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Jeffrey Bittenbender Portfolio of Work in the Fields of Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

August 09, 2011




MLA Cornell University

ResumeJ E F F R E Y

W. B I T T E N B E N D E R - 484.894.5038 - 6 Islington St. - Boston, MA 02134


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Graduated May 2011 Master of Landscape Architecture Lafayette College, Easton, PA. Graduated May 2007 Bachelor of Arts in Art History Minor: Geology and Environmental Geosciences


McKnight Associates Landscape Architecture, Cleveland, OH. Summer 2010 Landscape Architect Intern. Construction documents, planting design, park design, construction adminstration shadowing McLaughlin Garden, South Paris, ME. Summer 2009 Horticulture Intern. Planting, pruning, propagation & maintenance of a four-acre perennial garden IMG, Cleveland, OH. Summer 2008 Golf Course Design Intern. Created proposed grading, staking and clearing plans, cut-fill calculations, putting green micrograding, cart path grading and layout A Dye Design Landscape Architecture, Phoenix, AZ. August - November 2007 & February - May 2008 Landscape Architect Intern. Construction documents, mass transit extension alternative analysis, planting design, cost esti mates, traffic calming, pedestrian mobility study, public charette facilitation Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects, Phoenix, AZ. December 2007 through January 2008 Landscape Architect Intern. Site plan analysis, parking lot design & analysis, material specification


Strnad Fellowship at University School: Team leader for the design & construction of a ~1200 sq.ft. rock climbing wall in conjunction with creating an outdoor leadership program. Fall 2002 through 2003 Team leader for design & construction of a ~400 sq. ft. green roof on the balcony of the Landscape Architecture Department at Cornell through Student ASLA Organization. Fall 2009 to Spring 2010 Created site and grading plan for parking lot redesign and improvements in landscaping and sustainability over a two-acre industrial complex in Euclid, OH. July 2011 to present Designed and created construction documents for ~500 sq. ft. deck with trellis at private residence in Cleveland, OH. Designed Spring 2008, construction completed Fall 2008 Colliers Ostendorf-Morris Inc., created planting plan for disturbed 2500 sq. ft. area of property. Aug. 2010 Created planting plan for one-acre summer home in Casco, ME. Summer 2009


Teaching Assistant - Cornell University - LA 3020 - Junior Studio. Spring 2011 Student ASLA - Cornell Chapter (August 2008 to date President. Spring & Fall 2010, Treasurer. Spring & Fall 2009 National ASLA Member. August 2007 to date National Outdoor Leadership School, Lander, WY. Summer 2004 Leadership training (through the University of Utah), hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing in NW Wyoming Other: Advanced Certified SCUBA Diver & United States Soccer Federation certified referee


Computer (In order of experience: most to least): AutoCAD (‘05, ’06, ’08, ‘10); Adobe Creative Suite (3&5); Google Sketchup; Manifold GIS; Autodesk 3D Studio Max


Peter Trowbridge - Cornell University - LA Department Chair & Professor - 607.255.1650 Jim McKnight - McKnight Associates - Principal - 216.771.1800 Angela D. Dye - A Dye Design - Principal - ASLA President (2009) - 602.234.2111 Brit Stenson - IMG - Director of Design - 216.522.1200

Jeffrey Bittenbender


Table of Contents

Zone Recreation Park


Grand Army Plaza Redesign


Cherokee Woods Agricultural Development


McKnight Associates - Cleveland, OH - August 2010

Cornell University LA 7010 - Brooklyn, NY - Fall 2009

Cornell University LA602 - Philadelphia, PA - Spring 2010

Ithaca College AIDS Memorial


Ice Formation & Year-Round Water Features


G.R.I.C. Property - Planting & Irrigation Plan


Da Yi Golf Course - Retief Goosen Design


Cornell University LA5020 - Ithaca, NY - Spring 2009

Cornell University - Independent Study - Spring 2011

A Dye Design - Chandler, AZ - November 2007

IMG - Chengdu, China - July 2009

Independent Design Experience


Alma Pointe Transit Oriented Development


Cornell LA Department Green Roof Private Residence Planting Design University School Rock Climbing Wall Private Residence Outdoor Room

Cornell University CRP5075 - Wheaton, MD - Spring 2011


Jeffrey Bittenbender

Zone Recreation Park

McKnight Associates - Cleveland, OH - August 2010

Red Line Station



LOR TWE Enhancement @ Red Line

- McKnight Associates was asked to redesign an aging 22-acre park one-mile outside of downtown Cleveland, OH with a focus on sustainability - Designed the layout for the spray park area within budget - Designed the layout for the skateboard station within budget - Created a 3-D model of site with fly through for use at public meetings

Urban Recreation Park

- Balancing public demands with the city’s requests all while finding space and staying within budget

Sustainable Focus

- Showcase of proper storm water management and use to mirror the nearby Eco-Village Neighborhood. - 96% of rain water retained on site directed through a series of constructed wetlands. - Pervious asphalt for parking spaces

Brownfield Site

Dog Park Renovated Basketball Courts and Seating

Multipurpose Trail


26 Parking Spaces and 2 Drop off areas

Existing Soccer Field and Bleachers

Splash Park Existing Building

Skateboard Station Turn Around/ Drop Off with Pervious Paving Biofiltration

Fitness Station

Varsity Baseball Diamond with Lighting

Play Area


W 53rd

Bus Stop

Parking for 20

Picnic Pavilion @ “Alum Court”

Fitness Stations Softball/ Little League Baseball Diamond

104 Parking Spaces New Soccer Field Tennis Courts



Biofiltration Handball Courts

W 65th




Greenspace @ Zone Recreation Center

City of Cleveland - Department of Parks, Recreation and Properties Plan Detroit Shoreway@ - EcoVillage Neighborhood, Ward 17 Greenspace Zone Recreation Center

City of Cleveland - Department of Parks, Recreation and 07.22.10 Properties Detroit Shoreway - EcoVillage Neighborhood, Ward 17

- A former highway construction staging area, compacted and degraded soil limited grading and planting options


Rehabilitation / Modernization Production Tools: Google Sketchup, Auto CAD, Adobe Illustrator


Jeffrey Bittenbender

Overland Flow


Impermeable Surface Flow

Flow Direction

Solid Pipe Flow

Pipe to Daylight

Perforated Pipe Flow

Catch Basin

Wetland Detention Area

Permeable Paving



Jeffrey Bittenbender

Grand Army Plaza Redesign

Cornell University LA 7010 - Brooklyn, NY - Fall 2009


- 11-acre site in the middle of an 8-lane rotary at the civic heart of Brooklyn


- To activate an unused central plaza and revive it to its intended purpose by Olmsted and Vaux as a gateway to Prospect Park

Transit Oriented Open Space

- Activation of public open space through high pedestrian traffic - Integrated existing subway and bus lines with proposed bus rapid transit to and from Manhattan, creating an all inclusive transit hub - Clear wayfinding with an emphasis on framing views toward destinations so the pedestrian will be familiar and comfortable in the site

Existing Pedestrian Circulation

Proposed Pedestrian Circulation

Historical Integration

- Attempted to combine Olmsted and Vaux’s original ideas for the site with the modern needs of Brooklyn - Historic fountain and archway remain in place at grade as the design is constructed around the elements

Neighborhood Integration

- Glass is a common material used in the area, particularly as the centerpiece for multiple civic buildings adjacent to the site - The street grid of Brooklyn is broken up by Grand Army Plaza’s curves and the juxtaposition of grid and curves is mimicked in design details

Pedestrian / Vehicle Circulation

- Existing central plaza under-used due to long and complicated crosswalks - One of the greatest strengths of this design is the widening and simplifying of pedestrian crossing options

Stormwater Mitigation

- Impervious surfaces were increased by 300%. to reduce CSO events - Redundant stormwater collection systems for reliability Production Tools: Google Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Jeffrey Bittenbender



Jeffrey Bittenbender

Cherokee Woods Agricultural Development Cornell University LA602 - Philadelphia, PA - Spring 2010


- 9-acre site in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb, adjacent to the Wissahickon Creek


- To create an agriculturally centered development with 30 residential units

Energy System Analysis Mixed Use Integration

- Multi-story residential buildings and agriculture are not often seen together, however, that was the request of the client, so emphasis was placed on separating the private, semi-public and public spaces, or the homes, productive areas, and storefront / restaurant spaces respectively

Productive Landscape

- Climate limits the traditional growing season and crop types, however, food production was maximized through a mix of traditional fields, orchards, herb gardens, micro climate gardens and greenhouses

Residential Development

- Oriented and designed for maximum solar gain, the 30 units are stacked in a way so that all have views out over the fields and valley as well as each having their own courtyard and garden plots

DESIGN MEDIUM-FOOTPRINT Production Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Manifold GIS

s/mo. house




kW hours / month


kW hours / month


kW hours / day

Topographic Map of


runs on sunlight | recycles everything | ďŹ ts form to function



4 x

Cherokee Woods

- Divided into teams, the class investigated the systems affecting the site and how a change in use on the site would effect the region. My portion of this investigation sought to maximize the collection and use of solar radiation

Natural Systems PHOTOVOLTAIC ORIENTATION kW hours/ sq. m//day

Solar Layout a. Flat Plate Tilted South


b. One-Axis Tracking


c. Two-Axis Tracking





Passenger= Rail 15 13,110


Human Power


kW hours/mo.


Housing Footprint Photovoltaic Footprint 15 - 1 STORY UNITS



Ch ero kee

To achieve 100% ElectricityAnalysis offset, we Drawings need 114.5 kW system that woCHEROKEE uld tWOODS ake| SITE CONTEXT | PAGE # 11,450 sq. ft. of photovoltaic panels.

kW hours / sq. m. / day LEGEND



Energy Sold to Grid Energy Bought from Grid Solar Imput Energy Use


order to avoid using large xic batteries for energy e and in order to sell excess produced, our site must tied to the electric grid.

uring daylight hours, a ant surplus is created even it is during the time of t electric use. This surplus to the utility company at andard rate.

uring nighttime hours, ity is bought from the grid r to keep with demand.


1 2 3 4 5 6 TIME 7 1 2 8 3 9 4 10 5 11 6 7 12 8 1 9 2 10 3 11 12 4 1 5 2 6 3 7 45 8 6 9 7 10 8 9 11 10 12 11 12


Mc Ca llum









Schuykill River


Daily solar collection and use

Jeffrey Bittenbender

Stre et Mc Ca llum

Str tree t

Energy supply and use at three scales ENERGY


Structures Potential Access Points

Potential Housing Placement


Potential Agricultural Placement

Potential Maintenance Placement

Road / Pathways

Use Overlay

Existing Drainage Surface Water

Green Space

Base Plan

Proposed Site Plan


Land Use Axonometric

Jeffrey Bittenbender

Ithaca College - Memorial Fountain Cornell University LA5020 - Ithaca, NY - Spring 2009


- The central quad of Ithaca College, located between the primary dining hall, fitness center and health center. Currently an empty open lawn


- To use any or all of the quad space for a memorial to the collective members of the College community who have lost their life to AIDS

Memorial Design

- The design was intended to appear natural & not directly apparent as a memorial except for the water disappearing about 10 feet from the reflecting pool, relating to the many lives cut short by AIDS at Ithaca College. The water reemerges in the reflecting pool before recirculating - Other analogies are more subtly incorporated into the design such as the stream diverging halfway down, signifying the average age of diagnosis and the upper pool as childhood.

Campus Design

- Designed primarily for a specific age group, 18-22 year old students - Ample formal and informal seating, open lawn for informal recreation - Because classes are in session primarily in the winter months, especially in cold, windy Ithaca, a dense periphery of trees was planted to block wind and the center was left open to allow plenty of sunshine

Dry ice imitating fog in winter

Year-Round Water Feature

- Designed with a groud-source heat pump, the recirculating water returns to the source warm enough to allow the feature to flow year round - During especially cold winter mornings, steam would rise from the water feature, providing dynamic visual interest as well as everchanging ice formations along the edges Production Tools: Model (foam core, local shale, water, dry ice), Photoshop Shale gorge - 3/4 mi. West of site

Level Grade for Informal Activities

Shale - 150 yds. from site

Shale gorge - 1 1/4mi. East of site

Stream Origin (Weeps from face of rock wall)

Vanishing Stream Seating / Retaining Wall

Seating for Cafe Reflecting Pool Existing Path

Sunken Seating ADA Ramp to Reflecting Pool

Jeffrey Bittenbender


Ice Formation & Year-Round Water Features Cornell University - Independent Study - Spring 2011


- This project came together from three elements: My interest in water features, my disinterest in hibernating water features in the winter and being motivated after the feasibility of my design for a year-round water feature was called into question regarding the Ithaca College Memorial Fountain


- Create a comprehensive report that investigates the problems and potential solutions to designing and constructing year-round water features as well as exploring the rate and forms to which ice can be intentionally created

Case Studies

- In-depth look at existing seasonal, year-round and ice-forming features including among others: Teardrop Park Ice Wall in Brooklyn, The Yuerba Buena Gardens Feature in San Francisco, and the work of Carl Nesjar

Ithaca is Ice

1.5 hours - 19oF

2 hours - 18oF

4.5 hours - 17oF

6 hours - 25oF

- Not only is Ithaca, NY below freezing for much of the winter, it has a plethora of water and elevation change. These conditions create a unique case study of how nature works with ice - Several locations were monitored periodically through the winter, providing a first-hand understanding of the changing conditions through the winter season and through freeze-thaw cycles - All phases of the cycle from water to ice and back were monitored to understand the effects of temperature, shade, water contact and others

Technical Research

- Investigating the mechanics and plumbing of water features - Sustainable water heating methods - The intricacies as water changes from liquid to solid and solid to liquid

Original Experimentation

- Six experiments were conducted involving a mist of water spraying various objects to understand how ice forms under various conditions such as: temperature, sunlight, wind, and orientation. The experiments also looked at how ice forms on objects of different: materials, sizes, shapes, and textures

8 hours - 16oF

12 hours - 21oF

Ice Formation over stepped falls

Ice formation in a river course


Light Study - Ice forming over fiber optic wires from mist of water

Material Study -Aluminum coil, nylon rope, and steel cable comparison of size and texture of ice build-up

Jeffrey Bittenbender

G.R.I.C. Property - Planting & Irrigation Plan A Dye Design - Chandler, AZ - November 2007


- 6-acre site in the rural Arizona Desert surrounding a renovated 1-story office building


- Designed planting plan and plant palette - Designed irrigation layout and specified equipment with assistance - Created full set of construction documents

Planting Design

- Dense planting was used around the building to provide shade and visual interest through the office windows. Outer areas are intended to mimic the surrounding desert landscape as well as to hide the surrounding security wall from both inside and outside of the property

Irrigation Plan

- Designed to use minimal piping for both shrub and tree irrigation lines while safely working around existing utility lines and minimizing sleeves below paving

Production Tools: Auto CAD

Jeffrey Bittenbender


Da Yi Golf Course - Retief Goosen Design IMG - Chengdu, China - July 2009


- 27 hole golf course with practice facility and clubhouse, located on extremely rough terrain near a large Western Chinese city


- Converted rough sketch of course layout and grading to full set of construction documents (Grading plan, Staking plan, Clearing plan) - Refined one-meter contours of grading plan to 1/4-meter contours around putting greens, providing adequate drainage off of green and around sand bunkers - Created Sketchup model for client to visualize the design

Large Scale Grading

- The golf course was designed to be built on a relatively steep mountain so significant grading was needed throughout the site - The cart path proved to be the toughest challenge to grade as several earth dams & switchbacks were required to create a navigable course.

Clearing Plan

Putting Green Grading - 1/4 m contours

Micro Grading

- The green of each hole required refining contours from one meter to 1/4 meter. The primary concern while grading the green area was to direct excess water off of the putting surface. The effect on play from the grading of the green was of secondary concern.

Cut - Fill Calculations

- With massive regrading needed, it was a challenge to keep cut-fill near zero in order to keep costs down. Production Tools: Auto CAD, Pencil & Trace, Google Sketchup 3D model of course shown in grading plan (below)

Grading Plan - 1 Meter Contours


Jeffrey Bittenbender

Independent Design Experience

Cornell LA Department Green Roof Cornell Student ASLA - Ithaca, NY - Spring 2010

- 4th floor balcony adjacent to Cornell’s Landscape Architecture studio - Converted roughly 200 square feet of unused balcony space between two planting beds - Student constructed and maintained through the Student ASLA organization - Outdoor classroom as many plants are studied in required Urban Eden class - Funded by New York’s Upstate ASLA Chapter and donations of materials

Private Residence Planting Design Independent - Casco, ME - August 2009

- One-acre wooded lot with lake front summer home - Designed layout, selected plants at nursery and planted site by hand - Plant species chosen came from a combination of the owner’s favorites and local woodland herbaceous and wildflower species - With infrequent use of the property, plant species were chosen for low maintenance

Jeffrey Bittenbender


Independent Design Experience

University School Rock Climbing Wall University High School - Hunting Valley, OH - 2002-2003

- Year-long senior project - The team of three researched, designed, and constructed the entire project - The team completed the project well under the $14,500 budget for materials - Covers 95% of the perimeter of a 23’x23’ room (14’ tall) - 8 different wall angles to vary difficulty including underhang - Recycled shredded rubber with vinyl cover as safety padding

Private Residence Outdoor Room Shaker Heights, OH - August 2008

- Primary concern: Shading house from afternoon sun. Secondary concern: space for activity in all seasons; Third concern: hide air conditioning unit. - Inside views remain unobstructed while maintaining easy access from grill or kitchen to outdoor dining area. - Creating levels make the limited deck space more dynamic and interesting. Multiple “rooms” were designed to accommodate use for various times of day, seasons, and activities. - Worked with the builder and city to acquire proper approvals and permits.


Jeffrey Bittenbender

Alma Pointe Transit Oriented Development Cornell University CRP5075 - Wheaton, MD - Spring 2011


- 4.5 acre site located four miles north of Washington DC - North parcel - existing surface parking lot. South parcel - existing and future bus terminal & subway stop


- As the lead designer for a team of 7 interdisciplinary students, we were to create a mixed-use transit oriented development that also functions as a new town center and is all financially feasible

Mixed Use T.O.D.

- FAR of 4.6: Retail -140,000 sf, Office - 550,000 sf, Residential - 190 units, Hotel - 165 rooms - Parking - 1350 spaces, Movie Theater - 11 screens, Transit - 16 bus bays

Multi-Disciplinary Design Team - Four Real Estate , two landscape architects and a city planner.

City Center Design

- The burgeoning small town lacked an identity and central space.

Architectural Integration

- With no architects on our team, the massing, floor plates, amenities, aesthetics and vertical integration was left upon the landscape architects.

Branding and Marketing

- Our chosen target demographic combined with project goals guided us on our logo, brand, slogan, advertising approach and target tenants. Production Tools: Google Sketchup, Kerkythea, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Proposed Retail Tenant Occupancy Plan

Site Layout by Use

Visible Metro entrance, gentle serpentine staircase

Jeffrey Bittenbender

Transparency & wayfinding in underground terminal

Outdoor transit and theater information board


Central public space activated by transit, outdoor seating, water feature, retail, and hotel and residential balconies

View of amenities from office tower


Holiday display in town center

Common lawn with concert stage

Water feature with concert stage

Water feature with water play area

Jeffrey Bittenbender

Jeffrey Bittenbender Portfolio  
Jeffrey Bittenbender Portfolio  

Portfolio of work in the fields of landscape architecture and urban design