North Florida–Zeta Nu

Charles Ray Jordan, 4th Year Member

Adam R. Newell, 4th Year Member

North Texas–Gamma Lambda

Bryan G. Barretto, 2nd Year Member

Blake E. Benney, 7th Year Member

Matthew Kyle Brill, 1st Year Member

Gary Recer, 6th Year Member

Northern Arizona–Epsilon Tau

Douglas W. Hanisch, 4th Year Member

Chadwick J. McFarland, 1st Year Member

Chad A. Raymond, 1st Year Member

Northwestern State–Gamma Psi

Christopher M. Axberg, 4th Year Member

Charles Randolph Gentz, 8th Year Member

Thomas M. Wright CPA, 3rd Year Member

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Brent Everett Buswell, 4th Year Member

Donald L. Cantrell, 1st Year Member

Paul D. Dollahite, JD, 2nd Year Member

Gil Ira Hayes, 1st Year Member

Robert L. Morris, Jr., 4th Year Member

9th Crimson & Gold Society Gathering 2021

The brothers and friends of the Crimson & Gold Society once again gathering in person for the annual event. Our dinner was held during the 79th Convention and Brotherhood Weekend at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.

Past Crimson & Gold Society events:

2013 75th Convention, Alamo Hall, on the grounds of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

2014 Executive Council, Advisory Council, and KAOEF Board Meetings, The Quail Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.

2015 Sesquicentennial Celebration & 76th Convention, Hotel Roanoke Crystal Ball Room, Roanoke, Va.

2016 Charleston Yacht Club, Charleston, S.C.

2017 77th Convention & Brotherhood Weekend, St. Louis Racquet Club, St. Louis, Mo.

2018 Executive Council, Advisory Council, and KAOEF Board Meetings, Cherokee Town and Country Club, Atlanta, Ga.

2019 78th Convention & Brotherhood Weekend, Galatoire’s, New Orleans, La.

2020 Virtual Receptions throughout the year

2021 79th Convention & Brotherhood Weekend, Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, Ariz.

time of publication


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2020–2021 Rose Circle Members

Mrs. Ellen Aiken, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Elizabeth Asbury, 7th Year Member

Mrs. Monica R. Bailey, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Keena Bartley, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Ann Binggeli, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Paula Tyree Bowman, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Erika Brooke, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Nina B.Campbell, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Laura Carr, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Barbara T. Cromwell, 8th Year Member

Mrs. Trish Day, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Gwendolyn Deal, 1st Year Member

Ms. Kitty L. DeKieffer, 3rd Year Member

Mrs. Karen Dick, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Linda Dreyer*, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Dina A. Dudley, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Donna Duncan, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Sally Estes, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Cindy Fellows, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Grace J. Fishel, 4th Year Member

Mrs. Mary L. Frazier, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Cori Hanisch, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Pamela Heath, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Rosann F. Hooks, 7th Year Member

Mrs. Mary E. Irish, 1st Year Member

Crimson & Gold Society Cont’d.

Daniel Joseph O’Connell, Sr., 2nd Year Member

William C. Routh, 6th Year Member

Oklahoma City–Gamma Kappa

1LT. David O. Beal, USA, 6th Year Member

Charles C. Caldwell, 1st Year Member

Marte W. Cooksey, 2nd Year Member

Edward Franklin Keller*, 4th Year Member

Steve C. Knight, 9th Year Member

Gary B. McCoy, 3rd Year Member

Ronald E. Willis, 5th Year Member

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

Kent T. Chapin, 7th Year Member

Richard I. Evans, 3rd Year Member

Samuel O. Leake, Jr., 9th Year Member

Robert Warren Lilljedahl, 4th Year Member

Chase P. Martin, 1st Year Member

William Howard McKee, V, 4th Year Member

Old Dominion–Delta Gamma

John C. Ballou, 2nd Year Member

Michael D. Ellis , 3rd Year Member

Mrs. Karen Kay, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. April LaFollette, 1st Year Member

Ms. Pamela D Lee, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Kookie Liles, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Tracy Elleard Lyons, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Ali Martineau, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Katherine Canatsey Masey, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Betty Lackey McMichael, 2nd Year Member

Ms. Jordan McNabb, 2nd Year Member

Ms. Rebecca L. Moore, 2nd Year Member

Ms. Kimberly J. Novak, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Aida Paulin, 1st Year Member

Mrs. LeAnn Pinson, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Kristy Reed, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Dianne Ruff, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Marilyn Schmidt, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Judy Schmuck, 3rd Year Member

Mrs. Brook Showalter, 1st Year Member

Ms. Anita E. Snyder, 2nd Year Member

Ms. Christi Tennyson, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Brianne A. Tillotson, 2nd Year Member

Mrs. Katharine Van Name, 1st Year Member

Mrs. Jennifer L. Wagoner, 2nd Year Member

Dr. Dawn Wiese, 4th Year Member

Peter J. Foster, 2nd Year Member

Frederick Leatherbury, 2nd Year Member

Dale C. Sarjeant, 3rd Year Member

John H. Turner, Jr., 8th Year Member

Sam Houston State–Gamma Tau

Charles L. Beckner, 3rd Year Member

Allen M. Burns, 2nd Year Member

Darron E. Franta, 2nd Year Member

Hon. Mark James Hocker, 1st Year Member

Tracy S. Hoffart, 3rd Year Member

Travis B. Lacox, 3rd Year Member

Daniel L. Moreland, 3rd Year Member

Ronny J. Snow, 2nd Year Member

David K. Dere, 4th Year Member

Univ. of the South–Alpha Alpha

Mason Gardner Alexander, Jr., 1st Year Member

George P. Apperson III, PhD, 8th Year Member

Christopher M. Elwell, 3rd Year Member

South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha

W. David Akridge, 1st Year Member

Paul W. Lammers, 2nd Year Member

South Carolina–Rho

Lee S. Dixon, 2nd Year Member

S. Mercer Heath, 4th Year Member

Batson L. Hewitt, 2nd Year Member

Robert P. Jordan, 6th Year Member

J. Lynn McCants, 2nd Year Member

James W. Smith, 2nd Year Member

Dr. Heath McAlvin Stewart, Jr., DMD, 2nd Year Member

Southeastern Louisiana–Epsilon Kappa

Jonathan D. Duhon, 1st Year Member

James Saloom, 1st Year Member

Southern California–Beta Sigma

Erik R. Barkhimer, 1st Year Member

Red Cavaney CAE, 3rd Year Member

Russell H. Chesley, 4th Year Member

Richard E. Dotts, 4th Year Member

Joseph O. Healy, 1st Year Member

Michael V. Paulin, 8th Year Member

Douglas George Strugar, 2nd Year Member

Southern Indiana–Zeta Omicron

Jeremy W. Blankenship, 2nd Year Member

Tanner L. Gellinger, 4th Year Member

Benjamin K. Hirschauer, 3rd Year Member

John B. Sanders, 1st Year Member

Southern Methodist–Beta Lambda

William D. Balthrope , 7th Year Member

John J. Campbell, III, 4th Year Member

Barry B. Donnell, 9th Year Member

Dustin B. Donnell, 9th Year Member

Brad B. Freeman, 9th Year Member

John H. Howard, 4th Year Member

Jeffrey W. Love, 3rd Year Member

Stephan B. Oliver, 2nd Year member

David T. Kastor, 6th Year Member

Thomas Francis Maxwell, III, 6th Year Member

James B. Hichak , 4th Year Member

Gary S. Layne, 1st Year Member

William E. Lobeck, Jr., 8th Year Member

David M. O’Dell, 1st Year Member

Benjamin Anderson Soyars, Jr., 2nd Year Member

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

Clarence H. Albright, Jr., 1st Year member

Hal Holland Crosswell III, 1st Year Member

G. Andy Douglas, Jr., 1st Year Member

Dr. George Alexander Jenkins III, MD, 2nd Year Member

William M. Matthews V, 5th Year Member

J. Derrill Rice, 8th Year Member

Sanford DeLoach Satcher, 1st Year Member

William Brown Shearer, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Paul G. Trippe, 2nd Year Member

Brian M. Wilson, 5th Year Member

Purdue–Epsilon Rho

Scott T. Clifford, 5th Year Member

Michael Jerry Garrison, 4th Year Member

LCDR Bryant D. Kincaid, 1st Year Member

Luke David Snyder, 1st Year Member


James Alexander Baber, IV, 2nd Year Member

Carlton W. Baker, 5th Year Member

Richard Lester Burke, Jr., 8th Year Member

J. Whiting Chisman, Jr., 4th Year member

Charles Leonard Isaacs, 2nd Year Member

Thomas David Jones III, 2nd Year Member

Littleton M. Maxwell, 6th Year Member

Michael Joseph Walsh IV, 2nd Year Member

D. Calloway Whitehead III, 4th Year Member

Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon

Michael R. Frick, 4th Year Member


Clayton Eugene Bunting, Esq., 7th Year Member

Dr. Scott C. Cole, 4th Year Member

George W. McCall III, 7th Year Member

Douglas L. Nickel, 6th Year Member

Roanoke–Beta Rho

Samuel B. Adams, 7th Year Member

Loy B. Moore, 4th Year Member

Andrew Van Pittman, 3rd Year Member

Rufus C. Porter*, 4th Year Member

Warren S. Wingert, 9th Year Member

Southern Mississippi–Gamma Zeta

James H. Heidelberg, 4th Year Member

H. Mark Purdy, 3rd Year Member


Edwin Bryan Gentle, 7th Year Member

Mark B. Holmes, 4th Year Member

Rock N. Houstoun, 8th Year Member

William P. Houstoun, 1st Year Member

J. Cameron Nokes, 1st Year Member

Gary T. Scott, 5th Year Member

Michael Ross Weir, Jr., 4th Year Member

Stanford–Alpha Pi

Thomas B. Coleman, 5th Year Member

Dr. James K. Collins, 5th Year Member

William J. Hagenah, 9th Year Member

James Parker Myerson, 5th Year Member

Robert F. Sawyer, 2nd Year member

“She’s the sweetest girl in all the world, the fairest o er that ro s ”

Stephen F. Austin State–Delta Kappa

Frank M. Bufkin III, 1st Year Member

Cooper Carroll, 1st Year Member

J. Michael Duncan, 8th Year Member

Kenneth W. Faires, 3rd Year Member

R. Scott Hilborn PhD, 2nd Year Member

John M. Hudec, 2nd Year Member

Dwain P. Knight, 4th Year Member

Clay M. Leveritt, 1st Year Member

Gerald W. Schlief, 3rd Year Member

Tarleton State–Epsilon Pi

LTC Andrew Patrick Gamblin, 1st Year Member

Alan L. Looney, 1st Year Member


Thomas G. Chappell, 5th Year Member

Robert K. Googe, 2nd Year Member

Gust Edwin Johnson, Jr., 4th Year Member

Jeffrey P. Konrad, 2nd Year Member

Stuart L. Martin, 4th Year Member

Dr. Edwin P. Rather, 3rd Year Member

Charles Burns Upton, II, 3rd Year Member

Tennessee Tech–Zeta Epsilon

Kevin C. Workman, 1st Year Member

Tennessee-Chattanooga–Zeta Upsilon

Timothy Brock Oliver, 1st Year Member

Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon

Charles S. Briggs, 8th Year Member

James Larry Crews, II, 8th Year Member


John S. Delatour, 1st Year Member

Brian P. Hanson, 2nd Year Member

James D. McBride, III, 7th Year Member

Hon. Robert M. Pittenger, 4th Year Member

Dr. Glenn A. Rogers, 3rd Year Member

Steven W. Tomson, 5th Year Member

Texas A&M–Epsilon Delta

Daniel L. Sparks, 1st Year member

Texas A&M-Commerce–Gamma Upsilon

John B. Chenault, 3rd Year Member

Thomas A. Scott, 1st Year Member

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

Andrew P. Carr, 6th Year Member

F. Michael Carr, 3rd Year Member

Scott D. Carter, 7th Year member

Ross W. Newberry, 7th Year Member

D. Mitchell Sheaffer, 7th Year Member

L. Don Stricklin, 6th Year Member

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Blas S. Catalani, II, 4th Year Member

Ronald S. Childress, 3rd Year Member

C. Shannon DeVaney, 2nd Year Member

Tanner B. Flood, 4th Year Member

COL Michael H. Fox, 2nd Year Member

William Russell Graves, 1st Year Member

Brent B. Hamilton , 3rd Year Member

Charles L. Hamilton, 3rd Year Member

John T. Hamilton, 2nd Year Member

Michael A. Hedlund, 4th Year Member

Hunter J. Heidenheimer, 1st Year Member

Mitchell L. Heidenheimer, 6th Year Member

MAJ Christopher A. Huff, 5th Year Member

William R. Mathews, III, 4th Year Member

James L. McCarley, 1st Year Member

Gordon R. McDowell, 2nd Year Member

Curtis Arnold Smith, 3rd Year Member

Paul H. Tarwater, 4th Year Member

E. Powell Thompson, 8th Year Member

Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., PhD, 9th Year Member

Dustin S. Whittenburg, 4th Year Member

Texas Wesleyan–Zeta Xi

James C. Bridges, 4th Year Member

Texas-Arlington–Delta Iota

Alfred Diaz, Jr., 8th Year Member

Scott M. Hughes, 5th Year Member

Lynn A. Morgan, 5th Year Member

Transylvania–Alpha Theta

J. Mason McCauley, 4th Year Member

David Alan Santrock, Jr., 1st Year member

Michael L. Sloane II, 2nd Year Member

George Minister Van Meter, Jr.,

1st Year Member

Michael P. Wilson, 5th Year Member


David Blackshear Hamilton Chaffe III, 3rd Year Member

Dr. James W. Denham, 8th Year Member

Jonathan H. Parker, 3rd Year Member

Bradley M. Patout, 3rd Year member


Timothy J. Dixon, 5th Year Member

Calvin Moniz, 8th Year Member

Thomas E. Stanton, 4th Year Member

USMA–Sigma Alpha Commission

MG Robert M. Bunker, 5th Year Member

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Tullis Beasley, 4th Year Member

Donald O. Davis, 5th Year Member

COL Wayne C. Edwards, 2nd Year Member

David L. Frame, 1st Year Member

Robert W. Hagan, 8th Year Member

Frank S. Heard, 3rd Year Member

Justin C. Martin, 2nd Year Member

Douglas Alex Powers, II, 1st Year Member


Robert Howell Baker III, 5th Year Member

James W. Davidson, 2nd Year Member

William Winston Hoy, Jr., 6th Year Member

Paul Hubert Kuhn, Jr., 7th Year Member

Virginia Tech–Epsilon Eta

Bernard Clements, 1st Year Member

James H. Cochrane, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Michael B. Gimbert, 2nd Year Member

Aaron D. Masey, 4th Year Member

Patrick K. Moore, 4th Year Member

Hunter W. Wagstaff, 3rd Year Member

Carlyle R. Wimbish, III, 3rd Year Member

Virginia Wesleyan–Epsilon Omicron

Scott A. Brown, 1st Year Member

MAJ C. Robin Kelley, 3rd Year Member

VMI–Beta Commission

2LT J. Curran Bowen, 1st Year Member

COL George Mercer Brooke, IV, 3rd Year Member

William B. Cornett, 1st Year Member

LTC Mark W. Dick, 5th Year Member

CDR Patrick Joseph Griffin, 1st Year member

CSM G. Jeffery Jackson (ret.), 5th Year Member

MG John W. Knapp (ret.), 2nd Year Member

COL Franklin Jason McConnell, Jr., 1st Year Member

SGM E. Kent McMichael, 8th Year Member

Michael R. Meads, 1st Year Member

David L. Miller, 3rd Year Member

Andrew Anthony Protogyrou, 3rd Year Member

James Carlton Showalter, Jr., 6th Year Member

Meade A. Spotts, 2nd Year Member

Robert D. Staley, 1st Year Member

LTC William Earl Wray, Jr., USA (Ret.), 8th Year Member

Wake Forest–Tau

Plato Collins Barwick, III, 1st Year Member

Ross A. Berlin, 1st Year Member

James M. Bowman, 1st Year Member

J. Melville Broughton III, 4th Year Member

F. David Burgess, 1st Year Member

William B. Chastain, 4th Year Member

Paul Y. Coble, 1st Year Member

Hon. Thomas Harrison Fetzer, Jr.,

6th Year Member

David M. Graham, 1st Year Member

Jack Weston Lewis, III, 1st Year Member

Allen K. Lydick, 4th Year Member

Jerry T. Myers, 1st Year Member

Benjamin Conrad Sutton, Jr., 6th Year Member

Robert H. Wall, 7th Year member

Hon. David M. Warren, 9th Year Member

Dr. John Kenneth Williford, Jr., 1st Year Member

Joseph W. Williford, 1st Year Member

Washington & Lee–Alpha

Dr. John Garland Pollard Boatwright, Jr., 6th Year Member

James Spencer Frantz, Sr., 1st Year Member

Steven Grist, 2nd Year Member

Brian Hooper, 2nd Year Member

Dr. T. Warner Hudson, III, 1st Year Member

Charles Parkhill Mays, Jr., 1st Year Member

William Arthur Wood*, 1st Year Member

Washington College–Beta Omega

Douglas S. Ewalt, 8th Year Member

Joseph M. Van Name III, 7th Year Member

West Florida–Epsilon Sigma

Nathaniel L. Robinson, 2nd Year Member

West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma

Dr. N. Andy Cole, PhD, 5th Year Member

Donald R. Houchin, 2nd Year Member

Michael W. Jones, 6th Year Member

John D. Morrison, 4th Year Member

M. Greg Reynolds, 3rd Year Member

West Virginia–Alpha Rho

Patrick Anthony DeLeonibus, 3rd Year Member

Alexander Harvey Ghiz, Jr., 3rd Year Member

CPT John Wilbur Swartzwelder, Jr., 1st Year Member

Gregory J. Totterdale, 6th Year Member

West Virginia Wesleyan–Beta Chi

Millard L. Cursey, Jr., 9th Year Member

Michael L. Duke, 2nd Year Member

Stephen E. Foster, 8th Year Member

Western Carolina–Delta Alpha

Robert A. Byrd, Jr., 4th Year Member

Brian A. King, 4th Year Member

SGT Clevie Clifford Luckadoo, Jr., 1st Year Member

Jesse Samuel Lyons, 8th Year Member

Western Kentucky–Epsilon Theta

Brent Fellows, 7th Year Member

Thaddeus Matthew Fine, 3rd Year Member

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Fred D. Binggeli, 3rd Year Member

Philip J. Boeckman, 5th Year Member

Dean L. Cooper, 2nd Year Member

Robert E. Deal, Jr,, 7th Year Member

Thomas A. Gorman, 3rd Year Member

Daniel E. Harris, 3rd Year Member

Dr. Rob Havers, 3rd Year Member

Darren S. Kay, 9th Year Member

John R. Koewing, 1st Year Member

Erik K. Lescher, 6th Year Member

Frederick N. Matthews, 1st Year Member

David J. Neihart, CPA, CFP, 9th Year Member

William R. Piper, 4th Year Member

Travis L. Sartain, 9th Year Member

Dr. James Michael Schmuck, 9th Year Member

Blake E. Stonecipher , 3rd Year Member

Blake Strebler, 2nd Year Member

Thaddeus Aaron Stubbs, 8th Year Member

Bryan Tramont, 5th Year Member

Thomas P. Wohlgemuth, 1st Year Member

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

William A. Armbruster, 1st Year Member

Phillip A. Buhler, 4th Year Member

Dr. Sean P. Connolly, 2nd Year Member

Bensley H. L. Field*, 6th Year Member

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Stuart L. Bascomb, 6th Year Member

Dr John Harry Brunner MD, 2nd Year Member

Philip A. Cantwell, 6th Year Member

William K. Dillingham, 7th Year Member

William E. Dreyer, 9th Year Member

Tyler Griffin, 9th Year Member

Eric W. Long, 1st Year Member

Thomas Edwin Norris, 5th Year Member

William Edwin Norris, 1st Year Member

Brian E. Place, 4th Year Member

Hon. Kenneth M. Romines, 4th Year Member

Robert T. Steinkamp, 9th Year Member

Wingate–Zeta Zeta

Jason E. Tinsley, 3rd Year Member


H. Paige Carlton, 5th Year Member

LaFon C. Dees*, 7th Year Member

Raymond Scott Heath, 9th Year Member

Benjamin R. Hines, 1st Year Member

Richard W. Krapfel, 2nd Year Member

LeRoy Baskin Lewis, Jr., 3rd Year Member

Randolph Kent Liggitt, Sr., 1st Year Member

COL Robert N. Maddox, 4th Year Member

W. Gairy Nichols III, 1st Year Member

Jerry J. Richardson, 7th Year Member

Albert Randolph Smith, II, 6th Year Member

George Murrell Smith, Jr., 1st Year Member

G. Patrick Watson, 1st Year Member

Active Chapters

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon Chapter, 3rd Year Member

California–Alpha Xi Chapter, 2nd Year Member

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma, 1st Year Member

Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha Chapter, 3rd Year Member

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon Chapter, 3rd Year Member

Mississippi State–Beta Tau Chapter, 1st Year Member

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha Chapter, 3rd Year Member

South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha Chapter, 1st Year Member

Texas–Omicron Chapter, 1st Year Member

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi Chapter, 3rd Year Member

Tulsa–Mu Chapter, 3rd Year Member

Courts of Honor

Hamilton Province Court of Honor, 1st Year Member

Friends of the Order

Brandon Chaney, 1st Year Member

Jeff Martini, 4th Year Member

Howard C. Pickett, 8th Year member

Stephen E. Ratterman, Sr., 4th Year Member

Eric A. Robb, 3rd Year Member

Daniel A. Smercina, 4th Year Member

Join these men, members as of June 30, 2021, and show your commitment to our Order’s mission and make your $1,000 unrestricted donation today; or mail a check to: KAOEF 115 Liberty Hall Road Lexington, VA 24450, or online at KAcrimsonandgold.com
*Indicates deceased at time of publication

Dear Brothers,

The 1865 Trust recognizes the generosity and foresight of those of you who choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future by making a meaningful planned gift to the KAOEF. Your entrance into the 1865 Trust bears powerful testimony to the charitable expressions of your values, ideals, and commitment to Kappa Alpha Order’s future. Membership in the 1865 Trust is obtained when provisions for a planned gift of $10,000 or more are made to the KAOEF.

This past year the Trust welcomed thirteen (13) new members to its ranks. There have been 191 brothers join the Trust since it was created in 1992 and we continue the quest to encourage brothers to leave a legacy to Kappa Alpha Order so that future generations of young men will have the same great opportunities that each of us have experienced.

In addition to the 13 new 1865 Trust members, KAOEF received estate gifts exceeding $700,000 h h benefit o r e ber n e er d erent et ort nt no nd n the f t re. he e ft have given us the ability to expand our internship program, provide much-needed scholarship support, and strengthen leadership education. These opportunities are important ways in which we can assist our members; and at the same time strengthen Kappa Alpha Order.

In closing, I cannot emphasize more strongly how important it is that we are all committed. If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust , or if you wish to join the ranks of 191 other KA brothers who are already members, please contact Ben Satcher, Executive Vice President, either by phone, (540) 460-4148, or by e-mail, bsatcher@ka-order.org.

Thank you for your continued support of the Order, and for making Kappa Alpha Order a lifelong commitment.

Fraternally yours,



Alabama–Alpha Beta

Adolph N. Hampton 1928*+

Paul M. Speake 1924*+

Henry Grady Tiller, Jr. 1947*+

Appalachian State–Delta Psi

M. Lee Barnes, Jr. 1987+

Stuart F. Whetsell 2006

Arkansas State–Delta Eta

Walter J. Dunn 1987

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

Wayne E. Dawson 1960

Baylor–Delta Omega

John C. Martin 1982


Gary Allen Brown, Jr. 1982

Valrey Wingfield Early, III 1980

Richard H. Marks 1988

California–Alpha Xi

Kenneth R. Mitchell 1932*+

Julian A. Pardini 1952*+

Thomas G. Paulson, II 1949*+

Centenary–Alpha Iota

COL William E. Steger 1938*

Charleston–Beta Gamma

Douglas D. Ashley 1987*+

Citadel–Theta Commission

LT Alexander Faris Giles, III 2013+

CPT Ronald C. Plunkett 2009

Clemson–Delta Omicron

Ben W. Satcher, Jr. 1979

Coastal Carolina–Zeta Omega

Jacob Seay 2017

Delaware–Beta Epsilon

John F. Bishop II 1946*+

Eugene M. Julian 1963

Delta State–Delta Beta

Hon. Paul C. Artman, Jr. 1970*

Drury–Beta Iota

Bret R. Neathery 1984

John Thomas Woodruff, III 1975

Duke–Alpha Phi

Edwin F. Payne 1959

East Tennessee State–Delta Delta

Lawrence E. Ault 1971*+

Eastern Kentucky–Delta Mu

Donald W. Wells 1970


Timothy Killen Adams, Sr. 1957

Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr. 1937*

David Carico 1984

Hugh Moss Comer, Jr. 1934*+

Florida–Beta Zeta

Stumpy Harris 1957*+

Florida Gulf Coast–Zeta Pi

Anthony M. Graziani 2007

Florida State–Gamma Eta

Daniel Richard Amato, Jr. 2008

L. Blair Bailey 1988

Francis Marion–Delta Tau

Kenneth Wayne Jackson 1981

William H. Skipper, Jr. 1980

George Washington–Alpha Nu

Edward W. Lansing 1943


Boone A. Knox 1956*+

Malcolm H. Liles 1971

Philip C. Rand 1968

Georgetown–Beta Delta COL James C. Coleman, Jr. 1928*+

Georgia Southern–Delta Theta

Leland I. Hyer 1993

L. Jay Mehaffey 1982

Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. 1948*+

James R. Foster 2005

Kennesaw State–Zeta Chi

Evan L. Stack 2015


John R. Hutchings IV 1977

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

Dan H. Akin 1960

CDR Parker H. Dinwiddie, Jr. 1974

Louisiana–Gamma Phi

Dr. Russell J. Saloom MD 1974

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

William T. Pegues III 1932*+

Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha

Sinclair Bert Kouns, III 2015

Erik T. Showalter 2002

Maryland–Beta Kappa

Edgar B. Rouse, Jr. 1937*+

McNeese State–Delta Xi

Ethan J. Bush 1997

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

Gregory R. Singleton 1982


M. Tom Faircloth 1961

M. Woody Faircloth 2005*

James Thomas Turner, Jr. 1970

Miami–Epsilon Lambda

Gregory B. Smith 1985

Middle Tennessee State–Delta


William S. Dinker II 1974

Herschel Lynn Greer, Jr. 1969

J. Devin McClendon 1994

John R. Milam 1972

Robert A. Pugh 1975

Midwestern State–Gamma


Don Canada 1964

Larry Stanton Wiese 1987

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Bruce D. Stafford 1966*+

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

Dr. Jason R. Barrett 1998

Earnest William Deavenport, Jr.


*Indicates deceased at time of publication +Indicates gift fulfilled as of June 30, 2021

Missouri–Alpha Kappa

Lance E. Calvert 1990

CPT David R. Cheney II 1990

James R. Estes, Sr. 1960

Robert L. Graves 1990

Harold Jordan Hudson, Jr. 1942

J. William Schulz 1960

Jack R. Taylor 1950*

Lewis H. Wyman III 1963

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

C. Edward Schmidt, Jr. 1962

Missouri Southern State–Delta Pi

Robert D. Kelly 1973

Capt Thomas Langston Williams


Dr. Chad E. Wagoner 1993

Missouri State–Gamma Beta

Ty G. Morgan 1991

Newberry–Delta Epsilon

L. Charles Banks, Jr. 2002

North Carolina–Upsilon

Wallace Andrew Brown, Jr. 1940*+

Charles Zorah Flack, Jr. 1955*+

Frederick Lord Munds, Jr. 1948*+

Morris W. Pully 1945*+

North Carolina State–Alpha


Dustin G. Brann 2011

Marshall James Donathan, Jr. 1972

Matthew T. Korff 2011

Charles Franklin McDowell IV 2011

Grady Leonard Pittman, Jr. 1980

Robert Jones Smith 1959

North Texas–Gamma Lambda

Blake E. Benney 1986

Gary Recer 1967

Northwestern State–Gamma Psi

Charles Randolph Gentz 1968

W. Julian Foy 1972*+

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Gilbert I. Hayes 1968

Hugh Howard III 1948*+

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

Kent T. Chapin 1970

Edward P. Leslie, Jr. 1932*+

F. M. Stevenson 1930*+

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

COL David M. Buie USA (Ret.) 1939*+

Purdue–Epsilon Rho

Scott T. Clifford 2004

Jeffrey W. Love 1986


Carlton W. Baker 1981

Frank Harry Robinson, Jr. 1951*+

Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon

Rufus W. Shivers 1942*+

Paul E. Snodgress 1943*+


Grant V. Harrison 1926*+

Roanoke–Beta Rho

Harry James Breithaupt, Jr. 1933*+

Sam Houston State–Gamma Tau

Michael K. Nikkel 1978

Univ. of the South–Alpha Alpha

George P. Apperson III, PhD 1980

South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha

Hon. Mallory Donald Davis, Jr. 1977

Paul W. Lammers 1980

Southern California–Beta Sigma

Michael P. McManus 1989

Michael V. Paulin 1960

Warren Reed Sprinkel 1941*+

Southern Indiana–Zeta Omicron

Tanner L. Gellinger 2012

Southern Methodist–Beta


Scott Jeoffory Berlin VP 1972

Barry B. Donnell 1958

John M. Moore 1990

Rufus C. Porter 1938*+


Rock N. Houstoun 1970

Gary T. Scott 1963

Stanford–Alpha Pi

William R. Williamson 1908*+

Stephen F. Austin State–Delta


J. Michael Duncan 1969


Dr. Edwin P. Rather 1960

Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon

Nathaniel JoDann Spears 2001


Frank Pierce Sebastian, Jr. 1944*+

Texas A&M-Commerce–Gamma


John F. Ory 1990

Marc Allan Scott 1984

John E. Trotter 1988

Texas-Arlington–Delta Iota

Gregory Scot Weadon 1983

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

Andrew P. Carr 2000

Troy W. Cooper 1987

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Joseph Coleman McDowell, Jr. 1978

Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., PhD 1970

Transylvania–Alpha Theta

Michael D. McCaslin 1970*+

Michael P. Wilson 2000


CDR A. Corey Schmidt 1992


John Sulton, Jr. 1947*+

Dr. William A. Weinrich 1951

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Robert W. Hagan 1974

Perry S. Ivey, Jr. 1982


Robert Howell Baker III 1971

Paul Hubert Kuhn, Jr. 1962

Philip Dickinson Rowe, Jr. 1946*

Robert M. Varn 1957*+

Frank Arthur Walker, Jr. 1948

VMI–Beta Commission

COL William Henry Hastings, Jr. (Ret) 1939*

SGM E. Kent McMichael 1995

Dr. Andrew J. Thacker 1961*+

Virginia Tech–Epsilon Eta

James H. Cochrane, Jr. 1978

Michael C. Matthews 1978

Wake Forest–Tau

James Guy Revelle, Jr. 1952*+

Robert H. Wall 1995

Hon. David M. Warren 1978

Frederick L. Wendorf 1964*+

Washington College–Beta


Dr. James L. Bowers 1957*+

Joseph M. Van Name III 1987

Washington & Lee–Alpha

David Rhodin Murphey, III 1951*+

Washington Univ.–Beta Theta

Vernon W. Piper 1933*+

West Georgia–Zeta Kappa

David W. Smith 1996

West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma

Michael W. McDowell 1990

West Virginia–Alpha Rho

Dr. Richard T. Feller 1937*+

CPT John Wilbur Swartzwelder, Jr.


Roy H. Whipp 1968

Western Carolina–Delta Alpha

Jesse Samuel Lyons 1998

Western Kentucky–Epsilon Theta

Brent Fellows 1998

Todd P. Lowe 1979

Westminster–Alpha Eta

William H. Angle 1945*+

Darren S. Kay 1988

Dr. James Michael Schmuck 1969

Thaddeus Aaron Stubbs 1996

Carl Trauernicht, Jr. 1942*+

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

Bensley H. L. Field 1954*+

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

William E. Dreyer 1957+

Tyler Griffin 1998

Louis W. Romigh 1928*+

Robert T. Steinkamp 1964


Raymond Scott Heath 1977

Friends of the Order

Howard C. Pickett (Sigma Nu Fraternity)

Mrs. Virginia N. Toombs*+


2020 Day of Giving

The KAOEF’s Day of Giving is a multifaceted fundraising event with a major impact on the Foundation and the Order. Several opportunities are available to make and impact:

An annual, mailed fundraising appeal o the e d to e e ber

Emails are sent to all good addresses promoting the event

Matching gifts are presented and met throughout the day

Current pledges are encouraged to be f fi ed b donor

Crimson & Gold Society renewing e ber re ed b t on t

And many more gifts are made online by Active and Alumni Members and friends of the Order.

Additionally, Active Chapters are encouraged to become Foundation Chapters. This designation is the re t of the h ter o tt n to don te . er n th t d . or n e ber th the fir t gift they will make to the KAOEF and begins their donation lifecycle.

Stats Donations came in honor of or from 131 different chapters and commissions $392,957.36 total raised

Top Chapters for Dollars Raised

1,800 total donations 1,746 unique donors

Chapters up to 50 Active Members:

1. Emory–Epsilon ($17,227)

2. Westminster–Alpha Eta ($12,314)

3. William Jewell–Alpha Delta ($12,127)

Chapters between 51 and 100 Active Members:

1. North Carolina State–Alpha Omega ($13,953)

2. Florida–Beta Zeta ($8,603)

3. Wofford–Delta ($7,026)

Chapters 101+ Active Members:

1. Mississippi State–Beta Tau ($46,278)

2. Auburn–Nu ($16,093)

3. Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon ($12,651)

CHAPTER TOTAL $ DONATIONS UNIQUE DONORS PER CHAPTER Beta Tau 46,278.48 114 KAOEF (No chapter designated) 41,650.00 6 Epsilon 17,226.58 16 Nu 16,093.19 12 Theta Commission 14,641.64 7 Alpha Omega 13,953.17 18 Alpha Upsilon 12,651.09 267 Alpha Eta 12,314.44 18 Alpha Delta 12,126.58 5 Zeta 11,164.00 11 CHAPTER TOTAL $ DONATIONS UNIQUE DONORS PER CHAPTER Delta Omicron 10,302.90 8 Epsilon Iota 10,227.30 3 Beta Zeta 8,603.16 10 Gamma Chi 8,576.58 8 Delta 7,026.11 8 Gamma Alpha 6,952.87 90 Delta Omega 6,618.65 4 Alpha Gamma 6,617.73 157 Gamma Phi 5,000.00 1 Omicron 4,454.79 176 Beta Commission 3,529.23 19 CHAPTER TOTAL $ DONATIONS UNIQUE DONORS PER CHAPTER Alpha Kappa 3,387.32 7 Gamma Eta 3,296.55 10 Epsilon Eta 3,276.58 4 Beta Alpha 3,182.45 80 Gamma Kappa 3,125.00 3 Beta Lambda 3,100.00 4 Alpha Mu 3,099.33 43 Delta Beta 2,941.16 2 Beta Sigma 2,801.58 5 Beta Epsilon 2,776.58 6 Gamma 2,634.00 6 Alpha Alpha 2,500.00 1 Kappa 2,262.81 6 Delta Theta 2,261.90 5 Mu 2,232.52 81 Gamma Sigma 2,226.58 4 Gamma Epsilon 2,201.77 115 Gamma Lambda 2,140.00 7 Beta Xi 2,076.58 3 Alpha Zeta 2,075.00 4 Alpha Pi 2,050.00 3 Delta Psi 2,031.64 8 Beta Beta 2,000.00 1 Tau 1,900.00 6 Delta Alpha 1,735.00 7 Beta Pi 1,700.00 4 Beta Rho 1,647.27 5 Gamma Omicron 1,629.23 4 Gamma Psi 1,600.00 3 Gamma Beta 1,550.00 3 Delta Tau 1,475.00 4 Eta 1,475.00 6 Gamma Gamma 1,471.66 5 Pi 1,429.23 5 Alpha Xi 1,359.35 70 Gamma Rho 1,327.65 5 Delta Lambda 1,283.44 37 Beta Gamma 1,256.64 2 Theta 1,241.58 2 Alpha Beta 1,200.00 3 Delta Sigma 1,200.00 3 Epsilon Delta 1,200.00 3 Delta Pi 1,193.18 2 Alpha Rho 1,175.00 4 Chi 1,151.32 4 Alpha Theta 1,134.00 3 Delta Rho 1,125.00 3 Epsilon Alpha 1,102.65 46 Delta Epsilon 1,051.58 2 Alpha Sigma 1,050.00 9 Epsilon Psi 1,043.11 2 Epsilon Upsilon 1,026.58 1 Beta Phi 1,000.00 1 Delta Gamma 1,000.00 1 Gamma Pi 1,000.00 1 CHAPTER TOTAL $ DONATIONS UNIQUE DONORS PER CHAPTER Zeta Zeta 1,000.00 1 Zeta Nu 788.65 2 Alpha Nu 713.29 2 Alpha 707.97 4 Delta Kappa 686.23 3 Epsilon Theta 665.00 2 Delta Mu 525.00 5 Zeta Lambda 513.29 1 Beta Chi 500.00 1 Delta Delta 500.00 1 Gamma Nu 500.00 1 Psi 500.00 4 Gamma Upsilon 406.00 4 Beta Kappa 400.00 4 Gamma Omega 395.66 4 Gamma Tau 381.64 3 Zeta Omega 374.16 4 Xi 356.64 2 Zeta Pi 339.00 2 Beta Eta 332.63 3 Epsilon Mu 300.00 3 Alpha Iota 298.40 16 Epsilon Phi 256.64 1 Rho 250.00 2 Delta Xi 242.00 3 Delta Eta 236.23 3 Alpha Omicron 200.00 1 Delta Iota 200.00 2 Epsilon Kappa 200.00 2 Epsilon Xi 200.00 1 Iota 200.00 3 Zeta Omicron 200.00 4 Epsilon Omega 176.32 3 Beta Nu 155.00 1 Zeta Tau 154.50 3 Alpha Tau 150.00 3 Sigma 125.00 2 Upsilon 125.00 2 Beta Iota 102.65 1 Beta Upsilon 102.65 1 Beta Delta 100.00 1 Delta Upsilon 100.00 1 Epsilon Tau 100.00 1 Gamma Zeta 100.00 1 Lambda 100.00 1 Phi 100.00 1 Zeta Phi 100.00 1 Zeta Iota 84.00 1 Epsilon Zeta 62.50 1 Beta Theta 50.00 1 Delta Nu 50.00 1 Epsilon Rho 50.00 1 Zeta Chi 50.00 1 Alpha Epsilon 30.00 1 TOTALS $ 392,957.36 1,746
Due to our fiscal year ending on June 30, this report includes the year 2020 Day of Giving results.

GIVING Foundation Chapters

Giving to their own cause

he o nd t on h ter ro r n e ort for rrent t e brother to ort the O nd o t the e e to he n en re th t the ro r the rrent en o nd benefit fro ont n e for f t re e ber of the r h ter. fteen h ter o tted th t e h brother of the r o d don te . or ore er n to the O th t fi e r. n of the e o tted n order to ort the of n . he e f nd re ed to ort the Order e der h ro r nd tr n n n t t e nd to ro de ho r h do r to o r t e brother .

Top Chapters for Total Number of Donors

Chapters up to 50 Active Members:

Chapters between 51 and 100 Active Members:

1. Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha (90)

2. Tulsa–Mu (81)

Chapters 101+ Active Members:

1. Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon (267)

2. Texas–Omicron (176)

Foundation Chapters Fiscal Year End June 30, 2021:

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

California–Alpha Xi

Centenary–Alpha Iota

Louisiana-Monroe–Gamma Nu

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha

Middle Tennessee State–Delta Lambda

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi



3. Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma (157) 3. Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha (80) 1. South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha (46) 2. Millsaps–Alpha Mu (43) 3. Middle Tennessee State–Delta Lambda (37)

Forever KA

Keep the connection for life

No matter how your life has been impacted by Kappa Alpha Order, your brothers are helping future brothers have the same wonderful experience: Forever KA.

Forever KA is not a giving society; it is an opportunity for Kappa Alpha alumni to stay connected for life by a gift of only $10 per month. With your support we can continue to enrich the lives of so many. Forever KA was developed in 2011 by Former Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan (Delta Kappa–Stephen F. Austin State ’69) who saw the need to keep alumni engaged from the moment of graduation.

Each year, when an Active Member becomes an alumnus, they are invited to become Forever KA. It is the KAOEF’s aim to make sure that every new alumnus remains connected and begins a lifetime of giving back to their Order. Additionally, Forever KA participant receives a subscription to The Kappa Alpha Journal throughout their participation in Forever KA.

This year, we celebrate 831 members of Forever KA—a top level of membership in the 10th year of the program. All Crimson & Gold Society members are included in Forever KA, or seperately contribute the addition $10 per month. The men below represent additional Forever KA members.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship Aaron Masey at amasey@ka-order.org or 540-463-1865.

Appalachian State–

Delta Psi

Stuart F. Whetsell LO2185

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

Zach D. Nadler LO3381

Arkansas-Fort Smith–

Zeta Rho

Timothy W. McClure LO3701

Centenary–Alpha Iota

Merrill Charles Wautlet, Jr. LO2447

Citadel–Theta Commission

1LT Andrew Pryor Nelson, III LO3063

Coastal Carolina–

Zeta Omega

Charles Andrew Collins, Jr. LO3754

East Carolina–Gamma Rho

Matthew R. Hollomon LO2414

East Tennessee State–

Delta Delta

Thomas E. Williams

Eastern Kentucky–Delta Mu

Gary Wayne Grider LO2692

Florida–Beta Zeta

Stumpy Harris* LO919

Florida Southern–Gamma Pi

Brent E. Ellis

Florida State–Gamma Eta

LTC Steven K. Coker

Francis Marion–Delta Tau

Maxwell P. Davenport LO3429

John D. Waters LO3020


William E. Robinson III LO2784

Georgia Southern–

Delta Theta

Leland I. Hyer LO367

Houston–Gamma Mu

James Nolan Lumbley, III

Houston Baptist–

Delta Sigma

David Y. Stutts CPA LO1556


Daniel H. Miller LO147

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

Randall Lofton Brown

Louisiana Tech–

Gamma Alpha

Michael Schaff


Gamma Nu

Richard C. Alwood LO802

Destin Brook Sebren LO2391

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

Matthew D. Wingett

Miami–Epsilon Lambda

Michael D. Fox LO3147

Middle Tennessee State–

Delta Lambda

Derek C. Chambers LO3861

Midwestern State–

Gamma Omega

Clayton Dale Brown

ENS Tyler Lee Garcia LO3914

Donald E. Hauser

Kevin J. O’Connell LO3012

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Michael Brandon Steele LO4087

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

Dr. Jason R. Barrett LO2632

William H. Walker LO2825

Missouri–Alpha Kappa

Lewis H. Wyman III LO47

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

James John Kohl, Jr.

Joe Studer LO4088

Missouri Southern State–

Delta Pi

Robert D. Kelly LO25

Patrick A. Law LO2870

Missouri State–

Gamma Beta

Anthony J. Michalka

Newberry–Delta Epsilon

Michael E. Gunn LO3840

North Carolina–Upsilon

Clay A. Campbell LO2451

North Carolina State–

Alpha Omega

Gregory D. Frederick LO3860

North Carolina-Charlotte–

Epsilon Xi

Garrett Alexander

Bedenbaugh LO2644

North Texas–

Gamma Lambda

Dr. Curtis Howard Stiles, Jr., PhD LO3407

Northwestern State–

Gamma Psi

Alfred A. Claude LO3423

Donald J. Nici LO981

MAJ John J. Waller LO3364

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

James M. Kruger LO3408

Raymond C. Lauchner LO3153

Oklahoma City–

Gamma Kappa

Dr. Virgil D. Medlin

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

Robert Kenneth Steinkirchner, II LO2689

Old Dominion–

Delta Gamma

Christopher Coleman

Sam Houston State–

Gamma Tau

LTC Jay D. Fine

South Alabama–

Epsilon Alpha

John M. Peek

South Carolina–Rho

Arnold H. Clarke

Southeastern Louisiana–

Epsilon Kappa

Matthew H. Alombro LO2708

Randy S. Vicknair LO2705


Andrew B. Mullinax LO3398

Stephen F. Austin State–

Delta Kappa

Charles L. Kazlow LO1965

David W. White LO3294

Tennessee-Chattanooga–Zeta Upsilon

Charles Robert Marczynski

Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon

Robert Laird Kelley

Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon

J. David Nailling LO2780


Hon. William Thomas

McDonald, Jr.* LO2924

Texas A&M-Commerce–Gamma Upsilon

James C. Champion

Frederick Russell Edgar, Jr. LO3791

Dr. Harold Jackson Lassiter, Jr. LO3790

Garry Neal Lilly, Jr.

John H. McCasland LO2513

John F. Ory LO59

Josh D. Shaul LO3648

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

David W. Cade LO2791

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Shawn M. Fyfe LO2622

Texas-Arlington–Delta Iota

Gregory Scot Weadon LO3835

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Lawson Leo Patten, II LO3401

VMI–Beta Commission

Aaron Mitchell Belanger LO3753

Washington & Lee–Alpha

W. Anderson Wasden IV LO2665

West Texas A&M–

Gamma Sigma

Brandon L. Finke LO2686

Michael J. Zoch LO3045

West Virginia–Alpha Rho

James M. Ransbottom LO3760

West Virginia Wesleyan–Beta Chi

Jesse Murle Ketterman, Jr., PhD

Western Carolina–

Delta Alpha

Jared Thomas Hopkins LO2997

Van A. Stayton LO

Western Kentucky–

Epsilon Theta

Travis A. Simpson LO2756

CPL Joseph B. Tharp IV LO2212

Chris Woods LO2642

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Sturt Adam Hollandsworth, II LO3923

Shawn McWilliams LO3157

Stephen Weech

*Indicates deceased at time of publication LO: Loyal Order Number

Annual Giving

The KA Leadership Fund assists our members with the rising costs of higher education and provides the resources necessary to be successful in life. In part, it supports our unrestricted funds, scholarships, internship program, and leadership education program.

The KAOEF asks alumni to contribute annually, and it is through your enero t th t the e ro r h h benefit o r nder r d te e ber are supported. Our hope is that every KA will annually contribute to the KA Leadership Fund and we humbly ask for your support.

Crimson & Gold Society



Arkansas Tech–Epsilon Zeta

E.L. Scott McLain LO3104

The Knight Commander’s Circle and George C. Marshall Circle include Crimson & Gold donors as well as those who have made restricted gifts.


Todd D. Reaves LO1315

Baylor–Delta Omega

Robert D. Fletcher LO1317

Citadel–Theta Commission

LT Alexander Faris Giles, III LO3134

Clemson–Delta Omicron

Daniel B. Pattillo, Jr. LO1365

David A. Pattillo LO3492

Ben W. Satcher, Jr. LO17

Delaware–Beta Epsilon

Eugene M. Julian LO1239


Timothy Killen Adams, Sr. LO326

James Laurens Ferman, Jr. LO185


Dr. Mell Burress Welborn, Jr. LO2986

Florida–Beta Zeta

Jeff A. Hedden, Jr. LO3655

Florida State–Gamma Eta

James A. Owens LO3981

Francis Marion–Delta Tau

William H. Skipper, Jr. LO2380


Malcolm H. Liles LO342

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

Barry E. Cox LO1710

Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. LO687*

James Madison–Zeta Theta

Kevin M. Grunkemeyer LO1021

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

Dan H. Akin LO2549

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

Dr. James R. Andrews LO3715

B. Terry W. Bennett LO1133

Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha

Erik T. Showalter LO884

Louisiana-Lafayette–Gamma Phi

Dr. Russell J. Saloom MD LO816

Midwestern State–Gamma


Charles M. Gustafson III LO3969

Larry Stanton Wiese LO37

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Dr. Russell Peyton Atchley DMD LO3260

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

David Tucker Martineau, V LO3484

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

Earnest William Deavenport, Jr. LO1318

C. Douglas Simmons III LO179

North Carolina State–Alpha


Derick S. Close LO2838

Oklahoma City–Gamma Kappa

Steve C. Knight LO1147

Purdue–Epsilon Rho

Michael Jerry Garrison LO3499


Richard Lester Burke, Jr. LO1038

Frank Harry Robinson, Jr. LO2378*

Southern Methodist–Beta


Rufus C. Porter*

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

L. Don Stricklin LO3491

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., PhD LO866

VMI–Beta Commission

SGM E. Kent McMichael LO251

Wake Forest–Tau

Hon. David M. Warren LO13

Frederick L. Wendorf*

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Darren S. Kay LO55

Dr. James Michael Schmuck LO1064

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

Bensley H. L. Field LO651*

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Stuart L. Bascomb LO2776

William E. Dreyer LO12

Friends of the Order

Howard C. Pickett

Eric A. Robb


Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

Stephen G. Muzzy LO3474



Barry K. Flynn

Citadel–Theta Commission

CPT Ronald C. Plunkett LO2241

Delta State–Delta Beta

Eddie S. Wilson LO228


Dr. Jason R. Hubbard LO490

Florida State–Gamma Eta

L. Blair Bailey LO84

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

James L. Oliver, II LO3531

Houston Baptist–Delta Sigma

Douglas B. Harris LO873

Kennesaw State–Zeta Chi

Craig Arnold Stack LO3563

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

Joshua M. Pendergrass LO3947

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Edwin W. Barnett LO710


James R. Estes, Sr. LO10

Missouri Southern State–Delta Pi

Dr. Chad E. Wagoner LO32

North Carolina State–Alpha


Robert Jones Smith LO2957

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Daniel Joseph O’Connell, Sr. LO3843

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

Kent T. Chapin LO1258

Purdue–Epsilon Rho

Scott T. Clifford LO3412


J. Whiting Chisman, Jr. LO3585

Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon

P. Livingston Brien

Sam Houston State–Gamma Tau

Darron E. Franta LO856

Univ. of the South–Alpha Alpha

George P. Apperson III, PhD LO266

Southern California–Beta Sigma

Michael V. Paulin LO1623

Stephen F. Austin State–Delta


J. Michael Duncan LO11

Tarleton State–Epsilon Pi

Alan L. Looney LO2299

Texas-Arlington–Delta Iota

Alfred Diaz, Jr. LO549

West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma

Michael W. Jones LO65

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Thaddeus Aaron Stubbs LO2009

Bryan Tramont LO3607


Randolph R. Hall

Raymond Scott Heath LO2243

KA Roses

Ms. Kitty L. DeKieffer

Chapters and Courts

Hamilton Province Court of Honor

Friends of the Order

Baird Foundation

Duke Energy Foundation

YourCause LLC

Tom Healy

Bank of America Foundation



Alabama–Alpha Beta

Christopher Caleb Connor JD LO4044

Mims J. Cooper LO3779

William Stephenson Halsey, III LO4054

George Merrill Jones III LO385

Hugh P. Whitehead LO3461

Appalachian State–Delta Psi

Douglas Ross Coley LO1065

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

George R. Henman LO4050

*deceased LO: Loyal Order Number
or more in unrestricted contributions

Oklahoma City–Gamma Kappa

1LT. David O. Beal, USA LO3307

Marte W. Cooksey LO3948

Edward Franklin Keller LO2752*

Gary B. McCoy LO3696

Ronald E. Willis LO3293

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

Richard I. Evans LO3775

Samuel O. Leake, Jr. LO21

Robert Warren Lilljedahl LO3507

Old Dominion–Delta Gamma

John C. Ballou LO309

Michael D. Ellis LO2733

James B. Hichak LO1494

William E. Lobeck, Jr. LO3580

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

Clarence H. Albright, Jr. LO4047

Hal Holland Crosswell III LO4021

William M. Matthews V LO2745

J. Derrill Rice LO3599

William Brown Shearer, Jr. LO3370

Paul G. Trippe LO3875

Brian M. Wilson LO145

Purdue–Epsilon Rho

LCDR Bryant D. Kincaid LO358

Jeffrey W. Love LO79

Stephan B. Oliver LO2547


James Alexander Baber, IV LO3844

Carlton W. Baker LO335

Charles Leonard Isaacs LO3822

Thomas David Jones III LO3854

Littleton M. Maxwell LO568

D. Calloway Whitehead III LO3515

Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon

D. Bryan Darr

Michael R. Frick LO3533

William Senton Granberry, Jr.


Richard Davis Howe, Jr.


Clayton Eugene Bunting, Esq.


George W. McCall III LO2607

Douglas L. Nickel LO3594

Roanoke–Beta Rho

Samuel B. Adams LO664

Dale C. Sarjeant LO3600

John H. Turner, Jr. LO2596

Sam Houston State–Gamma Tau

Allen M. Burns LO3862

Tracy S. Hoffart LO3682

Travis B. Lacox LO3681

Daniel L. Moreland LO3716

Ronny J. Snow LO3839

Univ. of the South–Alpha Alpha

Christopher M. Elwell LO1151

South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha

W. David Akridge LO1227

Paul W. Lammers LO108

D. Brady Wilson LO1741

South Carolina–Rho

Lee S. Dixon LO3886

S. Mercer Heath LO3517

J. Lynn McCants LO356

Southeastern Louisiana–

Epsilon Kappa

Jonathan D. Duhon LO4039

Robert William Hopkins, II LO2799

Southern California–Beta Sigma

Russell H. Chesley LO468

Joseph O. Healy LO3972

Southern Indiana–Zeta Omicron

Tanner L. Gellinger LO3345

Southern Methodist–

Beta Lambda

William D. Balthrope LO3847

John J. Campbell, III LO3120

Barry B. Donnell LO1045

Dustin B. Donnell LO3494

Brad B. Freeman LO1942

John H. Howard LO3512

David T. Kastor LO1836

Thomas Francis Maxwell, III LO3460

Loy B. Moore LO1212

Andrew Van Pittman LO2033

Warren S. Wingert LO2116

Southern Mississippi–

Gamma Zeta

Arthur M. Park LO3257


Edwin Bryan Gentle LO3548

Mark B. Holmes LO1329

Rock N. Houstoun LO961

William P. Houstoun LO2583

J. Cameron Nokes LO2332

Gary T. Scott LO859

Stanford–Alpha Pi

Thomas B. Coleman LO3490

Dr. James K. Collins LO1081

William J. Hagenah LO1155

James Parker Myerson LO3090

Robert F. Sawyer LO3929

R. Scott Hilborn PhD LO3817

Dwain P. Knight LO618

Clay M. Leveritt LO115

Gerald W. Schlief LO1214


Thomas G. Chappell LO3250

Robert K. Googe LO3837

Gust Edwin Johnson, Jr. LO3561

Jeffrey P. Konrad LO1058

Stuart L. Martin LO3114

Dr. Edwin P. Rather LO617

Charles Burns Upton, II LO3628

Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon

James Larry Crews, II LO2796


John S. Delatour LO2559

Brian P. Hanson LO3908

James D. McBride, III LO3630

Steven W. Tomson LO3595

Texas A&M–Epsilon Delta

Daniel L. Sparks LO4003

Texas A&M-Commerce–

Gamma Upsilon

John B. Chenault LO601

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

Andrew P. Carr LO2993

Ross W. Newberry LO3453

D. Mitchell Sheaffer LO41

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Blas S. Catalani, II LO3739

Ronald S. Childress LO3767

Tanner B. Flood LO3125

COL Michael H. Fox LO3674

Brent B. Hamilton LO3654

Charles L. Hamilton LO3656

John T. Hamilton LO3651

Michael A. Hedlund LO3605

Hunter J. Heidenheimer LO4049

Mitchell L. Heidenheimer LO3675

MAJ Christopher A. Huff LO3841

William R. Mathews, III LO3503

James L. McCarley LO3447

Gordon R. McDowell LO3810

Curtis Arnold Smith LO595

Paul H. Tarwater LO3109

E. Powell Thompson LO3546

Texas Wesleyan–Zeta Xi

James C. Bridges LO3386

Texas-Arlington–Delta Iota

Scott M. Hughes LO3292

Lynn A. Morgan LO2701

Transylvania–Alpha Theta

J. Mason McCauley LO1737

George Minister Van Meter, Jr. LO3968

Michael P. Wilson LO40


David Blackshear Hamilton Chaffe III LO1778

Dr. James W. Denham LO3463

Bradley M. Patout LO1124


Calvin Moniz LO2658

Thomas E. Stanton LO3540

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Donald O. Davis LO1118

COL Wayne C. Edwards LO3801

Frank S. Heard LO3749

Douglas Alex Powers, II LO3959


Robert Howell Baker III LO1647

James W. Davidson LO3325

William Winston Hoy, Jr. LO2091

Paul Hubert Kuhn, Jr. LO2103

Virginia Tech–Epsilon Eta

Bernard Clements LO3083

James H. Cochrane, Jr. LO804

Michael B. Gimbert LO3934

Patrick K. Moore LO2207

Hunter W. Wagstaff LO3771

Carlyle R. Wimbish, III LO2670

Virginia Wesleyan–

Epsilon Omicron

MAJ C. Robin Kelley LO3437

VMI–Beta Commission

2LT J. Curran Bowen LO4052

COL George Mercer Brooke, IV LO2536

William B. Cornett LO4041

LTC Mark W. Dick LO3596

David L. Miller LO3723

Andrew Anthony Protogyrou LO3740

James Carlton Showalter, Jr. LO3811

Meade A. Spotts LO3778

LTC William Earl Wray, Jr., USA (Ret.) LO872

Wake Forest–Tau

Ross A. Berlin LO3139

David M. Graham LO4053

Benjamin Conrad Sutton, Jr. LO3584

Robert H. Wall LO2698

Washington & Lee–Alpha

Dr. John Garland Pollard Boatwright, Jr. LO3551

Steven Grist LO3638

Brian Hooper LO3987

Dr. T. Warner Hudson, III LO2349

Washington College–

Beta Omega

Douglas S. Ewalt LO78

Joseph M. Van Name III LO69

West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma

Dr. N. Andy Cole, PhD LO3468

Donald R. Houchin LO133

West Virginia–Alpha Rho

Patrick Anthony DeLeonibus LO3618

Alexander Harvey Ghiz, Jr. LO3689

Gregory J. Totterdale LO3583

West Virginia Wesleyan–Beta Chi

Millard L. Cursey, Jr. LO537

West Virginia WesleyanMichael L. Duke LO437

West Virginia WesleyanStephen E. Foster LO2062

Western Carolina–Delta Alpha

Robert A. Byrd, Jr. LO2764

Brian A. King LO2567

Jesse Samuel Lyons LO39

Western Kentucky–Epsilon Theta

Brent Fellows LO2628

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Fred D. Binggeli LO3712

Philip J. Boeckman LO425

Dean L. Cooper LO3792

Robert E. Deal, Jr, LO3416

Thomas A. Gorman LO2835

Daniel E. Harris LO3773

Dr. Rob Havers LO3851

Donor Summary 2021 Donors: Total Dollars: $2,181,376.21 Total Donors: 3,009 Donors 1,681 53 1,123 152 Total $1,749,329.62 $181,415.50 $25,515.06 $225,116.03 Staff / Volunteers Undergraduates Parents / Non-Members Alumni
*deceased LO: Loyal Order Number

Annual Giving Cont’d.

Erik K. Lescher LO3522

David J. Neihart, CPA, CFP LO2727

William R. Piper LO3667

Travis L. Sartain LO214

Thomas P. Wohlgemuth LO4043

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

Phillip A. Buhler LO3487

Dr. Sean P. Connolly LO3556

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Dr John Harry Brunner MD LO3376

Philip A. Cantwell LO3465

Eric W. Long LO2610

Brian E. Place LO3495

Hon. Kenneth M. Romines LO3640

Robert T. Steinkamp LO1282

Wingate–Zeta Zeta

Jason E. Tinsley LO3436


H. Paige Carlton LO3579

LaFon C. Dees LO1852*

Benjamin R. Hines LO4034

Richard W. Krapfel LO3664

LeRoy Baskin Lewis, Jr. LO2319

COL Robert N. Maddox LO3608

Jerry J. Richardson LO3542

Albert Randolph Smith, II LO995

George Murrell Smith, Jr. LO2742

J. West Summers III LO1153

G. Patrick Watson LO3961

KA Roses

Mrs. Elizabeth Asbury

Mrs. Monica R. Bailey

Mrs. Keena Bartley

Mrs. Tammy Morris Barton

Mrs. Ann Binggeli

Mrs. Trish Day

Mrs. Gwendolyn Deal

Ms. Annesley Hodges DeGaris

Ms. Kitty L. DeKieffer

Mrs. Karen Dick

Mrs. Linda Dreyer*

Mrs. Grace J. Fishel

Mrs. Cori Hanisch

Mrs. Pamela Heath

Mrs. Rosann F. Hooks

Mrs. Karen Kay

Mrs. Kookie Liles

Mrs. Ali Martineau

Ms. Kimberly J. Novak

Mrs. Aida Paulin

Ms. Janie Marie Rodriguez

Mrs. Dianne Ruff

Mrs. Marilyn Schmidt

Mrs. Judy Schmuck

Mrs. Brook Showalter

Mrs. Katharine Van Name

Dr. Dawn Wiese

Friends of the Order

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity


Baird Foundation

Capital Group Companies

Daniel A. Smercina

Duke Energy Foundation

En-Flux Private Chef And Catering


Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift


HCA Foundation

Jeff Martini

Patrick Jessee

Robert E Kiley

Stephen E. Ratterman, Sr.

Chapters and Courts

Epsilon Tau Chapter

Pee Dee Area Alumni Chapter

Alpha Sigma Properties Inc.


Appalachian State–Delta Psi

Wyatt T. Dixon III LO2829

Charles Yates Pharr LO436

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

James K. Cooper LO3704

Brian A. Seastone LO1018

Arizona State–Epsilon Omega

Phillip J. Bales LO3874

Arkansas Tech–Epsilon Zeta

Evan M. Hanna LO3693

Arkansas-Fort Smith–Zeta Rho

Aaron W. Brown LO2635

Hunter K. Cabe LO2519

Auburn–Nu COL John W. Haynes, USAF (Ret.)


Thomas Evenden Williams, Jr. LO1788

Austin Peay State–Zeta Tau

A. Blake Ball LO3756

Bennett Russell Evans LO3809

Samuel E. Mynhier LO3497

Aristeo Skyy Ruiz LO3944

Baylor–Delta Omega

Dr. D. Tyler Greenfield LO2204

Bowling Green State–

Zeta Lambda

Adam J. Shipp LO3880


Epsilon Epsilon

Nathan J. Treadwell LO3931

Citadel–Theta Commission

Howard Jerome Strickland, Jr. LO3824

Clemson–Delta Omicron

Robert P. DiBenedetto LO4048

John N. McCarter, Jr. LO1414

Delta State–Delta Beta

Daniel Gregory Tacker LO3884

East Carolina–Gamma Rho

Philip C. Hoft LO3514

Christopher C. Knott LO3898

Dr. Isaac B. Southerland

East Tennessee State–Delta Delta

Stephen P. Brink


Corey N. Neal LO3765

Mark N. Phillips LO3887

John Warren Stephenson, Sr. LO3565

Florida–Beta Zeta

Dan H. Honeywell LO3480

James P. Knight

Florida Gulf Coast–Zeta Pi

David C. Merrill LO3054

Florida State–Gamma Eta

Daniel Richard Amato, Jr. LO2599

Dan W. Cartwright LO3838

Francis Marion–Delta Tau

2LT William Robert Simpson, III LO3953

George Mason–Epsilon Phi

Kenneth Mika LO3819

Whitson W. Robinson LO3820

Robert A. Simms LO3569

George Washington–Alpha Nu

Alexander J. Hutkin LO3387

Clay W. Socha LO3383

Georgetown–Beta Delta

R. Michael Gray LO3085

Georgia Southern–Delta Theta

R. Scott Crittenden LO2058

Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau

George A. Munford LO4076

Houston–Gamma Mu

Harold Trammell LO3926

Indiana State–Zeta Iota

Douglas E. Hess LO3190

Jacksonville State–Delta Phi

D. Scott Cates LO3032


William K. Downey LO2219

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

CDR Parker H. Dinwiddie, Jr. LO3991

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

Dr. A. Michael Aura, MD LO3761

Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha

Patrick G. Coudrain LO2618

Sinclair Bert Kouns, Jr.

Louisiana-Lafayette–Gamma Phi

William Francis Bailey, Jr. LO3710

Harlan H. Kappel LO3692

Louisiana-Monroe–Gamma Nu

Conner Bryan

McNeese State–Delta Xi

Ethan J. Bush LO18

Steven Lee Gros LO3954

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

Marcus J. Rhodes LO4007

Jeffrey K. Smith LO3893


Dr. Harold Allan Bivins, Jr. LO3989

Robert Adger Bowen, Jr. LO3685

Middle Tennessee State–Delta Lambda

Jeremy Duke LO3055

Herschel Lynn Greer, Jr. LO105

Midwestern State–

Gamma Omega

Jesse C. Brown LO4009

Bradley A. Grimm LO181

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

James N. C. Moffat III

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Charles Phillip Buffington, Jr. LO3744

James M. Ferguson, Jr. LO3871

Joseph A. Haley III LO1224

Mark C. Reaves LO3974

Mississippi State–Beta Tau

Stevan Lenoir Black, Jr. LO3098

Scott R. Shoemaker

Harold D. Walker LO3776

Missouri–Alpha Kappa

LTC Lawrence D. Garrett

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

William A. Givens, Sr. LO2088

Joel J. Kovach LO3785

Newberry–Delta Epsilon

James M. Green IV LO2597

North Carolina–Upsilon

V. Charles Wyatt LO3772

North Carolina State–

Alpha Omega

Richard C. Anderson

Ceasar Cone III

Charles Franklin McDowell IV LO2709

Philip McIver Payonk, Jr. LO3182

North Carolina-Charlotte–

Epsilon Xi

Justin Tanner Cannon LO2875

Hon. Richard L. Hudson, Jr. LO1846

North Texas–Gamma Lambda

Jay D. Chamberlain IV LO3510

Gary Recer LO3064

Northwestern State–Gamma Psi

Christopher M. Axberg LO399

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Brent Everett Buswell LO3185

Donald L. Cantrell LO4074

Gil Ira Hayes LO4010

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

William Howard McKee, V LO2390

Old Dominion–Delta Gamma

Gary S. Layne LO4046

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

Dr. George Alexander Jenkins III, MD LO3857

James Guy Revelle, IV LO3722


Michael Joseph Walsh IV LO3873

Roanoke–Beta Rho

Hon. Paul Jason Cording LO54

Frederick Leatherbury LO3911

San Diego State–Gamma Iota

David K. Dere LO83

South–Alpha Alpha

Stephen A. Rowe LO2655

South Carolina–Rho

Robert P. Jordan LO3768

Dr. Heath McAlvin Stewart, Jr., DMD


Southern California–Beta Sigma

Red Cavaney CAE LO3179

Richard E. Dotts LO3469

Douglas George Strugar LO4084

Southern Indiana–Zeta Omicron

Jeremy W. Blankenship LO3192

Benjamin K. Hirschauer LO3737

John B. Sanders LO2101

Southern Mississippi–

Gamma Zeta

H. Mark Purdy LO3102


Martin Reese Harris, Jr.

Gerald L. Pate LO951

Michael Ross Weir, Jr. LO937

Stephen F. Austin State–

Delta Kappa

Frank M. Bufkin III LO2099

John M. Hudec LO3818

Texas A&M-Commerce–

Gamma Upsilon

Thomas A. Scott LO3448

Texas State–Epsilon Iota

F. Michael Carr LO3670

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Dustin S. Whittenburg LO561

Transylvania–Alpha Theta

David Alan Santrock, Jr. LO1715


Jonathan H. Parker LO967


Timothy J. Dixon LO2669

Virginia Tech–Epsilon Eta

Aaron D. Masey LO3518

Virginia Wesleyan–Epsilon Omicron

Scott A. Brown LO1736

VMI–Beta Commission

CSM G. Jeffery Jackson (ret.) LO1865

Michael R. Meads LO2440

Wake Forest–Tau

J. Melville Broughton III LO3513

William B. Chastain LO3506

Allen K. Lydick LO1078

Washington & Lee–Alpha

James Spencer Frantz, Sr. LO2316

West Florida–Epsilon Sigma

Nathaniel L. Robinson LO648

West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma

John D. Morrison LO1171

M. Greg Reynolds LO3621

West Virginia–Alpha Rho

CPT John Wilbur Swartzwelder, Jr. LO2024

Western Kentucky–Epsilon Theta

Thaddeus Matthew Fine LO1040

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Raymond F. Burfeind LO894

Blake E. Stonecipher LO3717

Blake Strebler LO3786

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

William A. Armbruster LO4078

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Tyler Griffin LO114


Randolph Kent Liggitt, Sr. LO3979

KA Roses

Mrs. Paula Tyree Bowman

Mrs. Leticia Graves

Mrs. April LaFollette

Ms. Cindy H. Stellhorn

Mrs. Rita Jean Workman

Chapters and Courts

Coastal Georgia Alumni Chapter

Alpha Upsilon Chapter

Gamma Chi Chapter

Friends of the Order

Marathon Oil Company

McKesson Foundation

The Boeing Company Gift Match

Michael Greenberg

Fraternal Composite Services, Inc.

One Main Financial Inc.

Kurt S. Miller

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Matching Gifts Program

James Tilley, Jr.

Vineyard Vines



The following list shows the number of individual donors, both undergraduates and alumni, from each of these chapters and their total giving per chapter. If a chapter is not listed, none of its initiates donated. re re re e t e of n t te of the chapters. Transfer members are not indicated.

SPRING 2022 | THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 65 SCHOOL TOTAL($)DONORS Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau 540,141.55 9 Friends of the Order and KA Roses 231,955.27 153 William & Mary–Alpha Zeta 128,793.29 13 Randolph-Macon–Zeta 74,674.21 16 Mississippi State–Beta Tau 65,611.94 130 Southern Methodist–Beta Lambda 49,074.31 14 North Carolina State–Alpha Omega 41,549.26 36 Emory–Epsilon 40,275.63 31 Westminster–Alpha Eta 36,995.46 35 Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma 35,536.60 174 Wake Forest–Tau 35,088.86 20 William Jewell–Alpha Delta 34,571.83 12 Texas Tech–Gamma Chi 31,474.72 160 Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon 30,846.14 290 Clemson–Delta Omicron 29,847.98 22 Auburn–Nu 25,523.74 31 Wofford–Delta 22,762.44 25 Citadel–Theta Commission 21,404.92 12 VMI–Beta Commission 20,888.59 49 Delaware–Beta Epsilon 19,719.40 17 Florida–Beta Zeta 19,423.83 23 Florida State–Gamma Eta 19,014.59 24 Georgia–Gamma 18,032.81 27 Texas State–Epsilon Iota 16,505.82 8 Millsaps–Alpha Mu 16,348.32 60 Louisiana Tech–Gamma Alpha 16,302.68 101 Midwestern State–Gamma Omega 15,344.13 11 Missouri–Alpha Kappa 14,781.77 17 Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma 14,443.52 26 Louisiana-Lafayette–Gamma Phi 13,334.23 7 Mercer–Kappa 11,762.50 19 Purdue–Epsilon Rho 11,611.23 9 Oklahoma City–Gamma Kappa 11,483.96 10 Lambuth–Gamma Omicron 11,158.63 7 Presbyterian–Beta Pi 10,832.55 19 Francis Marion–Delta Tau 10,725.45 9 Oklahoma State–Beta Xi 10,480.45 14 Arizona–Gamma Epsilon 10,275.77 123 Newberry–Delta Epsilon 10,209.39 13 Eastern Kentucky–Delta Mu 10,006.67 15 Memphis–Gamma Gamma 9,783.29 22 Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha 9,764.15 91 Southwestern–Xi 9,356.57 12 Sam Houston State–Gamma Tau 9,176.73 8 Arkansas Tech–Epsilon Zeta 8,983.10 6 Stephen F. Austin State–Delta Kappa 8,882.17 12
SCHOOL TOTAL($)DONORS Oklahoma–Beta Eta 8,791.76 14 East Carolina–Gamma Rho 8,732.22 17 Baylor–Delta Omega 8,655.30 6 Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon 8,617.30 8 Southern California–Beta Sigma 8,122.87 9 Virginia Tech–Epsilon Eta 8,109.23 7 Texas–Omicron 7,781.37 178 Tennessee–Pi 7,531.88 10 Middle Tennessee State–Delta Lambda 7,481.22 48 West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma 7,458.43 11 Houston Baptist–Delta Sigma 7,126.25 6 South Carolina–Rho 6,934.80 13 Washington & Lee–Alpha 6,593.12 17 Kentucky–Theta 6,159.81 11 Stanford–Alpha Pi 6,150.00 7 Valdosta State–Delta Rho 6,092.80 13 Missouri Southern State–Delta Pi 5,968.91 7 Alabama–Alpha Beta 5,955.56 12 Georgia Southern–Delta Theta 5,762.40 11 Roanoke–Beta Rho 5,452.03 9 Texas-Arlington–Delta Iota 5,370.53 6 Delta State–Delta Beta 5,322.69 7 Jacksonville State–Delta Phi 5,270.58 7 Vanderbilt–Chi 5,268.10 11 Tulsa–Mu 5,234.82 84 Marshall–Beta Upsilon 5,189.30 7 Tulane–Psi 5,127.90 10 Miami–Epsilon Lambda 5,113.00 7 James Madison–Zeta Theta 5,000.00 1 Old Dominion–Delta Gamma 4,989.93 8 Western Carolina–Delta Alpha 4,643.27 13 Louisiana-Monroe–Gamma Nu 4,640.93 25 South–Alpha Alpha 4,569.65 7 South Alabama–Epsilon Alpha 4,479.10 52 North Texas–Gamma Lambda 4,447.74 11 West Virginia–Alpha Rho 4,426.99 11 Appalachian State–Delta Psi 4,248.22 15 Charleston–Beta Gamma 4,232.88 6 Austin Peay State–Zeta Tau 4,152.08 6 Northern Arizona–Epsilon Tau 4,100.93 18 Northwestern State–Gamma Psi 4,092.10 8 Missouri State–Gamma Beta 4,021.00 10 Richmond–Eta 3,831.42 11 North Florida–Zeta Nu 3,792.35 4 Transylvania–Alpha Theta 3,771.00 5 Furman–Iota 3,626.32 10 Duke–Alpha Phi 3,600.00 7 California-Riverside–Epsilon Epsilon 3,535.00 3 Kennesaw State–Zeta Chi 3,451.32 2 Texas A&M-Commerce–Gamma Upsilon 3,361.60 12 West Virginia Wesleyan–Beta Chi 3,283.16 6 Southeastern Louisiana–Epsilon Kappa 3,264.18 7 Southern Indiana–Zeta Omicron 3,193.61 7 Washington College–Beta Omega 3,018.05 19 Florida Gulf Coast–Zeta Pi 2,976.30 3 Tarleton State–Epsilon Pi 2,823.11 2 Davidson–Sigma 2,765.00 8 Arizona State–Epsilon Omega 2,668.32 4 SCHOOL TOTAL($)DONORS Western Kentucky–Epsilon Theta 2,641.99 8 Arkansas–Alpha Omicron 2,428.00 3 Florida Southern–Gamma Pi 2,323.80 4 Bethany–Beta Beta 2,220.00 3 McNeese State–Delta Xi 2,208.00 4 George Mason–Epsilon Phi 2,183.92 4 East Tennessee State–Delta Delta 2,135.00 5 Louisville–Beta Omicron 2,129.23 2 Georgetown–Beta Delta 2,100.00 4 Tennessee-Martin–Delta Upsilon 1,995.64 8 Arkansas-Fort Smith–Zeta Rho 1,990.00 3 Southern Mississippi–Gamma Zeta 1,977.65 5 North Carolina–Upsilon 1,975.00 6 Virginia Wesleyan–Epsilon Omicron 1,789.28 3 George Washington–Alpha Nu 1,754.50 4 Centenary–Alpha Iota 1,731.40 20 Bowling Green State–Zeta Lambda 1,685.29 2 Arkansas State–Delta Eta 1,624.76 6 California–Alpha Xi 1,610.01 76 North Carolina-Charlotte–Epsilon Xi 1,423.80 3 Texas A&M–Epsilon Delta 1,405.30 4 North Carolina-Wilmington–Epsilon Psi 1,387.99 2 Coastal Carolina–Zeta Omega 1,224.32 2 Indiana State–Zeta Iota 1,092.00 2 Murray State–Murray–Delta Nu 1,050.00 2 California State-Bakersfield–Epsilon Upsilon 1,026.58 1 New Mexico–Beta Phi 1,025.00 2 California-Davis–Epsilon Gamma 1,000.00 1 Georgia College–Epsilon Nu 1,000.00 1 Texas Wesleyan–Zeta Xi 1,000.00 1 Wingate–Zeta Zeta 1,000.00 1 Houston–Gamma Mu 944.25 2 San Diego State–Gamma Iota 900.00 1 Maryland–Beta Kappa 896.24 6 West Florida–Epsilon Sigma 769.38 1 Birmingham-Southern–Phi 678.64 5 Virginia–Lambda 600.00 2 West Georgia–Zeta Kappa 378.00 1 Tennessee-Chattanooga–Zeta Upsilon 370.00 2 Colorado–Zeta Alpha 258.69 1 Drury–Beta Iota 253.97 3 Omega Commission 250.00 1 Penn State–Zeta Eta 250.00 1 High Point–Zeta Phi 229.33 1 Univ. of Miami–Gamma Theta 225.00 2 Elon–Epsilon Mu 200.00 2 USMA–Sigma Alpha Commission 200.00 1 Oglethorpe–Beta Nu 155.00 1 Washington–Beta Theta 151.32 3 Campbell–Zeta Psi 102.65 1 Johns Hopkins–Alpha Lambda 100.00 1 San Jose State–Gamma Delta 50.00 1 TOTALS $2,205,241.123,027

Cumulative Giving

$1 Million and Above

Roanoke–Beta Rho

Harry James Breithaupt, Jr.*


These brothers have remained committed, annually, to Kappa Alpha Order through donations to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, gifts to the prior Kappa Alpha Scholarship Fund, or “catch up” gifts made more recently.

65 Years of Giving


John M. Schattyn (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ‘61)

J. Michael Duncan (Delta Kappa–Stephen F. Austin State ‘69)

D. Melson Butler (Kappa– Mercer ‘47) *


Littleton M. Maxwell (Zeta–Randolph-Macon ‘59)



COL Walter Middelton Fitts Sr. (Upsilon–North Carolina ‘56)


James R. Estes (Alpha Kappa–Missouri ’60)

Randal G. Grimme (Delta Mu–Eastern Kentucky ’70)


(Kappa–Mercer ‘54)

Black Blackshear Hamilton Chaffe III (Psi–Tulane ‘52)


Jon Crosby Turner (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ‘75)


Timothy K. Adams (Epsilon–Emory ‘57)


James H. Heidelberg (Gamma Zeta–Southern Mississippi ‘72)


Dr. Edwin P. Rather (Pi–Tennessee ‘60)


Gregory R. Singleton (Gamma Gamma–Memphis ‘82)

Sam O. Leake Jr. (Beta Xi–Oklahoma State ‘61)

Tom David Wagster Jr. (Gamma Omicron–Lambuth ‘65)

Dr. Heber Grey Winfield III, MD (Sigma–Davidson ‘63)


Robert C. Cragon (Alpha Epsilon–Rhodes ‘75)

Dr. Cleveland H. Porter Jr. (Alpha Zeta–William & Mary ‘57)

Victor J. Herbert Jr. (Beta Beta–Bethany ‘64)


John H. Tucker (Beta Commission–VMI ‘78)

C. James Holloway Jr. (Beta Omega–Washington College ‘56)

Eugene M. Julian (Beta Epsilon–Delaware ’63)

Eddie S. Wilson (Delta Beta–Delta State ’73)

Hon. David M. Warren (Tau–Wake Forest ’78)


William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta–William Jewell ’57)

Dr. Thomas Scott Dunavant, Jr. (Gamma Omicron–Lambuth ’94)

Robert D. Kelly (Delta Pi–Missouri Southern State ’73)


John R. Rowe, Jr. (Alpha Sigma–Georgia Tech ’58)


William Haynie Price (Rho-South Carolina ’61)

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

Bensley H. L. Field LO651*

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

William E. Dreyer LO12

$500,000 to $999,999

Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau

Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. LO687*

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

Edward P. Leslie, Jr.*

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

COL David M. Buie USA (Ret.)*


Rock N. Houstoun LO961

Stanford–Alpha Pi

William R. Williamson*

Westminster–Alpha Eta

William H. Angle*

$100,000 to $499,999


Todd D. Reaves LO1315

California–Alpha Xi

Thomas G. Paulson, II LO44*

Clemson–Delta Omicron

Ben W. Satcher, Jr. LO17

Delaware–Beta Epsilon

Eugene M. Julian LO1239

Duke–Alpha Phi

Roy O. Rodwell, Jr. LO2749

East Tennessee State–Delta Delta

Lawrence E. Ault LO167*


Timothy Killen Adams, Sr. LO326

James Laurens Ferman, Jr. LO185

Francis Marion–Delta Tau

William H. Skipper, Jr. LO2380

Georgetown–Beta Delta

COL James Chapman Coleman, Jr.*


William Lawrence Manning Knox, Jr. LO2539

Wyckliffe Austin Knox, Jr. LO3634

Boone A. Knox*

John William Walden, Jr. LO3564

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

Raymond Jackson Alexander, Jr.*

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

James L. Ostner

Louisiana-Lafayette–Gamma Phi

Dr. Russell J. Saloom MD LO816

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

S. Morgan Morton, Jr. LO3481


Andrew H. Heyward III LO16*

Midwestern State–

Gamma Omega

Larry Stanton Wiese LO37

Millsaps–Alpha Mu

Dr. Russell Peyton Atchley DMD LO3260

Missouri–UM_PC (Alpha Kappa)

James R. Estes, Sr. LO10

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

Theodore L. Weise LO293

North Carolina State–

Alpha Omega

Derick S. Close LO2838

Edward I. Weisiger, Jr. LO3784

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Hugh Howard III*

Harold Frank MacDowell, Jr. LO213

Oklahoma State–Beta Xi

F. M. Stevenson*

Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon

Paul E. Snodgress*

Southern California–USC_PC (Beta Sigma)

Michael V. Paulin LO1623

Warren Reed Sprinkel LO656*

Southern Methodist–

Beta Lambda

Barry B. Donnell LO1045

Rufus C. Porter*

Stephen F. Austin State–

Delta Kappa

Gerald W. Schlief LO1214

Texas Tech–Gamma Chi

Joseph Coleman McDowell, Jr. LO516

Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., PhD LO866

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Dr. Charles Thomas Hopkins, Jr.

Washington Univ.–Beta Theta

Vernon W. Piper*

Washington & Lee–Alpha

David Rhodin Murphey, III*

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Carl Trauernicht, Jr.*

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Vance E. Rule*

Clyde E. Williams*

Friends of the Order & KA Roses

Ruth A. Elder Estate

Alfred I. duPont Foundation

Mrs. Dorothy Tyree*

$50,000 to $99,999


Jack Ballard Carter, II LO57*

Delta State–Delta Beta

Eddie S. Wilson LO228


Robert J. Beckham*

Florida–Beta Zeta

Stumpy Harris LO919*

Florida State–Gamma Eta

L. Blair Bailey LO84


Richard J. Arroll

Malcolm H. Liles LO342

William A. McRae

Edwin Richard Neel

Lewis Lanier Scruggs, Jr.

Barry L. Storey

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

James W. Bowyer

Jerry B. Fussell

Hubert Lamar Harris, Jr.

LT Clinton M. Hunter Jr. (Alpha Sigma–Georgia Tech ‘55) 56 John H. Turner, Jr. (Beta Rho–Roanoke ‘10) Raymond F. Burfeind (Alpha Eta–Westminster ’61) CAPT Sidney Ezell Wood, Jr. USN (Ret)


Delta Pi Celebrates 50 Years at Missouri Southern State

CHARTERED ON OCTOBER 15TH, 1971, as the first national Greek organization on the campus then named Missouri Southern College, the Delta Pi Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order held its 50th Anniversary Celebration on October 9th, 2021, at Indigo Sky Casino and Resort in Ottawa County, Oklahoma.

Friday night included a reception and registration. Saturday morning the

brothers played golf while their Roses had a luncheon. On Saturday night, a banquet and presentations were held. Entertainment was provided by the MSSU Jazz Orchestra to the enjoyment of all present. A silent auction was held for the Delta Pi Scholarship Fund and other purposes. Brothers from all years were in attendance including thirteen founding

brothers. The program included updates on the Order from Councilor James M. Schmuck (Alpha Eta–Westminster ’69), Chiles Province from Province Commander M. Tyler Griffin (Alpha Delta–William Jewell ’98), Missouri Southern State University from University President Dr. Dean Van Galen, Joplin Area Alumni Chapter from Dr. Chad Wagoner ’93, and the Active Chapter by Number I Dakota Harris ’19. The Chiles Province Court of Honor held an Induction Ceremony and added Steve Lindsey '77 to their rolls and memberships into the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order were presented. Brother Jamie Estes '97 read a congratulatory letter from his father Former Knight Commander James R. Estes (Alpha Kappa–Missouri ’60). Founders Dave Richard '71 and Rick Lewis '71 enthralled the brothers with memories of how it all came to be.

View all the photos from the event on KA's Facebook Page.

Below: Delta Pi chapter alumni celebrated in many ways, including honoring founders, military service (many featured below), and donations to their scholarship fund.



After more than eight years of employment at the National Administrative O ce as the Receptionist, Kristy Reed departed the sta on June 11, 2021.

After more than thirteen years of employment at the National Administrative O ce as the Foundation Assistant, Becky Moore departed the sta on September 2, 2021.

After nearly eleven years of employment at the National Administrative O ce as the Accounting Assistant, Pamela Lee departed the sta on November 2, 2021.

Sta Updates

Joe Hamner (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’16) departed the sta on September 17, 2021, to pursue another career opportunity.

Blake Ball (Zeta Tau–Austin Peay State ’12) departed the sta of the National Administrative O ce on December 21, 2021. He joined the sta in May 2016 as an Associate Director for Chapter Services, and in June 2019, Blake was promoted to the Director of Risk Management. Additionally, he is also the voice of the Kappa Alpha Order Online New Member Education Course. He has been hired as an EPIK Project Coordinator by Granite Telecommunications in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Teresa Sloan joined the sta of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation on September 27, 2021, as the Foundation Assistant. Teresa comes to us from Shenandoah Valley Landscaping, Inc., where she served as the o ce manager for eight years. Prior to that, Teresa was a FAC specialist contractor for the Virginia Army National Guard Family Programs for ve years. She lives in Buena Vista, Virginia with her husband, Alan, and they have one son.

Carrie Bane joined the sta of the National Administrative O ce on November 29, 2021, as the Accounting Assistant. After growing up in Lexington, Virginia, Carrie moved to Lynchburg to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources at Liberty University in 2014. She received her master’s degree in Executive Leadership from Liberty University in 2018. Previous to joining KA, she worked for seven years at JD Electric as the O ce Manager and most recently in the nance department at Rockbridge Area Hospice. She also o ers bookkeeping services to several businesses. She enjoys spending time with her family, her golden retriever named Moose, hiking, baking, and photography.

News, Notes & Recognition

was created to recognize excellence in leadership and service to the Order. It's the highest individual honor an alumnus can receive.

Douglas W. Hanisch

Epsilon Tau–Northern Arizona '98

CONFERRED: July 29, 2021, by Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III during Session I of the 79th Convention at The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona.

As a two-term Number I of his chapter, Doug also served as committee chairman for multiple committees, including philanthropy and IFC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northern Arizona University. He joined the staff of the National Administrative Office as an Educational and Leadership Consultant in January 2002 and served until May of 2003. Doug has worked for nearly two decades in the banking industry. He is a Vice President for First Western Trust in Englewood, Colorado.

Jerome J. “Jerry” Richardson, Sr.

Delta–Wofford ’57


October 18, 2021, by Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III, at the office of Jerry Richardson in Charlotte, N.C. with Former Knight Commander Ben W. Satcher Jr. (Delta Omicron–Clemson ’79), KAOEF Chairman Derick S. Close (Alpha Omega–North Carolina State ’78), and Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese (Gamma Omega–Midwestern State ’87).

Jerry was born in Spring Hope, N.C., and attended Wofford College. He served as IFC President and in the Student Council Association Cabinet. At Wofford he holds the records for single game receiving yards, and single season and career touchdown receptions. In 1958 was drafted into the NFL by the defending champions, the Baltimore Colts, playing two seasons.

In 2008, then Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan appointed Doug as Neal Province Commander. He also restarted the Neal Court of Honor. He served on the Alumni Engagement Task Force from 2015–2017. He serves as the chairman of the Sigma Gamma Commission for graduates of the United States Air Force Academy. He is a member of Forever KA, the Loyal Order, and the Crimson & Gold Society.

graduates Order, and the Crimson & Gold Society.

After opening the first Hardee’s in Spartanburg, S.C., and co-founding Spartan Foods, he became CEO of Flagstar, then S.C.’s largest publicly traded company with 2,500 restaurants, overseeing 123,000 employees and $3.7 billion in revenue as the sixth-largest food service company in the U.S. He retired in 1995. In 1991, Richardson Sports applied to the NFL for an expansion club in Charlotte. In 1993, the Carolina

Doug volunteers for the organization Outdoor Buddies which assists mobility-disabled people and at-risk youth experience the outdoors activities. He lives in his childhood hometown of Evergreen, Colorado, with his wife Cori and two daughters, Avery and Bergen. They love to ski, camp, mountain bike, hunt, and kayak.

Doug volunteers for the organization Outdoor tain bike, hunt,

He is a 7-year member of the Crimson & Gold Society and belongs to the Frampton and Smith Courts of Honor. He is married to his college sweetheart Rosalind Sallenger Richardson. They have three children; Mark, Ashley Allen, and the late Jon Richardson. They have nine grandchildren and live in

and Smith Courts of Honor. He is

Chapter Charterings

Zeta Alpha Charter University of Colorado

DATE: Saturday, October 30th, 2021, by Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III

LOCATION: Omni Interlocken Hotel

Broomfield, Colorado


GPA: 3.09 (Spring 2021)

Since the provisional chapter was established in January 2021, the chapter has worked to recruit sixty-eight (68) members and achieved a 3.09 Spring 2021 grade point average. Members also became involved with philanthropy and service efforts within the Boulder community and on campus. In Spring 2021, IFC-on-the-Hill organized a “Hill Cleanup” where members had the highest percentage of brothers participate out of twenty fraternities. The members have completed an estimated 80+ hours of service per man during their time as a provisional chapter. Additionally, members of the Provisional Chapter are involved on campus in club sports including snowboarding, skiing, hiking, golf, basketball, bodybuilding, powerlifting, swimming, and motorsports. Several members are also part of the Division I CU Boulder football and soccer teams.

Alpha Kappa Chapter University of Missouri

DATE: Friday, November 19, 2021 by Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III LOCATION: The Atrium on Tenth, Columbia, Missouri


GPA: 3.210 (Fall 2020)

Since the provisional chapter was established in September 2020, the chapter worked to recruit thirty-two (32) members while achieving a 3.210 Fall 2020 grade point average and a 3.128 Spring 2021 grade point average. Members also became involved with philanthropy and service efforts within the Columbia community and on campus. Throughout the past academic year, the members have completed more than one hundred hours of community service and raised more than $2,500 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and The Independence Fund. In addition to club sports of basketball and flag football, members of the Chapter are involved in other campus organizations including Reformed University Fellowship, College Republicans, Newman Center, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Alpha Delta, Mizzou Esports Media, and the Undergraduate Statistics Club.

SPRING 2022 | THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 73 News, Notes & Recognition OUR ORDER

Courts of Honor

The Order’s system of Provincial Courts of Honor is unique in the system of American college fraternities. It was first introduced at the fifth province council, in 1930, by Frank Hammett Myers, Commander of the James Ward Wood Province. For insignia, each Court uses its own Provincial Cross with its own distinct colors. The purpose of the Courts of Honor is to recognize and acknowledge alumni for their continued interest, support, and participation in the Order, its active or alumni chapters, and their capacity to stimulate the expansion and prestige of the fraternity. A Court of Honor typically holds an annual meeting and dinner or event to nominate new members and make plans for the events of the upcoming year. A new inductee is presented with Court of Honor jewel along with a certificate of membership.


Friday, July 30, 2021, at the Alumni Conference at the 79th Convention & Brotherhood Weekend, Sedona Room of the Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona

 King V. Aiken, Jr. (Kappa–Mercer ’83)

 Wayne E. Dawson (Arizona–Gamma Epsilon ’60)

 Christopher “Chris” Morace (Alpha Pi–Stanford ’92)

 Collin B. Taylor (Delta Mu–Eastern Kentucky ’96)


Saturday, August 28, 2021, at the Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham/Trussville, Birmingham, Alabama

 David Carico (Epsilon–Emory ’84)

 Reel Howell (Nu–Auburn ’08)

 Keith Marbut (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’88)

 David Merrill (Zeta Pi–Florida Gulf Coast ’08)

 Bill Nash (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’85)

 Warren Sarrell (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’05)

 J.E.B. Shell (Epsilon Alpha–South Alabama ’96)

 Stephen Snow (Alpha Beta–Alabama ’86)

 William Walker (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’07)

Dunwody Province


Friday, September 10, 2021, at the SILO Auto Club and Conservancy, Indianapolis, Indiana

 Benjamin K. Hirschauer (Zeta Omicron–Southern Indiana ’11)

 Christopher A. Parrish (Zeta Omicron–Southern Indiana ’07)

 C. Douglas Simmons III (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’95)

Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor,


Saturday, October 9, 2021, at the Delta Pi Chapter 50th Anniversary Celebration, Indigo Sky Casino and Resort, Ottawa County, Oklahoma

 Steven B. Lindsey (Delta Pi–Missouri Southern State ’77)


Thursday, October 14, 2021, at the Fairview Inn, Jackson, Mississippi

 William Knox Austin, Jr. (Alpha Mu–Millsaps ’63)

 James Keithley Child, Jr. (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ’53)

 Andrew Jackson Clark (Delta Beta–Delta State ’94)

 William Chandler Douglas, Jr. (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ’80)

Claude Wheeler Harbarger (Nu–Auburn ’73)

John Austin Holliday, Jr. (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’73)

Thomas Bradford Janoush (Delta Beta–Delta State ’87)

Hunter Meyer Lipscomb (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’04)

Matthew Parker

Lipscomb (Delta Beta–Delta State ’02)

 John Dickson Mayo (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ’94)

 Lynn Bryce McMahan (Alpha Mu–Millsaps ’65)

 Daniel Allen Meyers (Alpha Mu–Millsaps ’90)

 Kenneth Ewing Milam, Jr. (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ’89)

 James N.C. “Red” Moffat III (Alpha Mu–Millsaps ’73)

 Bryan Gates Nesbit (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’93)

 Samuel David Norquist (Delta Beta–Delta State ’85)

 Donald Andrew Phillips (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ’82)

 John Mack Varner (Alpha Mu–Millsaps ’64)

 Josh Phillip West (Delta Beta–Delta State ’02)

Notes & Recognition
    
 Jr. (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’70) Irwin Province Chilees Province Traylor Province

KAOEF Recognized for Best New Development Idea

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence held its 2021 Awards Program and honored nine member organizations for their outstanding work and for excelling and innovating in particular areas. The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAEOF) was recognized with the Best New Development Idea for the Rose Circle of the Crimson & Gold Society. From the presentation:


Pursuant to Article 7, Section 116, of the Order’s Bylaws, Knight Commander

C. Douglas Simmons III has appointed the following Province Commanders to serve for his second term. He and the Order wish to thank former Frampton Province Commander L. Charles Banks, Jr. (Delta Epsilon–Newberry ’02), for his service. One new appointment is noted with an asterisk, with bio below.


Darron E. Franta


Collin B. Taylor


M. Tyler Griffin


Hon. P. Michael Ruff


E. Preston Pritchett III


Jason L. Potts


Gregory R. Singleton


Jeffrey W. Love


William H. Skipper, Jr.*


James M. Ransbottom

“Every organization has allies outside of their own membership, but how many utilize these allies to further their fundraising goals?

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation used the support of nonmembers to reach their goal of 1,000 donors at $1,000 per year or more. Their nonmember giving society, Rose Circle of the Crimson and Gold, has monthly planning and progress calls led by these volunteers and biweekly new member reports so the new members are appropriately thanked by sta and volunteers.”

The KAOEF would like to thank Judy Schmuck, Kitty deKie er, and Dawn Wiese for their time and e ort in ensuring the success of this program.


Lee P. Oliver III


Hunter M. Lipscomb


H. David Pinson


Ronny J. Snow


Douglas W. Hanisch


Robert H. Wall


Dr. Joel A. Nickles


Matthew D. O’Neal


Dr. Steven E. Hastings

William H. “Bill” Skipper, Jr. (Delta Tau–Francis Marion ’80) was appointed as the Commander of the W. McLeod Frampton Province which includes the Active Chapters, Alumni Chapters, and the Commission in the State of South Carolina.

Bill is a retired 20-year career U.S. Army Officer with service with the 82nd Airborne Division, SCARNG, US Central Command (CENTCOM), and the Army Staff in the Pentagon. His last five years in the Army were spent as a Legislation Liaison before the United States Congress.

After retiring from the Army, he became President and CEO of American Business Development Group, a full-service business development, sales and marketing, and legislative consulting firm specializing in the Department of Defense. Bill is also the President of Skipper Family Properties with assets in Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation since 2004 and is a member of the Loyal Order, Forever KA, Crimson & Gold Society, 1865 Trust, and the Order’s Military Division. He is a member of the W. McLeod Frampton and James Ward Wood Courts of Honor. Bill founded and supported the effort to establish the KAOEF’s E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program, now successfully providing internship opportunities in Washington, D.C., Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Bill is the proud father of three successful adult children and currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina.


Provisional Chapters Established

University of Southern California (Beta Sigma Chapter)

DATE: Thursday, September 2, 2021

INITIATES: 25 Men Inducted

LOCATION: Held virtually on Zoom

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, a group of twentyfive men at the University of Southern California were inducted into Kappa Alpha Order as members awaiting initiation. Due to extenuating circumstances around COVID-19, the ceremony was held virtually on Zoom.

Neal Province Commander Douglas “Doug” W. Hanisch (Epsilon Tau–Northern Arizona ’98) installed the chapter officers and led the Induction Ceremony with the assistance of Director of Chapter Development Aristeo “Ari” S. Ruiz (Zeta Tau–Austin Peay State ’14), and Associate Director for Chapter Services Gabriel A. "Gabe" Rodriguez (Alpha Iota–Centenary ’16).

Province Commander Hanisch presented the group with their provisional certificate as the University of Southern California Provisional Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. Once the provisional chapter has completed its chartering requirements, it will be fully restored as the Beta Sigma Chapter.

University of West Florida (Epsilon Sigma Chapter)

DATE: Thursday, September 27, 2021

INITIATES: 15 Men Inducted

LOCATION: Commons’ Lounge

On Thursday, September 27, 2021, a group of fifteen men at the University of West Florida were inducted into Kappa Alpha Order as members awaiting initiation. The ceremony was held on campus in the Commons’ Lounge.

Councilor L. Blair Bailey (Gamma Eta–Florida State ’88) installed the chapter officers and led the Induction Ceremony with Crawford Province Commander Hon. P. Michael “Mike” Ruff (Gamma Eta–Florida State ’67),  Director of Chapter Development Aristeo “Ari” S. Ruiz (Zeta Tau–Austin Peay State ’14), and Associate Director for Chapter Services Steven L. Gros (Delta Xi–McNeese State ’16).

The group was presented with their provisional certificate as the University of West Florida Provisional Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. Once the provisional chapter has completed its chartering requirements, it will be fully restored as the Epsilon Sigma Chapter.

SPRING 2022 | THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 77 News, Notes & Recognition OUR ORDER


Jack R. Taylor

31st Knight Commander (1981–1985) (Beta Iota-Drury '49)

(1931–2021): Taylor was born in Clovis, New Mexico. His family moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he graduated high school. He first attended Drury College, and later he transferred to the University of Missouri. He served as Number I in 1951 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1953. He was formerly the President and Chairman of the Board of Mattingly Stores Inc., which had been founded by his father-in-law. Taylor was also an investor and corporate “turnaround” management specialist. Taylor served as the Chiles Province Commander from 1975 to 1976, when he was elected by the Advisory Council to fill a vacancy on the Executive Council. In 1979, he was selected Senior Councilor, and in 1981, he was elected as the Knight Commander. Taylor was involved in the creation of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) in 1981, led by his chapter brother and friend, Former Knight Commander Loren Q. Hanson. He subsequently served as Chairman and President and was named a Life Trustee/Trustee Emeritus in 2000.

Former Knight Commander Taylor is survived by his wife Ann of nearly 68 years, his daughter Sherryl Taylor Jandrell (Steve) and his son Keith Taylor (Donna) as well as four grandchildren and three great grandchildren with one on the way

William A. “Bill” Wood

(Alpha–Washington & Lee ’03) Grandson of Chief Founder, James Ward Wood

(1929–2021): Wood was a dedicated KA leader and volunteer, serving as the Commander for the William Sprigg Hamilton Province from 2008 to 2009; was a member of the Ammen, Hamilton, and Wood Courts of Honor; and, served as the KAOEF Leadership Lecturer for the 74th Convention, in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2011. He was an inaugural member of the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order in 2009.

He was a recipient of the Knight Commander’s Accolade, on February 27, 2010, by 38th Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan. Along with his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Edna W. Wood, a daughter, Robin Stultz, and three brothers. He is survived by a son-in-law, Robert Stultz of Weston, West Virginia; granddaughter, Amelia Wagner (Nick) of Coalton, West Virginia; a foster daughter, Tracy Perdue; and, great-grandchildren, Morgan and Jeb Wagner. Funeral services were held on Saturday, July 31, 2021, at McKee Funeral Home Chapel, Baker West Virginia. At the request of Knight Commander Simmons, former Ammen Province Commander Carlton W. Baker (Zeta–Randolph-Macon ’81) represented the Order. Interment was at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Lost City, West Virginia.

Linda Hill Dreyer

Late wife of 39th Knight Commander William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta–William Jewell ’57)

(1939–2021): Linda attended William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, where she majored in sacred music, music education, and cello. She became a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. There she met William E. Dreyer, who became her husband of nearly 60 years, and she became his Kappa Alpha Rose. Linda was committed to supporting her family, acting as a school volunteer, room mother, and a Girl Scout leader. She was a lifelong benefactor of William Jewell College, and served as a board member of Central Methodist College in Fayette, Missouri, among several other philanthropic initiatives. She was the only middle school music teacher in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She also worked as a tax preparer and an enrolled IRS agent and taught piano to many students over the years, including a young Rush Limbaugh in Cape Girardeau. Linda was a very active member of Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. Linda is survived by, her husband, William E. Dreyer; daughters, Elizabeth Dreyer Norris and Susan Dreyer Brysacz; sons-in-law, Thomas Edwin Norris (Alpha Delta–William Jewell ’80) and Matthew Snyder Brysacz; grandchildren, James Dreyer Norris (Delta Omicron–Clemson ’15), William Edwin Norris (Alpha Delta–William Jewell ’16), Caroline Hill Brysacz, John Emerson Brysacz, and William Hardin Brysacz.


Alabama–Alpha Beta

Doug M. Allen 1962, 3/18/21

Frederick B. Benson 1954, 4/30/21

Walter S. McConnell 1946, 11/19/19

Joseph Everett Sanders, Jr. 1958, 4/8/21

James M. Tackett 1960, 9/16/15

Arizona–Gamma Epsilon

Gene C. Falck 1955, 1/28/21

Gerald R. Sanders 1956, 9/1/21

Arkansas–Alpha Omicron

Aubrey G. Blanks, Jr. 1945, 3/16/03

Michael L. LeJong 1992, 7/19/21

Arkansas State–Delta Eta

Thomas L. Wilborn 1967, 4/20/18


Dr. James Jackson

Awbrey, III 1963, 7/15/20

Samuel B. Bridges 1982, 6/16/21

Hunter Alan Chambliss 2012, 2/4/18

Dr Walter Lain Mills, Jr. 1969, 3/30/21

William W. Moore, III 1949, 2/24/17

Charles B. Ogle 1955, 8/5/15

Donald Edward Russell, Sr. 1957, 7/17/21

James E. Weldon 1971, 5/13/21

Bethany–Beta Beta

Leon A. Gabia 1948, 11/26/17


M. Richard Hughes 1962, 12/19/18

Dr. William M. Lawson 1943, 1/1/19

Harold W. Pickel 1957, 3/6/19

Fratres Usque Ad Aram Fideles

Centenary–Alpha Iota Morris S. Burns 1950, 6/26/21

William M. Johnson 1960, 12/5/21

Ross Elias McDade, III 1946, 3/27/20

William Allen Robinson, Sr. 1950, 9/28/20

Dr. William H. Tomlinson, Col. USA (Ret.) 1939, 8/23/21

Citadel–Theta Commission

CAPT Charles Albert Peberdy 2018, 10/16/21

Thomas Rudolph Young, III 2016, 7/27/21

Clemson–Delta Omicron

Tilden Frederick Riley, III 1970, 11/22/21


William B. Carter 1944, 1/16/16

John C. Gilmer 1954, 7/5/21

Robert S. Green 1958, 9/9/21

Dr John Thomas King, Jr. 1947, 10/18/21

Rev. Wilkes D. Macaulay 1944, 1/30/18

Dr. Calvin Vere Morgan, Jr. 1956, 9/23/21

Charles Randall Nelms, Jr. 1958, 6/13/21

William W. Nickels 1943, Dr. Joseph Henry Wearn MD 1957, 12/16/17

Ivan Thomas Wood, III 1955, 6/12/21

Delaware–Beta Epsilon

Donald F. Boorse 1951, 9/9/15

Stephen F. Hoenigman 1972, 8/14/10

W. Bruce Holland 1957, 5/18/19

John C. Lewis 1947, 8/22/21

Lawrence B. McManus 1953, 1/13/19

William J. Monaghan, Jr. 1946, 11/19/95

William H. Norton, Jr. 1947, 8/8/21

Arthur A. Pizzuto 1975, 4/11/21

Robert E Young 1948, Edwin S. Zippe 1956, 12/22/17

Delta State–Delta Beta

Tobin L. Herges 1988, 11/19/21

Chester R. Linebarier 2009, 5/24/18

Theodore O. Solomon, Jr. 1964, 6/13/21

William L. Switzer 1967, 9/24/14

Drury–Beta Iota

Hugh L. Bates 1959, 4/11/21

Richard A. Hughes, Jr. 1966, 5/12/18

Ivan E. Millstead 1955, 11/22/09

Mark L. Monkres 1981, 4/23/14

Kenneth B. Newman 1983, 6/2/21

William C. Virdon 1950, 11/23/21

Duke–Alpha Phi

Jens B. Edwards, Jr. 1969, 12/12/17

John B. Harris, Jr. 1950, 9/30/21

James J. Kiser, III 1962, 7/17/21

Frederick G. McCollum, Jr. 1959, 11/18/18

Eastern Kentucky–Delta Mu

Ronald L. Burgess 1969, 6/18/21


Thomas A. Bartenfeld III 1974, 9/5/13

D. Melson Butler 1947, 11/17/21

Asa G. Candler V 1949, 8/13/21

John S. Langford 1968, 2/23/19

Hon. Robert G. Stokes 1954, 4/26/20

Dr. G. Phillips Thomas 1957, 1/9/21

Dr. James Jefferson Thomasson, Jr., MD, FACS 1953, 11/23/21

Dr. Robert Sidney

Thornton MD 1963, 5/13/21

Joseph B. Williams 1961, 11/22/20

Dr. Luther Horn Wolff, Jr. 1964, 12/18/20

Florida–Beta Zeta

Kimball R. Bobbitt 1962, 10/3/21

Dr. Robert L. Bowman 1959, 5/9/20

COL William A. Rathbone 1948, 10/1/17

Hoyte D. Rushing 1944, 11/19/10

Florida State–Gamma Eta

Robert L. Andrews III 1990, 4/23/21

Charles Carter 2019, 5/31/21

Georgetown–Beta Delta Danny R. Berryman 1971, 6/22/19

Chapman O. Burnett 1960, 12/19/03

Dr. Joseph L. Hood, PhD 1950, 11/24/21

Albert S. Suffoletta 1947, 5/5/14

Georgia–Gamma Avary Miller Dimmock, Jr. 1942, 3/11/19

Dr. Edwin Hobgood 1957, 7/8/09

Jeptha B. Liipfert 1978, 10/31/21

Elliott Bernard Simmons, Jr. 1954, 9/20/21

Thorborn Ross Tolleson, Jr. 1976, 11/5/21

William Terrell Wingfield, Sr. 1948, 8/26/21

Georgia Southern–Delta Theta

Jerry P. Blanks 1968, 8/10/21

James H. Goodwin 1969, 9/13/21

Georgia Tech–Alpha Sigma

Thomas Carroll Aderhold 1949, 5/17/21

Thomas Augustine Barrow, Jr. 1945, 2/2/04

Clois Clifton Brown, Jr. 1946, 12/1/17

Walton Thomas Carter, Jr. 1948, 5/4/21

Brian H. Gracey 1962, 7/13/21

James C. Platt, Jr. 1936, 12/12/15

John D. Plaxco 1943, 3/14/21

Lamar H. Roberts 1944, 6/6/20

Charles E. Turner 1939, Bert Wilkins, Jr. 1954, 7/13/21

Hampden-Sydney–Alpha Tau

Marvin C. Bowling, Jr. 1945, 4/28/11

Stuart H. Deal 1971, 11/7/21

Walter Robert Eason, Jr. 1963, 5/19/21

Dr. Austin B. Harrelson 1954, 11/7/11

Michael W. Paulette 1963, 1/14/19

Dr. Thomas C. Wilson 1946, 10/9/18

Houston Baptist–Delta Sigma

Ray L. Cox, Jr. 1977, 10/18/21

Johns Hopkins–Alpha Lambda

Dr. Arthur Roland Holt, Jr. 1972, 7/14/19

Augustine A. Strejcek 1960, 10/27/15

William G. Watson 1948, 10/31/11


Jason E. Corn 2004, 7/20/21

Ronald C. Endicott 1957, 5/13/15

William O. Holton II 1952, 11/6/21


*Deceased listing includes those reported through December 15, 2021

Lambuth–Gamma Omicron

Robert Hendrix 1957, 3/14/21

Louisiana State–Alpha Gamma

James N. Davis 1924, 2/11/97

Charles C. Garvey 1940, 7/3/11

Howard L. Martin 1944, 4/2/88

COL Samuel D. Newman 1956, 11/11/11

Jackson C. Sibley 1951, 9/20/21

Otey Leroy White, Jr. 1945, 5/24/14

Louisiana Tech–

Gamma Alpha

Harrison K. Jordan 1954, 8/30/21

Roy Miller Lilly, Jr. 1947, 6/14/21

Robert D. Schaumburg 1969, 11/26/21

Louisiana-Lafayette–Gamma Phi

Thomas D. Brasher 1962, 9/13/21

Carlos Barrett Greer, Jr. 1978, 11/30/21

Dr. Jack A. Hurst 1965, 6/13/21

Daniel C. LaBiche 1962, 5/1/14

1LT Gerald Vincent Nasello 1963, 7/27/21

William Byrne Page, Jr. 2001, 3/13/21

Joseph Roussell Streva, Jr. 1969, 12/5/21

Louisiana-Monroe–Gamma Nu

Dustin D. Clement 2003, 7/31/21

Louisville–Beta Omicron

Milton B. Rogers 1949, 9/4/21

Marshall–Beta Upsilon

David H. Daugherty 1949, 5/9/21

Connor Christian Meadows 2011, 8/13/21

Jack O. Sheppe 1947, 7/20/17

Dana P. Spencer 1968, 8/16/21

Maryland–Beta Kappa

Thomas Carestia 1975, 7/31/21

John M. Carter 1938, 12/6/14

Raymond E. Grant 1946, 10/23/21

McNeese State–Delta Xi

Gustavo E. Adelsflugel 1977,

Donald J. Broussard 1971, 5/30/21

Chris W. Castille 1978, 9/2/21

T. Keel Harris 1980, 7/21/10

Fred B. Hoffpauir 1976, 9/9/03

Jay Jacobs 1978, 10/11/21

Benjamin M. O'Quinn 1970, 6/5/08

Joel C. Thibodeaux 2001, 11/24/21

Memphis–Gamma Gamma

Robert B. Glenn, Jr. 1970, 11/10/21

William P. Peeples 1948, 11/5/14

Jimmie A. Shindler 2003, 9/20/21


Dr. A. Douglas Calhoun 1962, 11/14/21

Alan F. Carter 2001, 4/18/21

Monroe T. Hill, Sr. 1956, 8/16/21

Jerry W. Joyner 1955, 7/4/21

Garrett D. Webster 2006, 10/1/18

Univ. of Miami–Gamma Theta

Philip M. Kyne, Jr. 1950, 6/1/14

Middle Tennessee State–Delta Lambda

Dr. James A. Fisher 1973, 4/9/21

Danny B. Todd 1973, 8/31/21

Dr. Barry S. Wagner 1974, 8/25/21

Midwestern State–Gamma Omega

Edward D. Mulligan, Jr. 1964, 7/30/21

Millsaps–Alpha Mu Regenold S. Aycock 1969, 2/24/16

Dr. William C. Baker 1949, 11/30/21

Dr. Edward McDaniel Collins, Jr. 1950, 4/10/21

Slater R. Gordon 1934, 1/19/10

Charles E. Hollowell 1953, 3/25/17

Cecil M. Ranager 1983, 11/20/21

Mississippi–Alpha Upsilon

Lawrence Joseph Franck 1950, 8/4/14

Patrick C. Pearson 2008, 11/8/21

Robert Carter Nicholas Stockett, Jr. 1960, 10/7/21

Mississippi State–Beta Tau Emmett W. Farrar, Jr. 1962, 4/2/04

Claude Kelso Fisackerly, Jr. 1953, 5/8/20

Howard E. Fisackerly, Sr. 1957, 5/4/21

Nat J. Hovious 1942, 1/18/10

Dr George Gilbert Chandler Pyle, Jr. 1947, 4/12/19

Richard A. Sikes 1949, 10/23/16

BG W. Troy Tolbert (Ret.) 1952, 9/16/21

Missouri–Alpha Kappa BG Patrick O. Adams 1965, 3/21/21

Dr. R. Duncan Dallam 1943, 7/2/21

William C. Davidson 1962, 4/6/21

Harold E. French 1952, 8/26/18

Casey R. Hirschman 2005, 11/1/17

Werner D. Nilsen 1959, 5/20/16

Walter W. Reed 1948, 1/13/16

Jack R. Taylor 1950, 6/30/21

Paget W. Thornton 1932, 5/26/02

Missouri S&T–Beta Alpha

Wallace H. Holmes 1952, 4/6/13

Richard L. Jones 1963, 1/27/21

Lenn J. Scheibal 1968, 9/18/16

Missouri State–Gamma Beta

Alfred H. Hammons

1959, 1/31/13

New Mexico–Beta Phi

Robert N. Gifford 1944, 10/17/15

Claude L. Lewis 1950, 11/30/20

Dr. Robert H. Wortman 1953, 7/25/15

Newberry–Delta Epsilon

Dr. J. Thomas Burriss 1966, 4/17/21

Gerald P. Dickinson, Jr.

1983, 10/29/21

Richard H. Weston 1971, 6/1/21

North Carolina–Upsilon

Joseph M. Hutton 1946, 1/28/16

Malcolm T. McDonald 1949, 1/12/18

Thomas Hamilton Sloan 1949, 6/24/21

William Johnson

Waggoner, Sr. 1950, 2/14/19

North Carolina State–Alpha Omega

George H. Cornelson IV 1950, 7/8/21

Archibald W. Thompson 1975, 11/2/21

North Texas–Gamma Lambda

John M. Geer 1961, 11/6/16

William E. Smith 1963, 8/14/21

J. Aubrey Wolf 1960, 8/12/21

Northern Arizona–Epsilon Tau

Greg R. Gomez 1991, 12/1/20

Oglethorpe–Beta Nu

Raymond D. Cook 1972, 8/31/21

Oklahoma–Beta Eta

Joseph P. Brent, Sr. 1959, 11/16/21

Dr. George E. Cobb 1949, 9/21/21

John P. Leftwich 1952, 9/20/20

Charles L. McCall 1940, 3/5/06

Ronald G. Minnix 1964, 9/3/21

Terry C. Northcutt 1954, 11/3/20

Hon. Lee R. West 1949, 4/24/20

Oklahoma City–Gamma Kappa

Clair F. Jones 1958, 6/25/20

J. Michael Jones 1963, 10/21/19

Edward Franklin Keller 1958, 9/14/21

Old Dominion–Delta Gamma

Danny S. Glover 1972, 3/20/20

Presbyterian–Beta Pi

Charles B. Barnwell, Jr. 1961, 8/17/21

Creighton E. Likes, Jr. 1961, 11/27/21

William S. Ogden, Jr. 1982, Dr. William Singleton Ogden, Sr. 1960, 6/15/21

M. Perry Randle 1951, 2/2/18

Robert W. Spears 1948, 8/14/21


Matthew L. Fernandez 1998, 3/16/19

Ralph Louis Lincoln, III 1979, 11/12/21

Reed S. Moore 1956, 10/19/21

Rhodes–Alpha Epsilon

Aubrey Bryant 1949, 4/27/21

James B. Ragland, Jr. 1967, 7/19/15


Dr. John Abbott Byrd, Jr. 1940, 10/21/21

James T. Carr 1957, 12/13/20

H. Lee Gibbs 1971, 8/16/17

Dr. Claude Stuart Whitehead, Jr. 1957, 6/25/21

Roanoke–Beta Rho

John W. Dierks 1951, 9/19/20

Rev. Charles L. Johnson 1957, 6/11/19

Alvin L. Stump 1957, 11/14/10


Edward H. Underhill, Jr. 1952, 11/20/20

William B West 1965, 9/10/20

Rollins–Alpha Psi

Kendrick E. Fenderson, Jr. 1947, 12/28/09

Jerry R. Griggs 1951, 1/25/20

Joseph S. Haraka 1956, 12/28/16

San Diego State–Gamma Iota

Eugene Coda 1951

South Carolina–Rho Shields Pettus Blankenship, Jr. 1957, 4/9/21

William P. Fincher 1958, 8/14/21

Henry H. Lewis 1960, 3/11/19

Charles Francis

Middleton, III 1963, 6/26/21

Edwin C. Reamer 1985, 9/1/21

John Moultrie Truluck, III 1967, 5/30/21

Carl Bennett Watson, Jr. 1952, 1/27/16

Southeastern Louisiana–

Epsilon Kappa

John M. Quarles 1991, 10/2/21

Southern California–Beta Sigma

R. Michael Doell 1963, 2/6/20

Richard Hunsaker 1961, 12/6/20

Douglass T. Joy 1961, 6/12/21

Gordon D. Langlois 1955, James D. Reed 1972, 4/17/21

Gerald A. Saunders 1949, 9/16/21

Henry K. Workman 1946, 3/16/20

Southern Indiana–Zeta Omicron

Anh Q. Nguyen , 11/11/21

Southern Methodist–Beta Lambda

Robert L. Connally 1947, 9/27/12

A. Patrick McEvoy 1940, 10/20/14


Fratres Usque Ad Aram Fideles

Lewis C. McMahan 1937, 1/1/00

Jeffrey J. Rahilly 1998, 9/19/21

Southern Mississippi–Gamma Zeta

James D. Gordon 1968, 3/31/21

Rodney J. Gullo 1966, 9/21/16

Walter E. Hammons 1967, 7/18/21

Bryan P. Schoell 1990, 1/9/17


James M. Croley 1959, 12/24/20

Joseph W. Hegar, Jr. 1953, 7/29/21

Spring Hill–Delta Zeta Dr. William B.G. Burns 1966, 5/4/20

Stanford–Alpha Pi

Robert C. Friese 1961, 5/13/21

James E. Monson 1951, 1/1/21

Fred C. Offenhauser 1964, 1/23/21

Stephen F. Austin State–Delta Kappa

Donald E. Wood 1971, 6/6/11


Dr. Joseph D. Chandler 1956, 1/30/18

Thomas Lee Griffin, Jr. 1961, 7/17/21

Thomas G. King 1960, 5/16/21

Kenneth D. Williams 1951, 5/5/21

Hiram P. Winningham 1969, 4/13/21


LaDon E. Bogle 1945, 5/1/85

Alan E. Coffey 1962, 8/3/19

Charles Marion Davis, Jr. 1981, 10/21/21

Arthur J. Ferguson 1951, 9/22/21

William E. Findley, Jr. 1944, 8/27/18

Dee Solon Finley, Jr. 1964, 5/8/18

Dr. J. Thomas Fitch 1957, 1/24/21

Francis Dee Ford, Jr. 1947, 5/12/03

William M. Fuller 1933, 1/30/92

Emmet R. Galbreth 1963, 5/28/73

Don M. Gamel 1963, 10/1/97

Manfred W. Gerhardt 1945, 4/25/02

Rev. Harold Reece Gillespie, Jr. 1950, 1/4/92

Wyman Ray Gilliam, Sr. 1951, 3/20/17

Lawrence M. Godfrey, Jr. 1954, 12/12/12

Jack S. Gorman 1951, 2/20/21

George K. Gowans 1951, 4/7/91

Francis Banner Gregg, Jr. 1956, 2/1/90

Edward J. Hale 1956, 11/22/08

Robert C. Halsell 1951, 4/2/14

Clyde M. Hardy 1944, 8/3/05

Albert E. Harris 1944, Lee W. Henslee 1954, 5/12/14

H. Wayne Hightower 1949, 6/27/11

Honorable George D. Hinson 1934, 6/27/93

James J. Hippard 1943, 3/25/05

Walter A. Hogan 1952, 9/11/08

Harold D. Holloway 1953, 12/22/71

Lovell Carl Hooper, Jr. 1948, 4/8/15

Ruben Wert Hope, Jr. 1956, 7/3/15

Robert E. Horlock 1931, 2/9/79

Jesse F. Horner 1955, 2/11/90

Willis McMillan Howard, Jr. 1947, 12/7/20

Gordon W. Hoyt 1944, 11/1/15

Patton C. Hudson 1952, 1/28/18

H. Lynnwood Hunt, Jr. 1944, 8/2/63

William L. Hutchings 1941, 5/17/87

James Forbes Jackson, Jr. 1952, 11/30/18

Speight Jenkins, Sr. 1957, Andrew James Kaulbach, Jr. 1935, 12/10/70

Felix Lloyd Kelley, Jr. 1944, 8/10/09

Paul E. Kellogg 1955, 4/28/21

William T. Kendall 1940, 1/27/01

David B. Kiker 1966, 9/2/17

Dr. John B. King 1947, 6/12/12

Wilbur J. Knox 1932, 12/17/95

Harold David Krick, Jr. 1955, 11/1/18

Marvin A. Kuehn 1930, 3/17/99

Graham F. Land 1946, 8/1/87

Frank Lander 1933, 8/26/97

Dr. Joseph H. Ledford 1957, 9/25/15

Richard V. Lewis 1947, 7/11/18

John J. Little 1940, 1/7/99

Raymond Victor Loftin, Jr. 1949, 1/25/12

Joe F. Maberry 1942, 10/6/92

Clarence McLeod Malone, Jr. 1937, 11/16/98

D. Wayne Malone 1964, 11/15/19

Vincent P. Marshall 1934, 12/3/05

Robert J. McCarthy 1944, 1/7/14

Alan T. McCleery 1940, 2/23/08

Charles E. McCullough 1954, 9/16/18

Everett K. Melby 1959, 7/7/05

Carlton Meredith, Jr. 1941, 11/18/20

Charles E. Miller 1944, 8/19/14

Dr. John E. Milner 1951, 1/28/21

Addison P. Moore 1937, 2/13/99

Hardy G. Moore 1924, 9/15/01

James S. Moore 1955, 1/12/21

William Ferguson Morgan, Jr. 1944, 10/24/94

Lucian L. Morrison III 1955,

Clifton Lowther Moss, III 1941, 5/3/06

L. Jack Musselman 1968, 2/28/11

COL Alvin L. Newbury 1932, 2/6/69

William Bernard

Newkirk, Jr. 1929, 2/23/93

Robert F. Silvus 1952, 1/3/18

Charles N. Warren 1960, 1/5/18

Texas A&MCommerce–Gamma Upsilon

Bill Arthur Clark, Jr. 1980, 12/2/21

David N. Grace 1992, 8/8/21

Marion M. Miller, II, RPH 1961, 7/1/21

Transylvania–Alpha Theta

James J. Horine 1960, 10/28/14

John Tullis L. Jones, IV 2009, 5/19/21

Peyton L. Mitchell 1965, 1/16/17


Robert Lee Emery, IV 1975, 4/20/16

Charles O. Hartwell 1957, 5/20/11

Dr. Ray G. Hooper, MD 1951, 4/2/18

James R. McIntyre 1962, 9/29/21

William F. Milcarek 1967, 7/4/21


Robert E. Blount 1948, 10/21/21

Robert W. Gideon 1961, 5/9/21

Raleigh L. Wolfe 1958, 11/1/21

Gary L. Yeck 1963, 7/8/21

Valdosta State–Delta Rho

Robert A. Hendrix 1973, 7/8/21

Augustus Kinard Walters 2009, 9/9/21


Glenn A. Carus 1949, 9/5/21

Dr. William Anderson Susong OB/GYN 1947, 9/12/19

Rev. Daly Thompson, Jr. 1951, 11/13/21


William R. Chambers 1959, 7/10/17

David Scott Litton PhD 1969, 2/7/16

William Oliver Luckett, Jr. 1967, 10/29/21


COL Malcolm Stanley

Underwood, Jr. (Ret) 1948, 7/9/21

VMI–Beta Commission

Michael T. Baumgardner 1998, 10/13/20

James C. Carr 1963, 1/21/21

CPT Mark R. Crocker 1992, 1/18/21

John E. Durst 1972, 8/24/20

William A. Eliason 1948, 12/30/20

Willard Vernon Gates, Jr. 1960, 1/6/21

Robert B. Gore 1980, 9/17/20

COL Paul C. Jussel 1979, 12/29/20

Charles S. Luck III 1955, 12/1/20

MG James Markus Morgan, Jr. 1958, 1/2/21

Lt Col Reginald Cleaves Morrison, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1956, 8/24/20

CPT Austin Antonio Luigi Murga 2016, 9/7/20

Joe B. Preston II 1962, 9/12/20

Beverly C. Read 1965, 9/10/20

Augustus Robbins III 1948, 10/28/20

Dr. John J. Tice IV 1970, 8/18/20

James A. Vest 1962, 8/13/20

J. Penn Whitescarver 1960, 12/3/20

Wake Forest–Tau Edward Wilkes Atkinson, Jr. 1968, 9/18/21

Manning Zachariah Claxton, Jr. 1956, 2/25/04

John Garland Mills, III 1953, 10/3/21

William H. Simpson 1946, 6/14/21

Univ. of Washington–

Beta Theta

David E. Tucker 1942, 7/13/21

Washington & Lee–Alpha

Walter Francis Little, Jr. 1949, 5/20/21

Thomas F. Rawls 1986, 10/18/21

William Arthur Wood 2003, 7/24/21


Fratres Usque Ad Aram Fideles

Washington College–Beta Omega

John K. Daniel 1954, 2/7/18

Raymond L. Evans 1952, 12/23/10

Dr. Marcus J. Suppo 1989, 6/21/21

Bruce R. Wyckoff 1949, 5/21/21

West Florida–Epsilon Sigma

Donald Aroen Chieman, III 1991, 6/19/13

West Texas A&M–Gamma Sigma

Thomas S. Cathey 1963, 6/17/21

Roy M. Hodges 1971, 3/21/21

Steve A. Hooper 1977, 3/19/21

MAJ David W. Russell 1975, 9/22/21

Ronald R. Russell 1969, 9/10/21

West Virginia–Alpha Rho

Dr. James S. Brill 1948, 2/23/05

Hon. James S. Gallas 1947, 12/11/14

Edwin F. Goff 1960, 1/13/21

Kenneth R. Lucas 1961, 5/9/21

Arthur J. Pugh 1956, 4/10/21

Dr. William J. Shivlin 1972, 10/22/09

West Virginia Wesleyan–Beta Chi

Robert H. Reger, Jr. 1961, 6/30/21

Dr. James W. Rowley 1943, 12/14/16

Frank E. Thompson III 1965, 9/4/21

Western Carolina–Delta Alpha James T. Vinson 1972, 7/5/21

Westminster–Alpha Eta

Ted F. Haumueller 1959, 5/8/21

David J. Leedy 1959, 7/12/17

William & Mary–Alpha Zeta

David E. Berry 1951, 10/27/21

John M. Chinn 1959, 9/9/19

Bensley H. L. Field 1954, 10/18/21

LTC Albert H. Francis 1949, 9/1/16

Dr. Harry Griffin Hager, Jr. 1954, 7/10/21

Gerald P. Quandt 1959, 3/31/18

Jerald D. Saunders 1959, 6/21/21

Edgar J. Sharbaugh 1960, 2/5/21

William Jewell–Alpha Delta

Stuart R. Biggerstaff 1945, 4/3/94

Larry M. Edgar 1958, 9/15/20

John S. Jackson 1952, 7/7/16

Thomas A. Leip 1974, 6/10/21

Dr. Robert E. Pitts 1963, 1/6/15

Wo ord–Delta

LaFon C. Dees 1957, 9/6/21

Charles Rainsford Marks, Jr. 1992, 11/25/19

Thomas Edward Stokes, Jr. 1958, 10/6/15

Henry Timrod Stroman, Jr. 1966, 10/1/21



Charles F. “Ches”

McDowell IV

(Alpha Omega–North Carolina State ’11 )

 Refounding Number I, 2011

 Crimson & Gold Society,

 Loyal Order

 Forever KA

 1865 Trust

What is your favorite KA memory?

Finally getting chartered. It was a ton of work and a great accomplishment to see it to fruition.

How do you and your brothers stay connected today?

I still see many on a very regular basis. Some I’ve

 Senior Managing Director –KTS Strategies

lost touch with but when I do reconnect with them, it’s sometimes like we never lost touch.

Why do you believe KA is important to today’s young men on campus? Because a lot of young men today do not know what it means to be a gentleman or sometimes

how to be an adult for that matter. KA’s values and programs can help develop them if they choose that path.

Why did you and your family agree to leaving an estate gift in the KAOEF’s 1865 Trust ? Frankly, it was not an overbearing investment in the grand scheme of things, but it’s one that I know makes a big impact.

How do you hope it will support the next generation of KAs in the future?

A lasting legacy to the Order that will outlive me.

You may be interested in leaving a legacy to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation by making a planned gift through your estate. There are a variety of planned giving options available and we will be happy to work with you in selecting the option that has the most benefit to you and your family. The 1865 Trust is the most celebrated estateplanning program in the entire fraternity world.

Other ways to

Support the KAOEF & Kappa Alpha Order

Forever KA


Crimson & Gold Society


Loyal Order


Ensuring the future of Kappa Alpha Order


Donation In Memory of:

Alfred E. Rickli

by Kenneth Rickli

Anne Springs Close by Brianne A. Tillotson

Dr. Idris Rhea

Traylor, Jr., PhD

As early as 1952, the former “Kappa Alpha Scholarship Fund” was promoted with the following quote from Councilor Vernon H. McCall (Xi–Southwestern 1911):

“Flowers are a beautiful conveyance of love and sympathy, but wither. Love and sympathy expressed through our scholarship fund, is life.”

Today, the Kappa Alpha Order Education Foundation’s recognition program receives tax-deductible donations

“In Honor” or “In Memory” of anyone and from anyone. Generally, one brother makes a donation in honor of a brother or group and designates it to recognize friendship, achievement, or signi cance; or one may make a donation in memory of a beloved brother, in lieu of owers or some other recognition.

Gifts count toward a member’s annual giving level and typically are unrestricted (but not required).

Special notice is sent to the honoree or the family of the deceased brother, and those are then able to send a prepared thank you note back to the donor, creating a sincere and deserved system of recognition and thanks.

Make your tribute at KAOEF.org/donate

Dwain P. Knight

Jesse Samuel Lyons

L. Blair Bailey

Larry Stanton Wiese

Malcolm H. Liles

Steve C. Knight

Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

Art F. Frampton by LTC David S. Ferrell

Asa G. Candler V by Larry Stanton Wiese

Barry Burns by The Hon. George B. Hooks

Bensley H. L. Field by Ben W. Satcher, Jr.

Jesse Samuel Lyons

Larry Stanton Wiese

BG Patrick O. Adams by Larry Stanton Wiese

Lewis H. Wyman III

CAPT Andrew Myers Campbell by Jesse Christopher Craven

Charles Brison Barnwell, Jr. by Frampton Province Court Of Honor

Charles Francis Middleton, III by CPT Ronald C. Plunkett

Charles R. Sittason by Thomas C. Moxley

COL Larry Wayne Madden (Ret.)

by TC John W. Bauder (Ret.)

COL Winton Grier Campbell, Jr. by Kappa Alpha Order Alumni

Connor L. Elliott by The Hon. Richard M. Cowart

Malcolm H. Liles

Thomas Davis Shelton, Jr.

CPT Charles E. Montgomery by LTC John W. Powell, Jr.

Craig Gerald Hiscott by Rex A. Friedman

Danny Bruce Todd by Robert A. Pugh

Darren James Pittenger by George R. Henman

David and Peggy Kimbell by Larry Stanton Wiese

Domingo Vicente Varona by Jeffery Randolph Craver

Dr. Barry Smoot Wagner by Robert A. Pugh

Dr. C. Blaine Carpenter by LTC David S. Ferrell

Dr. Francis B. Teague, Jr. by Dr. Nelson S. Teague

Dr. Frank V. Barchard by John F. Ory

Dr. George Phillips Thomas by Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.

bt James H. Cochrane, Jr.

Dr. Michael R. Henderson by David M. Graham

Dr. Rob Roy MacGregor by Dr. Virgil D. Medlin

Dr. Tobert Sidney Thornton by George M. Standridge

Dr. William H. Tomlinson, COL. USA (RET.) by Larry Stanton Wiese

Dr. William Singleton Ogden, Sr. by Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

Dylan Michael Kellogg by Gregory R. Singleton

Edgar J. Sharbaugh by Miles Racey Orndorff, Jr.

William A. Armbruster

Edward D. Mulligan Jr. by Larry Stanton Wiese

Edward Franklin Keller by Andrew P. Carr

Barbara Copeland

Bob and Roberta Stevens

Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., PhD

Gary B. McCoy

John J Coates

KA Alumni Club of OKC

Karen Herrington

Larry Stanton Wiese

LTC John W. Bauder (Ret)

Robert Kenneth Steinkirchner, II

Ronald E. and Hazel Parsons

Terrie and Linda Duggan


Edward Metcalf

George, II

by Dr. Nelson S. Teague

Elliott Bernard Simmons, Jr. by Coastal Georgia Alumni Chapter

Lewis Morris Little, Jr.

Eugene D. Foxworth, III

by John M. Gantt, Jr.

Frank L. Asbury, III by Dr. John H. Patton

Fredrick Jerome Beasley

by Henry H. Jordan, II

Garth K. Dunklin by L. Blair Bailey

Larry Stanton Wiese

Gene R. Faires by Kenneth W. Faires

George H. Cornelson IV

by David Blair Hagan CCIM, SIOR

by Larry Stanton Wiese

George Spruce McCain

by James Madison Dye, Jr.

Glenn A. Taylor by Jeff A. Taylor

Gordon H. "Stumpy"

Harris, Esq.

by Andrew P. Carr

Becky Moore

Ben W. Satcher, Jr.

Gregory R. Singleton

L. Blair Bailey

Larry Stanton Wiese

The Honorable David

M. Warren

Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

William E. Dreyer

Gordon S. "Batman" Varnedoe

by Andrew P. Carr

Ben W. Satcher, Jr.

Coastal Georgia Alumni Chapter

David Paschal Muse, Jr.

Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. PhD

Harry Gilbert Haisten

L. Blair Bailey

Larry Stanton Wiese

Lewis Morris Little, Jr.

Robert W. Schivera

Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

Guy C. Arnall by Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

Hall Caldwell "Sonny" Howard, Jr. by David J. Bows

Dr. Walter D. Bach, Jr.

Hamlet R. Carter, III by Edgar C. Carter

Haron L. Brown, II by LTC David S. Ferrell

Hugh Arnold Farmer, Jr. by Hugh A. Farmer III

Hugh Arnold Farmer, Sr.

by Hugh A. Farmer III

Jack R. Taylor by Ben W. Satcher, Jr.

Brent E. Buswell

Dr. Dawn Wiese

Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr.

Gregory R. Singleton

Jesse Samuel Lyons

L. Blair Bailey

Larry Stanton Wiese

Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

James Baxter Wood by Jesse Samuel Lyons

John A. Moore

John W. Reid

Larry Stanton Wiese

Robert A. Byrd, Jr. Tanner L. Gellinger

James D. Hunter by Lewis H. Wyman III

James E. Hooks by Rosann F. Hooks

James Harvey Drake by Lewis H. Wyman III

James J. Lilly by Ben E. Lilly

James W. Hampton by Larry Stanton Wiese

Jane Mcleod Siegling by GEN Henry I. Siegling, Sr.

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John G. "Jack" Eggmann by CPT. Richard T. Sells, CPA

John Keith Mortenson by Joseph Francis Rodgers, Jr.

Joseph H. Moore by Dr. John E. Ross III, DMD

Joseph Melville Broughton, Jr. by J. Melville Broughton, III

Katie Forester by Larry Stanton Wiese

LaFon Carabo Dees by Ben W. Satcher, Jr. by Frampton Province Court Of Honor

Lee Herbert Tunis by Donald M. Williams

Linda Hill Dreyer by Ben W. Satcher, Jr.

Brent E. Buswell

Daniel W. Mills

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Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr.


Dr. James Michael Schmuck

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Adams, Sr.

MAJ William Watson Emory by LTC David S. Ferrell

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Raymond S. Demere by William G. Dayton

Richard B. Wilson, Jr. by Alpha Upsilon Chapter

Alwyn H. Luckey

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Jake L. Netterville

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Adams, Sr.

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Ronnie N. Blanton

The Hon. Richard M. Cowart

Thompson Kurrie

Walter E. Jones, Jr.

William P. Tipton

William S. Cowart

SPRING 2022 | THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 85 In Memory. In Honor.

Robert E. Byrd by LTC Walter David Archibald (Ret.)

Robert Wesley Gideon by MAJ Charles A. Bertalot

Robin Stultz by Larry Stanton Wiese

Roger K. Childers by LTC David S. Ferrell

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by LTC Walter D. Archibald (Ret.)

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Wing eld, Sr. by Timothy Killen Adams, Sr.

Donation In Honor of:

Aaron Clay Cauble by D. Mitchell Sheaffer

Mrs. Donna Duncan by J. Michael Duncan

Aaron Daniel Masey by Jacob Seay

Alan R. Wolfe by William K. Ofenheusle

All Saint Albans, WV KAs by LTC David S. Ferrell

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by Dr. Francis Joseph Duckwall

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by MG Donald R. Gardner USMC (Ret.)

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William "WA" Allen by W. Clark Womack, Jr.

William Clark Womack, III by W. Clark Womack, Jr.

William S. Poole by William S. Poole

Willis S. Miller, III, Esq. by Dr. James M. Tallman

Zeta Omega Chapter by Charles Andrew Collins, Jr.

In Memory. In Honor. RECOGNITION

VOLUNTARY REMARKS Sharing Brotherhood In A New Way

Excelsior Napa Valley, the Order’s o cial wine brand and the 1865 Wine Club, celebrates the Fraternity’s history and ideals.

Brandon Chaney, a member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society, was drinking a glass of Fairwinds Estates Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley in 2018 and reminisced about his college life and how impactful his Greek experience had been to him. Unbeknownst to him, this was the moment the idea to create premium handcrafted wines for the fraternities and sororities that gave back to these organizations was hatched.


HE PUSHED THE IDEA TO THE BACK OF HIS MIND until COVID-19 shutdown his hospitality business at the winery. “Our winery was dependent on visitors to the winery as we only sell our handcrafted limited production wines directly to consumer through our wine club,” Chaney says.

Chaney connected with Larry Wiese, the Order’s Executive Director, and they discussed a program for KA in which 20 percent of the sales were given back to the fraternity. From this beginning, Excelsior Napa Valley was born and it has been a huge success and really helped bring the KA brotherhood together while the pandemic caused everyone to be stuck in their homes.

Greek life and organizations are currently under attack by many who that don’t understand how valuable we are, not only to the college experience, but also to the network of alumni and alumnae that provide after college support to our members.


Chaney views the wine industry as an artist passion, and it has been an interest of his since childhood. His father is a retired professor of tree physiology at Purdue University, and his mother, an artist, ran the overseas study programs for the university’s continu -

Values in Action

ing education department. Often while he was growing up, the family traveled to Europe for sabbatical leaves and the overseas study programs. The European wine culture intrigued Chaney, and he was fascinated by the years on the wine bottles.

“I started collecting wine as an 8-year-old thinking I would save it for when I was 30,” he says. “Of course, when I nally opened it, the wine tasted [terrible] because I didn’t store it properly. But that’s kind of where the seed was planted for my interest in the wine industry.”

In college Chaney studied nance and art history, and after graduation he started working for General Electric in nuclear energy. At 25, Chaney and his college roommate founded a telecommunications public utility company in California after the state deregulated the industry. Chaney had the opportunity to sell the business in 2014 and that left him free to pursue other interests. In 2015, Chaney and his college roommate purchased Fairwinds Estate Winery in Napa Valley.

“You don’t necessarily get into the wine business to make money. It’s more of a passion project. It’s creating something special in an artist way,” Chaney explains. “I wasn’t necessarily an expert in producing wine, but when I brought the winery, what came along with it was an

Proprietor and CEO Fairwinds Estate Winery

Chaney is the Proprietor and CEO of Fairwinds Estate Winery in California’s historic Napa Valley. He purchased the winery back in 2015 after selling his public utility business. Fairwinds was the 4th winery established in Napa Valley after prohibition and located in the beautiful northern realm of Napa along the Silverado Trail in Calistoga. He is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Bene ting the Order and KAOEF

Since inception in March 2021, the 1865 Wine Club and Excelsior Napa Valley Brand has contributed: $18,931 in royalties to the Order $20,810 in unrestricted support to the KAOEF

Brandon Chaney
“Every Greek organization has such amazing history. KA is a treasure trove. As we go through our lives post college, we sometimes forget how instrumental the Greek experience has been to us — the friendships forged and the personal growth that occurred to help shape the direction of our lives. What if we could create a wine brand that celebrates the history of the organization that is so near and dear to our hearts and did it in a subtle and sophisticated way for the alumni experience.”

amazing team. I bought what I love and leveraged a lot of their expertise, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I didn’t know anything about telecom when I started a public utility either, but I quickly came up to speed and maybe brought a different perspective by doing some innovative things. Now I feel like this is an opportunity to bring some innovative ideas to the wine industry.”

Unbeknownst to him at the time, he would also bring an innovative alumni and alumnae engagement and fundraising method to the Greek community and Kappa Alpha Order with it rst of cial wine brand and club.


In the beginning, Chaney didn’t think Greek organizations would be interested in partnering for a wine brand.

“The challenge is you don’t want to associate alcohol with undergrads. Kappa Alpha is an undergraduate experience—and it’s an amazing part of the college experience, but its also a lifelong membership,” Chaney explains. “KA’s wine brand isn’t designed for the undergraduate community. It’s designed to bring the brothers together post graduation and is a way for them to celebrate the amazing history of what Kappa Alpha Order is all about, its ideals, and if

there’s a way we could also leverage that to raise money for a speci c causes within Kappa Alpha Order to help out the fraternity, then that’s a win-win.”

Kappa Alpha’s Executive Director, Larry Wiese, was both excited and hesitate at rst. “My primary focus was to ensure that connecting our brand with an alcohol product was done in a way that was a value-add to the premier nature of Kappa Alpha Order without detracting from it in a way. Quite simply, Brandon’s business plan and product blew me away,” Wiese says. “It eliminated all doubt that this would enhance Kappa Alpha Order and provide an offering to our members that they really wanted. The attention to detail, quality of the product, and connection to our history and heritage has been way more than I ever imagined.”

“When we thought about the brand name, we wanted to create something that would resonate with the brotherhood but wouldn’t be in-your-face KA,” Chaney says. “After working with the Kappa Alpha Order team, Excelsior Napa Valley is just a great brand name for it.”

“It was really a team effort [to pull it all together], said Wiese. “To do something creative like this and help the Order has been a dream. I had no idea this partnership would turn into something so special.”

Chaney intends for the wine shipments to be a special experience for the recipients. He wanted to ship the wine in a keepsake box that uses traditional methods of wood- re branding and requires the lid to be screwed off, and he eventually found a company in Australia that could make vintage-looking wooden boxes. Inside the

“It was really a team effort [to pull it all together], said Wiese. “To do something creative like this and help the Order has been a dream. I had no idea this partnership would turn into something so special.”

2nd shipment of crates is two bottles of Crimson Rose 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, 2 bottles of Traveller 2020 Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara, 2 bottles of White’s General 2020 Cuvee Blanc from Napa Valley, a vintage letter welcoming the shipment, hinges for the wine crate and an engraved wine key.

This program almost never came to fruition. Disaster struck the winery in late 2020.


The Glass Fire, which the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has listed as the 10th-most destructive wild re in state history, began burning on September 27, 2020 in northern California and engulfed Fairwinds Estate Winery the following day.

The re department attempted to save the winery, but when the blaze began closing in, re ghters had to give up and leave.

“The day after the re, I got a call from the re department. As they were driving off, these guys looked back and noticed

the American ag ying above the ames,” Chaney says. “So, they drove back into the forest re, got out, and saved the American ag. They were like, ‘We’d really like to present this back to you’. It was unbelievable. When I went [to the winery] the next day, everything was destroyed.

Although news of the winery burning down was dif cult initially, Chaney says he looked at it as an opportunity to grow the business back bigger and better. The wine was kept in an underground wine cave on the property and was saved from the re.

“It is my hope this wine brand for the great Kappa Alpha Order will not only be enjoyed by brothers all over the world but will also help bring the brotherhood even closer together for the years to come,” says Chaney.

Wine club members will receive free tastings at the historic winery in Napa Valley. “I hope the entire brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Order comes and visits the winery. It is truly a special place,” remarks Chaney.

 Two shipments of six bottles per year (minimum to retain club seniority)

 Wine received in a keepsake vintage re-branded wooden crate

 Exclusive access to limited releases and library wines

 Exclusive access to the gift website to gift wines and merchandise to friends and family

 Free wine-tasting experiences for you and guests at Fairwinds in Napa Valley

 Special access to KA-only events and parties

 Your name honored on the KA 1865 Wine Club Founder Member Memorial at the winery

 Your membership signi cantly supports Kappa Alpha Order and the KAOEF


 Fairwinds Estate wines o ered at 10 percent o

 Access to exclusive apparel for club members only

present the American flag they rescued from Fairwinds Estate Winery on September 28, 2020, to Proprietor and CEO Brandon Chaney. The fire department had attempted to save the Calistoga, California, winey as the Glass Fire burned around the property,but when the blaze began closing in, firefighters had to give up and leave.
Join today at www. ExcelsiorNapa .com Experience the bene ts and lifestyle!


Who are you in touch with often?

James L. “Jay” Crews II

I’m on a group text message with alumni brothers Cecil Elliott (Delta Upsilon–Tennessee-Martin ’83), Brad Hoover (Delta Upsilon–Tennessee-Martin ’83), and Scott Morris (Delta Upsilon–Tennessee-Martin ’80). Although we don’t talk frequently, there are few days that we don’t text one another. All three were very influential Active Members, as well as being incredibly accomplished in their careers. We stay in touch about anything and everything, KA activities to current events, sports, music, cooking, etc. I enjoy the camaraderie. I’m the youngest of the group at 55, but I can speak for all of us in that it means as much being a KA today as it did when we were actives way back in the 80s.

You’ve been involved with Delta Upsilon now for many years; why is it important to provide alumni leadership to an Active Chapter?

Delta Upsilon is approaching its 50th anniversary, and we have an energetic alumni base who still have a great deal of affection for the active chapter, and want to remain engaged and see it succeed. Over the last seven to eight years, we have raised nearly $200,000

A candid conversation with a member of our Order

from several hundred alumni brothers and other friends of the chapter toward the purchase of a new chapter house as well as endowing a scholarship. For me personally, it was very gratifying to be able to lead these two fundraising drives. I had the privilege of serving our chapter as

my son Trip is a third-year pharmacy school at UTMemphis, and my daughter Lauren is an RN with Baptist Hospital of Miami.

What is a unique memory from being an Active Member?

Apart from initiation, I don’t think there’s any one memory that’s more unique than the rest. I really enjoyed chapter meetings, however. In social settings, there would always be others of course in attendance who were not KAs, but in chapter meetings it was just us obviously. The brotherhood and fellowship of those chapter meeting really stand out to me.

Number I in 1987, and our Number II was Gary Bledsoe (Delta Upsilon–TennesseeMartin ’86). When raising money for the new chapter house, I reached out to Gary, and he told me, “I don’t know if it’s possible for these guys to have as much fun as we did while in school, but I want them to have the opportunity.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of KA?

I spent nearly 30 years in the banking industry after graduating, but recently I obtained my real estate license. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new career path. I also enjoy being supportive of my two kids;

Have you ever visited Lexington, Va.?

I have never visited Lexington, but it’s on my bucket list!

Why is supporting KA and KAOEF so important?

I’m proud to be a Crimson and Gold Society member for the last eight years, and being one of 300 alumni brothers to donate $3,000 to KAOEF in the months leading up to the Order’s 150th Anniversary (2015). The mission statement for KAOEF—To raise funds for the benefit of the Order— has great meaning to me, and I’m happy to take part in that effort.

DELTA UPSILON–TENNESSEE-MARTIN ’86 • Crimson & Gold Society Member • Preceptor, Forester Court of Honor • Member, Feller & Forester Courts of Honor • President, Martin, Tennessee Alumni Chapter • Treasurer, KAM Housing Corporation (chapter house)
“ I really enjoyed chapter meetings ... it was just us obviously. The brotherhood and fellowship of those chapter meeting really stand out to me.”


In 2021, Larry Stanton Wiese (Gamma Omega–Midwestern State ’87) marked a tenure of 25 years as the Executive Director of Kappa Alpha Order that included a February Zoom call with Former Knight Commanders and Chairmen of the KAOEF. On that call, Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III announced that a permanent fund in the KAOEF had been established and quickly endowed in Wiese’s honor. Wiese became interim Executive Director in 1995 and accepted the position fulltime on February 15, 1996. During this time, he has served under eight Knight Commanders, signed the shingles of nearly 60,000 initiates (33 percent of the Order’s total initiates), and led more than one hundred initiated KA staff members. Wiese also serves as the KAOEF President. He is married to Dr. Dawn Wiese and they have one child, Jillian.

ABOVE: Wiese receiving a resolution from the 79th Convention (2021) in Phoenix, last summer, honoring his service, from Knight Commander C. Douglas Simmons III, also a former two-year member of the National Staff.

PICTURED: Three Executive Directors pictured in 1996 for the Spring issue of TheJournal. Seated, William E. Forester (Gamma Gamma–Memphis ’49) (Executive Secretary 1954–1972, Executive Director 1972–1985), left, Richard A. Barnes (Delta Lambda–Middle Tennessee State ’69) (Executive Director 1985–1995), and Wiese.


On March 3, 1948, General George C. Marshall (Beta–VMI 1901), at the time serving as U.S. Secretary of State, became the first recipient of the Order’s Award for Distinguished Achievement—setting the bar high for future nominees. Hon. Frank H. Myers (right) presented the award. Other KAs in attendance: Congressman Caleb Boggs, Milton E. Scrivener, and Councilor Howard P. Locke. Location: Office of the Secretary of State, State Department Building, Washington, D.C. Marshall was quoted, “This evidence of your esteem comes at a time when I badly need a boost.”

The Order has recently entered a strategic alliance with the George C. Marshall Foundation, headquartered in Lexington, Virginia. The two organizations will collaborate for education and promotion on the life, leadership, and legacy of General Marshall. For more on the Marshall Foundation, visit www.MarshallFoundation. org. A future feature on General Marshall including details of the alliance will be published in an upcoming Journal.

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