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Executive Summary

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Our Company

Comprised of a skillful technical team, world-renowned scientists and law enforcement experts from around the globe, Brainwave Science, Inc. developed and launched the iCognative™ technology in 2019. Fulfilling the fundamental need to prevent disasters, deliver truth and uphold justice, this ground-breaking technology finds applications in national security, counterterrorism, border security, human and drug trafficking, immigration control and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The company was founded in 2012 by visionaries with a core belief to eliminate torture during interrogation while presenting a more accurate and applicable solution. Recognizing the large gap in innovative technology within this industry, iCognative™ rises to the growing need. At Brainwave Science our mission is ongoing, with constant exploration into the scientific, technological and practical elements that make up the truly game-changing solution that meets our lofty goals. We thrive on strong, beneficial relationships with our partners and customers. We’re a team from the beginning, providing lifelong support and expertise to all certified users of our iCognative™ tech. Let’s uncover the truth to a safer world, together.



iCognative™ Technology

iCognative™ scientifically identifies whether information is stored in a person's brain by measuring their brainwaves as they respond to a specialized interview. O Superior to existing polygraph tests, which rely on emotion and interpretation, iCognative™ detects objectively whether information exists within the brain – whether a person knows or recognizes specific details. O The system is fully automated for application in the field, using a laptop and specialized wireless headset. A simple certification training is all it takes for any agent or investigator to conduct an iCognative™ test.

iCognative™ Applications

O Law Enforcement Determine perpetrators versus witnesses. O National Security Identify suspicious individuals and their affiliates. O Counterterrorism Detain dangerous terrorists through accurate intelligence. O Border Security Identify and stop criminals at the border. O Immigration Control Conduct more comprehensive screenings. O Human and Drug Trafficking Discover trafficking channels and their leaders.



How it Works 1. A brain-computer interface records a subjects’ electrical brain activity through EEGs. 2. Pre-designed interviews present stimuli on the computer screen. 3. The subject’s brainwaves respond to the stimuli – words, photographs, names, faces, etc. 4. iCognative™ presents an immediate analysis.





When a subject recognizes any information presented to them, their brainwaves create a P300 pulse. This pulse confidently shows that this information is present in their memory, whether it be crime-specific information, terrorist training, a future intention to cause harm, or a person’s face. iCognative™ identifies and reports these P300s with 99% statistical confidence.

Information Absent

Statistical Confidence : 99%


Information Present

Statistical Confidence : 99%


iCognative™ Credibility • P300 recording is internationally recognized, peer-reviewed and widely published in the scientific community. • Accuracy of brainwave P300 pulse detection is 99% reliable. • An expert scientific advisory team continually tests, updates and verifies the technology’s efficiency and accuracy.

• Continual updates and training support keep iCognative™ up-to-date. Why iCognative™? ACCURATE More reliable than existing forensic techniques, such as polygraph or facial recognition technology. OBJECTIVE AND SCIENTIFIC Brain pulses are consistently detectable, never subject to manipulation or misinterpretation.

CUTS TIME AND EXPENSES Fast data-processing ensures immediate information, no wild goose chases. USER-FRIENDLY SYSTEM & INTERFACE Durable yet lightweight equipment is easily portable. Processes are intuitive and trainable. CUSTOMIZABLE Customize the software to local languages and various security and access levels. APPLICABLE Effective in over 90-95% of forensic and interrogation cases, higher than any other forensic tech. SAFE An alternative to intimidation or torture, verify information with greater accuracy.



The iCognative™ Solution iCognative™ provides a tool with applications across many security and law enforcement operations. O IDENTIFY PERPETRATORS iCognative™ determines knowledge of sensitive information, to link a person to a crime.

O DETECT FALSE INFORMATION See through false testimony, coverups or misinformation in interrogations.

O CLEAR INNOCENT WITNESSES Determine a perpetrator versus witness, or clear a truly innocent suspect.

O DETERMINE FUTURE INTENTIONS Confirm if a suspect is truly dangerous by presenting and testing for future actions.

O SCREEN INTERNAL PERSONNEL Verify personal information, reveal ties to criminal organizations or confirm the confidentiality of sensitive information.

O INFILTRATE CRIMINAL OR TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS Reveal terrorist ties, verify locations and confirm leaders’ identities.

iCognative™ provides a previously unavailable level of objectivity and accuracy in determining the truth. The time has come for iCognative™ .



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