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THE STORY OF NELLY JELLY The real voice of childhood, not a clichè role model… AND A BUSINESS SUCCESS STORY!

The success story you can repeat: Created in 2010, NELLY JELLY (an accidental nickname for a naughty and curious child) took the domestic Lithuanian market by storm:

» 1st place in top-of-mind awareness » 2nd place in spontaneous awareness » 3rd place in brand recognition » 4th favorite children’s character » Considered the most ‘educational’ character*

*2020 Q4 research in Lithuania

At the very top of the 70 most popular CHILDREN’s characters in Lithuania

Author Lina Žutautė



‘[…] childhood is limitless and full of colors as well as extremely positive emotions, and, even though we’ve already grown up and now see it from a different standpoint, we must not forget that kids can experience childhood only once – here and now – and we, adults, need to learn to adjust.’ (a quote from the qualitative research)

Almost 2 million real physical interactions with consumers.

NELLY JELLY – 11 years with the most successful children’s character in Lithuania LITHUANIAN STATISTICS UP UNTIL Q4 2020:

» 9 Nelly Jelly books;

Within the last ten years, approximately 300 thousand children were born in Lithuania. On average, each of them read about Nelly Jelly, played the accompanying games or came into contact with the character in other ways 6,5 times.

Largest circulations up until Q4 2020:

410 445 printed copies in total

» 65 SKU of other publishing projects;

1 143 702 published products in total;

» 25 new SKU in 2021; » 31 items accompanying SKU items; 388 316 units sold in total!

» During the period from their opening in 2019 until the 2020 lockdown, entertainment spaces in Vilnius and Kaunas received 80 thousand visits.

Average circulation of other books in Lithuania – 3000 units.


NELLY JELLY has a full portfolio of content that answers the “what is it & how does it work?” and “what & how” questions

Children ages 0–9 learn, and we accompany them WHY

The questions The

WHAT questions

The Mess Mess Gnome teaches children to clean up after themselves and explains other ‘serious stuff’.

Nelly Jelly doubts, asks questions, searches for and finds answers – and does all that while being a simple kid instead of a superhero.


The questions

Monsters, emotionally intelligent creatures, offer educational content.

Age diversification of Nelly Jelly books

Little ones (0-3)

Kids (3-7)



THE GAP IN THE MARKET Our surveys show that parents are missing content suitable for children aged 5-6 years old. NELLY JELLY covers the years 3 to 7 & is creating content for 0-3 year olds. It is also able to expand to kids up to 9 years old with Monsterpedia.

NELLY JELLY speaks like a child and meets parents’ expectations too! » Simple everyday stories » Content about discovering the world and yourself, aimed at 5 and 6-year-old kids

» Clearer value in terms

of children’s education (less ‘filler’)

» Content in various formats


PARENTS BELIEVE: a book can solve many issues

» We have core books about:

» Laziness » Messiness

The NELLY JELLY content portfolio consists of topics covering the whole spectrum of a child’s development

» Friendship » Being fair » Jealousy » Birthday » Parents have no TIME » Father figure » Other issues

Animated series SOON! 2022 is a broadcast year. We are working on 8 episodes of a NELLY JELLY animated series, with pilots in 5 languages planned for Q2 2022:


» English » French » German » Spanish » Lithuanian

An international team is working on the project. LTU EN

JOIN US ON NELLY JELLY’S MISSION To encourage children to find joy in discovering the world

NELLY JELLY has a ready-made porfolio OUR BESTSELLERS – CORE BOOKS with wonderful illustrations



3-6 year old children

20,7 cm


20,6 cm


0,7 cm



Nelly Jelly and a Cat For a Week Picture book / 36 pages

Nelly Jelly and her family were impressed by the Cat show! All of the cats were neat, clean and cultured! As if on purpose, on their way home, a homeless one-eyed cat emerges. Nelly Jelly longs to bring the cat home, but her parents agree to take it in only for a week… The naughty cat immediately ruins grandmother’s flowers and tears up the furniture. But what fun it is to play with him! Even the puppy Čiūčia really likes it. Could it be that the cat has already found its home?

Nelly Jelly and The Mess Mess Gnome Picture book / 36 pages

Nelly Jelly and The Mess Mess Gnome is artist Lina Žutautė’s first book. The concept, text and illustrations for this book are all her own. “It’s a typical picture book, with a few lines of text and intense and stylistically expressive drawings on each page. Using the dream/fairy tale principle common in children’s literature, it playfully helps children develop the habit of cleaning up and taking care of their things. On the last page, without text, there is a subtle hint that the Gnome can also punish Dad for messiness... Lina’s first book is a real feast for the child’s eyes – there is so much to notice, look at, recognise and... ask about. The gentle didacticism of the story is a real treat, not a flaw. Once you stop smiling and RIGHTS SOLD TO: giggling, don’t forget to think about what the Gnome is collecting there in the last drawing.” Kęstutis Urba, children’s literature researcher



Nelly Jelly and the Great Darkness

KaK ė MaK ė iR DiDE Lė taM Sa

tamsa. Ji atsliūkina kas vakarą, gąsdina mažus, kartais ir didelius. Ji tiesiog yra ir viskas, ir jos nei padėsi kur, nei išvar ysi... Bet Kakei Makei atrodo kitaip. Ji nusprend žia išvyti bjauriąją tam są iš namų – į Pipirų žemę! ir dar visam laiku i! išties, kas imasi drąsių žygių, padaro neįtikėtin puikių atradimų. O labia ai usiai gąsdinantys dalyk ai virsta gražiais arba net smagiais ir juokingais. tam reikia tik truputėlio fanta zijos... Lina Žutautė

Picture book / 36 pages

* apdovanojim ą skyrė tarptautinės vaikų ir jaunimo literatūros asocia cijos (iBBY) Lietuvos skyriaus sudaryta specia listų komisija.

Tapkite Knygų klubo nariu! • Nemokamas knygų katalogas kiekvieną ketvirtį • Naujausios ir populiariausios knygos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai • Knygų pristatymas į namus, darbovietę ar paštą

Tikrų TIKRIAUSIA paveikslėlių knyga, padedanti tėvams patikėti vaikų, o vaikams – tėvų svajonėmis! Kiekviena iliustracija – pilna meilės. Kiekviename puslapyje – kažkas netikėto. Lina Žutautė siūlo puikią temą vaikų ir tėvų pokalbiui. Jūsų mažieji ne tik išgirs autorės papasakotą nuotykį, bet galbūt ir istoriją apie Jūsų pačių vaikystę. Toks pokalbis – tiltas tarp dviejų pasaulių, leidžiantis vaikams jaustis svarbiems ir mylimiems. Nes tik tokiems žmonėms skaitoma ir pasakojama. Tik su svarbiais žmonėmis suaugusieji kalba apie tai, kaip jiems sekėsi, kai irgi buvo maži. Šitai patiriantys vaikai į gimtadienį kviečia ne tik savo, bet ir tėvų vaikystės herojus.

Nelly Jelly and the Dream Birthday Picture book / 36 pages

Vytis Valantinas, vaikų psichologas

Kakės Makės serijos knygelės jau išverstos į latvių, rusų,



Lina Žut aut ė

Darkness. It creeps in every night, scaring the Kakės Makės serijothe s knygelės little ones, and sometimes big ones as well. jau išver stos į latvių, rusų, danų ir korė jiečių kalbas! It’s just there and that’s it – you can’t put it „Kakė Makė ir netvarko s nykštukas“ – geriausia 2010 m. knyg a mažiausi ems somewhere or drive it out... But Nelly Jelly has skaitytojams!* a different idea. She decides to drive the nasty Darkness out of the house and into the Land of Peppers! For good! Anyone who takes on bold deeds makes amazing discoveries. And the most frightening things can become beautiful, or even pleasant and funny. All you need is a little imagination... This book has been translated into Latvian, Russian, Danish and Korean! Nelly Jelly and The Mess Mess Gnome – best book of 2010 for the youngest readers! The award was given by a commission of specialists formed by the Lithuanian Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).


ir korėjiečių kalbas! danųpicture This is the best book of all to help „Kakė Makė ir Netvarkos nykštukas“ – geriausia 2010 m. parents believe in their children’s dreams, * skaitytojams! knyga mažiausiems and to help children believe in their parents’ dreams! Every illustration is full of love. Each page has something unexpected. ir knygelėje! a jau interaktyviojoje “Lina Žutautė gives children and parents great conversation starter. Not only will your little ones hear the adventure told by the author – they might also hear a story about your own childhood as well. A conversation like this is a bridge between two worlds, allowing children to feel important and loved. Because only people like that get read and told stories told to. And it’s only with important people that adults talk about how they fared when they were little. Children who experience this invite not only their own heroes to their birthday – they invite their parents’ childhood heroes as well.” Vytis Valantinas, child psychologist Tapkite Knygų klubo nariu! • Naujausios ir populiariausios knygos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai • Knygų pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą

* Apdovanojimą skyrė Tarptautinės vaikų ir jaunimo literatūros asociacijos (IBBY) Lietuvos skyriaus sudaryta specialistų komisija.

Net varkos NykštukAS

0,7 cm



Nelly Jelly and the Tooth Fairy’s Feast

– U! – taip manė Kakė Makė. Valytis dantis – NUO-BO-D onę? nesąm tokią vojo sugal Ir kas – jie būtų SVEIKI IR GRAŽŪS, – Valytis dantis reikia tam, kad

Picture book / o36 pages mama. aiškin

– Nevalytuose dantyse labai

IŲ, –



mokė tėtis.teeth is BOR-ING!” – “Brushing your yksta įtikinti Kakės Makės, mamai, tėčiui ir senelei nepav murmteli pačią that’s whatKai Nelly Jelly used toukasthink. rkos nykšt Netva , reikia s valyti s danti kad daryti tiesiog būtina. smagiausią priežastį, kodėl tą Dantukų fėjos “And who came up withnasuch kvietimo į nonsense?” Tie, kas nevalo dantų, negau s į puotą be kvietimo, laukia puotą! Kakės Makės, išsiruošusio užmirštam seniai “You have to brush yourTačia teeth so that u padedant daug netikėtumų ir iššūkių. kliūtys tampa įveikiamos. visos ėliui šepet dantų ui draug they’re HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL,” puotą, kai dantys taip ilgai Mom Bet ar galima laiku suspėti į Kake Make ir sužinokite, nevalyti? Keliaukite kartu su explained. ar ji vis dar galvoja, kad valytis dantis kvailas užsiėmimas. Lina Žutautė “When teeth don’t get cleaned, they usually GET CAVITIES,” Dad explained. When Mom, Dad and Grandma can’t na ujA S ža idi ma s convince Nelly Jelly that brushing your pr og ra mė lėj e! teeth is necessary, The Mess Mess Gnome mumbles the most fun reason of all why it simply has to be done. People who don’t brush their teeth don’t get invited to the Tooth Fairy’s Feast! There are a lot of surprises in store for Nelly Jelly, who sets out to the feast without an invitation. However, her long-forgotten friend, the toothbrush, helps her out and all of the obstacles become surmountable. But is it possible to get to the feast on time when your teeth haven’t been brushed for so long? Tapkite Knygų klubo nariu! • Naujausios ir populiariausios knygos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai kraštą • Knygų pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio

www.alm alittera.l t

0,7 cm


ak, ta Kakė Makė! negirdėjo mamos , negirdėjo tėčio, nesiklausė senelės. ir taip kasdien, mažiausiai po tris kartus! tad nieko nuostabaus, kad vieną kartą nutiko neįtikėtinas dalykas. Kakės Makės ausys lyg susitarusios liuoktelėjo ant grindų, nustraksėjo per virtuvę, koridoriuje palenktyniavo, kuri greitesnė, ir nėrė pro laukujes duris kieman – nė neatsisukdamos! Jei smalsu, kas buvo toliau, perskai tykite knygą. ir nepamirškite paieškoti, kurgi tos ausys slepiasi.

KaKė MaKė iR PaBėGuSiOS


Nelly Jelly and the Runaway Ears

Lina Žutautė Kalbama, jog išėjus Linos Žutautės knygai „Kakė Makė ir netvarkos nykštukas“ (2010) visi mažyliai išmoko , įprato būti tvarkingi. O ko išmoks dabar?.. nesakysiu. Jeigu jūsų ausys ir akys dar nepabėgo, patys tuoj sužinosit. Bet štai, ko išmoks tėveliai ir mamyt ės, galiu iš karto pašnibždėti: kantrybės! Juk tiek daug daiktų, vaizdų, spalvų su mažyliu teks aptarti, į tokią gausybę klausimų atsakyt i!.. Visa laimė, kad toji kantrybė vadina ma ir kitu vardu – meilė. tikras džiaugsmas, kad paveikslėlių knyga moko būti kartu.

Oh, that Nelly Jelly! She didn’t listen Mom, didn’t hear Dad, and didn’t listen to Grandma. And this happens at least three times a day! So it’s no wonder that anKakės incredible thing once happened. Kęstutis urba Makės serijos knygelės jau išvers tos į latvių, rusų, danų ir korėjiečių kalbas ! Nelly Jelly’s ears, as if by agreement, „Kakė Makė ir netvarkos nykštukas“ – geriausia 2010 m. hopped down toskaityt the floor, skipped knyga mažiausiems ojams!* through the kitchen, raced in the hallway to see which one was faster, and rushed through the door into the yard – without even looking back! If you’re curious about what happened next, read the book. And don’t forget to look for where those ears might be hiding.

Lina Žutautė

Picture book / 36 pages

Tapkite Knygų klubo nariu! • Naujausios ir populiariausios knygos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai • Knygų pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą



* apdovanojimą skyrė tarptautinės vaikų ir jaunimo literatūros asociacijos (iBBY) Lietuvos skyriaus sudaryta specialistų komisija.

0,8 cm




Nelly Jelly and the Broom of Friendship


Nelly Jelly loves visiting the town park. Her friends Agnė and Jonas are there, and, of course, the most interesting game in Vieną dieną žaisdami draugai pasiklysta. Kakės Makės, the world – “Who’s First?” After Agnės ir Jono laukia ne tik netikėta pažintis su paslaptinga parko gyventoja, bet ir tikras DRAUGYST ĖS išbandymas. all, nothing is more fun than Kas svarbiau draugaujant – tarp draugų būti pirmam being the first to swing on the ar veikti kartu su draugais? swing, going up the highest and running the fastest! But… is that really the case? One day, the friends get lost while playing. An unexpected acquaintance with a mysterious resident of the park and a real test of friendship are in store for Nelly Jelly, Agnė and Jonas. What’s more important when you’re friends – being first, or working together? Kakė Makė labai mėgsta lankytis miesto parke. Ten jos laukia draugai Agnė su Jonu ir, žinoma, pats įdomiausias pasaulyje žaidimas „Kuris pirmas?“ Juk nieko nėra smagiau kaip pirmai suptis sūpuoklėse, kilti aukščiausiai, o bėgti greičiausiai! Bet... ar tikrai?


Picture book / 36 pages

ATVIRAS JUMS – KNYGŲ KLUBAS! • Karščiausios knygų naujienos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai ir akcijos • Gausus kitų prekių pasirinkimas • Pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą

0,7 cm


Nelly Jelly and the Stolen Time



Picture book / 36 pages


Sometimes there are days when everyone at home is really busy and no one has time to play with Nelly Jelly. It’s so boring when there is nothing to do... Then, whether you like it or not, you wonder – where does the time disappear if neither Mom nor Dad, or even Grandma, have it? After all, yesterday there was plenty of time... As she flips through her books, Nelly Jelly figures it out – no one has any time because it was stolen! Books open the door to a fantasy world, where time thieves are defeated, and that torturous boredom disappears as well. And most importantly, Nelly Jelly realises that when she’s bored and there’s nothing to do, books and a drop of imagination will always help!

0,7 cm



Nelly Jelly and Superdad Day


Picture book / 36 pages


Since days of old, mothers have occupied a special place in the family. Even the first word that a baby utters is “Mom”. However, a family is not just Mom, but Dad as well, so this time — the story is about him. Left alone at home, Dad is forced to become a “superdad” – the person who shoulders all of mischievous little Nelly Jelly’s joys and sorrows. And he does a great job! Sound familiar? If something like that has happened in your family, then you’ll have fun reading this book with your child, giggling all the while. And if you’ve never had a “superdad day”, then it’s probably not far off.

0,7 cm


The Mess Mess Gnome and the Unexpected Guest Picture book / 32 pages

3-6 year old children

24,5 cm


24,5 cm


The Mess Mess Gnome lived quietly in a cosy house on the Moon. He dreamed the sweetest dreams in HIS bed, and loved to bathe in HIS bathtub, make HIMSELF breakfast and take care of HIS monster Lazy No Stirsky. But one day, Mutsis came to his house by chance and disrupted The Mess Mess Gnome’s regular way of life. Now he has to SHARE not only the bathtub, kitchen and bed, but also HIS best friends. A new – fun and inspiring – story about The Mess Mess Gnome and how SHARING is a lot more fun than having everything to yourself. A fairy tale read together becomes more interesting, and buns nibbled together become tastier...

0,7 cm




Nelly Jelly and the Terrible Injustice

Kokia baisi neteisybė, kad Tado laivelis niekada nesk ęsta! Kakė Makė trupu Tadui ir saldaus sumuštinio tėlį pavydėjo , ir greito paspirtuko, ir labai linksmo senelio. O nepavydėsi, kai tavo drau kaipgi gas turi geriausią žaislą pasaulyje? Tačiau Kakė puikiai žino, kad pavydas s Makės senelė gali padaryti daug gėdo s, ir smagumas visai išgar uoja... Šioje Kakės Makės pave ikslėlių knygelėje tiek maža s, tiek didelis skaitytoja Nelengva ir nemalonu s atpažins save. susidurti su baisia nete isybe , bet be galo daug smagumo tikra teisybės diena gali . Juk draugystė padeda dovanoti nugalėti visus iššūkius! malitte


Nelly Jelly and her friends have tons of Kakė Makė paprastai ir kiekvienam vaikui supra ntamai kalba apie didelius ir adventures every day. Some of them are svarbius dalyk us. Džia ugiuosi matydama, kad naujoje knygelėje pasakojama istor ija dar viena aktualia tema – kaip nepa siduomuch. pleasant, whilegriauothers – not so ti visą smagumą nančiam pavydo jausm ui. Kas tuo metu vyksta vaiko širdelėje, kaip reikėtų elgti s, kai užvaldo pavydas ir knieti Getting into apasie fight being really lgti netinor kamai? Tuo pačiu kalba ma ir dar viena svarbia tema – kas yra atsiprašym as? Tiesiog ištarti bereikšmi ai žodžiai ar kai kas daugfor disappointed is normal iau? even the Ši knygelė, tikiu, vaikams atskleis svarbias temas, most jovial ofosouls, how are you tėveliams padėbut s dar geria u ir efektyviau bendrauti su savo mažaisiais, spręs ti įvairias kasdienes situa supposed to make up afterwards? cijas. Vaikų psichologė, vaikų psichologijos centro „Laim ingas vaikas“ įkūrėja ir vadovė Milda Kark And how are you supposed tolytė-show Palevičienė someone that you love them? How are you supposed to thank someone nicely? Let’s ask Nelly Jelly and her friends!


Picture book / 36 pages

ATVIRAS JUMS – KNYGŲ KLUBAS! • Karščiausios knygų naujienos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai ir akcijos • Gausus kitų prekių pasirinkim as • Pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą


0,7 cm


Nelly Jelly Encyclopedia: I wonder WHY?


Encyclopedias / 108 pages

For all curious kids and adults who want to know all answers to the question WHY. Why do musicians record music in notes? Why is a tiger’s coat striped and cake needs to be eaten with a fork? To know the answers to all WHY questions. Topics include nature, the world, the human body, art, professions, and many more.

? L

Noriu sužinoti


Gamta Žmogus pasaulis ● Aš ir mokslas , sportas, ● Menas va ● Lietu




year old children


25 cm

20,5 cm


1,35 cm

Nelly Jelly’s Encyclopedia: Animals


Encyclopedias / 144 pages Skatina smalsumą

Plečia akiratį

Turtina žodyną

kapsto žemes prie upelio Daugybė klausimų kirba galvoje Kakei Makei, kai ji laksto po pievą, sliekas mato, jeigu jis neturi akių? ar uogauja miške: Kam mažam vabaliukui reikalingos žnyplės? Kaip pasakose? sekama kaip bijoti, Ar iš tiesų varnos tokios gudrios ir smalsios, o vilkų reikia Šįkart Kakei Makei į pagalbą skuba gamtininkas Lizdenis. Jis žino Lietuvoje gyvenantį gyvūną.

• •

Sužinok, kodėl vieni gyvūnai deda kiaušinius, o kiti ne. medžiais ar Pamatyk, kokie gyvūnai plaukioja vandenyje, vaikšto žeme, laipioja skraido danguje. kaulų. Išsiaiškink, kas yra bestuburiai ir kaip jie išgyvena be jie veikia skirtingais Atsakyk į klausimą: kodėl gyvūnams reikalingas kalendorius ir ką metų laikais?

Pirmą kartą ši enciklopedija išleista 2016 m. pavadinimu „Kakės Makės enciklopedija. Gyvūnai”.


5-8 year old children

ATVIRAS JUMS – KNYGŲ KLUBAS! • Karščiausios knygų naujienos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai ir akcijos • Gausus kitų prekių pasirinkimas • Pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą



20 cm 25 cm

• •

viską apie kiekvieną

Noriu sužinot i apie GYVŪNUS

What does a small beetle need claws for? What are those clumps of foam that Nelly Jelly saw on the willow branches? Why do mosquitoes suck blood? How does a worm see if it doesn’t have eyes? Are crows really that clever and curious, and do you really need to be scared of wolves, like they say in fairy tales? Doesn’t the moose miss its antlers, which she and her father brought back from the forest like the greatest treasure? Nelly Jelly’s head is full of questions when she is playing in the meadow, digging by the stream, or picking berries in the forest.


16 mm

1,3 cm

Noriu sužinoti apie

GYVŪ NUS be stuburiai

· VaVabzrlidžagiayvi iairikiirtiropliai ·



· Pauk ščiai




Nelly Jelly’s Encyclopedia


Encyclopedias / 128 pages Skatina



Kakė Makė jau seniai suprato, kad pasaulis kupinas įdomybių ir paslapč ių. Jai galvoje nuolat kirba milijonai klausimų klausimėlių: Kodėl esu tokia, kokia esu, ir kaip veikia mano kūnas? Kokie augalai yra valgomi ir kur jie auga? Kas slypi Žemės gelmėse ir kas savo jauniklius maitina pienu? Kartu su profesoriumi Lempučiu ir Kake Make drąsiai leiskis į smagią pažinimo kelionę. • Sužinok, kas sudaro tavo kūną ir kaip jis veikia. • Išmok pažinti jausmus ir suprasti, iš kur jie atsiranda. • Įsimink, ko reikia, kad būtum sveikas kaip ridikas. • Patyrinėk žmones: ką jie veikia, kokius išradimus kuria ir kodėl eina į koncert us? • Susipažink su spalvotu augalų pasauliu : kurie iš jų valgomi, o kurių geriau neragauti? • Pasimatuok ūgiu su žirafomis ir pasideg ink saulėje su krokodilais. • Keliauk į Žemės centrą, perplauk vandeny nus ir, jei dar turėsi jėgų, aplanky k visas Saulės sistemos planetas.

Nori u suži noti apie SAVE ir PAS

ą akiratį žodyną This time, a trulysmalsum extraordinary adventure is in store for Nelly Jelly! She realised a long time ago that the world is full of curiosities and secrets. Nelly Jelly always has millions of questions that, unfortunately, even Mom, Dad and Grandma don’t always know the answers to... But in this book, the wise Professor Lightbulb comes to the rescue, and Nelly Jelly boldly embarks on a fun journey of knowledge! Each page is a new, colourful, fun and unexpected discovery. This is how Nelly Jelly sees the world and invites all her little friends to explore it together! In the book, you’ll find the following topics: the human body, health, family, friendship, professions, leisure, art, music, dance, theatre, sports, vehicles, objects, clothes, buildings, plants, animals, Earth, celestial bodies.


ATVIRAS JUMS – KNYGŲ KLUBAS! • Karščiausios knygų naujienos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai ir akcijos • Gausus kitų prekių pasirinkimas • Pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą

Noriu sužinot i


apie · ·



Gamta ir žmogus i Žmonių veiklos ir pom ėgia Gyvūnų pasaulis Mūs ų planeta Žem ė Dangaus kūnai

Pirmą kartą ši enciklopedija išleista 2015 m. pavadinimu „Kakės Makės enciklopedija”.

15 mm

5-8 year old children

21 cm


25,6 cm


1,7 cm



The Mess Mess Gnome’s Encyclopaedia Encyclopedias / 108 pages

There are so many things around us, but who knows how they work? When was soap invented, and who was the genius who built the first refrigerator? The Mess Mess Gnome is in a hurry to figure it all out. Want to come along? Then jump into the time machine and travel through the entire history of mankind, from ancient times to modern day. Find out what inventions were invented and when, how they work, and how they changed people’s lives at the time. More complex inventions are marked with a special tag, so don’t wrinkle your nose and take a closer look.

5-8 year old children

Kai išdykėlis Mucis ką nors sugalvoja, jo niekas nesustabdys! Šįkart jis išsiruošia ieškoti kosminių sausainių.

The Mess Mess Gnome in the Expanses of SPACE. Open and Learn

prikaustys atveriami ir staigmenų pilni knygos langeliai, o sužinoti faktai sukels nesibaigiančias diskusijas ir norą vėl iš naujo klajoti po neaprėpiamo dydžio galaktikas. Atverskite ir sužinokite:

When mischievous Mutsis comes up with iš kur atsiranda žvaigždės, something, no one• can stop him! This time, he • kaip kasdienybė atrodo kosminėje stotyje, sets off in search of• kam space The journey raketos, reikalingos cookies. • kodėl astronautai neskalbia drabužių, is long and full of adventure. You’ll have to fly o dantų pastą tiesiog nuryja. mažajam tyrinėtojui – knygelė tik keli faktai čia between cometsIrsuteiks with long tails, visit a space naudingų žinių, kuriomis bus smagu dalintis su draugais. station, dive into the constellations of galaxies, and watch out for black holes. Open the book and find out how stars appear and where astronauts put their dirty underwear! Skatina smalsumą

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© Tekstas, Lina Matiukaitė, 2020 © Iliustracijos, Erikas Pauliukonis, 2020 © Iliustracijos, Lina Žutautė, 2020 © Leidykla „Alma littera“, 2020

ISBN 978-609-01-3752-9

Tekstą parašė Lina Matiukaitė Iliustravo Erikas Pauliukonis Viršelio dizainas Jurga Želvytė Redagavo Gražina Stankevičienė ir Edita Šatkauskienė Tiražas 3000 egz. Išleido leidykla „Alma littera“, Ulonų g. 2, LT-08245 Vilnius Interneto svetainė: Spausdinta Kinijoje

ir mokslo įstaigų bibliotekose, muziejuose arba Leidinio bibliografinė informacija pateikiama Lietuvos nacionalinės Martyno Mažvydo bibliotekos Nacionalinės bibliografijos duomenų banke (NBDB). Šį kūrinį, esantį bibliotekose, mokymo patalpose. archyvuose, draudžiama mokslinių tyrimų ar asmeninių studijų tikslais atgaminti, viešai skelbti ar padaryti viešai prieinamą kompiuterių tinklais tam skirtuose terminaluose tų įstaigų

4-6 year old children


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Encyclopedias / 28Mažųjų pages kosmoso gerbėjų dėmesį akimirksniu

ATVIRAS JUMS – KNYGŲ KLUBAS! • Karščiausios knygų naujienos • Ypatingi pasiūlymai ir akcijos • Gausus kitų prekių pasirinkimas • Pristatymas į bet kurį pasaulio kraštą

20 cm 25 cm





Nelly Jelly’s Telephone Sound and toy books / 10 pages

Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! That’s Nelly Jelly calling and inviting everyone to a great party. Join her – calling is fun!


years old

10 cm


20 cm


1,5 cm


Nelly Jelly Plays the Pipe Sound and toy books / 10 pages

Nelly Jelly’s first book of sounds – for all her youngest and best friends! Find out how Nelly Jelly gets along playing the pipe, and listen to what a fantastic orchestra she’s managed to put together. Maybe you’ll become the conductor of this great orchestra?


years old

26 cm


27 cm


1,7 cm



120 cm

Nelly Jelly Stuffed Doll, 32 cm Nelly Jelly, that fun little girl, Whoosh – and she’ll curl up in your lap! Whether at home or out on the run, With her you can definitely have a lot of fun.

Nelly Jelly is ready to go on an adventure with her little friends. Grab this soft doll by the hand and discover the world together!

32 cm


75 cm

The Mess Mess Gnome Stuffed Toy, 25 cm


Beep beep, boom boom,

25 cm

Is it nice and neat in your room? Playing with the gnome one on one Will be interesting and so much fun!

The Mess Mess Gnome is coming straight from the moon to the homes of his little friends! Together, you will manage to defeat the monsters and complete all of your homework. And who knows what will happen when you stroke his soft white beard?

33 cm Onster Stuffed Toy (pink), 33 cm Fur that’s as soft and pink as they come, And a belly full of yummy cake. You’ll have fun travelling far and wide, As long as Onster is at your side! If you believe in monsters, then you know that playing with them is endless fun. If you’re planning on going somewhere, take soft little Onster with you. That way, things will never get boring!

Ponster Stuffed Toy (green), 33 cm If you believe that monsters are real, Then you know that they can see and feel. Ponster will love you to no end, And is sure to become your very best friend! Little green Ponster is cuddly and cute, and is ready to protect your dreams from any pests! All you have to do is hug him tight... and never stop believing in him.

33 cm

105 cm



Nelly Jelly Dancing wireless music column The dancing Nelly Jelly music speaker is a playful portable speaker that can dance! Listen to music, fairy tales or other content by playing them directly from your phone via Bluetooth. The speaker will ensure high-quality sound.

Nelly Jelly Smart Watch The Nelly Jelly smart watch is not only a stylish accessory, it’s also full of smart features. Set your favorite watch theme or even create your own! Play educational games. Monitor your activity, sleep and health. The watch has a heart rate and body temperature meter. This watch supports IP68 so you can swim without removing it.

Nelly Jelly Aroma diffuser-lamp A well-designed Nelly Jelly aroma diffuser is a must in every child’s room. It not only humidifies the air, but also shines in seven different colors. It is also possible to add a few drops of essential oil, the smell of which will pleasantly spread throughout the child’s room.

Nelly Jelly LED projector Nelly Jelly LED projector is distinguished by its design and functionality. Enjoy movies on the big screen by playing them directly from a USB memory stick or by connecting a computer. The projector uses an LED lamp with an extremely long operating time. Create a cozy viewing atmosphere with a projector created by Nelly Jelly.


Jigsaw Puzzles Colorful, engaging Nelly Jelly puzzles are a great time for the whole family!

Nelly Jelly freeze dried berries Melting in your mouth Nelly Jelly freeze dried (lyophilized) berries and fruits are full of vitamins and minerals and will replace any other sweet! Especially suitable for snacks, desserts and decorations.

Nelly Jelly Organic food supplements Not all children are willing to eat berries, fruits and vegetables. Nelly Jelly introduces organic food supplements to ensure that children get enough important minerals and vitamins. Nelly Jelly food supplements are made of 100 % berries, fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins.




Nelly Jelly Bug Bugaboo Mist

Nelly Jelly Calming Mist

Indoor air cleaning and air quality improving spray from wild spruce needle hydrolate and essential oils. For aromatherapy procedures, rooms, clothes, bedding. Easy to use!

Nelly Jelly Calming Mist is a spray of real lavender hydrolate with essential oils for aromatherapy rituals of relaxation, peace and sleep. Spray this lavender rain on your clothes or indoors when you want to relax and soothe yourself or your children.

Nelly Jelly Essential oil blend “Bug Bugaboo”

Nelly Jelly Calming Drops

Aromatherapy product. A mixture of pure essential oils for aromatherapy, rooms, clothes, bedding especially suitable during the cold season. Easy to use!

Nelly Jelly Drops of Calming is a blend of pure essential oils for aromatherapy rituals: relaxation, peace and sleep. The scents of real lavender and bergamot essential oils can help to soothe upset little ones or anxious adults.

Nelly Jelly Protective Lip Balm This protective, hypo-allergenic, colourless lip balm has a delicious vanilla aroma. True story: Nelly Jelly daubs her lips with this colourless, sweet vanilla-scented lip balm and rushes outside. Not only does this magical lip balm smell of ice cream, cupcakes and milkshakes – it also protects her lips from the wind and the cold! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



Tea with Strawberries and Vanilla

Tea with Raspberries and Bananas

The smell of strawberries and vanilla fills Nelly Jelly’s entire room as she makes tea for her friends! Mmmm… So delicious! And while Nelly Jelly is enjoying her tea, she invites you to play — take apart the tea box, open the windows and doors, and help Nelly Jelly colour the room any way you want.

When Nelly Jelly gets sad and bored, she goes to visit her monster buddies at their green house that smells of raspberries and bananas, where they drink fragrant tea and play the greatest games! Take apart the tea box, open the windows and doors, and colour the monsters’ room any way you want.

Oatmeal Nelly Jelly knows that eating oatmeal is healthy, so she enjoys it every morning. And most importantly, this breakfast is quick! Mom boils the water, pours it into this colourful cup and behold — the most delicious porridge in the world is ready. Once you’re full, you can move on to other fun things. Nelly Jelly tears away the paper lid and if she finds a picture inside, she colours it... Nelly Jelly is always full of energy because she eats oatmeal!

Oatmeal with Strawberries Nelly Jelly knows that eating oatmeal is healthy, so she enjoys it every morning. And most importantly, this breakfast is quick! Mom boils the water, pours it into this colourful cup and behold — the most delicious porridge in the world is ready. Once you’re full, you can move on to other fun things. Nelly Jelly tears away the paper lid and if she finds a picture inside, she colours it... Nelly Jelly is always full of energy because she eats oatmeal!



Margarita Nelly Jelly Cherry Body Wash, 250 ml Mamster takes quite a long time in the bath. After pouring the body wash on the sponge, she makes a bath full of cherry-scented foam, covers herself in it and becomes a little foam monster! This scented body wash is enriched with cherry extract and natural conditioning ingredients to take full care of your little one’s skin.

Margarita Nelly Jelly Apple Shampoo, 250 ml Nanster is ecstatic. Now his hair will always smell like delicious apples. Plus, this shampoo creates amazing foam that you can use to create spectacular hairstyles! This apple-scented shampoo is enriched with natural conditioning ingredients to take full care of your little one’s hair.

Margarita Nelly Jelly Wild Berry Bubble Bath, 250 ml Bathing in a bath full of bubbles is the most exciting thing for the Mess Mess Gnome: he can blow the bubbles in the air or build foam castles that smell like wild berries. If you want to make more bubbles, pour the bubble bath directly under the tap and mix well. This bubble bath is enriched with glycerine and blueberry and raspberry extracts that nourish children’s skin while they have fun in the bath. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. New packaging, less plastic.

Margarita Nelly Jelly Tear-Free Strawberry Shampoo, 250 ml What is that delicious strawberry smell? Now all the little ones will love to take care of their hair because Nelly Jelly shampoo protects their eyes and smells like summer. This baby shampoo contains chamomile and wheat proteins and is as gentle as dandelion fluff. This strawberry-scented shampoo is enriched with chamomile and aloe extracts, glycerine and wheat proteins to take full care of your little one’s hair.

LICENSED PRODUCTS Ecodenta Nelly Jelly Mouthwash Thirty white horses on a red hill. What are they? Teeth! Nelly Jelly knows that it’s not enough to just brush your teeth – you have to rinse them too! Then the evil bacteria give up and we can enjoy our white smiles. Gargle, swish, but don’t swallow; no need to rinse your mouth with water after. Swish for 2 minutes after brushing your teeth or eating. Nelly Jelly mouthwash with mint oil and Teavigo™ is made for taking care of hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. With its mild strawberry flavor, this mouthwash is like having dessert after brushing your teeth! Do not rinse your mouth afterwards. Fluoridefree. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Ecodenta Nelly Jelly Raspberry Toothpaste, 75 ml Brush to the left, brush to the right, brush up and down and your perfect white teeth will shine from afar! With its pleasant raspberry flavour, this toothpaste protects children’s teeth from cavities and prevents tartar build-up, effectively removing plaque and providing full protection. Contains sodium fluoride. For children under the age of 6, use a pea-sized amount and make sure they don’t swallow. If you use products that contain fluoride, consult a dentist or doctor.





Nelly Jelly Clothing

Nelly Jelly Socks Autumn is never boring with Nelly Jelly! Colourful, fun, and most importantly, DIFFERENT – these Skinija socks are already waiting to warm your feet.

ABOUT US Alma Littera is the largest publisher of adult, children’s and young adult literature in Lithuania. Founded on 16 November 1990, the publishing house publishes the best, most popular works by international writers as well as works by Lithuanian authors. One of the publishing house’s key objectives is to present a diverse range of valuable books, which is why its name is associated with comprehensive quality. For 30 years, the publishing house has been pursuing a mission to promote the need for knowledge and reading, and to provide the joy of knowledge and the pleasure of reading. Believing in the power of content and observing its modern forms, the publishing house is welcoming the future with a new vision – becoming a home of content that creates new experiences. Alma Littera is a member of the Lithuanian Publishers Association. The company cooperates with publishing houses around the world. We present as many as 300 new titles to the public annually. Alma Littera’s authors and publications win various awards every year, both in Lithuania and abroad. The publishing house is developing Kakė Makė (known in other countries as “Nelly Jelly”), the most popular brand for children in Lithuania, as well as the new brand of Nelly Jelly family, Monsterpedia. It also organises the annual Adolescent and Youth Literature Competition, and participates in and supports various social campaigns and initiatives.


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