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“If you are not the leading authority in your space, you are falling short as an executive”

What will it take to TRULY lead your Industry?

Michael Doyle has been shaping successful brands on a

national level to produce tangible results. Experience Michael’s expertise on how create a successful brand by becoming a leader in the minds of your customers and your industry. But first you must become a


• Your brand is not your logo or tagline, it’s YOU! • A Brand Champion is not an animated figure – It’s YOU! • Leadership in your category is not awarded – It’s EARNED!

Start down the path to become a BRAND CHAMPION TODAY! A Strong Effective Brand Allows You to: • Position yourself as a leader in your industry • Own market share • Become a true innovator • Retain and attract great employees • Charge a premium for your product or service

Companies Led By a Brand Champion are: • Industry leaders in the minds of their prospective clients and customers • Positioned as the expert authority in their space • The top brand in their field

You will never reach your Business goals until you learn

HOW to be a true

Brand Champion!

Great companies are driven by

Brand Champions

Brand Champions are Individuals within an organization who lead the company’s vision, values, and commit to success. Brand Champions assume responsibility for developing internal brand ambassadors who share the vision of building a successful brand. Once the internal team is committed, the development of external brand advocates is possible. These public advocates will actively promote your product or service as their brand choice, which leads to greater financial success, increased market share, infiltration into new markets and the ability to deliver tangible results. In this presentation attendees will understand the importance of cultivating a brand through vision, innovation and differentiation.

What are you doing TODAY to nurture your brand and take it to the next level? Meet the Branding Expert After building a leading Denver advertising agency into a multi-million dollar company, Michael sold it to a national, integrated solutions provider in 2000. He then served as their national Senior Brand Director in preparation to going public. This invaluable experience has been the basis for effectively guiding other companies to reach their goals and objectives – and ultimately – their success. In addition to working with clients, Michael participates in community activities and public speaking to educate others on the power and importance of branding and their relation to business development. Through his speaking, he aims to engage business audiences to discover how their brands can truly influence their revenue.

Hear What People are Saying About Michael… “Michael’s leadership position as a brand building expert consistently comes through every time I hear him speak. His focus and passion on building or strengthening a brand through a ‘holistic’ approach seems to resonate with each and every audience member.” Don Meyers Vistage

Book Michael Doyle for your next event! To learn more about Michael, Brand Iron and Speaking Opportunities, please check out our websites:

Or contact HIM at: 303.534.1901 2450 Larimer Street, Suite 100 Denver, CO 80205

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