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• DevOps and release automation

• Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

• Agile Methodologies, Testing automation frameworks

• Cloud Computing platforms

• Integration Architecture

W. Shorter III Technology Executive EMAIL LOCATION PHONE LINKEDIN Austin, TX (Metro) 813-947-2077 Joseph Shorter C-Suite & Growth Leader
innovative solutions, infrastructure systems, architecture, and
to support and facilitate rapid business growth. I am a leader in major technical transformation
execution. Technology Capabilities
who constructs growth- and customer-centric business plans with complete oversight and execution of operations, financials, and technologies. Impressive History of Thought Leadership
Visionary Product
initiatives from
Service Oriented Architecture
Microservices Architecture


• 813.463.8236 • Austin, TX

I present my enclosed resume with recognized executive enterprise architecture and IT leadership for your review. If your organization seeks a highly motivated and talented senior professional, please consider my qualifications for your open position.

Throughout my career, my focus has been on delivering best-inclass customer service and innovation, as well as driving operational efficiency and bottom-line profitability, and my achievements reflect my success in those areas. Strongly self-directed driven to continuously improve my team’s performance, I can select, train, motivate, and grow exceptional teams. With a natural talent for identifying inefficiencies and a record of turning around underperforming operations, I offer great value to your organization.

Below are some examples of the value I can bring: Extensive experience as an executive for two of the Big 4 Consulting Firms.

A proven track record of establishing Centers of Excellence. Expertise in mergers & acquisitions and subsequent acquisition integration.

Ability to drive exponential business growth and revenue through the introduction of enterprise architecture and technology solutions, process automation, and standardization/scaling of processes

It would be a pleasure to provide further details about my background concerning the opportunity, and I would welcome the chance to learn more about your current and future needs. Drawing on my handson, charismatic leadership style and wide-ranging accomplishments, I believe I will positively contribute to your company’s vision and objectives.



Sustained Excellence achievement. You must thing you do. It must become expectations and dreams becomes a normal part


is not an easy must model it in everybecome a part of your dreams so much that it part of your day.


Joseph Shorter • 813.463.8236 • Austin, TX

Senior Enterprise Architect, Software Delivery Leader, & Head Technical Executive

Leading cross-functional global teams in organizational transformation and acquisition integration. A future-facing leader with over 20 years of experience delivering large-scale change initiatives across multiple global locations, including working extensively for two renowned Big 4 consulting firms. Recognized as an innovator who can develop unique solutions to complex issues and identify new technology that can automate processes, reduce project completion time, and deliver enhanced client/employee satisfaction. Ability to serve as Chief Architect to support multiple industries transitioning from legacy to cloud-based systems and next-generation solutions. Track record of acting as a change agent, navigating through all levels of an organization to build consensus and commitment to restructuring, process redesign, and acquisition integration. I am a handson leader who can coach/mentor employees for career growth and optimal performance.

Areas of Expertise

• Strategic Planning & Execution

• Operations Management

• Acquisition Integration

• Product/Solution Innovation

• Architecture & Infrastructure Systems

• Business & Market Share Growth

• Transformation Initiatives

• Data Analytics & Actionable Insights

• Creation, Enterprise Architecture CoEs

• Stakeholder Relationship Management

• Strategic Alliances

• SaaS Applications & Solutions

• SDLC Methodologies

• Business Continuity

• Staff Development & Leadership

Career Experience

“ Public speaking, building my brand in the technology community has be been a major focus in establishng and honing my executive presence and leadership skills ”

Veterans Matter, Austin, TX 2023 – Present

Chief Technology Officer

Establish and manage technology and technical strategy, including creating, planning, and executing strategic business objectives to align with business goals. Implement new technologies for efficiency and growth. Support departmental use of technology to streamline processes. Review and monitor use of system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency. Forge and foster strategic relationships with other organizations.

Build and strengthen quality assurance and data protection processes

Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance

Utilize stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology

Digital Turbine, Austin, TX 2019 – Present

VP, Platform Architecture

Drive results for the design and execution of a wide range of products and applications to scale company growth and success. Lead enterprise security architecture, compliance, and strategic platform initiatives. Deliver technical advice related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Act as Delivery Lead of enterprise transformation, including managing project cloud migration from AWS to GCP, executing Enterprise infrastructure Automation Program, and standardizing SDLC. Deliver automation transformation of the entire SDLC process, reducing the feature delivery cycle from six months to days. Manage a team of 15+ in multiple locations. Maintain consistent communication with executives.

• Planned, executed, and managed platform architecture stability, scalability, and capability enhancements, and provided enterprise architecture governance. Advance platform capabilities and manage vertical integration architectures.

• As Head of Enterprise Architecture, I led the engineering team(s) and a team of cross-platform engineers in re-architecting, re-designing, and refactoring the platform.

• Manage cloud migration from AWS to GCP, a two-year program to move all workloads, optimize services, and address technical debt in multiple technology areas.

• Interface with Google/Vendor executives. Collaborated with Google on listing a product in the Google Marketplace.

• Delivered high-impact presentations as a guest speaker at Google Next 23. Enterprise Automation Program

Deloitte Consulting, LLP, Tampa, FL 2018 – 2019

Technical Lead, Enterprise Architect, & Systems Engineering

Engaged with clients to establish and lead product and technology vision, strategy, and roadmaps in alignment with their business goals. Discovered and introduced new technologies to achieve a competitive advantage. Optimized infrastructure capabilities for efficiency. Led and developed high-caliber technical teams and administered technology budget.

• Improved technology infrastructure and architecture for Automakers and re-engineered the Parts Analysis and Warranty Return Program. I assembled the Architecture Realization Committee to synergize technical capabilities.

• Led planning, development, and delivery for an iOS mobile product, allowing for connectivity of Apple devices with other connected devices, including Bluetooth-enabled scales and blood pressure devices

• I orchestrated all facets of Agile transformation for cost control, continuous improvement, and transparency on behalf of a large healthcare organization. I established methodologies, systems, and a governance framework.

• I spearheaded a data transformation initiative that transitioned disparate data into a single BMP platform, delivering state-of-the-art productivity, enhanced customer experiences, and sustainable business models.

• Executed innovative solutions to improve client business and product performance.

• Built development and code management processes.

ENET It Group, LLC, Miami, FL 2017 – 2018

Advisory Services Technology Lead

Resolved complex challenges by creating and executing innovative solutions. Partnered with business and IT leaders to analyze and understand business components, value streams, and technology landscape. Developed and executed plans and architectural designs to address gaps and inefficiencies and led the implementation process

• Established an Architecture Center of Excellence (CoE), resulting in accelerated and sustainable growth.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Tampa, FL 2000 – 2017

Director, Digital Technology Solutions, Enterprise Architecture, & DevOps

As an executive leader, delivered excellent outcomes for strategic planning, budget management, KPIs, resource planning, team leadership and development, product innovation, enterprise program development, and establishing a CoE for a global client base.

• Led technical strategy, architecture, and design for a Microservices CPQ system. Re-platformed multiple legacy systems updated the technology architecture, and streamlined business processes to reduce the technology footprint.

• Designed and executed next-generation e-commerce solutions, exponentially growing business and increasing new client acquisition by 15% while retaining existing clients by delivering content through multiple channels.

• Architected and implemented innovative solutions for an airline and ensured Federal Mandated changes

to Crew Rest Rules. Saved millions of dollars in operational costs by avoiding cancellations and ground stops and achieved $100M+ in annual revenue by integrating the AirTran Scheduling system.

• Realized $50M in cost savings, 40% savings in fuel consumption, and a 98% reduction in fraud by designing, developing, and launching custom operations systems.

Additional Experience

Comptroller and Technical Lead, United States Marine Corps


Georgia State UniversityGeorgia State University

Bachelor's degree, Computer ScienceBachelor's degree, Computer Science 1990 - 2010

The University of Texas at AustinThe University of Texas at Austin Post Graduate, Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningPost Graduate, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Feb 2024

Technical Proficiencies

Angular 2.0 • ExpressJS • Node.JS • Kubernetes • Docker • DME2 • Redis Cache • Tomcat 8 • Java • Spring

• Oracle DB • Amazon EC2 Cloud • Eclipse Neon • Apache Maven • SQL• Codecloud • Nexus • Jenkins • Sonarcube • Git/Gitbash • Junit • JMeter • Logstash • Selenium • Jira • Confluence • Swagger • Adobe

AEM • ElasticPath • MuleSoft • WebSphere • TIBCO ESB • RESTful Web Services • Jolt APIs • SOAP • JSP • HTML5 • WebLogic 6 • Apache Maven • Subversion • Sonar • Akka • Apache Camel


Certified Pega Marketing Consultant & Architect • Certified Scrum Master • Oracle Masters DBA Class

Google Compute Engine Qualified Developer • Google Cloud SQL Qualified Developer •

Google Cloud Storage Qualified Developer • Pega Systems Architect (PRPC v6) • MuleSoft

Integration Architect • Adobe AEM Architect ElasticPath Digital Commerce Platform • TOGAF Enterprise Architect

Googe Cloud Certifiations

A Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. Through an understanding of cloud architecture and Google technology, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

A Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect has demonstrated in our assessment their ability to:

• Design and plan a cloud solution architecture

• Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure

• Design for security and compliance

• Analyze and optimize technical and business processes

• Manage implementations of cloud architecture

• Ensure solution and operations reliability

A successful candidate can articulate the capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they benefit organizations. The candidate can also describe common business use cases and how cloud solutions support an enterprise.

An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions. This individual is able to use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

•Set up a cloud solution environment

• Plan and configure a cloud solution

• Deploy and implement a cloud solution

• Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution

• Configure access and security


Exeuctive Presense

A key responsibility of technical and business leaders is to represent the orgainzation to the public. This can happen in many ways. In addition to building confidence , it also helps to establish creidmbility with your peers in the industry. The better you are at speaking about topics where you have expertise the more you and your compay will benefit.


Your gifts, leadership, purpose-none of it is about you. Instead, a life of signifigance is about serving others. It’s about guiding those who need your talents-those gifts, that leadership, and purpose.


Delivering Software for most companies is necessary to compete in a very fast-moving competitive landscape of business. There are a few exceptions, but typically, even those companies rely on Software produced by someone else to function. As the digital revolution continues, technology and Software become more critical. As such, the quality of the Software that powers these new technologies becomes increasingly vital. Consider AI-powered use cases like self-driving cars. Taking it even further, what happens when Generative AI begins to pilot aircraft? Oh, wait, this technology is already used in military drones. So, if you ever said, “It’s software, not rocket science,” soon, it may become a distinction without any real difference carrying the same consequences.

So you

see, the quality of this Software and how it is delivered is more important than it has ever been. For those who believe that Generative AI will solve this problem for us, the use cases for AI-generated code are promising but a poor replacement for a talented software engineering team. However, I will concede that progress is being made with AI Code Generation Assistants that can help with efficiency. Nevertheless, today, it is still extremely important that the teams of humans building Software today do so with a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility. Those with a deep sense of ownership and commitment to quality produce the best Software. However, that can only be sustained if the organization has a culture that supports it.

It is true that many companies run billion-dollar software businesses with poorly written code and full of security vulnerabilities. History has already proven that these challenges impact the ability to produce new products, advance innovation, and retain customers who rightfully expect the performance of the products and services they rely on. If you are a technology leader suffering from the quality of your engineering organization but need help getting better outcomes, start at the beginning. Remember your engineering roots and have your teams go back to the basics.

What are the basics? Code coverage, managing cyclomatic complexity, test-driven and behavioral-driven development, and making security a first-class citizen in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). All the things mentioned have clear metrics that will allow you to understand where your teams are currently and how to understand progress over time. A quick way to determine

how well your organization is doing is the presence or absence of these metrics and whether they are tied to performance in a data-driven, transparent manner. If you need to begin transforming your technology organization, then the real question is how. With the need to grow revenue and satisfy investors and customers with new products, where exactly do you find the time or money to make such a transformation successful? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers, but there is hope. As a quick guide, consider the following:

Determine if the current technology leadership team has the skills to facilitate such a sweeping change.

Did the current state happen under their leadership? If so, can they be educated and motivated to make the progress required?

Can they build a plan for the staff they lead and put in place the data and metrics required to measure change?

Is there a current list of preferred vendors that can be utilized to It would help if you had external talent to upskill your existing staff with external talent?

Hiring all the best talent is impossible because they are likely employed elsewhere. You have to build it; to do that, identify the rockstars you already have and supplement that with external temporary talent.

Like everything, this will require a plan, and a Change Management team (a good one) is the key to success.

You have to make the time and the budget to see this transformation through despite the pressure to drive revenue. It will not be something that will bear fruit overnight. in three months. You can and should, however, see the evidence of improvement within a 6-to-12 month window.

In summary, quality software is the key to your organization’s competitive edge and successful speed the fastest time to market. This It will require a change in the culture of engineering to be sustained as . Bbuilding a world-class engineering organization can only be done on purpose. It is why you hire the leadership at each level and holdand.h Hold them accountable with data-driven metrics.

You cannot just rely on a few superstars because, in the end, the organization should survive everyone who has ever worked there, including you.



A sign of a good manager can be seen in how often they engage with taff to find out more about what is going ou beyond work. Humans are social beings and we need that social connection to build trust and team.

I have made sure that not only do I have a mentor to help me grow that I continue formal and in-formal mentorship relationships with those at my current place of employment as well as previous organizations.

Team Building

I would consider team building one of my “superpowers” as I have had many opportunities to take on those big and complex initiatives all resulting in successful outcomes . I believe a major reason for those success is my ability to build a team, articualte a cohesive

mission and objectives, describe what success looks like and how each and every individual will contribute to the success. When people are connected to something larger than tehmselves outcomes are always much better.


I can say that often times when I start a new program or start with a new company I am often given staff that are struggling with performance and efficiencies. I am proud to say that 99.9% of the time it has nothing to do with skill or capability. I have found that it usually has to do with things that are much eaiser to address.

Just talking to individuals and ensuring they know they are working in a environment that supports them and will be there to lift each other up when life happens can often be the key difference.


Alternatively, they could just be doing the “wrong” thing and helping to find the “right” thing for them. Meaning, maybe they are working in Test Automation but wnat to be in DevOps? making those connections and having those conversations can make all the difference in the world. Additionally, I make sure each team member has a development plan for upskilling or maintaing proficiencies and alwasy encourage certifications for thier specific domain of expertise.

One other key to my approach is to encourage (almost a requirement) brand building internally and externally. I believe it prepares them for potential next steps in thier career as well as it helps to build confidence. Also, when it is time for annual reviews it is much easier to highlight those occrencess where they performed over and above “the call of duty”.

Putting it Alltogether

Lastly, as a “Servant Leader” I find that it is not enough to just have the vission, provide the guardrails for success and have the ability to measure and monitor that success. It is just as important to garner the respect of the team you lead. The should know that you will not ask them to do anything that you are not willing to do yourselfy ar at least be present with them ensuring they feel the support you provide so they can be successful. WHile this can be done in many ways, the important thing is that the culure you create has to promote your principles and connect with each team member in a personal way. I alsways tell my teams, “You may be part of my organization but I work for you!”. Culture is a key gateway to productivity and outstanding outcomes.

United States Marine Corps
“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Gettin to know Joe

A. Q. A. Q.

“What type of Leader are you?”

I am a Servant Leader. It is important to make sure that all those working in your organization are free to be as productive as possible and have everything they need to be successful. Everyone must understand the “Mission” and their role in achieving that mission.

“How do you encourage your team to solve big problems?”

I believe in collaboration. More importantly, it should be done organically. Built-in to the organizational structure and part of a regular cadence where teams intentionally block out time to focus on new innovations and “Out of the box thinking”. It is an essential element to building high-functioning teams.


I am a Professional and a


I taught myself how to write Basic when I noticed the prompt on my Atari 2600. This came in handy once I went full-time in the Marines and had access to “How to” books collecting dust on the office shelves. I will admit that I had plenty of motivation because the job I took over was previously done by three other people manually. No matter how efficient I made the process to keep up, it would not be possible.

First, I taught myself “Supercal 5” a spread-sheet program that was very powerful at the time and I used it to replace my gigantic paper ledger. I was the Accounting clerk at the local Reserve I&I station in Atlanta, GA. After that, DBase III, ObjectPal, VB, ADABAS, Lotus Notes, and Oracle RDBMS.

All of the technologies I learned were used to automate the repetitive tasks of my jobs, and it became clear that I had a talent for software development.


Yes. I Paint, Draw, do Photo Art and have done so my entire life. I have been commissioned to do many paintings for private citizens and asked to join an Art Gallery in St. Pete Florida. One of my more notable and public events is when I was 1 of 20 other artists selected to do “Art in the Park” in downtown St. Pete, FL. We were asked to paint live on a canvas 4 feet by 8 feet large during a fashion show. This is where I was asked to join a local gallery for which I refused (just didn’t have the time needed to produce gallery-worthy art).

I am an Artist

My Hobbies

I love my bike. The first bike I ever had was a BMW, and the dealer told me then that it would be the last bike (meaning BMW) I would ever have. Well, he was right! This is a 2010 BMW k1300GT Sport Touring model. My previous version of this bike I drove from Tampa, FL to Atlanta, GA and wanted to ride even more. That bike also has other memories; Constance, my wife, was on the back as we were going at excessive speeds on I4-4, and the fact that she was as calm as a “Cucumber” sealed the deal. We have been married for over 12 years and have two more beautiful kids. I say additional because my daughter Jasmine is my oldest daughter, and I know she will be riding her own one day.


I was the Chess Co-Captain in Highschool for which we went to the State Champion-ship. I don't get to play much these days but it still remains a passion.

I’m an Author

Joseph gives a very interesting, yet brutally honest viewpoint from an African American man. The book explores some extremely tender sujects and takes a look at how African American men have developed the way they think, feel and respond to life today largely due to their heritage. Joseph does a great job relating his own personal experiences to his reader (FYI - I’m a female reader) and does not accuse the African American male, rather puts himself in the picture as an example. He attributes his faith in God as his guiding prin-ciple to helping him come to the realization that we are all more alike than different. He asks “why” throughout the book and gets to the bottom of many deeply rooted questions. I enjoyed the book, it’s a deep read. Some of the poems sprinkled through the book seemed out of place, but overall, I highly recommend the book, especially to African American males.

And much, much more...

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