K karp carp fishing catalogue 2017

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ROD PODS The K-Karp range of rod pods is quite wide and appreciated as it can meet all dif­ferent carpfishing needs. Like all products designed and marketed by K-Karp, also in this case our staff and testers carried out the development and testing of every single product to assess their stability, duration and easy adjustment. The strict tests our pods undergo before being put on the market mean we can supply you with products of the highest quality standards. We have also opted for a variety of shapes to satisfy individual needs and to ensure easy use and exceptional stability on all kinds of

ground. Every pod is highly adjustable, especially in height, to overcome the various obstacles that can be met in European waters. We have tried to eliminate unnecessary adjusting screws, repositioning those remaining in a smart way, to make them more practical to use and as far as possible prevent the chance of line tangling during fishing action. All pods are supplied with carry-bags designed individually to perfectly hold all the parts. The materials used for the bags (up to 1200 denier) are extremely hard-wearing and the extra-strong zips are matched by strong comfortable grip handles.

XTR ROD POD Very light, aggressive, attractive and strong at the same time, this new rod pod is built to last. It’s fully made from polished aluminium, a special finish which is normally applied to high grade products. The frame can be completely dismantled, until its volume is down to the bare minimum. The four telescopic legs have two different length’s sets to allow sharp tilt of the pod, while the main axis can be expanded from 75 to 145 cm in length, providing better stability in case of long range fishing. Both four rod buzzer bars can be quickly placed and removed, thanks to the fact that they are screw free. Their height is adjustable by dedicated screws. 192-00-320

XTR Rod Pod

Detail of buzzer bar’s fitting on top of their support.

The pod is supplied with its own carry bag, whose sizes are 25 x 88 cm.