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Table of Contents Lyndon House art center redesign urban planting design urban park design eco-revelatory park design visitor center conceptual design conservation subdivision design mixed use development infill housing development sketches historic preservation community involvement resume digital portfolio

proposed entrance to the savannah bamboo gardens savannah, Ga micron on vellum


lyndon house art center redesign A Study of Artistic uses of rain water in a regional garden pen graphics on hand drawn design


hydrology plan parking lot flows into runoff river

runoff river play area with sandbox and water feature

flow trough planter cistern

rain garden orchard lawn terraced crop garden

flow trough planter parking lot flows into rain garden

lawn sloping to an art display and rain garden

roof runs off into gutters down scuppers into flow through planters that feed into a underground cistern. the cistern feeds a runoff river infiltration the soil and watering the rain garden

The Lyndon House Art Center was designed to display the regional patterns of the Georgia Piedmont landscape. Regional patterns were used to inform visitors of the unique climate. A terraced garden and orchard was used to remind people of the rich agricultural history of the state. Water meanders down the lightly sloped landscape reflecting the winding, slow flowing rivers that crisscross the Piedmont. There is ample room for visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors while visiting the Art Center. = main entrance featuring runnels and scuppers


urban planting design A Study of plant texture and seasonal color hand graphics rendered with chartpak


This intimate city planter uses fine textures and soothing flowing water to entice pedestrians to visit the space. It provides shade and cool are in the heat on the dense city. When viewed from the large adjacent buildings, one can gather the same enjoyment and escape from the world, as a ground level visitor. Tropical looking hostas as well as broad leafed cast-iron plants were selected to invite a tropical feeling. The city’s birds will take refuge in the trees and accompany the koi in the pond, creating a tranquil urban ecosystem.


urban park design a study of regional plant pallets and colors autocad plan rendered in photoshop cs4

3d google sketchup model rendered in photoshop cs4

This project’s objective was to create a safe, fun and inviting teen hangout and youth center. The lot size and shape was assigned and needed to include many fun and healthy activities for people to enjoy. The designs include water features to cool and quite the areas, large fields for picnics or games and various sport courts. Public rest rooms and concession stands were also sited on the land. This park would be a valuable asset for any community and a fun and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors.

This design is inspired by Portland, Oregon. The textures were taken from satellite pictures of their downtown area. Park visitors enter at the northeastern corner. They pass by a fountain and onto a large field, perfect for enjoying the sun or playing games. The next level of the park has a half basketball court and a soccer field. There is a stand to rent sports equipment next to the field. The highest level of the park has a beautiful fountain and a building for concession stands and rest rooms.


This park gets its design and rendering style from southern California. Its bright welcoming tree and pond draw visitors into the park. Through the grassy field is a basketball court as well as a shady place for sidewalk games, like hopscotch and 4-square. There is a snack bar as well as a fountain on the upper deck of the park. People of all ages can come and enjoy this wonderful space together.

The curvilinear park design was inspired by the costal Georgia landscapes on St. Simons island. The flowing paths mimic waves and lead to fun beach games on the tennis court and volleyball area. There are also two large pools for swimming and laying out. The snack bar has rest room and many picnic tables for people to sit outside and enjoy the sun.


eco-revelatory park design a study of designing with nature

plan rendered in photoshop cs4 with google earth

farmers market existing mixed forest wildflower meadow rental cabins mixed pine/hardwood forest

visitors center


existing pine forest


existing conditions

family enjoying fishing at the park rendered with photoshop cs4

My goal while designing this area was to create a park that would promote a respect and admiration for the natural piedmont forest, it’s wetland environment and it’s unique inhabitants. I wanted my park to invite visitors in to enjoy and educate them on the benefits on conserving nature and to set an example in land management and ecologically sustainable design. I created a management plan for the different ecological regions of the park as well. wetlands - seeded to accelerate growth and monitored regularly to see if appropriate flora/fauna are present. soil tests and water level checked periodically mixed forest - remove invasive species through volunteer work pine forest - selective clearing to speed succession. hardwoods planted open water - the lake will be regularly monitored to ensure that fish population and algae growth are stable. regulated fishing will check population growth native wildflower meadow - invasives removed, burned periodically to promote growth


visitor center conceptual design designing an ecological sensitive educational center plan rendered in photoshop cs4 with google earth

existing conditions

visitors center - class rooms - amphitheater - rest rooms - bait and tackle store - access to docks and outdoor classrooms - ample seating under shaded arbors - fishing piers - outdoor classrooms


3d google sketchup model rendered in photoshop cs4

- the center gets its shape from the circular form of water ripples - the building and boardwalks are on stilts to allow the wetlands grow underneath -walking trails separating the meadow and wetland so viewers can experience both environments - a shaded arbor allows visitors a unique experience while moving through the site


conservation subdivision design a study of road works and lot placement autocad plan rendered by hand with chartpak

residents enjoying the walking trails

a family fishing in the private lake

This north Athens community was designed after a diligent study on the natural amenities of the area. The needs of the natural environment were addressed before any roads and lots were placed. Communities, with planning, can meet all human needs and still be beautiful and sustainable.


soil inventory

slope inventory

building restrictions slight

slope 0-4% 5 - 9%


10 - 14%



type of soil is important to consider for both development reasons and ecological ones. the soil that cannot be built on was colored red

the slope of the land was charted to discover which areas would be best to build


vegetation analysis

vegetated areas slight moderate severe

the flow if runoff was charted on this plan. wetland and stream buffers were also noted.

after a site visit the areas with unique vegetation were marked red. open areas with less plant diversity are yellow. 13

mixed use development a study of zoning and layout to create live/work communities autocad plan rendered with chartpak

This multi-use development was designed with the whole life experience in mind. Residents have multiple housing options, from single family lots to multifamily complexes. Everyone has access to the community pool and clubhouse. The southern development is a train station connecting to Atlanta. Residents of this community can commute on the train or work in the commercial area of their neighborhood.


mixed use commercial/residential

commercial train station

The Train station and plaza were designed to mimic the ride to Atlanta. The runnels run through the site reminding visitors of train tracks. They lead viewers through the shopping area and to a granite fountain. The statue in the fountain were meant to abstract the impressive Atlanta skyline. One can enjoy the fountain and shade while shopping and waiting for the train.


infill housing development a study of lot design to stop urban sprawl autocad plan rendered with chartpak

This design needed to maximize the number of houses on a small tract of land but still create privacy for the residents. The area uses shared community space instead of larger sprawling yards. Each lot can be personalized to the residents preference. There is a community pool and private picnic area. The walking path and grassy lawns promote a healthy living and welcome residents to enjoy the outdoors.


This yard design features a koi pond with an arbor. residents can enjoy grilling on the deck or lounging outdoors.

this is a more formal yard with a classical fountain and flowering shrubs. There is a shaded sitting area to enjoy the sights and fragrances of the garden.

the most modern design features a large cut granite walkway leading to a multi-level patio. water flows under the deck creating a exciting and dynamic environment.



a view into a local vegetable garden pencil on bond

a distant tower framed by oaks pencil on bond

a proposed statue garden in lumpkin woods athens, ga micron on vellum

a path through the Toronto Music Garden designed by Julie Moir Messervy micron on vellum


sketching into the founders garden athens, ga pencil on bond

deciduous vs evergreen pencil on bond

peering through pines pencil on bond

the founders garden pool athens, ga pencil on bond


historic preservation jekyll island, GA In May 2011, I participated in an Historic Preservation class on Jekyll Island, Georgia. I learned many valuable skills from wood restoring and epoxy work to accurately measuring floor plans and drawing, to scale, details on the buildings. I measured and documented the landscape and topography around the buildings using surveying equipment. I believe this was a very beneficial experience.

the hollybourne house

plan of the second floor

the southern facade

the Hollybourne house eastern facade


our uga historic preservation class

community involvement barnett shoals elementary school - athens, ga My ecology class does a Service Learning project each year to benefit the local elementary schools. My group met with the teachers and discussed what they thought would be best for the school. Many of the faculty mentioned wanting a composting area so we accepted the challenge. I learned about the process involved in creating compost and researched designs. Over the next few weeks my group and I constructed our design and wrote an implementation plan for the school and teachers to use. I believe this will help educate students on the rewards of recycling and help them learn about the biological process they happen in he soil. It is a fun and interesting was to spark children’s interest in the environment.

my group building the compost bin

the finished composting center

The composting bin has two compartments for mixing older, nutrient rich compost with newly added materials to speed the composting process. The bottom was left open to encourage worms to enter and aerate the soil.

plan view

elevation view


door detail


john whittingslow (912) 270-3306290

290 Appleby Dr. Apt 258 Athens, GA 30605

Education The University of Georgia, Athens Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Cumulative GPA – 3.6

May 2012

Related Course Work and Skills - Proficient with Autocad 2010, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Google SketchUp 7 - Sustainable Design Studio, Residential and Urban Design Studio, Planting Design Studio Experience Center for Community Preservation and Planning Covington Metropolitan Studio, Covington, GA - Collaborated with the local government and public policy makers, drafting plans and designs, to re-engineering and build a more sustainable community

January - March 2011

Barnett Shoals Elementary School October – December 2010 3220 Barnett Shoals Road, Athens, GA - Composed plans and presentations to attain funding for a composting center - Designed and implemented a composting program for the cafeteria and lawn clippings UGA Historic Preservation Jekyll Island, GA - Worked on a team restoring historic houses - Built and restored woodwork on the Historic Hollybourne House Self-Employed Residential Design St. Simons Island, GA - Designed and installed yards of residential homes - Installed and maintain a 2800 gallon pond and surrounding plantings Honors

Georgia Society of Landscape Architecture National Society of Collegiate Scholars Delta Epsilon Lota Academic Honor Society Sigma Alpha Pi UGA Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success


May 2010

May – August 2010

August 2008 - Present

digital portfolio


john whittingslow (912)270-3306 290 appleby dr. apt 258 athens, ga 30605

Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

2008-2010 UGA Landscape Architecture Portfolio

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