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“SP2020 represents a five-year horizon of profound and unprecedented change,” said KS Executive Cultural Officer Dr. Randie Fong KSK’78, whose Ho‘okahua Cultural Vibrancy department organized and led the ‘aha ‘awa. “The early morning hours before the sun rises are a time of transition: the breaking of a new day symbolized a new era – huliau – a new current and trajectory for the Lähui.” Halfway through the plan’s first year, CEO Wong and his executive team have developed multiyear action plans, followed by annual operating plans and budgets to align with the new strategic direction. These planning efforts have resulted in high ambitions and expectations of significant change at all levels of the organization. Wong, who has spent many late nights over the past year at Kamehameha’s Kawaiaha‘o Plaza headquarters, described the early stages of plan implementation as intense, challenging and exciting. “With enterprise-level strategies in place, we’ve been able to maintain a laser focus around our Ten Actions for fiscal year 2016, which serve to align and integrate our highest priorities across the organization,” Wong said. “I commend all of our employees for picking up the paddle and actively seeking their part in this journey.” Realizing that Kamehameha Schools cannot address Vision 2040 alone, Wong said early work on the plan has included recommitting and formalizing relationships with key statewide educational providers such as the University of Hawai‘i (see page 22). “Our partnership with the University of Hawai‘i system demonstrates shared goals, shared actions, and a wealth of resources to benefit our students,” he said. “We are learning that coordination and synergy to help our students prepare, enroll and persist to postsecondary success are not always adequate, as evidenced in subpar college completion rates for Native Hawaiians. continued on page 30


“ SP2020 is a ka ¯hea (call) to widen our perspective and deepen our understanding of the broader educational system and communities that provide for our keiki and ‘ohana.” – Livingston “Jack” Wong Kamehameha Schools Chief Executive Officer

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I Mua Magazine: March 2016  

I Mua Magazine: March 2016