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The basic building block of our Event line is the Event-KR101. The all-white mono column is comprised of a Kobra-KK101 loudspeaker1 featuring Pure Array Technology to provide uniform coverage, quality sound and a long throw and is paired with a Thunder-KMT12 subwoofer3 to deliver a big sound in the low range. The top is affixed to the sub with a pole shaped as a Kobra2 to create a line of continuity in its discreet design and to hide cables at the same time. On its own, the kit is ideal for events with speech requirements and background music needs. However, the column boasts modular capabilities and can be combined with the other elements in the Event line to create the system that is optimized for each different occasion. The Event-KR101 is conveniently lightweight and devastatingly discreet and is enameled entirely in white.

K-array Event  
K-array Event